Big Brother 19 Week 7 Top Animated Gifs

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It’s starting to slow down. Matt is just too good of a player his command of the game means nothing goes on without his say. This has a damper on the game. Until these houseguests can give us more than just sh1t talking Matt’s cereal eating is now what these Gifs will focus on. ENJOY! (I’m 1/2 joking btw)

  • Raven and Matt engaged in s$xual acts at night as they usually do
  • Paul gives Josh a little tickle.. JOsh seems to enjoy it
  • Jason tells us how psychotic most days are with Alex, Xmas, Paul, JOsh in the house
  • TONS of Matt game updates.. he’s a game powerhouse his strategy is what guides the game The Cereal strategy. This is how it goes.. Find a girl, Get HJ and BJ’s for 2 months  all while eating Cereal. On top of that there’s now a 10% chance to win 500K! pretty nice..

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I See Floaters Everywhere

Thanks for all the Matt updates…’s been really hard trying to keep track of all his big game moves so I’m glad you put them all on this page for us 🙂


I give you a pass only because Matt is super freaking hot.


except when he is picking his nose !!!!



Grodner Hearts Paul

Matt’s game reminds me of another great BB legend, Chef Joe from BB14. The difference is that Matt uses Raven’s hand whereas Joe used his own. Other than that, their games are very similar.


Your sarcasm regarding Matt is a little understated though I am sure a few of us would be rolling around in laughter if Matt actually stumbled into winning Big Brother

Bolt Uprite.

Yes, but it would be that annoying fake hyena laughter that Matt uses to shmooze people.


LOL, sadly, I would understand ( No! No! ). You should talk about matt on your show, not mention raven at all, just matt and how great of a gamer he is. How he played his own game all season, just him, alone, solitary, lone wolfed it. Just him, his towel & cereal bowl. How he’ll probably get his picture on a box of cereal, become famous, wealthy, admired by flocks of people. Yeah, nope, just messing with yah. I was actually laughing out loud when I read your statement and the reply’s to you. Jeeze I luv this site so much.


Matt could make his own cereal!

Misted Matts….They float in milk!!

I Can't Even

Is it considered bad strategy to slap someone’s tongue right off their face?


i`m disgusted with Matt&Raven. I had no idea they were doing intercourse in the house.
And who`s that idiot sleeping next to them? Josh? OMGGGGG


“Doing intercourse”….I’m pissing myself right now. I’m going to ask my wife tonight if she would like to do some intercourse later.


Who said anything about intercourse?


Jessica and Cody had sex first week, then Matt and Raven later on and even Mark and Elena all
them call them the porn squad

Sally Struthers

I cannot with Matt and Raven, or any of the others really. Amazed by how none of these people know Jack about Big Brother. This ‘mental warfare’ crap is soo juvenile and making them look terrible. Josh got in Cody’s face but when he retaliated and called him fat, he went and cried about it. Who’s the meatball? I would’ve cracked Josh’s skull by now if he was constantly attacking me, I think Cody has actually shown restraint. I don’t like Mark or Elena, but if one of them doesn’t win HoH tonight we’re in for another boring week. Or rest of the season if they both go


This season sucks

I Can't Even

Is it just me or is this the stupidest cast in, like, forever? Particularly Alex… if you put a kitten in a bag and filled it with car exhaust, it would do a better job at playing BB. And it would probably enunciate its damn words better.


This is the stupidest bunch ever….and BB put it into motion. When has anyone especially a returning vet received 3 weeks of safety. Then the rest except for Cody and Jessica are smart enough to see right through Paul. There are a couple that have commented rhat the bullying encouraged by Paul was a bit too much but too afraid to do anything. Then there is peg leg Christmas who has a very nasty streak in her laying all over a married man on national tv. As far as those hooking up I really don’t care. They are adults and can do what they want. I just don’t like the double standard of putting the females down. It takes 2. I may watch bb tomorrow only to hear what Cody has to say. I will fast forward to that point and then listen and then turn off. It is so great to be able to watch shows on my ipad!

Unknown bb lover

You must have fast forwared the spot where cody threatened to kill josh outside of the house….he should have been removed immediately…..its still just a ……….

Bo Diddler

You should get your facts straight.


Thanks for the Matt updates. I am impressed by the incredible insight he brings to this game. LOL. Too funny Simon, well done.

I Can't Even

And Christmas… let’s hang around do nothing, maybe kiss Paul’s ass a little, and trick an old man. If every other house guest is attacking one person at the same time… then and only then will she jump in and…. oooooh… call them Kitty Boo Boo. Out, all of you.


Wonder what the other HG’s are gonna think about Raven when they get out?? She’s in for a big surprise..can’t wait!!


I’ve accepted the fact that this is a new version of Season 13. The game is rigged and we get newbies with very little brains, but it ultimately pushes a BB character to add to the brand. Hopefully Paul will leave as likable as Rachel was when she won.

Thanks for the updates guys!

Shy Gamble

This has been the worst BB. You know if you are going to rig a show make it worth our time to watch. Paul had no right being in the house. Him knowing Rich Raven wow low blow guess he hand picked drama mama. No one to this point is making any big moves. Everyone is trying to play nice. Wow hmm is this high scool. I really thought this was a game. Let’s see kick out the only two people who had balls in the house yes Jody. What next are we going to telapromp the whole show. As is you tell them what they can and can not say. Guess what I am saying you got alot of fudgetards in the BB house.

