Spencer says the finale will be a busy episode, Julie Chen can’t show up drunk like she did tonight.


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  • Ginamarie wins Part 1 of the final HOH
  • Andy and Spencer will now compete for part two.
  • The winner of part 2 faces off against GM.


12am Ginamarie, Andy and Spencer are sitting on the living room couches. Andy says he feels like McCrae went into this week acting like he was going to win everything. Spencer agrees that he thought he did too. Andy comments how there were 3 HOH’s where the viewers didn’t find out who won until the Sunday episode. Spencer says that always used to piss him off as a fan watching at home. Spencer asks isn’t it crazy 11 million people know you. Andy agrees that’s crazy. Andy comments that there’s a lot to cram into the finale episode. Spencer says the finale episode will be a busy episode, Julie Chen can’t show up drunk like she did tonight. Andy says yeah she was drunk off her a$$. Spencer says she was slurring “exterminators.” Andy says well she called us the moving company first. And then they were like that’s the wrong alliance. Spencer laughs. Andy says like I was embarrassed for her. Spencer says he was too. If she wasn’t banging the president of the network she would have been fired. Big Brother cuts the feeds for a second. Andy comments that comp tonight sucked, however I escaped with no battle scares.


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12:25am – 1:35am Andy heads to the kitchen and looks at the memory wall. He says we now have two black and while rows and columns. Ginamarie puts on her roller skating helmet and says maybe I should wear this more often. She asks what’s the guys name from crank yankers? Spencer and Ginemarie lay down in front of the memory wall. Gina comments how she kisses her fingers and touches Nick’s face all the time. Spencer says yeah I can see. He says Kaitlin’s face has my di*k imprint on her face. Ginamarie says that Candice just looks like a clown. She says sorry Andy. Andy comments that he tried to piss off McCrae by telling him he didn’t like Ian Terry. Even though I do like him and then he showed up the next day. Spencer laughs and says oh yeah you really hit him where it hurts. They laugh and reminisce about the beginning of the season when they did the photo shoot together. Andy says it sucks we had to vote out Judd before McCrae. Ginamarie and Spencer agree. Ginamarie says I would rather be a bone head than a sl*t like Amanda. Gina says that Nick ran away when Amanda put Band-Aids on her ni**les. Spencer brings up how Amanda talked about her ex-boyfriend so much but had sex with McCrae day 6. Spencer asks why would McCrae fall in love with someone that would jump in the sack with someone else so quickly while still in a relationship. They talk about past events of the season and then they all get ready for bed and go to sleep.


6:25am All the house guests are still sleeping..

8:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Andy, Spencer and Ginamarie gather into the living room and talk about random things.


9:20am The live feeds switch to the we’ll be right back screen and then to TRIVIA…

The house guests are having their FINAL 3 brunch where they reminisce about the season. This will be shown on the Sunday episode.

10:10amStill TRIVIA..

10:30am We get a quick live feed leak of the house guests enjoying their brunch.. Then back to TRIVIA..



11:35am TRIVIA..

11:40am The Live Feeds return – Andy, Spencer and Ginamaire have finished eating and start cleaning up after their brunch.

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302 thoughts on “Spencer says the finale will be a busy episode, Julie Chen can’t show up drunk like she did tonight.

    1. Andy will choke part 2 of HoH because Spencer has mental skill advantage with knowledge of puzzle. GinaMarie & Spencer final 2!!! Bye bye Andy!!!!

      1. That would be the only saving grace to this season. To watch Andy cry like a baby for coming in 3rd and not receiving any big money.

        1. I think anyone might cry for coming in third and being so close. Its called an emotional release. Didn’t Dan cry when he didn’t win and he was in the final two. There is no shame coming in third. Hmmm…..lets see all the players who wished they came in third place: David, Nick, Jeremy, Howard, Candice, Jessie, Helen, Amanda, Aaryn and Elissa.

          Yep pretty much all the house guests would of been happy to come in third except Double D. Double D still thinks he has a chance to go back into the game. I am not saying Judd’s dumb, just that he had a chance to work with Elissa and advance his game or work with Andy a second time.

          1. GM is calling Amanda a slut for sleeping with McCrae? If that skank (GM) would’ve had the chance to bone Nick, she would have. She’s been a deluded psycho bitch all season who is obsessed to this day with a guy she only knew for two weeks and who couldn’t run away from her fast enough. So who is the whore? The only difference between Amanda and that ugly pig is that Amanda can actually land a guy at the drop of a dime and is attractive whereas GM can’t get a guy to look at her longer than two seconds let alone get naked with her. Plus she has the face of a pig and has a fat ass. GM don’t be jealous. Just accept you are a LOSER piece of shit and go away.

        2. The rat was so obnoxious the way he told McCrae about their rat alliance. The rat acted like a rat on Christmas Eve watching McCrae react to the present that he just gave him. I was happy to read that McCrae told the rat that “the only thing I remember you saying is that if anyone backstab you that you be be a bitter jury member and not get your vote.” That put a smile to my face.

          So last night’s BB show also gave the rat alliance for taking out Aaryn, Amanda, and Elissa. I thought Elissa took out Aaryn and McCrae took out Elissa. Yes, the rat alliance did take out Amanda but they only had two choices: Amanda or Elissa. I hardly call that a move; more like eeny, miney, mo. The rat alliance, however, did take out Judd.

          I did enjoy getting a glimpse of the jury. Hate to say but now that McCrae is gone, if the rat makes it to the final 2, he’ll win.

      2. McCrae could have totally still been in this game, it just goes to show that he had no gameplay from the get go. All he had to do was go to Andy and at least try to convince him that GM would win over Andy plus she would take Spencer if she wins hoh, threatened not to vote for him in the end with Amanda not voting either, promised him to throw the hoh and to talk himself down in the final two. McCrae sucked… Go GM! at least you need the money now that you don’t have a job or any hope of a boyfriend anytime soon.

        1. Nope, that wouldn’t have work. Andy remembers all the deals that McCrae made with others and easily broke. There was the infamous deal with Elissa. If Elissa voted to keep Amanda, McCrae and Amanda would be loyal to her the remainder of the game. What did Amanda tell Elissa before the vote? McCrae wants to take you with him to the final two. Oh Amanda, ever the duplicitous one had to get that last lie in. Yep, McCrae working with Elissa lasted for 2 seconds. Just as soon as McCrae won HOH, he put up Elissa without any hesitation. Ah! McCrae what happened to the deal with Elissa? McCrae never have any intentions of honoring deals that he makes. McCrae and Amanda always thought they were the smartest people in the house and they could lie and be disloyal to everyone. Except that they expected loyalty and truth from everyone else. So McCrae why were you so hurt that Andy lied to you and you lied to so many?

          1. I thought McCrae should’ve tried to appeal to GM: the rat and the pig will take each other to the final 2 no matter what they told you. McCrae should have promised to take GM over either the rat or the pig. That way with the pig gone, GM has a great chance that either McCrae or the rat would take her to final 2.

            1. McCrae had many chances, appealing to GM to take him to final 2 by saying his only vote will be Amanda and everyone will vote against him because of that, would have been his best move, not to mention he should have teamed up with Judd and Elissa to get out Spencer and Andy. I think Andy has played a good game by convincing everyone that he is their friend and changing sides when he needed, this isn’t nice house, this is BB house, you are supposed to lie and be coniving. I just hated the personal attacks which 70% of this house did and unfortunately the remaining 3 were part of that 70%. I would much rather watch Jury house.

          2. How many times did MC say “I donno” to Julie Chen after he got evicted? I counted at least 15 but have to watch again. I’m pretty sure I missed some. They were coming too fast.

        2. I loved what Candice told Amanda about McCrae lacking gameplay and that he wouldn’t even ‘get out of bed’.

          Personally, I liked McCrae in the beginning and thought he was going to do well, but then Amanda got to him and cut his balls off…

      3. Wouldn’t it be great if GM was announcing who she was taking to the final two and she sat them both down and in that same tone and manner that she called Candice out when she was HOH and making the choices for eviction (while everybody was laughing), GM said something along the lines of:

        “Now, Andy, I’d like to take you back to the day youse was all playin’ a game of marry, fu*k, kill with the pictures over dere, and youse said you would marry McCrae, fu*k Nick, and kill Jeremy. I’m sorry, bud, but nobody fu*ks with my Nick. I would marry Nick, fu*k Nick, and kill the rat that tried to have me exterminated to save his own ass and when that didn’t work put a target on the back of my bunny Aaryn. Andy, me and Spencer call you the Rat, and you’ve just been exterminated. Love you buddy. Get to steppin’.”

        1. ROFL! Andy would totally deserve every word of that. Andy tried so hard to get Elissa to put GM up on the block when Amanda used the POV on McCrae, knowing full well that it would be the end of GM’s game and would leave the 3AM alliance completely intact. That was psychotic “tag team Elissa day” where Amanda terrorized Elissa and Andy went up to console her. When Elissa refused to put up GM, Andy knew he was Elissa’s target and started scurrying around and freaking out and created the Exterminators alliance that night in order to save his rat tail and place the target firmly on Aaryn’s back and take it off his. That was the day the rat decided to back stab them all, and the rat said in the Diary Room that he didn’t want to work with somebody as despicable as Amanda. You see, the rat conviently left out his role in the tag team terrorizing and consoling of Elissa and blamed Elissa by saying, “I was nothing but nice to her, and this is how she repays me,” (rat becomes victim) and blaming Amanda by saying that Amanda was so hateful that she deserved what she got from me (rat becomes hero). Um…. Hey, Andy rat. You sure have a convenient memory. So now wouldn’t it be just like the rat to give himself credit for taking out Aaryn when it was Elissa that did it and he wanted to take out GM that week? Well, that is Rat Bastard 101. Watch and learn from Professor Andy Rat. The rat is delusional. Even the Rat believes his own BS.

