Spencer says Aaryn’s beauty radiates like fire a cross someone’s yard.


3 PART FINAL HOH Competition:

  • Part 1 – Spencer Vs Andy Vs Ginamaie = GM WON
  • Part 2 – Spencer Vs Andy = Andy WON
  • Part 3 – On Finale night – Ginamarie Vs Andy = ?
  • FINAL HOH winner = ?


12:45am In the living room – Ginamarie and Andy are talking. Gina says that she wants to work out. I want to look good for Nick on Wednesday. I’ve got 4 days to get my a$$ in shape. Andy asks if these HOH comp wins count towards their comp wins? Gina says yeah, you still won a competition. Gina says she has 3 wins then. Andy says he has 5. Gina says at least we will both sleep a little easier now. Andy says yeah and knowing that we will both be okay. Andy says that’s what I was really scared about, like if I lost and you and Spencer would strike a deal or something. Gina whispers I didn’t think he would win this one. I was getting nervous because it was a puzzle. Andy asks Gina if she knew when she saw it. Gina says yeah and when she saw the wall she was like uh ah. Gina says when I gave you the thumbs up I knew you were good. When he did it I was in the cockpit and fell asleep and when you did it I was like what?! Andy asks like in and out. Gina says almost. Dude his was almost double your time. Plus reading the rules then setting up. Andy says this week has been so stressful because I wanted you here over anybody. I trust you over anyone and wanted to take you to the end. Andy says that spider web veto I knew your life was on the line. If McCrae had won that one you would have gone home. Andy and Gina talk about past events of the house. Andy says thank goodness for the way things happened because we will be in the final two together. Andy says that saying he started in the house were: sl*t ever, get your sh*t together. Ginamarie talks about the things she’s made up in the house like: Rosco’s Name, flip flopper, shaddy lane, shaddy f**k, cockroaches, check yourself, rat, classy broad, all a-yous! Andy comments that at finale Elissa will hate us both equally. Gina talks about lying to Elissa. Spencer comes out of the diary room. Spencer says it’s amazing that that is the only lie you told in the game. Ginamarie gets called to the diary room.

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1:05am Spencer tells Andy that he feels deflated. Andy says don’t. Spencer says it’s not really about the competition, it’s about the next couple days. Andy says that thinker in me is weighing all the options but she is terrifying. Spencer says I know. Andy says I just wish we didn’t have so much time before, like what are we going to do for 3 days. Andy comments that this was one of the most elaborate sets ups we’ve gotten. Spencer says it was bad a$$. Andy says it was so cool waiting at the top to repel down. Spencer asks was your d**k and nuts hurting. Andy says yeah. Spencer says mine were pinched. Andy gets called to the diary room when Gina comes out.

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:25am In the kitchen – Gina talks to Spencer about the part 3 of the HOH and says it’s just questions about people. I think I will be okay. Spencer says yeah. Gina says I just don’t know what they would ask. Spencer says it will be like what was so and so’s favorite moment in the house, and then they will give you two options. Gina says if I have to win a question comp it has to be now. Spencer says you and him know everyone about equal. You probably know the girls a bit better. Gina starts cleaning and Spencer watches.
Andy comes out and joins them. Andy comments that Spencer is going to be peeing tonight after his 3 beer. Spencer says honestly I am pretty drunk.
Gina says you should go for 4, you will sleep like a champ!
The conversation turns to Gina talking about her pageants. She says she’s probably in like 60 of them and won like half of them.
She says now that she doesn’t compete she gets to run them.
Spencer says that Candice said she was the best pageant queen’s ever.
Ginamarie says she can lick a f**king dirty a$$hole because she ain’t sh*t and I never even heard of her.
Spencer says she said she has her own trading cards. Spencer says Candice wrote a book about it.
Gina says if she competed in a pageant against Aaryn and I we would kick her a$$.
Spencer says I would believe that, 100%.
Gina says I bet Aaryn looks amazing on stage. Spencer says Aaryn’s beauty radiates like across on fire on someone’s yard. Gina laughs. Andy says oh my god!
Spencer says I love how the only question I got all year was how messy I am.


2:30am – 3:35am The final 3 play cards at the kitchen table. After play for a half an hour they finish up and head into the living room to lay down on the couches. They talk about movies and other random things and then get ready for bed.


6:55am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9:45am The House Guests are still sleeping..

10:30am – 10:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests..

11:07am – 11:20am The live feeds return from waking up the house guests. All of the house guests head back to bed…

12pm All is quiet in the BB house..


Still Sleeping..

2pm Final 3 are sleeping up a storm..

2:15pm Andy and Ginamarie wake up. Andy goes to the diary room and asks when the back door will be opened up. He comes back out and tells Spencer they told him they would get it when they get it. Andy complains how that is a bullsh*t answer. Andy says It’s like your mom telling you can’t do something without a reason. F**k you mom! Andy complains about not having any clean clothes and needing the washer.


2:25pm – 2:35pm Andy and Ginamarie sit around Spencer bed. Gina talks about how she used to sing. Andy goes to make a pizza. Gina complains about wanting games or something to do. Andy comes out of the storage room and complains about his wrists. They discuss where they’re sore. Andy says please give us something to do!!


2:35pm – 3pm Big Brother opens up the backyard. Andy and Ginamarie run yelling and screaming to the backyard. Ginamarie says she’s going to lay out, it’s beautiful. Andy says he’s going to do laundry. Spencer goes back to sleep. Andy asks Gina so we’re still good, nothing will change your mind. Gina says oh yeah we’re good, nothing to worry about. I don’t even need part 3. Andy tells Gina she can sleep easy because I will not.. Andy says your areola is out by the way.. Gina asks which one? Andy says your right one. Gina talks about wearing the same red dress on finale that she wore coming into the house because people will remember her because of it. She says I don’t want to be confused with the other blonde Aaryn. She says like you will be remembered for your red hair and Candice because she’s the only black girl, you know what I mean. Andy heads inside and tells Spencer about how Gina was telling him about her dress for finale while her right areola was hanging out the entire time. Andy talks to Spencer about how this is a great experience but that he just wants it to end. Spencer and Andy comment about how they both lost about a pound being in the house. Spencer jokingly says he gained 15 pounds while on the Elissersize exercise diet. Andy jokes and says I became a bigot and had racist thoughts while on the Elissersize diet. Spencer says yeah I developed a cough while on it.


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Elissa for the Win

Well, if GM doesn’t win the 3rd HoH comp, she’s toast. Personally, I don’t care who wins BB now. They’re all losers. ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!


Screw fake plastic Elissa.


Haha, look at all the losers from the Brenchel Army giving thumbs down

Botox Pelosi

^ Name

“Haha, look at all the losers from the Brenchel Army giving thumbs down.”

This is such BS. I never rooted for Rachel. I respected her game but I found her to be way too annoying and arrogant for my tastes. I remember when she hid in the bushes crying and I thought what a poor sport.

I am a Elissa fan because she stayed above most of the crap that happened in the house this year. She stayed classy through a lot of duress and always went to comfort others who needed support.

I think a lot of the people need to realize that Elissa and Rachel are two different people. I hear so many haters saying she just floated and had no game. This season was a total bore until Elissa shook the house up and she really was the only person in the house that didn’t play a personal game. Do you really believe that anyone else in the house would of forgiven Amanda if she would of acted the way she acted to Elissa towards them?

You might not like Elissa but she is going to win America’s Favorite House Guest because she was the person in the house who was willing to treat people with respect and at the same time call them on their lies.

Todd Crane

Botox Pelosi, I agree with you when it comes to Elissa. In my case I didn’t even know who Rachel was or the Brenchel Army, I hadn’t watched BB since season 6. So I liked Elissa for who she was. And it’s true, who would have aligned with Amanda after being treated so bad? That right there is pure unadulterated game play. Elissa is a great game player and a great person. I hope she wins America’s favorite Houseguest. My best wishes to her and her family. God bless them.

Botox Pelosi

@ Elissahater

Well we will see when the votes for America’s Favorite House guest are announced. My guess is that you will be cycing like Andy. Wear your cat shirt.


@ BOTOX PELOSI……I will not be crying because I have made my peace with the fact that the brain-dead unthinking masses are casting their votes for this Plastohuminoid. It sickens me that the masses have discounted players such as Jessie, Candice, and even Helen, they all did the same or more than Duckie. It is sad that most poor people always seem to believe that the wealthy are better people. I bet you sped 77 days with Duck Face you would hate her too. I just feel sorry for you all.

