Big Brother Canada Jillian & Talla tell Topaz about Alec’s speech to win the votes..

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

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Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 9pm

9pm Andrew, Emmett and Alec head out to the hot tub room. Alec talks about when he went to go get his car insured and he found out he had to get it air cared. He said he waited till the last day and when he was going to take it in he got a ticket.. then the car broke down. He says that he couldn’t park it on the street without being licensed or air cared so he scrapped it for $200. Andrew asks and how much did you pay for it? Alec says $300. Emmett says his friend got one of those boots on his car so he decided to cut it off .. but since they had his license plate number they made him pay for all the tickets and the cost of the boot. The conversation turns to talking about celebrities and meeting them. Andrew says that there is no celebrity that I would care to meet, they are just normal people like you and me. Emmett gets called to the diary room. He goes to the storage room and finds another bottle of wine. The conversation turns to relationships. Alec says people probably think I am the biggest douche bag. Alec says I don’t even know if Topaz and I will be together at the wrap party. He says we lay in bed joking about taking $100,000 from each other.

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 910pm

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 937pm

9:15pm – 10:05pm Meanwhile Topaz, Talla and Jillian continue to talk about relationships. Emmett fills up their glasses of wine. Talla tells them that she wants to go up to Jillian’s HOH room and have a bubble bath. She says I saw Britney and them do it on Big Brother and I want to do it better! Jillian whispers to Talla and Topaz that she thinks Peter is listening near by because he thinks we are drunk and going to say something. Up in the HOH room Jillian tells Topaz do you know what was going to happen tonight at dinner? Topaz says no. Jillian says Peter told me that Alec was going to put on a play tonight act. He was going to stand up and make a huge scene. She says that Peter was saying it just an act. Topaz says this is weird. Talla then starts to tell Topaz her conversations with Alec. Topaz says that its so obvious that is throwing me under the bus because he is so awkward around me. She says he is gunning for you and Emmett so hard. Talla asks Topaz ..would you be scared to put up Peter? Topaz doesn’t answer but says that he doesn’t even talk to me. Topaz says this is the worst showmance ever.. even when Tom and Liza were on the block they united. I think he is disgusted that I might stay and make it further than he would because he said all I do is nap. She says what the fu*k do you think they are going to send me home because I nap .. they’re sending you home because you’re a douche bag. Jillian says that her goodbye message to Topaz is that if you are voted out and hearing this right now ..then there has been a terrible twist! They talk about how Alec’s plan coming into the game was to be in a showmance and a bromance. Jillian says that she could tell that she wasn’t as into him as he was to her. He was obsessed with you! Topaz says our showmance is so dysfunctional and out of control. I felt forced into it. Jillian tells Topaz I hope some day we can rebuild trust.

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 936pm

Video of Jillian & Talla telling Topaz about Alec/Peter’s speech will be uploaded here:

10:15pm – 10:35pm Alec, Emmett and Andrew head to the pool to play pig in the middle. Then they have noodle fights. They then head inside where Alec and Andrew take a shower. Meanwhile up in the HOH the girls continue talking and then decide to go ask for more liquor. The girls come out of the diary room with more wine.

