“I want to work with her but I want mutual respect and I want her to see me as a human, not a f*ing pawn”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tommy used the Power Of Veto on Christie the season continues to rule

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Feeds are showing the Head of Household tonight

10:01 am Tommy and Nick
Tommy brushing his teeth and farts.
Nick is surprised at how loud it is
Tommy – I shave my BUTT so it’s extra soundy
Nick laughs.

10:18 am Tommy and Holly
Tommy going on about how much he “Vouches” for Holly when He’s won a room with Sis and Christie. Say s they will confirm this
Holly – how are they SO quick to turn on people
T – they’re not they’re not
H – they are. Christie is they will turn on somebody and throw them under the bus in the same freaking breath if she does it to me she’ll do it to any of us

T – I know that I know that I see that too
H – Sis has expressed how disappointed she is in Christie she told me I f*ing hate her she used the word HATE
T – I know
H – Okay so are we just… faking it like what the f* how am I the one that takes the fall. Christie has said mean sh1t about Sis.
T – Yeah you are right
H – Sis found out and said she hates Christie but ok I’m the bad guys that’s cool
T – it’s not three people you were working with plotting against you it’s F* now what do we do. I guess we have to save ourselves.
T – I would love if you or Jackson won I would love that I mean that. the deal was made for one week
H – Nicole is Gung Ho in an alliance. I knew something was forming and now I feel like an idiot and saying I think Nick is playing both sides, BECAUSE HE WAS
Holly says Nick has been “burying you guys to me and being so genuine about it and so heartfelt and making me start to like him a lot ”

Nicole comes in “can I talk”
Tommy says he’ll go find her after this “Love you so much”
Nicole – Love you guys more (shoot me)
Nicole leaves

Holly says Nick played her “he acted like he really cared and made me feel like I was getting played by you guys”
Holly says Cliff was trying to make deals with Jackson yesterday “why is he trying to make deals”
T – I dunno.. Apparently, Jackson told Cliff the only people he trusted were Holly and kat.
T – I have your f*ing back.

Holly – Christie doesn’t see us as humans she is running this game and we’re all her little pawns. it’s harsh and it sucks because I love her but I am so f*ing frustrated whatever she says go with everyone in the whole house everyone is scared of her. I want to work with her but I want mutual respect and I want her to see me as a human, not a f*ing pawn
H- when someone calls her out on her sh1t she starts crying to get out of it
T – I know.. I don’t think you are alone
Holly says Nick has been planting seeds in her head for the last two weeks to drive them apart.
T – I wonder if it’s on purpose or just happening (LOL)
H – it’s on purpose he was really weighing his options.
Tommy goes on about how Nick really loves Michie and Holly “he really does’

10:45 am Jackson, Tommy, Holly and Sis
Sis and Tommy ‘It wasn’t an alliance it was just something to think about”
They go on to justify why Kat was the target.
H – so everyone is terrified that Kat. One person might be working with or good with or friends with me and Jackson
T – it’s not just you. it’s everybody it’s Jess
H – we have maybe one ally that’s suspicious but everyone is now forming a 6 person alliance against us
T – it’s not a 6 person alliance
H – why are you so worried about me and kat having a relationship
M – they wanted to disarm us
H – yeah cause you (sis) and Christie were telling Jess last night that we need to get rid of Kat to disarm us and because we have nobody.
H – you told Jess last night unless she’s completely full of sh1t
Michie and Holly say the conversation Sis had last night was them saying to Jess we don’t have Sis, Tommy, Christie and they don’t have Nick.
M – the only person we might have is kat
Sis – I did say to Jess yeah that relationship scares me they were all getting together
H – to disarm us
Sis says she never uses the word “disarm”
H – Christie would
Tommy says kat was put on the block because she’s working with everyone but Tommy.

