“Do you understand why I got taken to candy land” – Spencer


6:42pm The exterminators. Chatting about the memory wall

Andy says if he won the money he would help Howard out. They agree Howard was a good guy but sucked at the game. Spencer – “I sweat like a motherf****” (Ya kinda outta nowhere)
Spencer says that Marilyn is a really funny person, he doesn’t laugh at her jokes but a lot of people do. Spencer says he’s a funny person so it takes a lot to make him laugh.
Spencer – “And I really like how … the C word… earlier today commented on how my DR seasons are not funny.. Thanks for that insight”

Feeds flip to fish

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7:07pm kitchen The exterminators
Spencer – “Did you understand why I got taken to candy land”
S – “I was out on the couch and Amanda is there smoking her morning b!tch cigarette .. and Amanda knew about the plan that I had that was going to help Howard stay to vote Amanda out because she was up for the MVP nom”
GM – “OK”
S – “She knew all about it because JUDD had told her.. She knew Everything”
GM – “Who told her”
S – “JUDD and Andy”
A – “Me after JUDD”
S – “She knew everything.. she was like its not going to work it’s not going to work”
S – “I was like b!tch I don’t know what you are talking about.. She was like who are you voting out”
S “I was like .. I dunno know obviously I can’t Say i’m voting her out and I can’t say I’m voting Howard out so I said I’m voting out Candice”
S – “Candice and I were working this plan the night before .. and I said we’re going to get Amanda out we just need to get some people.. Candice knew I was going to get Amanda out”
S – ‘So what happened after I got in this argument with Amanda .. and I didn’t put up with her bullshit I was like shut the F*** up Amanda”
A – “Did you really say that”
S – “you can watch it on the episode”
Spencer explains that Helen or Amanda went to Candice and said spencer was targeting her.
S – “Instead of Candice coming to me and talking about it… cause no I couldn’t say I was voting out Howard and I couldn’t say I was voting out Amanda so I had to say I was voting out you (Candice)”
Gm – “Ya”
S – “She thought I was trying to get her voted out.. thats why she screamed at me out there”
GM – “Who told her that”
S – “Either Amanda or Helen.. don’t you understand how stupid that was… that killed Howard.. and his little speech after finished him off”


7:24pm The exterminators

They are talking about someone in production they think was fired. Spencer and Andy both look forward to seeing production staff because they’ve talked to them so much.
S – “Yup there’s a couple of them I want to hug a couple of them I want to co*k punch”
A – “Really”
S – “No not at all they’ve all been so cool to me”

They mention how Nick liked sex in the city.
GM – “that boy I don’t know sometimes.. and McCrae was like Hey Ginamarie that is kinda gay.. go f** yourself McCrae”
Andy – “I’m 99.999% sure he’s not gay but if he is i’m going to be pissed because I would have liked a piece of that ”
S – “Who would be more pissed GM or you”
Andy – “Gm would take the cake on that”
S – “you’re right”
Gm – “Aaryn was like.. he’s like one of those senators that like marry and they are gay afterwards.. she was like you are going to regret f*** liking him”
S – “Nick does look like a guy that could be into politics”
A – “He does”
GM – “I Already got the wrath of my EX being gay”
A – “Your EX was Gay”
GM – “No he just.. was very Nick oriented.. and was like just like Ewwww” (Makes a face see image above)
A – “He was Nick oriented”
She goes on to explain the softer features her EX had..


7:59pm Kitchen The Exterminators
GM wonders why Ian was cheering for McCrae, suggests that maybe it was because McCrae was Geeky like Ian.
Andy thinks it’s because McCrae was the underdog.
GM “fuck the underdog he was getting more pu$$y than all of us”


Gm tells us Candice was a rat telling everyone what she was going to do or what she was planning on doing.

Andy mentions how Elisa hated everyone, “She didn’t want to work with the guys and was aggressive with the girls”
Andy says Elisa had said awful things about GM, Aaryn and Amanda. She only got along with Helen and Candice.
GM – “She hated Aaryn because she was jealous”
Andy and Specner agree.

Spencer says everyone told him he reminded them of Adam, “F*** no”
Andy – “You do not remind me one bit of Adam that is a huge compliment to you”
Spencer says he’s made it farther than anyone else from Arkansas and there was some heavy weights from Arkansas, Britney and Frank.
Andy – “Both won America’s player”
Spencer doesn’t think he’s going to win America’s player he’s certain ELissa will. Spencer adds he was told today that his Diary rooms are not funny.
Andy thinks they are just joking.
Spencer doesn’t

Gm said her Puerto Rican friend is super gorgeous she’s with her cousin. Spencer says a lot of people from their are attractive.

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GM tells them about the BOOM SQUAD Jeremy, David, Nick, GM, and Aaryn. GM adds that after David left Kaitlin joined them.
S – “I don’t know who formed the worst alliance ever Nick or Ginamarie”
They all laugh.


9:23pm Spencer says Helen was a pretty lady

Last Friday in the cockpit

9:57pm Cockpit the exterminators
Andy – “If I had to place a bet on it tomorrow is going to be our competition”

Spencer tells them about a friend that owns a bunch of popular p*rn domain names and rents them out to people for 10 grand a month.
S – “There’s a lot of money be@ting off watching internet porn”


10:54pM Checkers


11:20pm bullshit


GM getting ready to shower

11:40pm Andy and Spencer
Andy says he’s freaked out about the chance of going out third.
Andy whispers – “She’s got such a strong case”
Spencer – “You don’t have to tell me i know”
Spencer – “She’s got a strong fu*king case”
Spencer tells him nothing has changed he’s still taking Andy to the end. Andy says he knows.
They go around in circles about how they are not going to get any jury votes and GM will beat them both in the end. Andy says the jury will be bitter. Spencer says the only thing he did was get JUDD out a member in his alliance.

Andy says he made it this far in the game by lying and GM made it by telling the truth, “That’s impressive” Spencer says GM got Amanda out and a lot of people in the jury really wanted Amanda out. Spencer thinks this will give her a big boost in jury votes.

Andy says his game was more like Dan’s and GM/Spencer’s game was more like Ian’s. Andy points out that he worked with Amanda for the entire game then stabbed her in the back”


12:03AM getting ready for bed
12:14AM Before going to bed GM tells Spencer that she is going to dress up as an exterminator while she watches Andy and Spencer compete.
Spencer “That would be bad ass”


12:15AM everyone sleeping

1:20am – 2:20am Spencer can’t sleep. He gets up and heads to the kitchen. He pours himself a drink and sits down to stare at the memory wall. After a while he heads into the living room and sits on the couch. He then heads back to bed.

5:20am All the house guests are still sleeping..

10:10am Still sleeping ..no wake up call yet..

10:30am Big Brother wakes up the House Guests..

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209 thoughts on ““Do you understand why I got taken to candy land” – Spencer

  1. Boring……..did I miss the whole Nick/GM showmance?? I feel like it is all made up in GM’s head! Also, I’m no prude but I’ve never heard the “F” bomb used more!!

    1. You may have missed the subtlety of their “romance” because it consisted of Nick barricading GM’s advances in bed with pillows and blankets and hoodies nightly, and leaving any room he was in when she walked in, and when she couldn’t find him she checked with everyone in the house as to his whereabouts. It was a lovely romance… for 2 weeks!!!!!

