Big Brother 15 Final HOH competition part 1 of 3 Results “I made a glitter angel”


9:15pm HOH comp

Spencer is out..
GM – “This is really hard with a broken toe”
GM – “Cmon DJ that is all you got”
They spray smoke on all over the competitors.
GM mentions that McCrae would have destroyed this competition. Spencer and Andy Agree.

Andy stumble at one point “Oh F*** my KNee… OH my god”


Andy out..
Glitter explodes all over the HOH competition. GM dives into the mess of soap and Glitter, “I made a glitter angel”

Ginamarie wins Part 1 of the final HOH

Andy and Spencer will now compete for part two. The winner of part 2 faces off against GM.



9:58pm Exterminators

GM says Amanda deserved what she said to her because of all the yelling and harassment she did to everybody. They agree the smoke wasn’t bad. Andy says when they started spraying them with water it got really hard to hold on.
Andy – “I wish I didn’t have the wrist pads on.. I could grab it the way I wanted”
Spencer says he couldn’t keep his feet under him so it really made no difference what type of grip he had.

GM asks about the final 2 HOH competitions. Spencer thinks the 2nd one is a puzzle and the third one it a quiz. Andy – “It’s in the house”

Andy says MC lefts some cheese near his bed. GM comments how dirty McCrae was suggests he was the dirtiest of the cast.
Spencer- “He was a dirty boy.. I don’t think he made food once”
Andy – “that was Amanda’s job dirty all the dishes and make food for McCrae”
Spencer- “I’m shocked but not shocked they f**** that first week”
Andy – “I’m shocked”
GM – ‘She liked Nick that first week.. he doesn’t like big girls”
GM tells Spencer that she was not going to let go no matter what. her mind was set she was going to win the competition.

Specner – “You were right Andy McCrae really thought he was going to make it to final 2”
Andy adds that McCrae would have dominated the final HOH.
Spencer – “Because of Amanda he never built the personal relationships like we have”


Andy says McCrae played his hardest game week one and from then on he was lackluster.
GM – “There’s glitter everywhere and I f*** love it”
Specne r- “We’ll be picking glitter off of us for weeks”

Spencer – “Man the exterminators kicked a$$”
They talk about how long they were trying to get enough people together with the balls to get Amanda out.
Spencer – “I’ve been trying to get that b1tch out since day 10” He adds that Nick and him were in the storage room before David left saying they have to get Amanda out or she will be the end of the moving company.
GM – “Nick was jumping up and down dude”
Spencer says he thought about Nick when Amanda left.
Spencer goes to the memory wall shows her all the votes Andy has. (Most of the jury) GM says she knows all the votes he has and it worries her.


10:35pm GM and Spencer
Spencer says he had never been rollerskating before so he was a bit at a disadvantage. He’s cool with it though
Spencer- “I’m so f*** glad Elissa is gone she was miserable to live with.. She hated guys”
GM – “Hey Spencer you think it’s a puzzle next time”
Spencer – “Ya”
GM – “Hey Spencer.. you keeping me if you win HOH right”
Spencer- “Oh damn girl you don’t need to check with me.. neither of us can beat him.. I love the kid but if he makes it he’s won.. you take him to the end you’ve made a half million dollar mistake”
Spencer – “I wish all final 3 won money”

Spencer says Marilyn told him if it helped his game he could flirt around with a women.
Spencer – ‘There is no was in hell i would have.. I’m a loyal man’

Spencer and GM agree that Amanda screwed McCrae’s game. GM says all they did was sleep, smoke and F***. Spencer adds that he really liked McCrae and is mad at Amanda for messing up his game. McCrae was a likable person everyone liked him but feared/hated Amanda.

Spencer- she said he had a huge f*** d!ck.. If I had a huge F*** d!ck I would be sticking it in everyone I could starting as early as I possible could have.. I be f** stabbing women with that motherf***” (He means stabbing with a huge d1ck)


GM gets called into the DR says she needs to get a bra on first


Andy says he’s sorry he couldn’t win this competition but he feels like they both knew she was going to win it. Spencer says one of them is going to win the next one, “You have a really good chance to beat her in questions.. you have a lot of personal relationships”

Andy – “If I get third I’m going to die”
Spencer says McCrae told him his biggest mistake in the game was not getting rid of Amanda earlier. Andy agrees. Spencer adds if Amanda had left 2 or 3 weeks ago McCrae would have had the time to build relationships and alliances with other people.
Spencer – “He was so dependent on her.. once she was gone he had the fire again”
Spencer apologizes for sucking at the competition, “I wrote in my blog my biggest game move was allying with you.. I whole heartily believe it dude”
Andy says that the jury is going to be vengeful he’s certain he’s playing for second, “You and Gm both played games where you did what you had to do to stay here and you didn’t f** people over.. and I did”
Spencer – “Dude you deserve to win this game you played the most amazing game.. Ginamarie is the one that scares me she has the best blood on her hands’

Andy says Spencer played a great game and shouldn’t discredit it because he was the pawn so many times.


11:32pm Andy and GM
Andy – “I’m going to bed early if they are waking us up at 8”
Andy tells her they have a 33% chance to win
Andy – “I really think I am playing for second place”
GM – “I was thinking the same thing”
Andy – “I’ve pissed off a lot of people in the jury”
Andy says Spencer has a really good case to win it he was on the block for so long. GM was thinking the same thing.

Gm wonders what type of questions they ask in the final HOH competition. Andy explains they will asks a question like what did Candice say was her biggest mistake in the game, Allying with Howard or fighting with Ginamarie.

Gm says McCrae didn’t shower for 4 days it took Amanda to get him to shower.
Andy – “I can’t believe they had sex the first week”
GM “wow bro that’s a wh*re”
Andy adds Amanda came into the game with a boyfriend. They bet Amanda and McCrae are having s$x tonight.

Gm talking about Nick
GM – “He doesn’t know what he’s in for I’m going to rip that a$$ up”
GM adds that she said it in the diary room and they all started laughing.

12:01AM Big Brother comes over the speakers “You are one day closer to 5 hundred thousand dollars”

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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BB Fan

Go GM!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, just think, if GM wins, she could buy a bunch of dirty Puerto Rican kids with the money, and she won’t need ni**er insurance. Then she can go eat rice with Helen and her mother in Korea, which will be almost like experiencing another country. Sorry guys, I’m just really disappointed with the turn of events this time… I think it sucks whomever wins, I would have preferred Howard because he was the only person that seemed to have either personal or show integrity.


Get over Howard, he is one of the worst players in Big Brother. Nice guy but a very bad player.


Agree! I could do without the racism and vulgar talk, more funny people, please. Howard was a nice guy but boring. Not even a good competitor. Wish I could’ve seen some real competitions. All the strong players left so early. Just a disappoiinting season.


I’m sorry but a person who is willing to swear on a Bible pretty easily and then lie every time he did it is not a person who has integrity. He aligned himself early on with bullies and perverts, and when that turned to liquid shit he tried to flip the house so he could come into power again. Nobody believed him (because of the lies he had been caught in) or wanted to work with him. So much for integrity. The people he lived with knew him better than the bloggers here. I won’t even get into the sexual comments he made to Candy and Amanda. So no, Howard wasn’t any better than the rest. Just keeping it real, boo.


Because we should believe what Amanda says…..You must lie sometimes in the house.. Some of these people said and did things just for gratuitous time-killing purposes because they are really creeps. As far as game play, competitions would go to Aaryn, and social to Andy because he made the right choices every time, and no one expected his betrayals, but I don’t like overused crocodile tears or fake apologies. Howard had big muscles, the girls felt threatened by the physical presence, so he was evicted, nothing more.


You know, a win is a win and there’s no denying that, but I have to say that Aryan’s first HOH win was a team comp and Jeremy gave her the win, her 2nd one was luck, even she admitted that, and her last win was based off of answering TWO questions. Her HOH record does make her a beast, but most of the wins were rather weak. Just like GM’s first HOH. Mcrae would’ve won that had he not given it to her. Kind of hard to respect the wins that are thrown to you, you know? That’s just my opinion though.


