Ginamarie says Amanda is a f**King b***h, a cold hearted snake that f**ks rich guys for their money.



  • Ginamarie wins Part 1 of the final HOH
  • Andy and Spencer will now compete for part two.
  • The winner of part 2 faces off against GM.

CBS Interactive Inc.

9:20am – 11:40am The Big Brother live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the Final 3 house guests to enjoy a catered brunch by big brother while they reminisce about the season. When the live feeds return – Andy and Spencer are cleaning up the dishes. They start taking stuff to the storage room. Ginamarie finishes up eating and says that was an awesome brunch guys. Gina starts doing the dishes. Spencer threatens to pull the table cloth out from under the dishes left on the table. Andy says no don’t do it. Spencer says its fine, it’s science. He grabs the table cloth and starts to pull and then stops. He says I wish just playing. He says he was just waiting for them to freak out and tell him to stop it. When everything is cleared off the table he tries it and says he is the reason why they don’t get nice things.


11:50am Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie head to the living room to sit and talk. Spencer says he is glad to be in the final three with them. They talk about how hard it was to have conversations with some of the other house guests like Elissa. Andy comments how the way they are building in the backyard he thinks Part 2 of the 3 part HOH will be tomorrow.


CBS Interactive Inc.

12pm – 12:15pm They talk about games they wish they had to play. Spencer says scrable. Ginamarie says no, f**K that sh*t! I can’t spell. Ginamarie asks are they really going to show the Amanda/McCrae wedding in the next episode? The reason I hate that sh*t is because I like McCrae and Amanda is a f**King b***h, she’s a cold hearted snake. That just f**ks rich guys for their money. Andy says that he really thinks McCrae could have won this game if he had played it unattached to Amanda. Andy says McCrae wouldn’t really do well with the final question competition because he faltered with getting to know people in the house. Ginamarie compares her relationship with Nick to Amanda and McCrae. She says we knew how to separate ourselves and talk to other people. She says she thinks McCrae will have a lot of regrets about the season. Gina says McCrae was thinking “Okay, pu$$y put it on my face!” Gina says I think Aaryn will have a lot of regets too. She says not so much what she said but what how she did whatever anyone wanted her to do. Gina says Amanda is going to regret things after like running around with her t*ts hanging out. This isn’t Cancun wet and wild. Spencer agrees and says she works with her mom selling real estate. Gina and Spencer talk about how her t*ts weren’t even that nice. Gina comments on how she saw Aaryn’s vag!na when she spray tanned her. Andy heads to bed to take a nap. Spencer says he’s going to take a nap as well.


12:30pm Andy and Spencer sleeping..


12:55pm Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie are napping.

2:10pm Still sleeping..
3pm ZZZZzzzz..
3:45pm The final 3 continue to sleep their way to half a million dollars…

4pm Quiet BB House..

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Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Amanda is fat


I have given this some thought. I really don’t care for any of the three people left, but given we haven’t had much to pick from this season, I hope Andy wins. I think that maybe he is the least offensive. I just read the bio’s of these three and he comes off as the most normal. I think most people have a problem with him because he is rather odd looking.


I think his game was good but what a vile little man. He may have even won America’s Favorite but the way he bashed people he will go down as one of the worst people in BB history. This is why Ellissa will win America’s Favorite because she wouldn’t participate and us a viewers understood when she did say something like these people are vile, etc. Where the rest feed off of it and tried to out do each other with their comments. Now, they are saying things about Julie C and her husband.

Another Liberal Loser

@ Marie

Jessie was my favorite this year but after reading your post my ten votes went to Elissa. America needs to send the message that bullies are bogus.

Not A PHD Student

I wish everyone would vote for David to be America’s player, That would be a hoot!!


PLEASE tell it like it is… Elissa thought she was royalty. Strutting around like she was all that. In the beginning I thought she was sweet and innocent but she was far from it. Do you remember how trashy Rachel was? Christ almighty she was right up there with Amanda. Trailer trash and the only reason Elissa looks polished is because she married an older man and she’s putting on airs like she’s all that and a bag of chips.
I like Gina Marie because she says it the way it is and not a phony bologny like Elissa.


Elisa probably looked like a snob when she isn’t next to all those racist, bullying, perverted scumbags! She kept it classy even when she was treated like crap. Wish she would of won. But out of the 3 that are left I want GM to win! I hate rats and sickos! So she talks before she speaks and is ignorant but is better them then two. But not by much.


According to his no longer employer College DuPage, Andy has been fired. He can now join the likes of GM and Aaryn in the unemployment line.


Bull! Andy did not get fired. He resigned his position to be able to come on the show.
You can dislike Andy, we all do, but don’t try to spread BS.


ALL MY VOTES WENT TO ELLISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE AND I AM NOT PART OF HER SISTER’S ARMY!!! Last I heard she had 45% of the votes with Judd the closest behind her with 11%. Wow, hope they announce that is has won by the biggest landslide in BB History. Than Spencer and Andy can both soil their pants.


That is the biggest travesty of the season……No-Game Elissa Slater winning America’s Favorite House Guest. How has 45 percent of America become so stupid? There are no redeeming qualities that that woman possesses. I don’t get it.


no one knows who is winning that poll


we knew that from day 1 as soon as 1st mvp was selected that was America they don’t change


I have a problem with Andy cause he is a Rat…..he is not loyal, but gets upset if no one is loyal to him….I hope he doesn’t win


if spencer won stage 2 and 3 and took gm andy would have to be hospitalized to funny

Michelle A

Except Spencer won’t win he is throwing it. If by some chance he wins over Andy. He will throw it to GM as long as GM takes him to final 2. He is the ultimate floater, either way he know he is in the final 2 regardless of who wins. If GM wins she takes Spencer and if Andy wins he takes Spencer. Spencer won’t win because he doesn’t want to choose.


I think your dead wrong on Spence throwing it at least round 2. He can hold is own fate winning both but also if he believes GM will take him he garuntees no Andy F2. I pretty sure both lose to Andy but even Spence has to have hope versus GM. GM has made some enemies. Including Manda and Candace to name just 2. Spence might not be loved but he isn’t 2 votes down heading to final 2 as GM is.
I figure Andy wins 7 questions versus either of them. He wins the money if he wins round 2. Andy doesn’t have a full time tenured professors job he makes his dough serving so he’ll survive if he has been fired.

It was at this time I said the immortal words… Wee Ian for the win! (I really said it for weeks earlier as well :P)

GM for the win. Though if Andy wins 7 questions he’s taking Spence and GM gets nothing. She at least played the game. Spence so much reminds me of Porshe (finished second) one of the great floaters of all time. Weak cast like this season.

