Andrew hoping for another shower slip “Talla open the doors for us give us a quick show”

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 11 2013 919pm

9am Big Brother slowly turns up the lights and then plays then wakes them up with the alarm. Andrew heads up to the HOH room with new batteries. Jillian comments how Emmett and her were up talking last night. Andrew asks romantic talk? Jillian says no. Andrew heads down to give the other their batteries. In the storage room Andrew comments to Talla that Alec is sitting on the couch all sad wanting to stay. Talla says that she can’t believe he was getting all emotional with you, I can’t wait to see that. Andrew and Talla comment on how he just needs to go!


9:37AM HOH Jillian and Talla

Talla comes in “Good morning.. I look like a stain… I’m tired”
Jillian: “Oh my Gosh me too.. I’m so tired”

Talla discussing her conversation with Topaz last night in the hot tub. Talla says Topaz thinks that Jillian, Talla and Emmett have a final three. Jillian asks where the girl alliance is with Topaz.
Talla says that Topaz is still wanting a girls alliance. Talla says she had mentioned to Topaz that now she’s free from Alec and she can play with the girls.

Talla is waiting for Peter to come to her today and ask her for Alec’s vote. Talla plans on telling him straight up that Alec doesn’t have her vote because she doesn’t trust that they won’t be coming after her next week.
Talla: “I think he thinks I’m voting for Alec”

Talla says she’s been trying to get Topaz to put Peter up. Jillian doubts it thinks it will be Emmet and Andrew. Talla: “Then we get her to backdoor Peter” Jillian thinks that she will be put up as a replacement.

Talla: “No that would be weird.. Ohh I’m scared.. OK T1Ts see you later”


9:37AM Ktichen Sad 🙁


10:10Am Bathroom Talla, Andrew and Emmett

Andrew is going over the days and weeks, when competitions were won, POV’s used etc etc… Big Brother Warns them that the backyard will be closed soon
Talla is in the shower.

Andrew: “Talla open the doors for us give us a quick show”
Talla laughs says the camera isn’t even on her so she could do whatever she wants. She then realizes that a camera is on her and she goes back to showering. (Talla is pretty short so you really don’t see her in the shower like the other girls she has to prop herself up to look over the top. While doing this she slips and falls back into the shower “FAIL FAIL” is all you hear.. )


10:24AM Kitchen Jillian wondering if there will be another Have nots.. Alec mentions “They” (Big Brother) said Emmett’s slop pass is good for the rest of the rest of the game!

They briefly chat about the wrap party.. Alec plans on avoiding Tom during the wrap party. Jillian bring sup what if some people are confrontational. Alec: “I don’t think he will be I think he feels bad about the shower thing.. he won’t confront me about it.. I would like to play him in softball… KICK HIS A$$” (ohh it’s going down softball style)


10:43AM HOH Emmett and Jillian
Jillian: “After tonight half the house is from Nova Scotia” Jillian is worried that production might not like that. Emmett think they are cool about it.. Big Brother tells them to stop talking about production.

Emmett doesn’t trust Talla at all he thinks whoever wins HOH She’ll jump to, “She’s a jumper just wait until next week.. I don’t think Talla knows what she’s doing until right before the vote” Emmett knows that Andrew will stick with them but Talla won’t, “ At least Andrew won’t jump” Jillian: “I don’t trust Talla if Topaz wins HOH.. Thats why she’s the first gone out of our four”

Jillian is positive if Topaz wins HOH she’ll put up Emmett and her up. Jillian adds that Talla says she’s been working Topaz to put up Peter.

Emmett: “Old man river down there thinks he’s going to beat me” (Andrew and Emmett were joking around about who will win the HOH)

Emmet points out that Andrew is always saying it’s them in the final 3 but the he’s sure if Andrew wins that critical HOH he’ll take Talla or Jillian.

Jillian: “You have to win this week and I have to win next week.. Maybe we need to get rid of Topaz next”


10:50AM living room Andrew and Talla

Talla: “I don’t trust Peter”
Andrew: “Of course not how could Ya.. the guy is doing his thing.. The funny thing is we have Alec there saying he’s glad they got everyone out that is doing this for their careers.. what do you think Peter is doing.. he wants to be on TV”

Andrew: “You’re a crazy person i’m a crazy person we could probably have a TV show together but we’re not here to do that”

Andrew saying that Alec and Peter have been throwing competitions all season so they don’t get blood on their hands.

Andrew thinks that AJ was with them first and foremost but he would want to go with Alec and Peter over the milkmance.

