Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Jordan not tell Kalia how we are voting ..she is going to be asking all day. *Updated*

10am – 11:10am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen. At 10:15am The live feeds come back, Rachel is getting ready in the kitchen and Shelly is packing. Porsche is having a shower in the HOH bathroom. Rachel sits down at the kitchen table to eat her breakfast as she studies the memory wall. Jordan and Rachel go into the purple room to start studying the events or the house / competitions and dates. Jordan heads to the kitchen to make breakfast. Jordan then goes back to the purple room to eat her breakfast. Rachel says we have to win HOH this week and the veto. Rachel says that this HOH is more important. Jordan agrees. Jordan tells Rachel how Porsche overheard that there were 14 days left and was had no idea they were so close. Rachel says that I bet Jeff and Brendon are going to be freaking out for the rest of the day. Jordan says yup.. thinking who are we going to see walking through that door. Rachel says if we can do this Jeff and Brendon will be so proud of us. Jordan asks Rachel if she thought she was going to get this far. They talk about Rachel’s season the final four got the competition where they had to hide things for $10 grand. Jordan says that if we don’t win tonight I am not going to get as upset as last time. Rachel tells Jordan not tell Kalia how we are voting ..she is going to be asking all day. Rachel laughs about how Kalia go excited when she had told her that they may not vote the same and so she thought that her vote might count. Jordan and Rachel head into the candy room. Porsche brings her stuff down from the HOH room to the candy room.

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11:10am – 11:30am When Porsche came down to bring her stuff to the candy room Rachel went up and used Porsche’s HOH bathroom. As Porsche is heading back up she sees Rachel come out and down the stairs. Rachel tells her that she used her bathroom and asks if she minds. Rachel says did you not hear me ask if I could use your bathroom? Porsche pauses and says no. Rachel says well I did it doesn’t bother you did it. Porsche goes up to the HOH room and asks Kalia if she knew Rachel just came up here to use the washroom. Porsche says that its really awkward and weird that Rachel did that. Porsche asks if she heard any snooping or anything. Kalia says no. Porsche tells Kalia that people will be invading the HOH room in 20 minutes. Kalia and Porsche talk about how if she votes out Shelly and she stays there will be repercussions. They talk about bringing Shelly up here to ask her why she hasn’t been talking to them and what is going on. Porsche says that she is going to go down and tell Shelly to come up if she wants.

11:35am – 11:40am Shelly comes up to the HOH room and they talk about how poorly Kalia slept. Shelly comes in acting all gangsta. Kalia says can I ask you something? Shelly says ask away. Kalia says if you stay ..I mean you are my friend and you are in my alliance …are you going to play with them if you stay. Shelly says that she is just saying whatever she has to them to stay. Right then Jordan and Rachel walk into the HOH room to claim the couch. Porsche comes up right after. They all lay down and try and go back to sleep. The live feeds switch to TRIVIA…

11:50am When the live feeds come back, all the houseguests are on an HOH lock down. Porsche is in the bathroom collecting her things. Everyone else is silent, trying to fall back asleep. Porsche leaves the bathroom and sits at the HOH table staring at her HOH photos. Kalia got mad that people were talking and asked if they were going to talk the whole HOH lock down. Silence again… Kalia rolls over and goes back to sleep..

12:30pm Quiet HOH room…

1pm – 1:15pm Big Brother switches the live feeds back to TRIVIA… The HOH lock down is over, all of the houseguests leave the HOH room. Shelly, Kalia and Rachel head to the washroom to get ready for the day. Rachel and Porsche head to the kitchen. Rachel says I will barter with you ..if you give me your coconut water …I will give you something from my HOH room when I win it tonight. Rachel says you can pick whatever you want ..even alcohol. Porsche says deal. Jordan is vacuuming.

1:25pm – 1:50pm Adam, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly are in the kitchen. Kalia is telling Adam about how she had a horrible sleep. Kalia says that she came down after 2am and the backyard was still open. Shelly says that she got up around 6am and it was closed. Adam and Shelly leave the kitchen. Kalia tells Porsche that she feels sick and that she feels like she is seriously going to throw up. Porsche tells her to just eat and relax. Jordan, Rachel and Shelly are getting ready in the bathroom. Jordan has a shower and then asks Rachel if there will be any more havenots this week. Rachel says no I think they’re done.

2pm – 2:10pm Jordan, Rachel and Shelly are in the bathroom getting ready for the live show tonight. Rachel and Shelly talk about how loud the noises are coming from the backyard. Porsche and Kalia are in the living room. Porsche is ironing her outfit on the couch. Porsche and Kalia wonder if they are scheming in the bathroom. Kalia says that they are talking way too loud to be scheming. Kalia sasy that she really wants to talk to Jordan to find out how she’s voting. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Shelly tells Rachel and Jordan that Kalia is stressing out more than I am. Shelly says that Kalia is following her around an won’t leave her alone. Jordan says that she is stressing out because she wants to still be good with whoever stays tonight. Kalia joins them in the bathroom to shower. The conversation changes to talking about sports.

2:25pm – 2:45pm Kalia is talking to Porsche in the candy room. Kalia says that they are digging for Jesus in the backyard. Kalia says that she is praying for questions tonight for the HOH competition. Porsche says either way you got this. Kalia leaves the bedroom and runs into Jordan. Kalia asks Jordan if she has decided yet. Jordan says no …and that she isn’t allowed to say anyways. Jordan says that it doesn’t matter anyways. Kalia says she knows …she just doesn’t want to vote one way and piss the person off that stays. Jordan says that she is leaning towards keeping Shelly. They break up their conversation and head to different rooms. Rachel and Jordan whisper at the kitchen table about how Kalia asked her about who she was voting for and Jordan says tat she was leaning towards Shelly. Rachel and Jordan are trying to trick Kalia into thinking that they are keeping Shelly so that Kalia will vote to evict Adam. hat way Adam will be pissed that Kalia voted to evict him. Rachel and Jordan are voting to evict Shelly and keep Adam to work with them. Porsche and Adam are still sleeping / laying down. The other houseguests are waiting for the live show to start…

3:30pm TRIVIA YO

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383 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Jordan not tell Kalia how we are voting ..she is going to be asking all day. *Updated*

    1. Team RaJo YO!!

      No one made Porka open Pandoras box, she opened it thinking there may have been more food inside for her & Cowlia to share I am thinking….all you JJ haters… are all a tad jelly I’m thinking. Jeffs hot, Jordans a cutie pie as well as a sweetheart, I know it is hard for some of you to relate to good people. Shellhe is the biggest liar in the house, all Porka & Cowlia do is sleep all day and when not sleeping they stuff their faces & talk about their periods. Adam is the worst, lousiest player in history…THOSE are the people most of you bloggers relate to…losers. Keep sitting on your couches, stuffing your faces with chips & porkrinds, guzzling your beer and smoking your weed, and talk about how if YOU were in the house you would do it so differently. At the end of the day your small minded opinions don’t mean diddly squat to any of them. =)

      1. what does pandora’s box have to do with our statements? I just think Rachel is gross and so is Kalia

        1. Wow… another CADDY viewer… who is quick to judge and comment should take a good look in the mirror ..
          GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) TO WIN :-)

            1. Exactly. And look and sweet innocent Jordumb being all sneaky and lying. Oh wait, isn’t that what Shelly did? Jordan doesn’t want anyone to be mad at her??? She doesn’t deserve to be there because she’s too damn chicken to play the game. What a loser.

            1. Well excuse my spelling … at least i leave a name … you must have lots of shame….just goes to show your brian level when you have to pick on ones spelling … lmao … may i make a suggestion… how about after you name you add coward…. ;-)

        2. Rachel is not gross..this season i find her rather endearing..have you watched the after dark episodes..the convos about her dog were really touching..under her facade she has a really good heart..look at how she protected jordan when jeff was evicted..people are too harsh on her…Under all that arrogance she sometimes displays i think is a very genuine caring rachel all the way !!!

          1. I feel the same way. I didn’t enjoy some of her behavior when Brendon was around. *Coughs* I feel like we’re seeing a different Rachael lately. I like her.

          2. I agree! I NEVER thought I would be a Rachel fan but I have turned into one. She finally gave her all her Brendan drama and turned into a friend for Jordan. I was glad to see Jordan show some huspah .. these two may actually be a good team in the end! Go Rachel and Jordan!!!

            1. Me too about Rachel. I hope Jordan wins again with Rachel winning the $50,000. This way Evel Dick can quit his bragging about winning with his daughter because Jordan would be the only person to win BB twice. Also all the people calling Jordan dumb and the other idiotic nicknames, here she is again playing the game and look at where she is again. Jordan is no dumb, she knows what she is doing and I like Jordan and Rachel being friends.

          3. I totally agree,did you see the show time episode of rachel and lawon doing the dance offs..was so funny, shes not scared to make a fool out of herself and can laugh at herself as well .I dont know how she put up with such hate from dani,porsche .shelly and kalia, I found it hard to watch a times and would actually tear up at the uncalled cattiness and meanness ..shes got a strong back to take such treatment and still go on..kudos to you rachel, i hope you win !!!

          4. TEAM. RACHEL. She’s in it to win it. I totally had gotten annoyed with her at parts earlier in the season, but she’s totally cooled off and isn’t so abrasive. Must have been very difficult for her to reel some of that in, but I think she’s doing a great job and is playing much better now. I HOPE SHE WINS HOH TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. See, I just don’t see it. She’s won an HoH, that’s it (and I swear to god if someone says she won a POV I’ll find a way to stab someone through the internet). Her social game up till last week consisted consisted of being nice to Shelly and depending on Big Jeff to do all the work and make all the decisions. Porsche is more deserving, Rachel is more deserving, Kalia is more deserving. Hell, Shelly’s more deserving. The only person LESS deserving is Adam.

            1. Just because someone is not actively playing doesn’t mean they do not have game or strategy. Jordo won before, why should she change a damn thing? And just because she won before, doesn’t mean anything on this season… if they vote for her again then she wins and is deserving.

          2. Jordan slept, avoiding talking to other houseguests, did whatever Jeff told her and won one HOH (that was handed to her). She is floating to the end just as many predicted she might.

            Sure, Jordan is cute. So are babies and kittens. Unfortunately Jordan isn’t as bright as either a baby or a kitten.

            I dislike Rachel because she is gross… but if she wins she, arguably, deserves it.

            Jordan, however, is even less deserving than Adam… and that’s saying alot.

          3. doing what? She does whatever her abusive boyfriend tells her. She isn’t allow to talk to porshe because jeff told her not to because she lies so jordon listen she’s an idot. Jordon is a follower she the kind of girl who lets other doing the thiking for her.

            1. I’m not sure where you got that Jeff was abusive to Jordan. Maybe you should google some of the videos they have together on the internet and see what a loving couple they are.

      2. Are you kidding me?????? Jordumb has done NOTHING!!! Her 1 HOH was thrown to her. She was the 2nd one off the dummy, she can’t do anything! All I’ve seen her do all season is play with her bangs (1,000 times a day) & following Jeff’s coat-tails.

    2. She does look like Boy George & dresses like him too. We can be mean about her because she is a bit_h & talks crap about EVERYONE, even Jordumb…

    3. I use to feel that way about her- now I really like her. I think we see the real Rachel when Brendon isn’t around, and she is a likable, good friend.

      1. The reason Jeff got evicted is because it was during double eviction and the producers couldn’t manipulate the game in the middle of a live show.