Andy is a rat

Andy the least offensive, I guess if you are NOT a woman he may be. The fact that he called Elissa every vile name he did and referred to her as a c*** on numerous occasions, as a woman I found it to be very offensive. He sat and laughed while the white trash ghetto rat GM made a vile racist attack on Elissa’s 8 year old son…..this is a gay guy who wants everyone to be tolerant of him and his lifestyle but was NOT tolerant of Elissa’s. Andy the gay guy got upset when spencer told him how others in the house were making rude remarks about his homosexuality and who came to his side to console him ELISSA, NOT anyone else. And then that vile disgusting rat attacked Elissa and her family with the vile remarks he did. He had a sick obsession with Elissa which was very creepy. I personally hope he is confronted at the finale by Elissa’s husband, Brendon or her sister Rachel about his disgusting attack of Elissa and her family……I want to see how big of a man he is then……

You Are No Better

So you calling GM white ghetto trash is just as bad as these three calling HG names. Hypocrite.

Enough Already

For one the people here are not in the house. They are active participants in the viewing of the show. Instead of stewing about the behaviors and views of these HGs they can come on here and vent. And share their opinions on what they are watching. Whether they approve or disapprove. It doesn’t matter whether they are all accepting of these HGs because the HGs are not in their life. They don’t have to like them. But they have a right to come on here and say what they want because it is a comment section.

The people in house have opened themselves up to this type of criticism by appearing and participating in a show that is recorded 24/7. When you get to see that much of a person of course some things are going to unsavory. And they show us more than game play. That strikes a chord. Of course ppl are going to have an opinion, based on their perspective. Just like you do. Just because they come here and vent their opinions doesn’t mean they conduct their real lives like that. You may even be a hypocrite by coming on here and pretending to have virtues, morals and principles that you do not actually possess either. So hush now.

Love You GM

That was the most stupid post defending the vile comments people leave on this blog. So you hush now.


Wow, four uses of the word “vile” in a single post! Very impressive, even by the standards of this board. I picture someone sitting at the keyboard and frothing at the mouth whenever I read a post like this….. you can feel the hatred through the screen.


Correction Andy looks like Gollum (Stoor Hobbit) from the Lord of the Rings movie. I’m Good I’m Bad. Pretty comical but it’s true. If you really get down to the nitty gritty of things he actually played a brilliant game. He had everybody fooled and really played his hand well. As far as the swearing I don’t think cry me a river Andy talks this way normally. I believe he is just trying to fit in with the group. In the end of all of this I’m rooting tooting for Gina Marie because she’s a hoot and not afraid of who she is. I love her free sprit and she makes me laugh. Amanda was crude rude and just plain nasty. Ick what a foul mouth creature she is.


Okay Nick…. What do you look like?

Nick's Hat

The problem with Andy isn’t that his game play was rat-like; it’s that his mannerisms and physical demeanor and face are rat-like – albino rat-like. Like you said, he’ one odd lookin’ dude.

Jesse James

People don’t dislike Andy because of how he looks. It’s because of his constant whining and cowardly actions always hiding behind stronger players. They all seem to like attacking the personal lives of other players, but I held Andy to a higher standard and he turned out to be no better than the rest.


Completely agree. I paused the TV one day to look at Andy and tried to imagine him as being kind, funny and a true lover of the game. His looks did not interfere with that imagination. He looked as though he could be all those things. But because he is the opposite, his facial features are unfortunately being tied in to his nickname.


Yes I Totally Agree..He wasnt making disgusting comments like Gina and Spencer..And out of the 3 was wasn’t the floater..He has worked the hardest of the 3 to get where he is now and i think regardless of the fact that he talks so much and ruins plans,when he talks he isnt saying hate and racist comments so for that he’s got me

GM's mirror

Everything GM says about Amanda applies tenfold to GM. I can’t believe she has the gall to call Amanda a bitch, fat, and a slut. You are the biggest skank in the house this season with your twisted fixation on Nick, always kissing his picture, etc. If he hasn’t wisely been booted out in week 2, you would’ve tried to be all over his dick if he would have let you. That makes you a slut. Fortunately the man had good taste and didn’t want anything to do with your ugly stupid ass. And speaking of asses, have you seen yours lately, GM? It’s pretty big. Bigger than Amanda’s. So you may want to keep yourself in check when criticizing your fellow HGs. Just sayin.

Fat or Phat

Amanda is not fat, she’s big boned and a tall woman. Nothing wrong with that. Now if you say she has a horrible personality, then I am right there with you.

the last word

Their trashiness really turned me off big time: aaryan, amanda, mcrae, spencer, andy, gina marie, judd oh yeah lets not forget aaryan’s “showmance b.f” david who referred to Candace as “Black Candice” he was pist becasue she was laying in his bed one day and that grossed him out. SMH. I guess him and arryan were like two peas in a pod.

Most of these idiots I mentioned were on anxiety/depression meds. Shouldn’t that have been a deal breaker right there? Why would B.B take the risk? Well look at the outcome, what a hot mess …

These people did not belong on the B.B show- they would’ve fit in more with Real World, Bad Girls Club or Jersey Shore. Big brother blew it big time trying to cast these idiots.


GinaMarie has the worst table manners in the world, she eats like a pig smacking her lips and eating with her mouth open. YUK!


I did not see anyone in the BB house this season that I would want to break bread with. They all ate like they were feeding from a trough.


Since GM lost her job, Spencer may lose his, and Andy just lost his teaching job, the finale is basically these 3 losers fighting to see who can claim the highest unemployment money


Andy lost his job?

Andy's College

Press Release From Andy’s College of DuPage:

“Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.”


Good! I hate to wish bad things on people, but I am so hoping this news of Andy be fired is true! He is just a horrible person & I was disgusted that he called a Elissa the c word & flipped her off. Now, hopefully, Spencer gets fired. If his union can’t fire him based on his derogatory & sexist remarks towards women, can they at least fire him since he admitted on live feeds that he smokes pot! I think that should do him in. What a dumb*ss! So I guess now he has literally run out of women to bash & has moved on to bashing Julie. Wow!!!


Andy didn’t get fired from his job, he left the job to come on BB. Fans kept calling the college trying to get Andy fired. The college released a statement saying , “Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage”, so fans would quit calling.

Andy is a rat

Where did you hear Andy lost his teaching job? I hope it’s true, but I haven’t seen anything about that…..I hope he loses his teaching job and the restaurant job he had and then he doesn’t make it to the final 2……..that would be great……

Spencer's Goat

Surprised that Spencer did not comment about Aaryn’s Vjay Vjay when GM said she saw it. I was expecting him to say to GM if they look like butterscotch.

