“Christie, She sucks. It drives me crazy all she does is lie to everybody and I can’t stand it “

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tommy used the Power Of Veto on Christie the season continues to rule

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4:20 pm Christie and Jess
Christie says Jackson is not pushing to keep Kat.
Christie – all I know is if someone was gunning for me I would make it known that I want them gone
Jess says Holly has personally told her “sh1t” about people she was supposedly Allied to.
Jess – to be honest, Christie nobody was surprised.. as much as I love you.. I refuse to believe because I love you so much when you three got chosen for America’s field trip it through all of us for a loop and was like.
Jess – well what Holly and Jackson are saying is that true
Christie – really honestly if she’s still saying things about me currently that’s pathetic she is literally up in the HOH begging..
Christie – we’re still good we’re still good?

Christie says she won’t have a conversation about game with Michie and Holly because she doesn’t want to lie to their faces.
Jess says she hasn’t talked to Holly or Jackson recently.
Jess – it’s just a game at the end of this we will all love each other. What I can’t get down with is Mean girl sh1t and like.
Jess goes on about Holly telling her stuff about Sis being a mean girl. “I was like that doesn’t sound like SIS” (awww this is cute Jess is back to normal)
Christie – Sis doesn’t care about anything she’s so secure. I don’t see that at all I would sense that
Jess – I don’t know much about Sis
Jess says Kat and Holly are very different than Kat and Michie. it’s two totally different relationships “it’s really weird”
Christie says when the 6 was a thing they all loved kat. Holly and Jackson claimed Kat “as their own. they were going to bring her into the 6 with Cliff down the line only when they felt it was necessary”
Christie – Michie was always like let’s keep her

Christie says Jess and Kat mean “SO much to me in this game I don’t want you to feel like you’re on an island if she goes”
Jess says she sees the numbers and she doesn’t feel comfortable with Holly and Michie.
Christie says Holly and Michie are her number one targets because of the things they said.
Jess is mumbling through something about Holly/Jackson treating Kat a certain way.
Christie – you’re like me you’re big on JUSTICE so it’s really hard to watch
Jess tells her not to tell anyone these personal conversations Chrfsitie says she never speaks about personal conversations “It’s the one thing I value in this game”
Jess – she wanted to make it look very diplomatic that she put Sam and Nick on the block when Nick took himself down and she put kat.
Jess – the way Holly told me, I’m putting kat on the block I love her she has the votes to stay yadda yadda yadda. But it was a backhanded remark. Everyone feels this way because they (Holly/Michie) wanted to put Nicole up

Christie shakes her head
Jess – she just has to deal with it
Christie says Holly had them all in the room it was a unanimous decision (to put Kat up)
Christie says it was Holly that wanted to put Nicole up
Jess – she told everyone that Sis wanted Nicole up
Christie – why would Sis
Christie says the person the most pissed from the vote flip was SIS she really wanted Sam to stay.
Jess says Kat places trust in Holly but now she realizes Holly talks shit about everybody.
Christie – if cliff? (not 100% sure) comes in here right now I’m going to lose it he’s so annoying.
Christie – I trust Kat, I f*ing love Kat .. I haven’t even spoken to Cliff.
Christie says because she’s a libra she’s big on justice and fairness and making sure everyone knows the full story. Jess is also a libra.

Jess starts to cry “Sorry”
Jess – I’m always on the outside looking in .. I just see the 6 being 6 that’s all I see. If Tommy really wanted to take a shot at anybody else.
Christie – no that’s not the case. When I win HOH they are going up that’s not even a question
Jess says she thinks there are other people that have formed back up with Michie and Holly. Christie denies there’s an alliance.
Christie – he (Tommy) has a personal relationship with Holly. Why is he so worried about protecting her
Jess – I think Tommy has no power next week and he wants to make sure he’s not a target.
Christie – I don’t know why Holly wasn’t put up . he thinks somewhere in the back of his mind he thought it could be salvaged.
Christie says Jack and Tommy were closer than Christie and JAck and jack told Tommy to bring the 6 back together.
Christie – as far as I do know there are no talks about it (forming a 6 person alliance)
Christie – I would put my hand on the blade .. there’s not a f*ing five I am not in that at all on my sister’s life .. nothing about the five being back together has been spoken.

4:39 pm Kat joins them crying
Kat – I haven’t even won an HOH yet and I’m getting evicted.
Jess and Christie say it’s part of the game that they can’t tell her there votes. (ZOMG?) They all go on about how hard this week is and how much they love kat.
Kat – I am being so truthful I will not put you up I will tattoo it on my whole body. I’m, trying so hard I’m fighting a losing battle
Christie – Cliff hasn’t campaigned to anyone yet not me

4:40 pm Jackson and his watermelon

5:08 pm Jess tells Holly she’s voting to keep Kat.
Jess – she f*ing used the veto on me.

