Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan tells Rachel that she is a parrot face with her big ugly zits… that she is a vile.. disgusting human being

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6:20pm Rachel and Ragan are fighting in the backyard. They are both throwing insults back and forth at each other. Rachel laughs at Ragan. Ragan then imitates her laugh. Ragan tells Rachel that no one in the house likes her. Rachel says oh come on…. this is a game!!! Ragan makes fun of her clothes saying that she buys all her clothes at some store. Ragan makes fun of her laugh again. Ragan says that the only thing real about Rachel are the pimples on your chin. Ragan tells Rachel that she is so disgusting. Rachel says that Ragan is the one crying so much. Ragan says that he cries because he has to deal with something as disgusting as her.

Ragan asks Rachel for a margarita. Ragan says that Rachel is a vile disgusting human being. Rachel says that she has more class. Rachel asks Ragan again if he wants a cookie. Ragan says he would like one to stuff in her mouth. Ragan makes fun of her pink extensions and all the pimples all over her chin. Ragan tells her to go away. They both insult each other for what they do for a living. Ragan says that he is a nice person but nobody that no one likes Rachel. Ragan says that everybody in this house is his friend. Rachel says Ragan’s game play sucks. Ragan tells her that he as been toe to toe with Brendon in the competitions.   Ragan says that she is only here for 24 hours. Ragan tells her that her days of bullying him are over. Ragan tells Rachel that he is going to get a years worth of enjoyment out of watching how vile and disgusting she is and then pause and rewind it over and over again.  Ragan calls Rachel a conniving witch!!! Ragan says that she is gone. Ragan calls her a devil child. Ragan says that he is done talking to her. Ragan tells Rachel that she is parrot face with her big ugly zits. Ragan tells her that she is disgusting. Rachel tells him that no one likes him because of the way he is…. Ragan asks her if she means because he is gay?! Rachel says that she loves gay people. Rachel then says that he sucks at being gay. Ragan tells her that no one likes her, America won’t like her and when she leaves the house she will get what is coming to her because she is going to have to take a long hard look at herself and that she will see who she actually is… Ragan tell her that she is an ugly person.  Ragan tells her that he has watched every season of Big Brother and that he has never once see a house guest leave and not one person say goodbye… Ragan says take it as a tip at what a disgusting human being you are… Rachel storms off… and goes back into the house..
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Rachel comes into the kitchen.  Rachel goes into the kitchen and tells Hayden, Lane, and Enzo that Ragan was making fun of her for having zits.  Rachel says so what people get zits when they get stress out …get over it.  They tell her not to worry about it. Rachel then goes into the diary room.


6:40pm Ragan is in the have not room by himself.  Hayden, Lane and Britney go in to see if he is okay.  Hayden says that he just wanted to check and see if he was okay.  They say that they don’t want to get in the middle of it.   Lane tells Ragan that Rachel just made herself look really bad.  Ragan says that even if he had a had a gun to my face. Rachel Riley does not intimidate me.  Britney says that everyone in this house supports him. Ragan says that he knows and that he is not getting her vote so I he has nothing to lose.  Ragan says that he is done.  Lane asks are you gonna talk to her upstairs? …maybe she’s asking to leave early.   They all laugh.  Ragan asks what was the point in bringing out cookies?  Ragan says that last dig on her was like he was on auto-pilot. Ragan says that she is straight up messing with the wrong person in this house. Ragan says that he has been very reserved. Ragan says that he knows how to handle people like that. Ragan says that hopefully she will just say get me out of here to production. Ragan says that he thinks Rachel desperately wants people to like her, she is not getting the attention she truely wants.  Ragan says that maybe the riff between him and Rachel is because he is friends with Kristen and Britney.  Ragan says that it is a huge insecurity. Ragan says what decent people do, she does the opposit.  Enzo tells Ragan that he ripped her a new one …pimples on her face!!!!  Enzo laughs!!  Ragan says that once you go to the gay place with me… the gloves are off!  Ragan says that you can’t go up to someone talking about their sexuality, their race… that is when you cross the line.  Ragan says that he can go toe to toe against her… Ragan tells them that he understands why they didn’t jump in and say anything. Lane says that he is gonna go make turkey burgers. Ragan asks if he will make him some cookies. Britney tells Ragan that they should go have some eggplant. Ragan asks what she said when she came inside. Lane tells Ragan that she said you were personally attacked her and that you called her a a parrot face with pimples. Enzo says that is definitely gonna be on the Soup..


