Ginamarie exterminates the cockroaches “What a awesome way to send that B!tch packing”


3:12pm Spencer and Andy

Spencer says Helen was wacky.
Andy says jokingly that Helen was crazy. Andy tells him about the knock outs alliance and how Helen was always telling him knock outs till the end then a couple hours later she was saying they need to take out Amanda. (Who was a member of the knockouts)
They both have a laugh about Helen, They mention how horrible she was at comps. Andy says he shared a early bond with Helen because they were both from Chicago.

Andy jokes that they were a rag tag bunch of rejects that got Elissa out. He says how funny it was because Elissa’s greatest fear was going home during a double eviction and that is what happened. “What a awesome way to send that B1tch packing”

Andy says Amanda would always tell him she would die if she went home by the hands of Ginamarie and she went home solely by the hands of Ginamarie.

Andy – “I don’t think we’re going to have the comp today”
Spencer says he’s going to take a sh!t and shower. Andy mentions how he’s slept for 18 hours there is no more sleep left in him.


CBS Interactive Inc.


3:41pm Spencer and GM
Talking about how Andy will win this game. Spencer goes up to the memory wall and points out all the people that will vote for Andy to win. He selects almost everyone.
Spencer – “Gm baby i’m going to bust my a$$ in that competition” Spencer says they both have a chance to win it if they are against each other. If they are against Andy they will lose.
Spencer says Andy came up to him before the first HOH and said if they are competing in the final HOH together they should keep each other. Spencer Is worried Andy is trying to make the same deal with GM. Gm tells him not to worry she knows she won’t win beside him. Spencer Wants GM to know he’s still solid with her.
Spencer- “You got nothing to worry about me i’m solid like a f*** rock”
GM – “I’m solid to”

Andy comes out of the diary room. He says they will not tell him when the Head of household competition is.


3:58pm GM building an exterminator outfit.


GM exterminates.. Notice the knife in Candace’s memory wall slot in the image below. .. GM goes around the memory wall spraying everyone that has been evicted with her Chemical spray. She makes sure to do the base boards to get the last few pests

4:30pm GM tells Them Tuesday she gets her stitches out.


5:02pm playing bullSh!t
Joking around about Elissa having 8 inch long blonde pubic h@ir.
Spencer – “She was the rapunzel of public h@ir ”


6:00pm Cockpit
Spencer posing like he’s on the cover of Bear weekly… Just chit chat. Spencer tells them he went and saw man of steal the night before he left to be on Big Brother 15.

6:17pm Cockpit the Exterminators Andy is telling them the time he had “Special Guest” pass last November to the Obama Headquarters during Election night.

GM says if nothing happens soon she is going to just run around. “I’m turning into mush.. I’m going to wait until 9.. if it’s not tonight it’s going to be Monday because I don’t think they are going to do shit tomorrow”
Andy – “Ya”

6:35pm Spencer tells Andy it’s probably safe to drink those beers he has laying around they won’t be doing the competitions tonight.

Andy comes out of the bathroom goes into the cockpit.
Production comes over the speakers “Did you wash your hands”
Andy – “I did.. roll the tapes”

6:58pm GM tells them that her EX was trying to get her to have a threesome with another guy. GM told him she’s not a threesome type of girl.
GM says if another girl looks at her man she rips their “F*** face off” There is no way she would want to have a threesome with another girl and her boyfriend.
Spencer asks them if there is any s$xual fantasy they have not fulfilled.
GM tells them her only s$xual fantasy is to have Nick F*** her brains out.

They start talking about Amanda saying Howard told her he wanted to f*** her brains out. Andy doesn’t really know what to think. He finds it hard to believe. Spencer doesn’t think he said it but even if he did Spencer doesn’t care. Spencer mentions how McCrae was telling them that Howard was a “Red blooded American man” so he obviously wanted to have s$x with Amanda. Spencer laughs “Dude not everyone wants to get with Amanda”
GM – “I never heard him curse once”
Spencer doesn’t care either way what was said.

7:14pm Trivia


7:22pm House guests getting ready HOH competition must be starting soon.
Any – “Good luck my friend”
Spencer – “Good luck my friend”
Andy -”Alright we’re ready”
GM – “Good luck both of yous”

8:11pm Trivia
8:55pm Trivia yo
9:14pm Trivia
[polldaddy poll=7394123]

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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To support GM is to support hatred and bigotry.

Big Brother Season 1

C-LO, somebody has to win, so I’ll have to vote for GM. I don’t want to vote for Misoginysts (more than half of us on earth are women). Unfortunately we just have those 3 to choose from.


Spencer’s crass. He’s not a myscoginist. He hasn’t made any negative comments about women generally. Gina Marie, on the other hand, claimed that black men are something other than human beings.

C-LO stick to singing

He hasn’t made any negative comments about women?! Have you not seen or read about this season? Spencer is the epitome of a misogynist! Calling every woman a c***! Come on, that’s hard to overlook.

House Ghost

What do you mean he’s not a misogynist ? his favorite word is C**t, he talks about masturbating on womens faces, he admits to slipping “roofies” in girls drink to get them screwed up and have sex with them…..that’s RAPE! what show have you been watching…he is obsessed with sex, just 10 minutes ago he was wondering about Elissa’s pubic hair.