J – what I heard last night “who do they have.. it’s 2 vs what 6, 2 vs 7. They don’t win HOH’s they don’t win vetos they don’t have me”
Sis – who said that
J – you did
Sis – I ever said that
Jackson – it was you, Christie and Jess
Sis – I never said that
Jackson – then it was Christie that said that because I heard that
Sis – that never came out both of our mouths you can call Christie right now. I never f*ing said that
Jackson says from what he heard from Jess it was clearly communicated that it was Jackson and Holly against the house “we don’t have you, we don’t have Jess, we don’t have Tommy, we don’t have Nick, they don’t have Nicole, they don’t have cliff all they have is Kat”
Sis says she’s always had their back last night she was just upset

Jackson – this is not me coming at you right now this is me telling you what I heard. I just don’t want you to think I am charging at you right now.
Sis – this was before me and Holy were up here talking so yeah I was pissed off at you guys.. I was like F* you guys I don’t have your back anymore after you said all this shit about me
H – it seems a bit premediated
Tommy goes on about how he had to save the three of them. “I gave you my word I wasn’t putting you up this week regardless of what the house was saying”

At 11 Christie has joined them Jackson is denying saying that Sis flirted with him. (this was week 2or 3 stuff .. I can’t remember if it was Jackson or Holly that brought it up but I’ve heard it before)

11:10 am Christie and Jess with Kat sleeping in a bed.
Christie talking about people saying that with Tommy gone she would be a basket case and an easy target.
Christie – I literally don’t care I don’t give a sh1t. Like I’m flattered thanks.
Christie- I literally think I literally don’t believe anybody (wow just started the feeds and already 2 literallys in.. gonna be a fun day ;0 )
Christie – everyone is playing an individual game at this point and I’m fine with that.
Christie – I never know who is saying things outta truth or saying things out of feeling a loss of control
Christie – I’m over it everyone has to GUN for this HOH now. No one feels safe at all. At all at all. Nobody trusts anybody at this point. It sucks it really sucks
Christie – this is just a game and it sucks. I’m afraid to be in rooms with people
Tommy joins them.
Jess – I said goodnight to Michie and Holly and I said well it looks like us three are on the outside looking in because IT’S TRUE
Christie – there’s’ no alliance though Jess

Jess – people in your not so-called alliance are calling it an alliance and calling it a final 6. Whoever is saying that
Christie mentions she’s asked everyone if they are in an alliance and they are denying it.
Tommy says he promised there’s no alliance.
Jess – I know you promised which is why when I heard it I was upset.
Jess – When I heard and it was confirmed I could not sit and what just sit another f*ing week on something I was not a part of again
Christie – everyone in the room agreed this wasn’t an alliance.
Christie – it was literally nothing close to an alliance (drink)
Christie – it was an isolated deal that was made to keep people that were named as targets safe for another week through a very scary potential double that’s how I took it. It’s soo annoying
Tommy – when the idea of an alliance came up I shot it down. I stood my ground I gave my word.

Jess – coming from a person looking in and knowing that there was someone who at allied to me and was making deals specifically without me in them like
Christie understands why jess would be upset at Cliff
Jess – I am not in a happy place
Christie – I don’t blame you
Jess – I’ve been playing the most part my own game based on me being an outsider.

Christie sticks to the no alliance story. on and on ..
Jess – Whether you said alliance or no alliance. there’s was a lot of people in the room a deal was made and someone confirmed it

Tommy – how did this come out? The six of use was never in a room never.
Christie goes on about it not being a 6 person alliance.
Jess – people are calling it a final 6
Tommy – I don’t want a 6 person alliance I don’t want that
Christie – I don’t know where the word alliance came from or final 6 (it came from you for christ sake)
Tommy says “the god’s honest truth” is he never wanted a 6 person alliance. (this is the truth)
Christie says they just wanted to be safe going into the double

Christie says it was delivered like let’s all have each other’s back going into the double
Christie – what words did you hear that makes you think it’s an alliance.. you didn’t hear alliance there’s no way

Kat – because I have nothing to lose at this point Cliff told me there’s an alliance.
Christie says that was not the case.
Kat mentions that Cliff is in alot of alliances. She says she knows she’s been disposable to all of them in this game.
Kat says she knows she’s getting evicted and going to the Jury house.
Tommy and Christie claim that Kat was never a disposable piece to them.

Cliff comes in. Kat pulled into the Dairy room. Tommy and Jess leave.
Cliff and Christie alone
Christie – it’s just a mess. Don’t worry about it I’m not changing.
Cliff – I do appreciate that I am trying to keep game and emotions separate it kills me that I’m being accused of Betrayals
Christie – I understand why people feel hurt but it is a game.
Cliff says he never thought being in an alliance would mean to commit big brother suicide by keeping one of his allies in the game.
Cliff – I love Kat so much and to hear I am disappointed in the way I play (Dude we all are disappointed in the way you play)
Cliff – All I got in this game is my word.
Sis joins them
Cliff says it hurts him that he feels like he’s lost a couple of friends.
Christie – I’m sorry
Cliff – I’ve made my decision I’ve given you my word.
Cliff – it could have been so simple. Jess wasn’t the target. Jess could have had three weeks if she never did something. I thought the whole house was in agreeance. (F* you guys and your boot order)

