Big Brother 14 First FIGHT “I never said no nothing about a homosexual”

9:43pm HOH Ashley, Britney, Willie
Ashley: “this house is ridiculous.. Stories are getting twisted”
Britney: “This entire House is downstairs against you.. Frank was telling everyone that you were making fun of Wil’s voice”
Who the fuck said that.. Britney: “Frank”. Willie gets up to talk to Frank but Britney stops him.

Ashley: “Everyone is twisting words down there like crazy”
Britney: “The coaches are trying to get rid of you because they think you are casuung trouble”
Britney: “EVERYONE is downstairs talking about you and Frank is starting it all”
Willie: “He’s gone this week”

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Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says I hate to be a b!tch but did Adam really earn his spot in the final three.. *Updated*

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9:15am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the feeds come back, Adam is in the backyard smoking. Kalia is in the bathroom telling Jordan about a dream she had about walking her dogs and how they fell down a stair case shaft. And says that after they bounced their necks weren’t so good because of the leash. Kalia, Porsche and Jordan are all getting ready for the day in the bathroom. Kalia leaves the bathroom. Porcshe tells Jordan that she loves it when BB gives them a warning about how much time them have till the ceremony it makes it so much better. Jordan agrees. Kalia comes back. Jordan leaves. Kalia starts telling Porsche all about how she was trying again last night to get Adam to consider using he veto. Kalia starts talking to herself saying that it’s veto day … find out your fate day… Kalia starts going over her speech that she will give during the POV ceremony.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Jordan not tell Kalia how we are voting ..she is going to be asking all day. *Updated*

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10am – 10:50am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen. At 10:15am The live feeds come back, Rachel is getting ready in the kitchen and Shelly is packing. Porsche is having a shower in the HOH bathroom. Rachel sits down at the kitchen table to eat her breakfast as she studies the memory wall. Jordan and Rachel go into the purple room to start studying the events or the house / competitions and dates. Jordan heads to the kitchen to make breakfast. Jordan then goes back to the purple room to eat her breakfast. Rachel says we have to win HOH this week and the veto. Rachel says that this HOH is more important. Jordan agrees. Jordan tells Rachel how Porsche overheard that there were 14 days left and was had no idea they were so close. Rachel says that I bet Jeff and Brendon are going to be freaking out for the rest of the day. Jordan says yup.. thinking who are we going to see walking through that door. Rachel says if we can do this Jeff and Brendon will be so proud of us. Jordan asks Rachel if she thought she was going to get this far. They talk about Rachel’s season the final four got the competition where they had to hide things for $10 grand. Jordan says that if we don’t win tonight I am not going to get as upset as last time.

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Adam about the Vets: “They were dangling those keys over our heads and made us jump like a dog for a bone..”

Shelly: “They just want me out”.. Porsche: ” doesn’t matter We want you in”. Porsche tries to rally them.. she explains that they need to win the veto and keep them 4 in the game, if they lose the veto they lose a number for next week and the odds are worse for HOH.
Shelly tells them not to be worried if she doesn’t win veto she goes home they are all safe.. Shelly: “I’m the evil one for Jeff leaving remember”

POrsche: “Shut up with that Shelly you need to focus.. nothing has changed we have to win VETO”
Adam brings up that Jordan is not good at comps and Rachel doesn’t do well under pressure. Kalia: “is there anything we can do to throw them off”
Shelly leaves..

KPA talk about how they need Shelly to suck it up they need to win that veto.

Shelly comes back.. Porsche says she will give Shelly and adam the 5 g’s if they win the veto and keep the nominations the same. Kalia asks Shelly what happened inside that made her so upset. Shelly explains that JR are calling her a bitch and bashing all 4 of them int he bedroom. She suggests they take a listen next time they are over there.

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Big Brother 13, Shelly and Jordan FIGHT! .. Jordan wants to pack her bags BB is stupid

7:08pm Purple Room Kalia and Adam Adam explains why he choose to go with JJR over DKP. His reason is he trusted JJ and they were always good to him all along. Kalia then attempts to pull Adam closer to her side says she’s still open to work with Adam. Adam being this years true blue floater starts to agree.

