Amanda says I can’t stand one more day of Elissa walking her c**t rag around this house.

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andy
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


12:05pm Amanda tells Aayrn there are still a few days, see what you can do. Aayrn says I think I would rather just accept it. Aaryn heads into the rainbow room to talk to Gina. Aaryn tells Gina that Amanda told her that McCrae won’t vote for me to stay even though Amanda wants me to stay. Gina says oh no, I though they voted together. Aaryn says that Gina needs to be careful and stay in the middle of things. Aaryn is crying. Aaryn says just be careful of Amanda and McCrae. Gina says f**k them throws up her middle fingers. Aaryn tells Gina that Andy will work with you. Spencer is going to go against them (Amanda & McCrae). So stick with them and Elissa even though she wont have the power next week. Gina doesn’t understand why they would keep Andy over her. Aaryn says because they have been with him since the beginning. Gina says we still have a few days to figure it out. Aaryn says I just want to let it go. I know there’s no hope this week. Gina says what should I say if they ask me? Aaryn tells Ginamarie to vote with the majority. Aaryn tells Ginamarie that next week she predicts Gina and Elissa will be up on the block.


12:30pm Amanda tells Andy, McCrae and Spencer what Aaryn told her about how Judd and Spencer insinuated they are coming after us (Amanda and McCrae). Spencer says she is such a f**king liar. She is going to try and say anything just to stay. Amanda says that she wants to know why Andy is being so nice to Eliess. Amanda says that she doesn’t have power next week and can’t understand why he is being so nice to her. Amanda says I feel like I am the one being the b***h and no one else is. Amanda keeps talking about how much she f**king hates Elissa. Amanda says that she wants to f**king punch Elissa in the face. She then says that’s not a threat it’s just what I want to do. Amanda says I can’t stand one more day of Elissa walking her c**t rag around this house. Everyone better put her up! I am just annoyed that my plan didn’t work. Amanda says if I even see anyone talking alone with her, they are my next target.

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12:40pm – 1pm Aayrn, Judd and McCrae talk about never wanting to quit the game and thinking about what they could have done differently. Aayrn says that she can’t and wont think about what she could have done differently because that is what has gotten me to this point. Aaryn says I don’t even like who I have been in this game and I am happy that the next three days I can just be myself. Aaryn heads inside and asks did Amanda talk to you. McCrae says yeah. Aaryn goes inside. Judd comments that he thinks Amanda saying she wants to keep Aaryn but McCrae doesn’t want to is just her working jury votes. Andy joins them. McCrae says that she said that you and Spencer want to get me and Amanda out. Judd says oh. Andy says it feels so good that all the people I have put my faith in and helped is finally paying off. Andy says I just don’t want to be portrayed as a cry baby or a pu$$y because that’s not how I really am in life. McCrae says that he is worried abut being portrayed as a pu$$y too. Judd starts talking about fights he’s gotten into in the past. Aaryn joins them again.


1pm – 1:20pm Aaryn tells McCrae, Judd and Andy about how she was “f**king hammered” from drinking on a plane and when she landed she drove her car. She talks about how drunk and hammered she was and drove an hour out of her way and when she finally figured out the GPS she made it where she was going and was still so drunk. She says what else are you supposed to do but drive you know when you’re at the airport. McCrae says I dunno sit in your car, take a taxi, take a bus. I am super sketchy about things like that. Aaryn says yeah I didn’t think about that. Andy says he won’t even drive if he’s had 2 beers. Judd asks what, really 2 beer doesn’t even get you buzzed. The conversation turns to talking about various accidents they’ve been in. Aaryn talks about another story of being drunk with her friend in a car and hitting an SUV. She figured they were f**ked because they were drunk but the person was illegal and didn’t have papers to be in the country so they told us to just go even though their SUV was smashed up.



1:37pm – 1:50pm McCrae heads inside and Andy tells Judd you are right Amanda and McCrae need to be broken up. Judd says yeah. Amanda is already working Aaryn for her jury vote. Andy says we just need to make sure one of the four of us wins HOH. They will feel the wrath of Amanda but that’s okay. Judd asks if Andy talk to Gina about the exterminators alliance (Spencer, Judd, Andy, Gina) again. Andy says yeah she is good. They both talk about how much better they feel about things now that they are in in a 4 person alliance. McCrae joins them again. Andy heads inside. Judd and McCrae talk about Amanda working Aaryn for her jury vote. McCrae says it scares me a bit that Aaryn is saying you and Specner were coming after me and Amanda. Judd says as long as we’ve got that week deal. McCrae says yeah we’re good. I’ve always know too that Amanda would be a bigger target than me. Judd says I hope I get HOH so that I could do something .. but I won’t come after you and Amanda. Andy joins them again and they talk about the returning house guest twist. Andy talks about how much it annoyed him being threatened by Helen and Elissa. Talking about the good guys / bad guys. McCrae agrees and says he hated that. Andy says it was very nerd heard-esque.


2:20pm Judd gets called to the diary room. Andy tells McCrae I really think that Judd is good with us. McCrae says that he is just worried about what Aaryn said but I get that she will say anything to stay and turn us against each other. Andy says so I am good this week right. McCrae says f**k yeah you are good, don’t worry. McCrae says I know Amanda is going to have to go sooner or later. You and I are so good, I want to go to the end with you. I would fall on my sword.. well go down with what we have. Andy says he can’t see Judd working with Elissa and Gina. Andy says Gina worries him but that she is a loyal person. Judd joins them again and McCrae gets called to the diary room.


2:20pm – 2:30pm Andy tells Judd I talked to Gina and she basically said she is voting Aaryn out. Judd asks if Aayrn know. Andy says yeah she knows she is going. Judd tells Andy I still need to give you my bear shirt for the week. Andy says you don’t have to do that. Judd says no I need to in front of Gina just to show her our trust. They talk about good they feel about their new alliance they made and how it all worked out perfectly. Gina joins them and they all talk about how great their new alliance is. Aaryn made them all quesadillas. Andy jokes and says there is nothing better than eating a hot a$$ quesadillas on a hot a$$ say. Judd laughs. They talk about how good it is.


Aaryn talks to Andy and McCrae out in the backyard. Aaryn says that she knew not getting Elissa out week one was going to bite me in the a$$! Andy says part of me wants to win HOH next week so that I can put her up. I would revel it that sh*t. Aaryn asks so is she still being nice to you? Andy say yeah. Aaryn says so she basically put you up so that it would ensure that I go home. Aaryn says Elissa is so smart. Aaryn brings up how two days ago Spencer wanted to make a huge deal with me and now he is sh*tting all over me. Andy asks really. Aaryn say that Elissa, Spencer, Judd, Gina ..none of them can win HOH. Andy says well Elissa can’t so its 3 on 3! Aaryn says basically this week anything I have wanted to say but couldn’t I am going to say it. Aaryn says this is how Helen felt going home before Spencer, he is such a f**king liar! Aaryn gets called to the diary room. Andy and McCrae talk about how they want to trust Spencer but aren’t sure they can. Andy says that he is just going to stay out of everything this week. Andy heads inside and Gina joins McCrae on the couch.


