Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel and Brit go Head to Head

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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11:45pm Ragan and Enzo Cabana Enzo is telling Ragan that Rachel was told by Brit that he is the sab and he’s not. Ragan tell him to consider the source, he explains that Rachel and Brendon want to get us all fighting each other. Lane says that Rachel and Brendon are saying he’s the saboteur. Ragan: “you have to keep in mind that everything Rachel and Brendon say is complete bullshit they want to get us fighting”. Enzo: “I dunno yo she’s only 22 i don’t want to start anything”. Ragan: “listen please look up the source, if you open up the national enquirer and it said that aliens attack Houston would you believe it?” Lane and Enzo agree. Enzo: “I think the sab is bullshit why would someone be the sab this late in the game.. I swore on my family.. man I shoulnd’t do that but I did yo..” Enzo has second thoughts of calling her out he thinks he owes her to pull her off to the side and talk to her straight up, he doesn’t want to start anything huge. Ragan offers to talk to her. Enzo tells him not to worry he’s not going to go crazy he just wants to talk to her.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:00am Backyard Brit and Enzo Enzo talks to BRit and aks her what was said about him. Brit says she never told Rachel that Enzo is the sab. Enzo thinks Rachel is trying to stir up shit. Brit tries to explain that she thinks that Rachel is the sab. Lane walks out and tells them that Rachel is saying that Brit is telling her and Brendon what he says. They are trying to make people think he is the saboteur.

Rachel storms out and confronts Brit says that she told her that Enzo was the saboteur. Brit stands her ground and tries to explain that she said that Brendon said that Enzo might be the saboteur. They got back and forth for some time Rachel saying she said it and Brit trying to explain what she meant. Rachel doesn’t understand why Brit would try to talk her man that enzo is the sab, Rachel thinks that Brit it the sab. Rachel keep going about Brit saying Enzo was the saboteur, Brit: “I swear on my life i never said that and i will stand her and look you in the eye and swear all night long.. I DID NOT SAY THAT”. Brit starts to yell she doesn’t understand why rachel would twist her word like that. Brit turns to enzo and tells him she never said SHE though the was the saboteur. Enzo: “yeah OK OK i just wanted to speak my case please don’t yous get all upset about it I just wanted to plead my case. Brit says she doesn’t even think there is a sabetour she thinks it’s America. Brit doesn’t know why Rachel is coming after her she thought they had a good talk and were on good standing. Brit felt they had a good conversation about Brendon, the house dynamics and the outside and then BRit gets called into the DR and when she comes back people are saying you’re spreading shit about me. Enzo: “Please cmon everyone like I would say that corny shit that the sab said yo.. I think no won in their right mind would pick to be the saboteur”. Brit asks Rachel why is she doing this to her why is she throwing brit under the bus in front of everyone? Rachel says she has no reason to lie she’s not in the house anymore, She tells Enzo to believe whatever he wants. Rachel gets up and leaves.
Just want to thank “blah” for adding a great recap of this fight in the comments heres the Big Brother Update
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

After Rachel leaves Enzo tells Brit that Rachel is just in the house to cause shit and drama. Kathy chimes in that Rachel just got a contract that says she has to cause shit (LOL go Kitty Kat). Everyone is in the backyard except for Rachel, they all are agreeing that Rachel is the saboteur. The lipless man (hayden) reminds them that the saboteur’s last message said, “You have gotten me out of the house, not out of the game”.They are pointing out that Rachel has only been in the house for a little bit and she’s already causing chaos. Kathy suggests they go to bed early, Enzo seconds that. Brit tells them she’s not going to back down and watch Rachel drag her name through the mud she’ll stand and fight. Lane tells her that she’s a feisty one. Brit: “I’m 100% convinced that Rachel is hear to start shit in the house. Ragan points out that Brendon and Rachel’s game since day one has been to cause drama in the house. Brit walks up to enzo tells him for the billionth time that she never said she thought he was the saboteur. Enzo telsl her not to worry he knows whats going on, Enzo: “You did good kid you didn’t cry and you stuck up for yourself” BRit mentions that Rachel is doing this so word gets back to Brendon and he puts her up.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:20am Hammock Brit and ragan
ragan is telling her that rachel is in the house to turn everyone against each other because she can’t stand us and we can’t stand her and her “boyfriend”. Britney: “It just pisses me off Ragan because whether they talk or not, Brendon is going to hear about it and I’m going to be on the block.” Ragan thinks they need to just stay away from her for the remainder of her stay. Brit is surprised that she would try to make it look like she’s been talking shit about Lane. Brit thinks it’s funny that when she asks Rachel what she was saying about Lane Rachel couldn’t come up with anything. Ragan says he’s thought about it in length and the only reason he can think why Brendon is after him is because of rachel. rachel got pissed at him because he started becoming close friends with the other girls in the house. Brit wonders who will be next, Ragan thinks it’ll be Matt. Brit asks Matt if he’s talked to Rachel. Matt says he’s talked but they only have a normal conversation. Brit: “Yeah thats what i had with her and look what happened” Brit decides to head inside to talk to enzo.