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7pm – 7:35pm Ragan and Matt are in the have not room talking. Rachel comes out of the diary room and comes into the have not room and apologizes. Rachel tells him that she respects him as a player. And that she is a huge fan of gay people. Rachel says that she is sorry that she messed up his game play so bad that you hate me. Rachel asks Ragan for a hug. Ragan hugs her. Ragan says that her game play makes it impossible for him to communicate with her… like he can with everyone else in his life. Everyone was saying you were nice and cool. But you came at me. Ragan says that he has remained very calm throughout all of your theatrics. Ragan says that he doesn’t like fighting with her. Ragan says that he is a very emotional person. Rachel says that she is sorry. Ragan says that they need to have a conversation. Ragan says that her version of events is not how things went down as far as how our friendship deteriorated. Ragan says that he was her friend in this house and that he genuinely cared about her. Ragan says that none of that was fake. Ragan says that for everything that has gone on the past few weeks, it takes it to a whole new level. Ragan says that he apologizes for the below the belt attacks.



Rachel says that she probably does look like a parrot. Rachel laughs. Rachel says that she respected his game play and that she doesn’t feel like the theatrics were as dramatic as you make them out to be. Ragan says that she will see a lot of yourself that you don’t expect to see. They head into the Taj bedroom to talk more. Ragan says that he sees a lot of similarities in between them. Ragan says that we would not have been casted if we didn’t love attention. Ragan says that there is a difference from good and bad attention. Ragan says that she will come to a fork in the road too… and that she may not see it now. Ragan says that she is too close to the situation to see it. Ragan says that he thinks she is genuinely not aware of some of the implications of the choices that she has made in this house. Ragan says that he thinks she may have been playing dumb but not anymore. Ragan says that he saw her face when they were fighting and saw she was really hurt and that he was surprised. Ragan says that he enjoyed her the first two weeks but then she morphed into something else. Ragan says that when she won the second HOH is when it all started. Ragan gets called to the diary room. Ragan tells Rachel that he really appreciates her coming up to him and that now they can hang out. Rachel says that she is really glad that he accepted her apology.
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I’m starting to cant stand ragan. He is arguing with a girl. When brendon did it to brit everyone thought he was an azz. Ragan is still a man even if he’s gay that gives him know right to do the things he does to rachel even when she almost always deserves it.


I have to disagree! She provoked him and started the whole thing! Everyone has the right to defend themselves when attacked! If he physically attacked her then maybe you have a point, but he had every right to go on the defensive!!!!!


She started it. She was on a power trip because Kathy and Enzo had just been brown-nosing and she thought she could taunt Ragan with no repercussions. Ragan didn’t let her walk-all over him.

Remember she had just spent the last 3 hours with people who had mostly said that they really liked her and had to vote her out because that’s what the house was doing… they told her she was great and she walked into the backyard thinking she was great and could bully Ragan. Ragan told her home truths. Seriously dude watch the conversation with Kathy before she goes outside and then watch the fight and tell me if you still think Ragan is wrong.

BAB - formally BB

Rachel started the madness! Good thing Ragan was able to hold back after the Father comment – Production would have thrown me out of the game after tearing her a new one! (The was where she really crossed the line)

BAB - formally BB

*That – sorry, I was typing too fast.


I’m sorry he is still a man. Just because he’s gay that makes it alright?? She is still a woman and if that was brit and brendon you guys would say brendon is an azzhole!


um no ragan deff had a right to defend his self…wht was he supposed to do let her come out there and taunt him and not say anything about it? ur pathetic for even thinkin he was at all at fault for tht situation…rachel should stop bein a bitch and try to take wht he said to heart cuz hes right about everything he said!


Ragan is an ass!