        1. If u go back and watch that veto comp and put it on slow motion after Jeff got his first sho to the shoe box podium, u will notie that Jeff’s matching shoe was already out of the ball pit on the side and he clearly did not see it. I def believe that some comps production may try to give certain ppl an “edge” sometime, BUT its still fair game for anyone to get the win. Porsche proves that it was fair when she got it. Ppl say the Ski comp Dani won was “geared for Dani”, yet Kalia was holding her own as well. As far as this “Duo Do-over” veto, come on, Rachel already won that with the first HOH , just hanging on a banana. BUT, Kalia did hang up there with Rachel for a nice lil minute. A lot of these comps are just pure luck and determination on the HG’s part. But I feel if production is gonna continuously recycle these past comps, get some of the other comps that were difficult, like that Hot Box HOH comp in BB6 where they were out there like 14 or 17 hours..or that comp in BB8 where they had to dive in water get something, then dive back in water to place something in specific order. The comps this season have definitely been tooooo a-b-c and 1-2-3. The comps this seasn that kinda stand seperate from the others this season is the most recent HOH (snake eyes) and that golf HOH week 2 that Jordan won (or accepted), however u wanna look at it. Production needs to bring some new games next season. Hell, throw some in this season while there’s a lil time left.

          1. I’ve only been watching since BB9, but even with that I’ve seen the same comps recycled for the past four seasons, just given slightly different twists. I agree they need some new comps. That’s part of the reason the show is getting boring is b/c everyone knows what comps are coming. Given where they film, they have limited space in which to stage them, but they need to come up with something new. I also still think it would make things way more interesting if they had a hidden veto, like Survivor’s hidden immunity idol. That could really shake things up.

        2. I cannot WAIt to see the Jury House footage tonight on BB!!! Hopelly they give us a good 5-7 mins of it.

          1. Apparently there was some fireworks in the Jury House with Dani Brendon and Jeff. That will probably be the most interesting thing to watch tonight. I’m pretty sure tonight’s HOH goes to team R/J or Adam. It’s so predictable and boring.

            Shelly’s going home and R/J are advancing one more step closer to the finals tonight.

            1. To be honest i think the way this game has gone we are now near the end and it is predictabel tonight will be the most important and will determine which side is going to win. I don’t see much team switching at this point if rachel. jordon or adam win then we know whe will win for kaliah win then we know R/J are out. I am hoping R/J win only because i don’t like either P or K

      2. You can’t really be that dense can you? Here’s a breakdown even the JJ fans can understand:

        Little Jeff got evicted because his side lost HOH and veto–normal. J/R were also to be evicted because they lost HOH again–also normal. Then miraculously Pandora’s Box appears for J/R to save them both AND a veto comp that Rachel already won this season appears AND it was the first ever endurance veto comp. That = rigged.

        Nevertheless 1 JJ devil down, 1 JJ devil to go.

        1. Ohhh yeah! And Porsche must be on Jordan and Rachel’s side because she opened Pandora’s box! Oh my gosh! The whole show’s rigged!

        2. Ummm Porsche did not have to open that box… She wanted the money so there were consequences… Not seeing it rigged there…

          1. If it weren’t for the duo twist, either Jordan or Rachel were leaving tonight. And it would be 4 newbs vs 1 vet going forwards. The vets had been defeated. Do you really thing that CBS wanted 3 newbs for finale night? No way. Pandoras box has never before negatively affected an HOH.

            1. Agreed. Yeh P opened the box but usually something bad happens for the HOh and something good for the rest or the other way around. But in this case the line was no so clear because some hg got something good (jr ) and some did not (sa). I think not fair.

          2. Yes, Porsche didn’t have to open the box, but there was nothing bad for Jordan and Rachel at all. They benefited completely. Other pandora boxes from years past had things like the houseguests could not use utensils, or couldn’t speak – they didn’t change the game.

          3. OK….lets go thru this ONE MORE TIME!…yes…no one made Porsche open the box. She did. No one disputes that. The problem is what happened after opening the box. It not only stripped Porche of her HOH but shifted the power to J/R. In the HISTORY of BB….pandoras box has never affected the game as it has had this time. Thats where some of us feel it was unfair. I know you are a J/R fan and you say….so what! At this point I dont care who wins. I just dont want to see anybody cheated out of hard work. Pandoras box SHOULD not have had a impact on the game as it has. Production introduced it when THEY wanted to therefore “manipulateing” the game.

            They decided when it was going to come into play….what was going to happen and knew who would benifit from it. YESSSSSS once again, she didnt have to open it. But in the history of BB a HG has not opened it. WHy do you think the fortune teller is there? If Porche didnt open up the box, I would bet the fortune teller would suddenlt come alive….always have to have a “backup” plan….right production?

            1. How can you say in the history of BB that Pandora’s box never affected the outcome? The Diamond Power of Veto was from Pandora’s box and it stripped that HOH of his nomination power and basically shifted power that season.

              1. That was Matt and it did not effect his HOH. He got the DPOV for 2 weeks and the saboteur was unleashed again. That was not game changing.

                1. Thank you……Also, if porsche would have recieved the same thing….DPOV, it would have basically garunteed her final 3…..Which I would have also have felt was unfair. In Matt’s case…he was put in a much better position. Also, I didnt say that Pandoras box never changed the game….what I said was….it never changed the game to the extent that it has. I stand by my statement.

                  1) Stripped Porshe of her HOH

                  2) Stripped her nominations.

                  3) Chnaged the odds of her winning the game by leaps and bounds If nominations would have stayed the same.Rachel or Jordan would have been evicted.

                  4) Now the next HOH comp is basically 3 vs 1. If things stayed the same and one was evicted…it would have been 2 vs 1

                  5) Now the two that were nominated will now decide who is evicted.

                  6) The person who is evicted is leaveing directly as a result of Pandoras box.

                  Your turn……tell me how Pandoras box has affected the game in anyother season as it has this year?

            2. It sure is funny that BB totally screwed Kalia & Porshe on their HOH and NOBODY elses HOH all season???????They know that some people are watching for the Vets and they afraid that ratings will go down if Rachel or Jordan leaves. Giving up on BB after this season. Soooo sad!

            3. You are an idiot. OBVIOUSLY, production manipulates what happens on this show. If they didn’t, with this cast, we’d all be tuning in 3 days a week to watch people sleep. You watch this show for the same reason as I and everyone else does, it’s entertaining. In order to keep the show entertaining, the production staff clearly has to control certain things as much as they can. If the final 3 wound up being Khalia, Porshe and Adam, the ratings would drop instantly. So in order to keep your moronic self glued to your tv, production keeps the entertainment. They need Jordan and Rachel to stay this week. Without them, we lose the interesting parts of the show…the arguments, the drama, the division in the house. Now, I hate to tell you this, because I feel like I’m telling a 3 year old that there’s no Santa, but ALL reality shows are manipulated by producers. It’s called controlled reality. It’s what keeps the shows worth watching. You want reality, turn off the t.v and go outside.

          4. And also game-changing moves are always told to the audience in advance. This was a spur of the moment, last ditch effort to save J/R. Want more proof? Production activated the Fortune Teller in case Porsche didn’t take Pandora’s box… have you noticed how all of a sudden it stopped talking and moving?

        3. Is there an extra person in the house?

          After tonight’s show, there’ll be 5 people left in the house and after next week’s show, we’ll have 4 people left. If the finale is Sept 15, don’t we have an extra houseguest?

          Does anyone else think there might be another double eviction?

          1. The finale is Wed Sept 14th, 9:30-11:00 after the premier of Survivor. They will do the last eviction on Sunday when they start the 3 person HOH.

        4. Last year when the 1st Pandora’s box was opened, it reintroduced that years twist. So Them doing this isn’t much of a stretch, and should have been expected.

          1. But if it should be expected, it shouldn’t be expected because on Big Brother you have to expect the unexpected. Muwahahahaha.

          2. But it made it an even playing field for everyone. It did not benefit one or two people only. Can you see that there was absolutely no negative in it for Jordan and Rachel at all. That’s why it’s so obvious. They need some new writers on the show.

          3. What are you talking about the 1st Pandora’s Box didn’t reintroduce anything, it was Matt’s D-POV, no Pandora’s Box have reintroduced anything this is the 1st time..

        5. I’m NOT a JJ fan (TEAM BACON & Team Rachel), but to be fair, Porsche did NOT have to open Pandora’s Box. Nobody twisted her arm. She KNEW that $10k would come at a price, but she chose to open it anyway. I’m not saying that Production doesn’t meddle, b/c they do. However, I think they introduce the possibilty of more drama, and leave it to the HG’s to act on it. They haven’t favored JUST JJRB, they have favored whatever will create the most drama, which at times was for Dani to win, for Porsche to win, for Adam to win, etc. Dani needed a win, and there was a comp that played to skinny girls with endurance. Adam needed a win, so there was comp based on cornhole, which he was the best at when they played in the backyard. Porsche needed a win, and don’t think for one second that certain peoples clown shoes weren’t buried a little deeper than others. The hanging comp that Rachel won was obviously not JUST about physical strength or endurance, otherwise Kalia wouldn’t have gotten 2nd. It was largely about who wanted it the most. Production’s meddling and twists are part of the game, and the smart players know that if you have a solid social game, then the comps don’t matter.

          1. The last comp was for Rachel. She pretty much worked out all summer and the woman’s legs are awesome. If the comp involved a more stationary kind of endurance, Kalia would win that mental game.

          2. Lol like your post but i would give it up we all know production messes with the comps to keep the drama going but all anyone here sees is the comp they did for R/J to win regardless of what porche did because you are talking to a brick wall. Porche could have not open the box and porche, kaliah, shelly any of them could have stayed on. Kaliah and porche have been working out to but people are going to believe what they want to believe wether true or not instead of saying that porche made a dumb move they blame it on production

        6. First off i am so sick of hearing it is rigged get over it already it isn’t the first time this season or any season that production did place a comp that favored one competitor over an another what you don’t remeber how jenelle lost all stars. You do remember the ski comp that dani won you weren’t wineing then. For some reason we only hear crying over rigged comps when jj or br win. Secondly, just because people do not see your point of view doesn’t make them dense try and respect other peoples opinion just pretend you have manners. Lastly, Have you not watched bb this isn’t the first time they have done indurence comp for pov they have done many over the years but give it a rest already if you really are so irritated by bb then do us a favour stop watching

        7. Paradox101. What if Adam had won HOH and used it to protect Rachel and Jordan? He and Shelly could not have been used as replacement Nominees. Porsche would have had to put up Herself and Khalia as replacements!!! Think about it!

      3. Just silly that it is rigged for J and R. If anything they have a bulls eye on their backs because they have played the game before but in reality that is a huge negative because your game play is already exposed. Really want Jordan and Rachel to win HOH because cannot stand animal abuser, Kalia, or Porsche for the things she said about Rachel. Shelly, Kalia and Porsche are all vile indiviiduals and all Porsche and Kalia do is sleep and eat all day and Shelly smokes and lies. Really want to have to watch that boring crap after this boring season with these horrible newbies this year. GO RACHEL AND JORDAN ALL THE WAY TO FINAL TWO and BRING ADAM ALONG FOR THE RIDE!!!!!!

