“I wish I had formed an Alliance called the panty sniffers” – The Spencer

GM won the first of the three part Final HOH. Spencer and Andy will compete in part two and the winner of that competition will face off against GM to be the final HOH winner. The final HOH gets to decide who to take to the final 2. Winning the final HOH usually has a lot clout with the jury.


5:05pm Bedroom The exterminators

Talking about how Elissa would always try and find a loophole in the competitions.

GM says she doesn’t like it when people call her Gina. Spencer jokes says what if NIck called her that, “or is that reserved for your family”
GM says she doesn’t like is when anyone calls her gina.

Spencer mentions if Nick was still around he would have destroyed the roller blading competition.
Spencer – “he would be like .. this is nar bro”
Spencer thinks Sunday will be the second part of HOH and memory lane.

They are going over the competitions and how Howard and Helen were not very good at them.

Andy – “I am shocked they had sex that first week.. I didn’t even know they kissed”
GM – “They probably f***** before they kissed”

Andy say MC lied to him when he was making the engagement ring. He told him that he had nothing going on with Amanda and that it was all game. Spencer points out that at that stage of the game may have not been a lie.
Spencer – “What a different game it would be if you were having s$x all the time”
They all agree they wouldn’t have s$x on the show because of the cameras.

Spencer says Amanda was the last person to be cast on the show she was gone from her boyfriend for a week and was f***ing McCrae. Andy mentions that Amanda’s boyfriend sounded like an a$$hole but he still kinda felt bad for him. The boyfriend must have told all his friends and family that his girlfriend was going to be one Big Brother 15.
Spencer- “She said the mom got the live feeds.. She was literally up there night two she was away from her boyfriend one week”
Spencer – “That should make McCrae scared.. one night she could go out with the girls drinking next thing you know she’s kissing a guy has some digits then she’s going to show a house but really she’s banging some guys d!ck off ”

Spencer- ‘I think we all agree we want the best for McCrae and none of us feel that Amanda is”
GM and Andy — YUP”
Spencer- “I wish I had formed an Alliance called the panty sniffers” They talk about silly names the could have called their alliance. Spencer says that production told him if the name was too harsh Julie Chen would just say “The Alliance”

\Andy leaves.
GM tells him she is really nervous about the “F*** questions” in the third part of the HOH. Spencer thinks she will do fine.
GM wonders if they will have trick questions like the “Express” had (Express was a HOH comp they played after Nick went home). Spencer- “This will be nothing like the express”
GM tells him it’s day 85.. She thinks something will happen tomorrow suggest that the 2nd HOH will be played.
Spencer leaves “I’m going to go eat a piece of Candy”


5:40pm LIving room The exterminators

Andy is telling them there is not only the cameras they see attached to the walls/Ceilings there is camera people inside of the walls with cameras.
Andy -‘ What the hell are we going to do for the next 5 days’
Spencer jokes says he’s going to make a tent and m@sturb@te

Andy says he knows the game isn’t about the money and the winner shouldn’t be based on who needs the money the most but he is still glad that someone well off is not going to win it. He points out that Elissa and Amanda really didn’t need the money all that much.
Spencer brings up Amanda saying she makes 90 thousands a year

Andy brings up Dr Zeus books. Spencer says Dr Zeus was in the same fraternity as him, “I wasn’t in it for long”

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


Spencer – “Helen had a great starting game bur her middle game was horrible”
Andy says the Helen/Elissa duo was dangerous because they were so illogical. He adds that Elissa would do whatever Helen would do. Spencer points out that at least with Amanda and McCrae there was logic in what they did.
Spencer – “I was so glad when she (Helen) left.. I felt like I was a low energy dog with a low energy owner”

Andy says he’s proud that he tricked Amanda because she was such a perceptive person.
Spencer- “No doubt dude you out played her.. really we all did”
Andy – “Oh we all did”
Spencer – “That last couple days she got so caught up in her arrogance.. you know the saying you can’t see the forest from the tree”

Andy asks GM if she hugged Amanda when she was evicted.
Gm – “F** no damn b!tch.. ”

They start talking about Amanda and how she dominated the game in the beginning.
Specner “She was the big buck to bag to put it in hunting terms”


Andy – “The question of the season how many times did Amanda f*** McCrae when she had a yeast infection”

Andy says he lost his organ shirt when he gave it to Amanda as collateral.
Spencer- “I bet you do.. and if you don’t it’s a casualty of awesomeness”

Spencer says he’s gotten to know McCrae well these past couple months and the two thing he knows is McCrae loves his friends and he loves his family. Spencer doesn’t want to see McCrae move to Florida an dmake a huge mistake.