Gays across America are cringing as Ragan is a terrible “ambassador” for them on BB. He is whiney, cruel, catty, and obnoxious. Unfortunately many people base how they feel about an entire group of people on the actions of just a handful they are exposed to in person, through the news, or on TV shows like this. Marcellus Reynolds (season 3?) is probably a better example of what the gay community would like people to base their judgements on. RAGAN IS A TOTAL ASS!


By that logic, is Rachel the ambassdor for heterosexuals? If so, I think the species is doomed!

Get some perspective, Miss Coco! Rachel started this fight and Ragan responded tit for tat (and those were some big tits being flung about…metaphorically speaking, of course)


I didn’t say that is MY THINKING, jackass. I said that is unfortunately the way many people judge those from “minority” groups. If you actually read what I wrote you can clearly see that I am not basing my feelings about gays on Ragan. You can read can’t you?


“Miss” Coco? Coco is in tribute to Conan O’Brien…LOL.


i completly agree with u on tht one..if rachel didnt try to come out there an taunt him the whole situation woulda been avoided.


ummm every “community” may have people of the same race or sexual orientation, but EVERYONES personalities are different… not everyone is going to be a steroetypical “gay”.. and besides, who said Regan had to be the ambasador for the gay community… regan is just regan, its just who he is, gay or not


He is the token gay on BB this season so like it or not he is viewed as “the gay” (Note: I didn’t say that gay is bad). Well, Annie was gay too but she wasn’t around long enough for a cup of coffee so she doesn’t really count. Rachel is the token polarizing overbearing loud jerk (Evil Dick or Janelle in past seasons). Britney is the token spoiled brat that is mean spirited and cries to get her way (Dick’s daughter Daniele). Matt is the token self-proclaimed genius (Dan Gheesling or Mike Boogie…BOTH winners). Lane is the token jock (too many to name just one or two). Kathy is the token older woman (Sheila). etc…


i never thought that was what you meant. The way I understood it was although, yes, Regan is the token gay guy in the house, but that doesn’t mean he has to represent the gay community by ensuring he behaves in a stereotypical manner, again he is who he is regardless of his sexual orientation.


well that is true jimik


what is wrong with a guy fighting with a girl? sound like you are saying a females intelligence is inferior to a males, and so men shouldn’t argue with them… please think before you speak.


Are you kidding? I would argue that Ragan is the biggest fem in the house even if he does have a dick. Ragan and Rachel fighting is a bitch fight through and through. Just because Ragan takes it up the ass doesn’t mean he is more of a man than Rachel. I think Rachel is more masculine than Ragan


Im really starting to like ragan, too bad he will end up going home in the next couple of weeks if he cant win HOH or POV almost every week.


Ragan honey, after that “You Betta Work!” You threw her some nice shade! Ragan – “Shante, you stay!” Rachel – Sache! go AWAY!


GET OVER IT he was attacking her before she said anything about gay, and besides he brought up gay first he assumed she wa talking about him being gay. He is so insecure and talks about her insecurity. These people must have not gotten enough love as a child, because he rachel and brit are starving for attention.


Ironically, in his post-fight conversation with Rachel, he does say that he and Rachel are a lot alike — and that he likes attention and is his 20s, he found he was getting in a lot of fights because of that need for attention….and part of it stems from his abandonment as a baby by his mom. So your pithy statement has some truth and Ragan has done the reflection on it to know it.


People think its okay because ragan is gay but if it was brit or kathy arguing with brendon on enzo they would be calling enzo and brendon ass’s. I dont like rachel. But how these people was screaming at brendon for his attack on brit and know the shoe is on the other foot and its now rachels fault and not ragan? Only because he is gay! He is still a man with a dik and should be treated as one!

He is still a man People! And a ass!


Its usually about this point in the game, where the token gay guy starts showing their true colors. Seems about mid game, the gay guy becomes the person I want to see go home the most. Hard to imagine someone could pass Bratney, but Ragan is such a lil biotch, its hard to watch. and to cry over and over like that. Man up, girly man. Cried more than drama queen Bratney, now that’s just soooo sad…


rachel did say sumthin before this about him bein gay..


you show ragens side of everything and are pro ragen


does anyone know who the two life long friends are?


