Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I didn’t want to hurt you. I just feel so bad. I feel like a monster!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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3:34pm – 5:57pm The live feeds are blocked for the power of veto competition. It was OTEV.


Tommy – I love you guys so much! Everyone did amazing! Tommy heads upstairs to shower. They’re all covered in goo. Cliff tells Kat she did amazing. Kat starts crying and telling Cliff that she’s sorry. Cliff – you don’t have to apologize its a game. Kat – I didn’t want to hurt you. I just feel so bad. I’m so sorry. I feel so bad. I feel like a monster! I just want to be let in… (to the DR). Nicole – no one feels like that. Holly – you’re literally fighting for your life in this game. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Kat – I feel so bad, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Cliff – I love you because of who you are. Nothing changes that. Its nothing that you shouldn’t do. Kat – that’s not the way I compete. Cliff – there was one slot left for the both of us. Kat – but you got hurt because of what I did. Cliff – no it wasn’t from that it was from the beginning and the headbutt. We’re good. We’re good. Give me a hug. Its okay to feel bad about it but you didn’t do anything wrong.

Kat – I just feel horrible. Christie – I know how you feel because you were involved but its a game. As an outsider I have a heart too. He understands. You didn’t push him. He fell and you tried to run ahead. You grabbed the rope. I think when you re-watch it you will see that it was a fair game. He had a bad leg, you know? And the way that you handled it and you showed immediately how remorseful you were. No one will think that you’re evil. Kat – I feel like a monster. Christie – no, no one is going to think that. Kat – I feel so bad though. Christie – he understands. He probably wouldn’t have lasted another round. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Kat – its so awesome that Tommy got it.

6:20pm Bedroom. Holly and Jackson hug. Jackson – the thought of working with Christie makes me sick to my stomach. Holly – and Sis too. Sis and I talked about it too. Jackson – Like I don’t want to work with her. I don’t want anything to do with her. Holly – I am assuming Cliff is going home this week. Jackson – lets vote Cliff. We can’t vote Kat out. Holly – I am assuming Cliff will go home and that sucks for us. Kat joins them and starts crying about how bad she feels for what happened between her and Cliff in the comp.

6:20pm – 6:30pm HOH room. Tommy and Nick.
Nick – once we got her out.. it was a lock! They talk about how she (Kat?) was putting all of them in the corner. Nick – step one was getting Christie off. Step to is to get this f**king vote to flip .. if that’s what you want. Tommy – I want talk to everyone. I gave my word this week that I am not building alliances this week. So I heard you say step two get me, you, K.. I love that. I gave my word because we had this alliance and then people were on the outside of the alliance. I gave my word to Jess and Nicole. I said I am not building an alliance this week. Nick – I didn’t mean an alliance, I meant to get her to flip. Step two was to get Kat out .. if you wanted that. If not then we would just get Cliff out. Tommy – I think I do but I wanted to talk to everybody and figure it out. For a few reasons .. Cliff is hurt. So he is a weaker competitor at this point. And I think she is a stronger competitor .. and I want a girl out to be honest to even the playing field. So I want to get rid of a girl. Its as simple as that. I think that its fair because she is connected to everybody. I think it makes sense but I want to see what the house has to say. I am just happy that Christie is not going to be up there. It would have been scary for sure. Sis joins them. Nick – Christie is winning this double too. I can feel it. Tommy – me too. I want to just talk to everyone. Sis – I don’t care who goes. Tommy – I am probably going to take Christie off. I am not going to say definite .. but probably take Christie off. Then it will be between the two noms. I want to talk to everyone in the house and see where everyones head is at. Nick – I don’t even want to talk game. I just wanted to get her off. Sis – I don’t care who goes but am leaning a little bit towards waning Kat to go. It doesn’t matter I guess, either one.

6:48pm Bedroom. Cliff, Nicole, Holly and Jess are chatting. Cliff – I am going to find out. I am going to talk to Tommy. If it seems like a set .. deal that I am going home or something I will see if he can’t let Kat know so that she doesn’t have to spend this week frantic and crazy and everything. I would rather go and let her know and make some decisions. I am not giving up until you know there are no other options. Holly leaves. Cliff – I want to talk to Tommy .. it might be a long shot but I want to find out if he might be ready to cut loose from Christie. Jess – don’t push that.. Cliff – I am going to ask what his thinking is. I could say something like.. If there is something that can be done .. you own me. You’ve got my support.

6:45pm – 7pm HoH room. Nick, Christie and Sis. Christie – I didn’t want you to win because I don’t want you to get blood. Like I don’t want you to be like I’m f**King taking Christie down. It makes more sense for Tommy to because he is HOH. And it was his nom week that was messed with. To be honest if it was me or anyone else or me I think that he would take them down because it wasn’t his plan to begin with. Tommy – I am 99.99% sure I am using it. Cliff joins them. They talk about the comp.