Spencer says if he owned a company he would hire McCrae in a heartbeat. Spencer says McCrae is honest, hard working, and smart.
Gm – “I don’t know about working hard he seems kinda lazy”
Andy thinks if it’s something he’s interested in.

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Amandas cootch smells like onions

Ratfink just can’t win the next phase of HOH

Gina Marie No way No How Row Row Row your boat

Please, I would rather Andy win over Gina Marie

Shaking my head

So these three assholes say they wouldn’t have sex on the show ‘because of the cameras’? Not because maybe it’s immoral? None of those shitballs are in any position to judge Amanda. And besides, they know they wouldn’t even have had a chance to get some sex because Ratboy didn’t have another peter puffer in the house and GM/Spencer are gross to look at, even with a bag over their ugly mugs. And Spencer, you don’t think it’s a good idea for McCrae to move to Florida? Well, MILLIONS of people don’t think it’s a good idea for Marilyn to ever have anything to do with you again. You are way more odious and perverted than Amanda ever was. So save your advice for yourself dickhead. I love how the gay guy, the skank who no guy wants, and the sociopath are giving advice on morality. That’s rich.


best post of the season!


Who will win Big Brother 15?
The Rat, the Pedo, or the Racist?


THE RAT. I found it amusing how McCrae was the original rat (snitching out the moving company) and when it came down to the end. Which Rat will eat the other Rat? Andy The Rat ate McPussy up. Say cheese! The Rat should make out big if he makes it out to the final 2. Just think how much cheese he can buy. Really, GM & Spencer would not still be there if it were not for dumb luck and Andy The Rat. Give the rat credit. He made these two look good when they should never have been in the game this far, but they are. Thank the rat via the X-terminaturds. Lol.


Don’t know, or care anymore, who will win.

1. All three have lost or will potentially lose their jobs from this stint.
2. One of them wins $500K and won’t care about losing their job
3. The other two will likely end up on what GM affectionately calls “******** Insurance”
4. The public with very short memories will have forgotten about all the outrageous comments and some of them will join the reality show D-List circuit of “celebrities” (McRanda kept saying it will take a year and everyone will forget how vile they are..which is why she wants to go hide out in Europe after)
5. We will all be back here next year for BB Canada…loving…hating… a new group of plebs.


The public voted for the winner of Celebrity Big Brother UK last night, and the winner is a girl named Charlotte who is on the British version of Jersey Shore called Geordie Shore. She is best known for getting black out drunk every night while purposely flashing her Vajajay on dance floors and restaurants while making p**** fart noises as a party trick. She gets so drunk that she regularly pees and poos herself or her bed ON CAMERA, not to mention having sex with randoms on camera every night. The UK doesn’t censor so we see EVERYTHING!!!

Did I mention the public voted her the winner over some really stellar upstanding and fun housemates? There you have it folks…world—-> hell in a hand basket!


Spencer is a filthy dog shit that’s gonna coast to 50Gs. Well i guess he’ll need after he gets his ass friered.

Marilyn;s Lover

Specter, its not too late to start the Panty Sniffers Alliance, you can sniff Andy’s And GMs …oh yeah, look under Amanda’s bed she may have left a pair of yeasties for you/




Spencer is so nasty and gross. That hillbilly pervert is lower that skid marks!

When will a sink hole swallow these 3 nitwits?

House Ghost

He really needs to be investigated about his bragging early in the season that he put “Roofies” in girls drinks so he Gould get laid. That is considered RAPE and carries a prison sentence in most states. He has never mentioned it since, I think he realized that he said too much.


You know what it is you Dawg you are the most hated player lol.