Annie was lying. It was just a sabatour lie. Speaking of which. WHY America would you make this pansy ragan the sabotour? whats he going to do? sabotoge the house by crying 24/7?


couldn’t agree more Lance. Honestly, the people that do vote on these things shouldn’t be allowed to operate machinery or guns.


Thank you for telling about the fight…..not saying it was good or bad just thanks for writting about it so I was able to keep up!


that’s why bb took brendan, because we never would have all this drama if he were there. he and rachel would have been in the hoh room the whole time alone. i wonder if she’s taking someone to the jury house with her?


Smart move by BB bringing Rachel back in the house. She will get a “good look” at everyone with no pressure & visa-versa. Plus, Brendon get a “reality-check” for 24 hours. Come to think of it, this is a big reality check for everyone… .. .


“Rachel says that she probably does look like a parrot.”

no rachel do not look like a parrot(intervention for her to get another nose job) she does look like Boy George, this is not an insult she favors him A LOT


I just got the 3 day free pass, clicking on the link here, thanks Simon for providing it. I have a question, how do you know who to watch? I tried watching Enzo in the pool and it was boring. Then I tried to go to Rachel talking to Brit, also boring. 4 cameras, but only can watch 2 people. Now it says BB will be right back. What is all that about?

I guess it’s official now. I have no life that I have to watch the BB feeds lol. So would it be ok if I post stuff from what I see, or do I leave that to you?


Dawg, it would be nice if our posts (especially those of us who would like to post mini-recaps) didn’t have to go to moderation before showing up….maybe you could create a separate capability for some people who’ve gone through whatever requirements you like…not trolls. 😉 Also, I find I write a comment and then there’s a new post from you guys up so I don’t think anyone sees the now-old comment.


Go Ragan go Ragan go…go…go Ragan!!


alteast now with pandoras box matt may fear brenden has a power and will hesitate to put him up the next week. hopefully, it buys brenden safety for another week.


they won’t believe he gas a power, rachel is in the house for 24 hours, they know that was his “punishment” for opening it….


Maybe the punishment is that he can’t see her?


I am sure the only reason Rachel apologized to Ragan after she came out of the DR was because Production told her too, Ragan did say she crossed the line when he attacked his sexuality. And, that is a no no -especially in national TV. CBS could get in big trouble with the Gay community.


If they didn’t make Evil Dick apologize to young ladies for calling them c–ts, I don’t think they would make Rachel apologize. She wasn’t saying anything against gays. She said she loved them. She said she didn’t think he was a good one. (I don’t know if that is exact because I don’t have the live feed but that is how Dawg has it.) That is the same as Ragan telling Rachel that she is not a nice lady. Maybe they did but I doubt it because they didn’t make Ragan apologize to all the teenagers with acne.


Ragan is right (post-fight conversation) when he said to Rachel that she craves attention but goes about getting the wrong kinds of attention. Rachel isn’t yet able to understand but I think she’ll understand when she’s older. I think Rachel’s big talk about her nasty behavior in Vegas are all examples of her seeking the wrong kinds of attention — she’s a very insecure girl at heart and she’s driven by her insecurities.

Brit is just a witch…I have no explanations for her ;).


rachdl is way better in gameplay then ragan come on


False….Ragan is farther in the game


ragan has floated. floating is the weakest form of game in BB. Ragan’s game is on the same level as Kathy’s.


Ragan and Brit are going to get a shock when they see Rachel and Brendon are the popular people. Also, these two are the most phony people around. Get rid of Brittney and Ragan now!! I want him in the jury house with Rachel!


Although I’m not sold on B & R being as popular as you seem to think, I could not agree with you more about Ragan and Britney being total losers. Britney will probably get through life okay with her good looks and hot body, but that personality has got to undergo major reconstruction. Ragan wasn’t blessed with good looks and his personality is beyond repair. Sucks to be him.

