“I swear on my sister’s life there’s no alliance there’s no five, there’s no six, there is no alliance”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tommy used the Power Of Veto on Christie the season continues to rule

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12:41 pm Cliff and Tommy
(Tommy more or less has been telling Cliff he doesn’t want to 6 person alliance that Christie has been pushing)
Cliff – if you want to call it a promise of safety for y’all. votes from me in exchange of Promises of safety
Tommy – yeah yeah
Cliff – and that’s it. We can pursue it later
Tommy – I don’t want it to come off like there are loopholes or I’m shady. I just want to protect my game down the line
Cliff – yeah I get it I got no problems with it
Tommy – I do want to do it I do I just need to make sure.. uhh
Cliff – we do this week to week it doesn’t have to be anything official
Tommy goes on about wanting to be in a 6 person alliance with Cliff
Cliff – it makes jit easy on me too if anyone asks I can say all I promised was this.. and that’s it
Tommy – both Kat and I have offered not to come after me that doesn’t have to be a secret
Tommy – I’m gr8tful that deal happens often in this case.

1:32 pm Tommy and Jackson
When the feeds flip to this conversation Jackson is saying “That is why I am the swing vote. It’ll be 3 -3 ”
Jackson says he “truly” doesn’t know who to vote against on Thursday night.

Tommy – we gotta just get past the double
They agree it’s tomorrow night.

1:39 pm Cliff, Jackson and Tommy. Nick is in the shower
Cliff brings up Kat is campaigning to Christie in the Boat room
Nick – Hey Tommy. I dropped the soap
They laugh
Cliff takes off his clothes and goes to scare Nick.
They laugh

1:44 pm Christie and Kat
Christie believes Kat when she says she wouldn’t put her up but she does fear the dynamic with Kat, Michie, and holly, “whatever that maybe”
Christie says her going on the block is just as dangerous as Kat allowing someone who will put her on the block to HOH
Christie – that does scare me. the only reason I am led to think is because. You’re pretty vocal he’s your target and you’re pretty vocal.
Christie – because you are so vocal Michie and Holly should be gunning to get you out and they don’t seem to be and that is where the inconsistency comes and I fear that.
Christie – that is literally my only qualm
Kat says the only reason she was close to Michie and Holly is that she loves holly and Holly has the potential to do well
Christie says she loves Holly to
Kat goes on about Holly being a bada$$
Christie – I admire a lot of things about her

Christie – I swear on my sister’s life there’s no alliance there’s no five, there’s no six, there is no alliance Tommy was GUNG HO about not making deals and alliances this week I respect hat and I agree with it’s an even playing field I don’t know what rumours are circulating

CHrsitie – we have made civil peace.. will I be alone in a room with him no it’s awkward as f* will I be in a room with Michie and Holly? NO, it’s awkward as f* she’s still never addressed with me what her issues are but yet I hear from other people that she does have issues with me .
Christie says Holy is inauthentic

Kat tells her people think she’s a leader in the house and this might make her a target.
Christie – I’m flattered, I don’t feel like that at all. I’m not stupid I know if I was left on the block I was going home. I heard conversations I heard conversations from conversations
Christie – Nothing is sacred everyone tells everyone what was said just like everyone tells everyone what I say
Christie – that’s why I’m saying nothing lately
Kat – I wouldn’t come after you and I’m not throwing any more HOH’s
Kat says she’s out of makeup “I need to win” to get her HOH basket.
Kat says, if she wins HOH she’ll put up Holly and Jackson
Christie goes on about how great of a competitor Kat is. “we have only scratched the surface of your competitive abilities”. “you’re an insane competitor” . “you’re smarter than you think you are you are more competitive than you think you are and you are a physical threat”
Christie – I respect you immensely as a person, A character and a competitor
Kat – I want to make moves
Kat goes on about wanting to target Jackson.
Christie says Jackson will be nice now because he needs votes, “Jack was his shield and now Jack is gone”
Kat says Cliff has proven to everyone that he is a badass. “I feel I still have a lot of game to play. I want to be loyal to you.”
Christie – I agree with everything you say obviously I haven’t spoken with Cliff yet. I have a laundry list of things to talk to him to
Christie says this week people talking and addressing things will matter for votes because it’s all up in the air.
Christie says she has a lot more concerns with Cliff than with Kat. Kat scoff at this. “there are trust me there are”
Kat says Christie would be one of Cliff’s targets adds that he’s “a savage competitor”
Kat – I would love it if he won he is great but I know he doesn’t care about the friendships he’s made. he’s got his own live, Career and Family”
Kat – he’s a scary person to go against
Kat brings up “the Dream team” that was proposed by Christie last week. (this included Cliff)
Christie – I would love that yeah
Kat – I would love to work together moving forward