Huh? McCrae did not throw GM that first HOH win for running on the barrel. That dude wanted the safety for himself and Amanda that week, and I never heard him so much as hint that he threw it. If you watched the comp McCrae did start off strong, but by the end his tar-laden lungs and rarely used legs were obviously giving him trouble……. while GM is still up there bouncing and yapping about hair dye. I actually thought that was one of the better HOH wins since it was a comp that didn’t require much luck, and there were still about ten people left in the house at that point.


Please get over Howard. He was playing up to the viewers more than playing the game. We won’t remember him next year. For a Christian, he was the biggest liar in the house. Elissa didn’t lie or walk around forcing people to pray. Howard is just a likeable guy and Amanda saw right through his BS.


Yes, Howard this suck, this is true. But he also only swore on the bible once to Mcrae and this was later confirmed by just about everyone in the house. Jesse started this rumor up in HOH one day to Kaitlin and Aryan and they spread it. The dedicated feed watchers know these people pretty much as well as they know each other. Just sayin.


Howard wouldn’t even been a thought if it weren’t for all the racism and that’s what the producers decided to highlight. You have to give Howard kudos though because he didn’t really bash any houseguests, at least not by names. He said a lot of “people have lives outside of this house to live and I don’t want to ruin it” or “there are only 4 adults here and rest are children” or “unlike others, I’m not going to get personal” but what I believe and I don’t know why is that after the Moving Companing was exposed, Howard held Helen responsible for his demise and their relationship was never the same. What I saw was Amanda, Judd, Andy, McCrae trash talking Howard during Helen’s HOH about his lying on the bible and being a shady f*ck. It was just weird. Helen and Howard really never talked, resolved anything after her HOH. Helen just said that she wasn’t going to put Howard up on the block after Howard said he wasn’t comfortable being on the block as a pawn and Helen said that he owed her one. Spencer and Howard did not like Helen and Elissa and they were their targets, not Amanda. Even when they formed their grasshopper alliance for a day, they were targeting Helen/Elissa. I think they were too afraid to target Amanda/McCrae, and also because Howard/Spencer liked McCrae.

Even posters here are blaming Helen for getting rid of Howard. Howard was targeting her. They were never aligned. If Amanda didn’t want to get rid of Howard, Howard would’ve never been the target. Plain and simple. Amanda was able to easily manipulate Helen. Helen was Amanda’s soldier. Amanda gave her orders and was able to convince Helen that it was Helen’s order.

howard was no coward

Name Says… Some times I respect your comments other times I don’t think you are thinking straight. Howard did not make lewd comments, come on. He didn’t say what Amanda said he did. What show were you watching????? Candace adores him he is no pig. He showed game by using his strength which was the bible to encourage people and share with them, he forced no one to do it. Helen never got over the fact that he lied to her, she was her own biggest enemy, she lied and skeemed yet couldn’t forgive Howard???? He kept telling them to get Amanda out too. And for the record if Helen and Elissa hadn’t gone along with Amanda and voting with the house the game would have been different. He threw the comps because they were voting out the strongest players, as a ruse to take the focus off of himself. All the house ever saw was this nice, genuine guy that wouldn’t bend to their wishes so he was a threat even though he appeared not to be. How come they forgave spencer and every other vile person such as Aryn and Gm and rat andy, Amanda etc…. but not Howard. Is it because he was black??????


Willliam, Elissa and Helen were also people of integrity. Both of them and Howard were my favorites.


“Andy says MC lefts some cheese near his bed”. Was McRae hinting that Andy was a rat by leaving cheese near his bed? Too funny!


Name, you’re whacked! You say howard said sexual stuff that u won’t get into then say he’s a nice guy and your favorite. Go get a life!


i am not sure if you are new to this board, but just letting you know that sometimes (actually a lot of time) two totally different people are commenting as NAME. If you don’t actually enter a name for yourself when submitting your comment then NAME becomes your default. For example, I am not the person who wrote any of the above comments, not the same NAME.

howard was no coward

Will the real name please stand up!!!! Lol. I knew something was off, its not like you to be so irrational Name. You should call yourself the real Name Says


Thankyou i cant see how people are rooting for her..She lost her job because of her racist ass comments so know she needs to go home moneyless not even 2nd place smh..Like how is she any better than Spencer..Smh Howard wasnt a bad player he didnt get to play because of all the racist shit in the house with GinaMarie..Aaryn and Amanda kept ruining his name and saying racist shit about him that he was judged not as a player but as the token black guy and i really hope this doesnt go to Gina Marie at all not even the 50,000


While I don’t like some of the things that have come out of her mouth I am hoping Ginamarie wins the season. Vulgar Vile things come out of Spencers mouth almost everytime he opens it and I can’t stand Andy. I would love to see him walk out the door with nothing. Go GM!


Why are there only a token minority placed in the house? One Asian, one black, one hispanic? Sure I don’t believe there has ever been such hatred spewed in a Big Brother house before, but if you are trying to get on the winner side it almost forms a mob mentality. Or the complete opposite with pitying. Why not have better diversity?

Something needs to change

It was a very diverse house this season: two black people, an Asian, an Indian, several Jews, a gay man, a couple racists, and a pervert. No tokens. This actually is very reflective of America. I do agree however that there are always 2 blacks, usually a male and female, and a gay. That seems to be the constant. Why? Because CBS has to be politically correct and heaven forbid if they don’t cast the requisite number of minorities. They just set them up for failure because has any ever won? The gay guy (why isn’t there ever a lesbian?) always does well because the HGs want to show they are cultured and tolerant. Another farce. That only lasts so long and then he is evicted. Rat boy may be the first gay to win the game. Hope not. Not because he’s gay. I really couldn’t care less. But because he was a traitor and a fake asshole. Anyhow, maybe CBS should try something different and just do a season where all the HGs are gay, or where all are minorities (ie, anything but Caucasion), or maybe have a season where everyone is Caucasian and there are no hard bodies, or maybe a season where all the HGs are Mensa members. Or priests. Or people in the hospitality business. Anything can be an improvement from this year. The contestants are predictable every year and so are all the competitions. CBS needs to do a major renovation if it hopes to keep this franchise around for years to come. Imo.


I’m not sure how long you’ve watched BB but there have been several seasons where there have been both gay men and women as part of the same cast. Secondly, I don’t believe any minority likes to be marginalized as just a minority for any show. When will people get it in their heads that diversity SHOULD be a matter of fact, which is reflective of the overall population of the country, and not some gimmick?

Unfortunately a cast of ‘Average Joes’ won’t be much of a ratings magnet and CBS knows that. People have been brainwashed to desire youth and beauty. And CBS is as guilty as any network in continuing to promote that standard. Another point to consider is older players tend to be more established in their careers and life and less likely to risk it all to make fools of themselves on national TV. Younger people have no such constraints.

Not Name

segregation at its best. 🙁


Yvette (S6) was a lesbian and made it to final 2. Annie (S12) was bisexual

howard was no coward

I agree he should win americas favourite player. He made early alliances, He wanted to make big moves and tried with spencers help to form new alliances and strategies to get Helen and Amanda out. He never relented. Its funny how people are forgetting this and saying his game was terrible, when the house turned on him for forming an alliance and lying about it. All we have seen from those hipocritze(they don’t deserve the right spelling) is the same lying, cheating and back stabbing, not to mention all the negative, rude and low class attitudes and comments. He challenged the system and stuck to his convictions. Go Howard.


She’s the only one I can kind of root for now! I don’t like the other two!

Not impressed with GM

It’s sickening to see all the pro-GM posts. I mean I know Rat turd and the pervert are pieces of shit, but so is GM. What makes her even more odious is the many racist comments that came out of her sewer mouth. (Rat turd and perv never made fun of blacks or minorites). Aaryn said half as much as GM and she was crucified on these blogs. But GM is now who everyone wants to win? I don’t understand the hypocrisy. I’m sorry, I cannot root for any of the three who are left. I realize one of them is going to win $500k. But I will just shake my head as the next week unfolds. There are no winners this year. Shame on anybody who is rooting for the bigoted skank who floated the entire season and was a total rude and ignorant asshole to everyone.


Most People Give Her A Pass Due To Her Mental Incapabilities.