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3pm – 3:10pm Gina tells McCrae that she feels bad for Aaryn but she is pretty sure she is going home. Gina says she feels bad that even if she gave Aaryn her vote it wouldn’t even matter because she probably doesn’t have the votes. McCrae says between me and you …poopy (Aaryn) is saying that you are coming after me and Amanda now and that you are working with Elissa. Gina laughs and says she isn’t aligned with Elissa. I was just being nice to her so that I wasn’t put up on the block. Gina says pretty much sending her (Elissa) home would be one for Aaryn. She is pretty much alone next week. If people want to make deal I will make deals week by week. McCrae says don’t tell Aaryn I told you that. Gina tells them how she figures out who is telling things she tells them. She gives them an example and says if I tell Andy this bowl is ceramic and I tell you its wood .. then I hear someone say it is a wood bowl, then I know who said it when if it comes back to me. Andy says that’s pretty smart.


3:15pm Aaryn talks to Judd and tries to campaign for him to keep her. Aaryn says I can get Ginamarie’s vote. If I can get yours.. Aaryn says if I stay I will go after the three of them Amanda and McCrae or Spencer. Judd says that could work. Aayrn says well think about it. In the kitchen – Aaryn tells Spencer if you keep me I will go after Amanda and McCrae I swear to god. Amanda and McCrae already told me they will not vote to keep me. She tells him to think about it. Spcencer doesn’t say a word and Aaryn walks away.


3:30pm Out in the backyard – McCrae tells Spencer that’s Aaryn’s sh*t has already begun. She said that you are a scum bag liar. Spencer says she just talked to me in the kitchen and said she had a deal for me. McCrae says oh yeah and she said that last week you approached her for a deal. Amanda joins them and asks what happened. Elissa comes out so the conversations stops. Elissa heads back inside and McCrae tells Amanda how Aaryn told us that Gina is coming after us now. McCrae says that he already questioned Gina about it but that she danced around it. I will talk to her again later. Spencer says I don’t know where Gina is at but you pretty much have 4 people to try and win HOH and protect you. Amanda says I am not going to live in fear. If she is coming after me, then come after me. Amanda says I wanted to stay loyal to her but there is nothing else we can do. McCrae says he is just tired of trying to decipher what she is trying to say. McCrae asks what is the point of being in an alliance with someone who won’t do what you tell them to do? Amanda says now we will just see who goes upstairs because no one has to go up there now. She is going to have a very nasty fall from grace because she is the reason she is in the position she is in. Amanda heads inside. Spencer says that Aaryn is a liar and is doing whatever she can to stay. McCrae says he doesn’t get it, she is just saying everything and anything with no rhyme or reason that doesn’t even help her. Spencer says with Aaryn who wins competitions it will be better when she is gone for everyone so that we can win some.


3:40pm Up in the HOH room – Gina talks to Elissa. Elissa tells Gina that Aaryn made her bed and now she has to lie in it. Elissa talks about how all the names Amanda has called me I have never been talked to like that in my entire life. Elissa tells Gina we need to stick together. Gina tells Elissa how Aaryn told Amanda/McCrae that I was coming after them and they just confronted me about it. Elissa says again we need to stick together and you need to win HOH because if we don’t I will self..


3:55pm McCrae and Spencer talk about not trusting Judd. McCrae says I don’t think he will keep that deal with us. Spencer says it’s hard to make a deal with a liar. McCrae says he probably feels the same way about us. Spencer says the one thing you have going for you is that Amanda being in the house will always be a bigger target than you. McCrae agrees and says that he will keep her in front of him like a meat shield. Spencer asks if I ever go up, I need to know I have your vote. McCrae says absolutely. I really do think our final two deal could work.

4pm – 4:15pm Up in the HOH room – Aaryn is talking to Elissa about how she is willing to go after Amanda and Elissa. Elissa says I don’t like you as a person. Aaryn says this is just game. Elissa says for the past two weeks I have tried to work with you. And why were you joining in on the tormenting yesterday. Aaryn says because I am on the block and I am doing stupid things. Elissa says I don’t even want to look or talk to you. Aaryn says if you keep me we don’t need to look at each other or talk to each other. Elissa says then how would we work together. Just a few days ago you were trying to get Gina up on the block. Aaryn says that is not true. Elissa says just admit it. Aaryn says I didn’t say that. Can we not just move forward. Elissa says if you can’t admit that you are lying to me then why would I want to work with you. You can leave my room. Aaryn says I am just looking at this from a game stand point. The only way I can stay is if Gina, Judd and Spencer vote for me. Elissa says I will think about. Aaryn leaves. Elissa tells Gina that Aaryn was lying she was pushing for you to go on the block. Please don’t campaign for her. Gina says I haven’t, just tell me if things change. Elissa says there are more lies than just that too that I will tell you about. Gina says thank you for talking to her. Gina heads down stairs …


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FINALLY a thursday eviction i am dying to see. don’t care who leaves but one of them needs to go now so amanda can go crazy some more.

what the fuck

its’s so funny that they are worried about being portayed as pussies when they are. Although in fairness McCrae is only a pussy because Amanda’s pussy is clouding his judgement. i can’t wait for Thursday when Aaryn is evicted and she realizes thatc amanda and mccrae voted her out

what the fuck

here is who i want to win

1. Elissa-Only because she talks little shit about everyone else.She only started staying shit when everyone made fun of Candice and Jessie. She seems like the nicest one in the house. (I know there is going to be thumbs down for this)
2. Judd- No negative feelings for him other than aligning with Amanda and McCrae
3. Spencer- No negative feelings other than being a pervert
4-8. I could care less who wins other than the top 3. (I’ll stop watching if the top 3 get evicted)


Danity Kane

I think the end of BB15 will be a repeat of the end of BBCAN.
McCrae – 3rd (Emmett) (Evicted by Andy who knew he had a better shot against Amanada in jury)
Andy – 2nd (Gary)
Amanda – 1st (Jillian) –> We all know she’s getting 1st place thanks to AG.


UGH! Amanda is so gonna win this…

P.S. How happy & excited are you about DK!?!?

Danity Kane

OMG YES i’m sooo happy DK is getting back together, but lol @ me getting the most hated comment in the history of the website!

When ignorance is bliss

Eff you, duck lips. I was hoping Aaryn would spit on you. I hope Amanda and the rest of the house is constantly in your face for the rest of your duration ridiculing you and shitting all over you the way you do them. You are a disgusting vile pig with no class whatsoever. Here’s hoping McCrae wakes the eff up by Thursday and votes with Amanda and GM to save Aaryn. Then let the 2 AM alliance take out everybody else, beginning with the good digging plastic face, then Judd, then Spencer, then GM, then McCrae. The ones who deserve to win (Amanda and Aaryn) can go to final 2. That ideally is the way it SHOULD go down. Whether it actually does will depend on luck and great gamesmanship.


