Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

10:12am – 10:50am The Big Brother live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the Veto Ceremony. When the live feeds return we learn that Amanda used the Power of Veto to remove McCrae from the block. As Head of HouseHold Elissa then nominated Andy as the replacement.

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10:50am – 11am In the havenot room – Amanda and McCrae just finished talking to Judd about coming clean with him. Andy joins them and they tell him they just finished telling Judd everything. Andy says oh my god this is the most stressful week. They reassure Andy that he is safe. Judd asks Amanda and McCrae if they are interested in make a 1 week deal with him. McCrae and Amanda says yes, we are going after Elissa so there’s no problem making that deal. Amanda says if you get HOH don’t put me up and if we get HOH we won’t put you up. Andy says Ah this will be a long three days. I trust you guys but.. They tell him he is fine, don’t worry. McCrae and Amanda leave the havenot room. Andy tells Judd that he cannot be more serious I am all about “The exterminators” alliance (Spencer, Andy, Judd, Gina). Andy says we just have to keep up the lie with Amanda and McCrae just in case they get HOH. Judd agrees and they leave the room.


11am In the rainbow room – Aaryn is talking with Gina and is worried that Amanda and McCrae will keep Andy because they have been loyal to Andy longer. Gina says yeah that’s partially true. Gina tells Aaryn she has her vote. Aaryn asks Gina to tell her if she is going home so that she knows. Gina says I got you. In the other bedroom Amanda is heard blowing the noise maker saying I’m back!


11:03am – 11:10am In the kitchen. Amanda goes up to Elissa and start harassing her again. “Do you want to play chess” Elissa says sure. Amanda asks am I being threatening and scary. Why don’t you look like any of your photos? How much surgery did you get? Your face is scary! How many more days do you have in the HOH room? I guess you can hid in the diary room. Where are you going to hide then? The diary room? Elissa walk away and up to the HOH room. Amanda says goodbye joker! Now you put up another ally of yours and you have no one! Amanda heads to the bedroom and brags about bullying Elissa.


11:10am In the HOH room – Elissa is alone reading the bible.


11:15am – 11:25am In the bedroom – Amanda says I can’t believe she nominated Andy! If she doesn’t leave next week I am going to kill myself. Andy says I know if I leave under her HOH reign I will slit my wrists. Andy asks I wonder if Elissa will stay in her HOH room all day again. Amanda says well I was just harassing her again did you see that. Andy says yeah. The backyard opens up and Andy, McCrae, Spencer and Judd head outside. They laugh about how bad Jessie was at terrorizing. Andy says well Elissa just mad a new enemy. It makes sense that she would put me up though because its not like I’ve been her friend or protected her since the beginning. Spencer, Judd and McCrae talk about how the word bully is over used. Spencer says that it to the point where the person saying they are being bullied is being the bully. Elissa comes outside to do yoga. Amanda says oh here she comes, making an enemy out of a friend ..her specialty. Spencer notices the grill is gone.


11:25am – 11:40am Elissa doing yoga in the backyard. Over on the backyard couch – Amanda tells McCrae that she saved him! They kiss. McCrae says if you didn’t it would be grounds for divorce. Amanda says don’t ever use that d word with me. McCrae says big brother divorce. Amanda asks I wonder if Elissa was the secretary, the mistress? He was married before. Amanda heads inside.

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11:40am – 12pm Amanda tells Aaryn that we had to tell him. Aaryn asks what? Amanda says we had to tell Judd what we were trying to do. Aaryn asks why do you all want Andy to stay. Amanda says I feel like I am the only person that wants you to stay. I did every thing in my power to get Elissa to put up Gina. Amanda says the fact is that Andy was with us before you were. I honestly think you would take us further than Andy would. Aaryn says it is going to be awkward few days. Amanda says it will be whatever you make it. Aaryn starts to cry. Amanda hugs her. Amanda says it doesn’t even matter what I say it won’t change anything. If I campaign for you to stay he will know and then if she stays.. Big Brother tells Elissa to put on her mic. Amanda says I hate her so much! Aaryn says that Judd says that he would never go against me and Spencer tried to make a final two deal with me yesterday. Amanda says everyone is just being selfish. Aaryn says that Andy is going to win and he won’t have had to do anything. Aaryn says nothing I do matters. Amanda says everything you did got you to where you are now. Aaryn says but the people I helped aren’t helping me. Amanda starts crying and saying she tried so hard! Aayrn says this is going to look great on Elissa’s resume for her game. This is a huge move for her. Amanda says this will be her only move. Aaryn says Gina will work with her. Amanda says no she wont she will have no power. Aaryn says don’t use this unless you have to but Spencer and Judd are going to put you and McCrae up. Andy is probably your only hope because Gina will probably put you up too. Amanda asks when did they tell you that? Aaryn says they didn’t say it outright they insinuated. You or McCrae have to win HOH. Aayrn says that Elissa probably has Gina, Spencer and Judd. Just wait till I am gone to tell them. Amanda says well I need to tell McCrae. Aaryn says but then he will go and tell them and they definitely will vote me out. Amanda says besides this one – I ran this game. I had everything happen the way I wanted it to happen. I am a good player not like Andy and others who fly under the radar and make it to the end. Andy joins them and then discuss how stupid it was to keep Elissa. Andy says I love you both and I am not going to campaign against you. Aaryn says it’s fine I already know what’s happening. Amanda says we just have to make sure Judd or Spencer do work with Elissa. Andy says I know and walks away.


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432 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

    1. YIPPEEEEEE!!!!! YAY!!!!!! HOORAYYYYY Andy is on the block…..HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN, GET IT POPPIN, YIPPEEE. Sorry i’m just a little excited lol

      1. Check the web

        Big Brother’s Amanda Zuckerman fired from job as realtor |

        A little over a week after we broke the news that Amanda Zuckerman was the houseguest pre-chosen to win the top prize on Big Brother due to her close friendship with the show’s producer, Allison Grodner, we can now be the FIRST to exclusively reveal that Amanda has lost her realtor license. AKA, she’s FIRED.

        Fans of the reality show are saying that couldn’t possibly be the case, as Amanda works for her mother. True. But while Amanda may have a partnership arrangement with her mother, according to the state license bureau, she was actually employed by Prudential Florida (technically by its subsidiary Watermark Realty Inc., which functions as the “sales service center” for Prudential Florida, and is apparently listed as the employer for all Prudential Florida brokers.)

        Her website was taken down, and her presence removed from the Boca Raton Prudential Florida website (which is the office that she worked out of.) Prior, the state licensing board had her listed as “active”, and employed by Watermark Realty. Today, her status is “inactive, current” and there is no reference to Watermark.

        1. Cont.

          We just got off the phone with the Florida license authority. In order for a license holder’s status to change, either they must request to become inactive, or the employer of record must notify the state that they are no longer affiliated with them. AND (here’s the kicker) it takes, at most, one week for a request from a licensee to be processed and their status updated. It can be done within seconds, if done on-line, if a form is submitted, it takes a week.) Since Amanda has been in the BB house for well over a month now, and thus incommunicado, SHE could not have requested that her license status be changed. The only other option (according to the person I talked to) was if “Watermark” notified the state that Amanda was no longer affiliated with them.

            1. I wouldn’t buy a CATHOUSE from that sleezy BEEYOTCH.
              It will be the best episode of the summer to see that poor excuse for a human being get evicted!

          1. Even if she wasn’t fired, or she was rehired by someone else, Amanda has damaged her career because no one in their right mind would want to have her selling their home, as no one would trust her after making such a spectacle of herself! Evil Dick was not someone who had a high profile image in their community so his actions would have little consequence to his life, but for Amanda this would likely be an act of self sabotage. I suppose her and McCrae could always open up a pizza joint after all this is done. She can be the chief cook and bottle washer, while he delivers pizza.

            1. I cannot imagine anyone who knows the actions of this couple (Amanda/McCrae) would ever want to touch a pizza that her yeasty onion hands has touched and that he would deliver in a filthy car that he has owned up to.
              Perhaps the situation would arise that Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, GM and Spencer all rent an Island because that is where they may have to reside after the fall out of BB15.

            2. Amanda was probably successful at her job – she would terrorize people into buying a property. She always gets what she wants… well, except last night, McCrae did turn her down.

        2. Amanda’s license being inactive just means she’s not selling real estate now. I live in Florida and have an inactive real estate license because I’m not selling houses now. It’s very easy to get hired to sell real estate since the sales person does all the work and the broker gets part of the money because your license is under him. Amanda will be trying to sell houses when she gets out of BB. But I would hope she doesn’t sell any because she is not a nice human.

          1. Right, she sells million dollar homes and then comes on here and belittles anyone that could afford to be her client. I’m sure they are lining up to give her a commission. This won’t end here. The petition to go to CBS is almost at 5000. This will make national news. This will make BB history. Her face will be all over the US and her words and actions revealed. She might think she has a strategic mind, but she failed to realize this fleeting 15 minutes of fame is just that, fleeting. She has failed to think beyond the BB House, as CBS has thus far failed to get past next weeks ratings desires. People will ensure she’s outed. She’s finished. She can deliver pizza with McPussy. Although if she showed up at my door, I would kindly close it, call the place I ordered it from and explain how I felt it was unsanitary and do to the delivery girl couldn’t accept the Pizza pie.

            1. I’m seriously worried about your mental state, if this is how you spend your time. There has to something positive you could be doing with your time, this can’t be good for your health. You obiviously have a lot of passion, maybe you could try compassion. Go volunteer and help someone, you don’t need to harrass people because you don’t like what things they’ve said on TV. Honestly, it puts things into perspective and is the best part of my week!

            2. What weed are you smoking, “Name”? You talk about Amanda needing to show compassion but you sit there in judgment with all the other haters. I despise hypocrites, and you are one. And 5000 people signed a petition to CBS? Stop the presses! You think that’s going to matter? I have news for you and all the other asswipes who are whining about Amanda – nothing is going to happen. Nobody cares. She is going to be just fine when she leaves BB, just like Aaryn, GM, and Andy. Because 95% of the country doesn’t even watch BB let alone read these blogs. And 99.99% of the country won’t even remember who Amanda was or what she did by October. Botox duck lips may be a different story since she came in all hyped up as being related to a former BB contestant. Plus people will remember her for her shallowness and being a stuck-up gold digger. And for being the second player in the history of the game to self-evict. By the way, there’s other blogs out there where Amanda is very popular and Elissa is the villian. And people I work with are rooting for Amanda or Aaryn to win. So live in your plastic bubble and pretend to think CBS or Amanda will suffer because of a few crybaby turds. It ain’t going to happen.

              1. So true! Bullying, lying, and backstabbing has ALWAYS been a part of the game. 5000 people signed a petition? Speaks volumes about those 5000 people…they need to get a job or a life or something. People like that make me embarrassed to be a fan.

        3. I wouldn’t start planning a party! I heard it slip more than once Amanda was talking about moving to California after the show. I also believe pizza boy’s backround/education is in movie making. Amanda could be selling himes in LA by October.

          PS …. there have been several real estate style shows from California on various tv networks. Don’t be surprised if Amanda already has a tv deal post BB!!!

        4. Ding dong the witch is be dead, the wiched bitch.
          Why did all these weak minded idiots allow for Amanda’s abusive ways?
          Hope Amanda sticks to her word….kills herself and Rat boy slits his wrists.. They are all talk and no action. Hope they wrong me wrong.

        5. First off…you DO NOT lose your Realtor License if an agency fires you. That License comes from the STATE. So your full of BS right off the bat.

          Second…Why would an adult, with a carear as a casting director making over 200 K a year risk her carear for some stupid, dumb ass 20 something bimbo (Amanda)?

          Friends do not ask you to risk your life’s carear (especially one as lucrative as Alisons is) for them to have a chance to win…that is ridiculous. If they did, that person is not a friend, that person is a lame ass idiot and I am sure Alison Groden is mature and smart enough to know that.

          1. she might keep the license, but good luck (not really, figure of speech) having another firm hire her or for anyone to want to buy from her period. and tv won’t touch her either.

            1. You are full of shit, lurker. Amanda will have no trouble working for a real estate company. They get a percentage of her commission, so they don’t care what she does in her personal life so long as she can sell. And she can! I would buy a house from her and if I was selling a house I would engage her as my realtor. If for no other reason than to annoy and aggravate all you asswipes who hate her. Why you hate her is beyond me because you turds getting on this blog and saying vile and despicable things about her makes you no better. Go Amanda! Keep up the great game play, baby.

        6. Being fired from a job and losing your license are two different things. I can’t believe people are stupid and gullible enough to believe that Amanda’s license to practice real estate was revoked. There is NO basis for that conclusion It’s like a driver’s license or any other professional license… you pass a test and then pay your annual dues, attend continuing education classes, etc. Pretty much the only way to lose your license is to either voluntarily give it up or commit some type of fraud in the sale of a piece of property. Neither has happened here. So sorry haters, Amanda can still practice real estate when she leaves BB, though it may be with a different employer. Regardless, she won’t need the money right away since she’ll have $500k in the bank. Lol!

      2. It’s all over the web Amanda had a abortion just to be on the show and she was fired. She may work for her mother but Prudential let her go. Her mother doesn’t own Prudential

        1. It is on many sites.
          What kind of human being would get an abortion so she can be on a game show?
          Hope the bitch burns in her after life.
          She is the most hated woman on tv. What an insult to all my senses!

      3. Only problem is that Andy will not go home. Elissa is so stupid because Andy will never be loyal to her and he will keep being Amanda and McCrae’s little spy. I hate that little rat.

        1. Aaryn would never be loyal either. That’s not the point. The point is she is breaking their alliance. She is not dumb this is the smartest move yet in this house. She SHOULD have put of both mcnasties but she was hoping to back door Amanda. Which is not a bad strategy when you consider Amanda has not won a single thing this entire season. Miraculously she did but that’s ok, on to the next best thing. And that’s taking away one of her lackeys.

        2. I believe Elissa is trying to make folks thinks she believes Andy – maybe I’m wrong – but I think she’s got his number. He showed his true colors with the Helen vote. imo

        3. and Aaryan would. She did what she had to do. No other option. Andy just shows the college he works for and the world how much of a rat he is. He’s disgusting too.

        4. Well Arryn won more comps. than McRae, Amanda,Andy and Spencer
          Andy. HOH=1. POV=1
          Spencer. POV= 1
          Amanda. POV=1.
          McRae HOH =1/2. POV= 1. Made deal with Nick 1st week for HOH.

