“Stop playing the victim, get your head in the game super fan, start f** talking to people”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – Swaggy is still going. It seems the more they campaign, the more Rockstar and Scottie talk the more shit they get themselves into.

2:58pm Bayleigh and Swaggy
Bayleigh is hiding things of Brett’s and JC hoping they blame it on Winston. he Kisses her.
Bayleigh – Winston made a flower for the vegetable garden.

3:06pm Rachel and Kailtyn
Rachel says KAitlyn is fully safe from her if she wins HOH. Rachel says it looks like it’ll be endurance tomorrow which means it’ll probably be a girl or a smaller person to win.
Rachel – I want to win HOH .. I am going for it and you are safe.
Kaitlyn – thank you
Kaitlyn saying Swaggy’s Sob story isn’t working on her and it’s backfiring “we all have a sob story that is an excuse”
K – he’s a super fan.. he just got very excited.. he did this to himself he’s just cleaning it up.. I have to see where JC falls and what Sam is thinking
They talk about having the jury all women, “this is about women empowerment”
Kailtyn – I’m miss feminist over here

3:12pm Scottie and Winston
Scottie is saying that Kaitlyn is going around telling everyone he knew about the plan.
Winston says he has to have a conversation with everyone and campaign.

3:19pm Kaycee and Winston
Winston – he won’t tell me anything..
Kaycee – how was Kaitlyn’s talk
Winston – good
Winston – I hope I have the votes.. you 5 JC and Sam..
Winston – I need to talk to Rockstar or at least try otherwise it’ll look suspicious..

3:17pm Tyler and JC (this is a long conversation I missed some alot of it)
They talk about preventing swaggy from calling them out during the eviction speech. Don’t give him anything definite. THey are confident they have the votes.
JC warns him about Scottie. Tyler says the other day he had Scottie leaning to vote Scottie out then he had a conversation with Swaggy and now he’s leaning the other way.
JC says Swaggy is putting in the work today talking to everyone.
Tyler – ti’s so annoying.

JC – Angela trust me a lot Angela does whatever it is I tell her
Tyler says he’s talked Kailtyn out of targeting JC.
They talk about Kaitlyn having no power anymore after the Veto was played.
Tyler – Swaggy has it paranoid in her head that it’ll be a tie.
JC – even if she tells me keep Swaggy I’m voting her out..
Tyler – we have to keep Swaggy thinking it’s me and you that can flip
Jc – Sam wants Rockstar out.. Swaggy out..
Tyler – I told Sam who voted her out
Tyler is worried because Swagz wants to have the three of them in a meeting, “What do we do how do we deflect”
JC – agree with whatever he says..

3:26pm have nots Kaitlyn and Sam
Sam – I changed my mind to I think we should keep Winston
Kailtyn – me to
Kaitlyn says Swagg is trying to pull on her heart strings.. she goes on to tell Sam why she’s pissed at Swaggy’s sob excuses.
Sam – we have the exact same conversation.. same page
Kailtyn – done finished..
(it’s over for swagys)

3:27pm Kaitlyn and Kaycee
Kaitlyn – you’re voting for Swaggy right
kaycee – yes
Kaycee talks about all the deals Swaggy is making she asked him and he said the only deals he hasn’t made is with JC and Sam.
Kaitlyn tells her Swaggy is going home “I don’t even think I have to break a tie”
Kaitlyn tells her to start making relationships with people on her original side.
Kaycee says the only people she’s not close to is Fes and Swags..

3:55pm Brett, Winston, Rachel
Talking about Scottie being a rat..
Brett says this is a positive for them now they know whatever they tell Scottie goes back to that side.
Winston asks Rachel if he has her vote. She says 120%. Winston tells her to make sure she doesn’t make a mistake call him Christopher.

4:00pm Sam and Winston
Sam – I’m voting for you don’t worry about it
feeds cut. when we’re back
Sam is leaving – Everything will be fine

Jc tells Brett that Rockstar hates him and is targeting him.

4:04pm Angela, Winston and Brett
Brett – Apparently Scottie is running around telling that Rockstar said we said they flipped on Swaggy .. Scottie thinks that apparently I am a HUGE target of Rockstars now
Brett – perfect
Angela – this is going to be easy for us
Winston – we gotta win this HOH..
Brett – that’s what Haleigh was telling me
Angela about Scottie – I thought he was smarter than that…
Brett – everyone is painting him out to be a genius I think he’s just a kid from Season 16
Brett – an average nice guy
Winston – super fan eccentric
Brett – classic case of over-parenting.

