Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel and Jeff up on the block, Rachel: “I’m not coming back if I go”

6:59pm Have Nots Room Rachel and Jordan Rachel says to Jordan that right now they are screwed. rachel is crying says that Jeff is pissed at her he yelled at her told her he doesn’t want to hear any of her BLANK. rachel lost her fiancee yesterday and now she’s up on the block and going home. Jordan says your coming back Julie said the person voted out might come back.

Rachel starts to BAWL saying i’m playing for second place even if I win every POV and HOH there’s nobody in this house that will vote for me.. Jordan is trying to tell her to calm down explains to her that she has Shelly’s votes and people change when their in Jury.

Rachel goes off about Kalia and Dani “WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE.. WHO THE **** DO THEY THINK THEY ARE” Jordan: “Well they’re the ones in charge.. and it’s not looking good for us” rachel is mad because kalia called her Catty… says I ruin the Game and I’m bad for the house. ” rachel says that Kalia is being personal and she’s attacking Rachel’s character, first they attack her fiancee now they attack her. Jordan just keeps telling her to calm down and that they have to pull it together because “they” are going to pick them off one at a time.


Rachel charges into the purple room and wakes the Straight Shooter (Shelly looks Pi$$ed) Rachel says she sorry with how she’s been acting after the POV ceremony she’s just is really hurt that Kalia would attack her fiancee then attack her personally, “I feel like I have ’10’ knifes stabbed in me and they’re twisting them inside my body” (ohh damn) Shelly asks whose getting personal with you. rachel says that Kalia told everyone that she was catty, ruining the game and making everyone live in the house hell. rachel is just wondering why she would say that to her. Shelly: “I don’t know rachel.. don’t ask me go up and ask her yourself” rachel: “Am I a mean monster that deserve this.. why are they doign this to me” Shelly: “I don’t know rachel I don’t have the answer go up stairs and talk to kalia”

Rachel storms out tells Jordan she’s going to go talk to Kalia. Jordan say no and directs her to the kitchen. Jeff’s there making some grub. He asks her whats wrong. rachel pretty much give him the standard line
1) She wants to know why Kalia is attacking her
2) she wants to know why she deserves to have these knifes stabbed in her body
3) kalia called her Catty and someone whose ruining the game

Jeff says he never heard that Kalia was talking about the whole house. Jordan jumps in says “there going to pick us all off one by one” (LOL yes jordan said that at a odd time)

Jeff tells her to go up stairs and ruffle some feathers if he’s going home he’s going to mix it up in the house. Rachel: “I want to ruffle some feather I want to ruffle dani i’m going to follow her around all over the house what is she going to do punch me”
Jeff: “well I don’t want to do that”….

Jeff is going on about nobody going home this week so it’s really a waste of a week for the HOH.. Jeff says Kalia is a dumb player she’s not thinking for herself next week Jeff and rachel will still be in the house and they’ll win HOH and take her out. Jeff is certain they will win the HOH competition. Rachel says she wants to punch Dani, she’s so made at her. Jordan tells her to stop acting like that She needs to stop wanting to fight. Rachel doesn’t care if she leaves the Big Brother house this week. Rachel now starts up on her I’m playing for second place you know.. she heads back into the purple room to tell Shelly that she’s playing for 2nd and she’s sad

7:00pm HOH Room Kalia and Dani Dani saying that during the POV ceremony rachel said she’s going to change it up and she sat right ‘ontop’ of Dani. Dani told “natalie” (CBS Big Brother production) to have rachel move and they did.. Dani: “Who does this?” Kalia says Jefff came up here and threaten me he told me if I put him up that I was everyone’s target. Kalia is fine with that because if she goes up next week and goes home then it’s from her own doing not because she followed Jeff’s orders. Kalia: “I didn’t give up my whole BLANK summer to sit here and do nothing.. I’m going to play the game”