Check Yourself

ElissaHater it must be nice for you to be so superior to the masses. Thank you for sharing your greatness with us peons.


Why do you hate plastic so much…I find it to be a very practical invention.

Just Curious

Justice you really ought to see a professional about your Elissa jealousy.


Sorry to disappoint you, but I happen to like Elissa very much.I wish her well. I’m in the camp that wants her to win the 25,000.00 now that she is no longer eligible for the 500K. I couldn’t stand her sister Rachel ot brother Brendon however.


I wonder if the NAACP or Black Panthers will be flooding the audience on finale night? Food for thought.

Big Sister

No need to wonder–people of all races and ethnicities were disgusted by the comments made.


I truly believe Elissa had the right to look down on everyone. She was in a house surrounded by complete trash-minus just a few.

100 percent

pluspercent plus Elissa was he only one smart enough to bag a rich husband.


Does anyone remember a a couple weeks into the season when folks were hating on Elissa for simply keeping it a secret that she was Rachel’s sister? Does anyone remember when Jeremy wiped his ass with Elissa’s hat?


she had Americas favorite 5 minutes after she got there didn’t see bb till last year so I didn’t know who Rachel was but elissa is an entitled bitch sorry hate women like that those are the ones you pray would have to make it on her own without a man would be a joke

Wake up, GM

Of all the beauty pageants GM competed in, she won half? That must mean she’s really only been in two pageants OR the pageants were for the most ugly person OR the judges were blind OR there was only one contestant (her). Because that skank is uglier than dog shit. And she’s crazier that a loon for still thinking Nick will want anything to do with her on finale night or any other night. And 4 days is not enough time to get your big ass in shape GM. Not to worry because nobody (or guys at least) will be looking at you on finale night. And finally, Aaryn would definitely beat Candice in a beauty contest but there is 0% chance you would – against Aaryn or Candice. Or Elissa, Amanda, Jessie or Kaitlyn for that matter. (Helen, yes).

I love how Rat turd and the skank are lying to each other and kissing each other’s asses. Whoever wins is taking Spencer to final two. That much is obvious. He’ll beat Rat turd but not GM. And only because the women will vote for a woman, even if it’s a vile pig.

Nick - Not GM's

“Haha, look at all the losers from the Brenchel Army giving thumbs down.”

I actually despised Rachel and wanted her out of the house on her seasons. In BB15 i have been pulling for Elisa as well. Sure she might be snobby, have a lot of money, or had her fair share of plastic surgery, but from the feeds I have seen she has shown class. I tend to not pull for showmances. I am with the majority here and have not shown interest in the scum of this house. I would have had more interest in MC if he wasn’t attached to Amanda’s hip.


One reason for liking elissa that I dont see mentioned too often is the fact that she was the first one in my opinion that was willing to shake things up gamewize where others (we call them floaters) would just hang back and vote with the herd as long as they werent being targeted. Alot of players were afraid to make a move. She could see what was going on with other players in the house and she was willing to form possible strategies. She was a risk taker while all the others were afraid to call anyone elses actions into question. She asked questions which made the game exciting to the viewer. The problem with her game play was that sometimes you have to bite your tongue in games like these. I am not talking about her view of how others might be mistreated etc. everyone has a right to their opinion. I am taliking about what appeared to be bragging about how much money she has etc. BB 101 says you dont brag in this game. And what appeared to be looking down on others. She may not have meant it but that was how it appeared. Because of that no one was really willing to work with her which showed she had a weakness in the game. But I still enjoyed watching her as a player….at least she gave us something to watch. I would vote for her for America’s choice andI did not enjoy watching her sister at all!

Being blocked isn't cool

Is it just me or do other people find that their comments don’t make it onto this board sometimes? It’s happened a couple times now in the past two weeks. Censorship is NOT cool. My earlier (deleted) post was about Spencer’s comment about Aaryn’s beauty. I said that is about the only truthful statement he’s made this season. I think she was the hottest girl in the house and hope that she does make it into Playboy or the adult film industry because she’d make millions over night. A real beauty. My earlier comment was longer but I don’t remember what else I said. It wasn’t anything nearly as appalling as the comments and language that is everywhere on these boards. I think I also said I hope Aaryn sues CBS for millions for the way she was ambushed and treated (compared to every other exit interview Chen has given). And oh, I think Amanda is very sexy and I wouldn’t mind seeing her in Playboy either. We’ll see if the thought police block this post.


Is it true Rat-andy won part II of HOH? Just read that elsewhere and am hoping it’s NOT!!!




Why does everyone dislike Kaitlin so much? Sure she was friends with some people who said stupid things but she was a nice
Person. Her and Jeremy seem like saints compared to Amanda. Also she was the hottest girl in the house followed by Jessie. Thumbs up if you agree thumbs down if jessie is hotter


Team GinaMarie for the win. Anybody but Andy.


Did GM called Helen “gook eyes” last night around 7 pm? About a month back GM said gook is what you call Asians; Spencer said you’re not supposed to; McCrae said that’s an offensive racial slurs referring to vietnamese people.

Yeah, not able to even mildly root for GM. She is a gutter mouth and offensive to the core. Who thinks this let alone let it come out of their mouths?


She didn’t say it last night. She said in on 9/13.

So dissapointed

On big brother in order to move forward lies or half truths have to be done at some point in the game to make it to the end. What makes this season so disappointing for me is all the racist comments, hateful slurs on people’s families, thier characters being assasinated and how big brother producers did not stop it. It is one thing to say it to someone’s face and let that person deal with it but saying all this behind the back wrong! Unfortunately one of these three will get the money….but money won’t fix the damages they did to themselves. Honestly I see all the hateful things written on here and it saddens me…not one of us know these people outside this game so why all the hate? And who cares if someone has plastic surgery or if they are not the smartest person or the most prettiest…when it comes down to it none of it matters …I just hope big brother gets it to together for next season or they won’t be around! I really dont care at this point who wins cause I think they all did some really hurtful things to the other house guest. But I did vote for Elissa for MVP cause she wasn’t near as bad as some of them.


I think GM’s worse comment by FAR is when she claimed that black men are something other than human beings. On August 16th she said Howard was hot but she would never date him because she doesn’t date outside her species. And now people want her rewarded with $500,000.


if she is defining her species genome as every human who has ever lived more than just a single day on Staten Island
as she regards NON~ISLANDERS as alien beings or tourists or both… i might be more forgiving about her latest remark.

So weird

Yes c-lo it is very odd how people quickly change their tune. Just last week Ginamarie was a hateful racist to many…now some of those same people want to see her win the big money. I don’t get It. And what seems even more unfair is Aaryn is the one that has taken a lot of bashing for saying things that were not as harsh ( still wrong though) as what Ginamarie has said, yet people want to excuse Gm and keep demonizing Aaryn. Personally I think some of the Elissa fans are now supporting GM because they hate Andy (for all the personal attacks on Elissa and brenchel army) more than Ginamarie for her attacks on whole races of people. Essentially People will say they don’t condone certain things, but as u can see it is only said superficially or until another agenda needs to be pushed.

Hold On There

So Weird, Nope I simply dislike Andy more than GM. Has nothing to do with any comments. Most of this bunch said terrible things while in the house (or still in the house) – not one of these dolts are blameless – Andy simply was not entertaining, in any way, shape or form.

Andy's Drool

Ugh…..after mulling it over, I hope GM wins 3rd place. I hope most people vote for Spencer and that Andy will be stunned. Otherwise, I hope Andy wins the money and when he gets home he realizes how much everybody hates him.


GM has said so many racial slurs that it’s hard to keep track. She thinks she’s coming across as “cute” with a “child like innocence” because that’s what the other two tell her all the time. It is the farthest thing from cute and innocent. The other night on BBAD that dirt pig Spence was using his hands to make his eyes look Asian (his words) and was talking in a very disrespectful voice trying to imitate the way He feels they talk and GM was busting up with her horrid cackle and talking about how hard it was to do Helen’s makeup because of her eyes and she was blabbing on & on about it. All they do is say disgusting things and pat each other on the back about who said the most derogatory remark. Just another example of their superior complex. GM is a figment of her imagination, and when she gets out I pray that she learns from the experience and makes some changes in her life. Highly doubtful, but one can only wish.


