Big Brother 13 Spoilers – BR FREAK OUT!! Jeff: “Dudes You’re going about this the wrong way” Brendon “F*CK PRODUCTION…”

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3:16pm Jeff and Jordan Jordan is saying that BR are going around telling people that Jordan will win Big Brother 13 if they keep her in the house and that Jeff wants to take all the prizes and the money. Jeff says it’s no big deal people like that on the show he’ll talk to them about it it’s no big deal.. Shelly told Jordan that BR are saying that Jordan has a deal with Kalia, Dani and POrsche.. Jeff is going to talk to BR before things get out of hand. Jordan: “they are trying to make us look bad jeff…they are telling everybody that I’m a super pawn and there putting it in peoples heads that Jordan is going to win if you don’t get her out”
Jordan says that Kalia came up to her and asked her if she’s been saying things about her and jordan was shocked becuase she hasn’t.. jordan says that BR are really making the rounds.

Jeff tells her to calm down and not worry BR are just making a last ditch effort. Jeff is going to go upstairs and talk to Dani… “if things get out of hand we’ll call another housemeeting or i’ll go talk to brendon straight up”

3:21pm rachel and Brendon

rachel asks Brendon if he goes should she trust Shelly Brendon says YES (LOL) she may be playing both sides but she’s not loyal to them.. Brendon instruxts her to play with everyone and not pick sides.. Rachel: “I’m not working with Dani.. I’m sorry I just cannot” Brendon says that is fine but she has to trust Shelly. (OMFG straight shooter)

Brendon says to her that there is alot of time until the eviction they have to observe how people are these next 24 hours and see who is changing their behavioour. Rachel tells him he needs to spell it out. Brendon says she not in a bad position right now. Rachel asks again if she can trust POrsche. Brendon says she’ll have to trust her a bit. Brendon tells her she needs to keep her cool.
Rachel is happy she’s getting this chance to play and she’s grateful for all the help brendon is giving her but she also plans on playing her way and she plans on winning her way. (if this means vegas then we’re in for some fun )

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3:38pm Purple Room Jeff and SHelly jeff: ” i’m one step ahead of all these people in this house, I told Dani if she heard anything to come to me immediately”
Shelly tells him that BR are really tryning hard they are targeting Adam and herself. Shelly reassures him she is a straight shooter and will keep jordan but she’s not sure about Adam or lawon/kalia. Jeff makes it sound like he’s in control of the house he’s not worried BR are just trying to survive as long as Shelly is still on board he’ll talk to everyone and figure it out.

They leave Jeff talks to Dani at the HOH stairs.. Jeff saying that they are now throwing him under the bus trying to get votes. Dani says what they are doing is ruining her game.. Jeff: “I just want to make sure that we’re still cool” Dani: “Yes of course…” Jeff:”ok Cool”

3:40pm backyard adam and Jeff
Jeff: “they’re pushing hard UH… adam: “yeah they are” (about BR getting votes)
Jeff: “the stuff i’m hearing isn’t all that nice”

Shelly joins them starts to cry saying that Dani wrote something to Jose in her HO blog and it was really nice… Shelly fights back the tears saying she misses her daughter so much jeff tries to make her feel better but the straight shooter keep crying.. Rachel joins them dirty looks all around (not joking) . Shelly says that Dani gave a shout out to Tony and Jose in her HOH blog. everyone except for Rachel try to comfort her.. Rachel leaves to go to the DR.

3:52pm Backyard Dani, Jeff, Shelly Adam Dani saying that she is pissed right now.. She tells Shelly that rachel just came up to the HOH and is pissed off because she gave a shoutout to Shelly’s family. dani: “She’s saying that i’m doing it to emotional manipulate you and I just want you and everyone else to know that is not what i’m doing I give shoutouts to everyone in my blog…. i’m so made right now i’m shaking”