          If GM ends up winning it all, that will be the pivotal day of the game because Elissa refused to “vote with the house” and decided to play her own game and put Andy up on the block instead of the usual “voting with the house” routine that BB15 played week after week. So GM can trash Elissa all she wants and call Elissa’s child all kinds of racist things, but if she ends up “in the money,” it might do her good to remember that day when she was actually the house guests’ choice for eviction and Elissa really did do her a solid..

          1. Couldn’t have said it better but these final 3 are so delusional, even watching all the feeds, would leave them with the same impression of themselves. I’d like to see some compilations of them individually with the events. Like GM saying (about Amanda) ” it wasn’t right that she said those things about Elissa’s kid. and “shouldn’t talk about anyone’s kids,” etc.. Then three hours later calling Elissa’s 8-year-old a “dirty fuc*** Puerto Rican dirty looking fuc*** kid”.

        1. Dude!!! I’m nothing against homophobic. I’ve friends who is gay. The reason Andy suck in part 2 HoH because he can’t handle the physical competition.

      4. Part 2 usually has a puzzle/physical mix to it. I believe last year was some kind of dunk tank where the puzzle had to be assembled underwater.

        If it’s anything that requires spencer to…well…move….Andy probably has him beat…and since part 3 is a quiz…yeah…Andy is still the safe bet to win this game.

        Just saying. ;)

        1. That was the prior year – last year Dani and Ian had to scale a wall (in a harness) – think they had to put players in order of eviction.

      5. Readers of this site ought to take note of this post, and definitely believe every word of it. You are sporting an oh-so-solid prediction rate of about 0 for 35 so far.

        1. First, let me just say i’m honored that you follow what i say so closely that you think you can come up with 35 predictions i’ve made. It doesn’t make you look weird or creepy at all.

          Second, your math is off. I was right about at least two things:

          1. The people who thought the game was rigged for Amanda were fools.
          2. Elissa stood no chance of coming off as a good or intelligent player-even with production’s help.

          “uh. i think mccrae turned on Amanda.” LOL.

          1. Also, bonus points for not simply double posting, but rather making two posts towards me that were worded only slightly differently. One can only assume that you thought the website, “ate” your first post, so you decided to type a second.

            Someone has a lot of time on their hands and spite in their hearts-all for little old me. ;) Much appreciated!

          1. The truth hurts, Captain…rather on this site, it enrages.

            I sincerely wish you the best though. Anyone who can take a television show this seriously…I hope you get something enjoyable out of finale night. Seriously.

    2. Julie Chen is such a pretentious racist bigoted bully. She is so ashamed of her race that she had to get a nose job and eye surgery to look more white. Wow, what a hypocrite. I mean she “rode” her way to her job on top of her ugly old husband.

      1. You are as disgusting as the slobs in this house. It has been very enlightening to hear people in the house and on this site be so disturbed that people actually are ambitious, get off their fannies and make a success of themselves. As for any “improvements” someone has chose to make on their “person”, is really none of your business. You know nothing about why Julie did what she did. Your ignorance is blinding. As for whom a person marries and for what reasons is also none of your business. You speak as if you know them personally and the facts of their marriage are less than honorable. And God forbid your idea of a goodtime is not sitting around talking FOUL mouthed trash about any and everyone, then you are a snob. This season has certainly shone a bright light on the deterioration of our society. Should we all be cookie cutters according to your standards to keep from being verbally and hatefully abused?

        1. so 3 people made up she was drunk and if that wasn’t enough of a joke they decided to mentions she should be fired if her husband didn’t run cbs naïve people out there im sure she was probably tipsy during tapeing

      2. No, shame on our society for making a person who looks different feel like they have to mangle themselves to succeed by looking more like everybody else.

        1. Total copout argument. “Society” didn’t force her to get plastic surgery, she CHOSE to do it herself. It’s her responsibility, not anyone else’s.

          1. Nobody ever said that society forced her to do it, only that society shamed her info feeling that she had no other choice if she wanted to succeed. That’s a big difference. Try reading what was written instead of making stuff up.

      3. Whatever! Julie is a beautiful woman. If she had plastic surgery, then she needs more done. Because she is one fine looking woman. Do you happen to know who was her plastic surgeon?

      4. She had a small surgery on her eyes which was very minimal. She did not change anything to not look like oriental. When she was telling her secret and it made me cried. Those advices given her were very hurtful and hoping that you never experienced it.

        1. You say Julie only had minimal work on her eyes. You do realize its the eyes of Asians that are the most distinctive. So you are saying that she had work on her eyes, just reinforce the argument that Julie wanted to be less Asian.

          1. LOL! You say Oriental! LMAO! Its Asian! Julie herself described it as “she underwent plastic surgery to make her “Asian eyes” bigger.” Love how people try to correct others and they are so very wrong. Keep laughing and stay misinformed.

      5. Wow! Why so bitter? Is it rare for someone in “entertainment” business to have work on their face? Hey, why not if it makes you feels better about yourself as long as you’re able to pay for it.

      6. Name …. STFU!!!!! Unless you are a visible minority don’t speak on behalf of us who are. If you saw the interview Julie Chen gave in regards to her surgery she not once say she was ashamed of being Asian. She didn’t do it to look white or Caucasian….. she was time and time again having the surgery would make her look more alert and interested. No amount of surgery would transform an Asian to look completely Caucasian. I’m fed up of all the ignorant remarks regarding her surgery and position. She worked hard to get where she is today and not because she’s married to the head honcho of CBS.

        She’s a beautiful, successful and proud Asian. Do you feel better and more elevated about yourself when you have to put down someone? You got issues. Look at yourself before you pass judgement on another.

        1. I like Julie. I am a strong supporter of Julie. However, lets not get it twisted. Julie is no Mother Theresa. Reports say that Julie started dating the CBS President while his divorce was not finalized yet. I like how some women want others to respect their marriage but don’t respect the marriage of others. Julie, the man was still legally married and you are dating him. That’s going to be an issue going forward.

          Do I think Julie is talented, you bet. Is she a great interviewer, you bet. Is Julie flawed, you bet, just like all of the rest of us. So lets not get all bent out of shape when someone says she is sleeping with the President. I think that was part of the deal, you marry me and I get to sleep with you. The problem is that she might of jumped the gun before any competition and started dating him while his divorce was not finalized.

          It is what it is. Julie is smart, funny, beautiful and a talented woman. However, just like all of us there are some things she’s probably not proud of. Julie getting plastic surgery is obviously one of them. That’s not me talking, that’s Julie saying she is not proud of her plastic surgery. However, she also shouldn’t be proud of dating a man whose divorce was not finalized yet. Granted he’s her husband now, but if you don’t respect another woman’s marriage, don’t be surprised when the same thing happens to you

          1. Isn’t it a blessing we don’t have to pay for others mistakes. These people, including some on this site are not content with bashing, the players, they are now on to Julie Chen and her husband? It leaves me kinda speechless. Remember, do unto others, cause you better bet it’s gonna come back to you somehow and you are not gonna like it. Try finding the beauty in people. Might make you feel better.

          2. He may have been legally separated when they started dating. and who cares????? There’s two sides to every story. Should get both sides and all the facts before you slander another’s integrity and pass judgement.

            1. Obviously you care. First you tell us who cares then proceed to tell us there are two sides to every story. Sorry to inform you, but its pretty easy to discern the truth in this case. You either did or didn’t date the guy before the divorce was finalized. There is nothing complicated about that question. As far as who cares, it goes to integrity, she’s a journalist. I want to know that the person whose bringing me the news or information is not slanting the information for personal gain. In the case of this season, it was all slanted for CBS personal gain. The racism, sexism and bigotry all benefited the ratings for CBS. Julie is the front man/ woman for CBS and then tells David Letterman that she is pleased with their casting. Well Julie is taking the minority point of view, because most of us are upset with this season.

              Julie then goes on to make Aaryn the fall guy for this entire hate filled season. So Gina, whose probably going to win BB, shares no blame? Amanda, the darling of BB, shares no blame? However, Aaryn is taking all the racial heat. That was brave of Julie, putting the whole thing at the feet of a 22 year old girl. Not saying that Aaryn shouldn’t be held accountable. I am saying that Aaryn shouldn’t be the only one and CBS should share some of the blame.

              Now Julie putting all this on Aaryn goes back to integrity. Why did she do it? Has Julie done other things that might be shady? However, Fed Up, is trying to tell us not to look behind the curtain, nothing to see here. Give me a break! Two sides to every story. You are trying to confuse the issue. Did she or didn’t she, its an easy question.

          3. divorce not final is not the same as dating someone who is still living with the spouse. Julie I dont think (not knowing her personally) was having an affair with him while he was married and living with his wife. That make alot difference. Sometimes, people dont get a divorce right away because of financial reason, or property issues, etc. So julie dating him before his divorced was finaly is no issue.

          4. How can someone like, ie Julie Chen, a great interviewer when all she does is come in and grab her cue cards and reads the questions to the person she’s “interviewing”? Get a life you morons. She’s not God and who cares what her opinion is. And before one of you liberal idiots reply I already know my opinion doesn’t matter either! Get a life you bunch of synical assholes!!! Ohhhh thumbs down! Losers!!!

            1. OMG SO AGREE!!! I wasn’t going to even bother bringing it up but have you heard Julie speak off the cuff or extemporaneously. she has trouble stringing two non-redundant coherent sentences together, which I admit, is not an easy thing to do when you are trying to sound articulate and informed as a journalist or reporter or interviewer must. she is best at being carefully spoon fed exact lines, and I have no problem watching her do that. but a journalist or interviewer in the true sense, she is not.

