“If it was America’s Vote what was the mentality behind this.. the thought of being hated is freaking me out”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Christie
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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3:11 pm Feeds back

Jackson, Christie, and Sis went on the field trip. Jackson won safety, Christie was nominated and Sis got a punishment/costume
The noncompeting houseguests got to watch on the screen.

3:12 pm Kat, Christie and Sis
Christie – “I don’t have enough time to play this game and redeem myself.. it sucks”

Kat – Unless I’m missing something you both are outstanding game players it’s not like America isn’t seeing something we’re not.. well within reason

Christie – I’m having a mini pity party and then I’ll fight for the veto.
Nominations will be later today.

Tommy tells Nick he’s still thinking Kat and Cliff with Kat being the target.

3:24 pm Christie and Nicole.
Christie explaining how hard the competition was for her.
Christie – It is what it is. It wasn’t meant for me to win and it was meant for me to be on the block Everything happens for a reason.. it is what it is.
Christie – I really hope I win the Veto. Maybe if someone wins it and wants to take me off It’s not fair
Christie – 3rd Nominee UGH that just blows
Christie – If it was America’s Vote what was the mentality behind this.. the thought of being hated is freaking me out
Jess joins them “I don’t think it was most loved most hated it was just the most relevant that moment in time”

3:34 pm Tommy and Cliff
They talk about the field trip and how it could be loved and hated sort of thing. Tommy says he thinks Sis is the most loved by the fans.
Tommy says if Cliff goes up he’s not the target

3:38 pm Kat and Tommy
Tommy – I’m trying to think what to do to make it the most fair.. yeah …
Tommy – I’m caught in a hard place
Kat – is there anything I can help clear up to get me out of your hard place?
Tommy – I want to do what is fair with the house.. yeah I don’t know .. you and I are always fine as long as communication goes I feel like I don’t have to hold anything back

Tommy What I have to do now is not what I intended to do. and I don’t know what it is yet it’s tough.
Tommy – I don’t know what I’m going to do. I love you
Feeds cut..
When we’re back kat telling him that she would be a vote for Christie to stay.
Tommy – I don’t want you to be shocked if you have to go up.. I wasn’t planning this. This was a shock and a twist for everyone

Tommy- I don’t have a target this week isn’t about a target it’s about moving forward and making relationships to move forward
Tommy – you have my word if I do nominate you ..
Kat – at least you’re not backdooring me
Tommy – I love you
Kat really pushing the vote for Christie to stay angle.

Jess comes in and Kat leaves.. Tommy hugs Kat “I love you so much.. bye I love you so much.. love you so much ”

3:50 pm Tommy and Jess
Tommy says his Nominations are the “most fair for everybody”.
Tommy – I feel bad for Christie I really do It’s scary she might go home on my week

3:51 pm Nicole and Cliff
Cliff seems to think the nominations will be himself and Jess (he’s just working scenarios I think).
Cliff says Kat will vote for Jes. Michie and Holly will go to him.
Nicole says she would vote for Cliff. She thinks Nick would vote to keep Cliff.
Nicole and Cliff agree Nick is playing 2 groups of 3.

3:57 pm Kat and Nicole
Nicole says on Thursday there are three noms so if one of them is on the block they have the numbers to control the vote.
Nicole – if all three of you are on the block come Thursday
Kat – would Sis vote to evict Christie
Nicole – me, Jess. If just one other person jump on baortd she’s gone
Kat – Michie will vote out Chrsitie
Nicole – there’s your three
Kat brings up that Jack whispered to Jackson that she was working with both sides, “He might have said something to Tommy”

Nicole – if she takes herself down we’re up shits creek or if TOmmy wins it he takes her down there’s no replacement nom.
Kat apologizes for telling Tommy what Nick told Nicole (the nominations)
They both are going to vote out Christie if given the option.

Kat – he kinda told me it will probably be me
Nicole – ohh
Cliff and Jess join them.

Kat – Sounds like he’s putting me up. don’t be shocked I love you blah blah
Cliff – why would he put you up is he thinking of backdoor options
Cliff – if that’s the case and CHrsitie is still up. as long she doesn’t win veto
Jess advises they don’t all talk right now especially before nominations and the veto it would look sketchy.
Cliff leaves.. They start talking about ways to throw the house off the Angel’s scent. Jess tells Nicole she needs to talk to Tommy still.
Nicole leaves..

kat – best scenario is Christie stays up
Jess – up
Kat – it sucks that Michie is safe this week
Jess – do you think it will be Cliff.
Kat isn’t sure thinks it could be Holly.

