Spencer says I would rather play Judd in the competition today because there’s a 50% chance he would quit.


3 PART FINAL HOH Competition:

  • Part 1 – Spencer Vs Andy Vs Ginamaie = GM WON
  • Part 2 – Spencer Vs Andy = ?
  • Part 3 – Ginamarie Vs ? = ?
  • FINAL HOH winner = ?


10:30am – 11:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie are in the living room chatting. Spencer says that he is going to go in and request a means to get laundry done. Andy wonders if production has a favorite to win. Spencer thinks so but that it would be unprofessional to express it. Andy wonders if they will have the competition today because usually they wake us up earlier. He says although it is only for the two of us. Spencer says they might want to do it at night so it doesn’t matter what time we get up. Spencer says I do hope Elisabeth Shue stops by today.. I am sure she’s just stuck in traffic. Andy comments that he didn’t play in a veto until day 49. Spencer says yup I would rather be playing Judd in the competition today because there would be a 50% chance he would quit. Andy agrees and says Judd and Candice would be the least scary to compete against. Andy comments that he thinks Ian Terry was a fan of McCrae. Spencer says no offense but I don’t see what there was to like about him he didn’t do anything. Spencer tells Andy that Helen told him that she had a conversation with god about Nick being Dan Gheesling’s cousin. Andy laughs and says Helen used god as strategy. Spencer asks how much $ex do you think McCrae has had in the jury house by now. Andy says probably quite a lot. Andy brings up how Helen thought I was shy in the beginning. I was not going to put on dresses and run around yelling and screaming. Andy says that Amanda was just looking for attention when she put band-aids on her t*ts and ran around the backyard. Spencer says her t*ts were 4 inches too low. Don’t you think Ginamarie. Ginamarie says yeah. Spencer says I do think Amanda was attractive though. Gina comments that she’s got her period. Spencer says don’t get period stain on the couch. Gina says I am not disgusting like some other girls. They laugh about Judd coming back and having to sleep in Amanda’s period blood stained bed. They continue to talk about the past events of the house.

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12:15pm Ginamarie is back in bed sleeping. Meanwhile – Spencer and Andy continue to talk about past events of the season. Spencer and Andy talk about the jury votes and how each of them have played such different games. Spencer thinks Ginamarie has a lot of jury votes. Andy says yeah and I have severed them all. Spencer tells Andy that he wants to put his mind at ease – if I do win I will take you to the final two. Andy gives Spencer the thumbs up. Andy says I want to compete today. Spencer agrees.

12:30pm Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie are all back in bed napping..


1:30pm Still sleeping ..
2:25pm – 2:45pm Spencer gets called to the diary room. Ginamarie starts doing her makeup in the rainbow room while Andy continues to sleep. Andy wakes up and Ginamarie talks about how shes getting ready because she figures she will be called into the diary room next. Andy says maybe we won’t have part 2 of the competition today. Ginamaries says he hopes Spencer finds out if its today or not while in the diary room. Gina says its nice not having to compete but she’s still a bit nervous. Andy and Ginamarie talk about makeup and New York. Spencer returns and Ginamarie gets called to the diary room.


2:45pm – 3pmSpencer tells Andy if we could split the money in the end I would drop like a watermelon. Andy wonders what they want to talk to him about in the diary room. Like how I sat around all day yesterday and did nothing? Spencer says that he tries to put himself in Gina’s shoes. She has played an honest game. She’s won 2 HOH’s. Andy agrees and says he tries to put himself in the jury’s shoes too. If I make it to the final two I will be ripped a new a$$hole on live tv. Spencer says GM has played a great game. Spencer says there was a point when I thought no one could beat you in the end. Andy says I don’t know how many jury votes I would get at the end because I’ve severed so many ties. Spencer says I disagree with you, I don’t think I can beat you in the end. Andy disagrees and says you’ve been that pawn that never went home. Spencer says I really haven’t done anything though. I won HOH once against 3 people that didn’t really try. Andy says my game was night and day from the first half to the second. In the first half I did what others wanted me to do and then the second half I was gung ho.


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Bye Bye Andy!!!!! I hope you cry at the jury because you choke the second HoH competition.


Andy…….CHOKE,CHOKE,CHOKE,CHOKE,CHOKE!!!!!!!!!! I hope you choke the second HoH competition because spencer owns you.

GM's mirror

GM says she’s not disgusting like the other girls. Uh, GM, you wanna bet? You were the MOST disgusting skank in the house this year (and probably all 15 seasons) with your sewer mouth, your racist comments, your crass behavior in matters skatelogical, and just how you have lived. Nothing you did or said was lady like. You are a total piece of shit.

Name and 1/2

Oh Captain my Captain. It would be ever so much better (and ironic) if the rat would just plain choke on a hotdog before the competition and not be able to play. Not likely I know, but….


Dude….choke means Andy will do horrible.

Name and 1/2

Dude, DUH!

Amanda the Hoe

Come one did you forgot about Amanda. She was the most vile of the season.

Shark Man

WOW how do you not realize that your post is equally & disgustingly offensive as what we’ve witnessed from GM. The only difference, this makes your comments worst, is GM somewhat knew these people because she lived with them 24/7. Whereas you never met, lived with, or know on any personal level GM except what you’ve watched edited on CBS or unedited on live feeds. You’re equally both display vile behaviour!!

Shark Man

my comment didn’t match up sorry. it was in response to GM’s Mirror’s post

So It Is

Sharkman – Thank you!


It’s not hard to know what kind of person Gina Marie is & anyone watching live feeds knows. Actually, you don’t even have to watch live feeds to know. Some of the stuff she has said is all over the internet & will never go away. GM’s mirror comment is spot on. You however must be as delusional as the houseguests.


i bet you girls talking about gm are like 250 lbs im married but if single I would tear gm up in like 5 seconds most guys would right guys get dirty with that one

Pinocchio Obama

So Andy is liberal liar, what’s new.

Enough of the Right Bullying

Shut the Government down if you like!

You can’t go to any blog without the hatred of the right wing manifesting itself. So on a BB Blog regarding a simple reality show. The hate filled right wing makes up these derogatory names about the president and the left wing. You can’t escape their hate, then if you respond with right wing derogatory names they get upset.