Kalia: “You see all these pictures here these are the people I trust and I miss them.. I came here to BLANK win and thats what i’m going to try and do” Dani says the other vets are selfish in this house.. “Day 7 when my dad left they were all going to quit”.. dani says All brendon and rachel would say is how they gave up so much to be on the show and it wasn’t until Jeff rallied them that they decided to stay.. Dani: “These people are selfish Kalia.. they’re not winning and they can’t handle it”

7:38pm HOH Kalia breaksdown. Dani: “don’t worry I’m hear for you shelly is hear for you you’ve done nothing wrong” Kalia says she’s doing what is best for her game. dani keeps telling her the game is super hard she’s there for her they’ll get through this.. Kalia really crying dani: “Look how far you’ve come last HOH you were second place and you won this hoh” dani explains that let rachel and JJ implode downstairs Kalia did the right thing.

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207 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel and Jeff up on the block, Rachel: “I’m not coming back if I go”

  1. why are jj freaking out? they played it cool last week when dani (who’s a bigger threat than kalia) was in power, but this week they’re turning in to brenchel! if they stayed nice this week, they wouldn’t be in danger.

    1. I’m sorry but I have to say again:
      JJRB: “Pity, party of 4 please. Yes, we’d like a table in the (“Time Out”) corner.”

    2. I wish CBS went easy on the editing and included some more of the craziness so people who just watch the show get to see more of what goes on. I mean on Thursday I thought they would have included some of BR going off at Dani for giving a shout out to Shelly’s daughter on her blog. I bet if they showed more of the REAL Brendon he would get much less votes to come back.

      1. Agree! I have the feeling that CBS went easy on the editing of R is that: 1) They knew they were dealing with a ticking time bomb and, 2) Not enough hours available on CBS’s time slots to include all the whacky antics of R!

    3. Dang Kalia…way to grind your heel on Rachels throat…do it for all the fat chicks who have been picked on & laughed at by pretty mean girls… & since you cant control your bladder…welI I think you know the rest

    1. LOL!!! You are our resident artiste!

      But Will, she didn’t mean she lost her fiance to death. She meant she lost him to skype.

      1. How do you get your name to show up instead of it showing up Anonymous when you leave a comment…lol…I am loving this site!

    1. Me too. Even though Rachel is a pest, I really hope Jordan wins the pov, save jeff, then porsche, adam or shelly goes up. Porsche, shelly, or adam gets evicted. Brendan gets voted back in. He then competes with one of the newbies and wins. Then Brendan comes back into the house, and BR/JJ are all back in the house again the 4 of them against D,K,S,P and lawon in the middle. That will make great tv. I would love to see dani, and kalia sweat, and shelly and porsche get thrown under the bus for switching to the other side.

    2. I’m sorry, did you say you’re going to “get pissed” if Jeff goes home? Me too. Mass consumption of alcohol during jubilient celebrations, often leads to one getting pissed. But, in the case of Jeff or R getting evicted, it’s so worth it!

    3. I think people ar going to vote out Rachel if she doesn’t win POV. Everyone in the house seems to be getting fed up with her.

      1. Everyone watching her on TV in the that house as well! It’s like chinese water torture seeing her night after night! (footnote: no racial implications implied).

  2. Oh goodie! We get to see the “just how big of a hypocrite are you?” game. Pissed off sore losers rachel, jeff and jordan continue to bash and threaten kalia.

    So much for Rachel’s truth last night when she claimed that she respected Kalia’s game and if Kalia got her out she’d congratulate her then vote for her in final 2 due to her awesome respectable gameplay moves.

    I will be EXTREMELY pissed off if RJJ get a pass or good edit on the next show after all this bullshit.

    1. Wow. So Janeen has a different opinion then you and you turn into exactly what you are insinuating Jeff is? Calm down dude, its really NOT that serious.

    2. This dude will self-destruct in 10 seconds (cue “Mission Impossible” music in background) – 10, 9, 8, 7 ……..

  3. Wow I LOVE this season! I wasn’t expecting to, but theres so much drama and I’m loving it. Please Rachel do follow Dani around and provoke her so that there will be another Ragan vs Rachel fight except with Dani in the place of Ragan. That was an awesome moment in BB12.