        1. I agree but rachel is playing different she has a better social game and she has allies in her season everyone hated her so all she had was brendon and when she left brendon was alone and had no one so it was easy for them to get rid of him. Here rachel has made allies and whatever you say about jj they did help her along and even if rachel wins alot she does have jordon and a guaranted vote and jordon is more liked so people want to keep her and rachel becasue of jordon. To win bb you both and i think that is what rachel has learnt also R/J compliment each other

      4. It’s so obvious! Among the contestant, who do you think is the most athletic…Rachel. The competitions was designed for Rachel to WIN! Just like survivors…the challenges (puzzle) were designed for Boston Rob to win! I know all this and I don’t mind…I just want to see the DRAMA!

        1. Well perhaps the other HG’s would be better off getting some exercise than stuffing their faces 24/7. Your argument is so horrific it scares me. I guess they should NEVER have a physical comp then because the majority of the house is lazy and weak, is that what your saying??

          1. I couldn’t agree more… Rachel won that banana comp fair in WEEK ONE!!! The other girls have had all the time in the world since that comp to get in better shape… and yet they’ve done squat to prepare themselves for the next time they were competing in another physical comp.

            Their laziness was Rachels gain… Fair and square.

          1. basically for the same argument that you have about rachels comp lol even going in i could have told you dani would win any comp like that she would win

      1. Stopped watching tv version few weeks ago, I like to read this site. BB was a good show first 8 seasons and whenever JJRB team member got evicted it’s because BB already said what was happening and they couldn’t throw a “twist” in. Kalia and Porche HOH was a totalt waste of power. Watch tonight if JR win nothing will change. If K wins there ‘ll be another “twist”

        1. You only get Dawg and Simon’s take on what happened in the house, which may differ from your own opinion if you watched it yourself. Both guys clearly have their favorites. You really do have to watch yourself to get the entire picture. In fact, I don’t know know how anyone can really know WTF is going on in there unless they do watch the feeds.

          1. When have I ever said I have a favourite? I don’t have a favourite and only post what happens during the day …so that you can all make your own judgements.

            1. Simon keeps telling everyone you’re the biggest JJ fan.

              Simon was team Dani and his posts sometimes reflected that. Even the bashing of Rachel at times, not too bad, but I did at times disagree with the recaps.

              Even in site description somewhere here there is written that you guys are also fans of BB so your posts may reflect that (can’t find it now, but read it a few weeks ago).

              This is not a slam against this site at all. You are fans just like everyone else and your’re entitled to your opinion. You are doing an amazing job under difficult circumstances, IMO.

              1. By the way, I don’t mean that your entire posts are biased. I mostly find your recaps spot on. There are those random times, though, when I do have a different opinion. Just saying that to get a full sense of what happens during those controversial moments I do think people need to watch it themselves. Take the Dani and Rachel encounter in the kitchen. I felt Rachel was trying to be nice before pressing Dani. Others say she tried to get at Dani from the start. Only way to make up your mind is to watch what heppened.

              2. You are false to say I keep telling everyone dawg is a JJ fan.

                First and foremost I am a fan of the show and the game.

                Your comments sounded like a slam to OBB.

                1. Simon & Dawg,
                  First and foremost, thanks for the free blog! I don’t care who’s fan you are or are not, I’m just glad that I don’t have to pay for the feeds. BTW, I do click the A LOT… just so that you know… I don’t donate but I do donate… ;^)

        2. I agree. I dont watch feeds or Showtime anymore & barely ever the show but read this site. Already invested wks of my summer so have to finish it out – somewhat. BB want Rachel or Jordumb to win, thats Final! or they wouldn’t have brought the vets back. Won’t watch Survivor now either, tired of CBS bringing Vets back, it’s not fair!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Every time they get a little power BB bring some type a twist that put the Vet back in power. So tired of this, the vets already had there chance to place why keep giving them more and more chances. I see that CBS just wants an vet at the end.

      1. just like when the vets were dominating the house and dani was looking like she was heading out the door but here comes a comp that is tailored made for her??

        if you say its rigged then its rigged the whole way down..

        1. Here’s a hint… Dani’s a vet. Shocker. I know.

          The vets are the stars this season and they want to keep them in as long as possible.

      2. Well this years cast has been very boring so good thing for Vets the juiced up the show if you take Rachel out the show it dies Porsche finally woke up but she was the cook the whole game. as for Kalia she has been the laziest most abnoxious of them all If she writes about sex and relationship in her personal life she need to experience more than what I’ve seen. I wouldn’t take advise from that idiot. Maybe something needs to be placed in her mouth to keep her quiet.

        1. Everyone forgets so easily that Porshe could not compete, she had the golden key. BB showed her cooking a lot, but in fact, she worked out everyday……watch the feeds or showtime. CBS shows what they want you to see.

      3. It’s not that they want the vets to win, it’s that Rachel and Jordan make for good television ratings. Rachel is crazy, and Jordan is beloved by too many.

      4. Maybe the newbies should stop making dumb mores like opening pandor’s box or putting up one of their own allience i think this will go down as the bb with dumbest players ever lol

        1. Or imagine the type of game we would have if the JJA never evicted Brendon their strongest competitor (remember they kept Shelly over him)… man with JJBR in the house it would be game over for the newbs.

        2. I would agree that the competitors this year are the dumbest ever; not because of their game moves (or lack thereof), but because they haven’t figured out the scam. Now mind you, everything I’m saying now is just a theory, but it’s a very good one.

          The scam is not that BB is rigging it so a vet wins…the scam is that they are rigging it so a very SPECIFIC vet wins. That specific vet is Jordan.

          Case in point is this past week’s events. Due to the double eviction last week, production had no choice but to let the cards fall where they may. There was absolutely NO time to get the fix in. However, once Porsche won HOH and nominated Rachel and Jordan, they KNEW they had to fix that, because if not, their girl was going home.

          In comes Pandora’s box. I only bring up Pandora’s box because it wasn’t helping both vets. It was really only throwing a lifeline to “their girl”. Let’s face it, Rachel IS the most athletic person still in the house. Big Brother can and will use whatever competition they can, to ensure that the flow of the show more or less goes the way they want it. HOWEVER, there really is NO competition (short of looking confused and saying “what?”) in which Jordan can be considered the favorite, much less competition for anyone else.

          So, they reintroduce the duo twist as the “punishment” for Porsche opening the box. This was done SOLELY so that when they changed their normal POV comp to another endurance (and YES, they changed it, because they’ve never had a POV endurance comp before, so why start now), they were almost guaranteed that not only would Rachel win, but that she’d be saving their girl in the process. Since Jordan CAN’T win anything physical, and she CAN’T win anything more mental than picking out lip gloss, Jordan was almost guaranteed to leave this week.

          And before you start bringing up how Porsche didn’t HAVE to open the box, I say it’s a moot point, anyway. If she HADN’T opened the box, BB would have found another way to introduce the duo twist back in. As was mentioned by someone else earlier, have you noticed that since Pandora’s box was opened, the fortune teller is no longer lighting up? I’m not saying that the fortune teller was the back up plan to reintroduce the twist….well, yeah, I am saying that.

          Now why would they do this? Simple, so they can introduce Jordan as the first 2-time winner of BB, becoming the first BB millionaire. That makes for good TV.

    2. I think there is a government organization which monitors all game shoes including reality TV. Jeff Probst has talked about it in his survivor blog before. They have to provide a timelne in advance of the show airing showing all the games and competitions, the rules for those, the twists and when those will happen. I am sure BB has to do this as well.

      1. They don’t have to have a complete timeline (ie one that would say this comp is happening on this day) Just a group of comps and stuff that they can pick and choose to place

    3. I want to see what is going on in the Jury house with Brendon, Dani and Jeff, I love Jury house and it really bothers me how we haven’t seen anything yet!

    4. I am so tired of hearing about bb rigging the show already. It is done get over it and for the record they have been doing it all season in fact they do it every season. The ski comp that dani win was that not geared for her but no one complained them. Every bb is rigged in one way or another you didn’t think it was weird coinsedence that dani won the dani hoh right after a fight with most of the house and we know she would have been going. Pls it isn’t the first time or the last time they will do it.

      Though not sure why rachel doesn’t want kaliah to know who they are voting for not sure why it matters

    5. Show is manipulated a little bit, not rigged.

      Regardless, Porsche opened the box so whatever happened was her fault. They know each year there is a pandora’s box and what can happen.

        1. I do think they push it a little in a certain direction as they feel would make for better TV. I thought it happened with Dani and JR now.

        2. Simon you are right. The purpose of Big Brother is to get big ratings for CBS. They don’t care who wins as long as they get ratings.Does anyone notice how they do each players edits? When they needed an evil person, they created one. i.e Dani and then Shelly. Wake up people, it is all about the ratings.

          1. oh it total is reality tv is the same a prime time show ratings and in this case it isn’t about who they like it is who the audience likes. The biggest problem with this season (besides the newbies making really bad moves) the house was divided in half and until they get to the end they can’t have one side completly gone or people stop watching so when one side wins for awhile they put a comp that will shift the power. They have been doing this since the first season but in other seasons there were many alliences so it is harder to see when you have only two it is more noticeable. I don’t think they are cheating persay i think the hg have free will they give them temptations she shift the power. i think this twist was always there if the vets won it would been the same twist the comp may have been different but they don’t want only one side in the house becasue then it is boring so they keep shifting the power back and forth

    6. If any comp was made to help a person it would be all the question HOH comps where a question about Dominic somehow always seemed to come up. The only people who would remember what the THIRD houseguest evicted said would be Dani and Kalia. Funny how those where the HOH’s that they won too huh? So production helps for everyone, not just Rachel and Jordan.

    7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but EVERYONE had equal shot at the POV. The twist save ONE person. I really see nothing more than it being a Diamond POV. If Rachel ended up winning the veto anyway, she’s off. Then they put up Adam or Shelly against Jordan and you may have seen Adam or Shelly going home regardless.

      The whole “production fixed it” is a cop out for fans of those other than Rachel/Jordan. Even some of us fans that could care less have a more open mind about it.

      1. I think you’re choosing to not see what’s in front of you. If Rachel had won the POV normally Jordan would’ve been left on the block. Shelly or Adan would’ve replaced but now it’s anyone guess who goes home. Since one of JR are on the block the other only gets one vote. Chances are the newbies, who would’ve had the numbers, would’ve voted the vet out. It was game changing BS

        1. My point is that Rachel won the POV, if for some reason Jordan had won a DPOV in a pandora’s box during her HoH, she could ALSO take herself off leaving Adam and Shelly as the replacements.. Everyone is saying it’s worse than DPOV or Coup d’etat and it’s not. Even if she didn’t have one, nobody knows for certain if she goes home. Maybe Shelly faces Jordan and Adam votes with Rachel to send Shelly home. BB has had twists like these every season and now it’s production’s interferring to keep R/J safe, yet they could have lost the veto and NONE of this would be bitched about from newbie fans.
          It’s also ben said that BB knows in advance what they are gonna do. Especially with the POV that had to take some time to set up. Again, to bitch about Pandora’s Box, which Porche said earlier she WASN’T going to take if she got it and she changed her mind, did the DR come tell her she HAD to take it? Seriously doubt it. She’s greedy.

    8. Amen! If Rachel or Jordan would have gotton the Pandora’s Box, they all would have gotton a marj party or something, but because they were on the block, BB did what they did. The season sucks! Just give them the money & be done with it!

    1. They keep saying they are unsure and as now they have told kaliah that there vote will be split so she would have the deciding vote

    1. Yesterday Shelly kept saying to JR she had a surprise for them and wanted to give it to them before her eviction tomorrow. She worked harder on Rachel that Jordan the past few days, even offering Rachel her grandmothers diamond ring to hold onto as proof Shelly isn’t going after Rachel, since a DPOV cannot be used on the person with the POV.

