Holly “She isn’t saying that she would vote for you?! F**K! That worries me!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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12:25pm Nick, Nicole and Tommy are in the backyard watching a bird that can’t figure out how to get out of the backyard. Tommy heads inside. Nicole to Nick – I spoke to her yesterday. Nick – about me? Nicole – yeah. Just picked her brain. Nick – what did she say? Nicole – she wouldn’t nom me. Nick – she said that .. next week if she won. Nicole nods. Nick – how do you know? Nicole – because that’s what she told me. Nick – who would she nom? Nicole – oh, I didn’t ask her who she would nom. I asked about you and then I said would you? Nick – what was she saying about me? Nicole – she was just asking my thoughts on everybody and regarding how last week went she was asking how I felt about you in regards to trust. And I said I think we’re good. He did what you wanted for the HOH, so he trusts you and it should be a two way street. Nick – ah you helped her see that I voted exactly how she wanted me to. Thanks Nug! Nicole – I try, I do my best. The conversation turns to Nick talking about the veto comp. Holly, Sis and Jackson join them.

1:25pm Backyard. Nicole and Sis.
Sis – its going to be really hard because you’re close with both of them (Kat and Cliff). Nicole – and maybe its just me but even last week.. me and Jack had this conversation because we didn’t talk game all the time but it was still a very difficult decision to try to because I always get stuck on the personal level instead of the game level. Sis – yeah. Nicole – and that’s where I struggle. I just feel bad for anyone that is on the block. I don’t know I am weird. Sis – no I get it. It does suck a lot. Nicole – its tough because obviously I am going to be talking to both of them this week and they ask do I have your vote? I’m like I can’t answer that.

1:35pm Sis has to do her egg punishment again.. Sis gets her eggs and heads inside to cook them. Kat then climbs in the cage and tries moving the eggs through the cage. Kat – I always wanted to try this.

2pm Holly and Kat. Holly – you need to talk to Jess. Kat – I did. Holly – what did she say? Kat puts her hands up in the air. Holly – because she wouldn’t say anything to me last night but I didn’t know if it was because Jackson was there. Kat – she isn’t really saying anything. Holly – she isn’t saying that she would vote for you?! F**K! That worries me! I would think that she would just automatically vote for you. Kat – yeah I would. And I would have her back automatically. At this point I’m pissed. At least I have you and Jackson. If I stayed I would be like I’m loyal to you 7 Jackson.. because they always had my back. Holly – I need to talk to Tommy. I don’t want it to be dirty. Kat – I don’t want it to be dirty either.

2:30pm Sis finishes making the deviled eggs and takes them outside. Everyone loves them. They all say BAWK YEAH!

3:15pm The house guests are lounging out in the backyard chatting about random things and suntanning. Sis goes into her chicken coop and lays out in her nest.

4pm Kat and Sis in the boat room.
Sis – right now I don’t know what I’m doing. But I have been thinking. Right now I don’t know where I stand with Cliff. He always says we’re good but I continue to hear my name come out of his mouth that he would put me up so that is what scares me and what scares me with you is that me and you don’t really talk that much game. Kat – no we don’t. Sis – And I don’t know where your head is at so that could be a reason why you would put me up on the block. Kat – I like you a lot. And honestly I wouldn’t put you up. You’re not on my radar of who I would put up. You remind me a lot of my friends back home so I love having you in the house. I don’t want to leave the game. Sis – we will definitely talk more as it gets closer. Kat – just keep me in the loop. They hug and leave the room.

4:15pm Kitchen. Jackson, Cliff and Holly
Cliff – if its me that goes I will shake hands and walk out the door. It is what it is. I don’t want to go. And I think I can provide support to people going forward. Y’all included. Y’all especially. Kat’s been on the block twice and she’s never gotten a vote against her. It is hard to vote against Kat so I get it. Holly – at this point I have not even the slightest idea. Cliff – fair enough. Cliff leaves. Holly – I hate this one.. a lot. Jackson – what does Tommy want? Holly – I don’t know. He hasn’t said anything. I don’t want Cliff to go home but Kat CAN’T go! Jackson – he (Tommy) wants me to vote how he wants.

4:40pm – 5pm The house guests are in the backyard chatting about past events of the season.

5:04pm Sis has to do her egg punishment again.. BAWK, BAWK, BAWK..