Shelly goes to give her a hug says that she never thought otherwise and she’s very grateful for what Dani did. Jeff pipes in saying that what Dani did was kind and nobody outside thinks otherwise. Dani knows she’s just pissed becuase rachel stormed into her HOH and is accusing her of emotional manipulating Shelly. .. Feeds cut (Rachel self destucts in 5…4…3…2…1…. KABOooooooooooM)

shelly is saying that she thinks it’s super cool that dani did that and she appreciates it from the bottom of her heart. Rachel comes out with meat head she says she thought it was wrong what dani is doing tells everyone that Dani is manipulating people using emotions. Dani: “whatever i’m writing in my blog is my business.. ohh my GOD rachel.. why am I even talking to you GO AWAY.. IT NONE OF YOUR BUSNIESS WHAT I’M writing in my blogs” Rachel and Brendon are both onto her saying it’s not fair what dani wrote and they thought that in the rules you cannot give shoutouts to people in your HOH Blog. Dani says that she gives shoutouts all the time if you go to you and read her BB8 blogs left an entire sections for shoutouts. Dani stresses that Shelly has a yonf daughter it means a lot to her. Jeff and Shelly are both sticking up for Dani saying what
dani did had nothing to do with the game it was a personal thing and Dani did it to be nice. Brendon tells them to stay out of it this is between Rachel and Dani. Brendon keeps saying that production told him that he can’t and that is why they fell dani is playing dirty.

BR storm out.

dani: “you see what they are doing they are trying to turn it around and make me look like a bad person”.. dani again explains to them what her intentions were. Everyone sides with dani.
Dani: “I’m trying to be nice to Shelly… why because unlike other people I actually like the players in this game”
Dani leaves to HOH after everyone tells her not to worry, Shelly gives her a big hug and thanks her again.
Kalia joins them tells them that Dani only put it in there for shelly. Shelly again deffends Dani saying she’s very grateful for Dani doing it and she never thought once that Dani would do it for game. Jeff agrees (Rachel is blowing it BIG TIME)

4:03 Brendon comes backs outside talks to shelly says he’s sorry
about what happened says its ok with him and rachel. goes back in everyone else in the backyard talking about what just happened.. Prosche goes to give shelly a giant hug.. shelly: “Don’t feel bad for me I feel bad for Dani” Kalia says BR are mad they are talking it personally its a last ditch
effort. Shelly says she’s sick to her stomach over all this.

4:05pm bedroom JJ
Jordan: “Ohhh man”. Jeff says he’s going to lay it out to brendon and rachel tell them what needs to be done. Jordan says he better not start anything jeff doesn’t plan on it he’s going to just talk.

4:08 Jeff and brendon in the living room..

Brendon says that dani is trying to manipulate jeff and the other players against Rachel.. jeff understands that brendon is trying to get votes but it’s started to look bad and he did a great thing for his reputation by saving rachel but he can’t tarnish it by blowing up all over the house and running peoples names threw the mud trying to get votes.

brendon says it’s dani causing all this she’s trying to make all this drama so the heat is off her next week.. Brendon: “You have to promise me to take her out next week” (lol)

jeff is saying that rachel is really emotional and he’s not sure they can control her. brendon says the centre piece of all this drama is dani he keep reiterating that Jeff needs to get Dani out next week. jeff: “dude rachel has just as good of a chance to win this HOH but with her running around going nuts she’s going to make enemies.. I don’t think you guys are going about this the right way”
Rachel comes out of the DR Drying saying that dani is playing the game by manipulating peoples emotions, she tells them that production told her to talk to Dani to find out what was written in teh HOH blog and that’s what she did and now Dani is making a HUGE deal about it. Brendon: “BLANK PRODUCTION they are telling you to go start BLANKwith dani” rachel starts to cry.. she thinks it’s wrong for dani to do this to he and her fiancee. jeff: “what you did was the wrong thing to do everyone knews that” Rachel: “the way I did it was talk to her in private” \
Jeff: “If brendon leaves we need to be able to control your emotions and bite your tongue becuase we need you.. if we break up it’s going to hurt us”. Jeff pleads with rachel to really think about the things she does. Rachel starts playing the victim.. Rachel: “You can’t use your HOH blog as a tool to manipulate” Jeff: “thats not what happeend what you did was wrong”
brendon thinks they should go apologize to shelly. Rachel: “no I was defending Shelly”
brendon says don’t ever talk to dani or kalia then.

rachel is defending herself saying it’s not fair what dani is doing.. Dani is making this a big deal
jeff says that right now Rachel is making it a big deal and it’s not good. Jeff “Relax keep your emotions in check.. and if you are going to get your votes then get it.. keep it classy and filter
your emotions”

brendon: “what do yo mean we are being fair never once did we throw you guys under the bus”
Jeff explain that he knows but from what he’s hearing things are getting a little silly.

4:17pm backyard shelly, jordan, adam, lawon are talking about how BLANK crazy rachel is.. shelly:”that came out of nowhere from a nice comment from dani”

… Feeds cut.. Rachel and BRendon are self destructing BIG TIME..

