Elissa says I should have put Amanda/McCrae up together and I wish I would have done that.

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


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10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Gina comments to Judd that the wake up music is the best part of her day. She then goes back to bed and tells Andy “Oh my god my shoulders hurt from pop, lock and dropping.” Andy brushes his teeth and then goes back to bed. Up in the HOH room – Elissa gets ready for the day and heads downstairs.

11:15am In the kitchen Elissa and Judd talk about how they got to see Zingbot and baby Zinbot. Judd says it was great except for the fact that he was dehydrated and needed medical attention. Elissa and Judd head out into the backyard. Judd notices that Andy had put the hose into the hot tub to fill it up and left it running while he went back to bed. The hot tub completely over flowed and water is all over the backyard couch area. Judd shuts off the water and pulls the hose out. Elissa goes to tell the dairy room. When she comes back out she tells Judd they want us to go inside so they can take a look. Elissa and Judd head inside and up to the HOH room.


11:30am – 12:05pm Up in the HOH room – Judd and Elissa talk. Elissa asks if anything happened last night. Judd says no, just Gina came down and I asked her if everything was good after talking to you and she said no. Elissa says yeah I told her I still hadn’t made up my mind on who I was going to put up. Judd tells Elissa that he will vote out Aaryn because that is her target. Judd says he knows Amanda/McCrae want Aaryn here. Elissa says yeah because they control her. Amanda is disgusting. Elissa laughs at how Aaryn’s goal in life is to go to a Playboy Mansion Party. Elissa says that’s not a good life goal and sorry but Aaryn doesn’t even compare to those girls. Elissa says that Amanda and Aaryn are mean girls. Amanda is disgusting I could talk about her flaws all day long. Elissa says I don’t like anyone in the house but you, Ginamarie and Andy. Judd says and Spencer. Elissa says he is all right. Judd says that’s why I want it to just be me, you, Andy, Gina and Spencer in the house. Judd says we have me, Andy and Spencer to vote out Aayrn. Judd brings up how Aaryn puts Gina on the guilt trip and I don’t like that. We could call Gina up her and all tell her that we would be keeping her so that she wouldn’t come after you next week. Judd says that Aaryn won’t go after Amanda/McCrae she will becoming after you. Elissa says yeah that’s why she has to go. Elissa tells Judd that Amanda was trying to convince her to put you (Judd) up to next to Aaryn. Elissa says that Amanda actually thinks I would be stupid enough to listen to anything she says. Elissa says of course they wanted you to go Judd. Elissa says that Amanda is a crazy crazy girl, like literally crazy and not even in a fun way crazy any more. Judd tells Elissa he thinks Gina should go up. Elissa says that it comes down to who I trust more and Andy is just as impressionable as Ginamarie is. Elissa says I should have put Amanda/McCrae up together and I wish I would have done that. Elissa says the best case scenario would be for us to be here and for Amanda/McCrae to sit their butts in jury. Elissa says Amanda you are like a trend they think it would be fun to try you and then they realize you were the worst mistake ever! You are a trend that will never come back in style. Judd says that Spencer despises McCrae and I think Andy is realizing that too. Judd says if it was Aaryn and Amanda in the end I would vote for Aaryn to win. Elissa agrees. Elissa says if Aaryn doesn’t go this week they are going to win, they will have the numbers to win. Elissa tells Judd that Andy had just as much influence in you going home, he knew about it.


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:15pm – 12:40pm Elissa says that she thinks they (Amanda and McCrae) made up the thing about Howard using the bible. McCrae just brought the bible for something to read. When you pray to the big brother gods, that’s just not right. Elissa tells Judd you should have seen Amanda/McCrae’s wedding, it was so sacrilegious it was disgusting! McCrae is sacrilegious which is disgusting. Judd comments that McCrae has cartoon characters drawn in his bible. Elissa says that’s not right. They talk about whether or not Howard said those things to Amanda. Elissa says even if he did it was because Amanda was flaunting her boobs in his face. Judd says he doesn’t think he said it because McCrae would have been mad at him and he wasn’t. Judd thinks Amanda made it up and told McCrae and that’s why he wasn’t mad at Howard. Elissa says that McCrae likes that Amanda is sleazy. Judd says that last night Amanda says what got me out was my lies and I said to her I would like to shake the hand of one person that has made it through this game without lying. Judd says that she was quiet after that. Elissa says I have never been around people that suck this bad at life. My dad warned me that I have been sheltered and wasn’t prepared for these types of people but I think I am cultured. I have never been around people that are this disgusting. Like people that have no integrity. Elissa says I can’t believe she insulted my husband, I think he is hot. I don’t care what she thinks about me. I want to be everything that you are not. Everything that you stand for I want to stand for the opposite. Elissa says that Aaryn is disgusting she looked at Britney Haynes girl parts online and said that she tried to look for Rachel’s but couldn’t find any full frontals. You are disgusting. Judd says honestly in my heart I think you should put up Ginamarie. Elissa says I see why you would say that. Judd says we could all just talk to her and make her feel safe. Elissa says it’s my decision and I would like to build rapport with her to see if she would be loyal.


12:40pm – 1:05pm Judd says if Andy and Aaryn are up, then I think Andy would go home and then it is just you and I which I am fine with. Elissa says yeah. Judd says I think this is our time to flip the house. Judd comments that Gina is close with Elissa. Elissa says no not at all. I think Amanda is just saying that to make Ginamarie the target. Judd says oh. Elissa says whoever I put up and if Aaryn stays we might as well self-evict because Amanda and McCrae are going to win the game. Judd doesn’t think Andy should go up. Elissa says I don’t know why you trust Andy, it makes me question your judgement. Elissa says I can’t wait for Amanda to use the veto to take McCrae off the block so that I can say unfortunately I can’t put up the person I wanted to put up so I will put up the person they suggested I put up (Andy). Elissa says Andy just makes me so nervous. If Andy won next week I still think he would do whatever Amanda/McCrae want. I am not afraid of making people upset in big brother. Elissa says I told Andy if he voted out Helen and I won HOH, then he would be my target even though he’s not my target this week. Judd says I know you will do what you want to do, I just hope you do what is best for both of us and not just you. I am just on a mission to get rid of Amanda and McCrae. Elissa gets called to the diary room and they end their conversation. Judd says I am with you and Spencer. I don’t want you to think that I am with Andy. Elissa says yeah that would be the worst move of your life! Judd heads downstairs.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Pinocchio Obama

Please put Andy on the block Elissa. Aaryn or Andy must go this week.


