Big Brother Spoilers: HUGE BLOW UP IN THE BB HOUSE! Everyone is calling everyone else out! *Updated*

12:50pm Brendon and Kalia are talking in the backyard. Kalia is telling Brendon that she feels completely alone in the house and that everyone on their side has completely turned their back on her. Kalia says that if she actually though Jeff was going to get back doored she would have said something. Kalia says that she only just heard about it and that she had a conversation with Jeff after the POV. Brendon says that when ever something comes up …you run to Dani. Kalia says that is not true. Brendon says that it is true… this isn’t the first time I’ve played the Big Brother game. Brendon tells her that she is a floater and that if she really was on their side she would have come to them as soon as she heard they were going to back door Jeff. Brendon tells her that she is playing both sides. Kalia denies it. Brendon says this is not rocket science… I’ve studied science and this is easier. Kalia says that he will see the tapes and he will see that she was on her side. Brendon says that he will apologise if he is wrong ..but he knows hes not. Kalia tells him that he thinks he is so smart. Kalia gets up and leaves. They keep yelling at each other. Brendon tells her while she is at it she should do her own dishes. Kalia says that she does ..thank you very much.

Kalia and Dominic are in the candy room. Kalia tells Dominic not to talk to her… Kalia says whatever you said last night …thanks for throwing me under the bus. Dominic says that he didn’t tell them anything …they told me what was going on. Kalia says that she did everything that they asked. Kalia says that she thought she had a final 6 deal with them …and they made the same deal with everyone …and that they are going to pick each and every one of them off. Jordan comes in and Kalia starts going on off on her. Kalia says that she did nothing wrong. Jordan says let’s just have a meeting and talk about it. Kalia says lets just wait until later because if we do it now I will cuss that person out out.

Jeff comes in and Kalia and him really get into it! Jeff tells her that he doesn’t trust her …she knew he that he was going to be backed doored and you didnt tell me. Kalia says that if she thought it was going to happen she would have said something …but nothing was going to happen. Jeff tells her that he talked to her and she lied to his face so FU! Jeff says that she lied to him and that she is playing both sides. Kalia says that she is absolutely telling the truth… but that she knows now that she is playing the game by herself. Jeff tells her good luck with that! Jeff leaves the room. Kalia says that Jeff is a complete asshole …a f-ing bully! Dominic tells Kalia that she is right they made deals with everyone … and they are picking everyone off one by one.

1:10pm Jordan, Lawon and Jordan are in the kitchen talking about the fighting. Jordan is really trying to get everyone together to talk about it all. Jordan says that they don’t want to though because they know they are going to get exposed. Brendon starts telling Lawon to go get them all out here …you are closer to them ..go get them and bring them out here and lets talk about it. Jordan says they better come out here and talk …they don’t want to because they are guilty. Lawon tells them to come out. Dominic comes out and says that so we’re gonna have a talk. Lawon says that he has nothing to hide. Brendon shakes his hand and says thank you. Dominic asks Jordan why they are voting him out … do they know that it was him. Jordan says no ..but we cant trust you. Kalia come out into the kitchen and they all start getting into it again. Kalia says that Brendon is running the brendon show. Kalia says that Dani started turning on vets becaue she thought the vets were going to turn on her. Kalia says that the way you talk to people about game, you come off as the person who thinks he knows everything. Brendon says okay, thats fine. Kalia says stop with the underlying sarcasm. Brendon says no, I’m letting you talk. Kalia says you make us all feel like the bottom of the barrel, then Dani knows she’s at the bottom of your totem poll, everyone sees that. Brendon says that you said you weren’t working with Dani, but you’re defending her against us. Kalia says yes because she’s my friend. Jordan and Brendon telling Kalia how Daniele was trying to pit each couple against the other. Kalia says you don’t know me! Jeff says you’re right ..I don’t… but I know you in this game and that’s all I need to know. Kalia is yelling and screaming. Jeff tells her okay loud voice now I hear you. Kalia and Jeff both say F U !

1:30pm – 1:40pm Jeff tells Kalia that she lied to him that she said he was safe and that now they find out that she knew they were trying to backdoor Jeff. Jeff says okay I can play that game too .. next week you are safe …your not going home. Kalia says well we all know thats not true don’t we. I can play that game too … They yelling and screaming continues. Kalia says that everyone is going around lying and talking behind people backs. Shelly gets mad and says that she never once lied!!! Shellys says that she told Cassi exactly how she voted that week and that she knows. (Which is a lie, Cassi doesn’t know that Shelly voted with the vets to evict Keith.) Lawon gets mad says that he never once said lets get Jeff out! Call me out …I never said it once!! Brendon thanks him. Rachel asks Kalia what is a person that doesnt win competitions … and doesnt take sides… Kalia says that it means I’m not good at competitions! Rachel says no it means you are a floater. Jeff tells Kalia how it is …and says that she is taking the fall for something that she didnt do … turn around and yell at the other side. You’re pointing at the wrong side. Rachel says that her friend isnt a friend ..and I wouldn’t want a friend like that. Dani says Rachel you are an idiot. Brendon tells her not to call her girlfriend an idiot.

Rachel says that Dani said Jeff and Jordan were recruiting people to go after Brendon and Rachel. Jeff asks why did you want to get rid of me? Dani yells because from day two I was closer with Rachel. Dani then tells Rachel that nobody in this house likes you. Rachel says that she has a fiance and two friends in the house who are up to bat for me…and yet no one likes me? Dominic says he agreed to play with Dani because Dani trusted Rachel and Brendon. Dani says for the first two and a half weeks she had only nice things about Rachel. Dani tells Jeff she found him as her biggest threat in the game. Dani tells Jeff that he’s a bully. Jeff asks who he bullies. Dani says that Jeff was a target because she though he was the best competitor. Jeff says that doesn’t make any sense …I haven’t won any competitions or anything! Jeff calls Dani a f-ing loser.
Jeff saying that Dani was in the best position in the house by being with the vets and that she was protected by the vets until final eight. Jeff calls Daniele a loser and Daniele calls him mature. Jeff says its not gameplay but her ego that wants him out of this house. Brendon saying Dani demanded they backdoor Jeff. Dani denies it. Rachel says she was threatening them. Jeff asks if Dani really likes Dominic …if she is really friends with him … why would you do this to him? Dani and Brendon start yelling at each other. Brendon tell her to BRING IT EVICT ME!!! Dani says everyone bow down to Brendon … welcome to last year!