      1. Spencer thinks he’s a funny guy? He’s almost as deluded as Gina thinking Nick liked her and that she has a future with him. And Gina, you should go as a rodent when you watch Part 2 of the HOH competition. That way you won’t have to do anything to your face or big ass. And Andy, you’re going to give Howard some of your money if you win? Why? Because he’s the token black guy? Because you secretly want his dark meat in you? I don’t get it, why only him? Howard did nothing to earn a single penny and he lost because he had a shitty game. And maybe bc he lied on the bible and his BB boo had a big mouth and always stirred shit up with the other girls. Period.

        1. Its very sad that you cannot compliment a coworker on how she or he looks without risking a harrassment complaint, yet one of these vile , awful, horrible people is going to walk out with half a million dollars, another will have 50,000. hopefully the third one will walk out with $94.83…How we must look to the rest of the world, truly representative of the “Ugly American”.

      1. He did the Big Brother thing. He lied, maneuvered and manipulated his way to the end. And he has enough competition wins to give him some credibility.

        I just don’t like him as a person. He is mean and nasty and takes pleasure in it. He just loves to trash people behind there back. Never to their face. That would take courage.

        I wonder if he talks about his students, other faculty members, his family and friends the way he talks about the departed hamsters when they are not there to defend themselves.

        There is nothing to like about this mean-spirited boy.

        But he deserves America’s Favorite. Just ask him.

      2. This might interest you..

        … the Supreme Court established the safe-harbor provision that grants broadcasters the right to broadcast indecent (but not obscene) material between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, when it is presumed many children will be asleep.[6][7] The FCC has never maintained a specific list of words prohibited from the airwaves during the time period from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., but it has alleged that its own internal guidelines are sufficient to determine what it considers obscene.

        Victorian Era: Showing ankles was scandalous

        1942: Tweety Bird (cartoon)had to be drawn with feathers because he looked “too naked”

        1960’s: Could not say the word “pregnant” , women could not show their belly button on tv as it might make men uncomfortable

        2004: Janet Jackson has wardrobe malfunction-shows nipple…escandalo!!!! ..now it’s the norm along w/ a contrived sex tape leak for instate fame!

        2013: a house full of racist, unhygienic, vile, foul-mouthed, pill popping, angry, aggressive, violent troglodytes have left nothing sacred: from women’s menstrual blood all over the house, to yeast infections, empty condom wrappers, talks of who’s had the most stds, or raping, killing, dismembering, other house guests, drunk driving, nazi sympathizing freaks. AND ONE OF THEM WILL WIN $500,000!!!!!!!!

        Future: I don’t know but……it looks VERY bleak

        1. WIGGEDOUT….well said. CBS should just call this season “quits” and donate the $500,000. I hope these HG’s are vilified when they are back in the real world, their behavior has been despicable! They are in for a rude awakening. They think they will all be embraced, famous, and have careers. So sad this season was a waste.

      1. I read the ratings have really taken a nosedive since the night Amanda and Elissa were evicted. I haven’t watched a single BBAD or CBS episode since, and will read about the finale on here because I really don’t care enough to watch. Other than Amanda, Elissa, and Aaryn nobody really played the game this year. Just all floaters. What a waste of a season.

    2. Andy isn’t dead yet?!! Hmm. Haven’t been keeping up with the feeds or watching BB but thought I’d chk back to see if he was killed off yet…DAMN!! He’s like a case of herpes..red, unpleasant, and he NEVER goes the fuk away!!! Someone plz valtrex this bitch!

    3. I get the sense that “production” is trying to soften the blow for these three before they go out. The house guests have spilled a lot of production interference, and now comes this contrived statement to leave public with positive impression at the end re: all the Puerto Rican jokes…..”GM said her Puerto Rican friend is super gorgeous she’s with her cousin. Spencer says a lot of people from their are attractive”. Whatever…I’m so over it!

    4. Andy is the greatest Big Brother player of all time and if you don’t believe it just ask him. Put a dress on him and he is Bad Girls Club material.

      1. Remember the night when Aaryn made him up to look like a flaming drag queen? I bet Ratboy dresses up like that every time he goes out. What a pervert. No way I’m ever letting one of my kids take a class from that lying piece of shit.

      2. He wouldn’t last one day in the Bad Girs’ House! They would run his ass out of that house crying like a B*tch!!! Those girls have more balls then he does!!

  2. So Spencer thinks he is funny ?? Arghh……please, please put this season out of its misery & end it already !! F3 of a misogynist, a rat, & a racist…..

    1. spencer may have said some questionable shit but you cant say he isnt funny, he has done/said some of the funniest things this season

      1. I agree, I think his inappropriate comments are pretty funny. Not a great game player but funny guy. People have no sense of humor on this site. Think the backlash he’s gotten has been unfair, yes he’s said gross things, all in jest though.

        1. Yeah, hilarious. I love listening to an idiot calling women c***s. Or saying that people should commit suicide. And wanting to smack his penis over the pictures.. hilarious. And almost everything else out of his mouth. Yuck.

      2. Yeah, like Hitler was a great orator and that the proceeds of Elissa’s exercise video go to the Hitler youth. That Spencer’s a real funny guy. (NOT!) Maybe that’s why he was in a constant state of picking his nose and wiping the boogers on his jeans or why he was always putting his hand down his pants and playing pool hockey and then using the same hand to go into a bag of chips that everyone was using and eating a handful. He’s a disgusting mysogynist with no moral compass whatsoever. A classic Ted Bundy. Fucking pervert. Creep!

    2. Spencer did say something in the Diary Room before that I thought was funny. They were having a food competition and they had to go into this dark box with a lot of different rooms to find a key and he had something about not caring if there was a wolf in there, that he’d whip his a$$ and get the key. I thought that was funny. He can be funny in a sarcastic way.

  3. i hope spencer wins hoh 2 then ginamire wins hoh 3 in spencer an andy try to get ginamire to take them in not the other one its a shame we got to root for ginamire what a shame i would of rooted for andy but he turn into one of them so people i hate to say this go GINAMIRE WIN THIS BIG BROTHER 15

    1. Spencer hugging on GM is strictly a game move… he is probably doing the same to Andy. I think Spencer can only get 2nd place due to his lack of game, but GM might give the Rat a run for the 500K.

      1. There is no way the jury will reward Spencer for doing absolutely nothing this season. No big game moves…nothing. I still can’t believe that he could actually walk away with the $50,000 second place prize.

      2. Spencer is lock for 2nd place. He tried playing a strong game in the beginning but was weakened by the MC being exposed. He had to adjust his game to being friendly and socializing because he didn’t have an alliance to protect him. Which worked out really well for him as he let everyone take themselves out. He just won 50 grand when Mcrea walked out the door.

        GM and Andy would be fools not to take Spencer to final 2 if they really want to win it. Alot of people respect what GM did by taking out Mcranda and winning a decent amount of comps. Andy played a strong social game and lied his tail off better than anyone I’ve seen on BB.

  4. So Elissa was jealous of Aaryn because she was five years older and Aaryn has blonde hair maybe?And not because she had a sketchy mean girl personality, was a selective bigot, and let others tell her what to do with her HOHs, and because Elissa was friends with Candace. I don’t think she was jealous. She was disgusted by her.

    And technically Candace should have pulled Spencer aside considering and not has been so reactive and emotional. But it’s not like Spencer didn’t do things the didn’t destroy the trust she initially had with him including that hat incident. What I didn’t get about that whole thing is why Spencer and Howard waited to try to work with Candace after they both were up instead of building some type of bridge prior to that even if it was temporary. Oh yeah, I get it because they were being self-serving.

