“Kailtyn’s move threw everything into perspective nothings set” – Haleigh

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – Swaggy’s going home.

5:10pm Winston and Haleigh
W – I know it’s hard and it’s hard to say to you because I know you and Swaggy are close
H – at this point he doesn’t have the votes
W – we can’t be sure that is why today I am going around
H – I have to weigh the different options.. I’m good with them but i’m also good with y’all.. again we’ve never talked game
H – at the end of the day I don’t know where I stand with you or Brett or Rachel
W – I won’t target you
Winston teases “brett’s in love with you”
Haleigh smiles “shut up”
Winston says there not in anything official, at the beginning everyone is running around at 100 miles a minute.
Winsotn – you’re like my daughter
H – shut up Winston
Haleigh wants them to start over
Haleigh – you are staying.. you have be Brett, Angela, Rachel, JC, Kaycee, and Sam that’s 7
Winston – got my fingers crossed..
H – you need 6 to tie..
H – 100% they’ll know I flipped.. If I flipped I need to know I’m ok here
Winston says he likes her in the game he’s not going to target her. he jokes that he likes seeing her and Brett fall in love (LOL)
They agree the entire house got off on the wrong foot.
H – Swaggy came in hot and I got involved
W – I can’t fault you for that
Winston – I think the world of ya miss texas
Haleigh giggles
W – and I’m serious when I say I apologies for getting off the wrong foot..
Winston says he was jealous that the other side got to her before he could on a personal level but on a game level.
Haleigh well they didn’t thought.. that’s another thing that happened this week
Haleigh – Kailtyn’s move threw everything into perspective nothings set.. and moving forward you can work with whoever you want to in this game.

5:26pm HOH Kaitlyn and Haleigh
Haleigh is clearing up that she said not you alliance she meant not her.
Haleigh – I just wantted to be clear I never said that.. I was trying to..
K – I was just so over the conversation
H – I know it was a lot and RS was coming at you hot
Kaitlyn – everytime we talk and have a one on one it’s about how nobody likes her
H – I know i’m trying to distance myself from her
K – it’s too much
H – She doesn’t really have the best social skills with the other people and she’s not trying to
H – She’s not trying.. She rude to them and she doesn’t like them and that’s fine but you can’t play this game like that
K – you know what she said to me that really pissed me off
K – she said to me .. she was like.. I can’t play the game you’re playing because otherwise I won’t have someone to go home to
K – She was like I can’t rub people’s heads I can’t scratch people’s backs
K – I’m in a f***ing relationship too.. I’m just literally being myself and he knows that
K – if that’s not you that’s fine don’t imply what I am doing is a problem
H – I don’t know what to do tomorrow
K – what is your gut telling you
H – it’s not speaking to me.. I see pros with this side and pros with this side
H- Brett won’t put me up for 3 weeks, Winston sat me down and told me he’s not putting me up for 3 weeks
Haleigh says the other side thinks they have 5 votes and if it’s 4 they’ll know she flipped
K – it’s important to just say to Fess… we didn’t have the numbers..
H – I said that to Rocksars and she was like what if someone flips and your the reason
K – it’s not going to happen we already going to have the numbers. You have to decide what you want to do again I don’t think it’s going to make a difference
K – Brett’s still going to keep you safe, Winston’s still going to keep you safe

Kaitlyn tells her the only people that will care if she votes out Swaggy are Rockstar and Bayleigh, “and who cares”
H – has Tyler said anything
K – oh no but when he was in here I thought I heard somethign between you guys is everythign ok
H – yeah
They decide to meditate over it..

