“I love watching you do everything you do whether it’s game or just anything.. you’re so much fun. It’s a lot of respect Tommy”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tommy used the Power Of Veto on Christie the season continues to rule

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12:55 pm Sis and Christie
Christie says she plans on talking to Cliff and making sure her, Sis and Tommy are all safe and they all have the same target
Christie – I want to make sure he is going to GUN for the HOH
Christie says Cliff is a gamer he wants to win and make moves.
Christie says Holly and Michie are a showmance “they are very strong it’s obvious that everyone will want to split them up”
Sis – the only thing that is scary about the deal with Cliff is that like Cliff will go after Tommy when we hit the 6

Christie’s face. says that’s the case with everyone when they get down to six they all have to start taking shots
Sis – I wouldn’t take shots at you, Tommy or Nick.
Christie – I wouldn’t take shots at you, Tommy or Nick.

Christie says the 3 of them will all take shots at Cliff and Nicole.
Sis says Nick will throw that HOH
Christie says Nicole and Cliff would take a shot at their 3 (leaving Nick to creep on through)

1:00 pm Christie, Sis and Jackson
Christie – it’s so scary I don’t have a clue (about who she’s voting for)
Sis asks him what his pros and cons for both noms are
Jackson – the same
Sis points out how “F*ing” tired Cliff was during OTEV
Christie mentions that Cliff said when Kat was crying he played it up because he didn’t want her to feel guilty

Christie says Kat could be scary moving forward.
Jackon – I don’t know who I would put up in a double.
Sis – I know
Christie – that’s the thing. I don’t know who to put up at this point. There’s pros and cons everyone has their little things. What do you base it off of
Sis – I would put up one of the people that got saved.. (Cliff or Kat)

Sis – with lesser numbers nobody talks game anymore jit’s so small everyone is in the same room (as the three of them talk game alone in the boat room)
Christie – there’s nothing secretively literally nothing.. it’s weird
Tommy comes in .
Christie continues to go on that nobody talks game anymore or schemes
Tommy – it comes down what is best for your game … this is a game. (thanks)
Tommy wishes he could play in the HOH “just so it’s a fair game”

Jackson mentions they just need to be America’s most hated and maybe they’ll have an extra competition to play.
Sis – it really stresses me out that America hates me
They bring up Jess saying she heard the six is getting back together.
Tommy – I gave my word I’m not making any alliances this week (except for the 6 person you made with Nick, Cliff and Nicole to target Holly and Jackson)

Tommy – the way this week is going everyone is just hanging out that is what’s best for this week moving forward
Jackson says he’s continuing to lay low for the next two or three days, “the block was HOT”
Jackson to Tommy – you were part of it but you were not centre stage.
Christie says going on the field “was probably a fluke” she doesn’t care about being “relevant” she would rather set herself up with a good game, “Advice from Nick say less”
Jackson – I’ve been pumping the brakes.
Christie says it’s a “even playing field” now that they are all “doing their own thing”
Tommy going on about Holly and Jackson becoming secluded and he really doesn’t want that because then they become the target

1:14 pm Cliff and Tommy
Tommy – we are on the same page I want to pump the brakes a little bit.
Cliff – I have respect for you and your game
Cliff goes on about being happy to coordinate and get “certain” people to the end
Tommy – umm.. I am very happy .. you know it’s so crazy. I am so gr8eful that I won this week. I was scared to win this week now looking back I had to win this week and I didn’t even realize going into it.
Tommy – I’ve heard from multiple people I was the number one target going into this week. I didn’t know that
Cliff – you were pretty much
Tommy – I thought I was good
Cliff – it had less to do with you and more to do with Christie. If you were gone Christie would tailspin. it was never anything definite
Cliff says he’s never had a p[roblem with Christie or Tommy.
Tommy – I’m open to anything I really really mean that I don’t have final 2’s with anybody
Cliff – I don’t either
Tommy – I have no deals, I’m a lone wolf. I’m similar to you I want to get to the end with people I respect.
CLiff – I would be happy with you winning the game
Tommy – we’re f*ing gamers and we love this game
Cliff – yeah that’s right. It’s more than guaranteeing safety it’s coordinating votes, watching your back I mean .. I don’t want it to be a situation where I don’t vote for you but someone comes along and puts you up. I don’t plan on jumping ship
Cliff – I think we can take this a LONG way
Tommy- I’m scared to pull the trigger right yet just because how much time there is (Final 2 with Christie, Final 3 with Sis/Christie)
Tommy – we are on the same page.
Cliff says Kat is emotional and the last thing they want is her to get a whiff that things aren’t going well for her

Tommy – Love you Cliff.. you’re the best. I’m gr8tful.. I love you and I love playing this game with you
Cliff – I love who I have been living with these last 2 months it’s been amazing. I love watching you do everything you do whether it’s game or just anything.. you’re so much fun. it’s a lot of respect Tommy
Christie comes in Tommy leaves.