          Arryn. HOH= 4
          Who would you want your alliance to play against next week. I Think Andy , Spencer, GM & Judd are ready to strike 1st against Amanda & McRae.
          If Elissa went next week who would be on the block then? I think everyone is tired of them winning nothing and doing everything to benefit themselves.
          I don’t thing threatening to target whoever talks to Elissa by themselves will be her target. Her & McRae won1/2 of 1 HOH so I think she just might have
          Let her mouth overload her ass. Arryn told her people were going to put up her & McRae next week to start some shit to keep her to fight their battle.
          IF nothing else now she’s got her thinking she has 3 people against her 3(maybe) in HOH 50% chance that Mcranda will go up next week. The same as

    2. Quote from a very wise blogger: Colette Lala . . . . Remember when Dick went around the house banging pots and pans? Remember when he made Amber cry? Remember when he threw a drink in Jen’s face? Remember when Rachel taunted the Have-Not’s with her ooey gooey cookies? Why is it OK for those people to stir up trouble, but it’s not OK for Amanda to do the same thing? The hypocrisy is nauseating. You don’t have to like Amanda. You have every right in the world to despise her. What you don’t have the right to do is say that it’s OK for every other player except Amanda to be a troublemaker. How do you look yourself in the mirror in the morning? Like who you like, hate who you hate, but at least be honest with yourselves.

      1. I agree. All this talk about calling the show, petitions,’s ridiculous. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Cancel your feeds, turn the channel..BOOM..Problem= Solved!

      2. give your head a shake …. even tho those people you mentioned did do questionable things one thing they didn’t do was be a vile as the SKANK WHORE … they also didn’t constantly target the same person .. you are one sick person if you think offering have nots a cookie is as bad as blowing a noise maker in someones ear…and say the discusting things that come out of SKANK WHORES mouth .. I am guessing you are a BULLY also … the saying goes takes one to know one … and for you to condone it .. YOU ARE NUTS just like the SKANK WHORE ..

        1. I’ve been on a lot of websites in my lifetime, and I will say that in my opinion, the majority of people leaving comments on this website are some of the dumbest people on the planet.

          Are you seriously that much of a hypocrite and are too stupid to realize it? What do you think calling someone nuts and repeatedly referring to them as a SKANK WHORE is? THE EXACT SAME THING YOU’RE PISSED AT AMANDA FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          It honestly hurts my brain having to read some of the stuff you people type out. It’s like you all literally ignore what Elissa has done in the past weeks of this game, and how she behaves ALL THE TIME. Oh no, Amanda blew a kazoo in Elissa’s ear, and constantly insults her whenever Elissa isn’t hiding in her HOH room.

          Elissa has: Called out production and members of their family on the live feeds, told houseguests to their face that they are disgusting, useless, not a threat, and not worth even a second of Elissa’s time, lies almost nonstop to the face of almost every member of the house, has said repeatedly that she has so little respect for the game and the people that watch it, that she will walk out on jury if she gets voted out because she has her family and an “important life” at home, implying the other houseguests do not.

          What about all that stuff? And the stuff I haven’t even mentioned that has shown that Elissa is the most selfish, vile, mean person in the house. What about ANY of that stuff? I assume the only response will be an uneducated clump of words thrown together to mention, once again, how terrible Amanda is, but I will gladly come back and review for the chance at some discourse.

          1. Agreed Crushinator. I find it surprising since usually (past several seasons) commentors on this site have been fairly intelligent when it concerns the game, so I can only assume that most of these are just “Brenchel Army” posters who are too ignorant of the game. I mean they don’t even pay enough attention to know when they are voting someone up for eviction rather than MVP, and I can’t tell how many posts I see asking dumb questions like “if Amanda uses her POV on McCrae why can’t Elissa put her up as replacement?” as if this week is the only episode of BB they have ever seen. I almost expect them to complain or ask why Elissa is sitting out this weeks’ HOH competition.

            Yes her behaviour would not be acceptable in the real world, but most of her actions are a combination of strategy and fitting in with the other with guests (ie. hanging around crass behaviour all day makes it easier to accept it as being ok). Yes her behaviour is similar at times to other past guests, most notable being Evel Dick, Rachel and Brenden, Jeff Schroeder who are praised and loved as being All-Stars by both Production and the fans.

          2. crushinator, for all your intelligence people just don’t like bullies or racists and if it was acceptable in the yesteryears not any more. You should be proud in a change in people’s attitudes. Otherwise we will be stuck in time.

            But i understand where you are coming from trying to justify some vile, racist characters. whether or not its a game its a game on TV, National TV one is bound to leave impressions with whatever strategy the take.

            She knows she is being mean and we are reacting to that. Like someone already said its one thing to be mean as game strategy but another to be mean in person. and Amanda and Aaryn are naturally what they are. You should have seen the video from Amanda’s family when they said Amanda always gets what she wants, they really didnt seem excited for her. It felt like they caught a break or something.

          3. Even Osama had a mother who probably loved him to his death. So its okay you to like Amanda and her likes, its just many more people don’t like her character and those like her.

          4. The fact that CBS has to put a disclaimer before every episode of BB should tell you that something is wrong. I don’t recall them having to do that for any other season of BB. I’m a BB fan, have been since the beginning, but this season is out of control. And I’m sorry, Amanda is a disgusting individual. There have been some villains on this show, but Amanda takes the cake. She is taking the game to a whole other level. I used to think Rachel was annoying, but Amanda makes Rachel look like an angel. It would be a shame if she wins this game. And Andy is annoying. Arryn is delusional. Mcrae can’t think for himself. Spencer is disgusting. Judd, I don’t know. Not sure about him. GM needs therapy and Elissa is my choice to win. The racist remarks that they have made on this show is appalling.


          ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAT IS JUST A BUNCH OF NEW PEOPLE TO BIG BROTHER TRYING TO MILK-IFY, PUSSIFY AND OTHERWISE TURN THE SHOW INTO A KUMBAYA-FEST AND GANG UP ON A CONTESTANT THEY DONT LIKE!!!! TELL ME SOMETHING….Where were all you PC bottle-suckers five years ago when ED was in the house???!!! Calling CBS, Making FB pages. Good God almighty…people need to get a mf ing life. Remove Amanda. So. F*CKING. STUPID

      3. it was not ok for those other people to do horrible things either. no one has the right to be a bully regardless of who they are.

      4. Actually I hated the people you mentioned for the exact reasons you listed. Evil Dick got a golden edit to end all golden edits on his season. He was saying all sorts of racist and cruel things to people in the house for hours non stop and if they tried to get away he’d just follow them. He got away with it and worse he wasn’t shown to be what he really was on television. Amanda is showing out to be the same bully and she also is getting golden edits.

        1. Agreed! I hated Evil Dick too for the same reason. I felt so sorry for Jen. Never liked any of the bullies that have been in the house.

      5. Skankmanda is making it personal & bringing Elissa’s family into it & even her kids! That’s why it is different! Why is that so hard to understand?

        1. Denise, it was Elyssa who brought her kid into it. Why would you bring a pic of your kid into the house so it’s shown all over the TV and Internet. I’d never do that. Elyssa’s so worried about her poor treasure being made fun of at school….. Why consent to his face being shown all over? Guess he should get used to having a loon for a mother.

      6. How do you know the people who despise Amanda did not despise Dick? Also, I loved ED because I ONLY saw him on TV. And if I recall, it was bad but it was NOTHING like what he was actually doing in the house. Plus I really disliked Jenn. Now if I would have the feeds back then or read the blogs my opinion probably would have been different. A lot of what ED did is exactly what Amanda is doing. And its not right in either instance. They are both a**holes! One big difference was that when Dick came out of the house he was exactly the same person. I have a feeling when Amanda comes out she will be all “Oh, that is not how I behave in real life. I am not a bully. Its Big Brother, its a game……” blah blah blah.

        FYI, I despise Amanda. She is disgusting and I hope that she gets voted out. I would love to see her and Aaryn be the first cast members to ever be booed as they leave the house!

      7. For starters, those people did not attack and constantly bully at a personal level. Dick… kinda did, but what McNastymanda is doing is downright vial to a unbelievable level. I am in awe with Elissa and how she went straight to the HoH room and did not cry, but broke out the bible for strength and solidarity. True class!

        On a personal note, My wife and I have quit watching this season. The nasty stuff coming from that house is enough to make me sick and I feel watching this is playing a part in falling for what CBS is hoping for… ratings from vulgarity. I cannot believe Elissa, Candice and Howard have had to deal with that and maintain composure like they are.

        To think there is a good chance one of these sick individuals will get 500-thousand from this is beyond words. Wish no ill-will to Amanda, Aaryn, Andy, McCrae or some of the earlier evicted house guests… but I hope and pray they realize the foolishness and error of their ways and change for the better. Maybe, if it happens, take that money and use it for goodwill.

        1. A while back, McCrae was getting onto Amanda about her mouth. He doesn’t any more. I can’t believe any man would stand behind the behavior of a woman like her. So either he completely approves of her behavior or he is just using her for the game. I think it is the latter. If he won the game he’d almost deserve a gold star for putting up with her and “putting out” without ever stooping down to her level of scumbaggedness. (and I’m implying that him using her for sex to get moved ahead is probably better and smarter than her getting ahead by being a bully, terror and threat to anyone who doesn’t bow down to you). And for that reason only, if it comes down to the two of them, that he would be more worthy.
          We can’t change who the cast is, so who is the least of the worst? To me, that would be Judd. But I don’t think he’s ruthless enough to make it. This group will punch, cut, scrape, bleed and fight like a pack of wolves to the very end.

      8. You are so ignorant. Whenever you bring children into your rant ; you define bullying. CBS needs to be held accountable legally for being the avenue by which such activity is perpetuated!

      9. Personally I don’t think it’s okay for ANYONE to act like that. I do NOT like Rachel or Evel Dick for those very reasons. I think it is ridiculous that this show does not have rules against this. Amanda should have been kicked out last night in my opinion. I was an abused wife and no one should be subjected to this abuse by ANYONE.

      10. BRAVO DKK! Exactly! Is she rude and immature? Absolutely, but she isn’t any different than others before her! Elissa herself was bullying when Helen was on the block, I didn’t hear people complaining then! What is good for the goose is good for the gander……..

      11. I hear what you’re saying but your premise assumes that those who are (rightfully) disgusted by Amanda’s words and actions weren’t also disgusted by those. And by “those” let’s just say Evel Dick’s because comparing taunting have-nots with cookies with personally attacking a house guest’s family, talking about how you want to murder another houseguest, how you hope another house guest is murdered and raped, using viel racial and other insensitive slurs on a regular…no,constant basis and using incessant bullying as a “game tactic” is ridiculous. There is no defending Amanda, GM or Aaryn for their nasty behavior.

      12. @ DKK… AMANda takes it to another level when she INSULTS Ellisa’s family…even her children!!.. who insults people’s children?? i dont think any of the past houseguests that you mentioned crossed that line. Shame on you for standing behind bullying!

      13. Many of us just generally have a problem with her. She just comes across as disgusting and lazy on more than one level. We don’t like her, that’s all. She isn’t playing a respectable game, like the majority of the HG’s this season. But, with Amanda, it goes beyond this for many of us. She is nasty.

      14. There is a difference in harassing as a strategy within the game and the disgusting, reprehensible personal attacks and bullying. Attacking spouses, children, other family, and personal physical attributes is unconscionable and unacceptable. Amanda has shown herself to be devoid of common courtesy, dignity, and moral values (by any reasonable standard).

      15. You guys keep clamoring for CBS to take action…you are all giving CBS exactly what they want. More people talking about how vile Amanda is = more rating for CBS = more revenue generated from ad placement. I mean, what she is doing is clearly vile, and over the top, but stop coming on here and moaning about it, then going home and watching the feeds/show. The only way CBS would intervene was if the ratings where so bad that the show was losing them money. If you want CBS to take action, then stop watching, that simple.

        1. I miss the Brigade! And I agree. I cannot watch it simply because it makes me nauseous….but I love this site and I am loyal to Simon and Dawg to the end, so I will catch up here. As far as ratings go, I will not be any part of that. “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!”

      16. If you don’t see the difference it’s beyond belief. She even took the heat off of the most racially motivated woman in the house who lost her job. It’s not the bullying, it’s what she brings with it. It’s how she brings people into it that aren’t even on the show. There are so many huge BB fans on here that know every season. No one has ever been this outraged. If you can’t see why, then you need to look real close into who you are. We aren’t comparing apples to apples. We are comparing sour grapes to rancid plague invested decomposing rat flesh. The world can see it but a few on this and other sites and I have a feeling that you’re either related or simply have the same chemical makeup as the one America so despises.

      17. The difference between what they did and what this disgusting excuse of a person is doing is the family. She attacked her family (Elissa), her sons and that is not acceptable.

      18. I’ll tell you why most people within the sound of my voice think it’s perfectly okay to make a credible distinction between Amanda and every single houseguest before her, who’s behavior was similar, identical or even WORSE than Amanda’s; why this enormity of hate directed at HER and not to others is hardly the cry of a bunch of “hypocrites”. The most obvious reason (that most are probably unaware of even being viable) is that she’s a female (so am I) and I don’t think the average person, raised with the simplest of social graces (as simple as how talking about the various smells emitted by your vagina as well as the condition in which it’s kept, is NOT a proper subject for casual conversation with ANYONE let alone near strangers ….on a primetime network GAME SHOW!) not only finds a woman like Amanda repugnant and crass, relatable to the average woman only if your average woman is a prostitute from a third world country, but in more simple terms, we really can’t and don’t understand her. She truly goes against anything any of us were ever taught by our mothers and is probably more gross and obnoxious than the most obnoxious girl we have ever known. My daughter’s 9 and I’m already feeling woozy in this fog of hypochondria that has me making a list of everything I am going to do and say in order to assure that my daughter grows up to be everything that is opposite of Amanda. The scary , creepy “what if” moment I think we all have had watching her is, ” I have a sister, daughter, mother, etc .The second difference? Simply explained, every person who ever acted a fool or was labeled “bad” or “evil” by audiences whether as a compliment or insult, acted accordingly to ensure his hopeful victory. Amanda does as well, however; common sense tells the masses that whereas other HG’s behavior can be explained as character flaws, acting out or simply “acting” to achieve effect, there is nothing more real and/or scary than watching anything Amanda does….what makes her different is that she is believable; and THAT is disgusting. That who we see, is who she is…ugh, sooo gross.

      19. She has taken it to a whole new level of nasty, it is deplorable how she acts, the others could be jerks and that is part of the game but not how she is acting, repulsive!

    3. We talk so much about bulling on this feed I decided to call Allison Groder and I also wrote an email to “CBS” I think if everyone does this it would be beneficial. I explained to Ms. Groder’s secretary this is disgusting and nasty and enough is enough Amanda needs to be pulled from the show. How can we tell our children bulling is not acceptable and the adults on “CBS” reality show allows it these are two standards. We have allowed “CBS” to come into our homes this does not mean we want to watch disgusting racist, bulling tv. Cable is one thing but we should not be subject to this on family tv. So, I may suggest call Allison Groder (815.325.6900) and contact “CBS Big Brother’s complaint department”. The punishment should not be points taken away the punishment should be “Amanda goes away. Thanks

      1. Hopefully you spellchecked your letter. Pretty sure you mean “bullying” instead of bulling. Either way, verbal bully tactics aren’t against the BB rules. Just like threats aren’t against the rules. Everyone has used them, including Helen and Elissa. Most people talk crap behind each other’s backs, but Amanda is doing it directly in Elissa’s face so it comes across worse. She should be told to stop following her because everyone should be allowed to enjoy the house equally, but I think production is allowing her to continue a- because it’s drama for the show and b- because Elissa has the HoH room to flee to. It also gives another reason for Elissa to look like a victim and gain some allies because she was all alone just a few days ago. This could really work in Elissa’s favor. If Amanda was smart (we all know she isn’t), she’d realize this is hurting her own game and stop!!!