So is it any wonder that the concerns of the American people are not being addressed. Where are the jobs? Well, the right is not going to work with this President on anything that might help the middle class. They rather shut the government down under the illusion of deficit reduction in the hopes of winning the 2016 election. Ah! This deficit that you are referring to was created after Bush gave out all these tax cuts doing a war that was unpaid for. Talking about voodoo economics. Bush said he was going to have a balanced budget. This is the good part, Bush balanced the budget by not paying for the Iraqi war. Now that’s some great book keeping. He kept his promise, his books were balanced, but only in his imagination. Now the same Republicans that supported that slight of hand book keeping want us to believe that we must address the deficit now during a weak economy. Understand this point, they want to make drastic cuts to the deficit in a weak economy that would guarantee that the economy would go in a nose dive.

Personally I am not giving in, shut it down if you want. The right is not getting their way, I soundly reject the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan vision of America where the rich get richer and the middle class are forgotten. So shut the government down, lets get this silliness over with. ObamaCare is not getting repealed. Shut the government down if you like. We are not going to cut billions from environmental safety, food safety, head start, and health services, while funding for more weapon systems, shipping more jobs to china and restricting the right to vote. Shut the government down if you like. The sooner the better, so the American public can have this debate and see where all the cuts are coming from. However, like all debates, you want the President to show his hand first, then you say he’s not doing enough and rant about he needs to do more. I will not vote Democratic again if even one budget concession is granted to the right. I am tired of the right bullying and pouting if they don’t get their way. Enough is enough. Spout all the hateful names you want, but I am not giving you an inch.

Please, please, please lshut the government down now. LOL! I bet it will be quite a while before your party recovers from this stupid move.


You have snapped. Obama has run up more debt than all the presidents before him combined. Bush has been gone for five years so way to take responsibility. Maybe things would be better if Obama didn’t suck so much? i’m still not sure how you got access to a computer Andy.

Enough of the Right Bullying

You are so very right! So when will you be shutting down the government and can I quote you on it? LOL!

Left Right Left

You retard. Most of this supposed deficit was the bailout and paying for the war that Bush had off the books. Over 70% of the bailout was in the form of tax breaks that Republicans publicly decried but privately supported. The economy was at the precipice of a depression and the Republican plan was to do nothing. Every sane economist was saying that the government had to infuse the economy with money. Remind me what the Republican plan again was ? Oh that’s right, they didn’t have one. So he saves us from going into a steep recession or depression and has to pay George Bush’s bill. Oh my, I guess the House will be trying to impeach the President pretty soon. Oh wait, they are still trying to figure out if his birth certificate is real.


I hope they do shut the government down. Then these losers can’t spend any more money and maybe they will learn to live on a budget like we all have to.


Yes that is a great plan shutting down the government. The American dollar will go into the toilet and the stock market will go into a free fall. The interest costs for buying a new home or car will shy rocket. Military men/women and their families will be stranded overseas. Yep this is a great plan. Have you contacted your Congressman and Senator to get this plan implemented.

If you don’t know your congressman or woman I would gladly provide you with that information. I support the right’s desire to shut the government down. I am willing to drive the lunatics, I mean Tea Baggers to Washington to protest and demand the government to shut down. Let gets this done.


the president has relatively little power in this country unless you have the house and senate your hands are tied like being in the bb house im 52 and never voted its a waste of time unless running against a terrorist then I will vote other than that the president is like the queen of England just a figure head that’s why nothing really every gets done at my job we get more done in a week than anyof them do in 4 years used to not think that way but it is what it is

Proud Liberal

Thank you for saying that and I totally agree with everything you said. I like reading this blog but have to navigate around all the negative political names. For some reason if you don’t agree with the right then the name calling and hysteria begins. I hope the President that I am proud of takes a firm stand against right. I too will rather see the government shut down then let the Ted Cruz’s of the world win.


Same insane post under a different screen name. Stick to Big Brother talk because your just embarrassing yourself.

Dirty Harry Reid

Proud Liberal= Hypocrite

You complain about the hysteria here if you don’t agree with the right and then you proceed to attack the right. You whine like Andy. Your the only one here posting all these political posts under your various bleeding lib names. Everybody else sticks to posts about the show.

Put Down the Pipe

^ Enough of the Right

Stick to Big Brother related posts.


Dang angry much? So much you needed to write a novel?


At least he can write a novel and doesn’t have a short attention span like a certain US Senator. Whose playing online poker on the Senate floor during a hearing. Now that’s right wing government.


OMG people – go to Fox News or CNN and bitch and complain. Look at the top of this page as a reminder of the website you are on and stick with the topics at hand! move along……


And you are on topic? Seems like you are angry? Are you angry? But I like that you know what’s up and what’s down. You have the makings of being a Tea Party leader.

Another Liberal

So true, I am tired of seeing these know all Republicans fighting the President on anything. The Republican party goes farther right and deeper into hysteria everyday. I think it would be a good thing for the government to shut down. It will last about 72 hours, just enough time for seniors to contact their Senators and asked WTF, where is my Social Security check.

Ex Tea Partyer

I attended the Tea Party meetings at first, but then found out it was not about politics but just about hate. At one meeting they were talking about the President taking away our guns and he had just signed a bill expanding gun rights in Federal parks and recreation areas. I couldn’t understand what the purpose or the direction of the group.

Fox News Lies like Andy

Trying to make sense to a right wing blogger is trying to make sense to a Zombie. The tea bag knukleheads are so stupid. They are the one’s that scream the government better keep your hands off my medicare (a socialist program) and at the same time say the President is a Socialist. They listen to Fox News and believe everything they say (google Fox News lies). They love Freedom Works not realizing it is run by Billionaires. They go crazy when 4 Americans die in Beganzi, yet why don’t they say anything about how Bush screwed up and 3000 americans died on 9/11. The bottom line is they can’t stand a Black Man in power or a woman in power. Get over it and the South will not rise again. Finally, I wil ask any conservative out there what have the GOP done for the middle class or poor vs. What they have done for the wealthy and corporations. Keep on hating you idiots. One last question for you conservatives what are you going to do if the government takes away your Social Security Disability?