Kat – if Christie is on the block I can foresee a situation where she doesn’t go. unfortunately
Adds that unless someone from their group turns on them.
Jess – we have to stay strong
Jess and Kat discuss Tommy trying to reform his group of 6.

Kat – we can ‘t have Tommy or Christie win the veto
Kat says it sucks Christie “is our friend and I consider her an ally of sorts” Kat doesn’t want to lose Cliff over Christie.
Jess says they have to take it one step at a time.
Kat says America’s vote was very telling “I know Michie does not have the best like shone on him”
Kat – I think he might have redeemed himself a bit last week but that wouldn’t be shown until last nights’ episode.

Kat and Jess don’t trust Nick “he doesn’t want to play with us he wants to play with them”
Kat says Jess, Nicole, Holly, and Michie would vote out Christie. Sis would vote out Cliff.

Christie comes in ..

4:30 pm Tommy, Christie and Sis
Tommy – I have the votes to send home whoever I want to send home.. Jackson was never goign on eth block the deal was he will vote the way I want him to vote. I want kat gone. she’s the most dangerous it’s just the most fair you weaken everybody getting rid of her I am taking a shot at every side.
Tommy- Kat and Cliff. My goal is to get you off the block by the end of the week.
Tommy says jess and Nicole have agreed to not use the veto on his noms.
Christie starts to cry says Nick told her he’s using the veto on her if he wins it.

Tommy – KAt of Cliff is going home this week we have the votes .. Michie and Nick have promised to vote where I want them to vote
Christie – you areally trust Michie
Sis – I do
Tommy – I do
Tommy says again he’s telling everyone the goal is to get Christie off the block.

Christie starts talking about forming back the 5 with Nick.
Tommy – I’m not trying to build an alliance this week.
Christie about her nomination “It’s just unfair”

Christie goes on that people saying she was “unfairly nominated” is reason enough to use the veto on her.
Tommy says Jess and Nicole won’t vote Christie out he’s talked to both of them. IF Kat/Cliff win the veto Nicole goes up.

4:37 pm Nicole and Kat
Nicole is thinking that America did the vote to help them out.
kat – I feel like if it’s favorite Cliff would be up there for sure
Nicole adds that America loves the underdogs so maybe Sis, Christie and Michie are Savage in their Diary rooms.
Nicole – If America was pissed off as us it would have been three of us. America is saying good job lets keep this train running

4:46 pm Tommy and Christie
Tommy – I’m good with Cliff, I’m good with Jess.. I’m GOOOOOD with Jess, I’m good with Nicole
Tommy – I’m good with everybody moving forward. I’m killing it I feel good but I can’t get Cocky.
Tommy – this is what’s best for all of out f*ing games.. Jack would be proud
Christie – I don’t want to be the next one in that house
Christie – Sis is bugging out about Kat going to Jury she thinks her and Jack are going to f*
Tommy says this is good because the house is giving him sympathy. It sucks that she’s on the block but his mission is to get her off this week. Tommy keeps reiterating to her that Mciohie, Holly, Jess, and Nicole won’t vote her out.
Tommy says Jess told him that Nick and Cliff promised her at the beginning of her HOH they would vote out Jack.

4:54 pm Tommy and Michie
Tommy – people were assuming I was putting you up now I can say this throws a wrench in my plan
Tommy goes on how perfect this is.
Tommy is wanting him to vote the way he wants this week.
Tomm y- the goal this week is to get Christie off the block.

4:56pm Sis comes out of the diary room in her chicken punishment costume. She says that she has to wear it for a week. She apologizes for how its losing feathers everywhere.

5:07pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony..

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I haven’t even read past the first sentence but am ELATED that Christie is on the block AND that Sis got a punishment!!

Yes!!! Life is good again..haha!!


Exactly what I was about to type. Guess manifesting stuff works. lol

Club H.O.H

Our voting worked!!!!

House Stark

Now we just have to make sure that Christie doesn’t get taken off the block. HANDS OFF PRODUCTION!


lets hope if she does, the replacement nom goes to another vote since it was america’s vote that got her there….have a seat sis!


Christie going home during Tommy’s HoH would be the best thing ever! Let’s manifest this!!

