Big Brother Canada DOUBLE EVICTION / HOH Results!

POV Holder: PETER Next POV April 13th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: EMMETT Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: TOPAZ & TALLA
Current Nominations: TOPAZ & TALLA
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 11 Double Eviction Alec vs Topaz 2

Big Brother Canada Live DOUBLE EVICTION Episode: April 11th, 2013 @ 10pm ET/PT

On the block for eviction tonight are: Emerald “Topaz” Brady and Alec Beall.

Tonight’s eviction will be no surprise due to the fact that it had basically been set in stone days ago. Alec sealed his fate tonight through a number of his actions within the BB house over the course of the season, some of his missteps include making numerous alliances, telling each alliance different lies, faking his showmance breakup and exposing his true allegiance to Peter among other things but what ultimately sealed his fate was that he purposefully threw the Power of Veto competition that he would have won had he not quit. Throwing a power of veto competition when you are on the block is just as dumb as being on the block and using the veto on the other nominee. For someone who knows the game as well as Alec does this was a pivotal mistake that will forever haunt him. As Alec said he will look back on this day many a time as either a great move or a terrible move. I think it will forever be the latter.

As for tonight’s Double Eviction it will be either be Topaz and Peter’s chance to avenge Alec’s departure or the season will continue with Jillian and Emmett bulldozing their way through the house.

Big Brother also hinted that there is a surprise revealed on tonight’s episode. (Could be the results of the Ninja / Sumo Wrestler Play Along Vote.)


  • Alec goes home
  • Peter wins HOH puts up Emmett and Jillian
  • Emmett wins POV
  • Andrew goes up
  • Jillian goes home
  • Andrew wins second HOH

What do you want to happen tonight?

SOCIAL Media Spoilers:
* Alec was evicted by a vote of 3 to 1.
* Emmett Wins HOH
* Nominates Topaz & Talla
* Peter wins POV and doesn’t use it.
* Topaz Evicted 3 – 0
** TWIST: Canada votes for a Juror to Return

Actual Results:

Andrew votes to evict: ALEC
Emmett votes to evict: ALEC
Peter votes to evict: TOPAZ
Talla votes to evict: ALEC

As tonight’s vote is an even number of house guests voting Jillian will break a tie vote should there be one.

By a vote of 3 to 1 ALEC is the ninth house guest evicted from the Big Brother Canada House!


Big Brother Canada DOUBLE Eviction Results:

  • First HOH Winner is EMMETT
  • Nominations are TOPAZ and TALLA
  • POV Winner is PETER
  • POV Used No
  • Replacement Nomination = None
  • TOPAZ is the tenth House Guest evicted from the Big Brother Canada House by a vote of 3 to 0!

** ARISA announced there is a BIG TIME Twist that involves you at home:


Second HOH Winner is: ?
** This second HOH competition begins on at the end of the episode but leaves us wondering who wins. Check back here later tonight to find out who wins right here on!**
LINK TO Watch the live stream of tonight’s episode: HERE

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138 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada DOUBLE EVICTION / HOH Results!

    1. Remember, the power of his and Peters’ awesome words and voice were going to get the other houseguest voted out. (he probable thought Talla) The house would never vote out ???? over him. He’s too slick.

    2. Alex asks the host how anyone could know if he threw the veto competition.. Well Alex you stood there and said, “I quit.”
      I think I know how Alex seems to know, during the comp, that Peter had the best time.. Before the comp all the HG knew it was a time puzzle. And the order the contestants would compete with Peter in the middle and Alex last.. Once the HG were done they were able observe the others after them doing the puzzle. When Peter did his, he was able to complete the task. The people that followed were stopped before they completed the task.. Peter must have realized that this meant he had the best time so far and was able to somehow signal that information to Alex.. I blame BBCan for this.. Their control over their games is terrible.
      Peter didn’t save Topaz on the second eviction of the night as he needs her and Alex to vote for him at the end….Odd that only Peter found two letter.s Topaz one.. The rest zero.. Now this new twist.. Gee I wonder who production wants back more. Alex to help Peter. Or Gary to cause chaos.