5:53pm – 6:07pm Boat room. Kat and Tommy.
Tommy – I have no news honestly. I talked to Cliff and told him that I wanted to talk to the house. I want to know where people’s heads are at. The thing is I am telling you and Cliff that I am probably taking Christie off. Kat – well duh!? I don’t think Christie would have gone home anyways if she was on the block. Tommy – I don’t know, I think she really could have honestly. With the whole thing with Michie and Holly its still not great so I didn’t know what was going to happen. The reason I was gunning for that veto is because I wanted to take the third nominee off. It don’t think its fair. I didn’t want anyone up there… because I didn’t want the votes to be funky at the end of the week. It could have been two, two, two.. and I would have to be like you stay, you stay, you go. So I am probably going to take her off. Everyone loves you. You’ve never had a vote against you. I really think that you have a great shot. Kat – now I know .. time to get on a team. I always wanted to work with y’all but then I heard other people were also number 7. Tommy – no, you and Cliff were 7 and 8. Kat – I don’t want to be the target this week. I want to stay here and keep playing. Tommy – I want you to stay. I love you. At this point you get scrappy.. Kat – what does that mean? Tommy – Like you come up with .. get creative. Kat – all I know are campaign cookies. That’s all I got. Tommy – figure out why it is best for everyone that you stay in this game. They hug and leave the room.

6:33pm – 8pm Tommy gets the HOH snap chat glasses.. They want to do a skit for the snap chat videos. Holly – so go to the DR are and tell them we need beer for it. Tommy laughs. Tommy tells them their names have to be previous house guests names. Nicole – I’ll be Rockstar. (Oh god.. Nicole just dropped 40 points.) Cliff – I’ll be Donny.

Jess to Kat – I probably wouldn’t campaign until after Tommy does everything. (Veto ceremony) Kat – I’m not really trying to campaign, I’m just trying to find out where everyone’s head is at. Jess – isn’t that kind of the same thing? Kat – is it, I don’t know. Jess – if you’re asking where peoples heads are at.. Kat – that’s true. I still want to talk to Christie though.

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I like Kat but the houseguests would be making a mistake if they keep her in the house


I agree with this. It gives Jackson and holly more power. I also really like Cliff too! I really don’t want him to leave.


Gives Jackson and Holly more power? Really? The way I see it is all Jackson and Holly have is Kat. Jackson says he doesn’t want to go back to the 6 and I think that Tommy is just saying he wants to get them back together – If they really did get back together I think Christie and Tommy would turn on Jackson and Holly in a heartbeat.
Also, Cliff is so back and forth with who he is working with, always going where the safety is….which isn’t necessary a bad idea but at this point I am not really sure who Cliff is really loyal to. I can see Cliff putting Jackson and/or Holly on the block if he wins HOH again.

Franks fumes

Cliff is loyal to Cliff…..


I hope Kat wins the whole game and gets AFP!


Not much game talking the last two days. I need to know if kat is still the target. Now all We hear is “I don’t care which one goes”… only people voicing their preference is Michie and holly, I’m curious what they all are really thinking

Susan Corbridg

Tommy keeps saying Kat is his Target, she’s dangerous. He wants her out.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It just blows that Tommy is taking Christie off the block. Dreams dashed. Ok, I love Nicole! But she needs to not listen to Nick. First, he’s disgusting! Second, he’s such a flip flopper and acts like a Jr. High kid trying to fit in with the High School kids. They are using him and he’s such a dumb a**.


I’m really hoping Nick wins this thing. He has been on the wrong end all game but keeps coming back!

I think if him and Christy had a baby it would be the cutest thing!

BB Crusty Crab Shack

You may get your wish….at this point stinky , pervy Nick is looking for any orifice to “ dump” in and Crusty is just as good as any

Jan Nan

Please tell me you’re being sarcastic


I don’t want cliff or kat to go but kat has a better chance at beating christy/tommy in physical comps down the road considering cliff’s injured. And all I want is christy, Tommy and nick out lol

Bullies Suck

Yes, I know. There is no way Tommy doesn’t pull her down, but…

Moment of joy…Christie is on the block and freaking out. “It’s not fair!” Bite me!!! In her mind, the only thing fair is for her and Tommy to do at to the final with everyone’s unequivocal blessing. NOT

I know how this sounds…she is not a pretty crier!


All these narcissists with their fake crying yet they never actually shed a tear. So phony!

An ornery mouse

During this episode tonight, the juxtaposition of Jackson vs. Christie vs. Sis in terms of how each of them handled the Field Trip really kinda cracked me up.

Jackson was just a realist, Christie was (of course) a freaking mess, but Sis seemed COMPLETELY UNFAZED by the prospect that she’s disliked by America….. like she could not care less. Her thinking probably goes along the lines of something like “Does America hate me? Oh well, I’m still hot….. I’ll be OK.”