1. Spencer has offended specific individuals. He has not slurred all women or even women GENERALLY.
2. GM has tried to dehumanize whole races of people on multiple occasions.
3. When Spencer uses explicit language to talk about sex, how is that offensive to women in particular or even at all?

this show sucks the life out of me

But GM is so dumb that she might think “species” means the same a “race”. Anyone watching the show has to realize she is slow. I just don’t see her being that hateful, unless angry then she goes for the jugular. I would not want to associate with her personally, with the trashy street mouth, but I can root for her out of the three based on other qualities she has.


GM is 33 years old. So if by now she can’t tell the diffrence between a race of humans and species then slow doesn’t covee it. It definitely doesn’t excuse her ignorance. I mean she was the one who called welfare n@&$er insurance. She’s a bigot and that’s just it…

Amandas cootch smells like onions

bullshit, you don’t call women cunts


Maybe not. But anyone who uses as their blog name ‘Amanda’s cootch…’ or ‘Amanda’s vagina…’ is an asshole. Seriously dude, she’s been gone two weeks. You and the other haters need to get over her and move on.


Spencer hasn’t made any negative comments about women…what????


you are a idiot moron!


everyone complains about the final 3s comments while in the house I think our comments here are even worse kinds like a 250lb women bitching about another girl being fat kinda funny don’t your think a little food for thought


Big Brother season 1: we don’t get a vote… and I don’t have any reason to want any of the remaining HGs to win $500,000 – so I don’t cheer for them. I quit watching several weeks ago & just check-in with onlinebigbrother to find out what is going on. Could do without the close-up of Spencer’s nose with finger inserted, but otherwise… good job, Simon and Dawg. Half-time is almost over, so… back to football.


Ce -Lo who appointed you God? It seems your the bigot and racist with your snarky comments. If you really sit back and look at how people are almost everybody would be a racist or bigot. Think for just one minute…. If you don’t like someone hair color, outfit ones wearing, driving, religion, eating habits anything negative about a person place or thing then you’re a bigot. Hmmm I think your STUPID how’s that ? Yes, I’m not perfect but neither are you Dumbo,


I agree with Big Brother Season 1. Someone has to win – and G.M. is the lesser evil. I know she is crass, delusional and racist. But I think most of her racism comes from ignorance rather than a place of evil. Can not say the same for Andy or Spencer. I could tolerate Andy’s lying, backstabbing & snitching – it is Big Brother after all. But his truly hateful remarks about others – particularly Elissa – ruined him for me. And Spencer – well, just when you think he can’t sink any lower – he talks about defiling Kaitlyn’s picture with his perverted “mind.”

GM Is Evil And Should Not Win

Racism is never the “lesser evil”. People kept slaves because of ignorance not evil as well. That didn’t make it ok. But if you want evidence that GM is indeed evil, remember that she is the evil b*tch who told an adopted woman that her mother didn’t want her. Was that just ignorance too? Please. The woman is disgusting and should not be rewarded for her abysmal treatment of other human beings.


Well, at least I’ll be able to sleep well Wednesday night after this nightmare of a season is over.

Elissa for favorite player!

18 Trillion & Counting

I voted Elissa for favorite HG too. I really don’t want any of the remaining house guests to get this money but Andy just sickens me. He has Obama disease. The truth hurts his tongue.

Does There Have To Be A Winner?

I bet Elissa wins the favorite house guest vote by a landslide. My votes went to Jessie.


That’s true, but the remaining two are no better. The other two both said hateful and derogatory things against women and children (Andy talked about Elisa’s son and step son). At least Elisa and Amanda even with their faults had the guts to confront the racist comments, while both Andy and Spencer either sat and listened to hit when it was repeated to them what was said, or pretend what was said wasn’t racist or in GM case they make excuses for her and say she means no harm and no one takes her serious. So Andy and Spencer are just as guilty as GM for ignoring or making excuses for her.


Amanda also made racist comments!


BB15 Do you want some cracker ‘s with you’re whining? Yea. you do suck by the way with all your scribblings and rants about the 3 remaining house quests. It’s a GAME and they’ve played it well regardless of what you think. I bet you’re a bully the way you get heated up with what you don’t like. Take a chill pill you need one.


Played it well? Have you seen past seasons…..they got lucky that there were not that many good players or that any smart players that there were didn’t make it past top 15.(aka Nick)

BB15 sucks

I cannot stomach the thought of that skank getting a penny in prize money. (Or Rat turd or pervert, either). GM deserves it the least because she floated the entire season while the players in the game made themselves targets and were put on the block each week. Gina just went along and did as she was told (which she now bitches about) so that she could keep under the radar. And her racist mouth about blacks, Puerto Ricans, Asians, and Jews…. she is a pathetic piece of shit. Spencer and Andy obviously have said a lot of questionable things but they never made fun of minorities and didn’t bully anybody in the house, like GM. It really disgusts me that these three turds are what’s left. I reluctantly have to root for an Andy/Spencer final two because GM lost her job and deserves to live on n***er insurance for awhile. I hope Ratboy doesn’t win because of his incessant butting in on conversations all season only to reveal what was said to everyone else. And Spencer should win (of these 3) because he survived being on the block 8 times. There is something to be said for that. Plus CBS will be embarrassed that a misogynistic sociopath won this year. Maybe that will force them to do a better job in casting next time.


guess you forgot about spencers gay slurs, what was it? ‘here comes kermit the fag’ or something top that effect.