    1. It’s the same with people who keep saying Andy and the others are just jealous of Elissa and that’s why they talk about her so much. No, Elissa just had something about her that they didn’t like (some people can’t admit Elissa has things about her that rubs people the wrong way for some reason). I can’t stand any of these people but I’m sick of hearing that “jealous” excuse. Everyone here must be jealous of Andy too then if that was the case. Everyone has something about them that another person would hate…especially when cooped up in the BB house for so long.

      1. Exactly, jealousy was not the reason these whining little bitches hated Elissa, it was pure fear. She threatened their entire game, THE GAME THAT WRECKED THIS SEASON!

        Andy had the persona of an ill mannered 6 year old brat that is allowed to run a household because the parents are useless. He ran around rudely butting into every conversation gathering information for his next lies to further his strategy of playing MOMMY AGAINST DADDY. I actually saw one blog that detailed three separate conversations in three different rooms within 15 minutes. Andy was involved in all three convos and lied to each set of people about the previous conversations. MADE MY HEAD SPIN.

        The rest of the housemates played the useless parents of the little brat. They allowed Andy to run rampant through a rich combination of zero boundaries,
        fear of not being PC by offending the Gay, all the way to the ridiculous thinking of 2 of the women that the Big Brother house was the proper place to have a gaymance that would make them look more glamorous. AMANDA & HELEN NEWSFLASH: KATHY GRIFFIN YOU AIN’T! Ask Wil Heuser.

        All Elissa had to do to be incredibly offensive and hated by the whining bullshit artists was to act like any adult with half a brain and tell them “Thank you for your suggestion on what moves I should make, but if you don’t mind I’ll play what is best for my game.”



        Anybody who believes that, do the world a favor and please don’t try to become parents. The world has enough mass murderers already without you creating more.

        1. That Elissa was parental toward them and expected them to act respectfully toward not only her but to each other is what they all disliked about her, especially Andy who she made to mind her and would not allow to control her.

        2. “After the Season”….you have now made me understand Andy’s contempt for Elissa……I never got it until I read your post!
          I couldn’t figure out why he continued to bash her. Thank you…..

        3. I so wish there a way to make sure Andy could see this post. He has no clue about the way he acts and he will be mystified by people not liking him. He’ll assume it’s the “Brenchel Army” (to which I have never and will never belong–I like Elissa to a point but only because she was the only one who seemed to have any semblance of a “voice of reason”) and not normal people judging the behavior of a socially and emotionally underdeveloped “man.”

          As far as Andy being a professor–I highly doubt it. Maybe he’s a grad student who teaches as part of an assistantship, but there is no way this guy got through a Ph.D. program. Every time someone calls him a professor I cringe. He has misrepresented what he does, I’m sure. And who would be surprised that he lied about that, too?

          1. I was right! Andy graduated in May of 2011. Here’s the proof: http://news.illinois.edu/news/11/grads_sp11_IL.pdf (press command F on Mac, control F on PC, I believe, and type in Herren). He got only and MA, not a PhD. What “professor” job in this country goes to people with only master’s degrees? Pretty much none. Maybe a two-year school, maybe, but no university. People with MAs do adjunct work (that means they are temp workers who teach for full semesters–no guarantee of employment, no benefits). He is definitely no professor. If someone can find out otherwise, I will apologize, but again–if he managed, with a master’s, to get a professor job, there’s no way he’d risk it (unless he’s incredibly stupid or delusional about a career in entertainment) by taking off a semester so soon to be on Big Brother. And no school would give him the leave to do it, either! You don’t get sabbaticals after two years. No way.

            This guy is a total fake.

            1. He taught at a community college. He was an adjunct professor and was hired term to term. I believe he only taught 2 classes but I could be wrong there. Either way they seem to have cut their ties to him on their Facebook page.

              “Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.”

              While it doesn’t say he’s not going to be hired again I think the fact they had to include the last sentence is a hint.

              1. Laughable! As someone who has lived in the Chicago suburbs my entire life, a sub level teacher at CoD is nothing to brag about. I’m sure he can always find a job at University of Phoenix though. No worries….

              2. Jackie’s right. The community college will probably not be rehiring RATandy to teach his communications classes (an elective class, by the way). By rehiring him, it would send a message that the college sees no wrong in his behavior and beliefs and that they are in some way supporting his morals (or lack thereof).

                Andy’s job as server will probably be there for him, and he’ll be somewhat of an attraction to draw in customers. From his description it didn’t sound like a 5 star restaurant. So he’ll have some sort of income, but probably not from teaching.

              3. Professors do more than teach, so he would have been an adjunct instructor. No such thing as an “adjunct professor.” When they need someone at that level temporarily, then they hire a “visiting professor.” He doesn’t have the credentials to call himself a professor by ANY stretch of the imagination.

                Thanks for the detail, though. You’ve added some good information here.

          2. I agree with you 100%. While reading another post a couple of days ago, it was stated that Andy was let go from his job for the things that he said. A surpise?? Not to me. I would never want any of my children to be taught anything by him. He is a slime ball!!

        4. And let’s not forget Elissa’s ultimate sin in Rat Dog’s eyes–she put him on the block! How dare someone put him on the block! Doesn’t she know he’s Andy and Andy doesn’t get put on the block? Didn’t she read the rules before she came into the house that Andy can not be put on the block? And production let her do it! Oh she’s so entitled because production didn’t stop her from putting him on the block! Bad Elissa made Rat Dog cry for real.

          Okay, I’m laughing just remembering it…

        5. @ After This Season I Need Therapy, your observations are spot on! Andy has all of the behaviors of a spoiled 6 year old b-rat with all the presumed entitlements he feels he must have all of the time. Being a little b-rat also explains his unseverable attachment to his BB sippy cup-water bottle which he has with him constantly and feeds from in little sips over and over and over and over and over and over again.

      1. @ LOVE AMANDA

        I agree with you about Amanda and McCrae returning because if this season has proved anything it is that we need some full time janitors for the house.


    2. I CANNOT wait to see Dr. Will on Sunday nights show… he is going to dazzle the Jury with some questions that they will not be able to answer! He is going to call them on every tediously dull, stupid, ill-informed move this summer. His appearance may save this summer for me, yes, I hope it is memorable!

      So, in answer to your poll question: # 1&2; Dr. Will and Boogie for sure #3: NO ONE from this season!!!!!!

      1. I would love to see Jeff and Brenden on an all stars without their women. Woulld love to see them play when they don’t have to worry about their women.

        1. Please big brother will you bring back jeff & brendan and fill the house w/ super hot super young girls and see how long either go before hooking up. I don’t think Brendan would since he is married, but Jeff is still seemingly unattache and girls LOVE him and would probably be all over him.

      2. I would rather see Dr Will visit the terrible trio left in the house and tell them everything! Don’t hold anything back , let each and everyone of them know how they have been perceived, tell them about their employers disconnecting them…even bring along some video clips of their behavior … At this point it can’t affect the jury vote, whaddaya think?

        1. I would prefer Dr Will’s job to be calling out the jury. Time constraints for Wednesday’s show won’t allow what needs to be said to them.

          Demanda got off easy because she went in a double eviction and there wasn’t time. From what I saw of her in the jury house, she still doesn’t get why she is so hated. Personally not letting her know is a disservice to her. She is about to walk into a firestorm (of her own creation) and doesn’t even have a clue. Since we know she had a coke addiction and we’ve seen her prescription drug issue, she needs to be reminded of some of the things she said and that there will be a backlash or she may just completely go over the edge.

          Aaryn has received that wake up call from Julie. While I don’t think she has completely changed, I do think she has opened her eyes and maybe her mind and heart will follow. Perhaps Dr Will can give her some guidance.

