Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Nominations ceremony over Shelly and Adam up

Nominations Ceremony Shelly and Adam are up for eviction. They were nominated by Porsche Briggs the current Head of Household. A massive fight breaks out in the house against Rachel and Shelly.

7:00pm Have Nots Room Rachel cannot believe Daniele is doing the deal with them. Rachel adds if Porsche wins the Power of Veto she won’t use it. Porsche wants Shelly to be evicted this week (really hard to understand what they are saying… they’re whispering)

7:16pm Have Nots Room Mini house meeting (everyone but Adam and Daniele) Shelly asks Porsche if Rachel told her that Shelly wanted a final 3 deal with her. Porsche says YES Rachel did tell me that. Shelly Yells that is A lie. Rachel: “But Shelly that is the truth you did say that”
Porsche: “I heard that you wanted a 3 person deal with rachel but rachel said no becuase she never trusted you.. You also said that you wanted it once Jordan went home”
Shelly shoot straight tells them that it’s all a lie.
Rachel: “Shelly it’s the truth you have been saying that.. There’s a lot of final 3 deals going around right now with you”
Rachel: “You said Hypothetically that if Jordan went home that you wanted final 3”
Shelly: “Rachel you are a liar”
rachel: “Why are you calling me a liar.. it’s the truth”
Shelly: “I am disjusted in you RACHEL I am disgusted…”
Rachel: “Don’t call me a liar..”
Kalia: “I heard that to Shelly”
Jordan jumps in give a shot at shooting straight says “I have made no deals with anyone” (Lie)
Jordan: “I have only talked game with Shelly, Brendon and Rachel” (Jordan why tell everyone that)
Rachel: “Do you care telling everyone what you’ve been saying behind my back.. All those nasty thing”
Shelly: “why don’t you tell me since you want… I’ll just calm you down like i’ve been doing all week.. You have your Brendon back so sit and be happy”
Rachel: “yeah and you talk bad about me behind my back.. and now we all know you are a liar”
Shelly: “You don’t need to glare… i won’t get into it with you thats not my style”
jordan: “Where are all these stories comeing from?
rachel: “From Shelly”
Shelly: “hahahaha Rachel you’re a piece of wrork”
everyone wants to know where the stories have been coming from because every time there is a new Head of Household little bits of stories get passed all around and it’s causing all the fights.
Jeff: “Soneone is running around the house playing telephone”

the meeting breaks up everyone scatters to their own sides. In private Jeff asks Jordan why she called that meeting. Jordan says that she wanted to call Porsche out for all the stories but in the end it all came back to Shelly. Jeff reminds her that Shelly is on their side they need to keep quiet.

(Straight Shooter is done for.. Still don’t know what Brendon and Rachel are thinking about this Daniele deal, but I’ll know before the end of tonight)

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Ugh, shoulda been Rachel and Brendan


Straight Shoot right to the jury house


who are the havenots this week


I’ve been trying to figure it out and I can’t. Maybe there aren’t any this week?

Midwest Fan


Shelley will feel right at home and immediately begin cleaning the already CLEAN house.


OMG….I’ve been waiting for this. This game really does change week to week. I hated BR yesterday and was pissed that Brendon got voted back in, but I’m loving them today. And this Deal with Dani sounds good to me. BR have been hated for a lot of things, but for the most part they do keep their word when it comes to deals and I think they are being genuine. I actually think Dani is less trustworthy than them and I’m a Dani fan saying this. Team DBR! Shhh. It’s a secret. 😉


Seems to me BR are upfront more so than those that complain about them…… to the point that I think Rachel speaks too much and lets it all out and it hurts their game……. i’m not a Dan-yell fan as I feel she is really two faced and does a lot of what she blames others for……. Its a game but those live feeds seem to bring out the best and worst of the house guests……. Haven’t kept up with why Dan-yell put up the two she did….Took me totally by surprise.. need to read on …………



Niki – what show have you been watching? When have BR ever stayed true to their word. Not last year, not this year!


First, sweet I’m a douche


Shelly, unless she backdoors Jeff, which I think they will wait a week or so to do.


I am pissed off at Jeff! I was rooting for him until I heard him yell at Jordan then called her dumb!! You know what, she maybr but for him to claim to love her then call her names. I am so over it. Jeff your on my shit list. I am te Dani now. But I hope Jordan wins Amercians fav. I don’t care if they both (Dani and Jordan) already won money their season. Jeff your a douche!