Bumbling Bozo Barack

I so want Spencer to win part two so that Andy has to sweat bullets all the way thru part three of the final HOH competition where Gina beats Spencer and cuts the rats tail off.


I hope so too. But since part 2 of the HOH comp is usually physical/speed it could be close. I would just hate seeing Andy in part 3 since his odds of winning a Q&A are higher against GM.

Julie Chen is the Host

Why did they just get away with making fun of Julie Chen the host of the show . Spencer trashed her and would have said more if they hadn’t went to fishes ?

kathie from canada

These three idiots seem unaware that Julie Chen’s husband is’ le grand fromage’ at CBS given the comments today about her. How incredibly stupid can people be!! And to think Chen had been interviewed last week and thought Spencer would win. This trio will continue to run their mouths unfiltered until the finale next week and they fade away into the background.


i completely agree!!! its way more likely that they’d have to go to the competition to get a mass media job.
i tend to semi rule out PBS and am more inclined to think RM’s FOX might have a bright idea or two. there
is the remote chance someone at ABC or NBC might have the bra$$ballz to ignore a blanket blacklisting…


Good grief the guy was being facetious!


The ONLY things I’m looking forward to in this show are:

1. Dr. Will grilling the jury members. I hope he makes them squirm!
2. McRae NOT sleeping with Amanda in jury house…or ever!
3. Aaryn, GM, Spencer, Randy and Amanda finding out how the public REALLY feels, and the consequences of their potty mouths and hate filled tirades all season
4. A. Grodner leaving the show “for other pursuits” 😉


Julie Chen Hate: Unprofessional homewrecker with bad plastic …Nothing more need be said.


So is your mom but you don’t see people going on forums to call out that fact.

How rude!

Royal Order of Rabid Red Rodents

We would like to congratulate Andy for spreading the plague throughout the entire Big Brother house this season.


Lmao Julie Chen is always drunk!

Howard is the worst player in the history of Big Brother. Lmao what a dumbass. .

Even though Amanda is the worst human and gross, I still want to titty fuck her.



Lmao Julie Chen is always drunk!

Howard is the worst player in the history of Big Brother. Lmao what a dumbass. .

Even though Amanda is the worst human and gross, I still want to titty fuck her.


Andy the mastermind

Andy’s game has been masterful. He has even surpassed dr.will with his second to none social game. Andy is what every big brother player should aspire to be. He is the greatest. Go Andy!!!!!!!!!!


Really!!! He will choke in part 2 of HoH competition and end up go to the jury. Bye Bye Andy!!! Go cry at the jury. Oh yeah!! Go cry to get your job back.

Choker is as Choker Does

Who cares about whether Andy wins the First or Second part of the comp. Dan didn’t win the first part outright last year, Dani gave it to him. Dan definitely didn’t win the heads up comp with Ian, he got crushed. However, Ian took Dan over Dani. It would of been great if Andy could of won, but all he has to do is convince someone to take him to the finale. He has a pretty good chance of that happening.


Nope, Andy doesn’t stand a chance of going to the final 2. He will end up in the jury. GinaMarie taking Spencer in Final 2.


I’d say Andy has his back against the wall right about now. GM has won part 1 so if he doesn’t win part two he’s done because GM and the biggest floater in BB history Spencer have no desire to take him to the final two they both know they can’t beat Andy because Andy has the votes!


Sorry Big Brother producers, this was the worst cast EVER! Hope you do better next time!!!!!


I don’t know Cap. Andy is on a hot streak right now. I think we are finally seeing the real Andy, as he was laying low in competitions early in the game. If Andy can win the 2nd HOH I think he’ll beat GM in the final HOH, because it’s always questions. Andy is much smarter than GM.

These final 2 episodes are going to be really good.


@richard, Andy can’t beat Spencer in part 2 HoH competition. Spencer easily beat Andy and he really good at puzzles. That why Andy will be evicted and inal member of the jury.




Only if it is truly a puzzle.


LOL. Andy isn’t coming out of the woodwork as a comp beast. There are fewer competitors. Spencer is a terrible competitor all around. GM is scrappy, not smart. MC didn’t kno his mental stuff. Thus, the odds of the Rat winning comps are higher.


are you brain damaged?


andy couldnt last 5 minutes in the house with dr will, dr will has charisma, andy is just a piece of dog turd

Andy's Rat Ears

What, a liar and a backstabber? Hes worser than players like Amanda and Helen because he hid behind his shield of a “nice guy”. Unfortunately, his rat ass is still in the game!


i hate that rat bastard.


well if he don’t when stage 2 and stage 3 andy is going to cry like that girl on x factor Rachel I have to see it


@rsw, he will cry, right after spencer beats Andy in part 2 of HoH competition.

emily goode

yea, if you like RATS. He was a floaters almost to the end and ratted and backstabbed everyone to the end. I think his integrity as a human beings has been compromised greatly. His jealousy towards Elissa’s good life are obsolutely disgusting for a human being. His trash talking about her are disgusting vile for any human being. So if that inspires you to be Andy, WOW.. REALLY?

I don't want to say it but

I really do not like saying this but If big brother has a Allstar season next year Andy might come back. Either Andy,Elissa or Amanda from this season maybe Aaryn


@ I DON’T WANT TO SAY IT BUT, excuse me…..Elissa on an all star season? In whose fucking universe? With one HOH win that she fucked up to the max and two tailored POVs. That does not qualify this ultimate floater / skater, if you like, a place on any all star team in my opinion. What criteria are you using suggesting that she is an all star player?

RatAndy belongs in a swamp!

If he wouldn’t have used the language he did and the nasty slurs against others, I might agree with you. Lying is a part of the game. But he took the abuse of others almost to the extend Amanda did. In fact, if he had not been involved, I would say it wouldn’t have gone as far. His hypocritical behavior seemed to know no bounds.


I figure he was using the “if you can’t beat them join them” strategy.
He noticed Elissa telling house guests not to say this and that….it doesn’t work, you go home.

with that being said.

Ginamarie for the win…when she gets asked why she said despicable things she will say..”it’s just me” She will own it.



can’t tell if serious.


That is the absolute dumbest thing I’ve ever read. They are all a joke. No one has played 10% of the game Dr Will played.


10%, dan? ever hear of him. you know, the only guy to play multiple times and never be evicted, including dr will. 10% my butt.


nevermind. i see you are responding to the guy talking about andy. my bad.


…said no logical person ever.


