Andy says Elissa wants me up to slander Amanda and McCrae all week because she thinks it will be better for my game.

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


8:25am – 8:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Gina and Judd are out in the backyard dancing to the wake up music. They head back inside. All the house guests are awake and starting to get ready for the veto meeting. Spencer says just because I am sure you are wondering I didn’t have a wet dream last night. Aaryn says I wasn’t wondering. Amanda says I had a wet dream – I punched Elissa in the face and then orgasmed. Amanda says she wants to get up and get ready to look good for the veto meeting. In the rainbow room – Aaryn makes a comment about how one of the song was a mean girls song. Gina says we’re the only girls left me, you and Amanda. Aaryn asks what about Elissa? Gina says she was upstairs all day so I guess it had nothing to do with her. In the other bedroom Amanda is getting up. McCrae says you can’t spell country with out c**t. Amanda asks is that what they said? McCrae says no that’s what I say!
CBS Interactive Inc.

9:10am Amanda and McCrae are in the backyard talking about how they will have to wait and see what happens after veto. Up in the HOH room – Elissa tells Andy that he is going up but that he will not go home. Andy says I am not an idiot and I did not come here to play for third. Elissa tells Andy that Amanda was here here throwing you under the bus. Andy says if you dont put me up Aaryn will go home. Elissa says that they were really happy and laughing about trying to get you to go up. Andy tells Elissa that it hurts his feelings that he is going up. He says that she hasn’t been close to Ginamarie all season. Elissa says she isn’t close to Ginamarie. Elissa tells Andy she is doing this for his game too and is worried they will get into his head. Andy interrupts and says he knows what is going on with them. Elissa says they have never been your target. Elissa says that Ginamarie has wanted them out. Andy tells Elissa you can have total faith in me. Andy leaves pissed off and goes to the rainbow room to tells Ginamarie and Judd that he just talked to Elissa and she told him she is putting him up. They all agree that they have each other and then votes. Aaryn will go.

CBS Interactive Inc.

9:30am Elissa and Ginamarie head up to the HOH room. Gina tells Elissa about how Aaryn got snappy with her thinking Aaryn was calling just us three mean girls and not you. Ginamarie says I want to stay here as long as I can and I will vote Aaryn out. Elissa says I have never met so many scummy people in my life. Gina tells Elissa I never noticed Aaryn being racist until yesterday when she was asked if there were black people in Texas and she said oh yeah there are swarms of them! Elissa says oh my gosh! She is disgusting! I don’t even see people like that, who is like that in this day and age. Gina tells Elissa no matter what I will vote her (Aaryn) out. Gina says I know she would throw me under the bus. Elissa says she already throws you under the bus and you aren’t even on the block. GIna tells Elissa she will put up Amanda and McCrae if she wins HOH. Elissa asks so there is absolutely nothing they can say to get you to change your mind? Gina says she won’t and shakes her hand. Elissa says I am trusting you because the boys – Andy, Judd and Spencer all said they wouldn’t vote you out if you went up. Gina says I don’t want to be up there. Elissa says so you will not change your mind about voting out Aaryn? Gina says no. Gina then heads to the diary room.


9:50am – 10am Andy, Amanda and McCrae are in the lounge room talking. They talk about how they will tell Judd the truth about their deal. Andy says he doesn’t want Judd to know he was a part of it. McCrae sasy that it doesn’t matter. Andy says Elissa wants me up to slander Amanda and McCrae all week because she thinks it will be better for my game. Judd joins them. Andy talks about Elissa nominating him. Judd wonders what we will do. McCrae says we will talk after the veto ceremony. Andy leaves. Judd tells McCrae that he didn’t mean to put him on the spot. McCrae says its okay. He says come talk to me in the havenot room right after the veto ceremony. Judd says okay. McCrae and Judd start talking about random things..


10:10am In the rainbow room – Gina talks to Aaryn. Gina says that Andy is going up. Aaryn says lets just wait until after the veto and then figure out how to save me. Gina says don’t worry, I got you girl. Aaryn says if I stay here I will do anything you want. Aaryn says that she is just worried Elissa will brain washer. Gina says don’t worry about anything I got you. Aaryn tells Gina that she would never vote to evict her no matter who she was up against. Gina tells Aaryn Spencer and Judd were basically scaring me that if I went up, I would go home because Amanda runs everything.