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Rachel is upset and bitching about Dani using her HOH blog to send a shout out to Shelly’s family claiming no shout outs are allowed, blah, blah, blah.

Well, let’s point out her blatant hypocrisy!

From her own HOH blog…

Happy Birthday Katlyn 🙂 My little niece! 🙂

Thank you for the basket letter Lissy I LOVE YOU and I cant wait to plan our bachlorette parties and our weddings I am so excited to see how brendon and I do in this game! 🙂

Happy Birthday MOM I LOVE YOU and HAPPY ANNIVERSERY parents! 🙂 I hope Brendon and I are lucky enough to have over 30years of a happy marriage I have such amazing role models, you have inspired me thorough my life and into my future and have given me the gifts and strengths to move forward as an adult and in this game and am one lucky girl! 🙂

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

She needs to be smacked with reality


Lol she is such a moron


She’s pissed because, yet again, someone else makes her look like the selfish biotch she is. She was HOH twice, and didn’t offer a single shout out for anyone besides herself and her tool. Bwahahahaha!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

She would need more than half a million in counseling to get her head straight. But 1st you’d have to accept that you have a problem and neither one of them thinks that done anything wrong.


LOL is a shout out about my shout out about her shout out allowed?

CBS does give aftercare psychological counseling to the HGs (my guess is that they have them on staff during production as well considering Lydia’s mental issues while playing the game).

Rachel is an idiot who clearly has lost touch with reality.


oh god…i just got a vision of nat…lydia…chima and rachel crying over jesse!!! thank you big bother for not putting her in that season!!!

seems like that was their attempt to save brendon. what can anyone do on wednesday? one day before one goes packing? they are playing the same game as last year…didnt work then either!


She’s such an ass! I can’t wait to see her thrown out of the BBH once and for all. Rachel is the nastiest ugliest meanest freak to ever enter the BBH


I’m thinking more Borderline personality disorder(BPD).One thing im positive of,Rachael is a true psychic vampire.


Borderline p.d. was my 1st thought too. This chick is CRAZY. I dont think i can take any more of b/r. I understand cbs thought theyd be good for ratings but she needs a 72 hr psych hold, not 3 months in the bb house


Man….you beat me to it…had it on copy ready to paste that 🙂

Total hypocrite!!!


ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Easiest POV ever, they all did it before….

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Audrey II made a funny…..


*sigh* Rachel is having another bitch fit. She is such a sore loser when she is not in power. If she says emotional manipulation ONE MORE TIME! Does she not know what Big Brother is about. Not saying that Dani manipulates people, but even if she did so what. That’s what Big Brother is about. Lying, backstabbing, manipulating, and competing.

Rachel needs to be sat in a corner for 30 minutes like a 2-year-old because that is exactly how she is acting. Like who the heck cares about and freaking shout-out on a HoH blog? Brenchel are the biggest whiners I have ever seen. It’s like everything they do is right, and when they’re targeted it’s the end of the world. Just shut the heck up and compete. That’s the difference between a winner and a loser. Winners don’t bitch and moan about being put on the block, which is exactly the reason Dick and Daniele made it to the Final 2.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

All they do is manipulate people to do what they want. I’m excited to see Rachel screwing up Brenda’s chances at staying, it was classic Brenchel


Lmao Kalia is going on saying this is what she’s going to say for nominations when she wins hoh. Sweetheart, Rachel is going to win due to A. She’s gonna do good in a quiz comp or B. production will give her the answers. Hahaha the drama is gonna be crazy next week. It doesn’t really matter if Rachel self destructs she’s going to win hoh tomorrow. MARK MY WORDS 😉


So true.

Rachel >>>>>>>>>


You are dead on. J/J have already set up their excuses for not trying to win (not that they have the ability to anyway) and the rest are dead weight. Rachel will be tossed a bone and more of her crazy drama to ensue.


I could never be on big brother because I would have already beat the shit out of brendon. I would never hit a woman but since i suspect rachel to be a tranny i might smack her also.


You took the words out of my mouth. I thought I was maybe too violent but the only thing that was has being going through my mind while reading this post was: “Please, somebody, anybody, everybody, smack that b*tch up!” and by b*tch, I mean Brendon as well.


Lmao! Your comment is so funny


Ha ha!!!!!! True.


Ha ha!!!!


Dani got to go i did never liked her in her first season my fav was “Jen” even though she was winning pov’s it didn’t matter to me but in this season OMG get her on the block fast……………….for the Brenchel haters well now i think Brendon might really leave tomorrow because of everything going on in the house right now……………but Brenchel are staying my favs period


you really need to be seen by a doctor. anyone who likes brendon and especially rachel has something wrong in their head.