If your looking for Paralells to BBcan the final 3 should look like this.

3) Amanda- this is milkmans spot on the Canadian season. He had everything lined up just like Amanda on BB15
2) Judd- Well it’s true Andy and Gary are both gay. The real comparisom is Judd and Gary. Both evicted and reentered the game
1) McCrae- He is to Amanda what Jillian was to the milkman!(Wonder if they are together in real life?)

My actual final 4 at this point.

4th) McCrae- he’s left after the McCranda blood bath and AG throwing twist after twist trying to save douchebag Amanda.
3rd) Judd- he’s made a decent return to the house. He needs to win the next HOH. For safety but also to build a solid alliance that is workable longterm. The final 4/3 is all about J u double D. If he gets traction then Amanda and MCCrae can both go. Though I do put MC 4th.
2nd) Andy- will choose Spencer over Judd in a no brainer. Judd actually loses the first 2 parts of the F3. He drops letting Andy win F1. Then Spencer amazingly wins F2. Andy wins 7 questions(F3) The shock is the clear best social game in the house will lose in a freaking shocker to the redheaded perv!
1st) Spencer- the argument was simple for Spence. I’ve been dead man walking since the MC break up. I must deserve the money after being on the block7(6 now) times. You guys all kept me here for a reason. That reason was 500K!!!


its going to take 5 votes from jury to win everyone says Amanda will win because a cbs employee said so don’t believe what you hear tell me the 5 votes I want names do this and it will dawn on you good lord


I only like Elissa. I feel so sorry and sad that she’s being treated this way. It’s high school bullying.. Amanda is the most disgusting excuse for a human being. If Elissa doesn’t win then I don’t care who wins as long as its not Amanda, the rat Andy or pizza boy.


The joke is on Amanda and McJerky. By using their bullying methods. These 2 have the least chance of winning the $500,000. The remaining BB guests will eat themselves to prevent an Amanda and McJerky final. And then who on the jury: Helen, Candice, or Jessie will actually vote for the BB hillbilly couple. The any means necessary couple along with their pet rat, Andy, has really not paid off.


mccreepy is clouded amanduh’s penis


I hope GM tell Aaryn about the alliance Exterminator with Andy is part of…..So Aaryn tell that to Amanda MC ….and GM Amanda MC vote out Andy…I don’t get why GM is suddenly against Aaryn…..Oh well…sad week for me cause I kind of like both these players on the block…I wish It was Amanda going home…But because of Elissa obsessive hate for Aaryn…she fail miserably her HOH week…she is probably going home next week….These players have 3 days to realize that they have a much better chance to win the game against Aaryn than against Andy….he will win the game if in final2 against most of them… there is still some hope for Aaryn…


You make point there. Judd knows about Andy and his loyality to Amanda and mcpussy which is why they are keeping him over Aaryn and he(judd) still trust him(andy) in the new Alliance. How dumb is that.


Judd is not smart, he’s been warned by Helen, Elissa and now Aaryn about Andy. Unless Judd has a secret plan that he is not revealing to anyone, he’ll trust Andy at his own peril. It saddens me that Judd and Gina Marie can’t see that this Exterminator’s alliance guarantees both Andy and Spencer a spot in the final 4. With Aaryn gone, Andy and Spencer will push who ever gets HOH next week to target Elissa. If they’re successful, and Elissa gets evicted, then Andy and Spencer will float to the final 4, because they’ll be protected on both sides (McCranda on one side, Judd and GM on the other). Andy and Spencer will not need to win another HOH until final 4, if Elissa goes next week. They’ll let the two sides battle each other, while they float to whom ever has the power.


the Elissa/Aaryn conversation in the HOH was funny. Elissa basically told Aaryn to GTFOH, STFU and FU2, and threw her out the HOH room with class. she didn’t need to throw one curse word at all. Aaryn felt like the turd she is for even going to the HOH with her lame “let’s make a deal” BS.

J fache

First ,cant stand elissa it,s obvious to me she is jealous ,that aaryn is way hotter then her,she just wants her out ,as for andy what clown that fanuke cant stop crying ,or ratting ,n Mc crea is a gelding also ,as much as I hate amanda she has mire balls litterally then both of them ,if aaryn, is gone and it looks that way gina marie is the only ine worth rooting for ,the rest are week political correct glding rottin cliwns….


Isn’t the things that Aaryn is telling McCrae and Amanda about Spencer coming after them true? I thought I heard Andy, Spencer, Judd and Elissa agree to vote them out. How does Aaryn know this? Not believing Aaryn this time will be Amanda’s and McCrae’s downfall!! Just wish Amanda would go Thursday.


No. Andy and Spencer are lying to Judd and GM to ensure they have alliances on both sides of the house. After Elissa, GM and Judd will be voted out unless they get Hoh.


It’s McCrae’s choice to have his judgment clouded by Amanda. At the very start of the season I wanted to like him- he seemed like a fun, quirky person. Now he just seems gross.

grammar police

How much less could you care? It’s “I couldn’t care less”. For the record


Pizza boy Mccreepy is an ass but refusing a bj from Amanda earned him a couple of IQ points.


I have been super busy and not able to read as much so I was wondering is the exterminators a real alliance or did Andy tell mcmanda about them already. If they alliance is real keeping andy will be amandas first big mistake and probablly get her evicted. It makes much more sense for mcmanda to keep aaryn she’s a big target and has a much better shot of winning the next hoh and keeping them safe then andy does if amanda was the mastermind she and her delusional fans think she is she would see this.


So far it seems real. Amanda has made herself a huge target in the house. The only red flag that the alliance might not be solid is Judd. He seems to want to work with Elissa so if he were to win HoH, I’m not sure how rock solid this new alliance would be.

Twerk Miley Twerk

I may have missed it too but I don’t think Andy has mentioned this new alliance to Amanda or McCrae yet.


That alliance is as real as whomever the next hoh is. Andy and Spencer have positioned themselves nicely in the middle of the 2 sides. Mcranda on 1 side, gm, judd on the other. They will drift to whichever side wins next week. After next week, the side they drifted to I believe they will remain on. It is a good game move for spencer and andy. It would be VERY interesting to see what they would do if one of them won hoh. I lean towards elissa and gm noms with a potential backdoor based on pov winner. I don’t think they will try very hard for hoh though. So in short, this “alliance” ensures andy’s safety and positions spencer and andy in the middle to move to the side that has power next week Like them or not, they made a pretty sweet move.


So Aaryn’s “true self” is a thoughtless drunk driver? Supergreat. I’m curious how she’s going to be these next few days. Will we see her “true self”?


I truly hope there is a special place in Hell for people who drive drunk. Aaryn has done this twice, that she has admitted to. Even getting in a car with someone you know is wasted is pathetic. Don’t you care about your friend, yourself, how about innocent people on the road too!? Airports have car services, taxi’s, call a friend who can drive you home! No excuse is ever good for DUI… a topic close to my heart. : (


These people are so stupid. I bet Arryn told her mother that someone hit her and ran. Now knows that her daughter lied to her about wrecking her shit. Mama you are now on notice that if your daughter gets in a wreck while driving drunk, you will be responsible.(gets killed it kills somebody, get a publicist to spin that!)


and when there is no acohol, nail polish does the trick!