10:12am The live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the veto ceremony..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I really really LOATHE Andy.




I really hope Andy’s game explode right on his face. Come on Arryn drag his game to the mud and expose his loyalties.


Absolutely! At least everyone knows where Amanda stands. They may not like her, but they know they’re her targets. With Andy, he’s such a rat. It may be a game, but he’s gone too far when he seems to think everyone except him or his alliance can go on the block. How arrogant.

Elissa should have been a blowjob

I hope they vote out Andy just to spite that stuck up bitch Elissa


r u amanda’s mom? lol


YAAAAAYYYYY, ANDY IS ON THE BLOCK. Even though he may be safe, he will deservingly sweat the next three days.


I am STILL waiting for Andy’s eviction.

This is now post #14 and counting with the same line……smh…..I dislike rats.

Of all the HG, I dislike Andy for being a rat and helping McManda to get one step closer to $500k. Always running to gossip, evesdrop, butt in on convos.
He is annoying, two-face, and is probably like that outside the house.


It’s about that time when everyone starts turning on each other and handshake agreements don’t mean s**t. Give Andy one thing. He’s the best rat BB has ever had. I’m surprised permanent rat whiskers haven’t grown on his lip. Only 1 true sad partnership is McRanda. Everyone else knows is crying, begging, and backstabbing time to stay in the BB household.


I get a headache every time I hear these idiots in the house with their game play conversations. Elissa’s HOH nominations is by far the best nominations all season. the rest of these clowns can blame themselves with the stupid evictions that went down in their own HOH reign.


Andy is a PAB! Punk assed bitch! Andy tell the guys that he (Andy) went up to beg Elissa not to put him up and Elissa wouldn’t listen to him! LMFAO!
Who the hell do these people think they are? They must have never followed a season of BB.

Elissa sucks

Why, for playing the game? He is doing whatever it takes to win, just like everyone else. And so would you! Poor Botox duck lips is trying her hand at being master manipulator Helen. And she is now getting dirty with the best of them with her blatant lies and scheming. Too bad it won’t last beyond Thursday and that she will be unanimously sent packing next week… if the fake coward doesn’t self-evict first.

VA Vet

No matter which side of the fence you are on, wouldn’t you agree that this is the first interesting week in a long time?


Agreed! lots of fights, and the Drama-mamas have been feisty!


Totally agree! This is the first week that I have no idea who is going home.

Amanda's Therapist

Amanda is berserk! crazy!! psychotic!!!


I don’t find bullying, threatening, and saying disgusting things about family members is interesting. Interesting was when they were being funny, of fighting about being caught in a lie. Amanda’s disgusting behavior is not interesting. I’ve deleted my After Dark DVR.

VA Vet

I don’t condone Amanda’s behavior, but that’s not what I was referring to. What’s interesting to me is that everyone is scrambling to CYA and that people will actually have to pick whose side they are on.


Can’t wait to see the 3AM alliance completely be torn apart and throw each other under the bus.

It will be an exciting week that’s for sure ! Got ma popcorn ready


I hope Aaryn stays, if only for the fact that she might finally finally see where she rests in the 3am totem pole and finally stop being their tool.


If Aaryn stays, it will be because Amanda and McCrae kept her over Andy. So she wouldn’t be low man on the totem pole.


If she stays, that means they mercifully kept her and she’ll be even more indebted to them. She needs to at least tell everyone that Andy has been reporting back to Amanda about EVERYTHING anyone said since Day 2. She’s got inside information. Time to share it to save yourself, then get evicted so it screws over 2 AM. I can’t wait until it’s just Midnight…


STILL totally confused just reading this. IS Judd with Amanda/McCrae or Elissa? How about GM, Spencer, and Andy? WILL they nominate Am/Mc if they win HOH, or are they still willing to do McRanda’s dirty work? Can someone clarify please?


No we can’t and that’s why we finally have a season of Big Brother. This is the way the game is supposed to be played–minus DeMental’s disgusting behavior yesterday. DR told her if she goes after Elissa again she will get a nom penalty. I so wish Elissa knew this because she could set DeMental off just by looking and laughing at her. I believe if that happens then either she goes up as a replacement nom this week or is automatically a nom next week.