I bet Spencers’ family is so proud!


the finals are going to be close if gm and spencer 5-4 hope gm but could go other way


spencer,s parents probelly was his role model his dad being a judge of some type proves how missed up our justice system is he had to learn his fu**#k up sense of logic from someone

Love You GM

This is your game to lose GM, don’t screw it up.

GM is Frau Farbissina

What the hell is there to love about GM? Her Joe Pesci like qualities?


Anybody but Andy…. then I close the lid on this shit til next season

Now There's Some Bona Fide Scruples

Never ending bashing of evicted house guests on camera……. check.
Insulting other players families and children on camera……….. check.
Crying like a little girl on camera……….. check.
Shooting the finger on camera………. check.
Hiltler jokes on camera…….. check.
Filthy language constantly on camera……. check.
Racism on camera………. check.
Misogeny on camera…….. check.
Gay jokes on camera……… check.
Picking nose constantly on camera…….. check.
Talking about s$x ad nauseum on camera……….. check.
Spencer fondling his privates constantly on camera………. check.
Talking about rubbing your privates against house guests pictures on camera………. check.
Building a shrine to an evicted house guest on camera…… check.


They all agree they wouldn’t have s$x on the show because of the cameras.


Lol !!!! That’s funny!


Really GREAT post by: “Now There’s Some Bona Fide Scruples”!!


Totally agree! One of the best posts!

The Cheese

Vamp Diaries season prem Oct 3 NinaDobrev NinaDobrevNinaDobrev


Just read Ragan Fox’s comments about Andy. Ragan makes some good points, but overlooks that Andy is hated because he has deliberately played the game by adopting the persona of a 6-yr. old. Look at Andy’s clothing, gestures with both hands on his cheeks, and crying whenever he doesn’t get his way. He said in his initial interview that he was going to lie and be fake–and he certainly has done that. He just thinks he is an awesome actor. I would beg to differ with that. He has revealed on numerous occasions that he is mean-spirited and vile with the obsessive criticism of Elissa and her family after she was already evicted. He also tries to take all of the credit for game moves for which he had little or nothing to do with planning. He is an arrogant, bad actor and I am hoping that he doesn’t wind up in the Final 2. He is no Ragan!


Ragan’s open letter to CBS early on was spot on. However, if he meant what he wrote, he should not involve himself in this season. He is being disenginuin.

Russ Woodward

I have been reading Ragan Fox’s blogs….he is convinced that Andy is the most deserving and should win the money, he thinks that people are so negative about Mr Andy simply because he is gay…….Well!!! ….I am gay and my gay friends and I always have a little get together on eviction night, its lots of laughs and at times very catty you should be here. I can tell you that we have no problem with Andy’s gayness, he has played a very good game, backstabbing, lying , blindsides are all part of the game. You come into the house alone to try your best to win $500,000.00 , you owe nobody anything. The problem we have with Andy is the sense of entitlement he had when he was put up….How dare someone put him up? Andy is a hysterical little boy, he cowardly gave Elisa the finger behind her back, he called her a C**t, slut , whore , bitch all behind her back, he stood by while her family and especially her children were insulted in the most derogatory way by his fellow classy HGs, she has been gone 2 weeks and he is still obsessing and calling her vile names…..I am also a police officer and I have seen Andy’s type at demonstrations, he is the type that stays many rows behind the front, crouching down out of sight and throwing rocks and bottles at the cops…Unfortunately Ragan Fox wants to make his gayness an issue, just like he did in his own game… sorry but my group is voting for Elissa for America;s favorite.


The next time Andy throws a rock at the police he needs to be identified. The police should be allowed to defend themselves if they feel their lives are in danger and should be allowed to use deadly force if needed. I’m sick of all these protestors who think they can get away with murder and have all the time in the world to protest because they don’t have a real job.

Russ Woodward

Thanks for the support name, my partners in blue appreciate it…But, I didn’t say Andy actually threw rocks at cops, I said by his cowardly way of attacking people he is the type to throw rocks.


80% of Big Brother applicants are between 16 and 24.

The rest have a significantly higher IQ.


That is just comedy gold!!!!!