      7. I know what Julie Chen did with her eyes she is not totally at peace with it…….It’s going to be weird confronting GM racists comments toward Helen about wanting to punch Helen in the eyes to make them straight…..when Julie herself had surgery to make them Caucasian looking……..I just think it’s sad that she had to do it……….it’s like a black person bleaching there skin to be accepted………to alter your racial identity to be accepted by the another race is sad…….

        1. Or a black person putting chemicals in their hair to change the texture of their hair, make more “white”. However, how about people bleaching their hair blonde? Or GM wearing blue eye contacts? Only a very few percentage of people are naturally blonde; the rest are fake. So maybe this is the reason Julie Chen was so hurt by Aaryn’s remark. Aaryn said: I probably look like a squinty Asian right now. I should punch her face to make her eyes round. Said something about looking like a chiuwawa (spelling?).

          That’s why when Amanda called Aaryn fat as a joke McCrae said to stop because that’s how people develop eating disorder.

          The fact is when you speak out against these offensive remarks, you’re making an impact on someone’s life.

      8. CBS News: “Julie Chen driving drunk gets 9 months for driving the wrong way down motorway”.

        Well no wonder. She’s supposed to be in the kitchen.

    3. But isn’t there usually a physical component to the skill comp? Last year they had to scale the wall, and Ian was light as a feather. I remember All Stars when Boogie beat Janelle at the skills comp, they had to turn mirrors while suspended high up. Spencer would be terrible at the physical part. I don’t remember any of the other years. Does anyone else know?

        1. I’ve made sure that part 2 favors Andy – just like I made sure last year it favored Ian – it’s rigged for a small, low weight person.

    4. Why did the HG’s and people n this site act the way they do. It’s understandable that members of the Tea Party were indignant about the U.S. gigantic federal deficit. But the Tea Party became useful idiots for the banksters and stooges for the 1% when they turned their wrath on food stamp recipients and the poor instead of pointing the finger at the real culprits: Wall Street, bailouts that cost billions of dollars, corporate welfare, the military/industrial complex, the failed war on drugs and the prison/industrial complex. Millennials, which most of the houseguests are, have spent much of their adulthood with an enormous federal deficit hanging over their heads, and they will spend much of their lives dealing witth cuts to our safety net politicians claim are necessary to diminish the deficit. Just curious as to why most HG’s acted with wrath.

        1. What a retort (you do know what that means). What wrath. The names on this site regaarding the current President. What about Bush II. Why no snarky names about him. It isn’t hard to see why George W. Bush left office in January 2009 with an aproval rating of only 22%: he was easily the worst president Boomers and Gen-X experienced in their lifetimes. Between a record federal deficit, the war in Iraq, the torture of political detainees, the eroding of constitutional liberties and the finacial meltdown of 2008, the Bush years were devastating for the U.S. and many Millenials, unlike Boomers and Gen-X, had the misfortune of reaching adulthood either during the Bush Presidency or after Bush had left behind a long list of problems for the Obama administration to deal with. Certainly, many Boomers and Gen-Xers have suffered enormously because of the Bush years, but at least they have had the advantage of being in the workforce before the Bush administation did so much to destroy the country. So how about some derogatory names for our illustrious GOP politicians:

          No Chin Mcconnell
          Cry Baby Boehner or Had to many drinks Boehner or Andy Boehner
          Ted I’m going Cruzin with Andy
          Rush “Oxycodone” Limp-baugh

          1. I want to apoligize for my earlier rambling posts. I saw all these anti Andy posts here and I just noticed that he has ears like Obama and my liberal rants came out. My day started bad because I was out of Count Chocula and the store was out of my extra large Depends. I’m back on my medication now and I’m going to calm down by praying to my Hillary in her pants suit shrine. I’ve got to go Bubble Guppies is on Nick Jr.

          2. Just Curious is this president going to tske responsibility for anything? Five years later you are still trying to blame Bush. How about create some jobs and quit spending money that we dont have. Forget this war crap too. if you want to bomb somebody bomb the BB house.

            1. Julie Chen dating a man who is still legally married makes her a bigot, and she is no journalist. She is a woman who dated a married man and married him and that is how she got her shows. Her son should be really proud that his mother broke up a marriage. The woman is a poor excuse for her son.

          3. Just Curious it is hard to take you serious when you whine like Andy. You complain about comments made about the president and then you proceed to call five members of the other party names. Practice what you preach pinhead and go to the CNN site if you want to talk politics. This is a Big Brother site.

      1. You do know that this is a Big Brother discussion board, right? If you felt that there is any connection between what you are describing and Big Brother, you have failed entirely to show it.

      2. I agree with everything you said, except the Tea Party being useful idiots. The Tea Party are still useful idiots. The Tea Party stance on a lot of things just doesn’t make sense. Tea Party Position 1: Barrack was born in Kenya and shouldn’t have been allowed to be President. Where is his birth certificate? Ted Cruz is born in Canada and should be allowed to become president. No birth certificate is required. Tea Party/ Rand Paul Position 2: The President has not taken leadership on the Syrian issue. Assad used chemical weapons on his people and the President is not doing anything about it. President then asks for Congress’s support. Rand Paul then says the President just wants to attack Syria because of a red line that he drew. America wants no involvement.

        Yep you would think the President would know the rules of the right wing game by now. Anything, any position that you take the right would take the opposite. So putting them on the spot to actually be on record with their Syrian position is outrageous. LOL! Personally, every congressman has been briefed about the chemical weapons being used in Syria. Don’t put all of this on the President. You have access to the information. If Congress votes to deny the strike, then so be it. However, when the next mad man uses chemical weapons against his people and its under a Republican President or Iran get the nuke, don’t tell me that we have to respond or attack. The new precedent, unless its at our borders, we don’t care. LOL! Lets all of us stay tune to see how long before it arrives at our shores.

      3. Do you understand that Obama is responsible for exploding the debt? Go call your liberal congressman and ask him to raise taxes again. No wonder you are pulling for Andy to win. Loser.

      1. No, lol, I respect the game too much to not root for the player who played the best, personality aside.

        The rest of you can hold your sad congeniality contest on these boards, I could care less-I LOVE THE GAME.

      1. Spencer funny??? Have you been watching any of the live feeds? Spencer is a misogynist and floated through most of the season and used as a pawn. If you had watched any of the live feeds, or at least BBAD, you would know this.

        1. So Spencer shouldnt win because of his comments on women ..but Gina should when she is a racist who lost her job..I think fucking not i dislike her and the people voting for her..Andy should get it he hasn’t said racist things..He has bullied Elissa but Gina Bullied the blacks and asians..she bullied more people than him she is shit and crazyyyyyy she doesn’t deserve the money at a llll

    5. I have not been on in awhile since Elissa eviction……..but it seem like this board is turning into a pro GM, Amanda, and Aaryn post………confederate flags are flying high for some reason here…..

      1. GM only because she is the least evil of the two and does work hard for the money. The two, Andy the RAT and Spencer the PERV/PIG, floated almost to the end. GM is still the bigot that she is as well as trashy,crude person/lady i have ever seen in the BB history.

    6. I have been following Ragan Fox’s blogs , he is a huge supporter of Andy and believes that he deserves to win it all and he believes that the reason that people dislike Andy is because he is gay. I am a gay man and my friends and I get together every eviction night to whoop and holler and make tacky comments as we watch the show, you should be there, it’s so much fun. Anyway , we all were rooting for Andy to win, his lying, backstabbing and sneaky rat like gameplay has never bothered us, after all you come in the house as strangers with the goal of winning a half million dollars, you owe the other hose guests nothing! What has turned us off is his vile reaction to someone who dared to nominate him. His behind her back calling her a C**t, whore, slut and so on, his cowardly way of giving her the finger when she is not looking , of standing by and laughing when other house guests malign her children…. The fact that she has been gone 2 weeks and he still obsesses and insults her, we all hope that the number 94 is etched in Andy’s brain forever. Unfortunately Ragan Fox cannot see past the gay part and that is too bad….my friends and I are voting en mass for Elissa for America’s favorite.

      1. I think people lose a lot of credibility when they pull the race card or gay card when in fact it’s because of the person’s action. Andy lost me when he was whining about being bullied and threatened by Helen/Elissa. Andy expects people to not blindslide him or stab him on his back but does the same and expects people to applaude and vote for him in the end when he wouldn’t. The pleasure Andy took in Elissa’s eviction to her face because he knows everyone’s against her and that’s a popular thing to do. To me that’s the action of a bully.

        1. Ragan Fox should know better. Remember his open letter to CBS at the beginning of the season – if he truly believed what he said – he should have stayed as far away as possible from this season.

      2. Bravo….. well said Russ!!!! Andy definitely has a mean bitter spirit and for that reason I would never support a win for him. Here’s hoping GM wins and Elissa is the Fan’s Choice!!!

      3. To Russ Woodward…I agree with you, but also have to admit that I despise Andy’s “Home Alone” habit of constantly putting both of his hands on his cheeks and trying to look surprised. Seriously, I was over that being funny in the 80’s…and it is just stupid now, although Andy claims he is “adorable”. Right. Yuck.

    7. I just read this on the College of DuPage’s Facebook account (where Andy works):

      “Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.”

      At least they said something. I guess they are tired of people complaining about his vile behavior in the show. Since he’s a part-time instructor and doesn’t have tenure, they don’t have any obligation to hire him to teach more classes. I don’t think he is going to be teaching there anymore.

  1. Somebody please tell me what about live feeds 24/7 do these vile people not understand? I am quite sure the Perv and Rat Dog will be having a conversation with Julie’s husband.

    1. I talked It over with my wife – she’s going to handle them in her own way. But I want to tell you Jackie, I’ve been following your comments and I like your insights very much.

  2. 1 rat , 1 “bonehead” and 1 douche!! 1 of them to win 500,000$. Makes me sick! Spencer you say some f**cked up sh*t !
    And y’all are idiots on top of it calling Julie drunk, banging the president if the station! I bet she can’t wait till this is over too!!