  1. Another rumour is Emmett wins second HOH sends Topaz out AND … Wait for it POWERSHIFT ..!!!!!

    yes apparently a juror comes back into the game voted in by Canada.. (Total fu*ckery .. but I believe this rumour much more than the last one)

    VOTE AJ reform the 3 stooges !!!

    1. As much as I didn’t like AJ, i’d love for Aj to reform the stooges, break down the Beast coast and then Jillian and emmet will find themselves without a shield to hide behind.

        1. Simon, you’re 100% correct. Even if Canada legitimately voted *unanimously* for AJ to return, “Production’s Official Vote Count” will declare Gary to be “Canada’s Choice!” How stupid does Production think we BBCA viewers are? Answer: Pretty d*mn stupid!!

      1. I would say it’s unconfirmed until we see it on TV.. however the course has been correct ever time this season.

        Vote AJ reunite the stooges

    2. I will totally vote AJ 1000x if a juror is to come back. If your spoilers are correct then I do hope that a juror comes back because I’m tired of the Emmett and Jillian show. A returning HG will hopefully shake things up and break up the milkmance.

      Team Stooge!

    3. Any details yet on when the juror returns? not on tonights show is it? hopefully we don’t have to wait till next thursday.

    4. It’s pure BS 101. Gary is back easily. The only thing the rest have going is pretty solid togetherness at this point. Anyone but Peter HOH Gary is going unless you can’t vote for him. If production pulls this B*ll sh*t you might aS well boycott the show. If it happend send e-mails to GM not to advertise on the show. That will hit production in the wallet!

  2. I’ll be placing my vote for Alec to come back, not because i necesarrily like him (although i dont hate him like some here) but just to cause some actual possible drama in the house. But its a pretty safe bet to put your money on gary coming back *sigh*

  3. Unfortunately it probably won’t matter who we vote for, they will bring back whomever they want. It would be extremely unfair if the 2 evictees from tonight get to communicate with AJ and Gary before one of them gets put back in the game. Then again, this game is not always fair as we all know.

    1. That would be the best – I think that it’s unfair for the current houseguests to have someone who they evicted fairly and didn’t win the game, to be allowed back in and get a second shot. Hopefully it’s just to run a competition or something.

  4. If the spoilers are true, then Peter’s an idiot. He should have used the POV on Topaz, which would force Emmett to put up andrew, then he and Topa vote to evict Andrew. They get a strong target out, and with Andrew gone they can probably lure Talla to thier side and finally turn the tables and make it 3 vs 2. Idiot!

    1. But I’m pretty sure they don’t know about this twist or else he would’ve done it. If it is true, they still need to give Canada time to vote, or at least be under the impression that their votes actually matter and production isn’t just gonna choose who they want. That probably means the twist gets revealed to viewers at the end of tonight’s show so the houseguests won’t find about it, I’m asuming, until next week’s eviction episode? or maybe earlier, it depends.

      1. Even if he didn’t know about the twist, his decision is really dumb because saving Topaz would be in his best interest. With Topaz safe, there’s one more target in the house for Emmett and his crew to go after and he could have forced Emmett to vote out one of his people.

    2. Confused Parent, I don’t agree with you – at *all!* Here’s why. Peter’s “Shield” partner, Alec, just gets evicted, with Peter as the only vote to save Alec. Last DE, Tom went first, and then Tom’s showmance, Liza, left right after. Peter knows this. Emmett then wins HOH. Peter was a *prime* candidate to go up on the block. But Emmett, in a bit of a surprise (although strategic in nature), chose to put up Talla, not Peter, along with Topaz. Surely Peter was grateful to Emmett, for not putting him up initially (although Peter’s well aware of the danger he’ll get “backdoored” – which was the plan.) This is why Peter *had* to win that POV. It was his only chance to survive. If Peter didn’t, *every* other POV player would’ve used the POV to take down Talla, put Peter up as replacement, and then vote Peter out, in DE Pt. 2.

      Emmett is *the* strongest player in the house right now. Peter *badly* needed to buy himself a full week in the house, to *quickly* try to build new alliances, for any chance to survive. If Peter put Jillian up, 1) Topaz gets voted out, not Jillian, and 2) Peter’s already “longshot” chance to quickly rehabilitate his own game, with Emmett/Jillian/Andrew, totally disappears. Except for Andrew insulting Peter left and right, he’d continue to be shunned by the house, all week. Peter did *exactly* the right thing, for his own game, although it’s still “sinking in quicksand.”