Gays Against Andy

Excellent points, Russ Woodward. I agree completely — though I may vote for Judd if only to reward his exit interview (the second one). Andy trashed Nick for weeks after Nick had been evicted. He once said, “I don’t even know why I hate Nick so much.” Methinks he doth protest too much. He was obviously attracted to Nick (he later admitted he would have liked to kiss him), but Nick was not interested, and Hell hath no fury like an hysterical little boy (as you so aptly described him). He still cannot fathom how Elissa had the audacity to nominate him and is STILL throwing his immature tantrums. Talk about entitlement! Meanwhile, I don’t really believe he would have woken up and realized that he needed to turn on Amanda/McCrae if the Zingbot hadn’t let him know how he was being perceived.


Andy, out of all the house guests, has obsessed the most about how he is being ‘portrayed’ or perceived by America – an odd word choice since he is on camera 24/7 and what you see is what you get (‘portrayal’ is not an active element and the house guest, as a participant, is the writer of his/her own script). In other words, you own your behavior while on camera.

Nevertheless, he is acutely needy of being seen by America as a Big Brother star, an exceptional house guest, the best of the best and a very intelligent player of the game – trusted, respected by all, a skilled persuader, articulate, clever, very sociable, capable of making BIG moves, and because of the obvious superiority of his intelligence, deserving of winning in the end. With this as his private opinion of himself, imagine how insulted he feels when the Zingbot called him out a a huge floater. He secretly panics and begins to worry about what America thinks.

This air of superiority based upon his secret that he really is smarter than everyone in the house and it’s accompanying sense of entitlement explains why he despised Elissa. Recall the expression that one hates in others the qualities that most remind you of yourself? Andy despised Elissa most because of her sense of entitlement. After all, if anyone has the right to feel entitled, it’s Andy and Elissa got in the way of Andy’s extreme need for self-entitlement. He is so threatened by her that he cannot stop attacking her even after she is no longer in the house.

It also explains his fascination and adoration of Ragan Fox. After all, Andy is just as smart and a gay professor too. Andy wants to be like him or have him as a friend? or lover? He so wants to be in the company of Ragan Fox that he refers to him frequently.

Andy is a man in search of greatness and he will be extremely disappointed that Big Brother will not deliver in the end. Expect to see him waiting tables somewhere in the Chicago area soon.

House Ghost

I would not want Andy as my server, I would not trust him around the public’s food, he is the type to sabotage your order if you dared to complain about your dish.


Reality is starting to set in for GM. She is crying because she didn’t know things about Nick that he told Spencer and Andy. I just hope Nick shows up on final night to see the reaction between the two of them


I hope Nick bring his girlfriend to the finale


Lamest, most foul-mouthed final three EVER. Just can’t watch anymore. Brain cells dying…


big brother I hope you are proud of this season cause the majority thinks you f**k up this entire season you all had a pretty thing going are you all wanting to f**k up a great show none of these final 3 deserve SHIT


Marilyn’s mother has got to be saying to her daughter “You’re with that thing?” Must be so disappointed in her.

Royal Order of Rabid Red Rodents

I hope Spencer wins the 2nd part of the HOH so that Andy has to suffer. Gina would have bragging rights if she could say she evicted Amanda and Andy.


And McCrae because she was the one who voted.


royal would love to see andy come all this way for nothing more than the other jurors


guess they weren’t as dumb as the jury they still have a shot


What I would like to see, is Andy coming in third. He stated he had couldn’t continue with Amanda and McCrae because he would only come in third. I would love to see GM win the final HOH and send Andy packing….in third place. That dude needs to go!


I’m at the point I don’t care who wins. This is the first season of watching BB that I wasnt rooting for Someone. These houseguest ruined this season for me. I do have one wish though that Andy does not make it to final 2. That will make me feel a bit better. But all three of them are the most, disgusting, foul language people I have ever seen. I can’t believe the Biggest pervert ever, Spencer, has his girlfriend still rooting for him on Twitter. She is cheering him on and saying what a great player he is. Totally blew my mind. If I was her I’d runaway as fast as I could. Its been the worst season ever. I hope BB16 is better with decent human beings playing the game. Just my opinion.
But I’m so happy that I found this wonderful site. My first season here and the majority of people are fantastic. Simon and Dawg, you guys are great. Thanks


no one from bb15 deserve to be in any version of big brother all- stars I can,t bevieve cbs and big brother pulled this bullshit on us cbs used to be my top network station I’ll loved this season of big brother haved ruined me of all reality shows so thank you I loved a lot of programs on cbs but now I think cbs its pitiful with this years big brother 15 this was my top network channel you didn’t need to lower your standards for ratings


Spencer: Before I left for work one morning, Marilyn told me “Tonight, I want you to rip my panties off and make me scream”, so I put superglue in them.

