Christie “Like I’m literally not saying anything! Like if I am in a group with people I am not speaking.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tommy used the Power Of Veto on Christie the season continues to rule

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8pm The house guests are eating dinner and saying what they’re grateful for.

8:36pm HOH room. Christie and Sis.
Sis – That was so funny. Bullsh*t puts me in a bad mood. Christie – it just ticks me off. Like it just doesn’t make sense to me because like… so like I understand how we are “torn”. But like how are you “torn” if she is blatantly telling everyone that her boyfriend is your target. Like that doesn’t want to get someone out on their own.. like that is straight bullsh*t. I feel like Tommy delicately tried to say it.. like Michie is the target .. and Holly is just like ahh.. I don’t know… like she just tip toes around it. I’m like dude.. Kat is telling everyone in this house that she is going to put you guys up .. like you don’t want her out?! Like it is straight bullsh*t!! Sis – I don’t know why I never thought of saying that to her. Christie – because it is better that we don’t .. let them vote how they want to vote. Let them vote to keep Kat.. it will be even more of a reason to be a target for everyone next week. Sis – true. Christie – I love Tommy so much and I want to make him happy but I have to play my own game too and I am not going to sit in a room and rekindle an alliance that failed because they were dishonest. They straight up told Jack not to trust the two of you and they straight up told the whole house that they were coming after me. Like I am not going to sit in a room and pretend to be in an alliance again so that what!? When I do put them up next week, I am a liar!? I am not going to do that. Like I am not going to lie. I am not going to be in on a meeting. And the only reason they gravitated to us today is because they have no one right now and they rubbed everyone wrong. And she (Holly) was so shocked that they know they have Nicole and Nick’s vote. She is probably like Nicole’s vote?! Me and Nicole were good. I buttered Nicole up all last week like how can Nicole and Jess be .. possibly keep Cliff. Well yeah, that’s because she sees through the bullsh*t too now! Do you know?! Sis – totally! Christie – so count me out of an 5 person meeting that is going to go on. I’ll be in bed by ten! Yeah, no .. bullsh*t just puts me in a bad mood. Sis – I am just nervous that if you’re not here.. they’re going to see it as like.. Christie – I just don’t see why it is necessary like I thought that Tommy said he doesn’t want to do an alliance. Sis – maybe he will say that. Christie – so what I am going to say that we’re in an alliance and then we’re going to make a fake alliance with Cliff going forward? I am not going to do that! I am not worried. Like if we’re saying we have each others back until six, so what then everyone is just going to be throwing HOHs going forward!? Like I am not here to play that game!! You know what I mean?! I would rather be honest with people I want to work with. Like I am just not here to keep tip toeing around everything. Like I am keeping my words and not being aggressive with things. Like I am not going to call Nick out for X, Y, and Z. Like I don’t care. Like literally a month ago I would have. Like Nick, you’re a f**king two timer! Let everyone play the game how they want to play it, I don’t care.

Christie – The only people I say things to are you and Tommy and not even as much Tommy because I know he is in a weird spot. You I vent everything to. Like I don’t want to be caught in the middle of two people .. one that I don’t trust. Like I would rather just play a straight forward game and win HOH’s and go after the people that are coming after me. Like I am not going to play pretend .. like if they won HOH and they felt comfortable with that side of the house still like they would be gunning for us! Like I am not stupid! Especially me! Of course they want to solidify it because they don’t have numbers now and they know that they’re next. I just hate that, like that’s so corny to me. And they know that Kat’s probably going to go and they don’t have anybody. Sis – yeah I just feel like I am in a weird position. Christie – no you guys do what you need to do. I am obsessed with you, like you can do no wrong in my eyes. Like I like my chances better with Cliff and Nicole and even Nick.. than Michie and Holly. Sis – that’s what I told Tommy too because Tommy was getting a little anxious about making this deal with Cliff. And I said to be honest Tommy, I feel like I can get farther with Cliff and Nicole… then Michie and Holly. But for now I feel good with Michie and Holly and I feel good with the other side too. So that’s why I feel like I am in a tricky position. Christie – I don’t see why Cliff would be hesitant to make a deal with Cliff this week because if he doesn’t make a deal with Cliff and we keep him anyway and he has no deal made. Cliff could easily put Tommy up. Like that is so stupid!? Why would be not want to make that deal? Sis -I know. He keeps saying something like if Jackson goes .. where is Holly going to land? But I don’t care where Holly lands. Christie – yup but no.. they have something. And that is fine! I don’t care. Sis – I don’t care either. Do your thing. I just don’t trust Holly. She is not trustworthy to us so why am I going to trust her. Sis – I am scared for Tommy if he doesn’t take it. Christie – I am not going to protect people that are not going to protect me and people that are not being honest with me. Jackson joins them to listen to music.