Very funny…

Dirty Harry Reid

Andy has surpassed Dr. Will in the same way that Obama has created jobs. If you think andy is a mastermind you have a crystal methmind.


lol. this is the most thumbs downs’ I have ever seen on a comment!


You are joking right???


These are the most disgusting examples of human beings they could have had to choose from. I pity the people on the jury who will have to choose between whatever two of these lowlifes end up as the final two. I think I’d refuse to vote.

They should change the rules to the first season’s rules next year to totally throw the players. They all had to put two people up each week, couldn’t talk about their nominations, and America voted people out. Some variation of that would be excellent and would potentially keep the final choice from ending up being so hideous.


I wonder why CBS changed the finale date? I guess they were as tired of these HG’s as we are. They changed it from the 25th to the 18th. Guess that’s why they squeezed in that eviction Wednesday night. I hope next years cast is better. Hopefully they won’t choose so many HG’s who are on medication. That should have been their first clue that this season wasn’t gonna go so well.


there, i said it. hope springs eternal. we all get to see if elissa is
100% correct about how far hayden & his gal gets in the game!

first please

first! at last!!!

first please

dang it!


Simon/Dawg, do you take donations off season after the show is over? I want to donate to the site but can’t right now. I won’t forget about you guys though. I appreciate all you do to keep us informed. Sorry I just discovered you this season.


For sure Andy will choked in part 2 of HoH competition. Don’t worry Andy, you get third place.


TP, you are sooo right on with this…What has happen to all of these challenges, luxury, etc…I can remember a car being involed in a couple the seasons and a trip away from The BB house…BB has really slacked off! Maybe CBS were so pissed off at these people that they felt like they weren’t worthy of any extra…or if Elissa did get extra $$ for being on the show maybe that’s were it went…Who know???


If BB takes the HGs anywhere they are responsible for their behavior and actions. Would you risk liability with this group?


Yes, Andy will be so happy with the $94.83 he won.


We all seem to agree that this season of BB sucked. Not only did the house guests misbehave, CBS dropped the ball on the basic game. There were no food challenges, movies for the HG, diamond power of veto, Pandora’s box & just basically NO fun.
My suggestions for next year are a more diverse cast (not returning or rerun cast again), drop the MVP but still have 3 nominees with the third being the person that comes in last in the challenge hopefully to reduce floaters, more jury videos, family visits AND put BBAD back on Showtime. Your thoughts?


Great ideas tp. I agree with all of your suggestions.


I liked the gay moose from BB Canada. I think his name was Marsha the Moose.

Barak the Lame Duck

Did he used to date Andy?


AWESOME IDEAS!!! I think there should be punishments …. like if you sing, talk about productions, mess with someone’s stuff and I am sure there are many more that they will get a penalty/punishment. I seen this in BB Australia — they took away a hgs luggage for breaking the rules. I want to see more DR confessions on how they are really thinking …… loved this about BB Canada.


I like all these ideas. I would also like to see a penalty for “shout outs.” Spencer was the worst.


tp you should produce the show and I watched after dark on showtime last year


Not everyone gets Showtime so I don’t agree with that one. And I think they should bring back the original food comps where everyone competed for what the whole house would eat for the week. They need to lose the Have Not thing. They also need to have luxury comps–have the HGs win the pool table, grill, etc. Also have rules like they did in the beginning. When the wake up call comes everyone needs to get out of bed. There needs to be assigned cleaning chores and if you don’t finish your assignment by a set time then there is a punishment. Does it sound like dealing with children? Yes but look at the result of leaving them to their own devices? The place is a sty and flies breeding in the drains. People sleeping 20 hours a day, etc.

And no more controlled substances!!


If you have a prescription, it’s legal. That is between the person and their doctor. You or anyone else have no business determining who actually needs certain medications or who might be just abusing them. Millions of Americans NEED Adderall and/or Xanax for legitimate medical reasons. Telling a potential player that they can’t be on the show because they have a prescription for those kinds of meds is discriminatory in terms of mental health. And no, not every person who needs those meds is “crazy” as GM puts it…nor are they unfit to play the BB game. We unfortunately just had a couple of bad apples this year who happened to take those medications.


I would much rather BBAD be on Showtime that way there wouldn’t be entire parts of conversation bleeped out for bad language and no annoying commercial breaks right in the middle of a good conversation.


Sick of the people on here trying to make excuses for GM’s words and actions. I do not care where she came from or how unintelligent the woman is she is a 33 year old pig and should be held accountable for her actions. Next to AMANDA and Spencer GM IS the worst racist and hate filled person in that house, AND THAT SHE IS NOT UP THERE ON THE POLL WITH AMANDA IN THE TOP SLOT IS DISGUSTING and Spencer should be right behind GM!!!!!


Hey TP–I agree with you 100%. Do you remember a comp when the HG would get a minute or something and they would have a bunch of new clothes and shoes and jewelry to choose from and could keep as much stuff as they could put on over their clothes? It seems like they had something like that in previous seasons. I’m glad they didn’t get the opportunity to get new belongings and I can’t remember if they did it last season. Thanks for your input and I’m also glad they didn’t have the movie and day away from the house for a special outing. I bet CBS knew they would run the risk of having these dirt pigs getting boos and hate filled comments yelled at them. On a different note, I think it’s hilarious how Spencer keeps talking about Mailyn’s parents watching the live feeds and how he hopes they are because it would make them fall in love with him because it shows what a “stand up” and “funny” guy he truly is (his words). What alternate universe is he living on—all the live feeds showed us is what a true disgusting, hands down his pants, nose picking, and his constant unconscionable remarks about his private part being on people’s faces and other lewd remarks. If Marilyn’s parents are smart they will put their daughter in protective custody.

Twerk Miley Twerk

If I could make a slight change to your suggestion of 3 nominees, allow the 3 to vote. With 2 noms, obviously they would vote for the other person thus cancelling their vote out. However with 3, you’d never know if 2 would vote for 1 or if each one would vote for a different person. So if they were to bring back 3 nominees, give them the right to vote.


I agree with the suggestion of putting BBAD back on Showtime, I hate that TVGN channel. It’s so sanitized that they bleep out every other word the HGs say so you end up missing whole sections of conversations.

Not to mention the constant, distracting scrolling at the bottom of the screen and the non-stop commercial breaks. Horrible idea to put it on TVGN. I gave up watching BBAD after the first week it was broadcast on that channel.

This Season Blows

I love the fact that there was no Producer’s Box or Diamond Power of Rigging, but other than that, I agree that this season wasn’t very fun compared to past years.


Next year, I would like to see the show change at the eviction. BB should just announce who got the most votes, and not announce the count to the houseguests. That way there will be no “voting with the house” and they won’t be able to determine who voted for whom.