Piss on Andy Vote For Elissa FHG

I have a dream….Andy gets voted out while wearing his cat shirt.


How can Spencer possibly think that Marilyn’s parents are proud of him after watching him on tv? They’ve probably already petitioned for a protection order for their daughter and moved her back into their house.

Aaryn and GM don’t have jobs waiting for them when they get out of the BB house; I hope the same is true for Andy and Spencer.

I wish the same was true for racist Julie Chen.


I had a lot of resect and liked Julie chen until she let Amanda off the hook when knowing full well knowing what Amanda said and done, and acted this year on big brother but Amanda isn’t the only culpript

disgusted with BB15 yet compelled 2 watch

I agree with you as far as Julie should have called ALL out on their racist or sexually disgusting behavior (Spencer) to be fair. Hopefully this will still occur. When we saw Aaryn apologise in the jury house I feel it was because of the booing and Julie’s questions helping Aaryn understand WHY the booing. I noted Candace never looked up from what she was doing during Aaryn’s apology. I felt it was damage control rather than authentic.

No respect for Chen

I had a lot of respect and liked Chen until she decided to annoint herself God and ambush Aaryn with a public shaming on matters politically correct. How Aaryn or anybody else for that matter acts is really not for Chen to judge. It was a cheap ploy to gin up ratings for CBS and to appease the assholes out there who were so offended by what Aaryn said in the house. (These same assholes who whine every time but yet bring themselves to stop watching the alleged offensive behavior). Many HGs said a lot of “offensive” things yet Aaryn was singled out. Candice and Howard, who were no saints and made controversial remarks, were treated as victims by Chen. A total farce. I don’t like Chen now and hope she and CBS get sued for millions by Aaryn. I also lost respect for Chen when, after going on several talk shows and saying how “outraged” she was at what Aaryn said about Asians, she announced this week that she had plastic surgery on her eyes because she looked too Asian! Wow, what a big hypocrite. I really would like to see a new host of BB after this year because Chen has lost all credibility.


The three of them are sitting around talking about each person one by one and bashing them. Instead of finding good things to say about each person who left they are trying to think of as many reasons why each person that left is a disgusting person. I hope the crowd boos each one of them as they leave the house including the winner


I just watched the video of Dr. Will “making love” to a camera & loving on America. Then I watched Brittney & how hilarious she was & positive & praising all of her housemates. These people made GREAT viewing & fun-to-watch episodes. Then I READ what these final 3 BB 15 players have been saying & how they’re saying it and it just makes me sick to my stomach. I’m SOooooo glad I don’t have the live feeds. I still enjoy reading these sites – mostly because of the comments & all of our shared feelings of being SO let down this season. One last comment, and I know everyone has their own opinions. I’m in agreement that I want to see Andy go out in 3rd place simply to see his reaction! And I also think GM winning will make for best watching – she has a humorous side, especially with her (uh-HUM!) use/misuse of the English language! Do I think she deserves to win? No – but neither does Spencer. JMO…

The truth be told

To be honest most guys would not pass up the opportunity to get a wiff of Katlin, Aaryn , Candice or Butterscotch panties


Now that was a Pervy comment. Gross

I would

Well count me as one of the guys that would pass up the opportunity

Count me in too



Final twist should be none of them are eligible to win the 500k or 50k because they’re a bunch of vile, disgusting, racist biggots.




Just imagine how good the season could of been if the order the house guests left had been reversed!

Big Brother

Man who should I root for tough choice the rat, pervert or racist. I going to root forbwho played the best game which is sadly the rat. Like him or Hate him he played a ok game even if I hate tue way he played and don’t respect it he played better then Spencer amd GM. My only problem is he wants everyone to be loyal to him and he was not loyal to the evicted houseguests like Helen and Amanda. I only watching finale night because of Will Kirby and I also hope Boogie comes too so they could grill the hg’s with their chilltown calls. Anyway I feel David won this season for getting the hell out and also he made big brother history by being the first hg to not spell a word. I would say Nick is a winner as well but he has crazy psycho after him.