And don’t forget, of the three, she’s unemployed. Give her the money.


Something tells me that it won’t be long before Rat boy and the pervert are unemployed. We can only hope.


lol… I just remembered the “n… insurance” thing from Gina. She is so much worse than Aaryn. I don’t want to seem like I am sticking up for Aaryn all the time, but I really like to be fair and Gina&Amanda have her beaten by a mile.


Amanda+Aaryn+GM = perfect storm for racial slurs.

I think they’re all equally awful. Aaryn just had a heads up of what was happening in week 3. I think they all know better. I don’t think GM would’ve said n*gger insurance in front of Howard or Candice. I don’t think she would’ve said “No one will remember Helen because all chinese people look alike” in front of Helen. They all felt comfortable saying those things because they knew they were among like people. That’s all. And stop giving GM a pass because she’s not smart; she knows better.


Ummmm… Calm down. She’s the lesser evil and since we are watching this t. v. show–we’re gonna pick somebody to cheer for. My town doesn’t usually make the super bowl, but I pick a team (usually the one I despise the least) and cheer them on.

We Are The Problem

And there we have one of the reasons why racism persists in our society. People have no problems saying that racists are considered to be a “lesser evil” than liars and creeps. Wow.


When you have “lemons make lemonade”…. it is what it is…. she’s the best out of the three in my opinion and there has to a winner…. so stop whining about the past and pick one:)!!! Go GM!!!!!




Lying and backstabbing is part of the game. That’s how people win big brother. So you can’t really hold that against Andy and aside from his recent Elissa rants he actually has talked less smack then any of the remaining house guests about people on a person level. GM has repeatedly been racist, has been homophobic, has insulted people’s children, has insulted autistic children, has psychotically built a shrine for someone she barely knew and started planning the wedding, and lets not forget they had to bring a shrink in because everyone was concerned that she was bulimic. How is she the lesser of the three evils?

Go Andy

Ok, so having to pick from these guys left, I will root for Andy. He hasn’t said anything hurtful to a general population of people. He played a great game. Won when he needed to and actually played Big Brother and the HouseGuests. He made a great point, Elissa went to be early every night, Amanda/MC were in bed doing whatever all the time. He had no one to talk to but these guys. Honestly, that is great play. He was never anyone’s target. He really deserves to win and if he makes it to the final 2, I’m sure most jury members will vote for him.

Besides, GM isn’t just a racist, she said some really horrible things that everyone told her, GM…STOP! And she just laughed. Really really rotten. Spencer didn’t do anything but pick his nose and play with his balls. He coudln’t even vote as he was on the block the majority of when it counted.


I’m with you. Any may’ve been a rat, but I’d rather see him win $500K over the nasty misogynist pervert (Spencer) & the insensitive NY racist (GM).


Andy has said many hurtful things about Elissa. He has been viclous and mean in his daily rants about her. He and spencer have talked about doing horrible things to her. Andy is just as much of an ass as the rest of them. How can anyone say he hasn’t said anything hurtful about anyone?

GM's Busted Face

I agree. GM should not talk about anyone’s game play her’s was the worst. GM basically laid back the whole season spewing racist comment’s and basically voting out whoever she was told to on Thursday. She got in the game near the end. When all she had left to compete against were 4 physically weak men. Bloated Spencer floated his way to the final 3,and Andy as much as he’s hated played his social game from the very beginning of BB15. Andy’s been a rat and a backstabber this whole season, but that IS part of the game, he’s talked a lot of mean #hit about people and laughed at the racist comment’s that other’s said but didn’t make them himself. This has been a horrible season of Big Brother, possibly the worst yet,but out of these 3 player’s left, as much as we hate him Andy has played the best game. Last season the player’s were not as mean spirited and vile as these’s HG’s have been but other then that Dan and Ian played a similar game to Andy’s they both lied and backstabbed their way to the top


Not Impressed, I must agree. Before, I was thinking about how much I hated Andy but you’re right. Even with as much stupid trash as Andy has talked, he ain’t got nothin on that Gina Marie. What an uneducated racist piece of garbage she is. I’m convinced that she gets hurt so much as some sort of karma for that vile mouth. They’re all trash and it feels slimy rooting for any of them. I guess I’ll vote for Andy, but I don’t like that he’s taken credit for all of these things that he HASN’T DONE! He’s made his game seem a lot bigger than it actually was. He didn’t do anything except get rid of Jesse. WOW.

howard was no coward

Minus the name calling I agree, I hope Dr. Will lashes into them real good. There is no excusing bad behaviour period, its sad when we excuse and pardon bad behaviour by saying someone elses was worst.

give me a break

WOW………GM use the N-word, wants to punch Helen in the eyes to make them straight, talked about Jew nose, saying Elissa kid looks dark; like a puerto-rican dirt bag…………..and now you want her to win 500,000………..WOW…….well it looks like the racist might get there wish with a GM win….since Aaryn and Amanda are out………..This season sucks……….


It’s basically a show with the prize demonstrating the injustices of life–the person lacking integrity wins. She’s paid a hefty price for the $500,000 though, if she wins. She has been the National TV representative for all bigoted ill-mannered people every where. She’s a poster child just as Amanda is a poster child for bullying. Just a reality check to see how poorly the world is still doing. People still act this way. Perhaps a good way to point it out.


She hasn’t paid a hefty price at all… especially if she wins the 500 thou! She may have said some despicable things but, sadly, most viewers have already forgotten about it. Once the finale airs, her 15 seconds (seconds, not minutes) will be kaput. It’ll be a distant memory in no time.

What repercussions? What hefty price? So she lost her job in some modelling and/or pageantry company… 500 thou will definitely tide her over until people forget about the bad publicity and she’ll find another. Aaryn was the one who took the brunt of the public heat and was the face of this season’s BB bigotry, not GM. Even though the intensity and frequency of GM’s comments were greater than Amanda’s (imo), I think that GM will fare much better because her likability has gone way up in the past few weeks whereas Amanda is still universally disliked for being a bully. I’m not saying it’s fair but those are the facts from my point of view. If she wins, GM will definitely come out on top by far. Even if she doesn’t win, she’ll still be fine. A hefty price? More like a teeny, tiny price that everyone will forget about and most people have already forgotten about.


Hefty in how many viewers she’s apparently unknowingly revealed her sicko side too and how word will get around about her. If she reads the reviews who knows the effect it will have on her. $500,000 isn’t much these days imo. Easy to blow especially if you don’t know how to handle it.

Amanda is the best

I think it’s hilarious that some people think Amanda is a poster child for bullying? Really? Bullies are thugs who pick on somebody weaker and do it for kicks. Maybe we watched two different shows this season but from what I remember Amanda was attacked first each time she allegedly bullied someone. Candice shot off her big mouth and Amanda responded. Jessie tried to do the same and Amanda swatted her down. And Elissa all season dumped on everyone in the house and turned on Amanda when the real bully of the house (Helen) tried to get Amanda out. So was Amanda an in-your-face kind of girl? You bet. But she was provoked every time or needled with snide comments. I give her props. But if anything, Amanda was the one bullied. She just chose to defend herself and come out on top every time. And, oh, Amanda didn’t make fun of black people. And certainly never used the ‘N’ word. GM has quite often. She should be te poster child for racism. And stupidness. And ugliness (without make-up). And for being a human piece of excrement.

Random dude

Ummm… What show were u watching? Amanda did make some racist remarks in the leap frog veto towards Candice. She even declared “was that racist?”

Amanda's Boobs

Clearly you were bedazzelled by Amanda’s Boobs and didn’t actually listen to anything coming out of her mouth. I’m not sure I would call her a bully but she was clearly in the wrong with each and every fight. She started the fights and she hit below the belt every time. She is the one that wouldn’t ever step back. And funny how she only fought with the women. Well, the more I type it sounds like a bully.