1:55pm Dominic calls out Shelly, Porsche and Kalia saying that they all made deals and voted out Keith. Porsche says that she never voted that way …Rachel backs her up. Shelly tells Dominic that is not true … prove it …I swear I will come unglued!! Dominic keeps on Shelly voting out Keith. Shelly yells bring up the tape I never said that I never had deals. Shelly says stop calling people out to divert the blame! Shelly keeps saying that its history doesn’t matter. Dominic says that the newbies never had a chance… we were out numbered since day 2. Rachel says that they were the ones out numbered. Dominic says once deals were made we never had a chance. Shelly says everyone has a chance Dominic .. everyone has a chance. Rachel says that they have competed and won competitions …they have the same chance to win. Jeff says dont say you dont have a chance …three of you have golden keys … and you didn’t have to do shit to get those. You had a chance. Kalia says that they are just getting picked off … we didnt have a chance! Rachel says then start winning something! Jeff talks about how after Dick walked out they were out numbered and Dani and them were all upset saying they had no chance …and that he was they only one to turn it around and make a positive out of it. Dani starts getting mad again. Jeff asks her why she is yelling and has attitude all the time. Jeff says that Dani has moments where she is a normal person and moments where she is so immature. Jordan explains that the vets have won and so they have the power now …just like the newbies have had a chance to play and they still have a chance to get in power and things can change week by week. Kalia says that she got used. Jordan tells Kalia that she was never ever got used in this game and says that she doesn’t know how she got it in her head that she was… Dominic explains that the newbies were all scared about going after Rachel/Brendon and Jeff/Jordan because then they other one would be coming after them…

2:15pm – 2:25pm Rachel says that Dani said that Porsche, Shelly and Cassi want to back door Rachel. Dani says that she never said that … she says that she heard that they were saying it would be a good idea. Brendon says yeah you did say it. Kalia asks is any of this making a difference … I though the point was to get everything out in the open. Kalia says she thinks the plan fell apart because it was coming from a lot of different places. Rachel says they never even thought about it until it was shoved down their throats. Rachel says we never think about putting up someone from our alliance. Dominic says that the plan fell apart because they wont go against their alliance and will pick off the rest of the houseguests. Kalia says that all of us are in agreement that we all need to fight to have to stay here. Porsche said I had a key so I didn’t personally care. She said before the key Keith yelled at her. She said she was offended by everyone voting to keep Keith after his antics. Porsche mentions being the closest to winning the HoH. Rachel says nobody even tried except for Porsche. Kalia says thats not true and she was the second closest to winning. Shelly explains to Dominic that his plan was to align with the single girls. Shelly says that she is a married woman and a mother and can’t play the same game that he is playing. Shelly says that it bothers her that he says that they have no chance. Shelly says thats not true …this game doesnt have to be just about money … its about relationships. Shelly says that it all it boils down to is that it is a game.. and it gets nasty. Shelly says that she knows that everyone thinks we’re going to get picked off, but that she is going to try and stay in for as long as she can. Shelly says that she can walk out with her head high whenever she goes. Kalia starts to bring up day one …and Jeff asks her what the fck does it matter what happened day one! Shelly says that she doesn’t know if Dominics time is up … but why give up?! At least you can leave with your head held high knowing that you didn’t back stab someone. Dominic says that everyone here can be friends after …but that everyone needs to realize there is real game being played behind people backs. Shelly says that everyone here is good and that everyone has motives. Dominic asks if they should all awkward hug it out. They say no. Lawon says that he can stay up all night.. but that he never made any deal with anyone .. and that he has been loyal to his partner… but now he is playing this game alone. Lawon says that tomorrow game on …I am going to win that game! They say meeting adjourned… They all break up and leave the kitchen….

Kalia and Jordan are in the lounge room talking. Kalia is crying. Jordan is telling her that she know Kalia didn’t lie to them and that she couldn’t tell her because she didnt want her to tell Dani. Jordan explains that in her season she flew right under the radar. Jordan tells Kalia that she is in the best position and tells her that just because newbies are doesn’t mean she will. Jordan says that she picked Kalia for the luxury competition because she is better friend with her than with Dani. Kalia tells Jordan that she thought the couples would go against everyone. Jordan says thats because Dani put that in everyone’s heads. Jordan says that that is why they brought Dani up to the HOH room the other night …to call her out ..and she didn’t confess too it.

2:35pm – 2:45pm Dani, Lawon, Shelly and Dominic are in the have not room. They are asking if Shelly is open to keep Dom. Shelly doesn’t answer and then says that she is worried about Porsche. Dani says that she is worried about Porsche. Dani says that they made a deal with everyone. They talk about how the lines are drawn now. Dani says the problem is they’ll try and convince Porsche and kidnap her all day. Dani says she thinks Porsche is smarter. Dom says he will go and talk to her. Dani says give her the eye. Dominic says that he is going to go apologise to Porsche. Dominic leaves and finds Porsche and tells her that he feels bad for calling her out. Porsche says that she isn’t mad. Porsche says that when that many people voted for Keith, she thought they’d vote to keep her. Dom tells her he was 100% honest with her that if he knew the majority was keeping her he would too. Back in the havenot room, Dani talks about how a lot of the stuff that was said was just twisted… and that a minute later they are laugh and giggling. Dani says she doesn’t care what people think and that they are bullies. Dani says that tomorrow nights endurance won’t be like last year with everyone dropping off. Dani says that everyone will be bleeding and it will be like 10 hours. Dani says that she will kill someone to win the HOH tomorrow. Dani says that she thought Shelly would be the hard one to get out. Shelly says she is an idiot. Dani asks Shelly to talk to Porsche. Dani says that Porsche is the stupidest person ever, and that they will control her…

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218 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: HUGE BLOW UP IN THE BB HOUSE! Everyone is calling everyone else out! *Updated*

  1. Jeff and Brendon are such gigantic asses. That being said, SO happy about this house meeting. Been waiting for a Dani/Rachel fight.

    1. YES!

      I’m eagerly waiting for the next post to be all about bitches throwing eachother down. I don’t like either really, but I’ll stick my money on Dani!

      1. dDani aint gonna win shit she has the biggest bullseye on her. That meeting did not accomplish anything its a game you idiots your sopposed the sneak,skeem andtell people what they want to hear . they are all mad because they are being out played by the vet and Dani got her fartbag busted wide open

      2. right now Dani is the biggest target and will not win big brother unless she wins every HOH and we know that wont happen if Dani wins Thursday she is gone next week.

        1. Dani will win BB13, Allison Grodner said so in the new TV Guide that came in the mail today.
          The comps will be geared to her small bady.

