Big Brother Canada 2 – POST Finale Interviews, Photos, and MORE..

Last night on the finale of Big Brother Canada 2 the winner Jon Pardy was crowned by a vote of 6-1 and took home the grand prize of $100,000, $25,000 gift certificate to the brick and a $10,000 vacation sponsored by Twistos. Sabrina Abbate took second place and left with the second place prize of $20,000. The visually bitter Neda Kalantar walked away with only regrets and disappointment in not being the one to have been able to cut Jon had she beat him in the final part of the 3 part HOH competition.

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Big Brother Canada INVADES and the Season 2 Application Deadline is Fast Approaching!

Get ready Big Brother fans! After recently wrapping up Big Brother 15 we are now getting ramped up for Big Brother Canada season 2 set to premiere in February 2014. The casting auditions have been taking place across Canada since the beginning of September and will wrap up with the final casting call in Toronto Ontario on October 19th. If you’re planning on submitting a video application you have just under a month to do it as the deadline is Friday, October 25, 2013. Do you think you have what it takes to last 75 days in the big brother Canada house? Are you able to lie, back-stab and manipulate your way to the $100,000 grand prize?

During the Big Brother Canada season 2 auditions Andrew Monaghan’s brother Pete tried out to see if he had what it takes to be cast as one of the new house guests.

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Big Brother Canada REUNION SPECIAL

After almost a week since the Big Brother Canada Finale episode the house guests have been reunited for the ET Canada Reunion Special. The special reunion was hosted by ET Canada’s Roz Weston where he interviewed and spoke with all the house guests. Roz speaks with the season 1 winner Jillian about how she won the grand prize, as well as with Topaz where she explains what happened and how despite the mix-up runner-up Glitter Gary gracefully took it all in stride. In addition, Roz also puts Alec and Emmett in the hot seat when he shows their showmances Topaz and Jillian footage they hadn’t seen before.

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Big Brother Canada: The Morning Show – AFTER the Finale! Is GARY okay with SECOND PLACE?

Love it or hate it, the events that transpired on last nights Big Brother Canada Finale Episode could not have be predicted. There is only one rule to Big Brother and that is to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and that was surely what happened last night.

With a SHOCKING Big Brother Canada FINALE episode last night, everyone is wondering what the house guests are thinking about conclusion of season one. Last night’s 2 hour finale episode was filled with surprises and jaw dropping moments. First the season front runner Emmett was evicted by the final HOH winner Gary and then by some insane mix up Topaz mistakenly voted for Jillian to win when in fact she wanted to vote for Gary. The shocking reveal of the votes by host Arisa Cox will go down in Big Brother history as one of the most unbelievable mistakes that ultimately cost Gary the Big Brother Canada Grand prize.

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“We Share a bond” Emmett invites Andrew to his Gym “It’s like taking a Red Bull.. so many hot chicks”

11:50PM Hot Tub Beast Coast

Andrew says that right now as it stands he would be more inclined to take Emmett to the final 2 based solely on the fact that she’s won more competitions. Andrew says it’s only based comp wins. Andrew breaks it down that the first part is a endurance the second is physical and the third is mental. Andrew is pretty sure he won’t be able to win the final HOH
Emmett: “With 100K is on the line all I know is i have to win the final competition”
Andrew: “We’ll you know then you get the choice of this girl you’ll never see again or the guy that’s probably going to be you new best friend”

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Big Brother Canada DOUBLE EVICTION / HOH Results!

Big Brother Canada Live DOUBLE EVICTION Episode: April 11th, 2013 @ 10pm ET/PT

On the block for eviction tonight are: Emerald “Topaz” Brady and Alec Beall.

Tonight’s eviction will be no surprise due to the fact that it had basically been set in stone days ago. Alec sealed his fate tonight through a number of his actions within the BB house over the course of the season, some of his missteps include making numerous alliances, telling each alliance different lies, faking his showmance breakup and exposing his true allegiance to Peter among other things but what ultimately sealed his fate was that he purposefully threw the Power of Veto competition that he would have won had he not quit.

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Stooges: “Peter and Alec had so many alliances and lied so much they assume we’re like that to”

11:38AM Stooges
(Stooge banter is the best)

Andrew brings up about Peter sitting down with them when they were chatting in the living room, “PEter you know what is going on.. walk on.. that is why I sat there cause that’s where peter and Alec always sit to look at the wall and ponder.. I was like I’m sitting here all day so they can’t”

Alec pops his head in for a minute asks them if they are speculating. Andrew: “No” Talla: “one thing Alec can you leave Aneal’s bow tie”
Alec leaves

Andrew: “all I want.. I don’t care about what happens tonight.. all i want is Alec to go.. one of those guys (Topaz/Peter) can win I don’t care put me up I’ll be right behind Alec in the Jury.. I just don’t want Alec to win.. He’s already won 10 grand and I don’t like the way he’s been playing”

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Andrew hoping for another shower slip “Talla open the doors for us give us a quick show”

10:10Am Bathroom Talla, Andrew and Emmett

Andrew is going over the days and weeks, when competitions were won, POV’s used etc etc… Big Brother Warns them that the backyard will be closed soon
Talla is in the shower.

Andrew: “Talla open the doors for us give us a quick show”
Talla laughs says the camera isn’t even on her so she could do whatever she wants. She then realizes that a camera is on her and she goes back to showering. (Talla is pretty short so you really don’t see her in the shower like the other girls she has to prop herself up to look over the top. While doing this she slips and falls back into the shower “FAIL FAIL” is all you hear.. )

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Topaz: “I need to wax my cr*tch tomorrow… Big Brother don’t zoom in on the pub$s”

12:00AM Hot Tub Talla and Topaz

Talla: “Are you scared for tomorrow.. “
Topaz: “Ya.. you’ve never been on the block before but even though you know you are safe you still feel nervous”
Talla: “you haven’t been doing the Sh1t Alec’s been doing.. “ Talla points out how Peter is sticking up for Alec instead of Topaz.
Topaz says that Peter and her are not close they are only close via Alec. Talla: “Do you guys talk.. one on one”
Topaz: ‘we do talk.. when Liza backstabbed him”
Talla: “And he still was fighting to keep Liza in the game.. what does that say”
Topaz: “I guess he was in love.. honestly i’m telling you right now we wouldn’t be allied if it wasn’t for Alec.. we are 2 different people”

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Big Brother Canada Jillian & Talla tell Topaz about Alec’s speech to win the votes..

9pm Andrew, Emmett and Alec head out to the hot tub room. Alec talks about when he went to go get his car insured and he found out he had to get it air cared. He said he waited till the last day and when he was going to take it in he got a ticket.. then the car broke down. He says that he couldn’t park it on the street without being licensed or air cared so he scrapped it for $200. Andrew asks and how much did you pay for it? Alec says $300. Emmett says his friend got one of those boots on his car so he decided to cut it off .. but since they had his license plate number they made him pay for all the tickets and the cost of the boot. The conversation turns to talking about celebrities and meeting them. Andrew says that there is no celebrity that I would care to meet, they are just normal people like you and me.

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