Julie Chen

It’s what the universe wants


? lol


This just made my day! Hell, this just made my whole week! Not only is Christie the third nominee during Tommy’s HOH, but Sis (AKA – “You better not make me a have-not because I won’t do it”) now gets a punishment. I was going to skip this week, but this has single-handedly made the week worth watching. Christie & Sis spinning out will be thoroughly entertaining.


Can’t wait to see what their so hard competition was. Anyone know what they got to do or go


It was Kaitlyn’s puzzle.

Ovi's tongue

Modified chicken coop. It also explains Sis’ costume.


I read on joker’s that Nick is promising Tommy to take Cristy off if he wins veto.

House Stark

Nick kisses a lot of butt.

Creepy Creepy Nick



And any other part he can get. Anal

Ovi's tongue

With tongue.


Aint god good?


Omg!! I hope and pray that CC is gone this week and it’s going to be awesome when Jack sees her walk through the door!!!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

So does Tommy realize he has no control over who goes this week?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

OK, he thinks he has Jackson and Holly so if Christie stays on the block it will be a blindside.


I find it sooooo funny. Like how on earth does he think he has Michie and Holly’s vote in the bag? I don’t get it


Right?! He is so cocky. Icing on the cake next Thursday…Crusty get booted

Ovi's tongue

He thinks his goal of getting Christie off the block is a solid selling point.

Franks fumes

I have a feeling if Cliff goes up and Jackjaw has safety he will feel a debt to Cliff because of his refusal to take Jack’s/Tommy’s deal to vote out Jackson. Cliff should be ok but what about Kat? Somehow send Crusty or Sis home this week as a replacement maybe? Kat must stay as well….


Nah, if Christie stays on the block she’s going home. Jackson, Holly, Nicole and Jessica vote her out. She just needs to stay up there.

Franks fumes

Problem is do you really think production is gonna let their Goldengirl go home?……we will be doing good to get Sis out….instead of Cliff/Kat.


Kat is the golden girl now.

Franks fumes

Hope production gets the message…..


They can because the other cast are beginning to help provide ratings and their golden chosen ones have only created them problems outside the house.


Viewers don’t like her. Production is the ultimate floater and they see the fact the wind isn’t blowing in Christie’s favor.

I’m Holly but not Jason’s orMichie’s

Sometimes the “universe” does the dirty work!

Franks fumes

Oh Crusty you have no idea……but it’s slowly sinking in you Sis/Tommy are the bad guys. Crusty will really have a hard on for Kat ‘s eviction knowing that Kat is popular.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

OMG……little Tommy Rocket thinks Sis is the most loved by America,…. my first laugh of the day

Danger Will Robinson

Ain’t that some SH*T!!!! Tommy is out there bad. I can’t wait for him to express his LOVE for being put on the block. It is hilarious that the cool kids(NOT) think that America is so in love with them! Well, Christie just got her rude awakening and if it feels this good to read about it then I’m going to experience pure ecstasy watching it on the show! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t let her win the VETO!!! The pic of her is PRICELESS!! The universe has kicked her dead in her ass and I LOVE IT


He also thinks that he is good and safe with the entire house while being able to get them to vote how he wants…

Ovi's tongue

He’s been misted by Nick’s Hipz.

Dakota Barb

Question: Since there will be three nominated, does that mean there will be 8 VETO players tomorrow?

House Stark



Still 6 players and I think the HoH picks both chips. I believe that’s what they did the other times there was a third nominee.


“Tommy says he thinks Sis is the most loved by the fans.”

Um, please remind me…which one is Sis? 😀 Has she even had ANY air time? Of course, Tommy has no way of knowing what’s made it to air, but besides sleeping with Jack and crying when Holly didn’t throw the HOH to her….what has she done?


As of last night, the count on Sis’ diary rooms = 22 total for 6 weeks of occupation. David was there for like 6 days and had 19 diary rooms.



J e t s jets jets jets

Teenie tiny timmie saying that he wants to be straight forward with everyone this week and not lie to anyone’s face and all he does is lie and lie to Kat. I don’t remember anyone else this season who’s been this dishonest before putting someone on the block than he has been with Kat. He is just a little prick.

Bullies Suck

Tommy will have a nervous breakdown if Crusty gets booted. Mr “I don’t have a target”

Franks fumes

What alternate reality does tommytunes live in that he thinks a piece of sex furniture (Sex stool Sis) would be loved….why?……he’s gonna have trouble moving forward in this game if that’s his read of people in the game.


