“I want to work with her but I want mutual respect and I want her to see me as a human, not a f*ing pawn”

10:18 am Tommy and Holly
Tommy going on about how much he “Vouches” for Holly when He’s won a room with Sis and Christie. Say s they will confirm this
Holly – how are they SO quick to turn on people
T – they’re not they’re not
H – they are. Christie is they will turn on somebody and throw them under the bus in the same freaking breath if she does it to me she’ll do it to any of us

T – I know that I know that I see that too
H – Sis has expressed how disappointed she is in Christie she told me I f*ing hate her she used the word HATE
T – I know
H – Okay so are we just… faking it like what the f* how am I the one that takes the fall. Christie has said mean sh1t about Sis.
T – Yeah you are right
H – Sis found out and said she hates Christie but ok I’m the bad guys that’s cool

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Nicole “I need to tell you something.. this could potentially blow up my game horribly.”

8pm HOH room. Sis and Kat.
Kat – Man today’s been exhausting! Sis – I know, I’m really sorry. Kat – no, it’s okay. Don’t be sorry. Sis – it sucks, I feel so bad for both of you. Kat – for the first time I do feel discouraged. I do feel like .. F**K! And I don’t know if its just me getting in my head or I just feel weird. But I do appreciate everyone taking the time to hear me out and talk and ask questions or whatever. I guess the main thing.. and we talked the other day.. I want to reiterate like how much I respect you as a game player and how much it really did mean to me that day.. On day 44 when you stopped the momentum of the vote flip. That showed that you are an independent thinker. You are a leader in this game.

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“Christie, She sucks. It drives me crazy all she does is lie to everybody and I can’t stand it “

Kat says that Nick is good with Tommy, Sis, and Nicole and he’s getting warmer with Christie
Holly – he said the same thing to me and Michie.
Kat says she’s good with Jess.
Holly says she’s felt Jess has been really weird to her really distant.
Kat tells her she’s fine with Jess.
Kat – I heard that Sis is leaning to keeping Cliff.
6:32 pm
Holly – Jess is under Christie’s spell
Kat – she is, she’s not coming after her. She’ll stand up for me to Christie and is “working wonders” with Christie for Kat.
Holly – I’ve said a lot of negative things about Christie to jess
Kat – she’s a vault she’s good

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“I swear on my sister’s life there’s no alliance there’s no five, there’s no six, there is no alliance”

1:44 pm Christie and Kat
Christie believes Kat when she says she wouldn’t put her up but she does fear the dynamic with Kat, Michie, and holly, “whatever that maybe”
Christie says her going on the block is just as dangerous as Kat allowing someone who will put her on the block to HOH
Christie – that does scare me. the only reason I am led to think is because. You’re pretty vocal he’s your target and you’re pretty vocal.
Christie – because you are so vocal Michie and Holly should be gunning to get you out and they don’t seem to be and that is where the inconsistency comes and I fear that.
Christie – that is literally my only qualm
Kat says the only reason she was close to Michie and Holly is that she loves holly and Holly has the potential to do well
Christie says she loves Holly to

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Christie “Like I’m literally not saying anything! Like if I am in a group with people I am not speaking.”

8:36pm HOH room. Christie and Sis.
Sis – That was so funny. Bullsh*t puts me in a bad mood. Christie – it just ticks me off. Like it just doesn’t make sense to me because like… so like I understand how we are “torn”. But like how are you “torn” if she is blatantly telling everyone that her boyfriend is your target. Like that doesn’t want to get someone out on their own.. like that is straight bullsh*t. I feel like Tommy delicately tried to say it.. like Michie is the target .. and Holly is just like ahh.. I don’t know… like she just tip toes around it. I’m like dude.. Kat is telling everyone in this house that she is going to put you guys up .. like you don’t want her out?! Like it is straight bullsh*t!!

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“I love watching you do everything you do whether it’s game or just anything.. you’re so much fun. It’s a lot of respect Tommy”

1:14 pm Cliff and Tommy
Tommy – we are on the same page I want to pump the brakes a little bit.
Cliff – I have respect for you and your game
Cliff goes on about being happy to coordinate and get “certain” people to the end
Tommy – umm.. I am very happy .. you know it’s so crazy. I am so gr8eful that I won this week. I was scared to win this week now looking back I had to win this week and I didn’t even realize going into it.
Tommy – I’ve heard from multiple people I was the number one target going into this week. I didn’t know that
Cliff – you were pretty much
Tommy – I thought I was good
Cliff – it had less to do with you and more to do with Christie. If you were gone Christie would tailspin. it was never anything definite

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Cliff “I can’t wait to get home Sharon! I hope my kids aren’t watching.”

