Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Cassi tells Shelly she want to fight to stay.. Shelly says they will match wits and see who can get the most yes’s.. *UPDATED* Rachel & Brendon FIGHT!

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11am Adam, Shelly, Cassi, Jordan, Jeff and Rachel are out in the backyard talking about random things. Rachel says she would get the live feeds” because you get to see the results of competitions and stuff. They continue to talk about tanning, music. Jordan and Cassi talk about country songs. Jeff heads inside to eat. Adam, Brendon and Jeff are in the kitchen eating and making breakfast. Adam says day five of slop! Adam asks Brendon about vitamins. Brendon mentions one that increases the virility of a man’s sperm. Adam says that he probably has a huge build up of sperm being in the house. Jeff shakes his head. Adam says sorry man probably not something you wanna hear. Jeff says no not right now ..then says that probably sounds bad too. They talk about movies …then Adam says that he will probably take a nap. Brendon heads outside to workout. Adam says big brother give us something to do! Adam says lets have a jelly bean counting contest. Jeff says I’m going to have a jelly bean not eating contest!

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11:25am Brendon starts working out and running in the backyard. Jeff goes up to lay down in the HOH bed. Jordan puts on her bikini to get ready to suntan. Meanwhile, Rachel and Cassi are in the bathroom. Rachel puts on her bikini and Cassi comments on how Rachel has a different one for each day. Dani puts on her bikini too. Then Big Brother tells the houseguests that they need to go inside .. indoor lock down. No bikini suntanning for the moment…

11:40am Shelly and Cassi are in the bathroom. Cassi asks Shelly if she would be okay with her going to them and saying that she really wants stay. Shelly says that she really thinks Cassi should. Cassi says that she just really doesn’t want to go with out trying. Cassi says that she just wanted to tell Shelly first.. and that she knows Shelly has the votes but that she at least wants to try. Cassi says that she won’t campaign against her either. Shelly tells Cassi that she really wants her too and that she would regret it if she didn’t. Shelly says that in her regular life you wouldn’t quit would just go out and get a yes. Shelly says that Cassi didn’t give up everything to be here to just quit or walk away. Shelly says that we will match wits and see who can get the most yes’s. Kalia comes into the bathroom to get ready for the day. They all talk about how they hope the indoor lock down won’t last long.

11:45am – 12pm Dani, Jordan, Dominic, and Lawon are in the metal bedroom chatting. Lawon is talking about how he really bumped his head last night. Jordan talks about how Jeff is up in the HOH room and is feeling sick. They ask her what kind of sick. Jordan says that she doesn’t know and that she wanted to lay down too but doesn’t want to bother him. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Cassi, Shelly and Porsche are talking about random stuff. Cassi leaves to go lay down for a bit. Right after Cassi leaves, Shelly asks Porsche if she knows which way she is voting. Porsche says yeah. Shelly says I just want to make sure the votes don’t flip over. Porsche says theres no way. Shelly says good ..cuz Cassi is going to try and campaign. Porsche says I’m not listening to any charity stories. Porsche says after Cassi called her out ..there’s no way she is voting for her to stay.

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12:10am Brendon is whispering to Rachel in the candy bedroom. He is whispering really quietly. Brendon is mad at Rachel because she asked him if he loves her and wanted him to maker her slop. Brendon says that he is not trying to control her …that he is just trying to help their game. Brendon tells Rachel that she is getting on everyones nerves. Brendon tells her that he loves her and that he is just trying to get them farther. Brendon says that if she won’t listen to him then he might as well get voted out and go home. Looks like Rachel cries a bit and wipes her eyes. Brendon leaves. Dani comes in and Rachel talks to her about what Brendon said to her and how he is mad at her. Rachel says that its hard having a boyfriend in the game but that they are better working together. Brendon comes back in and asks if they were talking. Brendon say that he was trying to talk to her and she just doesn’t listen …he says all she does is get mad at him. Brendon sits down on the bed and asks Dani if Rachel’s behaviour bothers other people. Dani says yeah I don’t know ..maybe a little. Dani whispers. Brendon says well she doesn’t care so why should I. Rachel says that she does care.. Rachel says that she just was joking around asking if he loved her. Rachel tells Brendon that he is mad over nothing and that he is being ridiculous. Brendon says that he isn’t and that he will walk right out that door. He says that he is tired of fighting and won’t fight in front of people any more.