11:30 am Jess and Tommy
Jess is crying.
Jess – I was really meant to believe it was a final 6
Tommy – can see why that person would feel that way it was being pushed to be that but I shot it down. I promise you that
Tommy says he told, “that person” the final 6 was shot down. He thinks it was the timing of the conversations Jess had with “that person” (cliff)
Jess – I’m not going to sit here. I’m tired, Tommy. I don’t have those close connections to other people in the house
Jess says she gets fed information from people left and right she’s “going f*ing bonkers”

Jess – I don’t want to work with people I don’t want to work with. People are making random alliance since the beginning of the game. Where people are turning their backs on their own alliances and getting into arguments and starting sh1t
Tommy says he tried so hard for this not to happen on his HOH.
Jess – I don’t understand these relationships

Tommy says multiple people have told him if he hadn’t won the HOH he was going up this week.
Tommy – I heard from a few people that me, Christie and Sis were a strong trio and we needed to go (few people are correct)
Tommy says he was shocked to hear that.

They head into the bathroom Jess says she feels there are people that are causing fear and uncertainty
Jess – I do trust you. Is this coming from Nick or Nicole’s mouth
Tomm y- Nicks’s mouth. Nick and CLiff
jess – ok
Tommy – Nick and Cliff were telling me that.
Tommy says Nick told him he was the top of everyone’s list.
Tommy clears up that Cliff and Nick never gave him names.
Tommy – the deal was Cliff gets to stay and I am safe next week he keeps me safe for a week.

Tommy called into the Diary room but still goes on and on that, there was no final 6 alliance he shot jit down.

11:39 am Kat and Christie
Feeds come on partway through a sentence. Kat said she wanted “those two” to get as far as they could. (Nicole/Jess)
Kat – I would listen to how they didn’t feel included and I related to that.
Kat – it crushes me that Cliff literally like (sobs can’t hear) I trusted him so much and I thought that he was going to have their backs (Cliff has his own back y’all should have figured that out a month ago)
Christie – I know he said that to you and I don’t know why I hate that you are worried about Jess and Nicole.
Christie claims that every single word she said to Kat, Jes, and Nicole she meant
Kat – why are you keeping someone based on a deal that doesn’t mean sh1t to him
kat – I have your back, Nicole has your back jess has your back
Christie – it makes zero sense
Kat – our 3rd fight was so bad we had to get DR 2 involved there’s something bigger than this game going on
Christie says Cliff shook her hand that he wouldn’t put her up.
Kat points out that Cliff gives her one week but kat gives her lasting loyalty. Christie doesn’t trust the Kat, Michie, Holly dynamic.

Noon feeds down for HOH lockdown

1:40 pm feeds back …
Tommy tells Nicole that Nick is amazing he loves Cliff but fears him..

At the end of this conversation, Nicole is still voting out Kat and good with the 6 people non-allaince.

2:00 pm Jess and Kat
Kat about Nicole “I’m so disappointed in her”
Jess – she’s the one that told me about the alliance
Kat – I know, she told me at the beginning of the week that they were trying to form something
Jess – Nicole knows way more than she lets on. Nicole since day one has talked about how much of a Bully Nick is and she’s still there
Kat – it’s a me and Michie situation but with her
Kat – Nick thinks he’s the puppet master of this whole thing.
Jess says Nick will 10000 percent put her up and Nicole will watch it happen.
Jess – Nicole made me believe that we could keep you and that’s what pisses me off all she had to do was vote. I don’t care if it was with Michie and Holly all we had to do was vote for you

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so do you think Kat is still going?


Good for Jess, I’m glad she blew it up. I wish Kat would stay over Cliff at this point. I’m probably wishing for a miracle.