10:35pm – 11:10pm In the kitchen the girls are eating and drinking wine. Jillian says that if Emmett votes against me to keep Alec then there will be another broken up showmance. Meanwhile in the bedroom: Alec tells Peter that he doesn’t think Andrew will stick his neck out there. Peter asks Alec if he should even win HOH because it will put him in a precarious position. Alec says that he thinks if both Andrew and Talla win they will put up Emmett and Jillian. Alec talks about the jury votes and who will vote for each person that could be in the final two. Alec tells Peter Andrew doesn’t like people that throw competitions. Alec tells Peter if he gets HOH he should put up Emmett and Jillian .. then you can make an alliance with Andrew and Talla .. you already have a bit of a bond with Topaz. Peter says it is going to be a tough road to the end. Alec says I don’t think Topaz would put you up if she wins. Peter says I hope not. Alec says he is pretty sure the consensus is Emmett & Jillian. Alec says you need to think about who you could win against in the end. Peter says I will need to be in the final two with Jillian, Topaz or Talla to win. Alec tells that Emmett told him that if you (Peter) were up against Talla.. then Talla would be gone because she is a bigger threat. Peter says I need to appear weak. Alec says don’t go to the end with Andrew or Emmett .. make an alliance with the girls. They continue to talk about different scenarios. Alec says at least you have me in jury to let the other know what you are doing and your strategy. Emmett and Andrew come in and break up the conversation. Emmett and Andrew leave. Alec tells Peter was it is so frustrating is that you spend all day trying to manipulate people and then you come in here and Topaz is napping .. and she is going to beat me. Peter and Alec continue to talk about their road to this point in the game. Peter says that all the other people that are out so far .. I wanted out except for Liza because I wanted to sleep with her and I genuinely liked her as a person.

11:15pm – 11:40pm Up in the HOH room Andrew and Emmett are talking about how they walked into bedroom and Peter/Alec stopped talking and got up and left. Andrew says what I don’t get is why they (Alec/Peter) didn’t come talk to us together… that would have been a way better plan then trying to turn us against each other. Andrew says well this is nice .. you guys get to sleep up here and I have to sleep with a bunch of monsters.. fu*king dough heads! The conversation turns to talking about what to do if there is a twist tomorrow. Andrew says that having Talla up on the block as a pawn is better than having me up. Jillian agrees. Andrew wonders if they have to make a quick decision.. who should we call in to talk to.. Andrew says maybe if its me I will call in Talla and ask her what I should do. They all laugh! The conversation turns to talking about Liza and how she was playing Peter. Emmett calls Liza a tw@t. Big Brother tells them remember house guests, Canada is watching. They continue to talk about needing to win tomorrow. Andrew then heads downstairs.

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 1119pm

11:50pm – 12am Topaz and Talla are out in the hot tub talking. Talla keeps saying over and over again how she is done with Alec. Talla says that Alec fu*ked up his relationships in the house and that is why he is going home. Talla says “Be a man, own up, self-evict!” Topaz talks about how she knows Alec is mad that he is going home when he thinks all I do is nap .. but I have done more than he knows. They talk about moving forward this week. Talla says I have 3 DQ’s, 9 freak outs ..but I am making Canada laugh! Topaz asks Talla so you would rather go to the finals with me or Jillian rather than Andrew. Talla says yeah probably because us girls have gotten so close .. and I need to think about how my stats match ups to his and if he has more then I cant go to the end with him. Topaz asks so you have his jury vote. Talla says yes but I can’t do him wrong .. I need to be frank with him just like I would want.

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 1149pm

12:10am Meanwhile Andrew, Peter and Alec are going to sleep in the bedroom. Peter is laying with his eyes open staring off into the distance. Andrew is already snoring.

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 12am
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Jillian and Talla could tell Topaz that Alec is a puppy murderer and 5 mins later she would still be back in his arms kissing him. I seriously don’t know what is wrong with girl. She has known for days if not weeks that Alec has been totally her under the bus and still chooses to be affectionate with him. It can’t even be gameplay at this point because she knows he is going home. Seriously, show some self respect.


She’s said multiple times that she still cares about him and she doesn’t want to treat him like he treated her last week. She’ll still be fine the next week game wise if she keeps making out with him so I don’t see why it matters. She knows he’s throwing her under the bus game wise but it’s not like they’re telling her that he’s making personal digs at her, we all saw how she reacted when Tom got personal, she doesn’t take that lightly.


No one is suggesting that she treat Alec with the same disrespect he has shown her, just that she respect herself. Alec has literally been throwing her under the bus day and day out, and she knows it. He has fucked her game, disrespected her to face and to other house quests, and has admitted to her face that he thinks she doesn’t deserve to be there, certainly not more than he does. And still she continues to “work” for him and his game. I don’t think she is stupid, but chick has issues.