Please take your president and his 34% popularity over to the MSNBC boards with your other left wing loons.


Wow! A right wing nut using the polls. I thought the polls didn’t mean anything? Apparently they mean everything when its supports the Right wing delusional argument. Lets review past polls. How many Americans believe the President was born in America, 70%. Ask the same question to the delusional right and its over 90%. Yep glad you can read the polls, you just happen to like to ignore those that don’t support your point.

Shamed Liberal

Andy is an Obama clone. The whole world knows he is weak and the truth burns his tongue.


Clinton and Obama – the right wing (Republican Party) trashed everything they did.

Bush and Bush – the left wing (Democrat Party) trashed everything they did.

That’s the problem with politics and politicians…………………………but why is politics being brought up on a BB message board? Yeah, Andy is probably a democrat and Elissa is probably a Republican. Who gives a crap.

Only If

To say why are politics being discussed on a BB blog is to say why is politics now being involved in sports, religion and in the bedroom. Politics shouldn’t be in any of those places. However, the right thinks if you don’t agree with them, then you must be either uneducated or misinformed. So the right is on a crusade to saturate the airwaves, internet, sports and social media with their toxic hate. The right is inundating us with their hate everywhere in our lives and you can’t avoid it. Just look at the names they utilize on their posts.

So you say why are we discussing politics, because after a while, you can’t ignore this right wing lunacy and feel compel to challenge it.

My Guess Richard,



I stand to applaud you, Enough! Thank you for ypur astute and accurate comments!

Mr. B.Clinton

Enough of the right Bullying: Again, let me say, I have not had sex with that woman.


Enough of the right bullying…
This site all about a reality show not politics..
Sure everyone should vote. Get involved. Volunteer. Donate time and/or money to the candidate/party of their choice..
Terms such as Left and right are illusions designed to divide and therefore conquer diversity of any sort.. Many people fear change, so hang on to the status quo for comfort and protection.. What the common bond is that all Americans are just that…Americans..
That said….this a place where BB fans chat, relax, exchange ideas about the show.. So mellow out bro….


I’ve started deleting political comments a couple days ago.. I’ll miss a few here and there though.


And Ginamarie is a right wing representative…delusional and racist. So it all evens out!:)


Actually Gina said on the feeds that she is not real political but that she did vote democrat.

Roisin Dubh

I agree with you. But to me the best highlight of the season was Gm ripping Amanda a new one while playing the shit out of Jenga. She was motormouthing and didn’t lose one stride. that was simply amazing.

Didn't See it that Way

When I watched it, Gina was stumbling trying to put two words together and the words that she did use were out of context as usual. Amanda just laughed at her because she again exposed Gina as being illiterate. What ticked Amanda off was that Spencer, Judd and Andy had taken Gina’s side and laughed at Amanda. That’s why Amanda was so upset and started crying, she still needed Judd and Andy’s vote to stay in the BB house. I think Amanda suddenly realized after that confrontation that it was over and she had lost the house.

Gina might of stood up to Amanda but if you saw the feed, then you also realized Gina came off as mentally challenged.

House Ghost

There is something pathetic about GM, she says horrible things but there seems to be a big heart inside her, I think she would give the shirt off her back to anyone , regardless of race or color, she attacks like an elementary school kid, and gets over it immediately, I admit she says awful things , but I don’t the she is malicious. She strikes me as a bit of a savant.


Captain, my Captain at the Wynn again with Josh. Josh is mad at you because he said you are homophopic. I disagreed with him and told him, The Captain loves Gay Men. Well we just put some more money on Andy winning rhe second competition. Here is our reason. Spencer knows he is going to the F2 no matter who wins. So why get blood on his hands. This is Easy Money. Take care my friend. Go my Rainbow Warrior.


Buffy, my Buffy I am at the Bellagio hanging with Leo and Brad sipping cognac thinking about what a foolish man you are. You should have saved your money so both you and Josh can at least buy yourself some company instead of taking turns pulling your puds. I am off tomorrow to visit a wonderful friend in Cannes. Please be sure you thank your rainbow warrior for his colourful language and be sure that Josh is there to comfort him after his third place win. I’ll be thinking of you while relaxing on George’s yacht. Take care my friend.


Name how are you doing. I can’t believe you are in Vegas. You have very interestng posts. But you assume I am a Man. As I said in previous posts I am a Woman. If you like you can meet Josh and I at the front desk at the Wynn at 8:00. I’m 5′ 4″, I will be wearing a size 6 blue dress with matching blue rhinestone stilettos. I have long straight blond hair. Josh is wearing a green velvet shirt with lime colored slacks he has brown curly hair with a nicely trimmed mustache. He is 6′ 1″ and is hoping you are a Gay Man. I told Josh I have no idea if you are a man or woman. We can go for drinks and talk about the awesome game Andy is playing. When you see me just yell BuffaloBill, then I will know it is the famous Name. Take care. Go my Rainbow Warrior Andy.


Buffy, my simple minded Buffy, you both sound absolutely hidious. I will have to pass, maybe if I drink too much at Tao tonight I’ll come looking for a good knob polishing. Ta Ta my skunty friend.


When is part two of the HOH?


Just a wild hunch, but wonder if the final two comps may be a bit different this season. Expect the unexpected.. CBS may want to change things so as to try and get rid of some of the negativity created by these current HG..

Botox Pelosi

Give em hell Captain!


I could do without your support. Stick with the politics and leave game talk to those of us that want to discuss BB.

Royal Order of Rabid Red Rodents

Notice is given of an arrest warrant being issued for Red Rat Andy. He is being charged with conduct detrimental to rodents. We rats have standards.


Not sure what a rat supposed to mean now. Was Helen a rat when she told of both Jessie and Elissa’s plan to Amanda. Was McCrae a rat when he exposed the MC? Was Jeremy a rat when he told of the MC to Helen? It seems that everyone in this game was a rat at some point in the game. If you weren’t a rat, then you probably were never a serious player in the game

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Between Amanda and Andy they account for almost 80% of the votes in the most hated poll. Well deserved.


i hate andy but he might just talk spencer into believing he wont get jury votes don’t think so but they should know they cant take andy he has done nothing to insure deep hatred with jury like gm did to Candice and Amanda those

3 stooges

why even have the 2nd comp.? fatso will tank it knowing red rat has better chance to beat skanky chic.