    2. And just why is Jeff such an “ass.” ? He is merely making it clear that he is in it to win it, and that he is not taking any bull&%t lying down. It is a fact that backdooring Jeff was proposed and seriously talked about. Why would he not be pissed and no longer trust anyone that was involved/knew about it and didn’t tell him. He is merely being honest “if you mess with me/try to mess with me” then I won’t forget it and will act accordingly. Not sure how that makes him as ass. Was he supposed to say thanks? Yes, I’m a Jeff fan, and I’m glad to see he’s not as naive as he was in his previous season. He is a nice guy and he’s not lying to anyone. He just uses very “colorful” language as he is upfront with people. He’s not starting fights, but he’s not backing away either. GO Jeff. People got busted–they need to own it and move on.

      1. Well, since I’m a married woman with kids older than he is, I think I’m well past the “groupie” stage for anybody. But I do recognize people using their heads when I see it. Shelly, Jeff, Jordan, Adam, appear to have heads on their shoulders and how to use the brains God gave ’em.

        1. Haha sorry Jordan’s not all that bright. There are very few good people in that house though and she’s one of them. Go Jordan!

          1. That’s what I was saying, I get Dani made the big deal about it, but as soon as JJ didn’t put up Cassi, Rachel and Brendon were all like their going against us, maybe we should put them up if we win HOH, then Dani fueled it, but then I guess they came to their senses because they need as many floaters and alliance members protecting and defending their immature actions as long as possible to get them to the end to lose to whoever they are final 2 against. Brenchels knows they can’t win when nobody likes you.

      2. I’m not a Jeff fan but anyone would take it personally cos the plan to backdoor him was coming from his OWN alliance. That’s the malfunction that Dani can’t understand. I do think Jeff has a short fuse but he has every right to call ppl out and demand answers. What he shouldn’t expect is to actually get them. That’s why this game gets crazy sometimes.

      3. The whole issue that every one is missing is that Dani 100% tried to backdoor Jeff and in so doing she will get Dom voted out. Dominic has to go because they can’t vote Dani out yet. My whole problem with Dom is that he is taking the game too lightly. If someone (Dani) was responsible for getting me voted off, I wouldn’t make a joke about it. It is a serious matter and he should deal with it (who cares if Dani gets thrown under the bus). That is what she did to Dom, and Dom is an idiot to make a joke out of it. From what I read every time Dom talks to vets and tries to be sincere he goes back to Dani and starts playing HER game. If he was thinking properly he has to understand where he stands in the game and try to seriously make a deal, because everytime he runs back to Dani, the vets notices and he is still screwed.

      4. First off, I don’t consider Jeff an ass in this particular fight (Dani and Kalia are at fault as well), but in general. He’s too temperamental. Especially now that Brendon’s arrogance, walking around the house like he owns it (when he hasn’t won a single competition and played in every one so far, might I add) and borderline whining have rubbed off on him. Not to mention some ignorant comments in both this season and s11.
        Also, I don’t think Jeff talks down to Jordan as often or as severely as people on here say, but I don’t like the way he talked to her today.
        Unless you consider “shut up and go eat something” a prime example of his supposed charming humor as well

      5. naw, I mite be wrong, but I dont think so, I think Jeff said all he wants is to spend the summer with Jordan & make it to jury house

      6. spot on go jeff kick all their butts. i even gotta give brenden who is certainly not my favorite some credit too go fab four go

  2. I find it funny that Kalia just found out she is being played…. smh, Well its too late now because the only strongest newbie(Dom) is going home.

    1. oohhhh i agree, how could she not know?? we better rethink the dumbest houseguests of all time list and bump Kalia up a few….i assumed she acted this whole time with the understanding that the vets were in no way with her and that is why she was making side deal with just about everyone but OMG this woman is SHOCKED and i have no idea why…she actually thought she had a legit final 6 deal!!! i mean if that’s the case, then why has she been crying this whole time?? now that she knows the truth, what’s next, a nervous breakdown?? O..M…G..these newbies are DONE, dumbest, least perceptive, worst game players of all time

      1. i agree. kalia thinks too highly of herself her disdain for others is apparent in her tone and the way she speaks so rude and condecending. she will be fun to watch go down boo hooo bye bye ball dreaker

  3. Kalia just used the same lame excuse Dom did. “I knew about it but didn’t think it was going to happen.” IDIOT!

    I don’t like BR but I’m so happy Brendan told her to start cleaning up after herself.

    1. Yea same here. I’m not a BR or even JJ fan but I’m glad Kalia got told off. She is possibly the shadiest person in this whole house and was definately playing both sides. Her true colours were shown the very first week when she betrayed her newbie alliance and ran to the vets to kiss their ass. I just hope Shelly gets exposed as the two faced bitch that she is too….only that’ll be harder because she covers her track really well. I don’t even know who to cheer for this season….ther’s more people that I want to lose than to win.

  4. the special ed kids are finally going at it. then when they are all done they will go back to reading dr seuss.

  5. Finally lets keep the screaming going people, no more of this behind the back cry baby stuff, bring it all out in the open, great tv!!! and ha Shelly never once lied except hmmm when she said she voted to evict portapotty lmao your soooo clean Shelly

  6. I don’t get what Kaluha was trying to accomplish here by calling everyone out. Is she really delusional enough to think that she actually matters in this game? Or that people care enough about her gameplay (or lack thereof) to lie to her? Wow!

    1. She has zero integrity, i understand shes playing a game and i guess just wants to make final 5 but she keeps telling herself shes playing clean not playing anyone lmao she’s gonna get got!

    1. HA yes I hope raisin face gets called out too, she is gross. Always using her kid for sympathy, and attention. blech

      1. Now, wasn;”t that a classy comment. NOT! Shelly is playing the game. Don’t hate that she has a brain in her head and is smart enough to read people and how to use them. This is a HEAD GAME! That is what she is supposed to be doing. It is a a game of knowing human nature, knowing how different personalities react to stress, knowing how to stroke egoes when necessary, knowing when to “cut bait” when necessary, etc. Shelly knows what she’s doing. Now, will it work til the end? Maybe, maybe not. But I like her game. GO Jeff! Go Shelly! (Jordan already won once, so know she would love to see Jeff grab the brass ring this time)

        1. I agree. I hate stupid bitches who use their kids to gain sympathy. – I do it for my kids. I can’t do it, I have kids. Love me, I’m just a single mother, love me I’m a family woman. Blech! Shut up and play the game, if not get your ass off my tv screen because I want to be entertained. Dance monkey dance.

        2. if they {BB} give Jeff a special wizard power I’m protesting. Honest to God, people still love him for some reason. Why why why?