She actually hasn’t worked for his game, she threw him under the bus this week and saved her own ass. I haven’t seen her say anything to help his game since she started campaigning for herself so again, I don’t really see your point? I still think she has real feelings for him a bit and that’s probably why she’s still intimate with him.


I have had enough of Jillian too, so I hope Topaz wins HOH and puts Jillian on the block hopefully with Emmet.


I just saw the show on slice and eventhough I knew what happened with the POV, I still was in shock how it came down. Alec was just staring at the 2 misplaced boards and knew if he switched it, he would win….but he didn’t…Alec – you are on the block you idiot!! So, he did say his reasoning in the DR, but I didn’t understand it….Why would throwing the POV (when you are a nom) to Peter help you? I just don’t get it….


the reason alec through the comp was hopefully he stays this week and topaz goes and he didn’t really want to choose between peter and topaz.
we all know who he would have chosen but he didn’t want that. he needs topaz’s vote in the jury.


Tammy & Lis .. I heard Alex say the same thing in the DR after the veto.. But how could Alex have known, during the competition, that if he changed the two planks he knew where wrong would mean he’d win. And that Peter had the fastest time at that point, and would lose to Alex.. That he would beat Peter. The time results weren’t announced till after Alex quit.. Emmett, the host said the two fastest times were Andrew and Peter.. So, again how would Alex be so confident it was Peter during the comp that he felt Ok about quitting to apparently let Peter save himself.? Something is very wrong here.. Someone is cheating. Be it Alex or Peter or BBCan. That or they didn’t show us the real deal and edited to make it appear the way it did.?????? What am I missing here…????


Maybe Alec found that Veto hidden on the tree outside and will save himself last minute? This is the only logical thing that comes to my mind.


There is no way he threw the POV comp! He couldn’t have known that Peter was going to be the winner, meanwhile if he had won he could choose to take Peter off the block if he really wanted to be that noble. He tried really hard for 10 minutes and probably slapped that button ten times. I truly believe he didn’t know the answer and felt foolish and thought he had lost so hoped to garner sympathy by appearing to not really try! Remember the running monologue you hear from him during the comp is actually spoken afterwards in the DR after he has probably been told where he went wrong by the other housemates. If he really knew the answer, then the only hope for him and Peter to perhaps both get off the block, is for him to take the win and remove one of them. It`s not logical to throw it if he knew the answer. The guy is a cocky, arrogant, rude moron! Have you seen the way he stuffs food in his mouth when he`s eating lol


currently listening to alec peter…and according to them everyones played a shitty game but them…obviously……thats why you two were nom this week


They are the best in the house… That’s why they’re on the block. They are both WAY better than everyone else in the house. Everyone else’s strong point is only with the physical part of BB, but the main part of Big Brother is the mental side. Think of Dan from season 10 he didn’t win any challenges until he needed to, he played a perfect social/mental game and won 7-0. I’m not saying Alec and Peter are the perfect players, but when it comes to the mental part of the game Alec and Peter exceed everyone else.


i know alec is going, but i dnt know why i have a feeling emmett or jillian will be gone on the double eviction. I have a feeling either peter and topaz will win HOH and nominate them and have andrew as the replacement, I like talla but she wont nominate jilian and emmett same as andrew so topaz and peter need to win, if they win they have a huge shot at winning. But karma will get jillian for her countless lying, she lied for 4 huge timez 1) she promised aneal saftey 3 times,2) told danielle she safe 3) romised alce and topaz saftey, and finall 4) put topaz on the block. I know u have to lie but at the same time u want to be trustworthy and doing that last thing to topaz just meant their was no future alliances with her. I would laugh if jillian and emmett went up and had to fight for pov and one still going home itll make my day. So my bets are peter or topaz for HOH tomo and jillian and emmett for eviction with andrew as a replacement


the only way this is probably going to happen is if topaz wins, and even then its the mostly likely but idon`t think 100%….peter and alec just decided peter should throw the hoh tomorrow….if they find out before itll be a double eviction he might change that decision though


Have guests that have overstayed their welcome? Invite Talla over for a visit, that should solve your dilemma. The 3 of them right now, all talking and screaming at the same time, sound like a bunch of magpies. They really are annoying.