Sorry, but it takes two to tango. None of the females that Amanda supposedly bullied were blameless. It’s funny how you don’t assign ANY blame on anyone else. What does that say about YOUR objectivity? And during the frog competition Candice started it by stirring the shit up with Judd and talking smack about Amanda. Amanda pounced. And that’s when Candy said the infamous ‘it’s my mouth and I’ll say what I want’. So why is it okay for others to start it but Amanda can’t fight back? I’d love to see you tell your kid to do that if people pick on him in school. And BTW, Amanda had a big fight with Spencer. Or doesn’t he count as a man? Amanda admittedly is a strong-willed woman, but she is no worse than anybody else in that house this season. Going strictly on her gameplay, Amanda played the best game this season and deserved to win. I think Aaryn played the second best.


Amanda played the best game? You do realize the winning competitions is part of the game, right?


Gm is an old racist. I hope the exterminators exterminate her like the brigades did Brittany.

Amanda is a racist Jew. She can dish it, but can’t take it.

Aryan is the one that was childish and learn from her mistakes.


yeah it gets me how easily people give a pass to racist, I guess the nastier you are sometimes pays, does not say much for the world we live in, or our future when scum can be rewarded, and in some cases cheered on.

this show sucks the life out of me

I feel the difference with GM compared to Aaryn or Amanda is that GM is limited mentally compared to the other two. Also you have to understand the place she grew up, people can be vicious when attacked. She may have said things, but no matter anyone’s race I bet GM would help if needed if she could, the other two not really. Remember she did shut it down after Candace wished her Happy Birthday and would not let the others pick on her and make something more out of it. GM is right with those that are right with her. She may say things, but she does not mean them the way they come out. She is not mean like the others and that may be why some give her a “pass”..=not completely, but compared with the other two.

We Are The Problem

So, effectively, you’re saying “it’s ok for stupid people to be racist because they’re stupid”?

Ummmm… No.

Game Over

Well GM if you don’t win you may have to apply for the same insurance. Wigger Insurance


White trash insurance. And don’t forget she’ll apply for unemployment benefits and milk that for two years while she continues to rant how blacks take advantage of welfare. Look in the mirror you ugly rat with a big ass. You ARE the type of people you make fun of. Of the three turds left, this piece of shit deserves to win the least.

Brenchels Douchebag Army

That’s all there is left to say is go GM. The 2 scrotes left in there with her don’t deserve to breathe the foul, stagnite queefe filled air left in that housr


I’m hoping Andy wins! You can all call him a rat bastard all you want, but he played a great game! He was able to work with both sides the entire time, gaining their loyalty and trust and use it to get him this far. It’s an impressive social game. Him being a “rat” was his strategy and it worked because no-one ever told another he was spilling these secrets. No-one caught on – not even a good game player like Amanda. Spencer is just disgusting with how he talks about women (I feel sorry for Marilyn) and Gina is definitely a racist. In my opinion, she does seem somewhat “childlike” in an innocent, not malicious way at times when she’s made such comments – but it’s still unforgivable. The difference between her and Aaryn is I think GM will learn from this experience how her comments really hurt and Aaryn will not. Her apology was such BS. Andy is the only one left I could feel happy about winning – the people who call him a rat are just upset he got out the person they wanted to see win. Go Andy!


If Andy pulls off the win he’s one of the top 5 best BB players of all time. He was friend with pretty much everybody in the house. He used the Amanda to move along through the game, then broke off that alliance and formed the exterminators at the perfect time. Guys played a great game, everybody here doesn’t like him because he’s gay.


He not going to win. He will be a final member of a jury.


GM wins this whole damn thing and keep Nick as your little bitch.Or buy a luxurious 500k basement to lock him up forever!


I am so happy GM made it to the final round of the HOH!!! I hope she picks Spencer and send that RAT packing!!! GM vs. Spencer in the F2? Uhhh GM’s gonna win without a doubt!!!


I don’t like any of these 3 people but I think I’ll root for GM since someone HAS to win 500k and maybe Spencer for 50k. The rat Andy shouldn’t get a dime over his $94 from last week and I want to see him cry when Elissa wins the 25k!


I’m hoping Andy wins! You can all call him a rat bastard all you want, but he played a great game! He was able to work with both sides the entire time, gaining their loyalty and trust and use it to get him this far. It’s an impressive social game. Him being a “rat” was his strategy and it worked because no-one ever told another he was spilling these secrets. No-one caught on – not even a good game player like Amanda. Spencer is just disgusting with how he talks about women (I feel sorry for Marilyn) and Gina is definitely a racist. In my opinion, she does seem somewhat “childlike” in an innocent, not malicious way at times when she’s made such comments – but it’s still unforgivable. The difference between her and Aaryn is I think GM will learn from this experience how her comments really hurt and Aaryn will not. Her apology was such BS. Andy is the only one left I could feel happy about winning – the people who call him a rat are just upset he got out the person they wanted to see win. Go Andy!


So Glad the Rat Andy is out of Part 1……


Yaaay ginamarie!!!


(Reluctantly) cheer for GinaMarie for the win!


Sorry I can not cheer for her to win but I think I can manage a small grin and a head nod.


So there will definitely be a bb16 I am thinking it will be allstars

BB Aftermath

I doubt it, as there was a casting call during last night’s episde.

Not an All-Stars fan

I really don’t want to see another All-Stars. It was enough to see these pretentious assholes during the season they played. Let a cast of new people vie for their 15 minutes of fame. I wouldn’t watch.


Can’t believe I’m saying this…….go GM!


Too Funny Watching Spencer Fall!!


Next Competition Show For Spence, Biggest Loser


Please please do not let gina Marie win the 500K

Maui Sunset

Sorry Yawn, it’s all we got from this pitiful three!!

Jim 64

Go Ginamarie go


i hate amanda

Queen of Fools

Thay are all equally worthy of your hate. Quit being discriminatory.

Fight Fight

Now I understand why all of the guys left in the big brother house did not want to be the only guy in the jury house CATFIGHT


i know we all don’t want anyone left to win but rooting for GM I hate hate hate Rat a hole and the bigger pig spencer


The fat pig spencer,
The gay queer, homo Andy, out:)
Gm please take spencer.




really, wow and we thought the people in the house were trash! But here you are out amongst us. you my friend give snowmen a very bad name, frosty is ashamed and so am I!


Lots of bigots in this world…and they’re all rooting for GM to win. The number of people cheering her on is sickening especially the ones who defend her disgusting behavior by saying things like she just doesn’t know any better or wasn’t taught properly. GM is a 33 year old woman, and every adult in this day and age knows what racism is and knows there are things you just don’t say. If GM was interviewed prior to the show and was recited her own quotes and asked if they were racist, guaranteed she would say yes. She is not that dumb. She’s a pagent girl, she knows the PC answers. But evidently she is dumb enough to let that side of herself out while on camera, especially when she is angry, and so many people are just going to give her a free pass because of her personality or the fact she took out Amanda.

Sorry, but there’s something seriously wrong with anyone who wants a woman to win who has made numerous racist comments from day one, made insensitive comments about special needs kids, talked horribly about other houseguests on a personal level for no reason, talked about Elissa’s child, and made low blows about Candice’s real mother not wanting her because Candice was adopted and called Candice a crack baby.

People talk about the cast this season being trash and horrible people, but unfortunately they are an accurate representation of what our society has become.


thank you it is nice to FINALLY hear someone making sense. I do not understand anyone backing such a piece like GM!

Thank YOU!


You’re not the only person who thing GM doesn’t deserve to win. After all the horrible things she’s said about Candice, minorities, & other people’s kids, only a brain dead idiot would say she deserves to win just because she split up the season’s biggest showance and sent both of them to Jury. And worse? She NEVER apologized for it. Why should her insensitive, ignorant racist comments be rewarded with $500K? Yes, Aaryn was dragged through the mud with the racist comments and deserved it, but she’s 23. Her age is the ONLY reason I personally would even consider giving her a pass. HOPEFULLY, Aaryn will take this as a learning experience and truly learn from it. She also needs to learn half-assed apologies won’t cut it. GM is a decade older; she gets no pass from me. Between the two, GM should KNOW better. I’m glad their former employers saw them for who they truly are and fired them. Both women need to grow up, but Aaryn (only due to her age) MIGHT have a shot. GM, win or lose, is a lost cause.

As for my choice to in, I choose Andy.