          1. hey – as long as there are people who are Rachel fans – there better be 10 times that amount of ppl who are Jeff fans. I’m just saying…

  7. Here’s what I don’t understand about Jeff’s arguement against everyone about knowing there was a plot to backdoor him. If there was a plot the only way for it to work is for HIS ALLIANCE who is head of household to put him up after the VETO. Umm duh! Why is he so mad at the other side when Rachel would have to follow through with it? He blames Dom for not fighting for VETO saying he knew about the plot to backdoor him which would mean that Rachel would have had to tell Dom “I want you to throw the veto so I can put Jeff & Jordan up” Also why wouldn’t Dom fight for the VETO regardless if the end plot was to backdoor Jeff then he would only be helping that plot by saving himself. I’m not saying that there wasn’t a plot or that Dom didn’t throw the VETO, I just wanna know from Jeff’s perspective if he is mad at everyone for trying to backdoor him, why is he not mad at the only person who could nominate him, Rachel?

    1. … Read your comment again to see how ridiculous it is. Jeff is pissed at the newbs/dani cuz they were pushing the idea to Rachel to backdoor Jeff.

    2. Stella, Dani was part of his alliance and she went from one person to the next campaigning to back door Jeff. As the week went on and some were saying it was a bad idea, she got more and more frantic. He’s PISSED because they agreed not to do something like this.

      I honestly don’t get people who don’t understand this. It’s not rocket science (not directed at you ,Stella, I just had to poke a stick at Brendan).

      1. Sorry I understand what you are saying. I’m not the best communicator so I should try again. Jeff started arguing with Dom about this plot and I understand Jeff’s anger at Dom and Dani but he accused them of acting like there was a plot and it would be fulfilled and I’m saying if that’s what he thought then why isn’t he also mad a Rachel for letting them believe it could happen (and they were considering it) when she is the only one who could nominate him? And talk about double standard when J & J were plotting against their alliance too. If everyone is in there to make money I don’t know how someone can be mad at the others not playing for them.

        1. Stella, you’re communicating fine and sorry I didn’t get it earlier.

          I’m not sure Jeff understand Rachel’s involvement. I don’t have the live feeds I only go by what’s posted here so I may have missed something. Even if that was kind of revealed, he may have been so enraged that he missed it.

          Personally, I don’t see the hypocrisy. Rachel and Brendon considered it briefly as did Jeff and Jordan. They did not go on a mission to convince everyone in the house to back door someone in their alliance the way Dani did. And as the days went on, the more frantic Dani got. I think there’s a difference.

          Fun to watch no matter what side you’re on!

  8. Oh snap Dom called Kalia and Shelly out on 1st weeks flip to the dark side… Can’t wait to hear the lies or excuses.

        1. No, she said, ”she hasn’t lied ONCE”, and that’s true. But she has lied several times. She using the Bill Clinton playbook.

      1. OMFG this would’ve been the perfect time for her to own up to it, GODDAMN way to go for giving your daughter a good role model to look up to.

        1. the scary thing is i am starting to believe that shelly truly believes that she isn’t lying…i mean the woman said “bring out the tapes?”…are you kidding?? do they give mental evaluations to these people before they let them in the house?? because that sounds a lot like grandiose delusions to me…

      1. She’s the worse kind of liar and her daughter will grow up to be the same way.I bet she doesn’t even know who the dad is or maybe it’s not even her daughter?Can a man give birth to a child?

  9. Dani needs to call BR out on them actually waning to backdoor JJ, which is why they told dom to throw the comp in the 1st place.

    1. JJ knows that BR almost backdoored him/both of them – but it was because of Dani trying to turn the duos against each other. They figured her out before the veto ceremony and all 4 discussed it, which is why Brendon didn’t use the veto. They said something along the lines of…we have to keep our alliance strong (until final four) and not let people manipulate us into turning against each other again. Paraphrased, but that’s the general idea. That is – if I understand all of this accurately.
      I can understand why they are pissed. Their own alliance member betrayed them and now she is paying the price by losing her boytoy. Their whole macho bossy thing is a defense mechanism, I think.

      1. Shelly did tell Cassi in her goodbye message. but BB edited it out. & no one has told her anything. so Shelly does think Cassi knows. when actually she does’nt so that not really lying. it’s not shelly fault BB edit that out. but if Cassi does come back in. then she will find out.

        1. Shelly did tell Cassi in her goodbye message. but BB edited it out. & no one has told her anything. so Shelly does think Cassi knows. when actually she does’nt so that not really lying. it’s not shelly fault BB edit that out. but if Cassi does come back in. then she will find out.

          1. Even if she told Cassie in the goodbye message it was a day late and a dollar short. Cassie was evicted by then. So how noble of Shelly to tell her then in a video ,while she’s sitting on the couch talking to Julie Chen. If you lied you lied, it’s a game but Shelly is the one putting moral altitude where it doesn’t need to be.

            1. Exactly. Shelly never told Cassi, she told a video camera which in turn may or may not have relayed the message to Cassi. Her telling Cassi her vote is like me posting to you. I have to rely on Simon or Dawg to OK the message after moderating it in order for you to even see it. The producers moderated the message and decided not to show Cassi what was said.

              Even if Cassi sees the goodbye message and Shelly’s confession is in there, what good does it do? She confessed to a house guest that was already evicted, not one of the newbies (at that time) had a clue, and she figures that absolves her guilt of the whole thing. Cassi would have campaigned much differently had Shelly actually had a backbone and played with true integrity (rather than the fake integrity that she displays).

        2. wow what if instead the door doesnt open when dom leaves, remember we are 1 man ahead from dick demise, then dom gets to compete hoh.
          Oooh we could actually have a game then, with sides clearly drawn and out go at it and it would be like a fresh start and newbies could begin PLAYING WITH LESS NAIVETE and WIN SOMETHING DAMN IT

      2. Could Shelly have meant she told Cassi in her goodbye clip? BB edited it out, but maybe that’s what she meant?

        1. Ooooooooh, and maybe if she did record it BB edited it out because they sent Cassie to sequester for a possible comeback!! Dun da da daaaa!!

  10. I am not sure why the vets thinks the newbies arent aloud to TALK GAME? and why they get SOOO mad when they do? Are they the only ones aloud to? wtf

    1. I don’t think they’re upset that “the other side/ newbies” talk game.. it’s that they trusted Dani and truly thought she was part of their alliance, yet she’s talking to the newbies and feeding them all sorts of information, and then trying to get Brendon and Rachel to turn against Jeff and Jordan (and vice versa). How can you have a final 5 deal, when the people who made the deal are turning on eachother before it’s even down to 5. I’d be upset too.