    1. Oh I LOVE that moment!!! I play that video over and over…. I would love for a twist to bring Regan back in the house.. but only if Rachel was there… whata moment that would be.

      1. I just watched it again. It never gets old. And Reagan was right, she is getting exactly what she deserves. And she didn’t listen to a word he said.

  4. Here comes break down #18. She doesn’t care that Jordan is hurting because Jeff is on the block – it’s all about Rachel….lol.

    Shelly is up there right now telling Kalia and Dani that “downstairs, they’re all saying you’re one of Dani’s minions.” So she’s really throwing everyone under the bus now. Then later she says that the only irrational person is Rachel and she’s making everyone a wreck and once things calm down she should have a rational conversation with J/J.

    Kalia keeps repeating that the goal is to get rid of Rachel so Jeff has to win POV – again I find this to be bullshit because when Rachel is fired up odds are good that she’ll win.

    1. Awwww Simon and Dawg!
      Don’t you know that if CBS and BB doesn’t rig this competition in R/JJ’s favor it’s all your fault now?
      Tsk tsk.. you guys are slipping in reality where it’s not R/JJ’s fault for the way they play the game..
      The blood is all on your hands? lmao!

  5. Rachel: I’ve done nothing wrong.
    Everyone hates me.
    I’m worthless.
    Why is everyone attacking me and my man?
    These people are so mean.
    Why is Kalia calling me catty?
    I have been nothing but honest.
    I hate floaters!
    I’ve done nothing wrong?
    Why is Brendon marrying me? etc.

    Me: Are you serious bitch???

  6. CBS sure didn’t screen good enough bc they let these psychos in the house: Brendon Rachel Jeff n Jordan. They have some major personal issues that are beyond this game and really surfacing!

  7. Dani doesn’t have to worry about dingle berries – Kalia has got her tongue so far up her ass she can taste her lipstick. Go JJR!

  8. So where have adam and lawon been? Did they sneak out because it seems like they aren’t even there anymore. Team Bacon ftw

    1. Had it not been for the vets the show wouldn’t be interesting. You really don’t know the newbies exist, because they switch sides or stay out of the way like rachel would say floating through letting the vets do the work, even now kalia is nominating based on what vet dani thinks is best. eventhough she says it’s better for her game, eveyone in that house except lawon and dani said they would put up kalia. rachel was no real threat to her because rachel wants dani out, and so does JJ so she was not a threat to her. Like JJ said a waisted HOH because this week will be just like the DIAMOND POV ALL OVER AGAIN. Kalia was hoh and her nominations isn’t going to mean anything just wait until next Thurs and see.

  9. This is HILARIOUS

    BRJJ can attack people character and play personal, but nobody else can, BOOHOOHOOO….

  10. First Rachel crying, then Jordan, then Kalia. And Jeff going off. Good thing there is a padded room in the house…they’re going to need it. The “floaters” seem to be the only ones who haven’t lost it yet.

  11. Good for Jeff for finally telling Rachel he’s sick of hearing her shit but WTH, Jordan….she’s babying her, telling her not to quit………doing the same exact thing that she said Brendon was doing, enabling her behavior…….telling Rachel she’s putting her on a short leash cuz Rachel was going up to HOH and raise all sorts of hell and Jeff was encouraging her to do so, good for him…for God’s sake, Jordan, just let her self-implode and leave…..JJ really wanted Brendon to use veto on himself so they wouldn’t have to deal with the psychotic Rachel so just leave Rachel to her own devices but unfortunately they both end up in have-not room with her all week lol….gl trying to avoid her…….no rest for the weary

  12. “rachel says that Kalia told everyone that she was catty, ruining the game and making everyone live in the house hell. rachel is just wondering why she would say that to her.”

    UMMMMM because it’s the TRUTH?

    1. According to some of the vets themselves, if you haven’t won anything, you’re a floater. Therefore, given that criteria, Jeff would be considered a floater. I tend to disagree as there are different ways and strategies of playing the game. The term “floater” gets over used; some players work hard (it seems) to win competitions but, simply don’t win. It’s not from lack of trying though.