      1. Correction at my end: Confused Parent, Talla would *never” join up with Peter and Topaz, after they voted out Andrew, her “fellow stooge!” Talla loves Andrew! Never in a million years!!!!!! Besides, Talla’s already with Emmett and Jillian!

      2. What? None of what you’re saying makes sense :S

        Peter should have saved Topaz, they both vote out Andrew and Andrew goes. Then its Topaz/Peter vs Jillian/Talla in the HOH and Talla most likely will fail at it so then Topa/Peter have a 2/3 chance of winning HOH. Thats not even taking into consideration that Peter is the next target regardless of his decision. In fact if he kept Topaz in, yes they would be pissed at him, but they would still probably target Topaz first.

        Peter just pulled an Adam Poch (when he didn’t vote to keep Daniele), he had the chance to change up the game for his benefit and didn’t. I had such high hopes for this double eviction, and what could have been the most exciting end game since BB10 has just been ruined.

  5. I’d vote Alec or Gary for sure.. Ughh watching east coast all week will suuuckkkk if the rumours are true re Topaz and no #powershift

  6. If there is a returning juror I think I will be disappointed. It will certainly make things more interesting, however I feel like this season has felt very contrived and like production has stepped in too much – and when they did step in previously it was at the wrong time, or for a pointless result.

    Having never followed live feeds or spoiler updates I never really realized that production influenced what I was watching on BBUS, which is fine, however I think that this first Canadian season has been wrought with failures on production’s part, saving Suzette, I mean really? I understand they may need to break up Beast Coast for some viewing excitement and switch up the status quo with a returning houseguest, but if they had done a better job with twists throughout the season they wouldn’t need to resort to this.

    How many times has a houseguest returned in the US seasons? 3 times? Out of 14 seasons. My personal opinion is that production has interfered too often and in the wrong way and has messed with the integrity of the game (or what little integrity there is to begin with) trying to make BBCAN stand apart from its US and UK counterparts. It almost feels like I am watching a scripted drama as opposed to a “reality show”.

  7. If they don’t put up Emmett and Jillian now, then they might as well write Emmett the check and save us the trouble. I knew Peter would make a pussy move like this. Now, he is most likely the next one gone unless someone gets the common sense to vote out E/J.

  8. Peter is dumb he should of realized that even if he didn’t like Topaz they would have made an amazing alliance. Both want Jillian and Emett out. He should of used the POV on Topaz and made a deal with with Talla. I’m sorry but I’m tired of the Beast Coast might as well all call it quits. This is what should have happened Alec goes home, Talla wins POV betrays beast cost and realizes her chances are better with Topaz and Peter. Then scronny van city kid + crazy Talla + topaz work together. Damn I just wanted someone from the beast coast out. If only the public was allowed to help them or give them hints. Won’t be surprised if this years winner is either Jilian or Emmett.

  9. I don’t understand or agree with the “production” hand in making twists at whim…during the course of the season, to make things interesting. Its a game. Let it play out. It’s NOT “reality” TV if it is scripted or determined by manipulation! Becoming more “CRAP” TV!!

  10. Awesome job keeping us in the know! Does anyone know of any links to live stream tonight’s episode? I’d be forever grateful :)

    that’ll surely piss emmett and jillian up!! DRAMA!!!
    haha or gary would be great too

    1. Jillian was rubbing her tummy! And she is muffin topping her lil shorts and talla’s complexion is horrible I guess Gary wasn’t exaggerating!

      1. Why so mean? Maybe we don’t all agree w/ her strategy but anyone w/ eyes can tell you that woman is in ridiculously good shape! Have u people seen her ass?? Plus she looks like a brunette blake lively!

        1. Really….. sorry but I beg to differ. But you are correct in that we can all have our own opinion. Disappointed with results tonight…. hopefully Topaz will be voted back in.