    2. I agree! Who the hell do the vets think they are! Jeff & Brenden are in fact bullies (though there are others, Dani & Rachel ) who get pissed when others do what they themselves do: lie,backstab & make secret deals & alliances that they don’t & won’t necessarily keep. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. I also have the least respect now for Shelley. The moral superiority that she professes to have, while at the same time, selling people down the river and then, in the same breathe (and this next part bothers me the most) talking about her daughter (whom she left for possibly a few months to pursue the “Almighty Dollar”) and how they’ve tried to teach her to be honest, loyal and tell the truth (blah blah blah) but how upset (she says while crying …. as if to add to the sincerity of her words …gmab!) she is to be lying and backstabbing, oh please. Shelley may work harder, in some ways, at being the biggest sleezy game player this season. Her game play in particular, I have no respect for.

    1. I’m confused.. have you not been hearing Dani talk about how dumb everyone is and how she is so much smarter. How about Fez mention that everyone is an idiot. Here is a realization, they are have huge egos! Thats why they are in the show. What it comes down to is .. who has better game to outlast. Lesser of evils!

    2. I agree dani has been doing the same things just because someone has power and states the truth does that mean they are jerks or bitches because brendon and Jeff look like geniuses against these noobs

  11. Totally off topic, but I think it is hilarious that simon and dawg use everyone’s name as a post tag except for Kaluha. I guess you guys know that no one will be searching for her, huh? FUNNY ;)

      1. No..keep it. I get a giggle each time I read a post. Again, LOVE you guys and this is by far the BEST BB site, ever!

      1. Thank you so much for your website and your updates.
        I’m taking summer classes, so I don’t have time for the live feeds. You and Dawg have wonderful updates and I thank you for your guys’ work.

  12. “I don’t get what Kaluha was trying to accomplish here by calling everyone out. Is she really delusional enough to think that she actually matters in this game? Or that people care enough about her gameplay (or lack thereof) to lie to her? Wow!”


    I mean she is no threat at all! All she is is a jury vote PERIOD. I would like someone to call shelly out then for sure shelly will be with JJBR

  13. Go JJ/BR!!!! Show those weak newbies whos running the house!! At least the vets have one fan on this site. Team vets knock the newbs on their ass and walk right over them.

    1. I’m 100% with you I’m a Vet fan! More partial to J/J then B/R but I still think they are good competitors. I think everyone should lay of Brendon and Jeff as well because they aren’t the only ones walking around with huge egos and thinking they are better than everyone else. Dani is one of them too. I’m not defending the things that they say I’m just saying there are other people in the house who are just as bad.

  14. Finally! some F’ing drama!! Dani deserves this but I have a feeling she’s gonna win this HOH and that will backfire on JeJo and Brenchel! Either way I’m glad she was outed, the only people she has on her side are the 2 weakest players in the house and if Cassi comes back she’ll be aligned with JeJo and Shelly! Unless some miracle happens I dont see Dani in the F2 cos she has all the strong players against her and she CANNNOT win it all!

  15. Jeff is Jeff. He can get rude like anybody. His patience inside the BB is not as great as when he’s outside. lol. His personality if quite interesting.

  16. Poor Kalia. I enjoy her calling them out and making the move to add some drama but she will get nothing from this. LOL

    1. Not true as the arguing keeps going on somrone is gonna get caught in a lie that could turn the attention to someone elsr i hope shelly gets oustes

  17. I’m guessing that Lawon is now backing away from his new BFF of last night (Kalia).

    Thanks for the updates, guys!!

  18. Dont forget Dani thinks she knows it all and now she is DONE. DONE. DONE. Fez never had game and shouldn’t have been there in the first place. And Oprah is in the game to eat.

  19. “Shelly to Dom: she is telling Dom that she can’t play the game that he’s been playing..being cute with the girls, washing their hair, laying in the hammock with them.”

    No she plays the lying /kiss ass/ playing both sides/ traitor game HAHAHA I hope her daughter gets to watch or does she even have a daughter? or a husband for that matter? She sound like one of the butch lesbians, not that there’s anything wrong with that I’m a lesbian myself I LOVE the ladies.

    1. Yea, I am not sure why they bagging on DOM so much, I understand it is a game and all but he hasn’t really done anything to anyone that is bad? Shelly is right up there with BR on my who sucks dick the most list..

      1. No she doesnt once again u sound like a dumbass fanboy or watev the hell u are u cant even give a legitimate reason for liking the people u do smh

    1. Shelly is my least favorite too, i can’t believe i hate someone more then Rachel, didn’t think that was possible

    2. I haven’t had a chance to catch up on the reading because this has been the best 60 minutes of feeds all season. Did Shelly really make a deal with Dani and the Noobs or is she feeding false info like she said she was going to earlier?

  20. I would like to thank Jordan for calling a house meeting and making my work day go by quickier. I knew there was something about her.

  21. I’d rock his pussyass to sleep if he talked to me like he talks to people that are either female or those that are weaker than him.

    1. but, they are ALL either girls or weaker than him. Only one I would see maybe strong as or stronger are on his side, for the most part (Adam and Jeff)

  22. DANG!!!! Kalia looks like someone’s grandma in the first picture above where she’s talking to Brendon. lol I was like whose grandma is that??!!

  23. Rachel says that she has a fiance and two friends in the house who are up to bat for me…and yet no one likes me?


    Jeff and Jordon do not LIke Rachel, and Brenda talks to her like the child she acts like……Any questions??

    1. but thats not the point

      who cares if people like rachel

      point is, even with the hate for B R J J…they STILL win comps, they STI LL control the house…period

    2. its so obvious dani will win HOH, and I HATE that outcome…I think it will suck, and to lose one of the vet couples before we lose lawon or kalia is a tragedy….seriously,

      Dom goes this week
      get rid of kalia or dani next week

      after that I dont care

    3. haha, i was thinking that too. just because J/J are in an alliance with rachel doesnt mean they actually like her.

      and god, if i was dom i would make a huge deal about shelly lying about her vote week 1

    4. come on, i kind of felt bad for rachel when dani said that, bc even if you don’t like rachel, i think she tries to get people to like her, and then to learn that she has failed in front of everyone and noone really said otherwise, i mean we all know she is a little insecure and she puts her personal side in the game, i don’t know, noone likes to be hated by EVERYone

      1. Astrid, for the first time ever I felt sorry for Rachel too. She was genuine when she said she has two friends in the house; she really considers them friends but I’m not so sure about vice versa. Didn’t think I’d ever say I felt anything but disdain for her, lol
        *I hope that is ok to everyone on here that I posted that. I know sometimes people go off like bipolar bombs when we express our own thoughts :)

      2. I really don’t buy that Rachel is as insecure as she may come off. I do think she thinks she’s sexy and hot. She has even described herself as beautiful before. She may be engrossed with her looks because she’s shallow. I think Rachel enjoys being on camera and playing it up on the show. She probably cares less about people in the house truly liking her ,and more about how she come across on TV so that fans or “America” likes her.