    1. These last 3 are so deluded. They think $500 grand is going to last forever. No it wont. IRS will take their cut and then whoever wins it will waste it. what will they do after?

      Andy and Judd are worried that people hate them? That’s the same as thinking people care or will vote Them as fan favorites. All I know is that I have no respect or trust for them. Their personal brand is shot. They think theyre like Dr Will or Brittany. But Dr Will was charming. Brittany was funny. Sure lying is part of the game but you don’t have to be vicious, nasty, racist, mysogonistic and evil.

      Good luck w/your lives.

      1. Exactly on the who wins the $500K…because this game is played in the state of California…that state will take it share of income taxes, then the government takes theirs…so…the winnings will probably be less than half of what they actually hope to get…hmmm…maybe Andy should win it then :oD

        1. Nice thing about Canadian winnings…No Taxes! At the end of year…taxes are paid on interest only. ( when you file Income tax. )
          These idiots at the end, ( whomever it may be? ) will probably have it all spent, especialy Spencer and GM…Therefore, no taxes paid at all. Lol

      2. You are right 500,000 wont last forever they are silly.. they should all marry someone 20 years old with fat pockets like elissa

      3. Great point on the cash not lasting Season 15. Obama will take half of it and when you consider what is left over is going to have to last these people for the rest of their lives since after their behavior in this house they are not employable.

      4. These last 3 are so deluded. They think $500 grand is going to last forever. No it wont. IRS will take their cut and then WHOEVER WINS IT WILL WASTE IT. what will they do after?


        Waste it on:

        Spencer: ” beating off ” paraphernalia
        Andy: blow up dolls with gaping holes packed with fresh liver
        GM: GasX

      1. I’d certainly have to drunk to deal with these animals. It’s amazing to listen to how highly they think of themselves. They do not belong in civilized society. Ugh

      2. I don’t drink so I am not good at picking out drunk people (I say this in case I seem stupid for not noticing) but something was definitely off with Julie last night, she was slurring and stumbling over words…I assumed something was wrong with the teleprompter

      3. Rsw, I’m not saying she wasn’t, I’m just saying MAYBE they didn’t have to say that out loud about her since she is the host of the show. Not naive, just sayin!

    2. Sorry to break it to you. But Julie is married to the President of CBS and they have a kid. So I am pretty sure its safe to say that Julie is banging the President of CBS.

      1. Sorry to break it to you but no decent person would say that about a husband and wife.

        Simon/Dawg is the vile thing going contagious?

        1. Simon /Dawg do I have to listen to this pretentious Elissa wanna be, getting upset about someone saying Julie is banging her husband. With all these crazy comments on here and Jackie is upset with the reference to banging. Maybe you have another site where the Jackie, the upper class and the intelligentsia can go to and don’t have to associate themselves with the middle class.

  3. Andy will choke in part 2 of HoH competition and leave off Spencer win his 2nd HoH comps. Andy will be sent to the jury so no jury member won’t vote or Andy to win big brother.

  4. Andy said he would die if he ended up third. I can’t think of a better end for this season than Andy being so close he could taste the half million and gets double crossed by GN and Spencer. Live by the lie, die by the lie. Andy for 3rd place!

      1. So most of the house guests hate Andy and probably won’t vote for him. Its not the first time that the best player didn’t get the jury vote and loss. Dan controlled last season. Never saw the Jedi mind control worked so well until last year. Dan had a young woman in Dani totally mind f**ked. She didn’t make a move without the approval of Dan. He convinced her to put up her own showmance for him. Dan had one foot out the BB house and convinced Frank / Jen to save him. Dan controlled the entire game and loss the jury vote. So you have jury members that got played by Andy. Most of those members are in the jury house because they trusted directly or indirectly Andy: Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Jessie, Judd, Helen and Candice.

        So since they could not figure out that Andy was lying to them in the game, now they are going to have their revenge by not voting for him. Oh well! However, if Andy didn’t play the game he had, he probably doesn’t get as far. Helen wanted Andy for a prop and was disloyal to her allies in Candice, Jessie and Elissa. Amanda / McCrae wanted Andy for a prop and would of taken each other to the final two, third place would of been the best he could of hoped for with those two. So he creates the Terminators, that at least gives him the chance to make it to the final two. He now has at least a chance, something he didn’t have with Amanda/McCrae or Helen.

        So even if Andy comes in third, he played on heck of a game.

        1. Dan played a great game last year – but he should have taken Dani to the F2 rather than cut a deal with Ian. The whole concept last year was for a coach to take his student to the end. If Dan had done that he would have won. He also became extremely arrogant during the jury question and answer section – he blew it big time. Great game but no finish….

          1. Dan was planning on cutting ties with Ian, but Ian won a Coup D’etat or something. Then Ian kicked a$$ in the final comps. Ian took Dan to the F2. It shows that Ian is bad a$$. Sorry, I’m a huge a fan of Dan and Ian Terry.

            1. Nope, Ian dropped the first final HOH – he promised Dan he would. Dani lost the second one (which was really rigged for Ian) – and Dan lost he last comp on purpose – Dan never crossed the finish line with Dani – he could have, and in so doing, he could have won.

        2. my problem with andy’s game is that he didn’t really manipulate anyone or do any major game moves… he did gain their trust and then one by one he voted out each one of his allies, never revealing that he would vote them out. he never explicitly manipulated to get his way, he more just worked with the house and when it was time and they were on the block, he would vote them out. i guess except jessie, he planned her eviction but the house already wanted her out… this is why i dont think he’s a very strong game player. all he ever had was his vote, he didn’t actually set up any major game plays like amanda or helen did. even with the exterminators, aaryn was already on the way out, amanda was always a target and elissa was always a target. it’s not like he set anything up that wouldn’t have already happened, nomination-wise. all he ever did was blindside his allies to further his own game, which is fine, but not all that respectable or masterful.

      1. @rsw, Andy will screw up part 2 of HoH competition because he will mess up of which puzzle piece together. Even he is a professor, he will kill time to rethink which one is right. That’s why Spencer has advantage of mental challenge than Andy.

  5. I wonder how Julie will feel about the way these trash talkers refer to her. Elissa was right; these contestants are vile. No class. Disgusting human beings.

    1. I won’t watch these ridiculous people on TV, so I didn’t see the show. I’m like others on the board. I only follow the show through this website.

      Was Julie Chen really acting drunk?

          1. Andy and Spencer were joking around with each other like they do quite often, but most of the dopes posting on this web site are too stupid to realize they’re not being serious.

            1. Okay, you have proved an important point – The Dolt Brother’s (Andy & Spencer) have no clue what is funny or entertaining. And, only attempt to be funny at someone’s expense.

        1. You recieved thumbs down for many reasons : 1. Your comment came off pretentious (I won’t watch these ridiculous people on TV, so I didn’t see the show. I’m like others on the board. I only follow the show through this website.) Sounds like you are too good to watch the show (insulting the cast calling them ridiculous and you are better than that so you can’t stoop to watching) but you still desire to know the gossip from the show. Thereby you are a contradiction. Watch the show if you want to know if “Julie was really drunk”. Only opinions here just as the cast gave theirs – 2. Some people just want to watch the world burn 3. Further you tried to sound like you are in a group of “others” who only come here and don’t watch the show .. Since you didn’t represent how these “others” feel accurately .. Thumbs Down!! 4. It really wasn’t a good post … It’s asking someone to do your hw for you … Do it yourself lolol 5. You mad bro?

      1. They were just mad because Julie almost called their alliance The Moving Company instead of the The Exterminators. Considering they are putting all their stock (their jury member speeches/arguments) in the exterminators for their reason to win, calling them the moving company is an insult.

        But with all the alliances this season (and mccrae coming out, an original MC member, turned on them too because of Amanda) Julie no doubt was mixed up about the names. Honest mistake. I would have done the same thing.

    2. Do you not see the irony in calling the HG’s “vile and disgusting” but defending the woman who mutilated her face so she “wouldn’t have to look Chinese anymore”?

        1. Everyone whined about the HGs’ racism, but it was just words. Julie committed the racist ACT of getting surgery on her eyes to “look less Asian” and to “get ahead in the industry.” That sends a horrible message to Asian women and is more racist than anything the HG’s said this year. Criticizing the HG’s for being “vile” while defending a racist in the same comment is the definition of irony (and hypocrisy, and cognitive dissonance).

          1. Since there are more Chinese people than any other race on Earth, does that mean they have normal eyes and we have big crazy googly ones?

          2. Or Maybe it send a message to America??Why does any Asian person have to change there eyes to succeed in the industry??Why are there no Asian tv shows or leads in movies of numerous Asian Supermodels..Why do black women have to straighten there hair to work in a business on wall shit because they get told here hair looks too creative or messy when in its natural afro state..or why does big brother have a 90%white cast(racist may i add)and threw in a asian and 2 blacks????why is there never a black or asian Bachelor….So Please stop whining about ethnicites and see that we have to do that shit ti get ahead in RACIST America

      1. Julie did not have surgery to not look Chinese, she merely took show biz people’s advice who thought her eyes were unattractive. Do the white people who have facial surgery do it so they won’t look white? Get real!

      2. Considering the reasons WHY she felt the need to do it, no, no irony at all. Context counts for a lot. So sorry that this concept seems lost on you. Try going to work somewhere where YOU are the minority and are constantly told by everybody that has power over your career that you will never succeed unless you change yourself to conform. You might make the same decision she had to make…

    3. So the most vile cast that BB ever assembled is finally attacking the hand that feeds it as represented by Julie in BB. Lets see BB allows the racism. bigotry and sexism comments throughout the show. CBS puts up a disclaimer and says its not our fault. Now this vile cast wants to lash out at those that hold their leash, BB. So their new target is Julie, it gets tiring talking about Candice and Elissa all the time. I think its hilarious that they are making fun of Julie. It all comes back home. This was BB creation, they should take a few lumps for this calamity.