Laugh at her Elissa Laugh!!!!


If Amanda was warned that is a joke She Amanda should have been Evicted!!!!! Amanda has done so much torture to people on the show. Where is the pay off. Who got a cut. If I am not on the right track here then you BB15 Production should Evict Amanda from the game now! Just to show that you are not going to tolerate her Threats and Mental abuse to Society. Amanda has been doing fear tactics for weeks on end. Other House guess in the past have done Far less then Amanda and were evicted, Sponsors should protest and cancel their spot as to protest the actions Amanda has shown on camera and in front of others.


ONLY ONE WAS EVICTED.. That was Chima… she threw her mic pack in the jacuzzi. Remember.. she ruled the house.. and Then her little love fest fell apart.

amanda's stained underwear

Willie Bb14 was expelled from the house also.
I am sure if we research it, those are not the only 2


Judd and Spencer HATE Amanda and Mccrae so they would definately put them up. Judd is more loyal to Elissa than Spencer is. Spencer knows Elissa doesn’t trust him and could easily work against her however his priority at the moment seems to be separating Amanda and Mccrae by getting one or both out. Based on Gm’s conversations w/ Aaryn about wanting Mccranda out (knowing Aaryn is working with them), I believe Gm is being truthful to Elissa and will be gunning for Mccranda as well. Andy is so transparent in his blind following of Amanda and Mccrae; going as far as telling Spencer that even though he’s going to look like bad for saying it he still thinks both of them should work w/ Amanda and Mccrae because Amanda has proven her loyalty to him w/ the oh so amazing lengths she’s gone to keep him off the block?!??LOL, what a joke. Silly little Rat

Pick a better cast CBS

im so confused whos working with who..


I’m so thankful for a week where I DON’T know what’s happening! I don’t even care who’s with who, its nice to see them all scurrying around.

Elissa the Dumbass

Man why did Elissa not put up McCrae and Amanda from the start. Stupid.


The veto was designed for Amanda and she would take herself off. Then whomever Elissa put up as her replacement would go home. No one in this house is smart enough to vote out McCrae.

Eitherway, this is a solid move.

Great Call

Great reasoning! You get to go to the head of the class!


The results would have been the same: Amanda wins POV, takes herself out of the block, Aaryn is the replacmenet nominee and she will be voted out by Amanda, Andy and Judd atleast.


Amanda win a challenge? You got to be kidding. Yeah, a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while but Amanda couldn’t win a challenge even if she was the only contestant.


Obviously that was the ideal situation but cutting the ears or the muscle of the two headed monster that is McCranda is still a win for the house. A puppet will be going home and the way they will scatter to see who is more important will end up hurting them because the other “should” see this and realize they need to be split up. I have never seen a BB where someone who is as useless as Amanda is so feared….it makes no logical sense.


Production probably told her not to so their pet wouldn’t go home.

Brillaint Move

I disagree. Elissa made the perfect move for her game.

She entered the house with a huge target and had to lie back and let others paint bigger targets for themselves. Now that Helen, is gone, she has to start playing hard and making her own moves. But she needs to know who is working with whom and who she can trust.

If she put up McCrae and Amanda she wouldn’t learn much about Andy, Aaryn or GM. By putting McCrae against Aaryn, she covered all her bases: someone from their group goes home and she learns everyone’s position. If she wasn’t sure whether Andy was working with Amanda, she certainly knows, now, from Amanda’s antics. The vote will also tell her exactly where GM stands. By making everyone squirm she ends up with all the information she needs.


LOL @RatAndy! He’s the only one that hasn’t been on the block and he is crying. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets backdoored because Aaryn is more important to Mcmanda than Andy. Either way the Racist or the Rat goes home this week is a win-win!


Man is Elissa and GM the only ones with a functional brain in that house.

Judd is suffering from nicotinic withdrawal and probably needs to increase his dosage on his meds. I can’t see how he does not see the BS that Andy and Spencer is shoveling him. He should learn to listen more carefully. I don’t think he is the brightest light bulb in the house.