Kalia explains what happened with her LAst HOH and why Lawon went home. She continues to explain there is still a lot of game left and she knows her and Adam can work together to get farther.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Nominations ceremony over Shelly and Adam up

7:16pm Havenots Mini house meeting (everyone but Adam and Dani)
Shelly asks Porsche if rachel told her that Shelly wanted a final 3 with her. POrsche says YES Rachel did tell me that. Shelly Yells tahts A lie. Rachel: “But Shelly that is the truth you did say that”
Porsche: “I heard that you wanted a 3 person deal with rachel but rachel said no becuase she never trusted you.. You also said that you wanted it once Jordan went home”
Shelly shoot straight tells them that it’s all a lie.
Rachel: “Shelly it’s the truth you have been saying that.. There’s a lot of final 3 going around right now with you”
Rachel: “You said Hypothetuically that if Jordan went home that you wanted final 3”

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Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel and Jeff up on the block, Rachel: “I’m not coming back if I go”

6:59pm Havenots rachel and Jordan Rachel says to Jordan that right now they are screwed. rachel is crying says that Jeff is pissed at her he yelled at her told her he doesn’t want to hear any of her BLANK. rachel lost her fiancee yesterday and now she’s up on the block and going home. Jordan says your coming back Julie said the person voted out might come back.

Rachel starts to BAWL saying i’m playing for second place even if I win every POV and HOH there’s nobody in this house that will vote for me.. Jordan is trying to tell her to calm down explains to her that she has Shelly’s votes and people change when their in Jury.

Rachel goes off about Kalia and Dani “WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE.. WHO THE BLANK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE” Jordan: “Well they’re the ones in charge.. and it’s not looking good for us” rachel is mad because kalia called her Catty… says I ruin the Game and I’m bad for the house. ” rachel says that Kalia is being personal and she’s attacking Rachel’s character, first they attack her fiancee now they attack her. Jordan just keeps telling her to calm down and that they have to pull it together because “they” are going to pick them off one at a time.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – BR FREAK OUT!! Jeff: “Dudes You’re going about this the wrong way” Brendon “F*CK PRODUCTION…”

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3:16pm Jeff and Jordan Jordan is saying that BR are going around telling people that Jordan will win Big Brother 13 if they keep her in the house and that Jeff wants to take all the prizes and the money. Jeff says it’s no big deal people like that on the show he’ll talk to them about it it’s no big deal.. Shelly told Jordan that BR are saying that Jordan has a deal with Kalia, Dani and POrsche.. Jeff is going to talk to BR before things get out of hand. Jordan: “they are trying to make us look bad jeff…they are telling everybody that I’m a super pawn and there putting it in peoples heads that Jordan is going to win if you don’t get her out”
Jordan says that Kalia came up to her and asked her if she’s been saying things about her and jordan was shocked becuase she hasn’t.. jordan says that BR are really making the rounds.

Jeff tells her to calm down and not worry BR are just making a last ditch effort. Jeff is going to go upstairs and talk to Dani… “if things get out of hand we’ll call another housemeeting or i’ll go talk to brendon straight up”

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Big Brother Spoilers: HUGE BLOW UP IN THE BB HOUSE! Everyone is calling everyone else out! *Updated*

12:50pm Brendon and Kalia are talking in the backyard. Kalia is telling Brendon that she feels completely alone in the house and that everyone on their side has completely turned their back on her. Kalia says that if she actually though Jeff was going to get back doored she would have said something. Kalia says that she only just heard about it and that she had a conversation with Jeff after the POV. Brendon says that when ever something comes up …you run to Dani. Kalia says that is not true. Brendon says that it is true… this isn’t the first time I’ve played this game. Brendon tells her that she is a floater and that if she really was on their side she would have come to them as soon as she heard they were going to back door Jeff. Brendon tells her that she is playing both sides. Kalia denies it. Brendon says this is not rocket science… I’ve studied science and this is easier. Kalia says that he will see the tapes and he will see that she was on her side. Brendon says that he will apologise if he is wrong ..but he knows hes not. Kalia tells him that he thinks he is so smart. Kalia gets up and leaves. They keep yelling at each other. Brendon tells her while she is at it she should do her own dishes. Kalia says that she does ..thank you very much.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Cassi tells Shelly she want to fight to stay.. Shelly says they will match wits and see who can get the most yes’s.. *UPDATED* Rachel & Brendon FIGHT!

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11am Adam, Shelly, Cassi, Jordan, Jeff and Rachel are out in the backyard talking about random things. Rachel says she would get the live feeds” because you get to see the results of competitions and stuff. They continue to talk about tanning, music. Jordan and Cassi talk about country songs. Jeff heads inside to eat. Adam, Brendon and Jeff are in the kitchen eating and making breakfast. Adam says day five of slop!

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan tells Rachel that she is a parrot face with her big ugly zits… that she is a vile.. disgusting human being

  Watch everything LIVE as it happens!! Superpass – 3 Day FREE Trial   6:20pm Rachel and Ragan are fighting in the backyard. They are both throwing insults back and forth at each other. Rachel laughs at Ragan. Ragan then imitates her laugh. Ragan tells Rachel that no one in the house likes her. Rachel […]

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