  6. Wow. Amanda got a pass on her eviction interview with Julie but not Aaryn because Julie felt personally insulted by Aaryn’s negative Asian comments. The rat and the perv just got more personal so I think they have effectively CANCELLED any pass they may get from Julie. Can’t wait to see her burn them on national TV.

    1. Demanda go off light because it was a DE and time limits. They didn’t have coaches come in the BB house this season but Dr. Will is going to visit the jury house. I bet he calls her out.

      1. should be “got off light” I’m just so excited to see Dr Will give them hell about the whole “it’s what the house wants” crap among other things

        1. i was thinking that too, i hope he questions them after the vote bc i can easily see him telling the jury to not be bitter about all of someone’s lies (which would help andy) or to not hold it against someone that did not win any comps or if someone was on the block the whole season as will was (which may help spencer). it seems like half of them would definitely vote for gm (out of respect for her being upfront and her getting out amanda), half for andy (for those who dislike gm: candice, maybe amanda), but i really hope will’s questions dont influence any decisions last minute.

      2. Dr Will calling out Amanda….now THAT would be something to see! McCrae may lose his woman tho’, Amanda is likely to drop him and go after The good doctor! :o

          1. Oh my gosh: is it time yet? So tired, so old, so boring.

            BTW, Amanda’s and Helen’s worst game move to target each other. They should’ve targeted the floaters and had a real final 4 deal as they were both equallly disliked.

      3. Dr Will is very excited himself to confront the jury members…funny how the only thing about finale I’m excited about is seeing Dr Kirby…watched a bunch of videos on YouTube about him…he was good, wasn’t he? HaHa…

        *making phone ringing sound*
        Boogie: Hello?
        Will: Hey Boogie…remember how I got my showmance, Janelle, to put up her best friend, Marcellas, up on the block for eviction?
        Boogie: Yeah?
        Will: Can you have your showmance, Erica, put up her best friend, Danielle, up on the block for eviction?
        Boogie: Sure!
        *both laughing hysterically at themselves*

      4. I’m just afraid they picked Dr.Will to talk to the jury to convince them that Andy was a great game player and overlook his lies, misogyny, racism and other vile behavior. Andy played personal. His continued bashing of HGs after they were gone can never be considered game play. He either participated or by his silence concurred in personally bashing any person that those in power bashed just to appear loyal. He was proud to evicted Amanda who was loyal to him as long as she was there. Its one thing to evict a person or even to blindside them as a strategy to move yourself forward., its another thing all together to revel in the fact during your goodbye message and rub it in someone’s face who protected you. What happened to Andy crying when he evicted everyone else up? The bashing was NOT smart gameplay. You don’t want to give jury members any reason to hate you more and the bashing does get back to them. It is NOT the move of a GREAT PLAYER.. I just don’t want Will to tip the Jury in Andy’s favor by comparing Andy’s so-called strategy” to Will’s Is anyone else concerned about this? I wish he doesn’t get to talk to them til after they vote, but I think even Will’s presence makes a statement about the acceptability of lying, backstabbing, being disloyal and using people with total disregard for decency and humane behavior. I know, I know, we have come to expect that in BB, Its part of the game and it fuels the adage ” EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED” but all the subterfuge can e done without personal attacks, nastiness and unabashed cruelty. Someone who can pull that off would be a Real Great Player, in my book.

        1. Or maybe, because all of these HGs behaved badly the whole season, Dr Will will be there to make them face it. There would never be enough time on the BB show to confront all of what these HGs have said and done. So maybe they are handing that over to Dr Will to appease the masses.

          But then the 3 in the house would miss out. So Dr. Will’s function is still unclear. When will he confront the jury? After the whole jury is assembled (including either GM, Spencer or Andy)? Because if Andy is in jury then confronting the jury about how being a “rat” is still a valid game play style, will be useless.

          I think it’s just to make sure viewers tune in. BB knows we have been threatening not to watch. And Dr. Will is always a draw.

    2. After Spencer’s comment about Julie screwing the boss, the next stage of the HOH will prbably not be something that will help Spencer out, so probably no puzzle. That and his comment about Kaitlin’s picture, there is no way CBS will want him to get anymore money.

  7. just shows ya how much scum andy is, he will trash anyone at anytime, it has to be about him at all times, the way he creeps around the house to follow people is sick, he got a screw loose in real life.

  8. The way these talk about other people in such a derogatory manner is horrendous….and to be seemingly oblivious to the fact that so many of us are listening. If I was Kaitlin’s father or brother Spencer Clawson would be in for a world of hurt after saying that about Kaitlin’s photo!!!!!

      1. Right!?!? It’s not even cute…I wish BB would put in a gay that we could all root for…Andy just turned into a typical gay man…catty, judgemental, and bitchy. We’re not all that way…I promise!!!

        1. I thought the same about his manner of dress initially.

          I think more and more now it’s been part of his strategy. Dress like an innocent dork, and everyone assumes you are.

          Up until Helen’s eviction, it seemed to work perfectly, and even then, he’s managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes but Elissa…who likely only saw through him because it takes fake to spot fake.

  9. Andy thinks he has the jury votes! Amanda, McCrea, Elissa, Helen will not vote for him. Only need 5 votes and with 5 more votes easily another person will not vote for him. 2nd place is best he can do but I’m hoping 3rd place is what he gets. Extreminators get rid of rats. So let it be.

    1. I disagree. I think they will vote for Andy because he played them all and therefore played a good game. I hope he doesn’t make it to final 2 though!

    2. if Andy makes F2, then Helen, Amanda and possibly McCrae will vote for him regardless of who he is against. Elissa will only vote for Andy if he is with Spencer.

    3. I didn’t think Andy would have the jury votes until I saw the jury on BB the other night. It is clear that no one is mad at him and he will get the votes to win BB if he makes it to final 2. I am hoping that Spencer manageas to beat him in the next challenge or Ginamarie in the last challenge. I am still holding out hope that he will place 3rd.

  10. Not sure exactly why they thought Julie was drunk…..maybe she was so upset over things behind the scenes she was struggling to keep her sunny disposition. One things for sure, BB16 is going to have changes in play, more rules and most likely more careful screening. While I don’t want a house full of cookie cutter people, I would like to see a show next year that isn’t so foul mouthed and disgusting. The house guests need to remember a lot of people from all backgrounds watch the show….surely a little self control isn’t too much to ask, is it!?!

  11. There should be a rule for automatic eviction of the Rat and PerVert for now degrading Julie Chen and her husband. I would disqualify both of those JERKS!!! America hates you Rat Andy and Pervert Spenser. Karma will catch up with bothof you someday-someway.You don’t degrade the people that are giving you a chance of half million. There are so many better quaiity people in this world. I am so sick o these Evil Monsters.

    1. Why should it be an automatic eviction for comments made about Julie? Julie is no different than the countless other people they have made filthy, disgusting remarks about. Spencer’s remarks about Kaitlin’s picture are gross as is the continual bashing of everyone else. CBS should have put a stop to this trash talk a long time ago but it kept the viewers “entertained” and baying for blood which translates into $$$$$$$. If Julie’s husband wouldn’t stop it then, he has no right to be upset with what is said about his wife. You are right, there are so many better quality people in this world and it is so unfortunate that one of these sick individuals will win. I would really like to know what Julie thinks of the F3 but it would not be PC for her to comment. This train wreck will finally end next week and hopefully CBS will not call any of them back for future shows or promos. The F2 can gleefully rub their hands together over their winnings but when they do review feeds, blogs, etc, I hope they understand why they are so disliked.

    2. she was definitely stumbling over words, but it could have been medication or a million other things, I wouldn’t accuse someone of being drunk unless I knew…

  12. I wish the jury could say, I dont actually want to vote for them, if it’s Spencer and GM in the finale. Neither of them should win. Especially how foul they are on TV/Internet. Hello, 24/7 feeds!!! I’m just really sad that Julie Chen wont have an opportunity to grill GM and call her out on her bad behavior like she did Aaryn.

  13. It seemed that Aaryn’s “apology” was well rehearsed. I’m thinking she was coached on what to say. She sounded disingenuous and didn’t show any real emotion, remorse or mortification for the awful things she had said in the house.

  14. Julie probably called them the Moving Co. and not the Excrementors because she has more important things on her mind and does not give a sh*t about these gross pig’s made up alliance names. Like all of us just wants them gone. There were so many fake alliances this season . I lost track of the dumb names they came up with. I like Julie and I say “keep her name outcha mouth!” swine!!

  15. We’re hearing so much about bullying with kids. Well these so call adults should take lessons for some kids. They enjoy bullying anyone that can’t stand up for themselves because there not there to stand up for themselves. This year is so disgusting I’ll watch till the end but even more anxious to see what next year has for us. Thank you houseguest that didn’t bully. You’ll be remembered more than you know.

  16. I hope next year they cast “real” ppl. Not wanna be actors and they should have a wider range in their ages.
    Yes these hg have been foul mouthed and crude but some of ya’ll have been way worse with the things you say. I think GM is just a product of her environment and not real smart. I hope by seeing herself (and the way we see her) that she works hard to change her ways. I think she has a great heart and genuinely loves people. I hope she wins so she can support herself til all this bashing dies down.

    1. IDK every time I look at the trash fest that is GM, all I think is “N**** Insurance”. I thought she was the goat, someone so gross and unlikable that you’d never vote for her in a million years to win. Color me surprised that she winds up being a contender. This is’nt the world I thought I’d live in.

  17. Now they are trashing the host of the show where they are guests???? How can people behave in this manner? How can they be so repulsive and oblivious to the fact that 6 million (no, Spencer, not 11 million) are watching them. Many of the house guests should have been disqualified ages ago, including this lot.

