Big Brother Final HOH Part 2 results “I don’t know if I can f*** beat him in questions bro”


Ginamarie won part one of the three
Andy Won part two of three
Ginamarie and Andy will compete in the final HOH Wednesday night.

10:18pm the exterminators

Both Andy and Spencer tell GM that It was the most difficult competition of the season. They go over the comp with GM with emphasis on how hard it was.
Spencer says that Andy did the competition 15 minutes faster than him..

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here



10:30pm Spencer and GM
Spencer tells her he fought his a$$ off in the competition. GM is worried “I don’t know if I can f*** beat him in questions bro”

Spencer tells them he’s angry at himself because he’s heavy and cannot do the thing they can. Gm tell shim he did great he shouldn’t worry about it.
S – “I want to put in a Alcohol request.. I think a bit of Alcohol will loosen up my muscles”

Gm and Spencer
Gm – “I’m nervous I cannot beat him in questions”
Spencer tells her not to worry the questions are from the houseguests she’ll be fine, “It’s really just guessing” Gm isn’t convinced.. Spencer keeps telling her not to worry she’ll be fine. GM – “I cannot let him win.. ”
Spencer- “You know people you have relationships with them.. I know you can do it.. you can do it”

11:10pm They are hoping to have something to do these next couple days cause shits getting boring.


Andy mentions how GM would pull him into the storage room and tell him things like “I Don’t trust JUDD” at the time it was hilarious but GM was right…
Spencer – “She was right”


Andy is talking about his strong relationship with his mom. When he left for college she cried. Spencer says he always loved his parents. Andy – “I’m going to be worried that I will be portrayed as some cold hearted person on the show”
GM – “Nahh I don’t think so buddy”
GM – “You didn’t backstab anybody.. First of all if you are thinking about that with Amanda and McCrae .. Amanda is a b!tch.. It’s not like you did anything wrong that people didn’t want you to do buddy.. you know what i’m saying.. “
GM – “It’s not like you backstabbed like… freaking … Uhhhh … I’m talking like umm.. that chick who is blind and deaf.. “
Spencer – “ Helen keller”
Gm – “Ya.. it’s not like you f*** backstabbed that b!tch right.. You know what i’m saying… ” (LOL)
GM – “You know what i’m saying”
Spencer – “I know what you are saying.. It’s not like you backstabbed Helen keller”
GM “Ya you see what I’m saying..”
Andy laughs…

11:54pm Kitchen Andy and GM
Andy -”I’m so giddy right now” Andy says that spencer must be like “F***k” right now thinking that Andy will take GM over him. Andy – “I swear on everything I will not screw you over”
GM – “I will not screw you over”

GM – “My f*** foot hurts like a b!tch.. alright i’m going to have some ice cream and call it a day”
GM – “I haven’t had ice cream in two weeks”


12:01AM GM and Andy

Andy – “one of us is going to get 50 grand another is going to get 500 grand”
Andy – “I only have 2 grand in savings I’m dirt poor”
GM – “I don’t even have a bank account”
They go back and forth about how much they need the money.. the point that they won so little money while other players won prizes is brought up. Spencer having won money and a trip is a reason they should take each other to the final 2.

Andy – “You snagged the cutest guy here” Andy adds he knew Nick was a shady F*** but he thought he was cute.
GM – “I just don’t know.. ohh Andy.. ”
Andy – “Don’t be sad.. I think he’s so proud of you”

GM says she likes Nick, “I really have feelings for him.. I’ve never met anybody like him”
Andy -Ya.. even if things don’t work out with Nick you know what a nice guy is and that is what you deserve”
GM – “My ex boyfriend was so mean to me.. I was so nice to him.. Stupid kid” GM starts to cry feeds cut to fish.

GM sobbing saying she had feelings for Nick she’s not saying she was in love with him she just had feelings.
Gm goes on a little breakdown she blames it on her period, “once I get my period I start crying like a little b!tch” . She start listing off negative things about her self. GM – “I’m not a person that does smart school things I do my things”
GM – “Most guys want a b!tch and I’m not a b!tch” GM says she felt something with Nick she looking forward to seeing him again. .
Andy – “He was so cute i’m jealous”

They hug out and reassure each other to go to final 2

(I think the winner of final HOH takes Spencer and Wins Big Brother 15)


12:42AM Gm tells Andy she doesn’t use tampons girls give her a hard time over it, “F*** them”

GM says that Kaitlin got a urinary track infection because she had dirty hands and was applying a tampon.


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204 thoughts on “Big Brother Final HOH Part 2 results “I don’t know if I can f*** beat him in questions bro”

      1. Captain, my Captain, Josh won some good money because my Rainbow Warrior won Part 2 and Josh told me he would. Yessssss. Josh and I wanted to party with Name last night and he stiff us. Josh thinks he lies and isn’t in Vegas at all. I told him he was but was Angry because Andy won part 2 but he was in Vegas. Josh made a good point he was pn a budget and who comes to Vegas on a budget? I still don’t believe Name would lie. Oh well the more important thing is the Rainbow Warrior will win the $500,000. Go Andy, the best player in BB history.

      2. GM is a delusional psycho. Nick doesn’t like you! He made that painfully obvious when he was in the house, and everyone has told you that. She is just a jealous turd because compared to the other women, she was the ugly chick in the house who nobody looked at twice. (Her mouth and shitty gameplay also had something to do with that). I continue to be aghast at GM’s dumping on Amanda when she then does the same thing. This time it’s about tampons. Amanda bled on the bed sheets and she’s a disgusting pig for it but what does that make GM who must bleed everywhere all the time if she doesn’t use tampons? SMH. GM is disgusting in every way. Dog shit has more appeal than her.

        Spencer is a giant asshole. Literally. Just imagine a mammoth anal sphincter. It is revolting to look at and nothing but shit comes out if it. That’s the sociopathic pervert to a tee. Oh, congratulations on making it to final two. The racist skank and Rat turd are telling each other they will take the other but that won’t happen. You are assured to be going. If it’s with the unemployed bigot, she will win because the women on the jury will give it to her simply because of gender. If it’s against Andy I think you have an excellent shot of actually winning because the jury hates him for betraying them.

        Andy worries that he will be perceived as a cold-hearted bitch? You ARE perceived as that and a whole lot more. And yes, you did back stab people. Almost everybody on that jury. Don’t expect them to reward you with $500k for that. Rat boy better hope he wins the final HOH otherwise he will continue to be dirt poor. I’m giddy just thinking about that.