        2. I am not being mean! ….her fitness was obvious but I noticed her weight gain! She always cooks and she is always eating……she has no game unless she consult with emmet…it’s annoying this bbc is an emmet game

          1. I haven’t noticed the weight gain at all, but she did say she eats when she’s stressed. Really though…I think anyone would in those conditions. She looks fabulous – she just acts like a you know what.

  12. That b*tch Talla is definitely overacting in the DR. The way she acts in there is so fake. She’s as fake as Peter in the DR. I DESPISE HER!!!!!!!

  13. it’s really bugging me that Peter completely stole “the shield” from a wrestling group in WWE and even stealing their promos “they will believe in the shield” i dont know if anybody else has noticed this. but come on peter your trying to imitate dan’s big brother game, and now your trying to imitate professional wrestlers lol

  14. Let’s all retaliate against all the stupid powershifts and vote AJ back in! i bet that would make BBC real pleased!

  15. Damn Emmett’s win guarantees a boring rest of season… Peter is fuc*&g useless and now he deserves to join his buddy. Makes his goodbye message ridiculous!!!

  16. Emmett may have just screwed himself with that comment when he put Talla up. He better be careful because if she wins the next HOH, his ass is going in that chair. She most likely wouldn’t win it but still you dont want to piss off people who are still in the house and the numbers are so small.

    Oh and btw – BB Can can take their Powershift and stuff it! Enough screwing with the game!!!!

    1. They told Talla she was going up against Topaz already so he was just looking for a quick reason that didn’t scream “She’s just a pawn.”

  17. That was potentially a bad move. Emmett should have put up Topaz and Peter. If Peter wins POV he will take Topaz off for sure then Emmett will have 2 alliance members on the block

  18. How can people not see how fake Talla is? She annoys the shit outta me with her fake act, with her waving at the crowd and trying to act cute in front of the audience. Why doesn’t BB show the footage when this bitch goes crazy and throws a shit fit over booze. She’s a 5/10 at best, her voice sounds like a broken drum and her lack of gameplay is appalling. I just can’t take her anymore, I would give her a piece of my mind and then some if I were in there.

  19. peter is an actual idiot for not using the veto, they could of gotten out andrew but no peter thinks he’s smarter then he is and is making some sort of ‘genius’ move

  20. if peter win the pov his best chance is to take topaz of the block or he’s done in this game … … they should of put up peter and topaz … team andrew

  21. Peter makes another pussy move, SURPRISE!!. This clown wants to be like Dan. Dan’s farts have more game than this idiot. If he saved Topaz, Andrew would have gone home.

  22. All the talk about production cheating on the votes to save Suzette bother me, they may or may not be cheating, but I voted for saving Suzette, and I think most people thought as I did, I did not want her there , I wanted to stick it to Tom, he was too full of himself , and still is lol

    I was sorry for my vote though, after watching her whine , moan , bitch and complain for another week on the block, but it was fun to stick it to Tom! Just saying


  24. Now that I’m seeing it, Peter not using the POV was really a stupid move.
    He and Topaz could have taken Andrew out of the game with only Jillian voting for Talla.

    I would assume he knows Talla is part of the Beast Coast alliance right now but maybe he doesn’t and thought Talla was going home instead.

    It’ll be interesting how this week goes.

  25. Wow did not see that coming…I though Peter would definitely take Topaz off the block. I guess he must be secretly crushing on Emmett after all. He’s more of a knob than I thought he was and that’s saying a lot!!!

  26. Thank god Peter didn’t use the veto!!!! I thought he was going to take Topaz off the block, then Andrew would have gone up. Peter and Topaz would have voted for Andrew to leave over Talla……YIKES!! Thanks Peter for not thinking straight….It could have been peter/topaz vs Emmett/Jillian (and Emmett couldn’t play HOH) with Talla probably going against Emmett since he called her annoying on air,,,,Emmett and Jillian would have been screwed and you could have avenged Alec. Whew!!!! That was a close one….

