Ginamarie gets 4 stitches out “She’s like Wolverine”

4:20pm Backyard The exterminators
GM says she was said when Kaitlin left but she still had Aaryn so it wasn’t as bad. When she lost Nick it was really hard on her took weeks to get over it. She missed Aaryn but not for long because she won the HOH shortly after.

Andy missed Helen because she was really wacky and he knew she cared for him. Andy also missed JUDD the first time and a bit the second time. GM never felt bad the second time because it was either GM or JUDD.
They all agree they didn’t feel bad for seeing Amanda or Elissa go.
Andy asks Production if they can send someone in for them to talk to for a couple hours. Andy says it doesn’t matter who it is can be a intern. Andy wants a gay intern.

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Spencer says Aaryn’s beauty radiates like fire a cross someone’s yard.

12:45am In the living room – Ginamarie and Andy are talking. Gina says that she wants to work out. I want to look good for Nick on Wednesday. I’ve got 4 days to get my a$$ in shape. Andy asks if these HOH comp wins count towards their comp wins? Gina says yeah, you still won a competition. Gina says she has 3 wins then. Andy says he has 5. Gina says at least we will both sleep a little easier now. Andy says yeah and knowing that we will both be okay. Andy says that’s what I was really scared about, like if I lost and you and Spencer would strike a deal or something. Gina whispers I didn’t think he would win this one. I was getting nervous because it was a puzzle. Andy asks Gina if she knew when she saw it. Gina says yeah and when she saw the wall she was like uh ah. Gina says when I gave you the thumbs up I knew you were good. When he did it I was in the cockpit and fell asleep and when you did it I was like what?! Andy asks like in and out. Gina says almost. Dude his was almost double your time.

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Ginamarie exterminates the cockroaches “What a awesome way to send that B!tch packing”

3:12pm Spencer and Andy

Spencer says Helen was wacky.
Andy says jokingly that Helen was crazy. Andy tells him about the knock outs alliance and how Helen was always telling him knock outs till the end then a couple hours later she was saying they need to take out Amanda. (Who was a member of the knockouts)
They both have a laugh about Helen, They mention how horrible she was at comps. Andy says he shared a early bond with Helen because they were both from Chicago.

Andy jokes that they were a rag tag bunch of rejects that got Elissa out. He says how funny it was because Elissa’s greatest fear was going home during a double eviction and that is what happened. “What a awesome way to send that B1tch packing”

Andy says Amanda would always tell him she would die if she went home by the hands of Ginamarie and she went home solely by the hands of Ginamarie.

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Spencer says I would rather play Judd in the competition today because there’s a 50% chance he would quit.

10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie are in the living room chatting. Spencer says that he is going to go in and request a means to get laundry done. Andy wonders if production has a favorite to win. Spencer thinks so but that it would be unprofessional to express it. Andy wonders if they will have the competition today because usually they wake us up earlier. He says although it is only for the two of us. Spencer says they might want to do it at night so it doesn’t matter what time we get up. Spencer says I do hope Elisabeth Shue stops by today.. I am sure she’s just stuck in traffic. Andy comments that he didn’t play in a veto until day 49. Spencer says yup I would rather be playing Judd in the competition today because there would be a 50% chance he would quit.

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“Do you understand why I got taken to candy land” – Spencer

7:24pm The exterminators

They are talking about someone in production they think was fired. Spencer and Andy both look forward to seeing production staff because they’ve talked to them so much.
S – “Yup there’s a couple of them I want to hug a couple of them I want to co*k punch”
A – “Really”
S – “No not at all they’ve all been so cool to me”

They mention how Nick really liked sex in the city.
GM – “that boy I don’t know sometimes.. and McCrae was like Hey Ginamarie that is kinda gay.. go f** yourself McCrae”

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Ginamarie says Amanda is a f**King b***h, a cold hearted snake that f**ks rich guys for their money.

9:20am – 11:40am The Big Brother live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the Final 3 house guests to enjoy a catered brunch by big brother while they reminisce about the season. When the live feeds return – Andy and Spencer are cleaning up the dishes. They start taking stuff to the storage room. Ginamarie finishes up eating and says that was an awesome brunch guys. Gina starts doing the dishes. Spencer threatens to pull the table cloth out from under the dishes left on the table. Andy says no don’t do it. Spencer says its fine, it’s science. He grabs the table cloth and starts to pull and then stops. He says I wish just playing. He says he was just waiting for them to freak out and tell him to stop it. When everything is cleared off the table he tries it and says he is the reason why they don’t get nice things.

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Spencer says the finale will be a busy episode, Julie Chen can’t show up drunk like she did tonight.

12am Ginamarie, Andy and Spencer are sitting on the living room couches. Andy says he feels like McCrae went into this week acting like he was going to win everything. Spencer agrees that he thought he did too. Andy comments how there were 3 HOH’s where the viewers didn’t find out who won until the Sunday episode. Spencer says that always used to piss him off as a fan watching at home. Spencer asks isn’t it crazy 11 million people know you. Andy agrees that’s crazy. Andy comments that there’s a lot to cram into the finale episode. Spencer says the finale episode will be a busy episode, Julie Chen can’t show up drunk like she did tonight. Andy says yeah she was drunk off her a$$. Spencer says she was slurring “exterminators.” Andy says well she called us the moving company first. And then they were like that’s the wrong alliance.

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Big Brother 15 Final HOH competition part 1 of 3 Results “I made a glitter angel”

9:15pm HOH comp

Spencer is out..
GM – “This is really hard with a broken toe”
GM – “Cmon DJ that is all you got”
They spray smoke on all over the competitors.
GM mentions that McCrae would have destroyed this competition. Spencer and Andy Agree.

Andy stumble at one point “Oh F*** my KNee… OH my god”

Andy out..

Ginamarie wins Part 1 of the final HOH
Andy and Spencer will now compete for part two. The winner of part 2 faces off against GM.

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Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Live Eviction and Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH Competition!

On tonight’s live eviction episode we will get to see Andy’s nominations as HOH where he nominated Spencer and McCrae for Eviction. During tonight’s episode will see the Veto competition that Andy won and whether or not he uses it. Since Andy made the nomination as HOH and won the veto there is no reason for him to change the nominations. As a result Ginamarie will have the sole vote to evict McCrae or Spencer tonight. The Exterminators Alliance (Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie) have a final 3 deal – Ginamarie will be voting to evict McCrae tonight. Earlier in the afternoon today – Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie broke the news to McCrae about the Exterminators Alliance. McCrae was shocked and disappointed to learn that he had no chance of staying and that his time inside the house was up.

Following the Veto competition, Veto Ceremony and the Eviction – The remaining Final 3 House Guests will compete in the first part of the 3 part final HOH competition.

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The Exterminators reveal their Alliance to McCrae – He realizes his fate is sealed..

12:18pm When the Big Brother Live Feeds return from being blocked for the last hour – Spencer is in bed with his taking a nap with his sunglasses on. McCrae is in the bathroom taking a shower and Andy is up in the HOH room packing up his stuff to leave the HOH room. He doesn’t want Big Brother to lock the HOH door if he leaves for too long so he piles all of his stuff on the chess board outside the HOH room door. Andy takes his stuff down to the rainbow room and tells Ginamarie that he is happy to be back with his old roommate. Andy comments that Spencer will be all alone in the other room.

Andy puts the Amanda’s fly in front of Ginamarie’s face and scares her. Ginamarie says that she almost punched it. Andy tells her and Spencer that he will be calling a meeting in a few minutes. (To tell McCrae about the Exterminator’s Alliance and how they will be evicting him tonight.)

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