  13. These Nominations are BOGUS! Kalia told them who was being nominated and thats AGAINST the RULES! She told Jeff directly to his face she was nominating him and CBS should call a meeting and tell them she has to pick somebody else! Brenden got introuble for the same thing last year! So why should it be any different this year?

    1. Every year people are crying about breaking the rules because HOH telll who is going up that they are in fact being put on the block. It is not breaking the rules. Who cares?

    2. because they aren’t going to be evicted anyways. This week is just like the diamond pov a waisted hoh no wonder kalia won her nominations are useless. had it been a vet as hoh there would be no twist.

    3. So tru I agree entirely and was wondering if there would be any backlash prob not but to save jeff who knows what production will do?

    4. She implied it. She didn’t directly tell him. Is there a difference between that and telling a pawn that they are going up as a pawn? Nope. Last week Jordan went up as the pawn and she knew it. This week Jeff is the pawn but can’t accept it. Sour grapes all around.

    5. Floater = someone who lets everyone else do the dirty work so they can float on in to the finals with clean hands.

      Floater = someone who plays nice with all sides to ensure that they are not a target (allowing everyone else to target each other).

  14. Apparently J&J and B&R were told before they came in that they were this season’s stars and that everyone else was just supporting cast members whose only purpose was to make the stars look good. It doesn’t matter that you are HOH, Kalia, you are nobody and you must bow down to J&J. These people need to learn their roles soon or else Jeff and Jordan are going to have BB replace them with HGs that will appreciate how awesome it is to be in the presence of Jeff and Jordan.

  15. So…quick question. During the shows, why do they always have Jeff repeat the instructions? And why is it only Jeff? I’ve basically decided I don’t like him. I do like Jordan though, but if she turns into anything resembling Rachel attitude wise, she’ll be dead to me.

  16. Can you watch the live feeds on playstation 3? Ive tried checking it out on the live feeds site but it had no answers, Id buy the feeds if i could stream them to my ps3 and watch them on my tv, its so worth any amount of money to watch these nutcases have a pity party this week

  17. C’mon everyone this is the time for you to jump off the JJ bandwagon. All aboard for the Dani express, and the easiest way to do this is to just vote for Dom 10 times, and you get a one way ticket on board.

    1. I so agree Juce! 150%! I’m such a huge Dani and now Dani/Dominic fan. Once you see the feeds and what J/J/B/R are really like, without the CBS edits, you just CAN’T root for them. There’s no way. I hope Rachel gets voted out and Dominic gets to beat her in the competition. I soooo wish for that! And I did vote 10 times on like, 3 different computers. lol. GO DOMINIC!

  18. RFLMAO RFLMAO rachel telling jeff her sad story jeff says; i dont want to hear your shit right now lol
    lol lol lol( i have 99 problems u rachel aint one of them ) i dont want to her your shit right now lol
    how could rachel go to jeff with this stress he has his own also lol

    still love u rachel

    rachel went to straight shooter because brendon told her go to shelly when she has a problem and what shelly told her go upstairs she doesnt know anything ask kailia … lol

  19. Not sure how this ” coming back into the house game works” but just in thought and came up with this…..Lets hope that Rachel is voted off and has to play against the person coming back to try and return into the house! Now let’s say the person she has to play against is Brenden…best scenerio would be that they can’t know who they are playing against! How sweet would it be if Brenden was the cause of Rachel going home and him coming back into the house to find out she’s gone bc of him!!!! lol!!

    1. I love it! I thought the same thing.. only way it would work is if they didn’t know who they were playing against. lol

    1. Thank you, there is no way that Cassi will beat Jeff or Rachel in a comp, if you want to see Jeff or Rachel leave you have to vote for Dom

    1. agree, they were better in bb11, but being around brenchel and jordan having her pms, things are stressful. i think they’ll be back to normal soon.

      1. This is normal, the nice sweet couple is the act. Americas couple, pfft, they don’t even live in the same state yet, let alone live together. I think CBS is paying them to act like they are a couple still. And as a result, they aren’t able to keep up the act that they pulled off on BB 11. JJ are acting just like BR act when they aren’t in power. I was a fan of JJ, WAS being the key word. But from the first feed till now they have gradually annoyed me more and more. Now I can’t stand the sight of either of them.