I guess I need a Dr. too bc I get Brenchel. Super competitive people, everyone needs to dtop hating!


I think most of us applaud super competitive. We just don’t like sore losers and pompous asses who have to keep reminding us they study rocket science(doubtful) and are pursuing a ph.d.

They talk trash and insult everybody who stands in their way because they’ve somehow convinced themselves they are the perfect embodiment of BB players.


Troll. Rachel and and Brendon are ugly people inside. There is a REASON why they were so hated last year and the reason has everything to do with them.


This is AWESOME. They are showing their true colors.

Prediction: Rachel goes all Chima on us and either quits or is asked to leave next week. No evictions that week, Dom comes back in.


Oh, How I want that to be true!


If Rach can’t win the hoh tomorrow she might just hit red button to gt the hell out of the bb house.


She’s crazy, but not that crazy. Remember outside of BB,she has nothing to go back to. Plus the ego-maniac in her would miss the camera time and what ever else she thinks being on BB will bring her in the future. Not the mention the loss of her stipend.


Does anybody remember Dani from BB Season 3? Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly is playing similar to her. The only thing is we never see Shelly’s DR sessions (why is that by the way?) which is where Dani unleashed her opinions of all the HGs.

That overboard scheming is what cost Season 3 Dani the game and it will be the undoing of this season’s Shelly.


You just signed your walking papers, Nuwanda!


sheely reminds of that movie monster. the female serial kiiller movie. she doesnt have 1 feminine bone her body. poor thing.


i was thinking shelly is what barney fife’s mom looked like…


rules number 9 on the cbs BB application states and i quote “you must be of full physical and mental capacity”

How did these two slip by that rule? twice!?

now brenchel are talking about self evicting after rachel blew up at porsche also. god that would be great


Rachel is a petty little classless brat


Well, to be fair, Dani probably WAS trying to secure Shelly’s vote to evict Brendon, by doing something nice for her.
Dani is no fool, and she is playing a cunning game.

BUT Brendon and Rachel are so completely narcicistic and suffering from delusions of entitlement and so, the biggest ever hypocrits in the house ARE definitely self-destructing as Simon said. Brendon will leave tomorrow evening, Rachel will become paranoid without him, in her utter narcicism, and the drama will entertain us for at least a few days. If she should win HOH on thursday, her nominations will be vindictive rather than strategic, as she likes to say her game play is. And it is hard to say who she’ll put up, as she has made enemies of everyone now. She will be her own worst enemy and will leave the following week. Dani will realize that she has to somehow get Jordan out of the house, in order to have a shot at winning BB, so she will fight for HOH the following week and put Adam and Lawon on the block and backdoor Rachel. She’d love to backdoor Jordan , but can only do one at a time. She’ll have to do that a little later..

A returning houseguest? If it is from this season’s game, Dominic, and I’d like him to win it. If it is from prior seasons, I’d love to see Russell return and win the game.


hahah I’d LOVE to see Russel in this house. He was my fave from BB11 other than Jeff. He would cause such a shit storm it woul dbe UNREAL. But if anyone does come back my money is on Dom.


Are you ok ? Dani is leaving next week what are you talking


I agree that Dani did it as a form of manipulation but the only reason it sent Rachel over the edge was because she didn’t think of it first when she was HOH. People play the game differently. If everyone went bat shit crazy every time someone trumped them, the show would be nothing but one outburst after the next.

Which is kind of what you get with Rachel anyway.


All of this ^!

kathie from canada

I agree comletely. Dani has been very methodical in her game play for the most part. There are no random acts of kindness – everything is one more step towards winning for Dani! Wasn’t much of a fan earlier, but in this cluster of wingnuts, her calm control is awesome. She really plays her cards close to the chest!


I love and agree with everything you just wrote. I couldn’t have said better myself.


Goooooooooooooooooooo RACHEL,don’t worry about them Haterrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssss,Dani queen of COCKROACHES,if Dani was really the queen of POV’s she would’ve have won the one Brendon just got


I absolutely agree with you Magpie.

Dani’s not stupid but Brenchel sure are.


What an effed up relationship. She’s certifiably nuts. He yells at her out of frustration because nobody can control her unstable ass and then she manipulates him with tiny tears and playing the victim and he apologizes and babies her. She’s the type of person that everyone in the neighborhood calls crazy because she’ll be yelling at everyone for every perceived wrong – none of which will be real. She’ll be the mom who threatens other kids if they so much as borrow a pencil from her child without returning it.

