Adam about the Vets: “They were dangling those keys over our heads and made us jump like a dog for a bone..”

5:30pm Shelly and Adam Shelly is upset with how Jordan has been acting lately. Shelly doesn’t understand why JOrdan and the vets spent all this time taking out the newbs and didn’t care that once JR are on the losing side they freak out and say it personal. Shelly brings up that Jeff wanted them to stick together like the brigade. Shelly thinks that fine but when your a 5 person alliance and your the odd person out it doesn’t sound to go. Shelly brings up that Brit and MAtt both were evicted. Shelly “when you have 3 people on your side a 5 person alliance is a good idea”

Shelly starts crying because Jordan is taking it so personally, they are calling her a bitch and saying “Vote that BITCH out” Shelly wonders what Jordan’s family will think when they find out all the cussing she’s doing. Shelly: “When Jordan calls to apologize I won’t answer” Shelly says he came to this game to make big moves and win not to ride on jeff until final 5 and get cut out. (that is how Adam was playing) Adam mentions that there is no rule book for big brother ever person plays the game that draws upon their strengths.

Shelly: “If they think they’ve seen ruthless they’re mistaken i’m going to win that Veto and see their asses out of this house.. I’m not going to roll over”
Adam: “It’s so ironic week 1,2,3 they (JJBRD) didn’t give 2 shits about us and now the shoe is on the other foot they all take it personally”
Adam: “They were daggling those keys over our heads and made us jump up like a dog for a bone”

Porsch and Kalia joins them

Shelly: “They just want me out”.. Porsche: ” doesn’t matter We want you in”. Porsche tries to rally them.. she explains that they need to win the veto and keep them 4 in the game, if they lose the veto they lose a number for next week and the odds are worse for HOH.
Shelly tells them not to be worried if she doesn’t win veto she goes home they are all safe.. Shelly: “I’m the evil one for Jeff leaving remember”

POrsche: “Shut up with that Shelly you need to focus.. nothing has changed we have to win VETO”
Adam brings up that Jordan is not good at comps and Rachel doesn’t do well under pressure. Kalia: “is there anything we can do to throw them off”
Shelly leaves..

KPA talk about how they need Shelly to suck it up they need to win that veto.

Shelly comes back.. Porsche says she will give Shelly and adam the 5 g’s if they win the veto and keep the nominations the same. Kalia asks Shelly what happened inside that made her so upset. Shelly explains that JR are calling her a bitch and bashing all 4 of them int he bedroom. She suggests they take a listen next time they are over there.

6:06pm HOH Kalia and POrsche Porsche they were calling us all bitches they are ripping us all. Kalia says the most important is for you and me to be here.. Kalia: “This entire game Shelly played both sides.. it all caught up to her” (Kalia is talking like she wants Shelly gone.. LOL ) POrsche tells her that JR are just blowing smoke up her ass. Porsche points out that She is the HOH and JR haven’t talked to her yet they just bad mouth her. Kalia knows but she thinks JR know they are going up so they didn’t see a reason to talk.

Kalia says JR came to her and offered a deal. Porsche: “whatever deal they made before the Pandora’s box doesn’t matter”. Kalia says it was before the twist but it’s still valid. Kalia is suggesting that they do a deal with BR that more like a insurance policy. She still wants them to Nominate JR and they will all bust their asses to win the veto but in the case that JR win the veto and SA go up then Shelly will go home. This leaves Kalia/ADAm to play in the HOH and if JR win the HOH then Adam will go home. Porsche: “Do you have a final 3 with JR because if adam goes up i’ll be going up next to him”

Porsche agrees they can take the deal but what does it really matter since what are they offering JR and what are they getting in return. She doesn’t trust JR at all at this points and she trust Adam and Shelly much more. Porsche: “You know they won’t hold their word to anything.. ”

Porsche says that she made a mistake taking the money.. Kalia tells her to stop thinking that way when it comes down to it they need to win the veto but if they don’t they are still safe.

Porsche: “This means we got to final 3 with Jordan or Rachel” Kalia: “no worst case scenario it is.. this is just a fall back plan”

Porsche: “Rachel does not deserve to be final 3 that bitch needs to go”
Kalia yes that is fine we want Shelly in the final 3 but seriously if we don’t win the veto then we need a back up plan and going final 3 with Jordan isn’t that bad.

Kalia says she will go give Shelly some pep talks.

(I swear Kalia is the worst player this year..)

6:30pm Bathroom Kalia giving Shelly a pep talk

6:32pm kitchen adam and Kalia Kalia: “When everything is perfect DO NOT ACCEPT anything they give you” Adam says the pandora’s box wasn’t a big deal. Kalia agrees, she adds that all this makes is the stakes are higher on both side.

Adam: “what i’ve been slaying since day one.. if I don’t win the POV and I know my ass is on the line and I don’t win then I go home no big deal”. Kalia tells Adam if it’s physical and he’s attached to shelly he better pick her ass up.. Adam knows he’s ready to win this.

6:36pm Nomination Cermony
JR will go up.
7:41pm nominations yo

(Adam is making some sense, kalia wants to take Jordan to final 3 and Shelly needs to win POV or probably go home.. )

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It’s funny how even after there numbers are down, the Newbies are still terrified of the hot mess Version of Jordan and Normal Rachel…


LOL.. that is true.


LOL, that is priceless


K is so dumb. Seriously, she is so dumb.


I get so annoyed in seasons like this, where the strong people take each other out early. I would’ve loved to see Shelly, Adam, and Porsche’s spots filled with Dani, Brendan, and Jeff! Now that’s a Competition!