        1. GM has confirmed what everyone has known: she is white trash. She is poor and doesn’t even have a bank account? That explains why she is a single, unemployed 33 year old woman who still lives out of their parents’ house. I have a feeling that the job she was fired from wasn’t much of a job. And I also have a feeling she was getting some of that n$$$er insurance. Such a pathetic hypocrite. I almost feel sorry for this skank but she is too odious a person for me to do that.

          1. Just curious Psycho, what did you mean by n$$$er insurance? What is the full word without the $’s? Come on Psycho be big and provide our audience with the full word. You are not a undercover Coward, are you?

            1. I didn’t use the full word because I have couth and some decency. Had you been paying attention this season, You would know that GM referred to welfare as ‘n$$$er insurance’ the very first week! And ever since she has made repeated racial comments about blacks, Puerto Ricans, Jews, Asians, and autistic/mentally challenged people, to say nothing about being a crass and rude bitch to every woman (and some of the guys) in the house. She is seriously the most repugnant asshole I have ever seen in my 45 years of life. Spencer the pervert and sociopath is the second. It makes me nauseus that either of them is going to be handed $500k for being a total piece of shit in life and for coasting the entire season while others played the game. (Yes, I intentionally left out Rat boy as a contender for the win because I don’t see how that shit ball can win against GM or Spencer).

              1. Yayy Your Just like me im want Andy to win because he is the best of the 3..He didnt male racist or sexist remarks he just called Elissa UGLY she is ONE Person the rest of the 2 spoke out genders and races not A Person..Gina is a NASTY,VILE,RACIST ITALIAN its soo sad that people are rooting for someone like her.(I didnt say Italian to talk down on them im just saying she is a nasty women,human,italian,ALIEN,and w.e else)

        2. Three, you said “GM who must bleed everywhere all the time if she doesn’t use tampons?” That’s not correct, you must be a man.

          1. Tampons can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome and that is a dangerous health risk. If the string on a tampon breaks it can get stuck in you and you may have to go to the doc if you can’t get it out on your own. That’s why GM may prefer pads. Pads are safer. That doesn’t make her disgusting it makes her smart.

          2. Didn’t GM leave period blood on the living room couch earlier in the season? I’m pretty sure that means she has no credibility when complaining that Amanda is a pig for leaving period blood on a bed sheet. GM needs to look in the mirror more when constantly bitching about the other HGs. She is a thousand times more repugnant. No wonder she is still single and can’t get a job.

            And if GM isn’t wearing a tampon and she is leaving period blood on a couch, you don’t have to be a man to say she can bleed anywhere she goes.

          3. Truly, I have never used tampons, there was that toxic shock syndrome scare thing. And unlike Amanda, I don’t like feeling something inside me all the tme,

        3. That’s right get all your hate out, these are people you don’t even personally know and look at all the hate spewing out of you. I bet you would fit in that house perfectly. You may not realize it but you sound just like these people you hate so much. Seriously, get your own life, you’re sounding a little obsessed. Yes these people signed up to be on BB, and to be filmed 24/7, but CBS exploited them for all their bad behavior just for the rating’s because otherwise it would have been a boring season. At anytime in the DR, production could have called these people out on their actions,but they obviously didn’t, production was to busy munipulating the HG’s game play. These people have no idea that they have lost their jobs, and how hated they’re going to be once this game is over. They all believe their just playing a game, that the backstabbing, lying and back dooming is part of it / after all that’s the way the game has been played every other season. There have been racist’s, misogynist and villain’s on other season’s. CBS just didn’t play it up as much as they did this season, because other season’s people had better game play, this season nobody had good game play so the show exploited their bad behavior for rating’s. I believe after this show is over these people should be able to go on with their live’s, learn from their mistakes and not used as scapegoat’s by CBS, while they are to blame. Andy to win, he played the best game in spite of his bad behavior, GM second because her game play didn’t start until near the end,she was to busy fighting with Candice and obsessing over Nick for most of the game. Spencer, coasted through the game so he should float on out in third place.

        4. GM doesn’t bleed everywhere. She said she doesn’t use tampons. A lot of females don’t. That’s what pads are for. Using pads doesn’t make a female disgusting. It just means a female prefers something on the outside instead of the inside. Get a grip.

          1. You got me. I am a guy and I have to confess my ignorance on the tampon/pad thing. When GM said she never wears tampons it never occurred to me that she might be wearing pads instead. I just inferred she wears nothing and that’s why I said she was disgusting. That notwithstanding, she still is a dispicable person for all the crap that came out of her mouth this season. If GM were a lady she never would have brought the subject up with two guys and on national feeds that play 24/7.

    1. That’s an easy answer. Because this show has turned into more of a “Jerry Springer,” show. So it’s pulling in a lot of the well to say it mildly, “not so classy people!” And there’s a lotnof them. But I think BB has already lost some of its loyal viewers this season. It’s really going to have to prove its worth next season. Plus, and you can go ahead and give me a thumbs down, but I think definitely Elissa had a lot to do with the high ratings. As annoying as her sister, Rachelle was, she was a beast! Which made her huge on BB. And after finding out Elissa was her sister, the audience became very curious. The fact that she’s prettier and quiet; a polar opposite of her sister, and was automatically picked on by the other house guests. It just made it that much easier to love her. I’m just sayin….

      1. I don’t hate Elissa or anything but to say the other houseguests just picked on her because she was pretty and quiet is ridiculous. She had FLAWS…she was not this perfect person who was unjustly victimized by these terrible people. People who say these things must not watch the live feeds or are completely blinded by their love for this woman that they think she has no qualities that other people don’t like. Elissa was extremely frustrating to have a conversation with and DID make snide comments about other people. And whether she intended to come across this way or not, the other houseguests ALL commented at one time or another on how Elissa acted like she thought she was better than them…including Helen. I think Elissa was one of the most tolerable in this bunch, but that’s not saying much. I don’t agree with the extent in which she has been talked about, but anyone who saw how Elissa acted at times should admit to themselves that what people have said about her is not because they are jealous or just wanted to pick on a “pretty and quiet” person.

        1. Spot on, Name. It’s very true.

          I liked Elissa the best, too, but she was elitist; she was snobby. And while I commend her for (for the most part) not stooping to the levels of the other HGS, and she held on to her own values, she still didn’t present herself in the best way.

          Easily the most likeable HG who stayed the longest (Nick and Howard were pretty nice, too) but again, with this cast, that isn’t saying a whole lot.

          Sometimes I think Howard and Nick got the best end of the deal.