5:33 pm Nicole, Kat
Nicole says she doesn’t have a lot of friends in the house. Kat and Cliff are her two friends to see them on the block make her sad
Nicole Cries says she doesn’t know what to do.
Nick says if Kat stays they could pull Nick in

Nicole – Nick is close to Tommy and Sis.. Tommy can’t vote. Christie is very conflicted
Nicole – I do trust you I do believe you

5:51 pm Kat says Cliff is a deal maker she wonders what type of deal did he make with Christie, Sis, Tommy, and Nick. Kat goes on about how Cliff doesn’t care about the relationships “He’s a savage player”. Kat says her and Cliff will be “Freinds forever” but he’s a “ruthless player but a good guy”
Kat – I wouldn’t want him against me in this game.
Nicole doesn’t think Cliff will turn against them he will cut a deal for himself and let the other side take them out.

Kat – if it’s us in the final 3 I wouldn’t care if I made final 2 as long as it was you and Jess.
Kat – I want to prove a point we were underestimated in this game and I don’t want any of the others winning
Kat – I just think back to way I felt the first week and second week. Like why is the social hierarchy created why am I not at the top of it. why aren’t you at the top of this
Nicole – I don’t know the way your life has gone but I had this conversation with Jess. It’s social norms and it’s society but at the same time, I’m not shocked Its been like that my entire life.

6:00 pm
Cliff comes in and gives her a hug says the way people are talking around the house “makes me know how loved you are”
Cliff – people like both of us
Cliff – makes me feel better people aren’t walking around saying it’s the easiest thing in the world

6:07 pm Kat and Holly
Kat says she’s heard that Michie was campaigning to Sis for her to stay. jess heard from CHrsitie. Kat heard from Jess. Now Tommy and Chrisite are freaked.
Holly – I can’t campaign for you
Kat – don’t
Kat – according to Jess he was having one on ones with people
Holly – no .. no, he hasn’t
Holly says they’ve exiled themselves a little too much they were laying low and now it’s backfired.

Kat says that Nick is good with Tommy, Sis, and Nicole and he’s getting warmer with Christie
Holly – he said the same thing to me and Michie.
Kat says she’s good with Jess.
Holly says she’s felt Jess has been really weird to her really distant.
Kat tells her she’s fine with Jess.
Kat – I heard that Sis is leaning to keeping Cliff.
6:32 pm
Holly – Jess is under Christie’s spell
Kat – she is, she’s not coming after her. She’ll stand up for me to Christie and is “working wonders” with Christie for Kat.
Holly – I’ve said a lot of negative things about Christie to jess
Kat – she’s a vault she’s good
Holly – I just don’t want Jess to think Poorly of me like I talk sh1t about fellow women.
kat – she won’t (she does)
Holly – Christie, She sucks. It drives me crazy all Christie does is lie to everybody and I can’t stand it
Kat – America see it
Holl y- I hope so
Kat – she was also voted on America’s field trip
Holly – Sis has 500K Instagram followers I don’t think they would vote against her
Holly – or maybe the demographic that watches this show doesn’t like that .. She might have a youtube makeup channel
Holly if I lose you and Jackson
Kat – if I leave you and Jackson are behind me then Jess and Nicole
Holly – yup
Kat – then Nick ..
kat – can you imagine Sis in the final two like what the f* did she do this whole time
Holly – I would cry
Kat – It would be the worst season of Big Brother

6:15 pm Nick and Jackson
Nick says the heat on Christie has died down. He’s thinking as the numbers dwindle she may become a target again.
Nick says he takes some of the blame for gr8tful imploding
Nick – I am assuming that everyone thinks that Christie would go after you guys. which is good for you because if they throw it.
Nick – I gave you and holly my f*ing work not going up no backdoor this week and I’m 100% down for that.
Nick – I trust her a lot. I literally love her bro Literally love her I just don’t know .. I don’t’ think I could keep her which I should tell her later. her campaign was the BOMB bro she killed it..
Nick brings up Kat telling him she would put up Jackson and Holly. He doesn’t believe her.
Nick doesn’t think Kat is going to try and win the next HOH. He explains how he tried to tell her he’s low on her totem pole. there are 3 or 4 people that Kat trusts more than him. With Cliff, it’s not the case.
They agree that the two of them with Tommy are shielding themselves now that Jack is gone.
Nick – regardless of how we compete in comps we’ll be seen as physical threats.
Nick says he trusts Tommy, Sis, and Nicole a lot they’ve had his back. If we came together that would be cool. one two three four five and six, then duke it out.
Nick – I’m not even saying I would target you then (at six)
Jackson says he would be keen on that group. (Sis, Jackson, Holly, Nick, Nicole, Tommy)
Nick says, to be honest, he’s closer to Tommy, Sis, and Nicole than Jackson and Holly. Points out that it’s 3 weeks away a lot can change.
Nick says he feels that the two of them would have the same targets.
Jackson – Chris .. Jess
Nick – I’m not saying names.