1:25 pm Cliff and Christie
Cliff brings up Tommy telling him about this whole idea they have of watching each other’s backs
Cliff – I wanted Jack out because he’s so powerful he was the lynchpin for the whole group now that he’s gone I have zero problems working with y’all
Christie – Jack was literally gungho about it.. he said Cliff is my only hope
Christie says that Jack would have stuck by his deal with Cliff, “in terms of in your head I understood why it didn’t seem enticing”
Christie goes on about now that Jack is gone it “feels like a more even playing field”, “now you create new groups”
Cliff points out that Jack only saw one season but Tommy and Christie are fans like him.
Christie goes on to claim she’s a “Diehard Fan” along with Nick.
Cliff – if any one of us won the end I would be happy. (nobody else will be happy)
Cliff – it would seem (in) appropriate
Christie says that even sis has been watching since she’s a little kid
Christie says Nicole is “solid and consistent”, Nick is a “Wildcard” but they all are on the same page about him.
Christie adds she trusts SIS and Tommy
Christie says Kat is in a trio with Michie and Holly.
Cliff agrees.
Christie then says about kat “she says she’s targeting Michie which in the back of my head I believe” (ZOMG)

Christie – I want to win HOH’s I want to be working with people that are equally gunning for power. You can’t just slide by you have to make moves.
Cliff says he’s looking to win HOH’s and build his resume. He wants more than safety he wants to build working relationships.
Christie – you were always the person I said I would like to work with. During you’re HOH I had to pull some sh1t but I did believe the longevity it would allow us to build trust together

Christie – you were never a target of mine (WOW the lies in this entire morning post are awesome)
Cliff – you and Tommy weren’t either. There is a reason why neither of you went up when I had that chance
Christie – it seems fair.. the 6 people. Everyone knows My Sis and Tommy are close. You, Nick and Nicole, are tight. It’s fair
Christie – Nick is friendly with all of us so he kinda sits in the middle somewhere.
She goes on about being happy for anyone in their new six-shooters winning.
Christie – do you see yourself gunning for this HOH
Cliff – If I can yeah. I don’t mind doing it especially if I feel like I have a group behind me and I would nominate the way y’all wanted because then if I can show y’all some trust and y’all got my back it feels like it solidifies everything that’s gone on.

Christie – I want to keep you I trust where you stand more. with Kat I love her so much but I don’t think she wants to win HOH’s .. I’m not an idiot I know Michie and Holly are coming after me
Christie says Michie is trying to get back with everybody
Christie says she doesn’t trust Michie and Holly “I’m not telling anyone how I’m voting this week it’s not anybody’s business”

Christie says she hasn’t talked any game with Michie and Holly since day 43.
Cliff says Holly told him if she won veto she wouldn’t take Cliff or Christie down.

Cliff – I don’t think she would have taken anyone down.
Christie – If I stayed on the block I would have gone home ( I know)
Christie says Holly isn’t even trying to act like she’s on Christie’s side

Cliff – if I would win HOH I would want to ask y’all where the nominations should go and I pretty much already know so.
Christie – they are a very strong showmance. It’s time

Christie claims to be a “Big Brother nerd” goes on how happy she is to have played in OTEV
Christie says she’s much safer in the game with Sis, Tommy, Nick, Cliff, and Nicole
Christie goes on about how Holly was trying to get the 6 back together but she told Holly she could never trust Michie again. She tried to get Cliff and Nicole on the block and suggested Michie and Christie make up
Christie – they don’t have your back
Cliff knows says he’s just a tool and a vote for Michie and Holly
Cliff – if I win HOH I’ll prove it to y’all (the new six)
Christie again mentions she understands why Clif fand Nick voted out Jack
Cliff says at that point “I would have kept Satan himself”

They hug

Cliff – it’s so much fun to play with people I have respect for the way they played.

2:37 pm Nicole and Jess scrubbing the showers
(I believe Jess started the cleaning party)

2:43 pm Christie and Sis
Christie going over her talk with Cliff and how he wants a fan to win this season and since they are such HUGE fans they’re good to go.
Christie says the reason Cliff wanted Jack gone because jack only watched Season 20 over the course of 4 days after he got the callback.