        1. Whatever Dick and Dani were the best duo ever on BB. They actually made it all the way to the end together

  20. This is so hilarious, and I love it. I am hoping it doesn’t backfire I hope Dom gets voted to try to come back and hope he does win and come back best case scenario is in place of Jeff, but either way between Jeff or Rachael would be awesome. GOTEAM DANI

  21. Well it’s about time this game got going! Good job Dani and Kalia. I’m so sick of the JJR/B threatening people to help them win. Eval keeps saying on his site the Dani screwed up…..I don’t think so. He outta be extremely proud of how tough she is.

  22. The houseguests don’t listen very well. They keep thinking whoever gets evicted is automatically staying and that’s NOT what Julie said. They need to pay better attention. No wonder they can’t win comps.

  23. Oh god I have total respect for Kalia now. This girl just needs to play hard being fat doesn’t mean you can’t win competitions.. & I really do hope Rachel goes hope she’s just planting hatred seeds all around the house, and I hope just to shove it in her inglorious face Dom beats her next week if he comes back ( VOTE DOM MOFO’S) That is all.

    PS: If Jeff & Jordon continue to get good edits after this I will be royally pissed off because really they need to be shown for what they truly are this season, everybody hating on Kalia she’s new, she’s overweight, and she didn’t know what to do. I think she’s turning out to be a smarter player than we would have though but give her a chance guys..

  24. Leave rachel alone! Whats wrong with you people?! All you care is about bashing her. SHE’S A HUMAN! What you guys don’t understand is that Rachel is giving you all this entertainment. Well whos going to entertain you when she’s gone. LEAVE RACHEL ALONE RIGHT NOW. I MEAN IT. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HER YOU DEAL WITH ME. CAUSE SHE’S NOT WELL RIGHT NOW. LEAVE RACHEL ALONE PLEASEEE!

    1. Impossible………..her shots never stray from straight. I like JJ — but they are imploding, they need to get away from Rachael asap!!!! They have cloned into BB, well not that bad- but similar

  25. Kalia is annoying me. If you tell someone you’re putting them up of course they’re going to be pissed. Duh. Kalia is stupid for crying over that.

    If I was Kalia I would have put up adam and pacer. Neither of them will ever win a veto ( or any competition), and if one of them gets evicted and comes back it wouldn’t matter because they’ll never win HOH.

    Jordan ( as dumb as she is) made an excellent point; if one of them gets out and comes back, they you have 3 competitors coming after you, and only Dani who can possibly win HOH. If she was smart she would have made a deal with JJ like Dani did, put up two pawns, and go from there.

  26. WTH just happened? feeds were cut, started to come back, then to trivia then for brief moment heard Kalia say and showed her……hey everybody, time to pick for then went back to trivia……someone slipped up but what could be going on now?

  27. I hope one of the J’s has another house meeting and calls out Shelly so everyone sees how full of shit she is. She’d probably get so stressed from being outed that she’d start washing the blades of grass in the yard.

  28. i think they should just leave Rachel in the house till next week, it will completely ruin her.
    than they can take out Jeff
    and i doubt Rachel will be able to win HOH next week

    1. I voted 10 times for Dom! C’mon guys I know Cassi is cool too but if we don’t get on the same page all the crazies are going to vote Brendon in. lol

  29. Honestly- the drama will be the best, and it will last the longest, if Brendon comes back. If Dom comes back, nobody will care, and the same goes for the other two- Cassey and Fake Pimp Dude. VOTE BRENDON!!!

    1. I agree 100% if you guys all want a predictable, boring season of big brother, bring dom,cassi,keith back. all the vets will loose and some usless floater or danielle will win bb13. so exciting eh?

      1. They should just make a Brendon and Rachel show following them around with cameras all day for you guys. Then you can get as much bookie as you want. Awwwww.

