“The new deal is a six between you, me, Tommy, Nicole, Sis and Christie”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tommy used the Power Of Veto on Christie the season continues to rule

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1:53 pm Cliff and Nicole
Talking about how they’re not feeling close to Michie/Holly anymore it’s more Tommy/Christie. Cliff marvels at how it changes week to week.
Nicole retells how Kat told Tommy that Nicke told Nicole Kat was the nominee this week.
Cliff – You can’t tell her anything you can’t trust her to keep her mouth closed.
Cliff – the main thing is you and me. That doesn’t include kat anymore. I would like to keep Jess in the loop but at the end of the day, it’s you who I got their back.

1:58 pm Nick and Cliff

Cliff – how tight is Kat, Michie, and Holly
Nick – they’re really tight. There’s multiple reasons I want to keep you and I’m leaning heavily to keep you
Nick – I trust you in this game, I don’t want it to be 6-3 girls I have a feeling someone really wants guys out and the third reason is Michie, Holly, and KAt are together and that scared me
Cliff – I agree
Nick – I’ve been talking to people and I think you have a good chance
Nick – the new deal is a six between you me, Tommy, Nicole, Sis and Christie (barf)

Cliff – I would do that in a heartbeat
Nick – we would need to get out Michie, Holly, and Jess
Cliff – I would do that in a heartbeat and I would give my word to all five

Cliff – I’ve never had a tight thing with Michie and Holly as I see Kat gravitating to them.
Nick says kat is closer to Michie/Holy than Jess
Nick – a lot of people are scared about it
Nick – going into this me you Christie, Sis Nicole there would be five of us

Cliff says Jess has picked Kat over him.
Nick speaking nonsense.. tells Cliff if Michie and Holly win the two of them would go up.
Nick says if he won the veto he would have taken Cliff off the block. He already talked to Tommy about it.
Cliff says Michie didn’t go 100% in OTEV
Nick agrees

Nick – are you down with that.. it would be 3 free weeks. (Down with the new shit shooters)
Cliff – I would love that
Nick – it gives us a fair chance without Jack
Cliff – If I make it to six and get beat by any of you guys I would be happy.
Cliff says he’s been playing up his injuries as much as he can. (WTF)
Cliff – you can turn Jess against Michie and Holly
Nick – once she sees where the votes are going I think she’ll vote out Kat to be honest with you

2:20 pm Christie, Nick and Sis
Nick going over his conversation with Cliff.
Nick – He said I would do it in a heartbeat
Christie – because his odds he feels more comfortable now.. I don’t blame him
Nick – we got the 6 now
Christie – who will Nicole put up now
Nick – Michie, and Holly
Nick brings up Cliff saying even if he goes 6th he would be happy to see any of them win.
Sis says how sweet Cliff is
Christie squeals that they have a 6!
They agree it should be Michie, Holly then Jess.
Christie – Michie has to has to has to go
They go over scenarios on getting Michie out during the double
Sis in a winning voice “we have to win this double”
Christie and Sis are going to make Michie and Holly think they are keeping kat.
Nick goes to leave they all say “LOVE YOU” to each other
They talk about how happy Jack is going to be seeing Kat walk through the doors. They want Jess to be number 7 on they’re new 6 alliance. (man these people and their 6 person alliances)
Christie – Michie is a bullshit artist
Christie – our odds are better with Cliff if this next one is a mental
Sis – he’s a man of his word but I also feel.. I don’t know if he wants to win
Christie – She’s onto Michie and Holly we’ve had a couple conversations
Sis mentions how awkward it was sleeping with Michie and Holly in the room last night. (they were having s$x)
Christie says Michie and Holly have been isolating themselves they’ve been sleeping for hours
Sis – how can they get away with that
Christie starts complaining that she’s never allowed to sleep.

3:36 pm Christie, Sis and Nicole
Christie goes on about wanting to have her mind made up by Wednesday
Christie – this is a game-changing week.
Christie says she’s leaning to keeping Cliff.
Sis and Christie go on listing things they don’t like about Kat’s game.

Sis, Tommy, and Christie later have a meeting in the Head of Household where they compare notes about the new shitshooters alliance and getting Nicole to vote out Kat.