      2. Laddie – your comments in regards to Allison & her contact #, etc are all a pile of BS. I called the # & the guy who answered doens’t know who the heck you’re talking about. I called back several times aswell to annoy the guy, he finally didn’t anser & a voicemail started to play….it’s not Allison’s # nor is it any companies to do with who you said it was for. LIAR, if your goign to post $hit, post funny $shit or comments that make relative sense.

      3. I wrote a complaint, wrote to every sponsor, contacted various news agencies, and signed the petition. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Call me whatever, but I won’t stand for her behavior. It’s not game play. It’s sociopath type behavior and CBS is disgusting.

    4. Unfortunately Andy won’t go anywhere this week. Eventhough I want Elissa to win I predict the final three will be Andy and McCranda. This game has been so boring since they took Howard out.

      1. LOL what the fuck!!! “This game has been so boring since they took Howard out”. What did Howard do to make the show entertaining? LMFAO

    5. I don’t care which one of those birds go home. The 3am is now officially the 2am!! Good riddance Rat Boy or KKKlucker

    6. As much as I detest the red rat bastard, I’d rather have him stay vs the racist bit*h Aaryn! She’s better at comps and is closer to damanda and mcpussy knows she would be better to have than on their side than the red rat bastard! THANK YOU ELISSA!!!! YOU MADE THE BIGGEST MOVE IN BB15 history!

      1. Yur name be white cracker girl? wut you meen da racest peeple in “her”? Iz woodnt tuch dat MANda bitch but id luv to fuck da racest out of dat Aaryn! dat shot wit her legz spred open……………………. dam gotz me a stify

        1. Your posts make me so sad for the next generation of people using the English language. Somehow it has become “cool” to look like you don’t know how to spell or use proper grammer. It’s so depressing.

          1. I be soree I aintz got me no proper skoolin. I had to drop outz of hiskool to helpz my momz afta my popz gotz shot in a drive by.. iz gunna getz me a dikshonary fur my nex post soz iz can do beter fur ya

              1. Iz aintz retarded yo. Juz cuz I cant spell gud dont meen I be retarded. Dat aintz nice you no. Der be a lot of handycap peeple an you aintz no beter den noone

            1. Whether “Tyrone” is trolling or not this is the way many young people type/text… “Tyrone” didn’t just make this up. It is a sad truth. Get a clue.

              1. I think Tyrone’s spelling is probably a put-on, it’s got far too much pattern to it to be “real”. He/she is just playing with you.

      2. Aaryn is staying….Happy Times are Here Again!

        Love your name as well. I can tell you are an Aaryn supporter. Aaryn isn’t going anywhere this week. Andy will be voted out. Aaryn has already casted doubt about voting her out with Amanda. Aaryn saying Spencer, Judd and Andy are working with Elissa just doomed Andy’s fate. Just like when Aaryn told Helen at the right time that she would nominate anyone Helen wanted saved her. Now Aaryn made the perfect argument against Andy, you can’t trust Andy. Amanda will go back to McCrae and say lets rethink this vote.

        Go team Aaryn. Fight the Power that Be!

        1. Aaryn is an idiot, she has been doing Amanda’s work and the witch is not going
          To save her Thursday and what she does as a reward? Tell the witch
          Spencer and Judd wants her out!?! OMG what an idiot.
          I’m going to have Te biggest smile of the summer when I see arryn shamelessly walking out of the
          House. Bye b!t€h

      1. Taking it went you aren’t truly ADHD will made you hyper and/or high, at least that is what my son’s doctor said. Can’t believe so many of the HGs are taking it this season. Perhaps CBS needs to ban this drug use in the house as too many doctors will prescribe it to whoever claims to be ADHD in stead of actually testing them. Same goes for the Xanax.

    1. I’m still not clear (which I guess is a good thing as far as the BB game goes). I have been hoping Judd wins the next HOH. But I can’t read him – has he turned to the dark side or is he still working with Elissa?

      1. I think Judd will definitely try to take Elissa as far as possible but there’s only so much he can do unless they alternate HOH/POV wins.

        Judd, don’t be a dud!

    2. I am hoping Elissa gets a pandoras box with the diamond power of veto for next week,, THAT would be awesome….the biiatch Amanda would hate that

    1. Who are these Amanda Fans? Just close relatives and friends? I don’t get how anyone could watch her and feel anything but sympathy for every other person in the house.

      She harasses Elissa for what? Oh yeah, that’s right. This is the only time this entire season that she HASN’T gotten her way. You can tell she’s trying to convince even herself that this is what she wants by making it seem like it’s what Elissa doesn’t. Newsflash: Elissa doesn’t know the name, but she knows there is an alliance with the 3 A’s and McCrae. You’re losing one of your alliance members. You’re upset. You’re vulnerable. You’re not a Bad@ss.

      This is the girl that breaks other kids’ toys because hers is broken. This is the girl that blows someone’s birthday candles out because she can’t stand someone else being in the spotlight. This is the girl that was picked first in gym, not because she contributed to winning at all, but because she would make the game so miserable if you didn’t that it wouldn’t be any fun. I don’t feel sorry for her. We all hated “that girl” when we were younger, and she only gets worse as she grows. Not grows up. She’s just growing.

  1. Production will step in here!!! She was in her face antagonizing her while she is making food!! Really???? Really??? This girl takes this too far. She needs to go home next week. She is becoming dangerously close to getting physical!!! WTF BB?!?!?!?

      1. Why is it that Chima did not get physical but got expelled, and she truly had emotional trauma in her life.
        Yet Amanda does anything she wants without expulsion or even punishment???
        There is a lot more than just Amanda that’ is “fishy” on CBS!

        1. The reason Chima was evicted was for throwing her microphone into the pool. Apparently, if the property of CBS is involved, That is grounds for eviction. Also, she refused to go to the diary room on several occasions. She wanted to go. She started folding under the pressure.

        2. Chima threw her mic in the pool violating a rule saying that they would not destroy production equipment (or something like that). She also blatantly ignored productions’ requests that she go to the DR. Again, a rule violation. I think the first one, destruction of property, at that time resulted in immediate ejection from the game. Not sure if that is the same now.

        1. Because they want people to act like Amanda to an extent for Drama and ratings in other seasons and if they make an example of her other HGs might not antagonize HGs in later seasons, possibly making for more boring seasons. This is vile to watch though I’ve never felt so much for Elissa before, she really is a victim right now.

  2. Wait…..Amanda was just wondering if she was a bully, crying that she wasn’t… she’s proud that she’s bullying someone? I wonder if this is how she sells houses….if so….I sense a downturn in her housing market now. If I was one of clients….I’d fire her and get a restraining order so she can never contact me again.

    1. Well Amanda admitted she bullied Jessie “but she deserved it”, I guess for sitting next to stinky. And she admits she’s bullying Elissa but “she deserves it”. It’s the bully’s motto, it’s OK to bully someone because they decided that person deserves it.

  3. I don’t know about Judd. He comes across as a typical dumb jock. He’ll most likely after that revelation have no clue that Amandda McCrae and Andy are still gunning for him and will put up Elissa next week he wins HOH. Sad

    1. I don’t think so. He told Andy right after they walked out that he was lying to Amanada and McCrae the whole time and he is still going to put them up if he wins HOH. He is solid with getting McCranda out of the house.

    2. I’m with you on the being dumb, JUDD is – at the very least – not a worldly sort. But jock? Really? How so? He’s apparently a froggin’ champ though. If he has some smarts and/or athletic abilities, it’s about time you showz ’em to us, boy!

  4. Elissa is trying so hard to mind her own business but fuckin Cuntrag McGee aka Amanda is being so damn childish. Her and McCrae will not last outside this house

  5. I think is ridiculous that BB doesn’t stop Amanda from harassing Elissa
    like she is. This is the year for the bullies, cowards, and racists. This
    year can’t even be bothered to watch BB. Just like the Canadian BB
    it sucks. Who is selecting the HGs? Does anyone else find the show
    is predictable for one person to win? If it wasn’t for the mistake on BB
    of the vote Gary would have won, which you knew from day 1 that is
    what production wanted. USA BB is just as transparent. Evidently,
    they want Amanda to win.

  6. Why didn’t she tell Stinkmeaner about how much “weight” she’s gained during her time in the house? That would’ve made her cry, just like when she truthfully called her a Stripped, when she was trying to be one, on MustyAvenger’s Bday.

    1. No loss, that’s for sure! But Amanda is so out of control now it is really sick. BB has removed other houseguests in the past so how is this broad still on a rampage??? Takes the concept of ‘mean girls’ to a whole new level.

      1. production has already had a warning chat with her, so i would suspect a penalty nom forthcoming if she keeps it up. if amanda thinks flipping through the rule book will save her, she must have no knowledge of how quickly production can snap the whip.

  7. How is Amanda still in that house and not pulled from CBS. Her behavior is unacceptable. Shame in her for how she’s treating Elissa and shame on CBS for allowing it. No matter what your feeling are for Elissa, nobody deserves that and it should never be acceptable.

    1. I wish CBS would include more footage of her crappy behavior on the show itself. I had absolutely no idea what a mean wench she was until I started reading here because they seem to limit what they show of her except her pathetic diary room (spoon-fed) one-liners.

      1. Well they did have to air her tirade in that one veto comp where she let loose on Candice. What a work of art that was.

    2. Unfortunately, CBS will not do that, because it is all about the ratings. Dick Donato behaved just as bad, even pouring a drink over a female’s head…& they did NOTHING! It’s really sad that CBS (or any other network) think this is what the American viewers want (which they do), so we have people behaving badly, not only for the attention but for ratings.

      Just think though…after this is over…we will never have to see her, Andy, Aaryn, Spencer, & McCrae again, because they’ll all go into hiding (and for some, job hunting). Just wait until they find out how a majority felt about them…and “yes, Amanda…keep telling the viewers & America to F**K OFF!!!

      1. I am going to re-watch season 8, evil dick’s season to see how he compares to amanda.

        I remember Dick banging pots and pans, but it seemed that he did it to rattle people and mess with there heads, throw them off their game.
        Amanda seems to do it because she hates Elissa. The re-nom is done so it makes no sense any more because Elissa can’t make any more decisions and has no more power. Made sense last night to rattle Elissa so she didn’t have time to think about pros and cons of each nom combination. But today it just makes no sense.

        Amanda goes over the line of game all the time. I really haven’t seen anyone who can really come up with how they view her strategy or moves, because she seems to act on emotions more that game skill and real strategic moves. No one seems to be able to say she has done anything more that control other HGs. She goes after people who mention her name as someone who has to go. THEN she acts. She doesn’t keep with her original plan, she acts on her emotions at the time. And that never works when it comes to crunch time. How many emotional females have ever won these “reality” game shows?

        1. I love Evel Dick, but he was just as bad and maybe even worse than Amanda. He was constantly talking crap on Jen on a personal level and dumped his drink out on her head, blew smoke in her face, and burned her hand with his cigarette. I don’t care much for Amanda either way, but it’s ridiculous how much hate she is getting from the same people who are huge fans of Dick.

    3. Seriously…who gave my comment a thumbs down? Not that I care what you think – I’m just wondering why ANYONE would think Amanda’s behavior is okay!

      1. Ugh, the thumbs down was probably from people who are similar to her. Wake up folks. If you’re like her, choose to change. Don’t model after her. She’s evil.

    4. I completely agree! Please people, go on th CBS site and give feedback. I’ve already done so. We need to speak up and say we find this unacceptable.

      1. Just went on the network feedback and submitted my complaint against Amanda’s behavior. Hope it helps and hope more will do the same.

      1. No one deserves to be talked to that way!!!! I wouldnt allow anyone to talk about my husband the way Scumanda did. For her to be in Elissa’s face asking how many surgeries she had and saying her face is scary should not be tolerated. If Amanda spoke to me that way, f*** the money, I would have bitch slapped that disgusting wh*re!!!! I wouldnt take that sh*t from nobody!!!!

          1. Sorry name, usually I agree with the things you say. Had your back when GM said to Candice…. Atleast my Mom loves me. But some times people need to get knocked on their a$$ one good time to learn that they should’nt get in people’s faces and tell them their face is scary, call them joker, say demeaning things about their family, etc. I’ll gladly go to jail for a half of second for knocking that bitch on her a$$. Btw, I have never been arrested before.

    5. Because we are all on here complaining to each other. Contact CBS. Remember we the Racist talk started. It shocked us. So many in fact
      Contacted CBS. It got there attention cause they put up a disclaimer. Lets contact them about bullying. Hmmm wonder what type of
      Disclaimer that would produce? How can they distance themselves from bullying when they had a segment I remember on bullying. And that’s why I’m
      Contacting them. They preach one thing and allow another for ratings. They get away with showing it on Internet feeds where they get away with it. I want them to show it on live TV unedited. Post your comments here and copy and post on CBS feedback.

    1. OMG! Amanda is crazy with envy against Elissa!
      She is trying to gain attention from the male players
      with her raunchy language/sex talk!!
      AMANDA …. IS …. THE …. DEFINITION …. OF …. GROSS!!
      She will NEVER…be an…ELISSA!
      Elissa has discipline and obviously works damn
      HARD on her…. kick-ass body! Her years from a healthy life
      ARE visually apparent and she deserves to be PROUD
      Amanda is so JEALOUS! She CAN’T handle it!

  8. Amanduh…is such a “BITCH” CBS needs to get her the hell out of that house…all I have to say Elissa has might strong will power, cause I would bitch slap that stank ass hoe if she came up to me like that…hopefully they will give her a penalty nom! Surely this not what we have to read & watch this bull shit from Amanduh all week!!! I hope cbs is flooded with complaints about her.

    1. I wonder what I would do if I had put up with Amanda doing that in the house. I wonder if I would go hide.

      Because I THINK i would want to stay there and take it, just to make Amanda more angry. Because it makes her happy to chase Elissa away and brag about it. So if i sat there, I think Amanda would start to get physical because this is about emotions for her, and her emotions, her frustrations would get the better of her and she would chest bump or use her body to get her message across.

      But I really don’t know how I would handle it. I would definitely have faith the BB would not let anything serious happen. So I don’t believe I would be scared. But if she was yelling in my ear, then I would just turn my body away from her and she would chase my ear around until she smashed into my body.
      BB: “Amanda, Pls come to the DR.”