This entire season has been about whoever is outside the “cool kids” alliance being hurt they are not part of the “cool kids.” I never thought I’d give FOUTTE credit for anything, but even they were better than this crap.


jess – omg whats happening christie…i mean i really love you so so much…im just so completely confused…i mean please christie i just dont get it…i mean what is actually going on here…i mean am i the chair or the lamp???

nicole – wait what i thought i was the lamp??? i mean look at my cute nerdy glasses and weird neck choker thingy!!! i know ive been completely irrelevant for 8 weeks but look out house cause here i come!!! something fishy is going on around here…

cliff – omg are you ok??? please please im old and hurt and honestly i dont deserve to play anyway…ive got your back and i wont lie to you ever…its not real life its just a game…please stop crying dont worry its all gonna be ok…stab stab stab stab stab

tommy – leg kick leg kick omg i just love you all so much!!!!!

christie – waaaaaa omg like this is just so unfair like im never supposed to be like on the block!!! like what have i done to like deserve this treatment from like any of you??? waaaaaa ill be like in my room like crying if you like need me…

holly – i love you blockhead i just want to lay with you and dream about what might happen after we get out of here do you really love me blockhead??? really really??? wait someone actually wins money at the end of this???

jackson – damnit horse face i told you dont call me that!!! ill hook back up with kat if you dont wise up…damn christy and tommy if they only knew how much roid rage i have bottled up theyd think twice about messing with me!!! now go cut me some damn watermelon horse face…

nick – oh man tommy you are one hot piece of ass…id dry hump you all day and night if you let me…i mean if i was only batting for your team…i mean nothing wrong with that right??? i mean id still be normal right??? cause you know im a therapist and you know well i sort of need to be normal if you get my drift…

sis – look im the hottest thing in this house period…perhaps a bit hairy but still…im young im single and ready to mingle…i play soccer in case you missed that i mean look at these tight calves!!! just cause jacks gone dont mean im ready to give up my shot at that money so cmon boys come and get you some!!!

kat – its just not fair i keep lying to people going back and forth in this house and like nobody trusts me…i just dont get it its like my fake tears have absolutely no effect on these people…i mean i did that stupid dance celebration thing with them in the storage room how can they evict me!!!


That is the most apt update of this season so far. I applaud you. ??

Sally B

Omg, this post wins award for most hilarious post of the season. I’m still laughing. Perfect.

I second that emotion.

Omg this is so funny. Lmao. Tommy’s kicks. I was picturing it with the sound effect they show on the episodes. Lmaoooooo


I was done with this week once Christie got pulled off the block . Kat and Cliff are two of my favorites in comparison to what’s left, so I don’t want either one to go, I just want whoever stays to be gunning for Christie, Tommy or Nick !! I believe that would Kat, I think she would def go after them. What I’m anxious for is the Hoh comp, hopefully it will be Nicole, Holly, Mickie, Kat, maybe Jess now, anybody that will put one of the three up !!


I too have liked Cliff and Kat but now I’m just sick of Cliff. He was ALL about the “Cliff’s Angels” when things were going their way but the second the wind shifts in a different direction, he can’t shake hands fast enough with whoever will give him some safety. He’s hurt that he might have lost some friends?? He doesnt give a rat’s a$$ about anyone except who will carry him for another week or two.

Christie and her non-stop lies just make me want to scream!

Here’s hoping for a flip tonight! Might even build my own shrine!

(rant over)

Dalia Hobelman

Tonight is gonna be good please Jackson Holly win hoh


FTLOG – Everyone wanted to be part of the nine. Everyone wanted to be part of the eight. Everyone wanted to be part of the old six. Everyone wants to be part of the new six. Let’s just make a freaking 10-person alliance with all 10 people left and call it a day. I’d be annoyed with them, but I’m too busy being embarrassed for them.


What I caught…kinda long: J=Jess k=Kat N=Nichole
J- Yeah people making f@@king deals
K- so all the stuff with Holly….Holly, Christie, Sis
J- What
K- All the stuff everyone’s talking about
J- I don’t know I wasn’t there. I was in the DR. You didn’t see me come from the DR? I came from the DR and that’s when you all were listening in. (They were listening at the boat room door while Holly, Sis and Christie were arguing). You probably know more than I do.