No he won’t!!!! Andy will choke on part 2

Another Liberal Loser

This season is so bad that I have to pull for GinaMarie. I hope she gets the chance to tell the Red Rat to get to steppin.


Sounds like you would of pulled for Gina Marie doing any season.

Sad, But Oh So True

Yup, Spencer is playing for second place. Andy’s going to take the next comp and probably the one after that. GM is history. So, how will Dr. Will being brought in by production, impact the jury vote? My guess, Andy’s walking out the winner. $500,000 richer, but one of the least liked BB winners in BB history.


Nope, Andy will be going to jury.

3 stooges

red bottom and fatty have a final 2. fatty WILL tank and bottom boy will move to final round.


Heck no!!!! Andy will choke the second HoH comp. Trust me.

Todd Crane

Captain, it doesn’t matter who wins the second competition, Spencer or Andy. What matters is who wins the third one. I GM wins the third one, she’s final two. If Spencer or Andy win the third one, then GM is third place. Andy and Spencer are for sure taking each other to final 2. But hopefully GM will win the third competition and win first place.


I know because part 1 is GinaMarie advantage, part 2 is Spencer advantage with puzzle or memorization, and part 3 is GinaMarie advantage which she will take Spencer.

Sad, But Oh So True


3 stooges

i DO hope you are right. but fatty is such a sloth they both realize he has no chance winning any of the comps


Believe me, it will not be underwater. Spencer is really good with puzzle.

So It Is

How much do you have riding on the outcome Captain? Sounds like a bet 2 me.


More then you make in a week.


Hey get your own ip!!!


I think it will be all out war. No one that close to the finish will be ceding anything to the next person. There are no guarantees. At this point they all know that each will lie and has lied to another. There is no honor among these three.


There were players in this house at one time, but it was Helen’s plan to eliminate all the strong competitors early. At one time Spencer and Howard were trying to make big moves and get Amanda out early. That plan failed miserably and Howard went out shortly after and Spencer turned into the ultimate floater. Helen said multiple times early in the game “we have to get the men out now”. She was successful and we ended up with mostly weak players left.

CBS should have done a better job casting, but some of the blame over the lameness of this season needs to be placed on Helen’s shoulders.

You Gotta Know When To Fold 'Em

I’m blaming the house.

Ultimate Survivor

Some may think Spencer is a floater but he’s the ultimate survivor. Spencer survived the Moving Company debacle. Jeremy put Kaitlin before the alliance which ensured thier downfall. His insistence that the MC protect Kaitlin help expose the alliance, thereby putting Howard and Spencer in a very bad spot. Helen first and only HOH was a reign of terror. She had everyone pledge fealty to her. Every person that had anything remotely to do with MC was labeled as a traitor. Ex MC members weren’t allowed to congregate in public. Helen drunk with power gave out Spencer’s sentence. She said that Spencer would only be allowed to reach the jury house and no further.

Oh those were the good old days. Helen forgot her power came from Jessie, Elissa and Candice. She easily agreed to evict Jessie and Candice out the house without having a solid relationship with Gina and Aaryn. I think the next shot caller was Amanda / McCrae, Spencer begged to be part of their plans. They had no need for Spencer. Amanda had Aaryn in her pocket and thereby Gina as well. Amanda had Judd and Andy as well. Spencer was supposed to be the pawn that Amanda chose to get rid of at any time. Almost every week he was on the block fighting for his life. However, just like Helen, Amanda / McCrae didn’t understand the basis of their power. Why get rid of Helen when she was being loyal to you. Helen controlled Elissa. Elissa would of never been allowed to put up Amanda / McCrae if she was still in the game. Hence, an isolated Elissa struck at the biggest movers in the house, Amanda/McCrae. Once up your vulnerability was exposed and your deception. Andy who now saw how easily Aaryn was cast over the side, didn’t seem to think attaching himself to the Amanda / McCrae bandwagon was such a good thing anymore.

In the meantime Spencer endured it all. Hey Helen, is Spencer in the jury house yet?


Spencer only survived because everyone considered him a useless fatty – an Adam clone, which is exactly what he was all along,


Andy played an incredibly cowardly game which, in my book, is worse than a floater. He made no strategic moves. He positioned himself directly in between the main power alliance and the mom squad, and then ratted on nearly everyone. If GM had not had the balls to go against the McCranda tyranny, and importantly had Andy not been tipped off by Zingbot that he was IN FACT a floater, then Andy would still today be floating up McCrae’s and Amanda’s backsides.

amanda's band-aids

WTF? What is with Spencer and his obsessions?
He constantly needs to KNOW, all about A and M,
He was in REHAB for drugs, he said on bbad!
He needs to go back…there!
OMG! You really know how to pick ’em, CBS!


Uh… shouldn’t GM’s name be in part 3 instead of Andy yet, I mean we know he probably might win but let’s be hopeful, right?


i just wanna punch andy in the face

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Join the line.




Agree more!!!!


why does is say round 3 andy vs ? we dont know who won part two yet.


sami it says gina marie were are you getting andy look again


i did look when this was first written it stated andy in round 3 thank you ! But it got corrected


Simon/Dawg isn’t GM playing in final Hoh and not Andy at this point?????

north of seven girl

would love to see Rachel and Elissa in an all-star season…


If there is a merciful god in heaven NOOOO. That voice that sounds like a seagull choking on it’s tongue in stereo.
“Nobody get’s between me and my sister!”…”MMMM disgusting.. she’s such a skanky slut… mmmm I don’t care”

Never Ever Never…Please Lord NOOOO.


What might be fun is Rachel and Amanda!!!!

3 stooges

was a fan of elissa and would have liked to see her advance. but honestly maybe shes a tad too girly/feminie for a comp show like this.


What? Elissa was a great comp threat. She did great at comps when needed. She played aloof in the first part of the game. But I felt like she made some big moves at the end.


go ginamire win big brother15 i hated to say that but you our only hope spencer an andy what a joke im rooting for ginamire

3 stooges

it’s called..”pick your poison”.