      Something tells me Shelly has something like the DPOV and Jordan might be replacing Shelly on the block tonight and evicted.

      1. I can’t believe people on these postings continue to think the players have these secret powers. CBS has NEVER given a secret power or had an America’s Player without promoting it on the show before hand. That is one of the ways they produce ratings.

      2. even if Shelly has the DPOV, she cant put Jordan up because her and Rachel have the original Veto. So then it would be Kalia going up since she is the only one left. Maybe she is like the “sabator” and put in there only for production purposes…who knows.

      3. That would be awesome! BUT, BB aint going to keep Shelly around. Now, if it was Jordan that was about to go home, then they would have given her special powers.

      4. I am not sure where these riddicles rumors of powers are coming from but to get the dpov it is usually only awarded by american vote, pandor’s box or during the veto comp that the players are told it is the dimond veto which use to be the golden veto. Shelly has not won anything to get it and as much as we think the game is fix that would be pushing it even for bb. Let’s say she did have the dpov jordon could not go on the block the rules for the dpov is as followed they can take them selve off the block and nominate someone else but that person can not be the hoh or the regular veto holder in this case rachel won the veto as duo which means that for this week jordon also won the veto. In this case if shelly did have the dveto i think her only option would be kaliah. I think shelly is just doing what shelly usually does trying to manupulate them into keeping her she thinks rachel is a better shot and that rachel could convince jordon

      5. I am not sure where these riddicles rumors of powers are coming from but to get the dpov it is usually only awarded by american vote, pandor’s box or during the veto comp that the players are told it is the dimond veto which use to be the golden veto. Shelly has not won anything to get it and as much as we think the game is fix that would be pushing it even for bb. Let’s say she did have the dpov jordon could not go on the block the rules for the dpov is as followed they can take them selve off the block and nominate someone else but that person can not be the hoh or the regular veto holder in this case rachel won the veto as duo which means that for this week jordon also won the veto. In this case if shelly did have the dveto i think her only option would be kaliah. I think shelly is just doing what shelly usually does trying to manupulate them into keeping her she thinks rachel is a better shot and that rachel could convince jordon.

  1. What pissed me off the most is Rachel could’ve been home already had it not been for that freaken twist that lawon thought if he gets evicted he comes back with special powers. Kalias inexperience that even Jeff realized was a game changer.

  2. I’m so excited to watch what Brendon’s reaction is going to be like when he sees Dani and Jeff in the jury house!

    1. Well, they’ll be happy to see each other. Brendon will like that Daniele has been evicted. Daniele would love to see Jeff in the jury house after he got her out. And if Shelly is next, Jeff will be ecstatic to see her.

    2. Brendon and Jeff should surround Dani and start yelling at her: SEE WHAT YOU DID!?!? They had a great 5 and Dani decided she wanted to make a big move to impress her dad, so they started going against one another and now they’re all out of the house.

      Dani – gotta take a genius to accomplish what she did.

      And there are still some who argue she played a good game. She’s out before the likes of Adam Shelly Kalia and Porsche. I’ll even include Jordan because she’s been useless. That is about the furthest from a good game as Dani could have played.

  3. Come on Rachel and Jordon win that HOH then win VETO and get those nasty ass girls out of the house. So what if Production gears compitions towards someone they can be sure they will win it come on people they have to keep it interesting can you image what the house would be like if JR was out of it???? Boring that is what it would be lol. I am for JR all the way and so what if Jordon won before does that mean she cant win again no just look at the rest of the reality shows same people won at least twice. so what if jordon has not won anything since HOH at least she is trying and not throwing any comps or veto they all talk about each other but I think Porsh and Kalia is horrible they are so mean at some of the things they say so GO JR WIN THIS THING. LOL ENOUGH SAID

    1. What are talking about the rest of the cast are boring including JR. Jordon does nothing just like her season only difference is she not eating cookie dought. All she does is play in her hair and set in hot tub, what exciting about that. Oh I forgot about that dumb a** look on her face.

      1. so tire of hearing about Jordan playing with her hair….look, its better then Adam & Shelly smoking, it’s better then Kalia eating away, it’s better then Porch wearing those ugly pink sweet suits.
        As what’s better than Rachel, well even thou I don’t like anyone left she has change…Eww can’t believe I said that.
        Yes Jordan has issuies just like we all do…look what we do…yeap you got it!!

  4. Damn, that’s what Rachel looks like sans make-up. Bless you Brendon, I just couldn’t do it even with the lights out.

  5. Kalia needs to learn manners.. last night was gross & Porsche needs to keep her self up her hair is always dirty ugh..girl wash it once in a while!! I wonder why they let themselves go knowing they are on T.V ..

  6. Im boycotting and not watching tonight. Going to a baseball game. I am so upset that production ran this game. Shelly was not my favorite but this was not good. I know they say “Oh it is a game” not when production favors certain people. My daughter said they won’t have ratings if the vets leave, I don’t think so, last week was pretty cool. I think the new ones are doing a good job considering there are more of them in there than the powerful players. They did a good job of letting the target be on the vets and look where it got them…Jury Duty!

  7. 3 things:

    1- Why is Rachel’s nickname “Boy George”?! I don’t think she looks like him at all.. :S
    2- Is Dawg a real name? If not, then what is his real name? lol
    3- TEAM RACHEL FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOGOGO JR WIN HOH TONIGHT… KTHXBAI.

  8. WHAT? No pics of Jordon doing her Fire Marshall Bill impression last night on BBAD?? She was showing KPR in the HaveNot Room. Then said she wanted to go show it to Shelly. At first, Shelly didn’t know who FMB was, until Jordon told her “Jim Carrey on Living Color”. SOOOOO funny – especially since Shelly has been called Fire Marshall Bill here.

    Simon or Dawg, please post a pic…. and thanks for the GREAT job you guys do!!

  9. R Daddy is back for the first time since last Thurs. The only reason I came back was to see the bitch go home. If the cow wins HOH tonite I won’t watch again this week. Getting rid of BDJ made for a boring show and even worse BBAD. K needs to go next. JRA for final 3. No one else even deserves to be in the house still. Very impressed with A social game but R or J deserve to win!

    1. I was thinking the same thing. It sucks I don’t even want to watch anymore. CBS is team Rachael and Jordon. They never even talk about a twist coming. THen invented Pandors Box after Newbe won.

      1. Pandora’s Box is not new to the BB game, it was not invented last week. No one told Porche to open it, and production could not ensure that Rachel would win.

  10. I am going out on a small limb to say that after some analysis and deliberation, I think the final three will be Rachel, Jordan, and Porsche. It is my hope that Rachel wins but that depends on the climate in the JH.

    1. Didn’t hear her ask… and I am guessing she didn’t …a normal person would have waited for an answer before going… I think she was just lying trying to cover her tracks … and make it a little less awkward than it already was…

      1. But Rachel disrespects EVERYONE’s HOH room like that. She just walks right in the HOH like I dare u to say somethin to me about it,lol. They tlked about that when Dani and Kalia was running the HOH how she has no regard.

    2. You’re making a big deal out of nothing. But reading your comments the last several weeks, I can only conclude you’re here for one purpose only and that is to bash Rachel. I just can’t take your posts seriously anymore.

  11. They said it got heated in the jury house…. I bet there was screaming back and forth between the bullies and dani…. As if dani would ever make anyone believe what she did was wrong…. Dani was by far the strongest player in the game!!!

    1. I’m about 100% sure Little Jeff and Brenda ganged up on Dani as they like to do on women, but it’s all good they got security there to break it up.

      1. J & B: Dani, if you would’ve just stuck with the original plan blah blah blah.

        BR were the first people (on CBS) to bring up sending JJ home. They were in the purple room upset because Jordan didn’t pick them to Hang w’ da Hoff. Dani brings it up and she is the anti christ. Jeff threw a POV and voted Brendon out twice, was that in the original plan?

        That isn’t to excuse Dani’s game play. She shouldn’t have pushed so hard to backdoor J. It was her ultimate downfall.

        1. Yea you right, but f BR had not brought up 1st the idea of Backdooring JJ then maybe Dani wouldn’t have had the idea in her head, Blame is on Brenchel because they came up with the idea, then placed all the blame on Dani, That’s why she tried so hard to get them out….

        2. Then you obviously know that BR brought it up when they were by themsleves not with Dani. So then how did Dani get the idea?? Cmon shake yourself. You spin your record right round baby right round but it will still stop at the same place. Dani dug her won grave, just like Brendon did before and jeff did after and shelly after that..These people have no one to blame but themselves. BDJ relished having the power they did and did not respect the power when they had it..

        3. First off jeff only through one pov and even if he won it he knew he couldn’t use it which is why he didn’t want it because if he used it to save brendon then jordon would have gone up and he wouldn’t of taken the chance of getting her sent home. Once he knew he wasn’t dani target he through now if br managed to get a third vote they would have kept him but BR could swing adam

    2. Oh, come on. They’re all having drinks by the pool and having fun. None of the three are going to bring it into the jury house. That’s just ridiculous.

    1. Simon and Dawg are so good at coming up with Rachel faces but check out some of the youtubes of Dani and stop the video on her a couple of times to create some wonderful views of that skeletor face and head. BB does their editing and so do Simon and Dawg on OBB.

    1. Yes, BBAD should be there instead of the House it’s boring to watch now I got so tired of the word “Like” out of Kalia and now Rachel is talking valley girl Please Big Brother send in the alcohol I rather watch them drunk then, the chit chat (boring) talk .

  12. When JR tell Kalia they don’t know how they are voting yet. It would be fricking hilarious if she (K) would say, “Damn and you two are partners! Well, I’ll be making up my mind when I’m in the voting booth.”

  13. If I were JR I would tell KP that they are voting Adam out… Then when the votes come out 2-1 for Shelly to go Adam will know that it was Kalia that voted to evict him… then JR can pull Adam aside and say “OMG Adam!!! I thought you were tight with Kalia… I can’t believe she voted you out… we didn’t want KP to know how we were voting so we could see where her alliance lies… Obviously it was with Shelly!!!”

    1. then all kalia would hav to do is tell adam that they said they were voting shelly out & they set up her to make her look bad to adam to make him not trust her & trust him.

    2. why doesn’t production just cancel the next 3 weeks & just say that jordan & rachel r in the final 2 & not waste everybody’s time, last week proves that’s what they want & don’t even say that porsche didn’t hav 2 open pandora’s box because the fortune teller or something else would hav made it a duos competition anyway. i guess next year they will bring back jeff/jordan again & keep doing so until he wins because apparently they keep a hard on for him, maybe they need to go to a doctor for that u know they say anything lasting more than 4 hrs & theirs has been for 3 years, i’m just saying. hopefully they will give new people a chance next year but i doubt it though.

      1. You sound bitter…

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love it because people say it’s rigged. These are the same people who said “Jeff is gone now so Porsche is the most athletic person in the house” only to see her eliminated from the POV before Kalia.

        You have to win the game if you want a chance to stay. Rachel won it for her & Jordan so everyone says “the game is rigged”. Had Kalia won, then everything would have been fine.

        I don’t care who wins. They got rid of Sourpuss Dani so I’m happy but all you people who claim the game is rigged are nothing but bitter people.