4:33 pm Tommy and Nick
Nick says he doesn’t feel Jess will target the two of them as long as Nicole is in the house.
Nick – or Sis probably.. Christie is good with her to
Tommy – right now I’m good with Holly. I’m scared to make this deal because of two reasons. Number 1, it feels like an alliance and I gave my word I wasn’t going to build an alliance and I know it’s so stupid. I kinda wish I didn’t but I did I would be going back on my word.
Tommy – Number 2, I kinda feel like in the position I am in right now I’m scared to make this deal premature like I want to make it maybe next week and see who wins. Because I.. Of Course you are out of the equation. If Holly or Michie win I don’t know what their plan is and I know it probably wouldn’t be me
Tommy – if I choose to burn Holly nad Michie now the position I’m in that’s basically negating two jury votes for myself.
Tommy – I feel like one of us needs to win it and take them out. Once one of them is out it’s not my fault I can’t lose their jury votes
Tommy – I’m scared to lose two jury votes by making a final 6 right now. We already had a deal with them from g8tful to sixshooters there’s no reason why I should be breaking that right now
Nick – you still feel good with them
Tommy – I’m good with them I think
Tommy says Michie and Holly are not “good” with Christie.
Nick points out he’s close to Michie and Tommy is closer to Holly.
Tommy again goes on about burning Holly would be “Screwing” himself out of jury votes.
Tommy says he might make an individual deal with Cliff.
Nick – sis should do the same thing
Tommy – YES.. it should be individual deals. I can’t make a six this week

Tommy – I want to go to the end with you and with Sis. I love Christie to but Christie, Michie, and Holly have a thing I don’t know what is going to happen with that
Nick says he has to beat two people next week.
Tommy – between you and I if it was between you and Christie I would keep you. Please don’t even tell Sis that
Tommy – what if they put Cliff up next to you I don’t want to save Cliff because I’ve made a deal with him
Nick – Ohhhh like if they put him and me up (ZOMG? isn’t Nick part of this Cliff deal)
Tommy – Like if they put you and Christie up say and she took herself down and then you and Cliff are up .. I don’t want to have to make a deal with him if it makes me keep him over you

6:10 pm Nicole showing off the cleaned bathroom

6:53 pm Sis and Tommy
Tommy going on about not wanting to form the 6 right now. “Scared to make this 6 deal prematurely”
Tommy wants to cut a deal with Cliff one on one, not a 6. thinks they should be making deals next week.
Tommy says if Michie or Holly win HOH they will come to them to find out what to do. They can push Jess.
Tommy says holly/Michie really think Nick and Nicole replaced them.

7:21 pm Chrisite, Holly, Sis, and Tommy
Holly tells them she feels like Nick was trying to get her and Michie in with Cliff, Nicole and him

Holly says Nick told her a few days ago that Christie would put her up.
Christie starts getting rilled up
Christie – that’s f*ing annoying. You were never my target never..
Christie goes on about before her and Jackson had a “good talk” she told Nick she was targeting Jackson because he was targeting her “His campaign speech was him coming after me” and Nick asked her who she would put up with Jackson and she said, Holly. “the only person he wouldn’t use the veto on himself is Holly and I would be clear with Holly that you are not my target it’s just to assure he would go because I knew he was coming after me”
Tommy says Nick doesn’t do it on purpose he can’t help himself “he’s trying to know where everyone’s at he’s a planner”
Christie – the fact that he’s telling them this week is pissing me off
Holly – I felt Slightly recruited
Holly agrees says Nick can’t stop planting seeds.

7:40 pm CHrsitie, Holly and Sis
Christie mentions Cliff’s leg/foot really hurting him he asked the diary room for a different tension band but they told him no

Feeds cut
When we’re back Holly is saying that Cliff tells everyone the same thing
Sis doesn’t know what Cliff would say mocks him “ohh we’re good you were never a target of mine”

Sis and Christie tell Holly that Kat doesn’t want to win HOH’s.
Holly – I don’t think she would put any of us up
Christie – I’m just not looking for someone to not put me up I need someone who will gun for it.

Christie – I wouldn’t think for a second Cliff wouldn’t put me up
Sis agrees says Cliff would put her up he already said
Holly says Cliff is like a trophy hunter.
Holly leaves.

Christie – there was so much bullshit in that entire conversation, Its frustrating. All the things she said was last week.
Christie says she’s pissed that Nick goes back and forth but she thinks the things Holly said were more the end of last week.
Christie says nick is getting close to Kat because he wants her Jury vote.

7:51 pm it’s Taco Tuesday time.

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In case you missed it last night Nick and Sis did some cuddling.