7:07pm Bedroom. Kat asks Nicole if she will let her know if she hears anything. Nicole – I will. Kat – I don’t know if I’m Tommy’s target or what. Nicole – I don’t see why you of Cliff would be his target. Kat – I think Michie would have been his target. Nicole to the feeders – send us a life line!

7:45pm – 8:05pm Kat – am I Tommy’s target? Nick – I honestly don’t know. That’s a question you should ask Tommy. And even if I did I wouldn’t tell you because it wouldn’t be my place. Kat – I don’t even know how I did Tommy wrong. Nick – I don’t think you did but that’s another question you should ask him. And Tommy didn’t have a lot of selections this week either. Nick – are you going to win an HOH soon or what? kat – I hope so .. what the f**k. Nick – are you going to try and win one? Kat – yes. I can’t see a situation where you would be my target ..like ever. Unless you totally f**k me over.

8:40pm Bedroom. Nick, Tommy, Sis and Christie.
Christie – have you “used the HOH shower by yourself”? Sis – nah. Nick – I did reach out last week for the first time since Bella left. Christie – in the shower? Nick – yeah. Tommy – you can always use my shower if you want. Nick – yeah, I appreciate it. Christie to Kat – I’m glad to hear you’re solo resetting. Kat – I mean, yeah! Its normal right? Christie – I’m proud of you. Kat – CUT THE FEEDS! CUT THE FEEDS! Even going into this I was like that is going to be hard not to… to go for 100 days!? Christie – I f**king commend it! I just know with me, once I start.. I won’t stop. The longer I go without it, the easier it becomes. Once I hit that button .. its snap snap snap! Nick – where are you playing dj diddles? In the bed? Christie – its easier for girls .. minimal motion. Guys are like..

9pm – 9:30pm Bedroom. The house guests are lazying around chatting about random things.

10pm HOH room. Tommy, Christie, Nick
Tommy – I just had a good talk with Kat. She asked me who my target was this week. I said I don’t have a target. I told her I think you’re both fierce competitors and you have working relationships with everyone and that scares me. And you have a reason to put me up.. and even though you told me I’m not your target… last week you told me who your target was but you didn’t vote them out. So it just makes me scared.. because I flipped the vote to try and get you out you have a reason to come after me. Nick – this is the hardest vote, I love them both. Christie – I love them both but I think Kat is the biggest threat. Tommy – at this point I think Kat is more dangerous but anything can change in the next 5 days. Holly joins them.

10:35pm HOH room. Sis comes into the HOH room talking about how she went into the diary room and there was a card sitting there. She first thought oh my god! I got a secret power… I knew they (America) didn’t hate me. Then I opened it up and it said something about an egg… F**K! So what I have to do .. an announcement will come on and I have to go outside. From start to finish I have to cluck and act like a chicken. I have to go outside to my chicken coop and lay an egg. After I lay an egg. Go inside to the storage room get my basket. Collect the eggs. Cook them and give them to you guys. Like literally cluck to you guys and act like a chicken. Then I have to go put it all away and then do it all over again when it happens again.

11pm -11:40pm HOH room. Christie, Sis and Tommy. Christie – Cliff is more dangerous to stay versus Kat. Tommy – Cliff is better at mental comps but Kat is more rounded player. Cliff is hurting. Cliff it is possible to make a deal with him and I trust his word. I worry where Kat’s head is at. Christie – It doesn’t matter to me who goes. Whatever you want. Sis – whatever you want. Christie – the worry about keeping Kat .. she would go. They rehash past events of the season. Christie – in parts of this game I have to be phony and I don’t like that. Tommy – lets just call it day 44 and move on. Christie

Christie – I do not trust him and I will need to start to work on it but I can’t say it will happen over night. I will definitely try. Sis – I’m not begging you to be cool with them. I am just saying for all of us number-wise to be able to work together. And if Nick wants to take shots at them, let him. Tommy – I think if anything Michie is a man of respect and his word. If you did win HOH and didn’t put either of them up I think they would respect that and do the same for you if they won the week after. Tommy – if they’re your threats then maybe you .. Sis – I feel safer with Michie and Holly in the game. F**king Cliff I don’t trust him. Cliff grinds my gears.

11:50pm Nicole, Jess and Kat hug.

12:06 am Michie and Holly
Holly is thinking Christie is going to take shots at them before Nick.
They start talking about how “disgusting” and “Disrespectful” Christie et al. are. Jackson gives an example (I can’t hear it sorry)
Holly – I hope America sees this crap
Holly says they have to go back to CHristie, Tommy, Sis because if they don’t they will feel betrayed and come after them. The other side won’t

Jackson – realistically we can’t make a decision until after this HOH
Holly We just float until then
Jackson – it’s not even floating we are both guaranteed safety this week. Just Chill, we’re just sitting
Holly – coast
Jackson – watching everything unfold
Holly – if the 6 gets back together we can just play that up
Holly goes on about how it makes her sick saying this.

