Ginamarie gets 4 stitches out “She’s like Wolverine”


3 PART FINAL HOH Competition:

  • Part 1 – Spencer Vs Andy Vs Ginamaie = GM WON
  • Part 2 – Spencer Vs Andy = Andy WON
  • Part 3 – On Finale night – Ginamarie Vs Andy = ?
  • FINAL HOH winner = ?


3:15pm Talking about the second part of the final HOH. Andy says the first crab he found was one of the Judd’s. Spencer says that he hopes one day Andy finds someone he cares about like Spencer cares about Marilyn. Andy says he feels like he needs to date more people and F*** some more people to get it all out of his system. Spencer agree says he had to f*** a lot of people before he met Marilyn.

3:23pm GM gets out of the Diary room tells them she got 4 stitches out.

Production “the only constant in life is change”
Andy – “Words of wisdom.. ”

Spencer and Andy in the backyard eating pizza while GM lays in the sun.

Spencer says he’s surprised GM’s stitches came out so fast. Andy – “Are you really… ” Andy laughs says Jessie’s scratch could be seen for 6 weeks whereas GM got stitches and they were removed in 6 days. Spencer calls her wolverine from the comic book. (Wolverine had accelerated healing)
Spencer – “I’m looking forward to shaving this beard off.. I’ve had a bead before but this is insanity.. look at me”
Spencer is not use to having a beard like this.

Andy says that the house started hating the “Boom squad” around the time when Aaryn decided to become the worlds biggest a$$hole. ASndy doesn’t think they hated Nick, GM or Kaitlin. Andy now saying that he liked Jeremy he just go annoyed by him sometimes.

Spencer wonders if the wrap party will be in the back yard. He wants to be able to show Marilyn everything. Andy mentions that Elissa seemed to think the wrap party will not be in the backyard.

GM tells them the doctor told her a couple more days until all the stitches are removed.

4:20pm Backyard The exterminators
GM says she was said when Kaitlin left but she still had Aaryn so it wasn’t as bad. When she lost Nick it was really hard on her took weeks to get over it. She missed Aaryn but not for long because she won the HOH shortly after.

Andy missed Helen because she was really wacky and he knew she cared for him. Andy also missed JUDD the first time and a bit the second time. GM never felt bad the second time because it was either GM or JUDD.
They all agree they didn’t feel bad for seeing Amanda or Elissa go.
Andy asks Production if they can send someone in for them to talk to for a couple hours. Andy says it doesn’t matter who it is can be a intern. Andy wants a gay intern.
Spencer – “Send Andy a gay intern.. so he can kiss him”
GM – “Give us something to watch”

Andy says he really likes horror movies. He recommends Spencer watch “Drag me to hell” Spencer mentions that Marilyn doesn’t like horror movies. Andy – “That would be a big negative in my books” Spencer says a lot of girls don’t like horrors Andy dates guys there’s a better chance of them liking horror. Andy says his last boyfriend Kevin hated horror movies.


4:53pm Living room
Spencer asks them how do homosexuals decide what position they will be in during s$x. Spencer wonders what Andy’s preference is.
Andy says he’s fine with either position.
Andy – “I have a friend that doesn’t bottom ever”
Spencer – “Is that seen as selfish”
Andy says it can be but it really depends on who you’re partner is some people only want to bottom.

5:04pm Last photobooth. .

Production tells them it’s photobooth time. GM – “YAAAA Photobooth time bitches”


6:00pm GM is running laps Spencer is sleeping in the hammock


6:30pm Backyard Andy asks GM who she will keep in contact with after the show.

GM says Nick, Kaitlin and the rest of the exterminators. She doesn’t think she will talk to Candice, Jessie or Howard.

GM doesn’t know if is she will talk to Aaryn she gets the feeling Aaryn is the type of person that doesn’t text back until much later.

Andy thinks JUDD is a bit of a priss.. He thinks he’ll hook up with Jessie but not Aaryn. Spencer thinks the jury house is going to be much like the house people are going to be hanging out with their friends. Spencer thinks Jessie will be pissed at Aaryn because she’s banging JUDD> Andy doesn’t see Aaryn hooking up with JUDD. GM comments how JUDD can go zero to sixty in 2 seconds.

Andy says McCrae would have picked up on the exterminators early on but he was so pu$$y whipped. Spencer says he loves McCrae and doesn’t want to him to make a big mistake moving to Florida.

7:12pm They all agree Jessie would not have done well in the 2nd HOH competition because she is short.
GM says Jessie had midget features.
Spencer laughs “Ohh Ginamarie”
Spencer – “She stomped.. you could really hear her coming”
GM – “She had a pot belly”
Spencer – “it was cute”
GM – “you liked that”
Spencer – “f*** ya I liked that I liked her body”

Spencer says the first Exterminator victory was Aaryn. GM says she never wanted Aaryn to go. Spencer knows that but says she had to go for all their games. GM knew Aaryn was trying to get GM put up that is why she voted for Anry to stay. GM doesn’t feel bad for making Amanda cry the night before eviction. GM reminds them of all the bullying Amanda did around the house.