Christie comes in. they talk about Kat and Cliff’s campaigning. She shows them the playdough they are making. It takes a lot of flour she says.

Christie says it’s lemon playdough. Puts her hands near his nose. He jokes that he was going to take a lick.
Christie – of the flower or this flower. I’m kidding, I’m kidding
Nick – I have a girlfriend so I can’t
Christie – we’re going to play a game
Nick – it’s called GS cook. Whos the GS cook it’s you?
Nick – we’re going to eat Girl Scout cookies (When Nick says GS or Girl Scout cookies he’s meaning v@g1nas)
Jackson – ewww
Christie – no we’re going to make shapes
Jackson – could you imagine like Geuss this foot.
Nick – guess this girl scout
feeds cut ..

6:30 pm cam 3-4 playing with the playdough (of course you all know what everyone makes)

7:30 pm Cliff campaings to Sis

7:45 pm Nicole and Jess
Nicole – I heard kat’s campaign and I heard her out.
Nicole says they’re working with both Kat and Cliff but one of them is leaving. “We need to figure out which path is better for us moving forward”
Nicole – I thought I knew what that was but having spoken to kat and gone through things in my brain and worked a lot of things through now I’m like I don’t freakin know
Jess – welcome to the club
Nicole says there are a few people that are teetering

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I haven’t been keeping up with the show or site so who’s getting evicted at this point?


I figured it would be Nicole,Jess,Holly and Snackson to vote cliff out….1 person flipping or they all decide to get rid of Kat for some reason?


Why are people calling him Sick Nick? I don’t watch the feeds enough to know the stuff that happens outside of the aired episodes, so maybe he is just getting a good edit.

Sis's Werewolf

He’s a Creeper McCreeperton

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

To answer your question,
Perhaps people don’t appreciate that Nick is an armpit connoisseur.
Perhaps its the inappropriate touching,
or the inappropriate licking,
or the inappropriate vulgar comments.
Perhaps its that he treats Tommy like a personal sex toy.


Production is probably very nervous because it looks like Nick will go far in the game. No one is mentioning him as their target.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Sexually inappropriate……poor boundaries…poor hygiene…..arrogant…..douche lord..,,…asshat……disgusting…..nauseating

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Yeah but other than that…

House Stark

Now name his bad qualities Crab Shack.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He’s so gross! I can’t even trips t the stuff he days and talks about. If my kid were being counseled by him if pull them out in a second. Cringe worthy. He or Sis in the final 2 would be a BB travesty.


You remember the strange, old, creepy guy that lived down the block while you were growing up and the whole neighborhood was convinced he was a child molester, so your mom told you to avoid him at all costs? (every neighborhood had one)
Yeah, Nick is THAT guy.
He’s just thirty years younger than the old perv who lived down the block.
He’s just so inappropriate, repulsive & creepy. The gross things he says to everyone & the disgusting comments he makes about women’s bodies, it makes you want to take a nice long hot shower of battery acid and gargle with bleach.
An example:
Nick asked Jackson (a guy he wasn’t particularly close to) if Jackson was going to “put one in Holly tonight” or if he was going to “hose her down like she was on fire”.
Jackson definitely didn’t appreciate the comments & told him that the conversation was over.
Let’s all remember, this guy is a “children’s therapist”.
He gives me the heebe-jeebees.


Does this now mean Kat is going to stay? These people are driving me insane. Crusty seems to be evil incarnate. Lying to Jess. Lying for Tommy then Tommy comes out looking like a Boy Scout? I hate how undermining these players are.

I’m a Libra

I can’t believe I share an astrological sign with Jess and Christie, I’m hanging my head in shame.

She Wood


Guy From Canada

CraZy how you have a 1 in 12 chance of that happening…..


Who else is sick of looking at Crusty’s nose ring?

BB fan

Is there a reason holly/michie stopped playing the game this week? They are getting targeted left and right and they are doing nothing. They made themselves an easy target.

J e t s jets jets jets

Thank God I’m a Scorpio.

How many times do I have to say it!!!!!!!!! Jess is nothing but a complete waist of space. If she doesn’t win that HOH no one would in the house would even know she exists. She is utterly clueless about what is going on. She is so in love with Christie that if she asked Jess would have her baby.

An ornery mouse

When they get down to only 5 houseguests remaining, if Nick is one of them he’s going to be praying to the BB gods that there’s a battle-back, so they’ll once again have the numbers to form a 6-person alliance.