Reagan told a lot of HORSESH-T he is just like Andy just a little bit bigger.


Gm should win she needs it for her education.

Pinocchio Obama

How expensive is pre-school?

Big Brother

I going to vote for Nick for America favorite. Elissa does not need it as much as Nick. Nick needs it to move as far away as Gm as he can hopefully he moves to a different country because I am worried about him after the show is over.


Hope ANDY and Spencer don’t win after talking shit about Julie.


GM, Andy and Spencer are very immature ppl. I believe they will get a wake up call once they go back to there ordinary life. Well at this it won’t be ordinary. LOL Usually as a norm, if you have a group of ppl, you would only except 1 or 2 to be obnoxious. Not the other way around where 2 or 3 show maturity. Amanda was really trying to sell McCrea in the jury house so he could win the 500 thousand but little does she know he will be showing up next. I like McCrea as an individual but I feel he got bullied by Amanda in a different way than how she did the others. He just got caught in the moment as most young men do. Thinking with there private part instead of using the brain.


Amanda is disgusting but I don’t believe for one minute that McCrea didn’t know what he was doing. He went along for the ride to hide behind her so no one will target him. She didn’t bully him he was just as much involve with her having sex all over.


That was my comment above, not sure why it posted Name because I put my name in.


HOW on earth did that fatso ever get cast on this show. WHO DOES HE KNOW ???


Apparently Hitler


they thought he looked enough like adam people wouldn’t know the difference.

Lazy Boy

Good one GM – yup, MC was one lazy boy.

House Ghost

Do the BB HG contracts have morals clause?


Andy: What goes well with Coconut Vodka?

Spencer: Preferably teenage girls with low self-esteem and questionable morals.

Pete B.

Oh Big Brother fans, the one place the majority of you get to say, protected by a fake screen name I might add, all of YOUR hatred, mean and disgusted comments and vile opinions, while talking crap about those exposed doing the same. Year after year, I chuckle and say to my wife, look at these folks, they’re doing the same exact thing, but hidden!! next year Dawg, you should make all comments logged in via Facebook or Google+ or Twitter accounts.. lets expose the truly hateful ones from the real fans who follow the show instead of bandwagon hop!!!


do what blabbermouth did, it clears up all the trolls

Ran...ooops Name

I do notice you don’t used your full name or provide us with your Fecesbook link either, Pete B.

Keeping it Real

And, your real name is ?

Dog Days

Has it ever rained in their backyard? I don’t think it’s enclosed.

Gays Against Andy

Coming from New England it’s still hard for me to believe, but, after 17 years living in Los Angeles, I’ve rarely ever seen it rain in the summer.


So on BBAD Gina Marie said her sister in law is Puerto Rican and her nephew is half Puerto Rican and half Italian. Then I don’t even get why she insulted Elissa’s son saying he was some Puerto Rican blah blah blah. She said someone had an overbite but I couldn’t hear the whole thing because she was cursing and you know they lower the volume so I couldn’t hear the comment. Was anybody on the feeds and did you hear who had the overbite? It might have been about her Puerto Rican sister in law but I’m not sure. Right after she made the comment Andy and Spencer started laughing. She and Spencer was also talking about Helen and her eyes. I can’t believe this is my choice for the winner of BB, but she is the less of 3 evils. This is depressing…………..


GM was talking about her sister-in-law having a slight overbite.


GM needs to be adopted


The only good thing that could come out of GM winning is that she’d be able to get herself a great therapist!!!!!


Andy doesn’t stand of chance of winning big brother. He will choke in part 2 of HoH competition!!!