Maui Sunset



Since these HGs are awake, I’ll give them an hour before they start bashing Elissa yet again. But these ingrates need to be thanking Elissa because if it was not for her none of them would have made it this far. Elissa kept her word to GM by not putting her up for eviction and told both Andy and Spencer that they were not her targets, they should have been. So as far as I am concern their continuous bashing of Elissa is childish, bratty and more than a little annoying. So to paraphrase BB Production, we are one more day closer to the end of the most regrettable season of BB. BB15 will go down as one of the most hate-filled seasons ever.


Elissa was a snooty ass bitch herself! I love how everyone FORGETS all the shit she said and done


Selective memory seems to take place every year. Everyone forgets the mean things the Slater sisters do while in the house, just like everyone forgets that floaters always make far in the game, and being a rat is a common and successful strategy.

Elissa Fan By Defaullt

I don’t recall Elissa ever being so mean and hateful. Anything she said was to the persons face (Amanda looking like a tripper, ahhh and I’m pretty sure that was what Amanada was going far). She did say amanda was a disgusting person to GM and maybe aaryn and who wouldn’t say that? She is and for what she did to elissa I think this was completely warranted. She also said GM and Aaryn’s comments were disgusting, and again they were and she was warranted. As far as the rest of these HG’s Elissa was the only one that didn’t sit around and say nasty things about people for sport. Do I think she’s a little privileged and snotty? Absolutely. But compared to the rest of these people she is a saint.

Expert Advice

Okay Nick, I get it. You’re the BB expert and most of us are unaware of how the game is played.


I would be “Snooty” too if i was trapped in a house with disgusting people like Spencer who eats with his mouth open like a pig and gossips like a little girl with Andy all day.


and let’s not forget about Spencer picking his nose & wiping his fingers all over the house! This makes me gag! God he is so gross!!!!!


Does Spencer ever look in the mirror? This gross guy has no room to talk about anybody’s body or looks! What a loser! And Andy the rat, he’s not worth a word or thought!

Baby bird

This season sucked….. Cannot wait for BBcan..


Can anyone tell me what day BBCan starts and how I can watch it? I live outside Philly and I have Verizon Fios Cable. Do they broadcast 3 times a week too?


Thanks sooo much for the BBCan info, Dawg! You and Simon made this season bearable. I’ve been with you guys since I got hooked in season 5. I hope you both get some well-deservd rest come Sept 19th. I’ll be back next year for BBCan and BB16. Can’t quit you guys!


Hey Dawg I just paid my bills and had enough left for a small donation but I’m in the US and it wouldn’t take my info because it wants a Canadian Providence. What’s up?

BB Canada

I can’t wait for BB Canada. Supposedly, the cast will consist of a pimp, stripper, Muslim, Jew, atheist, single mother, ex Miss Canada, and former hockey player. Can’t wait for the stripper to fall in love with the hockey player and the pimp explaining to ex Miss Canada how she can make some money on the side. Yep! this is going to be good.

Local Bookie

I wonder what’s the Vegas odds are regarding how long it takes before a female jumps in bed with a guy in BB Canada. It seemed based on Amanda’s statement that she was ready to go just after she said hello to Nick. However, Nick wanted no part of Amanda. So Amanda had to wait 8 hours before she was on top of McCrae. Will the Canadian women break the 8 hour record? I sure hope so! Come on female Canadians, lets beat the Americans. Lets jump in that bed doing the first episode. Show the Americans we can be even sluttier


is bbcan good? worth watching and following online ?

Maui Sunset

How can I watch BB Canada here in California??

If this is the end

Showmances don’t work! and Greed kills!

I liked Candice, but she didn’t know how to play the game. Yes she was the first one to find out about the Moving Company, but she played the game personal and jumped to conclusions. Many times, Candice was making moves that were directly at odds with Howard’s moves. Sorry to say, Howard would of been better off without Candice. Elissa confides in Candice about Helen/Amanda wanting to get Howard out. First thing Candice does is go confront Amanda, and Elissa is then put on blast by Amanda/ Helen/McCrae. Jessie confides in Candice about Helen. Candice then goes confront Helen, and Jessie is put on blast.

The end result of Candice exposing the secrets people told her was no one was telling her anything anymore or trusted her. Elissa very much liked Candice, but Candice burned her by exposing where she got the information. Jessie didn’t really like or trust Judd, but she only had Elissa and most of the girls had a showmance. Elissa telling Jessie to sleep with Judd was the worst advice I heard all season. However, the end result was that it didn’t help Jessie, nor save Candice.

The most telling point in Candice’s lack of game was when she shared Howard’s strategy with Andy and Amanda found out. Howard asked Candice who did she tell, and Candice said only Andy. Howard, then rightfully states that Andy must be a rat, to which Candice replied, it couldn’t be Andy, I know deep in my heart it has to be Spencer. Because Andy pretended to laugh at Candice’s jokes and played friends, that was enough for Candice to think he must be very honest and trustworthy. It’s like Candice never saw Big Brother and watched people smile in your face with a knife behind their back. Candice immediately ruled out any possibility that it could be Andy. The misread was a game breaker for Howard and ultimately Howard. Not only was Andy not Candice’s friend, but Andy talks as much BS about Candice as Aaryn/Gina. So Spencer the guy most loyal to Howard is now thrown under the bus and the Howard / Spencer trust is broken.

So Spencer wonders why Candice didn’t come to him. In Candice’s mind, Spencer was evil and Helen/Amanda were the good. The good would never lie or mislead her. Candice then jumps to another misguided decision and wants a House meeting to put Spencer on blast. Please BB in the future, at least require the contestants to watch more then one season of BB before coming on the show. Also these showmances help past the time away but rarely do they help you win. Gina (only in her mind) / NIck showmance hindered Nick. Gina’s jealousy of Jessie prevented Nick from building a relationship with her and hence Jessie’s vote was not his to save him. Candice lack of game play and understanding of how to play the game required Howard to clean up her mess several times. Kait, Gina, and Aaryn are all on the block. Candice thinks its a good time to interject herself into the game and campaign against those girls. Candice took all the heat off the HOH and placed it on herself. Why are you campaigning for their eviction, they are already on the block? Candice you do realize that at least two of those girls were going to be in the house next week and would be coming after you? So is it any surprise that Aaryn gladly put up Howard and you up the next week.