And then I’m sure he’ll say something repulsive and grope someone.


jess nicole sis kat are easily 4 of the weakest players to ever play bb no strategy no clue.. cliff tommy nick jackson holly are just grabbing ahold of whatever they can when they can to get as far as possible at least they’re thinking about strategy and an end game.. at this point christy is hands down playing the strongest game and will easily coast to the finals and all the downvotes in the world aint gonna change that fact

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Christie is a serial liar; just ask her dead sisters.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

(FYI, watermelons are on sale at Giant Foods this week B1G1 free.)

J e t s jets jets jets

I’m surprised that they have any left in stock.

another name

So Kat is playing up to emotions for votes. CLiff isn’t. Could it work? If production kept calling in people to the d/r after she campaigned to them to really get them going emotionally (as they did with Nicole) it might. I’m not saying Kat’s campaign to Nicole wasn’t good enough on it’s own, she played to all of Nicole’s base personality quirks extremely well. I’m saying d/r can’t help themselves.

I’m hearing signs that it should be slip and slide for HOH. with Jackson’s foot, and Cliff’s leg, if Cliff is the one staying… the playing ground is pretty even. they’ll have to shorten the slide by half the length like they did last year (remember, when the on feeds endurance comp took 14 and a half minutes once feeds returned? That was a HUUUUUUUGE load of rubbish to change the endurance comp into a power comp by making the slide half the usual length, making the cups 3 times the usual size and making the receptacles 1/2 the usual size. HUUUGE crap. Hopefully they don’t do it again, but I wouldn’t put it past them. At All. I’ve also heard rumblings that Zingbot will be the veto this week coming. What could Zingbot possibly say to these asshats that we haven’t already said here? Oh, right, the viewers will be less kind than Zingbot. I expect one good zing taken at Sis or Nick or Christie, and the rest of them to be pretty vanilla.

Now that Cliff has proposed a final 2 to Nicole, do you think he salvaged her vote? I’m actually asking for real.
At the present time: Kat is still leaving unless i’ve missed a couple of conversations.

another name

as of 12:50 pm big brother time it’s been a somewhat bumpy night.
Nicole confessed the six idea to Jessica. Putting Nicole’s game in jeopardy if it gets out.
Jessica roadrunnered to Holly.
paranoia grows. Holly and Jessica plan a vote flip based on Nicole switching her vote.
Jessica gets snippy and passive aggressive. Tommy is in attendance.
Sis talks to Jessica.
denial begins. While Sis denies an alliance has formed, Jessica gets more ticked for a while.
Meanwhile Jackson and Holly have decided that they are voting for Kat to stay as long as they can guarantee that Nicole flips. Holly says that Jack screwed her game on day 44.
Nicole has meanwhile been talking to Tommy. Kat saying that Holly and Jackson are her targets when Holly and Jackson are campaigning hard to keep her is the big stumbling block. It confuses both Tommy and Nicole.
Back to Jessica and Sis. Jess is throwing Nick and Cliff under the bus. She want Sis to keep Kat because Cliff makes deals with everyone. Holly wants to talk to Sis next.
So they are trying to flip Sis now?

Vote at this time 1:05am big brother time is somewhere in the 65:35 area. For most of the week the vote forecast was 90% chance Kat would leave. There is movement. But will movement stick or progress?

another name

2:40 am big brother time.
Sis has confronted Holly about labeling her a mean girl.
Kat gets involved, going at Cliff about how disappointed she is that he made a deal without Nicole involved.
Kat throws around Nick and alliance… and in comes Nick getting feisty and going on the attack. He doth protest waaay too much.
Jess is shaming Christie, who doesn’t trust Kat with Jackson and Holly dynamic. Jess tries to push that it’s really Jackson and Cliff that are tight, not Holly and Kat.
Nick threatens a house meeting. practically the whole house is involved or listening to what’s going on…. except Tommy. It’s already pretty much a house meeting. Kat is parking a bus on top of Cliff at this point. Kat again claims Jackson was her target and Holly a pawn.

Results at this point as far as the vote is concerned: unknown.
Everyone will be gunning for the HOH now it seems.


Is it ironic that the lesbian made the biggest penis?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Come on Nicole,flip the vote!Let it be 4 vs 3 with you and Jess in the middle.


Watched Tommy on Veto ceremony on the show. Anyone noticed, only he and Crusty smiling? Everyone else’s faces looked like someone had just died.


Nicole just told Jess about the new six and that she’s thinking of voting with Jess, Michie & Holly to save Kat, which would draw a line against the other side. The idea of Christie, Tommy, Nick, and Analyse finally being outnumbered gives me hope that we’ll see two of them on the block as of Friday.

Franks fumes

GD these people are insufferable…..I thought the Derrick season and Paul’s(both) were the worst this one is just pure torture….they need a 6 week FF twist and finish this sh1t show next Thursday lol.

I second that emotion.