And that dumb bitch had the nerve to say (yesterday or before yesterday) that Aaryn will regret some of the stuff she said. OK. She already does.

Now what about this delusional woman, the farting machine, Gina? She must have said 5 more times the bad crap that Aaryn did and almost as much as Amanda. There is Amanda, Gina, Spencer, Jeremy, and then I would put Aaryn probably in spot number 5. Gina thinks she’s damn innocent.

MY GOD, she’s so ignorant. At least Aaryn woke up quickly and got scared she’s portraying herself badly, but Gina has no sense of reality – she keeps saying the same kind of stuff as she did when the season started – it seems to me when it comes to her own comments. The n… insurance, the wanting to punch Helen in the face to straighten her eyes, and all the other nasty comments. She is so vulgar and so confrontational that if she thinks she’ll ever find a man with a personality like that, she’s crazy. No man will touch that.


Yeah they are all three low lifes. At this point if Andy wins than he just wins considering the people in the house were so consumed with their own BS and mobbing people they he was off the radar and shouldn’t have been. McCrae should have put him up when he had a “gut” feeling Andy was lying about voting out Amanda.I just find Gina Marie’s ignorance mind numbing and not endearing on any level. She’s way too grown. And I don’t buy it’s because she is this or that. I think she simply doesn’t care and knows she can get away with saying whatever. And her infatuation with Aaryn a person she didn’t know coming in shows she has a screw missing. Not to mention her obsession with Candace who she really seemingly really didn’t have a lot of conversations with through out the season.And her obsession with Nick. If she wins than she wins it doesn’t affect my life either way but I hope she doesn’t.


These idiots don’t deserve a comment from me today.

racist gina maria

Gina marie called an 8 year old little boy a dirt monkey puerto rican. and you still support her

So weird

I know! An innocent kid that has nothing to do with the contest. That alone says what she thinks of people with brown skin, yet she tans her skin to make it brown. It just goes to show that this racism is ingrained in her because she does even see how she contradicts herself. Also i truly believe she feels inferior to others and the things she says and believes serve only to help boost her very low self-esteem. I don’t think 500,000 will help change her. It will only protect her from facing the truth. If she did win i think her family and friends would probably keep encouraging her behavior because,after all, it did get her to the 500,000.


And what’s strange in her insults to Elissa’s son, is that GM said that her own sister in law is Puerto Rican, so her nephew is half Puerto Rican. So I don’t get why she’s insulting Puerto Ricans when her own nephew is one. And then Amanda with her comments about Puerto Rican showers. I’m very disappointed with those comments, being Puerto Rican myself. I wish someone in the finals would address those comments in particular. And being a woman I’m insulted by Andy’s and Spencer’s hatred towards women, those comments should be addressed also. I’m just tired of having to read and hear all that garbage, it made me feel bad. The purpose of the program is to entertain us, not insult us. And these HGs were awful. Except Elissa, Helen, and Howard the rest all said something very offensive. Those three should all get money.

Adios Andy

“Andy jokes and says I became a bigot and had racist thoughts ”

The first honest thing out of Andy’s mouth all season.




If Andy wins the final comp he may actually take GM to F2. He believes the jury is pissed off at him for being a
scumbag/snitch/snake/weasle/backstabbing Rat.
So his logic is … that Spencer hasn’t pissed anyone off so the jury would vote for Spencer just because their pissed at Andy.
If he take GM he believes that she has burned bridges also and they would be on equal ground. In his mind he thinks he can sway the jury
because everything he did was part of his “brilliant” plan. He thinks he is the greatest player ever. Not!
50-50 on final comp. It’s a quessing game? I think production wants GM and Andy in F2 at this point.
GM for the Win!

"floaters" suck

hmmm….jury voting for the floater (fatso) could send a message for future bb shows

You so nasty

Floaters have been winning Survivor for years. Nobody who plays the game can appreciate hard game players, only those who would make the really good player feel bad for losing. These three are all floaters and losers.


boston rob and cocrhan weren’t floaters ……. these shows are about timing and that is what they had and although not a Andy fan his timing was right on.


the shudder!some TRIUMVERATE of HELEN, AMANDA & McCRAE are still PO’ed at him.
Helen is even drawing a “memory” wall in a manner like her lil sons as therapy. odds
are only CANDICE or maybe she & Elissa might try to keep GM from the big money. Andy
has to be almost as persuasive as IAN was last season to pull this off. the people he did
report things back to, with the help of Jessie and Candice, had evicted Nick + Jeremy!!!
Spencer’s badmouthing of Julie may have heaped 10 obstacles up against him in his very
own attempt at the big BB cash. they all know he has a trip looming + ten grand, and is a
loyal “trash talkin’ UNION man. Spencer ends up actually working after a long legal dispute?
i feel Andy’s part~time teaching gigs are to be weighed against GM’s bodily injuries all told.
we are still inside the GREAT RECESSION an’ the victor may be the poorest person b4 them.

No one for the win

Andy played the first part of the game as someone who feared being put up on the block that he became a snitch. He played the entire game hiding behind others, until recent where it was do or die. That is when he pulled up his socks and started to fight for himself. Even Zingbot called him a floater for crying out loud. Yet he thinks he has played a masterful game. Now he thinks he is the best player ever, but he is worried how BB has portrayed him to the outside world. Oh my Gaaaaaawwwwwddddd!

I am sick of hearing him whine how he needs the money more than anyone else. He bashes Elissa for having an “easy life” but yet he wants the same easy life as her…a cushy life style that comes with winning a game show. Envy is considered a deadly sin and karma might step in and teach him a lesson.

If Andy is such a thinker as he claims to be, then he should have thought about a strategy to win the game that would leave him feeling good about himself after the show. Andy is trying to use the after dark feeds to defend his reputation and manipulate us by talking about his relationship with his parents and all that, but we go by what we see, and he did not portray himself in a good light. Regardless, I am sure the rest of the house guests are as tired of hearing Andy rant about himself as as we are.


Part of his thinking seem to think of way he could insult people and bait conversations to put other down as a deflection. I guess since the social dynamics and the people were so screwed up it worked if you were on the level mentally of the lowest of low or willing to go along with it . What I didn’t get is why some of the didn’t think twice as to why the Zingbot made a point to call Andy a floater as a dig. I guess they figured it was just a joke when there was actually something to it they didn’t stop and consider.


This message board is like a broken record. I’m so glad this season is almost over so I will stop being tempted to come read the same hateful comments you people have been making the entire season. I keep thinking there will be some decent game discussion, but it’s all personal hateful tirades trying to accuse the houseguests of being hateful. Really? Where’s your mirror?


DCOOP, why do you think we come on here? We love it here, you stupid Pollock!


I could be wrong, (and I’m wrong a lot), but this how I think it’s going to go.
No matter what they are saying to each other, if it’s Andy, he’ll take Spenser and Andy
Wins the money. If it’s Ginamarie she’ll take Spenser and she’ll win the money.
Nobody in the jury house will vote to give the money to a big time floater who did
nothing but sit on his behind all summer.
Spencer gets second place.


Come on GM you can do it.


Yeah – Go RACISM!!!!!


She just need to us her head


Aarian’s beauty shines like a cross lit on someone’s yard. Despicable. How are African Americans and other minorities supposed to take that disgusting comment? Spencer and GinaMarie are vile.

Rock a doodle

Spencer and GM ARE vile. But in this case I think Spencer was trying to point out Aaryns racist nature.


But that is the point Aaryn’s comments were no where as nasty, vile and hate filled as either GM or Spencers and yet Spencer and GM think they are guiltless, and let us not forget that Spencer is the one that started the whole mess with his lie about Candice ruining Aaryn’s hat. Spencer and GM and Andy along with Amanda are by far the four worse people in the house this summer, and to think that all four of them work with the public. I mean they really are the four worse humans ever to play this game and yet they do not see it. They think they are funny. They are definitely the most vile and it makes no sense that they are below Aaryn in that poll because Spencer who loves Hitler’s treatment of the Jews and Gina Marie are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Vile!



He was calling her a racist with that remark.
And it was actually an impressive dig at her.


Bullshit! Spencer brings up Aaryn being a racist all the time to deflect off his own racist fat ass. This fat bastard is the one that thinks’s he’s superior, but he calls out others and works with the black man all the while inferring to the other hg’s that Howard didn’t understand the game or that the game was way over Howard’s head.