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Dalia Hobelman

Nick would stick his di@k in a wall he’s so desperate and nasty I wouldn’t wanna sleep in that hoh bed probably stinks lol

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Yeah, weren’t Sis & Crusty talking abt Nick’s body odor and bad breath? Sis in that chicken outfit which maybe doubles as a hazmat suit… in any case, I wouldn’t want to be that close to that stinky sleaze. Sounds like Bella had an epiphany on twitter and dumped his ass. I’m dreaming of a Crusty/ Ick nom with BD option of little Timmy……I may truly jump ship on BB if any of the that f’n four win next HOH….. just can’t anymore with them, #tortured


What did Bella say on Twitter?


Can’t decide who grosses me out more. Nick for being his sleazy self or Sis for letting him touch her. They’re both pretty damn gross.

Franks fumes

Sis will let anybody touch her werewolf.


I honestly wasn’t expecting Nick and Sis to get as close as they are getting. They are literally batshit crazy. Also, I just began to like someone (Kat) and now she’s leaving. I know Jackson is crazier than a bed bug but he’s my only hope it seems to nominate Christie and Tommy.


I did expect them to…just maybe not 4 days after Jack left. Nick is disgusting and dirty…and Sis is all about the D.

An ornery mouse

Bella’s ex got to watch his girlfriend pork another dude on TV….. and now Bella gets to watch as her new love tries to pork a chicken.

Just sayin'

And you know she’s watching the feeds 24/7 Haha that’s going to be an awkward finale


He would wuss out anyway and put up Jess or Cliff or Nicole. Be careful what you wish for.

Houka inumuta

Jackson is gone next Thursday


Hope not. Don’t like him much but want to see him burn Christie.

An ornery mouse

You may get your wish, Megan, as I’ve heard speculation that it’s about the time of the season for the Slip N’ Slide HOH. The taller and most athletic houseguests usually win that one, so I’d have to peg Jackson as current favorite (especially if it happens this Thursday and Tommy doesn’t get to play).

Maybe Jackson wins and he’s still good & pissed Kat was just evicted…… and he takes it out on Christie/Tommy.


I’m pretty sure that comp needs healthy ankles…and Jackson has a f’ed up ankle right now.

An ornery mouse

Eeesh…. I knew that he’d injured it few weeks back, but didn’t know it was still that bad. Yeah, with a bum ankle he could be a last place candidate in that particular comp. At least we still have Cliff!!!


Plus I doubt Jackson has the stamina for a slip and slide.


Rooting for Michie to win and put up Tommy & Christie. What a depressing season.


I’m rooting for CHristie to win and put up Michie and Holly. I’m pissed that Kat is leaving before that asshole Michie.


Nick is a gross, gross person. I don’t actually think Bella has dropped him (I saw her Twitter ..she’s very stalkerish). Sis is like a 12 year old child (“that plays Division 1 soccer” …I am assuming midfielder and not a forward as it wouldn’t be possible to explain the offside rule to her…..really, that person is in an actual university?)..

Odd, odd cast. Nicole is moderately likable. Kat is a bit adorable (but if I was on an airplane or even an Uber ride, and I heard Kat was the pilot/driver, I would break a window and run away).

Based on preseason interviews, I thought I would like Jackson’s mom (Holly), but I can’t. That showmance ends promptly at 9:01 ( assuming the finale ends at 9:00).

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Now I know the stingray is my spirit animal.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

If Cliff (or even Nicole) could possibly win an HOH and put up Tommy and Christie anyway, they would beCome my new BB hero. With the tears of both Tommy and Christie on the block, you could resolve the water shortage in California. And I could die a happy woman.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I foresee drought and an unhappy death in your future.




That wasn’t necessary buddy calm down

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’m the calmest person you’ll never meet missy.


nick and sis…………


Gross, gross, gross. I actually would never had predicted this. Those thingys on the walls and ceilings with the glassy things are cameras you two morons. This has become an asylum.

J e t s jets jets jets

Can you guys please stop with all the pictures of Christie I’m trying to get thru the posts without vomiting and you’re making it very difficult.


Her pics are like a wreck. You are grossed out and really don’t want to look…but u can’t help it.

J e t s jets jets jets

She really is disgusting. I love the fact that it was “unfair” that she was on the block anyways. As a Huge BB fan she should know that America has put up a third nominee several times before.


I’m almost speechless lol. How on earth do Cliff and Nicole think they are better off with Christie, Tommy, and them?? I really don’t get it. If it really is just to get to stay this week…then whatever. But if they really do believe that…I’ll be done with them too. Jeeze!

The Beef

With all due respect, Cliff KNOWS Holly and Michie are voting him out this week and voting for Kat to stay. What’s he supposed to do? “I’m sorry Christie, Nick and Sis, even though I need your votes, all of you can kiss my ass from now on, because even though they are voting me out, I’m sticking with Holly and Michie.”