    2. I would have voted for Brendon but I am thinking he would just throw it to Rachel and it would have made no different anyway. I voted for Cassie because I think she would come back with game and not be Dani’s dog. I don’t know where Cassie would end up but I just hate a “clean sweep” for anyone. It seems like Dom gives Dani and completely unfair advantage.

  30. Simon, your poll results are starting to scare me. Only about 300 votes separating cassie from dom? Why would anyone want to send Cassie back into a ‘cold’ house? She will never know who to trust and could easily screw up someone’s game (perhaps this is reson in itself to bring her back?) as well as her own. Lawon is the only Regulator left. If she trusts shelly a second time, she’ll get burned a second time then be voted out again within a week or so. We do not know how well she would do i. Any compeition because she’s never competed. What if she’s literally weaker than lawon in comps? We have no idea what type of strategy she would have because it was dom’s idea to form the regulators and she was stupid enough to trust shelly 100% so how smart is she really? She might be a pretty face but will she be of help to the newbies or will she be a hinderance to them? Knowing all of this, why would everyone vote her back in? I just don’t get it.

    1. and that is why brenden will get his chance to go backin the house

      votes will split between cassi and dom for haters of B and R

      those who want to see brenden back will ONLY vote brenden

      brenden wins by split vote

      im just saying this is the most likely scenario, so when people complain that its rigged…they need to blame themselves for splitting the dom cassi vote

  31. Rachel or Jeff will win that POV and some poor replacement nominee will get booted, then compete with Dom to get back in the house. So it’s a partial win. Too bad they can’t get Jeff or Rachel out though.

    Rachel with all this crying, has to be dehydrated by now. I wish she would follow Dani around the house, she must’ve forgotten that she doesn’t do well in verbal sparring. Just look back at BB12 and see how Ragan slayed her.

  32. Now I hope Rachel leaves… Im getting the same annoyance with her as Amber on 8…. It’s like constant freaking crying and DRAMA and pity parties and negativity Omg I cant take anymore. Once amber left I enjoyed BBAD again…. It may be slightly more boring but at least it won’t be like nails on a chalkboard. Geeeeezus

  33. it’s funny how danielle says how the vets were all sad when her dad left saying they have no me just watching that episode when that happen she was one of the main ones crying & carrying on

  34. People forget that JJ made a truce with Dani for this week and since Kalia is with Dani you would think that would carry over thats why they are probably pissed! Shame on Dani!

    1. The truce was Dani wouldn’t put Jeff up last week and if they won HOH this week they wouldn’t pit het up. Plus Jeff wad never planning to honor that deal anyway, so shame on him, lol

  35. um guys Big Brother has a loooonnnngggg history of people who go on the block and get freaked out…even everyones quote unquote favorite evel dick! You guys even get all excited if its one of your favorite and say things like I hope they go nuts! So to go bashing jj for being upset and talking about how they need physiologic help when this isnt really a normal behavior from Jordan…maybe Jeff but jeez calm down!!

  36. Wouldn’t it be funny if the POV was a Diamond POV and whomever won pulled both players off and nominated 2 floaters in their place? That would put Kalia in the same way they did Chima Having her HOH useless.

  37. somebody call the Waaaambulance for Rachel. Have two more on hot backup for Jeff and Jordan. They are all whiners when things don’t go their way.
    I rooted for JJ all last year. This year they have assumed the personas of B&R (without all the kissy crap)

  38. Jeff figured it all out because it sounds like he and Shelly were paired up in the comp and she wasn’t doing what he said so they lost. He said something five times and she said she never heard it. He just told her he feels they can’t trust anyone (he and Jordan) and they wonder about her, too. Shelly got very angry and defensive and said, “I am the ONE person who has gone up there and spoken on your behalf.” What a damn liar.