  27. Peter had an opportunity to make a huge move…

    1. Take Topaz off the block
    2. Emmett would have no choice but to put up Andrew or Jillian
    3. Peter/Topaz control the vote 2-1 to take out Andrew or Jillian
    4. They can easily bring in Talla now. I think she was hurt by being nominated and she will easily jump to the people who saved her
    5. Peter/Topaz/Talla playing against Jilian in the HOH
    6. Take out Milkmance

    I thought of that immediately after Peter won, I certainly did not want that to happen but I think it would have been a huge move and would have been his best chance to win the game.

    1. How on earth can commenters possibly believe that if Peter used the POV on Topaz, forced Emmett to replace her with Andrew, resulting in a 2-1 eviction of Andrew, that “Talla would then instantly join forces with Peter & Topaz!!!!!!” Andrew is Talla’s *closest* friend in the house! Her fellow “stooge.” Talla would be *furious* with Peter & Topaz at Andrew’s eviction! There’s not a snowball’s chance in Halifax that Talla would’ve joined Peter and Topaz! I’m sure there’s a way out there to stop “The Milkmance.” But that plan *surely* wasn’t it*

  28. The poll is up on the slice site. I hope to god this person is not coming back for good but PLEASE!!!!! Vote for AJ!!!!

  29. Oh Shut up already Topaz!!! That eviction speech was damage to my ears!! She’s finally gone!! Yeah Buddy!!! Now get Talla or Jillian the hell outta there!! Hey Jules…… Nah nah nah nah nah nah!!!!! I Love Being Right. Hahahaahhaah

    1. Hey Finesse1978 – Took the Nah nah nah nah nah!!!!!!!! right out of my mouth – Oh my, I’m so happy she’s gone!!!!!!

  30. I can’t believe Peter didn’t use the veto. Besides Alec throwing the POV and being the dumbest move in BBC, this by far is the stupidest. I’m not the biggest fan of Topaz but Peter is an “IDIOT”. I’m hoping he gets sent home next week. He had the power to evict Andrew and didn’t. I’m sorry but Alec and Peter by far are the dumbest players in BB. Does Peter honestly believe Andrew is gonna work with him. Hell Andrew barely talks to him. I’m in utter shock for someone who claims they know how to play BB. Please God someone send Peter home just for being stupid. He basically had a chance to really go to finals by getting Andrew out. Also in all honesty i could careless who comes back because I’ve lost all interest in this show. Some of these players are by far the dumbest BB players I’ve seen so far make so many stupid mistakes. Please BB USA hurry up and come back.

  31. andrew has had one of the best gameplays so far. pretty much playing on his own in the beginning. good competitor without being viewed as a major threat. awesome social game. made a secret alliance late in the game, still not really putting a huge target on his back. he deserves to be at least in final 3, hope he wins! also very decent man, entertaining and funny, not putting on an act like the ridiculous ‘shield’ players. why is he not getting credit for all this on the episodes? editing still portrays peter as a good player, which he clearly is not, he has been pretty lucky throughout the game plus overrates himself waaay too much. feeds draw totally different picture than the edited show.

  32. Andrew and AJ back together would be awesome because now Andrew has a firm hold on the house and he and the other stooge can take it! Go AJ and Andrew!

  33. andrew has had one of the best gameplays so far. pretty much playing on his own in the beginning. good competitor without being viewed as a major threat. awesome social game. made a secret alliance late in the game, still not really putting a huge target on his back. he deserves to be at least in final 3, hope he wins! also very decent man, entertaining and funny, not putting on an act like the ridiculous ‘shield’ players. why is he not getting credit for all this on the episodes? editing still portrays peter as a good player, which he clearly is not, he has been pretty lucky throughout the game plus overrates himself waaay too much. feeds draw totally different picture than the edited show.

  34. peter move with the pov was weak … so if peter win the next hoh would he make a next pussy move and not nominate jillian and emmette even though i love emmette i hope jillian win this hoh peter needs to drop a egg …

  35. This is one of those BB moments that ruin my day. Wow. Seriously Peter? Were you thinking?
    Now it’s 4 against you! If you saved Topaz, Andrew would go up and you could evict him, leaving Emmett & Jillian vs you and Topaz (and perhaps an angered Talla!)

    You’re not a mastermind. You’re a complete idiot- & no one liked Liza so you’re making a fool out of yourself by still talking about her.