First, sweet now I’m cool


Simon– I just got the feeds– how do I get to the flashback calendar? I tried on my iPhone and iPad…


Finalllllly they have some brains. Good Riddance Shelly


yeah, that what I thought. Dani, better not screw this one or backdooring. If you don’t four angry veterans will come after you.


1st… my penis is bigger than Brennans and Shellys


i guess were all 1st place losers




My homeboy Jeff is gonna get the “good ol backdoor.” Im sure he must realize it and how B/R have a deal with shemale monkey Dani. By the way just saw Rise of the planet of apes and Dani has the starring role as one of the apes. Didnt think BB would allow a “movie star” to be in the house. Oh well GO J/J!!


Find new jokes that one is old and lame


stop talking bad about Cornelius
ha ha !


Ouch – what IS your problem, dude?


Completely unrelated but props for the user name.


I’m hoping Shelly pulls it together, love the old gal’s manipulations! The devious ones go down in history. BTW, donating is easy on your site, I use paypal and the entertainment factor is easily worth a movie or a week’s worth of latte’s or some of the food I buy that goes bad, so keep up the good work and I’ll keep sending $$ cudos. Thanks!


Hmm nice putting shelly up I hope she gets voted out.



It’s all kicking off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ugh this BRDK thing is not looking good for my beloved JJ… As long as Kalua doesnt win i’ll be happy though, she sits there and insults jordan for being moppy and not wanting to be in the house but up until she won the HOH ALLLL she did was cry about how much she hated it.

teri b

Call me a stupid chimp. I mean really, can someone PLEASE explain to me why Dani thinks Brenchel can be trusted????????????????


I don’t think D even thinks she can truly trust them. The POV comp., winner and then D’s next move after that, will determine allot, especially if D has even accepted BR’s deal.


Because she is not using her brain at all. They will stab her in the back the first chance they get and besides that Jordan and Jeff along with Shelly and Adam will have the jury votes to decide who wins the money and does Dani ever think they will pick her now. She just made one of the dumbest decisions ever if she wants to win the money. Her master plan better be to backdoor Brendon or Rachel this week if she wants to win the $500 and then play nice with everyone else and let the chips fall where they may. Not playing smart DANI!!!


Or maybe she is playing smart and it’s just too complex for you to understand. 😉


hahaha!!! Good one! Clearly people do not understand this game. An alliance with BR is the best move for Dani right now in this game. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Go Team Dani!!! DFTW


Dani doesn’t trust them but she trusts Shelly less.


I agree with you!


Dani can’t be trusted either. Maybe she is telling the truth when she says she wants to backdoor Brendon.


Dani can’t be trusted either.


Dani’s trying to make lemonade out of those lemons she’s been handed. Let’s just hope this is a true detente. I still think B/R will figure out a way to betray this alliance after the POV is safely behind them.


If BR betray D they’ll not be safe. They’ll put a bigger target on them than there already is and, they’d still have to win the next HoH. D had better work to secure this alliance with BR or P & K need to win the next HoH (chances??).


How can Rachel be trusted??????? Your gal Dan-yell is the worst at trust………..


Not a PHD student

what a fool. BR are protected with JJ and with D. She should have put up JJ to make sure BR were true to their word!!


Please someone make Rachel stop talking. I notice she isn’t telling JJ about her little deal with Dani. BTW Jeff is smokin hot in that black shirt.


why dont the other hg think the ppl dani put up is kind of strange? B/R & D have been going at each other for long time now. I would think they cut a deal if I was a hg.


What makes it believable is the blow up with Shelly and Porcshe and Kalia and Shelly – that others witnessed. Also, JJ know that Shelly was running back and forth last week feeding info/converting Kalia so they may think that Dani is on to her. Adam just a pawn. Anyone else up against Shelly would make her look like the pawn. Also, either B or R would result in a 3-3 tie and Dani would have to tiebreak. Either JJ puts a target on her that Dani doesn’t need this week. If Dani decides to backdoor Jeff, B said that he would go along with when Dani whenever she said the time was right.


If this deal between BR and Dani gets solidified and remains a secret, it may just prove to be the greatest alliance of the season. I cannot contain my glee at the prospect of Jeff blowing up a storm in the house after he finds out.


Haha yeah man! If anything could bring Jeff and Jordan out of their reclusive safe haven it would be this!! Let’s get some confrontations happening – and I aint talking about some lameass highschool Rach vs. Cassi shiet but real Jersey Shore style fighting. Ratings would hit the roof!!


I agree this may be the best alliance of the season and should heat things up. But “Jersey Shore Style”, lets get a life, who is interested in that CRAP?