The Jeremy / Kait showmance brought down the Moving Company and Jeremy’s early exit. The Amanda/McCrae showmance was dominated by Amanda. It was not a showmance as much as it was a marketing tool for Amanda. Amanda purposely did outlandish actions for her own benefit. The announcing that there might be naked pictures of her on the internet. The dominatrix outfit and act that went so wrong and Elissa essentially said you looked liked a low price hooker and she should just go all the way. The scissoring of Aaryn and how it was going to get all these internet hits for Amanda. All the shower scenes she staged in the BB house. The walking around the house in her panties. Yep McCrae was just a prop in Amanda’s showmance.

Candice is an idiot.

Candy was the worst player in a season of weak players. but I would really like to see her and GM paired up in Amazing Race. They would have to communicate. They might win.

Next Page

I don’t want to see anymore of Gina after this season. Why give Gina another platform in the Amazing Race to spew more nonsense and hate? Gina might win this BB season, but who wants to be associated with that trash. BB will not be bringing Gina back to help market any future seasons. Nick won’t be trying to associate himself with Gina. Aaryn already under fire for her racial comments will not be anywhere near Gina’s nonsense. Elissa will not want to be anywhere near Gina. Julie, is going to take a parting shot at Gina and ask her about some of these racial comments at the finale.

Nope, everyone will be trying to distant themselves from Gina. Its time for the trash to go back to Brooklyn. I know that’s a harsh statement and many of you are pulling for Gina. So be it, all I have is contempt for everything she represents.

It Would Be Amazng Alright

Just imagine, this is the girl who did not know San Fran is in Calif. So her trying to get around the world is just scary. Not to mention she can’t handle common words over two syllables. Maps? Forget About It! Then you have the issue of shall I say a whole world of people “not her species”. I mean just think of it. Talk about an international crisis. Kerry or Puten could not get us out of this.

It Certainly Would Be Amazing!

This is the girl who did not know that San Fran is in Ca. Imagine her trying to get around the world. Can’t handle any common words more than two syllables. Maps? I don’t think so. Going around in a world full of people “that are not in her species” could be a problem. We are talking international crisis that even Kerry and Putin could not solve.


I’m so disappointed that I invested my entire summer and $9.99 a month (Live feeds) only to have this crap F3…. So much for a “No Floaters Season” when all we’re watching are floaters float to the end thinking they’ve made major power moves.. The most entertaining part of all of this is that they think they’re coming out as BB all-stars! Cannot wait for finale night, I think if production doesn’t try to script it this finale might just go down in Big Brother history as the most entertaining.. Fights, Shocks, Horror, Tears! 🙂


I didn’t buy the feeds this year because I’m on the east coast and wasn’t going to pay money to watch these lazy a$$ people sleep all day. Most of the time they didn’t even get up until after 5pm their time and then stumbled around for 2 hours trying to wake up and wondering if they were going to get booze. And CBS wants me to pay to see this?

Thanks Dawg/Simon for saving me money this season. Hopefully next season they’ll make the HGs get up (among other much needed changes). If they do I’ll get my feeds from you guys.


I like your comments. Anyone on the east that purchases the feeds are nuts, but we do hope there are a number of them out there.


gina marie needs to win that final HOH. Period.


Hey bro! aka Spencer! Have a heart attack duuuude!
GOOOOooooo HOOOOoooooME LOOOOoooooSER!!!!!
Mcpussy fans BEEEEeeeee happy! happy! happy!


Cmon BB this is so boring right now. Give them something to do. All this down time is just insane. It’s bad for the people watching and for the three left in the house it must be torture when the favorite activity of the day is to sleep. How about a luxury comp or allowing a friend to visit for a few hours. Maybe let them watch a movie. It would be interesting for us to see their comments watching a movie together.


CBS couldn’t pay for a movie premier for this cast. No one wanted to be tainted by the nastiness of this season. I’m waiting for the big placement advertisers to say ” no thank you” when asked if their products can be used and shown on any future BBs.


Whoa- you know the show is boring when people start asking production to let us watch the HGs watching a movie!!!!! They might as well have production paint a wall in the Rainbow room and let us watch the HGs watching the paint dry


We were already watching the paint dry. GM was painting the empty 2 liter soda bottles last night. Spencer showing his gay tendencies said numerous times how the bottles would make great candle holders. I’m convinced we have 2 gay guys as part of the F3 but only one is out of the closet


lol. I was thinking the same thing. No way do I want to spend 2 hours watching someone else watch a movie! lol this seriously makes me life. Come on people go watch your own movie, or go outside or something!




I think its a great idea to let us watch them watching a movie. If they pick a movie that’s on pay per view right now it would save me a few bucks. Then again they probably won’t do it because of royalties. I can hear it right now, BB says, Spencer, GM, Andy stop playing movies.


Another poster (Jackie) posted this on the last update: ““Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.”

I’m so glad she did post it because it confirms what I thought: Andy is no professor. Instructors and professors are completely different jobs. Just because you teach at a college, that doesn’t make you a professor. An instructor is much lower level and would not have a PhD (which Andy does not–he only has a masters). This quote shows that he even lied about what he does. It’s like a meter maid (what do they call that now? Parking meter reader?) claiming to be a cop. Not the same thing at all, and laughable that he’d try to claim it.


It’s seems like maybe CBS/Production took some leeway with the job titles to make them look good on paper. As if the audience was really getting a “quality” group. Lol. They probably should have had unemployed like they had Jesse’s title or maybe underemployed. It was obvious by Andy’s conversation that he isn’t a professor. He probably worked more hours at his job as a server. Just like it’s obvious that Amanda isn’t really into real estate at least not as much as being an attention wh*re. Real estate was probably a default “career’ or guise to come in there to make her appear more together than she actually is. The same with Gina Marie being labeled a Pageant Coordinator. The tiled sounded more professional than what I heard her describe her duties were.

Jets on

Thanks to all the people who posted there point of view on here this year. It made the season more bearable to keep watching. I do hope that Spencer beats Andy’s ass and makes him cry like the bitch he is . Gina good luck to you . I hope you win and this season will be over . Can’t wait for BB16 next year maybe they will listen to the fans and get some people not on so much meds.