I liked Derricks season. He was a power player behind the scenes and wasn’t nasty about it. These people are just nasty and perverted…. I totally agree with you regarding Paul’s season though.. That was definitely tough to watch .. sickening even


So Christie swears on her sister’s life (again) to Jess that there is no alliance and she hasn’t spoken to Cliff. Shortly afterward, Nicole tells Jess she may be blowing up her game but Cliff/Nick have both approached her about forming a 6 (Tommy/Christie/Sis/Nick/Cliff & Nicole). While the girls are talking I’m thinking to myself ummmmmmmmmm Jess you just spoke to both Christie & Cliff & both of them lied to you about this – in fact went out of their way to tell unnecessary lies.

It’s times like this I want Jess to clue in – I’m dying for her to say – WAIT – I just spoke to Christie who told me she hadn’t even spoken to Cliff (same for him) so if this 6 is being formed they clearly have all talked. For Cliff to tell you “oh well – sucks for Jess” tells me he’d cut any of us to propel his game ahead – which good for him but I’d rather keep Kat then. Obviously Nick is super tight with Sis/Tommy/Christie so Nicole both those guys (Nick/Cliff) are using you like a tool to help themselves & just like me you are disposable if something else works for them.

Since Nicole is the flip vote – Jess needs to say last week we were “Cliff’s Angels” & this week I matter so little to his game he’s making deals that don’t include me or even try to include me- doesn’t that tell you he’ll cut any of our throats? Kat may be erratic but she shares her thoughts with us? Live feeders know the truth is Kat does want to keep Holly & then if she gets 4 votes use that as her excuse to target the people who voted her out (Sis/Nick/Christie/plus Tommy). I do think that would be the short term goal if she stayed but I also believe if she stayed & if they got the numbers Kat would have no problem voting Jackson out or even being the one to take him out, she just wants to get most of 4-some out first.

Anyway- it’s still Kat leaving but with Nicole vacillating & some well placed DR messages maybe things will change. I like them both & Cliff is probably the more strategic player but this season sucks so bad in a rarity (b/c I love good strategists) I’d rather Kat stayed – she’s fun & entertaining. And, in truth she’s handled her campaigning very well.

Jess’ call for another house blow-up also has me kind of hoping Nicole outs the new group of 6 b/c nothing would make me happier than Holly/Jackson learning the new 4-some are all lying to them. On the other hand I think I’d equally enjoy Nicole voting to keep Kat & blindsiding the 4-some while the audience explodes in cheers at that 4-some getting some payback for their own blindsides earlier this season (actually it would be Nick’s second blindside — couldn’t happen to an ickier guy!)

Jess & Holly are speculating tomorrow will be slip & slide so that should be another reason for Jess to push with Nicole to keep Kat who could win that comp while it’s highly likely Cliff would come in last. Although they don’t know it each of Sis, Nick & Christie all want to throw HOH (esp once H/J are out). If they got blindsided no doubt that would likely change. But if you’re Jess you have to say – so what happens if one of them wins & they put up Michie/Holly and he comes down they put me up? or you up? Don’t you think it would be better for us to seize the numbers & control instead?

P.S. Sis interrupted Cliff/Kat to say I love you both. Whoever does go, please tell Jack I said hi and I miss him. If I was Kat I would’ve said well if I go we won’t be talking if you know what I mean & then winked at Sis.

I second that emotion.

You are spot on .. I think they should put you in the game replacing one of the losers… I vote for you !

Cancel this season already

Just evict Cliff ffs

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder



I’m all about Jess right now. She played it to Sis like she overheard something said in the RV when the group was all in there. Sis kept telling her there is no alliance and Jess says okay “an understanding” all I know is Cliff is in it with you, Christie & Nick and once again I am not.

That was smart of Jess b/c it makes it look like she did overhear & she smartly kept Nicole’s name out of it. When Sis keeps saying there is no alliance Jess just keeps saying “okay” When Sis says Whether you believe me or not, I am not in an alliance. Then Jess ABSOLUTELY NAILS HER with — You guys have already told me that you werent in an alliance and you were. You all said to me “there is no six” and it was before Day 44!

Oh my – and now Jess tells Sis – Cliff was NEVER voting to keep Jack he was always voting him out AND Nick was NEVER voting to keep Jack & tells her Michie isn’t my boy – they went up b/c everyone TOLD me they wanted Jack out so I knew he was leaving. She also tells Sis (knowing Nick probably blamed the vote on Jess demanding it) that she told Nick he could vote however he wanted, it made no difference to her.

HA – Jess is so surprising b/c just when you think she’s crawled back into amoeba mode she pulls out something like this. I’m LIVING for her right now. She also clued in Holly that she thinks there is a new 6 & everyone wants Holly/Jackson out – targeted next.