        1. the thing i think everyone is pissed about is that the twist allowed them both to be safe. had the box not been opened rachel still would have won but they would send jordan home as a consolation prize. so even though she was the second one to fall off the dummy jordan still got saved. i think that is why people feel so bitter about the whole thing.

          and the fact of the matter is that no one has ever NOT opened pandora’s box and typically the “bad things” just make things uncomfortable not change the game. like dancing whenever music played? or only talking with sock puppets? those didn’t change who was on the block and shift the power. the closest thing was Matts DPOV but even then, the decision to actually vote out kathy was up to the rest of the house.

          it is true that production didn’t “rig” it and only manipulated it but it still feels unfair for porche. that’s big brother for you though

    3. jeff must hav gave production adam’s balls back 2 give 2 him because now jordan has them, is adam ever gonna do anything in this game, he said the very first day that he wanted a newbie 2 win yet practically ever since then he has been with the vets first up jeff’s ass & now jordan’s, no wonder he can’t do shit because all he can see is shit. he said the only competition he threw was the gumball one, yeah right adam we’re really gonna believe that one, hell even if u did try though u couldn’t win a competiton even if it was one where u were the only one competing. grow a new pair, find a new pair, or take your old pair out of jordan’s mouth & actually do something besides running back & forth. u r a bigger hyprocrite than jordan saying u wanted a newbie 2 win and then working with jeff/jordan 4 practically the whole game, that’s not gonna win u the money with the jury because they’re not voting 4 someone who let everybody else do all the dirty work. dumbass!

  14. why are people so judemental of others looks. i think all the girls are gorgeous in their own way. i bet half the ppl commenting on their looks and not their game play..are jealous and insecure. :)
    GO JR!!!!! with RACHEL winning the entire game!

  15. no point speculating on game play or whos hated most, cbs will dictate all of that… got my 1s out so lets see some barely naked ladies!!! that is except for shelly or kalia & definitely adam they can keep their clothes on thank you

    1. Porsche and Jordan are the only ones in that house worth seeing Naked…. well we already saw Rachel last season she has nothing new to show, and even though we also saw Jordan Naked, I wouldn’t mind seeing her again

    1. Kalia is keeping her word to never put Jordan up. K will put up A and R and when R wins the POV, Kalia will put up Lawon, er Porsche. Meanwhile, here in the real world, K is Jordan’s number one target.

  16. So ok here is my thought, why haven’t Jordan and Rachel ever messed with the fortune teller??? Or have they?? Anyone???

    What’s with Kalia asking for silence?? Who does she think she is, she is the one that is incessantly running her mouth on and on about ridiculous crap …….she isn’t even the HOH, and she has attitude, yeah way to lose an opportunity to listen in on their conversations, and get a feel for who is going to be voted out…what a dumb-bunny.

    Go JR…GO!!

  17. Ok people are driving me absolutely crazy with the whole “production is taking JR to the end” bullcrap! This is a tv show people!! It is geared towards ratings. Yes production along the way in EVERY season has geared comps towards certain players. When your particular side is in power everything is fine and fair but when the “other” side is given an advantage the show is rigged and you are never watching again. Ya know what?! Dont watch!! You actually have the power to walk away from your tv!! Or heaven forbid….change the channel!
    BB can gear whatever they want to whoever they want but in the end the houseguests make their own choices. Porshe didnt have to open Pandora’s box, but she did. Get over it. Rachel hung on the longest to earn the veto. Porshe, Kalia, Shelly and Adam let go knowing they were giving up…period. Production didnt rig the result. Porshe is an idiot for opening Pandora’s box and they are all idiots for not hanging on.
    For the love of god people, please stop your complaining and if it is so bad, stop posting on here and go outside! Let the people that actually enjoy the game as a whole enjoy the rest of the season.

    1. Sssheeezzz what are you BB staff. Yes you ae right it is geared toward ratings. BRJJ. As for pandoras box of course she’ll take $. Even if she didn’t open it the fortune teller would have come through for RJ.BB gives the same comp that she already proven she could win

      1. so if they have a questions comp then I can scream up and down that it is geared towards Kalia because she won a questions comp or can I be upset if it is a timed comp because Porshe won one of those??? Give me a break

    2. I second that!!!

      Here’s a wild and crazy idea that will work for all the houseguests regardless of what they think production is doing to “rig” the show:

      If everyone wants to beat Kalia (or anyone else) at a quiz/mental comp, then STUDY HARDER!!!

      If everyone wants to beat Rachel (or anyone else) at a physical comp, then EXERCISE MORE!!!

      Just my two cents…

  18. porsche

    is so pettey even though thats her hoh bathroom for now . why she has to be so mean and selfish dread…… its just a bathroom geez dread . … even if she didn’t hear rachel ask,,, which even if rachel did she would say she didnt hear her…. i swear these girls are so petty and childish for silly stuff .. i dont understand why they get all work up bend over shape for silly kids stuff …………………… i just cant wait for shelly to walk out that door talking bout she hpoes her family are proud of her i cant wait for josie to ask her mom why did u hide rachel stuff a big 41 or 40 year old …. ……. porsch should of just over look that… why mention it .(in she suppose to be in a fake allinace with rachel why ruffle the feathers)like she has a problem with it … even though rachel walk into dani hoh room without knocking thats the past .. these kids dont know how to let petty stuff go

    1. Could’ve guess someone was going to defend Rachel’s disrespect, and Rachel DID NOT ask to use the HOH bathroom she went up there as usual like it was her own, but nobody was watching the door…

      1. I wasn’t watching the feeds, so I don’t know, but isn’t it possible that the bathroom downstairs was occupied and she REALLY had to go? And P worried that R snooped or took something? Isn’t that the pot trying to call the kettle black?

        1. Well you know that saying: “The faults you find in others are the faults you find in yourselves.”


          God I hate that ditzy blowupdoll.

  19. Anyone wanna bet that the FortuneTeller has a diamond veto hanging around her neck?

    I don’t know for sure but I am guessing she’s hiding something and the only thing that hasn’t been tried is taking her top off.

      1. another thought (if I’m wrong about the 1st) is that at some time (possibly while the house guests are playing a comp. outside) production will come place the diamond power of veto around said Teller’s neck and then whomever is lucky enough to discover it first ~ BOOYAA

        there’s another twist and better yet, another form of manipulation by production – even if it may seem like a Survivor move.

    1. The idea of taking the top off an ugly women frightens me, but I’ll bet your right , and nobody will find it because I think they might think production would tell them to stop..

  20. all the petty stuff they did this season rachel bashing , hatred talk , all the cumm stain they talk about , pregancy etc…. i just dont want any of these pettey ,childish kids to win , cbs please make the final 3 adam ,,jordan ,,rachel
    hope rachel wins for all the storm ,tears ,hurricane irene shit she had to endure ….

    1. So you believe the girl that was having sex with her fiance right beside the other houseguests is somehow a better person than the people complaining about the stains they left behind?

  21. The show is NOT rigged. It is manipulated. There is a difference. All reality shows manipulate for ratings. Im sure BB has about 20 comps at their disposal and they will see where the power is going and throw a wrench in it if possible so that the viewers are entertained..many have said it in here that if the vets run the table it would be a horrible show. So the show throws a twist or wrench in it to try and balance out the power and make it entertaining. But there are still no guarantees. Rigging it would make it a guarantee. The show probably recognized that with jeff gone and JR up against the wall to stay that they would try and balance it out. Again, NO ONE forced Porsche to open the box. She got greedy (which is what the show wants and likes) and they show was given the opportunity to try and balance the power to make the show more interesting.

    All those crying about JR are ridiculous. I honestly dont think either will make it to the final 2 so it really doesnt matter. The show has bigger concerns then whether or not JR make it to the final 2…

      1. The concerns Im talking about are what has transpired over the last few seasons. Meaning exactly what I said, there are BIGGER concerns then this years winner. If they dont inject some energy and vibrance into the show then it wont be hanging on much longer..

  22. JORDAN FOR THE WIN! She is a cute, Southern Belle, with a good heart and good principles who Jeff clearly has true feelings for. No, she is not the fiercest competitor but she also does not lie, she lets her heart and love for Jeff guide her decisions and always stands by him and her friends. I think Jeff should definitely give her the final rose!

    ……oh wait…..this isn’t the Bachelor?? …wait…I’m watching Big Brother!!?!?

    *state of utter confusion*

      1. Jeff literally, honestly, forgot Porsche was in the house at one point

        it was Dani it was lusting the whole time – it was very obvious at first till he channeled his sexual frustration into aggression against her

  23. Hoh this weeks should be questions Like, How man times do you think Kalia has said “Like” this season
    How many times Jordan plays with her hair. How many times has Rachel cried over losing Vetos & Hoh
    How many times has Rachel said the F word “Fiancee” Poor Adam to deal with these hormonal women thats worth $500,000

    Never heard any of the Zingbot Zings in any game HOH or Veto or the morphing game?

  24. GO Rachel for the win…. I just love Rachel this year she is like a big sister to Jordan… she has been down more than anyone in the house and picks herself up she deserves to win the 500k…. GO RACHEL AND JORDAN FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

  25. One house gone tonight , one next week then again on next sunday the last jury , that will bring it to 3 and then the last 3 will complete in the final HOH and be sent packing the final 2 would be seen on Wednesday and quetions from the jury and then final on 15 Sept just after Survivor

  26. I don’t like any of the players left, but I do believe it was rigged for one reason. Had Shelly or Adam won POV and used it to save Jordan and Rachel, who would go up? No one! Which would cause a major issue. Porsche chose Kalia which keeps them safe and Shelly and Adam have the Veto so they are safe, the share the power with Jordan and Rachel so they are safe. Regardless this part of the game was rigged because the only way it works is if HOH team wins it, or Jordan and Rachel win it. Not to mention this is the first time I have seen them reuse a compitition twice. First the banana which Rachel won easily and the hang from your mate which is the banana gig with faces. So yes regardless of who you like or root for, this part was rigged. I also don’t think Posche JUST got $5000 I am sure she got another promise behind the scenes to open it, CBS hosting work somthing. She herself said “It better be good for me to use it!” No one trades in $50,000 or $500,000 for $5,000. She can’t compete next week and one of her alliance is going home, and Adam follows the power, she knows all this, so she set herself up to leave next week. So she had to have gotten an extra incentive to open it that no one knows about. Just like Shelly turning. Something had to happen to cause that, she had it made, she coulda turned this week. Its TV guys thats how it goes. Production trying to save Danny. It was all rigged, because as we are seeing, IT’S GETTING SHAMEFULLY BORING! They are making cookies when they should be back stabbing eachother. Shelly and Adam go back and forth, Rachel has taken over carrying Jordan, and Kalia and Porsche are clueless. There is no real master working people, it is just a bunch of coat hangers. Probably the better newbie players were cut early. Domonic and Cassie probably would be a great switch out for Kalia and Porsche or Jordan and Adam and the show would be a lot better just for viewing pleasure.

    I think personally this was the worst season ever. I never want to see Jordan and Jeff again, not because I hate them, I’m just over them, they aren’t sweethearts, they are as annoying as the rest of them. Jeff thinks he is owed things and Jordan shoulda never won $500,000 in her season and is useless. Neither one of them have done anything! Just because they are both attractive doesn’t lend to the theory that they are Americas Sweethearts. New players thinking they know how to win as we learn about them. Thats what made this game great. Bringing in past winners and vets is just lame. It was stupid from the beginning. If you want to bring people back, make the whole cast past winners. Or second place finishers. See what they do different. But teaming up people that have a relationship and experience against people who have never played before and making them team up when they dont know each other = a really crappy season. This was doomed from the beginning. Go back to what works BB give us people we learn to love or hate, let us watch their plans work or back fire. You are trying way to hard now.