K- No I was talking to Cliff ( While others were listening at the boat room door. Kat confronted Cliff in the kitchen area telling him how disappointed she was in him).
J- Well whatever was being said in there I have no privie too. (Nick walks thru the bathroom and leaves)
J- Nick is a f&&King a@@hole.
K- What did he do?
J- I just can’t stand him. What do you mean What did he do?….just literally outed the alliance. Kat! Where is your mind at?
K- I just want to go home. I just want to leave.
J- I…I…I totally get that but there are still people staying here at least for another f@@king seven days. And your not going home your going to jury house. (Big sigh)

Nicole comes in
N- Hello. Are you ok?
J- not really. Sit down if you want to sit down.
N- I don’t know where to f@@king go.
J- Aren’t people in the Rv?
N- No (people are still talking in other rooms. Tommy, Sis, Holly, Christie hashing it out in the have not room)
J- Where did everyone else go? ( Nick, Cliff, Jackson join have not room)
K- in the boat room or Hoh?
N- I was outside the boat room when it started. ( beginning of blowup)
K- what’s going on?
N- it was just between Sis and Holly.
K- what was Christie talking about with liars.
N- I don’t know
J- she just thinks everyone is a liar which is probably true
K- that is true
N- it’s a game
J- probably true but my whole thing is like I don’t lie about the connections I have. People don’t
K- someone’s coming

N- where did everyone go?
J- upstairs
N- everyone?
J- not Christie
K- no Christie went upstairs
J- holly and sis are upstairs talking in the haves not room. Everyone else walked up?
K- I think so. I don’t know where Jackson is at maybe I will go talk to him.

J- what exactly did you tell ….what….what the hell did you tell Cliff?
K- about what? Oh I just called him….well he said he didn’t have an alliance. I was like are you in an alliance and he was like yeah. I was like I’m so disappointed because I thought that…I guess F@@k me for being like I thought we had a thing. I believed in it. And it just….I just don’t agree with the he game he is playing.
N- sorry Kat
K- it’s ok I…
J- wait he said he was in an alliance before or recently? (Nicole told Jess about the deal to keep cliff safe. Jess then blew that up without saying Nicole’s name to the whole house saying it was an alliance. Everyone has said it was a deal not an alliance to Jess other than Jolly. Jess is now circling back around to whether it was an alliance or not)
Kat holds up six fingers

J- oh so the deal
N- the original six
K- no this new deal.
N- he said it?
K- yeah
N- when?
K- out there (referring to when she told cliff she was disappointed with him in the kitchen area)
J- you (Nicole) weren’t in on the conversation?
N- I walked up and heard her say she was disappointed. I got scared and walked away

K- then when Nick and Tommy were like it’s not an alliance it’s a deal. But you (cliff) f@@king said it was an alliance. And cliff was like no I didn’t. And I was like yeah you did. Yeah you did. whatever.
Kat shrugs.

N- this game is
J- but when you said all of that you said it in front of nick?
Hard to hear what she said but it sounds like Kat says they called us on it

J- of course they did
K- he (Nick) wouldnt let it go. He was like I’m not part of anything. I was like your part of something and then he blew up. He was like whose saying that? I don’t know.
J- oh Kat I don’t even know…
K- it’s fine. I’m leaving tomorrow that’s fine. I apologize when you watch back the show you will see I had you ally backs this whole time. It isn’t about deals or anything it’s literally about like I just understood

J- I have never seen so many stupid deals go on in this game. The whole life of watching big brother I have seen deals happen but not like this
N- that’s because you only see the big stuff (on tv not watching the feeds to see the other stuff) you don’t see the little things.
J- I have never seen all these whackeda@@s deals.
K- where is Michie? I have to see what the hells going on.
N- upstairs
K- I don’t know. Whatever
J- I don’t know. Did Nick talk to you Nicole about anything after..
N- he is mad I didn’t tell him about cliffs Angels
K- it’s none of his f@@king business!

N- I should have told him. Why I don’t know?
J- Because he is Nick and wants to know everything.
K- it’s none of your business to tell Nick about an alliance that doesn’t involve him. (Kat doesn’t know about Nick and Njcole)
K- I hope you know that. Your playing your game
J- it’s none of his business
K- you are a strong independent player don’t need him. You don’t need Nick to know your alliances because at the end of the day you have to make decisions that will get you far. And unless you know for sure that he is going to take you along with him than don’t tell him all your stuff.
N- I know. I didn’t

J- This is why this (Kats blowup) affects us! Aside from the alliances we all still have friendships
N- friendships and
J- and bonds. Insanely breaks the trust you like literally blew up our f@@king game! I need you to know that.
K- but I didn’t because cliff had no loyalty to you all.
N- but you brought to everyone’s attention that…
K- cliff had no loyalty
J- but that would be messing up his game. But that messes up our game as well! It’s not the fact that it was him! It’s the fact that we were part of it (the blowup) !
Nicole and Jess start laughing but not in a good way in a exasperated way

J- why?
N- at least in all this we can still laugh.
Kat not smiling or laughing.