Assuming Alec leaves in Pt. 1 of DE Thursday night, I can see Production preferring either Peter or Topaz to win the “1/2 hour long HOH.” If neither does, I think it is very likely they will be the two nominees, with Talla in her usual role of “replacement nominee/wild card.” To me, it is really hard for Peter to try to start to “bond” with the remaining HGs, with Alec still in the house. I think this fact could hurt him some, during DE Pt. 2, when decisions are made so quickly. If Peter wins HOH, would his best play be to nominate Topaz and Talla, and try to just “make nice” with Emmett/Jillian/Andrew this week? Or do the opposite, attack them right away? I’ve long believed it’s easier to get the stronger HGs in a DE, especially later in the game, with fewer total votes (like when Shelly flipped on Jeff in BB13, during Pt. 2 of a DE.)

If Topaz wins, what does she do? Emmett and Jillian? Andrew? Talla? Finally, it makes me totally scratch my head at how Topaz continues *not* to hold Alec accountable, for any of his multiple episodes of lying and betrayal towards her. Topaz just told someone that she feels like she wants to save Peter next week, even though he *never* talks to her (simply because he’s Alec’s buddy. That is *crazy!* Man, this girl has still got a “Love Jones” the size of Texas, for Alec! Topaz, *please*, once you leave BB, go and talk with a professional. She is beautiful, and she is *not* a stupid woman. She deserves to be happy. At the very least, I pray that Topaz will soon promote her *brain*, to be the “New CEO Of Her Life”, and demote both her heart and her reproductive organs, down to “VP” and “2nd VP”.

Many accuse guys of thinking with their d*cks. True enough. But, to me, the “fairer sex” may even be *more* guilty of lettings their “feelings” and “urges” rule their lives. It’s a recipe for disaster. And we *all* must learn one other thing. How to protect ourselves from jerks! (Many thanks for listening, fellow OBBers. I know this isn’t game talk. I just *hate* seeing Topaz behaving like a 14-year-old, who still has a crash on Justin Bieber, after he’s already told her to f*ck off! Topaz deserves to be both appreciated and respected. And until she demands that from others, she’ll never get it.)


So…. she sucked YOU in TOO! What did you not see? The whole cuddlemance/victimstance she has been ‘portraying’ is all her ‘game’. You might want to rewatch and listen more closely or with the big organ in your body (in your skull). I’m glad you’re empathetic to women who deserve to be treated better. You are a true gentleman. “Topaz” is not one of those women. She has apparently got more acting chops than I gave her credit for. This is not a ‘dig’ at you by any means, Jim.


Watching Alec and Peter mourn Alec’s demise and listening to their dirge is not giving me the pleasure I hoped it would… if anything, I only feel an emotion akin to … Pity? Yeah, pity… With a tinge of embarrassment one might add, Lol.
oh well, what can I say, Alec finally threw a comp that came back to bite him in the youknowwhat (This is what happens to obnoxious players in Big brother)


breaking news everybody!! peter and alec think they will come back for all stars and win that one, courtesy of their brilliant gameplay that the other undeserving morons this season were just to stupid to understand.


Right now, the only people I can see them actually considering for a future All-Stars would be Gary and Emmett.


i know .. i was feeling sick hearing pewtrids (peter) voice and saying they are the best and all stars … is he kidding or living in lala world ..if they came back as stars i throw in the towel .. i am sure we can come up with alot better players then those too ..