Now whether or not they stick to the deal long term remains to be seen (things tend to change in BB after each HOH competition), but for now, DUH, Cliff needs four votes to stay and Nicole makes one. Jess isn’t voting for any man over a woman and he knows Holly and Michie are voting for Kat to stay. That leaves Nick, Christie and Sis. which also means Tommy as Christie’s side piece.


Whoa…easy there tiger…all I said was I’m shocked how he can think he would be better off going further with Christie, Tommy, etc…than if he and Nicole teamed up with Michie and Holly. Looking at comp wins…and types of comps won…they would go further, possibly even lasting longer with Michie and Holly. With the others…they don’t stand a chance.

The Beef

How can Cliff win comps. while sitting in the jury house with Jack?


LOL That would probably be the time that he DOES… lol


I said if it’s to stay this week, then I get it. I was talking about if he really feels that way. You can go back and read what I said or else come up with another quick comeback

The Beef

Well that’s what made your statement so……CLEARLY Cliff is teaming up with who he has to, to stay in the house this week. He has CA’s, but two of them are on the block and the two remaining are splitting their vote between those two so that washes out. Cliff has no choice but to go to where he has to go to get the votes to stay and that is what he has done. It has nothing to do with how he feels about it or who he thinks he would be better off with (again, CLEARLY that is Nicole, Jess and Kat – but Cliff or Kat is leaving, AND he has stated before all this that he wanted Christie and/or Tommy OUT, but that was before he and Kat were on the block together).

Not trying to piss you off, but your statement just didn’t make much sense to me, given Cliff was doing what he HAD to do, to survive in the game, and given what he has said regarding who his targets were before Tommy won HOH. Jimmy V used to say “Survive and advance” and that’s all Cliff is trying to do at this point.


Cliff is the clueless puppy that crosses a 12 lane freeway unharmed.

J e t s jets jets jets

Because if they don’t go with CC this week Cliff is gone.


Unfortunately that is true…..


Totally….but I was talkin more like being in their head. Like I hope they don’t really BELIEVE they will be better off. Obviously they have to say whatever…but it looks like they really feel that way too. So maybe in the end…they will get clipped and they will have deserved it. At the same time…no matter what Cliff, Nicole, and Jess say….with the exception of Tommy…all of the rest are gunning to take out Michie and Holly first.

Makes me wonder...

I think the problem is that Holly and JackJaw never followed through and kept conversations open with Nicole ,Cliff and Jess to make them feel that they are part of the “team”. They stupidly kept to themselves and seemed standoffish… leaving the opening for Crusty and Tiny Tim to swoop in and spew out the lies … They are so high on themselves feeling like they are above the floaters that they feel they are untouchable. It sucks that not one of the floaters are smart enough to band together and take out the real losers.. instead they live in this dream world and think that C & T will protect them and NOW they are part of the Six Shitters.. Yeah right… I love you and I love you and I love you more and guess what? I love you…. VOMIT !


I agree with you 100% about that. I think part of it was a fear that it would get back to the 6 shooters, but yea, they’ve done a lousy job of unifying the outliers. I do feel like if I were an outlier…I would’ve grabbed Nicole and Cliff and Jess and glued ourselves with Michie and Holly just because I think we’d be in a stronger position to take out people on the other side. Then…we would be in a stronger position to take down Michie and Holly.

Makes me wonder

Exactly !

Jon Bon Ovi

Christie is worst type of personality to play this game. When she’s down, makes everyone around her miserable and makes sure focus is all on her. As soon as she’s off the block back to just trying to play the game and what every happens happens. Such a phony piece of @@@t. And for the love of everything PLEASE learn how to chew without using every single muscle in your upper body and head.

Nick's Dookie Shorts

Nick is nasty with his dookie shorts…EWWW! Make it stop!

Houka Inumuta

In Honor of Jackson getting evicted on August 22 . I’m going to list how 1995 is such a bad year.

Dumb BB Players—-Tyler, Swaggy C, Michie
Dumb Movies—-Clueless, Billy Madison, Pocahontas and Toy Story
Dumb Music—This is how we do it, I’ll be there for you and cotton eye joe

I’m so happy that we get 1 month without seeing Michie on Big Brother 21.

Let the upvotes begin.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

If only you had excluded Toy Story.

J e t s jets jets jets

I do like me so cotton eye joe.