  39. I know I’m not the only person who didn’t understand why America love JJ so much I really don’t get it. First off Jordan didn’t do anything her season. Only reason she one was because nobody liked Natalie. And the fact that Rachel is still in this house pisses me off. She is so annoying. This season she too it up a whole another level. Those three are ridiculous. But I will say I can take JJ more than that Loony Toon Rachel(she’s crazy). I didnt really like Kalia up until this point but its good to actually see her do something with her life. I’m so torn between Dom and Cassie nd who I want to come back. If Dom was still in there nd Cassie came back that definitely would have been so awesome but obviously that’s not going to happen :( With all that being said I want Dani to win. I hope Lawon can something more than…????(what have he been doing lol)

  40. this site had like 10 brenchel fans until the twist was announced and now the comments section is bombarded with people who are insisting that brendon coming back and crying in rachel’s arms will make for “good tv” and “drama”

  41. Wow EVERYONE is BREAKING DOWN! I’m sick of Dani and Kalia for now….to be honest I want Keith back in! That will be the most random house-guest ever! Okay and Kalia there is a difference between a game and personal lie and Kalia is breaking that barrier… no respect or Kalia at all!

  42. I can’t believe that JJ drank the Floater Kool-aide That is the most stupid defense in the world. If your up against someone that can maybe beat you…. why not get them the hell out. STUPID! jj = softer BR.

  43. production, stop cutting the feeds…….we want to see the drama!!!!!!!!! probably, as usual, all will be calm for BBAD and another boring 3 hrs

  44. Why can’t they just once save the drama for BBAD. By 9pm everything is hunky dorry and we get to watch them play with a bee, preying mantis, ants or cornholes. F***ers.

  45. Jeff…we’ve all heard the big dog bark…but dude, you’ve only shown the puppy dog bite.

    Jordan…you’re as sweet as thecookie dough you should be eating…..right about now.

    RachHo…..I’m RSVP to your trainwreck finish.

    Team Dani!!! Vote Dom


  47. It’s funny how on a couple of days ago everyone was hating on Dani and hating even more on Kalia! Now all of the sudden we are on the Dani and Kalia bandwagon???

    Simon, I thought you were on Team JJ a while back? What happened?

  48. Team dani! JJ are crazzzzzy! I have always been a fan of the two of them…until this. They should have taken the money and ran last time around. Something happened to those two…money or the “celebrity” changed them. Get em off of this show! Post-Rachel eviction of coarse.

  49. If Jeff some how wins the POV will he use it???

    If he uses it why wouldn’t Kalia put Jordan up???
    Jordan made it VERY clear she hates Kalia and Kalia is her main target.

    If Jordan gets voted out she will then do what she does best LOSE another comp to Dominic.

    And Dominic then returns!!

  50. If it was not for Rachel, I would not care if Bendan came back. But she is such a poor winner, it is disgusting to watch. Would be wonderful if B was voted back in but R was voted out, so they would compete against each other, especially if neither knew the other was their competitor till after the competition.

    Anybody have the information of the house meeting with Shelley being caught in all her lies. Unless she lies to her daughter that would be hard to explain.

    I want Adam to win. He seems like a decent person.

  51. Good gawd…first Rachel crying. Then Jordan. Then Kalia. Now SSS. BB might want to have a full time head doctor on the set.

  52. Rachel: I’m not coming back if I go

    Promise? No really, do you truly, truly, truly and genuinely swear? Swear on the Bible and on Brendon’s life? Pinky promise? Strike you dead if your lying type of swear?


  53. OMG – now Shelly is crying after Jeff apologizes for upsetting her and she says “I can play the same game others are and throw people under the bus but that’s not the way I play the game.” Geeze, I want her discovered and out of there.

  54. So in other words you hare everyone in the house. Ok I can repect that and it’s much better than being a Brencel kiss ass.

  55. Lawon said earlier that B&R did in fact get busy in the HV room the night before he left. Apparently it’s still very evident as far as what went on.

    Although it causes the bile to rise up in my throat, at least he left her something physical to remember him by. Whatever it is on, I doubt she will wash it anytime soon. Ick!

  56. Dani says the other vets are selfish in this house.. “Day 7 when my dad left they were all going to quit”

    Stuff it up your piehole, Dani. You were leading the pity party on that day.