Basically late in the morning, when they were at the hot-tub (Judd, Spencer, Aaryn and Andy)….Andy said the only two times he has been really stressed in the game was when David and Nick were up on the block. Then Andy realizes what he just said, and stops talking really fast and looks away in that pathetic looking face, as to say, oh shit I f**k up. I hope Judd didn’t catch that.

Come on Judd really, then why is he not stressed now, he’s running around the house crying you are going home. It’s all Elissa’ fault.

I love how Elissa, told Judd, she is questioning his judgment….Boy get a clue or you going home right after Elissa and your not going to get your revenge.

Danity Kane

Unfortunately, the houseguests are stupid and will target Elissa next week. We just have to hope Alison rigs the veto for Elissa.


so if Amanda takes off McCrea then why can’t she put AmanCry?


Cuz of rules and stuff.



Have you not watched other seasons of BB? The veto holder can NOT be put up in any circumstances.


Question on the rules. Once Amanda saves McCrack, could he be put up again the same week if someone held a power like the diamond veto?


Ok so then when their are 4persons, one is HOH, another is POV holder, the other two on the block, then they take off someone on the block can they then be put up or u just have 1 on the block? has that happen in the past or they obviously don’t use it because they have the power of the vote. They need to change the rules so stupid u can’t be put up if you have the power of veto I thought the point was to save 1 person not two!


Because she won veto…


When a HG wins Veto they can not be nominated for eviction. The power also allows them to use the veto to remove a nominee or not use it and let them stay as they are. Not in any circumstance can they be nominated!!


If I were Elissa I would come out of the DR all excited and yelling…Yes! yes! yes!!…..OMG…Woohoo….I’m safe now!! I would do this in front of a couple other HG so that the word would spread that she must have got some kind of power or safety of some kind!! I would smile and be so damn happy and not say another word to any of them. You talk about paranoia setting in….damn McNasties would be scared to death!!!


Will they keep Andy…who’s been sucking up to them longer or Aaryn, who wins the comps for them and does what they tell her to do…hmmm…they’ll keep the floor pacing, hands in pocket, nervous ass Nelly belly rat face Dandy Andy!!! I let out a big Hell Yes Elissa!!! when she threw his ass out of the HoH room the other evening…lol.


I think Gina Marie is lying to Ellisa.


^I thought that, too, but when Aaryn came to talk to “Gims” this morning, GM kept changing the subject “I don’t like this shirt”, etc., and saying she “didn’t exactly know” what Elissa was going to do, when she had just had a major conversation with her. Evasive GM = I may not vote for you Bunny GM. Either way, ONE of the 3AM alliance is going home, and that’s OK with me.


Exterminators: shortest lived alliance in BB history!


Elissa, Andy, GM, Aaryn, Amanda, all y’all is going DOWN!


Team Judlissa!


No way Elissa survives next week unless she wins veto. Then she would have to win the next HOH AND veto to survive the following week. Odds are against her and she doesn’t have what it takes.


Elissa is on an Island of her own and I respect that. She is not gonna kiss McAnda trashy dirty ass!!! Yup Let Andy go up and feel the heat its no fun when your life line is on the line is it Ratty Andy


To be honest, I don’t care who goes home between Andy and Aaryn {although I’ve been looking forward to Aaryn’s interview with Julie for sometime now}. All that matter’s is JUDD or GM winning HOH next week and Elissa winning Veto. I’ll be a happy camper. Feeds would be great then because we will see Mccranda/Andy implode!


Andy listen! this day, Elissa will pluck out ur eyes and shave your hair and balls this day and you will wonder around after eviction and everyone will see you and say “LOL ! that is fool Andy, who thought that being a gay will help him to deceive everyone!!!!




Except he knows he’s not going, so it’s going to be a lot of bad acting to convince (even though she already knows that he’s full of shit) Elissa he is mad.


something fishy is going on in the big brother house I don’t see why elissa didn’t get a pandoras box the lows Amanda has stooped to are disgusting if Amanda wins big brother there is no integrity to this show I don’t see how someone loses every comp all of the time then all of a sudden wins Amanda is the most unfit player in the house yet she wins the veto elissa plays the toughest comp of the year doesn’t get a pandoras box nothing makes sense I just don’t know what to believe any more I hope judd sees that elissa is trying make the right decision I am so hoping elissa makes it past next week


I just looked at the photos. Ewwwwww!!! Put some pants on Amanda! Nobody wants to see that! Yuck!