9:13pm Boat room. Christie and Jess.
Christie – bullsh*t just puts me in a bad mood and its nothing specific. Its not a big deal. Jess – did I tell you I love you. Christie – I love you too. Jess – I just feel so confused about everything. Like everyone is telling me the same sh*t and no one knows anything. Christie – it is a big decision and everyone is just waiting to see what everyone is doing but no one wants to say what they’re doing. Jess – a lot of people have played on an individual basis .. like outside of the six and the eight but now that the six have broken up.. but now some people are still saying that the six still exists to create fear. Christie – no, it doesn’t. So what I am summarizing .. they f**ked up last week. In terms of spreading sh*t that necessarily wasn’t true. Staying up there and sucking everyone’s a$$ just to make sure he stayed. Which fine, they got that.. but now they have completely pulled away from you guys because they got what they needed. And now they feel like they’ve isolated themselves from everyone and now they have no one so now they want to come suck our A$$’s again. But to be completely honest, once I don’t trust you… that is kind of it for me and I get that you guys realize that you’re probably everyone’s next targets and that sucks but I am not going to play happy family and lets make up again because I don’t trust you (Michie & Holly). I like my odds better with people that I trust. What is hard is maybe a couple people that I do trust still trust them. Jess – yeah and that’s what’s confusing. Christie – And I don’t want any part of it!

Tommy Joins them. Christie – that is why its a confusing week. You know what I mean!? Jess – I am about ready to just scream to the top of my lungs and be like I don’t give a f**K, everybody leave!!!! Not really, but really! Tommy – I know. Jess – like Michie kept trying to talk to me and be like where is your head at.. Big Brother switches the feeds. Nicole joins the. Christie – now going forward it is going to make it so much harder that there are no clear cut sides. You have to go with what is going to benefit you personally. Nicole leaves and Holly joins them. Soon after Cliff and Sis join them too.

9:55pm -11pm HOH room. Christie and Sis.
Christie – yeah apparently it is a major rumor that we’re all still working together. So I am going to distance myself. Sis – why do you say that?! Christie – because Jess just told me. She said I feel so confused and so scared to vote. I don’t even know what to do or who to trust. Everyone is saying that there is still a five. I am not .. like I can’t .. and like why is Nick with Kat ALL day today!? Sis – isn’t that weird?! Christie – I like I am a little weirded out by things. Like I am literally not saying anything! (What?! All you do is talk!) Like if I am in a group with people I am not speaking. Sis – that is what I think is really weird. Christie – I said maybe its just a rumor … like the five of us have not even been in a room together. I said that you and I just hang out and bop around from room to room together. Everyone knows where I stand with Michie and Holly. There is no six, there is no five. I don’t know where that is coming from. Sis – I think its Nick. Christie – yeah I think a lot of things are Nick. Its just his personality, Like I don’t think he can even help himself. It terrifies me .. I am afraid to say anything in his presence. I don’t fully trust Nick. I don’t. I just see right through it. Tommy joins them. Christie tells him that Jess still thinks there is a five. Like maybe that is her own worry. I am trying to not get worked up about Nick because whenever I do it is a waste of time. I think she (Jess) is trying to pitch Kat staying. Sis – the more she pitches it, the more I am like no! Christie – because she is trying to probably get us to not trust Cliff and Nick so that we still want to work with them because they have no where to go now. She is also worried that Cliff is certain that he has Nick and Nicole’s vote .. and she is probably like what the hell I did all that work last week with Nicole.. why is she working with Cliff and Nick. Tommy – we can’t be like this much longer .. next week we are going to have to make a move. Are you going to be gunning for this HOH? Christie – probably not. I would rather Cliff or Nicole win it. Sis – no one is coming after you though. Tommy – I just worry that this could all blow up and people be like its them! Christie – that’s why I don’t want to be too tight with them. Nicole, Kat, Jess and Nick join them.