Holly – Nicole and Nick did it. Nicole and Nick are BFF lately they are really tight. Kat thinks they are working together
Michie – they are, Nicole has no one she will take whatever
Holly – she does she has Kat, Cliff, Jess
Michie – Cliffs on the block, Kat’s on the block

Michie says Jess has won a lot of competitions and has come in second for a bunch.
Holly says it’s good to have Nicole in the game, “Could you imagine her playing in OTEV today. No Shot”

12:10 am Jess, Kat, and Nicole
Talking about where do Holly and Jackson sit with the original 6 now.
Nicole says there’s an understanding between them to go after the bottom feeders first.
Nicole – no offense but none of them have your’s or Cliff’s best interest at heart
Nicole – if there’s any way to convince Tommy to take Kat down and put up Holly you have three guaranteed votes to get rid of her and MIchie will be pissed at us.
Kat is worried this would backfire and she becomes the target.
Nicole – no offense they could even take Cliff down, Three votes that’s all we need
Jess – Sis and Holly have a really weird thing. I think that could be broken if Sis finds out that Holly has been talking sh1t about her
Jess – Holly is coming to us saying there’s a whole mean girl situation you know .
Kat – they probably are mean girls they were voted by America to do on America’s field trip. I personally know the things Michie said are no favorable. If Christie and Sis are in that same boat I think they are view unfavorable by America
Nicole says if we want the angels to stay this is their only play.
Jess asks if Holly and Jackson are trying to get back with the 6? (which is a 4 now)
Kat says Holly is but Jackson isn’t.
Nicole starts to question when you’re target is someone and you can’t put them up anymore you naturally put up their closest allies to weaken them. Holly did that with Sam and Nick. It’s obvious to do that With Holly and Jackson.
Kat – they are back together that’s why

(Sad this plan won’t work Timmie is using the veto on Christie)

12:42 am Cliff and Nicole
Nicole telling him about the plan to get Cliff or Kat down and Holly up.
Nicole – if Michie is definitely coming after Christie and Christie is your closest ally you get rid of his guaranteed ally
Nicole goes on about not understanding if Michie was the target why isn’t Holly going up.
Cliff – unless it’s part of a backdoor
Nicole – I know he’s (Tommy) is smart and is going over these options
Cliff – I can do it because I have nothing to lose at this point.
Cliff says he knows the straightforward play is to take Christie off and Cliff goes home.
Cliff – if you (timmie) are thinking of separate options I can probably try to seel him the idea if you want to go after Holly in exchange for doing that and saving Kat and I. I will be willing to promise not to put him up or do anything else.
Cliff – I will try and make a deal if I can. If I need to promise not to put him up I’ll do it
Nicole – Michie is coming after Christie who is Michie closest ally

1:30 am Watermellon time

5:35 am Sleeping.

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so tommy will take down christie. no replacement? bye, kat.


Is there no replacement for sure?


Previously, when there was a third nominee and they were removed they was not a replacement. I don’t see it happening here. Tommy would only be able to replace the nominees he put up.

My Two Cents

I’m kinda thinking it might be Cliff that goes….. Damn it.


Question if Tommy take Kat or Cliff off the block will Tommy get to nom another HG.

Franks fumes

Cliff for sure……Kat is their breakout star this season too early for her….

The Corey's

He will take down christie. Showing his alliance and nominate a 3rd person thus nominating 3 people total showing his entire hand

Sh** sucks but atleast this shows his hand

J e t s jets jets jets


The Corey's

There will be if big brother wants to atleast pretend to be a legitimate competition

If she cant be replaced then she shouldn’t be taken off the block, it defeated the purpose of the whole friggen field trip


Cliff will be voted out by Holly Jackson Jessica and Nicole the other side doesn’t have the votes (Nick, Sis, Christie)


nicole and jess would seriously rather keep kat than christie? kat just totally screwed over nicole days ago pre-noms and has been way flakey compared to cliff.


Guy. Nicole could get cliff out, but i don’t think like she will. They are together since week 1.


I don’t know about that, Sis is so worried about Kat being alone with Jack she’ll probably rally to vote out Cliff. Or if Kat goes, Sis will self evict


nicole is not going to vote with Christie, Sis and Nick, come on


Oyvey its not about voting with the shooters, its voting for cliff . Kat can cut Nicole at the end . Cliff would probably take her to the final.