12:25pm The indoor lock down is over, they find out that Big Brother put the hammock back in the yard. Brendon and Rachel head out into the backyard and sit on the hammock. Rachel tells Brendon that she is tried of him telling her every morning that she is doing something wrong. Rachel says that of course she loves him …that it was a joke ..we are getting married. Rachel says that if he doesn’t want her to hang out with Lawon ..then she won’t. Brendon says that this past week has been a lot of drama and that Rachels actions are putting a target on them. Rachel tells Brendon that he is BLANK pissed right now …that he is being an *******!! Rachel says that he basically told her that their relationship isnt working and that once they get home its over. Rachel says that he is not her father and he can’t tell her what to do. Brendon says that he didnt say it was over … then tells her to be quiet. Rachel says that it was a joke grow up …get over it. Rachel say that you think you can control me .. you bully me around and tell me what to do and what to say! Brendon says he is done ..I’m done talking about it. Rachel says of course you are. Shelly comes over and they end their conversation and head inside. Shelly asks Rachel if she is okay? Rachel says yes.

12:30am – 12:40pm Brendon says if you don’t keep your voice down I will walk out right now! Rachel says good it! Brendon and Rachel start to make up and he says that he is sorry for letting it bother him. Rachel says it was a joke!! Brendon says that it is always his fault! Rachel says yeah it is.. Rachel says that she doesn’t care BLANK these people …you are psycho! you are so selfish! Rachel says that he can solve this very easily right now by dropping it. Brendon say well don’t call me and ******* or psycho! Rachel says I said you were acting like an ******* ! Brendon tells Rachel that she gets angry and cant control herself. Brendon asks when did I get angry? Rachel says all morning!

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I love this! I hope Brendon walks out of the house, and Rachel has a meltdown!!


call me guys i’m bored and i need a guy like brandon


this sucks and im tried of them/ break up or shut up


I’m waiting for Rachel to slap the shit out of Brendon so that she gets herself evicted. Then Big brother decides that there will be no eviction this week so Cassi won’t go home. That would be awesome. but Brendon is such a dick.


oooohhh. Drama. I feel kind of bad for rachel though. She doesn’t deserve all the hate and she actually seems like a good person.


Agreeeeee 100%!


She does seem good hearted, just annoying. She doesn’t deserve to be treated the way Brendon treats her. He’s always trying to change her. If he doesn’t love her the way she is then he doesn’t really love her at all. And Rachel needs to have enough self confidence to NEVER change who she is for any man


I’d personally like to see Cassi stay, but the votes are stacked against her. Rachel, Brenda and Semi will vote out Cassi cause Rachel hates her, and Dani and j/j don’t want to offend Rachel either. Even if word gets out that the Shelly betrayed the newbs(which it won’t if Shelly has half a brain) Cassi can only get 2 or 3 votes, plus the remaining newbs want to vote with the majority anyways.


Wow I am glad she stood up to him. I still can’t stand her but he is really controlling and seems to make her worse.



B sleazy

A great BB challenge would be to stare RATchel in the face and tell her she is beautiful inside and out. Whoever can say that to her face and not either crack up from laughter or dry heave first wins HOH!


She can be difficult but jeesh he is on her butt constantly it’s sad really I feel sorry for her he really is a jerk ! I wish she would dump him and get some self esteem


I’m hoping for a big brother break up.. would be sweet


Big brother hookup on s12, breakup on s13. Good stuff.


he really does feed her insecurities by always correcting her and putting her down. I wonder what kind of player she would be without him around? I am also annoyed he makes me feel sorry for her.

Karen S

Yep Simon! I think they both might be healthier people alone.


They are both way to immature and emotionally unstable to get married!


I’m not trying to control you but if you don’t do what I say I’m leaving. LOL. Brendon is such a douchecanoe.


If she would just say don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out he may just stop threatening. I wonder if he is that awful outside the house or if they are playing it up for more airtime


anyone hear from bbgrandma yet?