Obviously A LOT of people since its season 4 premiere garnered record breaking views. I whole heartedly agree that it is crap, but viewers LOVE drama which is precisely the reason why Brendon was voted back. Look at it this way, if Shelly biatch-slapped Rachel ratings would SOAR!


I know, right. Team Brenchel and Dani, greatest alliance ever!


Rachel, Dani & Brendon, final three. Brendon and Rachel should make Dani the maid of honor. Super duper final three. Love it.



Midwest Fan

Here’s hoping ………….

: )


let the games begin!!!


i cant believe dani took the deal. she’s going home next week for sure, she’s just as dumb as kalia now.


Wanna bet? Who do you actually think will win HOH next week? Guarantee you Dani isn’t going anywhere being teamed up with Brenchel. Team BRD rocks!


Go Team BRD! This is sooooo awesome! Dani was very smart to make a deal with Brenchel. Dani only has Kalia and possibly Porsche who probably won’t be much help. Brenchel had JJ, but JJ didn’t help their game at all. Now, it’s time to form this power triple alliance. This is great! I hope to see Straight Shooter get evicted. Just watching her get called out is priceless, too hilarious.

Today, the straight shooter’s lies got shot! 🙂


HAHAHAHAHA! The straight shooter’s lies got shot today!


The plan is on to Backdoor Jeff .. let the backdooring begin.


Straight Shooter exposed, all those straight shots she forgot to put on a bulletproof vest


Even her leather skin can’t protect her now.


Did the site go down earlier? I was having withdrawal symptoms!


I see snake Shelly’s lies have come back to hit her in the face. She’s been busted but still won’t own up to anything.As much as I want her out, I want I still wanna see B/R/J or J gone.


what the hell is going on? whats rachel doing? self destruct 2.0?




Not a good day for Shelly. Her BS has finally come back to bite her.


Jeff might be screwed. If BR are really going to join up with Dani. Jeff better not let Adam or Shelly win pov.


so dani and brenchel are an alliance?? awesomeeeeeeeeeeee


Shelly’s time is up!!!!!!!boooyahhh


Please someone make Rachel stop talking I notice she isn’t telling JJ about her their little deal with Dani. BTW Jeff is smokin hot in that shirt.


Part of the deal is that JJSA need to believe that BR are still anti DKP.


good for u dabi i think that was a decent game move

Karen S

I called it! lol Yay!


Hopefully her plan is to Backdoor BRJJ and cut a deal with whoever she takes off. Maybe she is betting on the fact Adam and Shelly suck in comps.
Team Dani!


Im not sure she will have the ability to backdoor Jeff or Brendon. Whoever took themselves off would be insane to vote one of them out. So if Adam won POV he would not vote Jeff or Brendon out and if Shelly won she wouldnt either. They would say good-bye to the other and stick with the strong alliance. Dani is putting her eggs in the deal with BR basket and is probably fine with getting Shelly out with BRKP going after JJ next week.


unbelievable, Dani is the exact replica of Kalua. Doing the same dumb thing, you watch this will bite here big time. What a joke, just as gullable as Kaluha!


i want one of BRJJ finally evicted this week, especially B. he’s 0-2 in BB. GO HOME!!!


CBS wants Dani to win. So she will be good. I personally do not like her. She is a bit arrogant, thinks she is running the house. If she wins POV she will save Adam and BD Jeff or Brendon.


This is a real deal between real players. The other one was a dumb floater getting played by a smarter floater. It’s not the same.


Except Dani is smart and isn’t playing to be friends with Jeff and Jordan like Kalia was.

Fed up with JJ

I am so happy with how things have been going. I am pulling for BRD thats a awesome team and they all can win comps. Let’s get the floater (drink) out.


I see a backdoor very soon…or straight shooter going home lol


Live feeds are hilarious right now. Everyone is onto Shelly;s bullshit and Jordan is trying to clean up. Not gonna work Jordan, your spy has been outed.


Someone is definetly getting back doored.






What is going on in the housee???


I guess Dani is getting the floaters out.


Nope, BR are staying put.

And BR are the floaters now, whether anyone else sees it or not.


i would love it if dani backdoors BR. however, she’ll probably be convinced to nominate kalia at this rate.


Good, send the straight shooting liar out. doesn’t she look identical to Charlize Theron’s character in Monster?