7 Deadly Sins

Oh get over yourself already. Good lord. People like you just read what they want and you stereotype everyone as a bigot.
If you really read what people have said you would know they are not supporting any of the nasty stuff she has spouted. There are only 3 hg’s left and to many of them she is the lesser of the 3 evils.
Andy is a little attention whore who actually instigated some of the nasty talk about other hg’s. Especially Candice and Elissa. Hes a whiney little prick who says all his moves are game play and not personal, yet when he got put on the block he got very personal about Elissa and continues his hate filled rants about her.
Respect his game play yeah, but stop lying to yourself that he’s a good little boy because he’s as bad as the other 2.
As for Spencer. I just shake my head at him. Not a lot to say about him that he hasn’t already said to the BB world.


To: 7 deadly sins, I think you are right. I must also add that i think it is sad that with only a few days left in the game, it is all about who has offended us the least. as for me i hope G M wins because i see her as the lesser of three evils. I can not stand Andy, but i do not think GM can win if it is GM & Andy in the final two. Andy is by far the better speaker. I have always been a die hard Big Brother fan. Have loved the show from week one. As for all of you who has been say that this is the worst season ever. I have only one thing to say to you. You are absolutely right, and i hope next year is better.

howard was no coward

now thats the Name we know and love.


GM is one tough broad! She won Part 1, broken toe and all!

Go GM for the WIN!

Andy, get steppin…


the first Kiteboarding comp, haha

Too Tall

Julie Chen is ashamed of being Chinese and she had eyelid lift surgery to make her eyes rounder and less Chinese looking, she wanted to look like a caucasion because she doesn’t like the apperance of her own people. What kind of example is that for our teenagers!?

This Season Blows

Why are people downvoting this? It’s all true, Julie admitted to it herself. Look it up. It’s far more racist than anything the HG’s said this year, IMO.


I think its Julie chen and her jewish husband downvoting, she helped him out by not grilling jewish Amanda about her racism, now its his turn to help out.




I’m looking at the before and after images of Julie’s “East Asian blepharoplasty”, and goddamn whoever that plastic surgeon is, they did a fantastic job, she looks completely different(in a GOOD way), hotter too. I’ve honestly never seen plastic surgery look so good, you don’t even notice, you usually can see the change.

This Season Blows

She really is a lot more attractive post-surgery and whoever the doctor was did a fantastic job, but the reason she got the surgery is awful.


Do you mean because she was told by multiple people that if she didn’t get the surgery she would never make it in her industry? and she had to give up part of who she was essentially sell out. it worked. she started getting jobs like crazy after the surgery. i don’t see how that makes her racist.


T o be fair, nobody ever will show a good ‘before’ picture. They always get the worse/blurred/oldest ‘before’ pic they can find to make the ‘after’ seem so much better.


I down voted because this comment is simply not true. Go to youtube and watch the whole video from that day. The Station Manager in Cleveland and a PR firm told her that she would never succeed in TV because of how she looked. Julie discussed her situation with her family and friends and under went a surgery that removed the extra layer of fat from her eyelids. Her parents eventually supported the decision. As a black woman I understand why Julie did it. It does not make her a racist or any less Asian because she has not forgotten her roots.


Give it a rest.


It’s becoming glaringly obvious that all these Julie Chen haters are actually one or two trolls under multiple names.


on page 2 of your last update, there’s about 6-7 of them that all seemed to respond to one another within a pretty short amount of time according to their time stamps.

Who knows, maybe people really are just eager to be that hateful. I’d like to believe people have more class than that, and it’s just 1 or 2 losers with nothing better to do.


I think this is my first post on the subject but I am appalled by Chen and her BLATANT HYPOCRISY regarding the exit interviews. It is absolutely unconscionable the way she used her own prejedices in singling out Aaryn for public flogging and ignoring bigoted/sexist remarks from Candice, Helen, Amanda, elissa, and Judd.

Butters Mom

I can’t stand Julie Chen and I was a big fan of hers prior to all the hate she showed to Aaryn while not showing equal hate for Amanda and others who left the house … I voted for Aaryn as America’s Favorite player ONLY because CBS used her as an example to profit from while being unfair about it. I dont agree with the things Aaryn said or did in the house… I just dont think she was treated fairly by someone who is supposed to interview without judgement. I only post under this name… there are several of us out there that hate Julie Chen.


Why would anyone like Julie Chen? She’s cold as an ice cube and rather annoying to me. I don’t have to like her to like BB.

This Season Blows

I’m not a troll, nor am I a Julie Chen “hater.” I just think what she did sends a horrible message to Asian women, and it makes her interview with Aaryn look extremely hypocritical.


I’m an Asian woman, and I don’t find her surgery to be sending the wrong message. It’s not the greatest message, but look at the majority of “attractive” women in our media today. At least Julie isn’t donning bleach blonde hair or anything over the top like that.


Give it a break. That’s like saying girls who dye their hair blonde or wear colored contacts are sending a horrible message to women who aren’t blonde with blue eyes. Ultimately, it’s her decision. If you’re so upset about this “horrible message” towards asian women, then why don’t YOU do something about it


It would be great if girls with beautiful blond hair would not dye their roots dark.


how about you actually read and comprehend something before you reply to it


This comment also makes NO sense!! And it goes to show just how ridiculous this country is to have such uneducated opinions about things. Julie bowing to the pressure her white superiors gave her to look more American has NOTHING to do with how she handled her interview with Aryan. What the heck did she do that was so wrong?? She spoke in a gentle, kind tone, she asked her how she felt about the comments made, ONLY listed 3 when there was about 50, and asked if she’s learned anything. She even complimented her game play. Some people are just mad simply bc she brought it up, because she handled it professionally and kind. And feeling insecure about yourself and changing something God gave you does NOT make you racist against yourself, it just gives ignorant people yet one more thing to attack another human about FOR NO REASON.

Jody H.

She admitted to having cosmetic surgery, not denigrating chinese people. She was told by the professionals of the time that if she wanted to make it, she would have to have this surgery. And she still didn’t make the decision lightly. She brought her family into it. She wanted the best chance. Was it a good decision? No clue. Is she letting down every chinese person? NO.


aren’t you the same person who bashes julie chen in other comments? you must not know what being a troll means


Your comments are not true. This week on “The Talk,” the host took turns telling secrets they’ve kept. Julie did have eye work done but it was NOT because she was ashamed of being Chinese or wanted to look like a caucasion. It was a tough decision for her to make and she struggled with the decision and even went to her parents for advice. She had been told by top execs and agents that on camera she appeared to be disinterested in her subjects. Due to the amount of fat in her upper lids which shadowed her eyes it didn’t allow her eyes to be as expressive or interested in her interviews. Her dream was to be a network news anchor and the surgery helped her achieve her goals. The procedure didnt take away the fact that she is chineese nor did it change her appearance to the amount that she looks caucasion!! If your going to talk shit about her…get it right!!


Umm I think that’s just the politically correct sugar coated version of that story. It’s just a less controversial way of saying that she and her agent felt if she looked less Asian it would improve her chances at being the successful tv personality she dreams to be. That fat in eyelids and seeming disinterested stuff sounds like a load of steaming horse shhht. It’s like saying Beyonce straightens her hair because its better for the acoustics. Steaming horse shhht.

We Are The Problem

You’re right., it is the politically correct sugar coated version of that story. The real story is that a bunch of white folks kept telling a beautiful women that she was ugly because of her race, and they said it over and over and over and over and over again until she reached the point that she was ashamed of her own appearance and felt she had no choice but to disfigure herself to please her racist masters and succeed in her chosen career. And now idiots like you are blaming her for giving into the pressure, letting the people who applied the pressure completely off the hook. Yeah, that makes sense.


Thank you.


This! This board is fully of trolls who are still mad at Chen for calling Aaryn out on the quasi-KKK views she expressed. They’re on the defensive because they think everyone can see right through them. Julie Chen isn’t sending no wrong message to Asian women, Why don’t people educate themselves and learn about how skin whitening and operations to make the eyes less slanted are prevalent in Asia? Gee, I wonder why some people feel sadly and unfortunately compelled to look more Caucasian!


I meant::”Julie Chen isn’t sending any wrong message to Asian women,” If an Asian woman or anyone needs to look up to a TV personality to make any life-altering decision, it just shows the level of stupidity of that person.