Finale Predictions!

So the finale is upon us and the game will be over but the drama will just begin:

a. Is their a Howard and Candice showmance after the show? Howard told Spencer that Candice was not his type and that he liked bad girls. Howard also told Candice that he was kind of or sort of still dealing with his ex girlfriend. Unlike Candice, Howard has been home and his bond is either stronger with his ex or its over. So it will be interesting to see if Howard and Candice embrace at the finale and share a kiss.

b. Jeremy and Kaitlin were a hot item in the house but Kait didn’t seem that hot on him after being evicted. Has Kait and Jeremy been in contact since the show and are they dating?

c. David did a couple of interviews after being evicted and was supportive of Aaryn. However, that was before Aaryn slept with or attempted to sleep with Judd. Does David still want to get involved with Aaryn? Its not like I think David was saving himself for Aaryn, but its kind of a let down for David. Gina loss her mind over Nick, but after a week, Aaryn was kind of over David.

d. McCrae is still a Pizza Boy. He seemed to be developing second thoughts about his relationship with Amanda towards the end. Is McCrae still going down to Florida to be with Amanda? Dude, Amanda was so controlling of you in the BB house. She will be even more controlling when you go to Florida with no job and totally dependent on her. That would be the worst move you could make.

e. Gina probably wins this season. However, I want to see the crowd’s reaction when she is announced the winner. I wouldn’t be surprised that there would be a chorus of loud boos. That will be her second indication that something is wrong. Her first indication will be her shout out to Nick and he responds with a tepid hello.

f. CBS will still try to milk this racism for few extra rating points. I wish Candice would take a clue from Howard and put it in the rear view mirror. So Aaryn takes heat doing the Julie exit interview. She then goes to the Jury House and apologizes again for any comments made. I don’t know if Aaryn was sincere or not, its like her 30th time apologizing then she proceeds to make some insensitive comment. However, it is what it is and its time to get back into the real world. Candice, BB didn’t care about whether you were being subjected to racism, they wanted to see your reaction and hoped you would give them good TV. So Aaryn apologizes in the Jury House and the first person they cut to is Candice and wanting her comment on Aaryn’s apology. Candice, leave this alone, you don’t have to get involved in every BB racial discussion. Because come the night of the Finale, Julie is going to bring this racism back up for discussion and want you to say some angry statement. The game is over, leave it alone. Julie has the tape and viewers have the feeds, they can make their own decisions.

Ann O

I live in Houston. Jeremy was on local tv a few weeks after he was evicted, He said that he and Kaitlen were texting and had called each other.





Why when racist stuff happens to black people they always are told to take the high ground? No, what happened in that house cost Candice and Howard a better chance at that money. Why should Candice be quiet or leave it alone? She shouldn’t protect Aaryn, Amanda, GM, or Spencer and she should get to confront them about it on live tv. I am tired of everyone always saying, “Keep it in the past” or “That happened a long time ago” when black people want to talk about their grievances. Well, Joker, that stuff just happened a couple of weeks ago. It is the present.


I guess you’re no better than GM. Look at all the derogatory remarks and horrible language you’ve written i.e. skank, turd etc… My guess is if you were on the show you’d be right in there with them making the same comments.


It’s not about who we support, it’s about who we REALLY don’t want to win. Rat Dog winning would be the worst for me. Not just because of the vile things he has been spewing these last few weeks. I remembered Rat Dog takes improv classes so I went back and watched a few things with a different eye. Improv is all about throwing out a line so others can pick up on it and take it to the next level. That’s what Rat Dog did all season. He would throw out something to get the others started with the hate and then sit back and laugh. And he would keep it going as well. Rat Dog didn’t just sit by and watch the racism and hate, he encouraged it in others.

Having either the Perv or the GutterRat win will be just awful but everything Rat Dog has done combined with his whining about how poor he is makes me want him to walk away with nothing.

What Really Matters

Britney’s little baby has cancer – please keep her in your prayers.


How do you know, where would you get this information?


OMG!! How terrible!! Wishing the best for them all.

Inside Out

I guess I would rather support a dolt that didn’t understand history, then a big jerk that would rather ‘joke’ about Hitler and abusing young children. One’s sense of humor often reflects ones true inner self. And, Andy of course, has no inner self.


And to support/thumb up your comment is to support hate, ostracizing, judgmental behavior, and condescending attitudes.
Most of you haters are as bad/worse than the houseguests you hate.

The Cheese

Really! Sometimes coming to this board feels like walking into Westboro Baptist Church. The level of self-righteousness is that extreme. A lot of these people come to not only cast the first stone, but as many stones as they can find. Many, many people here are much more sinister than these houseguests.


You guys can say that again. Reading this board, with the incessant “holier than thou” name calling, has bothered me far worse than anything that’s gone on in the house this year. And you just know that those behind the most judgmental comments are also the ones that could most use an integrity tune-up in their own lives. Everyone’s “vile” and “disgusting” and it goes on and on. The same mob mentality that takes hold in the house is also very observable in the viewership, and it’s not so hard to see how human beings were actually burned at the stake for being witches a few centuries ago.