          And we know that at some point Dr Will is going to look at McStinky and say WTF!? Let’s hope he impresses that personal hygiene is not just something to be done when people will no longer come within 5 feet of you but is a personal health issue as well. He should also speak to him about bed sores that can result from laying in bed hour after hour day after day.

          And I know we all want him to call Helen out about “it’s what the house wants” BS.

          1. That Dr. Will is speaking to the jury prior to their vote is, nothing short of, horseshit. CBS just can’t keep their freaking paws out of the game. If Mr. Moonves had a brain he’d schedule an after show – right after the winner is announced – and then bring in Dr. Will, Evel Dick and throw in Janelle to discuss the season with this bunch – now that would grab some ratings.

      3. I would love to see Dr.Will without Booger as we all seen him without Dr.mcdreamy.
        Here is my list;
        Dr.Will, Britney, Janelle, Kaysar, Jordon, Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Howie, Ragan, Evil Pecker, Helen, ELissa.

    3. I would like to see Putin and Obama in BB16. It would keep both idiots off the streets for 90 days and the world would be a safer place.

          1. Wun is neverrrr EX-KGB. No wun ever, everrrr leaves the KGB, ve arrre family, juu can neverrrr leave. That Amanda voman, she has such potenchial, no? She could rrreally rrrise in the rrranks of KGB. Andeee vould be shot. Jerrrremy ahhh such a rrrecrrruit. Kaitlin vill be my meestresss. Spencer could be sent to Russian front. David, hoo is david? Ah, blonde, ya, guud.

          1. I wished Obama cared for this country like Putin cares for Russia.
            Putin is ex KGB but he isn’t a communist he is a nationalist puts his country first, Obama is the socialist/communist puts himself first.

              1. ^ PATRIZIO

                i’m guessing that you are not a family member of one of the American’s that he left to die at Benghazi? It has been over a year and nobody has been arrested. The way he is ignoring doing anything about it kind of reminds me of the IRS or NSA or Fast & Furious scandals.

            1. If by ‘caring’ for Russia’ means killing journalist and ruthlessly stamping out anybody who opposes him and reigning in freedom of the press and lets not forget persecuting people because of their sexual orientation,sure go for it. Move to Russia. Putin is nothing more than a scoundrel who has forced his will on the Russian people who are too afraid to oppose him, much like the power structures within the BB House. Weak minded people who just want to get by and not make waves, vote with the house until they get pushed out the door.

              Putin may not believe in American exceptionalism but he certainly believes in the exceptionalism of the Russia plutocrats who operate with impunity alongside him and his thugs who have hijacked Russia.

    4. My All Stars Dream Line Up would be:


      1. Britney
      2. Candice
      3. Elissa
      4. Rachel
      5. Lydia
      6. Libra
      7. Jodi (because she was evicted Day 1 by Dan)
      8. And for extra drama for being a major bitch…Amanda

      Alternatives: GinaMarie, Jordan, Natalie (season 11), Sheila, Natalie (season 9), Chima, Kalia


      1. Frank
      2. Kevin
      3. Russell
      4. Evel Dick
      5. Jessie (God help us)
      6. Jeff
      7. Brenden
      8. Crazy James

      Alternatives: Judd, Andy, Ian, McCrae, Marcellas, Ragan, Casey, Ronnie

    5. If they do an All Stars BB, there is NOONE from this season who should even be considered for that show! I wouldn’t watch it, although I could possibly stomach Elissa and/or Judd and/or Jessie being on – but would prefer other players from other seasons.

  5. JUDD=a southern dumb hillbilly who had two shots to win this game who made an ally with elissa as she didn’t appease the house and send him packing he ruined the kaitlyn Helen elissa alliance by making a lie up to save aaryn the racist he gets his second shot and makes a final 2 with elissa he promised elissa if he won hoh or veto he would save her he used the veto on himself and he went right after elissa but elissa told judd it would be best for the game to keep the targets in the house yet judd was too dumb he also treated elissa like crap after elissa didn’t put him up but if anybody watching the feeds should of known that elissa made the right move to put andy up to get aaryn or Amanda out even judd knew it he still turned his back on elissa judd at one time even thought she should put andy up judd also treated elissa like crap talked mad crap about her called her a cunt and a bitch and even told her to stfu for no reason as she would just doing her yoga and everybody says that elissa and Helen were dumb not to get Amanda out yet judd was the swing vote and he didn’t vote her out then so basically dumb judd ruined our season

  6. Too funny listening to Spencer talk about the Candice meltdown… that is the FIRST thing out of his mouth I agreed with, Candice should have come to him privately instead of putting him on BLAST in front of the whole house. Would have been easy enough figuring out it was a game move on Amanda/Helen’s part. Imagine how different the game would have been if they had evicted Amanda, kept Howard, and McCrae would have been playing with Howard and Spencer. Of course, Andy would have walked in….

    1. I’ll be shocked if Spencer wins the next round. (that comp usually requires speed). I’ll be equally shocked if GM wins the final round. I won’t be shocked if Andy takes Spencer to the final 2. And, I won’t be shocked if Andy wins. Only way this doesn’t happen is if GM wins the final round and takes Spencer to the final 2 (thus GM wins). If Andy takes GM he knows he’s cooked. And mark my words, the 2nd round is going to be setup for Andy to win

  7. why they keep on talking about people i dont get it i be glad to be there at the end if i was in the game i will play like this treat everybody with respect in win every veto im in i dont care about hoh all i care about is veto if i get hoh good but if i get veto great

    big brother is about treating people with respect cause that person could be the vote so you could win the money is im going to be mad if he or she put me up yes is im going to be mad in front of people no im go to the restroom in be mad by myself so people want use it against me

    then if i get hoh i want put that person up to show them im not mad

    palying mind games with them then when they do get hoh agian they want put me up cause he want put us up

    so that give me a person that got my back

    its call mind game

    plus i win veto every time im in it to save her or another person in have three people on my team

    you see the pattern im building my team from veto win for you know it we be in a group of 4 clean house

    that my game play the veto king

    1. I sure wished you would use an actual “name” on your post…many leave it blank as you did. You can tell who is posting, however, because your use of the English language is lacking in ways too many to describe. The comments you just posted can barely be understood but I think that, out of the above rambling, it is some kind of boasting on what a great Big Brother strategist you are/would be…….veto king???……NOT!!!!

    2. They are getting paid their stipen to talk about other people. Vaht? Ju vant them to talk about Putin – pronounce eet poo-ten, not pew-ten, or you vill be shot.

  8. i know I will get the thumbs down but Judd for MVP. He just started getting ugly toward the end when he knew he was going home. I just really don’t want Elissa to get it. I really could have liked her if she wouldn’t have been so judgmental. If she could have held her head HIGH and not revealed her own disgust for the others by “refusing to sit by them” then she would have been a clear choice for me. I also didn’t like the advantage she had in the game with the MVP. She did receive special treatment and I just don’t respect it. If she truly had over come a lot of odds to stay in the game, etc. and not been such a SNOB, then I would have voted for her. No doubt she will get it, though. (sad face)

    1. Judd definitely would have been a strong contender for fan favorite if he hadn’t fallen into the pointless hate-fest that was almost always instigated by someone else (usually Andy.) Trash talking is part of the game but it is just so pointless to keep bashing the HG’s who have long been evicted and also allow the hateful comments to get more offensive and derogatory. If Judd could have refrained from participating, he would have kept a lot of fans on his side.