Sec tool Sis!!!! I LOVE it!

No name

Ha! Ha! That is a good one!


If only Christie can go home this week on this sneaky, lying, hypocrite’s HOH……..
*begins trying to manifest such an outcome*

And I actually liked Tommy until the last two weeks……….


interesting that christie actually is picking up on the fact the voting indicates she’s hated. hilarious that they think people like sis.


My thoughts exaxtly and I LOVE it!!
Now if only Sis would realize this as well!

Btw…EVERYONE’S comments are CRACKING me up!! What a great outcome!!


Ummm…. Yes, Virginia (Christie), it IS because you are hated.
And, No Tommy……Sis is NOT America’s favorite player.
What self absorbed assholes…….


I think Tommy is just saying that. I think he thinks he is Americans favorite player.


Fo sho!


WOW, We’re allowed to have nice things! I couldn’t be any happier about how this played out. First of all the 3 that were selected in theory should send a message to the house that we HATE the six shooters (although these delusional people will twist it to make themselves feel good). Then the arrangement of how the field trip went. Of the 3 that went, I’m satisfied with Jackson getting safety and most of all Christie ending up on the block. Could not be happier.


Poetic justice if Chrissy goes out on Tommy’s HOH and I loved that those 3 were picked for field trip.

Peg Kukla

I think Jack, Jackson and Christie then Tommy were most disliked and top vote getters but since Jack was voted out and Tommy HOH, Sis was next in line. America got it right.


Things are looking up. I feel a bit more optimistic now.


JOY to the world! My Christmas wish came true.
Well done on the votes, everyone!


Omg it’s like Christmas!!! Couldn’t be happier with the way this shook out!


Christy whining about her nomination not being fair. Did I miss something? Is this Big Brother or Sesame Street? Whoever said it was going to be fair? Besides, America voted her for the field trip and she lost the comp to win safety, so I’d say hers is actually the most *fair* nomination of the season.


A lot more fair than how Tommy won HOH (did you see the video where they kept pushing back his time?) or how Christie won her power? That wasn’t fair either.

Boy Shape

interesting. would very much like to see it. if possible, link please?

Baby Goat Yoga

Where is this video?

SD Bird

HAPPY Ear Worm

“Calling out around the world
Are you ready for a brand new beat
Summer’s here and the time is right
For dancing in the streets
They’re dancing in Chicago
Down in New Orleans
In New York City . . .
It doesn’t matter what you wear –
It’s an invitation across the nation
They’ll be laughing and singing, music swinging . . .
They’ll be dancing, dancing in the street”

The Universe IS Listening
Feelin’ the Block, SWEEEEET
Going to Jury on Tommy’s Watch, even Sweeter

Sis's Werewolf

Bye Bye Crusty


Hope Kat wins Veto.


THAT is what we all have to manifest now


Christie explaining how hard the competition was for her.
Christie – It is what it is. It wasn’t meant for me to win and it was meant for me to be on the block Everything happens for a reason.. it is what it is.
Christie – I really hope I win the Veto. Maybe if someone wins it and wants to take me off It’s not fair
Christie – 3rd Nominee UGH that just blows
And I laughed and laughed and laughed!

SD Bird

Still Laughing . . .

Last Season was Better

Please go home Christie on Tommys hoh. She is such a suck and Tommy is in the broadway lala land thinking people like Sis.


Wouldn’t it be funny if sis won the POV… took down Kat so she could not join Jack.
Then Crusty goes ha ha ha!


We all know that’s what Sis would WANT to do…she might be too afraid of how it would look lol


I am so SICK of hearing – I f*cking love you in every conversation Tommy has with someone. I literally want to stab my ears with forks.


I love you

Jan Nan

Hahahaha !! That gave me a good laugh


Christie zit is growing or is that a horn


Is Tommy this naive? Sure, he has everyone telling him they’ll remove Christie & vote how he wants. BUT …..what he’s not recognizing (or is but avoiding) is Michie/Holly KNOW how hard he tried to screw over Holly’s HOH & how hard he gunned for Michie to go home calling him evil. With CAs & M/H recognizing how far up Tommy’s *ss Nick is (yet another BB 101 mistake this season not keeping your ally safe – Tommy telling Jackson he was told he was Cliff’s target for example) those 6 won’t be sharing intel with Nick any longer & as long as Christie stays on block the 6 will come together to take her out & enter next week only needing to beat Nick/Sis in HOH.