---- Off A Cliff

As disgusting a Christie and Tommy are, I still find it funny that Cliff is probably going home this week. I am tired of his act and I am glad to see him headed to jury. Still plenty of time to get Christie out. He can do his cliff notes in the jury house now where we don’t have to here it.


I feel sick…

My Two Cents

Crap. crap crap CRAP!!! I SOO wanted to see Christie walking out that door this week!!

Chalk it up in the W column

d*mnit !!!


Well, damn. Now we’re going to have a smug Christie for the next 5 days. This cast really knows how to ruin a great show. Looks like BB21 is canceled again. 🙁


God these people blow.

Jan Nan

Dang it , one of the worst possible out comes.
I don’t want Kat to leave but I hate to see Hogg go too. Guess we can’t have our way all the time , but it’s Christie , and I wanted her gone. She will be more unbearable now that’s she not in danger. Ughhhhh

---- Off A Cliff

No offense but I don’t know what you see in Cliff. He showed his true colors the week of his HOH when he laid an egg. I was ready for him to go after that week. Good riddance to Cliff and his Cliffomaniacs!!!! lol

Jan Nan

I’m far from a Cliffomaniac, but his deal he made with them kept him safe a few weeks even though we didn’t like it. The main reason I hate to see him go is Jack will throw it up in his face about not taking his deal, but at least we don’t have to see him gloat. I also hate to see the Angels lose one , or two, because honestly Kat will pick Jackson and Holly over them.

another name

Bright side:
Isn’t there an OTEV curse, where the winner of OTEV never wins the game?
Even if you believe the first in curse ended on celebritybb2, there might be residual curse energy left there.
Tommy has both going against him.
There. everyone feel better?


Noooo, I didn’t want Tommy to win! Now we have to listen Crusty talk about her manifesting this win for Tommy. Opening up the Kraken now!


It’s already happening… Christie: “When we were standing here, I was praying. Not for me to win, but I was praying for you to not have to nominate another person. I was praying to the universe, like…Tommy’s a good person. I feel like because it was an unselfish prayer, it worked.” Thumbs up if this quote makes you want to throw up.


Oh dear lord…just reading that makes me feel like I’m going to heave.
I seriously can’t take Chrustie and all of her universe bullsh** anymore.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Christie’s a nut.

Just me

Do we know if Christie will be replaced as a nominee when Tommy pulls her down? This sucks!

another name

Thinking because it was an america votes case specific punishment nomination, there will not be a third nominee if Christie is removed from the block.


Not the outcome I was hoping for (Sigh) Well America We tried… Get her next time


Unless they can convince TT that if he takes CC down then the house will know they are working together and when the double eviction comes around and we have our shot you two will go up. And TT we will evict Kat this week like you want to. Then they will evict CC instead!! Wouldn’t that be sweet. Big blind side. Maybe that could work!!


Everyone in the house has known for a while that Tommy and Christie are working together.

Roll Tide

I can’t believe that I wasted my time voting. America gets screwed by CBS.


At least CBS didn’t do a veto comp they could easily manipulate…


OTEV has to be the most injury prone game next to the HOH comps where the houseguests have to slide back and forth to put stuff in a jar


Noooo!!!! Now they will vote cliff out! So disappointed!

Feeds Gold

no matter who it is, if theyre liked or disliked, every hoh should be entitled to send home someone they nom

fans tried to rickroll the hoh and corrupt the game and it didnt work

tommie was clutch, did it the hard way and earned it, winning an epic absolute must win otev

christie who has been one of the most influential and entertaining players didnt deserve to go on her allies hoh

justice prevails in my opinion

with 7 votes it could still go either way

for the overall good of the season this is the best result, maintaining a fairly even balance between the sides

this enhances the chance of best and maximum entertainment possible to end this season


the fans didn’t try to rickroll the hoh and corrupt the game, cbs did

Feeds Gold


cbs threw up a needless twist

fans in great numbers strategized, and attempted to rickroll the hoh and corrupt the game by voting for christie, then heavy numbers of votes on sis in the last few days, increasing the chance one of tommies allies would likely be the 3rd nom

the fact the 3rd nom comes down means its just another regular hoh week now

another name

It’s not a needless twist from the point of view of cbs. They got increased traffic to their site for nine days before the fall season begins, so they will be able to increase their advertising rates by showing increased traffic.
cbs doesn’t gaf about what actually happens on the program once they get their increased traffic and rates.

Abraham Setrakian

another name gets it. It’s all about the money. A large portion of CBS’ revenue comes from advertising. Advertisers want as many eyes viewing their ads as possible. If TV ratings drop for Big Brother, CBS will have the BB producers insert a twist or two in hopes of boosting the ratings. The root of the corruption is not necessarily CBS, but the producers of the show. They are the one’s creating the ideas for the twists.