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This site is amazing. I just finished watching the very beginning of the Rachel/Enzo/Brit thing (only saw roughly two minutes of it before BBAD ended), was dying to see what happened next but couldn’t because I don’t have the feeds. Then I log on to check my email, check here, sure there wouldn’t be an update this late, and there it is! Thank you!!!!!

Hot & Humble Librarian

I was so SO pissed when BBAD cut off just as it was getting good! When Enzo was talking to Rachel saying “I need to know this” and I was saying “go for it now! we only have 30 min left of BBAD!” and dayum thank GOD for this site! I love how I knew I could come here and get the dirt! Thank you!!!


Britney is a liar! she did say that she thought enzo was the sabatour
because america likes him a lot so america would have pick him as the sabatour.
I hate britney she needs to go so does Ragean. I hope the bridage splits up and brendon wins the whole thing.


me too. brendon for the win



Hot & Humble Teacher-Librarian

OMG! Please stop shouting and use spell check! [uses her red pen all over the post] there. Sorry dear you get a D


Brendon ain’t winning shit? Umm Brendon
has won 2 POV and 1 HOH.
Learn how to spell and watch the season first! 🙂


haha wowww you’re very confident..too bad brendons too big of a pussy to play by himself..if a couple weeks if hes still here he’ll probably give up anyways cuz he misses his little girlfriend too much…i think if britney can make it through this week she could win…hopefully brendon puts matt up in ragans place and matt uses dpov to put up kathy


I think if Matt uses his DPOV to take himself off, if he is put up, and puts up Kathy instead of Britney, that will certainly seal his faith with the brigade. Because he has been part of the plan that they were keeping Kathy until final 5. Hayden, Lane, and Enzo are going to believe they were right about him being close to Ragan and Ragan is close to Britney. They will see that as a turn on the Brigade.


Yeah but Matt better tell the Brigade (yo) that he has the diamond power of veto before he uses it. Britney is a threat to the brigade (yo), no doubt. But I still say some other members of the brigade (yo) need to win some power too. Enzo won a lousy TV, great for him, but who else in this alliance is winning or stepping up to the plate? Enzo says he is working Brenden for the brigade (yo) benefit but I think it is really for the benefit of Enzo only.


Enzo won the TV by losing the competition. It was a consolation prize for sucking. He hasn’t won shit. I am getting tired of his shit. He is the reason the brigade will crumble. I so hope that Matt goes on the block and uses the DPOV. Hopefully Matt sees that keeping Kathy will only help the weakling brigaders that can’t beat anyone else. I would like to see him put up Enzo or Kathy. They are both hopeless floaters. Just when I was starting to like Kathy a little, she starts aligning with Brendon and exposing Brit and Ragan and Matt. Does she not remember how she was trash talking B/R last week along with Brit and Ragan? They all were, and now she is Rachel and Brendons best friend? I hope she or Enzo go this week. Go Brit! I didn’t want Matt to win, but I am gravitating back to Team Matt. Screw the Brigade. Matt, Lane, Brit and Ragan for final 4. Matt and Brit for final 2. May the best player win!

Ms Kewl

GREAT post – I agree totally! Lovin’ Brit & Lane, Ragan & Matt. Even though Lane hasn’t won anything, he still seems like a level-headed guy who thinks before he talks shit, unlike Enzo!