Just glad the Rat lost the first part of the HOH. Now Spencer needs to win part II and Ill be happy the King Rat will get NO money…

Oh Oh

Nick has been posting photos on Facebook with a girl from big brother Canada, when Gina Marie sees them he needs to run.

Nick's Hat

So funny! Run, Nick, run!

“Ginamarie compares her relationship with Nick to Amanda and McCrae. She says we knew how to separate ourselves and talk to other people.”

Yeah, we knew how to separate, because Nick left the house in week #2. How’s that for separation for you?

Um…. didn’t GM mean to say her relationship with NIck’s hat? Remember that day after eviction #2, when Amanda took “Nick” (and by “Nick,” I mean Nick’s hat) and then GM had a meltdown? It was Andy’s idea, if I remember correctly. He said they should take “Nick” and freak her out. Then he gave “Nick” back when GM got upset at “Nick’s” kidnapping. Again, there is the Andy the rat as the hero. The floating rat turd was both instigator and hero all rolled up into one big rat. Andy’s version would be: “Those despicable people took Nick, and I rescued him for you.”

Nick wants the 500k

Nick is very smart he has not said anything negative about Gina Marie because if she wins the 500k he will date her until the money runs out

Um what

Earth to Gina Marie Amanda Is having sex with a pizza boy and is talking about moving him into her house so she is not the gold digger you say she is.


He didn’t win the MONEY….Their done!


Amanda is a Realtor in Boca Raton,FL.
The “boytoy” is a pizza boy from Minnesota.
He is a fu*k buddy….NOTHING MORE!
OMG! McPussy himself admitted on bbad,
his Mother – is currently, paying his cell phone bill!


That was how she acted while he still had the possibility of winning. Not so sure what she’ll do now.


Go Ginamarie!!! Beat those “guys”

Congratulations Ginamarie

If Ginamarie is in the final two she will win on the simple fact that there are 6 girls in the jury house who will want to see a woman win this year.

Benghazi Cover Up

I think you are right. These girls will vote for GinaMarie.


Not Candice. I can’t see Candice ever voting for GM.


For all you people routing for GM and excusing her racist comments, do you not also see she is vile, vulgar and just as bad as Spencer, Andy, Amanda etc… not only does filth come out of her mouth, but she sides and agrees with filth coming out of others mouth. She has no redeemable qualities, She is bubbly and cheerful in her vile rants and behaviour. she is not child like, if my child behaved that way, I would spank its ass and teach it to be a better child so that it would not turn out like GM. Wake up people no game is worth your morals.

Congratulations Ginamarie

If she is deserving or not is irrelevant, you missed the point of my statement which is that there is an above average chance she is going to win base on how the jury is set up…


if its gm and spencer which I think it will its going to be close 5-4 or 6-3 vote hopfully for gm only 5 of 14 bbs have been won by women because they fight between each other gm will get judd aaryn elissa Helen because elissa and Helen hate spencer not like they love gm spencer will get andy mccrae and Amanda that’s 4-3 gm with 2 votes left Candice and Jessie Candice hates both think she hates gm more that makes Jessie deciding vote she may vote for spencer its all about guys for her so it could go either way but I see a 5-4 vote


I just hope that now that GM is unemployed she has to move back home with her Mother. I was appalled by the way she treated Candyce after finding out she was adopted. I understand game play but there have been way too many personal attacks on people this season.


Um……… yeah, yeah, I believe everybody totally gets that, and nobody is giving her a pass and you’re totally preaching to the choir, but……..

The Big Brother House 15th Insect Edition is full of bugs and grubs, and GinaMarie is quite simply the lesser of three weevils. Zing!


It’s no longer about rooting for someone as against someone. Rat Dog needs to go before the F2. Then we are left with the gutter rat and the perv. Not much of a choice.


Yes, I’m rooting for GM. I believe she’s a little touched. There are a lot of racist people out there mostly in their 90’s, lol. You can be a 32 year old immature lady. I can’t stay mad at Gm when she hugged it out with Candice. If Candice can be forgiving, the rest of you can too. I heard that Candice and Aaryn made nice in the jury house. Aaryn even took a black boy to prom. GM should apologize for her vile comments, especially the one she made about Elissa’s son.

Let's Hear It For The Boy

Never thought I would say this, but out of the remaining various assorted bottom feeders, I’m rooting for the remaining house guest with the biggest balls, and that would have to be GinaMarie.

As far as Spencer goes, I can only assume that the pervert has no balls at all because for some reason he keeps putting his hand down there trying to locate them, and Andy has proven himself time and time again to be the biggest sissy in the Big Brother house. Somehow I think if Candice had managed to put together that all girl’s alliance that she wanted, Andy would have still found a way to be right there amongst the ladies. I still can’t get that image out of my head of Andy in a tutu doing teeny, tiny “tiptoe through the tulips” circles while Amanda is over there going balls to the walls and kicking his rat tail. Yes, of course I know he totally threw that POV competition, but he looked like such a dainty little flower doing it. It’s an image I can’t unsee, and it was the day that Andy completely and totally lost his man card. His teeny, tiny little man card.

Dog Days

This humor and the laughts I get from many posters here is what keeps me coming back. Great work!


I used to think Amanda was the vilest contestant. However, now that all we have left are these three idiots, Amanda is starting to look good! The vilest by far is Andy … no wait, GinaM … no wait .. Spencer. I give up. They are all disgusting.


I know. I actually was thinking I sort of liked Amanda on the show the other night & now really would like to see her brought back in All-stars season. Whoa! Can’t believe i just admitted to that!


We only got to see a few minutes but what we did see is Aaryn saying she thought Demanda would be different in jury but she’s even worse. Don’t let boredom cloud the truth. She is still a vile, disgusting pathetic excuse for a human being. And do you really want to listen to her talk about her crotch in every conversation?


“Ginamarie compares her relationship with Nick to Amanda and McCrae.”

Huh?? What relationship??? This girl is nuts.

Dog Days

Dear Marilyn’s mom.
So, has Spencer redeemed himself now in your eyes? Are you ready to accept this upstanding hunk of a guy as your son-in-law?


dogdays; JOKE IS ON YOU!
Marilyn is really……….Spencer’s kissin’ COUSIN!


GM it’s funny to hear you speak about the regrets other houseguests will have. I wonder if you will have some because even if you ended up winning, it would not be enough to buy you a good reputation or a clue. I hope you use the money to buy an education if you win.


GM all the way!!!!