Christie – I’m honestly terrified by the word alliance I’m realizing more and more all we have is ourselves in this game.
Kat says she feels good with Jess she’s an Ally. She wants Christie to be her ally too.
Christie – I love you and I value everything you say
Christie – It’s going to be a hard decision I have a lot of issues with him (Cliff)
Kat has concerns that Michie and Jackson are back with the original alliance.
Christie – I don’t know how many times I have to tell you there’s no alliance
Christie – I am not working with Michie I swear on my sister’s life

they hug it out

1:53 pm Nick and Jackson
Nick – I didn’t play that veto for Christie I played it for Tommy and Sis if Christie left we would get picked off
Jackson – going into this week I wouldn’t put you up I don’t thin kI would put Christie up
Nick – I don’t see why we can’t get Gr8tful to 5 or six (Sigh)
Jackson again “going forward I wouldn’t put you up”

Nick says Christie has shut her mouth since she’s gotten off the block. (umm no)
Nick – I’m not putting you up why would I lie and lose two jury votes. I got bigger fish to fry.

1:58 pm Nick talking to the camera but it’s too quiet can’t hear shit.
Something about being safe another week and not wanting to win the HOH he can’t be the one to go after Jackson and Holly. He’s hoping that Cliff, Nicole, and Jess will take that shot he wants to keep Christie and Tommy safe. “I gave them my word”

2:35 pm Kat and Nick
Nick mentions if Cliff goes there’s just 3 guys and 6 girls.
They talk about how they were never close from the get-go. Nick mentions that Kat and Michie were really close that first week.
Nick says she acted differently that first week and he thought that her personality at that time would be how she is in the game.
Nick – I thought I don’t even know that Kat deserves to be here over Ovi. I am so glad I was so wrong because you’re literally amazing. Literally could say enough good things about you. I literally love you. I literally love you you are amazing at this game and yeah sure deep down I want you to stay but at the same time I do have worries
Kat – there’s that whole gender thing where I can’t help cause I don’t have a d1ck.
Kat – you’re cool with sis, Cool with Nicole, Me, Christie-like
Nick – cool with Tommy
Kat says there’s no gender thing
The campaigning continues for 30 more minutes. It’s effective because Nick goes up to talk to Tommy and he sounds conflicted.

3:08 pm Nick and Tommy
going over conversations. Agree that they stand a better chance with Cliff in the game.
Nick brings up telling Michie and Holly he wouldn’t come after them if they don’t come after him
Tommy asks who would Nick go after.
Nick would target Jess and use Nicole as a pawn if POV played, Tommy, Sis and himself would need to talk if they are ready to take a shot or go with Cliff as the renomination.
They agree Cliff or Nicole need to win so they can take the shot at Michie and Holly.
Tommy – I love Holly and I love Jackson too. Kat leaving weakens them. they are really strong with her.
Tommy – there’s pros and cons. If you change your mind let me know. I’m down with whatever
Nick – she really does deserve to stray but logically we can’t have her MCIhie and Holly. I just can’t do it.

3:33 pm – 3:55pm Jess and Kat
Kat says Nick is very gung ho on trusting Nick.
Kat – he’s working multiple sides we know that
Kat – Nick doesn’t want to evict Cliff because he doesn’t want only 3 guys in the house which is stupid
Kat is suspicious that Nicole and Nick have some sort of alliance.
Jess points out it sue to be Nicole and Cliff that was close.
Kat – I’m fighting a losing battle I’m telling everyone the truth and no one believes it

Jess points out that Cliff picked Michie to play in a veto. That should be a red flag.
jess says “Legit” people don’t know how to vote.
Jess – people don’t know Tommy hasn’t made it sound otherwise

Jess – Cliff is playing more injured than he really is. I don’t feel personally threated by Cliff. Keeping you or him are similar numbers for me
Jess says she’ll vote for kat to stay based on loyalty just liker Sis voted for jack.
Kat brings up the campaigning cookies she made earlier where Cliff played a joke on her to make her think there’s salt in them. Cliff says she was really hurt by all the jokes. She saw a mean side to Cliff and was surprised.
Jess says she’ll vote for Kat no matter what.