        1. insecurity is not all about looks, some people are insecure that they are not smart or not funny or not likeable – and rachel IS a person so even if you expect people to trashtalk you as everyone does about every bb guest, imagine what it’s like to come out of the house to find out you were called every vile name in the book and that America HATES you…

          i think that Rachel is confident in a lot of ways and very over-the-top and i get why people don’t like her – but i don’t think she is trying to be not likeable, she just doesn’t get it and we all know people like that…but i think it’s wrong and sad to treat people like they don’t exist and to disregard their feelings just because they may be annoying

          dani said the same thing to her yesterday and Rachel kept bringing it up bc she couldn’t seem to get past it, and today, she said it again in front of everyone (embarrassing) and Rachel had a weak comeback but it was if she was trying to convince herself as much as everyone else – which was sad and not fun to watch anymore

          why do you think she immediately becomes friends with any girl who pays her any attention (like Porsche, or even Britney last year who was pretending)

          1. I think the thing with Rachel is that she’s partially insecure with her looks.. why else would she have wanted a boob job, need to wear pounds of makeup, and dye her hair all the time. That tells me she’s a person who isn’t comfortable with her natural looks, so she needs to change them. With that being said, I think her biggest insecurity is that people won’t like her.

            I personally think that the reason she’s so competitive is to show people that she’s at least good at something, since people commonly think she’s just a complete good for nothing moron. She honestly doesn’t seem that stupid at all to me though, except for the fact that she can’t seem to stop let getting her emotions get the best of her and wears her heart on her sleeve, which is why she failed at BB last year.

            Rachel seems like the kind of person who just wants people to genuinely like her, but in trying to do so, she does the opposite. I think she fails to see that life isn’t always about material things because you can loose those things at any given time, and that’s one of her biggest problems. She”ll realize that when she chooses or is forced to mature, but until then, she’ll continue to be the same.

  24. Nothing was accomplished in this meeting the newbs were just whining “y u no turn on each other” and then the vets are like “cuz were not stupid like you” that was the exact summary of this meeting the newbs are crying because they are all crying because the vets made them throw every comp.

  25. “Kalia says that everyone is going around lying and talking behind people backs.”

    That’s the game in a nutshell, dumbass.

  26. does anyone else not want dom to go home after this…i want him to stay and shake everything up real hard. and where were adams comments in this house meeting?? i somehow hope dom gets to stay…

      1. i never caught the audio of the fight.. Dawg was covering the site during that time. I’ve sent him a message to find out.

        From what I can read and what I saw Adam made some smirks when Jeff said he hasn’t bulied anyone to throw a comp which of course is a lie. other than that Adam just chilled out.

  27. a vet needs to win HOH, Im sorry, but the complaining from these “newbies” who has NUMBERS, that they never stood a ch ance is just annoying, and of COURSE the game is played behind people’s backs…its like you cant lie in BB or Survivor anymore without it being some direct reflection of your true self….which is just flat out wrong

    BR/JJ for HOH to get rid of the people who need to go, like kalia and dani

    fact is dani blew it, she can blame others all she wants, and claim she was 5th in their alliance, but its like…dani…its week 2 or 3…you dont go against your alliance like that without repurcusions…its just insanity. At some point, YES, your alliance will fold, but why fold it before you take everyone else out?

    dani deserves to go home on stupidity alone

    1. So we can watch jj/br control the house week after week, after week, after week?
      Watching them scramble when nominated and fight for the POV would make for much better TV.

    2. amen,dani every bit as much the ego biatch as rachel sooo tired of let me live my life and im just trying to help you she is less than halp as interesting as her dad and about as pretty goodbye devildaughterwannabe not this year hope jeff wins dont like br or ra disgusted by kalia wish cassi could return and dom stay and kick ass together dreaming i know but liked her and dom ok just caught on too late probly jeff wins but kalia wont vote for him she probly would abstain on priciple lol like she has them.

  28. Rachel is delusional in saying Jeff and Jordan are her friends, but telling someone that the whole house dislikes them is the most ignorant, nasty thing a person can do. I knew Dani was scum but she just hit a new low. OC trash.

  29. that was awesome YO !!! the funniest part was when Jeff said to jordan..” jordan be quiet,eat something !!!” !!LMFAO

    1. Let me guess, you’re a guy? How is that even remotely funny? If BB is
      a microcosm of the (1st) world in which we live, then it’s no wonder women around the world still have to fight against the bullying (verbal, mental & physical) inflicted upon them by men. Only a male chauvinist pig would find Jeff’s (insulting) comments to Jordan funny or, Brendan’s contolling and condescening comments to Rachel (of whom I’m NOT even fan & would like to see get evicted). One of the things our soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan for is to end the unjust treatment of women. If BB is a microcosm of society, they (our soldiers) had better get back home so they can kick the ass of the many men who continue to abuse women right here at home. Funny you say ( re: Jeff’s comment to Jordan)? Well it’s not si funny if you’re the one to whom such insulting comments are directed.

  30. How much you wanna bet CBS will spin this to somehow give BR more airtime. Maybe a 10 second clip of the house meeting followed by 5 minutes of BR arguing, whining, crying, talking shit about other hg’s, and finally making up.

  31. Wait…so where is Shelly at now? Is she voting for Dom? She is hanging in the Have-not room and they are acting like they can get Porshe…

  32. This is what the damn game has needed, you could tell if you watch the feeds and BADD that something was brewing in the house. In an earlier post, I figured it would be Dom to let it loose come today or tomorrow, but look at “Oprah” being the one to start it all. This has got to shake a lot of trust up no matter if it showed in anyone’s faces or not. And with Lawon saying he is on his own now and ready to win, we shall see.

    It sucks that Dom is going out tomorrow after all this, he would have been the HOH to really shake things up. Nevertheless, the only chance Dani has in staying now is winning. That is all she can do at this point, I can’t think of anyone that would align to keep her if any other newb gets it at this point.