Jeff and Daniele had the chance to take each other to the very end but Daniele screwed it up when she tried to backdoor Jeff in week two and plant a seed of doubt in his mind as to whether he could trust her or not!! Daniele could have manipulated her side of the house and Jeff his. Oh well, now I’m gonna cheer Rachel on because if she leaves the house OMG how boring it will be!!! And one more thing….Shelly is a BITCH!!!!


Exactly! Dani, was playing pitch perfect until her mission became to get Jeff evicted and steal Dom’s virginity…


LOL. So true.


and the newbies are so stupid. they are worried about taking only the newbies to final 4 and final 2 instead of trying to think of who can they beat, the vets i could see doing that they were old players but if the newbies had any since they would want to take a vet with them and not have all of them control the jury vote between the two newbies eventhough one of them will win.




I agree. BB is now boring. Who cares if Porche, Kalia, Shelley, or Adam win. Kalia has won a bit, but Porsche just floated through. Shelly is ruthless and mean. I know it was a game move, but how about winning stuff to secure your place.


It’s pathetic…and one of the vets doesn’t even have a brain


I know many people don’t like Rachel, but I am so glad we get to see her in a different way. She has really been there for Jordan and it shows a nicer side to her, unlike Shelly.


Who else does she have? Of course shes going to take care of her.


Jordan was really there for Rachel when she had a melt down so now they are even. I am glad there is another twist to the POV, because Shelly is like a walking skeleton, and Adam hasnt done squat this whole season. They are all going to have to fight for that veto, and that will be VERY interesting to see!!


I for one will not watch the rest of the season. If J/R go . No one else I want to see win. I can’t stand any of them. Yuch!!!!!!! Shelly strait shooter is the worst then kalia the little mini me dani. With a bad adutide. that wont shut up! I can’t watch them win a penny!!!!!! grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!


I am with ya. I suppose I could root for Rachel. Jordan already won, so thats kinds out. Overall, boring now.


Shelly….Lung cancer, skin cancer, anorexia, and lies like rug. What a wonderful role model for her kid.

Midwest Fan

Do you believe she is pregnant? I don’t.
This discussion has been going on for several days. IMO, CBS
has already had Rachel take a pregnancy test to find out the truth.
Rachel appears to be in fine physical condition but if anything went
wrong with her pregnancy CBS/BB would face a lawsuit. No doubt about it.


The newbs are pathetic, They really don’t deserve to win. They think bashing everybody is going to get them all of the money, they are stupid, I have never seen such a poorly played BB. I find it amusing, when JR calls them names, its horrible, they have done nothing but call Rachel names and steal from her the entire game, but its different, its poor pathetic them. I used to like Adam and Shelly, I can’t stand to even look at them. Kahlia and Porshe have always been hard to take, the way the are always eating, burping, spitting food,{that is when they are not hoarding all of the food} I swear they were raised by one of those spitting frogs.


Did you guys watch Porshe on BBAD last night? I had to turn it off…the way she was walking around, dancing, etc. I don’t care who wins it….I just want her to go. There’s something about her that I feel sorry for and something about her that drives me insane.


Shelly just lied again about JR badmouthing them when they were playing the memory game. Por is just plain simple white trailer trash and Kalia has the reasoning skills of a rock. Adam is a fake metal man who is one of the most worthless players ever.


Well said!


AMEN!!! The newbies are the most hypocritical people ever. They can say vile, disgusting things about Rachel, but God forbid anything remotely negative is said about them. Porsche and Kalia are obnoxious, and Shelly is a tool. Adam is just a waffler and can barely even string a coherent sentence together without stumbling over himself. And I also think it is funny that everyone has an issue with Jordan being so upset. Does she have to be nice all the time???? As much as this is a game, when you live with people for such a long time, it does become personal. I’d be pissed, too, if I befriended someone, bent over backwards to make her feel safe, gave her a phone call to her family to boost her spirits, and then she turns around and pulls what she did. Maybe it was good game play, but you have to be an idiot not to think Jordan wouldn’t be entitled to anger. Shelly needs to get over herself, I doubt anyone will be calling her to apologize.


And let’s not forget that it was Shelly would got in Jordan’s face and started yelling at HER…not the other way around. Jordan was still trying to absorb all the events of the FF and Jeff being evicted. But Shelly wasn’t going to wait a decent interval before trying to talk to Jordan, and when Jordan said she didn’t want to talk, that’s when Shelly got in Jordan’s face, pointing her finger in her face and shouting at Jordan. Jordan was lying down, and Shelly was looming over her. Then and only then did Jordan stand up and start yelling back. But of course Shelly is the wounded party! I truly hope that Shelly Moore goes home to no job, disgusted friends and family and a daughter who is embarrassed and ashamed by her mother’s behavior. She is a totally despicable human being through and through.

Good on you, couldn’t have said that better myself, totally agree with you. Shelly is a horrible person and unfortunately, neither side saw her for what she really is. I don’t think she has a loyal bone in her body. In addition to this I don’t think I have ever seen a more mean spirited women ever in BB then P and K in this season of BB


Well said!
I don’t care what any of these morans have to say, because Rachel has taken 10x more shit than she has dished out, people always are talking shit about her, screw them all, they’re all hypocrites!
Go Team Vegas!!!


I agree! And her daughter is probably going to be the same way! I’m ashamed for Shelly and I think no on deserves this more than Rachel or Jordan. Rachel may be emotional but she’s smart. Jordan has already won so if she wins this again I will be so happy for her and Jeff. Danielle got a tatse of her own medicine, Porche and Kalia are so stupid at times,while Adam is just…there. If Lawon were here I would have been egging him on. I wish Shelly would leave and this POV is going to be good. I think JR will win just because Rachel has the brains to do it. If she left I think I would stop watching BB. Shelly has to go! If JR wins POV then they better put her up.


