Big Brother Spoilers – “Shutdown for an hour then we’ll get locked in for 2 hours”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 14th
POV Used yes POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Swagz Have Nots JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar

Big Brother Spoilers – They’re all campaigned out. These last 3 days have been pretty dense with the conversations.

Near the end of last night is was clear that Swaggy was not going to stay and the more he tried the worse it was going to get. as of last night Rockstar wasn’t haveing much success integrating with the rest of the house. Scottie has relationships outside of the swaggy group but alot of his game got exposed in the last week. Both Rockstar and SCottie are being targeted by a lot of people. Haleigh has done a decent job of integrating with the other houseguests. Fez also has had mild success broing it with Brett and talking with JC/Tyler. Bayleigh is almost completely isolated. I want her to win HOH 🙂

8:46am CAm 1-2 Winston and Kaycee (near impossible to hear them whisper)
Winston – how funny was last night
Winston – that smelled bad.. you get to smell it..What they did

Feeds cut. When they come back Winston and Kaycee are studying for a potential HOH.
They start talking about swaggy’s side wearing the swaggy C shirts.
Winston says that makes it real easy for him to pick his next targets. (meh they all should wear a shirt.. I want a swaggyC shirt 😉 )
Winston says Bayleigh is going to be off the hook once Swagz is gone. She’s being tight lipped right now.

Winston mentions his conversation to Bayleigh where he was deflecting the heat off him, “BAyleigh am I in power.. are you in power.. ”
Hard to hear Winston but it sounds like he heard from Brett that BAyleigh was telling Kaitlyn that everyone hates in in the house and they are coming after her.

Winston – aren’t you happy no vets came
Kaycee – yeah
Winston – so happy (lol you and everyone else that wastches this show)
Winston starts talking about his job..

(It’s chit regular chit chat about life.. You can hear saws cutting in the backgroyund as workers prepare tonight’s Head of Household Competition)
Winston – he’s been sawing for an hour
Winston goes on to explain his job.. (Winston’s got an interesting job actually Flashback if you want to know about orthopedic surgery and a robotics in the field.. whoowee )

10:06am Houseguests getting up
“I can’t believe we got woken up so early”

10:55am Chit chat..
Brett explains today’s schedule from production – shutdown for an hour then we’ll get locked in for 2 hours.
Angela – when do we get locked up there


11:15am …

11:40am Feeds on BB10 they will not be coming back until 1:30pm ish
The next update you receive will most likely be the gifs and weeks Summary/ HOH results.


1:30pm Feeds back..

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Not just gifs but maybe you my Dear Simon finding out about what seasons Sam watched LMAO. I’m curious now, her promo didn’t say huge fan, did it. That Bio has me thinking


wow why in the world you want Bayleigh to win??? I thought you like the game…


Would she go crazy on those who tossed out her baby daddy? Could she build bridges? Would she sit in the HoH alone reminiscing about the love of her last two weeks? Would Kaitlyn crawl through the ductwork to claim the HoH robe?


Maybe because she wouldn’t follow along like the rest of the cast. With Swaggy going home, everyone will start voting with the house to survive. But if Bayleigh wins, who knows who she will put up. We already know who most of the rest of the house will put up…. boring! I’m with Simon.

Sea horse

For something different. Otherwise it’s going to become a snooze-fest.

It already feels like it’s been two months instead of two weeks.

Someone that will oppose. Hopefully…


Are you serious? Game fans…as opposed to fans of HG’s…want chaos. Bayleigh, after Swaggy goes, is chaos. We want anything that makes the house uncomfortable, that prevents a super group from running things, that produces HOH’s who let power go to their head and blow up other people’s games, with fights and where alliances larger than 2 are good for maybe a week.

Trackin the Kraken

Swaggy is being evicted for a lot of reasons but Racism is not one of them Pretty sad that whenever a decision goes a certain way people go low with the divisive comments

The Guy walked in, won the first comp, and then basically divided the house. The opposite side struck back when they were in power and some of Swaggy’s own side even realized he was a liability


Agree! Maybe some of his behavior and attitude can be blamed on immaturity & this will be a learning experience….blah blah blah. Game wise, week 1 he acted like a conceited, arrogant ass loudly proclaiming he was the one in charge, running the house. His disillusionment and anger expressed towards America for not awarding him with app advantage shows how self-absorbed he is.

Who knows how much production encouraged this path ( probably a lot). I’m sure he made it easy for them. I know it makes for good tv but personally, people like this rub me the wrong way so I’m ready for him to go. We can still watch BB history making Kaitlyn!! ??