Ovi's tongue

“Corrupt the game”. Funniest comment of the day.

King Silva

I totally agree. If one person (or one side of the alliance) wins both HOH and Veto they should get what they want.

There is always next week to get out Christy or Tommy.

Feeds Gold

yeah in a regular week, you only need to win hoh to send home one of your noms…tommie needed both hoh and veto this week

and i give him credit where its due

and put myself in their shoes

imagine waiting years to play…you get cast, play one of the better games of the season, then on your hoh your main ally goes home due to a twist and fan votes…or you yourself go home on your main allies hoh…that kind of manipulation of an hoh week, to me, shouldnt happen, and i hope a twist like that never happens again as theres really no need for it, because big brother is great as it is

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Same as Cliff’s HOH being hijacked by Christie?

BB Casting Call

It wasn’t….Cliff gave in. He could have easily put her on the block after making his “deal” with her, but played safe; now he may go home with her in the house.

Ovi's tongue

Christie had a “power”.

Abraham Setrakian

Say there were no powers. No power leverage for Christie over Cliff. Cliff replaces Jackson with another 6 shooter member. Jack likely goes home before jury. The 6 Shooters blowup never happens. They likely stay a strong 5, with Kat probably still spying for them. Bella would still be in the house. Cliff’s Angels never comes to fruition. The show could have gone in any direction.

Ain't nobody got time for that...

Hence….Expect the Unexpected!!


You just described Big Brother 15 that used that 3rd nom twist to protect Rachel’s duck lipped sister. Every time the “racist side” won hoh they got fucked with the 3rd nom twist and had to send home one of their alliance. This happened for like 3-4 weeks in a row if I remember correctly. Most one sided unfair shit ever.

Deborah Sanders

One of the better games of the season? Who? Tommie? Or Christie? It’s neither. Christie is so arrogant when things go her way. They both fault the other side for things they do themselves on their side. Christie learned nothing. She’s her same arrogant self now she is safe. Well at least she knows now Ameroca doesn’t like her. Neither Jackson or Sis acted like she did for being chosen. At least they took it in stride. Tommie isn’t any better. He is setting up an alliance with Nick Christie Jackson and Holly, or so he thinks. He also thinks people HAVE to vote his way or be on the hit list. Just like Christie does. It was nice to see things not going completely their way.


But no, now Christie has decided she manifested getting chosen by America, because it was her dream to play in OTEV, and this was the only way to guarantee her participation. Ergo, America doesn’t hate her, we were manifested to vote for her. Must be nice to rationalize every consequence for your behavior this way.

Keeping it REAL!

100% agree! I’m so glad Christie isnt going home on Tommy’s Hoh cuz of americas voting…I don’t like seeing one side dominating and I like the balance but it still won’t be balanced cuz jackson and holly are with cat and cliff and possibly jess.

I hope kat goes but it will prob be cliff and that’s def a win win cuz he’s the mastermind behind that group. You get rid of Cliff & then Holly & Christie in the double and its anyone’s game to win & opens up the playing field and movement from set alliances…

Abraham Setrakian

Contrary to most, I’d rather have Tommy go out first over Christie. Strategy-wise, he’s the smarter one.


Fair and even balance? Two players with years of history between them get to play together with no one knowing is a very unfair advantage. Even the Holly, Kat, Jackson knowing each other stuff is periphery at best. That’s the kind of thing that’s screwing the game up.


I totally agree. Why is it that people find it ok for Christie & Tommy to spearhead and continually drive the point of the danger of Kat & Holly knowing each other because there was reference to being at the same concert when Christie dated Tommy’s family member for 7 years. I understand it’s all about game play but hard listening to C & T go on about trust & lies of the others when they have the biggest secret in the house.

Keeping it REAL!

Tommy & Christie wernt buddy buddy for years she dated a family member but tommy n her wernt close until they got in the game. Yes the twist sucks that these two groups of ppl who knew of each other are ruining the game but kat n holly do know each other and are close friends outside the game they even said so…. I think Cliff & Nicole know each other too, they look related, she looks like she cld even be his daughter but more likely a relative…

I don’t get all the hate twds one side is Christie annoying and talks too much, YES im not a fan of hers but you do realize these ppl are playing charcters on a game show for reality tv! (100% truth)


Feeds Gold I agree with you on many occasions, but not this one. I don’t remember seeing you stating anything of the sort when Crybaby got that power to overthrow the HOH nomination. And talking about what is right and fair…two people who were practically family for seven years coming in on same season…Nor can I agree with Crybaby being one of the most entertaining players. I think America has shown she is one of the most hated players and provides only aggravation and disdain, not entertainment.