Andrew mentions that Alec has been doing 3 days of constant campaigning he must be getting the message by now. Talla mentions that Alec hasn’t talked to her lately she’s been trying to avoid him. Andrew: “I want to say STOP (To Alec if he starts campaigning again) I know what you are saying leave me alone.. but on the other hand we have to watch just in case there is a twist”



The Stooges

(Video uploading)


11:24AM Living Room

Jillian saying she has 32 double d’s, Andrew doesn’t believe this at first. (I’m not sure about this one.. Anybody want to chime in do you think Jillian’s chest is that size?)
Talla says she’s a solid C
Andrew jokes around with Talla says her bras are padded. She swears the one she’s wearing today isn’t padded.
Andrew says his underwear is Lerge.. but inlky in the butt.
Andrew wonders if anyone had a “B**B Job” this season thinks that maybe Topaz did. Talla doesn’t know says they would all know if she did

Talla cannot believe they’ve been up for 2 hours already.
Andrew: “You took a 1 hour long shower.. you have to shave your back.. shave the bottom of your feet”

(LOL stooge banter at it’s best HAHAHA)

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This show is really getting slow. I hope both Alec and Topaz leave in a double eviction… I just don’t like Topaz. She’s got this whiny quality to her and since she didn’t build any other relationships, she’s not going to accomplish anything with Alec gone, anyways. Peter could give a rat’s behind about her. Heck, let it be a triple eviction and knock out Emmett while we’re at it because, let’s face it, the dude is boring. How did he get cast, anyways? The guy is like a loaf of white bread that sits on a counter. I hope Talla wins something. At least she’s funny to watch and it’ll be a hoot to see her win HOH or the Diamond Power of Veto in a 1-9-1-9 moment, haha!


If Alec and Topaz leave it will be crazy boring.

1st week afterwards: Peter vs. Andrew, Emmett, Jillian and Talla
2nd week afterwards: Talla vs. Andrew, Emmett, Jillian
3rd week afterwards: Andrew vs. Emmett and Jillian

Every week it will be one house guest vs. the rest of the house. This would be entertaining if that one house guest was someone like Frank from BB14 (i.e. a competition beast), but every week the one house guest that is the target is the weakest remaining house guest.

If Alec and Topaz leave the only thing that could save the show would be Peter winning HOH and then POV the next week after, or Talla figuring out she is next after Peter and changing sides for real. Two very unlikely events. The problem with one vs. the rest of the house is that even if that one wins HOH they are automatically nominated next week. It leaves for very little room for error for the majority.


You’re not counting the role that competitions play in the game. All those scenarios are moot if Peter wins the next HOH or POV… which could be likely since he’s been trying to make himself into a player that doesn’t win when he doesn’t need it and wins when he does need it… and production gives comps that are advantageous to the player they want to win so that the power shifts in the house. If Peter wins the next HOH or POV, your scenarios for 2nd and 3rd week mean nothing. It’ll whittle the numbers down on the other side of the house… not to mention that Talla is a nice-to-everyone “jumper” and will side with whoever has power with her googly eyes lol. Forget Talla, all the house guests kiss ass, shift sides, and turn on each other depending on whoever is in power. In any case, guessing that it’ll be the whole house against one person for each consecutive week is silly because we don’t know what comps they’re going to get and we don’t know who will win and who will go home for that week.

From the feeds, it’s pretty much set in stone that Alec is going home this week. It’s as obvious to them as it is to us that breaking up the strong Alec & Peter alliance makes more sense than breaking up the weak Alec & Topaz alliance. Topaz is most likely the next one out and it’s her own damn fault because she’s been up Alec’s butt this whole time and hasn’t built a relationship with anyone who is still in the house. I hope she leaves and the sooner the better because it’s just inevitable. The rest of the players at least have a good social game but Topaz’s social game is pathetic. She formed a wedge between herself and Topaz during bed-gate. She pissed off Andrew when she targeted him for eviction. She never became close to either Emmett or Jillian and they know that she will target them. She didn’t make a strong alliance with Peter because she’s been up Alec’s butt this whole time (did I already mention that? lol). Alec is leaving and Topaz is target number one after him. It’ll be boring watching a whole ‘nother week of Topaz as the target when we know that she has no lifeline. I doubt Peter will stick his neck out for her. No use going down with a sinking ship.

Not to mention that with Alec and Topaz broken up, it’ll be easier for Peter and even Topaz to convince Talla and Andrew that they should go after the show’s last remaining showmance (Emmett & Jillian) because they are now the biggest threat and the surest final 2 deal and in that case, no, it won’t be the entire house against one person.