Lay Low Scottie

Paul did the same thing two years in a row, and Big Brother paid him $100,000. Furthermore, Swaggy won a competition and saved half the house. And he’s being evicted second for being bombastic? Ok.


I’m not in the US , how many hours from now roughly till I know who is the HOH? Thanks 🙂


The day isn’t finally here! I am sad Swaggy C is leaving but hopefully Rockstar wins the HOH and shakes things up. I would Love to see her put Angela or Rachel on the block!


JC is Pervy

Oh Gawd! I hope that thing goes next! Her and her glasses gotta get to steppin’.

Prince Louis

I agree. Those glasses are obnoxious. Why does Crockstar want to look like an old bag lady?


1:17 BBT Feeds are back. They are eating lunch.

Sakura Haruno

I know I’m going to get downvoted for this but I Team Tyler!!!
Everybody keeps compering him to Paul but I think he’s going to end up like Frank. Half the house is already against him and he’s expandable to the other side that he’s a part of. He’ll be lucky at this point to even make it to the jury. The power app can only help him once and he has to know if he’s getting backdoored. I want Tyler to win but he’s playing a really risky game. I pray to the BB gods that someone else is a bigger target than him to take out so he can recover his game.

I don’t care if I’m Tyler only fan, I just want him to be safe in the game.

Tyler FTW


If they heard mass sawing I would suspect it is not a booth comp as Swaggy said he saw. They just roll the booths out and boom, done. I am holding out hope for a endurance comp. Though they were studying so perhaps the DR led them to believe it’s not endurance.

Can we please get a pole vaulting comp?:-P

I’m also with Arnold. Simon, I know you root for the thing that will cause the most drama, but a Bayleigh HOH with CrockStar in the HOH 24 7 again is vomit worthy to say the least.

Her horrible dancing with the headphones on is a nightmare I don’t soon want to revisit.



I don’t think we will ever see a pole vaulting comp honey!


I’m so glad that Swaggy is leaving, I was worried that because he makes good tv, the producers would find ways to keep him around like they did with Paul last year, he dug his own grave by acting like he had already won, wtf did he think was gonna happen..I do feel bad for Bayleigh tho, hopefully she can bounce back and actually get her head in the game

The Beef

Rachel is currently running third in the rankings of todays voting. Now I like Rachel and all, but this is by far the highest she has ever been on the ranking grid and I’m wondering why? The only thing I can think that she has done differently is to unleash a SBD fart last night in the bedroom with her peers. So is this the SBD bump she is getting? Is she getting respect for “claiming” the deed after the smell made it known to all around? Is it safe to say the SBD has “rocketed” her to third in the rankings?

So many questions! So many unknowns! Should Rachel simply be known as “The Gas” moving forward in the game?


It’s Newton’s Law. See like a rocket when you release gases in one direction the rocket travels in the opposite. Newton’s third law! You learned something today.


Just as surprising to me is that Rockstar moves up so many places. Especially considering what people say in the comments about her!

Lay Low Scottie

Rachel did very well in the veto competition. She usually just repeats what other people say, but she can hold her own when left to her own devices.


Can’t wait to see who wins HOH. Just really hoping it isn’t Rock Star!! Actually, at this point, any of the rest of them could win HOH and I really wouldn’t mind too much. I just hope whoever it is, they keep it interesting. But really hoping someone puts up Rock Star or crazy Kaitlyn!! Time for them to go.


Yep…I have my favorites so far, but for excitement and what not, I’ll take anyone except for RockFace winning it. And I do have concerns with Hayleigh or Bayleigh winning just cause I don’t wanna see RockFace in the HOH the entire week, spewing her hate and staring at the cameras. Once she’s gone…I’m fine with any of the rest winning HOH


The house will be so boring without Swaggy. At least we still have crazy Kate there to bring some good TV and drama. Looks like most of the BB vets were rooting for Swaggy to stay as well.


I think the entertainment factor depends on who wins tonight and if they are ready to target Tyler and his cohorts. I need to see it mixed up this week.


Which BB vets were rooting for Slaggy to stay? From where are you getting this info? Name your sources, please.

Bored stiff

Opposition or bust!
That’ll change the conversations I bet.


I hope Level 6 wins HOH

Lay Low Scottie

I thought moderating the comments would weed out this riff raff.


Simon and dawg when i get on big brother next year I’m going to give you guys a shoutout. When I’m on can I say anything about obb or will that get you in trouble?


Also I promise to give all the commenters plenty to hate on me for. At least the first week until I get the boot