  36. Power shift is ridiculous. bringing back an evicted member? way to ruin the integrity of the game. I hope the current house guests agree to put that person out and voter her/him out. And if BB says you can’t then I’m done watching, hell I think I may stop watching anyway. This is just dumb.

  37. It will be an interesting week if Peter wins HOH. It looked like he was ahead. wasn’t there supposed to be a twist announcement or did Topaz’ non stop talking take up all the time lol

  38. Peter was moving those first two eggs up that chicken wire as fast as lightning! Based on our quick glimpse, I can’t imagine the others keeping up with him……

  39. Prayers answered: Bye b**tch, and b-bye b**tch. Vote for AJ to come back – at least he’s not mean and doesn’t call people m***her f***kers and b**tches like Gary. People think it’s acceptable just because he’s a ‘flambuoyant queen”. I find it disgusting, rude and shows he does not respect anyone so he does not deserve the money. Just sayin’.

    1. Okay so it’s okay for you to insult others but Gary can’t?
      based on this comment and your past comments it seems like big brother affects your life more than it should….
      It’s a game , calm down. You’ll thank me later ..

      1. You must have me mistaken for someone else because unless you are willing to cite some of my past comments which you have kept in your memory, then I’ll just move on (which I would do anyway). My opinions don’t need to affect YOUR life as much as they do – that’s what you’re saying right? You think my life is altered by my dislike of houseguests? Afraid not. Nighty night.

  40. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. She said that a juror is coming back into the house. She never said anything about the player being back IN THE GAME. They could just play the role rachel played in bb 12 and be staying for 24 hours.

  41. Let me guess: Gary will be sent back by production, but… only 1 day before the finale. And he’ll be carrying a coup d’état in his hands when he walks in.
    BB Canada has lost every little bit of legitimacy to me.
    This is not Big Brother. This is just plain PATHETIC.

  42. Grow up guys . It is too predictable that Alec is coming back . What’s with this AJ Thing????

    The game is getting too predictable .

  43. #Powershift

    – AJ would provide comic relief via the stooges, but he did NOTHING in the game! He doesn’t deserve the $$
    – Gary won stuff and puts on a good show.. Can be a spoilt brat at times and inconsiderate which is annoying.
    – Alec won stuff, loves the game, knows how to play to some extent, but is a douche bag, is arrogant, and is an idiot
    – Topaz knows how to play the game, has won stuff, but she can be boring to watch with all the sleeping..

    I don’t know who to vote for!!! But beast is too cocky, and I am sick of watching them feel so comfortable, and kiss all day. So we need someone who can come back, win something, and stir things up – GARY or ALEC!!!!

    1. i think it needs to be gary to break up jemmet…. gar is a better player than alec….and i dont want to see alec magically win this game it would be a travesty!!! I think gary is the best choice

    1. Hey, Tammy: Simon, Dawg & I are right with you. Vote AJ!!!!!!!! 3 Stooges FTW!!!! But there’s currently an “accidental malfunction” in the Chevy Powershift tabulator. If you try to vote for anyone except Gary, it says “Sorry – The Voting Is Closed!” :(

  44. Peter WTF why didn’t you save Topaz and vote out Andrew? Talla is obviously going to be pissed and it would have been 3 against 2 but instead you are too worried about what Liza would have said and instead messed up your whole game. Good job, you’re next to go.

  45. DAMN! Jillian won HOH, GOD please let Gary come back into the house and take those annoying idiots out! I’m so sick and tired of this freaking kissing showmance, disgusting.

  46. jill won HOH. another boring week. i thought peter had it when the episode aired. he was so stupid when he didnt save topaz and force andrew on the block.

  47. Ugh this has clearly become the Jemmette show, I’m so over it. How about creating excitement with a wildcard Talla HOH? I hope whoever comes back shakes things up because I am so sick of watching them makeout.

  48. Correct me if I’m wrong because I just got into big brother and never watched the us version. But if Peter gave topaz the POV couldn’t Emmett then put Peter up?

    1. No, if a person (who isn’t on the block) wins the veto and uses it on someone on the block they cannot be replaced. So, if Peter gave Topaz the veto he would’ve been safe and she would’ve been safe as well.