I still can’t believe CBS allowed some of these people to stay on the show. All they needed to do was fill in the double evictions they had planned with some kind of luxury/punishment comps and the forced evection of Aaryn and GinaMarie would not have affected the timeline. Throw in the taped eviction from last week and Spencer is gone. Send Amanda home and save someone about to be evicted – like Candice – maybe. I know ratings are everything, but if they’d bothered to check the ratings for DUCK DYNASTY this season and HONEYBOOBOO last season, I think they’d have been amazed. People will watch a train wreck, but they love good guys a lot more. The Duck guys are funny as heck and have made decency and family values popular again. Mama June may have had Forklift Toe (I think) and they may not have been the classiest folks in America, but I’ll take Uncle Poodle over Andy the Rat any day! Just got to wonder if Julie Chen’s husband thinks that disclaimer at the beginning of each show will make it up to her for having to hear that charming final 3 talk about her being drunk on the last show. Guess I’m just getting too old to watch this stuff because it really makes me worry about our future if these people are the new normal! And one of them is going to walk away with $500,000!


these people think they shit don’t stink


these people think they shit don’t stink


Spencer just said they will be walking out on finale night to screams…little does he know they will be hearing lots of BOO’S from the audience!!! Too funny. They are in for a rude awakening thinking everyone loves them!


Nope, we’re only allowing our friends to attend the final show….


So funny the three rotton apples left in the BB barrel taking the high moral ground in conversations putting down others. Julie drunk.(looked fine to me)… McCrea should stay clear of Amanda..(Why. Because Spenser et all don’t approve)….Elissa blah blah blah.. The best is Spenser telling the others to be careful, or he was being careful because, of all the cameras. Guess he doesn’t know about the sound .. Maybe they all think the way they talk is normal and acceptable…


I have always been BB fan and have watched every season. Too bad that BB15 has ruined this reality show for me. It saddens me to say that I will not be watching another season of BB . They scraped the bottom of the barrel with these racists, sexual perverts, Foul Mouth RATs and Bullies this season. I am disappointed that CBS allowed such TRASH to continue inside the BB house. If their ratings would drop next season, they might get the message that people are not going to tune back into their TRAIN WRECK of a SHOW. Respectable people are going to quit watching crap like this because it isn’t FUN anymore to watch someone play with their Privates , Pick their nose, TRASH people constantly even when they are no longer in the house, Degrade others because they look different or have a different skin color. I will watch the Finale and hope Elissa wins AMF. I will hope that the HGs coming out get Booed loudly especially Andy so that they know that they are hated by America just like Amanda now knows. These Jokers have a RUDE AWAKENING when they come out of their cocoon and realize that they are not America’s newest celebrities, but America’s MOST HATED!!!!!!!

House Ghost

Please CBS, don’t restrain the audience, let them boo, clap , catcall, let the terrible trio know what the public thinks of them…. Please CBS, OK?


Glass houses 2…
I wish the producers could “call” the season on some technicality and NO ONE wins.


Spencer- “I wish I had formed an Alliance called the panty sniffers”


Even though he knows it, it appears that Spencer occasionally forgets that the weird shit he says is out there 24 / 7 / ….forever…. OR he really is that type of person. Marilyn must be so proud to have him as a boyfriend.


Spencer jokes says he’s going to make a tent and m@sturb@te


Who says things like that knowing you’re on international TV. Oh yah, someone who also says they love beating off to ….. I can’t even say it.

CBS is the Blame!


CBS is the Blame!

Sorry folks, tried to post and it did not work at first… here it goes:

To begin with, the MVP was a terrible idea when mixed with Elissa and Rachel. Every season what makes the show entertaining is the fact that there are at least 2 opposing groups of people in the house going after each other. The MVP and the way Elissa got Rachel fans to vote for her, made whoever was HOH unimportant. Each week Elissa took out a member of the opposing side, until they became weak and totally annihilated.

Then we had no opposing side and everyone was a big large group voting together… until they started cannibalizing their own alliance. That happened when Elissa started convincing Helen, that it was time to get rid of Amanda. At that time, around when Jessie left, the group WAS throwing out the floaters. But because of Elissa and subsequently Helen going after their own alliance, everything fell apart… and we now have the floaters. The alliance of McC, Am, He, El, An, and Ju could have gone all the way!

I have nothing against Elissa and think she is a fine lady, however, without MVP or Elissa (thinking on her own all the time and never as a team) this season became a terrible tragedy… The MVP in general takes the power away from the person who has won HOH, and that ruins the game… CBS has only themselves to blame for this twist and the horrible cast.