Don’t you know production is in panic mode about now . Their star hand picked player Amanda went crazy with racial slurs and digusting behavior so she is gone and now all they have to choose from to help win is a rat that has said plenty of vile comments, a pervert that talks about kids and doing drugs, and a racist ! Wonder who they will pick to win now ?!!!
And if you still don’t think it is a manipulated show think about it, they can say all kinds of perverted, sexual, racial things but the second production is brought up it cuts to fish. If you disagree I guess you also don’t think Storage Wars is staged and there is a Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus, Just Saying


Hey now, The Easter Bunny and Santa are real…. I read it on the Internet.
That is the reason I didn’y get “Live” feeds….when it gets interesting……fish fish n more fish


maverick yes if cbs thought it was important they would cut the feeds during racial outburst but this happens everyday outside the house no I public in private I dated a black women for a year her family and friends worse than anything on that show against whites in general and I can tell you between all whites and all blacks 80 percent of each group has had a racist comment at one time or another that encluding me people get angry they verbally attack with anything that could piss you off being fat ugly a cracker or the n word just normal behavior


What these people say about others is just wrong.

Andy is a cry baby, and I pray he DOES NOT WIN

I want him to finish third, just because he would just die, and I need to see that happen.

I dont like GM or Spencer either, but look whatever.

Glass houses...

The last 3 contestants are just as awful as everyone else they rip apart. I have a 29 year old daughter who would never dare talk about people the way these people have done this season. They are horrid. GM amazes me everytime she opens that ignorant trap of hers. I would not let her around any child of mine.


GM implied that Black people are sub-human when she said she wouldn’t date Howard because she doesn’t date “outside her species (Aug 16th).” She called welfare, “n*gger insurance”. She said Elissa’s 8 year-old son doesn’t “even” look fully white and that he has some kind of “spanish puerto rican dirt …” in him.

Notwithstanding all of this, you people are still rooting for her to win. Andy might be a rat and it kills me to root for him, but GM is an unrepentant racist. When you support GM, you’re supporting hatred and bigotry.


GM is very likeable, loyal, and she’s the best looking one in the house. Let he who has not sin cast the first stone. Although, Andy is the strongest, I’m rooting for GM. Forget all the racist BS. She amended herself when Candice came back, they hugged it out. As for her relationship with black men, hell, I don’t date black guys too. Everyone is entitled to their sexual nature. Throw Andy under the bus for not dating women that’s not his species either.


I don’t have a problem with her not dating black men. I have a problem with her claiming that black men are something other than human beings.


hmmm … and a black man is on my bucket list!!! still don’t know how I am going to manage it as I am married (28 years).

Ewww Just Ewww

That’s a comment I would expect from someone named Fart.


Sorry, but you are so wrong. GM is a vile disgusting racist human being and in no way does her hugging Candice excuse what she did or said!!!!!!!!!! Her, Amanda, Spencer an Andy are the worst, and they are old enough that they should know better!!! There are no excuses for them!!!


c-lo ive dated several black women been around and she has a valid point many blacks are taught by older family members how to get aide seen it first hand like the other day paid in food stamps and watched him get in a bmw


RSW – Are you saying the actions of individuals define their entire race?


believe me, this type of behaviour is not limited to blacks. Try reading a British newspaper sometime and you will be appalled. Three generations of white Brits with none ever having had a job and living on benefits. Breeding kiddies every year for the child benefits and a bigger free house. Every nationality has its share of con artists and scammers.


Sure you dated black women wink wink. What an ignorant comment in defense of and dumb grown ignorant woman. Who is both because she’s lazy and chooses to be that way. If that’s all the references you have of black people including the type of women you supposedly dated, than you clearly need to widen your horizons and types of people you are around. Besides, do they even make food stamps anymore since you are such and expert on aid and who uses it? I see people use those debit cards now and they even have a payment option for it in check out. But maybe where you are from they still make administer actual food stamps since you said you saw someone with them and get into a BMW. Yep, and I’m sure people on the Internet don’t lie to make a point.

GinaMarie has no class

I keep trying to find a way to like GM, but she keeps opening her damn mouth and saying really gross stuff that is going to haunt her big time. Why would she tell those two jerks she saw Aaryns privates? GM’s what she accuses Amanda of being, a big pig and slut.


Why all the Julie Chen bashing, I hope when she hears about it she takes the attitude of ” oh yea your gonna talk shit about me and my husband then the gloves are off and I am gonna hammer your ass when you get out of that house!! ”
Not to mention all the haters on the comment page . So actors and models can get nose jobs,face lifts, boob jobs, reconstructive surgery etc., so that they can fulfill their dream but she can’t !! It’s not like when you look at her you think , Wow I never would have known she was Oriental or Chinese, Give me a break already she isn’t trying to hide anything !! OK deep breath sorry just had to vent


I hoping this is why Dr. Will is brought in!!! ONE CAN ONLY HOPE


I can see it going two ways, he wiil drill them on how poorly they acted and all the things they said that had nothing to do with playing the game or he will try to do damage control for CBS and claim it was all just a game and being in there just causes you to say stupid things. I agree with you, damn I hope he totally demoralizes them like I know he can, and Andy balls like a little baby…….again.


I don’t get the bashing of her either especially for her surgery. I think anything you share these days is going to get hateful and supportive reactions. I actually thought her story was interesting and could see how she would be pressured. Look at all the unnecessary botox and plastic surgery from and that’s just from women putting unnecessary pressure on themselves. I think what would be an interesting finale is if they showed different montages of some of the most vile behavior and comments in front of the whole cast to see their reactions seeing and hearing things they didn’t know. But I know that’s not going to happen.

Aaryn's Thong

Did GM elaborate on what Aaryn’s vagina looked like when she said she saw it when she spray tanned her? did spencer ask? just curious


thats it, it was just nice? did she describe it any more than that? old school bush, clean, meaty, etc?


shaved clean, glistening and shiny, no excessive meat, perfect lil camel toe setup


I have never heard of pu$$y described as ‘old school’. So in line with music analogies; underground bush, rare DJ only copy bush, extended remastered bush, and on they go. All kinds of bush then huh? You want actual stats you gotta get ’em on personal know how (let’s hope).


fuckin’ awesome…






If part 2 of the HOH is endurance, Andy should win it. I do not think Spencer is a strong player compared to Andy. I am predicting Andy vs. GM for the HOH with Andy likely pulling it off since part 3 is always questions.


It’s not impossible. If it was, GinaMarie would advance part 3!!! So, it’s not impossible. Part 1 is always endurance, Part 2 is physical/skill competition and part 3 is questions.

the last word

This season wouldn’t of been so bad if it weren’t for for the disgusting personal attacks on people. Their trashiness really turned me off big time: aaryan, amanda, mcrae, spencer, andy, gina marie, judd oh yeah lets not forget aaryan’s “showmance b.f” david who referred to Candace as “Black Candice” he was pist becasue she was laying in his bed one day and that grossed him out. SMH. I guess him and arryan were like two peas in a pod.