Last week Kat was doing her relevant dance because Jack was leaving and now she’s crying because she’s leaving??? Boo hoo


Yes. She is crying and saying why what did I do. She didn’t once consider Jack last week when she was trashing him. I know I’m the minority but I liked Jack. I don’t like Christie but I did like Jack. I get he was a strong player but I felt people were beyond mean to him when Jackson and Holly are as useless as they come. I’m happy with either Kat (who thinks she is a mastermind) or Cliff who’s just a snake.


OK question, how is Jack this strong player? I think people wanted him out because he was/is an aggressivea a$$hat. Even our sweet Nicole said in her goodbye message “I can put my water bottle in the fridge now bye” he only won 1 HOH. He was put up twice but the first time was a combo of Bella screwing herself, Christie having a stupid power that she used as a threat and Cliff being scared! It’s Big Brother. I’m not even giving you what we the audience can see. Like her or not Jess saw his microaggression. Kat was threatened by both Jacks, Holly didn’t put him up cause they were allies at that point but she saw it. Analyse only saw a penis. Christie saw the useable threat part, Tommy saw a meat shield. But he didn’t win a veto (this makes me want to vomit but) Jackson wanted to win the vine comp enough to pee and hold out as long as he could so how did he not last longer? So 1 HOH and him being a jerk makes him a strong player? Let’s be real he was there as a shield for his allies. If Tommy was smart he is so determined to be AFP he’d see why America put Christie up and leave her. Personal I think if she got to play in veto Christie should only be able to remove herself. Anyone else should only be able to remove the HOH noms. But I’m wondering how Jack was a strong player.

Abraham Setrakian

Great points. Size/Physique could be another reason. He certainly walked and talked like he was the biggest threat.

What’s ironic is it wasn’t even a physical comp that he won.

BB Crusty Crab Shack



I hope Tommy wakes up and goes with what the house wants. They should all threaten him and tell him if he uses it he is next to go up and go home.

BB21 Fan

The likes on this comment prove the people here are insane. Oh no Christie used her power to threaten cliff to not vote her in. Really though, how dumb can people be? Its a strategy and she offered something up with it and it worked out to her advantage. People on here are only here to hate on Christie and Tommy and not think rationally about game strategies. Wow guys really grow up. Once the people you don’t like do something a bit questionable, which isn’t at all, you all jump on the bandwagon and nitpick reasons why the game is unfair oh boo hoo. Now you’re on here doing the exact same thing you’re saying the people you don’t like are doing. Really all of you just need a life. This is a game and everyone is trying to win some money. So some people like the people you don’t like. build yourself a bridge and GET OVER IT. The moment you turn to threatening you really need to question your own sanity. Also, stop being a Hypocrite.



You like who you like. I dont care for anyone in the 6, 8 or 9 person alliance. So you can be team Christie and Tommy. I am rooting for the outcast.


BB21 Fan



Crusty is baaack!

BB21 Fan



Yes, Crusty – we hear you but your a$$ needs to go.

BB21 Fan



Okay Crusty – chill out – you do know it’s just a game!!!


Uggh..find some twist Big Brother so Tommy won’t use veto


as much as i hate this cast. i gotta say it is a fairly interesting house dynamic. after this elimination you’ll have two trios (whoever stays, nicole, and jess vs. christie/sis/tommy), a pair (jackson/holly), and a singleton (nick) with differing opinions within the individuals on how to work with/against these different groups. if only the actual people didn’t suck so much.

Chalk it up in the W column

yeah, i don’t view the house as a 2-side type deal either. imo, christie/sis/tommy & jackson/holly are the only solid groups.


Interesting take. Can christy still go to the house? Any house.


This game is so fixed

Frank farts

Game is rigged we all know it

I have no bird, I have no bush

Come on , Tommy. Do what the house wants and leave nominations the same so Christie goes home. It’s what the house wants!

King Silva

I’m actually happy Tommy won. I hope Cliff goes.

Betty RuBBle Feed Eater

I feel sooo bad for Kat, she is so clueless about how powerful she has truly positioned herself in the game and I’m gonna miss her. I sure would have never thought that in the first couple weeks. See how time can change things in the ol’ Hamster Pressure Cooker? She’s been such a champ about so much ewww and spewww!

Sally B

Just wondering: I remember someone saying in an old post that when Christie kept referring to “The Universe” taking care of her, etc., etc., it was her using a code word for the D/R. Guess her “universe”, i.e. D/R kept her safe again this week via Tommy’s veto win. Probably why she wasn’t all hysterical day after day after day….she knew production, once again, had her back……just sayin’.

An ornery mouse

If the thing that I didn’t want to happen happens…… then Production rigged the game!! Someone must always be to blame for anything bad, as there’s nothing random in this game or world. I heard Christie used to be lovers with Grodner and Kass at the same time.