Trust me, I know the type. Spencer is really the worst out of all of them. I don’t want him to win a damn thing.


Spencer has an EGO
easily equal to or
greater than NEWT’s…


Brown person here… Uh, spencer has not said anything remotely racist. Just because he said Howard didn’t know the game, doesn’t suggest he is referring to Howard’s intellect. That’s your assumption.
Also, being female, I understand that spencer is a mysoginistic, potential date-raper… But seriously, Howard’s game sucked. And it isn’t because he’s brown. It’s because he was a preening, handsome douchey, who thought his charisma would save him.

Get. It. Straight.


I hope Andy wins with Spencer coming in second. I hope that Nick shows up at finale with one of his boyfriends. I hope the bile erodes what’s left of GM’s uncapped teeth.


Big brother should deduct money for each racist, sexist, violent, hateful etc comment these assholes have said during the season none of them should win!


Something to write in next year’s contract. Actually am surprised to hear they are auditioning for next year. Thought this one might have blown it all up once and for all.


BB16 approved by CBS

Next Season

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


i KNOW i’m gonna be poppin MORE bags of popcorn NEXT summer than i did this summer!!!!!
SIXTEEN has to be more FUN than FIFTEEN was, it might even be as fun as BB FOURTEEN!!
just ignore my post if you think i am a masochist or a glutton for punishment or simply gullible!


dude… BB16 has to be WAY better than BB15

Next Season

Don’t bet on it.


they are taking people for next year, they must have started a month before the new show started look at what they had in the house.


I want the new contract to let them know there will be penalties for such behavior. You get one warning. The second time you don’t get to play for HoH or POV. Third strike and you’re out. They also need that type of penalty for ignoring or talking back to production. How many times have we heard production have to tell the same HG over and over again to stop what they are doing/saying?


So you want CBS to be the racism police? I’m no fan of these 3 but the public wants an uncensored show and they are getting it. You should probably stick to regular scripted, PC shows. They have plenty of minorities and no sexism.


Morons like you are part of the problem, CBS could care less as long as it draws ratings and morons like you encourage the bullshit.


CBS doesn’t need to the racism or PC police. But people should complain so that they will be mindful of how they cast, instead of filling most of the house from one state. Or filing the house with spineless losers from the same age demographic. I’m sure there have been racist, bigots, misogynist, etc etc in the house before but these people were fixated less on strategy and more on attacking others and being mean. And casting more minorities doesn’t necessarily mean some of the same type of mean or mob behavior wouldn’t be existent. Look at Helen. It’s about casting a better quality of people or at least attempting to and than sparks will fly. These people made the show more about attacks as part of game play and it sucked out an element of fun and strategy. So people need to voice their disgust and have standards on what they want to see. Because at the end of the day they don’t want to lose viewers which equate to adverting dollars. Or at the very least put it out there that certain things won’t be tolerated including disrespecting the house by being filthy and disgusting like this group was. These people were entitled and didn’t respect themselves, the house, or the game and opportunity enough not to degrade it to the extent they did.


Or outnumber the white people by the racial minorities. Or people from distinctively different cultures/ religions. But let the white people be drawn from the pockets of the back woods most of us have never traversed. Those are the ones that need the serious lessons and can provide the audience with a fuzzy warm feeling, a story of redemption and forgiveness, because they will “the most improved” of the bunch.


That was Me ^^^^^^

I take issue with my own use of the term “racial minorities” because it suggests that their population in america is minor. If it was that minor, then they would need to held up as representatives of their own “people” (like culture, race whatever) But there is a cross section of “minorities” that are long established in america that could very represent actual (original) american values and attributes. So they don’t need to be representatives but included in a microcosm that is BigBrother as true representatives of humans.

I don’t know if i said that right. I hope that I come across properly.

Cry Me A River

Get out of here with your damn B.S. If you want a cast of minorities no one will watch it.

ok smartguy

Well that’s very telling.

Officially no one should have watched BB Canada because 7 out of the 15 HGs were “minorities”. Right?

Only 4 out of 16 on BB US.


Then they’d have to deduct money from all 16 players, because they ALL said something ignorant this season.


And GM rips off her clothes and we find out she came fully equipped. She a hermaphrodite!!


Come on GinaMarie!!! Send that Rat Boy crying at the jury so you and Spencer will be in the final 2!!!!!!!!!!


can someone remind me why we hate andy so much? yes his disdain toward elissa was vulgar and annoying, i get that. but over the weekend i watched youtube videos previous BB for the first time ever. many past house guests were no angels and some were more repulsive and annoying.


Rat Dog thinks he’s a mastermind when he’s just a snitch. He not just sat back and allowed the hate and racism but instigated it and laughed about it. And while he gloated about others being on the block the one time he was up there, he acted like a sniveling, sobbing 2 year old. And if I have to hear about how poor he is one more time I might scream.


Andy is annoying and looks like a cartoon character that came to life


Andy use to work at the fudge stand. We all knew what he did there! It had nothing to do with Green Bay.


I personally can’t stand Andy (or any of the three left) for more than one reason and I didn’t like Amanda. The disgusting mean personal attacks and hate was just too much and he was a rat if ever there was one. But at the same time it seems like comments can be extreme on both ends either love of hate of some of these players where you can’t really even break down certain aspects of what may have worked in their tactics (as bad as they are) without a barrage of thumbs down or emotional reactions. His strategy may have been floating and manipulating people on an emotional level socially. But it’s still a level of strategy which was relevant to social aspect and the pee brains in the house (as unfortunate as that is.) I love that people comment on the blogs even when I don’t agree. But the downside is that things get extreme where certain points of trying to be objective doesn’t go over as well. lol. As much as I wish Andy would get his and his game blows up in his face at the same time the morons let him get this far.


ANYBODY OTHER THAN ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather Andy win AF over Elissa!!!!!!!

Just Curious

Just curious Name, what did you mean by N$$$er insurance when talking about GM. What is N$$$er insurance? Can you provide our audience with the complete word? Or are you an undercover Coward? Come on Name, don’t be like the Cowards in Congess that don’t do anything except for the wealthy. Or are you like them a COWARD!

Just Sayin'

You’re the coward. Why not put your real name so everyone can know you’re the racist?

Dumb as Dirt

It is going to be so boring for the next three days so until Wednesday I’ll leave you with this thought…….Andy is a red rainbow lying slimy ratball. I hope the next time I see him he is begging GinaMarie to take him to the finals and she laughs at him.


Giving Elissa MVP is like giving her $25 :/

(more than likely she’s gonna win Americas fav. anyway but seeing her pout for not winning $500 is gonna be worth it :D)


“AFP” not “MVP”


Elissa is Productions Player (so not cool)….end of story. On her own she sucks. One of the worst players of all time.
I’m sure it is in her contract that she will win AFP and if not probably gets $25000 +++ anyways.
F@ck Production you and your player (miss I’m better and richer than everyone else. She F n S old men for money/she’s just better at it than Amanda aparently)
screwed up this season more than it had to be.
Get back to the real game that us fans want to see. We do not want models, actresses, plants, clueless ppl and wannabes.
Half the players never even watched the show before? WTF!
We want Fans to play

Name and 1/2

Most people, myself included want Elissa for AFP not because she was a great player, but for the grace in which she handled being bullied by Amanda and for not stooping down to the base mentality of the grosser, nasty mouthed players (which sadly includes the F3). Elissa has all my votes.


Even though I dislike most the HG. It is not fair game that Elissa got to come in with her Sisters Fan Base and Productions Help.
If you look at the polls, it looks like JuDD would be AP. The fact is elissa is a bad BB player….end of story. Also just because
she wasn’t as loud as Amanda she was still belittling all the other HG constantly. And Yes Amanda is a peice of work..hope she gets help.
Anyhow I’m glad I’m not on the live feeds 24/7. I wish all the house guest the best of luck and a happy life. Hopefuly this will
be an eye opener for them and they learn something.
PPL on here need some perspective. Do you know GMs life situation? no, I don’t think so. Maybe she had been bullied all through
school by certain groups of ppl and that would shape her veiw. I don’t know? You don’t know. Maybe she just needs some sensitivity training?
She seems to have a good heart overall. The point is half the ppl posting, I find have the same mentality as some of the HG. Hypocrits. Chill out and look in the mirror. Some of u sound like Spandy…think about it
GM for the Win!