    1. Ann, thanks for the update. Man, Jillian must’ve been “hauling a*s” to beat out Peter – he was at “Mock 10!”

      Love ’em or hate ’em, “The Milkmance” have sure been “taking care of business” lately! At this point, they’re making their claim as the “Best Competiton Showmance Duo” in BB History.” Emmett and Jillian are even making Brenchel look like “Comp Amateurs” lately. First, one of them wins HOH. Then, when they can’t play, the other one wins. Rinse. Repeat.

      Note to other BB HGs: To win BBCA, you have to beat “The Milkmance” at comps. If you can’t, then they’ve won it, fair and square, I guess.

  49. Oh great now with Topaz gone itll be an easy win for emmet and jilian. they for sure gonna be in final 2. The house is gonna be soooo booooooriiiiing whatching them kiss over and over again makes me sick or whatching emmet thinkink hes all that and a bag of chips. he thinks hes better than everyine else and quite frankly im exhausted of seing his face. And jilian fake as hell. OMG bring Gary or Topaz back for drama pleaseeeeee guys so that way em and jill can be on the blockwith one of them leaving.

    1. Gary is in love with Emmett as much as everybody in the house, so I don’t see how bringing him back is gonna help. E/J will be the final two just give it up people. I know I did

  50. Just had a thought. Maybe Jillian will have a Pandora type situation and depending on what she chooses, the selected juror “may” come back in the house. Thoughts??

  51. VOTE ALEC if you wanna see the east coast alliance sweat.

    AJ cant do shit. He played horrible at comps and his social games was not great; he does not deserve it. Th only reason why i like him is because he was funny and his bromance with Andrew.

    Topaz/Gary are going to need to form a new alliance so they are going to side with jemmet. I know a lot of people want Gary but at this point in the game but he will quickly return to the jury house. He has no one he can align himself with and there a lot of players that are better at comps than him.

    If Alec comes back, he will have peter and I believe peter won HOH so he will be controlling the house; perfect moment for Alec to return. Alec was a huge physical and mental threat. I can’t support his gameplay this week because it was like he was in quicksand; the more he tried to pull himself out by making idiot deals, the more he sunk. Still, i honestly believe Alec is the only person who can turn the house upside down by returning.

    I want Alec back because I want CHAOS in the house.

    1. I was told peter had won. I guess I should have to waited for the official spoiler. Just realized that the powerhouse in jemmet is jill and the brains is emmet. I want jill out because shes been played like a fiddle by emmet game wise. The only person who take her out is the SHEILD.

      I think Talla is going home this week unless everyone finds out that a player is coming back into the house. Otherwise, bye bye peter.

      Although I’m a shield fan, I want Andrew to win. He played the game the best.

  52. Jillian is hoh…
    Alright, its been confirmed now that emmett and jillian have won the game unless people in the house start to realize that they are the biggest threats in the game so far. The chevrolet power shift is just another week in which they both get to stay because the whole house will be targeting the returning houseguest. Andrew’s best bet is to pair up with peter along with the returning houseguest, milkmance can no longer do anything for him that will benefit his game.
    Talla is useless she can’t win the game against anyone.
    Andrew needs to somehow stay off the block, while peter and talla are the nominees, and he needs to win veto and take off peter forcing emmett to be the replacement and then andrew and peter will ba able to vote out emmett. Jillian cant play in the next hoh.
    But we all know that wont happen. It would only happen in my perfect world…

    1. The only explanation is this. We know that the four is working together, he doesn’t. He think he’s in good with E/J. He believes that he’s the middle man now between the two couples, so he feels pretty save. The whole situation is very sad :(