        2. She was better than most of them. She didn’t curse constantly, belittle the other house guests, walk around filthy, air racist views, or have sex all over the house. It really didn’t take much to be better, but Elissa accomplished it easily.

          1. You need to remove this one:

            ‘belittle the other house guests’

            … because Elissa made up all kinds of shit in he her and when she got obsessed about someone she wouldn’t let go and alk she did was badmouth them for days and days. Difference is that she didn’t swear like the others.

            By the way, she felt everyone else in that house was disgusting and beneath her and she said so, so I don’t know how you can say she didn’t belittle others. I think she did more than anyone else there just that, again, she didn’t use bad language and she always smiled and added that she’s a good person right as she was ripping people apart.

            She is a huge hypocrite and if you don’t see it then you choose not to because that just isn’t reality.

      2. Oh PUKE!!!!!! Pretty? Bitch makes you want to gouge your eyes out!!!!! Look at the poll Plastolissa is hated even more than Spencer hahahahaha, your theory is wacked.

      3. Prettier because of a good plastic surgeon. Without that, you have someone who looks like Rachel, can’t compete, can’t play the game and is whiney. And she will get AFP. Geeeeeeez

        1. I’m not even a rachael fan but come on now, you’re allowing your dislike of her to cloud your judgment. First, she did very well at comps, that’s completely inaccurate. Second, she pulled a very hot freaking rocket scientist as her husband. She must have something. And I think she’s cute in her own way. I think Elissa is very pretty and Botox and/collagen is NOT plastic surgery. You don’t know what Elissa has done, stop pretending like you do and writing it as fact.

      4. I was so excited for big brother. i have not missed an episode since BB 6. I stopped watching once Howard left. Show sucks. People on the show sucked. MVP twist ruined the season. might as well start off with 20 people have america vote out 5 and then start the game.

        1. The America’s MVP will be a wake-up call for all the house guests once they’re told. Amanda will get the wake-up call of how America felt about her and the house guests will say, “Oh that was our clue. We missed it.”

          1. She already knows she’s hated. She said as much last week during the jury segment. Of course our little Aryan had to pipe in with “Me too!” in case anybody forgot about her already.

    2. Game Aside…, Calling All Doctors Watching, Please Help GM With Her Bulimia. It’s So Obvious What She Is Doing. God Love Her But She Is A Train Wreck And Someone Needs To Help Her. She Said She Has Free Insurance Thru The State, All Know They Won’t Help With This. So If Production Won’t Help Someone Needs Step Up! I Know If I Was In This Predicament I Would, If Not Right Off, Eventually Appreciate Anyones Help When I Couldn’t Help Myself.

      1. How is it so ‘obvious’ that she is bulimic? Can you list the things you are seeing that lead you to that conclusion? I sincerely want to know – this isn’t a sarcastic question. Thanks.

        1. Plus she doesn’t look emaciated. To the contrary she has a pretty big ass. And she certainly shits enough (thanks to her telling the live feeds. If she were bulimic there would be nothing to come out because she would have already thrown it up.

        2. Just Watch The Ritual She Repeats After She Eats. She Says She Needs To Take A Dump, Goes To The Br, Water On In The Sink, Toilet Lid Slamming Down, Rinsing Of The Face, The 5Second Brushing Of Her Teeth Then Telling The Boys She Could Not go #2 Afterward. I’ve Seen This Happen Several Times On The Feeds. Not To Mention Dr Sessions She Has Openly Talked About. Long Discussions With Elissa About It. Not All Bulimics Look Emaciated But One Tell Tell Sign Is Caps On The Front Teeth And She Has Them.

          Now, Sorry, Can’t Help The Cap Words. It’s How My Android Works. I’ve Tried Everything To Correct It, Cuz It Drives Me Crazy,Without Success. Meh

        1. It’s How My Android Inputs The Word. I Type Lower Case On My Key Pad And When I Hit The Space Bar The Cap Appears. It’s Irritating.

      2. bulimia (and anorexia) are diseases of the privileged. They don’t have this problem in places were people are starving and don’t have a clean source of water.

        (By privileged i mean the developed western world.) Just spoiled people who can’t deal and use food to control the lives they won’t take control of. Sadly, i can’t find it my heart to feel so bad for her. I am just extremely jaded with all these “modern” diseases that seem to come from spoiled people who can’t deal with life’s problems, like was done forever before the age of entitlement.

    3. Ratings are higher this year thanks to PLAYERS like Amanda, Elissa, and Aaryn who everybody loved to hate. They always made sure the house wasn’t boring. But since their eviction the ratings have precipitously dropped because it’s nothing but FLOATERS left. Just a bunch of losers that did nothing all season and who are disgusting pieces of shit. Compare the Neilsen ratings from the last two weeks to last year and your statement wouldn’t hold, Jim64. Finale night will probably be the least watched one because nobody cares who wins at this point. They are all worthless.

    4. Jim 64 – because Julie took the show to The Talk regarding the racist statements (of course, those statement had not affected the game) – after The Talk the news took off and even made it to The New York Times… people tuned in to see the train wreck… and boy, is this season a freaking train wreck.

    5. Easy answer. So much controversy.

      I for one hope andy wins. Hear me out.

      Sure andy has been one of the BIGGEST snakes in history of big brother, there is one thing no one can deny. He played the game.
      If andy had been a snake for elissa and howard, I bet you he’d be well liked, so what im saying is he is also guilty by affiliation with one of the most hated houseguests ever. He also outplayed them (Mcranda).

      Dont get me wrong, andy is the type of person that would make it to final 5 just by keeping his mouth shut and floating. Since this season was all about floating
      this was a perfect season for andy. It only looks like he’s won so much because he’s surrounded by floaters. However, besides beating the floaters he has also played a strategic social game. That much alone just makes him a winner in my books. GM has done nothing but claim she tells the truth and win a comp here and there, but I just wont accept such a RACIST to win the game. Then there is spencer, overall a decent guy but he just says vile and stupid things that reminds me why he isnt married.

      Andy, bring it home.

    6. I’m curious as to why more people aren’t discussing Andy’s comment last night after winning part 2 of the final HOH competition. He was excitedly pacing around the room (as usual), talking a mile a minute (as usual) and he blurted out that Production “assisted him” with the competition at one point. Big Brother live feeds quickly went to fish after he made that comment.

      It looks like a given Andy will make it to the final two because if the last competition deals with memory or questions, Andy is almost certain to beat out GinaMarie. And, as has been discussed, Andy will take Spencer with him to the final two rather than honor any deal he had with GinaMarie. Big Brother so desperately seems to want Andy to win, they’re sending in Dr. Will to “question” a/k/a “influence” the jurors before they vote. Since Andy played Dr. Will’s type of game (sneaky and deceitful), it stands to reason that Dr. Will supports Andy for the win.

