Exterminators VS The Brown Recluse, Black widow, Tarantula and The Plastic Toy Spider

5:00pm cockpit Spencer and Andy
Spencer says he was talking to Aaryn and she’s telling him if they keep her she will go after Amanda and MCCrea. Spencer adds that she thinks that she has JUDD’s vote. He told Aaryn to talk to him later. He wants Andy to know she’s spinning a lot of bullsh!t.

S – “She told Elissa that she is going to put up Me and McCrae next week.. that is bullsh!t’
A – I just talked to JUDD and he’s humouring her
Andy says most likely however wins HOH next week they will be safe as long as they rid the middle. Andy thinks when it comes down to it they should stick to what they planned last night.
S – Amanda needs to go and we can work with McCrae
A – exactly
S – I talked to McCrae and he said that he’s using her as a meat shield.. we’re at the final 7 sooner or later that meat shield is going to have to drop
S – I would like elissa to go next week..

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Amanda says I can’t stand one more day of Elissa walking her c**t rag around this house.

12:05pm Amanda tells Aayrn there are still a few days, see what you can do. Aayrn says I think I would rather just accept it. Aaryn heads into the rainbow room to talk to Gina. Aaryn tells Gina that Amanda told her that McCrae won’t vote for me to stay even though Amanda wants me to stay. Gina says oh no, I though they voted together. Aaryn says that Gina needs to be careful and stay in the middle of things. Aaryn is crying. Aaryn says just be careful of Amanda and McCrae. Gina says f**k them throws up her middle fingers. Aaryn tells Gina that Andy will work with you. Spencer is going to go against them (Amanda & McCrae). So stick with them and Elissa even though she wont have the power next week. Gina doesn’t understand why they would keep Andy over her. Aaryn says because they have been with him since the beginning. Gina says we still have a few days to figure it out. Aaryn says I just want to let it go. I know there’s no hope this week. Gina says what should I say if they ask me?

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

10:12am – 10:50am The Big Brother live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the Veto Ceremony. When the live feeds return we learn that Amanda used the Power of Veto to remove McCrae from the block. As Head of HouseHold Elissa then nominated Andy as the replacement.

10:50am – 11am In the havenot room – Amanda and McCrae just finished talking to Judd about coming clean with him. Andy joins them and they tell him they just finished telling Judd everything. Andy says oh my god this is the most stressful week. They reassure Andy that he is safe. Judd asks Amanda and McCrae if they are interested in make a 1 week deal with him. McCrae and Amanda says yes, we are going after Elissa so there’s no problem making that deal. Amanda says if you get HOH don’t put me up and if we get HOH we won’t put you up. Andy says Ah this will be a long three days. I trust you guys but.. They tell him he is fine, don’t worry.

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Andy says Elissa wants me up to slander Amanda and McCrae all week because she thinks it will be better for my game.

8:25am – 8:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Gina and Judd are out in the backyard dancing to the wake up music. They head back inside. All the house guests are awake and starting to get ready for the veto meeting. Spencer says just because I am sure you are wondering I didn’t have a wet dream last night. Aaryn says I wasn’t wondering. Amanda says I had a wet dream – I punched Elissa in the face and then orgasmed. Amanda says she wants to get up and get ready to look good for the veto meeting. In the rainbow room – Aaryn makes a comment about how one of the song was a mean girls song. Gina says we’re the only girls left me, you and Amanda. Aaryn asks what about Elissa? Gina says she was upstairs all day so I guess it had nothing to do with her. In the other bedroom Amanda is getting up. McCrae says you can’t spell country with out c**t. Amanda asks is that what they said? McCrae says no that’s what I say!

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NEW Final 4 Alliance – “The Exterminators” Getting rid of Snakes, Rats and Ants!

12:20am Out in the backyard – Spencer and Judd tell Andy he isn’t going anywhere. Andy says I am so mad because I was such good friends with her. Spencer says she hates us now. Spencer asks and what is up with Gina talking about wanting to date guys after this. Andy says that Gina said I want to come out of here being able to date guys. Andy says what are you thinking, I want to come out of here with $500,000. Andy says I am not crying that much today because my fate is at the hands of Gina and Elissa! McCrae joins them. Andy asks Aaryn if we go on the block together do you think we could campaign together and give speeches about how we will make the house better. Aaryn asks do you really think you will go up next to me? Andy says yeah. Aaryn asks is that because she wants me to go home. Andy says he doesn’t know. Spencer says he thinks there is absolutely nothing that could change her mind. Andy says I think you and I need to give the most scathing speeches on Thursday. Aaryn asks about what? Andy says about her. McCrae agrees. Andy says to all of the pathetic people of the Brenchel Army I pray that you don’t vote for me.

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Andy thinks he’s going up Calls Elissa a moron “Maybe she needs her processor updated” -Spencer

10:40pm Backyard Andy, JUDD and Spencer
(Andy is freaking out that he is going up)

Spencer – Dude how dedicated are you to working with Elissa.
JUDD fumbles his works says he wants to work with them all
Andy – ELissa is not logical the minute she gets an idea in her head she throws out all logic
S – we sat her down in the cockpit and told her we have three votes and she still puts Andy up
JUDD says it would have made more sense for Elissa toi have put up Amanda and McCrae.