Just GREEDY. It’s amazing how the newbs talk about Jeff being a leader when these bozos listened to Dani tell them to get Jeff out because he has already won money, when no one is looking at the fact that Kalia has won a carribean vacation which she says she asked DR if she could trade for the cash and they said yes, plus $5,000, so she has won at least $10,000 to 15,000 in cash/prizes and no one seems to be concern. Such hypocritical morons.


That and it was always funny how Dani would bemoan the fact that Jordan had already won $500K but leave out the part where she already won $50K.


A big difference between $500k and $50k…


also a big diff from 50k and NADA


big difference

Day Yum Yum

K and P are nothing but uselss PIGS!! They are both so gross and Shelly is the same! They deserve each other!


Season 11 is when BB went downhill. Hmmmmn?


It’s really amazing that Porsche hasn’t realize yet that her HOH is just as worthless as Kalia’s first HOH, because even is Kalia don’t win POV being she’s partnered with Prosche she’s automatically safe. If J/R win they are automatically safe, it seems to me that the nominations are determined based on POV so Porsche doesn’t even get a chance to make her nominations because the POV will determine it, and J/R is going to win. BB wants the drama and excitement. Shelly really needs a mirror, or as she likes to gesture make the gun pointing symbol because those three fingers are pointing right back at her. She is the biggest hypocrite. Hoe dare she talk about anyone when she’s the cause of it ALL.


What’s really funny is how a grown man that claims to be a BB fanatic wants to say they were blackmailed into an alliance because of keys when he never got one nor was he ever offered one. Who dangled a key over his head? He just followed whoever was in power He wasn’t with BRJJ until his alliance were the first three evicted. He was only with JJ the last two weeks, and he sounds as if he was with them from day one. They should be mad at KP and not the Vets because it was the newbies that voted with the vets when the DUMMIES had the numbers. And now they want to lay blame. I hate when grown people never take responsibility for their actions, but are so quick to find fault in others. And Porsche really thinks she has done something. Well it’s about time she has been carried by the house from day one.


I thought Enzo from last season was the worst player. He has now been replaced by Adam. Not an ounce of game in the man. He’s so transparent in his fake attachment to whatever team is in power at the time. The fact that anybody asks his opinion at all on nominations is a joke. If he wants to control noms, he should win a competition.


Whaoooo! Don’t compare Enzo’s game to Adams… granted Enzo didn’t win a lot, but he did not kiss anyone’s ass when they won HOH. He instead turned to his social game and made sure his alliance was safe. He was the one who wanted to cut Matt of the alliance and good thing he did because Matt and Regan would’ve been a deadly combination. When it came to crunch time he won the POV to save his ass. Adam has to win something or he’s gone, and even he’s admitted that.


I’m starting to think what Adam’s been not doing this season is his game play. Being a fan, he has to realize you get farther in the game when you float and I think that’s what he’s been doing. The only comp I think he really tried to win was the cornhole game and that was b/c he was on the block.


Kinda dumb thinking htat he has definitely been trying he just plain sux at alot of stuff…that whole throw the comp thing is a wash unless its said before…You know he tried in the last one for sure…Adam doesnt strike me as a guy who thinks floating would be a good idea or impressive and he also seems like a guy who cares what others think about him…


What’s even more funny is how Shelly keeps saying she couldn’t stick with JJ because whe could only get to final 5 and that was not good for her game, well do she realize the positions she in now has only gotten her final 6. At least with final 5 she could have paired up with Adam or Rachel to try and win POV or HOH and make it further but now this way she is doomed. Talking about DUMB.


what i think is funny, is the fact that shelley complains that she couldn’t win against JJ so she turned on them.. truth is shelley won’t win against anyone because she’s a liar and she hasn’t won a single competition. its not who she aligns herself with that will fault her, its the fact that she sucks at this game!


she definitively not win against Jeff, but she realizes anyone else she could probably have a chance saying she had great social game..


Dr. Will lied and never won a single comp. How did he do in BB2?


I really felt like Jeff should’ve evicted Porche before Dani..after watching her in competitions I knew she was dangerous. Shelly is disgusting! I could not play this game. I hate to be played for a fool like Jordan. Go Team J/R! I like this side of Rachel!

Benny Hill

Thank goodness Kalia was only HOH for a few minutes. That didn’t give Jeff and the other vets time to get into her head. If she had another full week of HOH she would have screwed it up again. She is one of the worse players ever on BB. But she is lucky and like they say, “it’s better to be lucky than good”. She cracks me up though, she thinks she is a power player.


everyone is concerned about shelly/adam vs jordan/rachel in the veto. Porshe/Kalia are playing too and combined, they have a better track record than JR. I bet KP will win veto, Jordan will bring Rachel down


Have these pairs been decided for sure?


Why the hell is Shelly crying over Jordan? Are you kidding me? Jordan has been nothing but self-centered and focused on who pushed her and Jeff further. It’s a grown up game, if she doesn’t like it, she can leave. Shelly needs to stop with the tears, similarly she made these moves, deal with the consequences. No apologies, keep it moving forward.


Shelly is a bad person. Her character shows through. Saying “game” is a copout. A good person is a good person. I forgot… A COO really needs the money for her family. I hope she puts her rifle in her own mouth and pulls the trigger. One less hypocrite in the world…and bad mother

** edited.. a little harsh name


Taking BB a bit too seriously. Shelly hasn’t done anything that other HGs in the game wouldn’t done to her eventually. Deception/lies are all apart of GAME PLAY. Shelly is only guilty for being so good at it. She certainly wasn’t my fav until she turned on J/J. Now I don’t mind if she makes it to the end.

Jordan,by her own admission,faults herself. She said the signs were there and others had told her to be leery,but she chose not to. Nobody can make a fool out of you without your consent.