I don’t think that he is ALLOWED to tell them that he has the DVETO. Not even 5 minutes before he uses it!


No, he can’t tell anyone until he uses it. This will be great if he uses it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t use it. That’s the way this season goes. Just when you think its going to get good, they wimp out and do the safe and boring thing.


Why is it that Enzo thinks he should be able to say who stays and who goes in anything. He has never won a competition, yet he tries to dictate who everyone should put up. I say Matt needs to grow some balls…apparently the ones he keeps playing with have fallen off from too much rubbing….and put up Enzo and get him out of the house. That will really shake things up. Matt won the power, so he needs to use it to get out one of the Brigade members while he has the chance. Using it on Brittney or Kathy will be a waste. He needs to man up like Jeff and get a big player out.


Is Enzo the only person in the house that has not been on the block? he needs that experience

Other K

It would be hilarious if Enzo joins Rachel in the Jury House after Rachel told him she hopes he wins the whole thing.

Other K

Well they’ve already turned on him so I think his best bet is to put up Enzo.


Keep dreaming… and while your at it pay attention a little more closely.. Its Ragan not Ragean and its obvious you have never watched this show before.. wake up. People in this house try and save themselves from being voted out.. Dont you get that..Of course Britney will put the target on somebody else… Geeeezzzzzzzz


Hun I been watching big brother since the beginning.
haha and you might want to change your name because after
thursday britney is gonna be gone and the bridage is gonna be split
so keep dreaming 🙂


Good for you I hope that is what will go down

Other K

Britney wont even be up. Matt will and he’s putting up a Brigade member or Kathy.


agreed! can’t stand either one of them


You are a miserable person you just keep saying disgusting things, is that how you make yourself feel better about who you are ?


rachael went to bed about 1:30 a.m. BB time…that’s pretty early especially if she is indeed there for only a few more hours….I suspect production told her what time to go to bed…..they will sneak caveman in and out of there overnight without anyone being none the wiser


Where do you think brendon is?


Is anyone thinking that Rachel is now the HoH and Brendon is in the Jury House because he opened Pandora’s box?


oh dear god i hope not!


First off, I can’t believe how updated this site is, that’s a lot of hard work and time.

I think Britney will probably be going on the block since Brendon is Rachel’s bitch. But I figured her days were numbered anyway. But Big Brother really sabotaged the game by bringing that girl back. I guess Ragan was doing a good enough job at it. I know some people like forced drama. They did the work to get her out and than they bring her back. It would be like if Kristen came back while Rachel was there after she got her out of the house. As much as I would loved to see her reaction.I wouldn’t have wanted that to happen either since she did put her up and she was voted out.

I also don’t think that Rachel was okay with Britney talking to Brendon without her being there. Rachel is very insecure girl and isn’t for other women otherwise she wouldn’t’ have hated Kristen in the manner she did. And she kept talking about Monet winning $10,000.


I can’t believe I only now just noticed the Exorcist graphic next to Britney’s picture on the right here… Holy hell, that’s hilarious!!!!!!!!!! All of them are, but that one in particular is classic!!!!!!!!!


Hayden asks if Brendon is the saboteur and Rachel says no. Hayden asks if Rachel is and she says no. Rachel says that Britney was trying to convince Rachel that Enzo is the saboteur. Rachel says that Britney also told her that Brendon thinks Enzo is the saboteur, but Rachel doesn’t believe Britney. Hayden asks what Britney’s reasoning was and Rachel says that Britney said that if America likes Enzo so much, they would have voted for him to be the saboteur. Hayden and Rachel wonder if Britney is the saboteur, but Rachel thinks if Britney was the SAB, then she wouldn’t have left a message saying there were still BFFs in the house that were a guy and a girl pair of life long friends. They continue to talk about possible saboteur Hayden asks Rachel if she cares if he tells Enzo that Britney is saying that he is the saboteur. Rachel says that she doesn’t care, and that she will tell him herself