    1. Lol, you typed all that and really didnt say anything. BTW, if Adam or Shelly won it then they would receive and automatic ticket ot final 2. Game Over! Okay now to your ridiculous rant. First of all the team veto was for the team and if they decided to use the veto on Jordan then they would go up because they are no longer safe as they chose to save someone else ie; Brendon taking Rachel off the block or Marci deciding she wasnt going to use the veto even though she was on the block (still worst decision in BB history, hands down). Final 4-5 usually gets boring as all the strong personalities and conflicts were removed from the game and their are less people to make alliances with and most alliances are known by this time. i would also assume you haveproof that Porsche was offered more than the 5k?? NOPE?? Didnt think so…

      1. Wrong the only reason Brendon used it and wasnt safe was because he was also ON THE BLOCK. When you are on the block it does not save you and the person you use it on HOWEVER the golden veto DOES keep the winner safe AS WELL AS the one saved as long as the winner is not on the block. For instance if you aren’t on the block and win the golden veto and you use it on someone on the block neither of you can go up. If you are on the block it only saves you or the other person on the block because at that point you are still nominated. So wrong there, but thanks for trying out. “The winner of the Power of Veto can choose to veto one of the Head of Household’s initial nominations. If the veto winner does not want to veto one of the HoH’s nominations, he or she can choose to keep the nominations the same. If they do veto one of the nominees, the HoH must name a replacement nominee. The winner is also protected from becoming a replacement nominee for the week.” -Wikipedia

        I don’t have proof, but I guess every theory needs proof right, She said she wouldn’t use it, then all the suddenly she does? Now mind you I’m not a Porsche fan, but $5000 is hardly making it worth someone to lose the game. I do think things were manipulated on both sides, it’s TV, I think it happens a lot, you don’t, so here you go You are right no one manipulates reality TV! Sure whatever you want to think. It was just a statement, belittling people on here seems to be your past time, I guess if that’s all you got…good for you. But people are just observing and making statements on a game show, it doesn’t really mean anything. But if you need to use us to look cool because you aren’t in real life, well that’s fine too, have fun with that.

  27. People there is still plenty of game left to start saying who deserves to win and who does not deserve to win the game. If Jordan wins trhis week HOH and more comps is she not deserving to win the game because she already won BB 11. Come on people that makes no sense!

  28. Posting again since didn’t post before:

    Yesterday Shelly kept saying to JR she had a surprise for them and wanted to give it to them before her eviction tomorrow. She worked harder on Rachel that Jordan the past few days, even offering Rachel her grandmothers diamond ring to hold onto as proof Shelly isn’t going after Rachel, since a DPOV cannot be used on the person with the POV.

    Something tells me Shelly has something like the DPOV and Jordan might be replacing Shelly on the block tonight and evicted.

    1. Lol, you actually thought this out?? Has there EVER been a DPOV or a “Twist” that the viewers dont know about prior to eviction?? If Shelly has a power believe me, we would already know about it. Only power Shelly has is to walk on her own 2 feet out the door to talk to Julie.

      1. Has there EVER been an endurance comp for POV? NO
        Has there EVER been an unknown Pandora’s Box? NO

        This year nothing has gone as normally done and has been twisted up to suit ratings and unfortunately, Shelly is a ratings bonanza for BB with all the haters out there, unlike Adam who is a flake, Kalia who most turn on their mutes when she is on screen and so on, Shelly at least creates termoil in the house and with her gone it will be a totally duller than it is dull final 2 weeks.

        1. So you respond to my comment with new arguments?? I responded to your DPOV BS and then you come up with other things??..Look, the game is manipulated to an extent, I dont think anyone is arguing that point. They have had POV where the penalty was slop the rest of your house stay or shaving your head…All these things cater to the person that is on the block, are those rigged too?? Look, CBS wants entertainment, heck we want entertainment so they will help keep things unbalanced. Thats the way this show is and always has been. If you dont get that by now then perhaps you should just call it a day and stop watching.

          1. Ummmmm sorry Little Gamer, but I answered your question, if you don’t care for answers to your STUPID responses, then maybe you shouldn’t post anything dimwit!

        2. yeah but if anything, BB made these unprecendented moves like an endurance POV and mystery Pandora’s Box to help JR (isnt that what we are all saying??) but then Shelly having a DPOV would go against that since it doesnt help JR at all – also i am sorry but that is just TOO big a thing to keep from the audience

          and there have always been “unknown” parts to Pandora’s Box – like we didn’t know that bad thing last year was Rachel coming back into the house- and we didn’t right away know about Jesse doing the workout thing…

    2. Could be. Shelly’s entire game enthusiasm has been restored. Wouldn’t be too surprising. Poetic justice would be that she found DPOV while cleaning.

  29. My guess and I might be the 1st to say or not tonights HOH ( if J or R ) win the fortune teller will give the the DPOV to use in the next 2 weeks . If Adam (LMAO) or Kalia wins then Fotune Teller wont be out until next week.

  30. in that america’s favourite poll above, all 3 black people are the only ones with the lowest percent and they are the only ones still at 0.##%….hmm

    1. To be fair we didn’t get to know Keith, Lawon wanted to be evicted, and Kalia talks and talks and eats and eats.

      There are a lot JJ fans (majority of people). I am Team Dani, Yo!

    2. First of all…who is Keith?? I remember him for ohhh about 5 minutes! And if you were watching Lawon made a dumb move and told everyone to vote him off!!! And Kalia is so annoying! I also wouldnt give my vote to Cassi, Dom, Porshe, Adam, Shelly or Jordan and they arent black. Calm down

  31. So with the house guests left any physical competitions are unfair??

    The twists have worked out well for the vets but thats because of the newbies stupidity.

    First kalia pulls off the move of the game and puts lawon on the block to be voted out, giving brandon an easy win to get back into the house.

    Then porsche opens pandora’s box for $10,000. I mean do people not know the story behind pandoras box.

    So its not so much the production screwing over the newbs, Its the newbs screwing over themselves.

  32. Rachel, Jordan been final 3 before in Big Brother 11. She will help you to get there. I want you to win HOH this week and when we get into final 3. Rachel win Part 1 on HOH, Jordan win part 2 HOH and Part 3. Rachel, watch the Jury statement because you and Jordan needs to focus on that one get the exactly number guess. Jordan guaratee takes you to final 2.

    1. if Rachel is intelligent and I know she is she will not take Jordan to final 2 because she will lose against her. Jordan on the other hand must take Rachel because she will win against her… I hope Rachel uses her brain and get rid of Jordan in the final 3, because we all know Jordan wil NOT win any of those comps, her season was a fluke because she was playing against people who sucked ass in comps, she has no chance of beating Rachel in comps and she knows that.

  33. am I the only one excited to see the other house where the ones evicted stay at today .. I think they call it the Jury house ..

    so excited to see their reactions HAHAHAH

  34. Kalia is such a bitch! Really who does she think she is dictating when people can and cannot talk in the HOH room. Who cares if she wants to sleep. I want JR to win HOH and Veto and shut Kalia face up for good. Porsche has an alliance with Adam. Adam is a liar. He needs to learn the definition of what a liar is and he will find that he fits right in with the rest of the house. Sorry Adam you don’t have a halo over your head and wings on your back. Shelly is so done!! There isn’t any reason to keep her around. Every breath she takes is a lie! She is worst than Adam. Would be interesting to see who Adam would put up if he won HOH. I think Rac and Kalia. He is lying to JR. He will put up Rac in the end b/c he know he can’t beat her or Kalia for that matter. That would be awesome that way Adam does the girl alliances dirty work for them. More drama the better. This BB season is pretty weak!

    1. What about Jordan yesterday, dictating who’s allowed in the backyard. She allowed no one in the backyard because she was having a conversation. Jordan thinks she owns the house. Screw her.

  35. The newbees had this game before Porsche opened up Pandora’s Box. Way to go Porsche. If a vet wins this season you can thank yourself for making it happen. Good job!!!

  36. All I can do is hope for a miracle and watch Adam leave tonight, otherwise this season isn’t worth watching. It was a crappy twist from the start and Dick leaving was the worst thing that could happen. He might have made it fun. The only 2 that have really played the game were Dani and Shelly. Jordan should have gone home, but the network gave her a free pass. I was starting to pull for Porsche, but she was stupid to take $5G when she was sitting so pretty for the win. The competition was definitely something that favored Rachel and maybe Porsche, but honestly. How could Adam, Shelly, Kalia and Jordan have a chance. Without the stupid twist Jordan would be leaving tonight. Shelly played a great game and by no fault of her own she is going home. Of course it is rigged. If Porsche wouldn’t have opened PB, I bet the fortune teller would have spit something out to keep RJ safe and satisfy the craving for Shelly’s head on a plate for daring to play her own game and *GASP* lie to little Jeff and princess Jordan that think BB should be played singing kumbaya in the backyard. The game has been so dumbed down I am losing interest. The same mentality that thinks Boston Rob is the all time champ of Survivor rules. He lost the game three times, and finally won because they assembled the most star struck imbeciles to play against him. Wow.. What a chump!

    If Rachel and Jordan could win without the help of special powers and twists, then that’s fine by me. I don’t have to like them, but if they deserve the win I will give them their due. But they can’t.

    I can’t stand Kahlia. She is a cow with a mouth on auto pilot, all the time. She rides coattails and the only good thing she did all season was get Jeff out. I would barf if she won or even made final 2.

    If Adam makes final 4 I will throw up. Unless he makes a big move now and wins a lot of competitions, he deserves to have left before Keith. I wanted to like him, I really tried, but he is a dud.

    I wouldn’t mind if Porsche wins, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I would love to see her take out Rachel, but unless Kahlia wins HOH, she will be the next to go.

    Just when this season finally had some promise, the twist makes it suck even worse. Hoping for a miracle for Shelly!

    1. Hi Chloe, and I think I agree with you on the show manipulating or rigging or whatever to get to the end that the production wants. I haven’t went out of my way to watch much. I just can’t get into this season. It’s doesn’t mean I won’t watch because I do love the show but this season has not been that interesting for me. But, I still love the site and seeing you and others here.

  37. I’m really looking forward to HoH. There’s so many entertaining possibilities regardless of who wins

    Rachel wins and puts up Kalia and Porsche – operation sleepover will be outed and Kalia will most likely go home. This is the least entertaining scenario

    Jordan wins and puts up Kalia and Porsche – The shock Kalia’s going to get when she realizes that Jordan will never be her friend and was completely lieing about their deal to never put each other up (which was a huge contributing factor to the Lawon fiasco, putting up Jordan as a replacement would’ve been a much smarter move)

    Kalia wins and puts up Adam and Rachel – just good times here between Rachel’s standard HoH schmoozing and Adam’s frenzied floating

    Adam/Shelly (assuming Adam) – only interesting due A) Adam actually being forced to make a move other than ‘I will vote the way you tell me to’ and B) the monkeys that will miraculously fly out of Adam’s but when he wins an HoH

  38. Rachel is smart! Coconut water hydrates you, gives you energy, just all around makes you feel great. She knocks it back before HOH competition and she’ll be on her game. Silly Porsche, you just gave Popeye some spinach!