5:31pm FES and JC
JC says it’s assumed that Fes and Rockstar are super close, “i’m not close to Rockstar”
Fes – of course I’m close to Rockstar she’s close to Haleigh
JC says day one Rockstar spilled stuff he told her.
JC says he talks to Tyler personally but “He literally does whatever Kailtyn Does. like seriously man are you f**ing kidding me”
JC – If Swaggy goes home than you are stuck in a group with f**ing Rockstar.. she’s not going to win shit.. Haleigh she’s not going to win shit.. ummm… whose the other one…
Fes – that’s good with swaggy gone the other side might want tot talk to me
JC – yeah.. that is what I am trying to do
JC says Fes needs to win the HOH and take out someone on the other side. If Fes gets HOH he’ll then be able to get someone like Tyler on his side. JC goes on about Tyler being a competitor.
JC – if you can get Tyler on your side.. yo make a list of people to evict.. You have me for sure..
JC – plus you’ll have Rockstar and Haleigh.. all of a sudden you become really powerful.. you have to start thinking about what if Swaggy goes.
JC – if they (Bros etc) win the HOH the only thing I can do is get them off you.. I think I can really do it

5:42pm Haleigh, JC and Kaitlyn
Looking at the spy screen commenting on bayleigh being out of the room for the first time. They talk about Tyler’s hair being “So funny”

6:27pm Kaitlyn and Tyler baby talk snuggles
K – what do you think the smartest move for Haleigh to move
T – she’s with you
T – you just got me all fluffed up
T – you talk to Rockstar, did she apologize
K – she did she annoys me.. she just complains about the people a lot
K – what she’s not grasping is we’re not supposed to all like each other..
Kaitlyn says rockstar didn’t spend time with the other people in the house the people not going home.
H – She’s not even going out trying to help Swaggy get votes
Brett comes in

6:30pm JC and Angela
They agree they don’t trust Scottie and he’s got to go.
JC – I’ve been working with you day one
JC – if they (swagz side) win HOH the only thing I can do to keep my game safe is take them off your back but I can’t do it for anybody else..
JC says he can move the target off her in Fess head

JC says Swags is going to have a meeting and call all you guys out
Angela – what is he going to say.. there’s no secret
JC – he’ll make stuff up… have you seen the show before they do it all the time..
Winston joins them.

JC – so Rockstar says Brett’s jokes are so funny (sarcastic) she can’t stand it anymore..
JC – I don’t know why she hates him so much

Angela – I don’t know
JC – supposedly she said she tries to talk to you two
Angela – she has a hard time relating to bros which is understandably
JC – BRAHS! .. these aren’t real BRAHS lets be real here hashtag fake braws
Winston – I’ve tried talking to her but she just doesn’t talk to me much
Angela – were you out there when she said
Winston – that was awesome
Angela – she comes outside starts talking about how she use to try to get people to have sex with her and they would say no
JC can’t hear
Angela – she use to ask people to have sex with her and they would say no
Winsotn – JC.. i’m going to be honest yo missed out last night it was a good talk

feeds cut


7:08pm Storage room JC and Haleigh
JC says he’s going to try and convince Fes to vote out Swaggy
Haleigh says she’s been trying
JC – don’t even try I’ll take care of it.

7:20pm Rachel and Winston
Rachel – level 6 is on another level..
Winston – me and him are kinda cool.. we talk alot but not a lot of game.. I knew he was with Chris .. we’re trying to manipulate him
W – he told Kaitlyn he heard from Brett and I it was Rockstar and Haleigh that flipped the votes last week to evict Steve.. which is a outright lie.. we never told names
Winston – it got back to KAitlyun.. we caught him in one that’s just a day that’s just the last 24 hours who knows how many more
Rachel says she’s going to try win the HOH she seems very confident of her chances if it’s an endurance.

7:31pm JC and Kailtyn
Kaitlyn – Tyler’s going to do what Tyler wants to do
Kailtyn says swaggy doesn’t think he has your vote
JC says Swaggy told him that Sam doesn’t know he was trying to get her out last week.
K – he’s so stupid
JC – I’m loyal to you day one and I’m loyal to Tyler, I respect him a lot I won’t do anything to him or you to f* you over

JC – I like Fes a lot
JC says it would be nice to work with Fes as long as Fes doesn’t want to start a war.
JC – question what happened when you went out like fire out of the living room
k – they were pissing me off they are trying to make me feel bad for the decisions I made .
K – it was so strange.. I had enough.. I got up and was like I need a minute.. this week is just a lot
JC says even if Katlyn does get on the block she has the votes to stay because so many people are thankful for what she did.
JC says that Winston gets paranoid about stuff.. He was telling him he’s OK.
Angela comes in to have her one on one with Kaitlyn
K – I don’t think we need one
Haleigh joins them.. they decide to just hang.