Simon, I’m highly suspect of production by the way they’re playing Peter up in the DR sessions for tv yet he’s like this wispy little ghost around the house during the feeds. Sitting in the background, looking pale and uh….ghoulish? lol…maybe it’s his diet that makes him look so ghosty. Production will probably rig Peter winning the next HOH…lets be realistic peeps, it’s all about (aboot, if you’re from the Beast Coast lol) the ratings.


Jillian continuing to play Emmett’s game for him.


No way Jill is a 32DD. She’s a 34D at best, maybe closer to a C.


You didn’t hear wrong. She mentioned it a few weeks ago as well. I think she is either shopping a tween stores like someone else mentioned, or shes been wearing the wrong size bra for a very long time.


re:boob size….i dont really believe she is actually a 32 tbh, shes small but her ribcage doesn’t look 32. As a girl with big boobs…she probably could be a 32dd like la senza or places with preteen stores or if she got fit at one of those places that just encourages girls with moderate size boobs to think they have big ones by telling them they are a d or above. but 32 dd is essentially considered the same as 34d in some places…which might be a bit of a stretch still but definitely more believable. Also, tallas boobs look bigger proportionatly than jillians so logically she SHOULD have a bigger cup size than jillian. The reason I really don’t believe her on that size though is because she lives in Nova Scotia, and she wears sports bras on the show all the time….well the only sports bras you can get that are above a d here are either random ones from winners or underarmour bras (which is not what she wears). So…I find it hard to believe she is a true 32 dd. That is just my take as a girl with much larger boobs. Honestly, the guys can tell how big your boobs are, who cares what the size is!

I would like to note that this whole conversation is another of example of jillian as a bit of an attention girl…i mean she seems to bring up her ‘guy friends’ an awful lot, is definitely hyper obsessed with looks, and her whole talk last night about her being confident and basically throwing around relationship advice etc was a bit obnoxious and made it really hard to believe anything she was saying (Andrew always seems to take her with a grain of salt for this which I love). i think she wants everyone to think shes super hcore confident but her behaviour doesnt really reflect that…confident people dont need to tell everyone all the time how confident they are.


who the heck cares….what does boob size matter in this game? maybe concentrate a little more on gameplay rather than what people are saying about their clothing and undergarment sizes….? i think jillian is a great player. i also think peter is a great player. who cares about the fact that he’s pale? he’s incredibly smart and he’s playing a great game. just because he’s not playing like everyone else doesn’t mean it’s not good game play. yeesh. so many haters holy crap.


There’s no way Jillian is a double d, maybe a c but definitely not double d’s. And Talla being a c? Looks more like a b to me, these girls are wearing the wrong bra sizes or lying.


Talla has a small frame, I think she might actually be a C


Why doesn’t Peter use the monkey to create doubt with Andrew? He knows that Jillian and Emmett found the monkey but didn’t tell anyone else about it. He should try to use that to make Andrew wonder if he can trust them. Andrew has to understand that he is third banana in the east coast alliance. With Alec gone, he doesn’t need them anymore, in fact they should become his biggest targets. In a final 3 scenario, Andrew is much better off competing against Talla and Topaz than Emmett and Jillian. He won’t beat Jillian with the jury, he probably won’t beat Emmett and the only way he makes the final 2 with the milkmance is if he wins the final hoh. But he would win against Talla 7 -0 and he would beat Topaz 5 -2. As for Peter, he needs to reorganize and pull Andrew to his side. Peter is in the same boat as Andrew. I don’t think he would win against Jillian (I don’t think anyone can beat her at the end, unless they are bitter about her lies) and it would be very close against Emmett. His only hope of winning is against the girls. As soon as eviction happens its a new game and unless Emmett or Jillian leaves in the DE, we will probably be seeing the milkmance in final 2. That’s my worst case scenario.


i think andrew has a really good shot against jillian and emmett in jury… think about the votes: he’s got aj and alec for sure. once they are in jury, peter and talla may vote for him too over jemmett (i guess talla’s vote is iffy). gary would NOT vote for jillian, but he would for emmett (unless he hears more bad things from topaz once she’s out) and topaz would not want to vote for any of them, but may vote for andrew if jemmett are the ones to send her out…