      1. Mother Teresa would not have gotten America’s Favorite Player with Elissa in the house fueling the Brenchal army along with the help of the christian coalition. Mother Teresa may have made a few mistakes in her life but apparently Elissa never has. So there you have it.

      2. I have the feeds and just can’t watch now that Mc is gone. Not that I liked him all that much but I can’t stand these guys. The life left the game with Amanda, Elissa and a few others. You don’t have to like someone to see they are playing the game (Amanda). She won’t go far in All Stars because everyone has her # at this point but she was someone who knew the game and could have gone further had her “loyalty streak” been a little more flexible. Say what you will about her but she was loyal and her loyalty to Andy brought her down. GM can take credit for getting her out (NOT) but it was Andy’s backstabbing that took her out.

    2. Why do so many on this site say “production gave Elissa an advantage with MVP”? I don’t believe it was their intention to give her the MVP week after week. That is why they changed it and then did away with it all together. They saw she would continue to get it if it was left as it was and took away the perceived advantage. Elissa wasn’t the only person that benefited from her so called advantage with MVP. Everyone outside of the Moving Company also benefited from her MVP run. That includes a favorite from every post I’ve seen from Helen to Amanda to Andy to Judd to whoever. Get over the MVP thing. I think it was a good idea, but really would only work the way it was intended with all new HG’s.

  9. Here are the final 3 HG, a few days before the finale and they’re still talking about how much they hate Elissa. Jealousy runs rampant!

    1. @JULIE CHN IS A DRUNK RACIST……are you just always dumber than a handful of dirt? No one is jealous of Elissa they hate her because he is a terrible person. At least in their eyes. She is a condescending snobby bitch who had no right to be on the show if she demanded preferential treatment. She received more compensation than the rest of the people in the house and rubbed their noses in it. She married a sugar daddy and he owns many properties and she rubbed their noses in it. Her sister was on Big Brother before her and she rubbed everyone’s noses in it by bragging about having a built in fan base. Her face is phony, her personality was nonexistent, she was cuddled and whiney this is why they hate her. In short she was disgusting with out being obnoxious. But all you pathetic drones will hit thumbs down because you can not stand the truth about this phony air headed floater. For some reason you would bow down and let this oxygen thief be your queen. And you keep saying how dumb and vile the rest of the house guest were / are but unwilling to see the true character of this witch.

        1. Ghost where have you been all summer? Just watch and listen to what she has done and said and what the others have said. If only one maybe two others had bashed her for being uppity and full of herself then that is jealousy but when all the people who lived with her until day 77 complain about her that is complaining about a horrid person. Yes they are horrid themselves and that should b an indication at exactly how horrible Elissa is. Just open your eyes an ears and do not be fooled by her uppity airs.

      1. i think you’re just jealous because deep down inside… you want everything she has!! you need to stop bashing on Elissa and rethink your life. Do something about it instead of venting on this site. Get a life!

        1. Julie Chen appeared on Good Morning America yesterday. As part of the story about her eye surgery, they showed Aaryn Gris talking about Helen “making rice”. You can see the story if you google ‘good morning america julie chen eye surgury’ Aaryn has gotten a lot of BAD press regarding this, and Julie obviously has strong feelings about Aaryns comments. This group should go down in BB History as the biggest losers.

          1. Julie Chen is such a bigot!! I mean she had her eyes surgically changed because she hated her own race. It is so obvious that Chen just wants to be a blue eyed blonde and her hatred of Aaryn is based on that and nothing about the comments. BTW, Julie Chen is was Gina Marie that made the rice comment first, but Chen cannot tell the truth. JULIE CHEN IS SUCH A LIAR!!!

        2. Just because someone can see the true character of a celebrity does not indicate that they are jealous of them. And no one truly knows what Elissa has first off, all of the property and assets of her marriage may belong to her husband. She has told so many non-game related lies I would not believe word one that comes out of her mouth. Just because you are a mindless dumbass and want to be cool by worshiping a celebrity doesn’t mean everyone else is weak willed and a follower like you. No one is jealous of Elissa that is the only defense they have to defend her. No one tries to refute the fact that she is self important and her status as a BB royal is because of her sister because her game play was no better than Jessie’s and marginally better than Candice’s. Yet people want to see her on all star shows. She is a sub-par player and a difficult person to be around obviously. Why don’t you reexamine your life and figure out why you support Elissa, maybe you want what she has and you believe tat being her puppet drone will bring you closer to that end.

  10. MCPUSSY=didn’t have the balls to stand up too anybody sent his only ally packing bashed elissa all the time ran to the dr like a little pussy to go tell on elissa lol did not play social, too stupid to figure out nobody wanted him there layed around the house waiting for a man duh to spread her legs slept all day and did nothing till the end and finally figured out he cant win everything his endgame was putting up elissa I didn’t see a superfan I saw a superpussy

  11. if me in dan was there together in big brother we will say this to eachother shit you hard to get out it be like allstar mastermind vr allstar master veto king so you cant get me out cause i win the veto everytime

    1. “NAME” is first to be sent to Russian front, eets an idiot thing, number von idiot bloggerrr comenterrr on here.

      Go dawg!

  12. So excited Dr. Will is going to confront the jury!
    I just watched part of season 6 tonight and was reminded if why I have loved BB!
    These HG’s are didn’t bring sh*t to this game!!
    Worst final 3 ever!!!!!!!

  13. AMANDA=actually a pretty good game player but her racism rants bullying and bigotry was awful she seemed like a call girl waiting for a check to be cashed she was heartless disrespectful and thought everyone would do what they would tell her but elissa woke the house up and started the move against the 3 am alliance IMO she is a slutty sloth who whined her way this far through the game

    1. Her outfit walking into the jury house was crazy skanky… cut off shorts with monster platforms with a mumu on the top! Not a good look!

      1. They all look like they shop at the 50% off rack at Kohls. Aaryn looked absolutely stupid with the aviator mirror sunglasses and awlwardly draped scarf, I really wish that trend would go away.

    2. Amanda started off playing really good but once they shut her game down she was unable to redirect it and keep going. Instead she fell apart and started having melt downs.

      1. Someone tell vaGina Moutharie she got fired so she can try to use that to support her for winning the 500k in the end, because she’s gonna need it … speaking medicalphorically. B*tch, learn how to speak! Fatal attraction wack job! If Andy or Spencer do win and do X-terminaturd GM, please reiterate to her, “get ta steppin”. Whisper it for all I care like I give a sh*t. BB Season of THE RAT!!!!!!!!!!!)

    3. Amanda was a lousy player who was only as good as her weak minded minions allowed her to be. If Andy was loyal to Helen everyone would be talking about how great Helen played the game. If Andy was loyal to Helen, Amanda would’ve gone home before Candice or at least before Jessie. And once Elissa showed a stronger will by not nominating Judd or GM and by nominating two members of 3AM, Amanda’s game disintegrated within hours, before Aaryn was even evicted. Right after that her informant scurried away to safer company and Amada didn’t have a clue what was going until the goodbye messages. Because her social game relied on bullying, Andy and no decent relationships with anyone she was lost once she was nominated.

  14. Listening to these people make my brain hurt!! It’s like riding past a car accident and looking even though you know it’s not going to be good.

  15. Why do they all say that they do not understand how McCrae could fall for Amanda when they were together all summer, yet Gm is way more obsessed with Nick they way she talks and they were only in the house together 2 weeks lol. On a side note, McCrae surprised me with his interview with Julie when he almost sounded like he did not really even care that much about Amanda.

  16. Watching these 3 brain dead idiots I was thinking how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful brain. The human brain is such an amazing thing. But then it occurred to me – what’s telling me that?