All smart moves by Jess b/c if they vote out Kat she’s F’d anyway. Holly will hopefully talk to Nicole & maybe the group of them can come to a decision (if production wants Kat kept watch for the switch). Holly told Jackson who initially didn’t believe it then they put 2 and 2 together to realize Tommy saying ‘there is no new alliance even if people think there is” was a smart way to deflect that’s what they are really doing.

Now Jackson is saying they’ll keep Kat but ONLY if Nicole is on board. So it still could happen. Another eviction day with feeds likely cut most of the day & no way to know what they’re going to do. Just hoping we get the flip b/c I want whatever will work best to take out 2-face-Tom, Crusty, PillowSistic & Ickster.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Tips for Nicole.
Never tell Jess anything.
Don’t let Cliff make deals for you.
Don’t let Nick plan your strategy or touch you.
When you see Christie,run,she can’t keep up with you.
When you see Tommy,hide,try to look like furniture.It’s worked for others.


Until the Chicken costume, I thought for sure Sis was just furniture and Jacks outlet.


Omg, it’s SO painful to watch Kat campaign against Cliff, because she’s just so dang transparent… she is truly AWFUL at this game.
I cringe everytime she says things like:
“Cliff is a savage player”
“He’s a ruthless player”
“I wouldn’t want him against me in this game”.
Over and over again, I’ve heard her use one word when discussing him with the other house guests… “ruthless”.
Riiiiiiight Kat, because if I had to use only one adjective to describe Cliff’s game it would no doubt be… “ruthless”??
– Paul Abrahamian: ruthless.
– Evel Dick: RUTHLESS!
– Tyler Crispin – ruthless game
(I wouldn’t necessarily say HE was ruthless, but his game was brilliantly ruthless).
– Parvati/Survivor: black widow ruthless (the way she manipulated everyone in the game (especially Erik) by getting him to give up his immunity idol to Natalie & then they sent him packing that night, was SO deliciously RUTHLESS!).
However, according to Kat, we’re supposed to put sweet ole’ teddy bear Cliff in the same “ruthless” category with those guys?
Hmmm? I’m wondering if Kat either needs a thesaurus, or if she actually knows what the definition of the word ruthless is?

J e t s jets jets jets

It’s called game play. Also Natalie was the one who convinced him. It was Ciries idea.


Kat is only repeating what the 6 shooters were continually saying prior to Jack being evicted. In fact the remaining 5 are still talking about what a ruthless savage Cliff is going to be during the next HOH comp. Not sure how or why, but they seriously sounded convinced he was going to kick @$$ & take names. It’s in one of the posts from last night or the night before. Before this week, according to them, Cliff was the biggest threat in the house.


I love when Kat says if Sis makes it to the final two this will be the worst Big Brother season. Umm this season got that title long time ago. When I’m begging for another Vanessa or Paul season then there is seriously a problem. I can not think of season this horrible ever!! What happened to casting people who love the game and-came to play. I stopped watching and just come here for updates. If production continues casting people like this we can say goodbye to Big Brother,


One thing for sure, if Paul came in, he would win this season. It maybe BBs saving grace.


It all seems to be coming out now – but while Jess is letting out certain things she is being very cautious about not saying Nicole’s name much. Sis does seem to be starting to doubt things BUT the problem with Sis is she gets influenced by whoever speaks to her last. So we’ll see. Anyway, Sis told Jess she made a deal with Cliff & she feels bad for Kat but that’s why she’s keeping Cliff. Jess says – how comfortable do you feel knowing Cliff made this same deal with others & cites the fact Cliff has deals with her, Michie & Holly so if he’s making deals with another 5 people that means he has deals with virtually everyone in the house – so basically he is safe on both sides. And she tells Sis that Nick also has deals with H/J so he is safe too. She notes perhaps Nick/Cliff are closer with this 6 but who is to say tomorrow he won’t say so we didn’t formalize it therefore —–

Jess somewhat buries Jackson stating why do people think Holly/Kat are so close? Sis says Jackson told them to which Jess replies right – so the guy everyone knows lies is the reason Kat is targeted? Jess also said are you sure H/J aren’t pushing for Kat to stay so you all vote her out b/c they KNOW they have a deal with Cliff?

Jess is going in hard here trying to plant doubts with Sis that either Cliff or Nick can be trusted pointing out all the deals those two have (especially Cliff) & is leading Sis to look at it from the angle of if Jackson/Holly win then what? She hasn’t said it yet but I’m assuming that’s where this is going to end up —

Wonder how Tommy will deal with the fact the others already suspect there’s another alliance & then he’s going to panic & if Sis implies Cliff is the one telling (or Nick) we’ll see if that group shifts off Cliff to keep Kat.