      This has been a horrible season as anyone who purchased the live feeds can attest to. None of the three are deserving of the win; but Big Brother is contractually bound to pay two of them the first and second prize. I think it was decided, after public opinion and outrage made it impossible for the $500,000 prize to be given to Amanda, that Andy would win. Andy’s game strategy throughout the season was to tightly cling to Amanda and McCrae in order to fly under the radar. Only after he became part of a side alliance did he make any real game moves on his own. Actually, those moves were aided by members of his alliance, more particularly by GinaMarie. If I had to choose who should win the $500,000, I would rather see GinaMarie win the money.

      Like many others, I’m only watching the finale on Wednesday night to see Elissa be awarded America’s Favorite prize of $25,000.

    1. GM is about as stupid as they come.

      She will not win against the vile piece of shit who will then take Spencer to the final.

      The jury however will stick it to Andy who will be so upset that he’ll attempt to strangle himself on live TV. It’ll be a tough job; he’ll yell at himself to stop, which he will a couple of times to catch his breath, but in the end he’ll muster up enough strength to choke a little harder, eventually falling to the floor and gasping for air. Amanda will deliver the final blow by taking a flying leap on his chest; we won’t have to see the gloating and smirking and praise he’d give himself if he was to win.

      Not that will be ‘ good TV ‘.

    2. The odd thing is…I find myself rooting for GM too – even though she has said really, really just horrible things. There is a quote “stupidity has a certain charm to it, ignorance does not”. I guess I found Aaryn ignorant: capable of understanding how much her words could hurt others but refusing to acknowledge it. Meanwhile…I find GinaMarie just dumber than a rock, totally unaware of how hurtful her words can be. I really shouldn’t root for her but, woohoo? go ginamarie?

      1. I have to disagree with your assessment of GinaMarie. GM is not stupid. What she lacks in book smarts, she more than compensates in street smarts. GM is aware of how much her words and actions hurt people, but she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care until someone says something to her that she doesn’t like and then she fights. That is how she operates. As a pageant coordinator GM knows better, but chooses not to do better. And as a pageant coordinator her constant use of the F* and B* words, her racist and demeaning comments about Candice, Elissa, Amanda and Elissa are forever on YouTube and the BB archives. Good luck getting another job as a pageant coordinator. She has forever tarnished her reputation. And a good man may not want to deal with a woman who can be as tacky as GM. Just keeping it real. LOL

    3. Andy – “I’m going to be worried that I will be portrayed as some cold hearted person on the show”

      You don’t have to worry about that rat boy. Nobody thinks that highly of you. Your going to need to go into the witness protection program when you discover the hate for you outside of the house.

      1. I agree with you, why should Gina Marie “rinse” the dishes. But, these two idiots are the laziest and most vile, disgusting “men” (used loosely) I have ever seen. Spencer does absolutely nothing but lay around. Andy does nothing but run his trap and start trouble. Would be great to get all the shots of him during his 3 months doing nothing but laying on the bed, sofa, slouching in the chairs.

        The only time he was standing was to make food and the very few times he actually showered, with no soap. For some reason soap just isn’t isn’t in the vocabulary of these HG. Spencer or McCrae, neither of them used soap to shower and it appears that Gina Marie doesn’t really “wash” the dishes, she just basically “rinses” them off under the water. Just as Spencer did when he washed his dishes. Rinsed them off with water, dried them with nasty napkin he wiped his gross face with and then put them back in the cabinet.

        That place is a complete pig sty in need of a real cleaning or burning and starting all over. Blood and buggers on the furniture, snot in the shower, mold under mat in bathroom, so unhealthy and disgusting. YUK!

        1. Speaking about Spencer slouching, laying, sitting and NOT using soap when showering. At least Andy exercised once in awhile by running.

  1. Spencer: Can’t believe I lost that round. If it was a sh**t bowl contest no one would drop bigger boulders than me.

    Rat Boy: I don’t care how many lights you turn on..This rodent isn’t going anywhere.

    Gutter Mouth: I got some stale cold cuts and braciole down there left that Nick ain’t gonna taste for awhile.
    Want to take a tour of my Italy?

    Spencer aka #2: Nope GM..I want to stuff it in the pooper!!

    1. Andy better be careful, I don’t think Old Spence is in any mood to listen to repeated replays of how he was beaten by Kermit the Fag.

    2. Its very sad that you cannot compliment a coworker on how she or he looks without risking a harrassment complaint, yet one of these vile , awful, horrible people is going to walk out with half a million dollars, another will have 50,000. hopefully the third one will walk out with $94.83…How we must look to the rest of the world, truly representative of the “Ugly American”.

      1. what you see in that house is America have to be stupid not to realize that there are plenty of people that talk about you or anyone else just like in the bb house but they just don’t say it to your face

      2. Not worth the money for what they paid to get it. All of their lives are messed up. The money will run out but the utube videos and video/feeds from this season will not.

  2. GM has no chance against Andy in any question comp so it looks like Andy will win the HOH. The question is who does he pick for F2. I think he will take Spencer thinking GM will have too many votes in the jury. GM leaves the game with no money, a destroyed reputation, and all the mental anguish that will come with Nick’s rejection. I think the jury will pick Spencer because they all probably hate Andy but thinking how screwed up this cast is they will do the reverse and pick Andy. This is the worse season ever!!!

      1. Why? Spencer knows he’s going to the final two either way…and he knows he’s playing for second place either way. The only shot at a win for him is against Andy, but even then he’s going to lose. Being the designated pawn of the season is not something to be proud of, even if it did land him in the final three…it’s purely luck for him to still be there.

    1. GM+Spencer deserved it. Spencer should have put Andy up on the block so that GM can vote the Rat out. But no they decided to evict McCrae. Dumb move.

    2. They’ll give it to Andy over Spencer because Andy has played a better game than Spencer. Simple as that. In BB history the jury is typically respectful of the person that played them. Sure they will be angry with Andy, but they aren’t going to hand over 500k to a total floater and professional pawn. I don’t particularly like either Andy or Spencer, both gameplay and personality, but out of those two Andy has played the better game by far. Anything could happen, but if “Spendy” is the final two, it would be another insult to the game if Spencer wins. But considering how much this entire season has been an insult to the BB game, Spencer taking home the 500k might be the fitting end. lol

      1. I agree, normally the jury respects the gameplay and votes for the winner based on the best gameplay. However, this is not a normal jury. Almost all played a horrible game themselves and I don’t think they know good gameplay. Most aren’t even fans but are wannabe entertainers ((Amanda, Aaryn, Andy) or want to work in a related area (McCrae, Helen) or have a history of working in the entertainment industry (Candice, GM) so….it was apparent early on that most were not fans of BB and are merely looking for “easy” money and their 15 minutes of fame. Who can predict who will win in this unpredictable season?