Her parents are well educated people. How did they raise this nutcase?



once a gain the “Brenchel show”
seems like aot of what CBS is showing was already on after dark, just an edited version.kinda takes all the fun outta watching CBS (except thurs)


HAHHAHAHAHA Brendon may be leaving tomorrow but Rachel is still here and Dani the queen of cockroaches is NEXT GOOOOOOOOO RACHEL


Preach it!


O_o I think you have Dani mistaken. I believe she is the Queen of Veto’s along with Janelle. ^_^


Dude, I;m dying to know why you have such a hard on for BR. Please, elighten me. I’m seriously perplexed about this.


Brendon and Rachel suck at mind games. Why the hell would you lie about using the veto? Jordan was going up no matter what and either one of them would go home. Just stupid.


Well that should solidify Jordan being safe!!


FLASHBACK time for this???????


Actually, this will be chaos. Rachel is red head version of chima. She definitely quit.


CBS ends the show quicker and quicker. tonight it ended at 8:55 so with the 25 mins of commericals the shows only on for 35 mins and half thats just rehashing. what a disappointment. 🙁


If Brenchel doesn’t watch it, they’re gonna strain a mediastinum…

*Disclaimer- I don’t have a PhD and I know that term.


Mad Grenades Yo!! BOOM….BOOM….BOOM YO….BOOM


kathie from canada

Way off topic – but in today’s Totonto Sun there was a quick article saying that Pamela Anderson has agreed to appear pn UK Celebrity BB. Mike Tyson denied that he has agreed so far. I just remember in an earlier thread there was some talk about the show.


KABOOM! Grenades causing an avalanche in Steamboat YO!



Rachel pulled the pin on her grenade but forgot to throw it.


Wow they are seriously mental. No wonder people hate them. They are unable to separate game from hanging out in the house. You’re in there 24/7 and it can’t be game all the time. They attack people for being friendly and are complete hypocrites. I think the house would have 1000 times less drama if they were gone.


Evil Dick is probably coming back to host HoH, I wish he was back to terrorize Rachell instead. I hope whatever twist there is does not involve Brendon staying or coming back, almost every show so far has been featured on them unfortunately. Can someone answer this for me…after this weeks eviction, do the other evicted HGs afterwards become jury members?


If they weren’t so pathetic, BR would actually be hilarious. Oh hell, who am I kidding, they’re both: pathetic & too hilarious for words. (“Mission Impossible” music playing in background) – This duo will self-destruct in 10 seconds! I’m lov’n it!!


um are u east coasters watching the show right now? julie just said that evil dick will make a guest appearance tomorrow if u wanna watch it early, for us west coast people u can go to justtvnuts.comf and click on the bb logo

Hey Ed I use this link


cool thanks for the new link. u rock


he’ll only have one vote tomorrow night and we all know that is. Anychance he had stay in the game is out the door. Thank your future wife for that one…. well played Rach, well played 🙂


but there is always the twist……it’s gonna happen


@ SIMON… The Rachel freakout i meant…


BR are so stupid, no one in their right mind wants to keep them together in the house, they are annoying and boring. I don’t understand why BB thinks those two are entertainment, her fake crying and skanky look makes me vomit.

Uncle Cool

Jeff needs to be evicted right after Brendon. Then Jordan, then Rachel.


A player will be coming back. It will be a vote, between the players already eliminated (including the player eliminated tomorrow).


I didn’t hear anything about the twist. Only thing mentioned was that Dcik will make an apperance on tomorrows show.


Simon-I think the ED ‘appearance’ will be a prerecorded message on screen about the twist. Just for ratings.


I know we keep saying it, but something is seriously wrong with both Brendan and Rachel. Brendan is such a punk. He’s always attacking these tiny women. Guys need to stay out of girl’s arguments.

Rachel is bad enough to start an argument,then she should finish it on her own.

Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly could’ve been a bit more vocal in defense of Dani in front of B/R seeing as how it was an argument about a good deed involving her. She never lets an opportunity pass to be shady.


your an idiot, i dont like brendan and rachel however brendan should stick up for at every opportunity as the is what a real man does and that is what he is trying to be and rachel is not psycho just an extreme drama queen. and to talk about hypocrets you all are whinning in messeages about a group of people reacting the way you hope want then too. When are any of you going to come up with an intelligent idea based on gameplay and not personal feelings? My guess is never.