Jess also kind of went in on Holly (this part actually feels like Jess trying to organize the house so she keeps Nicole/Kat as her primaries) as her two conversations with Sis & Holly seemed to play them off against each other. I think Jess goal here is to plant doubt that anyone who has ever been a part of any 6 alliance is all questioning each other. I can’t decide if it’s a smart move or not but at least it’s something which has everyone thinking. They talked for over an hour and forty minutes until Christie broke it up stating they wanted to go to bed (stfu Crusty) anyway now Sis was called to DR & asked Christie/Jess to wait so she could talk to them when she gets out.

Soooooooooooo, we will know who production wants to stay based on how Sis reacts coming out of the DR.


Maybe, just maybe, production has re-written a new script to follow. Eventually, CBS and BBs writers will get the word that this season sucks bad.

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Jess is the chaos Queen.Her confusion is spreading like an infection in the house.

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Meanwhile Nicole raises my hopes,then crushed them.

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I can’t handle the conversations happening right now.I need to self evict.


OMFG – Jess has caused a major storm inside BB & everything is coming out after conversations with Nicole (who told her about the new 6) Jess spoke to Holly & outed things others said (and the new 6), then spoke to Sis & blew up Cliff, Nick, Holly & Jackson. Then of course Holly told both Jackson & Kat about the 6.

Then Kat told Nicole she knew after Nicole told her she was leaning to keeping Cliff — Kat said well I knew it would be hard to beat the new 6 (or something to that effect) & asked Nicole if she knew about it (blindsiding Nicole). Then Kat spoke to Jess who said let’s blow it up at least if you leave let’s have everything on the table.

Kat went to Cliff & told him how disappointed she was with him that he would make a new alliance & just throw Jess away that it goes against everything he preached to their CAs that he was all about.

Sis & Holly are in a room going at each other with Jackson, Nicole & Kat outside listening & later on Cliff joined them. Shit is heating up & we have Jess to thank for it all. Poor Nicole can’t ever get anyone to keep a secret BUT at least Jess is saying she overheard them discussing it not that someone told her (at least not yet anyway).

I’m living for Jess tonight lol


A sampling of Cliff/Kat convo (pulled from tweets – so if it’s not exact apologies but it’s the gist of it):

Kat- Why did you make a deal that didn’t include Jess in it?
Cliff- Because I am on the block.
Kat- I believed you when you said that you wanted it to be me, you, Nicole and Jess

Cliff- It’s the only way that I could stay in the house.
Kat- I still wouldn’t do that. I am really disappointed in you.
Cliff- It’s the only way that I can stay.
Kat- It’s a f*cking game. You gave Jess your word

Cliff- What am I supposed to do?
Kat- Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for the things you told us that I thought you believed in. I am just disappointed.
Cliff- I’m sorry

Cliff- You and I both cant go forward. If I don’t make this deal, none of us go forward.
Kat- NO ONE GOES FORWARD EXCEPT FOR YOU! That hurts. I believed in the plan, I believed in you.
Cliff- I did too

Cliff to Kat- Don;t think for a second that I wasn’t serious about you, me, Nicole and Jess going all the

Kat- I’m so disappointed.
Cliff- You think I should have just said “vote me out”?
Kat- No. I didn’t want Jess left out to dry.
Cliff- I don’t either. Do I have a choice?

Kat- I wish I was a deal maker.
Cliff- I wish I was too.
Kat- YOU ARE! I just really wanted you to have Jess and Nicole’s back. I believed in the plan

Then Nick gets into the convo & of course LIES through his teeth that there is NO alliance (but he’s not aware Cliff already admitted there was so he’s just digging his own hole). Kat never outs that Cliff admitted it but she names everyone in the alliance. When Nick gets mad & pushes her to out who told her b/c “what do you have to lose” READ – you’re leaving anyway Kat NAILS him with “My integrity.” Then Nick’s pouty answer is “you don’t have to say anything but that’s bullshit”. Kat responds with “Okay”

Now Cliff is back tracking when Kat says Cliff didn’t deny it by saying she never referred to it as an alliance & Nick is threatening to call a house meeting to PROVE there is no alliance.

CRAY CRAY in the house at 2:30 AM

LMAO at how Nick is getting so angry and everything they are saying is true. Cliff knows he looks like a smuck, Nick knows he’s been outed & is trying to get out of it & Jess is holding court basically also calling out Christie b/c she also lied to Jess’ face. They ALL know they’ve been caught & now I think b/c of this nightmare one of two things happens:

1) b/c people get scared everyone votes out Kat


2) Nicole realizes she’s F’d & decides to vote with Jess/Holly & Michie to keep Kat dividing the house in two

If the latter happens I’m just throwing it out there that NOTHING would make me happier than one of Kat winning HOH next week just so the rats could scramble more bc you KNOW they’ll all try to pin it on others with Nick & Tommy taking the biggest hits!