I like Toy Story…


Houka Inumuta, Even though you are always so far of from what really happens. I must say I get a laugh at your posts. I still remember last year each week it was Tyler going out. Funny it never happened but you stuck to your guns. Who knows maybe you finally get this one right…….LOL NOT

An ornery mouse

He’s like the Hank Aaron of downvotes. He baits the masses daily and they/we reward him generously.

Come on Lion King.... This is how we do it

I agree with the dumb players… BUT Pocahontas and Toy Story were good kids movies…. and This is how we do it? That was a classic… Now I am singing it..
I’m kinda buzzed and it’s all because
(This is how we do it)
South Central does it like nobody does
(This is how we do it)
To all my neighbors you got much flavor
(This is how we do it)
Let’s flip the track, bring the old school back
(This is how we do it)


According to your guarantee, Jackson was getting evicted last week and we all saw how that went. You’ve been wrong about every prediction you make. I guess you’re not very good at manifesting things.

Crystal Ball

Maybe he puts it into the Universe to manifest the reverse / opposite. Having the opposite effect … Now that’s skills !!! Lol

House Stark

Simon I think if you focus on his name…..Houka it might explain his predictions.


“Christie – I want to win HOH’s I want to be working with people that are equally gunning for power. You can’t just slide by you have to make moves.” Hmm not sure I understand because isn’t she working with Sis??

Except for Sis

I was reading your post and I agree .. but this is how I was reading it..
I want to win HOH’s I want to be working with people that are equally gunning for power. (Except for me Tommy and Sis)
You can’t just slide by you have to make moves.”( Except for me Tommy and Sis)
Basically they want to bring someone in who can take the shots for them so they dong get “blood on their hands)


I fully expect Cliff, Nicole and Jess to be sitting in jury still trying to prove their loyalty to Christie.

Dumb a$$ players

Unfortunately I agree. It’s sickening

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Abandon hope all ye who enter here
Jackson/Holly’s days are numbered if they don’t win the next HOH.Jackson is everyones target,his target is Christie but Holly wants to play it safe noms Nick/Nicole with a Christie backdoor,that leaves room for error.To backdoor Christie you need Tommy on the block.Jackson/Holly were so obsessed with their 3some they failed to make lasting in roads last week with CliffsAngels.Once Jackson is gone Holly will try to work her way back in with the old new 6.
Jess doesn’t understand this game which is frustrating and refreshing.Her game play is simplistic and very straightforward,target the strongest players.Jack is gone Jackson is next.She is blind to Christie.
Cliff and Nicole’s strategy is to duck and cover while the 6 shot eachother,which has worked for them thus far but will back themselves in a corner with no numbers to save themselves.Even if the others stick to their word and take them to final 6 they will be at the mercy of Nick who clearly wants to take Nicole to the finals(Nicole is liked by everyone but has accomplished nothing in this game) leaving Cliff cut at 6 or 5.
Christie/Tommy/Sis/Nick are in control but the control freak Christie who has controlled most of the season doesn’t realize she is on the bottom of that group.They will all cut her if a future HOH doesn’t go their way.Nick now sits in the center and has the option of going with Tommy and Sis to final 3 or use Niclole and Cliff to go after them but only once Christie is out of the way.If Nick and Christie get to the final 6 they will target eachother.
Nick and Tommy are best positioned to get to the finale but Christie could still bully her way there.


i think this is a pretty good assessment. the bizarre thing about it is though is how bad everyone’s jury management is. tommy and kat seem to be the only players considering how to manage jury. everyone else’s game plan involves either actively making enemies (jackson/holly/nick/christie/sis) or hoping they’re sitting next to someone more hated rather than strongly advocating for themselves (jess/cliff/nicole).

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

7 of the gr8ful alliance made it to jury so that gives them a majority so maybe some of them don’t think they to put in the work.They are pretty arrogant.

J e t s jets jets jets

Jess is absolutely clueless. How much game play is she doing this week? None as far as I can see. It’s probably because she won’t vote for someone without a cock. The only way she votes for someone that doesn’t have a cock is if there’s 2 cock less people up.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

They’re pretty much all dicks though.

I second that emotion.

Lmaooooooo. So true

Danger Will Robinson

Wow. The level Cliff has sunk to in kissing Tommy’s and Christie’s a$$es is way beyond embarrassing! He really should be ashamed of himself. I don’t believe for a second that Christie, Tommy, Nick and Sis are super-fans either. I hope Jackson wins HOH and goes after Tommy/ Christie. I’m tired of the Underdogs cowering in fear of the sh*theads. They need to draw a line in the sand, REALLY come together and impose THEIR will on this game before it is too late. Get with Jackson/Holly, win comps and make moves and be your own force instead of waiting for scraps from Tommy/Christie to be thrown to you as their lap dogs.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

“draw a line in the sand” They can’t find the beach!