11:10pm – 12:40am HOH room. Tommy and Nick.
Tommy – I think thats good for our game moving forward. I like that six but I can’t make the six deal yet. I want to tell him (Cliff) the truth that Kat offered me a better deal. Nick – did she? Tommy – her deal was more simple .. her deal was I won’t put you up.. promise. Nick – ever? Tommy – no not ever, just like I won’t put you up. Open ended! And I don’t want to say never put me up that is a stupid thing to say. Nick – right after the six. Tommy – I don’t want to make us a group deal yet and that is what he is asking for. Nick – so why not just make it individual? Tommy – right thats what I have to do. The other thing is Christie and Sis are trying to deal with him too. Like if we vote for you to stay, then we need to know that you’re not coming after us. Nick – he can give them a shorter deal. Tommy – he can make a deal separate but we can’t make a deal connected with them. Nick – you have to do what is best for your game. Like I am not even gassing you.. that six is probably better for me than anyone. Tommy – I am worried about losing two jury votes if I burn Michie and Holly. Nick – I get that. If I didn’t put up Michie and Holly .. just per say… I can’t put up Nicole. I am not putting up Cliff. And I am not putting up you, Sis or Christie. So that leaves me Jess, Holly and Michie. In an idea situation I am closer to Michie. I would put up Holly and Jess but I can’t do that because if Michie wins the veto and takes Holly down, then I would have to put up one of us. And I love Holly as a person but I have never talked game with her. Tommy – what I hope wins is that someone wins, puts Michie and Holly up and then I am forced to pick between the two of them. And then I don’t have to feel guilty for making this new deal. Nick – its protecting your game. I think Nicole, Christie or Cliff winning would be ideal. Tommy – Christie said that she doesn’t want to win it. Nick – why? Tommy – she said I don’t need to, I am in the middle. And I am like you’re not! Nick – she thinks she is good with them (Jackson & Holly) now? Tommy – because they have no one. Nick – so that means I am f**ked. Tommy – no, that’s not what they said. I can tell that they have no where to go. Nick – I get it. Tommy – I think Cliff is going to win. Nick – If they both guaranteed they wouldn’t put me up I would let them win.. but I would need a handshake deal. Sis joins them. Tommy tells Sis that Christie wants to throw this HOH. I am worried about juggling the Michie/Holly thing. Sis – Christie says that she doesn’t want to win because she doesn’t think that they will win. Tommy and Nick both say that makes them feel better. Cliff has been my number 1 target since day 1 .. why wouldn’t I put him up. Like I am going to keep my target safe till six only to have him win HOH then and take me out.. then I get sixth?!

12:40am – 1:30am Tommy is explaining to the house guests that he thinks we can’t categorize what water is. Water is temperature and pressure. If the water was room temperature, there was no movement would you know if your hand was in water? Over time would it be possible to get confused with the ring around your wrist .. is your hand in water or the rest of your body.

1:50am – 2am Christie climbs into bed and realizes there’s rice in her bed. That was f**king funny honestly. I thought it was bugs in my bed or that Nick had his crusty slipper in my bed.

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Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

She talks a lot for someone not speaking.


I am so tired of Christie. She talks all the time. Who is the loudest? Christie. She talks over everyone. And, to top that off, she has no manners. She talks with an enormous amount of food in mouth. Chews with her mouth open. Food goes in, mouthe comes open, food and words come out.