The best scenario is: Gina wins and CBS says; Gina,the house voted you the winner, the human race, however, has decided to donate the 500,000 to charity. You are a waste of humanity. Nick has filed a restraining order. You are jobless, hopeless, and your roots are showing.
Goodbye and godbless, GM. Don’t let the door hit you etc…


lol, actually your comments make you sound like spandy too. trying to make excuses for gm but not elissa is a bit hypocritical. maybe elissa does have a good heart overall too? maybe she just needs some sensitivity training? maybe all through bb she had been locked up in a house with a bunch of envious, immature and ignorant people, among them some racists, bullies and misogynists and that would have shaped her view and behaviour? think about it.


With that logic Candice should win it. No one in that house was bullied more then her.


1.) Most of these players claim to be big fans, several claim superfan.. They are just plain BAD & Stupid. Anyone that might have been a good player left too early in the game a la Helen’s bad plan.

2.) Tell us your source for all the personal info you have on Elissa’s marriage. Or better yet, tell us the details of your relationship and then we will judge whether it is genuine or not. Deal?


Above reply is for watcher.


elissa wasn’t a great player but there were no really great players this season. i’m not jealous of elissas life, money and don’t give a crap about who she married and why. if her conduct gets her voted americas favorite this season so what? if she had been an asshole her sisters fan base and production allegedly helping her wouldn’t have mattered, so i don’t care. i actually think andy’s gameplay (with a little help from others) ruined this season the most. i really dont want to watch fans of the show like andy, helen, spencer and mccrae play. most superfans are worse than players who have never watched the show.

D say's

Can’t imagine that she will pout. That’s just wishful thinking on your part.


She won’t pout she will storm out looking to go cry to Production. (I think Princess will win no matter the real vote count.) She and her vocal deluded fan base would be crying a river of tears if someone deserving won the $25,000. She would refuse to do any other CBS projects (Oh PLEASE let someone else win it!!!!) Her sister would refuse to do any more CBS projects (Oh PLEASE PLEASE let someone else win!!!!!)


Oh ffs. Obsessed much?


Why aren’t they talking about all the money and the trip to the Bahamas that Spencer has already won….houseguests have always taken that in to consideration before this season.


the current crop of smug lovelies we all & CBS have as teleplay morality play house~guests right now
are not hashing over Spencer’s trip, money & job to his face, but the odds are the JURY is totally going
down that road as they weigh GM’s broken toe against Andy’s part-time teaching or Spencer’s Union.

Danity Kane

Candice or Jessie for America’s Favourite, even though we all know it’s rigged for Elissa which is fine with me I guess.
But OMG I hope GM wins final HoH or else the final 2 will be a worst final 2 than in BB9.


Every single family member and friend I know that watches big brother has given all 10 of their votes to Elissa. She got 60 from my house alone. Not to mention on every blog I see comments with a lot of likes from people saying they’re voting for her. Same thing on twitter. It’s probably a 10-1 ratio of people saying theyre voting for Elissa. So if she wins, it is not rigged. I’ve seen a few people say Jessie, Candace, Howard and maybe one person said Judd. So it’s most likely out of those four but I still have seen far more saying they voted for el.

Strangle Andy With a Cat Shirt

All my votes went to Elissa too. She was the only one who stood up to these vile house guests. I don’t think I would of had the patience to take the high road like Elissa did. They are all still obsessed with her because she figured out that they were all full of shit.

It's Vile!



No way is CBS going to give the money or let anyone declare psycotic mental case and ardent racist GM or pervert racist druggy Spencer the winner of this or any BB. Yes Andy is a rat but this offence and his others are far less offensive than insane GM and her constant racial rantings directed at so many groups. CBS does not want to have to get any closer to Spencer because he may have legal problems from his stay in the house, Andy will win but none of them should.


Yes Michaelangelo. I totally agree. GM is so sooo offensive
every time she opens her mouth. Second only to Amanda.

As a MINORITY, I cannot ignore all the bigotry that cost GM
her job. She is such a bad example to young girls and I am
glad she does not have that platform anymore.

As a PARENT, I cannot get over what Spencer said about 4-5
year old girls. Pedophiles are a parents worst nightmare.

Andy has a PHD as a rat. But his sins are nothing compared
to the other two. I would rather see Andy win. I don’t like much
about him at all. But right next to Spencer and GM, they make
him look like quite good.

If you are neither a minority nor a parent, I can understand if you
don’t get where I am coming from and the subsequent thumbs down.
But if you are, you get it. Thanks for reading.


That’s the plan, with Spencer coming in 2nd. We’re working on the final questions now and making sure that the Rat gets the cheese. But, we also know that he will be the most hated BB winner and that past BB players will shun him. His win will be a shallow victory.


Rat Dog doesn’t have a PH D only a masters and he WAS an adjunct instructor not a Professor as he claims. What really turned me against Rat Dog was he saying how much he loved his improv classes. Improv is all about throwing out lines to others and having them run with it so I went back and watched some of the worse stuff and guess who I see throwing out lines and then just sitting back and laughing. To me that is as bad as the rest.


How about Spencer’s KKK comment “like a cross on fire on someone’s yard”? Just add racist to the list of Spencer’s accomplishments.


ummm … i think that was a dig at Aaryn’s racist ways.

clownie is alive

Yes, it was an attempt at humor, and it WAS freakin hilarious. Don’t any of you people have a sense of humor????


Yes, I do have a sense of humor, but I didn’t hear anything funny that Spencer said!


clownie… there is tonz of stuff that is rather cool on old LENNY BRUCE or REDD FOXX albums
and then there are the things you really don’t say prior to 11:30 p.m on live feeds for fear a
snarky young witty minor is waltzing into the room. there was a 3 A.M alliance this season
and a tendency to say things that only belongs in a Vegas nite~club between 2 a.m to 4 a.m
during the OTHER twenty-two hours in a solar day. clownie, i truly knowz smut when i sees it.

Spencer made a funny.

I took it as him saying…. Aaryn is a racist but she is pretty. So like her beauty radiates like a cross on fire in someones yard.. She is pretty but a bad person (Yes, who is he to talk). Maybe I am not understanding it correctly? I thought he was trying to be funny.


Uh, I am pretty sure Spencer was actually calling her a racist with that comment.
He was throwing shade AT Aryan. Humor, folks.


IMO it was a joke aimed to slam at Aaryn’s racist behavior. Albeit a poor one. Sheesh.


There goes GM again with the bashing of Candice. She really must be jealous of her! Get over yourself, GM! You’ve made a complete ass of yourself and shown the world how much of a racist you are on National T.V.!! I’m praying that you’re evicted this coming Wednesday and for Julie to call you out on being racist (just like she did to your best bunny, Aaryn). I suggest you stay out of the public’s eye when you get home because you have a lot to answer for with all your racist comments towards welfare, harassing blacks (including your comments towards Candice), and Puerto ricans. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Andy and Spencer for Final 2 with (oh God, I’m going to yak when I say this) Andy winning BB15.

Just Sayin'

They are. Much more than an Ugly person like you. What a heart full of hate.


Andy……take a steppin!!!!!!!


Hey Cappy! I miss your lists!

In Living Color

Lemme show you somethin’! It’s awesome to see GinaMarie channeling her inner Fire Marshall Bill.


all though I dont like GM I hope she beats the evil rat in the final HOH

Andy is a rat

They are such hateful, vile, disgusting white trash…….I can’t wait till those lowlifes head home only to be greeted by reality and karma the bitch.

It's Vile!



Where in the heck did casting find some of these despicable sorry excuses for human beings to all come and play a season of BB together? Evil Dick was pretty bad, but at least he was just one of the worst of his season. The HG this season for the most part of the most vile, disgusting, lazy, grossest HG, ever all together on any reality TV show!!!! It’s really hard to watch the live feeds and try to eat dinner watching the nasty habits these vile creatures have. Makes you lose your appetite with their behavior and language!


We ended up with this group of house guests because casting is not psychic. They all seemed decent in their interviews.


And that’s the problem. It’s not just about doing an interview. It’s about mental health testing. Everyone talks about the stress of being in the house so they should be going through mental health testing before being accepted. And not the cheap quicky tests. There is the MN test that takes about 1 1/2 hours to administer and has been designed to uncover what people are trying to hide. They use this test for the military and government. It costs more but they could have weeded these people out before they were ever finalists.