5:10 pm Jess and Nicole
Nicole says she doesn’t know who she will vote to keep.
Nicole – To be honest with you I know which way I’m leaning
Jess – you’re leaning to Cliff… I don’t blame you
Nicole – it bothers me to even say it
Nicole says Cliff is better at keeping secrete than Kat.
Nicole adds that she feels Kat “reports” to people.

They start talking about Kat already coming to them asking them where their heads are at. Jess told her she needs to stop and let the dust settle. People already are saying she’ campaigning. Kat wanted Jess to tell her who was saying she’s campaigning already. Jess wouldn’t.
Nicole agrees because next thing you know she’s talking to that person asking them why they think She’s campaigning.
Nicole says she’s trying to bring Nicole and her closer.
Jess says she can’t trust Nick after he did that to Nicole
Jess asks her if she can see herself working with Nick long term.
Nicole hasn’t heard of anything coming back to her about Nick.

Jess – Me not voting for Kat to stay would look very suspicious .. I don’t know where her head is at.
Jess – Cliff has never done anything that has been in my worst interest
Nicole – Same
Jess – a part of me wants Cliff to stay. I understand that is best for this (the two of them)
Jess says if she knows her vote doesn’t matter either way she’ll throw that vote to Kat.
Jess – Tommy, and Christie have both of our best interests
Nicole says she thinks Tommy/Christie are the better couple to work with.
Nicole says Christie is leaning to keep CLiff because she’s concerned about the Michie, Kat, Holly trio

5:41 pm Sis and Holly
Sis says she has no idea who Kat will put up
Holly – Hopefully not me and Jackson
Sis – well taht would be really shitty
Holly – I don’t think she would do that because it would look petty I still do think she will put Jackson up. She might put Nicole up
Sis – but they’re friends they seem close
Holly – they’re close because of Jess.. or Kat might put up Nick. She thinks he’s so degrading and disrespectful because he always talks about her b**bs and says inappropriate stuff
Sis – he does say inappropriate stuff
Holly – another time he was talking about her vag1n@. You know how he talks
Sis – I know
Holly – it’s disgusting. it’s really bad it’s really crude. he was talking about eating somebody
SIS gasps
Holly – zombies.. something like…
feeds flip when they come back Tommy is with them. Sis has to make poached ages.

6:02 pm Kat, Jess, Nick and Christie
Christie going on how There are no groups in the game anymore because of Jess’ HOH.
Christie – everyone is flying solo now
JEss – yeah
Christie – I don’t see an alliance I don’t see a group
Nick at one point smells Christie’s armpit.

Kat gets called into the Diary room. Christie makes it sound like this week is a toss-up.

6:41 pm Chit chat …

7:00 pm Kat and Jess
Kat says she’s been having red flags about Holly recently that’s why they don’t talk
Kat says Jackson will come after her if not now later, “Why wouldn’t I want to break up that relationship when I know it’s a race against time”
Kat – they weren’t my immediate targets but if that’s who it’s shaping up if that saves my game than yeah they are because I don’t have any agreement with them.

Kat points out how Cliff has been talking to people and meanwhile, Nick corners her on a game conversation
Kat – I hate Nick for that
Kat says it’ll be interesting if Nick goes to Jackson and tells them what she was talking about.

Kat mentions that Nick told her he wasn’t going to put up Holly and Jackson and apparently he wasn’t going to put up her, “but he had two targets in mind”
Kat – So who was he putting up
Jess – me
Kat – no that would be weird
Kat – I’m so sick of it at this point
Kat – I’m super f*ing anxious
Jess – it’s part of the game you have to relax and not think too much about it
Jess – there’s only so much in your control that you can do

7:11 pm Cliff and Kat (Feeds are showing ~30 minutes behind this conversation showed 7:46 my time.)

Cliff says he wasn’t surprised Tommy used the veto
Kat says what she’s heard is no one has made their decision yet.

7:31 pm the 6-shooters ][

Christie, Tommy, Nicole, Sis, Cliff, Nick

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No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Christie Sis Tommy Nick will flip on a dime. Holly/Miche won’t make ANY commitments Cliff and Nicole are forced to shake hands with the devil. There are too few people left for a NEW 6 person alliance. Shake their hands then cut them. Miche probably needs to go.