CBS/BB you guys really need to do a better job in screening people. most of those people I’ve mentioned there were on anxiety/depression meds, that alone should of been a deal breaker right there!! what were guys thinking? These people were so trashy that they made shows like the bad girls club look classy LOL~ All I can say is what a fu*king shame :-/

Jim 64

If next year bb16 is ALLSTARS please nobody that’s been there
More than once I don’t need to see someone for a third or fourth
Time you start at season 8 and go from there.

Dr. Will Kirby

That doesnt include Doc Will Kirby and Mike Boogie Malin. Would give anything to see the original chill town running the game properly again. would be classic and educational for the younger generation of fans who didnt see them operate back in the day. CBS, do it!!!

This Season Blows

That would be Will’s third time on the show and Boogie’s fourth. I think we’ve seen enough of them. I’d rather not see BB repeat Survivor’s mistake of having the same veterans on every year until we’re all sick of them.


Mike boogie sucks he is an arrogant butthead


Boogie was nothing without Will. Sorry, but Chilltown may as well be called, “The Amazing Dr. Will and Chuckles.”


They should do a All-Stars 2, as long as they don’t include ANY of the HG from this season. HG from seasons 8-14 would be very entertaining.


What I will LOVE to see (especially after not watching in over a month due to this extremely classless season) is a All Star house of all the season’s 1st place winners. Many will disagree because they don’t think they need the money, but I don’t care. I don’t watch to see who wins the money, I watch to see who is the best player (the money is their reward for being the best). SO LET’S SEE WHO IS THE BEST OF THE BEST!


Ooo yes! It’ll be like the Hunger Games 2 (Catching Fire) when all the winners have to be in the Hunger Games again! Instead of killing, the Big Brother contestants will be backstabbing and lying!


I would rather not have an all-star season. I get bored watching same people over and over. If they want to do an all-star type thing, they should do it in the winter and leave regular summer shows for new houseguests.


All star is the way to go because at least we know what we are getting. Just look at the awful cast we got this year. I’m afraid they might mess up again. So let’s go with what we know.


Simon And Dawg, I love this site and don’t post very often, but just want to say thank you for all the updates and shenanigans of these very disgusting houseguests this year. It must be hard to have to watch and report all the nastiness all this season. I also know that Collette Lala has given your site a shout out often but hasn’t posted anything since 9/5 when she knew Scumanda was leaving. I was wondering if you know why we haven”t heard anything from her BitchyBigBrother blog since then? Simon and Dawg for the win, wish they could award the 500,000 to you for having to endure all the BS Let’s hope BB16 will have a nicer group of houseguests.

this show sucks the life out of me

eeeew…do they tell these people to speak this way?


OK, I agree with what GM said about Amanda fucking rich dudes for money(thousands of women do it, millions of women dream about it), but how do you explain her fucking a broke pizza boy? Was she THAT horny? Or did she expect him to win 500k? Or both? And will she take care of him now that he won’t win 500k or 50k?

Let that one marinate people.

Ewww Just Ewww

Amanda hooked up with MC because he was HOH, he had the power of the moment and then it just grew like a bad rash. I actually think she thinks she is emotionally invested in him and imagines a “future” together. I get the sense MC wished it had never happened and would like to get evaporate so she can’t get her clingy hands on him again.


When McCrusty arrived at the jury house, Ameanduh probably shagged his brains out ( what few brains he has) and on finale nite she will kick his sorry arse to the kerb. Who knows, she might decide to hook up with whoever wins the 1/2 mil.


I have compulsively come back again and again to this site all summer. I’m upset about the vulgar nature of the hg’s this year, but well aware that Simon and Dawg rock. I just donated a bit. Thanks guys!

this show sucks the life out of me

Are they asked to speak this way?….I can’t believe they are talking like this on their’s gross…


Simon and Dawg, on your latest poll of Most Hated HG, can you fix it so that we can vote for 3 choices instead of one?


Why stop at 3? when16 is the correct number of hated HGs.


“Gina says McCrae was thinking “Okay, pu$$y put it on my face!” ”

Yup, that’s exactly what he was thinking, because with the MC he had the perfect chance of winning against every one of them, using them to take everyone out, and using their faults to win in the end, but he chose pussy. Now he’s in jury apologizing for failing Amanda and praying to god that this wealthy women really loves him, and will take care of him. He’s in for a rude awakening when she reminds him again that she lives on a hefty salary of 200k a year.

McCrae can do better, but he’s a pothead, and potheads need money for the weed, munchies and video games.


Hope they covered the furniture in plastic at the jury house before McCrae showed up! Maybe they can set up a tent for Amanda and him in the back yard.

open mouth insert foot

It just dawned on me…they were talking last night on BBAD that Judd and McCrae among others were throwing up all over the toilet seat . With the way they always leave the fridge door open while making meals it’s no wonder…the damn thing never stays cold enough to chill what’s in there. Imagine between all the nasties growing in there and all the nasties that Andy with his licking his fingers and touching everything and Spencer with his gold searching and leaving behind little nasties everywhere…no wonder people get sick!!


My mom called and told me she almost threw up watching Spencer blow his nose yesterday.


“They talk about games they wish they had to play. Spencer says scrabble. Ginamarie says no, f**K that sh*t! I can’t spell. ”

Sorry Gm, no “spell check” in scrabble…

That would be the perfect “strip game” to play with her, she’d always lose. LOL


I really so really want Andy to come in 3rd & then he will be so pissed when Elissa wins the 25 grand & not him. I know he thinks he has a This would make my day!


I want to know one thing…how do you keep up with these people on the outside??? beside face book & twitter…I don’t want to miss them being scrutinized & punished for their behavior this season! Do you really think ppl off the streets would walk up to them and say you were the biggest A-hole, Racist, Pervert or Rat in Big Brother 15…or do ppl just forget about them? how do you find out???

This Season Blows

Obsessed cat ladies look up all their information and demand that their employers fire them.

Andy's Drool

Here’s a poll: vote for who would like to hang Andy by his ears?

Spencer's left hand

I would like to hang Andy by his outer labia.