JUDD tells them he trusts them both 112%
J – if I go up tomorrow I am for sure going home

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“I’m not going down there for the rest of the week and when I do it’s to go home” -Elissa

8:31pm HOH JUDD and ELissa
JUDD tells her all the nonsense downstairs is driving them all insane.
JUDD says he doesn’t think they will get beer now. Elissa wishes they had wine she could really do with a glass right now.
Elissa tells him she cannot leave the Head of Household room, “They (Production) are out of their mind if they think I can deal with that”
JUDD:’ It’s just her
E – I don’t deserve to be put in this situation… I came here to play this game.. I don’t have any respect for Big Brother.. it’s crazy
J – it’s annoying and psychotic.
J- can you get in trouble if you dump gatorade on someone’s head
E – no
J – I’m going to so that if she starts that sh!t with me.
JUDD says that Amanda is reading the rulebook trying to find out what she can get away with. He plans on reading it when she is done

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Still in hiding “C’mon sweet angel precious face.. Let’s do YOGA together”

6:30pm Backyard MC, Andy and MC
McCrae:” If you and me are ever on the block i’m going to stay”
Amanda:” Good I want you to stay”
Spencer, JUDD and GM join them

MC says his fight with Elissa earlier was about the yellow softballs. Sounds like the fight was over those. Elissa was saying that they were using her softballs. McCrae says he brought one softball in from the competition.

Spencer says Amanda is f***ing up their chances of getting Alcohol tonight. They laugh. Amanda doesn’t understand why Elissa doesn’t come down. Amanda misses Elissa so much.
Amanda: “She looks so much like her pictures.. I’m going to try to get her down here what else is there for

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New Year’s Granny strikes “Nice Yummy pad for you Elissa stick it on there real good.. Gorgeous “

4:39pm Bedroom Amanda and Andy
Amanda says Andy is staying 100% he doesn’t have to worry but they need to get GM up on the block.
ANdy says he’s been telling people whatever they want to hear so if anything comes back she has to know his loyalties are with them.

Amanda says she is going to keep torturing Elissa and when they get called down for photobooth she is going to be a all over her. Amanda suggests that after that he needs to go up to the HOH with Elissa and console her.

Andy reiterates his loyalties are with Amanda and McCrae he’s been talking mad sh!t about them for the past day trying to get GM put up. Amanda tells him they need to keep working Elissa.

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ELISSA & McCRAE FIGHT! McCrae says if you keep saying sh*t you are going to get the pitbull!

1:15pm – 1:40pm Judd and Elissa head out into the backyard. Judd comments on how you can’t even tell now that the hot tub overflowed. Amanda is now up and in the kitchen. She comments to Judd that she doesn’t sleep well with all the animosity in the house. Amanda heads outside. Andy joins Judd in the kitchen and comments that if I am going up, I am going up in style! Judd and Aaryn head out to the backyard and join Amanda on the couch. Aaryn says that Gina said she went upstairs and she (Elissa) said us throwing the parachute off the balcony was childish games. Judd says there is nothing better to do in here. Aaryn says that Gina said she was going to stay in bed and not talk to Elissa until late tonight and then tell her whatever she wants to hear to stay off the block. Andy joins them. Amanda says that Elissa was pretty adamant about her not going on the block. Aaryn says she bit her lip on the inside and now there’s puss.. I think its infected. Amanda says it’s probably a cold sore. Aayrn says it’s not a cold sore. Spencer joins them.

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Elissa says I should have put Amanda/McCrae up together and I wish I would have done that.

10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Gina comments to Judd that the wake up music is the best part of her day. She then goes back to bed and tells Andy “Oh my god my shoulders hurt from pop, lock and dropping.” Andy brushes his teeth and then goes back to bed. Up in the HOH room – Elissa gets ready for the day and heads downstairs.

11:15am In the kitchen Elissa and Judd talk about how they got to see Zingbot and baby Zinbot. Judd says it was great except for the fact that he was dehydrated and needed medical attention. Elissa and Judd head out into the backyard. Judd notices that Andy had put the hose into the hot tub to fill it up and left it running while he went back to bed. The hot tub completely over flowed and water is all over the backyard couch area.

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Elissa tells Ginamarie we just have to pretend so that they’re shocked when I put Andy up.

1:05am Judd and Andy head down from the HOH room after talking with Elissa. Andy says that was really weird. Judd says I don’t think she wants to put up Ginamarie. Andy says I know. Judd says first she didn’t put up Amanda and McCrae, then this happens and now she won’t put up Ginamarie. Andy says I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not. Judd says she was pissed. We just have to be on it all day tomorrow and I guess we have to say it in front of Ginamarie. Andy says do it without me because she trusts you more than she trusts me. Say Andy is solid you can trust him. Judd says if she would just trust, we could have a solid final four. Andy says I know. If she puts me up, I go home! Oh my god! Judd says what she doesn’t understand if she puts up Ginamarie we could have a very easy week. Andy says exactly. If she puts up you, then we will be harassing Ginamarie all week and so will Amanda/McCrae and all of them. They hear Elissa come down the stairs and leave the lounge. Andy says Hi to Elissa and she doesn’t say anything.

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