Her reason(s) for being in the game are her own business,just like Jordan’s who people complain about having already won $500K from her season.


agreed it anybodies game Shelly just beat J/J to the punch she got him out before they got her out Jeff did it to Dani and Kalia did it to Jeff the strongest players in the game always make the mistake in getting the strongest players out which in the end cost them there game.




Shelly is a pathological lying certifiable nutcase snake in the grass who does not deserve to even be in the Big Brother HOUSE and give mothers everywhere a bad name, but she will have to come face to face with all of her lying as soon as she looks at her daughter’s face and sees the disgust that she has for Shelly written all over her face. Shelly should be ashamed of herself and will never ever be able to gain back one ounce of her daughter’s self respect. She is the most HATED Big BROTHER PLAYER in the history of the game.

What is up with all the hate to JJ?

You know as much as I agree with you –because I am a JJ fan –I don’t think that Shelly cares about lying her way to the end if it’ll get her $500K. That $500K will help her daughter. And as much as I truly despise and dislike Shelly for what she did, out of everyone left in the house, Shelly-the mom’s winning will definitely go to her family. (Excluding Jordan of course who will also spend her winning for her family) I’m not sure what everyone else will use the money for.

If Shelly is in the final 2 with any of the newbies, she will win if everyone votes based on game play. I think that the jury will come to realize that she was playing the game and she just got to back stab first. But if the vets hold a grudge (I certainly would after what she pulled) –but if the vets hold the grudge, she will not win against anyone.

After all this is said, I do hope that Rachel and Jordan win the POV, take themselves off the block and Shelly and Adam will be put up as replacement nominees. With the people voting being Jordan, Rachel, and Kalia, Shelly (the backstabbing b*tch) will go home.


Right on Sister………


Actually BB4ME Shelly has done something that the others haven’t… she believes her own lies! I seriously hope she seeks help upon leaving the house!


I agree 100% when it comes to this “just” being a “game” is a cop-out. People do NOT go into that house and change their stripes. This woman is every bit as jaded, immature and evil in her regular life, I guar-on-tee you.


True Dat BB4ME


I sure hope the mobile site is up soon… My eyes are crossing and leaving is not an option lol….


AW it’s good I’m just complaining. Like a true BB fan 🙂
HEY SIMON. New drinking game….
Everytime someone says Dani screwed up by trying to backdoor Jeff… DRINK!
If they mention week 3…. DRINK AGAIN!

JEEEZUS FREAKIN C people let it goooooooooooo


SHELLY SAYS JR ARE BASHING KPS *face palm* shelly is delusional.


That is nothing new to Shelly, she only know how to bash the Vets now especially Rachel and as usual she is lying again. I agree that you lie in the game however. Shelly’s lying is only focusing on one person and really feel sorry for Rachel. Thank you Big Brother for the Pandora box, giving JR another chance and maybe both can still stay. These girls are so horrible towards Rachel, no one deserves that especially picking on an unborn child. These girls need to be shown what compassion is when it is necessary. Shelly lies, lies and lies, Big Brother need to get that woman out of that game. She is not playing fair. Thank you again Big Brother for the Pandora’s box and hoping the Rachel and Jordan get to stay and fight for the coming weeks.


Agree but HORRIBLE is too good for these girls. The abortion comment was cruel and just vile, and between it and Shelly who is psycho I cannot watch this season any longer. CBS should not allow this and they should be kicked out of the house. DISGUSTED by CBS and BB this season!!!


In the real world, taking something that doesn’t belong to you without the permission or consent of the owner is called stealing. Why does BB allow Shelly to take and keep Rachel’s stuffed animal from her grandmother. What about the others. These activities were not harmless pranks. They were crimes intended to hurt their victim.




Nah, she’s just your everyday, run-of-the-mill pathological liar!


It is funny that the “The Mean Girls” can talk shit and call Rachel and Jordan bitches and names hide their stuff. But once they hear they are getting called names they get all offend. Karma is a bitch! I really hope that J and R wins veto and send Shelly’s ugly ass to the jury. Then Adam next. Would love to see either J,R or P win. Good Job opening Pandora box Po! I would have done the same.


And if Shelly is 41, she looks pretty bad for her age. Must be all that straight shootin’.


Yeah no shit. Her husband is 12 years older than her and you’d never know it.
The bitch has more lines than an atlas.


The fact that she bathes in plumes of smoke doesn’t help, either.


the newbs r dumbasses


they are dumb, but Jordan is still the dumbest

What is up with all the hate to JJ?

You know what, cool it with the personal attack on Jordan. Who do you think you are attacking her like that –its not even about game play –you are just being mean. You don’t know her and she may not be a genius but she does have a big heart. Unlike you who attack people you don’t even know. –Actually this comment goes to all of you who attack Jordan for being “dumb” She has her own smarts and you guys need to leave her alone. You guys are not all geniuses because if you are, you probably wouldn’t waste your time watching reality shows. Everyone in this house is a human being who have feelings. Show some respect and class.


KARMA is a BITCH Shelly!!


is “Karma” your nickname for Jordan?


On a personal level, Jordon has been nothing but good and kind.




I bet you guys anything that Daniele will win americas favorite over jeff

Logan Takia

I completely agree! Kalia is so dumb!!!!!


It amazes me that Kalia can be so dense. But I’m glad she is, keep saying you should keep Jordan. She’ll win it all again.


I don’t see how this is bad gameplay by Kalia. She’s just making sure she has her back covered in the event JR win the veto. It’s not like she’s about to flip or anything. She’s just making sure that if JR stay and one of them win HOH, that she doesn’t get sent packing. It’s not bad gameplay, it’s thinking ahead and considering all scenarios.


Exactly. I agree %100.