Come on suckers keep on spending your money on the 24/7 fake reality show. Let me help you Amanda wins. Already going to make thousands on my Vegas bet I made a month ago. Thank you CBS. You are the best!


I wish someone could let them know DO NOT GET IN THAT BATH TUB AFTER AMANDA . The yeast infection is really another type of infection ? Dont use her towels . Dont wipe there penis with any towels she may have used .


Not sure, but I think Amanda admitted last night on BBAD that she got treated for herpes.


Yes!!! I thought possibly small margin of chance that Judd could convince Elissa to put up GM…and that worried me. But it looks like Elissa knows not to trust Andy. Judd is an idiot he is still blind to who is telling him the truth or not. Eventually everyone will see that Andy is lying and ratting out every single person. He is garbage and i can’t stand him. Just look how he is acting about possibly going on the block. For Elissa’s game play its better if Arryn goes home but it wouldnt be all that bad either if Andy would go home bc amanda and mccrae wouldnt have a spy anymore (although i can see bitch ass spencer becoming one.) Andy is also scared that Arryn will dime him out with the info she knows and ruin his whole game play. I hope she does! And i love how Amanda was coming at GM for being close to Elissa and possibly becoming an alliance yet she is trying to get Elissa to put up GM so they can evict her. These people only see one side to the story and think everyone owes them their allegiance even it means those people go home. It makes me sick!!


i have been saying that all along. i know she won the game. BB15 the worst ever so enjoy your winnings.

Elissa the elitist phony

Elissa the plastic phony is saying Aaryn doesn’t have what it takes to be a Playboy girl? Uh, Aaryn is 100 times sexier and more beautiful than you you Botox freak. With your fake eye lashes and hair extensions, Botox duck lips and boob implants I can only imagine how hideous your were before those add-ons. So don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house you arrogant conceited ass. And you can talk about Amanda all day about her flaws? What about yours? At least Amanda has friends in the house and has a social game. And the only people in the house who doesn’t disgust you are Judd, Andy, GM, and Spencer? Since when? You were just throwing them under the bus when whining to dictator Helen not a week ago. You are so shallow. And such a liar. Now you sit all high and mighty while suffering from HOH-itis. Enjoy the moment. You’ll be on the block next week and then going home. We can’t wait.


I want Judd and Elissa to make it to the final 2.

I am so sick of Amanda i would literally provoke her so much to the point where she would hit me and therefore self-evict. I don’t care i would take a punch just to see her loose the game. Lol kidding

Seriously though she is so disgusting… i can’t watch her anymore, she is a self-absorbed, attention seeking, racist, unlikable, vile, repulsing, delusional, malicious, manipulative, wannabe, control-freak.


A friend who works on production asked one of my friends to place a bet for him in Vegas for Amanda.


i think the poor guy who sent his money into Vegas is gonna loose that bet.
a safer bet like that would have artfully split the same sum of money between
McCRAE and JUDD or McCRAE and AARYN or McCRAE and ELISSA depending.
if Andy is about to enter the JURY, do keep in mind lil ole Helen is already there and
going over in her mind how much koolaid the rat~guy consumed verses what he
clearly had distributed around to people like the NUMBER TWO inside a cult.

what the fuck

i guess we can look at this situation half full. Even though mcranda is off the block, both their puppets (Andy/Aaryn) will be on the block and they can decide who goes home. I want to see Aaryn’s interview with Julie

Pooper Scooper

I have watched BB for years and have not felt so much disgust for so many cast members since season 6, with Maggie (MAGGOT) taking the win. I can’t stand Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Aaron.

With Amand-ewww’s hunch back / horrible posture she reminds me of a Dung Beetle with its curved outer shell back. McCrap is the turd she rolls around; and Andy is the parasite feeding off the skid mark that the ball of sh!t (McCrap) leaves as he is pushed around by Amand-ewww 24 / 7. Aaron is an additional ball of crap pushed around by Dunganda when needed but clearly she prefers McCrap’s dung ball as does Andy.

3AM’s alliance name should be changed to the Turd Hurd!!!! What’s that smell? One wonders why this season stinks!




HILARIOUS!!!! This comment made my day…. I love it!




Amanda: I once saw my mom masturbate. It was the most disgusting and disturbing thing I have ever seen. But then again, I had paid for the DVD, so I thought I might as well watch it all.




Your post my my day lol


I have watched fro BB1 and can’t stand them either. The only joy and enjoyment I am getting from this season is that 4 of them have loss there jobs outside BB. I am not a vindictive person, but they ruined BB for me, so now I am glad their lives are shattered. Remember if you do not have the feeds and have enjoyed Dawgs and Simons work, donate. They have noting to do with the vile humans inside the house and have sat through all of the discussing things and reported to us. I do not know Dawg or Simon, I am a civilian just saying thank you and helping pay the server!!!


Omg I’m in tears by this comment hilarious Turd Hurd. 3am more like that’s the time any of you are going to get evicted. Out in the cold no interviews. Nobody wants to see your face.

person 1

Why does everyone hate Maggie. I just got done watching that season on YouTube & it wasn’t obvious.


I can’t speak for everyone, but here’s a few reasons from my perspective:

1. The Nerd Herd was creepy. They made Eric (Did they nickname him Cappy? Whatever,) like a martyr after his eviction, similar to what Lydia, Natalie, and Chima did after Jessie was evicted (though they honestly had more legitimate reason to be upset-a coup de tat is an outrageous advantage in this game). Treating this game like life and death is just really off putting some times, and it made the whole lot of them come off as whiny and melodramatic.

2. Janelle deserved to win that season. Hands down, best player of the season was Janelle. The POV queen. The charismatic, no-nonsense competition champ has gone down in the “books” as the best player to never win the game. Her plea to Ivette as to why she deserved to be in the final 2 with her over Maggie was a bullseye, but the brainwashing of the nerd herd was compete, and it was enough to make any fan of the game want to rip their hair out. Ivette cost herself 500,000 dollars. It was a foolish decision, and it was exactly why she wasn’t voted back in for All-Stars the following season, even though Kaysar, Howie, and James all were alongside Janelle. (Sans Howie, they also deserved to win over Maggie for having far better game).