These two are finally relaizeing that its over, not only does the big dummy realize he made a huge mistake by useing the veto. They both realize they just lost a half mil. They came into the season thinking they had it in the bag before the show even started. There has been so many “gameplay” mistakes by most everyone its an embaressment to those who played in the past. The newbies blew it from minute one by not sticking together.Most were star struck. They had the numbers and blew it. Dom was the only one who knew what to do.

A lot of people slam Dani, not that I am a Dani fanboy but she has played a solid game. I also dont understand the term “floater” Its just another method of game play. The longer you last the better your chances. Let the stronger members put targets on their backs….lay low. I garuntee that Lawon will not go home anytime soon. To many in front of him on the pecking order. J/J and Dani will work together after this week…J/J owe her a week. So why wouldnt they?

It was a brilliant stroke to bring B/R back to BB, CBS is way smarter then you folks give them credit for. They knew these two were wacko. You think they dont profile them? You dont think there is an awful lot of thought put into who returns? Lastly….I garuntee we havnt seen the last of evil Dick after tommorrow…..season 14?


though I do agree Rachel could handle things a little bit different and Big boy should stay out – cat fight is for girls only sheesh. But then again we do not have camera’s watching out every move. Production seems to mess with her head to. Why would Dani do a shout out for shelly – but we know what she was doing trying to collect brownie points hello – did she do it for anyone else? why not tell Shelly in private – why say in front of everyone? Dani scoring points ……Rachel is going to have to work harder now – got to win that HOH. I don’t know what the rules are – i don’t think Rachel’s shout out to her family is the same as Dani shouting out to a another BB family member. maybe it is the same. . I do think Brendon does inhibit her……I wonder what would have been like if he had not been on the show last year? i think it is insulting when Jeff and Brendon tell their Rachel & Jordan not to talk game to other peeps – they are not 5.


I have a screen shot of the twist. I’m telling you, america will be voting an eliminated contestant back in.


I saw that screen shot. Brendens pic is already on there with Keith Cassie & PT. Isn’t eviction tomorrow? BTW, Rachel is a straight tweaker!


Team Dani thats all Im Saying!!!!


hey if we do vote someone back in who are ya’ll thinking of??

I think Cassie would be a good choice…


Cassie so she can drive Rachael more crazier than she already is!




I agree Jeff is an ass this season he prbly won’t get America’s favorite this go round! LOL


does anybody know why Dick is on the show for tomorrow?



Jedi Jani

Dom would be a good choice


Could you guys please stop with the apperviationgs? Brenden and Rachel is Brenden and Rachel… no “BR”. Don’t tell me you guys are that lazy to type out a full name…….





Oh I’m sorry, what I meant was Rolling on the floor laughing.


I really hope this is a joke. I mean, seriously. They type enough – why do they need to type out an entire name when we know who they’re referring to? Lame.


does anyone know if they feeds caught when Rachel went to the HOH to yell at D re: her blog? If so, what time/cam?


thank you


I just don’t get it. These two just seriously know no bounds. It’s literally insane. I’m not a Dani fan, but she couldn’t be anymore correct in this – it’s NONE of Rachel’s business (or anyone else’s) what goes in her blog. They seriously need to get over themselves.


Evil Dick will probably return to host the Head of Household contest. If America votes a player back in, then my money is on Brendon returning. Think I’m crazy? Well, my opinion is that these “America Votes” contests have never been truly open contests, but fixed and rigged…the show’s producers have their favorites, based on who is good for ratings. Jeff and Jordan are the couple America loves to love, and Brendon and Rachel are the couple America loves to hate. Either way, they both bring CBS ratings.


wwwwwwwooooooooooooo now thats what i’m talking about. now everyone hates brenchel


Big Jeff pwns.


I want to give a shout out to my friends and Shelly’s kids and Justin’s friends and PJ’s friends and Simon’s friends……


okay – I’m sorry, I just watched everything and if you haven’t watched it, you really should. You get a much better feel for what’s really going on than you do when you read it. Rachel is seriously and idiot and delusional. There was ZERO reason for her to say one thing about any of this and then to try and turn it on Dani is just more insane.

BTW, I don’t know about paying for feeds, though. What a rip off. Every time I turn around it’s fish. I’m not sure how CBS can constantly advertise “24 hour live feeds” when that is in no way the case. I don’t even understand why they don’t show the competitions because we’re going to know the results anyway.