Sick and tired of Crusty

Also majority of what she says makes no sense… like, like,like,like,like,like …. I hate that word!!!

J e t s jets jets jets

Christie: “Like if we’re saying we have each others back until six, so what then everyone is just going to be throwing HOHs going forward!? Like I am not here to play”
“Are you going to be gunning for this HOH? Christie – probably not. I would rather Cliff or Nicole win it.”
Can anyone say hypocrite.


cannot stand to watch her eat, she has jowls like a dog. Turner & Hooch! (tommie & christie)

Need a shield??



OMG I know. I was recording her eating chips the other day and I was going to post it but didn’t I kept it in the OBB archives 😉

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Do not ever post that!Destroy it.Burn your computer if you have to.For Gods sake have mercy on us.


It’s poison .. I felt sorry for dawg last night.


To be honest she has slowed down. I think Analyse and Tommy were both able to complete a sentence before she started talking again. It’s a real talent to speak while inhaling.


A rare moment I am sure.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Like, literally…… I sometimes forget …like…Jess is still there

I second that emotion.

I have watched he’s Jess speak and I’m SOOOO glad they don’t show much of her. It’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard. And she’s another one who like loves to say like. Wtf is wrong with these players this season

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

so does she


Not watching BBs live feeds nor Broadcast show for past 2 weeks, its getting painful to even read anything with Christie, Tommy, or sis (has sis done anything to even exist on BB this long ?) here or anywhere. How anyone can continue with this season, must deserve a Medal of recognition and CBS should divide the money amongst those that endured this season.


Sex with Jack
Cuddles with Nick
Been a vote for shitshooters
Used up a veto space
Played a bit of game within the six but very little out of it
Flirted with Sam
Bashed whoever the person she’s talking to is bashing.


Such a good summation of Sis


That’s more than Nicole , that you all love so much.


what has Nicole done?
– cleaned the bathroom
– doesn’t make my ears bleed
– Is a vote
– Played a bit of game but of very little of consequence.
– cried
– Doesn’t make me turn the feeds off


Dayyyuummm Simon…you are on it!

Dalia Hobelman

Christine I’m not gonna say anything anymore… five minutes later won’t shut the f up lmao

BB Casting Call

Yeah, but did she say the word “anything”?


No I am sure she said “like” about 5000 times though… LOLLL

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

We all the know the outcome of this season…. crusty will win. All production does is help her week after week after week…. all season.

I can not wait for next summer. This is the worst season i believe ever!!!!!

Crusty makes me pine for Paul or Vanessa. I only come to this site everyday to get caught up. I dont even watch this season anymore.

BB Casting Call

She will be evicted eventually, she does not have the mist that Paul had.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

But the rest of the house might have the stupidity.


Props to my girl Christy, a stellar performance.

She is in everybody’s heads.

Go get the money girlfriend!

Jess has access to OBB!!!

LOL You sound like Jess…


I’m predicting this comment will hit the low votes threshold today and I will get an email saying it’s flagged.




Don’t get too big in the breeches Christie! Watch yourself! Love you and hope you make it to the end!


ummmmm Too late!


I hate how comfortable and safe Christie feels.


I would too if I had production shielding me every step of the way!


I know I want her on the block come Thursday.. actually her and Tommy on the block this coming week will be the entertainment we deserve this season.

I second that emotion.

Let’s MANIFEST PEOPLE. MANIFEST IT !!! Make it happen if


Me too. Simon…on a serious note…can you please make a shrine for Michie to win hoh tomorrow. Not even Holly. It has to be Michie. He is the only one in the whole dang house who is going to put those 2 on the block. Please! Then we can all try and manifest it. This has to happen or else there is legit nothing to look forward to. Please and thanks!


Jackson won’t put Tommy.

Dumb a$$ players

Be would be the dumbest idiot if he didnt. But then again……. he already is. DAM. Cant win can we!!!!