7:56pm GM and Spencer
He’s giving her a mini pep talk telling her she can do it. Spencer- “I got all the faith in the world.. you don’t have to worry about that”

8:34pm chatting about Howard and how horrible in competitions he was. GM brings up how Amanda wanted Howard out so bad and kept telling them “He’s going to turn it on”
GM – “He didn’t turn anything on except for Candice”
Spencer tells them about the time they asked Howard how long he likes to have sex for and he said 45 minutes. Right after someone asked Candice how long she likes to have sex for and she said “Around 45 minutes boo”

8:45pm Spencer changes up Candice’s plate says this is how she looked when she was staring at you.


8:51pm They get some beers

9:03pm Taking walks down memory lane
David tour
Andy takes them to the Backyard where David showed Andy his butt
Gm takes them into the bedroom where he wore her pink dress and she saw his b@lls.
Spencer takes them into the hallway bedroom where he told David he was safe and he voted him out the next day

Nick Tour
Andy takes them to the chess board were Nick played him and told him he was targeting Helen and Elissa.
GM takes them to the hammock says it’s her favorite Nick spot. “I asked him if he liked and he said yes and I asked him if he would kiss me and he said on day 90 he would and today is day 88” Gm adds that they would hold hands under the pillows.
Spencer takes them to the poolside.. this was the spot that Nick pulled Spencer aside and told him he wanted to make a team which turned into the Moving Company.

Jeremy tour
Andy takes them to the kitchen.. Andy tells them when he was a have nots he watched Jeremy grab the largest mug fill it with chocolate milk have a couple sips and leave it. Andy says when he was a havenots all he had to consume was the chocolate milk.
Gm takes them to the cockpit This is were she told Jeremy she wanted to form the bomb squad.
Spencer takes them to the havenots door.. After being in the house for 30 seconds Jeremy came up to him and Howard and said us three till the end.

Kaitlin tour
All these are in the bathroom
Spencer “one day as I was going to take a sh!t and Kaitlin was in the shower.. through the glass I clearly saw her full left T1T”
Andy says week four this is the spot where Kaitlin never said she wanted to get Helen out. (the spot near the cockpit door. while in solitary JUDD said he heard her say that which resulted in her eviction)
Gm says the bathroom couch is where kaitlin would tweezers her “happy trail” in front of everyone

Howard tour
GM takes them to the backyard where Howard told her she was a good person
Andy says his Howard moment was near the weights Howard was training him and said to him.. “Are you looking to be sore tomorrow”
Spencer brings them to the pool table where Howard told Spencer “Hey hold on a second” then he went into the kitchen and scared everyone in the room when he was trying to be a nice guy. (It was one of Howards big creepy speeches)


Candice tour (9:25pm)
Andy takes them to the Storage room where candice pulled him in and told him they were going to get picked off they needed to get rid of Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae. “It was the first time she tried to talk some resemblances of game to me”

GM takes them to the bedroom where the bed flipping took place and reenacts the incident.

Spencer takes them to the backyard where Candice took him to Candyland, “In a matter of three seconds she totally sank Howard’s game, ruined her game but helped mine”

JUDD’s tour
Spencer takes them to the cockpit says it was right after he won the veto Howard called in Spencer, Andy and JUDD and he proposed that Andy and JUDD flip on Amanda, “With that deal came the wonderful opportunity to work with Candice.. that is when the JUDD, Andy, Howard, Spencer alliance almost formed”
S – “JUDD went to tell Amanda everything that was said.. and Andy backed him up.. that is what led to the argument with Amanda which led to me going to candyland”

GM takes them to the backyard when week 2 when she knew he voted David out and lied to her so she made the motion of slitting someone’s throat with her thumb. WHen JUDD saw her do that he ran away.

Andy brings up the night when he was trying to comfort Jessie and JUDD claimed he heard Andy say Howard and started a big blow out about it.

Jessie’s tour
Spencer takes them outside near the hammock. He was laying in the middle of Jessie and Jeremy right after David got evicted. He had his sunglasses on and for about 5 minutes he stared at her right t!t while she talked until she noticed and covered up.

Andy takes them to the backyard couch and tells them about the Jessie/Amanda fight

Helen’s tour
Spencer takes them to the pool table, “Right here.. is where Helen told me she no longer is coming after me after I was taken to candy land.. I pretended to cry”

GM says her favorite Helen moment is when she put on all her clothes and acted like Snooki.

Andy says his moment was when Helen waved her fingers in his facve and telling him she has Freddie Mercury fingers. “I was like the lead singer of Queen.. and she said no the horror movie.. Ohh Freddy krueger”

Aaryn’s Moments (They’ve stopped walking around and are doing it in the living room)

GM says her moment was the BB bunny dance or the night after Candice left and her and Aaryn

Spencer brings up when Aaryn said Spencer was a sorry motherf*** and the biggest liar in the world. “I said whatever Aaryn”

Andy says his favorite without a doubt was after David went home and Aaryn won the HOH she screamed “WHO VOTED DAVID OUT” and started assigning havenots to Helen, Elissa, Andy, Amanda and McCrae.

Andy gets called into the diary room.. the next person on the list is Amanda they will wait until Andy gets back.


Amanda moments
Spencer and Andy’s favorite Amanda moment was her sitting in the chair day 72
GM- “my favorite moment is when I told that b!tch to get to stepping”

Elissa moments

They make them all up..