I agree with you, but if BB picked only sane houseguests, they would not have the drama they want for ratings. So I’m sure that’s never gonna happen.


Not necessarily. Sane people can be amusing and funny. And can create drama (maybe not participate but certainly create. Look at Dr. Will)

Dan wrote a blog to this seasons HGs that could be read before they went into the house. He said “Yes, Big Brother is a game, but it is also a major Reality TV PRODUCTION. You are an enormous part of the production, so play your role.”

With examples like: “Any chance you have to make a big move, make it exciting.”
“An alliance flip in the game isn’t that fun to watch if you let the person know it’s coming ahead of time.”
“Find a way to infuse some part of your personality into the showmanship of the production. If you’ve been cast for Big Brother you definitely have the ability to be a showman (or woman) so do it!”
“Sometimes it doesn’t even take much to make a normal game move way more entertaining to watch. You’ll have a LOT of time in the house to think, spend a little bit of the time thinking how you can help entertain in your own unique way.”

He didn’t say anything about making others laugh with racist stereotypes, or bonding with other males (and lowlife females) by being a misogynist. Or trying to make YOUR target everyone else’s by talking about how much you hate them. The only other season that noticeably personal was season 6. And it also commanded a lot of personal reactions and hate outside of the house. But that season used to be in class by itself. I never thought it would be repeated again.


ANYBODY OTHER THAN ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S FVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather RatAndy win America’s Favorite!!!!!!!!


See what hate gets you? Elissa is a lock for favorite house guest.


People keep saying that, but I don’t see it. She had to be one of the worst players ever. She kept shooting herself in the foot.

Name and 1/2

Dude, It’s “Favorite” Player. It not “Best” player.


Ok. Calm down. We heard you the first time.

Team Elissa

I would like to see a picture of you…. All I read was you making hate filled slurs about her looks when you talk nothing of game…. I imagine with the poor choice of words you choose to use you’re probably a really unhappy person in your everyday life with not much love and compassion in it. However, that is still no excuse to treat people poorly. Elissa played with dignity, honesty, self respect and an acute awareness that millions of viewers were watching her every move. She was the only role model in that house. She played her own game and I for one respect the hell out of that. The rest were followers, minions, little bitches if I should go so far, basically nobody was willing to put Amanda and McRae up and were literally afraid to. Lol. I loved Elissa the moment she did. And, rooted for her then on. The other hg seemed purely jealous of her. When they degrade her it’s attacking her looks, her socio economic status, and never is it about how she treats people, degrades herself, acts foolishly over a guy, and she has never said a racist word or spoke about children Inapropriately so unless “Elissa hater” you foolishly believe that you would be an exception to these degenerate house guests disgusting slurs then I could understand why you support racist, pedophile, woman hating, psychotic behavior – perhaps because you’re as messed up as they are. Another thing, there is no Brenchel army here, I never really liked Brendan but will admit that I liked Rachel in both seasons mostly because I was never a go with the flow type of person and my distaste for cruel behavior over ruled. Rachel like her sister was disliked by the other houseguests and like her sister took it with a grain of salt and continued playing the game. If you really can’t respect ….. Well I guess you’re a little bitch too…. Lol <3




@ TEAM ELISSA……Another blind person who misrepresents Elissa’s importance of the game. The first three weeks she parlayed her relationship with a previous BB contestant (her sister) and her fans into (supposedly) winning MVP. Yes, once she was found to be Rachel’s sister she had a target on her back but was save by Spencer’s suggestion of weaponizing her for the MVP. When CBS saw that that was a joke and America became the MVP Elissa slid from sight, hiding behind Helen and her game. From that point on until Helen’s eviction Elissa was a non-factor. She was a ghost except when it was time to vote. She voted with the house every time because Helen told her to (doesn’t sound like independent thinking to me). Granted once Helen was evicted Elissa won an HOH to stave off her eventual eviction. She DID NOT put up MCRANDA she let her own emotions dictate her nominations and she selected Aaryn and McCrae. Of course telling McCrae that he was not the target. So no she did not break up McCranda but she did not back down and put up a “pawn” once McCrae won veto (I will give her props for that but that is how an HOH is supposed to be played). Also she did win two POVs to prolong her stay in the house. She did not have a superior knowledge of the game or she would have broken up McRanda instead of leaving it to GM. And in desperation she tried to make a deal with the two-headed monster when it finally dawned on her that nobody in the house was on her side. So there is your game talk. She was not great, nor good, nor average, I would say more on the pathetic side. If she had game and was as great as all you balloon-heads think she would have been gaming the whole time instead of being the female McCrae hiding behind Helen’s game……and she was not even good at that. The reason JUDD and MCCRAE did not want to keep her toward he end o their games is because they knew tat she was an anchor so they took their chances and lost.

Team Elissa

@ElissaHater it seems you’ve taken a big swig of haterade. Jealous much? VOTE ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S CHOICE!

Jesse James

Normally I don’t even vote, but this time I did vote for Elissa. It’s not because I like her. Quite frankly probably we wouldn’t get along in the same house for three months. I voted for her because it’s the only way I can show my displeasure to the rest of the house guests since they seem to be so sickened by the thought of her winning America’s Favorite.

Putin's Puppet Barack

^ Jesse James

I did the same thing as you did. Howard and Jessie were probably my favorites but i voted Elissa just because of all the hatred the house guests sublected her to and I wanted to give them an F you.

Strangle Andy With a Cat Shirt

Hopefully the others will see what we think of them when Elissa is announced as the winner of FHG.


I totally agree with TTP. CBS most likely wants nothing to do with promoting a racist as the BB15 winner. I cant imagine rolling GM out as their winner on the Today show and other post BB venues! I think promoting GM is a nightmare scenario for CBS.

They are all vile people. Its impossible to root for any of them. But GM stands out to me. She spares no race or color with her offensive remarks. I watch a lot of reality TV but I have never seen anyone as offensive as this woman. Its no wonder she was fired from her real job. What a great role model for young girls trying to win a beauty pageant!

The only drama left here would be if GM wins what does CBS do with their “poster child” racist?


Gina Marie the racist! OR Spencer the pervert!



You could pick Andy and get both. A pervert and a racist in one red package.


The only smart thing CBS/BB did this season was cancel the Vegas Bash. I’m sure they couldn’t find a sponsor or a venue. Can you imagine this over medicated group having free reign in Vegas? What company would want their brand associated with that. And what venue/hotel would want these people? I’m sure the Housekeeping staff would stage a walk out. I mean flies breeding in the showers? Seriously?

The Thought Police

I’ll be listening closely to the questions asked to GM and Andy in the final comp. Should be a dead giveaway who production wants in the F2. I’m guessing CBS doesn’t want GM to be in the money. Also, pay attention to what the houseguests say to each other when they leave the DR room. It’s usually very telling,,,, The DR will be adding fuel to the manner in which the F2 will present themselves to the jury…

So sad

Gm is still obsessing over Candice.. Gm you need to get over her and move on

Rock a doodle

Yikes! When is Survivor starting?!!!


on WEDNESDAY, the first half of CBS’s evening is SURVIVOR’s premiere,
the second half of the evening wraps up BIG BRO + hands out the money.


after the national news, if one is really lazy it makes total & perfect sense to
leave the TV set on good ole CBS for the next 3 to 4 hours, let alone tape it all.


if Elissa’s spoiler is on the money, HAYDEN is about to get
so darn close to the prize money despite the lack of creature
comforts inside SURVIVOR’s format. His game moves might be
something to watch, despite how Elissa let CBS’s ‘cat’ out of
the bag happily. Survivor has to be better than BB15 i feel!


duckies,we all thanks to Ms. E we SURVIVOR fans all learned that the “H man” is still most likely there as
the “survivors” in the episodes gets True Grit closer to the number of people in a barbershop quartet… i
even gave Ms. E my ten votes at CBS in that AFP poll of theirs despite her casual quip about his chances.


Congrats GonzoMe for winning the award for most consecutive stupid posts.


Hayden won!!! Elissa only knew the final 4


when Elissa said what she did i then realized he indeed has
the I.Q and i,Q social game points to go the total distance…
it may be a little too soon to totally call it for him at this point!!!