He’s gonna do w/e to wreck Christie….so if it’s best for Tommy or Nick….doesn’t matter…then Sis as a replacement if need be


Maybe not…but I’ll take Nick as a second nom


Simon it’s time to build another shrine in hopes your wish manifests


Nick better leave Tommy alone!!!! Is crude behavior has pushed me over the edge. That is sexual harassment taken to another level. Tommy did not like it and it was embarrassing to him. Production needs to shut this down, just like they would if he was dry humping a woman!!!!! Where is the “stop it” button that I have heard in the past. I am truly repulsed my most of these people on the show.

I second that emotion.

I didn’t see. What happened?


Nick at some point “dry humped” Tommy. I’ve also read on posts about him making comments of a sexual nature to him as well.

I second that emotion.

He is so disgusting… Yet I am not surprised….. It never ends with this guy does it?

Just me

There’s a gif of the event on the OBB update titled, “I actually have to win now. I’m not going to let an opportunity with her on the block and us not having to put her up slip by “ around 10pm. Tommy is laughing and he actually puts his arms around Nick’s neck during the humping.


I can’t unsee THAT!!


Nick, don’t know how he’s keeping his job, is inappropriate but if I remember in first or second week in target bedroom (why do I remember this) offered to f&+k Tommy. Tommy sort of ignored what Nick said. Then Tommy said out loud to all cameras, “ Consent, consent, consent.”. I think Jackson was in room maybe Sam? Perhaps that’s why production has not intervened? Not excusing Nick. Consent should be daily. Everyone else whatever he has done. I didn’t remember them giving consent.

Dumb a$$ players

My Eyeeeeeeessssssssss. Sorry i asked. Omg. LMAO. THAT GUY NEEDS SOME SERIOUS HELP


Nick is Sick. Wonder how those that work with him, now think of him. He needs counselling.
Is this the best that BB can offer us this season??

Ovi's tongue

I remember a couple of weeks ago Nick made an offhand remark that by the time he finally leaves the house people will think he’s into guys.


Haven’t watched the feeds but have read about it and I totally agree. Nick is completely inappropriate with tommy and it’s cringe worth and absolutely should be addressed by producers


I really hope CPS is waiting for Nick when he gets out.


Nick doesn’t have kids, although depending on what his actual duties are where he worked, he may soon be looking for a job. My guess is that he resigned before coming on the show because most of these people are looking to make a job out of breathing.


I agree…it’s tough to watch. But are u sure Tommy doesn’t like it? I only say that because I was watching Tommy do an interview from the hoh room and he went on and on about how Nick is his crush if it could happen and how Nick is the exact kinda guy he goes for in the real world.

I second that emotion.

Ewwww But I see your point

Ovi's tongue

He just doesn’t want to embarrass his family on TV


If Tommy didn’t like it, he wouldn’t be running around (every chance he gets) in his underwear in front of Nick. Tommy is loving every minute of it!!

Keeping it REAL!

What abt Nick stroking Tommy’s junk with his foot to try and get him aroused… That shld of been shut down asap n he should of been talked to abt personal space! Nick will be going soon he has done too much creepy stuff to too many ppl n needs to go!


No rant this morning. 🙂

I’m thinking at this point whatever player goes against Christie and her current 6 person alliance will get the lion share of the feed fan support. Doesn’t matter who.. lol


Do you find these rants about the cast are the same (for most part) every year? Whenever you can observe people 24/7 with diverse personalities it is going to reveal some offensive behaviors.

(not referring to our friend Simon) If we are fans of the show/game then not watching it is a slippery slope to getting the show cancelled due to low ratings. If that is the goal then by all means continue to threaten not to watch.

Since you weren’t going to rant Simon I borrowed the soap box 🙂


Yes, and No .. there will always be twitter outrage over everything that happens on the feeds. That’s the way our twitter outrage culture works. I’ve done this long enough to see the patterns.

This year there are few people to like in the cast left in the game. They’re just all blah.. This appears to be universal throughout the fandom and it’s rare this late in the game.


The ranting is similar because they cast very similar people every year. They seem to have a checklist like the Globetrotters or a boy band. It has rarely made for an entertaining season, glimmers and flashes of fun but then the same thing week in and week out.