      It’s really hard to say. But either way, I think Amanda is too involved emotionally to be smart about it. She pretends to be smart about it but she has her posse backing her up, and she falls into her bullying ways again.

    2. I called and left a complaint. If we all call they will know this is serious and they need to do something about… If they don’t take her out of the game she should get a penalty nom. She needs to know her behavior is not well received by decent people across America.

  9. i am so sick of her already – some needs to throw amanda in the shower and tell her to catch one of the flat irons still plugged in….now that would be sweet.

  10. So many anti bullying programs now (thankfully) and sadly, what does CBS promote on BB15? Major bullying, across the cast if you ask me. Usually love BB, but this season is just sad and demeaning to humanity. What a disappointment.

    1. It really is sad and pathetic. As a teacher, we have an anti-bullying program that we have to implement for our students. As a teacher of seniors, I think some of them will be aware of what has been happening in the BB house. Never did I ever imagine that I could use what is happening in the house as examples of an aggressive bully and bystanders. Her family must be so ashamed of her because for most people, this is the only thing they will ever know about Amanda.

      1. WTF!!
        1)No Alcohol! 2)No sex! 3)No participation in comp’s!
        4) No outside activities! 5)No smoking or nicotine patch!
        She wants to act like a RABID ANIMAL – Treat her like one!! SHE HAS FORGET …. HOW TO RESPECT OTHERS!!

      2. Her family probably is ashamed and might have been for some time. Technically she’s been an adult for 10 yrs, so she is what she is on her own.

  11. HaaHaa for Amanda, you’re puppet will be leaving. I hope! What a horrible, ugly human being. She said that if Elissa doesn’t leave next week she’ll kill herself. Well maybe we can hope and pray for an Amanda self-evict. Wouldn’t that be cool if Elissa gets HOH next week – in your face Ugly Amanda. Horrible, horrible person!!

    1. Hi, how are you? Great to hear.

      Now a very simple big brother rule, if you win HOH you can’t compete in the next HOH competition. So it is impossible for Elissa to win. Thanks for talking when you don’t understand whats going on!

      1. Dear Amanda, I hate your stinking GUTS you make me VOMIT. You’re SCUM between my toes, LOVE ELLISA!!!!! HAHAHAHA…….

    1. It would be better if the audience said nothing whenever she is evicted. Don’t need to get the BITCH the attention that she obviously is begging for!

      1. Would be better if there was no audience and if the police were ready to haul her to the hospital for a mental health checkup.

    2. I can just imagine Amanda explaining those boos away by saying that the audience was booing that she was evicted, not booing her. Can’t you just hear her rationale?

  12. OMG if Judd falls for Andy’s BS then he deserves to lose this game. It looks like he is just trying to keep himself safe which makes sense but he is throwing Elissa to the wolves. Hopefully he is just keeping close to Andy and Spencer to get out McCranda. I believe Spencer’s plan is to get to the end with McCrae so they can say the moving company made it to the end.

    1. I hope Judd tells Elissa everything they said, even though Elissa is smart enough to know they were full of shit when they threatened Andy would go home.

  13. This is getting so ridiculous and unbearable to watch. I can’t believe CBS is allowing this bullying to happen. Amanda truly disgust me.

    1. Everyone needs to write to CBS and let them know that this bullying is unacceptable. Tell them you are stopping watching all shows on CBS. Stop buying products that are advertised on Big Brother.
      That will hurt them more than anything else. Loss of money!!!

      1. Did that plus contacted TVGN. Yes, I expect some of this but this season is way over the deep end. Maybe by contacting CBS they will add some rules for future seasons about the type of extreme bad behavior we have seen this season. Plus CBS might want to add a rule that exclude contestants that take all these upper and downer RXs.

      1. Everyone has their opinion, I am very against all this racism and bullying on bb15 but I cannot believe the comments people on here are leaving to each other. Wow!! Stick with commenting on the show but please guys if you don’t agree with what someone says there’s no reason to be mean about it. No one will ever see eye to eye on everything.

  14. I really do hope they have a Pandora’s Box for Elissa. It would serve Amanda right for Elissa to get a Coup D’tat or a Diamond POV while the rest of the HG’s have to deal with body builder Jessie or Evil Dick! How epic would that be?!! To have to experience some of the hate and bullying Elissa has had to deal with! To have someone in her face telling her how nasty and disgusting she is! And you know McP*ssy would cower in fear if they unleashed one or both of them in the house because he can only threaten women! OMG! I would absolutely love that! I can dream anyway. Come on finale!!!

  15. YES YES YES!!!!! Cant wait to see what Andy does. He is going to be forced to lie so much, and I cant wait to see him short circuit, or get busted. Aaryn could out him. Amanda/MC could out him. Judd could. …… excited!!!!

    If Elissa pulls another strong move like this, she gets America’s player. (from me at least)
    Elissa is taking the brunt of Amanda’s game, and she is taking it so gracefully…everybody else would just be scared and argue and cry. Elissa is freaking strong!!!!!

    1. Wait, you think Elissa deserves America’s player because she didn’t get her target out with her ONLY HOH win? Or because she can’t talk gameplay without looking totally fake and uninterested? Or does she deserve it because her plan was to vote her only ally’s out and keep Amanda? Maybe you think she deserves it because she complains to production on a daily basis to get things she wants like a blanket in the have not room. Yeah real deserving you convinced me pal.

      As for graceful? Looking like a duck and sticking your nose in the air is not graceful but conceited get that straight. And her running and hiding in a room is not dealing with a situation it’s avoiding it. She’s a spoiled no talent chicken who shouldn’t have been in this game to begin with, she was given the MVP power and totally blew that within the first few hours after getting it.

  16. Hahaha. Joker. These people just aint right.

    Judd is really the only person I wouldn’t mind seeing win this year, though he has his issues as well. It’ll be funny to see if/when Andy goes against Amanda. Andy cries all the time, I can only imagine how much he’ll cry and whine when that happens. That’ll actually be funny.

  17. Ok, Ive had enough. Either CBS does something, or I will flat out stop watching this show

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEED Mike Boogie and Dr Will, but you know, they may have played dirty, talked some BS(boogie especially) in the DR, but that was FUN. not once did I see those type of guys flat out bully people, not just for votes, but for freaking fun.

    I swear, she has EARNED a penalty nomination, and this is really disgusting

    1. but ya keep watchin anz keep cumin to dis site to bitch? so sik of peeple sayin dis is da wurst seeson and all. if dat be da case den just stop watchin and stop chekin out dis site!!!!! fukin cry babys

    1. It’s not anyone’s job to defend her but her, instead she runs and hides which enables Amanda to keep going. Don’t hate the player hate the game is a good quote for you

  18. SO glad Elissa won this week. This is the first week I feel like I’m watching big brother and not just a group of people continually saying “I’m gonna do what the house wants me to do”

  19. Another huge mistake, Spencer, and now Judd knows about the 3am. Aaryn is going to survive this, Amanda and Mcpussy are making the same mistake the moving company made trying to stop mcpussy hooking up with Amanda.

  20. Amanda is my least favorite HG ever. Lets hope for a Pandora’s box or a diamond power of veto to send her fat ass packing

    1. Hi, how are you. Great to hear.

      Now you said that you want Elissa to earn a Diamond power of veto to send Aamnda out, now Im goign to inform you that it is impossible. Amanda holds veto and a DPOV works like this! You can remove one person off the block and then choose one person to put up in their place. The only exempt are THe HOH and POV holders and possibly the person the veto was used on. So Amanda will not be leaving.

      -Have a Good Day

  21. I don’t get what everyone loves about Elissa. She talks just as much crap as anyone else in the house, just a bit classier how she does it. First of all, elissa lives in Canada, how does she get a spot on this show which is only open to American contestants? Secondly she is only there because of her sister Rachel, who has had how many chances on the show before she won? Now we have that 100% completely fake sister of hers who thinks she is better than everyone in the house for what reason? She didn’t put half the effort into getting on that show as much as the other house guests have. She says it all the time that she agreed to be on the show, she didn’t apply to be on the show. Ya she’s done one big move, she luckily kept catching all the easy pop flies while everyone else was getting line drives. She did win fair and square but what else has she done other than look totally disgusting, walking around like her sh*t don’t stink, and alligned with Helen? If it weren’t for Helen that sack of dirt called elissa would have been long gone a long time ago. Her husband drives a lotus, she always says everyone is jealous cuz I have what they want, and she is LOADED! Why put someone in there who doesn’t even need the money. It’s pathetic, put people on the show who have no ties to previous house guests, especially the Reilly family. At least Rachel made things more interesting, won things and in the end deserved to win, this broad needs a reality check and a one way ticket back to Saskatchewan where she comes from. I’d also like to add that Amanda is disgusting for how she treats people but I have no qualms about her doing it to Elissa. The Reilly’s have had enough air time on big brother. Let some newcomers win. P.s. if elissa gets a Pandora’s box it would be so crappy. Give that to Judd or MCcrae or something. At least Judd would deserve it. Elissa doesn’t even want to be in the show and says she will just leave if she goes to jury. That’s a weak minded person who is just selfish. Stuck up broad should just self evict

      1. Name your the person who hates Amanda for the “bullying” she does and the insult another poster. Again I’ll use the word hypocrite for you. Maybe I’ll add mindless hypocrite to this one

    1. But crying “self evict” sure has kept her on the show and will probably win her $500,000!!!! Rachel taught her that when SHE threatened to self evict when Brenden was voted out immediately during their last season on the show. <3

    2. I can’t stand Elissa. She would have been evicted week 1 if it wasn’t for MVP, which CBS put in the game for the sole purpose of keeping Elissa around longer. Elissa sits on her high horse all season long looking down on every other house guest and talking shit on all of them behind their back, but none of these crazy cat ladies care about that. Then as soon as Amanda starts talking crap about Elissa to her face all the crazy cat ladies lose their sh*t and say CBS needs to kick her out of the house.

    3. Because it’s not a show for the homeless. Anyone who works hard deserves their pay. Her husband worked hard to build his business. Everyone needs money you fool. She also lives in both N. Carolina and Regina. She doesn’t talk crap, she tells the truth. If you have to write what you did, you are also threatened by her. It is your conscience. God is speaking to you about how you live your own life.

  22. What is a nomination penalty? Didn’t production say that if she bothers Elissa again she will get a nomination penalty? What does that even mean?

    1. A penalty nomination occurs when the guilty party is placed on the chopping block without the chance to play for PoV.

  23. HaHaHa so glad that Elissa got it right…Hate that it’s neither Nasty or McDirty but at least it’s going to be either the Racist or the Rat!!!

  24. is there anything that we can do here? I have never gone through the process of “writing” cbs, but I just find this to be deplorable behavior.

  25. Andy just got ratted out. We’ll now see just how smart Judd really is. El knows the score, he better be her best friend until this thing ends.

    1. I agree, but I can’t get a handle on Judd – I’m hoping he sees how Elissa was treated and realizes that Amanda and her toy boy need to go.

  26. She was warned by production already about this. Unbelievable if they allow it to continue. I’ll hand it to Elissa, she’s got so much more self restraint than I would have in such a situation. If someone told me one week ago I’d be referring to Elissa as classy, I’d think they were insane. Yet here I am.

  27. How can Judd go right back to falling for the bs Amanda, McCrae and Andy feed him??

    Andy is still playing both sides of the house – he ran right to Amanda and McCrae to tell them what Elissa said about him. I can’t believe this guy is a Professor, he is such a wimp!!! I don’t believe for one second that he would vote out Aaryn over GM. I’m glad Elissa stuck to her guns.

  28. I am not a fan of Elissa’s, but the Amanda stuff has gone too far. I didn’t like her Puerto Rican shower comment, but I figured she was joking, and I was still rooting for her. Now, I just find her behavior insane. It reminds me of when Evel Dick was going around banging pots and pans and tormenting the entire house. The powers that be won’t do anything about Amanda because it makes for good TV and there’s drama, just like when Evel Dick was in the house. For some reason, being a jerk in the house works for some people. Hopefully Amanda goes soon and hopefully Elissa isn’t far behind. Team JUDD…I guess.

  29. I mean her tactics aren’t any worse then Evel Dick, but I think she will get a rude social awakening when she leaves the game. I would guess her life will be ruined from her behavior. I think she wants to be a reality star, like some of those “Housewives of….” where they women are really mean and get invited to Celebrity Apprentice and what not. But Evel Dick acted the same way, and he hasn’t been invited to do things like that because people are afraid of what he will do. or the stability of someone willing to push people into feeling uncomfortable. She’s just messing up her life more then anything. On the other end, I hate her, but she does deserve to win over everyone else. Just because Elissa (who I like now) just now decided to play, doesn’t mean she really had a plan. Amanda has sent home everyone to this point, or had a part in it. I don’t like the way she does it, but I can see where she has put way more effort in. And she is CRAZY to take McCrea, In fact she needs to set him up to go soon. No way she wins next to him.

  30. I get that Stinkmeaner isn’t breaking any rules, and CAN harass Elissa, but why isn’t she giving it back to her? I would give it back to that bitch 10 fold, she has WAY too many flaws to be talking shit about anyone… Her back looks like Quasimodo, gorilla hands and feet, she looks like a post-op tranny, how fat she’s gotten, how much of a slut she is, not to mention how much she is always funky, and stinks up everywhere she lays, ect,ect. I’d make that bitch to depressed self evict and start up an account for a new Therapist. The BB Rulebook says you can pretty much say whatever your heart desires. I’d make Evel Dick look like an Angel sent from heaven.

    1. Why isn’t she giving it back to her? Because she’s being the better person. And that’s what makes her likable right now and Amanda not.

      If I was Elissa, I would go sit somewhere else in the house and keep reading that bible. Don’t react, don’t say a word, just keep reading. Maybe at most quote a passage here and there. Let Amanda get put in the feeds as being the nutcase who harasses a person who is just quietly reading their bible.

    1. Big Brother does not tell houseguest how to vote and there is no mention of race in Amanda’s fight with Elissa so your comment makes no sence


      1. “Big Brother does not tell houseguest how to vote”

        Yea, keep telling yourself that.

        DR sessions are secret from live feeders for a reason.

      2. HOWZIT Of course BB tells them how to vote! They may not come right and tell the houseguests what to do, but they’re definitely doing it with nods, winks, and not so subtle suggestions. Everyone is so scared about how they’re coming across to America every single time they come out of DR because of what production tells them. Even Julie brought up that question to Andy about not making big moves. Wink wink, vote a big fish out asshole.

  31. Omg I’m not usually a violent person, but I would pay money to knock that f-ing smile right off Amanda’s ugly fat face. I have never disliked someone so much in my life. 100% TRASH

  32. Amanda isnt breaking ANY rules. You are allowed to annoy the house guess all you want and i think its a great stratagy. Hate her or love her Amanda PLAYS 100%. Was Evil Dick a bully? Bully bully, thats all i hear anymore. Bunch of pansy’s

    1. And dont act like Elissa’s game has anything to do with her. She was clueless untill she got HOH and the DR has coached her this entire time. She is and always will be clue. She can act holier than thou but she’s as fake as they come.