  57. Don’t forget that Dani got a pass for weeks without having to do jack including be on the block so a win in the game is worthless. I was Dick and Dani all the way in their season but can’t stand that twitching sociopath now.

  58. This is my first time posting on this site but I love this site and BB but I have got to say my piece.. First of all I can’t stand Jeff he is pissing me off talking about how people are weak and people are floaters ummm he is one of the biggest floaters this season he has won anything and the only reason he hast $10000 was because he LOST a comp.

    I find it crazy that the vets can pick off anyone they won’t and it’s ok but when someone tries to take them out it’s the worst thing in the world they are all a bunch of babies and they need to build a bridge and get over it.

    And I understand that Kalia is annoying but why is everyone mad that about how she’s playing this game, everyone knows she was going on the block if she didn’t get HOH and she did what she had to do to make sure she was safe for another week and I’m pretty sure she came to win and you can’t win this game by keeping really strong players in the game yes I feel like you should leave one in so u have a better chance of winning against someone that people don’t like and why not get someone out that was gonna try and get you out..

    I’m just not gonna speak on Rachel because I have so many emotions when it comes to her.
    Ok just had to say what was on my mind :) carry on now

  59. I totally think they’re drugging Rachel/Bitch. Did you notice yesterday after the big blow up, she was all calmed down. Gotta love that Xanax, doc! I’m a BB newbie and am totally loving all this drama. Thanks for this, Simon!!

  60. I’m surprised Kalia didn’t use this week to target a weak opponent, all things considered. If Jeff or Rachel leave, they have a better shot at coming back than Jordan or Shelly…

    Although, I guess they don’t know all the details of “America’s” role in choosing the returning guest…

  61. Wow, your so awesome. Your able to bash everyone in the house, go you. Hmmh, I wouldnt call yourself a fan, but you can without a shadow of a doubt consider yourself a hater.

  62. Guys seriosly vote vote vote vote for brendon!!!! Then IF racahels gets evicted, she’ll tell brendan that she doesn’t want to come back. Then it’ll be JJB!!! Sooo much better! I really don’t like you dani fans. She’s a liar and a snake. Dom would just sit on her lap again and it’ll be the newbies show…. How boring!!! The vets need help.

  63. First off I don’t and have never like Rachel or Brendon… But her whining about If i win every hoh and pov. No one will vote for me is ridiculous so she won’t settle for $50,000.00 that will pay for their perfect wedding especially since she can’t find a JOB!! But i did vote for Brendon to come back cause I would like to see what happens when they have to face off just to see how smart they really are and want to be together Because if Rachel gets voted out she should let Brendon win Cause he’ll go back in the house she’ll be in the jury house cause this week is the first jury member that way even if he gets voted out next week they’ll be together…..Just a thought….:)

  64. From day 1, I have wondered why is it bad game play to try to win? BRJJ just expected people to live in “THEIR?” house and just accept finishing 5th-14th. The NOOBs were stupid from day 1 for not sticking together. You made it on Big Brother! Play to win! And I’ve never seen bigger sore losers then BRJJ. PERIOD. People are now treating them the same way they were being treated and they are crying foul. “Becareful of how you treat people on the way to top because you’re going to see them again when you go back down”.

  65. This is off topic but I love Dani’s peach sweatshirt. Anyone know where I can buy it? I liked her blue one that she wore when she won HOH and found it at Sun Diego. Please help me find the peach one she always wears.

  66. Why does Jeff think he’s a good player. you never win anything. You would have lost ur season early were it not for cheating. You will probably be the only person on the show to essentially lose 4 times in 2 seasons…. I’m definitely not voting for any of the spineless jelly fish on the vets side to come back. Lets have a real game. VOTE DOM!

  67. First time here and all I have to say for now is..I know that Rachel parents are ecstatic to finally let the baby be adopted. Good luck Brendon..maybe you can raise her to be a strong young woman.

  68. your all doing good me and my bffl eric.d think jeff and jordan RULE the game i think the veterins all rule becuse they all know they have

    a great game play and good effort at evrey thing. they all know what to do becuase they ve all been heer p.s VEDERINS RULE

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