Even McStinky wouldn’t have sex with her last night.


I cant wait for these idiots to tell judd the truth and he goes and tell elissa and she tell judd i told u those liars would have voted out gina if i put her up …. judd will know he cant trust any of them


Hey Dawg,

We know Simon is a big fan of J U double D. What about you?



wouldn’t it be funny, if amanda would take aaryn off the block? it’s risky, but i do not think anyone would survive against macrea…… :-)

if amanda would actually pull that stunt, i would be back in her team!


Is Gina lying to Elissa or Aaryn? I’m very confused right now. Wish I new what she was saying the diary room


If Andy and AA are on the block the votes will go:

Amanda – AA
Mc _ AA
Spencer – AA
GM – ??
Judd – AA

Is that correct?

That's how I see it

Yes that is how I understand it.


totally agree—goodbye aaryn


and goodbye elissa–next week


If Aaryn has one vote to stay that means Gina Marie voted Andy out. But Amanda says she’ll ttell Aaryn that she (Amanda) was the one that voted for Andy to go and for Aaryn to stay (that way Aaryn will vote for her in the final two).
McCrap and Demanda, he’s the woman and she’s the man. He got into a fight with Elissa because he can just fight women, not men, verbally and physically. He doesn’t shower and is Amanda’s little dog. Demanda is a bully, a pervert, mean, disgusting, dirty person.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

hey dawg… is GM loyal to Aaryn or is she gonna do what elissa wants???


Whatever GM decides to do she is an awfully good liar. You just cannot tell from her conversations if she is actually for “her bunny” or against “her bunny”. Personally I believe she is against “her bunny” and will vote against her and vote to keep the nasty rat, floater. She has us all guessing who she is going to vote for and so far whomever side she is on, she is playing the part really well. I’m sure hoping she’s being an awfully good liar for Elissa, however and is going to vote out Arynn. Just have to wait and see I guess! UGH


Cry-Baby Andy! It’s about time that rat knew what it felt like. I hope she does put he/she up and as much as I don’t care for Aaryn, I hope he close home! C-ya He/She Rat Andy!


I see Stinkmeaner showered, guess she disregarded the “soap”.. We know MustyAvenger wouldn’t dream of showering without or without soap.

Let’s see if they actually put on CLEAN clothes today…

Gay BB Fan

Andy really made gay people look bad :/


I agree he does, as I am a gay man. We all know why he is alone without dates…right. He needs to go.. Even though most unlikely I hope he is voted out the door.


Andy the Rat is finally on the block!! This week is going to be very exciting


GM is the swing vote this week. I am totally confused and all of them are lying to each other. The smartest move Amanda could make is to take Aaryn off instead of McCrae. McCrae would stay and whoever E puts up as replacement would go and they could keep 3AM intact… But Amanda is not thinking that smart mwhhhhhaaa…. Go E!


Elissa’s huge mistake was not putting Amanda and McCrae together. That would have changed the game since it assured they could vote out one of them. Just that little mistake doomed the show.

bBfan from Florida

Hopefully other players will learn to put up Mcmanda together and not risk it next time. It will for sure even the playing field with Aaryn out.


Amanda can put all the make up and window dressing on that she wants, but she’s still a pig! She and McRae have proven to be the most vile and disgusting people to ever go in the BB house. But no matter how much we want her gone, I know it wont happen. She still gets all the good edits and her POV “win” I’m sure was “arranged. And I’m sure the next HOH will be designed for her and/or McRae because AG knows everyone wants them out and she doesnt want to lose her “cash-cow” Amanda who has brought up the ratings since she really doesn’t exploit Aaryn’s racism any longer. What she has done to Elissa and her family, who are not a part of the show, is beyond disgusting. She has threatened to cut Elissa’s throat in her sleep! How psychotic does this b*tch have to be before BB stops it? If she did this in the real world, she’d be arrested for communicating threats and damage to personal property! Or at least put under a 72-hour psychiatric hold! She needs to be stopped! Below is a link to a petition to have Amanda removed from the show, please take the time to sign it. Maybe, just maybe, someone will put stop to the horror known as Amanda and give BB back to the house guests, and America!