    2. Agreed 100%

      I think the vitriol over her behavior has a lot to do with her being a female, mysoginists thinking she isnt being ladylike enough

      Evel Dick behaves like this – BB Legend, Amanda – worst houseguest ever.

      1. Bullshit Evel didn’t run around targeting ONE person. He harassed the crap out of 4 people at once as a game strategy. Amanda is only bullying Elissa, no one else. That fat bitch has no game. Lol. She will be gone and hated when she leaves the house. She’s not like Evel, never will be in her wildest dreams.

    3. GET OVER IT

      PLEASE Don’t insult evil dick legacy he’s a legend compare to Amanda … evil dick won competetions , evil dick did his own dirty work she uses the house guest to do hers he was entertaining and funny to watch Amanda was never funny … she demonized the houseguest no comparison on his season he was entertaining and was evil but he was good to his house guest breakfast and everything ….. whenever we talk about big brother 15 we will never put Amanda up on evil dick level

      1. So you are saying Dick had to do all that by himself but Amanda is so good she made other people do it for her? Sounds like a pretty good way to play BIG BROTHER

    4. Actually it’s a childish strategy. And one that’s not working on Elissa. Elissa has zero f****s to give. Amanda just makes herself look bad. Nothing she is doing is going to change the outcome. Andy or Aaryn will go home. I personally don’t understand why anyone would celebrate the behavior of her or ED but I assure you if he had poured anything on my head, he would’ve gotten it right back.

      1. Elissa has zero F**ks to give but yet wasnt she talking about leaving? Boohoo. She married up(and over the hill) and try’s to use that as having “class”. Enjoy your superfriends happy people dome you all must live in.

      2. Granny says elissa fans need to get fresh tampons. DR has given in to whatever elissa wants, Blanket in havenots, Lights off during the day. Suposively she is making more than the other quests. DR coaching for her HOH(you are as clueless as elissa if you think she thought of this stuff on her own). After shes gone IDC who wins. Who do you think is more likely to come back a later season? Amanda cause all the haters cant stop talking about her just like rachel.

    5. Absolutely correct Getoverit. You nailed it. No one should be punished for what they say unless it is a violent threat or physical contact. Once again I am not justifying Amanda’s behavior but it is part of the game. Dick, Muscle head Jesse and even Rachel Reilly all bullied people. America’s sweetheart Brittney said horrible things about people when she was laying around with her girlfriends the first few weeks of her season. They have a right to say what they want as long as it doesn’t threaten violence. I predict Elissa leaving soon after Thursday. She is way too soft for this game. Every time one little thing doesnt go her way she shuts down and threatens to tell production like a kindergartener. Once she can’t lock herself down she will quit.

  33. That a girl, Elissa! I have to admit, I was worried should put up GM rather than Andy.

    As for Judd, I certainly hope he doesn’t believe She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and McCreepy. If he does, then he is a bloody idiot and just needs to self evict.

    There are no more words to describe She Who Shall Not Be Named. I think her behavior, especially this week, speaks for itself. Furthermore, it speaks to the character of her minions in production who allow this to continue.

  34. I think Amanda will go down as one of the most hated players in Big Brother history. I hope everyone comes together to get her out sooner than later. I can hardly watch her without becoming nauseous!

  35. I am absolutely shocked that BB/CBS is allowing this behavior in the house. I’ve never seen a more vile disgusting creature on TV than Amanda with Arryn close behind. I don’t know how Elissa is not losing her sh*t right now because if they talked about my family and kids like they are about hers I would have already shown them ten different kinds of crazy. I’m blown away and very disturbed reading what all Amanda has done to torture Elissa and no other house guest or production has stepped in which makes then just as guilty. I feel so bad for Elissa and I think she is handling Amanda’s (and the rest of those rat bast*rds) bullsh*t with grace and dignity.

  36. Amanda is a horrible person the way she treats people and bullies them. Elissa hasn’t been an angel in this game, but what Amanda is doing is crossing the line from game to personal. Her attempts to hurt Elissa and make her look bad backfire because its Amanda that is coming out looking like a the idiot. I wish production would pull Amanda from the game for her behaviour to teach her a lesson. She really thinks her sh*t don’t stink and she can do whatever she wants. What she forgets is she is in a game now but soon will be back in the real world where she will no longer be in control.

    I think Amanda is very jealous of Elissa and what she has. And I don’t say that because I am an Elissa fan because I am not.

    With all the anti-bullying campaigns out there these days, I am so suprised the producers and the network don’t step in. Amanda is not just playing around, she is vicious, heartless bitch who thinks she can say whatever she wants because she’s thinks she is much more important that what she is.

    The kind of bullying we see from Amanda is the kind of bullying that makes people take their own life. How come its OK on Big Brother but, in the real world its not? Just disgusting!

  37. they aren’t going to kcik Amanda out, like seriously why would they? As long as she doesn’t touch Elissa they can’t/won’t kick her out, its not against the rules to antagonize someone. However, since so many people didn’t understand how the POV worked I am not really surprised that no one seems to understand the rules

  38. I am serious when I say I am sick to my stomach watching Amanda do this again today to Elissa!!!! What is wrong with the prodeucers of this show & people in this house allowing this act of hate & bullying continue!! Shame on you BB,shame on you Julie Chin,if this was your adult child being bullied like this you would sue the show!!! Elissa said she is here to play the game not to be cruel and bully and say mean things about their families & children!!! No one is perfect on this show but I am really concerned with the hatred among most of these players,I feel Elissa has brought out another side of GM and I feel GM is a survivor in life,does it excuse her behavior toward Candice NO!!! But Candice hugged her wished her Happy Birthday Boo and GM accepted the act of kindness,when this show is over these peoples lives are in the hole,Aaryn will never succeed in life except for maybe exploiting herself! Amanda somewhere has been used & abused in life and she is so out of control that I feel when she really finds out America wanted her gone she will go after America on a rampage of hate!! Amanda needs to get help as soon as she leaves this show,MCrea he is just a pathetic unambitious loser,who is dirty & has no hygiene!!! But why my heart really is sad right now,is this show was intense each year,but this has gone far beyond letting some of the scum of the earth be part of this show!!! If these HG loved themselves they would not behave like this,I am truly going to cry if Amanda wins,sorry so long but it is even hard for me to read the posts anymore so much hate!!!

  39. Amanda, your an idiot. Elissa has two allies to back her up. You need to shut up and next week your a$$ is gone.

    1. kiki thundercloud (love the name)…
      Had Elissa put up Amanda and Mcrea together it wouldn’t have made a difference. Amanda still won the veto….. So Elissa may have put up Arayn or Andy. Wouldn’t matter because Mcrea still would have been saved…
      The way Elissa did it caused lots of problems for the 3am alliance.. It doesn’t matter who goes now as both HG on the block now know the Mcranda team are for each other first..
      Elissa wanted to cause as much damage as she could to the power running the house. She did this. Finally, some great game play..
      Amanda thinks behaving like a bully is game play. If Amanda had any game play in her, (which she doesn’tt) she’d be smart enough to see Elissa as a person to team up with, Go to the end with. Andy, Spensor, Judd, GM and Mcrea are all floaters.
      Note: Whenever Amanda wanted someone (another female HG) out she always started fights with them…Then someone else would do the dirty deed and put them on the block because she’d bully them.. I think Amanda is just behaving the way she usually does in her life outside the BB house. One sick puppy. Hasn’t she made remarks about killing puppies a few times.. Peope can eat her asshole…Who says stuff like that?????

  40. OK, hold it one minute… Busty McNugget is raggin’ on Elissa for having surgery? Um, pretty sure her boobs didn’t inflate themselves! I don’t know how Elissa has managed to hold herself back from slapping Amanda’s rotten little face right off. At least Elissa is handling Amanda’s psychotic episodes with class. I hope the rest of the houseguests see how ridiculous Amanda is and decide to vote her ass out. I wonder if her little stud-puppet McCrae is regretting this tangled mess of a “showmance” he has gotten himself into yet. And if memory serves me right, both Amanda AND McCrae admitted to having a boyfriend and girlfriend outside of the BB house, so what the hell? The one thing I think Elissa screwed up on was not putting Amanda and McCrae up together because one of them would have been going home FOR SURE!!!

  41. now lets see if judd tells elissa that information he got ….. EVEN if only gina votes for aaryn to stay elissa will know that gina betray her but the good thing moving forward gina may still work with elissa because she can tell elissa Amanda ,,, macrea aaryn and ANDY were in a alliance they said they were going to keep AARYN so that’s why I voted for her to stay because she already had their votes …. gina now know that Amanda etc…. didn’t had aaryn back after all she did for them she will still not go with Amanda those …..

  42. Please call 212-975-4321 or 818-655-5000, these are CBS phone numbers and start making our complaints heard about Amanda Zuckerman. She needs to GO!!

    1. You are an idiot if you think it will make a bit of difference. That you took time, researched for the number and are calling and putting actual effort into this b/c of some loudmouth trick on a tv show shows you and others like you are truly pathetic…much more so than the girl yelling inside the house.

  43. i cant believe how lightly these idiot houseguests take attempted suicide or suicide so lightly. Every day you hear one or more say that they a re going to slit their wrists or stab themselves. As for the bullying…..we all know CBS andBB will do NOTHING about it because Amanduh is the BB winner this season so they can expel her from the house. I dont know why Andy was so surprised or upset he is on the block. He was told last week that if he voted out Helen he would be going up…..SURPRISE!!!!!! I cant even stand to watch the live feeds because of Amanduh. She has not only taken playing the game joyful to other house guests but she has taken it away from the live feeders as well. I have never dispissed a houseguest as much as this horseface

  44. I have watched BB for years but have to say I am totally disgusted this season . It is so evident that CBS production wants Amanda to win. Any idiot could see through this. I think it is apalling that they would allow Amanda to harass other house guests the way they have allowed her to do. Maybe they feel this makes for a more interesting season but….. There should be some limit to what she is allowed to say and do . So I said that to say…. There is no doubt they are giving Amanda a script to read from. Shame on you BB. Nobody in this world is that much of an idiot knowing they are on national TV. This is my last year and I do hope the ratings go down and it is their last year as well.

  45. Amanda is basically telling Elissa “Nobody likes you!” ….also known as the slogan that many insecure high school bullies use to get them through the day. Classy daughter you have there, Mr and Mrs. Zuckerman.

  46. Seriously, while trannymanda was that close to her, breathing in her face, Elissa should have told her to tell Mcpu**y to eat more fruits and veggies, his c** smells nasty.

  47. Can someone who wanted Judd back in the house please explain your logic? He is nothing more than the house idiot. The people who knows betrayed him offer him anything and he jumps on it.

  48. I hope to god they stay true to “The Exterminators”. It’s time to get that fat sow Amanda and her boy toy McCrae out of the house. She is so annoying and disgusting, I don’t see how anyone could like her. It’s not even like she’s playing a good game. She just has had numbers on her side since the beginning and everyone just votes how everyone else does so they don’t become next weeks target. I wouldn’t say that’s Amanda’s doing. Either way, fingers crossed that she is the next to leave after Aaryn.
    And though I don’t like Andy, I hope he finally grows a sack and dumps those two.

  49. Production warned them yesterday that any more “disrespect” will earn a penalty nom. I hope Amanda gets one. She’s verbally abusive; needs to go

  50. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but when it comes to Amanda’s bullying I wish Elissa was a little more like Rachel… Rachel would NEVER have put up with that. That would be the cat fight to end all cat fights!! I can’t stand Rachel, but man how sweet would it be if she came into the house for 24 hours or something… Amanda would DEFINITELY get a taste of her own medicine!!

  51. I’m pretty sure the rules state you can’t physically harm another HG or destroy their property. There has been plenty of players that have been bullies in the past. The fact that a producer stepped in to talk to Demanda last night, she then read the Rule Book, and started back up makes me think that the producers told her what would be beyond the line, but didn’t tell her to stop. If they wanted her to stop, she’d be called into DR or get “Amanda, stop that”. Obviously BB wants the drama. They like the fact that people (other than Elissa in her red, hate-filled glasses) aren’t really gunning for Arryn anymore. The new baddy of the season is Demanda (both in the house and clearly on the boards) so anything that can further divide the house, why wouldn’t. IBB push for? I’m sure they’ll reward Elissa with the Pandora’s Box or a Diamond Power of Veto. With all that said, I don’t know how the hell all this childish behavior helps Amanda at all. Everyone despises her and is gunning for her more than ever. Her only hope in hell is that Andy goes home and BB rigs the next game in her favor.


  53. OMG like really how old are you Amanda grow up. Amanda is really starting to piss me off. If I was in Elissa’s shoes I don’t think I would beable to act cool. I would beat Amanda’s A** so bad and would be happy to get kicked out. Judd for this weeks HOH with him putting up amanda and mccrae. Amanda talking about Elissa’s surgeries didn’t Amanda have surgery to get bigger boobs. Amanda Canada doesn’t like you so I guess you got no hope when it comes to america haha

  54. HEY!!! BIG BROTHER this is NOT!! entertaining at all to watch live a person Bulling another is really bad on your part do something before something happens, you don’t need the ratings that bad CBS, I can’t even watch and how the other house guess don’t say anything and laugh and watch, either do something or get that person out of the house, you should remove Amanda, she is a nasty vile mean BULLY! and I hate people who bully, this is live this in not a tv show that she is acting, she is sick in the head and why did you let her in that house when you knew she takes drug, I swear I will not watch anymore or nor will my friends if you don’t stop Amanda NOW!!

  55. This season is so appaulingly bad that the show might be cancelled. This could be the last season unless they get Dr. Will (me), Boogie and other legit classic players to come back. This is just so, so bad on every level imagineable. They should can this season right now. Production should tell them all to pack and go home. Just end this please

  56. As a retired school teacher, bullies ALL have one thing in common. They can dish it out, especially when they feel they are backed by their pals. But they sure can’t take it. Imagine if the others had backbones and really turned the tables on Amanda??? .

  57. Elissa should say ” Please Amanda back away, your gravity is slowly pulling me in, you know, since you gained so much mass”

  58. Frankly, I think Amanda’s game has been nearly flawless. Granted , she is a bit mental, but so is everyone else in that place. I think most of her detractors take her verbal assaults as strictly personal, but they are clearly calculated, highly targeted, and extremely effective game play. Whether you like her tactics or not, I don’t think anyone will dispute that she’s running the game. As such she will have earned it if she makes it to the finals and will deserve to win as being the most impactful player.
    Elissa, on the other hand, is having a hard time taking what she dishes out. She can’t clearly express or defend her thought processes to anyone ( not that she has to mind you) but you think the girl would want to stand up for herself and her logic rather than run and hide constantly. Her personality ( if you want to call it that) is as phony as her plastic surgery features. She’s probably the most condescending and self absorbed person I’ve ever seen on a reality show. Without intervention from the outside ( production and her sisters “Army ” ) she never would have made past the first two weeks. Her obvious lack of intelligence and inability to deal with any type of confrontation will be her downfall.
    It goes without saying that mean girls rule in this edition of BB, and all of those remaining fall into that category.