The houseguests have made many horribly stupid and offensive comments this season. I mean I can’t even believe how monumentally dumb some of them have been to say the things they’ve said while knowing their every word and action is being viewed by thousands on the live feeds and recorded for potential use on the main show. But good grief, they’re being talked about like they’re axe murderers and child molesters. It’s just a TV show.

Backpedal Barack Erasing the Red Line


I think you could use that same argument about any of the remaining house guests.


Captain, My Captain, first I totally agree with C-Lo’s comment. Second, I’m sorry that Josh and I couldn’t meet up with Name. Josh told me that he was a liar and a coward. I told Josh to knock it off with the anger(sometimes Josh suffers with anger issues like you use to have). I told Josh to feel bad for Name (almost the same way we do for Bob). I told Josh that Name and Bob live on budgets, something we are not use to. It’s to bad we didn’t meet up with Name. I would of paid for partying all night. I really wanted to talk about how Andy played the best BB game ever. Oh well Name work out your anger and I totally understand you might feel intimidated speaking with a beautiful blond and her best friend josh, the best Gay Man I know who I think is in love with Andy. Don’t ever feel bad because you have to live on a budget and try to work on the anger like my friend The Captain. Go my Rainbow Warrior and win Part 2 of competition, so Josh and I can win more money.


Why you want Andy to win big brother? He going to the jury!!!!!!!!

BB Bones

I agree C-Lo that some of the things GM has said are not right. However, I refuse to hate and/or persecute a person because of come PC bullshit until I get to know a person personally.

A therapist

GM is such a skank. She keeps saying Amanda is a slut for having sex with McCrae but an hour later she is saying her fantasy is for Nick to screw her brains out. Really? That piece of shit is ten times the whore Amanda is and I wouldn’t go a hundred miles near her if she was the last female on earth. She is disgusting to look at and listen to and is revolting to the core on the inside. What a racist stupid bitch.


I’m baffled as to why people have stated Candice played a terrible game. She clearly made an impact on the game. But don’t take my word for it just watch this video. This girl has never received any dues for anything. Even Nick I believe has not acknowledged Candice’s hand in his eviction. No one has. It’s true that her words held little weight in the house at the time but were it not for her refocusing Elissa and pushing for Nick to be put up as an MVP, getting him out that week wouldn’t have even been on the table. And who knows that would have affected everyone’s game?

Clips poster forgot to include was her figuring out Elissa was Rachel’s sister, and her trying to help Judd who we later know was blindsided by his so called alliance. Also, the video doesn’t include all the disadvantages and odds that were against her.


Eliminate Andy for us GinaMarie!

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Great picture of that Spencer snot rocket Simon.

Spencer is gross

Doesn’t that red-haired turd ever take a break? Between playing with his balls and picking his nose I never see him doing anything but. So disgusting. Who raised him? There is no way there is a woman out there who wants to be around a pig like this. I hope Marilyn is just really a figment of this pervert’s imagination and not a real girlfriend.

Spencer's Hand

Give Spencer a break
When a girl gets a vibrator, it’s seen as a bit of naughty fun.
BUT when a guy orders a 240 Volt FuckMaster Pro 5000 blowup latex doll
with 6 speed pulsating pussy, elasticized anus with non-drip semen collection tray,
together with optional built in realistic orgasm scream surround sound system,
he’s called a pervert!

A double standard , don’t ya think?


ding, ding, ding, dinggggggg

We have a winner !

Comment of the weekend…..


spencer needs to give his nose and balls a rest and play with andy’s nose and balls


What is the difference between snot and spinach?

Spencer’s parents could never get him to eat spinach.

andy's ears make me vomit

whats the difference between a blowjob and a corvette?

your mother didn’t give me a corvette this morning.

hahahahaha, i crack myself up sometimes.


I knew better than to read and look at these pictures while eating my dinner. Spencer is a fat, filthy, disgusting swine. The imagine of him the shower with his finger stuck up his nose is burned in my brain. Excuse me I’ve got to go throw up.

In my opinion

He’s a hideous hippopotamus with a black heart, no moral compass, and utter disregard for any vile thought that enters his pea brain and comes out his ugly trap. A total piece of shit asshole with no redeeming social value. I wonder if his parents and Marilyn are proud of him for blemishing the family name with all the pearls of wisdom he’s uttered this season. The douche bag is pretty sick.


what pigs these remaining three are….i’ve been watching big brother canada on you tube, it’s much better than this trash…..


move to Canada please


BBCanada’s 1st season actually is much better than our season.

For crying out loud, it’s not like she said Canada is a better country…


But Canada is a better country! Where are Simon and Dawg from?

BBAU fan

while BB Canada was pretty good, you ought to watch this season of BB Australia… now there is an entertaining show with some great characters


WORST top 3 in the history of BB HANDS DOWN. I am so incredibly disappointed and bored. Haven’t watched the feeds since the double eviction. UGH! At least last year’s final 3 had some great game play. Danielle was about to go crazy, and oh poor Ian. I was feeling so sorry for the way Danielle was treating him.


sally after this year you may see a repeat fans that watch and then get selected know if they float and a lot of big players are evicted get all the loners together like this year and take control

Sentence Structure

Sorry name, I couldn’t get through your first sentence.