Actually..........EdGe :)

Actually, Brenden and Rachael aren’t the most popular…maybe their are some fans on this site and maybe others but….who one Americas vote for saboteur….ummm…hm..let me think ah.Ragan…thats a lot of people voting for him. I looked at the polls on fav bb12 fan and it’s like britney has the most votes, than ragan and like enzo than lane…and followed behind him is like hayden THAN Rachael and brenden than the rest. I checked out some comments on other websites and most people hate rracheal, but with her gone some are starting to like brenden more( hell no-my opinion) but maybe u live in a town or city or isolated place were people like the over died haired, hyena laugh bipolar chicks but than again…the world is a crazy place. full of crazy people. GO BRIT and by the way just for this lovely dramatic fight allll i have 2 say is…………..YEAH RAGAN, GO GO GO GO RAGAN…sorry, im good now.


The vote for Ragan to be the sab was before he became a three-eyed monster and showed his true colors w/Britney in all the trash talking they did in regards to B/R. With Britney, it looks like beauty is truly only skin deep…..Ragan on the other hand just comes off ugly. Their meaness tops anything Rachel has said about anyone in the house…..where Ragan gets off telling Rachel how ugly she is I find humorous……wait till she sees all the vulgar convos Brit and Ragan have had at her expense. Ragan telling Rachel how vile and ugly she is……wait till he sees his actions played over again… isn’t pretty.


alot of people don’t vote on those polls, I bet britney and ragan aren’t the most popular not that I think brendan and rachel are either, I think we dislike all of them
and I bet alot of people are sorry they voted for ragan as the sab. because he sucks at it

mrs. villegas

on youtube, the bb12 rachel videos have 2x to 3x more views than the rest of the houseguests. i guess more ppl are interested or curious about her…beats me. i am finding she’s being talked about more than the houseguests, (not just on this site) whether it be good or bad. any publicity is good publicity…for her


The person who becomes sabotour isn’t nessecarily the most favourite. And we all see how great of a job Ragan’s doing (sarcasm)


I think you haven’t been paying attention. None of the recaps on the major entertainment sites are pro-Rachel. She’s called “boobiac” on one site ha ha ha. And even she knows that Enzo is more popular than her. (Minor point, CBS needs to expose Enzo on the regular show — show him kissing up to one person and then saying the exact opposite to another person.)


All the HGs do that. Granted some more than others


b and r are deff not the most popular ppl,,,frm wht iv seen there have been more comments frm ppl dislikin them than liking them.


EEeek he was the one who was rude to her when she first stepped foot in the house…i think he hates her because he thinks Brendon is hot and is jealous that she gets to sleep with him….Go Brachel!


Gee, your folks must be proud of you! Your 6 years of community college was obviously money well spent! Scary!


jimik sides with ragan, cause much like ragan, he’s a scared scared lil person trapped in an ugly shell. With an inside even uglier.


I probably should wait until after BBAD to comment but right now I don’t see the purpose of Rachel being in the house for 24 hrs. Just to ask people why they didn’t keep her, let them know she thought their goodbye speeches were mean, tell them that the Jury house is neat, and have a cat fight with Ragan just to end up apologizing to each other. Everybody is kissing her butt because they want her vote. She has nothing to lose, so, throw some stuff and make a scene already! Don’t turn around and say you are sorry to someone that called you Zit Face. Gee, girl, upset the house if that is why you were sent back in. Right now it looks like a waste of time to me. Okay, I will wait until tonight to tell you what I really think.


At first I was mad but the brigade convo between Enzo, Lane and Hayden has been interesting.


It has? Okay, I haven’t heard it. But, I thought you of all people would have been on board with me on seeing some stuff flying, hair pulling, and scratching. Rachel has nothing to gain so why not stir it up good. I don’t want to hear all the “I’m sorry”. “I didn’t mean it that way”, “they edited my comments”, and all that suck up stuff. Girl, lets get some sh– flying!


It was a dumb twist. But then again bbad has been even more unwatchable since she left


Its funny that Ragan makes himself look so terrible like a overly tanned gremlin and has the balls to insult another person for their looks. Also, that whole comment Rachel made about no one liking him because of the way he is was poking fun at the way he IS – being a crybaby mean spirited drama queen age 16 trapped in a 30+ year old grown man’s body…not because he is GAY. He made all gay people look bad by turning that around to somehow mean Rachel was attacking him for being gay that is hilarious. You made Rachel look good and that is really hard to do, congrats you leathery skinned gremlin.