Copy Cat

I can’t stand one more day of Amanda walking her c**t rag around this house


One more day? Try one more second. The fat@ss.

GonzoMe wants to GONZO rip intothe CBS HQ honchos

I am looking and listening to Bear Grylls right now. its the gauntlet run outward bound obstacle course that has
the ultimate gift behind it for someone who braved their all and dared to enter a NZ river. SURVIVOR is wimpier
and maybe more staged. Bear Grylls by training is like one of hell’s survivalistic eagle scouts and is an optimist.
CBS… i am looking at NBC to see an outdoor show less ‘player piano’ than Survivor so i have a lead into SIBERIA.
each time MASTER*CHEF smucks BB slightly in the nielsons, i blame A.Z the HG skank. SIBERIA is scripted, say whot!


Hey, Andy and McCrae! Too late, you PUSSIES!


LOL, if it walk like a duck and quack like a duck it is a duck. If you act like a pussy, cry like a pu^%y, and in your case MC SMELL LIKE A onion, itching, P U S S Y you are a (insert here___________)


Andy is a poor excuse for a man! Crying like a little c*nt. He is looking for sympathy cause he claims Elissa is bullying him and threatening him. He is worst that a bag of vomit.
If this sissy was a real man he would have stood up to the VILE amazon creature when she was acting like Linda Blair in the Exorcist going off on Elissa.
Red Rat Boy, get out of Chicago. If not, you will be laughed out.


“Amanda says if I even see anyone talking alone with her, they are my next target”

I cant even….


sounds like a threat huh? yet it’s okay when amanda does it, but when elissa does it, andy goes crazy and tells every single person what she was saying.

i hate andy & amanda so much.


Andy is a despicable floater and whose friends are seeing what a deceiving liar he is and someone who can’t be trusted. How BB / CBS could pick this pack of perverted degenerates is truly mind boggling considering the population of the US is approximately 350,000,000. Coincidence that a good number of them need psychiatric coucelling?

Nope, I think BB was well aware of what trash they were throwing at the North American audience.


Andy more then anyone drives me nuts, he continues over and over saying Elissa threatened me, blahh, blahh.. Nothing more then basic game play. Amanda on an almost hourly basis threatens everyone via verbal and physical abuse, again and again. Very different then basic game, yet Andy never acknowledges this ever, like she is untouchable. Sickening. This guy is suppose to be a professor, give me a break. He has pissed me off the most and considering the quality of people playing this season, that says a lot!

Real Scandals Phony President

So now Amanda says you can’t even talk to Elissa. The fact that Spencer, McCrae and Andy did not call her out on that shows how scummy they are too.


Spencer, McCrae and Andy are deathly afraid of her. If one of them were to turn on her she’d probably pounce on him and literally tear him to prices. That woman needs help in a huge way.


I think that yesterday’s actions from amanda were not just for Elissa but to let everyone else in the house know that if they go after amanda they will get the same treatment.

Amanda's Therapist

What is the chance that Amanda was told by her friend(s)
in DR – that the MVP’s against her – came from America’s votes not Judd NOT others in the BB house?
btw Amanda thought she knew it all! LMFAO!!
Amanda may be defeated!?! bc She knows she will NOT get America’s votes AND she is in trouble cause
jury will NOT give her votes!

Who Knows

Should Amanda leave (and one can only hope), it will be interesting to hear the chicken sh!ts (Spencer, Andy, and Judd) true feelings about Amanda’s actions in the house.

Dump Amanda

You never know they is a lot of time to go before the live vote and Gina/Judd might be able to work a deal with Aaryn and Elissa that gets rid of the Rainbow Rat.


I’d be okay with this happening actually. I think Aaryn 1) would be grateful that they saved her; 2) recognize they would now have the numbers to get rid of Demanda and MC, which was going to have to happen anyway if she wants to move closer to the end and 3) she seemed to genuinely like Helen (even said so in the DR) and Helen told her to work with Elissa. The big problem will be Elissa agreeing, but she has no choice, having no power next week and it would be her best option too. She did try to work with Aarryn (as coached by Helen) but was rebuffed. We’ll see – if they can make it happen it would be a 1-2 punch and DemandaCray would be gonzo (apologies to Gonxo poster).

Pinocchio Obama

The problem is that even if you saved Aaryn you can’t trust her to keep her word.


Elissa make a deal at last minute with Aaryn. Might work


Amanda is such an idiot. Your next target , how can you target who talking to her alone. You have already lost this game. There is not a person in jury(4 votes) + elissa that would vote for a nasty bitch like you. You need jury votes (stupid) to win.Amanda or McRae better win HOH or they could be the next target.I hope GM wins HOH because I doubt Amanda will be laying her fat ass up in the HOH bed because Arryn told her to stick with Elissa. I know she will put up Mcranda and I hope she votes out McRae because Amanda will go insane with him gone and she would not dare jump on GM


Amanda says “if I even see anyone talking alone with her, they are my next target” and they all say nothing and cower in fear but when Elissa told Andy he was her target for evicting Helen they all acted as though Elissa was the most evil person in the world… Andy is STILL going around protesting that she threatened him. It seems that what’s good for the goose is never good for the gander. These house guests are complete idiots and hypocrites of the worst kind!


Thumbs up a thousand times!!! Andy it the epitome of scum that defines this season of BB.

i'm tall

who does this chick (amanda) think she is? strong arming folks with idle threats. lol. she is comical. if i was in that house i would have told her to shut the eff up already and made her life hell. these HG have no backbone whatsoever. pretty sad.

If you do this, I will do that

Sadly, her threats aren’t idle.


demanda has and will not win an hoh, she’s too fat and too dumb


Amanda aka

Degenerate: Having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable; showing evidence of decline.

Or take your pick of the following…

unhygienic, graceless, inappropriate, incorrect, unbecoming, unseemly, unsuitable, wrong; outmoded, out-of-date, passé; coarse, crude, unrefined, vulgar; cheap, common, inferior, junky, lousy, low-grade, second-rate, shoddy, sleazy, tawdry; flashy, garish, gaudy, glitzy, grotesque, kitsch, kitschy, loud, ostentatious, overdone, showy, splashy


all the above. lol


I choose all of the above!




If I was Elissa I would tell Amsmda I put up Andy like you wanted, why are you so mad at me.


Elissa should say it during a house meeting.


If nothing else at least this week could be the turning point that will lead to the end of the Amanda and McCrae show


Most likely Rat Andy will not be going home this week, but I can’t wait for Rat Andy to go home.


Yeah but, at least Elissa made him cry(really). At least he knows how it feels to be on the block, there is still 3 days to eviction. A lot could happen


“Amanda says I feel like I am the one being the b***h and no one else is.”