Big Brother Season 1

I was just watching the first few episodes of Big Brother 1. The house looked so little. They said all the HGs just had 2 hours total time to take a shower with hot water. They had ten people so it came to 12 minutes per person of hot showers. They also said the house had 16 microphones. I also watched the last episode where Eddie wins the $500,000. Things were so different in BB1 (2000). Now the house looks much better! I also like it with 16 people instead of 10. What I don’t like this season is that it had too many people spewing hate out of their mouths. Maybe next season will be better.

Say What

For all the people that said they hated this season and but watched every episode or read this blog everyday. I say STFU! If you were so bothered by comments of the house guests then why did you keep watching or commenting. Go see a doctor a find out why you kept coming back to support a program that was based on hate. I can save you the money, because just like sex, hate sells and you were intrigued. You know what? And that’s the same reason you will watch the Finale.

Bored Viewer

BB15 could be an indication of where producers want to take the show for future seasons. If that is the case, then by the time BB20 airs, no one will be surprised by the vile behavior exhibited by the house guests.

Early seasons of MTV’s the Real World were interesting shows to watch. For many of the single digit seasons, the houses were not decorated elaborately, the cameras were not allowed into the bathroom and there were no microphones in the head boards, etc. Then at some point, they began casting groups of ignorant young twenty-somethings, and gave them 24 hour access to alcohol… the show is still on decades later.

If this is the new face of BB, then we as fans have options. I’m not going to make a list of those option though 🙂


Maybe next season will be better.


Are you kidding? CBS is going all out next season; actual KKK members instead of wannabe members, convicted rapists, murderer’s, drug dealers, recent parolee’s, etc. Oh wait and Larry Craig, the old, toe-tapping senator from the great state of Idaho.


A no win situation: The Bigot, The Pervert or The RAT!!!!


What’s up with some saying Julie is a racist and had her eyes done because she hates being Chinese? BULL! She had her eyes done because she thought it would make her more attractive just like thousands go people of all races do every year! She def still looks Asian and she kept the name Chen! Some people are only happy when tearing someone else down. GEEEEZ!


She had her eyes done because her boss in Dayton told her she would never sit in the anchor chair because she was Chinese and people couldn’t relate to her. She then went to a big time agent and he told her the same thing. He gave her a list of doctors that specialized in the surgery. She spoke with her parents and the extended family members and it created a divide in her family. Remember this was 1995 and she had a choice–give up her dream and everything she worked for or have her eyes done. Her parents supported her decision and were by her side the whole time.

The station she works for released a statement:

“We are sorry to hear about what happened to CBS’ Julie Chen in 1995 when she was a reporter at WDTN-TV,” Joe Abouzeid, WDTN and WBDT president and general manager said in a statement. “The station was under different management and ownership during that time. At WDTN and WBDT, we don’t tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind.”

Racism was why she had the surgery but not Julie’s racism.


Julie said herself on the Talk she had the surgery not because she’s a racist, but because of her Asian eyes her boss 25 years ago told her she would never make it into broadcasting in front of a camera with those eyes, and suggested she have the surgery to widen them. She was told her eyes made her look boring and they were too small and the Asian community in the town for which she worked wasn’t that broad enough an she wouldn’t make an appeal to their audience unless she had surgery. She decided to have surgery because of that reason. She also admitted that she knew the comments were racist, but she also admitted that since the surgery doors in her profession opened for her. Is she a racist don’t know, but don’t believe so, but did she allow racism to be the cause of the surgery to change her appearance when she was supposedly comfortable with both her looks, heritage, and self esteem to further boost her career, yes. Is anything wrong with it, no.

Keeping it Real

Sorry to say, but I saw the before and after picture of Julie. The before picture of Julie shows an unattractive woman. Whether she was Asian or not, she wouldn’t have made it into broadcasting with that face. Before everyone goes high and mighty and say the horror of it all. Look at your local TV news show or national show and its someone attractive presenting the news or hosting the shows. The not so attractive have to work behind the scenes and wait lot longer to catch their first break. That’s just real talk!

I saw the after picture and I was blown away. She looked fabulous. I know Julie said that she only had her eyes done, but looking at the picture it looked liked she also had her nose and lips done as well. The post surgery Julie was 100% more attractive then the pre surgery Julie and it helped to launch her career. Whoever gave her that advice she should be deeply thanking because they gave her great advice.


Well whatever she did it worked. She is absolutely beautiful in my opinion & makes tons of money & is married to the president of CBS-so more power to her!


I forgot to say I agree w/ you Nikki.


She said she had her eyes done because a tv exec told her she would never be an anchor with her small eyes. So she had surgery to make them bigger and rounder.


Julie admitted on The Talk that she altered her eyes at the insistence of her boss and her agent to make them look “less Chinese.”

It is quite fashionable in China and Korea these days for ladies with “monolids” to undergo surgery to attain the more Western “double lid” look. This look can also be achieved without surgery by glue and make-up.

andy's ears make me vomit

“Julie admitted on The Talk that she altered her eyes at the insistence of her boss and her agent to make them look “less Chinese.”

and that is what makes her a self race hating POS!
i wonder if her husband makes her look less Chinese?

i dig Asian women, but i have absolutely no respect for J U Double Chen.