BB Casting Call

It seems like affluent kids from rich families and connections get cast. With no mommy and daddy to help clean up their messes and cover up their spoiled “world revolves around me” behaviours, the kids are lost and outta control!


I think you have a portion of the population who can for one reason or another drop out of life for 4 months. Most of these young folks probably have family covering those bills they can’t drop like car payments and phones. Although the parents are already probably covering most of that anyway.

I was thinking more in the archetypes they bring back each season. The sassy black woman, the geeky awkward person, the old guy, the flamboyant gay guy, the frat boy jocks, the girls whose Instagram is mostly them in bikinis, and maybe a couple folks who actually want to play the game. Season 20 was an anomaly in that the fame whores also wanted to play the game even those who were terrible at it.


But your rants were spot on ! So Preach Simon Preach !!


HEHE thanks, Maverick32 .. 🙂

Houka Inumuta

After Jackson, who do you think will get evited next?

Can’t wait until I say I told you so when Nicole is crown as the winner of Big Brother 21 on September 25.

Go Nicole- Right to the end!!

At this point she would deserve it. She has done as much as she was able to do.. which was not much.. She is the most likable person based on her character. If she gets to the end and to finale night, She deserves to win… There is not a day, hour,minute, second where someone isn’t talking about taking her out.. yet no one has done it yet ( knock on wood) So my opinion is if she can get to the end..even if its by coasting…. Give it to her as she has had to endure these insufferable losers for far too long.. she deserves it.. and will probably need it to get some counseling ( not from Nasty Nick though.. LOL )


“Like” “Like” “Like” “Like”


LIKE LIKE literally lIKE LIKE LIKE literally selfie like like Instagram like like literally.

Ovi's tongue

I love you. So much.


Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Miss Conception

If you will notice in the photo at the dinner table,Christie’s position. It appears as if the Queen is holding court before her subjects,yet the subjects have distanced themselves from her. You can determine a lot about a person and what or how they think of themselves by their body language. Despite her verbosity of denial of not becoming involved,in her mind,she is in total control and dares anyone to not acquiesce to her.


They’re all a bunch of slugs



Red in Blue

Simon!! Don’t insult the slugs.

Queen Crusty

maybe she smelled funky and they had to get away.. lol I see what you mean though and its true..


They probably move away from her to keep from getting half chewed food spewed on them when she talks with her mouth full, which is ALWAYS. Packs food in her Jaws like a squirrel and then talks and shows her ignorance.

I second that emotion.

Projectile spewing. Omg how nasty. The thought alone makes me want to throw up Like for real. Like I’m serious. Like what about me. Like it’s not fair. Like it is manifested. Like it’s in the universe. Like STFU


Omg like a squirrel. I liked this comment so freaking funny.

BB Casting Call

I also found it interesting that the remaining 5 all have a lot of space between them to eat and sit comfortably while the remaining HGs are huddled close to each other.


So Sis and Christie don’t feel the need to win the next HoH?! I wonder if they will feel that way when their asses are up on the block next Week.


I doubt they’ll see the block even if Jackson wins…I’m in a pretty pessimistic mood regarding the show.


Don’t give up. I made a serious appeal for Simon to make a shrine for Michie to win tomorrow. He is the only person who will put them on the block. Once Simon makes the shrine…we can all get to manifesting and then it will work. It did with the field trip, but we got screwed because Tommy was hoh.

I second that emotion.

I love that they are thinking that. Like for real. Lol. The even said they think Cliff or Nicole should win. Like I agree with that. Like it would be like EPIC. Like for real. Lol. OMG It’s annoying even typing that shit.
SERUOUSLY. though I really hope Nicole does win and take them out. That would make this easier to watch.


There is NO doubt in my mind that Nicole would NOT go after Christie, Tommy or Nick….She would target Jackson and Holly for sure. At this point, I fear the only ones that would go after them are Jackson and Holly and it’s a long shot that they will even get the chance.