    1. What’s the saying about arguing with a fool? A lot of people would have looked a lot better in the game (Candice, Jessie) if they had just walked off and ignored the crazy stuff. Next to Spencer telling Amanda to shut up Elissa doing what she wants has been the best part of this season. It’s a shame Amanda is playing with such spineless people. Maybe I would respect her game more if she was playing against people with a backbone. As a player I respect her game until it becomes these types of childish antics. Getting everyone to do her dirty work is good gameplay. Acting like a spoiled brat when someone does something on her own is childish.

  59. Where I come from you can say anything about me from a distance, but once you invade my personal space. It’s on…and I would put that B**ch down. Then I would say on the live feeds Rachel call my attorney I’m about to sue CBS and BB for a hostile and dangerous environment. Then I would go and pack my stuff and self-evict.

  60. I guess my biggest question about this season is this…how was CBS able to get all these people out of prison for 3 months?

  61. I would love for Amanda behaviour to go viral and cbs would have to show her behaviour on tv. Had no problem showing aryns behaviour. Bullying is just as bad as racist remarks love to see her get booed when she leaves

  62. “Amanda says I can’t believe she nominated Andy! If she doesn’t leave next week I am going to kill myself.”

    I Wish..

    So I guess Stinkmeaner will kill herself, because Elissa isn’t going anywhere, I’ve said it before production wants Stinkmeaner and her in the finals. That’s why they made sure she won veto this week. They’re good for TV.

  63. Amanda couldn’t have been a woman for more than a couple of years …her hormone replacement didn’t fix her voice n her unibrow… but the surgery i guess was a success…wonder if McCrea knows??

    1. ROLMFAO she really does look like one of those post-op trannys that be on Springer. She should get Elissa’s plastic surgeon to fix that.

  64. I would have like to see Mcrae play this season without Amanda. Just a guess but I think he would have played a much better game. Pretty sure he sees Amanda is messed up in the head but is stuck with her now.

  65. I think Judd is falling for the BS from McCranda and Andy. Too bad…..he really should have learned from the knife in his back that they can’t be trusted.

  66. Unfortunately,CBS will wait until a horrible occurance,such as suicide,before they make rule changes.Nothing ever gets done until someone dies.

  67. I just went to and left a comment on the broadcast feedback. Maybe if enough people complain to CBS they will actually do something about Amanda’s bullying.

    1. find moments from the live feeds where amanda is being a bully and post it on you tube. if it is on you tube it might go viral and cbs will have to do something.

  68. Hi I’m Amanda and I rape pizza boys! I’m a real estate agent by day, but what my clients don’t know is that I have sex with pizza boys in their house when they’re gone!!!!!!!

    Watch me on Big brother where I force my little pizza boy..or actually my bitch, to have sex when he doesn’t want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now, I’m showing my expert bullying skills that I use on my clients everyday!!!

    Pretty soon, I’ll be winning this game because my best friend is the executive producer of the show.

    Don’t miss out Big Brother Fans!!! See you later.

  69. So sad. Amanda wanted to look nice for the POV but you can’t cover her brand of ugly. You can paint your face but an ugly heart is always apparent.

    She just can’t stand that Elissa can’t be controlled, she is going off the deep end showing what a spoiled child she is. Stay strong Elissa!

  70. Elissa is actually playing it smart to ignore. No one sticks up for her or tries to tell Amanda to stop. Instead, they laugh, encourage it, and bad mouth her. If she fought back, more than likely she’d get ganged up upon. At least she should be able to put it together that no one is willing to be loyal to her face or stick up for her. I just feel for her after Thursday. Nowhere to hide and no “friends.” Wouldn’t blame her a bit if she walks. Hopefully she can stay strong. And, no, she is ‘t my favorite and nor do I think she has good game play. I’d feel the same for anyone stuck in this situation.

  71. I think Amanda should be penalty nominated and the next HOH decides one nominee(even if that means Elissa) and the replacement this will check such behavior for this and future BB

  72. maybe someone can explain… (and please i do not need any rants on how someone hates a HG)

    me being from ‘old’ europe, i do not get all the trashtalking, the harassing, the yelling and the meanness this season. i understand this game is strategy and stuff, but even in ed’s season this derogatory aimed at any given person ad hominem stuff did not happen. not to talk about the racist stuff and the misogyny
    spencer vents off.

    why is that? is there a market for that? i do not think cbs needs to expel anyone but why do they not stop that?

    1. Maybe CBS is trying to portray the REAL AMERICA. This stuff happens EVERYDAY to millions and millions of people and is pretty much normal over here (did you hear about Miley Cyrus’ little dance last night on the Video Music Awards? Case in point.) <3

      1. I kind of read the headlines but know nothing about what actually happened. So I will update myself on that. Still. A little going off the wall is funny. Egging on people can be funny. But what is happening recently on BB is so way over the top – do these people ever think about them being out of the house. IE: I totally agree that amanda is playing the best game so far, BUT this is ( to me) countered by her attacks. Even if she would have been the cast for bitchiest nasty person ever, this shit does not go away, it is / will be on youtube for effing ever (likewise with g, & aaryn) these people are still very young and they habe to live with that from here on out.

        so, for cbs to let people sort of ruin their lives beats me!

    2. BB is supposed to be the ultimate social experiment so it makes sense that they would want to touch base on all the hot button topics. The Paula Deen issue came out recently and poof! we have the gigantic racism issue of Candice/Howard/Helen vs Aaryn/Gm. Homosexuality tolerance has been so very relevant and important lately and then we have people calling Andy “faggoty Andy” and making other horrible comments (mostly ignorance rather than targeting Andy, but still worth eye rolling). Now we have the key issue of bullying between Amanda and Elissa. Who knows if these people are genuinely this awful in their normal lives or if the BB House is like a snowglobe and all the issues get shook up on purpose. I lean towards the latter. It is a tv show after all!

  73. If CBS did nothing about the blatant racism, they aren’t going to do anything about the bullying. They have the opportunity to take a stand on 2 very important issues in society but they have chosen to remain silent on both. Sorry, they took the politically correct route regarding racism and what a difference that made (insert sarcasm here)! With suicide rates in children and teens climbing every year, why aren’t we as a whole more concerned with how people are treated? Now is the time to set an example and stop this ridiculousness but then again, that probably wouldn’t be good for their ratings…or would it???

  74. Holy I’m surprised by the comments lately, CBS should kick someone off a reality tv show where one person wins half a mil and people are not being nice to each other because they want to win and the other to lose… Are you kidding me??? It’s a game and its a strategy! I would rather people get mad than kiss @$$ and be all nice and fake. If Elissa doesn’t like it then say something to Amanda, stand up for yourself your a grown adult and your showing your step kids that if someone isn’t nice you should run and hide and complain and talk behind people’s backs. Yup role model there, but lets be honest she’s a trophy wife not a role model… I think her husband must like hunting since his trophy is shaped like a duck.

    Anyways to cheer for Elissa is hypocritical if your a rachael fan as Elissa has been floating all season riding the cost tails of Helen and voting out her ally’s than for herself and now when it’s final 8 she wants to play the game after some questionable production involvement (blanket in have not room, lights off early etc)

    Amanda is doing this because Elissa is weak and she already said she would self evict and she already said she would quit in jury (sore loser and not a real game player) so she’s hoping that happens with all her antics.

    Most people who are Elissa drones are not real BB fans as she has little gameplay qualities and provides no entertainment value what so ever. I don’t know about you but I would not want a spoiled, rich, stuck up person like Elissa who only got in the game on her name only and has done nothing all season but look like a wax manquin win this game. Would top the season off as being the worst EVER

    1. I am not a drone. I am just a human being being with a heart. Bullying should not be tolerated anywhere. And it certainly should not be rewarded with a big cash prize. Elissa is not weak. It takes tremendous strength to not react to such viciousness. Bullying is weak. Amanda is a bully. Amanda is weakbecause because she cannot win unless she gives blow jobs, sexual favors, talks trash and attacks people. That’s not game play and it’s not entertaining. It’s sick. Maybe you enjoy her antics, but Amanda does not have game. She obviously has severe psychological problems. How entertaining.

    2. Well said! I’m not sure what show people think they aee watching but this has always been a part of the game. People knew what they were getting into.

  75. Did Judd just make a deal with Amanda & McCrae!?!? This guy is an idiot!!! OMG!!! This boy had better be lying to these two…OMG!!! YOU FOOL!!!

    1. Judd is playing the rat game! Andy wanted him out of the house before because he was playing the same game as Andy. And he didn’t’ need the competition for Head Rat!

  76. This happens almost every year on BB. Remember Ronnie won hoh in his season and didn’t come out of his room for days. The other houseguests would wait for him to be called to the diary room to torture him. This has happened before and will again. Most people who are appalled by this behavior can’t be BB regular watchers. Don’t be so quick to thumbsdown my comment either. This is just the truth. I am not justifying Amanda’s actions.

  77. If Elissa were smart she should make it a point to come around Amanda and annoy her to the point that her bullying gets her the penalty nom or a possible removal from the game instead of hiding up in thy HOH room all day. Andy’s rat game was a decent strategy in the beginning but he over played it too much and I couldn’t be happier watching him scurrying for votes. I hope his annoying ass goes!!!!!!

    1. I don’t think Elissa will have to do much. All she has to do is smile and occasionally be a presence (outside of the HOH room). It will be a lonnnng 3 days for Amanda, and she will crack/explode. And, if anyone is waiting for the long awaited Julie Chen/Aaryn chat on Thursday … do not hold your breath … I have never seen JC do any kind of hard edged interview … she will make reference to some incidents … but it will be a total softball interview. She, her husband, and CBS have gotten what they wanted: buzz and ratings. … Another good reason for BB/CBS not cutting Amanda lose from the show. Consequences for Aaryn will only begin after this season is over.

  78. Amanda says I can’t believe she nominated Andy! If she doesn’t leave next week I am going to kill myself.

    Promises, promises…

  79. So Amanda does this to her face and gets crucified (pun) and Elissa & company do it to them behind their back and gets kudos. Double standard. Everyone in that house, from the hoh to POV holder on down to the dirt in the back yard and shit in the toilet are disgusting. We get it. OBB should be renamed I must admit the opinions on this site is as gross as the houseguests. Using cuntrags and ahandjob as other names for the house guests. And rat face Andy ….????.. these comments on all the threads are like the movie Mean Girls, only more vitriolic and asinine. I understand……ya have to say mcpussy because you gotta make sure we know where you stand with each houseguest. I thought reading this site would be unlike others. But it truly is unlike others……I’m guessing we have either 13 year old girls commenting here or 13 year old minds commenting. And bullying happens all the time in the game. I remember Dan in season 10 got out casted and he won it in a landslide. Amanda calls it as she sees it. Elissa just badmouths behind everyone. Like racism….. you are either overt or covert. In the house Elissa is covert and disliked. Amanda is overt and also.
    Good luck and god bless this BB house. May Christ b. Jesus enter the house and rapture it.

  80. Well folks we are witnessing the true colors coming out of this queen gambit they call aMANduh……. god I become nauseated and sick to my stomach when I watch her and that pussy pizza boy lay around in that pigsty, belching and farting on eachother! BB should make them clean their room before anymore smokes!

    Please, Please, give Elissa the Pandors Box and give her a choice of letting Rachel come in for 24 hours to torment and kick aMANduh’s nasty ass around a lil’ bit!

    As for that weasel red RAT Andy……. c’ya hate to be ya! Now no crying when you leave, you won’t be missed a bit! You’re game SUCKED you floater!

  81. CBS will step in when Elissa puts a fork in her head. A person can only take so much. I hope security is standing close in the house just in case.

  82. I don’t think Amanda has a script, It is evident from her actions and her words that she is simply that nasty and disturbed.
    She is a sick and souless individual in dire need of hospitalization.
    No ‘human’ with an inkling of empathy could ever say and do the things she has done, especially knowing that she is on live camera at all times.
    She aparently has no self worth so she cares for no one else either.
    The only reason she clings to MCrae is because of how he makes ‘her’ feel, not that she feels anything for him, except the need to be accepted and her twisted sense of love.

    1. She has no self respect either. I’m not just talking abut how she treats Elissa but how she acts on a day to day basis. I often thinks she believe she is funny and cute rather than appalling!

  83. Amanda can say everything she wants about Elissa’s plastic surgery because with or without it Ellissa is 100 times more attractive than Amanda

    1. Elissa was a natural beauty before plastic surgery. I still do not understand the ‘lisa rinna’ lips???Unless she had the injections just for the show, so she can go back to her normal life and appearance after BB. The injections to plump the lips last only about 6-10 months…just long enough for production and after show interviews.

      1. Julie sleeps with the man who has the power to pull the plug and stop the nonsense but she is remaining quiet. She did admit to being upset over racial remarks directed at Helen as it reminded her of her childhood. Since then she has gone the revenue route — the disclaimer before the show. CBS has amotto that CBS Cares — ya, they care about revenue. I still wonder what dirt Amanda has on Moonves and Grodner for this to continue.

  84. Amanda needs to go period! Bullying is not the way to play big brother. It is time for the rest of them to step up and use their brains to get rid of Mccrae and the pit bull who have been on easy street. We are trying to teach children that bullying is wrong and yet CBS allows this from an obnoxious adult!

    1. Children have NO business watching Big Brother. CBS allows the houseguests to engage in sexual activity. CBS doesn’t give houseguests privacy when they are showering, changing clothes, ect. CBS allows men and women to enter the bathroom at the same time and share beds together. CBS allows houseguests to say and do vile disgusting, and hateful things. Big Brother is NOT suitable for children. It’s an “adult” show. If someone lets their kid watch it, then that speaks volumes about them as a parent.

  85. they all are laughing because Ellisa was hiding in her room. Just wait till they get out of the house and have to hide in their rooms forever because of the way they have been acting on national tv. All while Ellisa is enjoying her life with her rich husband.

  86. For the first time in ages, this is going to be a loyalty-testing eviction. The best part is that no matter which nominee gets betrayed, the house will be a better place after the vote. Not as satisfying as if McCrae and Amanda were up against each other, of course, but still, no matter which way the vote goes this week, new lines will be drawn, for sure.