JUDD moments.

making up the name for their alliance the exterminators. They all loved and missed good Judd (the JUDD that went home during the double eviction was bad JUDD and the JUDD trhat joined the exterminators is being called good JUDD)

11:04pm GM goes over the night when Amanda was egging her one and she started a fight with her.
There’s four things you don’t f** with
1) Nick and Nick’s stuff
2) her word
3) her make up
4) her clothes

Andy – “only one out of the three of us showered today.. wow”
Spencer- Yup”
GM – “Sorry”


GM is worried about the questions on Wednesday. Andy says he hasn’t been good at the questions. He thought before coming into the house he would dominate the questions but that wasn’t the case.

Spencer says he’s looking forward to see Marylin he loves that goofy broad.
GM is looking forward to sitting down with Nick.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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I watched BB Canada this weekend on youtube…there certainly was backstabbing going on, but the people were more likable…not like this crew. All of the final four seemed like decent people….it was fun watching Dan G make cameos…I enjoyed BB Canada show.

Dr Will please

I had never seen Dr. Will’s seasons, but I’ve watched a few videos of him the past few days. He is so handsome and entertaining. I wish they had someone like him on BB15. He’s really dreamy! He can be very manipulative but is never disgusting like the HGs now. Hopefully he’ll grill Andy, Spencer, and GM for their horrible behavior in the house and also Amanda if he can ask questions to the jury.

An orca named GM

Holy cow! That first picture looks like a beached whale made it to the BB backyard. Oh, never mind. That’s just GM laying by the pool. Look at the HUGE ass!


Ever since I stopped watching BB15, I have been watching BB Canada. Great show! They outdid the US in 2013 by 100%. I am definitely a fan of BB Canada. I may not even watch US again. Well, I can’t say that. I will give them a chance again, but I Know I haven’t watched BB15 in a long time.

Me too

I also watched BB Canada and there were some annoying characters but the show was diverse with their cast so that too made it interesting. The cast seemed more genuine/natural. I think the cast was much better than the U.S. one. Glitter Gary was very annoying for the house guests at first but later they grew to love him. They had showmances and a few drama queens but all in all it was a fun show to watch. U.S. BB could take a page out of their book when it comes to casting.

Lets hope next years show is better.

Tiny Bob

I know it’s hard to believe, but BB15 and BB Canada both had the same casting director, Robyn Kass of Kassting Inc.

Yawn redux

one more thing….on BB Canada, .Gary “Glitter” Levy’s alter ego “Zoe” looks like a drag version of Amanda! too funny! check it out!

Dear Yawn

You could watch season 2 or 7, Will Kirby’s season on YouTube. He was hott now he’s old. Like 40 or something so he in no way could reach the same target audience. Just older, lonely women. Lol have you seen who he is married too? She looks 50 and plastic and not in a Mariah Carey way either more of a Joan Crawford type. Also, he on twitter is rooting for Spencer and has a crush on Aaryn. So now u know he likes Pedo’s and doesn’t mind racists.


40 is not old! geez…and he is still hot in my opinion.


and he looks way better now than he did during BB2

Dr. Will please

Dear Yawn, 40 is not old, if you’re lucky you’ll get to be 40 one day, if not……………

the last word

As much as I hate Andy, I’m rooting for him to win it…. can’t stand G.M racist ass that b*tch needs to go back to N.Y and get a reality check and spencer just made it to the end by accident he’s actually the ultimate floater and andy takes second place floater; however at the end of the day andy had some strategy and is the least grimiest of the other two, I think… UGHH it’s so hard because I can’t stand any of them. So f*ucked up !!!!! I want them to go away, this episode sucked today I’d rather see what jury’s been up to…


I also just watched BB Canada and I loved it. I have a couple questions. Did anyone watch the live feeds and are there any blogs? I looked around this site and I couldn’t find any. Just curious about the edit versus the show compared to the US show. Dawg/ Simon do you have an opinion or did you do updates for BB

Canadian Fly on the Wall

I watched the BBCAN live feeds and absolutely loved it! Very entertaining on so many levels! Can’t wait for the next season!


Why on earth did they advertise gross rotting green fungi ridden toenails here? It was right after reading something on GM! I nearly vomited my split pea and garlic soup!


Split Pea and Garlic soup is enough to make anyone vomit by itself, lol


Spencer is like a 13 year old boy….all he thinks about is sex and where to wipe his boogers. The sheriff’s office in the county he lives in in Ark. is investigating him because of the comments he made about sex and little kids. If he wins any money he may need it for attorney fees. He’s a total jerk. If Andy were my teacher I’d have to resign the class. He’s an obnoxious little elf. GM might truly be a racist ( that isn’t just a Texas thing) but ‘m tired of people trying to make everyone think and talk the same. If she is a racist..she’s a racist. She has the freedom to think and say whatever she chooses no matter how dumb or ignorant some might think she is. I haven’t watched BBAD much this year at all. I found the whole bunch of them to be completely boring. I’m grateful for this site where I can find out what is going on without having to subject myself to it for hours. I truly don’t think there was one person in the house who was “pure” enough to have a big fan base. I hope GM wins simply because I find the guys more despicable.

i'm tall

GM is more than a racist. i believe she is mentally challenged. I’m guessing she never graduated high school. her family most likely enabled her as a child when she did dumb stuff. “oh, that’s cute GM you can’t read or write at 18. it’s ok because we think you are lovely!”

All 3 of these folks are worthless! I can’t wait until Wednesday so this season can be put to rest.