  39. BTW, unrelated, but watching the show last night cemented by support for team porsche. Everything from the little dance she did in the storage room when she finally won a comp, to when she replied to Jeff’s ‘I saved you’ with ‘you just voted out my alliance member man’ to how she rocked the snake eye game. I wasn’t really a big fan of her at the beginning, but she’s growing on me more and more as every episode airs.

  40. Everything is rigged….. LoL vote out boy george…. Vote out dum dum…
    Let there be a new magic twist…. bring in new vet…ahh this year is a dud!

  41. For everyone that is on the bandwagon it was rigged for Rachel and Jordan. All Kalia, Shelly or Adam had to do when the twist was announced was pick Jordan or Rachel for their partner and one of the other pic the other. If they would of done this one of them would of went home. They would of been spilt up and no matter who won the POV one of them would of been put up. So even if CBS did something the houseguest remaining or newbies could of off set it by making a smart move and seperating Jordan and Rachel when Julie said pick a partner.

    1. Oh yeah! Pray tell, how does that work again…

      Porsche says here J or R, I really want to give either of you $5,000 and share my champange with you??

      Shelly and Adam go to J and R, can you please be my partner, even though I have not won jack-shit in this competition so far??

      Also, what fricking since does it make to be HOH and have both of your nominations removed from the block in one fell swoop??

      POV should be limited to one nomination; not both. Because it truly negates the power of being HOH.

      Only blind allegiance to one or two players in this game, would allow anyone to think otherwise!

      I guess common sense it not that common.

    2. What do you mean? Jordan and Rachel would never agree to team up with Kalia or Porsche. To make it halfway fair, they should have had the HOH choose the three duos.

      1. And one final point.

        BB could not allow four veterans to be evicted in a roll. Because then there little social experiment would have blown up in their collective faces. Cause they knew more than likely Rachel was up to the task of winning POV, but Jordan (the ultimate floater of the game) would be surely going to the Jury House.

  42. Jeff is a bully. If Kalia would have stood up to him, he would have cried like a school girl. She should have told him, if you don’t STFU, I’ll put your girlfriend up next to you. Anyway, CBS picked house guests that were in love with Jeff and Jordan, and all the Veterans. They were not looking for a fair season. CBS wanted ratings, and to protect their assets.

  43. Yes, I’m going to talk during the whole lock down. If you have a problem with that, you can leave-hahaha-. Maybe even go to your own room. By the way, I’m not sure why no one has told you all week long that this isn’t your HOH room. Now shut up and go back to sleep, idiot. Here is my problem with Kalia and she is just as bad as Shelly. Right out of the gate, she turned on her alliance. She let Jeff intimidate her and decided to put Lawon, supposely, her closes buddy on the block. Not to talk about the past, but Lawon should not have been anyone’s target. In my opinion, that was a cowardly move. Also, I don’t like people who can’t handle the pressure. When things are going well for Kalia, she is just like the God Father. When things are not going her way, she cries. Also, people with money don’t brag about their money. People who don’t have money tend to embellish the truth. Therefore, when I hear people say I don’t need the money, I have lots of it already, I automatically know they are lying.

    1. Also, people with money don’t brag about their money.

      Was that a joke, because I know people with money that love to brag, might not always be in words, but when you look at their big house or expensive vehicles, that’s called BRAGGING LOL

  44. If I remember correctly, a person had to pick a partner and the person they picked had to agree to be their partner. Therefore, people had a choice who they wanted to partner with. I don’t know if it was rigged. However, I do know if Porsche passed on the Pandora’s Box, I believe that fortune teller would have told somebody something. Hey, I’m just saying!

  45. Tonight’s Live Eviction
    HOH:Porsche (Vote if it a tie)
    Plan A
    Evicted Adam:Kaila
    Evicted Shelly:Jordan,Rachel
    Shelly Evicted 2-1
    HOH Competition
    Outgoing HOH:Porsche
    Competing HOH Competition players:Rachel,Adam,Jordan,Kaila
    Winner:Rachel (HOH)
    Two Nomination on the block:Adam (N) vs Kaila (N)
    Pandora Box Open: Good consequence-Vacation outside Big Brother House (24 Hours), Get the golden key and pick one Houseguest can’t compete for POV and next HOH competition:Rachel Choose Jordan. Bad Consequence, Brendon comes back in Big Brother House and Terrorize other Houseguest, Call the Houseguest in the living room and Rachel explain the Pandora Box,Rachel announce one Houseguest will guarantee to be in final 3 and can’t compete in POV competition or next HOH competition. However, a Houseguest can also vote to evict one Houseguest.
    POV Competition:Rachel wins POV and safe Adam with Porsche as a replacement.
    Evicted Porsche:Jordan,Adam
    Evicted Kaila:None
    Porsche Evicted 2-0
    Plan B
    Evicted Adam:Kaila
    Evicted Shelly:Rachel,Jordan
    Shelly evicted 2-1
    Outgoing HOH:Porsche
    Competing HOH Competition players:Rachel,Adam,Jordan,Kaila
    Two Nomination on the block:Rachel (N) vs Jordan (N)
    Pandora Box Open:Good Consequence-Rachel or Jordan called by DR to get Coup d’etat to remove him/herself on the block,All Houseguest have a party, Kaila’s Boyfriend appearance and ask for the marriage proposal and dinner. Bad Consequence:Jeff appearance at Pandora Box to make Kaila more miserable, annoy pest come to Houseguest, and can’t compete in POV competition
    POV Competition:Rachel wins POV take herself off the block and replacement Adam on the block. Live eviction ceremony. Jordan has a Coup d’etat and remove herself with replacement Porsche on the block.
    Evicted Porsche:Rachel
    Evicted Adam:None
    Porsche Evicted 1-0
    Plan C
    Evicted Adam:Kaila
    Evicted Shelly:Jordan,Rachel
    Shelly Evicted 2-1
    HOH Competition
    Outgoing HOH:Porsche
    Competing HOH Competition players:Rachel,Adam,Jordan,Kaila
    Two Nomination on the block:Adam (N) vs Kaila (N)
    Pandora Box Open:Good Consequence-Vacation outside the Big Brother House,Golden Key and guarantee final 3,Diamond Power of Veto Remove him/herself off the block, Receive $50000,or talk to the love ones. Bad Consequence-Jeff come back for 24 Hours, Call the Houseguest about open Pandora which HOH can’t compete POV competition,Saboteur Returns for Two Days only:Porsche complete two days of sabotage.
    POV Competition:Rachel wins POV and save Adam from the Chopping block and replacement Porsche on the block.
    Evicted Porsche:Adam,Jordan
    Evicted Kaila:None
    Porsche evicted 2-0
    Evicted Porsche:Adam
    Evicted Kaila:Jordan
    Rachel cast the decided vote:Evicted Porsche 2-1
    Plan D
    Evicted Adam:Kaila
    Evicted Shelly:Jordan,Rachel
    Shelly Evicted 2-1
    HOH Competition
    Outgoing HOH:Porsche
    Competing HOH Competition players:Rachel,Adam,Jordan,Kaila
    Adam has to pick a side either KP or JR
    Adam Choose JR over KP
    Two nomination on the block:Kalia (N) vs Porsche (N)
    Pandora Box open:Good Consequence-Fara Show up and have dinner with her. In additional:15 minutes more and ask her marriage. Receive $5000,All Houseguest have a party, Meeting Former Beverly Hills 92010 guest Tori Spelling . Bad Consequence-All Houseguest have to deal with annoy pest, Adam has to Dress as a Bacon for 1 week, Former Houseguest Cassi Returns 24 Hours, sock puppet 24 hours,Dancing 24 Hours, utensil taking away, annoy alarm sound in 24 hours.
    POV competition:Rachel wins POV and keep the nomination the same.
    Evicted Porsche:Jordan,Rachel
    Evicted Kaila:None
    Porsche Evicted 2-0

    So, what you guys think? Good or Bad? Need input or idea.

  46. If you think that reality shows are fixed then why do you watch them? When you see that your favorite person is loosing then you have a tendency to say the competitions are fixed. Maybe it is just your perception and not fact at all. It wouldn’t be unusual for production to give hints in the DR to make the show more interesting, where do you get off saying that the whole show is fixed for certain people to win? That is prosperous because if it was proven to be true, then viewers wouldn’t watch, rating would plummet and the show would not make it to another season. So let’s just watch, be entertained, and root for your favorite. No need to talk trash about any individual because you really don’t know them, just what you see on the show. Be considerate of others.

  47. I firmly believe that Kalia would’ve DESTROYED Jeff had she decided to stand up for herself, but she decided to try to remain level-headed and calm. I think she could easily get loud and screamy (remember when she got into a fight with Brendon?). She just decides not too.

  48. Yes I do believe that The fortune Teller would’ve come into play had Porsche not opened Pandora’s Box so I would not be surprised if that ugly bitch is not used for the rest of the season.

  49. All the people who think Brendon and Jeff are abusive bullies, evidently,have never been bullied or abused or u would know how foolish u sound.

    1. They only say he is a bully because he raised his voice to their favorites!! R & J to WIN!! These people have no idea what bullying is about. They just don’t like Jeff and go along with all the other people that don’t like him.

  50. Am I the only one that understands this show. Big Brother is the unseen houseguest. That is why they have twists. No one should ever assume things are as they seem. Look at the past seasons where they have used old friends relatives twins and other twists. Big Brother is able to change things up to keep it interesting. I like the twists even when they turn everything upside down.

  51. Whether people like it or not, Rachel is still in the game and has the chance to win. I do not want Jordan to win. She already won. As for the rest, they are just weak players.

    Among the players, I consider danielle to be the most aggressive and unfortunately the most stupid. She made the worst moves – turning on jeff on week two, influencing kahlia’s HOH which was a debacle and sticking to her social game by letting the strong players know she’s against them. She kept on saying she was there to play to the game. She was there to make moves. Of course. Unfortunately she didn’t know how to do it right.

    1. That was definately Kalia’s HOH. Dani did not agree with her decision. Kalia refused to put up Jordan. She was going to put up Porsche until Lawon offered to be evicted. Btw, any newbie that voted to keep Rachel was just as dumb as Kalia and Lawon.

  52. Pandoras box…why did porche choose kalia as her partner? ?If they would have split rachel and jordan up, one of them would still be on the block. Could they have said no, I don’t want to be your partner? Just asking. JR final 2….

    1. Yes they could say no. I don’t know why Porsche didn’t say she won 10k and had to split it with her partner and they would also be safe, then it would’ve been a scramble because everybody would’ve wanted 5k, that would’ve made great drama, I’m sure Rachel or Jordan would’ve jumped to be on her team.

    2. bc you know how paranoid everyone is, if you have the same color socks as someone else then they think you are colluding and might be in an alliance- imagine if one of them wanted to pair with someone from the other side — noone else would trust them and make them an even bigger target
      also, you are going to do worse in a comp if you hate your partner

      and last, they didn’t have much time to talk about it

  53. First of all, everyone. Jordan and Rachel bust their Ass-off and 4 against 2 odds not stack but Jordan and Rachel will make it to the Final 2. Both deserve to make that far. Porsche and Kaila, you think that Porsche 1 HOH and 1 POV & Kaila win 2 HOH’s that’s a fluke and got lucky. Beside, Jordan and Rachel plus Adam deserve to make it to final 3 or Two aggrogance cocky newbies bragging of winning have more mistake ever. Come on people, Jordan bust her ass off. I know she has a confidents in her and so is Rachel. However, why would you want to see Porsche and Kaila going to the final 2 which they doing nothing but floating round. Jordan work hard and she is little upset but she can overcome her feelings. I know she can. I want a piece of History of Big Brother that Jordan Lloyd win Big Brother twice. Survivor already have two time winner, why can Big Brother have one? Beside Jordan will have a chance to make that far. So come people what you say?