Lives 4 Parentheses

ACTUALLY, when Jackson was driving it home to Christie and Sis that America voted for their LEAST favorite HGs to go on the Field Trip, Sis snapped at him: “I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT AMERICA HATES ME!” LOL


i loved her “how can they hate me? i barely talk.”

Franks fumes

I think she’s hated because she spent 40 days and nights in Jacks armpit…….

another name

Oh look. I’m late for the episode and missed the five minutes of rehash. What ever will I do?
Tommy clinging to the corpse of the six is stupid.
Mr. don’t question my integrity… i’m not even going to be mad that he’s stringing Tommy along, that’s game and it’s a good move. I’m only truly peeved when it’s not game it’s said in private or d/r as ego driven revisionist history for editing purposes. I hate golden edits. sue me.
Campaigning Talk
Christie wasn’t the first appointment… was she? I thought she was last appt of the night. my bad if i’m wrong.
Cliff and Tommy meeting: Cliff hasn’t learned to speak Tommy language and vice versa.
This Jackson and Kat talk… uhhh. less said the better. So far Kat isn’t mentioning the Nicole said Nick said crap. Where’s the paranoia inducing stuff? It fits with my projections, of the next while, but i still dislike it.
Thing is, the six ISN”T getting back together. Tommy just WANTS them back together, and it suits other’s purposes to play along with his idiocy and inflexibility for the week. I say inflexible because he’s unwilling to see other opportunities, and is only willing to cling to memory that wasn’t actually that great instead of broadening his horizons. He’s the little fish in a little pond that seas the big lake, but wants to stay in the little pond.
Field Trip
Christie thinks it’s a luxury. OH no adn OH yes combined. If all three are broken a bit by the pick, I’d say it’s worthwhile.
Sis spoke on camera. someone time and date this. Sis offering to throw? Did someone change the bedding? It’s like a whole new pillowcase… she speaks without f bombs every few words… must be overdub. (aside while we commercial: in my head bawk sounds too much like her favorite word, and i keep thinking her clucking is just repeating her favorite word with stuffed sinuses).
So, Tommy and Sis and Christie are aware that Jackson and Holly would vote Christie out in a heartbeat, and he’s still pushing the corpse of the six around like it’s a possibility. dumbkopf.
Good thing Nicole didn’t have to participate. Angry Chickens and whatnot.
He ‘realized’ shaking the egg makes it easier to roll it. Not saying a word.
The smug d/r of Jackson. The blahdeblah from Sis without the words like or fawk. The waaaah from Christie.
Not exactly what i actually wanted to see. Don’t care about the results. I want all three to feel the gravitas. There was no gravitas to that situation as far as I saw. I know, we weren’t going to get last meals on the way to the execution, but in a way it’s like we get the everything is going according to plan story and no actual repentance. Not worthwhile.
Nicole fear of birds segment. again with the birds thing.
Back to Campaign Talk
Bullcrap session between Kat and Tommy number 2. Tommy d/r saying try to make sure Christie stays if she’s on the block at the end of the week? Against who??? They don’t have any overly noticeably visible minorities left (okay, bad taste, i know, i’m joking gosh) and Jack already left. Jack was the only person she had even a 25% chance of staying against.
Nom Ceremony
Blah blah blah we already know what’s coming. Counting how long it takes for Kat to get a tear when she cries. she ‘cries’ for about a minute and a half most times before she reaches up, pulls on her eyelashes and gets a tear. Jackson still smug in d/r. I can see why, but you realize he is only spouting the ‘we are hated parts’ to demoralize the others. He’s known he’s had a dicey relationship with America since he was called in the first second and third times to be given warnings about what the public is perceiving. He’s also aware that production is helping him sanitize his image. Shush. They are, and he knows it. Deal with it. It’s happening.
Christie whining about circumstance again. Dear Christie: your wordvomitous ego is what put you where you are. Shaddup.

another name

When Jackson says on feeds after the episode that he was given a heads up before the field trip, and told a few things in d/r in advance of the field trip, are we going to sit here and say the sanitizing isn’t occurring? Not saying one of those things was shake the eggs and they roll better. Just like i didn’t say gee he only had his shoes off at 1:41 in the veto and he was able to win with a time of 2:59 when the clock runs ten times faster if you remove one handle (he did for pants) and time runs 60 times faster when you let go of all three to jump in the water for 1seconds to hit the stop button that means he took off the pants from a seated position and the shirt/ jacket combo in about 18 seconds. just saying. fishy denmark means sanitizing.


Watching tonight’s episode. Christie crying real tears for once? Amazing! It’s all about her, clearly. Can we please have one episode that doesn’t revolve around Christie crying how “good of a person” she is? That narrative isn’t fooling anyone.