Julie Chen was a hottie before her eye job and still is a hottie! Might I say in a male chauvinist way–Woof!


Do you see her with blonde hair and blue contact lenses? Didn’t think so. I hardly consider getting such minor cosmetic surgery to be denying your ethnical heritage.

We Are The Problem

No, our society shamed her into thinking that looking different was not ok. Get your facts straight, dingbat.


I cheer for all of them to lose …for my sake.

Andy the Rat still a Rat

Suddenly, it’s his knee. Give me a break! GinaMarie has just had stitches, a broken metatarsal and she’s not young either. She better start studying and hide all the cheese in the house to win it all. Who knew GM would win it all?


Yeah Gina!!!!!

This Season Blows

Spencer’s in the catbird seat, I think he will end up winning against either one of the other two. GM has too much baggage, Andy may have burnt too many bridges with the jury.


Sounds like this comp didn’t last long! I guess I am stuck rooting for GM . I want GM and Spencer final 2 . Rat Andy exterminated


What happened to endurance? I hope they do mental for the second and endurance for the final. GM could beat both in endurance.




i hope not, simon – they might as well have picked aaryn to win. of the three, as much as i dislike his game, andy is the least disgusting of the final 3. gm or spence winning seems unthinkable.

Maui Sunset

While watching tonight’s show…..when they showed the jury house and the evicted gals, all I could think of was “Housewives of Big Brother”. So MUCH make-up, hair, etc. Loved when they started cat-fighting….it was a perfect wrap-up of this AWFUL summer with Big Brother.


This is one of my least favorite final three in recent memory. We have a racist, a misogynist, and a rat. Prejudice aside, they weren’t even good game players. -_- I hope next season is all starts

Nope Simon

I actually read on a very reliable source “MySpace” that spencer was selected by production to win, more details to come finale night.


Ya I read that on the Internet too …it must be true … we we … lol
Go GM for the Win! She has earned it. Makes those so called men look like the wimps they are.
They should lock em in the house and make them watch John Wayne movies for about a month straight.
As far as GM’s comments. They come from situational ignorance, not from hate. There is a difference.
GM is kind hearted. She has a nice playful spunky personality. She just needs some positive guidance. GM for the Win!

This Season Blows

“They come from situational ignorance, not from hate. There is a difference.”

The same could be said for Aaryn, yet she didn’t get the benefit of the doubt because she didn’t suck up to Elissa.

this show sucks the life out of me

That is sooo untrue! Did you see Aaryn at Candace “What choo gonna do girl?” …That was one of the most hateful racial things I ‘ve ever seen, on TV especially, That was so awful that I am surprised Candace does not sue if she can. Yuck..what an ugly person and she is much brighter than GM…..Why would anyone defend Aaryn after that is beyond me.


So ignorance is accepted now?


Ignorance is much different than blatant hate. I’m not saying you have to love GM, just that everything needs to be considered in a clear perspective


@Watcher…Are You Just as stupid as Gina ..Hell No I’m not rooting Gina marie for the win and letting her RACIST comments float by she floated by in the game..because i hate everyone so much i choose not to root but if i did i would root Andy he is a snitch yes ad was very annoying fucking up the game moves at points but everyone i wanted out he got he needs to get out Gina Marie an win BB15 he in my opionin played more game than the two people left and was so sneaky which is what you need to do to win …Gina lost her job for the comments so i dont want her to leave with money to say with her man voice..NO MORE N-GGER INSURANCE FOR ME..YEA I SAID SOME BAD THINGS HERE AND THERE AND LOST MY JOB BUT IT DONT MATTER IM NOT CHANGING WHO I AM AND RICH NOW AND NICK THIS IS FOR YOU WERE GONNA GET MAAAAAAAWEED


I think that GM will find out that Nick will not be interested in females.

We Are The Problem

It is hilarious to me that people think that if bad behaviour comes from “situational ignorance, not from hate”, it’s ok.

“Well, yes, that guys owns slaves. But it comes from situational ignorance, not from hate. There is a difference.”

“Joey shot 12 people in the head last night? It’s ok, it comes from situational ignorance, not from hate. There is a difference.”

“That woman kicked you randomly in the groin. Well, good news, it comes from situational ignorance, not from hate. There is a difference.”

Wrong is wrong, people. If we keep making excuses for adults behaving badly, the problem will never go away.


LOL Simon


You are starting conspiracy theories just like Nick.

I like yours better though, I hope GM wins.



Remember the ex CBS employee who said that Amanda was tapped to win the game and Elissa was brought in to distract? Didn’t they say that they would be providing irrefutable proof the week of the finale? I guess we shouldn’t hold our breaths huh?


And you believe FBI, why? Oh yeah… read it on the Internet and they can’t post anything that isn’t true…

Butters Mom

hahahaha… thats funny.


wow, can’t believe gm won the endurance comp with stitches and a broken toe. and andy hurt his knee…he’d better rest up for part 2, i don’t like his odds if he doesn’t advance to part 3.

cheers for gm? how soon people forget about her racist “insurance” comments, nastiness about candice being adopted, and those laugh it up moments with aaryn over helen’s ethnicity. short memories, for sure.

This Season Blows

GM sucked up to Elissa this year so her racism is forgotten and ignored by the Brenchel Army and cat ladies.

This Season Blows

It just goes to show that, just like it was with Elissa herself, her fans’ outrage over “racism” was mostly fake and something they could hold against players who weren’t aligned with Elissa (while ignoring it and condoning it for people who were aligned with her).



Get a Life

That has to be one of the most ignorant and hateful comments I’ve read all season.


This comment makes no sense! What proof do you have of this??

Bored Viewer

It really is interesting… Especially to see posts that a week ago would have had hundreds of “thumbs down” now with more “thumbs up.” When the final 5 was announced, I even posted that GM was my 4th place with Andy at 5th place. As I’ve said before, I don’t hate any of them, but they are all vile, and overall there were only a few flickers of actual game strategy this season, but wow… People have even started attacking Julie Chen in order to promote GM. Since someone is going to win, I’m gonna say Spencer for the 500K and it is a toss up between Andy and GM for the 50K. I would prefer no cash prizes for the 1st or 2nd place winner, but even with the “unexpected” aspect of the game, I do not think that will be the outcome.

Simon/Dawg, do either of you ever post your preference for winners (if you do and already have, I haven’t seen the posts [aside from an occasional “go exterminators!”])?

Bored Viewer

The “thumbs up/thumbs down” sentence didn’t come across the way I intended it to in my initial post, but perhaps the point is still clear…


Totally get what you are saying and I’ve seen it too over the last few years. But the reason GM gets a few points from me doesn’t have to do with Elissa, it has to do with finally getting out Amanda! I really disliked Amanda in the game and her impact on the house as a whole. The sheep like attitude of some of the house guests didn’t help either. It was also a good game move, but bound to happen. I’m just glad GM made it sooner rather than way too late.

I don’t want to see any of the final three win. Even Andy, and I think he played the best game, not only of those left, but overall. I’ve only noticed one major mistake from him and that was the goodbye message to Amanda (which will probably taint the jury if they vote personally). I just don’t enjoy the way he played it and as big brother is entertainment, lets just say I didn’t find him entertaining. Thumbs down.

I do think Elissa made a couple of the better game moves in getting Aaryn out and shutting Andy out (her “give us a minute, Andy” during HOH was one of the highlights of the season for me…sad, but true), but once she was out, she was out and it was way too little too late. So she doesn’t really impact my feelings for GM one way or the other.

This season really is defined more for me by those who I didn’t like, than those who I did. That sort of made it weird. Much thanks to you and Dawg for the updates, Simon. This is the first year that I can honestly say that I couldn’t stomach the live feeds.


I see what you’re saying but I can’t even give GM that much credit for booting Amanda just bc of the timing. If anyone had done it earlier, it would’ve been more significant. By the time GM became HOH she had already joined an alliance with everyone else left in the house (except Elissa) so Mcrae and Amanda were her only options!

this show sucks the life out of me

That’s the point….no one would put up McCranda before GM because “it was too soon”. No one else wanted to confront or take the heat from them. GM even said “it should have been done weeks ago, but no one wanted to put them up”.