Just wondering if Jr will not think that deal is being given because of the Pandora’s box. The deal that Kalia will offer will only benefit them, what is the use of making a deal if JR wins the veto. Do you guys think Rachel will not be able to figure that out. Remember, she was the one who has been saying that Shelly is the snake and she also did not do what Dani needed BR to do to backdoor Jeff. That made Dani very mad and from that time she bashes Rachel every time she speaks. Anyway, she is gone now and really hoping that JRKA final four. Porsche and Shelly need to go. Rachel carried Porsche at the beginning of the game and Porsche will return it by evicting her.


It is so funny to hear the newbies bash Rachel all year and call Rachel every name in the book all season. And it is ok for Shelley and Adam to turn on Jordan and stick their lips on the other sides ass but somehow they are insulted and disgusted in the way that Jordan and Rachel are talking about them now. The hipocracy (on both sides of the house) are so laughable.

first time posting

How are the pairs decided? Is it the two nominees? Why not put a pawn up so Rachel and Jordan don’t get to play together, and one of them will go home.


I was wondering the same thing…..when is the Veto comp?


did P have to tell production her nom’s before she could open Pandora’s box? Or could she change them up at the actual ceremony and put up a pawn and Rachel……


are you for real FIRSTTIME….LMFAO …. yep guess so … then again it is your first time …still LMFAO


That’s what I was wondering. Maybe Porche got to decide? In that case she’s even dumber.


Man CBS really wants JR to stay, I bet the veto comp will play to both their strengths.


What strength does Jordan have?


I guess RJ could win if it were a cookie dough eating contest. But then again, Kalia probably eats three times as much food as RJ everyday and Porsche’s been eating a lot more food recently…that would be an interesting competition.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Yep that as far as her “skills” go


Floating and being paid big bucks for it


I think Rachel and Jordan could win an obstacle course type of challenge assuming duo pairs would be tied together. Both Rachel and Jordan have been working out. Kalia, Shelly, and Adam do not seem to be in very good physical condition. Porshe would be the only one but she would have to carry Kalia

Midwest Fan

Chewing her stringy hair.


you all forgot that Jordan won on the first clue she guessed David Hassehoff………… and how she got that out of a bar of soap is amazing

Tired Of JJ

It’ll be something rig for rachel to keep it interesting, like a pregnancy test–if your pregnant, you win the veto.


Quick question- is Rachel really pregnant or she just “thinking” she is?


I don’t think she’s taken a test yet, but…she had unprotected sex with Brendon parctically every day in the house, she’s about three weeks late on her period, and she’s been getting nauseous in the mornings.

Midwest Fan

I can’t believe CBS hasn’t provided her with pregnancy testing by now.
IMO, she isn’t pregnant but was told to play up the possibility.

Tired Of JJ

she thinks she is because she 2 weeks late and her and B don’t use protection…we’ll find out for sure at the veto comp.


Why the veto comp?


She’s just trying to get more attention. She’s kinda been a background character for a few weeks so she needs to push herself back to the forefront with some drama. A ‘pregnancy’ would certainly be one way to do it.


no way she can be 2 weeks late, she was on her period when Brendon was evicted 8/4 and usually the cycle is 28 days so she isn’t due for another one till around 9/1…..more likely wants to be center of attention as usual….besides that, pretty hard to get preggo’s when performing only oral sex lol


Every woman is different when it comes to their cycles,when I got prego with my second child I was normally about every 21 days and when I hadn’t got it by day 25 I knew I was prego! So let’s not assume she’s not prego! And instead assume she is and pray that the baby isn’t harmed by comps because it isn’t the babies fault,the baby didn’t sign up for bb! Some of you people need to grow up! This is a game!everyone lies and everyone gets pissed off when they r screwed over, even in real life not just bb. For the people who get all riled up about this, I think you need to get a life or a new hobby, especially the one who said shelly should shoot herself, I dont like shelly either, but come on! She has a kid, no matter what she does I’m sure her daughter still loves her.Grow the hell up! And get over it,it’s just a game!!!!!!!!


UM IM pretty sure that PKS have been bashing Jordan and Rachel ALL DAY ….. seriously everyone in that house needs to grow the hell up .. everytime someone gets HOH they think they are the shit …. I hope JR win Veto ..can’t wait to send Shellys lying ass home. Josie will NOT be proud of her mother, 500gs or not.

VA Vet

I hope PK win the POV and screws production to the wall!


This ^

Midwest Fan

Book It!!!!


There is NO real deal. Just in case JR win POV, PK want them to think there is a deal.
If JR doesn’t win the POV Rachellll will go home.


so if they are playing the veto in pairs and Jordan and Rachel win do they both get removed off the block is this a new twist I hope so it sure would shake up those Newbies LOL


Yes, if either Jordan or Rachel win the POV, both will come off the block and Shelly is almost guaranteed to go home.


I hope Shelly goes up on the block……………and is litterally scared speechless until next Thursday when her ass goes home……………….Should have stuck with JJ…at least should would have got further in the game……….


I think the thing that is the funniest is reading all these post. A lot are thinking the game is rig for the vets if so why did Jordan not win the hoh against jabba the hut I do think some of the games are fixed for some to have a better chance at winning.None the less the vets (brjj) will pick the winner of the half 500,000. What I fnd very funny is that Shelly took out Jeff so she could have a better chance to win the money. Even if she does make it to finnal 3 she will not win she will still go home a lier. Wow I wounder what her kid thinks of her now not only does she lie but steals as well. And to think I liked her and wanted her to win. But I am not a vet fan I look at it like this they had their chance and did not win well except for jordan and dani both scored cash I would like Adam to win but he needs to step up and win out. If not I say Jabba the Hut wins the money.