Dalia Hobelman

Tonight episode had me laughing so much Christine such a big ass baby

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

After weeks of watching Nick I’m going to need therapy.


Yeah Nick is just gross on so many levels. His creepy comments and actions literally turn my stomach.

Jan Nan

Blah. That is all just Blah


jackson’s owning america hating him on tonight’s episode made me like him a lot more. he always should have been edited as a villain. he’s a great villain.

Dalia Hobelman

I agree liking him more every show


Totally agree….oh but it’s a big, vast, production conspiracy to make us love him…lol. I’m pretty sure those of us watching the show, late night, and feeds are able to draw our own conclusions


I’m beginning to think that Nick is seriously disturbed, in a sexual way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up on the sex offender’s registry at some point. Bella, I hope you’re taking notes….


I’ve said this about Nick a few times this season. He’s a predator that just hasn’t been caught yet.

Oh no

I totally agree … Oh no and he has been hanging out with Nicole.. Someone save her….


So America’s Favorite…all my thoughts are essentially well that person isn’t a horrible human. I’d like my favorite player to not just be the one I don’t want to drown in a septic tank.

Franks fumes

The pickings are slim this season….real slim.


Christie looks like a reptilian alien hybrid when she eats. V


Bawl, I’m dying over “V” lol.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Don’t ruin V for me.Now I’m sad.


Sis really got a good edit this week ! Not one segment of her bashing Cliff and Calling him a piece of shit ! Loved seeing Christie on the block, about time she sees how it feels. Unfortunately that’s all we will get for all the voting, too bad she isn’t immune from being able to come down !! I would Love to have seen her voted out on Tommy’s hoh !!


Suddenly I feel like eggs!


Nick’s claim of wanting to play with Sis, Christie, Tommy, Nicole b/c they are better competitors is just DR bullsh*t banter. In terms of the two sides let’s look at the comp wins. I’ve left Nicole out of the scenario since she has zero wins & is in both his alliances anyway.

New Nick preferred alliance:
Christie – 1 HOH, no POVs, 1 whacktivity | Sis – no wins | Tommy – I HOH, 1 POV | TOTAL of 4 comp wins

Cliff’s Angels:
Jess – 1 HOH, 1 POV |Cliff – I battleback, 1 HOH | Kat – no HOH, 1 POV |TOTAL – 5 comp wins

As a separate entity Holly/Michie have 2 HOHs, 1 POV, and 1 FT immunity (4 total). Nick hasn’t included them as part of the alliance he names plus they (esp Jackson) prefer to work with the underdogs. So it’s either 5 to 4 or 9 to 4.

Obviously Tommy has been throwing comps but so has Holly & if you look at the mental/memory comps Jack was strong in all of them but the Angels fared well in most of them usually placing second or winning & Kat is good at puzzles/endurance as well. Nick was involved in creating the original alliance of cool kids & that’s really why he wants to work with them IMHO. Then again, he may fully believe they are strong b/c he sure is acting with a ton of outward bravado this week, has HOHitis and upped his detestable side to the nth degree. Unless something dramatic happens it sure seems like Kat is a goner b/c Nick/Sis/Christie will vote how Tommy wants (although it could change – you never know). Too many variables have to happen – Jess has to go against voting how Tommy wanted, Nicole has to be willing to go against THREATENING Nick & her early game ally Cliff to keep Kat with Holly/Michie. So the 4 votes to keep Kat are there but unlikely to bend her way.

I love Kat’s antics & think she’d be a better competitor in puzzles, endurance & physical comps but prior to Cliff’s deal I understood keeping him. But I kind of want to see him leave b/c of the deal since it has the potential to ruin so many other players games if he plans on staying true to it. The deal he made to keep Tommy safe until F3 & not vote against him means 7 people (including this week) have to leave before he can vote against him.

Just to prove how hinky this deal is imagine this Thursday is DE & Michie wins HOH puts up Tommy/Christie but she wins POV & comes off the block. B/c Michie won’t know about the deal he may put up Nicole to guarantee Tommy leaves. The problem is while Jess/Holly would vote out Tommy – Nick/Sis/Christie would vote to keep him & if Cliff stays true to his word it would mean Cliff has to vote to save Tommy & Nicole is evicted 4-2 b/c of his deal. Hopefully Michie would know he needs to put up Sis in this event (or Nick) b/c he could at least get a tie that way regardless of what Cliff does. But Cliff plays up “man of my word” so much I’m just not convinced he would go against it even if it meant voting out his longest standing ally in the house.