Just about the time...

…I think I’ve heard everything from these people, Spencer asks Andy to expound on gay sexual positions. Good grief.

Andy's sis

Maybe ole’ Spence is really trying to figure out what he’ll like best after life in the BB house. Y’know, asking “for a friend” and all.


Because a straight guy could NEVER be friends with a straight guy, so Spencer must not really be a friend to Andy but rather a closeted homosexual so, so smart of you to figure that out.


Yes because that is worse than racism and bullying, hearing a gay guy talk about sex. Good grief my ass. Is being gay really that scary? C’mon grow up.

Just about the time...

Nope…the gay part isn’t scary…to me, anyway. I would have said the same thing if the conversation were reversed and Andy had asked Spencer how heterosexuals “do it.” My point was that these people have absolutely no filter at all on any topic…even though what they say and do is heard and seen by thousands / millions.


spencer is so vulgar but hes growing on me I think its funny he knows everyone can see he don’t care I like that


I know, just when you think you’ve heard all you can from these three – they manage to do more! I think it’s ironic that Andy’s fav movie is “Drag Me To Hell,” – that is certainly what they have done to all of us this season! LOL!!


Thinking Of Andy, Anyone Else Think It’s Funny Watching The Cat Chasing The Rat/Mouse Infomercials On Bbad


Well, well, well. Got to hand it to old Spencer. Not only a woman hater and a pervert let’s add super racist to that rather questionable list of personal traits. He said Aaryn’s beauty shone like a cross in a front yard. Sounds like KKK philosophy. Thank God I live in Canada cause middle America , as represented by BIG BROTHER..stinks!


Didn’t he say, beauty shown across the front yard, not a cross burning on the front yard.


It was a joke about aaryn being racist! Holy has everyone lost their sense of homour?!

Adam Poch's Strategy

He was making fun of her for being a racist. Get thicker skin. Spencer is hilarious, inappropriate but hilarious. Get over yourself.


I think some things come off different when read. With how these people are I can see how it sounds that way. I thought it was funny actually. And it’s amusing that it seems to be common knowledge that she is racist. Not sure how Gina Marie got relieved of that tag though. She’s just as bad. if not worse.


I think because it’s mentioned in every sentence and practically every post on this website, people automatically associate racism with this group. It amazes me how people’s post are just as hateful (if not more) than what the houseguest say….but the fact that someone in this house could say, “I look horrible in black (meaning clothes)”…people will jump on the bandwagon and cry..I’m sorry…scream “racism” with foam forming at their mouths…I guarantee by next year, we’ll have become immune to this topic and be hearing a lot worse than what is being said…


sage101 im a big Canada fan make my living from a poker room in Canada and I told these people before that house is average America and they would find out if they lived with average America

AUNT NAZEEHBA RatBoy is a big ole bottom

Masculine men don’t want any sissy bottom rat boy.
After this exposure, you won’t be able to get laid in a bath house!

andy's ears make me vomit

what is the deal with Andy dressing like he is retarded?



his entire wardrobe looks like some grandma’s undergarment collection kept since the 1940’s

Pinocchio Obama

Andy’s Ear,

You just answered your own question.

Jim 64

Well 3 more days left
If BB 16 is not an allstars they better learn how to pick
Better houseguests


I expect next season(if it’s not All-Stars 2) to be MUCH worst than this season, where we’re scratching the surface to find someone to like.

If there is an All-Stars 2, I hope they don’t include ANY of the HGs t from this season, or ruin the season in a few weeks with a bogus twist that don’t work, I think we’ve suffered enough. Seasons 8-14 got some good and entertaining players.


I hope next season on BB they go to the blogs and pick some people not because they are trying to get famous, look good in bathing suits, or are so starved for attention that they will say anything to get some. BB producers should do a season where people are really desperate for the money. I want contestants that absolutely need money because their house is in foreclosure, they are trying to get money for college for their kids, pay off their student loans, or to start a business. Then BB should have more comps for money and food that would mess up their game for the half million dollar prize. I would like to see who could hold out. The tension in house could be caused by people not being able to deal with delayed gratification and not personal issues.

Vomit bag

GM’s ass is big. Looks at those photos! I don’t believe her when she says she liked anybody in the house given how she has done nothing but insult and throw under the bus everyone one of her so-called friends. What a pathetic skank. And a psycho bitch since she still hasn’t gotten over Nick. I hope he has some bodyguards on finale night to thump her ugly ass if she tries to accost him.

Spencer you should be lucky if you’re not a virgin. I find it hard to believe that ‘a lot of girls’ have willingly let you have sex with them. (They must’ve been mighty drunk or you’ve paid them a lot of money). If Marilyn shows up at finale I will eat my hat because I can’t believe anybody will be there to support you, let alone a girlfriend, after all the misogynistic and perverted things you have said. If they do it’s because you are about to win $500,000 and they want a part of it.

And Rat boy, you are disgusting in every way. You call yourself a teacher, and yet talk openly about wanting to f$ck a lot of guys still to get it out of your system before settling down? You are almost as perverted as the other red-haired asshole in the house. So hoping you go back to Chicago in third place you twisted untrustworthy floating Rat turd.


I totally a free with you about Marilyn. What kind of woman would be with a perv like Spencer. He is disgusting and vile!

It's Vile!

You Heard me! VILE!