No need to insult Charlize Theron! 😉




Shelly don’t look THAT bad, they really made the gorgeous Charlize look like a inbred monster literally


i have been saying that all along. shell HE is a MONSTER and when she leaves I will enjoy this show sooo much more. I can’t stand her voice, her manly mannerisms, her lying, backstabbing and most of all her chapped, cracked lips and yellow teeth ( from the chain smoking).
I have said it once and I will stand by it
goodbye and good luck on the “real L word”


Agree! It’s a hell of risky move for D, especially if BR don’t plan on honouring their deal with D next week (& BR happen to win the next HoH).

Regardless, it’s at least going to blow the JJAS and JJBR alliances to smithereens, as JJ have to now know that BR have copped a deal with D. Looks like no more coat tail riding for A & S. It’s going to entertaining to watch S slither even more than she has been and, A finally having to get off his ass and do some serious competing in this game he claims to love and respect so much.

Only drawback to this whole thing: BR and their codependent, over-the- top, annoying as hell relationship, on national TV longer than I may be able to stand. Shit, I’m going to need to stock my liquor cabinet for this one!


Which would make S her 1st cousin.


DR save the good liquor for me. I’m telling you I’m trying to figure out a way to self-edit BBAD so I can get B/R out of every scene. I’m so tired of seeing those two coo and then argue and when they get bored with that, they resort to paranoia.


If you figure it out, please let me know how you did it. I have the urge to shower every time they start going at it.

I’ve got a bottle of my best liquor with your name on it!


YES! I hope Jeff is backdoored. JJ are nothing but a couple of floaters. Hell the whole JJSA alliance are floaters. And I guess BR are tired of carrying them.

On another note, I like BR when they start thinking strategically, but when they start to get over emotional and personal is when their not likable.


AGREE! I hate when BR start acting in their own corny sentimental drama but on the flipside they are one of the most strategic players of the game and actually EXECUTE on their plans unlike some other HG’s (JJ).


AGREE! I hate when BR start acting in their own corny sentimental drama but on the flipside they are one of the most strategic players of the game and actually EXECUTE on their plans unlike some other HG’s (JJ). O


How are they floaters? They won an HOH and POV. They don’t flip where the power is, and they have stayed pretty true to their alliance. HOW are they floaters again? The only floaters in the house are Adam, Shelly, and Porsche.

Grandma Susan

I couldn’t agree with you more!!


LMFAO @ the Dani fans…now all of a sudden BR are great players,strategic players etc.12 hrs ago you all were bitching and moaning how rigged his return was,he’s a neanderthal,3 toed,skype-abator freak.Oh God and who can forget every nasty word since the season began about Rachel from the Dani fans mouths,now all of a sudden their great players blah,blah,blah. In all honesty I believe you all deserve DKP/BR that way when they backdoor her ass,which they will first chance,us JJ fans can laugh and read how you Dani floaters instantly do a 180 yet again and complain it was rigged and your never watching BB or this season again.BTW I see Dani backdooring Brendon,not Jeff.


You must be a mad JJ fan. You mad? Stay mad! Nobody said that BR were the most strategic players. I said I like when they play the game strategic and not personal. And crying about Brendon coming back? Ugh…no! It was blatantly obvious he was coming back. I actually like Brendon when he’s not an egotistical asshole. I can tolerate Brenchel when they act normal and they’ve been doing that for the past 24 hours.


I said Dani fans,no one in particular!!!!!!!!!


I don’t think you know what a floater is. A floater is not someone who doesn’t win comps, a floaters is a person who kisses the HoH ass who is in power. And that’s what JJ did. JJ were hell bent in exposing Dani and telling her she’s going home, now their all laughs and giggles with her because they think BR are going home. And JJ not winning anything makes them even worse players. They’ve won 5 comps in 2 seasons. Not even comparable to Dani or Brendon and Rachel.


I do know what a floater is…JJ have yet to go talk game to Dani,BR has and Adam has and I believe JJ has won 2 comps and you really can’t say they haven’t won shit compared to Dani or BR.Different seasons and different situations.Dani had to fight almost every week in her season for her and her dad to stay.BR really didn’t have great players in thier season.sometimes just winning when you need to is smarter than winning every wk.And apparently you don’t know what a floater is,bringing up wins.Wins mean crap about whether your a floater or not.BR started this floaters are players who don’t win comps.So because JJ are being nice to ppl,their kissing ass? well that would make every damn HG an ass kisser than.Every HOH get’s that from the players,enjoy your party now,it’s gonna end soon!!!!!!!!!!


I love that straight shooter shooting straight comment, every time I read it I still chuckle it never gets old 🙂


Someone in the big brother house please put a muzzle on Rachels mouth I can’t stand listening to her whining shit any more!