Cliff, Nicole and Jess should team up with Jackson and Holly and take out the other 4, then once they are gone Cliff, Jess and Nicole will have the numbers and take out Jackson and Holly. BOOM!! Finally three. But that would mean that they would actually have to stay loyal to each other and at this point in the game all three of them have proven that they are easily manipulated and are very quick to turn their backs on each other.

Dumb a$$ players

Two words. MANIFEST BABY!!!!!

Nick's Dookie Shorts

How is this guy a therapist but says such unintelligent statements like “you gonna dump in her?”
What are you 13 trying to sound like you a big man. What adult talks like that. I wouldn’t let my daughter see him for counseling. Hell No!

Kat's Alien Bitch

Only 1 more day with Kat – I will miss her.
Haven’t looked at the feeds since Tommy won POV.

Please let Jess of Nicole win HOH.


I understand your want for Nicole to win, but it is so important that Michie win to break the 6 up…get rid of Christie, Nick, or Tommy…then Nicole and Jess can be debriefed and decontaminated from all the poison Christie has been feeding them the past few days. My fear with a Nicole or Jess or Cliff win tomorrow is that they will do what the 6 wants. They can win next week.

I second that emotion.

Its definitely possible


Totally agree. Christie has her tentacles on Jess and Nicole and we all know a Cliff HOH would be a complete waste again. Jackson or Holly would put up Christie and Nick with Tommy as a backdoor if needed. Build that shrine, please. We beg you!!


That’s what I’m talkin about!!! C’mon Simon…it’s not just me!!! :p

Summer Gowen

Up in HOH room just few minutes ago, Cliff, Tommy and Nick were taking of throwing it to her if possible. But to not let her know it was. I wonder who she would put up?


Oh my god… I watched the feeds last night and I really wanted game talk that Christy, Tommy, and Sis were in. I stopped watching. I hate this week because I really wanted to Christie gone… but Tommy saved her.

Personally I would find out who Tommy, Sis, and Christy wanted out then I would vote to evict the other. Tommy and Christie drive me nuts with their insincere sincerity… so freaking fake. How can they sit with each other and talk about their honest game… they are the fakest people in the entire house. Sis is also driving me nuts… I will admit I was apathetic about her most of the season, but wow I truly dislike her now.


It’s weird how Nick took over Nicole’s game. It seemed like out of the blue Nick starts acting like Nicole is his best friend and lets everybody know he is supposedly trying to keep her safe. Now he’s acting like he controls her. Nicole really didn’t have any say in the matter.


He totally did. And she seems ok with it I guess, because it will keep her good with the 6. My God Christie, Nick, and Tommy need the boot!


Nicole does have a say but like always, she stayed quite and just let it happen…….BUT, you know, in the real world she would of let Nick have it……. (insert eye roll here)

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

When a serial killer asks to be your best friend, say yes.


Christie seriously wants to know what Nick is doing with Kat all day?
He’s securing her vote, genius.
How can someone who claims to have such incredible instincts, lack such an enormous amount of insight & self awareness?


Because her claims are false. She only says all that to make up for the fact that she does not have insight or self awareness

SD Bird

Christy cannot understand that Nick thinks he needs a Jury Vote.
In her mind, Nick will not be in F2.

Dumb a$$ players

They are both delusional.


When Jackson makes it to the middle of the rankings, you know we’ve got a bad cast.

Ovi's tongue

That was exhausting. I’m glad Tommy is a dancer on Broadway. He skipped science class.

SD Bird

It was exhausting and excruciating to watch both of them.
My laptop nearly slid onto the floor as I began to doze off . . . .zzzzzzzz

Tommy may have skipped science class & cannot explain liquid as being wet, touch can be pressure or displacement theory . .
But, Nick is a shinning example of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Him trying to equate the Milgram Experiment to ‘forcing’ a sense of touch explanation from Nicole is not even close.
He constantly throws out half truths & mis-applied psychology to sound impressive.

His creepiness levels rise when his stress/anxiety increases.
The problem is that he never re-sets or gets told to stop.
Seriously, STOP.