        My vote…give it to a charity for children who are victims of bullying or racism. It won’t happen but that’s my vote for the win.

        A truly disappointing season all around. I prefer All Stars to this rubbish and I am not a fan of bringing back past contestants. :-(

        1. Boogie and Jeff both said first time players tend to vote with more emotion. They said especially this particular jury because several of them played this game based on emotion. It will be interesting to see what happens. I can see a few of them voting for spencer over Andy because they dislike Andy more. We’ll see.

    3. Lurker,

      Don’t give up on GinaMarie in a question competition. She does good when he back is against the wall Don’t forget about production either.

  3. Its very sad that you cannot compliment a coworker on how she or he looks without risking a harrassment complaint, yet one of these vile , awful, horrible people is going to walk out with half a million dollars, another will have 50,000. hopefully the third one will walk out with $94.83…How we must look to the rest of the world, truly representative of the “Ugly American”.

    1. They give them all tips in comps. It’s nothing new. Houseguests over many seasons have talked about it. If they didn’t give Spencer the same tips he would be having a fit about it on live feeds right now.

  4. GM winning a :”questions comp”? you have to be smoking crack cocaine with a hint of meth to think she could win a competition that requires you to “THINK”.

    They’re all floaters, but the Rat played the best game out of the 3. I predict the Rat will win, you can quote me on that, I haven’t been wrong yet with my predictions this season.

    1. I agree and actually want to see Andy win because I think he’s played the better game since day one compared to the people that are left. I’m not so quick to rule out GM on the questions comp though. She’s actually done rather well on those types of comps. She almost won the “before and after” comp. I still think Andy has the best shot at winning the questions part, but it wouldn’t surprise me that much if GM pulled an upset. If the questions are like “what would this houseguest say” then Andy might have a better advantage since he attempted to really get to know everyone. GM might not know the right answers for people outside of her clique. I dunno though. Anything can happen.

    2. Don’t forget, GM was doing pretty well in the last question competition for HOH. She was ahead and blew the last question. Sometimes I think she plays a lot dumber than she actually is.

  5. Andy admitted he acted like a baby during the competition. Production should have just let him sit there and cry instead of helping him out and telling him to keep looking. Rigged, rigged, rigged!

    1. You know they talk to all the contestants during comps, right? Especially the ones where they are out their by themselves. They were telling Andy the same things they told Spencer.

      Now go come up with another “rigged” conspiracy theory to explain a situation where the person you don’t like wins a comp. Season after season this “rigged” crap gets old. They use DR sessions to influence the game, that’s always been pretty much known, but the comps aren’t rigged.

      1. I guess since the comps are not rigged, is why we actually saw a hand come from the back/side of where Helen was standing during the ball catching comp and she immediately fell off her stand? Hmmm Just saying! What was that all about?

      2. Everyone knows that all anti conspiracy theorist is the worst part of a great conspiracy. Be very, very quiet or THEY might get you.

  6. It just keeps getting bader by the minute, The guys are going to starve with GM.

    GM can not win and we all know it and she knows it, but I think that the jury will still not pick Andy to win regardless who is beside him. The hate is too strong.

    So come on, CBS don’t screw us up = enough of this BS. CBS will stand for COMPLETE BULL SHIT

    GM may the force be with you, and us.

    1. I mean Andy had this all figured out. He didn’t need to win endurance when he can just beat Spencer in anything physical. I can’t believe anyone actually thought Andy didn’t have this round in the bag. Wishful thinking!

      1. For once I agree with Nick. Said this yesterday – the 2nd comp is setup for speed and agility – has been for years. If GM doesn’t win the next one she’s toast and I think the jury hands the win to Andy. If it’s GM and Spencer in the F2 – GM wins.

      1. I hope he does choke on that cheese! Isnt that what RATS do? What a backstabbing BASTARD! I hope he loses and he has to go home and stand in the damn cheese line!

  7. Brenchel Drones are truly pathetic, they’re actually attacking Brittney after finding out her baby has cancer, calling it karma for the hilariously nasty shit she said about that skank Rachel. Kill Yourselves!

    1. OMG! that is awful. I do not care who you are or what you have done i believe Karma to directly hit you never your child anyone who states that this childs ailment is due to Britney is ignorant S.O.B and just see what Karma does to your A$$..

    2. I couldn’t find anything about Brenchel drones posting horrible messages but if so, shame on them. Britney’s baby is a newborn. There is no living creature more innocent and less deserving of ill will than a baby. Tilly doesn’t deserve cancer. No child does. That’s ridiculous. Leave the family in peace while they put their energies towars saving their beautiful Tilly.

      What is wrong with people?

    3. ILL WILL,

      We get that you hate Rachel. Go ahead and say you hate her but to post this bullshit that her fans are attacking Britney’s sick baby says a lot more about you than any Brenchel fan. You should be ashamed to spread a terrible lie like that.

      1. I saw the twitter post to Britney, and that poster was an Elissa supporter, I can put 2 and 2 together that it’s obviously a Brenchel Drone.

        1. So you saw the ONE tweet put sent by an OBVIOUS TROLL and you wrote about ALL Brenchel fans and made it seem as all Brenchel fans were doing this? Then you admit you saw the ONE and ONLY tweet and claim you can do the math because the troll retweeted vote for Elissa that now means Brenchel fans are tweeting this?? Wow, you’re terrible at math. And your sad attempt to spread rumors got shut down….LOL

      2. “Sallyanne ?@sally20011 14h

        @britney_haynes not trying to be rude but many would say this is KARMA for the type of person u have been all your life ex: BB w/Racheal.”

        Nice try Drone…. I don’t need to make anything up. This poster is one of the Brenchel Drones.

        1. Funny because I have retweeted vote for Elissa for America’s Fav and I am DEFINITELY not part of Brenchel Army. I just like Elissa the most out of the cast. Nice try though.

    4. That’s inaccurate. I follow her on twitter, along with Evel dick and the rest. A twitter TROLL put that, indicated by the rose as her profile pic. Not sure where u got all these brenchal fans are doing that. That’s simply not true. I went and looked at all the brenchal twitters I could pull up and I didn’t see ANY if them saying that. In fact, quite the opposite, tweets going out about keeping her in your prayers etc.