House Ghost

Spencer gets laid by essentially drugging his girls by putting “roofies” in their drinks, that is a felony , and its RAPE! I’m not making this up, he admitted it early in the season.


I am not a fan of GM at all but I think she looks hot in the pictures. When I look at her I don’t think fat ass, I think hot sexy curves and I’m a female. Just cause she has curves doesn’t make her fat.


GM is a chunk. Looks like an oiled pig in that picture. How pathetic are these people that they’re begging for someone to talk to, or entertainment? I hope production does’nt give them shit! They don’t deserve anything more than that crap looking brunch they served up.

Welfare State

That looks like a slimer version of Hilary.


It would seem that Spencer simply cannot go for more than a few minutes without mentioning sex, male/female genitalia, or making some negative critical judgment about some woman’s body. Andy’s focus is on Elissa and Ginamarie thinks that the only memorable thing about Candice is that she is Black.

No wonder they’re so bored. They’re all such brilliant conversationalists.


The most memorable things about Candice are not good memories. Her voice, calling people ‘boo’, bragging about popping her pussy, her fat ankles, her bug eyes, her wearing McCrae’s shirt and other people’s clothes without asking…Like I said, nothing good to remember.


Without a doubt the worse 3 finalist in BB history. BB needs some rules changed for the future. Your racist your out. You bad mouth hg you get warnings and then expelled if continues. You throw competitions you get penalized. You play to win always, it’s half a million people. No blood on my hands., bull. Have pride in winning not floating.


its reality tv they want fights and everything else cbs would even want racism if people didn’t complain whole point is for you to rute for someone or hate there guts


Oh yea a big one, no jury America decides, all the top talents shows has America voting, it should be this way. We see the feeds we read the blogs, who but America knows who should really win.


I don’t want America to vote on BB winner….I have watched many reality/ talent shows & never voted via phone, text, or whatever….that’s what makes it a damn popularity contest…let the jury house vote…and regret it later.


Andy says he misses Helen and he knew she really cared for him? When she asked him to put up Amanda and McCrae he didn’t. Then he took Amanda’s side to try and blindside Helen. I guess money is the most important thing for Andy. He basically betrayed everyone that trusted him amd was loyal to him. I really hope Helen and all the other HGs see how you really are outside the game. A disloyal conniving rat that only cares about himself.


Andy literally talks out of both sides of his mouth and contradicts himself sometimes within the same conversation. It’s called full of sh*t which I guess is fitting for this sh*tty season. I think he’s more than anyone is going to have the worse time with the reaction he gets online if he reads what some think of him.


Andy literally talks out of both sides of his mouth and contradicts himself sometimes within the same conversation. It’s called full of sh*t which I guess is fitting for this sh*tty season. I think he’s more than anyone is going to have the worse time with the reaction he gets online if he reads what some think of him.


I really, really dislike Andy. But I don’t dislike him because he lied and wasn’t loyal; that’s all part of the game.

I dislike him because:
1.) He gleefully tattled on anyone he could any time he could. There was no game playing to hold his cards close to his vest and to think strategically on how to best use information. He just ran and spilled his guts like a gossipy 13-year old girl to anyone at any time.
2.) His creepy obsession about Elissa is disturbing and despicable.
3.) His happiness in inflicting and watching other people’s misery could be viewed as “strong and ruthless” except he cried like a baby when Elissa “dared” to put him on the block–even though he knew he was safe! He thought it was funny when others were worried and miserable. Again, disturbing.
4.) His complete arrogance is revolting. He tries to take credit for other people’s game moves and he acts like he thinks that he single-handedly evicted all of the previous houseguests. He always polled the entire house to find out what the votes would be so he could vote the same way. That’s totally different than being the person leading the charge or making the decisions. He played it safe, but now tries to make it seem like he personally orchestrated every move. Seems to me that his nominees when he was HOH the first time were Jessie & Spencer. He spearheaded getting Jessie out. Congratulations. His second HOH he nominated McCrae & Spencer, knowing that he wouldn’t have a shot in Hades at F2 if he had betrayed his alliance at that point. He thinks his game play is on par with Dan’s. His arrogance has also made him delusional.
5.) His crying all the time did nothing to endear himself to anyone other than Helen (who used the fake tears herself when she felt it would benefit her).
6.) His pride in winning competitions now that he is competing against GM and Spencer. Wow. What an accomplishment! Wait–didn’t GM win the first part of the HOH competition rollerskating with a broken toe and stitches in her knee? But then, he managed to win the rock climbing second part even though he had to stop and “act like a baby” (his words) in the middle of it. He is so proud of himself for beating Spencer! Seriously? Shouldn’t he be humiliated that GM took him in Part 1? If Spencer HAD beat him in Part 2 that would have been an even bigger “epic fail” than GM taking him out in Part 1!
7.) His gloating over winning that competition last night was classless. He just kept bragging and bragging while GM and Spencer just sat there quietly. His lack of empathy for Spencer was appalling. GM didn’t do that to Andy when he choked on Part 1. Of course, if she had, it would have made him cry.


Very well laid out list of reasons why we despise Andy. I have equally long lists for GM and Spencer. At this point, I only wish Andy to come in 3rd and couldn’t care less who wins between the racist slob and the disgusting perv. Looking forward to finale night and the grilling and the look on all their faces when Elissa wins AFP. Hope Julie informs them of their job status, or lack thereof.