Brett – this is so perfect.. now Kaitlyn can’t get mad at me if I put her (ROCKSTAR)up she said I was her target everyone heard it..
Brett – I’m just standing up here sticking up for all the good looking guys who have been bullied by you
Brett – apparently she hates me..
Brett – she is always in her ears..
Angela says Rockstar is her number 1 threat

4:08pm this conversation is what Flashback is for. Kailtyn is trying to pull them together saying nothing has changed with Swagy gone. She goes on to explain her reasoning over and over. Rockstar tells them she’s voting for Swaggy to stay and it’ll make her a target. Kaitlyn doesn’t think it will everyone would except her to vote for her friend.

Kaitlyn brings up the sob story that Swaggy is giving her telling her “none of my dreams will come true”
Kailtyn – “I am not the reason you cannot move to LA”
Rock – he doesn’t come from ther suburbs
Kailtyn – we all have a reason to be here I am not an escuses person.. don’t tell me that you going home doesn’t mean  it’s over for swaggy C

Swaggy comes in
Rockstar going on about how the other side is acting juvenile “can we laugh about something that is actually funny”
K – I can’t control everyone’s vote
Swags thinks she can
Rockstar goes on about how Winston and BRett are running the house they got out Steve.
Kaitlyn- Let me make this f***ing clear as day. This is not their (bros) move.
Swagz – it’s not you move but they are the main ones that want me out
Rockstar – it’s a win for them
Rockstar says there’s side in the house for her personally adn that other side has been winning every week
Kaitlyn starts talking
Feeds cut

When they are back Kaitlyn is walking out the door

4:27pm Tyler and Kaitlyn
T – what happened.
T – what’s wrong
K – they were voicing their concerns then Swaggy came in ..

Kaitlyn mentions that ROckstar said “I was under this impression that when you make an alliance you stay loyal unlike you”
Kaitlyn brought up to the that side good things happen to that “Stop playing Victim”
K – she looked at me and said the alliance wasn’t talking sh1t about you ..
K – I just stormed out and came up here..
T – why would Haleigh say that.. it’s already out in the open and they admitted to it
K – I legitimately walked out..
K – Rockstar is pissing me off she has to go, she’s making such heavy assumptions.. everyone hates me .. stop playing the victim if you really think that than get your head in the game game super fan start f***ing talking to other people

Kaitlyn – there just giving me another reason
Tyler says her eyes are teh same size
Kaitlyn – aren’t they pretty
T – they’re so pretty
Tyler – Swaggy’s probably pissed..
Kaitlyn asks him if he said that about Haleigh’s vote
Tyler – 100% (it was Scottie that told Swaggy)

4:37pm Rockstar and Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn – I’m fine…
Rockstar – it’s very hard for me to relate to anyone in the kitchen right now, I’ve been trying
Kailtyn – their target is not you by the way.. it’s not you, Fess, or Haleigh.. that’s all I am concerned
RS – they don’t talk to me at all
RS calls the other side the cool kids, “we’ve been the underdogs”
Kaitlyn says she’s pissed off when they say her alliance wasn’t talking shit about her, “He sat in front of me and confirmed the”
Kailtyn tells her she has no control over how people vote.
Rs now complaining about “it’s so exhausting talking to all these people.. it’s literally exhausting”
K – it’s part of the job
RS says it’s hard in the house for her to relate to if her husband saw her with a guy in her lap she wouldn’t have a home to go home to.
RS says she can’t play that game so she’s needing to find her own way. RS complains that Sam has filled the mother roll by Cooking and Cleaning.
K – just be you.. and if being yo means you don’t want to be fake and not talk to people just don’t
RS – I just love people

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“RS says (to Kaitlyn)(…) if her husband saw her with a guy in her lap she wouldn’t have a home to go home to.”
Oooh! The claws are coming out! RS is losing her cool with her “bestie”. That was a direct dig at how Kaitlyn is acting despite being in a 5 year relationship…
…And of course, gotta love Kaitlyn saying “Rockstar is pissing me off she has to go!” even before RS said that to her!
Honey, get the POPCORN!!!


who is going home


Swaggy C



Crystal Gunter

I’m really not ready to see him go yet and as for Kaitlyn I would never trust her it’s only been 2 weeks and she just flips on her alliance says very little about her


RS – “I just love people”… wha Wha WHAT???

Rockstar's glasses

I know! Somebody make a meme with that, please.

Not a Rockstar fan

I just spit out my soda. Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh. I also love the South Park reference.


Yea…she’s such a people person. lol I love when Brett said, “I’m just sticking up for all the good looking guys who have been bullied by you.”

Stop cheating

I hope Kaitlyn gets booed just like Christine did for cheating on her partner. Nobody likes a cheater.


Well…somebody likes a cheater..


Omg my sides hurt from laughing so hard at your comment.


Me tooooo hahaha

Not a Rockstar fan

I read somewhere that after Christine got that massive boo, when a disliked houseguest leaves the house they fill the audience with employees and are told not to boo but to clap. Not sure if that’s true or not but it seems logical, especially after last years cast. I don’t recall anyone getting booed last season and most of them deserved it.