J- why, why …..this is a creepy house. Ughhhhhhh. Oh my god. Oh my god. I just want you to realize that Nicole and I come right after you to the jury house its left because you blew up the alliance.
K- I ,….
J- it doesn’t matter never did I ever think that Cliff didn’t have at least some interest in keeping me along the line. Don’t you think if it would have been for my benefit that I would have said hey you guys you just made deals with someone who has an alliance with a ….in it.
K- no
J- now I feel like I need to talk to her (not sure who she means)
K- she wasn’t in the conversation
J- it doesn’t matter because Nick knows and he is going to f@@king tell everyone. He is going to use it as ammunition to make him not a target.
Everyone else coming downstairs….
Big sighs from all three in bathroom

Christie comes in and says this game is fun guys. Nicole says so much
Dr calls Jessica
N- there your g b m you were waiting for. (Goodbye message)
Kat goes with Holly in boat room.


First time commenting this season.
I didn’t like her at first, but even if she goes I hope the fix is in to bring her back somehow this season.
It’s Kat or bust this season for me. The rest are horrible excuses for a winner.

Franks fumes

Kats a spoiled brat who can’t get past her feeling sorry for herself to see Cliff had no choice but to protect who he could….I’m done with her.

Ovi's tongue

Kat is being way unfair to Cliff. Does she expect him to honor Cliff’s Angels by getting voted out and leaving her in the game? Game suicide isn’t and has never been an accepted tactic in BB. Cliff is entitled to his game too, if he’s on the block he’s entitled to do anything he has to to stay alive, particularly with the fact that his “angels” are completely incapable of protecting him with one being on the block against him and the other two so squishy and clueless that they can’t be relied on, but of course Cliff can’t say that. His only choice was to make a deal to save himself and give his remaining two angels some safety through the DE they think is coming. His only goal was to make it until tomorrow because the game can change on a dime but you have to be there to work it.

An ornery mouse

Thank you. It boggles my mind how totally emotional and illogical some of these comments are.

And Kat’s self righteous shaming is not a good look.


Problem is , Cliff has preached (ad nauseum) how he is such a family guy, true to his word, yada, yada, yada…don’t build yourself on this and then throw it into the bonfire. And if you do throw it into the bonfire, expect what the ramifications (for you Sis…this means that your actions with have a reaction so be prepared to handle what come of things you do) have in store for you. Cliff’s Angels are not there for you to win, which is what I think Cliff has boldly started to believe. They are all there to get everyone to the end…not cut short-sighted deals (ahem…Cliff)

Ovi's tongue

Cliff’s Angels were assured of losing one or the other competitive members of the alliance. The other two squishy weak sisters would be forced to split the alliance by voting one of their members out (As it happened, Nicole voted for Cliff: Jess, for Kat) It would be fun to pretend this could have gone forward but this was a fatal blow. Cliff had to do what he had to do to stay in the game, and neither Jess or Nicole was going out of their way to assure him of staying. The others offered him safety.


Cheer for the birds in the yard; may their accuracy in dropping loads be improved.

I second that emotion.

Yes. Drop it right on their heads


Dumb move, her alliance know she is not loyal to them.
She can make 5 person alliance when all of them compete in the next hoh against 3 from the other side.

Who to cheer? Cheer for tommy. Why you hate him so.much? He is playing the best game by far , from the others this season


Now they will be also 5-3 in the hoh, but, he place is better with the pther 5

Crusty Crabs

I am cheering for them all to simultaneously self-evict thus ending the game early with no winner. I think that would be a win for America!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

the watermelon


Hmmmm, should be very interesting tonight, I think Cliff might go! Fingers crossed! Maybe Nicole is a genius and foresaw this shitstorm if she told Jess….and it worked??? LOL


It will be Kat and it will once again be unanimous. 🙁


oh peanut at this point very interesting is not gonna happen cliff is going nowhere tonight.. don’t fall for the fake flip drama they keep selling us every week in an attempt to make this season seem interesting.. its not.. kat is leaving and who cares anyway

Jon Bon Ovi

Tommy being able to pull Christie off the block ruined this show. If I gave up 2-3 months of my life and afterwards found out I had slim chance of winning because 2 of the people have known each other for years I would not be happy. If Tommy or Christie wins they need to be sued lol… it’s completely unlevel playing field. The others are at HUGE disadvantage.