Because unlike Stinkmeaner(Amanda), everyone else is trying to work Jury votes? It’s becoming more obvious that WhoreFunk don’t want to win, she hasn’t tried to get jury votes from anybody. Maybe she knows most of Jury won’t vote for her? She has 3 vote MustyMan,Aaryn, and Ratboy, and 1 or 2 of them will still be in the house, so she’ll only have 1 vote in jury.

Ians Beer

Dude, I like your little tm symbol lol.

On a brighter note, one donkey shall be departing this week, it’s just too bad it’s not the head jackass going!


Actually I think her attempt at getting Jury Votes was being honest about whose going home to their faces because she wasn’t afraid to say it anymore and hoped the person leaving would foolishly respect that she was the only one to tell them and then being slightly less of a prick during the Goodbye Messages. And now with Aaryn she pretends she was the only one on Aaryn’s side so Aaryn wouldn’t want to vote for anyone else. I really hope if she did make it to the end. Only McCrae and Andy would vote for her if they’re not right up there next to her. With any luck they would be long gone.


I disagree – I think if Amanda gets to the end they will all vote for her to win. They’ve been doing everything she says all season. Why would the jury vote be any different. Amanda will say that was her strategy all along and it got her to the end – which so far – she’s right. She’s gotten this far by winning only 1 competition and just bullying people to do what she says. They will vote for her to win in the end because they will say she played the best game – even though it was a horrible, mean degrading game.


There is no way Amanda will win the jury vote, not a chance. So far: Jessie (no), Candace (no) and Helen (no). The only 2 people who might vote for her will be Andy or MC and if she’s F2, then one of them will be up beside her. The only person she *might* be able to beat is GM on pure game play. She’s just too plain reviled to win.


Thank You

Stinkmeaner has so many personal feuds with everyone, they’ll never vote for her in the end. She has maybe 3 votes, tops. But like I said, MustyMan is being lead to the win by her, even she said it, if they’re up together, she will want to go home over him. She knows all it takes it a little “pussy magic” and he will propose to her, and then when they marry he will be able to share the winnings with her. Amanda is dumb, but not that dumb, she knows exactly what she’s doing. The terrible game she’s played is for his benefit.


Amanda is so nasty, vile, and disgusting, she wouldn’t know class if it hit her in the face. Elissa has held herself together very well in spite of the taunting by this Idiot Amanda


Hey Bitchmanda, go pick on someone your own size! Oh… Jabba the Hut isn’t in the Big Brother House?? My apologies.


How many believe once the show is over, Rachael is going to hunt Amanda down for picking on her sister lol,


There should be a Pandora’s Box which releases Rachel into the BB House. How awesome would it be if Elissa opened up Pandora’s Box and then Rachel came in to the house absolutely tormenting Amanda/McCrae/Aaryn, etc. Oh how I wish the BB Production crew was thinking the way I think.


Yes!! I’ve been saying that all week! Rachael, rachael, rachael!!! She’ll walk in, “I’m back bitches”. Now THAT would make every single sucky part of this season worth it!




i was thinking the same thing. hoping at the finale, she will punch demanda out. hoping elissa’s hubby punches out mcpussy and rat bastard andy too.


Amanda barking orders and everyone scared to speak up! LOL Never wait this long to get out a couple that controls so many nominations without even winning HOA. What a dumb cast. Aaryn can cry a river too for doing their dirty work like a fool.


by chance one of these idiots make it to final 2 hope and pray Julie say expect the unexpected AMERICA gets to choose big brother 15 winner


That would be amazing…if only. But then Amanda would win…rigged. lol


Amanda I love you. You are a genius working your Jury votes. Keep on telling Aayran you want her to stay. People just don’t realize how smart the Jewish people are. I just hope people now realize how successful the Jewish people are in this country. People should take their lead. Amanda because of you I will be making a fortune on my Vegas bet. Keep on working these dumbies.


Sarcasm or Serious?


Something tells me that the Jewish Community, which is very philanthropic, religious, kind, giving, and humanity oriented, is NOT going to be too proud of Demanda’s demented dominatrix wannabe behavior.

Arya Stark is a Badass

BuffaloBill it is time to put the pipe down.


Russell did the exact same thing to Ronnie in BB11. Almost to the tee. Ronnie was basically trapped in his HOH room because he was too afraid to come out. Maybe people weren’t that offended because it was a guy and not a girl, I don’t know. I don’t have live feeds so I can’t speak to what exactly Amanda is doing and am only getting the information from here but it sounds like it’s the same Ronnie/Russell thing.

While I agree that taunting someone to get them off their game is strategic and can be extremely effective (athletes smack talk their opponents all the time) I don’t think Amanda is doing it to be strategic. I think she is doing it because that’s the type of person she is. We don’t know her and can’t speak to her character, all we can speak to is what she has chosen to share with us on camera and I have to say that if I was her friend in real life I would have a really hard time saying ” No no she is actually a really nice person”. Yeah……ok

I am NOT an Elissa fan at all and I think she walked on to this season and took a spot that should have gone to a real player but I applaud her for ignoring Amanda’s tauts. That cannot be easy.

There is no way Amanda will win this game. The jury votes and I think it would be a complete landslide for any person who sits beside her should she make it to the end. They won’t reward her and only then can she be called out and punished for her game play.


There is always a bully in each season.. I think BB15 has had the most but.. I’m pretty sure Russell didn’t threaten to kill Ronnie did he? Fact is… Amanda is crazy as hell and should be kicked off for making death threats.. Look at the world we live in today.. Can’t go to school without being shot at, can’t go to movies, the malls etc.. CBS should take those deaths seriously.. What if Amanda actually lose it and do something really stupid?


Then it would be up to people like you and me on a jury to give the victims family 100’s of millions of $ in punitive damages to discourage CBS from basically condoning this type of behavior. They knew how she was when they picked her for the show. They picked for the controversy she would cause (for ratings) Don’ t get me on the jury because I would give the victims family 4 or 500,000,000 in punitive damages because you saw what was going on from the beginning

Amanda's Therapist

BTW …. dozens of lawyers @ doubt!
OMG! … If it has never been done in the BB house…if I was Elissa….DEMAND A LAWYER AND PUT OUT A RESTRAINING ORDER…AGAINST AMANDA!


If Amanda did something really stupid like you’re suggesting with the references CBS would be happy as they’d be the only network capable of airing it on their evening news….


Would be unthinkable for Amanda to really crack enough to physically disable another HG. She’s certainly mentally unstable. Hopefully her worst would be attempting to follow through on a physical threat & we get an army of BB bouncers taking her down. That would bring on the fishies for the live feed folks. Vut upon return could also bring on her highness strapped to a gurney while wearing a straight jacket. With duct tape over her mouth. Bless all of them,I would have lost my mind also if stuck there with such a pitiful cast.

Amanda's Therapist

CURIOUS ABOUT WHOM @BB/CBS CONDUCTS the ” Mental Evaluation” Interviews PRIOR to being accepted into the BB house?



If…Aaryn is Psychology major … she should agree?!? :-)

Amanda's Therapist



Aaryn said they removed all of the scissors from the house, they must think themselves shes a nut case.


