Big Brother 19 Week 6 Top Animated Gifs

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When I first went through the list this week I thought man there wasn’t many gifs.. After going though and cutting out some of the least favorite I went over by 4. It was another fun week in the Big BRother 19 house and the belly of gifs is proof! No matter how hard grodner and CBS try to ruin this show A Good funny cast will prevail.

  • Jason hoping around after the HOH
  • Jessica and Josh fighting, Jessica grabs a spoon and cup and starts banging it until it breaks
  • Mark and Elena squirting
  • COdy charging JOsh
  • Jaosn firing a snot ball at JOsh (I thought this was the funniest one.. I was the only one.. LOL)
  • JOsh picks up a garden gnome and tosses it
  • Jason gets his revenge on Alex

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