CBS loves Christie so much they threw her ass on the block as an extra nominee during her closest ally’s HOH. And how exactly do you rig OTEV? I guess Production could shoot up their “favs” with meth?

Franks fumes

Yeah your right and all conspiracies are BS…….since you say so I will no longer believe my life experiences and my lying eyes…..

An ornery mouse

It’s you’re, Franks fumes. You’re is a contraction short for you are….. as in you are right.

And I said no such thing about conspiracies.


Here’s you’re jackboots…

I know=)

Dalia Hobelman

Sis shut the hell up you don’t even know shit about big brother

Betty RuBBle Feed Eater

Kat’s not crying because she thinks she’s leaving (she has no clue she’s the target). She’s truly upset over some way Cliff was hurt during OTEV… she believes it was her fault Cliff got hurt. Empathetic people are the BEST!!!


In one word…..FUCK! I soooooooo wanted Crustys smartass narcisstic assed mouth out of this game! (can you tell I’m angry?)


I wonder who Nicole would vote out? It seems like that would be the deciding vote this week between Kat and Cliff.


Don’t see her turning against cliff


Yay!!!! Christie is SAFE!!!!!!!!!

Rhymes With Witch

This has to be a joke right? Even Christie’s Mom wants her evicted.


Dawg is there something that says the HOH can’t remove the 3rd person on the block?

My Two Cents

Maybe Cliff doesn’t have as good a read on everyone as I thought he did. If he asks Tommy to leave Christie on the block, he’s probably a goner.

Ain't nobody got time for that...

TOMMY! Get some damn PANTS on!!


Is anyone else sick of watching Michie eat Watermelon?


He’s always eating. They’re going to have to roll him out of that house!


Why does BB hate Christy?


No clue….she speaks her mind and is playing a great game.


She is so self-absorbed. For me, the “manifesting” things and “the universe” making things happen for her is just so obnoxious that I can’t stand her for that alone. Whenever something good happens either she willed it into being or the entire universe cares so much about her that “it” is going to shape the events of some tv show on a backwater world out on the edge of nowhere. But bad things are never the universe showing its will, just the good things. Sheesh! It is also how she lies. It isn’t that she lies because everyone has to in the game, it is that she seems to actually believe them. She is so filled with righteous indignation at everything when she is just as guilty if not more so of doing what she is complaining of. Then there is the taint of association with a generally unlikeable group. Those are the main things for me.

Chichi Riviera

The proper question is why do the majority of viewers hate Christy? Because she is a self-absorbed narcissist.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

No no no. It’s the UNIVERSE that hates Christie. And America. Which technically is part of the universe.

Living 4 Parentheses

Where’s a rolling on floor laughing emoticon when you need one? Thanx…no small feat with the POV turn (stomach turning) of events.


It started with the fact she is playing with Tommy who she has known for at least 7 years. She seems to have friends in casting and/or production. It’s like the bosses kid coming in as a supervisor and they don’t really have the skills for the job but it seems everyone has to play along.


Okay, Time to check out of this stupid game until Thursday. I just can’t take it. What a soul-crushing result for this competition. So close to a poetic week but it all turned to crap. We just can’t have nice things.




Holly- “You are literally fighting for your life in this game”…. Umm, no. I believe the word you are looking for is “figuratively”. Sorry, but that bugs me.


Damnit, now I have to listen to Tommy drone on and on to the Live Feeds ( lie ) on how he has no alliances and how he’s just wants what the House wants. too late Tommy you will sill have blood on your hands.- Not to mention we have days and days of creepy Nick in Tommy’s HoH room doing what ??? Whispering sweet nothings in Tommy’s ear ?? Of course because Nick literally shares the same idiot brain with Sis.


Thanks for bringing up Nick being a perv! He is humping Tommy and making gross sexual comments about not only the girls, but Tommy (baby carrot)…EWW.


I hate to say it but at this point I’d rather kat leave than cliff. it doesn’t look like that will be the case though. Nicole told kat in confidence that nick told her tommy was prob gonna put cliff and kat up, she was trying to give kat a heads up but kat immediately ran to tommy and threw Nicole under the bus by saying Nicole said you told nick that cliff and I are going up. also kat voted out Nicole when it was between cliff and Nicole on the block… so maybe there’s a chance Nicole will save cliff.


Of course Nicole will save cliff.
And with tommy, Christy, sis and nick , he will stay.


Not Tommy sorry.. he is not voting.

Living 4 Parentheses

The ENTIRE HOUSE despises Christie; they ALL need to reiterate that fact to Tommy until it sinks in that keeping her will torpedo his own game.

Boo Hoo Christie

Tommy is not giving up on her because she is always a vote for him. Too bad they both can’t go. They both would make good roommates for Frankie Grande and Swaggy C.