        1. Wrong. I voted for Elissa, also retweeted vote for Elissa. I am NO Brenchel drone as you call it. I never really was much a fan of Rachael actually indifferent to her. But I do like Elissa and hope she wins. So to sum it up, retweeting to vote for El DOES NOT MAKE YOU A PART OF BRENCHEL ARMY.

    1. As would most contestants if they knew their only shot at getting to the finale was to win the comp. Yeah Andy cries a lot but losing the comp thus knowing you’re going to get third place is worthy of a meltdown.

  8. Fret not people.

    If GM loses to Andy and he takes Spencer to the final, the jury house will give it to Spencer just like the jury in Survivor didn’t give the win to Russell Hantz, who outplayed, outsmarted everyone in Survivor: Samoa.

    If GM loses to Andy and he takes GM to the final, which he would be crazy to do so, the jury house will give it to GM just like the jury in Survivor didn’t give the win to Russell Hantz, who outplayed, outsmarted everyone in Survivor: Samoa.

    If Andy loses to GM and she takes Spencer, GM will win and Andy in a fit of rage will strangle himself on live TV; the crowd will cheer uncontrollably, the sun will shine the next day and all will be good in TV land.

  9. Virtual crap shoot now. guessing game almost. gina wins then she wins the 325k after tax. andy wins then I “thin” he wins, doubt anyone giving fckn spence the 32kk cash. wow. what a horrendous, terrible season. i mean . wow!

  10. Looks like Andy will win the final Hoh and be the winner! Ugh I was so rooting for GM. Spencer is so playing GM. He know he is 2nd regardless.

    1. Michelle my belle, I love you, I love you, I lovvvvvvvvve you. Josh and I totally agree with you. Josh and I love that red hair Rainbow Warrior Andy. Best BB plaer ever. Josh and I are in the money, life is so sunny. Just want to do a shout out to my good friend The Captain.

    2. Michelle…..Don’t worry!!!! Andy will be in the jury. Beside, he has friends will vote for him. That why, Andy will be evicted.

  11. great, we have a prejudice panty sniffer, a prejudice delusional stalker and then there is ANDY…Andy has been a rat all season, he played all sides of the house. I am not a fan of the rat, but if I have to choose I hope he wins over bigoted ass wipes…

  12. ANDY shut up that rapid talk, just like a rat.

    Spencer get your finger out of your nose, and balls. You do not have any, you left them at the door.

    GM please stop cooking for those fools, let them starve and maybe you will win. Cook for only you, let them cook for themselves, CBS has cheese, and Spencer can feed himself with his nose pickings.

  13. in summary…gina wins hoh then done deal 32kk cash in her c*nt. andy wins hoh he drags that pig vomit to final 2 and wins the325k cash after tax. see ya next yr

    1. Lucky indeed, between me, the Nick shrine and her bigoted comments all season America now knows what a crazy, obsessed, racist bitch Ginamarie Zimmerman is. Hooray!

  14. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if GinaMarie won though? I don’t think she was ever good at reading people, but it would be epic. It’s a real long shot.

    1. Totally disagree Kelsey – I think she’s one of the sharpest knives in the drawer. I have a feeling the whole Nick obsession is more for show (maybe not), but everyone else she had pretty accurately pegged. The Nick thing gives her something to talk about on camera and she probably genuinely cared for him but I don’t think it’s going to matter to her one way or the other if he doesn’t reciprocate. Just my read on the whole thing.

    2. I always thought GM was quite good at reading people. And since round three has historically been guessing answers of what house guests think, I think she has a pretty good shot. But she has to win. No tie breaker round…cuz we all how she is with numbers.

  15. listen fools…boogie here….its plain and simple kids….GM wins HOH and done deal, 325K in her blo*dy snizzatch. Andy wins HOH , then he drags that piss slob neanderthal and Andy inherits 325k after tax……(andy pays off debt, does some stupid stuff, then is more broke than he is now in 2 yrs…like most past winners…) thank u and c ya

  16. Spencer’s so damn out of shape. He always seems to be out of breath. His big ass couldn’t win anything physical. Shit Andy better not win.
    Hell I’m so tired of this shit. Who else is ready for Survivor and the Amazing Race.

  17. F2 is gonna get ragged on by the jury. the moment Andy starts saying he masterminded everyone’s eviction, that’s when he loses. They aren’t gonna put up with that BS. Watch. The only dumb one that’ll vote for him is Helen, cuz she still won’t believe it.

    1. Great Point Roisin. If Andy turns arrogant with the jury (like Dan did last year) he could place second. But whoever wins this season isn’t going to have a lot of respect from BB fans or BB alum.

  18. Ginamarie’s language and grammar skills verbally may not be college level but this girl is on the ball about events in the house and is pretty keen otherwise. I wouldn’t count her out to Andy just yet. I’m hoping that ends up true because of the three left, I would really be disappointed if Andy won. He became uglier and uglier as the season progressed. He was good at masking how hateful he actually was so WAY TO GO there, I guess; but just a despicable human being.

  19. I’m a little confused about this final HOH 3 part competition; does this mean that Spencer didn’t necessarily have to win any of the 3 last competitions? Anyone (if they were confident they were going to F2), could throw the last comps, for example and be taken to the end without winning?
    Can someone help me out with the last details? Thanks so much.

    1. Yes, any contestant can throw all three of the comps if they so choose-however that would be really stupid in the final three. So GM won the first one. Andy won the second one between just him and Spencer. The winner of round 1 (GM) and the winner of round 2 (Andy) now face off in round three. If Andy wins, he will take Spencer. If GM wins, she will take Spencer. So technically, Spencer could have thrown the 1 and 2 rounds and still end up in the F2 if Andy or GM takes him. It all comes down to whoever wins round 3. They are the last HOH and they alone choose who take with them to the F2.

  20. GM is good at reading people.. Example.. Her warning to Aaryn about Amanda.. (“Bullies don’t cry” remark.) Gm also did well in the last quiz and at least one other.. She is a female and so is most of the jury.. She also works with women.. My hunch is she’ll do well in the last HOH quiz, if it stays the same as past years.. The problem could be if it goes to a tie and a math question.. GM is not so good at math..

  21. Looks like production wants the Rat to win. If Spencer finished the competition a full 15 minutes after the Rat, then they set up the comp for Spencer’s weaknesses so that the Rat would advance. And now, they’ll set up the questions on the 3rd part of the HOH comp for the Rat to win.