7:30pm (Actually 8pm – the feeds are a half our behind) Bedroom. Holly and Jackson. Holly – I couldn’t tell when we were talking to Sis and she said that she was going to start playing her own game. I don’t know if she really feels like that or if she just wants us to think that. Jackson – we don’t think that they’re making a new five or. Like if we what to take shots at Christie .. we can but she doesn’t have to. And because I think they’re forming something else. Honestly, Nick and Nicole might have just replaced me and you. Jackson – I think they did. Holly – do you think they like for sure did? Jackson nods. Holly – if they like for sure did then we are f**ked.

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“The new deal is a six between you, me, Tommy, Nicole, Sis and Christie”

1:58 pm Nick and Cliff

Cliff – how tight is Kat, Michie, and Holly
Nick – they’re really tight. There’s multiple reasons I want to keep you and I’m leaning heavily to keep you
Nick – I trust you in this game, I don’t want it to be 6-3 girls I have a feeling someone really wants guys out and the third reason is Michie, Holly, and KAt are together and that scared me
Cliff – I agree
Nick – I’ve been talking to people and I think you have a good chance
Nick – the new deal is a six between you me, Tommy, Nicole, Sis and Christie (barf)

Cliff – I would do that in a heartbeat
Nick – we would need to get out Michie, Holly, and Jess
Cliff – I would do that in a heartbeat and I would give my word to all five

Cliff – I’ve never had a tight thing with Michie and Holly as I see Kat gravitating to them.

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Christie “I want a deal until after the double that me, Tommy, and Sis are not going up.”

8:13pm – 8:25pm Nick, Sis and Christie. Nick – we’re good with getting rid of Kat. Christie – how do you know? Nick – Nicole already told me she wants to keep Cliff. Christie – I want a deal (from Cliff) .. you (Nick) are already good .. I want a deal until after the double that me, Tommy, and Sis are not going up. Nick – why don’t we just stay till 6? Sis – I will do that if he f**king tells me. Christie – he doesn’t break his word. Sis – I know but I don’t want to offer it to him .. I want him to offer it to me. So that I know its coming from HIM! Christie – I agree. I want it coming from HIM. One thing I like about Cliff which I don’t trust about Kat is that he will not break his word. Sis – that’s true. So if we’re already getting out Kat, I’m on board.

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Holly “She isn’t saying that she would vote for you?! F**K! That worries me!”

12:25pm Nick, Nicole and Tommy are in the backyard watching a bird that can’t figure out how to get out of the backyard. Tommy heads inside. Nicole to Nick – I spoke to her yesterday. Nick – about me? Nicole – yeah. Just picked her brain. Nick – what did she say? Nicole – she wouldn’t nom me. Nick – she said that .. next week if she won. Nicole nods. Nick – how do you know? Nicole – because that’s what she told me. Nick – who would she nom? Nicole – oh, I didn’t ask her who she would nom. I asked about you and then I said would you? Nick – what was she saying about me? Nicole – she was just asking my thoughts on everybody and regarding how last week went she was asking how I felt about you in regards to trust.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I didn’t want to hurt you. I just feel so bad. I feel like a monster!”

Tommy – I love you guys so much! Everyone did amazing! Tommy heads upstairs to shower. They’re all covered in goo. Cliff tells Kat she did amazing. Kat starts crying and telling Cliff that she’s sorry. Cliff – you don’t have to apologize its a game. Kat – I didn’t want to hurt you. I just feel so bad. I’m so sorry. I feel so bad. I feel like a monster! I just want to be let in… (to the DR). Nicole – no one feels like that. Holly – you’re literally fighting for your life in this game. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Kat – I feel so bad, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Cliff – I love you because of who you are. Nothing changes that. Its nothing that you shouldn’t do. Kat – that’s not the way I compete. Cliff – there was one slot left for the both of us.

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“If it was America’s Vote what was the mentality behind this.. the thought of being hated is freaking me out”

3:24 pm Christie and Nicole.
Christie explaining how hard the competition was for her.
Christie – It is what it is. It wasn’t meant for me to win and it was meant for me to be on the block Everything happens for a reason.. it is what it is.
Christie – I really hope I win the Veto. Maybe if someone wins it and wants to take me off It’s not fair
Christie – 3rd Nominee UGH that just blows

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