Jess – I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t another huge Blowup. We can’t be floaters for the rest of our lives we can’t be walking around aimlessly what the f* is going on
Jess brings up that Cliff told Sis he was voting to keep Jack then flipped.
Jess says Sis is leaning towards keeping Cliff, “I think, I think”
They wonder why Christie is saying that Jackson and Holly are fighting for her to stay but Kat doesn’t know what they are saying.
Kat – Holly seems top have my back but I also don’t trust her I heard she’s talking shit about me. Why is Michie trying to make these moves?
Jess – Michie is a f*ing liar. whatever he says is a lie. He is a liar.
Jess goes back to talking about a house blow up and how she thinks it’s coming again
Jess brings up Holly telling them that Sis is a mean girl and that she was flirting with Jackson.
jess – if you are going home anyway is there a way to flip the shit. it only takes four.

kat says Nicole, Sis, Tommy, and Nick are together. Adds that Nick also is saying that Christie is getting better.
Jess – why is he telling you that unless he plans on voting you out
Kat – then he cried. I’m like I’m not that good
Kat decides to keep campaigning to people and see where it goes.

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Okay. That picture of Christie is going to give us nightmares. The female “Freddie Krueger”!

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Crusty looks like a blowfish…….Nick’s pic is more disturbing imo

I second that emotion.

More like Sargent Slaughter with that jaw and chin. Lmaooooo

King Silva

DEAD at you bringing up HOFer Sarge lol!

I second that emotion.

Gotta love WWE….. Definitely a fan …


So unfortunately it looks like Sick Nick is going to skate by for awhile !! I don’t see very many scenarios where he would go up . I swear if that creepy piece of shit makes it to the end I’ll puke !


Why does anyone talk to him?

Franks fumes

At the rate this is going you better get that bag ready…..Sis or Jess will be the human paperweights to make it to the end to add insult to injury.

I second that emotion.



Sis is the Victoria of BB21… they’ll be dragging her dead weight along to finale night, after having done nothing the entire game too.

Sis will be just as delusional as Victoria that she actually deserves to be in the finale.


If Jackson or Holly win HOH, he may make himself a target to Tommy et al as he gets too caught up in staying neutral. They may think to get him out when they have the chance because they know where everyone else stands.

Playing both sides can cause you to lose trust from all, then a target. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t…

Franks fumes

It’s likely if Jackjaw/Holly win HOH they would put up Cliff/Nicole…..just to keep the remnants of the sexshooters safe in hopes of a reunion tour….it’s a cruel and unusual punishment for us as usual lol.


Nah I can’t see Michie putting up Cliff. It’s going to be Christie and Nick. Holly on the other hand…I hope she’d put up the same…but I can’t tell if she’s really conflicted about the remnants of the 6

Franks fumes

Hope your right…….he’s all that’s left to fight back……depressing.


A lot can happen in a week, especially in that house. Tommy has not solidified the deal with Cliff and wants to wait…Jackson or Holly win HOH and Cliff not having a deal with Tommy et al, Jackson and Holly may make the deal with him. Nicole, Jess for Final 5 and send Tommy or Christie home next week with Nick as replacement. They’d let Sis hand around until 6…Holly and Jackson would use her to go against their other final 3.


I accidentally hit the flag & can’t get it off. I’m so sorry I did not mean to flag this comment. I apologize.


Good to know Simon, I’ve accidentally hit a flag too.


I’m already puking just from you bringing up that scenario hahaha.


Why Sick Nick? I don’t watch the feeds enough to know the stuff that happens outside of the aired episodes.


How many sisters does Christie have? Because they are all dead by now.

Meanwhile, when it gets down to 7 people, I picture Tommy trying to create a new “six,” while Cliff, Nicole, and Jess all try to prove their loyalty to win the 7th spot among the six, even though there are only 7 people.

I second that emotion.

Omg I was thinking the same thing about the number of sisters she has. Lmaooooo


She probably doesn’t even have a sister

House Stark

“I swear on my sister’s life there’s no alliance there’s no five, there’s no six, there is no alliance”

My condolences to the family.


I mean…she knows her family is watching right? Like can’t she just say “I swear” and leave it at that. I know I used to try pullin that when I was a kid. But when I had to swear to God, I was out. lol


Truthfully, it doesn’t bother me when people swear on people or things in the game, if I had a relative playing big brother it wouldn’t upset me to hear them swear on my life. I’m annoyed people seem to think it means more than it should. They’ve only known each other (except for the 5, that’s just sad) a few weeks. My word is as trustworthy as any of my other words.


Christy keeps swearing on her sisters life. Does she have a sister?