  17. People are sceptical about the existence of zombies, claiming that nothing can live without a functioning brain. I tell them that the Big Brother house has been doing that for over 80 days now.

  18. BB should have a language penalty…and the most disgusting usage of women’s slang body parts…the conversations this season were so gutter like and no at all interesting….apparently BB thinks that is fine…we should let them know it is not fine…also the usage of Prick …I am not a prude but hey get some people with a higher IQ that speak more like Elissa and way less like Amanda and others, I have never been in the company of anyone using some vile words….if I had I would have left the area, but these folks apparently were not as educated as the ones in prior years who had college, career that amounted to something. I don’t care who wins

  19. VAGINA MARIE =has made racist comments such as making fun of the united negro college fund made comments about 9/11 asked Candice to bring the black out of her referred to black people as tokens called elissas little boy a dirty little Puerto rican referred welfare as negro insurance even though the word negro wasn’t used but I don’t even like saying the other word she also said about Helen that if somebody slapped her upside the head maybe it would straighten out her eyes she mentioned that elissa has down syndrome and is retarded she also said that Candices birth mom gave her up cause she didn’t want the bitch she also talked about raping elissa with a dildo she made vile comments after elissa cared for her tried to be her friend helped her out with her hip and her back by doing stretches fixed ginas hair and was usually nice to her even though elissa knew the stuff she said about Candice elissa was the bigger person and tried to work with her IMO I DONT LIKE GINA MARIE AT ALL I THINK SHES A STUBBORN DUMB WOMAN WHO DOESNT THINK BEFORE SHE ACTS I DO BELIEVE WHEN SHE GETS OUT OF THE HOUSE THE EXPERIENCE SHE WILL GET FROM THIS WILL MAKE HER A BETTER PERSON AND KNOCK HER DOWN A FEW KNOTCHES SO UNFORTUANATELY IM ROOTING FOR HER OVER SPENCER AND ANDY I BELIEVE SHE HAS BIG HEART AND SHE CAN CHANGE AND THE MONEY WILL HELP WITH THE DOCTORS SHE NEEDS TOO SEE I DO THINK SHE HAS A BIG HEART AND WILL REALIZE HOW TO BE HUMBLE SHE IS FUNNY AND HAS A BIG PERSONALITY JUST NO SENSE OF SELF RESPECT OR CONTROL OF HER EMOTIONS AND HER MOUTH

    1. don’t know why everyone made a big stink when Aaryn said: “go make some rice”. Maybe she was just hungry. I would take more offence to Amanda calling someone “Chong Face”.

        1. I agree Aaryn’s comments were just PC incorrect, stupid, stereotypical comments and based on pure ignorance and trying to look cool which came off looking stupid because she was the youngest in the house, but they were nothing compared to what GINA MARIE, AMANDA, SPENCER, JEREMY, KAITLIN, ANDY, JUDD HAVE SAID AND CONTINUE TO SAY!! They are the most disgusting people I have ever seen in human society and to think that so many of them work in society with young people is horrendous. Andy definitely deserves to be fired as he is a TEACHER and can you imagine what he teaches to students? He is sick and the comments he made about mentally challenged people sickened me. Spencer is just so vile an his obsession with Hitler and his statements about how many times he has gone to work high could KILL PEOPLE not to mention his comments about being a pedophile. I actually think Aaryn does have a case against CBS because these others were so much more vile and yet they chose the youngest and actually least offensive but the youngest to berate on television.

    2. You started off sounding like Spenser and ended your comment sounding like Amanda. Time for you to take a BB break. lol
      Hell, If I was being filmed and on the internet 24/7 for months, I’m sure I’d say or do something someone in BB world would dislike.
      Chill out ppl!
      GM for the WIN!

  20. Andy was a “teacher” at College of Dupage? COD is a community college about 30 minutes outside of Chicago. He is so full of himself. When he talked about his two hour commute he was once again lying. I lived in that area for many years. It doesn’t take two hours to get from Wheaton, Il to Chicago. He has to go. He is such a loser. Oh, he doesn’t even have his part time job as a teacher.

    1. People call him a professor. He can’t be a professor if he only teaches part time at a community college. I don’t know if he is referring to himself in that way or someone else is. But if he is, he is showing another example of inflating who he is.

  21. I love your write up on the feeds Simon and Dawg and I read them daily, this is the first time I’ve posted any comments here. I have to post and say thank you for all your efforts, please don’t try so hard in these last few days to keep up updated on what these three are saying to us because it is so boring it’s not worth your efforts. I’ve been just scrolling through and not reading. Thanks!

  22. If your hungry for a good season of BB go and watch BB Canada. It had a much better cast for the first season ever in Canada. You can watch the entire season on youtube.

    1. For the most part, I loved BB Canada. I would have been happier with less of the “Chevrolet Power Shifts” though!

      I enjoyed the cast immensely. I did not have the feeds, but was able to catch After Dark online. The house guests definitely knew how to have fun!
      I also enjoyed the competitions, as most of them were not recycled from the US version. I adored Marsha the Moose!

      I am definitely looking forward to season two of BBCAN, and will probably purchase the feeds this year.

  23. Normally I have withdrawls after the finale but the only thing I will miss is this blog, comments, and Lurker001. We are all being watched by Big Bro and Big Sis so be kind online!

  24. I’ll give Gm points for the way she handled the friendship braclet caper with MCcrea. She was uncomfortable. It was awkward. But she was a good sport and did her best to make it fun. Helped McCrea to relax.. And stil managed to play her game at the same time..

  25. Maybe Ian was cheering for McCrae because the rest of you people are idiots? But of course that isn’t it because Spencer/GM/Andy are the greatest people in the history of Big Brother!

    They are going to be in for a surprise when they find out how much dislike there is outside of the house for all of them. I hope they tape the part when they tell Spencer about the FBI coming to his house because of the disgusting comments he made.

  26. its funny, usually I dislike someone because I can’t stand them etc….these people just flat out disgust me. none of them “DESERVE” to WIN this game, forget the stupid prize money, the actual game itself, none of them are deserving winners

    that itself, says they should re-think the format, or the casting process.

    when you look at the cast this year, how many would you have been happy as the winner? its a pretty sad bunch

  27. As bad as the final 3 are, at least the seem to do everything together. Play cards, checkers, all talk in cockpit, couches, kitchen. Last year, Daniele tried to ignore Ian most of the time. (awkward)

  28. what is EQUALLY annoying as andy’s thoughts on his gameplay(he thinks he has played some Dr Will game hybrid mix with Dan, ROFL), is Andy’s delusions that ANY good looking man would want to let him “have a piece of that”. Nick, even if Gay, would not be into Andy, especially after seeing his personality.

    although I think dressing like someone who spends their Saturdays watching Winnie the Pooh doesn’t help either

  29. My hunch is that Spenser won’t even really try to win part two of the HOH comp.. One, because he’s lazy. And two, because he’s convinced Andy will beat GM in the final comp. and take him to the final two.. He’d be happy with the 50k.. But if the FBI are interested in him, he may need to spend it all on a good lawyer..LOL
    Lets hope Andy spends his money on some decent looking clothes.. ..Maybe ask Ekissa to help him shop… Ha H ahahahahhh
    Not so fast … GM made a decent showing in the last quiz.. She was real with other guests therefore may have a better idea of how the mostly female jury members think…She may just surprise everyone..Love surprises….

