“Kailtyn’s move threw everything into perspective nothings set” – Haleigh

*** updated **** Big Brother Spoilers 5:10pm Winston and Haleigh
W – I know it’s hard and it’s hard to say to you because I know you and Swaggy are close
H – at this point he doesn’t have the votes
W – we can’t be sure that is why today I am going around
H – I have to weigh the different options.. I’m good with them but i’m also good with y’all.. again we’ve never talked game
H – at the end of the day I don’t know where I stand with you or Brett or Rachel
W – I won’t target you
Winston teases “brett’s in love with you”

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“Stop playing the victim, get your head in the game super fan, start f** talking to people”

Big Brother Spoilers
Swaggy comes in
Rockstar going on about how the other side is acting juvenile “can we laugh about something that is actually funny”
K – I can’t control everyone’s vote
Swags thinks she can
Rockstar goes on about how Winston and BRett are running the house they got out Steve.
Kaitlyn- Let me make this f***ing clear as day. This is not their (bros) move.
Swagz – it’s not you move but they are the main ones that want me out
Rockstar – it’s a win for them
Rockstar says there’s side in the house for her personally adn that other side has been winning every week
Kaitlyn starts talking
Feeds cut

When they are back Kaitlyn is walking out the door

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“Your not voting swags. there’s nothing I can say to change your mind.. It would be pretty dope”

Big Brother Spoilers – Swaggy is still going

strong>1:51pm Tyler and Kaitlyn
Tyler – hey there sweet potato.. how are you feeling
Kaitlyn – I don’t trust Scottie he made sh1t up..
Tyler – Brett and Winston told you.. I feel like Scottie is making shit up
K – why do you trust him
T – because I used the Veto on him and he feels like he can trust me
K – Your not voting Swaggy to stay I know you’re not there’s nothing I can say to change your mind.. It would be pretty dope

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“He loves this game so much..It’s ignorant, the whole thing is ignorant and stupid” – Rockstar

**** UPDATED ***** Big Brother Spoilers 10:30am Bayleigh and ROCKSTAR

Bayleigh – they had a meeting this morning..
Rock – who
Bay – all of them
Bay – Winston, Angela, Kaycee and Rachel.. they were all in the geometry room before the thing went off (wake up)
Rock – we’ve decided we’re all going to wear swaggyc shirt on elimination
Bay – love it
Rock – fan girls

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Big Brother 19 Week 9 Top Animated Gifs

It’s a vile season of Big Brother.. let’s enjoy some vile gifs

  • Kevin almost throws a glass at Josh after non stop bully for weeks
  • Josh picks his nose
  • Alex scares Jason (maybe the best scare to date but nobody really cares)
  • Paul and Josh dance at the prospect of Alex throwing the HOH
  • Matt and Raven throw food on each other but nobody cares
  • Matt falls off the hot dog during the endurance HOH competition but noone cares
  • Raven blow dries her privates but nobody cares
  • Xmas drives er stupid cart around smashing it into people and nobody cares

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Big Brother 19 Week 8 Top Animated Gifs

Typically Gifs always go to our Twitter accounts (@BigBspoilers) and most times they make their way to our facebook.

Wasn’t as slow as I had thought it was going to be. As the game talk dies down with the reduction of numbers we find the boardroom and goofiness increase.

  • Raven and Matt live in the HOH and is pisses everyone off.. Actually Matt and Raven piss everyone off inside and outside the house
  • Paul shows us the technique Raven uses when picking something off the ground
  • Many gifs of Jason manhandling people
  • More Matt and Raven gifs than I care to look at.. so I’ll post them here for you all to enjoy ;)
  • What would a TOP GIF list be without a bunch of Matt game updates. He’s playing so much game it’s hard not to have every other gif about him
  • Josh and Jason dancing

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Big Brother 19 Week 7 Top Animated Gifs

Big Brother Spoilers Top Gifs of week 7
Typically Gifs always go to our Twitter accounts (@BigBspoilers) and most times they make their way to our facebook.

It’s starting to slow down. Matt is just too good of a player his command of the game means nothing goes on without his say. This has a damper on the game. Until these houseguests can give us more than just sh1t talking Matt’s cereal eating is now what these Gifs will focus on. ENJOY! (I’m 1/2 joking btw)

  • Raven and Matt engaged in s$xual acts at night as they usually do
  • Paul gives Josh a little tickle.. JOsh seems to enjoy it
  • Jason tells us how psychotic most days are with Alex, Xmas, Paul, JOsh in the house
  • TONS of Matt game updates.. he’s a game powerhouse his strategy is what guides the game

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Big Brother 19 Week 6 Top Animated Gifs

Big Brother Spoilers Weekly Animated Gif roundup

  • Jason hoping around after the HOH
  • Jessica and Josh fighting, Jessica grabs a spoon and cup and starts banging it until it breaks
  • Mark and Elena squirting
  • COdy charging JOsh
  • Jaosn firing a snot ball at JOsh (I thought this was the funniest one.. I was the only one.. LOL)
  • JOsh picks up a garden gnome and tosses it
  • Jason gets his revenge on Alex

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Big Brother 19 Week 5 Top Animated Gifs

Every week we go through our list of Gifs and pick the juiciest 10 for your viewing pleasure. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Typically Gifs always go to our Twitter accounts (@BigBspoilers) and most times they make their way to our facebook.

This was a drama HEAVY week with multiple blow ups on Monday. Our Gif library benefited greatly :)

  • Jason showing us Ole’s ball size
  • Finally a shot of the airplanes that fascinate Jason and Kevin so much
  • Epic Jessica taking on the entire house
  • Raven getting heated with Jessica talking about Cody’s d1ck size
  • Matt and Raven flour fight in the shower
  • Cody gets Vaseline wiped on his door
  • Matt shows us a Summary of his game

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