    1. They don’t even respect BigBrother enough to call them BigBrother or BB. They have been calling them production all season. “Thank you, Production” etc.

      If they are called production, then they “produce”. If they are called BigBrother, then they “command”. These HGs haven’t had any respect for the whole premise of the show, for this whole season. Why would they start now?

  18. I’ve never wanted Spencer to win an HOH more. I really want Andy to come in 3rd. Didn’t he say he wuld die if he came in 3rd. i dont wnt him to die, just feel like he should crawl under the rock he came out from under. It would serve him right with all his cockiness!!! Go GM! I really can’t believe that is who I hope to win out of this degenerate group!!!!

  19. Also, I’m not a fan of the other two but I hope Spencer gets second. I would love to see the “masterminds” face when he walks away with a big $92

      1. they all get 750.00 bucks a week stipend so he will walk with a pretty good chunk over 94.00 since he was in the game the entire length

  20. GM for the win! She’s not really a floater either, by the way… She actually won more competitions than most, if not then all, of the others. Sure, she says vulgar things. I’m sure if we all were on camera for three months, we’d all get caught saying bad things. Maybe GM’s words were “worse” than ours would’ve been, but I think everyone says bad things and things that they regret. I surely am not rooting for a super floater/pawn/pervert (Spencer) or a lying, conniving rat (Andy). My hopes: Andy for third place and Spencer for second place.

    In all fairness though, this was considerably the worst season of BB yet; however, I will continue to watch the show because I love it!

    1. This is how I would play the game if I was on bb. I would friend everyone, and wait for the house to split up like highschool. I would pop up in everyone’s conversation. Then I will give the biggest bully all the information they need to stay in power and align myself with them, Since I’m out of shape, Then i will wait for the strongest people to devour each other. Then once their gone I will make a move cos the zingbot made floater jokes at me. Uhm, wait I sound like a rat. Where’s my cheese? Oh by my bed…
      ***devouring old cheese***
      I hate Ellisa.

  21. Not that there was any real chance of it but I think Spandy just eliminated any chance they could have had of any guest appearances (like Ian) even if one of those colossal dufuses ends up the winner of this travesty of a season.

  22. Andy Is Insidious and Creepy
    btw Happy Friday The 13th everyone
    Who needs a horror movie when you
    got The Devils Rejects in the BB house.
    F’in low class trash Losers!

  23. I bet Andy will screw up part 2 of HoH so he will be evicted. Can wait the look of Andy face that GinaMarie just single handed evicted him. Bye Bye Andy!!!

    1. If GM can win the final HOH and evict Andy, then she can say she was the only one who had the balls to put up Amanda and McCrea. That she broke the tie and voted Amanda out, and that she was the one vote who evicted both McCrea and Andy. Since Andy screwed over Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa, and gave a terrible goodbye message to Jessie, she will have Judd, Jessie, and Arryn’s vote for sure. And a good chance for Helen and Elissa’s for getting the three of them out single handedly. Hope she is smart enough to use that in her speech.

  24. They should have a contest for most bloated vile HG ever I am sure Spencer would win, and that arrogant, whiny crying, Andy, whenever one of the evicted HG’s have to listen to his goodbye speeches that start laughing as soon as they see his fake crying, Andy nobody is fooled by your pathetic act you just look stupid,and GM is there anyone more stupid on this planet then she is? She is one disgusting idiot. The only thing any of them deserve to win is a MUZZLE!

  25. These lowlifes are being rewarded? Good grief is there no end to the garbage these dregs of the earth spew out, in the name of anything decent these 3 do not deserve any recognition other than being called out publically on the air for who and what they are. It matters not what contractual obligations CBS has with the house mates, these dregs should not be rewarded in anyway, shape or form for their dispicable and unpardonable words and behavior. And that goes for some in the jury house too.

  26. AMANDA got a pass is because she USED to be employed by CBS!! She is friends with ALLISON!! and her EX boyfriend/fiance is a lawyer for CBS/Reality TV!! She already admitted that she knew one of the GUYS that were throwing the softballs at them; She admitted that DR informed her that AARYN needed to watch her racists remarks!; She admitted that DR/PRODUCTION was providing INFO on what was going to happen next! by telling her about competitions and the WAY she should force or ENCOURAGE the house who to VOTE OUT!!! Once the RATINGS dropped because of the ALLEGATIONS of her already being NAMED BB15 WINNER! CBS/PRODUCTION/BIG BROTHER could NOT manipulate the game in her favor WITHOUT them having to answer A LOT of questions after the show! JULIE can’t OUT the RAT and PERV because of the comments she made about her PLASTIC SURGERY!! CBS/PRODUCTION/BIG BROTHER and her husband just want the SHOW to go AWAY and with it all the ISSUES and DAMAGING RATINGS!! NOW it’s on to SURVIVOR to repair their NETWORK!

  27. I’m not necessarily rooting for GM to win, rather desperately want Spencer and Andy to lose cause I don’t think they’ll suffer any consequences afterward.
    Spence will be a hero to all the good ole guys back at home who will find his disgusting behavior funny and will laugh about it ad nauseam. Hope Marlyn ditches him, but probably not.
    Andy will be a celeb at school and kids will line up to take his class, plus he was rated high because student reviews wrote that his class is easy.
    It sucks that ONLY GM and Aaryn will be punished for their dispicable attitudes with job losses.

    1. Amanda’s realtor company dropped her and took her website down. Spencer’s company has to withhold “judgment” until he returns due to his Union status. Public opinion alone will destroy many of these houseguests’ lives and their hope for “fame” moving forward. They are definitely famous-everyone will remember BB15. Aaryn, Kaitlyn, GM, Amanda, Judd, Spencer, etc. will be remembered for their hate.

      So many of you ask, “Why would you vote for Elissa as America’s favorite?” The answer is simple, she’s the ONLY person who stood up against those making racial comments and calling it wrong. She’s right, these people are vile, disgusting, and a waste of her/our space. I didn’t cast my 10 votes for Elissa based on who she’s related to, but for what she stood for.

  28. Think CBS might want to institute some kind of penalty system for the houseguests in the future….the type of vile that comes from their mouths is ridiculous…this is their job while they are in the house…this type of garbage would not be tolerated in the workplace….it should not be tolerated there. Mayb they get their stipends reduced after 2 strikes and then after the third strike they are ejected from the house by their own stupidity. These three are STILL talking trash about people, and now their starting on Julie Chen….I hope they all get ripped new ones.

  29. did anyone think julie chen sounded drunk last night? i did not notice this at all. regarding previous post about actual winnings, ive heard past winners comment on the actual take home being roughly 325k.

  30. Actaul take home for winning is around 325k. Thats nothing. These undeserving hacks will plow through most of that paying off debt and making dumb purchases. Will still need to work, and in no way will be set for life or anywhere even remotely near that. Within a year or so they will be just as broke if not more than they are now.

    1. They should have Will grill the F3. I don’t want him to convince the Jury that Andy’s brand of disloyalty, lying, misogyny, personal attacks and general disgustingness is equal to good game play.!

      1. I agree, he has no business being there – no past winner has any business talking to the jury prior to their vote… what a sham….

  31. ” Andy says like I was embarrassed for her.”

    Now that is precious after all the hate and lies you have spewed this season.

  32. I want to see BB do a month after show, probably 2 hours worth to “squeeze” everything in to give us a perspective as to how these Idiots are coping with the aftershock. Did Marilyn dump Spencer and are children really safe around him? Did he finally strike gold with all his picking? How are Aaryn and GM doing after losing their jobs and getting publicy ridiculed? Did Nick leave the country under an alias? How do the women of BB15 feel after Spencer used most of them as his own personal wet dreams? Does Elissa’s husband want to kick some ass? Does Rachel? Does McCrae chose pizza over Amamazon? Does Andy really even get any? Come on!! Are Jeremy and Kaitlin really an item? I’m sure there are a lot more questions that needs to be answered…what are yours?

  33. I hope Julie announces ” by a vote of 330 million to zero…Andy you have been evicted by America.”

  34. CBS should have staff review every tape of each show and for EVERY racist, homophobic, threatening and bullying remark made, DEDUCT $100.00 from the winnings. Julie could then say to the winner, “here is your cheque for $500,000.00 but after deductions for your crude remarks, there is nothing left. The money will go to various organisations to stop the type of behaviour you exhibited.”

  35. I wonder what BB is going to do with all that furniture in the house? You think they should be burned? Specially the couch where Spencer deposits all his buggers…lol

    1. seriously, this is the biggest question of the season. Between spencers boogers, amandas period blood and yeast, mcCraes filthy body and semen, jessies vaginal discharge, jermeys grease, elissa makeup slime, etc etc. certainly should be burned

      1. The worst job in America is being the cleaning crew that has to go in there when they leave. How the hell did they get flies breeding in the bathroom drains!!!

  36. I’m trying to understand how they work out the viewing averages. CBS has stated in their series renewal press release that the average for BB15 has been something like 7.29 million. But on Wikipedia for BB15 no episode has been above about 7.20 million. What is the true figure? I’m surprised this season has been more popular. Maybe people were just getting too bored with returnee seasons.

  37. Way to go GM!!!!!!! Andy you suck and I would be so happy if you get third place. Spencer good luck you have the best chance to make it to the end without winning a comp. I didn’t like this season at all this year but I am a big fan of the game and will always watch. After the end of the show it will take less than a month and we will forget most of the people and what they did. I hope that the ones who lost there jobs over this will learn that what you say at work on big brother ,Facebook ect. Can come back and bite you in the ass no matter how old you are ( it bit me on the ass)

  38. Please, please stop defending GM. When you try to justify rascist remarks you are part of the problem. To buy into the idea that GM is simply a childish and ignorant 33 year old whose words are not viciously said is ridiculous.Racist comments are meant to be hateful and to hurt in the strongest way and they do. Racism is not confined to the south, it’s alive and well in Staten Island N.Y. in the form of Ginamarie as well as others present in the house and in the jury house.GM does know better but chooses not to care, the same as all racists particularly of her age. She doesn’t fool me one bit, there are many people in Staten Island as well as people from far worse families than hers who are not racists. Ginamarie, Spencer, Andy deserve no rewards.