I could be crazy but if he truly intends to honor this deal it has the potential to ruin his own game along with all the Angels & greatly enhances Tommy/Christie/Nick/Sis’ shot at reaching F4 just based on this one deal.

BB 101: never make long term deals ESPECIALLY after jury – b/c votes are so much more important at this stage!


people always overvalue physical wins over mental wins. plus a lot of bb competitions are just dumb luck. there was almost no skill involved physically or mentally in jess’s pov win or tommy’s hoh win for example.

Summer Gowen

Sure Nick would jump back other side if they next hoh

Franks fumes

I’m not so sure Cliff would keep his word to Tommy/Crusty/Sis…….

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Ugh, I can’t stand Nick, Anal, Crusty, and Timmy
( in that order)

Miss Conception

Sis has still not fully realized that if Kat goes to jury,Jack will try to play “hide the weiner’ with her”.(I do not believe that Kat would do that).Sis is weak,Kat needs to play on her emotions and disrupt her vote.

another name

I’ve turned off feeds while that awful snap chat horror debacle is being made. The real body count: people that die from the rampant stupidity watching it being made.
I have the feeling someone is going to red flag how hard Holly is campaigning for Kat before the veto ceremony has even happened.
a) if she wasn’t involved in the planning of offering Cliff a deal… how does she know Cliff was offered a deal that she can use as a reason why Cliff is sketchy? i know i stated that poorly. but it’s suspect. If she knows about the deal it’s because Cliff was working his angle with Jackson and Holly. Meaning Holly wasn’t staying out of everything last week as a pariah as she had been pushing to Sis and Tommy and Christie.
b) she’s pushing hard for the third time this season on Kat’s behalf. That has to stand out as suspect. Three times pushing to save a stranger that wasn’t in your alliance… but no, they aren’t working together at all. HIGHLY suspect.
c) she’s using Nick as a tool to discredit Cliff and peg Nick as the reason the six fell apart. Just like when Kat downlow campaigned to get Nick on the block before noms, Holly is making an error. Who does the HOH cuddle with every night? When Nick isn’t cuddling with Tommy, who is he trying to hop into bed with in his poopy smelling shorts? Sis. Somebody spills it to Nick before the night is done. Nick will of course decide Holly has to go next, and by midnight he’ll have decided if he wins HOH Holly and Jess have to go on the block for both throwing his name out there. Unless my read of landshark Nick is off.
Is that Horrible Tommy production done yet?

Watermelon man disgusts me!

Michie is a douche bag with major issues! He’s playing to the camera with his fake BS!
Production trying to satisfy a parental unit of his by giving him edits that are trying to portray him as the boy next door…really how many DR sessions did he have tonight? Hope Julie grills him when he goes just like she did Jack!

another name

I’m putting on my former reality progam editing department staff (for an undisclosed program in the early years of reality tv) hat for a second. It’s a much smaller hat than the pre-production hat since i only did editing for one season. Since they showed the brief snip in d/r of Kat and Christie regarding Jackson with a couple of the kinder flashback receipts, tptb in the writing department in coordination with approval from a production meeting will consider the job done.
There will not be the same grilling. It would make the current redemption storyline arc look ridiculous.
Sorry. I don’t see it.
The most they would nail him for is eating. and not the eating as a have not rule breaches that he skated on weeks ago.

Watermelon man disgusts me!

…that does make sense “another name”!

Egg competition

Did anyone notice that Kat went into the chicken coup to “try” to move the egg around through the holes in the coup.. sayin something along the lines that she always wanted to try it? We know that its part of Sis punishment…but she (Sis) is also getting practice….. Now so is Kat. Does anyone catch that she could have been told that its a good way to start practicing for an upcoming competition? It is a competition that is used almost every year. When that competition comes up.. I bet that Kat will win it.. Just my conspiracy theory….


Possibly….or she may have watched previous seasons and seen that sort of comp on nearly every season. I know if I were in the house, and I saw Sis’s punishment…I’d be out there whenever people weren’t lookin, to hone my skills lol

another name

considering they don’t usually repeat the exact same competition, and they just used it for the field trip, i don’t see them doing the egg comp again.


I hate Tommy so much. He is so full of sh*t telling people there is no pecking order – He just told Kat, no no no you were 7th and Cliff was 8th.
I want Kat to stay over Cliff. Frankly Cliff’s game since Jess’ HoH has been all over the place not to mention he keeps telling everyone I will make deals with you all ??? Cliff to me, thinks because it worked before it will keep working – NOT
But if Cliff goes Nicole will be totally lost. hate to see her team up with creepy Nick !!! That would be a disaster.