Paul's Beard Lice

I think Matt and Raven are just as culpable for this season sucking as Paul and the gang. They SHOULD have aligned themselves with the other showmances, giving themselves better numbers to try to get something done. By being completely oblivious to their own eventual fate and actively working to evict numbers that should be on their side they have created this chasm of unbalance that cannot be overcome. The only logical explanation is that Paul and Raven have a final 2 deal from before they went into the house and Matt is too useless to figure it out. Otherwise, Ratt is simply the worst duo to ever play the game and therefore have contributed greatly to this season’s lackluster gameplay.

I Can't Even

Maybe we could have technical innovation like a “belly cam” mounted in the hole where Raven’s feeding tube was?


Eatin’ cereal & gettin’ BJs sound like a helluva gameplay strategy.. If Matt somehow wins it should make history. lol


Try to remain positive. Just keep on thinking @At least he is not Adam”


what time is now in the part of country, where the bb episode starts at 9 pm? i am european, so have no clue. :/


The reason why there is a difference between the telecast and coming here is simply due to the fact that CBS/BB have to package a show for general viewing. They have limited time to tell the story and edit. It’s not that the telecast is fake or fantasy it’s just merely different & incomplete. Thanks to Simon and Dawg, this site is highly detailed with content & fan input thus a bigger picture emerges. BB cleans it up in a nice little package for family viewing. The down-and-dirty story is here.


Before anyone says just stop watching BB, I have stopped. I seriously just Can’t. As a high school teacher I am appalled at the game play and minions that follow him treat people. Isolating others us not game play, but a bully move from a very small human bearded man. Christmas, Alex, and Paul hyping the feeble minded Josh up is disgusting and just awful. Starting fights with others just to fight is so juvenile and petty all in the name of game play. When Matt said Josh should be able to pounds lots and pans because it is his game play I lost all respect for the man. Watching all the couple have “intercourse” is ughhh. The words that come out if Elena’ s mouth may seriously harm her radio career she does not have. Alex and Christmas are just sad females. Christmas may understand in a few months the damage she has done to her motivation speaking gigs. Watching her and Paul compare their “balls” I mean watches the other night was almost funny. They both tried to out due the other and it made me laugh. A watch is a watch…i have stopped watching BB19 and I am not sad about it because it made me sick to experience it. This will make me sad because I have watched since BB1 when CBS almost didn’t renew it due to reviews. It has always been my summer pleasure. Reading Dawg and Simon’s comments about their discuss solidifies it. They both have more tolerance than I. I am going to write CBS and tell them my discuss. I have a voice and no one will make me whisper. Thanks Dawg and Simon. My annual payment will be made to you on Sept 1

Paul beard of friendship

I still dont understand why everyone keeps hating paul…hate the game not the player…he hasnt threatened or twisted anyones arm …cody on the otherhand threatened to kill josh outside of the game, he also lied and screwed himself by trying to make moves without his alliance…so because paul went about it smarter makes him a bad guy…if your mad because codys gone then change the channel and watch shooter …


Its not just about ppl hating on Paul cause the puppy alliance hang on his words. Go back and watch what Paul has said/done. Do you think its okay when Paul says he will “sic” Josh on whoever Paul wants to rattle at that moment?? Or how Paul will rally the puppies to go and confront someone – not one on one but as a pack? how he will tell Josh go torment Cody and/or Mark with the pot and pans? Or make comments about Cody even really served? has a child? if Kevin even has kids? Paul IMO isn’t hated for playing the game – more because of the way he attacks people and makes it personal than tries to sit back like he didn’t do anything. But he is a POS when he his so-called game play has been nothing but personal attacks. If he could just rile up the puppies with actual game play – I would be all for it – sadly, the little boy has changed in a year. He is the leader of the bully puppies. Sad that he has changed so much since last season…all his talk about all the followers he got after BB ended last season wont be the same for him this time around. Read the comments here and other boards/videos … there are many that said they stopped following him on twitter and where ever else he was…I can’t recall anyone that said “I love Paul, I have to find him on twitter”. I am not mad cause of Cody at all, I never liked the guy, I found him creepy but I wont pretend that Paul is this great player…He’s not, he is nothing but the leader of a group of bullies. Tell me what Paul has done that has been so great? Do you think Paul has done anything wrong? Do you think Paul holds any responsibility in the gang mentality in that house? Or do you just think Paul is perfect?

TX Friendship

I personally think that BB19 has been a GOOD season so far & I firmly disagree with all the Paul haters!

Cheryl U



Personally, I’m going against the grain, but I like Paul. I liked him last season and same for beginning of this season. His schtick is starting to wear though. I don’t blame him for manipulating the players and the game, because THAT’S THE GAME. However, I blame him to riling up the other house guests and instigating a bunch of shit and then putting his hands in the air like they are squeaky clean. As Simon said (lol), like it or not he has played the game the best this season.

2 Legit 2 Quit

Thank you all for making my night. I haven’t had this good of a laugh in a long time. I can’t wait for all of their “targets” to be eliminated from the house and then they actually have to start playing the game instead of acting in their pathetic reenactment of “Mean Girls”. This cast is full of bullies. I can’t wait to see who turns on who and for what reasons. Thanks for all the posts. I love this website!


I will say I am with most of what everyone is saying, but Paul it just way too “hands UP in the air” to UGLY!. Maybe if he wins he can get a tattoo across his forehead that states ASSHOLE