3. The Nerd Herd were the fake good guys. They acted all holier than though (much as Helen did this season with her, “good vs. evil” nonsense. Never forget though, that Jen broke a deal with Kaysar upon his immediate return to the house from sequester. The entire nerd herd was complacent with it, and every member of the house was a witness to it. They backstabbed and lied just like everyone else, but ACTED LIKE THEY WERE ABOVE IT. They acted like Janelle and the rest of the Sovereign alliance were bad people, when the reality is they were just more impassioned competitors (that certainly made for better television).

4. Maggie didn’t have a big move. I watched that season twice, and I can’t tell you a single thing she did worthwhile off the top of my head. Creating an alliance that contains half the house doesn’t count. It’s not a game defining or winning move…again, just ask Helen.


I liked Maggie, I knew from the first or second week she would win


The Turd Herd!! OMG, I LOVE it!! I think Julie should tell them on the finale that America has renamed their alliance!

My Adderall Finally Works

Love the name Turd Hurd. Fits them just right


I think putting Andy up is her best move. She just can’t trust him.

Can't wait either

I also can’t wait to see that little bitch cry when he’s put up.

Can't wait either

I sooo can’t wait wait to see that little woman, errr: bitch Andy whine like a bitch when he goes up! E – Do the right thing and put up Andy girl.


That’s what I think she is going to do. Bye bye aaryn!!!
That’ would be a major move to shake things around.
Hopefully Judd wins next and put up that nasty couple we all dislike.


Can’t wait to see Andy’s face when he is on the block.


Would be great if the guys banned together (Judd Spence Andy) and could to be trusted to evict AAryn if GM was the replacement.
Tough call for Elissa. The only one that hates Amazon/McPizza as much as Elissa is Judd.


Elissa = Dumb

She talks like a middle school child. With all the work she’s had done, she looks like an ugly creepy puppet. She talks about other peoples life goals

She marries an old man (for his money) and is nothing more than a lazy stay at home mom. Talk about silver spoons.

Oh ok, go ahead and put a thumbs down, because Elissa is just as bad as the rest, but that’s right. Elissa is awesome no matter what.


Call a beautiful woman disgusting, then go ahead and slam all stay at home mother’s in the world. The first one okay, so you’re a jealous woman. I’m a man. E is hot. They seem like they actually have a fine marriage. She’s very proud of him, shows it, and hasn’t even hinted at doing anything inappropriate on this show with another. Say what you will, you have nothing to back up your words but your hope. Slamming stay at home mom’s? Bad call. Plus she does plenty of other things, has morals, and has talked about donating the money to charity. You’re really trying to drag down the wrong one and like it or not time will prove you to be a fool as it will with most in the house. She’ll go on winning and having a fruitful life while others won’t. Don’t be jealous of another’s success. Go out and achieve some one your own.


Shes not a normal stay at home mom. She married money and I can guarantee she has maids. Her entire body is fake and if you find that beautiful that’s your issue you have to deal with. She talks slow (likes she’s on some major meds). She talks with a whiny tone. Before all the work, yes she was attractive. Are you saying her (very much older Husband) and her are in total happy marital bliss??? I think not.

She was talking about talking about all of Amanda’s flaws all day, but look at hers. Fake eyelashes, lips, boobs, etc., etc., etc. Like I said she is just as bad as all the others. You were sitting there last year snuggled up on your couch squealing like a girl for Brendon and Rachel. I actually was rooting for Rachel last year. They tried to make Elissa like Rachel and it didn’t happen.

So go snuggle up in your snuggie and squeal for Elissa this week. I HOPE SHE PUTS UP GINA MARIE and solidifies her positions as the all time dumbest player!


We all know who are on the meds. Plus when E stated Aderall was like heroin we all know she knows nothing about drugs. Aderall is prescription speed, meth from a pharmacy. Your two queens are the only one taking a daily dose of drugs.

Adios. Just look a the majority on this site. You are so in the minority. 3AM are all disgusting as human beings.


So now I get it. It’s a horrible thing to marry anyone that is successful, have help around the house, or choose to spend your money however you want. Even if it is on cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, the good thing to do is lie, cheat and steal and perhaps dispose of an unconvenient child since we are just working off of rumors. How lovely. I’m guessing most of all you people who protest Elissa’s choices and lifestyle, given the same circumstances,
would live a meager life. You are pathetic, grow up.


This comment was for Amanda. Please tell us what a normal stay at home mother is.




I don’t get why people have issues with anyone who marries a person with money. Older men marry young women and they are praised for it, yet if a woman want security it’s a problem. It’s only a problem if there is no love, and the gold digger cheats. From what I’m hearing Elissa fell in love with a mature man that is able to take care of her and their children. What mother would not want her daughter to be happy and well taken care of? I’ll say it again, i’m not Elissa fan but there is nothing wrong with falling in love with someone older and they have money. Name one young girl who dream and pray to grow up and marry a broke man who doesn’t have goals and dreams for a better life. I don’t like how she brags, but there is nothing wrong with marry into wealth as long as you are truly in love. Amanda came into the house pregnant with a boy friend, and look how she is acting, yet folks want to slam Elissa who is married with children because he is older and rich? Okay that seems silly to me.

Go Elissa

Elissa said her husband was self made and worked hard for all that he has . She said that she worked hard her whole life . They are bringing up their children to work for what they want in life ! I wish more people had that instilled in them . It is very Clear that she LOVES and adores her husband and their children .They are trying to bring them up right and not expect that everything would be handed to them or always go their way in life . I don’t think she is doing anything wrong , I am happy for her that she has found Love and does not have to worry about the future as much as some of us do ! What was she Really supposed to Not marry the man she LOVES just because he was better off ?????????


Elissa’s marriage is none of your business. Elissa and her husband love each other and make each other happy. Their age difference and his money is irrelevant. So what if Elissa had some work done to her body. If it makes her feel good about herself then it’s a positive thing. These things are no one’s business but hers, and it doesn’t make her a bad person. Grow up and get over yourself.