I hope that when Amanda walks out of the house that there are cops in the front row waiting with handcuff to take that crazy biotch to Jail. You don’t threaten people on national tv. She is going to get what is coming to her. I hope that happens and I will laugh all the way to the bank. lol


Couldn’t have said it better myself! I agree 1000%.


I think Amanda, who says she does not care what people think is making a huge mistake. My wife is a huge Survivor fan and enjoyed Russell Hanz. During his seasons I kept telling her, while he maybe playing the game to get to the end, he is not playing it for the actual end. The bully, scream, harass and threaten because you have power and feel safe may get you to the finals but you have so pissed people off that the jury wont vote for you.

Amanda is making the same mistake, just because she is not in control one week, she is freaking out. She has or is going to alienate everyone. I get you have to lie in the game but this season all these liars are making it personal. I was not a big Amanda fan to start with but I did have to give her credit for manipulating the house. Helen thought she was running things but really Amanda was. The house was foolish to keep a couple this long. Amanda was playing a game to win. Is she easy to like no but she could have played the card at the jury, I really ran things and that’s why I am here. It was a long shot because she was bullying people but there was still a shot.

However now, she crossed some line that the BB fans have for the most part were mixed. Many did not like her but admired her game play, Many just disliked her. Now she is being vilified. While some could write off what she said before this week as jokes or personality in the house. Now you can’t say they she has flipped out and has the personal focus on Elissa and to do what she is doing is childish, immature and disturbing. I give Elissa credit, I was not a fan of hers but she is handling this well.

Personally I cant compare her to ED, he was always going at 110%. It was not personal to him, it was gameplay. For those who talk about the bullying Dick did. He did bully people in the house but think of the shift in the country’s culture and society’s thoughts on bullying. It was 6 years ago when Dick was first on. We have become so more intolerant of bullying in that time.

Amanda has some issues that as the house becomes smaller, they will come more to the surface.



I’m 34yo and never in my life have I been tolerant to bullying nor are my family and friends whom I’ve grown up with. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of being bullied or know someone close who has gone through the experience you will never have even an ounce of tolerance for bullying. It doesn’t matter if it was a 100 years ago or 3 years ago if someone you cared about was bullied it would be viewed as wrong regardless of the time period. So I think its ridiculous to suggest that only within the past six years have people come to the realization that there is something wrong with bullying.


I am a big Survivor fan too, but I don’t remember Russell Hantz being as vile as Amanda.


The thing Ronnie had just been exposed as a lair and was in hinding. Elissa is simply a classy lady in a house of yes men and bullies. GM wouldn’t stand for this kinda treatment but Elissa isn’t GM.

Also Russel was putting on a show, he also was running up to ronnie and telling him it was all a ruse.


Looked it up, BB11 Willie Hantz:
Friday afternoon, upset about the results of the coaches’ competition, he first said that he’d get himself evicted via violence (“going to get evicted this week before I get out that door,” “going to get in a fight and knock somebody out,” according to Big Brother Network). Meanwhile, Boogie jokingly said the show’s psychologist should be called.

The feeds were cut for about four hours, and when they returned, Willie was gone. What happened was explained by the houseguests, including Ian, who said that Willie slammed doors, called people names, and then head- or shoulder-butted Joe a few times. Willie was sent to the Diary Room, and as he left, he called Janelle the c-word and b-word and threw pork rinds (the have-not food) at her. She said, “Bye bye, Willie.”


I just want to know who raised this savage barbaric b!tch???? amanda is disgusting i cant wait until she comes out of the house and knows that America and canada:) hates her!

Cary man

America and Canada hate her? Doofus, do you know how few people have any idea who these people are? It’s only you losers watching feeds.


I always remember what Amanda’s father said on day one….Amanda get what she wants! Well, so much for upbringing, he’s a proud papa!

Varys Blackfyre

Do these people realize that they couldn’t be portrayed in a specific way if they didn’t behave that way? So now Amanda threatens all of them and they just do her bidding because HER plan didn’t work? At this point I only want Elissa/Judd and Amanda in the end because I want to see Amanda tell everyone how she manipulated them. She deserves to win despite her questionable behavior.


I never thought I would say this…… I would rather be stuck in a room with Aaryn than Amanda. Amanda is full of herself and she thinks everything she does is justified


I would love to be in a room with Amanda and Aaryn, just give me 5 minutes and I promise they will come out crying like bitches, and I would not put one finger on them. I’m not proud of that, but sometimes in life you have to bark louder, longer and more convincing than the dogs.


I’d rather be stuck in a room with Aryan too just based on air quality.

big bro

why, Amanda is just a bully, while Aaryn thinks it is ok to drive drunk. That comment was worse then all of her racism and amandas act combined


“Aaryn says I don’t even like who I have been in this game and I am happy that the next three days I can just be myself.”

What exactly does she mean? I’m guessing how she was the 1st 2 weeks before she became Stinkmeaner’s puppet, when she was known as Aaryn Nation.


A while ago, didn’t Aaryn tell Julie Chen something like she’s just “being her true self” while in the house (something like that) and Julie said “yes…We can see that?” sort of sarcastically (it was right after Aaryn made the nasty rice comments against Helen)?

So now Aaryn says she hasn’t been her real self, but now since she’s probably going home, she can start to relax and be her real self.

Either way, Aaryn, you’re still a nasty, two faced person. That PR person is really going to have to work overtime to try and get your image cleaned up.


It looks like Aaryn is gone this week. HOH next week is going to be huge. I think Spencer, Judd, and GM would all put McCranda up. Amanda and McCrae will probably do Elissa and one of Judd/GM/Spencer. Andy is still a big question mark to me, I could see him doing Elissa and Judd.

Dump Amanda

The way this house changes everyday I still think Aaryn has a chance to stay. i think as a punishment for her actions Amanda should be put on the block this week with the other nominees.

Amanda's Therapist

Would be the answer! Put her up on the block … she would get one vote…her McPussy! LMFAO!! :-)


AARYN IS NOT JUST A regular ass but a jackass … IF Amanda told her she is leaving why give her more information that could help her game why not try to fight to stay and get judd and spencer vote even though it would have been a miracle ….. why tell Amanda they are targeting her when she could of try fight to stay ……. well aaryn will be in bed in a fetus position I likie dumbo did all the hard work now someone else gets the reward


As much as I hate Amanda I hate Mccrae a little more. Not only does he condone her behavior but he fucks her as well. (Even if its only for 2 minutes)


I cannot stand Amanda. This is getting ridiculous – she`s actually mad that other people are talking to Elissa! WOW WOW WOW. That`s all I can say. I don`t care whether or not Amanda was pre-chosen to win, I just want her to get a penalty nom or better yet, be expelled. Production told her that if she started to harass Elissa again that she would be nominated but why is she still not on the block. This is SO unfair. Kudos to Elissa for handling this with so much class.