What’s even worse it I can’t stand that I have such strong feelings about these vile people.


Are you kidding? It was about the money for all of them!


Lol. Andy looked like a gay vampiric elf in his Minister outfit during the “wedding”.


These people are disgusting talking about which position Andy like having sex, I though the only position he can have that is from behind.


Are you an idiot? Think about that.


I hate that I have to wait a whole year for another BB cast. I hope in the future everyone know that voting with the house every week is crap. BB 16, please play your own game.


I think the best bet is to, starting next year, to stop announcing the vote totals, just let them know who was eliminated and if there is a vote that turns 180 from what people were expecting then let paranoia run amuck.

In my humble opinion

My suggestions for next season:
– Whoever is HOH should have to say who the replacement nominee will be in the even one of the two nominees gets off the block. That way anybody who could be going home has an equal shot for the veto. I’m not a big fan of the backdoor. The person backdoored should have a chance to compete for the veto.
– Don’t bring back an evicted HG… or if one did come back into the game it should be America who decides, and it should be open to ANYBODY who has been evicted, not just a jury member.
– Make every evicted HG a jury member.
– Allow the jury house to have the 24/7 live feeds.
– Put a live feeds camera in the jury house so we can watch if it’s boring in the BB house.
– Don’t put in the token black man and woman and gay guy. Mix it up and include other ethnicities.
– Don’t make it possible for floaters to make it to final 3 (like this year). Institute a rule that in order to make it to final 4 or 3 you have to have won so many competitions.
– Completely redo the format of the show (when the comps are held, what the comps are, etc.). They have become so predictable even the HGs know what’s coming next.
– Get rid of Chen. Either don’t have a host at all or put one on who is going to be neutral and not spout her personal opinions about the HGs on official CBS shows only to then interview the unaware HG later. America doesn’t care how you feel, Julie. We like to make up our own mind. So don’t act as judge and executioner!

Waste of Time

That was a 60 minute infomercial on why not to watch this show next year. Just a subtle reminder to those who may have forgotten what a horrible cast this was.


I thought that was 24K gold Big Brother. The music was so good, the lines so scripted….I love Big Brother, and, even though I hate how it turned out, its been a great season. CBS is spinning overtime, it’s magic.

I never watch for who I want to win, but, I watch to see how it unfolds.


Why is Spencer so dang worried about Mcrae moving to Florida? This is like the 25th time he has mentioned that.


That hour long show was ridiculous! I am so ready for this season to be over. I wish they would do a fall season and have some house guests with intelligence, morals, and some drive to win the game without being a horrible person.


Tonight’s show was boring. 🙁

...about tonight's show

Right? I completely forgot about Jeremy and his behavior…what a jerk!!! No game play…just a complete bully…and Candice calling out Spencer, but her telling everybody to vote on their own and not vote with the house like they have been…some were so likable in the beginning too. Interesting how lame this season has become, hasn’t it?

Oh look…DWTS is on tomorrow night…

Andy to win

I have to say this is the first season i’ve watched that i haven’t really rooted strongly for anyone. In the beginning i started liking Nick, but he unfortunately got voted out too soon. I think he would have been fun to watch. During the season i rooted for different people at different times for different reasons, like Helen and even Amanda before both of them got on my nerves.

At this point i am reluctantly rooting for Andy, only because i think he has gotten to where he is because of purposeful game moves and strategy, whereas it seems to me Spencer and GM are at the end by accident. I don’t think their strategies were purposeful.

just a fan

What happened to Will confronting the jury? I was so looking forward to that. Tonight’s episode was the most boring waste of time of my life. One hour of my life I can never get back! This season continues to teach me one thing. Stop watching! BB has tanked so far so fast.

...about Dr Kirby

He’ll be confronting the Jury Members on Wednesday’s Finale Show…


They probably wanted dr Will to go on and praised the rat and he said no f…g way Im gonna risk my good reputation by praising the worst ever BB player. Nice to know some ppl still have dignity and principles


So, no Dr. Will…. I wont bother watching my recording. In other news, Seahawks are schooling the San Fran 49ers! Go Seahawks!!!!!


Hey Muslim boy, the Seahawks have seven guys that aren’t playing now because they are suspended due to taking steroids, (PEDs)

Those are the ones that got caught! Your team is a bunch of juiced up convicts on parole!

I didn’t watch the show either, but I have to agree with you, if DR Will wasn’t on there then it wasn’t worth watching.

Too Tall

I didn’t watch today’s show because I knew it would be boring. It’s fixed for the Rat Andy to win.

The only way I would have watched is if they would have grilled Julie Chen as to why she shows up to work drunk and why she betrayed her own race by choosing not to identify with them and changing her looks to appear less Asian. I have a quarter black, Mexican, white, Samoan friend who is more Asian than Julie Chen.

I suppose that because Julie Chen turned her back on her own race, she could never travel to China again due to backlash against the traitor.


Didn’t GM make an ignorant statement the first week about wanting to punch Chinese people on the side of their head so their slanty eyes would straighten? I wonder if Chen could’ve just seen GM instead of a plastic surgeon. Maybe she could’ve saved some money. Ironically, because Chen ran away from her heritage she can’t really call GM on the Chinese jokes now, can she?