Methinks you doth protest too much. “I dig Asian women but blah blah blah”. You have the absolute right to express your dislike of Julie Chen without your lil’ Asian fetish like intro.


CHen is a racist, a bully, hypocrite and a bigot. She did everything she did to look white and cheated with a married man. Chen has no right to demean anyone as she is herself a homewrecker. She is disgusting. She got where she is not by talent but because she cheated with a married man and destroyed a marriage. She is sickening and has no right to talk about anyone.

andy's ears make me vomit

preach it NAME
i love a good holier-than-thou rant.
since you’re cast the stone i’m assuming you are without sin.
still, you do have the stench of a hypocrite.


i wonder if Spencer actually thinks he has a chance to win it next to gm, i honetly hope he does so andy gets 3rd place if spencer wins the 2nd part of the hoh comp
since i dont foresee spencer getting 3rd place im just waiting to hear his campain speech,pretty sure it will start like this “I deserve to win because i have been on the block the most times, and ive gotten out j u double d, one of my fellow alliance members at the time…”

Spencer for the win

If GM makes it to final two, she will win because the jury is mostly female. Helen/Elissa/Candice said early on that a guy wins all the time and they have to make sure a woman wins this year. They do have an out though because GM is no lady. She’s technically a racist pig so I’m hoping that technicality will be enough to absolve the female jurors of their mission to make one of their gender the winner this year. Otherwise Rat turd and Pervert HAVE to make it to final 2. Since the peter puffer betrayed every one on the jury that should be enough for them to give the win to Spencer. A disturbing conclusion to an appalling season but it will be in keeping with this year.


Spencer will not win at all no matter who he is against. At least GM can say she got rid of Amanda when no one else would and Andy can say he played the best game because he befriended everyone and stayed loyal until he had to form new alliance. Spencer has no game play, didnt get anyone out, unless they are voting for best nose picker he won’t win.


I don’t remember why GM hates Candace so much, did Candace do anything to her or is it because she is mixed race or is GM jealous that Candace is a real beauty pageant winner and not a pageant coordinator for little girls? I really cannot remember why the hatred towards Candace.


I believe GM hates Candice because 1) she is jealous that Candice has achieved GM’s dream of winning a beauty pageant and 2) Spencer’s lie about a hat. Spencer said that Candice did something to the hat, but it was him and he blamed Candice. If I’m wrong someone will surely correct me.


Not sure what Gina’s problem with Candice. I thought she was moving forward after her and Candice apologized to each other. She even defended Candice a few times since them. However, it seems like something snapped the last few days with all this reminiscing of past house events and Gina is back to hating Candice again. The knife in the key slot of Candice’s picture was a little much. So what are your trying to say Gina? That you want to hurt Candice? Gina is not all there in the head.


Hey, that’s my ip!!! Simon & Dawg. I didn’t wrote this. I’m a real Captainwedgiearchnemesis!!!!


I believe GM hates Candice because 1) she is jealous that Candice has achieved GM’s dream of winning a beauty pageant and 2) Spencer’s lie about a hat. Spencer said that Candice did something to the hat, but it was him and he blamed Candice. If I’m wrong someone will surely correct me. LOL


GM ain’t no pageant coordinator no more.

Chuckles, professional GM hater


Mariyln you can really “PICK UM” and so can He!! Nasty!! Oh my Gosh and GM seriously the knife is so not necessary!! Oh Please why can’t Sunday be the Finally!! They are down to the bottom of the barrel.

Andy's Drool

Give the fucking prize to fucking Spencer so he can wipe his ass with his 500K after he shits. Give second place to the only remaining bitch left in the house.


These HG’S are some of the most mean spirited and vilest people that I have ever seen on BB.


I leave for a few hours and these 3 are still bashing Elissa. As for GM this 33 year old woman has a lot of hate in her heart for some one who did nothing to her, a knife in Candice’s memory board slot. Wow. For those who are making excuses for GM, please stop. There is no childlike innocence when it comes GM, she knows EXACTLY what she is doing at all times and just doesn’t give a damn. She will never apologize for her behavior or accept that she did anything wrong. Even if GM does win the $500K, it won’t buy her one ounce of class or humility. GM is the type of person you would want to have your back in a fight, but would always be making excuses for her bad behavior.


In the image above, the “knife” is in GM’s slot, so give a sh*t. All this phony outrage. United States of Victimhood…

I'll Have Another

Guest? Or did you really mean Guesst?


Well Guesst, Take a closer look at picture number 7, that is Candice in the picture not GM. And if I’m wrong, so is the site moderator.


I don’t support hatred or bigotry but I want GinaMarie to win. Spencer has his hated words and who wants a rat to win…..!!! Most everyone in the house has hated someone all the time. So with that I wabt GinaMarie to win.


Gina, probably will win. Congrats! The racist won. What’s up with the knife in Candice’s key slot? I know it Gina be funny again. Seems like Gina should really go into Stand Up comedy after BB.


I hope GM wins so she can blow it all on meth and crack and Krispie Kreme donuts.