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Kaycee ….where are you & Sam???? Talk about slow playing……….Would love to see either of you win HOH. I want to see what either of you would do.

Box of Rocks is jumping up and down on my last nerve. I think she will be nominated next. At least I hope so.

Bye bye Swaggy!

But. . .

They don’t need to win HOH yet. They’re not on anyone’s radar yet, so why would they put a target on their backs? When the time comes for Kaycee to start winning, I think she will. As for Sam, she probably doesn’t want to be HOH because she genuinely cares for all the HGs and doesn’t want to be responsible for someone going home.


I’m seeing Kaycee as the dark horse. Later in the game, she’ll start winning comps. She’s got the skill. Right now it’s too easy to backdoor someone who can win comps. I see Sam playing almost all social and it’s put her in a good spot.


I agree


Plus she can still save herself for two more weeks


Good Points!


i would think sam wants to win the hoh after the upcoming one so she can decide who gets her power, but yeah, otherwise there isn’t much point in her winning hoh.

Daniel Cole

Black people never make it far in the BB house. Swaggy and Bailiegh we’re targeted the moment they walked through those doors. Sad to see

Katrina Jackson

Which is why he was a idiot putting an even bigger target on his back.


Of course playing the “race” card. So pathetic! Couldn’t have anything to do with Swaggy C overall personality. He s a cocky ass!


I am glad someone finally sees it. I am a super fan and yes i am black. I don’t really like swaggy because he is a dummy and talked a little to much. He did not give the game time to simmer before he picked a alliance. Day one alliances never last. He should have known better. If he truly is a super fan. Especially since he is black because there are 16 house guest and 10 of them are white. I guess everyone forgot when he reached out to Angela in the beginning to keep both their groups safe no matter who won and Angela told him that she would not pick his group for safety if she won because she was staying loyal to the 8 she came in with. Once he did the same thing she was going to do. Then everyone got in a uproar. He did not have a chance after that. Bailiegh is just collateral damage.


I will say it is a lot easier for black folks to stand out in that crowd though, which is why you really need to be careful and thoughtful. The first person to get targeted every season is the one who makes themselves a target or are not 20 somethings. I think older folks have faired worse on this show than minorities.

Lay Low Scottie

Swaggy kept half the house safe after winning a competition, and he’s going to be the second person out. If any white contestant did that, the people they kept safe would return the favor. Tyler is considered a good game player for winning competitions and running his mouth. Anyone who doesn’t recognize or condemn this obvious double standard that has plagued this show is kidding themselves.


Tyler keeps his ego to himself. Swaggy went around telling everyone how great he was. I don’t think it had anything to do with race. I think it had to do with that ginormous head and ego of his.


Blacks are the easy targets in the beginning along with older contestants!! It happens on Survivor too


I Said this two days ago… TYLER IS THE WHITE SWAGGY BUT GETS A PASS BECAUSE HE IS WHITE!!! Tyler has an alliance with 80% of the house

tired of this

Oh pleez..enough of the race card..Its 2018! get over it and move on..Cant you accept that he is an ass and if he was white, bl;ack or blue he would be kicked out on his ass…He has no social awarness..To cocky..C ya


BB2 Monica 3rd place
BB3 Danielle 2nd place
BB3 Marcellas 5th place
BB5 Marvin 6th place
BB6 Beau 5th place
BB7 Danielle 6th place
BB7 Marcellas 9th place
BB8 Jameka 4th place
BB10 Libra 9th place
BB11 Chima 6th person to leave after being expelled
BB13 Kalia 5th place
BB15 Howard and Candice, 5th and 6th evicted
BB16 Jocasta 6th person evicted
BB18 Davonne 7th evicted
BB18 Zakiyah 8th evicted
BB19 Dominique 4th evicted after blowing up peoples games with her talk show (bad gameplay)