I have not and will not accept GM so I can’t root for her. In fact, I am not rooting for any of the lesser of three evils to win $500K. I am watching BB15 because I have been a loyal fan of the show since day 1 and pray that those in charge of casting do a better job. GM may win, good for her. After Federal, NY State and NY City taxes she may have $300K left. That should get her out of her mom’s basement, buy a truck and rent for two years in Manhattan. But it wo (n’t buy her (Andy or Spencer) integrity or character. At 33 GM is not too old to learn good behavior, but she is too old to be taught.

Michelle A

No one likes the hop 3. However out of the 3 we are just saying who we want to win the lesser of 3 evils. How not a huge Elissa fan but I at least she didn’t stoop to their level and tried to help GM and Candice, for that I like Elissa. I don’t like Andy for the way he played the game and being on Amanda’s side. He is a rat and told Amanda everything. Spencer is a perv and I cannot get over his comments he had said and continues to say. GM is a toss up. I think she maybe a good person and doesn’t take anyone’s crap for that reason I like her. However she has said some vile things I didn’t like and i have a hard time overlooking. So out of those 3. The only reason I want Spencer and GM with GM being the winner. Is to turn this back to CBS to promote the winner knowing how America feels. Maybe something good can come out of this experience and GM will learn something. Spencer and Andy will not. Out of the 3 the only person I can sorta tolerate is GM. It has nothing to do with Elissa and I am not a fan of Rachel! So stop blaming Rachel fans. Who is the lesser of 3 evils?


I don’t get all of the hate for Andy…I really don’t. This is Big Brother so yes he lied a lot, who doesn’t? He aligned with someone many people hated but was the one pretty much responsible for Amanda’s eviction. If he hadn’t flipped, she would have stayed. He knew exactly when to strike and gambled with the other exterminators actually having his back when Amanda was out. I just don’t get how he is the least deserving when he has played the game harder on a social level than anyone that is left. I think most people are just basing their opinions on personal feelings rather than game strategy over the entire season. GM has played pretty well recently and is good in some comps, but she floated through much of the game…at least the first half. Andy was playing everyone in the house, getting on everyone’s good side, gathering valuable information and relaying it to the alliance he was Loyal to. And he was never anyone’s real target when many people suspected he was up to stuff and many people said he could easily win the game. He may not have had gameplay that everyone likes, but he was playing the game pretty well compared to the other two.


Ok I’m totally confused. On yesterday’s update, which was actually probably after midnight, MC told Spencer that GM was skating like crazy or at least I think he was referring to GM. Now what was he talking about? Aren’t they just now doing a skating comp? Was he using the word “skating” as a reference to another word? The quote is on the update with pic of Spencer lying in bed if anyone wants to take a look at it to clarify what MC could be talking about. How could he be talking about her actually skating if they’re just now skating in the comp? Confusing.


roller skating rehearsal


I was confused too – ty for clarifying that 😉
I’m hoping Andy wins! You can all call him a rat bastard all you want, but he played a great game! He was able to work with both sides the entire time, gaining their loyalty and trust and use it to get him this far. It’s an impressive social game. Him being a “rat” was his strategy and it worked because no-one ever told another he was spilling these secrets. No-one caught on – not even a good game player like Amanda. Spencer is just disgusting with how he talks about women (I feel sorry for Marilyn) and Gina is definitely a racist. In my opinion, she does seem somewhat “childlike” in an innocent, not malicious way at times when she’s made such comments – but it’s still unforgivable. The difference between her and Aaryn is I think GM will learn from this experience how her comments really hurt and Aaryn will not. Her apology was such BS. Andy is the only one left I could feel happy about winning – the people who call him a rat are just upset he got out the person they wanted to see win. Go Andy!

GM's Busted Face

I don’t agree, I think Aaryn being called out in public has helped her. I truly think with time she will come to realize the error of her way’s because she’s 22 and still learning about life, on the other hand GM’s prejudice way’s are ingrained in her, there’s no innocence or childlike quality about it, it’s sheer ignorance and I don’t see her ever changing. At 33 yrs old you can tell her racism to her is as normal as putting on clothes,not a thought goes into what’s coming out of her mouth because it’s the way she was raised( nothing innocent about that). I would bet anything her family and friend’s speak in the same manner as GM.

this show sucks the life out of me

IMO …Sorry, at age 22, after college, if you are intelligent you should know better…If there have a handicap such as GM’ seems to have, you can learn but it is much harder and takes longer., if at all…….A handicap remains for a lifetime and she appears to have a disability. GM was probably in remedial classes or a “special” school growing up. In addition, she was not nearly as hateful as Aaryn or Amanda…I am still not sure why Amanda gets a free pass. I am not saying GM should be let off the hook either, just that there is a difference between doing something with malice, or out of ignorance and limitation.. I am not saying GM is great, but I am rooting for her out of the three left.


Aaryn has it in instilled in her for sure because she made comments about what her father has/would say about things that were racist too…she was brought up that way. Sad.


Oh my Gawd! I can’t believe it has come to this but…….Go GM!! Lol


you know ginamire lost my respect during the game what she did to candice but from game play im rooting for her cause she the only one in that house put up amanda an mcare an not only that send them home when everybody else was saying not yet to me it should be ginamire big brother 15 winner
in im black reason i say that cause im not racist i know she said something but i will never be that way to a person even if she say racist suff to me cause belive there good white people an black people out there with good heart in i want to say to aryan thanks for say you sorry to candice

go ginamire get that money big brother 15 winner my predictions

Queen of Fools

Andy is the biggest joker in the Big Brother universe for not booting out GM and returning to his former alliance. Such a basic endgame move.

GM’s been smiling like she knows she has $500k in the bank thanks to some guys she found who are dumber than her.


Where did Andy get that shirt?


Spencer has 50k locked. Andy and GM both have to take Spencer.


ur so right…… ….. LOL……

Final 2

GM and Spencer!!!!


Thanks northalabama for clarifying the skating thing. I thought that might have been the case but didn’t read about a rehearsal on the updates and I don’t have the feeds.


If GM finishes third then Nick will be running but if she is second he might hang around for a while till the 50K minus taxes is spent. However if GM wins the grand prize I am predicting that Nick will be part of GM’s life for the next year or two. GO GM!!!

Hit Me

Very profound Simon, I take it you’re not much of a gambler.

Wayward Irish

Not sure if this has been explored or not. With Dr. Will coming on the show to talk to the jurors…think there might be a chance he announces there will finally be another All-Star season next year?

Dr. Evel

What’s up with that? With this bunch I’d prefer to hear what Evel Dick has to say.


Haha a BB Crew Member was caught on camera! 9:35:27pm Sep 12 on Camera 3 ! Too cool!


I thought I was seeing the ghost of JUDD or something. LOL

Chilltown, Dans Mist, Brigade, we miss you

So guys, GM wins. Great?

I think everyone here can say Spencer does not deserve to win because him game was weak and his character is absolutely repulsive (exemplified through what he has said)

But we are in the final 3 and lets look at each of these 3 HGs subjectively and weigh their actual GAMEPLAY

Spencer – He actually showed great promise when the Moving Company formed because he along with Nick came up with the plan to split the house. Once paranoia struck he thought just because people may realize the MC was controlling the votes he flipped out decided to radically vote out Nick and became one of the top two targets of the house. Once Howard got evicted Spencer became on the outs but he was so weak at comps he became the biggest Pawn and floater for the next 7 weeks I believe. Sure he tossed in a couple wins but the good two months where he just walked around looked as non-ugly as he could and run his vile mouth just does not really warrant 5 jury votes to win.

Gm – Throughout this whole game she really still has no grasp on what is going. Her constant whining after Jeremy, Nick, Kaitlyn, and Aryan left she would remind us nobody ever spoke game with her and the reason is because she just does not know the game well enough. She definitely had gusto about her and that showed when she stood her ground against certain HGs, its too bad though she is just a tad bit ignorant and what came out of her mouth really turned 80% of us sour.