I second that emotion.

Hahahaha. She’s probably an only child with a bunch of bitches. Sorry I mean dogs. Lmaooooooopp


Btw thank you Simon and Dawg, I used to look forward to watching the feeds when I got home, but I literally literally like like can’t stand it anymore !! I Love You guys so much for putting up with all the shit they keep repeating over and over and over again !! At least I can read your updates and get the general idea of what’s going on without watching it !! Love you


I don’t think Crusty has a sister.

BB21 = BB19

I hope that the watermelon king will win his first HOH. He could go after Christie even though I doubt he has the votes to get her out. His HOH basket will be full of food. He’ll get a letter from his mama. He’ll be able to get ZING by Zingbot. Maybe the HOH Room will turn into a grocery store.

Watermelon KING for HOH

Christy’s Contorted Face

I hate to say it, but I feel like the only person who can help Jackson/Holly stay is Nick.

If Jackson were to approach him and suggest a Michie/Holly/Nick/Nicole final 4, on the basis that he and Holly don’t have the jury votes to beat them. If he plays up the fact that Crusty the Clown and Tommy Boy will win the jury vote easily, it may make Nick think with the tiny wiener in his head, instead of the tiny head of his wiener.

I doubt hit will happen, but that’s about the only way I can think Mich and Holly have a chance right now – aside from winning out.


Yep…that’s why for the first time this season…I’m pullin for a winning streak by Michie and Holly.

I second that emotion.


SD Bird


I wish someone could get through to Kat so she truly understands.

Kat needs to understand that Votes are not made to give her a fair chance.
Votes are for the Voter to play their best game.

She can be so insightful at times.
But, she is childlike. (not childish, as in throwing out cookie dough/mouthwash)

Her sense of fair play reminds my of a young child who cannot understand why they have to leave an amusement park at closing time.
Why me?
I wish someone could get through to Kat so she truly understands.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’m sure Jess can school her.


So funny!

I second that emotion.

I can only imagine that conversation .. LOL Blind leading the Blind


So Nick doesn’t want to win HOH, Christie doesn’t think she needs to, Sis doesn’t want to win, Tommy can’t play… Do these people not see that they need to win to protect themselves? If I was Tommy, I’d be super pissed that my final 4 aren’t playing to win!

I second that emotion.

But don’t you see? By them saying that they don’t want to win they are already manifesting a JackJaw victory….. 🙂 We can only hope ..

Summer Gowen

I read where Anaalyse said her father would be mad if he saw her have sex on TV. Can someone tell her that ship sailed.
Hoping the right person wins HOH and puts up Joey and nick, one comes off cc goes up

BB Crusty Crab Shack

You have to remember that dumb Sis doesn’t know the difference between a noun and an adjective and also cites Kim Kardashian as her “ hero” I feel like I lose brain cells just listening to her talk…….Sis functions best as a “ shower portal.”

I second that emotion.

WOW I’m so glad that I didn’t hear that convo… just WOW.


Looks like Christi has gained some weight!


When will production “let it slip” that Christi and Tommy know each other? That will make things interesting.

Miss Conception

I just watched tonight’s segment(I have missed some daily’s).I did not know that Ick was so enamored with Tommy, to the point of extreme closeness. I have now come to the conclusion that Ick would have sex with a snake, if he thought it would not bite him.On second thought,I think that he would have sex with a snake,bite be damned!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Oh they only showed a cleaned up pg version,at least as sanitized as Nick can get.An uncensored version would have multiple phone calls asking for a welfare check on Tommy.

Sally B

Agree. There is something seriously wrong with this guy. Plus, he’s a closet voyeur. Just ick.

SD Bird

Lead a Horse . . .

Jackson & Holly should remind Jess & Nicole that THREE Players were voted for the field trip.
Everybody knows why America ‘hates’ Jackson. (the way he treated Kat)

What are Christy & Sis hiding? What game plays were so bad that they got voted for FT?

Tell them that there is an alliance re-forming after this week.
Tell that that Tommie copied Jess’s successful HOH just to get their vote this week.
Let them know they should vote true, but Buyer Beware.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

What’s the difference between Christie and the Paranoid Pigeon?
The Pigeon knows when to stop shitting on people.

I second that emotion.


J e t s jets jets jets

Jess is so clueless and out of touch with everyone. Cliff DID NOT say he was voting for Jack. As a matter of fact he went to Jack and told him he wasn’t going to take the deal and was going to vote him out. She is still just taking up space. She is completely clueless about what is going on inside the house.