I don’t know about that. First, Andrew can only make final two if he wins the last hoh. Jillian would win the endurance, and Emmett would be more likely to win the physical part of the competition. Jillian would probably win the last competition and obviously will take Emmett. If Andrew by some miracle wins, he has AJ for sure. If he is against Jillian, Emmett will vote for her. Talla would probably vote with Jillian, just because she’s a girl. Topaz will hold her nose and vote for Andrew. Alec, Peter and Gary would vote for the best game play. It could go either way. She was a snake, she carried Emmett and let him make the decisions. I dislike her, but I can’t hold it against her for lying in the BB game. If they can leave their bitterness out of it, Jillian did an awesome job getting Talla and Topaz to throw the endurance competitions to her. Both of them probably would have won if they hadn’t trusted her. Talla didn’t get screwed over in her deal, but Topaz did. Then again, what was she thinking!!! Topaz should have hung in there until the end. Jillian doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to keeping promises. Just ask Aneal and Danielle. Emmett would have a harder time against Andrew unless he makes a big move soon all by himself, but after Alec leaves, there are really no more big moves left for him to make, unless he goes after Jill, which he won’t do. After Alec goes, the only big move left is to get rid of the milkmance. The only way Emmett can win is against Talla or maybe Andrew. Topaz could win against Emmett, she would probably have Alec, Peter, Gary and Talla, maybe even AJ.


I was thinking the same thing, they should say big brother has challenged Alec to find all the Tom items put around the house but he wasn’t allowed to ask anyone or say anything. Anyway he failed the competition so they are not getting a reward, then play dumb when he doesn’t understand why he failed. Then Jillian and Emmet will look bad because Peter will tell everyone that there was a monkey in the room and they neglected to tell anyone about it.


The more I watch on line, the more I dislike Talla’s voice, she screams constantly and should be the next one to go just for being so annoying


The show is getting so boring, I am totally losing interest. The producers liquored up the ladies last night to give some oomph to the game and bring some life in, to no avail. Topaz has no game, her approach is reactive and not proactive. This whole this is getting so predictable…
Peter both annoys and intrigues me now. Never with the boys, rarely in group situations, not with the girls he is virtually disappearing into the background.
Still rooting for Andrew. 🙂


“Talla: “I don’t trust Peter”
Andrew: “Of course not how could Ya.. the guy is doing his thing.”

Lol! So, Peter has been “doing his own thing.” As a live feeder, I find this incredibly funny. 😉

Normally I’m all in for a girl’s alliance, but in this case, I really hope Jillian is just blowing smoke. I think it’s a bit too late in the game for this to happen, and I really don’t want to see Topaz around after tonight’s DE. Sorry ladies, the ship has sailed on that particular alliance idea…I hope. (I really can’t see Jillian turning on Emmett for Topaz and Talla. That would be the biggest twist of all!)


So true. Couldn’t agree more. The girls of this Season seem powerless, controlled by the circumstances and the boys. I hope I’m wrong and there is a twist of sorts in waiting. Production must know that and I’m sure if there are no twists cooking up in the house, the production will come with something to liven up the show.
Still… what happened to that Veto hidden in a tree outside? I’m sure someone’s got it.


That was fake


Jillian is simply giving herself more options. It covers her 2 ways if Talla wins. No one can truely know what Lala would do. Listen to either Topaz or Andrew. Topaz would go milkmance hunting IMO. The beauty of the girls alliance is she gets Emmit and Andrew nominated instead of E/J. If Emmit or Andrew win shes safe also. It’s post HOH positioning 101. I’m not sure Topaz will buy it if HOH though.
This strategy is all or nothing. Could get her top 2 but likely lose on the final vote. Emmits a bigger target than her she just should have rode the F4 deal she had.


It’s crazy how the whole house has figured out the Shield. Watching the feeds this week and what Andrew has been saying, it’s like he’s been watching the actual show he knows so much about what they are doing and trying to do. They really suck as players…you can’t fool or manipulate anyone if everyone has you figured out. And that’s what has happened to Alec and Peter. Their dream of being thought as “legendary players” has failed. Big time.


Jillian might have been the one to put them up on the block….but I think that andrew played a BIG role in that…because Andrew literally saw right through Alec and worked on his alliance for them to see it too….Andrew is a smart cookie when it comes to reading people…im personally rooting for him…


i actually hope topaz wins HOH tonight and puts up emmett and jillian. they need to be put on the block at some point! anyone else would put a combination of topaz, peter or maybe talla up and i just think that would be boring.


I’m pretty sure a 32dd = 34 d = 36 c .. Technically anyone could be a DD by changing their band size …
Girls do it all the time not sure why because no matter what bra size you claim to be your boobs will still look the same ..


That’s a ridiculous statement!… You can’t be a woman and say that.


Why is that ridiculous…?


Aren’t fake b00bs a requirement for BBUS?…


First off I cannot stand Topaz any longer! All her sentences end with “Blah blah blah” she sounds so stupid!
Second Jillian wishes she had DD’s they look like a big A or small B AT THE MOST! Maybe Nova Scotia has their own cup sizes? lol I wouldn’t even consider them boobs, more like pectorals with all the working out she does. Don’t get me wrong she looks great and all the power to her for staying fit but girl you are starting to get moobs (man boobs)