  30. So Spencer thinks he’s “funny” and “witty”. Well, I have to agree.
    • It will be funny when he joins the jury Wed. night
    • It will be funny when his family wants to disown him due to his “witty” & “funny” disgusting remarks
    • It will be funny when he gets boos from the audience
    • It will be funny when CBS asks him to stay after the finale to clean up the BB house from all of his nose picking flicks everywhere
    • It will be funny when he finds out Marilyn has been put in protective custody so he can never locate her
    • It will be funny when he’s out of the house and his home town puts a petition together to have his racist a$$ move to the land of misfit toys
    • It will be funny when every woman that is near him will call him what he loves to refer to women as (that disgusting c u next Tuesday word)
    And lastly, it will be the funniest when he gets to vote for one of his dirt pig friends in his alliance!! Because neither one of them take him to the final two.
    Oh yes, Spencer, we all see u for what a “funny” and “witty” specimen you truly are.

  31. Helen and Elissa talking….Andy walks in. Aaryn and GM talking….Andy walks in. Amanda and McCrea talking…in comes Andy!! Kaitlin and Jeremy talking…well…there he is again!! I still can’t figure out why EVERYONE was so accepting of his sneaking around and quickly leaving to go tell someone else what he heard. Why did the HG not realize he crawled around like a cowardly rat and then scurry away!!! If GM wins the final HoH…I’d love to hear her say…just one time….Andy, get the F…k out!! GM for the win!

    1. On BBAD last night GM mentioned something about this. She said that Andy walked in on conversations in a “nonchalant” way, as opposed to Candice who was loud and annoying.

      I’m not really sure what is so “nonchalant” about Andy whining and asking a series of invasive questions while his eyes protrude from their sockets, but the answer came from GM.

  32. Wait, can we go back to when McCrae won HOH and have him nominate Andy instead of Elissa? I suggest whoever wins from the 3 dodos that are left, we can just say the person who won is the one who said f*** and sh!t and b!tch and bastard and A$$ the most times on the show. That is how I gravely have to sum it up at this point.

  33. When these disgusting people read what America thinks of them they will blame production on how they were portrayed or that all the comments made were from the Brenchel Army. Spencer won’t care about what people think of him. Hopefully, Marilyn will wise up to this disgusting person. Her mother must have had a clue about him and now will have proof. GM, the bigot and Andy, the rat will blame production and Brenchel army. If they eventually read this, I am not part of the Brenchel army or part of production and I don’t want any of them to win! They are all disgusting. I love BB and look forward to watching it every year and this cast is by far the most disappointing. The final 3 are, in my opinion, are the worst final three in BB history.

  34. Who gives a damn what Dr. Will thinks. The guy played in 2001 and 2006, he’s just like all these other A$$ holes just trying to make his 15 minutes of fame last. I don’t get how he was a bossy dickhead (like Amanda) and people still talk about how he’s a legend. Most of the cast of All-Stars weren’t All that. I remember reading a couple seasons ago he didn’t even watch the damn show any more. CBS should let the real fans who watch the show and keep up with great sites like this to REALLY GRILL the BB15 chumps on Skype and with tweets. I would say half of you floated and the other half are unemployed!

    1. I agree with you Dakota, Dr Will is not going to get real with them he will be asking them CBS questions to keep it real nice. Put a fan on their to questions them to keep it real.

    2. I think the only thing Dr. Will could do in the Jury house is to help settle the dispute that Amanda seemed so obsessed with. Does Elissa have plastic surgery or not. And then tell Amanda he can help her with her cellulite thighs and unproportioned boobs. . Maybe sew Amanda’s lips shut so she doesn’t put her foot in it so often.

  35. Lol I hate Andy so much. He ratted his way to the final 3. but at the same time he did make it to the end. People are taking this game way to serious, If you take a step back Andy did play a good game. He turned on Amanda and McCrae at the perfect time. That being said I still fuckin hate him lol. Even tho GM has said alot of racist stuff I fell in love with her after she put that bitch Amanda in check. GO GM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Elissa Elissa Elissa. What the hell is wrong with some people, get over it, she’s no saint. And if I see another Brenchael on BB16 I’m going to turn the tv off then gag and puke.

  37. I can not stand to hear his voice I put it on MUTE, and h e is a worm he really believes that he is so special, he is not and he is going to be so surprised when he comes in third, I HOPE so much, cause I really want to see him “just die” like he promised us all. Well that is hard I want to really see him cry. Like the boy he is. He believes he deserve everything. Spencer is a pig, and I don’t even want to put in that file, because pigs are better.

    GM lost for words. I want McCrae to win, but that is life. Andy please lose come in third please CHOKE it will not be the first time, I just can not watch them anymore.

  38. GM, Spencer and Andy all profess their hatred of Elissa. But all three of them have Elissa to thank for being in the final three. Elissa protected all three of these ingates. She told GM she would not put her up, kept her deal. She told Spencer and Andy they were pawns and would not be voted out. So their constant moaning and bitching about Elissa is stupid, childish and petty.

  39. No Andy. No didn’t play a Dan game. You played a Ronnie the Rat game. Only difference is S11 had smart people who realized this and acted accordingly.

  40. Jealous much Andy??? Keep puffin yourself up little flamingo knomeboy cuz we’re all gonna burst your delusional bubble right outta the water when you know what we FANS think of you and your game RATBOY! I can’t even look at him without seeing a disgusting whiny tattletallin weasel! yes Andy – we’ve all had one like you – the kind who throws dirt in your face and steals your toys in the sandbox while crying to the teacher that you got your socks dirty in the process. He’s like nails on a chalkboard to me! He never would have made it this far had any of them had any analytical skills to speak of. But then half the cast were so doped up that I’m sure they’re just now figuring out they’ve been evicted and in a different house. Sigh…

    As much as I hate to say it – GM for the win!

  41. After a season full of ups and downs I am rooting for Gina Marie. I would rather someone who played a mostly honest game win over a person who really has done nothing (Spencer) and someone who lied and back stabbed everyone (Andy). I understand the game is about lying and backstabbing but I’d rather an honest person win. I don’t think Spencer has a chance to win against either if them but if its Andy vs GM I think it will be a close call. I really think it’s going to be the fingers in the final 2 and then the season will really be ruined! Especially after Judd said he wanted GM to win and Elissa said that most of them would vote for GM. Big Brother won’t let her go to the final 2. Gina Marie for the win!

  42. The red wooly pervert and the red rat bastard have no respect for CBS and Production. Wish CBS would DQ both of them! Give the 2nd place prize to America’s Favorite HG and then the $25K to the runner up in that competition. Why should these two be rewarded for showing absolutely no respect!!!!! ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!!!!

  43. What happened to “expect the unexpected”? This has been the most predictable season I recall, as far as who will be nominated; who will be evicted, etc. The only thing unexpected is who could have conjured up this batch of house guests who are racists, perverts and illiterates who spew continuous trash 24/7.

    1. Maybe Julie Chen probably had a hand in “conjuring” up this bunch of racist HG because she is a racist and a lush.

  44. Andy…Are you going to cry after GinaMarie will evicted you? Too bad…….your going to the jury!!! It’s sucks doesn’t it.

    1. Hey Captain,

      You are one of my favorite posters this entire season. BB15 let me down on Expect the Unexpected, but you never did. Luv to read your stuff dude!

      I’ll bet if you were in the house this year you woulda straightened out some of those mean people to the Max!

      Anybody else got some ‘preesh for the Captain? Please be nice ’cause I think he’s awesome.

  45. Specter really needs to be investigated about his bragging early in the season that he put “Roofies” in girls drinks so he Gould get laid. That is considered RAPE and carries a prison sentence in most states. He has never mentioned it since, I think he realized that he said too much. I wonder what Old Judge Clawson thinks about his son theses days?