You are so wrong honey! I think Ragan did us proud! By the way who are you to speak for OUR Community? Rosie O’Donnell?

mrs. villegas

how did ragan look better?…by stooping low to rachel’s level? neither looked “better” than one another. but rachel did accomplish what she wanted and that was to get a rise outta ragan. the only way ragan would look like the “better” person is if he had walked away from the situation in the beginning (after rachel’s taunt) and ignore her. she’s not worth his breath.


He definitely did us proud by attacking Rachel at every angle. what happened to “a man should never yell at a women like that”


Oh really? Ragan is a shining example of how a gay person should act? If that’s true, then I think I am finding myself to be less and less tolerant of gay men.

I am the saboteur

Rachel came out to him to pick the fight by offering him cookies in a sarcastic tone (knowing that he could not eat them because he was a have-not).

If you can watch the feeds, watch it (6:14pm, camera 1). Dawg did a great job with the recap, but that was definitely something you need to watch yourself to truly understand how it all went down. I don’t particularly care for either Rachel or Ragan, but Ragan basically just defended himself and straight up PWNED her ass at the end!


lol finally it was told to Rachels face.


I want Reagan gone he’s a little bitch. He should not be talking badly about Rachael when he himself is not a good person either. I don’t know how he expects to get his students to respect him in the classroom with the way he acted and behaved on this show, and he is older than Rachael so he should be the mature one but I guess he’s not. I hope he gets fired, and I am glad he won’t win this game HE does not deserve it. I don’t care who wins this game as long as it is not the two little bitches Reagan and Brittany.


Yes, I agree…’s hard to listen to someone call another vile and ugly when he was their very best friend when she was HOH and then when she had nothing to offer him, he is having a good time being vile and ugly about Rachel w/her other fair weathered friend, Britney…….no one can top the ugly of those two (Ragan, Britney)


GO rachel tell that girl off. He/she deserve it!


No win No Vote for Enzo in the Final…Thats just my

cheer mom

did any one find out where brendon is and what is behind the door in the HOH room, one more thing when Rangan takes him self off and if Brendon puts up Matt and if he uses the dpov can he put Ragan back up?


What if Rachel is lying about only being there for 24 hours? What if she’s just saying that just to see where everyone truly stands and who she can trust? Hum…


Yeah he told her to her face but didn’t pull that
shit when bren was there. He is such a pussy.
When B was around he talked to calm . Now
all of a sudden he grew a pair. No need to worry
u guys will be roomates in a couple of wks


hey guys I would really appreciate it if someone could answer this. For the three day live feeds trial do you have to pay for the next month after the three day trial period is over?


Ragan you got hit by a bus or even eliminated no one would care. Rachel got eliminated and if she got hit by a bus everyone would care. Plus her and brendan being up for elimination was the only reason thursday’s episode got 7 million viewers..the highest to date end of story.Plus ragan says oh brendan and kathy have no chance of winning.Neither do you you whiny bitch! I hate how every one is so fake in this house.

Anonymous 1

again, what a pussy, he was the first one to go personal and he hit way below the belt. He is pissed because he’s mad at bredan right now. him and Brit need to go!!!!!! they are the kings of drama. They both have talked more smack than anyone in the house, and when someone come after them, they cry cry, back stab and do anything they can to make themselves feel better, and then try to make everybody else look like the bad and people are falling for it. . They brought rachel in to stri it up and well she did. She egged it on But didn’t deserved the below they belt beating. Again they can dish it out and but they can’t take it. Those two have done way more backstabbing than any else, they spend about 12 hours a day trashing rachel/Brendan, they are always wanting people to feel sorry for them. Grow up they are in 3rd grade. this is there game. they have had almost none stop pitty party’s. I don’t like Rachel or Bredan, but I hate those 2 little wezzels. all the drama is also around rach/brit/regan. They got to go, I hate fake people and they take the cake. you don’t see the others crying all the time and having big blow ups. it’s a game. Again he went personal and tried to read into everything, now it’s time for him and Brit to spend all night talking trash and saying how they hate is or that. adults move, 10 yrs olds will beat this to death. go ahead guys cry the rest of the show and feel sorry for yourselfs. this show is getting stupid becuase their are now only 2 people who are taking it personal attack to a new level. Oh yea te is always the victim (ya right), he has been the king manipulated everthing and is working the spin “to a tee”.