Debra S

At this point, a penalty nom would only “wound the bear”. It would not solve anything, and might provoke (after some time has elapsed) violent behavior. It is going to be a lonnnnng three days, and Amanda is bound to crack/explode. I do hope no one gets hurt. Seems unlikely that BB/CBS will do anything at this point.

Oh McPussy

Don’t you know MC that yu are portrayed as a B***’s B*****? xD


Pandora’s Box…PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!! Now!! I want something to happen for the noms to change. Amanda needs to get the hell out of there already. Or maybe next week…Elissa gets the DPOV. Either one is fine with me.

Linda S.

So Amanda isn’t threatening Elissa, but Amanda wants to punch Elissa in the face? Couple that with the bullying Amanda has been doing to Elissa and getting into Elissa’s personal space, it is just a matter of time before something physical happens. I can just feel it happening. I REALLY hope the producers warn Amanda about her course of action and game play because it seems as if Elissa is purposely trying to stay away from it in her HOH room. And for everyone who reads this, I am not an Elissa backer. I WAS actually an Amanda backer until last week.


Until last wek? The bitch has been like this since week 3.

Linda S.

You are totally correct….although at first she was playing the houseguests and guiding them into doing what she wanted (and isn’t that good game play?), her character and choice of words just got worse and worse from week to week to the point where I couldn’t overlook that part of her game anymore and that is when I stopped liking Amanda’s game in total. Just the most vile person I have ever run across.


In real life there’s this legal document called a “restraining order” which could land the amanda the deranged degenerate in court.

Here CBS rubs their hands thinking about the ratings. I wonder if a good lawyer after this mess is ove would be willing to take on CBS for aiding and abetting in threats to Elissa’s life…..

Graham Peters

We can assume all we want. I really dont think there will be any reprecussions from all the transgressions this season. Furthermore after this season besides from aaryn and GM being fired it will all blow over….so there is no point wasting time thinking what may happen….

All that aside. This season has been quite interesting CBS knew exactly what they were doing by casting these people


Amanda Zuckerman’s Experience

Coldwell Banker Real Estate
December 2009 – April 2010 (5 months)

Associate Producer
BASE Productions
April 2009 – March 2010 (1 year)

Ass. Story
BASE Productions
October 2008 – April 2009 (7 months)

Jesse James is a Dead Man
BASE Productions
October 2008 – February 2009 (5 months)

Discovery Networks
May 2008 – August 2008 (4 months)

On Air Talent
Madison Road Entertainment
January 2008 – April 2008 (4 months)

Amanda's Therapist

WOW! That is a current resume of a 38 year old? OMG! :-)


the comments are sounding worse then elissa -everyones is so disgusting- you all keep saying the same crap over and over BORING!!!


Amanda, SHUT UP!!!!! Your worse than Aaryn. You want punch Elissa in the face. Let see you try it. Judd will win HoH so he will put you and McCrae up so you are going home.


If Stinkmeaner wasn’t such a bitch, she would be thinking, what if Production gives Elissa a power, might want to smooth things over with her, you know continue to be FAKE with her like she’s been this entire time? We all know Amanda would’ve voted Elissa out had it not been for the twistm, she never gave a damn about her or anyone else in that house, she’s playing the game using them all. She’s leading MustyMan to the 500k, since she knows she won’t win, and she could get him to marry her.

I guess sucking the 1st HOH’s d*ck will get her some money after all, eh?

Hurley "the numbers are bad"

Amanda just does not know when to give it a rest . Her and Mccrea better win HOH from here on out or she is done. She will get herself evicted from the house if she keeps pushing it with agitating Elissa . What a train wreck this show has become .


Well your name out here is Mcpussy.

You get in a fight with Elissa and what do you say you are going to call the pitbull, and oh boy did the pitbull torment Elissa. calling you a pussy is a shame to pussies cause pussies take it as it cums no matter the size of it.


I have to ask are people truly like the “mean girls” and “mean guys” on this show? Do they talk and act like them? I honestly don’t know anyone who is like these people! Thank God!


@Ellie Go in a high school or junior high school locker room sometime. the mean houseguests are acting like teenagers trying to look cool in front of their friends.


And I thought Aryan was bad…

BB Fan

Wow, Aaryn you should be so proud of yourself. I mean who can drink and drive like that and gets to live to talk about it! Put that one on your resume, it is just so impressive! :(

Please Please

Amanda the intimidator!

Amanda is now truly running the house. She intimidates guys and girls. Granted there are some guys pretending to be men in the house. However, Andy and McCrae are worrying they will be portrayed as pu&&ies in the house. This is something they don’t have to worry about. That’s exactly what America thinks of them. Amanda is obviously bigger and stronger then Elissa and physically threatening. Its easy to say what Elissa should do, but if you are not in that situation then its something different. Everyone would handle this situation differently, some would ignore it and others would respond with insults or get physical. I am not saying any action is necessarily wrong. I am just saying based on Elissa’s personality, she should carry on her daily routine but ignore Amanda’s comments. Elissa hiding in the HOH just reinforces Amanda behavior. Because it means that Amanda is getting to her.

Let Amanda follow her everywhere she wants and ignore all the comments. I know its tough to ignore those personal attacks. However, Amanda is not crazy enough to get physical and if she does, then Amanda is out of the game. Elissa don’t let that bully think she’s winning.

Dump Amanda

I agree with everything except the part about Amanda not being crazy enough to go off.


Don’t underestimate the Yoga women! They’re all muscle and sinew with a little bit of fat! They will hurt you for real!


The other HG’s are to blame as well. Nobody stepped in and said ENOUGH! Andy is the worst. He is an educator and he teaches communications classes. So where was he in the beginning when all the vile hatred and bullying started…he just stood by and let it happen. Then as time went on he joined in with them. He didn’t stand up as any educator should. He didn’t even try to talk with them about what they were saying was wrong and uncalled for. He enabled them. I hope the college where he “teaches” doesn’t renew his contract. If you can’t walk the walk Rat Dog don’t talk the talk. Just run back into Demanda’s lap and let her tell you she love’s her little rat dog.

Amazingly, it is GM who has shown more compassion for Elissa than anyone else and doesn’t care what the others think. Who would have thought.


Amanda has no right to tell people who they can and cannot talk to! This show is Big Brother NOT the Amanda show. These people need to stand up to that obnoxious bully! That’s right she is the world’s biggest bully!!!! What she is doing is wrong!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn’t care about anyone, and anyone who believes that Amanda has their back they should check for knives.

just sayin'...

They don’t have to listen to her. She has the right to say anything she wants.


No Amanda does not have the right to say antthing she wants. She is verbally aggressive. She is invading Elissa’s personal space and she has made numerous threats. She is mentally ill. If no one steps up and stops this she will hurt someone. CBS and/or Big Brother needs to stop this now before she hurts someone!


I feel sorry for McCrae if he goes to jury before Amanda. Amanda might “go Lorena Bobbit” on him for saying hello to the girls there.