I agree with “Funny”. You’re a total dip sh!t if you think it’s easy taking care of kids all day!


Being a man, and seeing my wife and having man friend’s that are stay at home dad’s..the hardest job in the world is to raise kids. I couldn’t do it. I consider work vacation. That might make me sound bad, but little human beings you love that need your attention almost 24/7… exhausting. Incredible workload. Hits you both emotionally and physically. I praise any parent that makes the choice to raise children. My hats off to you.

As to all this negative talk about E, and some proper criticism could be warranted just like we all could use some constructive criticism, but to get back on point…..

These people that support 3AM are family or friends that are grabbing at anything to make someone else look bad. The sad thing is if they had an argument they would be listing facts regarding why 3AM is a good group of people. They can’t. They know they are vile sick people. They can only hope to destroy another’s reputation. Just wait for their dear friends to get out of that house. Like someone said or perhaps me, the real fireworks will start after the show. When these halfwits half to face the music they’ll be taking much more meds than now. I’ve never seen so many people self destruct day after day. It’s not a slip here or there. They are putting nails in their coffin. They’ve lost jobs, etc… Aaryn’s family wouldn’t even sign a release to let BB put pictures in Aaryn’s room of them. Aaryn’s doesn’t get why that might be. Embarrassed? You know it. They’ll support their little racist after this show but they know the magnitude of her mistakes, mistakes they made her into. I hope she sues her parents. That apple fell right by the trunk of that tree. anyway… i’m on a tangent… there is no redemption with 3AM.


Too bad we can all smell Amanda from the computer. She is super disgusting – personality and all. Why did Alison G. think putting her on the show would be a good publicity. The only publicity she gets is talking about her pubic hair and her crotch issues along with incessant bullying.

Dan's Mist

Every time I watch the feeds I’m thankful they aren’t in smell-o-vision. Can you imagine what Amanda’s slime must reek of?


Wow! I just realized that AG is Demanda’s friend so she knew what a horrible, vile creature she is and still likes her. So I guess we can assume AG is as disgusting as Demanda.


And she supposedly has herpes(if so she didn’t tell mccrae) supposedly got an abortion 3 days before going into the house. I know women get abortions all the time, but to kill a baby so you can go on a reality show is the lowest of the low. She grosses me out on so many levels.


I noticed POV holder is not filled in……Hmmmmm, pandora’s box?

Amandas cootch smells like onions

That is what I am hoping for, pandoras box with the power of veto for next week….that would be perfect for Elissa, that and JUDD to win HOH

Jody H.

Having been a stay-at-home mom when my son was younger, thank you for your ignorant comment. For all your talk about her marrying her husband for money, her feelings seem genuine, and nothing she has said shows it to be untrue.

I will agree that she stepped up what she has said. However, she has never stopped being disgusted by all the viciousness in the house. And even when attacking others, she talks about their actions. She said there are flaws but that is general. It is the other house guests who make direct attacks.

She might be a bit condescending, but she has never stooped to their level. And her opinion hasn’t changed based on who is in power. She just never had the position to turn anything.

Ex Fan

Elissa has the hottest bod in the house. I’d take Elissa over Aaron’s flabby ass any day.


Amanda, question for u? How the hell do u know what kind of relationship elissa has with her husband and why do u care so much? Thats between the two of them she has never said one word to disrespect her husband and she doesntpresent herself in a way that would be degrading to her husband. As for plastic surgery, who gives a shit! Thats her business! Have u seen her body? U dont get a toned muscular bodylike that with plastic surgery asshole!!! She works hard for that body and she looks dam good! My mom was a stay home mom when i was growing up and my dad worked his ass off in a steel mill so my mother could raise us kids and i am greatful for that! U r a very jealous person andvu need to get ur fat ass off the couch and work on ur body, maybe u would not be so jealous of other people if u loved urself. U also might be able to find a man to take care of ur sorry ass! Angelina jolie has fake lips and she makes MILLIONS! U cant handle that tbere r women in the world more beautiful than u on tbe inside and out!!! U and Aaryn would get along good… so full of urselves and ugly inside and out

Elissa for BB15

where did my comment go

Judd's granny

Where did my chickens go?


Appears the rumor started by Elissa that big momma is pregnant wasn’t circulated as widely as Elissa had expected. Might be a sign of whom to trust!


It wasn’t a rumor. Amanda was talking about it sometime last week while aaryn was HOH.


It wasn’t a rumor! Amnda has told them. Look at the 1am-2am summary of feeds…..even GM said that Amanda said she was 3 days……but obviously Amanda said it for attention


Yeah she totally made that sh!t up… even if he said he wanted to sleep with her, she said it was sexual harassment…but later on once he left and they moved on to bigger targets she was saying how she bet Howard f***ed like a god and that she would have to go to the hospital afterwards for having a busted up spleen! WTF? Who cries sexual harassment one second and then talks about screwing their “harasser” the next? this chick is crazy!


What exactly is 3 days pregnant? IF she did say this, more evidence how not bright she is. McUseless thinks all this is ok? There’s a huge statement of character. What an ambitious little number he is. Bright? I think not, does he really think scuzzwad is gonna stay with him? Fool on a holiday.


Judd is a fool for suggesting Elissa put up GinaMarie. And if Elissa does it, she’s just as foolish.

The only way to break up the alliance is to put Andy up against Aaryn.

Amanda sucks

Amanda sucks. That is all.


she does indeed…we saw it on After Dark. McCrae was the receiver.


Elissa and Judds conversation at the mo is making me want to vomit.
Her “I am a better christian routine” needs to GTFO of the BB house.
I don’t need sunday morning sermins on my feeds.

The funniest part is she seems to actually be convinced GM was only bad
because she hung around with Aryan. We all know of all of them GM said the
VERY worst of the racism sound bites (at least in my eyes).
I would actually pay to watch Elissas face when she finally sees the GM sound bites
when this is all over…omg priceless!

I also am bummed about JUDD. I though it would be fun if he came back.
He is so bitter and paranoid (which he deserves to be) it is just a downer.
I wish he would relax for like 10 minutes, he never seems to stop pacing the house.




Plus when she talked about the wedding being sacrilegious. Does she think it was a real wedding?