    1. I don’t get the feeds but from reading the posts it almost seems like Shellys ass kissing to Brendumb may have sparked it. Brendumb went to rachel and appologized for showing is dick on the internet, saying how great shelly is and being pissed that people eat his food and don;t clean up.
      Then when brendumb was talking to kahlua he called her out on not cleaning.

  33. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY Shelly is saying she will vote for Dom to Danni, Dom, and Lawlon and that she is worried about Porsche’s vote????????????????? Is she all of a sudden going to keep Dom, I do remember her saying to Brendon that she would tell Lawlon she would vote for Dom to mess with him, but I don’t she sounds serious, what’s going on???????

  34. If Shelly voted to keep dom , she would get my respect she made a mistake the first week by her own morals. i doubt she will but if dom ends up staying wow thats what i would call a good week

  35. Wait….so is shelly now on the Dani/newbies side or is she just playing them and telling them what they wanna hear

  36. shelly would be stupid to switch sides! she would be at the bottom of that group AND a big target for the vets.

    thought, she told earlier to brendon that she will do this, to watch what teh reactions are.

    1. She’s at the bottom of the group she is in, and when they don’t need her vote she’ll get the boot, it seems Rachel’s bestie a.k.a the ONE girl who would bow down and kiss her ass enough to get stains on her lips, will be the longest to last of the newbs.

  37. The whole I don’t lie thing is kinda annoying but thats what u gotta do! DENY DENY DENY! in this game she knows her place. like she said before its about the relationships. if u arent winning competitions u have to be liked. she saw they were calling her out and threw the attention on someone else. Im pretty sure she told the truth in her goodbye msg to cassie but they editted out..maybe bc there was a possibilty of cassie coming back? hmm…anyways, Im team shelly all the way! I dont particularly like anyone else and if I gotta pick someone, its her….I also hope dani wins HOH or someone other than BR or JJ to shake things up. as long as shelly doesnt go home!

  38. Shelly’s old ass ain’t voting for Dom, she’s just yet again telling another lie yo. I hate that old hag.

  39. On BB’s twitter it says that Kalia is apologizing to Jeff for not telling him. Well that didn’t take long. So I guess she WON’T be voting for Dom.

  40. dani is an idiot she should have kept her mouth shut when the nominations stayed the same instead of saying she would be pissed off if dom left. but it will be fun if dani won hoh just to see Jeff, Brendan and Rachel’s reaction. if dick was there this fight never would have happen. none of them would have the balls to yell at Danielle if he was there.

    1. If Dani was really smart she would have cooked up a bullshit story and thrown Adam under the bus to get B/R and/or J/J to vote to keep Dom.

  41. The new TV Guide came in the mail today. There is an interview with Allison Grodner. She says that Dick will not be coming back as he is helping a firend.
    And for all of you Evil Dani fans, Ms. Grodner says that Dani will win this season because” she is smart, a great strategist and a strong physical player.”
    So the fix is in. Dani will be the new head of household this week. The endurance comps last year seemed to favor the small people and I am pretty sure Ali wants to keep Dani, so everything will be geared for her to win every other week. She will send the vets packing.
    I cannot stand Dani, she is beyond mean. I am a JJBR fan and I hope they can be around until the end. Sure Jeff gets caught up in the moment and has colorful language, but how many of yu would have colorful language when you get really mad. Remember, he is locked in an area with people he would not be around, if not for the game.
    Dani calls the vets very stupid and dumb people also, don’t forget that. Dani uses people, but I don’t know what little Oprah can do for her, except eat Dani’s share of the food. But Ali will keep her little girl safe until she can hand her the check.

    1. *Sure Jeff gets caught up in the moment and has colorful language, but how many of yu would have colorful language when you get really mad. Remember, he is locked in an area with people he would not be around, if not for the game*


      *Dani calls the vets very stupid and dumb people also*

      Perhaps Dani is using some of that colorful language because of her living arrangements…

    2. How in the world do you figure it will be rigged for her to win? I mean seriously, there are soon to be 10 of them left, when it gets to final 3 is usually when they have the finale.. so with one person leaving a week, that’s 6-7 weeks left (incase there’s a double eviction, but I doubt that since they’re already short a player from Dick leaving). I’m pretty sure that in that 6-7 weeks that are left.. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, or Brendon will win HOH and get Dani out. Also, I highly doubt that ANYONE would truly want to have Dani with them for final 2 since she’s an alright player and would probably win the grand prize.

  42. Go Jeff! Tell’em like it is. F@*k these whining, complaining assholes. If it was Evel Dick doing the same thing, everyone would be loving it. Hope Dani goes home next after Dom. She tried to play like her dad and she is NOWHERE near his league in this game. The only reason she made it to final 2 was because of Dick. Yeah, she’s won a lot of POVs, but that was when everybody played in them too.

  43. maybe shelly is going to keep dom who knows she like sarah palin , shes not very smart , some people like her for some reason , she says she has strong values but then she breaks them. hopefully she does keep dom tho i really hope big brother bring dom back if he gets evicted

  44. WOW!!!! Looks like everyone is playing their own game. Some choose to drag others with them some choose not to. Bottom line its A GAME and in any game you have WINNERS<LOOSERS<CHEATERS<LIARS<CRY BABIES< EGO..etc etc etc.

    Who cares who said what…this is half a million you bet I'm going to do all the above and drag anyone with me. I"LL be a fool to play this game alone (LAWON)!!
    Settle down people…you got yourself a BIG BROTHER 13 Game going on!!! ISN"T THIS WHAT YOU ASK FOR!!!!

  45. I have been watching BB since the very first season and I am not a BR fan, but most of you are sounding like the newbies. The Newbies need to get off their butts and stop whinning! They turned on themselves and deserve to leave one by one and they need to take Dani with them. All she ever did in her season was whine about everythng especially her dad who took her to the end! AND she was sleeping with NICK. The only reason she stepped up her game is because her daddy got rid Nick!! She would have done the same with momma’s boy Dom, but he doesn’t know how.

    I think Jeff is doing fine. He is intimidating everyone and that is the way to play this if you want to win. Why everyone thinks Dom is so great is beyond me. He ia a momma’s boy and would not have the slightest idea how to win this game! I think Shelly is doing OK as well. You try to stay in ther game as long as you can. Who knows you could luck out and win at the most importatnt times. Get over it ….. everyone lies! Dom and Dani are a couple of the biggest liars and you want them to stay!! It’s a strategic game and Jeff and Shelly are playing it that way.