Julie Chen is a drunk racist


1:00 pm in the afternoon: Spencer, Gina Marie & Andy in their own homes: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
(they’re all still sleeping)

1:00 am at night: Spencer is telling his blowup doll how much he hates Elissa. GM is telling her fellow inmate (she killed Nick cause of the protection order) how much she hates Elissa. Andy is telling Spencer (his roommate & lover) to throw his blowup doll away and how much he hates Elissa.


@JULIE CHEN IS A DRUNK RACIST – At least they will be thinking of her won’t they.


A month from now the blowup doll WILL BE named Elissa (sorry Marilyn, but Elissa’s laugh and the sound of rubbing wet plastic sound so much alike, its inevitable).


One week from now, Spencer’s blowup doll will be named Elissa. Sorry Marylin, it’s inevitable. The sound of wet plastic and Elissa’s laugh are too much alike.


Sorry for the double post guys, my flashplayer froze and locked the site. The first post did not show up until I tried to post again.


Thanks for the explanation OOZER, I thought for sure you were going to blame Elissa for your double post.


GinaMarie deserves to win the most. She is good at competitions and got Amanda out. I hope Andy goes to the jury house!


‘Andy comments that he thinks Ian Terry was a fan of McCrae. Spencer says no offense but I don’t see what there was to like about him he didn’t do anything. ‘

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and what exactly have you been doing Spencer?!……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I cant EVER remember the last week of BB being this boring. What a snorefest!

So It Is

Actually, the final week has been boring in the past. However, this time is the worst because the remaining players are so unlikable – making it hard to root for any one of them. They are just plain boring and their conversation is so monotonous that I could tie a noose and swing to it.


I am certain they are aware of the public’s dislike for these people and do not want to spend any more money on them. I wonder how the American public that does not get the live feeds or watch BBAD would feel if they really knew how these 3 jokers talk and behave. The dislike meter would go off the chart!!


What is with Spencer’s obsession with Elizabeth Shue? He must mention her at least once a day. I heard him make fun of that other dude’s Tori Spelling crush, but some 50 year old washed up 80’s/90’s hasbeen actress is no better. She must pose no threat to his wonderful, beautiful “Marilyn.”

Just Sayin'

Do you have ANY clue what Elizabeth Shue looks like at 50? She’s as far from an ’80’s washed up has been as anyone could be! She’s freaking hot, sexy and incredible on CSI. Yes, I have a major girl crush her cause she’s even more gorgeous now that she ever was. Washed up 80’s stars has beens are more like Ally Sheedy, et al. Good thing is, she’s classy and wouldn’t give the perv a single glance. So keep dreaming Spencer.


Elizabeth Shue is awesome


Maybe around 10-15 years ago she looked incredible. She still looks good but i’d toss her right out of my bed now. In her recent pics it looks like she gained around 50 pounds in the last 6 months


I haven’t seen any new pics.. I just remember her in the movie leaving las vegas http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113627/ .. I guess it’s been awhile


Like you would have the chance!


Sorry Simon, that was for name.


Excuse me but Elizabeth Shue is actually a really good actress. She was nominated for an academy award in Leaving Las Vegas. No, she is not a 20 or even a 30-something ingenue, but she certainly is not a has-been. Actually I think she should take out a restraining order forbidding Spencer to even say her name.

Ding Dong Amanda's Gone

There finally had to be a season where everyone in the house was too timid to go big or go home and without the brains
to figure out if they played safe they’d go home anyway.

IMO, Helen and Amanda bullied down the house and the rest of the players let it happen. So nothing really happened all
season long.

No one can really accuse the show of getting boring now since Amanda left. I remember we’ve been complaining about being
bored with the lack of gameplay in the house after Jeremy left. Helen’s mommy dearest tactics and Amanda taking Mccrae hostage
and creating a Stockholm Syndrome in the house completely sucked the air right out ot the game.

There were few memorable moments after Helen upbraided Howard and Spencer for days after the demise of the moving company;
1. Spencer telling bully Amanda to “Shut up”
2. GM fearlessly putting Amanda and Mccrae on the block together and never backing down off her decision
3. and GM going toe to toe against Amanda and winning, twice!


Helen’s HOH reign was definitely a turning point. It solidified mob politics and ostracizing people in the house. I even think Helen attempted to use the racial prejudices/tension to her advantage and it ended up all blowing in her face. But the group did just let it happen. I even thought the way Howard handled Helen was pathetic actually. And also he probably should have let Candace handle herself since she’s fully capable instead of trying to contain her so she wouldn’t “make any waves” on that night of the bed flip. Either that or stand up and take a stand. But most if not all of the men were pathetic on some level. And there were entertaining points of the season but the all are anticlimactic overall and has led to those three in the final . Even with Amanda gone McCrae pulled the let’s vote Elissa out since it won’t make too many waves propaganda instead of thinking for himself or going with his gut. What a disappointing season that actually had good potential.


Instead of All Stars, I would like to see a collection of former HGs who either made incredibly stupid mistakes (Lawon, anyone?) or who were evicted 1st or 2nd in their season brought back to see if they have the potential to be All Stars. I think it would be fun to see if they have learned from their mistakes and actually have what it takes to be a BB contender. I am ready to see big moves and true backstabbing… not bullying, back against the wall lying (a la Andy) or floating. Lying low is okay, but there needs to be wave making while doing so. A psychotic showmance would be a plus..remember Natty and Matty?
Another scenario would be exes or enemies forced to pair up…can you imagine a two person alliance where you have no trust at all in your partner?
If I had to choose a list for All Stars, some of my picks would include: Dick, Crazy James, Dan, Frank and Rachel.


So sick of BB15, anyone else? Started off good, but now I just don’t care who wins. Andy is pathetic, Spencer is beyond disgusting, GM is pretty gross.
Does anyone really have friends like these? Glad it’s almost over!


I couldn’t believe my ears on BBAD!! Andy was talking about how Amanda’s and McCrae’s alliances were his alliances, too. He said how glad he joined the Exterminators and got rid of them because he felt like America thought he was just a little puppy doing whatever they wanted. Then he said, “In my defense, why would you vote out a power couple that is doing all your bidding for you and you aren’t getting any blood on your hands.”