    1. Which is most discarded in the trash. A: cheddar

    2. Who said, “I want to put a knife in Elissa’s back? A: the Rat (he said this to Spencer w/o GM present)

    3. Who has the biggest d*ck, Spencer or the Rat? A. The Rat (only by 3cm, accounting for the HIV/STD wart on the tip)

    Those are a sampling of the questions that are geared to only the Rat knowing that will be asked.

  22. As much as I dread Andy being in final two there might be one reason I can stand it……we will get to see him face off with the jury… case scenario, they out him for the punk he truly is. However now that I think about it the likely scenario will be everyone understands and we get to hear a rehash of the most boring season ever! The viewer cant win in any finale with these three!

  23. I want GM to win very very very much. I agree she has done some bad things but her winning is the best of all three evils. I also believe she will help out her family and hopefully fix her life. Spencer talks about his family and friends GM sometimes does as well but has anyone heard Andy state anything? I do not think he has except that he has dated a Black guy before which i think was a lie why? you ask? idk everything that he states is a lie.

  24. GM held out pretty good on the last question comp, she only lost because of the darn number thing at the end when there’s a tie. It’s funny, Andy was probably the least offensive of the three (I say that loosely), but our dislike for him outshines his gameplay so nobody wants to see him win. He messed up everybody elses game, it would’ve been a more interesting season if he wasn’t there sharing everybody’s gameplay and messing up the moves we wanted to see the players make. Oh well, doesn’t matter who wins, it’s not going to affect my life at all since I won’t see a dime of it, just a disappointing end to a crappy big brother season.

  25. Egad the Rat will win the last round as its all about questions which GM is horrible at……….Just hope the Jury hangs the Rat up high to dry and denies him the $500K ….

  26. Spencer rolling on his side while in bed at night: “Hmm, I wonder if this squishy, soft ball I found under my fingernail is a snot or some dried semen”.

    Spencer puts it in his mouth and gulps it down.

    Spencer: “Hmm, it was a little salty, guess it wasn’t snot!”

  27. If GM wins the third comp and takes Andy to the final I will go mad. If Andy gets to the final by whatever means, Helen will once again become the prize dumb arse and campaign hard for Andy the rat to win – yes, the same guy who screwed your game over time and time again. It will make me hate Helen even more. If Andy does win then I hope he gets booed when he exits the house. But you know for sure the studio audience will be screaming for joy – I will literally puke.

  28. Well folks it’s a lookin’ like a red RAT vs. creeps da PEDO Finale! I know we social warriors were praying to the BB Gods for this not to be!….. BUT, if for some higher powers, GM just might not have some mental brain-farts and pull the 3rd comp out, and send the cry baby a steppin’ with his $94.36! He can hustle over to Kiddies-R-Us and get the Boys Pants half-off back to school sale!

  29. I can’t stand these people in this house they are disgusting. They should bring back Elissa and replace her with Andy. She is BB blood. Allow America to vote for who they want to come back in the final three then have Rachel come back and host the final competition. If this does not happen I will not watch the final and I am done watching BB.

  30. let’s see the best way I can see this horrible season with
    the nastiest people (not players) is………….
    GM wins the 500k and Nick gets with her and
    spends all of her money and says “LATER”!

  31. A lot of talk has been had about production rigging the outcome of competitions and ultimately the final winner… And how difficult it will be for GM to win a questions comp over Andy… What is so hard to understand about production doing whatever they want in order to get the outcome they want??? For God sakes, they rigged it for Jordan to win over Kevin in season 11 in a questions comp!! And need I remind everyone that Jordan was as dumb as a rock!! If production really wants to give their audience a “happy ending” by having Andy lose and GM win the final comp, that will happen. Believe me, they read all the comments on every website about BB and their contestants and they know that most people do not appreciate Andy and would rather him not win. Just sayin’…

  32. Like most, I’m not happy with this season or the final 3. I will be really pissed if Spencer makes it to the final 2. He is by far the most disgusting, vile, perverted piece of crap ever! His girlfriend is either sick in the head or just like him. Either way, I pity her. Also, Spencer did nothing game wise except keep a seat on the block warm this season. Andy hid behind everyone else and was too afraid to make any real moves. GinaMarie feared no one. She stood up to Amanda. She put Amanda and McCrea on the block resulting with Amanda going. No one had the balls to do this (except for Elissa who screwed up by not putting McCranda up together). So I hope GinaMarie wins.

  33. Go CBS it’s the year of the fags getting there rights lets have a fag boy win bb we will be loved by many other fagggggggs
    Please gm and Spenser in the finals

  34. One last America’s vote before the final show:

    “Should we give the money to any of these unworthy characters, or should we give it all to charity?”

    Come on CBS, do something right this season!

  35. Everyone keeps saying that Spencer has floated his way through the game and that Andy outplayed him. ANDY was the ultimate floater. He went to anyone that had power. The house was just too stupid to figure it out. Any other season would have seen Andy for what he is early on. I mean come on, he would actually say to people that he couldn’t do anything to make the “other side of the house” mad at him because he would lose jury votes. These MORONS would actually help him make plans to keep everyone liking him. I just hope the jury house has compared notes and sees Andy for the floating rat that he is. Out of who is left, go GM!

    1. If Rat Dog wins he won’t take GM. The closer he gets to the end the more he realizes that this is a bitter jury and he played a big part of what has happened this season. His best chance it to go against the Perv.

      What a disappointing season.

    2. Yea. both Andy and Spence were floaters most of the season. Andy reminds us of the kid hiding behind mommy’s apron…but I think most people that like him give him more credit than Spense since none of the other house guests noticed this about Andy. Spense was so obvious. I believe the difference is that Spense had some loyalty but his early alliances broke up early and he is too much of a man’s man to play Andy’s game.

  36. I just want to vomit! From now on players will copy Ratboy and go from room to room listening to what people say trying to copy the Rat.
    I hope and pray that CBS does not pick questions in Andy’s favor. Let them have the first gay winner next year, I have a lot of gay friends and relatives
    And none of them wear clothes that are too little, act so vile and disgusting.
    Gina Marie s a product of her environment. She says a lot of inapproiate things, but just think of Jersey Shore. Please, please let her win this HOH!!!
    Andy is horrible!!!

    1. I don’t think any future season will let a Rat Dog get to the end. They’ve seen his tricks and how he has started the others on hate rants and then just sat back and laughed. They probably cheered along with us when Elissa kicked him out of the HoH room because she was having a private conversation. The closer to the end he got the more arrogant he became to the point of trashing Julie. I don’t think CBS/BB will be inviting him to be a apart of any BB event in the future. He may win the $500K but he lost his integrity. Even now his sniveling and whining goes on and on.