Bye Bye Rat Boy!!!! Go cry at the jury!!!!!!

Piss on Andy Vote For Elissa FHG

I hope you are correct Captian. Seeing Andy get tears on his cat shirt as he gets evicted would be about the only thing worth watching for the rest of the season.

Andy is a rat

I don’t get why people say Aaryn is attravtive. She had big ears, horse mouth, fake hair and her personality was as ugly as her.


Maybe gay guys don’t find her attractive, but I’d hit that!

clownie is alive

AND hit it had, again and again.


Worse cast ever and worse final 3 in BB history…what a disappointment. We have to pick between disgusting Spencer, bigot GM, and rat Andy. I was so surprised Regan pulled the gay card. Andy’s game has nothing to do with being gay, it has to do with being a floater rat. He is so proud to win against Spencer? Pathetic! He takes credit for other people game moves? Delusional! What is is good at is kissing ass, crying, and hiding. He talks about Elissa’s feeling of entitlement? Look in the mirror Andy, the scab! And i will repeat, I am not from the Brenchal army. I am a lover of BB and these final 3 are the worse. The exterminators consist of the floaters left at the end, the scabs of the game. It’s a lot easier to form an alliance at the end of the game with who’s left. And this is Andy’s greatest move of the game. (his words) Geez! And out of the 3 Andy is the least worse! Does any one agree that this is the worse BB season ever?

The Fox & The Rat

After the ‘open letter’ Ragan Fox wrote to CBS at the beginning of the season – he should have kept his mouth shut about the rest of the season.

Nick BB15 Winner

Since both GM and Ratboy has a crush on Nick, all he has to do is sex them both for half of their prize earnings


Dawg you know we love you but the “Aaryn’s beauty radiates like across on fire on someone’s yard. ” is not across but A Cross as in burning a cross on someone’s lawn. Totally different meaning.


And we love you for all you do.


DAWG —- Spencer plays mindgames like a cult group’s head*honcho hippie “guru” with yesteryear’s censorship codes.
even if you got FIRE and CROSS or ACROSS bass~ackwards or even A$$~BACKWARDS, if BBAD has had to censor the
live feeds like as if JOHNNY CARSON’s NBC censor guy came out of retirement for LES MOONVES when the disclaimer
got put up in episode 5, you are forgiven. Had Spencer semi-euphemised his own thought, then its sorta more cool but lets
face it, he MAY HAVE created the rumor about a tiddly~drunk Julie out of whole cloth and a few martini sips and nothing
more. I almost think he + his EGO deliberately wanted to get the series cancelled if he had no chance at any prize money!!!


You are awesome. Don’t know how you do it, but thanks!


There is always some putz on the internet that has to point out typos, even when they can tell what the word is.

I Beg to Differ

across: I’m going across the pond on vacation. a cross: a structure usually a religious symbol. Kind of makes a difference in terms of meaning doesn’t it?


Spencer at the very least comes across like KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ should
bee his only tee~shirt as LARRY FLINT + Mister CRUMB are aptly trying
to write out “R” to “X” rated zingers and dialogue inside his crypto~fascist
Id. he, like Newt G hath an EGO. when Nick’s empire collapsed, lil ole S.C
was on a tear as he tries 2 trunctuate BB thah series be4 it’s sweet 16.


www. rcrumb.com


on a comic or artist level i hand SPENCER an honorary hippie trophy.
only robert crumb can say the obvious about bob dylan + his image
without unwash’d peasants with pitchforks gettin’ near a moat a.s.a.p!
http://www.crumbproducts.com/aboutcrumb_others.html i might be
flattering spencer by comparing his better remarks to robert crumb!!!
given how he set the social tone of the MC early, he came dang close
to gettin’ the whole shebang cancelled. he was rude about Julie, too!!!


Yeah, I didn’t understand it at all til I got to the comments.


HA…Gina is crazy enough to eliminate Andy for saying that he wants a piece of Nick. Keep talking RedRat

VA Vet

Good one “Gina”!! I like the way you think.

Leading From Behind

“HA…Gina is crazy enough to eliminate Andy for saying that he wants a piece of Nick. Keep talking RedRat.”

That was awesome Gina!


quite clearly she does not want to share her NICK with just about anyone or anybody at all!!!!


Even though I don’t approve, Elissa will win America’s Favorite. She will win because of who she is related to, not for anything else. How many of you Elissa groupies can honestly say that you were (or are) not Brenchel fans? Again, be honest.

As for who will win BB15?

GM will beat either of the guys.

Spencer might beat Andy. That is kind of a toss up.

There is one thing that Andy can do to almost assure a victory over either on: He is the first Homosexual to make it to the finals! They can help him make history by voting him the first gay bb winner.

I predict if he makes it to the final two, he WILL play the Gay card.


I was not a Rachel fan but I split my votes between Elissa, Candice and Howard. Candice and Howard never really had a chance to play the game and Elissa was they only one who stood up to the others.


They never had a chance to play the game? What are you talking about – they didn’t go away on sick leave or something. They were there the entire time everyone else was but the sad truth is they had no game whatsoever. They both were about the worst players on Big Brother. If Howard didn’t throw all the comps he was in (including food), he may have done something about his position but he was a coward. Candice couldn’t win anything and threw several comps herself. They sucked really bad, Jackie.


Howard and Candice had to deal with in your face racism from day 1. Remember David always saying “Black Candice”? Go back and watch the bed flipping incident and watch Howard’s expressions as he’s hugging Candice while she cries. The emotions that cross his face are real and raw and painful to watch. I can’t even imagine how you can play BB with that a part of every minute in that house.

Maybe they didn’t have good game play but we’ll never know for sure but I know I will always remember Howard throwing bucket after bucket into Aaryn’s and GM’s faces. I cheered every moment of it.


For the sake of argument and equality, how was this hate different from the hate shown (openly I might add) to Elissa. Jeremy would make it so uncomfortable for her to even be in the same room? Remember him saying things like, “Look there’s a monster over there in the bathroom” and everyone (his followers) would all laugh. They detested her. The racism was not “in your face”. The things said were all behind Candice and Howard’s back. The fact that you derived pleasure out of Howard throwing buckets of sour milk on Aaryn makes it exactly the same but Aaryn did not throw anything at anyone. She flipped ‘a mattress’ – not Candice’s mattress. It was not yet designated which beds were going to be whose at that point. I am not taking a side but people who have taken up the ‘racism’ as being somehow more evil or horrible than any other hate displayed in the house is just plain irrational and ridiculous. Jessie was bullied by several girls (openly, to her face). Seems convenient to only remember a mattress as representative of a whole season of racism. Does that even make sense? I know the things that were said by Aaryn and GM but they were entitled to dislike anyone they pleased. They hated Elissa and Jessie too. They took jabs at their bodies, faces, sexual appetites, etc. How is it any worse to take a jab at someone’s color? I don’t see the difference. The same ignorance is displayed by anyone attacking anyone’s physical appearance because they have no control over the way they were born. I hope this doesn’t go over your head and you don’t misunderstand. Devil’s advocate, maybe but I’m tired of hearing Candice was ‘bullied’ when several people were attacked repeatedly besides Candice. Peace.


I agree that more than just Candice and Howard were bullied. But being the target of racism is something different. I refer to the mattress flipping incident because it is after that happened when we see Candice crying and Howard holding her, you can see the uncensored effect. Please go back and watch that part of it–available on YouTube–and see if that doesn’t show how hard it must have been being in the house of evil.

7Deadly Sins

Why do all you Elissa haters automatically assume everyone who likes Elissa is part of the ” Brenchel Army”?
From my understanding of many of you, its better to call people bitches and c***ts and everything else derogatory about women.
Lets not forget the racist remarks. Oh yeah, that is something to look up to these hg’s for huh?
How about the bullying. Not only did they pick on Candice, but also Jessie. Oh I’m sure Candice and Jessie are looking forward to being killed and raped and stabbed and whatever else these people said they wanted to do to them. From your perspective, we should like them better?
They were attacking people on a personal level and the last straw was going so far as their families, or rather Elissa’s family.