Blind leading the Blind

LMAOOO So True!!!!


I think they should make Cliff wear the chicken costume instead.


It’s like I have to hope Mitchie wins HOH, just to see what the new 6 would do, plus I really want Christie out.


“Tommy – I gave my word I’m not making any alliances this week (except for the 6 person you made with Nick, Cliff and Nicole to target Holly and Jackson)”

“Sis – with lesser numbers nobody talks game anymore jit’s so small everyone is in the same room (as the three of them talk game alone in the boat room)”

Simon…your commentaries are absolutely cracking me up!!!
They are really the only way I can even get thru all of the word vomit these people are spewing..Thank You!

Carlos Grullon

Wow incredible Jackson and Holly are getting played bad

SELF Imposed Isolation

They are keeping themselves isolated and therefore out of the loop. They are not even trying to secure any of the floaters to a team .. they are sinking their own ship… If JackJaw wins HOH .. the floaters will come to them and say.. we had your back all along.. we were on your side… your my best friend.. oh and if I didn’t say it already.. guess what? I LOVE YOU…
LOL Everyone in the hose are a bunch of DUMB A$$ES

Sally B

What is up with all this ” I’d be so glad to lose to you” nonsense? “Oh, I just love you so much, & I’d love to lose to you, because, like, I love you so much…..” Apparently none of these self-proclaimed BB Superfans know that the objective is to, ummmm, WIN the damn game. Sheesh.


Amen sista!


It blows my mind…


For f#&k’s sake Cliff! Stop kissing so much @ss! It’s embarrassing bro.


cliff went from the old guy who’s an easy vote to evict to possibly making it to the end i’d say his ass kissing is working out pretty good for him

Keeping it REAL!

Here’s the thing alot of them want Christie gone but to win it all who wld every1 want to take to the end to win it all against? Yep u’d take Christie… Tommy knows he wins against Christie so does every person in that house including Sis n Jess…


nah id take jess sis or holly to the end before christy


christie beats a lot of players at the end who don’t have strong resumes (even though she doesn’t have a great one herself). she’s vanessa, who would have won had she made the final, but everyone thinks she’s paul who lost spectacularly in back to back seasons.

J e t s jets jets jets

LOL! Like Jess and Sis have a clue. You funny!


Can production somehow sequester Jess and Christie in the same room so I can switch the camera feed to something interesting? Option 1: Christie in the kitchen and Option 2: Jess in the bathroom is no option at all.


Bella just posted on Instagram she’s done with nick! Hahahahaha this whole house is nuts !!

Also. Did anyone else notice ever since production clearly told Jackson how he was being portrayed he literally did a 180 and started to put on this act. Not saying a bad word about anyone, being extra nice, offering hugs to people even telling HOLLY not to be a “mean girl”. It’s unreal

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Guess production hasn’t bothered to have a chat with Nick.He gets creepier by the day.


Hard to tell if this is an act or if the previous Jackson was a result of the toxic personalities he was hanging around because I noticed the difference in Jackson the moment he had the falling out with Jack. His aggression, negativity, paranoia and criticism dropped dramatically the less time he spent with Jack, Sis, Christie and Tommy. If you’d told me two weeks ago I’d be rooting for a Jackson/Holly HOH on Thursday, I’d have called you crazy but here we are.


I have to disagree just because I literally watched all of it on the feeds where he found out how he was treating women.. they gave him a penalty vote for his fight with kat which no ones talked about and him and holly have had multiple conversations on the feeds of how he might be portrayed and not be able to get a job outside of here etc. it’s been very obvious

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

What penalty vote?


It was after his blowup with Kat before anyone was even nominated they told him he would have a penalty vote but he ended up not being nominated that week. He would say things to holly like “don’t freak out or you’ll get a penalty vote like I did” and holly would say “you can’t afford another penalty vote”


He did not get a penalty vote or it would have been mentioned during last weeks voting.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I do think his bromance with Jack brought out the worst in him.That’s no excuse.He’s a horrible human being.Can you imagine how he behaved in his frat?I heard the frat was suspended or shut down,were charges filed?


You’re right, it did. After Kat and Christie talking about how him and Jack were treating women, it was easy to know how he was being portrayed and how he was being viewed. Once him and Jack fell out…Jackson went back to the way he was pre-BB. Not sayin it was Jack’s fault or the other toxic personalities…it was his fault for going low and being ugly, the way the others in the group were.

J e t s jets jets jets

The word is testosterone.

J e t s jets jets jets

I think maybe he got a note from mommy.

Keeping it REAL!