I said I would never post again, so call me out mods, but keep posting this link he or she. You are over halfway to your required goal of 5000 signatures. Make BB history yourself. Great idea. At least their will be a public record that at least the fans of this show refuse to accept this behavior even if CBS and its sponsors condone it in the quest for the all mighty dollar. I tip my hat to you.

Also, Amanda will hopefully take this as constructive criticism to get her life on track and her meds under control.


I understand why Elissa put the noms the way that she did, don’t forget we have the luxury of watching what is going on, {and after all Amanda couldn’t win the HOH comp when it was being thrown to her}, this way she could make 4 of them sweat, and cause chaos.
Right now I don’t know what GM is thinking. Is GM really stupid enough to believe Aaryn”s garbage??? {Anyway you look at it Amanda and McCray are going to look like liars, promising AAryn and Andy they are safe.} GM never knew Aaryn is racist??? Did she just say that to make Elissa feel comfortable with her? If she goes and keeps Aaryn that is saying to the country I am a racist with my bunny.

It's Official!!!

Andy is on the block!! I am sure Dawg will update us shortly!!


Who will puppetmaster Amanda evict this week. Since she thinks she is running the show, who do you think she is wanting to stay and who she wants to go. She can keep or lose her competition beast Aaryn, or her informant Andy. I am NOT a Amanda fan but I think Andy has lost his informant capabilities since Helen is gone and Ellisa does not trust him. I don’t believe anybody else really trusts him anymore either. Aaryn has proven her loyalty to McManda, but starting to think she is ready to get rid of them. Either way they are losing one of their 3am alliance and I could only be happier if it was Amanda and mcCrae on the block.

Team Elissa

I hope all the future Amanda’s potential employers watch the “Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior ” video before deciding to NOT give her any job she applies for.


Question for the bloggers:

Did anyone catch the conversation Aaryn had late in the morning around the hot-tub? When she was discussing her father’s hunting perserve. It’s the “West Texas Whitetail” in Pandale, Texas. Looks like where the Good Ole Boys go to have a good time and sit around the campfire planning their overt Klan agenda.

I digress…But the point I was wondering about, was why did production all of a sudden cut the live feeds as soon as Aaryn started the conversation. And when they came back the conversation was over.


You mean this place?


I think it’s sexy when a women wears t-shirt an panties, but they have to have ass, and Stinkmeaner is flat as a freshly ironed pancake.

When Jessie did it, it was VERY sexy… Her booty shined.

I remember Stinkmeaner was jealous of Jessie’s booty, because her fake boobies only shined when she put band-aids on them and paraded around other men doing it in front of the man she claims she loves like a typical HO..


I think GM knows she’s not the swing vote so however the vote comes out she can hide behind it and blame someone else.

EPIC Exchange Real Strategy

Elissa HAS game. Elissa is setting it up for next week and keeping people on their toes!

“GIna tells Elissa she will put up Amanda and McCrae if she wins HOH. Elissa asks so there is absolutely nothing they can say to get you to change your mind? Gina says she won’t and shakes her hand. Elissa says I am trusting you because the boys – Andy, Judd and Spencer all said they wouldn’t vote you out if you went up. Gina says I don’t want to be up there. Elissa says so you will not change your mind about voting out Aaryn? Gina says no. “


Here’s some great reading: John Cocran of Survivor fame recapping BB. Delicious.

Just a Thought...

Doesn’t this remind you of the season when Maggie ruled the Nerd Herd? It wasn’t until after the show that all realized how foolish they looked and turned on each other once out of the only to never hear from them again? I kind of feel sorry for these people…except Amanda…if they do not get her out, she is going to win (as hard as that is to swallow).

Someone on here mentioned that they saw an interview with Amanda’s father and he was a sweet man, but was somewhat disappointed in his daughter’s behavior…and that Aaryn’s father withdrew giving permission to CBS to have his daughter mention his name…maybe that explains why we don’t see his photos in Aaryn’s HOH room. Truely Sad.