  46. CBS gives us BB15 which will go down in history as having the most vile and disgusting degenerates ever to compete on the show and Julie comes on last week real proud like informing us that the show will be back next year.

    So there we have it’ we can expect bigger and better racists and homophobes and deviants and bullies and whatever. The producers should watch the following and think about where America is headed or is already.


    1. Julie Chen is also a huge degenerate. Anyone that has an affair with a married man is a pretty despicable human being in my book. She is a sorry excuse for a human being and only got where she was from probably giving bj just like Amanda did all season long.

    2. Right on, It’s The Truth!!!! I have watched and shared that clip many times and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes and a tightening to my chest. I am old enough to remember the things that he speaks about. Should be mandatory viewing for every American, and those who wish to be. Sadly, seems most do not have the heart or desire to understand. It’s a me, me, me world. No matter who I have to step on or hurt to get to what I want. Thus, they never feel the real joy of winning or being happy for someone else that succeeds.

    3. Thanks for posting that clip. That was the Truth! If CBS the once great network wants to be great again it needs to ensure that there is integrity in all of it shows. There is nothing wrong with BB pushing the envelope, but there is something wrong with allowing and supporting unacceptable behavior and using the environment that the show creates as an excuse. The HGs are adults not 10 year olds. Aaryn, GM, Amanda, Andy, Judd, Spencer and Kaitlin should have been evicted from the house or given penalties for their language and behaviors such as: not allowed to participate in POV or HoH competitions, put on Have Not for 2 weeks. They and future HGs need to know that there will be consequences.

  47. Julie Chen is complaining about Aaryn’s Asian remarks saying how it was racist and offensive. Yet at the age of 25 she changed her asian look because she was told she wouldn’t get work…….was she offended by those who told her that…..did she say those remarks were racist and offensive, apparently NOT because she changed her look……I am curious as to why she is so offended by what Aaryn said yet remains silent on ALL the other racists, women hating, vulgar hgs……Julie Chen is nothing but a hypocrite…..and by NO means do I condone anything Aaryn said and as we all know she is paying the price when she gets back to Texas…….As far as the vile, women hating, perverted, racist, white trash hood rats, reality and Karma the bitch is waiting for them when they get home!!!!! CBS should be ashamed of promoting such a vile group of people, Andy, Spencer, GM, Amanda, Judd, McCrea and Aaryn…..

  48. Andy…..Are you still going to cry if Spencer will beat you in part 2 of HoH competition? It’s sucks for you.

  49. Will Nick’s manager advise him to “date” Gina Marie if she wins? Just wondering how much he will use her to advance his acting/hosting career.

  50. Everybody go back and read “After the season I need therapy”…..it’s posted on the first page at 5:14 am. Well written explanation of Andy’s dislike and continuing negative bashing of Elissa. I could not figure out why he keeps going back to slam her and this post puts it into perspective.

  51. Instead of Howard the bible man maybe next season they’ll have a rapper from the hood to spew what some call reverse racism, the problem though is any racism is racism. And Ginamarie is no innocent child, she spews her racism full of the hate and hurt it’s meant to have. She doesn’t have my friends and family fooled at all, she knows exactly what she’s saying and has said and she does it with all the gusto of a grown up racist. Please stop justfying or rationalizing or defending her, she’s a big time bigot. None of these sh-t heads deserve to win anything, this season is a travesty of anything moral, decent and sanitary.

  52. If CBS does have vile people like this year’s scum CBS will need to have undercover agents posing as house guests next year. The total lack of respect and rule breaking this year is astonishing. Next years will see what this years got away with and it could be a lawless group. We need a new sheriff in town and I hope that is wil telling and showing them what a bunch of thugs they were.

  53. If Gina Marie doesn’t win part 3 of the competition she will come in third place.

    I truly believe Andy and Spencer are going to take each other to final 2.

    Hopefully GM wins part 3 and takes Spencer to final 2.

    GM wins BB, Spencer wins 2nd place like he wanted and Andy 3rd.

    Elissa for America’s Favorite Houseguest! Vote on CBS.com.

  54. I adore Dr. Will – he has it all. A doctor in dermatology and a wicked sense of humor, throw in sexy beast he;s the man. This season has nothing to root for and the hatred for Alyssa is really extreme. I hope her husband kicks Andy and Spencer in the balls for not having any respect towards his wife. Wishing that GM wins the competition instead of the wicked rat.

  55. Please, Please, Please, vote out the red RAT third place, I want to see him glow red and cry like a 3 year old! The look on the juries faces will be priceless when he walks in!

  56. Someone mentioned that they have never heard the ‘ F*** Word or the C*** Word’ used so much as from this bunch. I have always heard that this is due to a lack of vocabulary.

  57. hey Todd Crane, you ‘hope’ racist GM wins and takes pervert Spenser to final 2, it’s one thing to believe but to “hope” for any one of the 3 garbage individuals left to win BB is sickening.

  58. would be awesome to see an all star season with both Rachel and Elissa in there… especially if Amanda or Aaryn or GM were there… they picked on Elissa, would like to see some sisterly retaliation.

  59. GM goes to the DR because she needs to see a medic again.

    Medic: What seems to be the problem?

    GM: Something is terribly wrong, I keep finding postage stamps from Costa Rica in my vagina.

    Medic: Those aren’t postage stamps my dear, they’re the stickers off the bananas

  60. Seems mostly all Brenchael sheeple here today, can’t stand their stench. Be back later when the more intelligent thinking grownups come back. I have better things to do than read their one track mentality comments,

  61. Here’s an excerpt from an article on Andy the Chicago Sun Times, from June 20, 2013. Interesting!

    He’s one of two Chicagoans competing on the CBS reality show, where contestants vote to kick someone out of the house each week. The 15th season starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday on WBBM-Channel 2.

    “You bear through Chicago winters so you can have Chicago summers,” said Herren, 26, a part-time communications professor at College of DuPage.

    Herren, who’s been studying improv at iO for more than a year, also was bummed about not being able to perform this summer with his iO graduating class. He’ll likely still make people laugh, judging by his CBS bio that lists his favorite activities as “befriending large black women at bars” and “eating ice cream too fast.”

    Accomplishment he’s most proud of? A string of graffiti dedicated to him in the women’s bathroom of the English building at University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, his alma mater. Entries reportedly include, “I AM IN LOVE WITH ANDY HERREN.”

  62. More on Andy’s desire to do improv from the Chicago Daily Herald interview, April 5, 2013 in an article titled “Suburban Theater Artists Discuss Their Work…”

    Andy Herren

    Andy Herren got into improv on a whim.

    After graduating from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana with bachelors and masters degrees in media and communication, he took an improvisation class at The Second City.

    “I loved it,” says the Aurora native who teaches public speaking at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn.

    Invited to participate last year in Second City’s “Blender” improv showcase, Herren was “thrown into the deep end” with experienced improvisers.

    Among them was director and Second City veteran John Hildreth. After noting Herren’s skill at musical improv, Hildreth invited him to join his cast of “The Improvised Musical La Ronde,” part of Street Tempo Theatre’s adults-only “The La Ronde Project,” comprised of three scripted plays and an improv, all inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s 19th century sexual farce.

    “Being responsible for improvising an entire song is scary at first,” said Herren, who currently studies at iO Chicago.

    Fortunately, hard work and a little confidence goes a long way.

    Like he tells his students: “Fake it until you make it.”

    These days, Herren’s not faking.

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