Right about the water, I’m not an expert but I seem to remember that there are like 3 or classifications. Clear that you can drink. Then some that might have chemicals or contaminated but could be cleaned enough to drink. Then black water, salt water.
Re: pressure well add enough like a mile under ocean and it’s going to crush your hand. Or freeze it, you’ll feel the cold as your hand falls of. Maybe they can turn it to steam and find out if it burns them?

Perhaps Tommy has hit himself a few times in the head with his high kicks?

another name

Before i went to sleep last night I wrote my assessment of Tommy’s current game as HOH. Instead of posting the comment, i accidentally closed the tab to the site. I was in a fire and brimstone mood, so maybe it’s for the best. In a more reasonable mood I’m still not impressed, but i’m not being as aggressive about it. Passive aggressive maybe… but not openly vicious.

As Tommy tries to secure himself a cushion in the middle with his ‘i can’t make any deals that make me choose a side, I need the sides to take each other out… but not you, i’d stand up for you, i’m freaking obsessed with you’ crapola I’m still thinking anyone with a brain has got to be side eyeing him and thinking, “bitch, please.”
They should be saying to themselves why is he trying to save Holly? Red flag on the twirling foghorn.
They should be saying to themselves the stunted fancy dancing dwarf that pushed for blindsides during every member of his alliance HOH’s is saying he’s playing a loyalty game… really?
They should be thinking, if they are one of the three new inductees not getting a deal, so he wants our protection moving forward but won’t choose to work with us formally? Oh good, a volunteer for the block.

Tommy’s growing resentment with Christie is no surprise. He’s been grooming Sis as his drag along for weeks. She parrots opinions and doesn’t form any of her own. Perfect for Tommy, whose resentment of Christie stems from her trying to play the middle while Tommy was sitting in that catbird seat. It’s grown because she is unwilling to pretend to be in a five with 2 people that everyone (including Tommy) knows want her evicted immediately. She’s unwilling to do what’s best for Tommy at her own detriment, on his HOH… the nerve.
If Tommy could find a way to secretly make a deal with Cliff and Nicole that would be made with only him, and wouldn’t be a benefit for the others, he’d jump at the opportunity. Put that in the bank. He’s declining to make a deal that protects a group, because he’s only really concerned for himself (mr. teamplayerallaboutloyalty… riiiiight).

Why did Tommy use veto? It wasn’t out of loyalty to Christie, he wants her gone, he just wants her gone with his hands clean so that he can cry about how awful it is that she’s going. He wants her jury vote, so he wants her to go. It was out of fear that he’d lose his loyalty Image if he didn’t. Let’s be honest. D/r has been getting all of these bff together until the end clips from them. Tommy is one of those house guests that will take d/r suggestion as gospel. We’ve known for seasons that d/r can aggressively suggest to the houseguests. They are free to say no, and take their chances with tptb if they say no (big examples the on feeds rants in season 18 where everyone was saying they want me to keep Nicole safe and not target her, followed by the season 19 rant from Jessica to Cody they keep telling me we should work with Paul, and I shouldn’t use my special power to save you on feeds). It strikes me as very odd that the Lose 2 Jury Votes argument came up the moment he left d/r after his first session yesterday. Like right out of the d/r door and over to people to say it, odd.

By refusing to play the game so that he can cling to the middle, at the detriment of his own allies, what is Tommy doing? He’s pretty much standing at the top of the stairs and proclaiming himself to be a rat floater that will never take a side. He’ll always be a number for whoever is in power. I don’t know about anybody else, but if I were playing, that would make him my primary target to leave.


I am working on an update just behind a bit

BB Crusty Crab Shack

There needs to be a “ Most Despised Houseguest ” poll. Right now, puke boy Nick leads that one for me then a tie for second: 2) Crusty/Tommy/Analice

Tommy Needs a Safe Word

I could imagine Nick asking himself, “How many humps does it take to get to the center of Tommy.”


lmao 😮


He’d finish in 3 to early to find out.