Judd seems to be fooled by gay Andy but I don’t think Elissa is


“gay andy”? as opposed to who, “straight andy”? stop showing your bigotry by trying to use grade school language as a weapon.


Yes Elisa, stick to your guns, put Andy up.

Disgusting Sums it up

Sorry, but unless you want the vulgar words thrown out by your fav 2, McCranda, disgusting pretty much sums it up.

I guess we could go with: revolting, repellent, repulsive, sickening, nauseating, stomach-churning, stomach-turning, off-putting, unpalatable, distasteful, foul, nasty, vomitous; or perhaps some of the more vile words you appreciate Amanda saying.

Get a life. Because she uses one word that’s your take, that’s your dig. Wow…… very off-putting and yawn……. boring. Not worried about the decent use of the English language. I do care who she puts up and how she reads people and although she doesn’t have the numbers, she reads everyone in that house just as they are read by the majority of America. Put a target on your own back like the fools in this house like to do FB poster.


Question: are there any signs Amanda might start to think Aaryn could be a difficult player to get out & now would be as good of time as any? Or is she so delusional she thinks it doesn’t matter who is there with her at the end?


Wht if that were true and Amanda wanted Aaryn out now–Then she and McCrae would vote against her with Judd/Andy/ Spencer also? If GM was up as a pawn- AARYN would go to jury unanimously and on Elisa’s HOH- How much would Aaryn hate that?????


I Think She Wants To Keep Aaryn To Be Her Work Horse And Sit Next To Her In The Final 2. Amanda Won’t Win Sitting Next To Andy Or Mccrae

person 1

She won’t win sitting next to Aaryn either


I personally think Demanda is hooped for winning all together. No matter who she’s up against in F2, the other one will get it. Maybe – just maybe – she could beat GM, as GM has probably done less to win, but GM also needs the money way more than Demanda and is better liked. Demanda’s only job now is to get MC to the F2 and I think he’d also have a hard time beating anyone else but GM or Demanda herself. There is no way Demanda walks away with the $500K – not a hope (yay!)


Demanda has already said she will use Aaryn to take out Elissa and Judd then get rid of her. She is hoping to go to the jury without blood on her hands thinking she can talk everyone into believing it wasn’t her that turned on them. The question is are these people stupid enough to believe her.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I think Amanda wants to keep Aaryn. She “won” a veto but she knows very well that she can’t win a comp every week. She needs Aaryn to win comps so McCranda can have a little power.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

She wants to take Aaryn to the end, she thinks no one will pick the racist over her.


I feel like Elissa is the only one that actually knows how to play this game. The other HGs are just too afraid of the Queen (Amanda).
Mmmm… Yeah, I’m rooting for Elisaa to win:)

ur dumb

youre stupid to think elissa knows how to play this game, just look at the fact that she didnt put up mcpussy and amanda together. total bonehead move. go team SPUDD


EVEL DICK has even said getting rid of Andy or Aaryn is still a GOOD move for Elissa….especially getting out someone who can win comps for Amanda and MCrae or the rat who tells Amanda/ MCrae everything! Plus its one less person going after her….before this week EVERYONE including GM and Spencer was targeting her….look at how that’s changed!


I think it was a good choice to put Andy up against Aaryn. They are both the two front men for McCranda and they need to break that alliance up. Hopefully Aaryn will be voted out. Since everyone is on to Andy allegiance to McCranda it easy enough to remedy that by not telling him anything or by feeding him phony info to relay to Amanda. Much harder to get Aaryn to stop winning challenges. If they succeed in gettng her out they will seriously damage Amanda’s game.
There will be no one to win HOH for her anymore.

Wtg elissa

Would you want to listen to amanda whine and cry for a week cause you put her on the block? I understand why elissa wanted to backdoor her.

Elissa for BB15

Elissa please don’t listen to Judd, you will need GM next week. Andy will not come out of Mcranda’s rat trap and vote GM out. Time to wake up 3AM and send 1AM packing.
2AM let the game begin


No use fretting over what you might have done, Elissa. Upward and onward.

The ball is now completely in Amanda’s court. Will she figure that she has used up Andy and now she can cut him loose, or will she (plus McCrea and Spenser) unwittingly join forces with Elissa and vote out Elissa’s original target Aaryn?


She’ll vote out Andy if he goes up. I may be giving McCrae too much credit, but if he is smart he’ll separate from Amanda after this week. I think he can go further if he votes out Aaryn and makes a legit guys alliance. Amanda is too much of a liability at this point.


I think the safest thing to do at this point would be to put up GM, and hope the boys are serious about going against McRanda. I wish GM could be trusted to vote out Aaryn, but I just don’t believe it-she’s been playing a personal game- not a strategic one. I think the boys are more likely to go with the strategy of getting a strong player out (Aaryn). Most of all, I wish Andy could go home this week, but I understand that Aaryn is better at comps and has shown week after week that she is too afraid of Amanda to play her own game. Hey wouldn’t it be great if McCrae went against Amanda and voted Aaryn out like he wishes he could. I’d pay to se them fireworks!


How can you actually trust Andy? Have you been watching these past weeks? Can you trust Spencer? Look what he said to McNasty right before bed last night.

You have to go with the right play, Andy or Aaryon and let 3 am decide who goes. Let them eat their own. Don’t give them a chance to eat someone else. Amanda hates GM, she is a convincing woman. McRae would do as told, they all would. Andy and Spencer have all season. Through GM up and let Amanda win again? Only way to ensure she loses this week and loses it, because she can’t let anything go, is to attack from within. Make 3AM choose. that equals Andy and Aaryon on the block. I hope E just is good at explaining that to Judd. Too much to risk otherwise.


Just saying I believe GM will vote to save her friend (a personal game) and I believe Spencer and Ratboy will vote to save their own asses-i.e. strategically. I think Judd, Spencer and Ratboy are ready to split from Amanda- why take out GM now- she’s no threat to them- Aaryn winning comps IS a threat to them. If GM survives, she is a vote against Amanda in the coming weeks til she goes to Jury. The boys can get GM out anytime. Now is the ime to get out Aaryn. Andy is easily neutralized for the next week by not telling him anything but lies.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

A jury member has already returned to the Big Brother house, so if Aaryn is evicted….chances are it is for good! With Aaryn out of the way, Elissa stands a good chance of winning the veto next week and then the HOH the following week.


