Big Brother 19 Week 8 Top Animated Gifs

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Wasn’t as slow as I had thought it was going to be. As the game talk dies down with the reduction of numbers we find the boardroom and goofiness increase.

  • Raven and Matt live in the HOH and is pisses everyone off.. Actually Matt and Raven piss everyone off inside and outside the house
  • Paul shows us the technique Raven uses when picking something off the ground
  • Many gifs of Jason manhandling people
  • More Matt and Raven gifs than I care to look at.. so I’ll post them here for you all to enjoy πŸ˜‰
  • What would a TOP GIF list be without a bunch of Matt game updates. He’s playing so much game it’s hard not to have every other gif about him
  • Josh and Jason dancing

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I need a barfbag

You’re killing me on the gifs of Mattress and Scammer. I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Jessica out of the house is more annoying than Jessica in the house.she’s like the plot story of Napoleon dynamite .she’s like the cool kid at the high school but what she doesn’t realize she’s the cool kid Among a bunch of losers yeah you’re cool in a small ass high school in a small town that doesn’t matter to anyone else that’s what I think when I see Jessica . She keeps going on how everybody is disgusting she keeps using that word disgusting it’s so annoying and that people need to answer for what they’ve done it’s like no one’s going to answer to you you’re not God bye bitch . She’s mad that everybody talks about her talk bad about her and Cody by talking bad about everybody in the house . She is annoying self-righteous bitch ..


I have a daughter.

Just didn’t want you all to forget.

Crazy Stuff

Matt and Raven really needs to stop all the sex and start playing the game with their brain. Cant wait tell they are booted out the house a bunch of dead weight since day one. Did Matt and Raven come to play the game Wow what a waste of space. Someone else that really wanted to play BB could be in the house. You get a chance to play on BB and this is what you do. Both families I know by now is embarrassed of them.

Backseat Driver

It’s gotten so ridiculous with them….it makes me wonder if they weren’t “cast” to play these characters? Nobody could be so self-absorbed as Matt and Raven. Seriously…….

Native Texan

Agreed! Matt & Raven WORTHLESS! Having sex while others sleepng in same room around them disgusting!! Don’t know what either of them said to get cast onto show. You can tell the other houseguests have had it with all their grab ass going on. I wish production would intervene with all their nonsense. Maybe force them to self evict! LOL!!

Grodner Hearts Paul

I was going to post an in-depth analysis of Matt’s game, but then I saw the warning against sexually explicit comments.

Sir Loin of Beef

As always, great GIFs guys!

Thanks for all you do here on OBB!!