  53. In the beginning I was a big Peter fan. I’ve seen his YT videos before he came to the house. (He makes videos with a funny Youtuber named Peter Chao). But now I can’t wait for him to leave. He and Alec have been making mistakes all Winter long. This has to be one of the biggest. Going into the final 5 there’s Em, Jil, Andrew and Talla aligned. If Peter had an ounce of logic in that nerd brain of his he would have saved Topaz (whether he personally liked her or not) and Em the guy who turned on Alec which is your (Peter’s) only alliance could have been forced to put up Andrew and Pete and Topaz could have controlled the votes and sent Andrew home. It would have been Pete and Topaz versus Jill and Emmett and the jumping Talla possibly jumping to Pete and Topaz’s side in the situation if one of them wins HOH (Talla and Topaz get along very well) instead of the self proclaimed “biggest threat in the house” he was the one who sealed Topaz’s fate because of personal reasons with Liza the girl who looks at him like he’s some cute kid liking a girl much older when in reality Liza doesn’t care about Peter in reality because she’s busy effing Tom. All Peter is just some DR tough guy who’s all bark. No game or anything. He makes absurd statements calling him the biggest threat and saying he has the best social game and saying he controls the house. No Pete you don’t control the house. Do you want to know who does? Em and Jil the people you are sucking up to that sent your boy packing. It was the perfect situation for a big move. They put up Talla and Topaz not Peter and Topaz so Peter could have taken Topaz off the block. So Pete’s all alone now. If Pete saved Topaz and one of them won HOH Talla would join them and Em, Jil or Andrew the people who are responsible for the eviction of your boy would go home and Gary who’s aligned with Topaz who’s aligned with Peter would have came back and the reminder of Em, Jil and Andrew would have been taken out. Peter you are so hard to like. You played personally, talked trash and you will go home and I can’t wait! ….

  54. I would love to have Topaz to come back from the jury house. It wasn’t fair that Big Brother did to Topaz when she was Head of House. Plus if Topaz does get back in the house then she can really screw the rest of the house over because the rest of the cast isn’t playing right. Also you need to take out Talla & break up Jillian & Emmert because they are backstabbers.

  55. So potentially AJ could be coming back after relaxing and living the good life in jury house for the last 3 weeks. WOW! Nice game/competition you DON’T have there Big Brother! Seriously, everyone still in the house has had to compete, be stressed out, put up with Big Brothers bullshit only to have someone comeback after a nice relaxing break!! That’s fucked up! Might make for good drama but that is ridiculously unfair. Production can suck my balls for that one.

    I’m almost tempted to vote Alec back in and hope he wins it just to make a mockery of the show. Can you imagine, the worst player ever returning, shit out a lucky win and take home $100,000 because of this nonsense? How many will be watching next season?

  56. I would like to see Topaz come back because of what they did do her when she became HOH. That wasn’t fair they had the other houseguest listening in on her choice of who she was to put on the block. Big Brother Canada didn’t do that to the other HOH houseguests. Also I would love to see her come back and get even with Jillian for lying right to her face. And Talla acts like she is high on drugs. So I think you should get rid of her.

  57. I like Andrew and I hope he wins
    That being said, I’m really disappointed that Peter didn’t use the veto on Topaz. His refusal to use the POV makes no sense. Had he saved Topaz he would have solidified an alliance with her, gotten rid of Andrew (Emmet wasn’t going to put up Jillian) and with Andrew gone Talla would no longer be strongly attached to E/J (people have called her a jumper but it’s pretty clear she’s been attached to Andrew most of this game) and he could have brought her over to his side with Topaz’s help. I’m assuming he was trying to curry favour with the majority by not using the POV, but it’s too late in the game to do that and he’s the Beast Coast’s next target regardless. Now was the time to make the “big move” that everyone has been clamouring for. Lucky for him the mistake may not prove to be AS disastrous as anticipated, depending on who gets voted back in and/or if he wins HOH.

    On a side note: Peter and Alec are kicking themselves for taking out AJ over Andrew, but realistically they had no idea at the time who Andrew was going to side with and had their alliance won one of the last two HOH’s Andrew probably would have aligned himself with them. They made too many other mistakes in the game and for them to put the blame on that singular event is a bit simplistic and bit delusional (which is appropriate given their gameplay)

  58. Since it was 5000 degrees in the HOH bedroom last week, my guess is that the only thing “The Royal Couple” will want to see in there, that’s new this week, is an air conditioner! (Or, perhaps something from “Planned Parenthood?” Emmett’s clearly got a thing for those “32 Double D’s $#&!”) :)

  59. straight up alec or gary needs to come back
    IM VOTING FOR ALEC to complete the SHIELD
    east coast needs to go DOWN!!!

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