We also know if any of the 6 win POV suddenly Christie will panic & cry & meltdown & scream etc, etc & beg them to take her down b/c of how unfair this all is. Tommy will also push his desire to take Christie off the block & vote out Kat. All of which will provide the 6 with a definitive answer to where everyone stands (Tommy/Sis/Nick/Christie being the new 4-some) which will give them their reason to evict her & also target them moving forward. Everyone is clearly aware of how 2-faced/fake Tommy is & his HOH is only serving to reinforce that fact.

Someone asked about POV players & based on how they do it Canada I’m fairly confident it will only be six playing. Tommy would draw 2 names from bag which SHOULD contain everyone’s names if he selects one of the nominees or his own name that would mean house guests choice basically. So say he pulls out Kat’s name she would pick the player for example.


Yea, that’s what I don’t get. Tommy is dumb…but I thought he would be smart enough to know. He knows how hard he turned on Mitchie and Holly. How does he think they’re just gonna be cool and let bygones be bygones?

SD Bird

Does anybody else find it funny that Sis is a Chicken?


OMG that’s perfect.- But, seriously a chicken costume ?? Even Michie got a worse punishment from the last Veto comp.

Peg Kukla

They should have made her invisible! She hasn’t added anything to the show.


I hope Mikey is just telling Tommy what he wants to hear and then just send Crusty packing. Can’t wait to see Crusty gravel to Mikey now!
She will now tell him what a great and respectful and I love you and blah, blah, blah.

Kat did Nicole dirty by telling Tommy what Nicole who told her. (what Nick said) Do you think she may have been trying to get Nicole on the block instead of her? I definitely think it is possible. (Well she didn’t say it that clearly, she said, “Well, it’s just like, um let me think, um I don’t know, um oh yea, um, well I don’t know, just that Nicole told me Nick told her that you said you were putting me on the block”. The number of I don’t know in her sentences is annoying!) Still, she knows that is not good for her to use Nicole like that. That is bb 101. And she has been a rat in the past, so…It’s coming around, Kitty, Kat. I still want Crusty out over her, for sure! And besides, Kat may not do good in a house without mirrors!

No name

Well we manafested this. It must not be her time this time. Please Christie stay on the block, get voted off.

I have no bird, I have no bush

I’m not seeing how Kat is so threatening to Tommy, or at least more threatening than Cliff. Yes, Kat is playing both sides, but Cliff is playing one side, and it’s not Tommy’s side. The way that Kat is dangerous is that she has avoided getting evicted. If she stays this week, then I would consider her to be dangerous. People seem to give up on putting up the same person over and over once they avoid eviction a couple times. Best case scenario, either Kat or Cliff wins the veto. Second best case scenario, the nominations stay the same, and we’ll need fewer votes to get Christie out. Anyone sitting next to Christie on Thursday night is safe.


True. I feel like for TOMMY…the most dangerous players for him are: (in order)
Cliff, Michie, Holly, Kat

Ovi's tongue

I’m guessing Nick will manifest a huge appetite for chicken.

Roisin Dubh

Hope Cliff wins POV and Michie gets put up. That would break it all wide open.


Roisin, Michie is safe this week, can’t put him up.


YES, YES, YES! This is just great! All my noms for field trip were up and Christy is the third nominee. Nicole is right, America is giving them a boost on the six shooters (undenineable, gr8ful, whatever). Last week was good drama and laughs (Jacks’s bravado and epic fails), saved the season for me. This week it should be entertaining watching Christy implode while being on the block. See how THEY like it for a change. Karma bites.
It would be perfect if Christy goes on Tommy’s HOH. Then Sis could sleep easier, LOL. Maybe she would switch her vote to Christy to keep Kat from going to jury. Tommy thinking Sis is AFP is just more delusion from the 6. What has she done but look pretty and f*** Jack? Ick

Julie Hansen

Anyone else sick of costume punishments?

Bullies Suck

Moment of joy…Christie is on the block and freaking out. “It’s not fair!” Bite me!!! In her mind, the only thing fair is for her and Tommy to do at to the final with everyone’s unequivocal blessing. NOT

I know how this sounds…she is not a pretty crier!