Everyone hates Amanda because no one is able to play as good as a game. Without having any power in the house she has been in total control all season. Elissa does nothing but bad talk people and and act like she is above everyone or has not lied in the game.


Not true. If Amanda could just act human she would be considered one of the greatest. She’s vile and disgusting. It’s all her other attributes that make her repulsive to America. She has done great manipulating these people, but she’s too vile. Hitler was a great manipulator too. I don’t care if she is Jewish. She’s a vile, disgusting woman that threatens physical harm and so much more. She doesn’t get a free pass because of her faith. She can be compared to anyone. Whey do you think Spencer was attracted to that group.


Wrong. Elissa told Helen that Amanda is “…a master and is playing a flawless game”. Aaryn told Amanda about the conversation.


Not that Amanda is such a good player, speaks more of how stupid the other are.

Stooping to their level

I can’t believe you guys talk about Elissa like she can do no wrong. She is just as bad as the rest of them. You guys talk about how much you hate Amanda because of the mean, disgusting, and hurtful things she says and does. Yet, look at you. Aren’t you doing the same exact thing? Go ahead, thumbs this down, I don’t care. All I’m saying is before you try hating on houseguests, think about what you’re saying. Personally, I like Amanda and not because of the things she says. I think she has truly played the best game and what has Elissa done? NOTHING

John Durham

That is exactly how I feel. Take away all of the stuff she has done, no one would be saying a damn thing about her and would probably even be rooting for her and not clinging to that notion of her having “friends” in production. Give me a fucking break. It goes back to what I’ve said before. There is very much a double standard with these people and BB. If Brenchel or Je/Jo did something like this, no one would say anything at all. They can do no wrong.

I like Amanda too, as well as McCrae. And I don’t care what anyone says I know who I am and what I’m not. I can look beyond the things that Amanda has said and does, some I think is quite funny actually. But then I don’t get bothered by what someone else says or does. There is no point, I live a much more peaceful life not worrying about what someone else says or does.


If Elissa wanted to stick by her morals as such a godly person she should have picked another reality show. She has lots of money and yet is willing to be away from her son for 3 months. How dare sher talk about people that get abortions. Too bad her mother didn’t have one


Idiot having money in this world does not mean you don’t want more. We all need money if we don’t have it how are we to survive. Look at Donald Trump he is rich but yet he wants more shouldn’t Elissa want more. Anyone who have kids and given the opportunity to go on Big Brother take it and enjoy the experience and if you win that is money for your kids education.


exactly. a person’s bank account is 100 percent irrelevant to ANY REALITY TV SHOW BASED ON WINNING PRIZES.

seriously, so because someone is what you consider “well off” or “spoiled”, they cannot participate in things that others can?

its kind of amazing to me how so many poor people who hate the rich, spend so much time playing victim, but then have no problem saying that its totally fine to completely exclude someone from something based on net worth

Ellisa Is Winning

Times two…. Plus, the whiners probably think it’s some great personal self sacrifice to win the game. It’s easy money if you win. People struggle their entire lives to build wealth and keep it. Don’t hate them for being as such. I have friends with less than a HS education that work their asses off and have made it but now they are looked down on by the people they employ, etc… Trust me, they humped their asses off. Most do that make it. Get a life if you think someone with money doesn’t deserve. They worked for it. I don’t have it, but I can respect those that do. I don’t try and emulate people or books on how to be on a government check, or not better my life. It’s hard to obtain true wealth. Props to those that do. I could care less about E’s husband and I’m not going to sit here and judge her. She’s only talked family and good about her husband. No wonder he married her. Piss and moan all you want. That’s the way to get ahead in life.


Amanda brought up her abortion she should have kept her stinking mouth shout.

Grow Up

“Too bad her mother didn’t have one” – Regardless of how you feel about someone – this was a very nasty statement!


I have seen a lot of sick comments here but your remarks tops them all. Saying that is too bad her mother did not have an abortion is just as vile, nasty and sick as many of the remarks made by the hgs. Perhaps your own mother has said that regarding you on several occasions.

Ellisa Is Winning

You can tell by how upset all the pro Amanda people are how much they are affected by E’s game play. They are, or is it one with multiple screen names, going ape shi$ today. Nice to see she’s got to you too. I’m sure Amanda’s house is full of trash cans to cry behind.

At the beginning when Amanda tried to tell Aaryn that she should be careful about the racial slurs, etc… I was all for Amanda. She was great at manipulating the house, etc… then it’s like she went off the rails. Too many meds? Some sort of infection. I’ve never seen anyone go so 180 as a person. She turned from one to look up to, to just vile.

This season is a season of who isn’t the most disgusting. E has many faults that I have and can criticize, the problem is that the rest are that much worse. If I had to pick right now, it would be Judd or Elissa. The others are simply disgusting as human beings. Its not their game play.


That conversation that Amanda had w/ Aaryn about easing back on the racial slurs because it would come back to haunt her keeps coming back o me for 2 reasons. First- it was the last time I remember Amanda doing something nice. Second it was when I knew there was little hope that Aaryn might be a nice person but slightly misguided. When Aaryn replied that she probably Should care about how her comments might hurt other people . . . ‘but I don’t”, I knew she was missing something in her character. She has a sense that making such comments was wrong, but not enough of a problem toher that she should make an effort to police her mouth. Like other peoples feelings aren’t important. And as several people have pointed out she doesn’t feel she should be held accountable for the impact of her actions. Its like when Aaryn and Amanda had the recent fight about the wine drinking . . . Aaryn wasn’t the villian for bogarting the wine, it was Amanda( in Aaryn’s mind) . .who was wrong for telling the others how to look in her mouth so they could figure out if Aaryn drank it (with Jeremy) Its as if she thinks if she does something wrong she shouldn’t be blamed for it or punished for it. She thinks the person who should be punished is the person who ratted her out. How insane is that??? Can you imagine if our legal system–flawed as it is –worked like that??? So anyway, I’m not sure who I want to win BB15, but it certainly isn’t Aaryn, or Amanda . . . . . or Spencer the juggling perv or Andy the Rat or GM who Is a hybrid of Aaryn and Amandas worst qualities.