GM is going to be the winner that none of the other past BB players will acknowledge exists.

BBAU fan

oh great… now I want a Krispy Kreme doughnut… *sigh*


can’t believe how much I don’t want any of the final 3 to win. GM did nothing except whine about Nick for most of the game and is just loony. Andy played both sides the whole time and is probably the biggest reason this season was so boring most weeks, and Spencer I think is a future sex offender waiting to happen. He had no game at all which is why they never voted him out and he is disgusting with his actions and the things he says. No matter who wins in going to be disappointed. I hope Elissa wins Americas vote only because it will piss off the rest of the cast.


I’ll say it again. Elissa winning Americas favorite will not piss anyone off. It will just, once again, verify what everyone has said all along about her, she had an advantage from the start.

Who's on first

Is that you Nick?


absolutely, if anything, this will make the house guests feel justified in their actions and mindsets. confirmation bias effect.

And so it continues

Once again Nick – nonsencicle response.


Well why do keep saying this? They have all stated on live feeds that they will be pissed if Elissa wins the 25K.

Pinocchio Obama

How would you like to be the oerson using that shower after Spencer? Nice shot Simon.


oerson? Are you now inventing your won words Mr. President?


C’mon Rat. Outwit the X-terminaturds. vaGina is squirting her shhhhhhttttttttt! Too funny. Her future job. Can’t wait to see her racist face when someone drops the bomb on her and tell her she was fired from her real job. D’oh!


If Gina wins the 500 Grand I doubt she would care if she got fired.


I’ve been watching BB since the very first show………I wonder what ever happened to Eddie ? ? ? Did he ever come back as a guest on BB after the show ? If anyone knows….let me know…………..Thanks…….


I just don’t get it. Do these people NOT realize they are filmed 24/7???

A. G.

Oh, they know, they think their stupidity will move them along with the network. See, I’m really not as dumb as most of you think.

Dan BB G.O.A.T.

Uhhhhh Andy just STFU already, as a Chicago resident I just get flat out embarrassed to know this ugly ass rat is from my home town.

Just Sayin

My only hope is that when they find out HOW MUCH the vast majority of BB’s fans despise them they go back to the hole where they came from. Can’t wait for the Finale when Elissa receives the 25K, they are not expecting it to happen, Andy is dreaming America will vote him America’s Favorite, craaaaazy!

Andy is a rat

The 3 pieces of vile, white trash are still obsessing over Elissa, how sick and pathetic. Andy the rat sure has a big brave mouth behind Elissa and others back. I can’t wait to see how brave raggedy andy is when he is confronted by Elissa’s family for his vile remarks. I think he will finally shit his pants….


I would love for CBS to find a way to declare NO WINNER, But that’s not going to happen, so I have to hope GM wins, just to see the look on Rat’s Ass and the Booger Man’s faces!

The Ministry of Peace

That’s not going to happen. Andy is the winner.


Ok CBS, give the money to Charity,none of the 3 remaining are even remotely deserving.
Most hateful,vile lot we have ever witnessed.


Simon and Dawg… I was innocently looking at images when that photo shoot of Spencer in the shower came up. I am now blind. From who may I expect compensation?

Judd's Granny

KARMA, bitch


I can still spot a chicken from 20 paces.


Spencer is talking about Ellisa’s vagina hair lol


Andy just said he sent Ellisa the bitch packing, Being Gay he should know better about calling other people awful name. One can say o we will send the faggot packing and he sure will not like that.


#1. Andy did not send Elissa packing, McCrea did, it was his HOH. #2 Andy did not send Aaryn packing, Elissa did, Her HOH. #3 he did not send Amanda packing, GM did her HOH. At Least he admits to that on and gives credit where credits due. So exactly who did he send home on his two HOH’s? Dawg, Simion can you help us figure that out?


Intreaged: the person that sends someone packing is not the HOH that put them up, it’s the people that voted to evict them.


With all of the hatred these 3 spew out hour after hour, and they just can’t understand why Elissa has a good chance at getting favorite player.
Charming, witty, and debonair will never describe these 3 jokers!!!!!


Spencer: As I put my hand over my nose and blew snot all over my fingers, Marilyn looked at me and said, “That’s absolutely disgusting.” “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” I replied, “I’m out of lube.”


The exterminator outfit.. The knife.. The obsession with Elissa.. etc …They are all either really bored or just plain nuts…

NO name

They are just NUTS, and they are coming into the real world soon, and live is going to be NO so sweet. No friends.


I’m hoping Nick brings his girlfriend fiance boyfriend whatever to the finale so you can see how Gina Marie act in real life

fucking annoyed

o god spencer taking shower and picking his nose too h

NO name

Well we know that these three are ugly inside and outside. But, we have to pick one because it is the name of the game, but look I WILL NEVER WANT anyone of them to win. The less of the three is GM, She is a air head and she does not realize any different, but I do not want ANDY to wish to win, because he THINKS he deserve it, when he is a three year old child. Wait, sorry to all the three year children, I have belittle you. I just want to see his face when he is out the door with his 94.83, and have to walk into the jury room with all that he thinks he is a master mind when he is just a floater that has got this far by luck and on the backs of the people who trusted him, and he is going to be have a hard time on the outside world, Karma b@@@ch is coming to get you. Andy is going to walk out the door soon and I am going to laugh my butt off. Spencer lord help us if you are the future of mankind. I would not breed, the world could not stand for another of you.