This season is nuts! I’m beginning to think Amanda is a ‘plant’, sent in to create drama perhaps to help further an acting or TV career, increase ratings/whatever – I cannot believe that anyone would otherwise behave this way on national TV. I’d be interested to hear follow-up stories about the cast when this season ends just to try to find out the ‘truth’, and I don’t think I’ll be watching this show again after this one even though I’m a fan (up until now).

Hurley "the numbers are bad"

The thought crossed my mind that Her and Mccrea are plants like you have stated … Glad I am not the only one to have that notion lol


all the houseguests are plants. big brother is a social experiment. this year it is decent people vs the scum of the earth.


The whole cast are plants and are just there to further Skummanduh’s place in CBS’s storyline to help her get to the end. That is why all season long not one person this season has fought themselves to win the prize money. They’ve been like sheep going to the slaughter house. UH! I mean the jury house. McCrae probably isn’t even a pizza delivery boy. I think they are getting paid some money and are happy with that money. Some have said they were just happy to get to the jury house. Some have said they are happy with the 50,000. Some are just happy to get the stipend money. It’s all a setup and maybe we the fans are the ones not in on this joke. Just saying! It’s been such an unreal game, perhaps we are the one’s getting punked! There isn’t anyway CBS could have cast a house full of moronic, disgusting, vile, racists, idiots all in one place to play this game? They have to be actors. I would hope anyways. Despite if this were so their acting skills are unacceptable and most certainly suck!.


So, I guess the DWI tasks force needs to be on the look out for Arynn once this “reality show” is over, since she is so friggin ignorant she cannot figure out what to do when she arrives to an airport inebriated and obviously is not intelligent enough to call for a ride, rather than decide to drive extremely impaired putting innocent families and other lives in peril. She is not only a stupid, ignorant, racist, spoiled rotten, self entitled, brat, she doesn’t give a crap at all about anyone else but herself. Which I believe we have all seen this by her pathetic behavior in the BBH. And the sad thing is she thinks it is soooo funny and is actually bragging about her stupid behavior. I pray to God this woman gets arrested DWI or gets some help before she kills someone.


I can’t wait for that racist Aaryn to walk out the house on Thursday. I she is greeted with boos as she deserves.


Obviously I am wrong!!!! Again!!!!! I would have thought that RatBastardAndy would be useless now to Queen Demanda and McPussy now that everyone has been told that he is the Kingdom’s informer. Is not that what Helen was telling everyone at the HOH competition? I think it was!! But do any of these cheddar heads realize this? NOOOOO!! They are still willing to work with this idiot and ally with him. Now that is a special kind of stupid!!!!

Please do not get me started on McNasty himself. Every thing about this useless S. O. B. is positively revolting. Someone needs to tell him to clean himself and his clothing. Wash or cut that gross mop of hair and would somebody feed this asshole so he will stop eating his fingers. I could not force myself to sit with this loser and have a discussion about anything. He does not impress me with his intelligence either…….look at the woman he chose to be with and claims he loves (everybody throw up in your mouth)


Funny though, Stinkmeaner and MustyMan think there will be 5 on 1, but it really will be 3 on 3, because Judd,Spencer and GM, will be putting the Funky Duo on the block if they win HOH. Hell even Ratboy might put them up, as they won’t have the numbers advantage anymore.


Because Amanda has threatened to punch Elissa, slit her and others throats if they are nice to her and such
There is now a petition on to remove Amanda from the house. She is not stable and almost looks
Maniac on the feeds. I would be worried if I was the producers bec I think she will hurt someone and that’s a huge
lawsuit for CBS.


I think the best thing for Elissa to do is walk around and ignore Amanda, if she says something ugly just say “thank you for your honesty, I really appreciate it”. Nothing would tick her off more then for Elissa to act like it doesn’t bother her. I know it’s hard to hear but like it or not it’s the way Amanda operates. I can’t stand people like that and really think it would push her over the edge if Elissa just went about her business. If it was me I wouldn’t let that white piece of trash run me into hiding. I would be by her side and ignore her at the same time. She wouldn’t be able to find a place in that house that I wasn’t there to listen in on her game. Oooo, I wish it was Candace was in there instead of Judd, I like Judd but Candace is a totally different person and she would let that skank have a piece of her mind. Amanda doesn’t like strong will people and Elissa is definately strong will. What would even be better, pandora and Rachel showing up!


“Andy says I just don’t want to be portrayed as a cry baby or a pu$$y because that’s not how I really am in life. McCrae says that he is worried abut being portrayed as a pu$$y too.”

Except Judd, the men in the house are pussies.

......BUT JUDD IS AN IDIOT......

……BUT JUDD I AN IDIOT…….he may not be portrayed as a pussy but he has demonstrated that he is still brain-dead.


Amanda should be removed from the house, period!! If this is actually going down as described, the producers should be ashamed of themselves!!


Judd is getting the dirt from everyone!! I wonder how he is going to play his cards? Aaryn working her way to stay in the game asks Judd if Amanda and McCrea offered her spot to Judd. LOL Judd says what spot? Aaryn says it has been her Andy Amanda McCrea working together since beginning and Andy was with them before her!! Judd should never trust Andy again!


I’ve been on different websites and I’ve read how Amanda is getting into Elissa’s personal space and insulting her. Until when is BB going to wait to intervene? I guess they really want Elissa to self evict.


Amanda is saying the the others why would you be fake and nice to Elissa now? after all the mean condescending comments Elissa makes every time Elissa speaks. Any self respecting person would not be friendly with someone who has NO power after this week and thinks she is so above everyone. Elissa looks like a Real Housewife of Atlantic City


No matter how you try to twist it or how much you hate Elissa it doesn’t make Amanda’s behavior look any better considering the totality of how she is and what she says. It actually makes her look desperate.


I can’t wait for Aaryn’s racist ass walks out the door on Thursday. I hope she gets booed and Julie goes hard on her for her stupidity in the house.

Uncle Ben

And offers her a bowl of rice.


Elissa: I’m sorry Amanda, but you’re just too ugly for plastic surgery. I suggest wearing a plastic bag over your head.

Amanda: Your so stupid. Um don’t you mean a paper bag…?

Elissa: Maybe I didn’t emphasize how ugly you are…


Does the BB Rulebook say anything about HGs refusing to take a bath,wash clothes or clean sheets they sleep on?? That should be a sanitary and hygienic violation.


I bet next season there will be a few more rules in that book.


Commenthow gross is their room.what a bunch of pigs.amanda needs to wake up and see how horrible she is.I’m haten this year big brother.have watched all&enjoyed.this year is disgusting.with a rat in the middle of all.(andy)


Aaryn says she is just going to be herself now……goes outside and brags about the times she has driven drunk, crashed, and got away with it! Stay classy Aaryn. Stay classy.


Hey Aaryn: Newsflash dummy: The Cops just heard you confessing to drinking, driving, and crashing into people. BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Ball

Amanda is like the Eye of Sauron. Once she focuses her eyes on you, she will say and do anything to torment you. The rest of the houseguests are just gollums and hobbits, afraid to attract her attention so they don’t stick up for Elissa or intervene for fear of the Eye turning towards them instead.