      Let Rat Dog be a lesson to all future HGs.

      1. Perfectly stated Jackie. I’m still curious to see what Dr. Will has to say to the jury. However, that CBS is bringing him back (or any past player) to speak with the jury I find highly suspect… I get the ‘ratings’ argument – but I’m not buying it. Just very odd…

  37. Since none of the three people left are going to have jobs when the season ends they are going to need some cash. The Red Rat has promised both Gina and Spencer that he would take them to the end. Let’s all hope that GinaMarie wins part three and exterminates the Red Rat.

  38. Andy talks about his strong relationship with his mom……I wonder if he calls her a c*** like he did Elissa. Mom what a bang up job you did in raising such a vulgar, disrespectful, vile, women hating piece of white trash.

  39. Lots of folks read this site. PLEASE EVERYBODY stop for ONE MINUTE and say a quick prayer for this innocent baby who through NO FAULT of her own has cancer at two months old. If you don’t believe in prayer please send positive thoughts for a minute. Thank you.

  40. Has anyone noticed that when GM talked about Candice to Elissa she would say that she only got into it with Candice because she was defending Aaryn? She passed it off as Aaryn’s fault and made it seem like she had nothing personal against Candice that it was all Aaryn’s fault. Since Elissa left she has constantly spewed hate about Candice. GM appears to conform to the thoughts of those around her. Very sad to see a 33 year old woman act that way, game or not.

  41. Yes, of course thoughts and prayers for this innocent baby and the family. This most definately puts life in the proper perspective. May our loved ones be well and safe.

  42. Meh, I say, meh. Why was I born to love all things sleazy? Why did I waste my Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays? Why?! And why will I now waste my time on survivor?

  43. One wonders if Elissa will get liposuction for her lips as well as her giant bulbous backside that looked like a stretched sack of whale blubber. The poor girl was dumb as a bag of rocks thinking if she saved Amanda that McNasty or Amanda would take her to the final two. It seems that self centered people are drawn to one another. Rachel was the smart daughter apparently. It was a most beautiful thing to hear Gina Marie to tell Amanda to get to steppin’. I would have loved to see Amanda’s face when McNasty join her in the jury house. Gina Marie is so cute and full of life. Amanda can have McNasty to curl up on her big belly and calm her rants and raves.

  44. Stop bashing these people. It is a game. They are doing nothing more than you or the next person would do to try and win money. We all are not perfect with our own lives and posting on here about how they live makes you just feel better about your own self. Try living in a house with strangers for three months

  45. Russell Hantz and his family need professional help and hopefully we wont be subjected to any of them ever again.
    They did not win because they are all hateful – combative – narrow minded people who do not know how to interact with society.
    hillbilly – redneck – whatever you want to call it – they should stay where they are understood and out of sight and not push their
    obnoxiousness on normal people.

  46. I agree. That’s why I don’t think this important of a comp should be questions. Way to easy for them to give questions they know one player can answer easier then the other. It should be a physical comp and may the best player win.

  47. I can’t read anymore. The first several posts ALL about tampon vs pads!! girls leaving blood trails!!! Does ANYONE know of people who do this? The gross disgustingness of the season has rubbed off on everyone. PLEASE folks lets leave the feminine hygiene discussions for the commercials or the GYN office. They are turning us all into douches! TMI TIMES 1,000,000,000!! What happened to the BB forum??!!

  48. I’ve never commented on these sites but I just have to give my opinion. After reading through all of the comments, I can honestly say that about 3 quarters of the people commenting are just as bad as the houseguests that they are commenting about. There are entire comments calling the house guests names & putting them down in a very mean fashion “because they are awful people”. It just seems very hiprocritical. You can dislike a person without calling them discussing pieces of shit… And wouldn’t that make you the nicer person? Just sayin.

    And my second question is: Isn’t Big Brother about who played the best game to get to the end? Not who was the nicest? I like the winner of Big Brother to be the person who did whatever it took to get to the end, not who was the nicest, least annoying, or most honest. After reading the comments I honestly wonder if we are all watching the same show.

    I find Andy to be very annoying. But did he do the most to get to the end compared to GM & Spencer? Absolutely. Because of this, he should be the winner of Big Brother. Can someone explain to me why they think anyone else should win over him without the answer being “Andy is a rat & annoying”? Yes, he is both of those things indeed, but we are watching Big Brother which is a game show that people do everything in the power to make it to the end.

    GM did not do anything for the first three quarters of the season. Why should she win Big Brother? Think of all the huge Big Brother All-Stars and all they did to get to the end, you really think GM deserves to be in that same boat? Someone please explain this to me. The most she did was get out Amanda because she luckily won HOH – that’s not worthy of 500 000 dollars in my humble opinion. None of the remaining people are, but at least give it to the person who played the game more than the others.

    Spencer didn’t do much of anything. I actually don’t mind Spencer, but he definetly doesn’t deserve to win.

    The person who played the best game was Amanda and I was rooting for her to win. She said some bad stuff and she was a bully at times – but this is Big Brother!!! The person who did the most should win, plain and simple. It’s not called “the nicest person wins $500,000!” Bottom line is: None of them really deserve to have the title of winner of Big Brother, but Andy deserves it the most.


  49. Andy is worried about looking like a cold hearted person. Too bad….. America looks at him as being more like a cold blooded RAT FACE BACK STABBING CRY BABY BITCH. How do you like them apples Andy. This is how you have Portrayed yourself to America in the BB house and you have been the worse BB player in history even if you win you are the biggest Loser.

  50. Oh please GM!!! The only reason you dont use tampons is because the last time you lost one up in your cooch and you had to go to the ER and look dumb as the F@ck you are to have it removed! Oh and Nick and the whole rest of the world thinks you are a stalker and fatally attracted to poor Nick! He does not even like you! I cant wait till you can see how stupid you look! Whats up with that fake pile of straw you have bundled on top of your head? It looks like a damn birds nest!@! Comb that shit or something! Damn birds are going to land on you! You are such a SKANK! Without a doubt the WORST player this season! Tell your psychiatrists to send you a life vest before you drown yourself! What a stupid FAKE BLONDE BITCH you are! LMAO Becareful Marylyn she we will make a move on poor Spencer before its over cause she cannot get a man! Id just give it up GM cause hell you are getting up in age now and getting to old to have children and a family! First you have to find a straight crazy man who will have you! LMAO

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