The question is did Demanda have an abortion because she couldn’t be on the show if she was pregnant?

Whether or not to terminate a non-life threatening pregnancy is not something to be decided in a day and if her only thought was being on the show, then what does that say about her.

Also her claim that she was only 3 days pregnant is hard to believe. No test can say you are 3 days pregnant. The only way to know that would be she only had sex with her married boyfriend 3 days before the pregnancy test showed positive. Unlikely the skank was with this guy 2 months and only had sex that one time.

Amanda's Therapist

Amanda has her “nooner” abortion!

( stops in the corner bar for wine!)
SHE is the most unbelievabley blatantly selfish narcissistic disgusting SICK of the SICKEST!!! She is WACKY!
She goes through an abortion and 3 days later ? walks
through the doors of CBS completely…unscathed!
WTF! She is in the BB house ONE NIGHT and sleeps with a
23? yo pizza boy! (Doctor says…This was not a smart move!)
This whore/bitch should…..ride the fuck out of town on the horse she rode in on!


Does Spencer despise Mcputrid? He floats so much it’s hard to tell. It’s also hard to tell if GM will stand by Ellisa and vote out Chucky or save her. GM said she came in alone and will leave alone so hopefully she’ll vote Chucky out.


My personal opinion is that Spencer thinks he’s the smartest one in the house and is just playing a waiting game to pounce and drive everyone out. In reality he’s a sick sociopath who should never been allowed on a national television show. Don’t they give these people a through psychological assessment before they cast them?


Are we ever going to get rid of Amanda??? Or is this whole show RIGGED????

Teri B

Rigged. She will win. Production wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t stand her and the way she treats people is deplorable. And if she doesn’t have her little puppet Aaryn to win the comps for her (so she and the lapdog can live in the HOH room for the rest of the season) she will be a very unhappy camper. Fingers crossed she goes. Andy hasn’t been that great either as far as comps, Spencer = nothing. They will be in trouble if Aaryn goes this week.

Like I said – fingers crossed.


Pliney The Elder

One thing I don’t understand about the people who say it is rigged for Amanda, Production is guaranteeing Amanda wins etc. Why would she need to keep Aaryn to do any work for her if it’s preordained? Why would Amanda care who goes out?
I thing she is a harridan , a bully, a slovenly mess, a poor judge of what is appropriate on TV or in any company and much more: all of it bad..
And it is hard to believe that CBS would allow any second rate producer who doesn’t do any quality or groundbreaking shows for CBS to covertly get her friend on a reality show and lock in a win.
It is possible they are friends and that Amanda has agreed to go on as the most heinous houseguest ever just to boost ratings but that she can only get as far as her gamemansship gets her.

Teri B

“I wish I would have put Demanda and her lapdog up”…..DUH


But the same players play and Amanda takes herself off the block. E puts up Aaron and Amanda ensure the rest of 3AM votes out Aaryn. As long as E puts up Andy same result. Spilled beans. Move on. And even with hindsight, it’s the same outcome. She did make a mistake, but the end result will probably prove to be the same unless she makes another. If she doesn’t put up Andy then I will agree about her intelligence level with even some vile posters I can’t stand. Until then, put up the rat Andy and make 3AM, as someone said, feed off each other. Let them decide who goes. It’ll put Amanda in a bit of disarray and if done with a broadside that much better.

Teri B

Good point, True.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I can only imagine how much scrambling Aaryn and Andy will do if they are both on the block. The attention will turn to McCranda until they decide who they want to vote out. Elissa will finally have a few days of peace.


I have not been watching the last few days , but if mccrae is up on block why wont they vote him off ??

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Amanda won the POV, and there is a good chance she will use it to save McCrae. When she takes him off the block, Elissa will be forced to name a replacement nominee. The house seems to want GM to go up on the block, but Elissa has made it clear that GM will not go up. It looks like she is thinking about putting Andy up.


So I had a dream that aaryn tried to commit suicide on BB. And when Elissa asked why she sid it, aaryn responded “production asked me to”. I literally laughed wen I woke up. BB I now entering dreams! Lol!!!! And yes, I do believe production has a bit to do with how the game is going this season.


You may need to have a couple of sessions with GM’s shrink.


I hate Amanda and Mcpussy so bad.


I think the only person that Elissa would’nt win against is Judd. I really don’t see the jurors not getting personal in the end. They did it with Dan and that group was a lot less heinous than this crew. I hope they vote out Aaryn, she’s over being at all interesting-just an Amanda lackey.


Judd is not a bad guy. but he is stupid and he really does not like women. They scare him. He would like a F4 of himself, Andy, Spencer and McCrae. The classic circle jerk. They could relax ,backstab all the girls, compare penises–all that typical homoerotic crap that sexually-insecure men do. Elissa is going to have a hard time keeping him from drifting into fantasy boysclub land.


I know there is a lot of Amanda haters out there, but elissa can be just as bad. She talks so bad about people all the time too, she has had such an advantage in the game. I can’t wait for elissa to walk out the door, she’s a disgrace to this game. Anyone that said they would walk instead of going to jury shouldn’t be here.


And I forgot about the ferret Andy. He needs to go up………


Judd is going to have find out the hard way, that Andy and Spencer, do not have his best interest at heart. He will see after the eviction on Thursday, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer were not voting out Andy. Then he will see that GM did vote out Aaryn.

Then he will have all the knowledge that he needs to make a rational decision.

Elissa is schooling Judd right now. Boy wake the fuck up…Nobody wants you in the house other Elissa and GM.


It’s all fixed, Time to enjoy it like any other scripted soap opera. But Sure do miss some classy people like Jeff, Jordan. Janelle, Dr. Will, etc.


Sorry, I beg to differ – Janelle had nothing in the way of ‘class’ (whatever that means). She was a skanky, foul-mouthed, high-priced ‘cocktail waitress’ who called other houseguests ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’ on the live feeds. If there’s one thing that has been proven it’s that the girl calling the other girls whores is usually the one that’s the whore. Just sayin’.

Ians Beer

Attention Dawg: “Elissa goes to tell the dairy room” Only that *cow* Amanda can go to the dairy room…for everyone else it’s the diary room lolol!!


I’m so sick of these “The show is rigged for Elissa” comments…. At the end of the day, i’d rather have the show be “rigged” for her than have anyone other than her or Judd win the game.