This is just a theory but I think part of the reason why Alec threw the challenge is because he is arrogant, but the other part is because he didn’t want to have to decide between Topaz or Peter, if they were on the block together. AND he didn’t want to play this game with Topaz, I think he was afraid that Peter would get voted out and he would be stuck playing with Topaz. I’m glad that Topaz is finally hanging out with the girls and building relationships with them. I really think that Talla would be open to working with Topaz more than Andrew, because she knows she can’t beat Andrew in front of the jury. Talla is definitely entertaining, but she definitely will not win this game, unless she manages to win some kind of competition, at least once! I also think that Emmett’s arrogance will come and bit him in the ass too. Peter knows that he will have a harder time winning against Emmett or Andrew, so he will have to go after them. I really think the only person who would not put Emmett up with Jillian. Andrew maybe, but at some point soon, Andrew will have to target Emmett and I think he knows this. I really think that with Alec out of the game, Topaz will actually play a better game. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!


Yikes…. How would Alex have know, at the point in the veto game where he quit that, Topaz hadn’t won.. Emmett hadn’t given the results.. Why or what made him assume she hadn’t won. Therefore couldn’t take him off the block and save herself.. That Peter had won and she would replace Peter..


PS Alec is soooooo bad at this game.


Interview with Ian Terry about Big Brother Canada.


i think peter best see a doctor once he gets out of the BB house … does he really think he and Alec are the best players ever … OMG .. i have seen all but one of the American BB … and those two are like the clown shoe that Jeff tossed out … i wish they get rid of both of them this week … they are sickening to listen to and so much into themselves… sad sad pair in my books .. wont watch if peter gets past this week .. will call fowl on production if that happens…


What does Tala mean when she says she already has 3 DQ’s?


I really don’t understand why everyone is saying Peter and Alec played such a terrible game. Out of everyone in the house they played the best (not perfect, but better).They both showed they didn’t need to win challenges to be great at the game, through social interaction. But I will say Alec did get to cocky and let his true colors show and people started hating him, reason he’s on the block now. But everyone in the house is bent on winning challenges to make themselves good. I’m sorry to all of you who don’t understand Big Brother, but its a mind game over a physical game. I’m rooting for Peter all the way!


Just watched tonights episode and I’m tired of production trying to shove Peter down our throats (see, it even sounds sick, so you know it ain’t right). Give him all the airtime you want and air 95% of his DR’s, we’ll still hate him. Don’t let us go 30 seconds without seeing him, give him the best edit in the world and he’ll still be an annoying douche. Always seperating the last few words of his sentences with a pause. “They can’t stop…the Shield”…”The Shield is…on the block”…etc so annoying.
I have a feeling that production wants him to win so they can make him the face of Big Brother Canada.


Poor Peter he looks so starved, you can’t really call yourself a picky eater when in reality you have an eating disorder. All those nuggets and fries can’t be good for his arteries.


lol omg i just heard jillian say to topa and talla that she catn stand people in the house who break their promises, omg lol thats wat u do ahahaha, and topaz face was funny while hearing it


I fully loved topaz and jillians conversation and hopefully it’s a spark towards something awesome.

but tallas OCD and need for attention while not contributing in the slightest to any conversation is starting to wear on me.


I think Alec threw the competition to be “memorable” and talked about. I think he knows he is probably going home but he will be brought back as either the best player or the worst player. I don’t think he cares which but I think he knows he is going tonight.


If anything… Gary is the only one even until now deserving of winning the game. He played a good game. he was social, made major moves(unlike these people) and was good at competitions.
If anyting he deserves to win Canada’s favourite at the least.
It’s unfortunate really that he was in a house with these people… He needs to be back next season and/or for “all stars” or better yet…. BBUSA producers should just bring him on board for their series. lol

I used to like Alec, but he tries waaay too hard to be Dan 2.0 and Peter is out there trying to become Ian.. “The Shield” is the biggest joke ever.. the reason why they’ve gone unnoticed for so long is because these houseguests are playing a personal game! the best thing “The Shield” has done was avoiding drama.