“I have a quarter black, Mexican, white, Samoan friend who is more Asian than Julie Chen”

With your obsession about people’s lineage and non-white blood quantum, you’re the real racist here. What does it mean to look more Asian? Stereotyping and discounting people that much to their physical features, uh? Your nickname should be “Too stupid”.


tonight’s show was a badly-orchestrated clip show of crap not even worth watching — surfed in and out of it — got more photos and info of GM winning HOH part 1 here than on tonight’s show… and no jury footage. makes no sense to me… wtf? over…


A hour of my life I’ll never get back. They could have shown the jury house. Anything.


GM!!! midget?!! Really? What year is this? How can you hide away from 30/40 years of “progress” when you are 33?


Hey Andy…..howdy doody just call. He wants his face back!!!!!


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!


That was hilarious and sooo true!!

Dumb as a stick comments

It’s a game people… Relax!


I’m alittle behind watching BBAD caught up on the last 2 nights. As usually the last cockaroaches are talking shit about everyone I don’t think it matters shone would take final 2 this rat has burned way to many bridges and his good messages were cocky! I would guess the way GM talks about African Americans and Asian people she has ass whipping coming her way!!!! And last night Spencer reading his letter from home stating how good of a up bringing so which one of your parents taught u to call women bitches and c **ts or talk about little boys being molested????? I love BB and can’t wait for the summer.!!! But none of there cockaroachs should win they all belong in the SEWER!! Give the money to veterans and homeless people!!


I drove across the U.S from WA. to Florida, you can’t believe how many kids are living in motel rooms with their families, going to school from a single room every morning. One lady had 4 small kids getting ready in one bathroom. Homeless and Veterans for sure!!!!!! That trip made me look at this wealthy country in a whole new way…



aunty nobody

I’m amused at you people who knife the HG’s with comments that are worse than any comment the HG’s ever made…

& lets not forget that the HG who made the WORST comment in the house this year, the HG most ppl who frequent this site pander to, twisted, the megabitch’s 3 day late period into her having had an abortion to play BB…

Don’t defend Elissa and say it was “game”, she had NO “game”, she let someone else run her MVP’s, she segregated herself from the other HG’s in a SOCIAL game, just one of her HG bash sessions in the hammock with Helen lasted 3 1/2 hours. After Helen left, the other HG’s would get SO tired of her constant bashing they’d get up and walk away from her mid sentence and she’d follow them around the house to continue, megabitch would get tired of listening to her two faced bashing and come and confront her about it which Elissa would spin into megabitch being at fault, her HOH was an epic failure,both of her “targets” STAYED, she was clueless as to how she was evicted. Even her sister ragged on her game play in an interview with Jeff Schroder.

Don’t justify your arbitrary choice to support Elissa with the “game” she never had, or that she was “nice” when she slung as much mud as anyone else and has by far the worst personal slam of the season under her belt.

Just because YOU aren’t sophisticated or educated enough to recognize a passive aggressive superiority jab, doesn’t mean it wasn’t thrown.
“How” or with what words you’ve communicated your “FUCK-YOU’s” with isn’t the issue, THAT you have, IS…

Your choice to support Elissa is completely ARBITRARY, admit it, she’s done nothing to deserve your loyalty but be the sister of a winner that won for no reason but that she was the least of the evils presented to choose from…


Elissa made a few sharp comments but she did not bully, attack people’s children, make racially derogatory comments, or engage with the people who did!!!! She was in a definite minority as to her “social game” which would have amounted to joining in with a bunch of losers who you obviously empathize with. Elissa wins for staying above the fray…. I appreciate her game this year, it didn’t turn my stomach.


I am Canadian and was so excited when Canada did their own BB. Have to say it was the same last year people weren’t going to watch and complained we didn’t have a Julie C. They did some wonderful stuff but some horrible stuff too. I joined the facebook page and the administators would actually respond to some of of comments. It became a weekly thing to post what we liked most about the show that night..

ANYWAYS, I wish American’s would get the last say in voting for either Andy or GM to win the final HOH. This will teach the houseguests that the veiwers can and will play a part in the game. Hopefully, this will teach future players that society has a say and certain behaviors will not be tolerated.


I am a Cdn but no longer living in Canada so did not know until recently about BBCanada. Am slowly watching on youtube. I am also in the process of watching BB OZ and it is wonderful. Such a clean kitchen with everyone cleaning up immediately. Even bedrooms are neat. They had a comp to win $$$ to buy groceries and BB asked everyone to write their feelings down about other housemates. These opinions were discussed at dinner table. So far the whole BB OZ is wonderful.


WOW!!!! Even on Miss America tonight…..a question to one of the 5 finalists was: ” Do you think Julie Chen was right for getting her eyes less slanted through surgery”?……. guess this question has some far reaching interest beyond BB viewers!!!


big brother after dark tonight is really creepy they are all going around telling their favorite nick spots where they had conversations or moments why are they indulging gina marie and they are going around naming the other house-guests too .the fact that they talk to the cameras is really corny too lol


They either need to do all new random house guests or All Stars. No more mixing the 2 or having relatives of old housguests or famous people.
Mvp twist could have worked if it wasn’t for Elissa.


Since the waste of an hour did not show the jury house, the first and second HOH, anything worth watching, etc. I am sure the finale will be a lot of taped crap and about 15 minutes of what everyone wants to see. Worst year ever and I am sure the finale will be no different.