How delusional is this kid? He knows how he was perceived being aligned McCranda because he was exactly that – a little puppy doing whatever they wanted. Now he is taking credit saying how THEY were doing HIS bidding! I’m stunned.


Agree Books, just another rewritten BB 15 chapter (according to Andy).


There is a reason I call him Rat Dog. A yappy little ankle biting Rat Dog.


This may be posted twice – sorry.

I couldn’t believe my ears on BBAD! Andy said McCranda’s alliances were his alliances and he was glad he joined the Exterminators to get them out. He thought America perceived him as a little puppy doing whatever they wanted. Then he said, “In my defense why would you vote out a power couple that is doing all your bidding for you and you aren’t getting any blood on your hands.”

Is this guy for real???? At least he admits (on some level) that he was doing everything McCranda wanted him to, but now he is saying THEY were doing HIS bidding? Please.


Andy is the typical Chicago liberal. He tries to take credit for everything and will twist any story to favor him. The other day a Chicago police officer said that Andy is the guy 4 rows back in a protest throwing rocks at the police officers but not wanting to seen by the cops. After the protest he is the one talking to the other protestors bragging about his rock throwing skills and at the same time he is the one being interviewed on TV saying he is against any violent protests and is the peace loving guy. I say the cops need to use deadly force when Andy throws his rocks.


someone has the way this last contest is played…since GM won she sits out until the winner of part 2 has a winner….that person now plays against GM and whom ever wins…gets to choose who they want sitting next to them on Finale night

KUDOS to the folks who keep this site so much better than the game actually is………I also like to read what others have to say, I have watched this show each time it is running. And I agree with most this season has had the bottom of the barrel for caliber of quality people to be in the house it is like they are the fall out from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT….you know the ones who never quite made it to the next step. I hope next season they interview someone with some manners and cleaner mouths and verbage, who announces to anyone they are having their period…NO GIRL DOES. I have read a lot about the people before they came into the house seems McCrae and Amanda were not strangers…but I doubt she will continue this togetherness outside the house…well at least for not long, since he didn’t bring home the bacon she will find a new pig to slaughter.


There is a YouTube vid showing Demanda’s adderall kicking in. It’s a close up which is hard to watch but you can see how wasted she is so I still think her family will arrange some time (30-90 days) at a “spa” to recover from the “stress” of BB. And I don’t think either family will be welcoming of a relationship outside of the house.

Brenchael Fan

I’m home. So good to be here with so many other Brenchael fans. We’re taking over BB. Every season a Rachael or Brendon relative if not Rachael or Brendon themselves, them together again would be awesome!!! It’s gonna happen!!!

Andy's boyfriend Mel Ody

Don’t know if the following comment got posted so if it has please disregard this one

I’m hoping that whatever competition there was or is between Andy and Spencer is one in which Spencer physically beats the living daylights out of Andy. I want GM to win the final but would even settle for Spencer over that disgusting piece of work referred to the Rat BassTurd Andy. To think those tiny pitiful lips taking small sips out of a bottle over and over and over and over and over and over have been on Spencer’s shvantz* is thoroughly disgusting.

*shvantz daffynition > http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Shvantz

Gina Maries Vagina



Andy will “throw” 2nd HOH competition so he doesn’t become a target


None of these people should return as an All-Star. Someone said that Amanda should because she makes for good ratings?? The only way it would make good tv is if she was in there with Jeff. Jeff would chew her up and spit her out. He would have her running to the Diary Room 5 times a day for her Adderol. Please Cbs, don’t bring any of these people back. That includes Howard also. He’s too nice for this game.

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Thumbs up if Andy cries after getting voted out and thumbs down if he blames his eviction on Elissa.

cabin fever

You are so right Clearwater. No girl announces her time of the month in social settings and no one tells people when they have to take a poop!! (I cleaned that up I can’t repeat how it is announced in the house) These people are freaks. Gross freaks.

Brenchael Strong

We’re unstoppable. Go Brenchael!

If GM Wins 500K

Nick is going to dick and lick her out of half of it.


“Andy wonders if production has a favorite to win.”

Production’s favorites got evicted on day 77, they don’t give a shit about the final 3. In fact how do they stay awake? I’d be sleep the entire time.


Hahaha first of all wish the jury had a third option of give all money to charity because these 3 certainly do not deserve any of the money. Spencer has done nothing the entire season no gameplay whatsoever and the only reason he’s made it to the end is no one sees him as a threat. As for Andy his game is average but for the most part he seems like a wannabe to me a wannabe great Big Brother player when he just isn’t. I laughed out loud when he said he’s like a Dan ummmm what show was he watching because Dan was 100 times a better player than him lol! As for GM I can’t believe I am saying this but she has become more likeable to me then in the beginning when she seemed to not be playing the game at all and seemed like more concerned about Nick and being his stalker but I guess she got back on her meds and was able to actually play the game. It really is a chose between the lesser of the evils that being said I want GM to win!


I see what you’re trying to do Spencer…and if you think Andy will fall for it he won’t because he’s as much as slease ball as you. So Spencer wants to assure and put enough doubt in Andy to force him to take Spencer to the final of he wins HOH spencer would do the same because he knows he can beat Andy. Spencer will beat Andy but not GM…Andy will not beat GM either. But Spencer vs GM could be quite the toss up and Spencer isn’t willing to take that chance. He wants GM out ASAP.

Ugh why did BB have to end with such horrible people. These people would’ve been gone early on if they would have been evicted for racial slurs. Upsets me so much to know they have not suffered any consequences. I like how they also all think they are masterminds. They all rode big targets coat tails until the big targets knocked each other out.


4:57 PM Andy reading calories in popcorn package, cant figure it out, so he gives it to GM to figure out.

So the professor can’t read a nutrition label so he gives it to GM? Does anyone else find this funny.


I wish big brother would give the money to charity
And their was no winner really a bad show the worst


The reason BB Canada is not carried or aired in the USA is because it is produced by global tv and the only people can watch Bbcan after dark are Canadians because only slice tv carries it . If the Americans wanted to carry BBcan it would cost the American tv stations lots of money and I think in Canada the crtc have rules on what tv shows can be shown out side of Canada .