Stephanie J

I feel like us ( America ) voted for the third nominee that no matter who it would have been TT should not have been able to take them off the block. Only his noms could come off but the third one should have stayed OTB!! BB screwed America on that!!!! We voted for 9 days just to have CC taken down. I call bullshit on that!! Who agrees with me???

another name

While Jess and Kat are now trolling Nicole as the backstabber, I’m thinking that the vote flip is dead?
I’m guessing big time.
Nicole was an idiot for leaving d/r and going to Jess to tell her about the dealliance.
Jess was an idiot for having an hour and forty five minute conversation with Sis. If she’d stopped at the 45 minute mark, all of the later drama would not have happened in such a way that Jess became painted as the house nut.
Kat, who is now asking people to keep Jess safe, shafted Jess and Nicole with the Cliff’s Angels disclosure last night. She convinced Jess that outing the alliance was okay by saying it’s dead anyway, Cliff killed it when he made a deal excluding Jess. But disclosing the alliance didn’t help anyone.
Production has given Cliff a bigger leg brace for today. Anticipation of tonight’s hoh is my guess.
Kat still lying to Jess, saying she would have put up Jackson and Holly, and everyone else is a liar except her.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d have a doozy about last night and today. I’m not going to bother with that today. Net result: targets have shifted for some. Targets remain the same for others.


Sadly Kat did a lot of damage saving or trying save her game last night. If she stays, she may constantly be on the block, constantly crying. Winning HOH, she can only target two people and then what? She doesn’t have many allies after burying them. If she goes, what did she do to what was left of Cliff’s Angels? Jackson for HOH to somehow salvage this? Am I typing that? Am I that desperate?

another name

I will never be in the Jackson for HOH camp. I just can’t do it. I don’t care. Call me petty. I want him to suffer, I want the entire 8 to suffer. I don’t give any of them a pass. I don’t see lesser evil. I know. Judgemental as heck, petty as heck. I admit it.

Club H.O.H

Why do people want Jackson to win HOH?! That means Beth would be safe. Uh no! Mind you I don’t like Crusty but I would want Spiral Jess and Beth on the block. Crusty at least gives us content. Jackson would just be boning and acting like his old self. Looks like the slip and slide so nick will probably throw it and so would Anal. I remember last year fessy running like a maniac during slip n slide so jackhole might have a advantage but he’s a bodybuilder not a athlete (bodybuilders have chicken legs) so maybe Anal might win it. Is Jess in pills?! She has a crazy look like she aged as old as Beth overnight when she caused it.
P.S- Kat proved she was trash by going after Cliff for trying to protect himself when she was lying just as well. Sad because if Nicole was in final 2 I would’ve voted Kat for AFP but nope! Now I’m voting for Nicole even if she’s in final 2. I said it from the beginning I still see Nick and Nicole final 2 with Nicole winning based on “woman in jury”.

Dalia Hobelman

We people want him to win to take out Christine and Tommy we people can’t stand them and everyone else is predictable and chicken shit to take a shot Jackson don’t give a dam that’s why!


Because Jackson is the only one that will take a shot at Christie and Tommy. Once Jackson is gone, Christie and Tommy will most ,likely be 1 and 2. Everyone “Loves” one another and makes a point to say it before and after any conversation or walking into a room.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I was wondering where Jess’ brain went.


Can you remind me – who is Beth?


Desperately trying to be the new Veronica…

SD Bird

None of the HGs Should Be Surprised

I credit Social Media.
All the InstaEverything

The Need to be an Influencer
All the SHARING . . . food pix, eyeliner design, haircolor trends, drop dead scenic photos – some seriously deadly (NOT lol)

None of these HGs should be surprised that none of them can keep a secret.
They just don’t know how.

That’s the sword they are dying on.
Can’t stop but chuckle . . .


when christy wins hoh tonight im gonna drink a fifth of kraken in your honor simon

Dalia Hobelman

I think it will be endurance competition which gives Holly a chance also

Ovi's tongue

I’ve previously used the ‘Blind Squirrel/nut’ analogy in regards to Jess, so this time I will use the ‘Broken clock is right twice a day’

Ovi's tongue

On another non-related topic, last night we learned that the nickname for Jack’s natural blessing is “Pepe”. Someone may remind the exiting HG to ‘say Hi to Pepe’.