BB Fan


you know where I can watch tonights episode online? I’m in Canada. Global pre-empted tonights episode and my PVR missed it.


Elissa for the Win

OMG I hope Brendon and Elissa’s husband cold cock the red wooly pervert and red rat bastard on Finale night. Well, on 2nd thought, the two reds might like that. Can they be sued for all the chit they are saying about Elissa? What is wrong with these people???????

Enough Already

How dumb are you. On on hand you want them to “cold cock” the houseguests, then on the other hand your wondering if they can sue the houseguests for comments about Elissa. Really?

Let me guess, when your kid finishes in last place, your one who thinks they should get a trophy right?


I cannot believe what ugly things they are saying about Elissa on after dark. They should all be fired from their jobs. Rotten people!! Go Elissa for America’s favorite.


Joyce, I’m on the east coast so I don’t buy the feeds and Simon only mentioned that ‘they made up stuff’ abut Elissa – what the hell did they say this time? Must have been pretty bad if Simon didn’t want to repeat it.

3 pigs

These last three are pigs!! Spencer can’t keep his fingers out of his nose and GM chews with her mouth open and is constantly eating. Someone please tell Spencer to burn those ugly jean shorts, they haven’t been in style for 5 years. The things that were said about Ellissa tonight were so awful! Andy and Spencer you’d better look out for her husband, hope he kicks your ass .

Enough Already

The last couple entries. You whiners forgot to add one thing. They are sooooooo VILE. I mean like right. Geeesssshhhhhh.

Cry a little more. Your worse than the houseguests.

Had Enough Already?

Oh give us a break. Who died and left you in charge of what others say… get the heck over yourself…

Fan of BB

There must be something wrong with me ,but, I think Spencer is kind of funny. Inappropriate , but, funny


Has anyone else noticed that the gnome on Andy’s ugly shirt bears a strong resemblance to Spencer? Also, has anybody that eats Kellogg’s Rice Krispies noticed that Andy looks just like Snap, pointy ears and all?! Check it out, it’s too funny.

Still crazy after all these weeks

WOW….I just got through watching BBAD from tonight and I just said WOW. The only thing that I can think of is Andy said last week that he still has some tricks up his sleeve. So maybe him and Spencer will concoct a story on the finale that they bashed Elissa so much because they really wanted her to win AFP. That it was all a plan cuz they knew if they bashed her so much that people would vote for her. And that Elissa was in on the whole thing. I know that its not true but Andy just seems like the type of person who would do that to save his ass. I just can’t fathom that there are people in this world who are so vindictive as to say that she cheated on her husband even when her son was with her and also wanted to cheat on him with a gay guy. This is getting so ridiculous that I really cannot see how anyone would be rooting for Andy or Spencer to win. I don’t want GM to win either. I feel sorry for the jury when they vote without seeing the real side of those 3 losers. Give the money to Charity please.


I can’t believe no one has said anything yet about the horribly vile things Spencer and Rat Boy were saying about Elissa!!!! This was around 10:45 PST. If I was Elissa or her husband I would sue these heathens for slander and/or defamation of character! I wouldn’t let someone talk that way to road kill!!!! I am so disappointed that BB didnt step in and see the legal ramifications of such disgusting banter!!!


Why does spencer trust andy at all? He put him on the block…twice….ginamarie also put spencer up twice however im pretty sure both times it was as the replacement nominee….


It is an actually name of a town

up early

Elissa should have never been on the show in the first place. No more relatives of past winners, give other people a chance to be on the show and win the money.Giving money to one family is wrong. As soon as I saw that Rachael’s sister was on the show and got to know her a bit I knew this season would be a disaster. It forebode that BB was now both a popularity and reality show with a young cast of wannabe models, actors, actresses, pageant girls and Rachaels sister to make the ridulous Brenchal people happy. If she wasn’t Rachael’s sister her dull and boring personality would not have been cast. The whole game was screwed because of Helen’ s stupid idea tfor the house to vote unanimously and Elissa helped her push the idea with her support and votes.How can any of these people be a favorite of anyone. None of them played a smart Strategic game and none of them were likable including the diva pampered princess Elissa who wanted to quit the show so many times. even if you hate All the cast members you don’t have to be a quitter. Elissa the whiner, Elissa the constant quiter.


SHUT UP. Ellisa deserve a chance to play in BB15 Just like everyone.

up early

Just want to say good morning to Dawg and Simon from the east coast. It is always a pleasure and refreshing to see your welcome back message, it is so civilized and polite. Great job all the way around, thank you for everything.



Thank you for keeping up updated and transcribing the show for us! I don’t know how you two were able to not want to curl up in a corner and cry at time during this show. I didn’t even watch yesterday’s show and I can even fully read what these three clowns have to say any more. I appreciate you two and this site! I just donated! Thanks for doing this!


If GM doesn’t make it into the F2 she will eventually realize she has no money, no job, and no Nick. This would be sad but considering, it’s not.


GM has no reason to talk about Jessie’s body. Her body is not perfect either.


Okay, last night on the After Dark show I was watching for a little while and what I heard them say about Elissa, that she was using this foam head and was making believe it was her sisters husband. That she sleeps with everyone except her husband. That she ask ANDY and SPENCER to have sex with her.

Spencer smelled the foamed head and said it smelled like Elissa pussy.