I still say the only one that had two shoes in the pile of balls was PIE HOLE …..and all of us viewers would be none the wiser… come on not one other player came up with a second shoe … and maybe there was none in the HUD’S bin …lmao .. since she didnt even find one … they only gave her the black ones….


Jeff had two, he just threw it out and didn’t notice like an idiot.

DKPSA suck!

Rachel & Jordan, I hope you win that POV & take yourselves off the block, and make Porsche send Shelly home. I am so sorry to you both Rachel & Jordan for losing the two people close to you! Rachel, despite every stupid thing you’ve done, you & Jordan have been my favorite players this season. You both can win and show them who the real BB players are. Porsche, Kalia & Adam are stupid if they keep Shelly, she is the all time floater, who’s to say she votes with them this week, she voted to get Dani out & went back on her alliance, I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns on you. As for Adam, it would be best if he went with JR, they are the better competitors, then it will JRA vs. KP. I don’t like Daniele but I am sad she left, I would rather see her stay over Kalia any day & I am sad Jeff left, that puts a bigger target on Jordan & Rachel. Anyway, GOOD LUCK J&R, i am rooting for you! win that POV and send Shelly home. (:


I couldn’t have said it better myself!! Shelly is the WORST BB PLAYER EVER TO ENTER THE HOUSE……. Why in the world would she have wanted to keep Dani over Jeff…. They are both strong competitors…. I’m sure that Jeff would have gotten voted out at some point after the double eviction and she could have worked with Jordan for Final 2….. Jordan trusted Shelly so much …. enough to GIVE HER A PHONE CALL… Jordan should have kept it and talked to her mom ….. Jeff and Jordan kept her safe from eviction last week and she repays them by flipping on them the right away… atleast wait a week or so…. UGH She is an idiot did she think she could win when she was sending her so call alliance to Jury. I can’t wait til Jordan and Rachel win the Veto and they send Shelly out the door and then Jeff rips her apart in the Jury house!!!!


LOL. Sooo true. She doesn’t even need the money. GREEDY BITCH!


Or so she says. She may need it more than she knows, having shown America…including her employers and their clients…her true colors.


56 days is only 8 weeks ago!


Shelly is a disgusting pig……………………


Shelly is a horrible person. Fake tits, fake lips and everything else to match. I hope she thinks she is setting a good example for her daughter. I hope anyone punches her in the face and explodes her plastic surgery.. Maybe her wife at home will get upset

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

Fake tits, fake lips and everything else to match

She told the truth there, nothing wrong with that

If she lies about Rachel THEN call it a bad thing, long as she telling the truth, I’m cool with it


shemale told the truth??? is there video tape of this so she can show her wife and daughter and say ” look i didnt lie.”


“RS” said the funniest thing about Jordan that I have to repeat:
“She could of just thrown a cardboard cutout of herself into the house and went on vacation.”


Best case – Rachel and Adam go on the block, Jordan wins Veto and takes Rachel off and they have to put up either Kalia or Shelly and one of them goes out the door. I would laugh my ass off.


Me too.


Too bad, there’s no way Adam goes on the block tonight.


Shelly straight up sucks. Send the bitch packing. WAAAAAAA Jordon hates me…….
What the hell did she think was going to happen?


I just don’t understand how Shelly is in a better position now than she was a week ago. She’s still the odd person out in a final three, only now it’s with Kalia and Porsche and not Jeff and Jordan. But now she can’t even get Jordan to take her to the final two with Jeff out, as was the plan before. Adam is the only person that could potentially win the final HOH and bring Shelly along, and that still is no guarantee depending on scenarios. Can someone please enlighten me on what she’s accomplished?


OMG….. of all the name calling shelly has done … and now she cries because someone called her names .. and is bashing her…. she has got to be kidding …. and where does she get off thinking for one moment jorden is gonna waiste a dime on her to call her…. i have to wonder what the woman is on .. an executive huh…. I would be giving that woman another look at … and be dam i would give any business to that company …


I find these comments about recent BB events so interesting. I sometimes wonder if we are watching the same show. I believe that Jeff and Jordan are some of the most sincere people to have played the game (and I’ve watched since the beginning). I mean come on…people who go on a reality show aren’t your ‘normal’ people, they all have to be somewhat ego driven so Jeff isn’t perfect. But anyone who could be a fan of people like Shelly, Daniele, and those of their ilk ( two-faced liar, back-stabbing, delusional) have to have the same type of traits. If the show continues on with these no-personality children running the show, I won’t give a crap who wins it.


yeah lol. I’ve got to agree. That’s how it got with BB12, it got really boring, especially after Matt got screwed over and I just stopped watching.

Jeff and jordan are as honest AS THEY COME (people, watch as I didn’t say completely honest, I said as they come lol) in the BB house. It just sucked watching Jordan cry like that. She was so hurt by Shelly. And what is totally disgusting is that Shelly is making herself out to be the victim! No dude, you don’t get to backstab and get pity at the same time.

I think Jeff is egotistical when he’s fired up. like, he can’t think straight when he’s mad. But he’s still awesome. As for Dani and Shelly, pffft. But I wouldn’t be too mad if Shelly won because she did play the game but I don’t think she’ll win, no one’s going to take her to F2 and it’ll take a miracle for her to win that final HOH.

no way

Shelly does not deserve anything but America’s disgust and she already has that. The only thing that fat ugly lying hypocrite has done is lie, and hope that on Wednesday her fat ugly old face goes on the block and that Jordan and Rachel chop it off. She is a disgusting human being and mother!!!!