Ragan is a huge loser. He seriously needs to get over himself. I know Rachel is annoying. However Ragan is more annoying.


Well 11:35pm est so I guess that is 8:35pm BB time, not much going on. Well sorry I can’t say more, but wife watching her TV and dosn’t want to know what is going on BB so it’s a surprise for her on Sunday. So I am watching with the vomlume low and I can’t hear.

But I never noticed, Brit is pretty cute. Maybe watching it without volume, I can’t hear her and that’s when I noticed she is a little cutie. I tried to turn up the volume before while I could, and turned it down before I got in trouble with the wife. But either Brit likes Rachel, or she is very good at being fake. I just can’t see how you can be that fake to someone you HATE. I just wunder if these comments are edited by CBS big time or what.

Same goes for Kathy. They either like her and act fake to the rest of the house that they hate her, or they really good at acting that they like Rachel. I would be worried about these people in real life if that was the case. Maybe I am too nieve that people don’t act this fake to other people.


So is Lane going home this week?


Not a chance 🙂

sick and sick of brown-noising!!

Okay…im so sick of watching like enzo or kathy or others that are totallty brown-nosing, and making racheal think shes the goddess of big brother….NO…thank god for ragan he put her in her place. I freaking would grab a fork and stab it in my eye and die in slop if I heard that chick (racheal) come in the door. And may I say I remember long ago when racheal said the word “BITCH” is a derogatory word…que racheal walking in the door……”HEY BITCHES, IM BACK! FOR 24 HOURS” Yeah rahceal, yeahhh u really stick by ur words. But anyways shes only here for twenty four hours….and then shes riding off to the jury house…I wonder who Brenden’s gonna put up ????? what do u guys think???


Rachel said that she doesn’t specifically call girls biches. And when she came in she didn’t mean to insult them…. Just happy to be back.


Now it’s Brandons turn to suck up to Rachel. Can’t hear what they are saying but as soon as he came in, he gave Rachel a Big hug. I guess this is where Rachel is asking each house guest a question or what ever she has to do?

For people who don’t like someone, they shure go agaisnt their morales to try and win half a million dollars. I guess money is the root of all evil, because to go agaisnt your own morals is just wrong. That means you are not playing a classy game then.

Am I wrong thinking that?


i am ashamed that ragan twisted the story around and played the gay card….rachael NEVER used the gay word and she meant it as to the way he acts, crying, being a downer etc. …… he is a very poor example of gay people, like everything else…there is good and bad in all but ragan is a bad example…Please dont hold his actions against the GLBT community…grown up ragan and get the F out of the house….people play the game..not your emotions, which is something i have not seen this season

Sunny J

How does Ragan think that he is treating other people with respect?? He is so disrespectful to Rachel, he wants respect he needs to give it and Ragan brought up the Gay part, Rachel just said he sucked at it. Go Rachel, but I am upset she has apologized


The only reason Regan is acting cocky is because he won POV. If he hadn’t won he would be crying in the corner. I am soooo sick of Ragen and cock eyed Brittany. Good riddance. I hope they go soon so they’re stuck in the jury house with Rachel. Enzo forever YO!


I agree.
He was crying like a little bitch the other night
and bitching how he wasnt good at puzzle and stuff.
Ugh britney and ragan both need to go home


ragan will be crying again, because he has no friends in this house, with brenden and rachel gone how long does he think he will stay


How come just last week nearly everyone HATED Rachel, but when Ragan says the things ALL OF YOU WERE THINKING, he gets slammed and hated and now everyone loves Rachel.

Makes no sense to me.


Rachel has more fans than Ragan. At least she doesn’t come off as having a superior attitude.


because he isn’t twelve years old anymore!!!!!!!!!!!