This Season Blows

I’d rather it be rigged for no one and just have the game play out naturally.


Team JuLissaMarie! …. I really am not a fan of GM, but her aligning with and being loyal to THE GOOD GUYS (yes, andy, I said it) is a damn good way to start as far as damage control is involved.


GM: How are you feeling today? I know you had that breathing problem from yesterday.

Judd: It still hurts but I’m better. It gave me a great idea though. I’m going to start a new business called ‘Blow’ which is a charity organisation for people with lung disease. I’m going to need a bunch of people working for me. I only want good looking woman to apply for the Blow job.

BB Fan



I wanted to see Amanda/McCrae up. I am no big fan of back dooring. However, Elissa is still in good shape if she puts up Andy. If either one goes home Elissa is going to be ok. I’d prefer to see Andy gone. GM could be areal asset next week if she wins HoH. Unfortunately, she got second place this time. I like seeing GM’s gain in confidence since befriending Elissa. And, my opinion on GM has improved. I am still seeing Spencer as a possible wild card in the game. Although, his personal manners are awful on TV.


E will put up Andy. Andy will be voted put because of this scenario: E is trying not to get too down on Andy in front of Judd if they vote for Andy to stay. E is smart to see how it plays out since either way she knocks out a 3am. Andy needs to go because of a guy alliance and Aaryn ecause she is good at competitions but can be moved away from mccranda after Andy goes home. I am hoping for Andy to leave so that Spencer goes to E and Judd alliance with GM pulling Aaryn away from MCCrabna. Judd will want Spencer with them knowing he has no true alliance. HOH … Judd for the win!!!


Judd for Hoh win i mean. Judd or E for overall win.


Dawg or Simon:. How much do you need in pledge/actual contributions today to add comment page number tabs on top of the comments section?? I’m in for a 20.00 (plus a 20.00 for your time and server needs) if you make it happen!


I think Andy doesn’t have a clue that he going up as replacement. Aaryn will be walk out the door crying more miserable. It’s sucks doesn’t it.


To learn to survive in the big brother house you have to play chess not checkers ….. I wanted AARYN gone from the start i was leading the charge but my gosh AMANDA ,,, MACREA are heartless ,,, ungrateful bitches ….When aaryn walk out the door thursday it will not just be she was defeated but she lost her JOB ,,, she was never like by the viewers , racist remarks and last but not least she was a remote control for amanda all through this season now thats heartless ..She will need a shrink after this …. I want amanda gone so bad … AMaNDA told aaryn walk around the big brother house with smiles because she aint leaving knowing they sending aaryn home this is just degrading whats left of aaryn’s image .Sometimes jurors have time to cool down but if i did everything for them mocked me ,, riducle , humiliate me like that i dont care who sit next to them amanda was not getting my vote her nor macrea bitter juror or not i wasnt doing it …WE just cant fix stupid 2 flavors of the same koolaid AARYN , spencer … When macrea told spencer we are keeping andy over aaryn this suppose to be a red flag for him … spencer suppose to be thinking AARYN did everything for them i did less i was only a vote he suppose to run fast as he can but no he’s another tampon rider … THAT suppose to be spencer time to know when to fold and when to hold … WHEN the musci change its beat u change your dance move .. AARYN mistake the worst place to take refuge in a tigers cage


I hope Elissa gets pandora box and she gets the golden power of veto so next time Amanda/macrea will be replacement nominee. *sigh* only if that happens

Judd's granny

Spencer would like a Golden Shower of Veto, too.


Spencer won’t get the golden diamond of veto.


Chickens for sale…

Judd's granny

No-good chicken plucker!


Amanda: “Why are you looking at me with that smirk? What’s so funny about using your toothbrush to clean my minging toe nails?”


oooooohhhh That is so disgusting. Amanda you are a no good pig


I think MCYeasty will be so mad that Elissa called her bluff I think she and McCrap might vote Andy out. We will have to se him cry all week. .

Does anyone notice that the longer McYeasty stay in the BB house she is going through a Morph into something else. I can hardly look at the pictures. I made the picture bigger and showed it to my Yorkie and he ran and will not come over to the iPad. They may need to change her meds to poison to speed up the morph process.


Elissa is such a total elitist and ego maniac. She puts everyone else down but she wouldn’t even be there if she didn’t have the advantage of being Rachael’s sister and having her fan following. Without that they never would have considered her for a second. She’s so delusional. She needs to get voted off, go home and get some medication for all of her manic depressive bouts. Yoga isn’t cutting it.


It is not in Elissa’s best interest to put up gina marie, She’s going home if she is up on the block. And Amanda and McCrae will run another predictable game. Honestly now that Elissa is this weeks HOH, the game has gotten interesting, For her game she need to put up Andy just so that 3 AM alliance is dismantled. Its just funny how when it comes to everyone’s “game talk” Amanda’s bark has the most influence even when she only won “one” game.

I”m ready to be surprise for the first time this season.


Spencer does not want to be compared to Adam but he is similar. Adam kept trying but won nothing until the final four I think.


Every week the plan is, we’ll go after Amanda next week. Next week never seems to come.


elissa had a kid out of wedlock, she just married her old old man last year, wtf??? wake up, she is so far from worldly, omg
wake up people, she talks about herself, scum, married 1 year and has an 8 year old boy!!!!!


Wow! So every woman that finds herself pregnant and decides to raise her child even as a single mother is scum?

And the fact that instead of grabbing on to a McStinky, she waited and met a man who happens to be older with children of his own and fell in love makes her scum?

She seems to have good relationship with her step children and with their mother so that speaks volumes about Elissa. How many women on this forum would want Demanda as a step mother to their children?


big deal. so did Jesus’ mother. off your silly high horse. vile is rated on a scale. those u root for are much more.

sorry about the Jesus’ mother joke for all those deeply religious and offended. probably a bad way to make a point but these sick people that justify 3ams way of viewing and treating others outside of game play is sick


Andy needs to go up. Even if he figures out it would be best to get rid of Aaryn, he can’t force himself to vote her out. He doesn’t want to destroy the “in crowd” that he is so happy to be a part of – even though he is actually disgusted by them. Maybe it’s a Stockholm Syndrome thing???