Jackson is a total douche! So what did Nick and Sis do that made stalker bella drop nick? Don’t have feeds…


Literally just snuggled but even in the house if she saw him talking to Christie or hugging anyone should we have a total cry fit so not surprised


This year’s jury is going to be jam-packed with morons.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Don’t worry,Christie will tell them what to do.


Damn Cliff, it’s got to be exhausting kissing all that ass !!

SD Bird

It’s ‘excessive’ because some of these players need it for validation of their importance. He recognizes their vanity and plays into it.

Cliff Butkisser

That makes sense but it makes him look soooooooooo bad!!!

Allies Mom

It’s sure exhausting to listen to him kiss it. He’s just playing along with them. It will be interesting if he wins what shot he takes.


He will probably put up Holly and JackJaw…. All because Crusty and Tiny Tim “LOVES HIM”

Backseat Driver

If any of you get a chance go back and watch a few episodes of the first seasons of BB…..simple house furnishings, the houseguests working to earn their groceries for the week, housekeeping chores, luxury comps. This original plan has now evolved to this current piece of crap we are watching. Sorry, I am venting……but this season is ridiculous.


I actually did go back (on youtube) and watched 5 episodes of BB1…it was refreshing


yep hands down worst season of all time its absolutely unwatchable


the first season was a total trainwreck and it was amazing this got a second season. the second season is too slow paced by modern standards at this point but introduced core strategic concepts as the producers figured out how to balance powers. the progression has slowly been ramping up, but ever since they did away with pandora’s box (the worst idea production ever had) i think it’s been fairly good in terms of applying powers. the issue this season really just comes down to casting. this cast is either boring, unlikable, or both.


Totally agree and the cast doesn’t know crap about playing Big Brother. They only know how to play house and not want to get blood on their hands.. and talk a whole lot of sh**


To me the problem is that they think and act like a bunch of third graders. The babbling that goes on is truly boring. Casting missed the immaturity of these people when they interviewed them? Or was it intentional? Who knows, but it has made for one of the worst seasons ever in my view. Even Cliff has proven to be unwise so there’s no one at all to root for.

SD Bird

No Meeting of The Five for Christy

She doesn’t mind confrontation as long as she announces/threatens her intention to call out someone – to Everybody first.
She doesn’t mind if she is the stronger one & can talk over the other one.

But, she ‘lost’ in the Have Not Room when Jackson told her not to put words in his mouth. He remained calm and wished her well as he exited. He got the last word without bowing to her loud overspeak.
(Trying to save face, she pouted that he didn’t accept her backhanded apology & wouldn’t offer one to her) She didn’t Win.

She has too much to lose to participate in Round Two.


I was really happy to see Jackson do that….It was one good moment in two that he has had all season..lol…

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It’s hilarious watching Christie try to get in Jessica’s head.Good luck with that

Windy day

Well there IS lots of room to put shi* in Jess head. Half of the time when they show her you can hear the wind blowing through the empty space in her ears… lmao..
She seems to be such a nice person. Too bad she didn’t do her homework on Big Brother before coming in. She has the attitude and drive.. but she puts it all into kissing a$$ and not making moves or rallying the troops to take out the losers. Her HOH was the only week that was exciting.. but it was so short lived its sad


Will Nick and Sis do more cuddling tonight? Lol these people really need to get there head in the game this is not the bachelor but Big Brother.



Keeping it REAL!

This is by far the worst BB cast and season ever!!! I think they need to go back to having comps to earn food, especially the way jackson eats!

What happened to have/nots? This is the first season to hardly even have have/nots…

Keeping it REAL!

Nick is so disgusting, I am shocked he is a therapist that works with kids. I wouldn’t be suprised if he is let go over his behavior on the show.

another name

So, Nick is giving up to Kat his every game move and plan from week one to now. So he’s telling the person that he thinks is going to be evicted all about his game. He’s trying to jury speech the nominee that’s going to be evicted before eviction. Expect him to do it more.
Like every week until he’s evicted.


He is annoying and a POS.. but its a good game move .. maybe.. ?

another name

As long as the person he’s talking to doesn’t run around the house telling everyone and pointing out anything salacious.
If somebody wanted to sabotage him: that would be a way to go.


My favorite part from yesterday’s feeds? Christie tells Cliff that the house has to break up the obvious trio — Jackson/Holly/Kat. But let me tell you about my trio! I’m with Analyse and Tommy, and they’re the only people I trust.

Good advice there for Cliff — after Kat goes, break up the next trio, and use Christie’s words against her.

But it’s Cliff. And now he’s a cool kid who at best will finish fifth in whatever alliance he’s joined.