BUT she did add some quality HOH wins and did the power move of the summer = Putting McCranda
Think about this —> did she really play a big part of the Exterminators? Did she come up with the alliance or was it default that when McCranda slept she did not want to be alone so she aligned with the other guys. I mean she won solid comps, but she did not play BB well enough to win.

Finally this is where I receive all the hate: Andy is the winner in my opinion and this is why.

Andy- From the very beginning of this season he sided with Elissa/Helen and McCranda. He put himself in the ideal spot in the beginning of the game : do not make a target where you have no reason to be, do not win if it is not necessary, and be social while gaining trust of the majority of the house. Who does this sound like? Dr. Will and Dan? Maybe. But I see him playing the game identical of Ian last year and very similar to Hayden. Andy never had a reason to ditch the power in the beginning because he was never a target, alternatively he played the master social game while gaining information to further himself later. Was he a rat? You are all damn right. He was!! But wait so was Ian!! Then Andy won a HOH even though it led to Jessie’s eviction (Blahh) but he kept two sides at bay; Helen/Elissa and McCranda.

He always knew it did not behoove him to stay with Helen/Elissa and McCranda so he slowly but surely orchestrated evictions between everybody while staying under the radar, which was phenomenal. Didn’t Dan do that last season? Hmmmm.

Recently he strung together the two biggest wins of the season to get into the final 3. (Wait like Hayden? Yea)

You people need to understand lying is and has always been part of the game and he played a very strong game. At least he is not as vile and ignorant as Spencer and GM, but unless he wins the Part 2 and 3 he will be sent to jury.

So yea Andy should win and people realize from a true BB perspective he played a great game but with a bitter jury even if he strung together two straight wins to get the final HOH he will not win.


Personally, I don’t think any one of these people deserve to win any money. But if I had to choose, it would be Ginamarie. She was great in comps. She is also incredibly stupid. To make it this far in the game being a total moron is pretty amazing

Wayward Irish

Very well put, and I agree wholeheartedly. From what is left, Andy played the best game. But let’s not fool ourselves. There isn’t much objectivity on this site. Just torches and pitchforks.


What evictions did Ratboy orchestrate? Amanda pretty much controlled all the evictions until Elissa won and got Aaryn out. Then GM won and pretty much decided on her own to go after McCranda. And by the time Amanda was gone, everyone, not just Ratboy, wanted Elissa out. Ratboy did nothing but talk shit and start shit, and a lot of it was unnecessary (Elissa was a lot classier than several people in the house, yet Ratboy singled her out, basically starting a hate mob against her – always saying things like “I just f***ing hate her. I don’t hate anyone else in this game. Just her. She’s a terrible person.”) I believe this kind of behavior helped incite Amanda to go apeshit on her for no real reason, not to mention the non-stop post-eviction bashing of her by the other idiots left in the house. She’s gone. No need to keep talking shit on her, not to mention her family. I hope Ratboy wins jack-shit, because that’s what he deserves.


Andy deserves to win from a game stand point. There is no doubt about that.

Jody H.

Again, it is not the lying and backstabbing that I have a problem with. This is Big Brother. Of Course you will have that. However, it’s the malicious tone he and others took. In the past other HGs talked smack, but only to further their goal. It was used strategically. This group revels in just being nasty. And I hold him higher because in the beginning as a gay man he spoke about hate, etc. Now he is spewing the venom.

It’s not even about Elissa (before you accuse me of being in the Brenchel army) . I am so disgusted by the whole thing. Frankly, I would like none of these three to win. But given the choices:

1. Spencer – As a woman, there is no way I can support this misogynist whose favorite word for women begins with a c.
2. Andy – He technically had the best game, but his opponents really were bad so it was not hard. And, I really am upset at what came out of (and continues to come out) of his mouth because HE should know better.
3. Gina Marie – I know many people that are like her. What comes out of her mouth is unbelievable. And if you asked her she truly would not understand how upsetting her words are. Not so much malicious as not thinking. Not great. Absolutely not condoning. But of the 3, the lesser of the evils.

Frankly all 3 choices suck.

howard was no coward

what you say about Andy is correct. What makes Andy a rat is all the vile things he laughed at and said about Howard, Ellisa, Judd and anyone he felt was a threat to his game or alliance. Anyone who laughs or comment along with negativity is not playing game. His personality sucks thats what makes Andy a looser even if he wins.


Go anybody but Andy!


Did you hear on bbad tonight that Andy found the cheese McRae left for him? How nice, stinky wanted to make sure his friend the rat had something to eat. I guess he was worried he would starve this week without him. what a good friend!


LOL.That was almost poetic when that happened. Too funny.


Hey Nick, momma want some suga!!!


You tube : Aaryn and Jeremy cheating during the HOH comp where Aaryn becomes HOH. Juror back in the house/ HOH comp shows a hand tapping Helen’s foot and she jumps, not falls off. Amanda stating how production helped her in the DR. She was also on a CBS short lived reality show called Big Shot in 2008.

Spencer doesn’t deserve to win. He didn’t play the game at all. He can go home and crawl back under that rock he came from.
Andy had no balls and relied on everyone else in the game.
Ginamarie may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but she’s good in comps. So for making it this far being so incredibly stupid, she should win.

Morally, none of them should get one thin dime.


Spencer has been playing the game all along. He is more low key than the others in his tactics but has had some pretty good moves throughout the season. Considering his position throughout most of the season and that he is in F3, and still working to remain in the game is a testament to his skills. He may be to off the radar to win the 500K, but he will get 50K.


Too funny – McLazy left some CHEESE in the bedroom for Andy the red-rat-fink-weasel-ferret-maggot bastard and like a TRUE RAT, he found it!!!

Less is More

I am really surprised by all of the comments on the site about how upset the final 3 will be when they get to the real world. THEY DO NOT CARE. Anyone who would debase themselves and then try to lay that off on “game play” have no concern for what other people think. BTW: Even if it is for TV, YOU had to come up with this filth somehow? I don’t care who wins now, but I AM interested to see if GM wakes up and sends Andy out.

Waiting for BB16

Out of the losers that are left, I want GM to win 500k. Iam so happy that she won the first round.


The only way Andy can win is if he beats both Spencer in the next comp then beats GM. Spencer and GM will take each other to the F2. It is amazing that they still keep talking about Elissa bashing her at every chance they get. On top of that Spencer thinking that Elissa must have suffered some type of sexual crime in her life is just disturbing and probably comes from his real life experiences


WTF is up with these short endurance comps? I wanna see one of those LONG endurance comps of season before season 10….

Wasn’t there one that they were in it for 2 days? I wanna see something like that someday.


You’d have to get 3 strong competitors in the top 3 first.


I hate all 3 but really hope Andy doesn’t make it to the final 2. He’s nothing but a shit-talking, crybaby rat bitch. If I were Elissa’s husband, I would punch him and Spencer in the face at the after party.


I want to hate f@#k Ginamarie


Nick man,

Go for it. i like your other fake name better.


Nah….Aaryn maybe, but not GM. She acts too much like a dude.

GM is Frau Farbissina

LOL, Andy says McCrae left CHEESE by his bed. Nobody else caught this???


Rat Dog just thinks it McStinky being his normal filthy self. I don’t think he gets the rat reference.


Ya maybe if you read the previous posts you’d see there were already comments about it.

GM is Frau Farbissina

I skimmed, but didn’t see anything……JERK! lol


im so annoyed of andy and his style of game, i hope he flunks the timed comp tomorrow and its gina marie and spencer in the final 2 and i guess gina marie will take the win. at least she’s a competitor, even though she has said ignorant things (they all have :/). i hate how andy backstabbed every single jury member so sheepishly, including mccrae.


How could GM be a pageant consultant or whatever,the way she chews like a friggin cow! Yuck that’s so gross i just don’t get it.although i guess she’s fired anyway.hopefully she’ll win just so she can survive in this world

GM is Frau Farbissina

How does a girl who acts like a 9 year old boy get into pageants? Rolling around on the floor, exaggerated laughs, big mouth, talks like Joe Pesci, grabs crotch, acts like a ghetto rat, and displays more testosterone than Hulk Hogan ever thought about………..all at 33 years of age! Bravo little Staten Island hood rat!