BB10 Parker left early because of the couples twist , where 2 people left at the same time. Parker’s partner had a boyfriend in the house, she was the target not Parker. (victim of circumstance)
BB13 Keith 1st evicted After leading the charge against the vets who were in power (bad gameplay)
BB14 Jodi 1st evicted (By Production)
BB16 Devin 3rd evicted after being one of the craziest players the game has seen (bad gameplay, good for feeds tho)
BB17 Davonne 2nd evicted after getting heated and arguing in a room full of people (bad gameplay)
BB18 Jozea 2nd evicted after callig himself the messiah and telling the HoH that she’s his target (bad gameplay)


i forgot BB13 Lawon 4th evicted ( he wanted to be evicted so he could come back with a super power, lol)


oh wait, Lawon was 5th evicted, Brendon was evicted before him, then came back


oh, lawon, easily one of the worst players ever. kinda hoping someone unseats him though asking sam’s power gets used on them and then fails their chance to return.


You forgot about the other black guy in bb13 I can’t remember his name but when they announced a huge twist and said the evicted player had a chance at getting back in the game he volunteered to go up and even said he was ok being evicted because he thought he’d come back with more power so kalia put him up. Then he was being evicted he tried saying he never told them to do that and it didn’t even sound like him.

Then it was basically a battle back and if I remember correctly it was Brendan who came back.


You left out Kevin. He came in third.


How many of those people had to survive the block weeks 1-3


Keep your facts to yourself. It doesn’t flow with the true racists’ narratives

Todd Falkenberg

Swaggy was targeted because he comes in guns blazing, nicknamed himself Swaggy and acts like he runs the house from day one. People that do that usually leave early, not because they’re black.


What’s wrong with his Nickname? Is ROCKSTAR A NICKNAME

Vi vi

Black people shouldn’t even bother going on bb. They have better odds on Survivor.


If Wendell was on BB he probably wouldn’t even stand a chance. He would be straight black male living in the house. I’m just starting to think it’s a lost cause.


Wait…I am white (not that it should make a bit of difference), let me get my key to the BB house. (Swag should be grateful for even getting a spot. Many people have had the dream and never gotten the chance). Damn, I want to come over as a real arrogant badass so I gotta make up a lame name for myself, oh, and I better run out and get me a bunch of shirts made up with my new name.

Time to go into the house! Yeah, I gotta come across like I am the King of the house. Look down on almost everyone. Be tough (what he thinks that is), rude, yell at people and boss them around. Yeah, I am killing it. They know who has all the power! I can treat these stupid people any way I want!

Had I gone into the house and conducted myself the way Swaggy has, do you really think I would not be getting backdoored the same as he is now? It has nothing to do with his COLOR and everything to do with his attitude! He should be thankful that he wasn’t the first one voted out. Maybe if his head wasn’t so full of himself he would have seen what was happening right in front of his face. He should have seen it last week when his alliance was attacked.

He has no one to blame but himself. A lot of the time color is blamed and it is just a racial cop out, an easy excuse that some feel entitled to use, when the real problem is not what you are, but WHO you are.


That’s the most accurate post this season lol if anyone I know would act like that on national television I would be ashamed. Let alone me act like that. My wife would beat my ass if I was that cocky. Ever. At any moment. There’s simply no excuse for acting that way, and then the nerve to assume everyone else is crazy because they don’t buy into his BS. I just hope, and everyone please hope with me, that Julie doesn’t give him a pass. I want to see her put him on the spot, and ask why he thought everyone would bow down to him when he was clearly acting like a jackass.

BB Fanatic



Good week for a power shift. Otherwise level 6 could steam roll. Even if swags people are the least likeable… Damn, had high hopes for Scottie. He just has no perception on what’s going on in the house. He put to much trust in swags. Should have distanced himself from that side after steve left.