GM is have to pay for the all the help she needs. so just help her. She is going to need the help, to make sure she sees the world like she needs too. I hate to support that but the girl needs some aid, to see the world as it, not the way she was raised and the eyes of a bigot. She was going with the crowd, but she does need help.

Small minds need to grow. But we have these ugly people to pick from so that is my wish and hope that Andy goes home, cry in your shorts and those ugly shirts, get some fashion boy.

Glass Houses part 3

I can’t believe that Andy and Spencee think GM derogatory comments are enduring and don’t come across as hurtful. What a bunch od delusional people. Big Brother Canada, was fantastic, especially for it’s first season. And they were alot cleaner. You’d be lucky to live here.

Andy is a rat

GM is one sick psychotic bitch…..with her fatal attraction with nick and now her putting a knife next to Candaces picture. CBS is so deplorable and disgusting to let what went on in that house. Money is the root of all evil……

NO name

Can the others sue the ones left, because I would if they where making comments on me on a personal level. Its just wrong and should not be allowed, why can CBS stop these, Kids should be OFF limits, and why do they have to put someone else down if they were so solid with themselves. That is the problem, the all hate they own lives so the way to built themselves up is push someone else down.

It is going to be a RUDE and powerful wake up call when they all go home, people are not going to want to be their friends, I would be their friend I would delete them from my facebook, etc. The friendship I would quess, if they are lying and I would have no trust with them.

Karma is coming home soon then let the game begin.


Yep that would actually be a a great ending to all of this. If the final 2 get sued by the other houseguests for defamation & end up w/ not one cent! I really think Elissa & Candace would have a case!


Ok… I have a question I’m not sure I want to hear the answer….do you all have to search for pictures of Spencer either picking his nose or playing with himself or is that basically all he does?


Spencer does do other things. For instance he will say crude sexual things about other house guests. He will also talk about using drugs to have sex with woman and children and thinks it funny. But after saying those things he goes back to playing with himself and picking his nose again. Ohhhh I almost forgot, after he picks his nose he likes to wipe his finger on the couches, chairs, or on assorted items in the kitchen


He is seriously the most disgusting person I have ever had to witness my whole entire life!!!


Andy you are juror #9!! Welcome to the Jury House


It looks like it’s about Comp time!! Go Spencer! Kick Andys ass!

Mad Hatter

I don’t know if this was posted yet, Sorry if it was.

But Britney’s(from season 12&14) daughter has cancer. Very devastating news. May God be with her and her entire Family. This is such heartbreaking news.. I can’t even imagine 🙁


Where did you hear that? I couldn’t find anything on it…


I wonder how Amanda would have treated Kaysar?????


Probably suck him off.


In 2 months…..
Andy will be working as a server…telling customers how amazing he was on BB and should of won because he’s such a mastermind.
GM will have 500k ..still talking vile racist remarks, full of hate and making excuses for her behavior as she blows her money.
Spencer will be unemployed, spending money on his defense lawyers…and will soon be a registered sex offender spending lots of time alone playing with himself and picking his nose.


I think that Andy’s game is similar to Ian Terry’s because they played both sides of the house and passed info to both without anyone realizing it but at least Ian chose a side where as Andy pretended all through to be with McRae until he knew for sure he would get evicted and that’s what I don’t like, if your gonna play big brother at least give us a damn good show and don’t play a shady rat ass game.


Go Andy!!!

Oh for tha luv of little green men

Just turn out the lights n leave. The nasties left in the house will eventually go. Just start new next year.


this is the worst final 3 in the history of big brother.
definitely will not be watching it live.
you got GinaMarie the old racist stalker
Spencer the disgusting old pervert
and Andy the biggest rat ever to play the game


Go Spencer, beat the Rat…….All I care about is that the King Rat Andy is not in the final 2…….


Andy will have a hard time finding a teaching job after this, even a server job at a nice restaurant will be hard for him to get. Spencer has a union, so his job is probably safe as be works with a bunch of guys that are probably as bad as he is. GM does a lot of modeling jobs and all they care about is her body, so she may still have a jobs. CBS said she does pageant jobs, but I saw her pictures online as she does pin up modeling, and did a guest spot on the sopranos, and a couple other shows. Jerseylisious and Glamfaries on E network. So GM has some experience with Television.


Bye bye Andy!!!!

Spencer aka #2

I would love for Spencer to win first place. Why not? It would prove how powerful floaters have become in this game. It’s not even floating its really just piggyback riding to the extreme. CBS would have egg on its face if Molester Spencer came home with 500k and it would mean bad publicity for everyone except for fat men who jerkoff to BB feeds,do deadbeat labor jobs, and generally suck at life all across the board. In the future men like Spencer will replace the Obamas, Oprahs, Tom Cruises and Pee Wees. Soon a man like Spencer would be the man I would want my mom, sister, cousin to lay down with. Spencer- you are my vile, self-loathing, beer on belly resting, nose picking, bacon pita eating, never exercising, 10 scoop ice cream sundae eating ANTIHERO. This for all the # 2s out there- GO SPENCER!!