Hayden asks if Brendon is the saboteur and Rachel says no. Hayden asks if Rachel is and she says no. Rachel says that Britney was trying to convince Rachel that Enzo is the saboteur. Rachel says that Britney also told her that Brendon thinks Enzo is the saboteur, but Rachel doesn’t believe Britney. Hayden asks what Britney’s reasoning was and Rachel says that Britney said that if America likes Enzo so much, they would have voted for him to be the saboteur. Hayden and Rachel wonder if Britney is the saboteur, but Rachel thinks if Britney was the SAB, then she wouldn’t have left a message saying there were still BFFs in the house that were a guy and a girl pair of life long friends. They continue to talk about possible saboteur Hayden asks Rachel if she cares if he tells Enzo that Britney is saying that he is the saboteur. Rachel says that she doesn’t care, and that she will tell him herself


I’m so sick of Enzo. He is most likely going to win and he’s the biggest floater in BB history. He’s yelling saying matty flipped yet Enzo and Hayden are the ones who flipped and are now making deals with Brendan. Yes I know that it’s part of the game but don’t sit there and say you don’t tryst Brit or matt or anyone else when your the least trusting person there. The brigade is the lamest alliance ever. The only one who can win anything is Matt and now they want him out. Hayden is a moron. He needs matts rubber duckys to see how many people are left and what they need to do. Are they idiots??? It’s simple if you win hoh you put up 2 non brigade players. I wish I could tell Enzo and Hayden just how dumb they really are.


LOL i cant wait the bridage is splitting up and britney is going home soon.
Hahaha im watching the feed and Enzo, Lane, and heydan agree to get Matt out
this week. Britney should be leaving soon as well 🙂


I think Britney’s leaving whatever happens with the noms…If Brendon puts up Brit, then she’s going to jury with Rachel, poor thing. If Brendon puts up Matt, Matt will use the dpov to remove himself, and he will nominate Brit in his place, and she’ll still go to jury house. I will be sad, as I will no longer have those deliciously catty DR sessions to entertain me…But I will comfort myself with the sight of Lane’s arms, so I am sure I will get over it.


feeds have been cut since 3 a.m. BB time…..something’s going down in the house, more than likely brenchel going down on each other…….oops just came back on, but not showing HOH room though

Hot & Humble Teacher-Librarian

Ewww! I just vomited in my mouth at that visual image. Gah!


this site clock is off…..i just posted and it was 6:24 a.m. here on east coast


I know it’s pst but when I posted , BB time was 3:24….look above it says was posted 2:54 so it’s 30 minutes behind lol


It’s because of you I have stopped going to this site…I can get the same information and I can get this information before this site on CBS…I find you very vulgar and disgusting…You should watch your mouth…I feel sorry for your family…You sound like an immature person…I would say you are not older that 22…I would like to meet you and kick your asss..

sickoftheir shit

If you stopped coming here then how did your post get here? People say alot of disagreeable things on here. If you are that thin skinned thats your problem not mine. Bye bye.


If Rachel is a homophobe BB needs to take her out of the mix-no racists,no homophobes should be alllowed to play not only once but twice!! Has BB gone crazy or are they just paid off?


I don’t see Rachel fearing any gays. In fact, I see a gay being a hetrophobe. (Matt is a closet bi…just saying)

Ms Kewl

Question: IF the dpov is used by Matt, WHO then puts up the other person for eviction? Matt or Brendon (hoh)? Thanks!




Since it is the diamond power of veto does it have any other powers like you can put up the veto winner or hoh? Just asking.


Matt chooses the replacement nominee.


matt is allowed to make the replacement.


Matt does

sickoftheir shit

Matt gets to pick who he wants to put up. Thats the beauty of it.

Other K

Matt does.


Ms Kewl: If DPOV is used, Matt gets to name the replacement. I know Enzo/Hayden want Brit out (in such case) but I’m not so sure Matt won’t nom Kathy, who will leave with Brit/Ra/Matt voting her out over Lane. That is, of course, if Matt is named by Brendon to replace Ragan winning regular POV.
If Brendon puts up Brit to replace Ragan, I still think Matt might use DPOV to save her and Matt will put up Kathy. This way, he is good with the Brit/Ra alliance plus the Brigade by putting up Kathy who is a sure bet to go home against Lane…especially since Lane is with Britney. We’ll see!


what does it mean that your comment is awaiting moderation? Surely it can’t be language content.


I guess they could censor a comment. They don’t seem to worry about language (bad words and grammar)though.