    1. All true, however, two of the three are going to win the money. I want GM and Spencer in the F2 for two reasons. One, because I don’t want Andy to win anything!!! And two, because it would be the perfect “Egg on the face” for CBS/BB to have to give the money to a racist and a pervert. How fitting for this season’s ending, don’t you think?

  39. I think we nees not forget the comment GM made about Candice and her Mother, those were the most hurtful vile comments to come out of anyones mouth this season…even your Mother didn’t want you! REALLY then they all want to back peddle when they come out! I can’t wait for Nick to run from her physco delusional self and for them all to get out and face the real world ie…job losses! They are going to need the money and because of that are uneligable for unemployment! Andy a teacher? GM a mentor to young girls? Spencer is just a weirdo. I can’t remember any group that nobody had anything nice at all to say about, says a lot about them

  40. None of them should win.
    Talking about Julie Chen is just as low as what happen in the house all season.
    If Julia can’t do something the president of the network so could. get rid of all of them and give no one the money

  41. These 3 should be dismissed with CBS giving the 500k to a charity or charities that adress racism, bullying, and tolerance. Then use the last show to talk with the BB15 cast members and experts addressing those issues. Something good needs to com out of this tragic season.

  42. Some people have commented about the clothing Andy and others wear. Production actually bought them some new clothes as the ones they brought in did not show up good on camera. I would of refused some of them. Spencer was joking around about Julie being drunk as he jokes around about just about everything, but that was really stupid of him to bite the hand that feed him. The guys on the railroad probably joke around a lot, but your not on a train Spencer.
    He goes over the top and is so offensive I would not doubt if he will have a law suit against him after this.

  43. Why should CBS stop their foul, disgusting mouths now? The producers didn’t before, so why should they care now. Just put a disclaimer up saying the houseguest behavior do not reflect their views. That was their motto this summer with everything else these foul mouth people, said or did.

  44. I just want to say that GM does not possess a “child-like” innocence! She is 33 and she is what some would refer to as “trash”. Uneducated, uncultured, ignorant (with no will to improve her level of knowledge), narrow-minded and will never be anything more than that because they will only surround themselves with like-minded people. (hence her hatred of Elissa)

    And they (trash) have a pride in the fact that they are ignorant. They will often point out that ignorance to get attention and let the world know that this is just who they are, therefore if the world doesn’t like it that is the world’s fault and not their own. She is never to blame for anything (her apologies, practiced and proven by the fact that she does it so often, are fake), so that made it easy for her to attack Amanda, under the guise of being the only one who would carry out the justice that Amanda deserved. And it turned out it made her revered in the house as the equalizer. Or so she thinks. When in fact it is just a spectacle. Like a train wreck. The only reason anyone likes her (Andy and Spencer) is not because she has developed relationships with these people, it’s because she is an entertainment for these people. You know when she talks that they are just waiting to see what ridiculous thing comes out of her mouth next and not really want to hear what she is saying. No one, except other trash, can connect with someone like that on a truly human level.

    Everything GM does is rehearsed, as in she has done it before and knows what the outcome will be. She is 33 after all and had some prior experience. She has no innocence. She is a scraper, knows the “hood” and life in it (swim with the fishes), she’s no virgin, she swears like a truck driver. And she is not child-like! I just wanted to say this because even when it is in brackets (said tongue in cheek), it annoys me and is not even close to being a fitting description of GM or a even a reason to forgive her character flaws

    1. Oh and you know her personally? That’s a lot of judgmental puke you’re typing there. Who the hell are you to call someone else trash? Makes you no different than her.
      You’re right. She is entertaining when she wants to be. That’s not fake. She swears like a truck driver, yep she sure does as do many women. She’s 33 ffs, so unless she’s a nun of course she’s not a virgin, who gives a shit. I happen to like her ” scrapper ” tendencies. So she’s uneducated. Helloooo wake up. There are lots of uneducated people around. Are they trash too?
      She has flaws as do all of us who don’t think we’re better than anyone else. So some of them are not nice and her racial remarks shouldn’t be condoned and aren’t by most people but that does not mean she’s like that 100 % of the time. Oh and for your information. I could connect with her and I know I’m not trash.
      I’m just not a petty judgmental bitch like you seem to be. Only thing I would do to her is smack her upside the head if she made racist or nasty comments while around me.
      Take that how you want. I don’t give a shit.

  45. We now know for certain Spencer is probably the dumbest person to make the cast of Big Brother. He makes an unfounded, ridiculous statement about Julie Chen on last night’s live show and when that wasn’t enough he says something about her husband who’s the President of CBS. For crap sake Spencer…..these people are signing your goddamn paycheck in a few days.

    1. I just re-watched last nights show and did not feel that Julie Chen was slurring her words or looked drunk at all!! Unless they edited the show before we saw it on the West Coast. Im in California. But, I agree with Maui Sunset………would you EVER say something like that (kidding or not) about your boss and your bosses boss. Wow, I would have been fired in a heartbeat. I mean, nowadays you can’t even put stuff on Facebook about your job or your co-workers or you can be dismissed. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  46. It’s like nobody’s ever watched the show before. Houseguests talking shit about each other is nothing new for BB – neither is racism or poking fun at Julie Chen. Lying is part of the game, yet people still lose their minds over it.

    The two worst incidents of bigotry in BB history didn’t even happen this season – Erika telling Jee to “get back on the boat, f***ing immigrant” and calling him a “f***ing Korean” on BB4, and Jeff’s rant about homosexuals being “perverts” and “pedophiles” who “shouldn’t be allowed around children” on BB13.

    The worst thing anyone’s said about another houseguest also wasn’t said this year – it was when Joshuah joked about Amanda’s father’s suicide on BB9.

    The overreaction to this year’s cast by cat ladies and Brenchel drones has grown extremely tiresome.

    1. “The two worst incidents of bigotry in BB history didn’t even happen this season – Erika telling Jee to “get back on the boat, f***ing immigrant” and calling him a “f***ing Korean” on BB4, and Jeff’s rant about homosexuals being “perverts” and “pedophiles” who “shouldn’t be allowed around children” on BB13.

      The worst thing anyone’s said about another houseguest also wasn’t said this year – it was when Joshuah joked about Amanda’s father’s suicide on BB9.”

      But the question is: did a number of HGs jump on it and participate? Did they walk away? Did they speak up? I know Robert was disgusted by Erica and her Jee comment. And I believe he let her know. I don’t about Jeff because I didn’t watch feeds until that season, but I do know that the issue was raised to him. Even by Jordan, if i recall. And Josh is obviously on the same level as GM for that comment.

  47. My prediction for 3 part HoH competition
    Part 1 HoH GinaMarie
    Part 2 HoH Spencer
    Part 3 HoH GinaMarie by score 7-5
    Take Spencer final 2 and evicted Andy

    Vote Spencer: Andy, Candice, Amanda & McCrae
    Vote GinaMarie: Helen, Aaryn, Jessie, Elissa & Judd
    GinaMarie wins 5-4
    GinaMarie 500k
    Spencer 50k
    Elissa 25k AFH!!

        1. Interesting. I posted that Amanda’s loyalty to Andy would be her downfall, and that it would also bring down Elissa and McCrae.

          I guess that prediction was somehow wrong. Otherwise, the only “prediction” I’ve made was three weeks ago saying that Andy was in a good position. Guess I was wrong there too.

          Meanwhile, I can’t remember the last time you were right about anything, Wedgemeister.

  48. So tired of Andy threatening to “just die” if he comes in third or gets taken out by GM. GINAMARIE for final HOH!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. they all get 750 bucks a week stipend for the amount of weeks they are still in the game- so if Andy gets bounced he is still going home with 750 a week for the whole length of the show- not bad for nothing

  50. It bugs me why Andy GM and Spencer are annoyed that McCray thought he could win. That’s why they are all in this game to win.

    Did they come in to play the game with only GM Andy and Spencer having the audacity to expect to win. Andy is annoyed because McCray really thought he would go to final 2 or 3? Seriously ANDY, whose ego has issues?

    Andy I hope you read some of these posts. You’re arrogance is not attractive.

    Every single competitor in BB has the right and expectation to win, not just the stupid exterminators. what a ridiculous ending to this show. they really irritate me that they judge the other alliances who were strong and competitive and did all they could to win, like isn’t that exactly what they’re doing? Call the kettle black. And seriously, the jury is happy about giving andy, GM and Spencer credit for having a loyal alliance but they’re still seething with jealously over 3M? are you kidding me. How annoying.

    1. These people are so arrogant and cocky. They think they are this great alliance who exterminate all the big players. I only wish that McCrae did win all the competitions in the end and exterminated them. Elissa was the one who got Aaryn out of the house not the exterminators. In fact, they wanted GM up so Andy would not go up. If Elissa listened to them instead of using her own mind GM would not even be there. If Amanda or McCrae would have won the HOH that GM won, Andy would have went right back to them. He is so annoying!!! Now they are bashing Julie Chen. What us wrong with these people. I can’t wait to see how they suck up to the jury when they get questioned.

  51. Well it is good Spencer talk shit about Julie being drunk and banging the boss what about all the other bad stuff that was said Julie or CBS did not do shit. So good for Spencer call it like it is.