I’m sure they pick the audiences for the houseguests who are publicly disliked so they don’t have a repeat. Other times, like with Steve, they probably allow regular folks in to mix it up a bit. Like with all live studio audiences they have the giant signs to tell you when to cheer and clap.


So far,so good CBS…..I don’t absolutely despise anyone yet. The casting is better this season.


I agree


I am not really sure how I feel about Kaitlyn. I mean I don’t like her BUT I don’t dislike her either. I don’t think I have ever been so indifferent towards a houseguest before……. I either am an fan or I am not, simple as that. But Kaitlyn, I just don’t know.

Now Angie…..I do not care for her at all. Some of the things she says really makes me want to scream. Chris doesn’t deserve to be in that house over anyone else and she doesn’t deserve HOH just because she has a baby and wants to see how he has grown…..

I will be getting the live feeds tonight, though because I need to see why most people on here dislike Winston. I like him. He’s funny and seems like a nice guy. Not worse than anyone else in the house and yet so many of you don’t like him.


I agree about Winston (and Ms Magoo). Been watching him on the feeds and haven’t seen anything offensive unless he was obnoxious first week before I got the feeds. Of the male cast, Tyler ranks first with me, with Winston and Feysal tied for second.

Like Literally...

Winston doesn’t bother me either. He’s a little manic – loves to talk everytHing through over and over again. On AD, I got tickled at him, Angela, & a couple others laugHing about their fear of becoming more stupid everyday, not being able to read, keep up with the news.. He said he took an empty cereal box with him to the bathroom so he could have something to read ?


Yea…he’s a good, funny, overly cautious dude…but ya gotta be on BB. Good choice to judge for yourself

Momma Knows Best

Its wonderful to see Kaitlyn getting crucified on Twitter! This seems to be the only site where a super pathetic white folks hate on Swaggy, and think the bros and Kaitlyn/Tyler are “awesome”. Sad and pathetic. You all are not the majority. Almost every past houseguest would disagree with your screwed up support for Winston, Kaitlyn and the rest of the racist clan. Bay is getting the power next week, Kaitlyn is getting the crap app! LOL!


Wow is right..we who love this site know the truth;)

Chi nguyen

Def agree with u momma!

True Dat

It’s obvious you don’t come to this site very often if you think Kaitlyn is getting tons of support here.


Which Kaitlyn though?

Ninja Warrior Spirit

Grow up!!! You are acting like a child not getting ur way… We all our entitled to our own opinion, its a show not the end of the world if swaggy goes home it happens every week… Facts: Swaggy played to hard to fast n rubbed ppl the wrong way thats why he is going!!! You dont need to say nasty comments to everyone on this site cause ppl dont agree with you… You dont have to come on this site u can go somewhere else to read spoilers and comment instead of being nasty all the time n childish…


Tell us how you really feel…I think Bay is going to be so torn up from her man leaving and her being all alone, maybe she could get the power app next week, but I doubt it. She has done nothing in this game so far. I hope she blows up and gets evicted!


Depends on how CBS spins it and how many of the TV only viewers vote. She has a chance at getting it, remember negative answers trend as well.


I am a super white woman but pathetic I am not.
I do not like people who give themselves a nickname and acted like he is running the show (swaggy) and sits back and judges people she hasn’t even talked to (rockstar)
And I have NO respect for a woman who hooks up with a man and relies on him to keep her safe instead of playing her own game (baleigh) not to mention having sex with basically a stranger…
Now Kaycee is my girl… Strong independent and plays when she needs to, and hangs back when she doesn’t. Did I mention I am straight.
So see there are many reasons to like or not like someone and the color of their skin nor sexual orientation is one of them.
I judge people on their character and not the color of their skin… As do all OBB commenters.. We do not tolerate racism here. Not from bb houseguest nor from other commenters.
We will call them out… So consider, that yourself just got rang.


Kaitlin’s racist now? I like Bay, but I feel bad that she’s got supporters like you out here. She seems reasonable and post racial to me, and I’m pretty sure she’d be embarassed to see what some of her supporters are saying


Wow you’re sitting there complaining about white racist people while being a racist yourself. Go preach some where else cause this isn’t the place to vent about racism. And just so you know Kaitlyn is getting a lot of shit on here for the way she’s acting but she didn’t come in the house all high and mighty and cocky as hell like Swaggy did. He dug his own grave and deserves what he’s getting and that wasn’t based on his skin colour, it was based on his cocky attitude. Anyone that says fuck you America because they didn’t award him an advantage is an idiot in my books (I’m Canadian and it still pissed me off).

Lay Low Scottie

I’m not sure if I want Kaitlyn to leave pre-jury to find out her boyfriend dumped her, or if I want her to make it to jury so she thinks she has a boyfriend until September when he’s already moved on. Blindsided!