Well said

give me a break

I take it that all the people are KIDS on this site because no ADULT would say the things about a person like most all of the people on here have and then they talk about people in the house bullying others. People on here need to grow up. This is a game and no person should say the kind of things about another person like they say on here……..GROW UP


^ This


^ If we were mature grown up adults we wouldn’t watch this stupid show! It’s not meant for sophisticated grown ups,
it’s meant for idiots like us lol…


Oh, Adam. I really thought that he had something going on but I guess he is a floater. I’m dissappointed…
“They were dangling those keys over our heads and made us jump like a dog for a bone..”
Uhh, last time I checked, they didn’t put a gun to your head toswitch to that side. You jumped for the bone voluntarily.

And Shelly is pissing me off with the crying. She’s like an older (but more mellow) version of crazy Rachel. You’re mad Jordan yelled at you? Really lmao? What did you expect her to do? High-five you and tell you “Good one!” ?? I would like to believe shelly’s smarter than that, and that maybe the real reason she’s crying is because she knows that if JR win the veto she’s going home. And I hope she does go to jury (from a personal standpoint). Now, how awkward would THAT be?

JR better win that veto, they NEED this! And wonder who’ll get America’s favorite houseguest??


i think jeff will win americas favortie again he’s still crazy popular and most of the girls who watch the show love him and their the majority that votes

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

in the POV there will be a POV and a coup d’ecrap


shelly and kalia have no shot in hell at winning unless there final 2 then only by default kalia wins


Dani was right, Adam is the worst big brother play ever. and someone needs to slap Shelly because she is the biggest hypocrite ever and she is acting like she did what she did because she came in the game to make BIG MOVES. but tell me how since week 1 she was sniffing Jordan and Jeffs butts saying that she will do what ever it takes to help Jordan and Jeff win the game. fricken physco woman.


Game play and lying are to be expected, but Shelly was up Jeff and Jordan’s asses 24/7 blowing smoke and swearing on her life that she would stick with them to the end no matter what. Sorry, but that’s not normal game play. She made all of her proclamations personal, so when she went in the other direction it was only natural for Jordan to feel betrayed.

Of all the players on season 13 I’ve come to disrespect Dani and Shelly the most. They’re both pretty far down on the food chain as people.


She is like one of those older woman that just doesn’t want to grow up. I think she dogs Rachel because Rachel sees right through her BS. Adam is closer her age and she always up in the younger ones face playing the motherly role. I hope her daughter doesn’t have to deal with this when Shelly gets home and is around her friends and Shelly tries to correct her daughter for lying or being inmoral. And she loves to say how classy she is. Well if that’s her version of classy then I guess she’s right J/R aren’t classy. I don’t think she’s as rich as she claims to be. Why else would you be acting so desperate? She has a house husband who sits home and keep the daughter while she works. Might not be paradise like she claims I don’t care how big a home she has don’t mean bills are getting paid.


And I wonder if she rags on her husband the way she rags on Adam? The fact that Adam just takes it shows what a wuss he really is.




I cant believe that ED was actually in this game at one point. Man this season could’ve been something else, and look where we ended up.

Midwest Fan

The BB Housewives, including Adam.


Call me crazy but I am enjoying Shelly’s tears. Hope she has a full blown meltdown when she is sent to jury!


I would like to see that too.


Never thought it would say this, but if JR go home before the finals, I want Porsche to win…yes she slept all the time, but she never complained, always had a smile on her face and never got too caught up in all of the drama. Dont get me wrong, i dont like Porsche, but she is the “best” out of the 4.

lizzie v

I know I can’t believe that Shelly does not think she did anything wrong.Look at DPK no matter how bad it got they stuck together because the became close.Shelly was acting like she was JJ best friend and would do anything (not meaning giving them the money) for them.For her to act like Jordan shouldn’t take that personal is crazy because of how close she felt to her.If she felt like she could beat them she shouldn’t of made that deal with them but I think she thought Dannie would get Jeff out and then when it was Danni leaving she got scared.The only crazy thing is that I don’t under stand is how did she think that she would be able to beat Danni and that Danni would turn on P and K.Shelly need to look in the mirror and ask her self what I I do to make myself look bad not what everyone is saying about her to look bad




Seriously Simon, why is my last post not on here?what because I called skyhigh a deuche bag or shelly a lying bitch? But skyhigh is aloud to call us assholes? Get my post up or I will go to another site!!!!!!!!


I think you forgot that Jordan was kind enough to give up a phone call from home for Shelly!


I would take the 5k. At least it’s better than possibly leaving the game with nothing.

Kalia's Left Tit

No, Adam, those weren’t keys Jeff was dangling, they were his balls.


Poor Shelly…why is she soooooooo upset but yet she doesn’t care? booo hoooo. she said she was going out with class. LMAO @ her idiocy. this all makes me want to sing an alanis morisette song….isn’t it ironic….don’t ya think?
go home Shelly. America hates you. And so does your kid.

Pot call the kettle black much in Louisiana?


I guess I’m signing out. I’ll probably check the last episode, but I’m done with bb for now. Dani and Jeff are gone. How can I watch a comp when I dont give a rat’s ass who wins?

Off to apple picking. See you all nwxt summer.

Midwest Fan

The season’s first apples are picked and DELICIOUS!!!!
More to come …………… Enjoy.


and she can buy a brand new tracksuit before heading back to the trailor park…


Just read that Shelly is the most hated woman in America. No surprise there as lying hypocrite that she is it is a title she earned. Do not have the feeds but just heard that Porsche made the comment something along the lines of hitting Rachel in the stomach and saving her $400. Does anyone know if this was actually said and if it was who was in the room, and if it was that is a physical threat made against Rachel so why is she still in the house? Shelly is the most disgusting pathological lying crazy person I have ever seen on this show and after the way she went after Jordan last night why is CBS keeping people in the house that are possibly crazy enough to cause physical harm to other house guests. Do not care who wins BB as no longer watching this disgusting show after what I have just read but as long as it is not Porsche or Shelly it is good with me. These two need to go immediately. Shelly has to be the worst example of what a mother should be ever. I feel so sorry for her daughter. I do believe that she also is a pathological liar/

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

This is a game to win 500k, by any means long as it doesn’t break the law, in the REAL WORLD we all would be literally killing each other to win 500,000, nobody posting here would be exempt if someone told us what would we do to win half a million dollars


well P and S aren’t the only ones making threats Jordon told Jeff to kill Dani in the Jury house so why is she till there?