I’m back to getting all my BB info here. After Dark is cringe worthy. Love you all Love you more. Obsessed. Mean it Like literally.

Franks fumes

Should Cliff stay he should just agree to everything shake everybody’s hand and then put up Crusty /Tommy if he or Nicole/Jess/Jackjaw wins HOH next…..everybody would vote either out unanimously……I have a feeling Cliff only keeps his word when it serves him…..he’s a gamer at this point.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think he’s an honorable family man but being a game, you play with the players your dealt. I hope he doesn’t feel like now he can’t lie at all because then they completely have him at a disadvantage. Christie and Tommy’s words mean nothing because they are working with an advantage and have been lying all season. Tyler and Derrick had the art of NOT speaking so much. It seems to be lost in this cast. It’s allot of word vomit.

Franks fumes

Cliff is honorable I’m just sayin he’s got to bounce a few checks…..


Is there a new MIST in the house??

WHY does everyone trust Christie/Tommy all of a sudden??

WHY would they ever think that Christie/Tommy have their best interest at heart??

Franks fumes

That’s not mist it’s Pine-sol.

So sick of annoying players

Its the good ole influence of Production.. OR They know production is helping them ( Crusty and Tiny Tim) and the rest think that if they are nice to C & T, production will give them favors too… poor things… its never going to happen… Its sickening if you ask me…


Playing nice with production increases your odds at getting a shot at other reality shows. It’s more than likely the carrot being dangled for the house guests the last half dozen seasons at least.

Captain Crunch

I hope Nick and Christie are the next to go. Nick is like a sexual predator that hasn’t been caught yet and Christie is annoying and never shuts up

Franks fumes

Where’s Dateline’s to catch a predator when you need them?

Keeping it REAL!

Wow another 6 person alliance! Looks like kat’s fate is sealed and its only monday!


Another 6 person alliance…Yeah, because the first one worked out so well! Haha!

Goodbye Jack

This week went south so fast. Barf…Kraken time.

Allies Mom

I don’t have feeds. Is Jess really clueless or is she just pretending to be clueless when she isn’t in power to avoid being a target?

another name

feed time has been off by a half hour since they returned from veto ceremony. Lol, maybe they switched to time delayed feeds anticipating a megaphone visitor.


Nick: “the new deal is a six between you me, Tommy, Nicole, Sis and Christie”

Translation: The new deal is you, me, Nicole, Sis cannot put Christie and Tommy on the block.

Cliff: I would agree to that in a heartbeat

Miss Conception

I think that Cliff and Nicole just drank a swimming pool full of stupid!


it’s really Cliff and Nicole’s only option to take the Christie deal. Jackson and holly are coming for Nicole and if kat stayed she would remain loyal to them as well, so this is nicoles only hope, at least she will have cliff by her side and maybe get a little closer to Jess with kat gone.


Nahhhhh if I’m nicole I’m voting cliff out and keeping kat who is tommys target and then praying i win HOH or Kat/holly/jackson/Jess wins because tommy/christie/Nick/Sis would then lose another number. Jackson is always gonna be a target before me so I’m hiding right behind him lol

Jan Nan

I’m almost to the point I don’t give a crap who goes or who stays. Cliff never ceases to amaze me with his game play, and not in a good way. Why on earth would he tell anyone let alone Nick that he’s playing up his injury. I wish I could yell into the BB backyard over a loud speaker, “ Stop screwing up My summer Guilty Pleasure” !!


He wants to see if he spreads it around, maybe? He already knows he can’t trust Ick.

Franks fumes

Funny how Tommy is HOH but everybody sells their soul to Crusty…..they all know who’s in charge lol.


Shitshooters….what a PERFECT name!!

I was still laughing about that and casually reading away until I read that Nick smelled Christie’s armpit and…I became exceptionally nauseous!


Wolfwoman mentioned Christie said in front of Cliff & Tommy how she lives just 3 exits from Tommy & Cliff said “you two must know each other” & then she looked at Tommy. I didn’t see it but I sure hope TPTB bring this up in the DR so it can start going around the house and get blown up.