I must admit that this is the very first HOH this season that is being played in the spirit of Big Brother. I also have to admit that Elissa did not do what I had expected from her which was caving into Queen Demanda’s foul hands. Congratulations Elissa. Still do not like you one little bit.


I don’t get what everyone loves about Elissa. She talks just as much crap as anyone else in the house, just a bit classier how she does it. First of all, elissa lives in Canada, how does she get a spot on this show which is only open to American contestants? Secondly she is only there because of her sister Rachel, who has had how many chances on the show before she won? Now we have that 100% completely fake sister of hers who thinks she is better than everyone in the house for what reason? She didn’t put half the effort into getting on that show as much as the other house guests have. She says it all the time that she agreed to be on the show, she didn’t apply to be on the show. Ya she’s done one big move, she luckily kept catching all the easy pop flies while everyone else was getting line drives. She did win fair and square but what else has she done other than look totally disgusting, walking around like her sh*t don’t stink, and alligned with Helen? If it weren’t for Helen that sack of dirt called elissa would have been long gone a long time ago. Her husband drives a lotus, she always says everyone is jealous cuz I have what they want, and she is LOADED! Why put someone in there who doesn’t even need the money. It’s pathetic, put people on the show who have no ties to previous house guests, especially the Reilly family. At least Rachel made things more interesting, won things and in the end deserved to win, this broad needs a reality check and a one way ticket back to Saskatchewan where she comes from.


She is an american citizen duh!!!


As a female, I find Amanda’s behavior beyond disgusting. Is it possible that she is delusional enough to think that America will like or respect her? I can’t believe what a raging bitch she is….not to mention her obsession with talking about period stains, yeast infections, blow jobs, etc. Its like she’s a sexually repressed 14 year old boy.

I have loved BB from the beginning. We subscribed to Showtime simply because of BBAD and I can’t imagine being as committed to this train-wreck of a show much longer. By the way, does anyone else hate BBAD on TVGN this year? The constant commercials and the endless bleeping out of swear words is annoying.

I don’t love (or hate) Elissa, but there is no one else to root for…..they are truly the most unlikeable bunch of houseguests I can remember. Judd isn’t necessarily unlikeable, but there is no way I could root for him to win.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for suffering through those feeds and sharing them with us. :)


When one of the members of production gets sick, they will notify The Health Department. When The Health Department gets a wiff of the BB15 House, they will notify the Center For Disease Control. Then the CDC will show up with a hazmat team and get rid of McCrae and Amanda. Problem solved.


Although Aaryn is a beast at competitions, Andy is a far more dangerous player because he reports everything back to Amanda and McCrea. No one can even begin to plan a coup against McAnda.. it is immediately quelched.. because Andy ratted it out.

It would greatly benefit all other players if Andy was elimated. Elissa, Ginamarie, Judd and Spencer are pretty decent at competitions.. and stand better odds at defeating Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda. Not guaranteed, but better odds.. than having Andy blow up any and every flipping schemes the rest might come up with.

Not to mention what a pleasure it will be to see Andy’s reaction when he is told that he’s been evicted.. Priceless!


Elissa make that disgusting pig squeal…push her to act like a psycho biotch again….make her get the penalty….come on…do it!


i do believe that Amanda pushed it too far last night and I don’t understand why production did not do more to her. She should have gotten a penalty and not allowed to vote on Thursday.


I still don’t understand why this house has not flipped on McCranda?? Seriously. I am so mad at this season. I don’t even know who I want to win..LOL As of now I’m going for Elissa as she is the only one who has tried to do what should be obvious. Amanda – your family should be embarrassed!!! (so should you but you have no shame..clearly) Plain and simple you are a bully and a dumba$$. I would love to be in the house with you to tell you where to go any time you opened your dirty mouth!! Hands down weirdest season of BB ever. GO ELISSA! Don’t let skank a$$ Amanda boss you around. Tell her to go play with her puppy McCrae! Oh wait – he doesn’t even want you?

Rant Over.

Roisin Dubh

Aaryn was just told that she’s getting voted out. After the tears dry, the mean girl will come out. Let the war begin.


Did anyone catch Aaryn saying she is so happy she doesn’t have to play that character and can be herself now? It’s all a farce.