  87. If this show is “rigged” then I think it would be for Mcrae….because Amanda does all the dirty work by getting everyone to do what she wants..then will have to at some point burn them by evicting them. Making everyone hate her….no one in jury will vote for her they will vote for Mcrae over Amanda….just aayin…

  88. Please don’t compare Evil Dick to Amanda he never threatened anyones family. Amanda is disgusting I would never list any of my properties with her. What respectable woman talks about blowing a guy and having sex all over the house on national television DISGUSTING!!! Elissa got it right.I feel bad for Elissa she is the only player this season that has made big moves. As an MVP she nominated Nick and Jeremy that made the moving company alliance fall apart and for her first HOH she targeted Amanda and McCrae everyone is so scared to do anything she did all this and she is alone people that is awesome! But nobody sticks up for her when Amanda is being such a bully to her. This is a game and Elissa has annoying tendencies however I rather she win this game for being true to herself and the under dog. Not a RACIST or a WHORE on the show.

  89. Ever notice how the are flying bugs around the shared McNasty bed?

    Someone pointed it out one time, on coming out of McCrae hairs, and I have noticed it since. When they are in bed there are flying bugs around. Maybe trying to get away lol

    1. Flies follow stinky people as well as dead bodies, they both have the same stench. Not surprised that flies would be around Stinmkmeaner and MustyMan.

  90. Production should just make sure it is in the rules that no one is allowed to touch people’s stuff to do disgusting things with it.. Apparently they are allowed since Jeremy did it but that should be in the rules. When you start placing people’s stuff in your butt or in the bathroom when it doesn’t belong that’s way over the line. It seems like Elissa is handling her well by not engaging Amanda who is looking for a reaction. I find the whole season of having a mob mentality to be more disturbing to Amanda making an ass out of herself. And also that the morons sit around and don’t defend anybody outwardly. It’s like they are scared too death . The reason why Amanda feels free to get away with her attitude is because all season she’s been enabled and supported. You had Helen actually thanking her for everything (whatever that meant) as she left after getting evicted. Elissa is essentially alone in there, I don’t know Gina Marie will do if she wins HOH hopefully put McCrae and Amanda up together. But even she can’t see how big of a rat Andy is and she supposedly hates rats (rolling eyes). This is a lost cause for Elissa the numbers are against her. Pandora’s Box anyone?

  91. wow, amanda is so screwed when she comes out of there. why is she doing this? personal attacks and following around bullying someone… what did elissa even do to her? all she did was put up mccrae and now andy, that’s complete game. i just don’t get why she thinks she’s justified saying all these personal digs about elissa’s family and face… amanda mentionned that elissa brought up her 3 day pregancy, but everyone already knew.. and then elissa called mccrae “gross” and told them not to touch her stuff. now amanda thinks it’s right to taunt elissa 24/7? the other hgs even told amanda yesterday that she is definitely portrayed badly and as the villain, like an evel dick. she says she doesn’t care, but we have all seen her crack. she will be crying non-stop when she gets out of there…

    1. The one I am worried about is GM. She said some horrible things in the beginning, but she seems to have a conscience, unlike the others. Amanda and Aaryn have both said they don’t care what people think, but I’m sure they will chance their minds when they realize the consequences on the outside. Judd and Elissa seem to be the only ones left that haven’t totally trashed all the others.

      Hopefully future HGs have seen the outrage by the fans and will not act like this during upcoming BB shows.

  92. I have never really been an Elissa fan, but I am really feeling for her. She’s all alone, nobody hanging out or talking with her. God forbid anybody tell Amanda to stop the bullying, the rest of them are almost as bad for not intervening.

  93. Can’t figure out why A-MAN-DUDE think she is untouchable and everyone else has to play into her hands. They all are playing the same game. People are nominated every week and someone goes home… what makes A-MAN-DUDE the special one. She has a rude awakening coming to her when she gets out of this house. I am a parent and I’m telling you if that was my daughter acting like that I would have been at the studio pulling her out by her hair. Her parents have got to be so ashamed of her right now. I truly feel sorry for them. I’m sure they didn’t raise her to act like that.

  94. If everything Amanda is doing, then why is it okay for the folks on this site to behave the same or worse? You all crucify her, then call her the C word, B***h, and so very much worse. Do onto others folks….

    1. Amen. C words and bitch are awful. Remember that GM was the one who said the n-word. Everything else was implied. I guess people will call me a racist now. Thumb down your pants haters.

    2. Apparently her actions have brought out the worst in others. That is the problem with people who act like her. It becomes the “norm” in social behavior. The reality shows are causing a decline in our culture.

  95. CBS I WILL continue to watch. Its time for everyone to put on their big boy/girl pants and remember they are playing a game! A game that will reward someone $500,000. Just because Amanda isn’t playing the game the way others are doesn’t mean she is wrong. She is playing a game nothing more. Andy did what he came in there to do, be everyone’s friend. The house would be very dull if everyone was like Elissa, fake and stuck -up. Elissa talks about others like they are beneath her. Just because she does it quietly doesn’t make it right. I would rather have Amanda in the house than Elissa. I am NOT an Elissa fan. Now you can all go lock yourselves in your bedroom so I can’t say things that may or may not hurt your feelings. Or maybe you can come out and play the game!

    1. A game. Well, that’s funny, I don’t remember ever harassing people and insulting their husband the last time I played Monopoly or Checkers. I must have been doing it wrong!

  96. Amanda needs to go some of these Ads on TV should pull their Ads from CBS till Amanda is gone. she is a disgusting human. and does not warrant a place in the BB house.

  97. Get over yourselves Brenchal fans and Elissa supporters, stop being such wimps. if Elissa can’t stand this kind of heat she should get out of the kitchen. Every other day she threatens to leave, so leave already and good riddance. Having racial slurs thrown at your face from out and out bigots like Aaryn, GM and perverted Spencer when you are minority is far worse than Amanda putting down Elissa’s plastic surgery and hiding out in the HOH room. That’s not bullying, it’s really annoying. Granted, Amanda is disgusting.

  98. Amanda is so pathetic !! I cant wait to see her on the block next week with her smelly man. So proud of Elissa sticking to her plan. Too bad her original plan didn’t work what were the odds that this whack as b*tch was going to win VETO . IMO this is the best HOH played this season.

  99. It’s a disgrace that CBS is allowing Amanda to continue to BULLY Elissa. Lets help stop this by calling CBS and complain that this bulling cannot continue
    it is a bad example for the younger audience to see this. CBS # In NEW YORK 212.975.8014, FAX 212.976.5133 AND THE # IN LA IS 323,575,2345.
    This program cannot allow this to happen and know they only care about ratings but when you see this behavior as being acceptable. LETS STOP

      1. Thank you carrie, I wrote them Thanks to your info. I can’t say elissa was my favorite although with who is left i am rooting for her, I don’t condone this type of behavior, I have an 11 year old and we did watch this show until it got so out of hand. Thank you again and have a great day

  100. the look on aaryn’s face when Amanda told her she is leaving aaryn suppose to put all these suckers on blast hellen told her this would happen ….

  101. This is painful to read about much less watch. CBS must step in and put a stop to this hateful behavior. Amanda has no boundaries (obviously) so I expect this to escalate. How far are you going to let this go BB? What exactly are you waiting for? And I’m disgusted no one is speaking up to defend Elissa or at least to tell Amanda to shut up. Elissa needs to get Judd and GM up in the HOH room with her so she stays in the game, knows what is going on. She can’t totally isolate herself. She is the only one in that house that can walk out of there with her head high. But the abusive Amanda is giving Elissa is disgusting, personal, hurtful, even bringing in children, all below the belt. STOP IT CBS/BB!! NOW.

    1. The others are not speaking up because they are enjoying it. McCrae has admitted as much, and Andy seems to fuel it.

  102. Amanda is disgusting and vile yes………..but an evil genius who has masterminded many plays for sure ….I do appreciate her honesty with Aaryn… least she’s not bold face lying to her face abt being evicted….she has many psych issues as does Ginamarie…at least there is something worth watching on the feeds vs. the watching paint dry conversations btwn Elissa and Judd…

    1. I’m afraid that what may happen may actually happen. With the exterminators sounding solid, we could have a Spencer and Gina Marie final two…….nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I said a while ago that if Spencer and gm are in a final two I could very well…….I dunno, cry like Andy. Or … . .. drink.

    2. The only reason Amanda tells them to their face they are being evicted is for their jury votes. She is not doing it from the goodness of her heart.

      That was a strategy Andy has been using, and would tell McCranda about it. He wanted to tell the HG who was going that he couldn’t save them, he tried and pretend to be sad so they love him still when they leave.The last person he did that to was Helen. He wanted her to be surprised that she was leaving so he told others to act like she was staying. He wanted Helen to be surprised so he could sweep in and be the only one who would man up and tell her the “truth”.

      But because Andy has such a big mouth, there have been many times that Amanda has beaten him to the punch. Because would let them know sooner than Andy had planned too.

      We can project as much humanity onto these people as we want. But chances are we are wrong to do it. These people are playing a game for money, and they believe that the means justify the ends. These people will never apologize or be sorry. Their reason will be “It’s just a game”

  103. I can’t believe how stupid people are being…. what has amanda done to be kicked out….she has not touched her. Evil Dick was just as bad and threatened people….but everybody loved him. You don’t have to like how she is playing the game. But at least she is playing, and not hiding in her room.

  104. So many stupid fucktards this season but Amanda is the biggest scumbag ever!!!! They are so mean just bc someone didn’t do what she wanted, shes such a bitch! Maybe she should win an hoh, freaking idiots. I hate all of these people!! I do feel bad for Elissa but she’s probably gone next week!

  105. To think that CBS had a 48 Hour Special Bullying Words Can Kill.

    Anyone who think that Amanda is just playing a game. Watch that special. Amanda could cause harm. That is why Elissa is in her room smart.
    There are even crazy people that could cause Amanda harm when she gets out. She is not thinking clear and CBS is probably trying to tell her
    And she not listening that’s why she reading the rule book to push it as far as she can. I just say Amanda remember you in a fake world it’s not real.

  106. Think McCrae can hook Amanda up with a job at the pizza joint? No way she is going to have any clients after seeing her act so disgusting, hope she knows how to work a pizza oven!

  107. They really better wake up and get that horrible skank Amanda voted out…….before she wins or comes in second!!!! I wonder if the jury would vote for her to win?

  108. It’s really sad that this type of behavior is being allowed. I am really glad that a lot of this is being edited, because children of all ages watch this show and don’t need to see that nothing is being done to stop it. However, I really think for the live eviction Julie should let them know how America is reacting to their behavior and how when they get out the house they will find out how much.

    Just because Elissa isn’t doing what Amanda, Andy or anybody else in the house wants doesn’t give them the right to bully her. This is a game and only one person will win the 500,000 dollars. They all lie and backstab. They are doing it right now by telling Andy and Aaryn they are safe when they know they are going to vote one of them out.

  109. Amanda is so horrible she would probably throw her own children if she were to have any under the bus. Get her out CBS ratings or not her Behavior looks terrible for your show.

  110. I hope Aaryn does not stay but

    Aaryn that’s a good seed planted letting Amanda to not get too excited as them two are everyone’s target and their only hope is going to be Andy. They keep saying Elissa is by herself but they might not be with anyone either but themselves. and if they keep sucking at comps they are in trouble.

    I love Elissa and her focus. like her reasoning when she told Andy that the two have never been Andy’s target but they have been GM’s. She really doesn’t care whichever way GM votes, She know the votes to save Aaryn are not there. The boys will stick together for Andy whether or Amanda wants to keep Aaryn.

    Andy will be the first one sacrificed from the Exterminators if it holds up.

  111. This is a game and in a “game” you do sometimes have to lie to others in order to get ahead . BUT, bullying someone or attacking their kids or making it a personal attack is not a game.. That is what is wrong with society,, it has become ok to hurt someone however you want to. To CBS…..this is a game so make it a fair game !!!!! Take out Amanda and Mcrea …yes Amanda is saying the stuff to Elissa but Mcrea is not doing anything to stop it so he is just as bad. I as many others have always enjoyed watching BB but if CBS does not stop the outrageous personal attacks on individuals it will be the last time I watch this show. I like BB for the entertainment …..but this is not entertainment anymore!!!!!

  112. Bullying is SERIOUS…..can cause others to do dramatic actions….then would be too late to remove amanda!!!!! I say Elissa is a strong girl to turn her head and ignore but after the HOH room where will she go???? Stop her now….we are upset for the victim!!!!

  113. “Amanda says everyone is just being selfish.”

    Wow, rather rich, eh? Everything her alliance has done has benefited Amanda’s game. The others were being unselfish when they voted out Howard, Jessie, and Kaitlyn — because they were detrimental to AMANDA’s game.

    Fascinating, that one.

    1. And let’s not forget that Judd was evicted because Amanda thought he was MVP and put her on the block twice — and thus was “coming after” her.

      That hurt McCrae and Andy’s game, not hers.

  114. This is nothing, has everyone forgotten Season 8? Evel Dick was AWFUL and CBS didn’t pull him. He banged pots together, he screamed in people’s faces, he attacked people personally. Dude went on to win the whole thing. There’s really no point in everyone crying foul here. CBS LOVES this stuff. It’s why they’ve plotted and planned to keep Amanda in the show. I dislike her greatly, but without her, Elissa and Aaryn, the next few weeks will be a snorefest. Can you imagine? Aaryn gone, Elissa on the outs; who’s left to watch?

  115. What is the most surprising to me all season, is that through every moral and ethical outbreak that has been demonstrated, not one houseguest shows respect for the victim and defends them (or even discusses it among themselves privately what they are witnessing)! I know that 500K is at stake, but come on. The only defending I have seen all season for the treatment of a houseguest, is Elissa’s compassion for Candice after the racist attacks period. To me, by them sitting back and watching it all, this is worse than just what Amanda is doing. Does anyone see that ALL of this is wrong on so many levels as a society? Don’t they realize that this is being witnessed on national television and that will be leaving this house at one point? This silence from the houseguests is really showing a horrible example to the youth that these despicable behaviors all season are ok. This is getting to the point where I am disturbed by these actions (especially Amanda and Aaryn – and the constantant graphic sex talk by Spencer) so much, that I can’t watch. It makes me very sad, and I really love Big Brother.

  116. “Amanda says I can’t believe she nominated Andy! If she doesn’t leave next week I am going to kill myself.”


  117. LOL…So the blonde minion who blamed everyone else when she had to put people up or after a POV was won while HOH because “I will go up next week if I don’t” “The others in the house want this”, etc. is now 1 foot out the door. Karma sucks.

    So let’s pretend the new alliance is true, we now have 4 vs 2 vs 1. If GM, Spencer or Judd win HOH I see Amanda and McCrae going up and they can even put someone else in the alliance up as a pawn if one wins POV since they have the numbers plus Elissa would vote out Amanda or MCCrae whichever is still up there vs the pawn. She doesn’t want to rock the boat at this point. Even if she did and the vote goes 2/2 the HOH is the tie breaker next week.

    If the rat Andy wins HOH he is in an uncomfortable situation. He badly wants to get Elissa out but by putting her up, but Elissa vs Amanda or McCrae he reveals he is not in line with them (AmMc) anymore or he has to jump ship and run back to mommy and daddy and put Elissa and Judd up as his nominations.