Cliff is supposed to bow down to everyone when they already voted him out before!! Or did they lie to him about that and everyone is starting to drink the kool aid and believe he was never voted out before?,. Kat thinks Cliff is unfair?? People HE was out already! He Knows what it’s like! (They are ruthless)
Jess is just mad because she was RIGHT that no one wanted her in their alliance b4 she was HOH. She then wins HOH n veto n everyone said they would work with her and she just found out for the THIRD time she is not in an alliance. Girl just go with what you told your damn self three times b4. They DONT want to work with YOU. They lied! Again. Jess get it through your skull.
I HATE when people shoot the messenger (nicole)


It’s too bad Tommy hitched his horse to Christie. He would be fine without her. Can’t stand Christie, Nick, Cliff, or Sis. If I haven’t watched the first 6 weeks or so, I might actually like Jackson, but I have seen his ugly side. I know he was “Talked To by Production” and he pouted for a day & then turned into a much more polite “nice guy”. I hope Kat stays!

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Does Sis have amnesia? Just catching up….. apparently after talking with Holly , she’s worried about being perceived as a mean girl ( she and the Crust laughing at Cliff during a comp) her reasoning: “ a lot of little girls look up to me “ and doesn’t wasn’t to be viewed as a mean girl…….does she not remember bragging to Crust and Holly about “ Jack has the biggest dick I ever had” besides banging Jack right and left in the shower and bed ( with Cliff in the next bed) these “ little girls” real or imagined can hear her talk abt dick size and have sex on national TV , but omgggggg, don’t let them think I’m a mean girl….ugh, this cast ( most) suuucks!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I feel gross voting for Jackson in the poll.But I’ll do what I have to do.


Me too. Damnit man. this season really sucks.


Oh my goodness – ‘We are NOT in an alliance!’ How many times do I need to say it? Fast forward to next week – I thought all of you said there was no alliance! Response: It depends on your definition of what ‘NOT means’!! 😉


It’s not an alliance when Tommy is HOH, he banned that word for the week. But once he is no longer HOH they all can hold hands and be in an alliance again!


Oh man what a mess.


Nicole is so weak in this game


Nicole is the one not fully thinking here. If she votes out Cliff and she flips to the other group they control the numbers. If Kat stays it would be Jess, Nicole, Kat, Holly and Jackson vs. Christie, Tommy, Nick and Sis. Too bad no one has learned to crunch numbers

another name

just given what she knows: Jackson cast the hinky vote that landed on Nicole. That hinky vote is what she believes was the impetus for her game being wrecked the first time. Holly suggested using Nicole as the replacement nom and making her the target during Holly’s HOH. Jess just took the information Nicole gave her, promising to keep it to herself, and blew up the house. This is not the beginning of a love story, unless it’s the titanic, and Kat is Rose floating on the door, while Nicole is Jack sinking into the water.

An ornery mouse

Who will win the Slip N’ Slide?

My money would be on Jackson if healthy, but I don’t know how bad his injury is still bothering him. Sis played college soccer and Holly seems fairly athletic (and won the first endurance). If Nick wanted it, maybe he could be a dark horse?

another name

holly won second endurance. Christie won first (hold on to the pole).
It will completely depend on whether they use the field length from 16-19 or the field length from 20, size of cup, degree of grade, and size of receptacle they choose for this season.

An ornery mouse

Oh yeah, forgot about that initial endurance comp.

So who wins if the field is longer w/ large receptacle vs. shorter with smaller receptacle?

another name

shorter field is about power. Jackson wins easy.
longer field is endurance. Sis has edge due to Jackson’s injury. but only just slightly.


Michie and Holly complaining in the HOH about having no one on their side is comical. They’ve talked crap about everyone in the house and they’re shocked that no one wants them there? Holly telling Tommy and Sis that she trusts them the most…she just said she would put Christie and Tommy on the block.


Cliff (no balls) ruined my bb season when he could have made the play of the season by telling Christy she was safe no need to use her power and throw her crusty lying crying self on the block! It would have been a play to remember for seasons to come instead he is a wimpy disappointment going around making deals with the devils and throwing his ppl under the bus to save himself for the moment. Poor Nicole has no allies every time she confides in someone they betray her! If Jess was smart (with her new info) they could have saved Kat quietly, but no Jess and Kat blow up every game info they receive. Nicole came to play bb but with so few players that know the game you get one crappy season. Nicole and Sam were my only ppl so this season is pretty much shot!

An ornery mouse

You’re right, Cliff should’ve self-evicted so Kat could stay.