Franks fumes

So anybody think production is gonna let Crusty go home early is crazy……now either Cliff/Kat go home so we can keep her annoying A$$…..great.

Franks fumes

Cliff will go Kat is to important to their stupid storyline……so long Cliff you had potential unfulfilled.

An ornery mouse

“So anybody think production is gonna let Crusty go home early is crazy”

Then why in the world would Production hold a public vote for 3 potential nominees in the first place, knowing full well how unpopular Christie, Sis, and Tommy are? THEN, they could’ve just rigged the vote itself to protect their supposed favs, since the public has no way of knowing the true outcome.

This result sucks, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to abandon all logic and reason….,.. that is, if you were capable of using these things in the first place.


Maybe Christie stays on the block because she lost the competition so Tommy maybe can only take down Kat or Cliff . Being hopeful


i cant believe nicole is begging the feeders for a lifeline after already getting one sheesh


Can’t some one ask for help? Sheesh, Crusty’s had a tug boat from day one in Tommy and Nicole asked for a lifeline…

Franks fumes

Tommy” Christy and I are not working together” to Cliff. Next day “I think I will take Christy off the block” these GD people have ADD…..

another name

I’m trying to put myself in the position of the house guests, with knowledge of what they know, not common knowledge from feeds.
Nicole has issue with Kat running her mouth about the noms to Tommy, and dropping her name. Cliff has been better at comps that don’t require a ton of movement even pre injury. Getting rid of Kat will get Nick off of Nicole’s back about women’s alliance fear. If I’m Nicole at this moment I vote to evict Kat 80%. factors could change.
Jess has a closer relationship with Kat, but pushed hard on the idea of respecting the HOH’s choice last week. In the conversation with Tommy Kat was clearly a bigger target though unstated. While she preaches women’s empowerment, She’s voted out every woman that has been on the block. If I’m Jess at this moment I vote to evict Kat 65%. factors could change.
Nick is a tougher case. He vacillates quickly and without much logic. He has more reason to vote out Kat at the moment. So in this moment I say Nick votes out Kat 90%.
Sis and Kat do not get along personally. Because the pillowcase doesn’t play according to game but feeling I would say she’d be more likely to vote out Kat… unless she truly believes Kat would have sex with Jack. She probably would. She’s said so on feeds more than once. In this moment SIs votes out Kat 55%. factors could change.
Holly votes out Cliff.
Jackson is a fifty fifty. He personally wants Cliff. Holly wants Kat. If he can’t convince Holly to drop Kat, he likely votes out Cliff and tries to get Jess and Nicole to vote out Cliff, possibly with more of his patented don’t say anything about people’s character… while he buries the personal character of others. he’s 50/50 depending on whether he can get others to do what he wants.
Christie at the moment is another fifty fifty. She’d vote out Kat for going against her word about getting rid of Jackson. She’s vote out Cliff for stringing Jack along. So it depends on which of the two can strike the right chord with the house flapjack. At the moment she’d do what Tommy wants and vote out Kat. In this moment Christie votes out Kat, but who knows what her universal magic bladder infection will tell her to do in the next hour… especially if Brussels sprouts are involved. she’s 50/50 until she knows what Jackson wants, then wants the opposite.
With the way things stand, if the eviction vote were held right now, then Kat would be going home.
That said, it’s Saturday night. They don’t even do veto meeting until Monday.


Nice assessment, another name. I pretty much agree. I hope Kat doesn’t go home, but your theory does sound right on. Maybe I should start praying to the universe like Christie.


As “unfair” as being nominated by America was to Christy, the only fair way to make it right would be for production to announce that vetos couldn’t be used on America’s choice!

House Stark

It is what the universe would want. To be fair to Chrisie they should burn some sage when they tell her.

Tonja Peery

I have one thing to say
If Jackson’s Ego wins this d@mn game
I will chalk BB21 up to having 15 of the dumbest players and a narcissist that floated on through his lies and manipulation…
Because seriously, Jackson isn’t playing this game…his ego is.

Cancel this season already

Please someone with Danielle-levelled mind convince Tommy to NOT USE IT


Where is “Chill Town” when you need them?


Personally i dont think Tommy should be able to use the veto on Christie since she was up there on americas vote. What the heck is the use of voting if her little buddy comes along and undoes the vote. Very disappointed in this crappy year im about ready to quit watching


Totally agree – America nomiated Crusty not Tommy. Crusty should stay and Tommy could take down Kat or Cliff and put up someone else but Crusty should stay.



Morland Holmes

The voters put Chrustie up there and ONLY the voters should have the power to remove her; Tommy’s veto power should only involve his choices.


I’m right back to square one in this game. Just when I thought it was turning Bam! I can’t stomach it. Christie, Tommy, Nick and Sis…. I just can’t…this season is terrible.