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

we’d b willing to do ANYTHING

taking advantage if someone’s “stupidity” is all Shelly did.. and Jordan is very stupid for trusting anybody but Jeff…


Hey Sheri. Get a life crazy cat lady.


Actually, Shelly went off first, not Jordan. Jordan didn’t feel like talking because she was upset and Shelly went on to make snarky comments and then yelled at Jordan, trying to defend her actions when no one even asked her to. Of course Jordan retaliated.


where did you read that?

Midwest Fan

I read it but can’t recall where.
It happened sometime after Jeff threatened to massacre any
HGS who went against Team J/J and after Jordan told Jeff to kill
Dani at the Jury House.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

They probably went into DR(similar to chima,lydia, and natalie season 11 when the threatened to leave and were given goodies to stay) and demanded they get some power, or they are walking and production gave them what they want, and magic time her’s Pandora’s Box, something Julie did NOT let us know about, because it wasn’t planned.. POV will be tailored for JR

the fix is in

you know this wouldn’t have happened if the shoe was in the other foot. if it was Adam and Khalia on the block and Rachel or Jordan with HOH, production would not waste a pandora’s box.

ILL WILL "Cult Of Per$onality"

or if Jeff wasn’t evicted


Guys relax it doesn’t really change anything. JR still need to win veto to stay.

Look at it this way, Rachel now has a “Jordan ball and chain” attached to her. Rachel should actually be pissed.

Midwest Fan

Well said.


has anybody else noticed that shelly has been dogging jordan to pka but when jordan says something bad about her its i hope her mom is watching and she cant wait for jordan to watch bb13 played back after the game because she will see shelly has been a true friend. Are youy serious shelly you have been lying and dogging jordan bad to the other hg’s I seriously think she fell and hit her head and needs to go home because her brains are bouncing around in her skull.

Brendon's cancer research

are you serious? what has Shelly done? Shelly has proven she’s an independent strong mother figure with respect and dignity. she has played the game to her best abilities with a few lies here and there, but she has done way more at this point in the game than that dumb brainless blonde Jordan.


i’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re Shelly’s relative because only the most deluded person in the world could say something as ridiculous as that kind of praise about Shelly when she has shown NOTHING of the sort. I’m glad to say with complete certainty that America is disgusted with Shelly. I don’t live Jordan right now, but I loathe Shelly even more than Natalie from BB11. And Shelly keeps trying to defend her actions to herself by repeating that crap shes been spewing to the only people who would be on Shelly’s side. Shelly is out of her(Oh I’m sorry)his mind.

Midwest Fan

You’re wrong.
Jeff and Jordan escaped SSS the entire time until Jeff went after
her yesterday and then Jordan last night.


Simon Is it just me or does everyone wanna see Rachel win this thing. Go Rach!!!! I can’t stand any of the
Newbies they say such horrible things about rach and now when jr
Say something it is forbidden. Shelly is Americas least fav. And for some reason I
Think most people wanna watch rachel win this game or people
Will come to realize that they wanna see a jr final two!!!

Go Rachel and I like the new spunk and fight in Jordan!!!!


Nope you are definitely in the minority.


No u are not in the minority. i didnt like rachel going in to this whole thing but out of all the people there i would like to see her get mad and start kicking some newbie ass! the newbies talk all tough but they are scared of J& R. and you just know that if JR wins POV Adam and Shelly will be their new best friend!
I get the whole lying thing and I dont fault either side for doing it. that house must be such a pressure cooker and although we know what both sides are saying and doing, they dont so you cant fault them on what they dont know.
I was thinking that maybe jordan went in to the DR and said that she wanted to leave but she wouldnt have been able to go to Jury she would have been sent home so I dont think either R or J threatened to leave. I think BB is being purely strategic in keeping us watching and guess what….we will! Good move BB


youre not in the minority. I really respect the way Rachel is acting towards Jordan right now. She’s being very attentive to Jordan from the little I saw before the Camera switched to Shelly spewing her venom(sounding like a downright Imbecile) and I just changed the channel. This is the first time I’m rooting for Rachel to win this thing!


Season would have been a LOT better if they had brought all new players.


I have been saying this. Either have all strangers or all vets. No more half and half. Not fair to anyone.

Midwest Fan

Hopefully CBS/BB have learned this lesson.
BB13 has been a mess.


I wish they would put up a new picture. I am sick of Shelley. What did she think Jordan would do when she flipped on Jeff. I am sick of it all. All of the newbies owe it to vets for getting them to this point. Kalia and Porshe rode on Dani’s back and Adam and Shelley rode on Jeff and Brendon’s backs and then soley on Jeff’s back. They have not gotten themselves this far. I am totally disgusted, especially with the newbies. Really sick of phoney baloney Shelley. Please change the picture soon.


P should have paired them up SR and AJ to play the veto, that way they had one person on each side on the block and they would be able to vote out RJ depending on who won the veto


WOW… stupid are these newbies….thinking that Jordan is a safer bet than Rachel….YES, please take Jordan dumbasses…..the chances are she will win in the end….lol. THey are playing like catty girls instead of being smart and playing with their brains.

So want to see Shelly get what she deserves!