    Let the real games begin!!!

  118. CBS don’t you worry. You still have plenty of followers. The people that are complaining are the same ones who received participation trophies. Awards for doing nothing!!!

  119. I forgot that Andy is a teacher. What little respect his students had for him must be gone. What kind of role model is he?

  120. Amanda has provent that she is a classless and despicable person but you have to admit, she is playing a very smart and strategic game. I don’t approve of any of her actions and she will not be able to find a trash can big enough to hide behind once she leaves the house. Everyone is against her but what about all the weak minions she has doing all the dirty work.

  121. Amanda has provent that she is a classless and despicable person but you have to admit, she is playing a very smart and strategic game. I don’t approve of any of her actions and she will not be able to find a trash can big enough to hide behind once she leaves the house. Everyone is against her but what about all the weak minions she has doing all the dirty work.

  122. If you all remember this big brother is the most important of all…..This is where pandora’s box comes into play and Elissa will get to switch up the next nominations….

  123. I have hi k she’s acting like a spoiled brat bitch having a temper tantrum because she’s not getting her way, but as long as she doesn’t break the rules they won’t give her a penalty vote or take her out of the game.
    So stop pissing and moaning about it, if she breaks the rules, she’ll get hers.

  124. All of the elyssa fans need to stop and get a life. This is the game called big brother . Amanda is not doing anything against the rules. Stop trying to ruin the game by requesting Amanda’s removal.. She’s not leaving.. Gosh, I can’t believe all these pathetic people who are taking this to a whole new level. Don’t worry your precious elyssa is not in any danger … And if she was I’m sure she would have a surgeon available to fix her face!!!

    1. “This is the game called big brother …”

      …based on the concept of the book “1984” were everyone was under the influence of “Big Brother”. No where in the book was bullying allowed by anyone (but big brother). Big Brother watched and make the rules.

      This is someone’s summary of the book:

      Quote:”The Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as thoughtcrimes.[2] Their tyranny is headed by Big Brother, the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality, but who may not even exist. Big Brother and the Party justify their rule in the name of a supposed greater good”

      Ok. Based on that summary, it seems Amanda is playing the role of Big Brother. So if you look at it that way then yes it is true to form. But then she should have access at all times to the cameras so she knows when people are misbehaving, and she can step up and fix it.

      Oh wait, nevermind. She has Andy!

  125. Elissa/Judd for the final two. BB Production, maybe rig it so Amanda goes home? If Amanda wins BB15, I’m never watching BB again. The show has gone to the pits.

  126. Amanda is such a snake. She is telling Aaryn that she wants her to stay, but her and MC already said that if they couldn’t get Elissa out that their target would be Aaryn. She is trying to make it look like she is so mad at Elissa, but she knows that she is happy, because now she doesn’t have to get blood on her hands. She doesn’t even like MC he is just something to do to pass the time. She is probably going to try and pick up where she left off with her boyfriend when she gets out the house. (If he really does exist you never know she lies so much) This bitch is ruthless and cruel. She is a psychopathy for real. I bet she like this outside the BB house.

  127. This is crazy, how can CBS even allow this? Is there a petition or anything we could sign? This is out of this world, seriously. They need to stop f*cking Demanda already… I feel so sorry for Elissa. Also, I don’t get, why isn’t CBS giving her powers? Do they want us to actively hate the show? It’s insane. Give Elissa tones of powers and rig every competition in the world for her. Do not, in any circumstance, let her leave that house.

    1. you can go to and fill out the complaint form. You can call Grodner 1 815 325 6900. You can sign the on-line petition at

  128. Mommy, mommy, Amanda is making fun of Elissa’s face and hiding in her room while she’s cooking, Call the t.v. and tell them she’s a bully. What a bunch of Brenchel wimps we now have as BB fans. Cry babies every last one of them including “I want to leave, I want to go home, I’m going home if Ihave to go to Jury house Elissa”. You all make me want to puke. Go find some other game show that’s more your speed like Wheel of Fortune.

  129. LOL @Aaryn! She wishes Mcmanda wins HOH after she did all of their diry work and they are backstabbing her now but not giving her their votes. LOL That’s why you get Aaryn for always trying to hang with the bullies in the house, being dumb, mean, and racist. Bye Bye!

  130. I watch the show and I’m so feed up with it, I’ve been bullied and harassed myself and it hurts, and if CBS allows this type off behavior they should pull the plug on this show,, it’s been too hurtful. Amanda should be allowed to countinue on national tv thinking this is right, the world and the country is hurting enough do we also need too see and or condone this type off behavior ..plz I think not…do something CBS ,,,

  131. That is what you call verbal abuse…CBS needs to evict Amanda!!! Wether it is a game or not, you do not have to put up with that kind of behavior from another human being.

  132. I cannot stand Amanda, but for people to talk about her having an abortion is just utterly ridiculous . It’s a rumor and people should be ashamed for speculating on such a serious issue…SMH

  133. Amanda says besides this one – I ran this game. I had everything happen the way I wanted it to happen. I am a good player not like Andy and others who fly under the radar and make it to the end.

    Think much of yourself? I can’t wait fir this witch to get the boot.

  134. I personally LOVE Big Brother and do not want to see it cancelled because a bunch of “BULLIES” keep calling, faxing, and writing letters to CBS to stop a “game player” from “playing their game”.
    90% of the complaints on here are bullies!
    I Love you Dawg and Simon! Thanks for your site and all you do to keep us informed of what is happening in that house!

  135. If I were Elissa and Amanda got that close in my face, I would have told her to wait a minute I got to go talk to production so we can have a house meeting. They got to get some tic tacs, big red, double mint some type of breath fresher in this house. I don’t mind Amanda in my face, but please don’t insult me with your halitosis. She just looks like she got bad hygiene.

  136. I think what bothers me the most is Amanda’s hypocrisy. Last week she was so upset with Helen for calling her a bully that she confronted Helen and told her it’s just a game and that she has never said anything personal about Helen that she only spoke of Helen’s game play. Now she is torturing Elissa by attacking the way Elissa looks as well as her husband and she has brought Elissa’s son and step children into it. That is what bothers me. If she were attacking Elissa about her game play (or lack thereof) then I would not consider her to be such a hypocrite. She can’t control Elissa as far as game so she is attacking her personally. While it is not against the rules, at least admit you are being hypocritical. As far as Helen, she did talk mad personal shit about Helen and pretty much everyone else in the house. Then Elissa tells her she looks like she could work in a strip club (which is what she was trying to look like) and she`s crying in the bathroom. Now she is threatening the others if she sees any one of them talking to Elissa one on one they will be her next target. Is that a threat? If they can’t get her out, I would get McCrae out because she would go absolutely crazy thinking of him in jury with Jessie and maybe even Aaryn. She would be the one to self evict. She is making herself look like a lunatic who has lost all control. Elissa called your bluff and beat you at your own game at least be woman enough to admit it. Stop being such a baby.

  137. As a longtime 15 seasons BB fan I know Amanda is not doing anything more antagonizing than other players have done in the past to people they don’t like. We never called it bullying. It’s the come lately Brenchal \ Elissa fans that are too soft for this type of game, but they sure love their loud, trashy, classless, antagonizing, vulgar, breasts all over the place, blatent sex with her boyfriend Brendon in every room of the house Rachael. Bet they never called out cbs when she was on. Get lost you Brenchal fans and take Elissa with you and don’t come back!

  138. Want to really do something? Stop watching the show and make their ratings drop! It’s the only way to get Big Brother & CBS’S attention!!

    1. Hate to say but you are right. If we all really cared I guess we should stop watching both the broadcast show and the afterdark show, cancel our livefeeds and stop posting anywhere on the net. But I really like the show and want CBS to add some more rules that say racial remarks, rapist remarks, extreme bullying and personal attacks of family members are not allowed.

  139. In all actuality Amanda and half of the hg’s wouldn’t be saying this shit to anyone in their face! The only reason she and/or they are doing this is because you cannot touch someone. Let that bitch get out and open her piehole like that in the real world… Not gonna happen! And even if she does apologizes, I hope someone beat the shit out o her and McRae! And Aaryns punk bitchass.. That PR did her parents justice by telling them to not put their faces in those pics… They know the heat that’s coming down the line… I’m sure Amanda’s mother or should I say slutbitch breeder is having issues as well! Their families will fill this too! In short this bitch has personal issues. She doesn’t like her fucking self.. She knows she’s fat and to lazy to do anything about it cause her pare Tis let her run their house… She has to know its a brave new world…

    1. Im a real chic, and if that bit¢h would have spoke to me like that, I would have choked slammed her right there in that house. You would have to pay me more than half mil to take that sh!t !!!!

  140. Amanda was probably told, or her aim is to be: the one people on the show dislike–the evil one. But the only way she knows how to do that is just off-base. When she gets off and her haters let her know it, she’ll say she was just acting. I don’t think so. Acting like a child brat, who obviously was molested as a child, which has led to her using inappropriate sexual language—- is all she’s been doing. Maybe in a way to disgrace her abuser too.

  141. Is it just me or is Arynn not the scariest person ever to watch cutting food with a knife. It’s almost like she is playing russian roulette with her fingers.

  142. Take Players’ names out of the equation. Give them all an assigned letter. If player A uses language including threats of physical harm against another, sexual intimidation, racist comments, as a tool to intimidate player B or C or D (…), they should be eliminated from the game.
    If Player A simply did mean things to upset Player B, such as re-arranging belongings, or putting unacceptable items in sight or hiding them, offering a treat the other person for whatever reason could not accept, making noise, singing, interrupting conversations, and that sort of thing, Player A should be applauded for making player B or C or D uncomfortable enough to lose concentration.
    Even telling player B that player C wants them to be voted out is game strategy. Making alliances and deals that are broken are game strategy.
    Calling any other person filthy names, threatening them with harm or worse, attacking family members who are absent, is demeaning and Player A crosses the line for bullying and posturing themselves as a threat.
    My Point? Amanda has crossed the line between game play and has one foot securely planted in shaky legal territory, and it is on video and audio tape. At the very least she should be expelled from the game, and I hope any one of the other players who has been a victim of her “game play” has enough sense when the show is over to file a lawsuit.
    Have they not signed a contract for pay with CBS? If so, CBS is their employer. CBS is allowing harassment in the workplace then, game or no game.
    I hope Amanda is taken from the game, she is not just playing like prior mean players, she is dangerous. The line was crossed when she used “rape” and “kill”.

  143. If Amanda took McCray off…Elissa should have then put up Amanda (break that twosome up and that would be Amanda’s punishment for changing my nominations). This is so stupid!!!! I have never seen a BB house so afraid of ONE insignificant person = Amanda.
    I don’t care about what Andy is doing and I hope he goes home soon….but right now they have bigger fish to fry more important than Andy —- this is the order of must go Amanda, McCray, Gina Marie, Andy, Spencer, ….I’m not a fan of Aryn….I don’t really like none of them…but if you look at the comps she should be in the final 3 or 2 (you want half a mil to at least go to someone who has earned it). Final 2 should be Elissa and Arny…..and I’m saying this because of their comps and game play…I don’t like any of them…I wish they ALL could lose…….I was kind of liking Elissa but she has proven not to have a backbone.

    If I was in the house….I would stand in the middle of the open space floor and beg Amanda to punch me right in the face. If production didn’t send her home if she touched me…i would tear that entire house up…cameras and all. Security! Poem Report to the Diary Room Immediately!!!!

    1. God, you are an idiot and are exactly what is wrong with this season. Not th shitty cast, its the commenters that don’t even know the freaking game. I mean, really? Go back and re read the first few sentences. Obvy a brenchel drone.

  144. I think Amanda probably came on with her big plastic boobs and thought everyone would be looking at her, but then saw GM’s and Elissa’s and said, “Oh F. They look better than mine.”

  145. Amen Cary man. It simple people. If you don’t like Amanda then stop watching. No one is forcing any of this down your throats. CBS is making a killing I am sure with Amanda on the show cause even though all of you find her repulsive you keep talking about her. The more people talk about it the more people watch. Press is press weather it be good or bad.

  146. I think everyone should show up outside where bb is being held and start a protest against CBS and bb allowing Amanda to bully elisa on national tv! It not only is being shown to young people but is also a horrible thing for her to go through. I don’t think it’s right and I’m disgusted with CBS and bb. I think everyone should use bullhorns so Amanda can hear everyone saying she’s a bully! She needs to go! Hey America is legal to protest and its free speech! Stand up to the bully’s it will not only send a message to Amanda, bb and CBS but to the nation that we are not going to stand for this behavior . CBS is getting off on the fact that there is drama in the house and hoping its causing ratings to go up . I don’t think they care about the outside consequences or what it’s doing to Elisa’s psyche .

  147. I have been watching BB from season 1 and was so excited that there were no throwbacks. A whole lot of houseguests will have to deal with the fact that they have no more jobs. Shame on CBS!!

  148. Everyone needs to calm down with all this talk about Amanda, evil dick did the same kinda thing back in his season and he was lauded for it. Just becasue amanda has the balls to try to get under Elissa’s plastica ass skin. Its a gameplay and a move. She knows if she harasses long enough it will break elissa down. There is nothing wrong with playing a manipulative game. Ellissa is an entitled elitist, part of the 1% and she is out of her mind and definitely living on another planet. GO MCRANDA!!!!

  149. I can not believe the comments here and I have to ask myself if Amanda was black, hispanic, Asian or another race would the comments still be the same or would they be going in a direction.

  150. Apparently Elissa has forgotten just how fragile Amanda’s self-image is. Not so long ago she insulted Amanda’s bikini and off she (Amanda) ran to cry in the bathroom.

    Hiding out in the HOH room does nothing but embolden Amanda. People like that need to be confronted head on,especially ones who cry so easily.

  151. This week, let’s hope that Aaryn is gone, and then next week let’s hope Amanda is gone. She’s junk. I’d like to see Elyssa win this whole thing. Everybody else is just so much more an idiot.

  152. Simon/Dawg, I know there is usually high traffic response on this site on eviction night, but is there usually this much response (comments) the day of the veto ceremony or is this unusual? You have 8 pages and over 400 comments for this post alone. I guess this is all in response to Amanda tormenting Elissa? Amanda is in for a rude awaking when BB is over. Love you Simon/Dawg and Name : )

  153. Aaryn needs to go already. I can’t wait for Thursday’s show…it’s the first elimination I’m excited about this season! Even if they do try to surprise us and vite Andy out, I’ll still be happy!!!!

  154. Where is the petition to get out Amanda?? Im ready to sign that bitch out!! I am truly astounded that Elissa has held herself together through all the harassment.She is one tough chick.Way tougher than her sister.Kudos to you Elissa!! Don’t let that hanis bitch bring you down.I hope she gets a diamond power of veto or something in PB.

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