ANDY=a rat basturd who obsessively bashes a woman and her child all day every day yes delivering information to keep your self safe is a good move but he got put on the block once and turned into a little whiny bitch even when he knew he was not going home he made numerous comments about elissa being a cunt and wanting to punch her in the face or throat elissa ruined his game because andy wanted everyone to like him and float all the way through the game but elissa had a feeling that andy was a backstabber so he had to make everybody hate her as he was being fake and trustworthy with her then going beyond the game to bash her and her son he didn’t have to let elissa give up her wedding ring he could of just told her the truth and been done with it but he was too much of a pussy to let her get any further cause he knew he wouldn’t make it with her and that he would not win against her IMO andy is a lowlife egotistical twat that thinks the world owes him something for being gay too me it doesn’t matter if your gay play the game with some dignity and respect . Imagine what this guy would act like after class I imagine he talks about his students the way he talks about elissa he says yeah the girl in my class annoys me i cant stand her i just want to punch the stupid cunt in the face then he goes back to class the next day and says to that same girl that shes really intuitive and he loves her so much then he goes back home and talks about how annoyed he is with her and says her family must be retarded and makes vile comments about the girls family .Would you want your family to have a teacher like that?


I just think its hilarious how gina marie will win if she gets to F2, and that mcrae stands no chance because he is attached to Amanda.


Can someone please help me out with this question which is an authentic question indeed: What does ‘boo’ mean? (As in ‘Sorry, Boo but you’re wrong”, etc.)
This is usually and most frequently accompanied by various arm and hand gestures from what I’ve observed.
Where does ‘boo’ originate and what the f**k does it mean?
Thank you.


The way Candice is using it derives from the french word beau and it refers to boy friend or girl friend. Candice is using the word more generally. Substitute the word girl in the example you provided and it will make sense.


Thank you for answering. Here is what was confusing to me with Candice; when she did use the ‘term’ to call a couple of other girls this (one-on-one), it was sarcastically so it was used by her in a different way and seemed to undercut the word’s meaning and take a definite verbal jab at the person she was addressing. It wasn’t friendly so when she used it (again in jury house), it just rubs sooooo far the wrong way that she again came across as a little bitch but when ‘boo’ is attached, it’s the cattiest (one of many she spoke) phrases she used. Aaryn flipped MY mattress – bitch that was not your mattress she was flipping personally because it was you. She was upset about something entirely different – not even a thought of you on her mind and she flipped a fu**in mattress, period. Anyway, I fu**kin hate Candice with such distaste that I can’t even understand it. She is not above or below anyone else in that house and has totally played a race victim to things that she didn’t even hear or see. They hated her personality from the beginning and I am totally on board with that. Bye boo and I sometimes have to mute so as not to get such distasteful feelings (that I haven’t had before for another player) while listening to or watching her big bulging frog eyes and pussy lips speak like a cartoon.


Hey say what?, the KKK board is on another site, you racist.


You have absolutely no idea what ethnicity I am so I’ll just keep that to myself. Having said that, I wouldn’t ‘qualify’ for KKK membership because of my ‘color’, but thanks for the tip. I have a right to hate a person who is black or half black just because they are dislikeable and not because they are black. Have a nice day.


Your ethnic background doesn’t matter. What you posted was racist, period. And you must have been watching a different show if you think Aryn, GM, etc. didn’t subject Candice to bigotry and bullying. You’re free to dislike anyone, and I’m free to tell you your post was racist. You have a nice day.

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Boyfriend or girlfriend.


Lol. It is just a nickname of some sorts. Just like calling someone baby, honey, sweetheart, sweetie, etc. It becomes a habit for some to use it constantly. I hate when I am called “Honey” by women. It feels degrading to me, like I’m a kid. When men say it, it’s like their flirting with you.


i dont like the way ginamarie trash talks people but i hope she wins. she is all jack up and still kicking these floaters asses!


This may have been answered already, but did Andy lose his job as a professor?


I’m sorry, I meant did he get fired from his job ?


Rat Dog was an adjunct professor which means he’s hired term to term and the number of classes he teaches depends on how many students sign up for a class. Being in BB meant he couldn’t teach for the summer or fall terms but he expected to go back in the winter term. Not happening now.


He was NOT a professor, he is too young to even apply for the title. His correct and FORMER job description was Part-time Adjunct Instructor.
Which means, in college speak, is that he was a part-time employee, teachers assistant that may have overseen a class as an instructor at times.
Mostly the job entails administering tests and assisting in the grading of test and keeping track of student folders, records, and files.


This was a community college so it is different than a four year college or university.


Thank you all for your explanation and clarification.

Ewww Just Ewww

Actually Andy was just denounced by the college where he worked. The school posted it on their Facebook page today. Quite honestly, I don’t thrive on seeing bad things happen to anyone, but these folks really asked for it.


there is the noble thought that if he and Helen have a friendship that survives his many bold betrayals and numerous game driven lies,
if he comes in third he just might want to be a queen for a day in one of Chicago’s upcoming lavish & spectacular GAY PRIDE parades.
being on a float with him after the season ends would take Helen out of her usual comfort zone, but it might let Andy celebrate 3rd place.
She might find it easier to be in a parade with him, than voting for him to win the big cash prize. i think Andy + GM are going to duke it out.


Your brains are deep in it if you want any of these s–t heads to win.

BB 15 blows

What a bunch of losers. Yawn….

J-U-D-D's Goat

Production wouldn’t let me into the jury house to be with my luv J-U-D-D. Baaahship. I miss his manliness. Don’t want that racist Aryan or that freak Jessie putting moves on my stallion. Please e-mail CBS and tell them to let the damn GOAT in!!!


Rumor has it that Julie got drunk because of the backlash from the media and everyone else to the heinous racist act she committed. Julie is ashamed of her race. Julie Chen looks down on the Chinese because as a successful American, she thinks that she has “arrived” and finds the normal Chinese person with slanted eyes appalling.

Can you imagine someone telling Oprah Winfrey that she will never succeed in television because her lips are too big and she looks “pouty”? Do you think that Oprah would have had surgery to thin out her lips? Absolutely no! Black women and men are too proud of their heritage and race to sink too such vile, disgusting depths. But Julie Chen has no problem turning her back on her own race and jumping in bed with the boss to further her career. Prostitutes do it for money. Julie Chen did it for shameless advancement.

Julie Chen got drunk because she regretted revealing in an interview that she was and is a racist and now it’s coming back to bite her (as she would think: in her flat Asian butt).

Jeremy's Tattoos

I can’t see how others can defend Julie for committing racist acts, especially when she has the gall to call out Aaryn on her racist comments. That is the height of hypocrisy and unabashed chutzpah.

Andy's Ears

I think that Julie Chen got married to a much older and ugly man because she loved him.

But I do agree that Julie Chen clearly displayed that she is a racist by her actions and her words.