  52. i must be a glutton for punishment. i actually did up a link in yesterday’s posting to the CBS press release
    on the RENEWAL of BIG*BRO and how there IS to be a SEASON SIXTEEN. i saw the show. maybe i was
    distracted because we had company arrive halfway into the show but i didn’t see any obvious inebriation
    concerning JULIE CHEN’s file footage or live “on air” gems of wisdom. is Spencer realizing he’s to be in 3rd?
    is he past the point of caring because he thinks GM and ANDY are to duke it out for the big cash? i think that
    Candice will try to scotch GM’s win as McCrae sinks Andy’s boat before it sails. Is Spencer past giving a big
    rat’s ar$e about CBS in damage control mode? I really think its 50/50 odds that Elissa wins the $25ooo and if
    Spencer starts to drop his droopy drawers, i expect the live feed will be cut. i think GM will win over Andy!!!

  53. Isn’t it sad when you don’t care who wins? Isn’t it sad when you vote for the $25,000 for favorite person to go to charity? Isn’t it sad when the host of the show is the wife of the president of the station? Isn’t it sad that she is comfortable coming on tv drunk? I know summer has nothing on tv to watch, but are we getting this desparate?

  54. Hoping Andy comes in 3rd and has lost his job like the other two. Spencer comes in 2nd and CBS/Julie announces they had an unexpected budget cut and can’t afford to pay the runner-up. Gm wins and finds out she has lost her job and nick and she has 5,000 long lost cousins that make her miserable.

    1. A college/university that Andy has worked for in the past (he is not currently employed there) has made a statement that what Andy says or does on BB does not represent the opinions or values of the college.

      It’s pretty bad when a former employer has to make a statement.

  55. Watching Spencer and Gm sit and eat food together is about the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and HEARD! Those two must literally have been raised in a barn since they both eat like cattle!

  56. I think we can all agree that the MVP twist ruined this season in the first few weeks by allowing floaters to take the numbers and get rid of big targets without having any power.

    Oh well. It would have been fun to see some of those early evictees get a real chance to play the game.

    And although MVP ruined the game, McCrae’s decision to break with the Moving Company and align with Amanda changed the course of it. But, of course, Nick would have never gone home in Week 2 without the MVP (and neither would David in Week 1).

  57. I just came upon this on another site: “Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.” Wow. It sounds like GM, probably Spencer and now Andy have joined the unemployed. Hope it was worth whatever amount of money they get to loose jobs, respect, reputation, etc. When people say this is NOT the worst cast ever, I just ask when have you ever seen people fired from their jobs for their behavior on BB, including THE FINAL THREE? These folks have lots of ‘splainin’ to do when they get out.

  58. In a perfect world, GinaMarie wins 1st and uses the money for therapy and self improvement classes and then does multi-cultural charity work.
    Spencer gets 2nd to pay his attorney fees for the impending charges and allegations against him for his perverted admissions and statements made on live streaming internet and television.
    Andy gets nothing but “schooled”(pun intended) in “reality” and does NOT “kill himself” but goes to liars/whiners annonymous. ;D

  59. A woman goes to see her doctor, beaten black and blue.

    Spencer: “What happened?”

    Julie: “Spencer, I don’t know what to do. Every time my husband comes home drunk he beats me to a pulp.”

    Spencer: “I have a real good medicine for that. When your husband comes home drunk, just take a glass of chamomile tea and start gargling with it. Just gargle and gargle.”

    Two weeks later she comes back to the Spencer and looks reborn and fresh again.

    Julie: “Spencer, that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband came home drunk I gargled repeatedly with chamomile tea and he never touched me.

    Spencer: “You see how keeping your mouth shut helps!”

  60. Gina comments how she kisses her fingers and touches Nick’s face all the time. Spencer says yeah I can see. He says KAITLIN’S FACE HAS MY DI*K IMPRINT ON HER FACE.


    What a disgusting human being. Marilyn is either insane but more than likely a figment of Spencer and his Mom’s imagination. Yes, Spencer’s Mom photoshopped some girls picture onto a photo of Spencer; she’s in on the ” my boy Spencer has a girlfriend ” ruse and included it in Spencer’s HOH package.

  61. I’ll be the happiest guy on the planet, well at least in my house, if Andy does not make it to final two. He’s a despicable piece of shit…. and the fake crying, bet he uses that when he doesn’t get his way.


    Andy’s personal comments aside, not sure why everyone’s on their high horse about him being a rat.

    I’ve about wrapped up BBcanada, and I know Jillian wins, and she was one of the biggest rats of the season! Sure she acted innocent, and she had the squeaky clean school teacher image going for her, but she betrayed every single person she gave her word to. Even Emmett, who one might argue she was completely loyal to, was going to be cut loose in favor of Liza, had she made it that far. Jill even admitted so to Liza in her goodbye message.

    Being a rat is part of the game. Rats win the grand prize all the time. If you don’t like andy as a person that’s fine, but if you love the game then you know he played the best of the 3 remaining players. There’s no way around it.

      1. oh me either, of the jury alone, Peter, Alec, and Emmett all deserved the money over her.

        And hands down, Gary was the best player of the season.

    1. Here’s the difference: lots of BB players have had to lie and backstab their way to the finals, but Andy has made it his mission to try to glean information from people solely for the purpose of immediately running to McCranda to sell them out. He ingratiates himself with others just so they would confide in him, not to quietly use the information to further his own game, but so he could make a mad dash to rat them out. He usually spilled his guts within 5 or 10 minutes of hearing anything.

      1. I’m not going to deny he did that…I just don’t see why he deserves the amount of hate he’s getting for it. He’s not the first player to play this way, he’s simply the player who has best utilized such strategy in the 9 seasons I’ve watched. It’s certainly nothing new though.

  63. One of the creators of BB said (a few years ago) that he was “surprised no one has done a study” of the BB experience. The whole reason it exists is because it was a social experiment, not because they wanted people to play a unscrupulous game to win money. The money was just to pay them for their time (cheaper than actors), mostly, because when BB started, reality tv wasn’t even viewed as a phenomenon. It was new. And there was still plenty of scripted shows available on tv.

    Why does no one study it? That study could even include the watchers of BB as the viewers experience seem to reflect what is going on in the house at the time.

    HGs have written books on how to play and win the game of BB. But none of them have been able to put to paper the reasons the HGs behave the way they do. Some try to but it only one perspective, and not necessarily a collective agreement on the part of former HGs, to explain the behaviour these HGs exhibit.

  64. responce to This Season Blows comment. What the hell is wrong with you. To excuse this season’s constant racist remarks because you think worse racist remarks were said on previous shows, are you out of your mind. You weigh groups of racist remarks against other groups to see which are the worst. They’re all deplorable. You are sick. There has to come a time when BB stops it, because they didn’t stop it in the past does not excuse them from stopping it now with this cast.

    1. How about we not “hate” anybody. Why stoop down to the level of these people. They are really going to suffer repercussions for the way they have acted. Let nature take it’s course.

  65. was Julie simply away from a teleprompter when doing all the intros to the footage?
    was she simply winging it? i think Spencer exaggerated. he’s bull because she on
    a Freudian level called it. he revamped Nick’s MC and then evicted the showmance…

  66. Why is GM so mad at McCrae for his attachment to Amanda? The fact that he let Amanda ruin his game, the fact that he let “pu**y” get in the way of him playing the game.

    Is she sad that Nick wouldn’t have sacrificed his game for her?

  67. So it’s official. According to their Facebook page:

    Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.

    And another one bites the dust. Well Rat Dog you thought you were poor before welcome to the reality YOU have created for yourself.

  68. Oh my gosh these people make me sick! All season we have dealt with racists, pervs and overall dumbasses. Can these people go an hour without talking poorly about anyone? Are they now tired of talking about Elissa so they have to move on to Julie Chen? Who is an extremely nice person? If any one of these cast members were my child I would be so embarrassed and mortified. I finally get my fiancé to watch a season with my daughter and I and THIS is what he gets to see?? I sincerely hope next seasons cast members are better or this BB fan is going to call it quits.

    And for the first time EVER I don’t want any one to win! None of them deserve any money. Lying is essential to the game BUT whacking off and bragging about it, racism, sex in every room, and all this hate toward Elissa is NOT!

  69. At the beginning of the next live show when Julie speaks with the hgs, I hope she starts out by asking Spervert if he thinks she is drunk again. Spervert would literally poop his pants and try all sorts of back peddling.

  70. I hope GM wins part 3 of the competition and takes Spencer with her. The only persons voting for Spencer will be Candice and Andy, the rest will vote for GM.

    Elissa for America’s Favorite Houseguest. Vote now on CBS.com

  71. When Spencer advertised his Facebook page on the live feeds I checked it out. At the time there were only 268 or so likes now there are 356. He wanted 2000. Reading through I had to laugh, almost all the comments are negative, telling him he’s a pig. Boy that should be hard for him to read, unless he wanted to be portrayed as a pig. In that case, he succeeded.

  72. A quick poll:

    Thumbs up if you think Andy will cry when he gets voted out

    Thumbs down if you wanted to hit thumbs up but hit the wrong button

  73. What would happen if at the final, the jury members refuse to vote for either. Does the money get split between everyone in the jury?

    1. Just guessing, but i imagine there’s a stipulation in their contracts that demands they fulfill all programmed obligations (eviction interviews, jury house segments, etc).

      IF they don’t show up to finale night, participate in the Q and A, and vote, I would imagine they forfeit their stipends and any prize money they may have won throughout the season. Again, just a guess, but that contract must be pretty airtight if only a handful of guests have willingly self-evicted before.

  74. Oh Big Brother fans, the one place the majority of you get to say, protected by a fake screen name I might add, all of YOUR hatred, mean and disgusted comments and vile opinions, while talking crap about those exposed doing the same. Year after year, I chuckle and say to my wife, look at these folks, they’re doing the same exact thing, but hidden!! next year Dawg, you should make all comments logged in via Facebook or Google+ or Twitter accounts.. lets expose the truly hateful ones from the real fans who follow the show instead of bandwagon hop!!!

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