All this could be for naught with Kat leaving but I kind of hope this night works to keep Kat and moves Nicole/Jess and Kat further in the game!


Now Kat is on a roll — she just blew up Cliff’s Angels to Nick b/c Nick was saying “I never said it was an alliance” & Kat tells him Cliff confirmed it!

Kat- Cliff told me you are an alliance.
Nick- Why would he say that?
Kat- That’s what he does. He formed an alliance last week with me, Jess, Nicole. It was called Cliff’s Angels. I’m blowing that shit up tomorrow
Nick- I clearly made it known that it wasnt an alliance.
Kat- He (Cliff) said that it was an alliance. That’s what he does. If you think that it’s going to last longer than a week, you are wrong

Kat to Nick- The fact that Cliff is making another alliance and throwing Jess under the bus pisses me the f*ck off, cause I go hard for my friends. I am loyal to a fault

Kat- I was going after f*cking Jackson, and Holly as the pawn.
Nick- Holly doesnt know that you are putting her up.
Kat- Surprise!
Nick- People seem pretty confident that they could get you to sway.
Kat- Good luck. Watch the show, watch the f*cking show
NOTE: The fact she just outed Cliff’s Angels kind of does show she was invested in that group & that NONE of them can now say she was tighter with Holly/Jackson & Kat can play it off as I tell you what let me put you on the block & tell you that I believe NOTHING you tell me so just tell me your entire game & I’ll vote you out anyway. I didn’t b/c I was still protecting Jess/Nicole & Cliff but clearly we play two very different games when it comes to protection and loyalty.

AND Kat continues with Cliff:

Kat- I have a problem with you last week saying that you have me, Nicole and Jess’ back. As soon as push comes to shove, you don’t have Jess’ back.
Cliff- As soon as push comes to shove with me on the block and going home.
Kat- No, Cliff. I’m going home
Kat- I still had their backs. When people put their trust in me, I wholeheartedly go all in.
Cliff- If I’m out of the game, I don’t have Jess’ back.
Kat- Because of a deal you made, Jess is going to be out
Kat- At least I’m not forming alliances that are inconsistent with each other. I love you and I respect you but that really hurts. I had your back, I had Jess’ back, I had Nicole’s back. I told you that I wanted you to still have their backs.
Cliff- I do (his alliances speak to the opposite!)

Kat- Yeah, there was an alliance created. I would not form an alliance without Jess and without Nicole. They are important to me.
Nick- You four made an alliance last week. We made a deal to keep us safe in case Cliff wins HoH. (that ought to make both Cliff & Nicole feel good b/c the 4 he means is Tommy/Christie/Sis & himself)
Kat- A six person deal? Nick- Yeah, 4 votes

Kat to Cliff/Nick- I am just here to call you all out on your bullshit. You cant form alliances every single week. There has been so many empty alliances this season

Kat- You confirmed that it was an alliance.
Cliff- No I did not.
Kat- Yes you did.
Cliff- No I did not. We never even talked alliance.
Kat- You confirmed it.
Cliff, it will be on the show

Cliff- I made a deal to keep me off the block, and it can buy Jess three weeks.
Kat- I doubt you made a deal and it said in the fine print that it can buy Jess three weeks (LIVING for Kat right now –read them Kat – read them!)

Kat (to Cliff)- I am out the door and I kept my loyalty. I am more proud of that than me staying and making empty promises and fake alliances. I’m still happy that I am not that person

Cliff- When we were all together, it was absolute sincerity.
Kat- Was it or was it because Jess was HoH, and that’s what you needed to survive that week?
Cliff- I think we were together before that.
Kat- You didnt mention it until Jess was HoH

Meanwhile —- Sis, Christie & Jess:
Sis – He (Nick) really convinced me and Jack that if Cliff switched his vote, he was willing to keep Jack.
Christie- He was so team Jack.
Jess- Yeah, really team Jack. He was all about “you want Jack out, he is going out. I have always wanted him out”

AND then Sis/Christie/Holly
with Holly blaming this all on Jess & what she said by outing everything while Christie (of course) LIES & says there is no alliance. Ummm didn’t Christie just say tonight she wasn’t going to do that? Play with the Holly/Michie or confirm a 5 with them? Yeah okay

I need to go write NBA articles now but man I’m LIVING for Jess & Kat turning this house upside down tonight. If they vote out Kat tomorrow night the crowd will let everyone in the house know exactly what they think (but I’m pulling for Kat to stay —- fingers crossed.

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They’re gonna need a mass grave for all of Chisties sisters.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Wow,Nicole had one game talk with Jess and the whole house blows up.


Wow! This should be called Big Liar. At least be creative with your lying scheme like Dan when he planned his own funeral! These are lies to prove that they dont lie? Wtf? This season should be called Big Liar followed by Big Cornball the sequel.