The truly good players are adaptable and versatile. They are capable of rolling with the punches. Dr.Will had his entire alliance voted out in season 2 but his social game and awareness allowed him to come out on top. Dan was also on the wrong side of the numbers in season 10 but he adapted, figured out the power structure and played the middle. You don’t always need numbers to survive but you have to be aware and able to adapt. Dan and Dr.Will dismantled superior numbers, picking people off one by one. I don’t think Scottie is capable of that, he lacks awareness. Once Steve was voted out he should have rolled with the punches and played the middle, rather then doubling down on trying to keep Swaggy. Rockstar is guilty of the same thing. Fez is a moron but at least he is making inroads with with the other side, aligning with the right person on the other side like JC and those people can deflect the target off you.


I think folks are going to need a new big threat in the next few weeks and Tyler may fit that bill. I’ll enjoy the show more if they did start targeting him. I like Tyler but I want to be entertained more!


They won’t… he is the all American boy…. America likes him and everyone in the house loves him


Kaitlyn ruined everything by voting out steve…. nobody on the other side is in an alliance with her… not even Tyler

Lay Low Scottie

I love how Kaitlyn thinks she’s in a relationship. Loser. But at least she got SwaggyC out, right? For her future children, or something *eye roll*
Has anyone figured out how Swaggy bullied her? Or is Kaitlyn so far up her own anus that she can no longer distinguish the truth from her lies.

Like Literally...

Favorite line: “JC – If Swaggy goes home than you are stuck in a group with f**ing Rockstar.. she’s not going to win shit.. ”

??? That little dude talks so much malarky he can’t keep up with his own statements but he is SO entertaining.

Andrea stuart

Crazyness k: I’m in a f***ing relationship too while she is pursuing fez pants lol i truly feel bad for her bf at home lol
I like JC he might try to be playing Josh from last season lol if he played both sides without being caught would be cool
He just need to be careful with racist angela and rachel
Still my favorites are fez or tyler

Sea horse

I’ve been wondering why no one has caught on to JC.
He’s a fast talker.
Talks out of both sides of his mouth.
Sometimes he contradicts himself in the same conversation with a HG.
I’m thinking that people get confused and just go along with it. Lol


Yanus…I think because he talks fast with that accent people genuinely lose track of what he’s saying.

BB Fanatic

You better be careful what you say, you’ll be called a racist for saying JC has an accent by Andrea! Lmao

3s a crowd

From what I’ve seen of the live feeds Swaggy is not the same character shown on the CBS show. He/CBS are playing it up. CBS show = he’s over the top and hard to root for, live feeds = I’m SORTA a fan. Also his showmance with Bay is not as annoying as past ones.
I get why he’s a target though = perceived leader of the other side.


Agreed…I didn’t like him when he walked in the house and acted like he was entitled. But as I’ve watched AD…he’s more likeable. Bayleigh has been likeable from day 1 and hopefully we’ll see how she really is once Chris is gone. Winston has got to stay this week!


He is a Target because TYLER MADE HIM THE TARGET… he planted that seed in Kaitlyn head


Kaitlyn go on a YATUS! Can someone shut her up please?

Lay Low Scottie

Her (ex) boyfriend is on a yatus.


Kaitlyns move against her alliance is going to come back to hunt her, she is not making it to the end. She is delusional with her “listening to spirits” I think is more like listening to demons. She’s disloyal, a complete lunatic and a BIG FLOATER! I can’t wait for her and Tyler to get evicted! Tyler is playing well I just don’t like most people in his alliance. Like any other season of BB, lets target the minorities first and don’t give me that he did this to himself because Winston, and RS are as annoying as Swaggy but they are safe. I can bet anything next target will be Fez and Bayleigh if Tyler sides wins. BB needs more minorities in the game, right now is 5 to 11 completely lopsided!


jc is getting on my last nerves. who is he protecting? that weasle really thinks he knows everything going on inthe house. sir you are expendable to level 6. sit your ass down and shut up. its not fair he continues to break bb rules either