  54. Big Jeff dominating another poll… llike i said THE MOST POPULAR PLAYER IN BB HISTORY… at this point he is too big to do another season he needs his own show

  55. Tonight either Shelly or Adam gets voted out. Here are some strategies that might work for either of them so that they can stay.


    – Lie by telling Rachel and Jordan how hot they look now that they are working out. Offer to be their personal eunuch. Pop zits willingly.
    – Do NOT offer them bacon from his private, under-the-mattress stash.
    – In plain view of R & J, sneak up behind Kalia, and mimic drilling her from behind, making spanking motions with his hand, while mouthing the words “Who’s your daddy”
    – Mention to Jordan that he is a fan of another famous guy from Chicago, Al Bundy! When Jordan asks if he thinks Jeff might know him, say you don’t know for sure, but he can see a lot of similarities.


    – Tell Jordan that she found God just last night. Explain to Rachel that God is not just a word used in a sentence letting your neighbors know that you are having an orgasm.
    – Mention to J & R that she thinks that Big Jeff and Brendan are really hot guys and that they must be desperate for a little action by now. Wonder out loud if Dani’s been giving them any. Wait for R to self-evict in a split-second on this one.
    – Speak to Jordan about Rachel having a baby. Ask her if she’s seen Rosemary’s Baby. Explain how that was in a locked down house too.
    – Lie to J & R saying that Kalia has a lesbo crush on her, and the worst punishment ever would be to leave her in the house with Kalia. Beg for them to vote her out, knowing that spite and personal revenge will trump smart game play, and they will “punish” her by voting Adam out instead.

  56. I think the Pandora’s box is complete bullshit. Hear me out.

    It has nothing to do with who I’m a fan of or whatever — consider this scenario. Let’s say that Shelly and Adam won that veto, and decided to take off Rachel and Jordan, which is a perfectly legal game move. Who would be nominated? It would be impossible to have a replacement. But of course production knows that scenario would have never happened so they did it anyway, even though it is technically game breaking.

    Another more speculative suggestion is the fact that the competition was nearly identical to the bananas, as were the eliminations/winner. Regardless, I don’t have a horse in this race anymore, the double eviction show was when this season jumped the shark hard.

    1. On the Pandora’s Box you have to remember it does not have to be accepted. Our 23 year old Nitwit Porka wanted the money. If she had not accepted thrn things would not have changed. BB throws the twist out there BUT they don’t necessarily have to be used. Newbies have to take this one in the shorts!! Don’t blame BB fdor this one!

      1. would you all prefer that ratings go down and then BB gets cancelled? i mean it’s not the greatest part of the show- but if production gets involved, so be it…i’d rather that than nothing

  57. So tired of hearing ppl complain and bitch about the show. I’m pretty sure simon and dawg are too! They work hard giving us the oportunity to read this site and let us know what’s going on without having to buy the feeds. Talking about the show and whatnot is ok. But steadily complaing is not cool. Don’t watch the show if you think its rigged or whatever. Get over it already! Obviously y’all aren’t tired of it bc it seems to me everyone who is complaining is still watching it lol I think its funny. But anyway with that being said….. why do they have to go in an HOH lockdown?

  58. finally some darn gameplay! get kalia to vote adam, and boom. 3 v 2 and some comfort come hoh comp and next week

    rachel or jordan need this hoh imo. best for TV too. tired of kalia

  59. You all underestimate Jordan. Everyone thinks they can beat her in competitions,. Ask Natalie how that worked out for her. She has a quiet determination and can win again. R & J to the finals would be the most interesting. Jeff votes for Jordan and Brendon votes for Rachel. How would the rest vote?

  60. Does anyone know if the Live Feeds are on during the Live Show Tonight? Football is on in the Tampa Bay area and we cannot watch until 1:30am!!!!! I can’t wait that long to see it!!!!

  61. Wondering if HOH comp tonight will be questions about the Fortune Teller? (Because the camera zoomed in on it when they were discussing winning the HOH). Questions such as what is she wearing, eye color, etc?

  62. I have one thing against Jordan- ok she wants Adam final 3 but complains that all porche and kalia do is sit around being bitches. So what do you call Rachel and herself? They are the same freaking way & so immature “let’s not tell kalia how were voting” really? Lol & the fact that she would want Adam in the final 3.. The biggest floater in the house who has not done jack shit but talk about honesty and integrity, really Adam? If your so honest go tell porche and kalia you are no longer working with them, be the honest person you are! In my opinion final 3 should consist of either JRKP – idc as long as Adam isn’t in final 3!

  63. However Rachael and Jordan are voting should be a no brainer.
    Can Jordan name ONE time that Adam flipped on her or Jeff? Jeff & Jordan have always prided themselves on being loyal to their alliance. If this (LOYALTY) is true, then Adam should be with JR in the final 3.

    I’m not a Adam fan, & I really would not care except that JJBR seem to get mad when people have fake loyalty to them; and if they evict Adam….then that would be fake loyalty. He is a weak player, but he has stood by JJ from beginning till end. Shelly is a weak player too…if you base it on the COMPS she has won — equal -0-. If they feel they can trust Shelly more than Adam….then J and R deserve to lose…and if Shelly stabs them in the back AGAIN….it is what it is.

    1. Adam flipped on them 3 times, Brendon’s evictions and Jeff’s , JR are not keeping him for his loyalty they are keeping him because he hasn’t won shit(that veto was thrown to him by Little Jeff) Kilia and Porsche CAN win comps, so they do not want them in final 3, but I’m thinking one of them might be in final 3.

      1. Adam did not flip on JJ. He voted to keep Jeff. Adam & Jordan voted to keep Jeff; and Portia and shelly voted to evict him. I don’t know what Adam did related to Brenden…since Brenden was in and out twice….but WHATEVER Adam did related to Brenden….is was whatever Jeff asked him to do. Adam did WHATEVER Jeff wanted him to do; and when Shelly begged Adam to flip….he would not do it. If that is not loyalty to JJ then what is. ….if Adam was going to turn against JJ….then last week was a real good time to do it…but he didn’t.
        My comment is basically about this loyalty thing that Jordan (seems) to have going on in her mind (and will she extend that loyalty to Adam since she seems to be really big on it). I actually want Portia to win…..and maybe Rachael if it gets to that point. However, if J & R make it to the end……then I feel they should take Adam and not Shelly. Same with K and P….if they make it to the end….then it should be with Adam and not Shelly. Basically, I want Shelly out…and as much as J & R were crying over what Shelly did last week….if they keep Adam then I hope they do the dougie out the door when Shelly flips on them yet AGAIN.
        I don’t dislike Shelly….but when you consider the Jury House….I would want Adam sitting next to me in the final 2…no one will vote for him. Shelly might have a chance….all she has to do is articulate how & why lying was her strategy….if articulated well enough…the Jury House might just vote for Shelly. Again….if they want 500K……then they need to sit next to Adam…sitting next to Shelly in the final 2 (might) get you the money….but it is risky. With 500K….I don’t need no risks…..I need Adam sitting next to me.

  64. AG is tweeting that it is a big show tonight, and that she will be tweeting from behind the scenes. Think maybe something big/surprising may be happening tonight?

      1. Maybe! Or… They go ahead and present Jordan with a giant cardboard check…. Or give Rachel the DPOV right in front of everyone… Anything can happen expect the unexpected.
        tonight better be something good or this next couple weeks will be boring as HE’LL after Shelly goes

  65. Out of the HG that’s left in the house I would like to see Rachael (not a fan of hers) win it all, Jordan hasn’t done a damn thing but look like a deer in headlights & twirl her hair then acts like she’s entitled to win the game I hope Rachael is smart enough not to take her to the final 2, Porsche is so damn dumb Dani told her several times NOT to open Pandora’s box if something good has happened then something bad will follow if she chose to open it & her dumb ass opened it anyway! Kalia i wish the hell she would be quiet & stop acting like she’s running things before her ass is running out the door next wk to talk to Julie! Adam is annoying as hell the biggest ass kisser in BB history why the hell will you help 2 vets get to the final 2 when a few wks ago you told Shelly you will not let a vet win this game you might as well start packing now cuz she will be next out the door! This season is a major FAIL BB you might as well write J&R their checks right now & not even wait til finale night! & that jerk Jeff will most likey win another $25,000 for america’s favorite!

  66. Anyone figure out that if Rachel and Jordan both get evicted then Rachel\Brendan and Jeff\Jordan decide the winner. Not sure I would want all 4 on the jury.

    1. I think they will be fine in Jury House. They will judge on comps and if you were loyal to YOUR alliance (not per say their alliance JJBR…but were you loyal to anybody).

  67. Shelly is just plain & simple sick to look at. OMG-she is a man in a womans body. She walks , talks, & holds that cig. like a ” He Man “. Only different’s is she is small. She plays the roll @ home to, she works & her husband is a stay @ home Mr. mom. You can tell by the way she talks that they owe bill’s up the butt. She live’s in a beautiful home, has a housekeeper, & own’s her own business , so why the money for her family, although she lie’s like Casey Anthony & wears the man pants in the family. I have never seen anybody cry as much as that he-man does on any show of Big Brother as she has. The first night of B.B, she had so much Bow-Tox in her face & lip’s I thought her face was hit by a mack truck. She has talked about her gardener & driver, so I still wonder whats-up with needing money so bad that she leaves a baby girl & husband that she loves so dearly. I would like to tell her to her face, that if she would allow her husband to get a job & work, two incomes are so much better then one. She has got to go tonight. P.S. I liked her at the start, but after the 3ed week, her true color’s stated coming threw. Thats sad, that a person graves money like that. I’ed eat bread & water before leaving my child for money period, or mu hisband of now 48 years. :)

  68. Jordan may be physically weak but you guys underestimate her. If you recall, she’s the one that had the final say on who to bring to the final 2 during season 11

  69. YEAH SO HApPY Rachel won HOH!! Poor Kalia couldnt get her dumpy butt under the obstacles. Whahhhh for Kalia. Go Rachel & Jordan final two!!!! (I hope) or at least Adam. It will pain me to see either Kalia or Porsche win any more money.

  70. Well, I favor no one to win, but I must say I am extremely disappointed that they did not keep Shelly. It would have made for a much more exciting final few weeks. Rachel winning HOH also means from this point forward, for the most part, it is predictable. Even though it will be boring, I shall continue to watch with the hopes of seeing more of what is going on in the jury house. The only thing that would liven this party up is if Rachel and Jordan have a falling out, and Porsche and Kalia would have a falling out and each play for themselves without the benefit of a partner. If I understood Julie correctly, Pandora’s box will be in play again with something special, IF I understood correctly. Many of you were unable to see the show tonight because of football games. Here in the south, we had interruptions caused by weather bulletins due to what is brewing in the gulf. That is why I am saying I hope I understood correctly. I don’t want to give false information. I thought Shelly’s words with Julie were honest and from her gut.I am also pleased that the audience did not boo here. It would have been immature and impolite. After all, she did play the game. Her big move helped those who are still in the house advance, whether deserving or not, while cutting her own throat. Be well all.

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