So lets see what Elissa did compared to the others.
She spoke about her real life. To many it was bragging about her money and elitism.
She didn’t talk like the others so she’s a snob.
Not sure where most of you got the idea she felt entitled. I guess talking about how disgusting the other hg’s are must be the reason. Or could it be the fact that she did not like the racial and derogatory behavior and showed her disapproval of it? Funny thing is, many of the viewers agree with her.
Oh yeah. Instead of walking away from Amanda’s bs, she should have retaliated the same way?
She has more self respect than any of the others.

So yeah, compared to the rest of them, she is better than them and that is why I like her and have voted for her to be AFP.
So my question to you is : Why do you hate her so much? Being Rachel’s sister is a pretty pathetic excuse if that’s why.

7Deadly Sins

Oh, the other reason I voted her AFP is because it will piss you and all the other haters off. 🙂

Pull the Tail Off the Rat

You tell em 7Deadly!


Thank You! It cracks me up when people go on and on about Brenchel Army. Who cares about Brenchel Army? Not me. I don’t get how they can’t see why most people are voting for her. She was offended by the disgusting behavior and actually took a stand against it. I guess you’re right, it’s simply because they dislike her sister so much, they can’t see it for what it is. Oh well, she got my votes and I truly hope she wins, if nothing else to show the others our disapproval.

VA Vet

I could not stand Rachael during her seasons and I am certainly not one of her fans.

I voted for Elissa mainly because she wasn’t given a chance to play the game by the majority of the others. The vast majority couldn’t care less about what kind of person Elissa was. They rejected her out of hand simply because she was Rachael’s sister.

Also, Elissa was one of the few house guests that was not utterly and completely disgusting.

And finally, I hope Elissa wins AFP for no other reason than to PO the likes of Andy and Spencer who’s obsession with Elissa borders on insanity.


WW@ I can assure you it as nothing to do with Rachel for most. I loathed Rachel the first time and was hysterical when she came back for a second time and won. Just her voice alone drove me to madness. No, a vote for Elissa does not mean we think she is a saint as some have said, nor do we think she was a good player. It is a statement vote. She tried to stay out of the gutter for the most part. I could not have done it, I’d have gone postal on these nasty people. Especially when GM said the crap about her child. Or her husband for that matter. And these sorry piece of junk are still at it. That alone proves they are driven by hate all the time. Everyday’s little piece of business for them. It’s the only way they can feel good about themselves.

Spencer made a funny.

Did spencer say it like….. Aaryn radiates like a CROSS on fire in someones yard or fire across someones yard? Because i always hear Spencer saying how funny he is… and if its the earlier of the two i may acutally believe him a little bit 🙂

Spencer made a funny.

Just want to add to this I didn’t even realize Spencer may have just been being racist here…. I thought he was saying Aaryn is pretty but she is a bad person. Just don’t want to offend anyone and think I believe a racist statement is funny.. I took what he said a different way.


I find it crazy that a great player like janelle never one a season on three tries and one of these three is gonna win this season lol


” won” not ” one”….


do you have to “know someone”/have connections in order to be selected as house guest?


It makes it a lot easier. They also seem to like people who have some type of performance experience, i.e. pageants, webshows, worked in tv, or jobs where they talk a lot. Looks like they try to weed out the shy ones.


I’m voting GM for America’s favorite, just in case she doesn’t make the F2. She won comps that help her to evict amanda and first stage of the final 3 comps.
She’s made racist remarks , but who hasn’t in their lifetime. It could be remarks about Italians, Irish or any race..


Italians and Irish are part of the same race. They just speak a different language and have different histories and cultures.

No one called her a “wap” or “whap” or “wop” (whatever it is) and teased her about associations to mafia. Or asked her if she got a nose job because that is not the nose of an “Italian”. Or asked her if she gets hair removal, cuz Italians are hairy. (just being silly here).

So no one has shot back at her with Italian stereotypes because they aren’t interested in doing that, or they don’t want to offend her. But she has no problem showing her ignorance and trying to perpetuate stereotypes of other cultures and races. Why? Is she better that everyone else? Or is she worse? Or is she just so stupid it’s cute?


one of the reasons we do not support andy is not because he lies so much but how he gets off on lying….he takes great pleasure in it and that is a sickness. Grossed out and tired of watching his sick self being expressed.

Elissa for the Win

Ask damanda!

East Coast Guy

If someone wants any of these 3 sh-t heads to win they’re deep in it too.


did anyone on the feeds right now notice the audio of production cleaning up the back yard?!


can someone please remind me how las season ended?….I remember that dan convinced danielle to throw the first part of the hoh to him….ian had already fallen off. I think Ian won the part two…but did Ian or Dan win part three? I’m thinking it was Dan and then he took Ian and that’s why Danielle was so mad. Did I get all that right? thanks.

VA Vet

Ian won part three easily, and took Dan to the final.


thank you

Pinocchio Obama

ian beat Danielle in part two which was the skyscrapper competition. Ian then defeated Dan in part three of the competition and took him to the final where he defeated Dan by a six to one vote. Danielle was the only vote for Dan.


thank you

Andy is a rat

Andy is such an insecure person. He always needed validation of things he did as being good or right. And because of Andy being so insecure I cant wait for him to read what people think of him, he is going to have a meltdown. Wish I was a fly on the wall to see that. Once some of the hgs see the vile and disgusting things the rat has said about them I don’t think their will be any friendships going forward.


Hi guys! I don’t know if ever in a season of Big Brother we’ve had so MANY disgusting HGs. And to top it off, the MOST disgusting are in the final 3. From nwatching the show and reading everyone’s posts for the past 15 seasons I’m pretty sure the majority of the fans are very disappointed with this season. From the vile remarks, sex talks, repulsive behaviors, to the nasty condition of the house itself this season is so disturbing on so many different levels. No, I’m not a saint, but I would think that I would have some type of self control if I was on national television and knowing everything I said and did was on display for the whole world to see. I will leave you with this from Lex addressing Rob and Amber on Survivor Allstars, “It’s just a game….that’s just an excuse to wash away the guilt …For a lot of us…it’s life. And the line between game and life is not cut and dry. Life blurs into the game constantly. This game exposes who we are, as people, to the core. It’s like truth syrum. I think the way you play this game is representative of the kind of person you are. ….as good as your game was you sold out your values, your character, you sold out your friends for a stack of greenbacks. I hope it was worth it because that money will never be enough to buy it back. … You didn’t outclass us.”




i keep on saying Season 16 definitely HAS to be better than 15…

Lex was a sore loser...

I recall Lex sabotaging his own tribe twice for the sole reason of “making a big move” and then again to try and suck Rob’s ass… Let’s remember Shii Ann’s “Glass Houses” speech instead…

Another Liberal Loser

Thank you Simon and Dawg for all that you do for all of us here. This is the best Big Brother site on the web and I appreciate you guys as much as I hate the Rabid Red Rat.


I’ve lost all interest in live feed so clearly I care very little for all of them. I so want to like GM and to follow her on live feed but (1) she’s increasingly grating on me and (2) the only people she can talk to are simply disgusting. If Andy wins third comp and doesn’t chose GM then I hope the jury castigates him even more for being a complete coward.




curiously enuff, when V introduces himself to Evey, at about say 7 to 8 minutes
into V FOR VENDETTA, in his florid &erudite retro~intro speech that establishes
his innate character & sense of character, he uses a slew of words that indeed
begin with a V but curiously not the word VILE. after someone here noticed how
often the word is utilized here and has become our fa”V”oRite descriptive word, i
had to CAREFULLY look at the neoclassically themed and inclined short intro again!


Good Luck Andy!!!! I hope you lose to GinaMarie so she will evicted you. Don’t worry, you will cry at the jury so everyone think how a joke are you. Bye Rat!!!! Go cry your job back and take your $98.43 with you. You will never win $500,000 or America Favorite Houseguest!!!!!!


Andy more or less ruin every ones game. They didn’t stand a chance because they trusted the sneaky rat. He always wanted to know
what they were talking about.


I’m betting that next season if anyone tries that again they’ll be the first out the door.


Who the FUCK wants to vote for GM? People with her character, which is basically has none of, deserve no money and all things bad that happens to her. She has the worst racist potty mouth I’ve ever heard, and is nothing but white trash.

I wanted to like GM, but if she wins, she’s the worst example of a winner in BB History. If she gets fired from her job for racial slurs, stereotypes, and prejudice, she’s FAR from a winner. She’s a big, fat loser and deserves that to be her fate.

Chill Before You Blow A Vein


The same things can be said about the other two players remaining.