Nothing yet 🙁 Rockstar how about you?


perhaps she is really Adam? if not I hope she is ok….Rockstar has not been properly entertaining me this year, please speak to her about that


deebee- I’ll be here next week and until the end of time….. I’ve got party gags, nip slips and I can almost bet I will end up in a verbal fight with someone here. I know for certain I’m going to be pummelled because I’m on Team Adam and Dani and I think Jeff and Jordon are the devil.. hahaha so be patient my little grasshopper.. hahaha


Ahh team adam/dani good choice… Adam by default gets my vote he mentioned the site in a interview and is all around a interesting dude. As for Dani, well i loathed her in bb8 and loathed her for the first week of bb13 but she’s got her eye on the ball and watching her play the game with a solid strategy is a nice change.

However i love cheering for the underdog and I have a feeling JJ are going to be the underdog.


Oh thank you Rockstar!!! I will be patient for now and wait. I kinda like Adam at this point too…not so much of a Dani fan yet but like any good fungus she may grow on me.


not a clue..



Hey Rockstar you picked a team yet last time I heard you were team adam? wait let me guess you’ll be team Jeff 😉


What’s up with BBG?


Hope the screen camptures go up soon
p.s- sucks that jeffs sick 🙁
And just out of curiosity who do you guys think is the prettiest girl in the house?


once I get home I’ll throw them up (1 more hour) .. I’ve had some problems lately with the feeds crashing randomly on the recording machine.

Tyler Kent

Rachel is an obnoxious skank and Brenda is an insecure, domineering douche. A perfect couple! Maybe he wants to marry her for citizenship? He may be an illegal for all we know. One thing is clear however – neither of them are as intelligent as they claim. I hear poor use of vocabulary and medical misinformation from Brenda on a daily basis and neither of them has a clue when it comes to social gameplay.


Rachel and Him should just quit nobody in Jury is going to vote them to win anyways, so why bother trying they are no different than last year, well maybe the house is not mean to her, but Rachel has not changed and neither has the NeanderTALL. I’m not gonna lie Rachel needs to get bitch smacked, and Brenda needs to get kicked in the balls by a mule, they are the worst couple I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some nightmares, their relationship is going to end violently many years doen the line, they should just end it now.

Sexi Dani = 500k Dom need to get that pussy for real

It sucks that Big Brother don’t give them much things to do, it;s like they are trying to drive them insane LOL Someone could get killed over boredom


Wow – that would be totally awesome if Brendon walked out! Rachel is gross I don’t get what he sees in her anyway. But, you are right he is a douche that needs to grow a pair and dump her


Brendon is the most idiotic arrogant d-bag… it almost makes me forget that Jeff is a bigoted jack wipe.

I mean seriously… he is worried about people hearing him when they’re on camera…

And what the heck, “Doing big brother wasn’t worth it” is like saying “You’re the love of my life but that is not worth having the opportunity to win a half mil or having the summer off to play a game.”

And I really want to see Rachel play without Brendon. Her game has always been messed up by him ^.^


They both need to go .




We dont hate them, actually. We’re tired of their immaturity all the time. It’s why not all people don’t buy the live feeds. No one wants to see Rachel complaining all day about so-and-so.


That’s one trainwreck of a relationship. Brendon is a psycho who plays pass-aggressive games and Rachel is like a naughty school girl who does things just to get ‘punished’ by him because in her sick mind his anger means he loves her.


Not a fan of Rachel but if anyone talked to me like he did to her…I would let him walk!! He’s so worried that saying things will hurt hus career but then dances around in a unitard with a turtle…Nuffield said.


They both collectively have issues. You would think trying to win $500,000 would be the most important thing, so they can use it to start their life together. But just like last year whatever sick connection they have seems take precedence. I think a lot of what there connection has to do with is lust. If he didn’t look like he does she would be not be putting up with him. She thinks he’s a great catch and likely won’t break up with him. Her boundaries have already been set low when she took him back after embarrassing himself . Instead of breaking it off or giving it a rest she agrees to marry him. She’s in his pocket and he knows it. That’s why he tries to play mind games like I’ll walk out or he won’t give her space.

Bobby Joe

their relashinship (sp?) is a joke.




wow, why is brendon staying with her. rachael is a BLANK and needs to go. brendon needs to walk out of their and go home and watch rachael have a melt down. those two suck. once jeff and jordan are out of the house i am done watching it. the other house guest except shelly suck.their love thing they have between them is a joke. rachael is still a child brendon needs to just leave her ass. it’s getting sicking to watch them fight all the time.

No one you need to know :D

I love rachel!!! I’m glad Cassi Is gone!!!