  46. Those of you saying Shelly is a good player are all making me laugh. Yes, she did make one good move which paid off so far. That is betraying the newbies and joining the vets. Shelly and her lovers say she doesn’t lie? How about the lie she made on the very first day? When all the newbies promised to stick together and take out the vets? Well she broke that promise and therefore lied. Don’t need to mention the lies to Cassi. But when someone lies saying she doesn’t lie but in fact lies, and she keeps lying about it? I’m sorry, but that’s just what we call a “web of lies”. In my opinion, Shelly is the biggest liar in the house, she’s a hypocrite and I will be looking forward to her eviction.

    Does anyone else think it’s funny how Shelly kept saying “we all have a chance, bla bla bla”? Must be the dumbest thing to say when it’s obvious she won’t get farther than 5th place. If Shelly and Kalia would of followed the newbie plan from the start, maybe they would actually have a chance to win the 500 Gs. The show is pretty much over now. Just gonna be another 2 months of seeing newbies being picked off one by one.

  47. no matter what happens, that was dumb of the vets to “draw the line in the sand” before dominic went home, the noobs have 1 more shot to get the power back and team together, this will be the last chance they will have the numbers, if they keep dominic and they win hoh, they get one vet out of the house and its game on, But seeing how half the noobs are idiots it wont happen and they will continue to get plucked off one by one until they go home and say wow maybe we should of stuck together.

  48. I think that dani is bhaving in destructive way and it will just bite up her ass later. Dani is a bully but jeff should be more calm to deal with things like this. I like branchel as well as jordan. They make me wanna keep up with the show.


  50. Why can’t this stuff happen during Big Bro After Dark?!! This is what I have been waiting for…the good stuff!!!!

  51. These house blow ups never really accomplish anything, except for good drama. People just end up more entrenched in their faux alliances.

    I’m sick of hearing Brendon preach and preach and preach like he knows everything and everybody. He is truly intolerable. It all still boils down to the vets thinking they are royalty and that the newbies should ask permission to play the game,but only play it the way they dictate.

    I like to believe they all came to win money, so what’s with the righteous indignation when another CONTESTANT (not friend or family member) turns out to do something that works against someone else’s best interest?

    And after all this bickering,I can’t believe the newbies still haven’t united to take down the vets. Yep, it’s a special bunch they have this year.

  52. At 1:39PM(40sec) Brendon flicked off Dani…. i was busting out laughing. Anyways the whole meeting was so funny.

  53. I’ve been coming to this website since the season began and I love it! I get the quickest updates here which is good because I don’t have the feeds. Loving the detailed descriptions of the fight. Loving the fight!! I’m thinking this was all bought on by Dani because she played her hand too soon by trying to backdoor Jeff. I know that Rachel was the one who could have put JJ up but Dani started it by trying to turn her alliance against one another. She’s the one who ended Dom’s game and she knows it. Rachel may be an immature, insecure cry baby but Dani is the real mean girl in the house. She makes so many snarky comments about and to everyone, especially Rachel. Actually feel sorry for Rachel when she does that. Shelly – integrity doesn’t belong in this game and you lost yours the first week. Don’t get why newbies said that they never had a chance if the dumbasses just stuck together and didn’t throw competitions they could have been in control. How stupid!

  54. Hey guys, personal favor here. I am trying to quit my Kahlua habit and every time she gets called that I suffer an involuntary salivary response! Could we please call her something else? I am not addicted or anything. Seriously, I am a teacher and wouldn’t lie. I just really enjoy Kahlua and Cream isn’t on the diet program. Signed, Down 20# with 40# to go!

  55. I feel whenever I read these posts and definitely when I see the shows that the producers have overly manipulated and fixed the game to benefit the returning players. Just look that P.O.V selections. the first week was 1 in 4 of choose Jeff and Jordan, then 1 in 3 for Rachel and Brenden, and 1 in 2 this week. Second, look at the way the second H.O.H was stacked. Rachel was given the choice as outgoing H.O.H to choose the order for the players, giving the returning players a 3 in 1 chance of winning. The game has been greatly stacked against the newbies and I feel myself calling this season the worst thus far. And when its only week 3 thats saying something.

  56. HAHAHA! Oh, Kahula, you boob! There is NO SUCH THING as a “final six” deal! HAHAHAHA! OMG! A Final Six deal is PG for “you’re a target RIGHT NOW.”


    1. Klucky’s nostrils are just like Teri Hatcher’s/Desperate Housewives nostrils and they drive me nuts. I hate deformed nostrils. I want her gone. – I’m going to hell. I have made peace with that.

  57. I wish I would have seen that blow up.
    I don’t think the guys are being bullies. They know this game can change.
    Dani blew it and I would be sad if she won. She is too immature and all she does is lie, lie, lie.

  58. now that i think of it, shelly (as much as i ABSOLUTELY HATE HER) has set herself up in the perfect position… if one of the newbies wins HOH, they’re obviously gonna put up a veteran (JJ/BR), and eventually either jordan, jeff, rachel or brendon are gonna get evicted. then shelly can join the member who lost their partner and work with them. if the veterans win HOH, they’re gonna get rid of any of the newbies or Daniele. so as long as shelly is with the vets, she always has a person with a bigger target to take the bullet. i hope she doesn’t win, but damn she’s in good position to do so at this point.

  59. Okay, is it just me or am I missing something about this backdooring plan. I know that at one point Rachel and Brendon considered it, but if they were truly serious about keeping Dominic and getting rid of Jeff and Jordon, why would they ask Dominic to throw the Veto comp? I know if I wanted someone out of the house, I wouldn’t want them to win the Veto, hence asking them to throw it and telling them “Oh ya, you’re sitting pretty.. you’re safe, BUDDY!” LOL Maybe that’s why Jeff doesn’t seem to be so upset at the two of them, because he thinks that Dominic was told to throw the Veto because Rachel and Brendon was staying true to their deal with Jeff and Jordan.

  60. The big problem I have with Shelly is that she screws Cassie and Keith over to secure a spot in the jury house? Maybe she’s worked out a deal with JJ to do some promotion work for the company she works for post show, and in return they’ll have her vote forever. The only problem is unless JJ are the final two, JJ are’nt going to get the votes. I think that jury would vote BR instead and justify it by saying that they’re “competitors” (which they are) but it would be personal because of the way Jeff treats people.

  61. chief c says:
    July 28, 2011 at 8:48 am
    wow what if instead the door doesnt open when dom leaves, remember we are 1 man ahead from dick demise, then dom gets to compete hoh.
    Oooh we could actually have a game then, with sides clearly drawn and out go at it and it would be like a fresh start and newbies could begin PLAYING WITH LESS NAIVETE and WIN SOMETHING DAMN IT


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