If we are feeling like Rachel is the underdog (a hard thing to believe), then what does that say about Ragan? As soon as she was no longer useful to him, such as when she was HOH, he had no use for her…..he then joined her other fake friend Britney and everynight since, we have had to listen to the two of them go on and on and on about Rachel’s supposed loose morals….and discussions of her body parts……they are ugly through and through. Their families must be so embarassed by their bad behavior.

Amy N

I used to really like Ragan, but I think him hanging out with Brittany has really made him pretty crass and no better than any of the other gossipers in that house. I am glad Rachel is here for 24 hours (watching BBAD right now) . She’s a smart cookie!


Another person who makes their sexuality their whole identity, so if someone says anything about them, they must hate gay people! Ragan is no different than Perez Hilton. He’s an unattractive, unappealing, miserable, self-loathing human being who is a bitchy queen by nature. Everything he spews about integrity and his moral compass is an act. Have you read his blog? What’s the difference between Ragan(male) going after Rachel and Brendon(male) going after Britney? If you’re a female backing everything that Ragan has said to Rachel, and about her, you must be a hideous mutt. AND way to go Ragen lumping the gay thing in with race and religion, confirming the con of freedom of speech except when it comes to certain groups. Because you can’t call assholes out on their assholish behavior anymore or you’re a bigot. It’s a bullshit con and I, for one am sick of people falling for it and apologizing all the time. AND one more thing, this is Big Brother. There’s no crying in Big Brother! Damn!

Sunny J



As soon as I learned Rachel had returned, I had to take a stiff drink. Please send her to the jury house NOW! She is delusional, egotistical, unethical, and disgusting. For someone who swears she is a BB expert, she has made the worst moves. Even worse, I am having a hard time finding even one person I can even root for this year. They are all getting on my last nerve!


none of them on how to play this game, they want to take their friends to the end, this game is not about friendship


You mean her side alliance of Kristen and Hayden who were on board to knock off both B/R? All wanted both Brendan and Rachel out from the very beginning, they couldn’t trust anyone. Yes, Rachel is annoying, her laugh, her non-stop talk of Vegas, and her showy clothing. But she doesn’t even come close to Britney and Ragan’s cattiness, their disgusting convos of a sexual nature and body parts. How is it Ragan gets offended and says someone crosses the line when bringing up someone’s sexuality, yet he and Britney can say every disgusting thing of a SEXUAL nature about Rachel? Hmmmm, sounds like a double standard to me.


she offers him cookies in a sarcastic tone, that gives him the right to act like a twelve year old, ragan needs to GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


see how they’re acting in the game is just that GAME, see hoe her and regan are all COOL now…. they all gonna be totally best friends after this…


wow lol wonder what all will be shown on tv that arguement was epic….parrot ahaha

Deborah Phelps Merriman

I think Brenden and Rachael have been as entertaining as any season. Its just taken a while for the game to get going. I think its great they have found each other. I’ve enjoyed this season as well as all others. Matts lie was a little disappointing that he went that far. Ragans pouting and hypocrisy, Jealous Britteny and suck up,a love couple, an alliance of 4 floaters. What else do you guys want?


Honestly, I don’t think Britney hasn one thing to be jealous about concerning Rachel. Not liking Britney is one thing, but saying that someone is jealous is actually delusional. Britney has a lot going for her. I think she talked too freely the insults. But I truly believe Britney could never stand Rachel because of the way that she is, because she seem to get along with the majority of the house.


My God. O.K if you are gay do you deserve to be treated like a woman? I am confused (ignorant) do gay men want to be treated the same way as women or is it the transgenders? Ragan sure is not acting like a man or not sure are gay men suppose to act like men as well? Ok maybe or excuse me ignorant me does not understand this but are gay people suppose to have some excuse for being mean sob’s.


Ragan has the right to argue with Rachel who dishes it out but isn’t able to take it. And then she has someone like Brendon who breeds her dysfunction. Rachel has some good qualities about her but she’s also very delusional and immature in her own right. Check out the last two weeks on the show the all were talking about her.

Besides men and woman argue everyday in relationships. The reason more people may have said something about Brendon is because could physically a threat. Not that I think he would have hit Britney. The thing about principles is that everybody has their own. I don’t think not arguing with a woman because she’s a woman is one that everybody follows and nor should they.