If production is catching the dislike of the season they just got their out right there –


I totally agree….I am manifesting this into the Universe … To infinity … AND BEYOND!!!!!
I want to see Cliff start telling Jess and Nicole.. Cause we know that Jess just loves to chat.. Start the conversation Cliff!!!!!!!


I know some will disagree but I think cliff does exactly what he needs to do to get by. I think he thinks in two week increments and remains flexible instead of having a rigid plan to the end. He has done really well with infiltrating the “young ones”. Even his move during the HOH the public hated it but every decision that has been made to keep him has been based on “we can trust his word” which came from his HOH. I think he is our only hope against crusty.


Armpit line priceless. I laughed for a while. I fear that I’ll be in a meeting tomorrow and start laughing.

Donna Wachtler

Christie cries too much don’t they explain how the game works before they go in like you might get voted out! Tommy is annoying and gets excited over the littlest things. I mean hasn’t anyone ever saw a chicken costume before? Ritchie don’t be such an ass your looking like a poor sport.

---- Off A Cliff

At first I was upset that Tommy won the POV and could take Christy down, however now I am happy with the end result. Looks like Kat will be headed to jury and that makes me happy. I liked Kat initially but she really started showing her true colors. How are you going to pal up with Jackson and Holly after you slept with Jackson the first week? I just don’t get that and the way she runs back to them with information is very shady. I think Kat has pulled the wool over a lot of people’s eyes. Hope she goes this week. I am sure Jack will be happy to see her.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Kat was playing a really good stealth game for the first half of the game but exposed herself by getting too comfy and spending too much time with Holly,the overacting when Holly nominated her was nearly as bad as Tommy loving everything.I’ll be sad to see her go,I was hoping for a showdown between her and Christie.

Miss Conception

If you will note in the photo of Ick and Cliff,Cliff has his legs crossed(much more powerful than just fingers crossed),therefore,he can negate anything he said or any promises made.(Well,he could use that as an excuse for not keeping his word!)

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That’s good enough for me.

Truth over Facts

Didn’t Cliff’s wife give him prior permission to lie his @$$ off on anything about anything?

Living 4 Parentheses

LET US HOPE that Cliff’s “my word is my bond” is a clever ruse. IF SO, he is holding true to it until the PERFECT moment in his game–when it will shock a few to their pretentious core.


When will BB get it we don’t want to see crusty on shows or live feeds? You know they follow forums.


Crusty needs to close her mouth when she eats disgusting

BB Crusty Crab Shack

And nasty Nick as well….. along with all the sexually inappropriate stuff he says, Tommy said his breath was atrocious….wow, what a catch he is! Pervy & Smelly…….I want him gone so bad . If he’s there for Zingbot, hope he gets roasted like Austin did:” ewww, what’s that smell”


When Cliff wouldn’t take Jack’s deal, Sis said over and over, “I f#%k*ng hate him.” Now that Cliff has said he would be fine if he was cut at 6 and happy for any of the remaining sh*tshooters to win, Sis says “He’s so sweet.” If Jessica ever finds her brain again, maybe she can locate one for Sis as well.

W. Newton

Sis is the product of a lifetime of getting hit in the head with a soccer ball amongst other things…


So nicole is randomly the swing vote this week? I wonder if she realizes she’s in the most powerful position ib this vote lol Jess, holly, jackson for Kat to stay and Christie, Sis, Nick for Cliff to stay. Nicole basically decides who stays or goes and what group gets the numbers.


Nicole is not the random swing vote…there was never any doubt who she votes for…unless you are a moron (Nick). He spent so much time this week ‘wooing’ Nicole for a vote she was already going to give when he could have focused efforts on Jess but missed that op. Not too astute for a ‘counselor’.

another name

As they settle in to play never have i ever, let’s remember: Nicole’s real world job is working with young children. I can see why she left for that reason alone. She hasn’t done or said anything this season that would be creating calls for real life career killing (coughcough oh hi Nick I didn’t see you there coughcough).
Don’t we already know too much about these yucky people’s sex lives?

I admit, I’m at a loss at the moment, i just checked back in on the feeds… i’m guessing that as of Monday night, it’s still looking like Kat is on the short end of the stick for votes?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Love Nicole’s public service announcement.