“I’m not going down there for the rest of the week and when I do it’s to go home” -Elissa

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


7:20pm backyard everyone but Elissa and Aaryn
Amanda says there is now way that production is portraying Elissa as the angel jordan of the season
MC – Wanna bet
MC and JUDD say that Amanda is the evil person this season
Amanda- So i’m going to have a lot of people that hate me and a lot of people that really like me
MC – Yup
Amanda – I don’t f*** care F** them all

Amanda wonders

Amanda: “The person that came and talked to me I was like..” Feeds cut (Production told Amanda to stop)
Amanda asks Spencer if he feels bad.
Spencer says no
Spencer says 99% of him is wanting to Amanda to keep going but 1% of him feels sorry, “Think about what’s it like in her shoes”
Amanda – F** her and her loui vuitton shoes

Amanda and MC are around the hot tub
Spencer asks her why Amanda doesn’t drape a condom over Elissa’s key. Amand says apparently you are not allowed to mess with the keys.
Amanda tells McCrae she didn’t get in trouble she never broke any rules..

7:40pm storage room
Andy tells Aaryn that Elissa was really nice to him when he went up to talk to her. He thinks that is a good sign that he might not go up. Aaryn adds that Elissa was rude to GM.

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7:44pm HOH Elissa Lights off (This is usually against the rules.. I guess Production is giving her a pass tonight)


7:55pm HOH GM and Elissa

GM – Hi sweetie i’m sorry.. I brought up your clothes. Gm adds that she didn’t want anyone to mess with Elissa because her underwear was out there.
GM says that everyone downstairs told Amanda to stop it and chill out and she did.
GM says she’s not into bullying brings up that she does pageants and she’s not into that.
GM says everyone downstairs thinks Amanda is crazy and will look like a idiot on TV.
GM – I was going to say something to her but talking to her is like talking to a brick wall.. If i don’t see you for the rest of the night then good night.


8:03pm bathroom Andy and McCrae
MC wants to reform the original 3am (JUDD, Andy, McCrae and Amanda)
Andy doesn’t think JUDD will trust Amanda. Andy says he’s figured out a plan so that they can keep JUDD on their side if Andy goes up on the block. He wants Spencer and him to play dumb and McCrae will go to JUDD and tell him they were just saying they wanted Andy up because they were trying to keep him off the block. Andy wants MCCrae to tell JUDD that Andy wasn’t privy to McCrae and Amanda’s true intentions because they wanted him to be legitimately mad.

8:07pm Amanda and Andy

Andy says McCrae and him were talking about what the best way to handle JUDD is. Andy knows if he goes up poopy will tell JUDD everything to make Andy look dishonest.

Andy wants Spencer and him to play dumb. McCrae is going to go up to JUDD and tell him they were faking it to try and not get him nominated. Andy wants both Amanda and McCrae to tell JUDD that Andy never knew about what they were doing. Andy says for amanda and McCrae to tell JUDD that they kept the plan from Andy so he gave them a genuine response.

8:11pm Andy and MC
Andy says he just talked to Amanda and told her the plan they talked about in teh bathroom. McCrae says he thinks JUDD already knows them being mad at Andy was a bluff. McCrae is worried if they go to JUDD and tell him it’s going to look shady. MC adds that Andy is still going to have to act pissed off at them.
Andy – really .. you think JUDD knows
MC – Yeah.. I dunno .. I dunno how to play this. What did Amanda say about this
Andy – she thought it was the best plan for you to tell him
MC – I definitely can
Andy adds that whenever he’s with JUDD he’s like “Amanda and McCrae What the F***”

Andy wishes they never tried to get GM on the block because if it doesn’t work they have a huge mess to unravel. MC agrees.
Andy says he thinks he’ll stay as long as MC, Amanda and Spencer stay rock solid. Andy also think JUDD will do what Elissa wants. Andy says the vote is going to be 5-0
Spencer joins them and Andy tells him about the plan..
Andy – you just play dumb
Spencer – that’s my game.. dumb


8:31pm HOH JUDD and ELissa
JUDD tells her all the nonsense downstairs is driving them all insane.
JUDD says he doesn’t think they will get beer now. Elissa wishes they had wine she could really do with a glass right now.
Elissa tells him she cannot leave the Head of Household room, “They (Production) are out of their mind if they think I can deal with that”
JUDD:’ It’s just her
E – I don’t deserve to be put in this situation… I came here to play this game.. I don’t have any respect for Big Brother.. it’s crazy
J – it’s annoying and psychotic.
J- can you get in trouble if you dump gatorade on someone’s head
E – no
J – I’m going to so that if she starts that sh!t with me.
JUDD says that Amanda is reading the rulebook trying to find out what she can get away with. He plans on reading it when she is done
Elissa says she never did anything to deserve this treatment.
E- they are subjecting me to an environment where the people want to beat me up. Why am I here..
JUDD says Spencer, GM, Andy and himself need her to be in this game they are counting on her.
Elissa says she doesn’t want to talk to Andy, “I’m not interested”
JUDD mentions how Andy does not talk to Amanda
J – offers to get her something to eat.
E – I’m not going down there for the rest of the week and when I do it’s to go home
J – DON’T thats what she wants.. don’t give her what she wants.

E – I should have done the show.. I should have known

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:24pm Bedroom McCrae and Amanda talking about what to do if Andy goes up. MC wants to make sure they are still voting out Aaryn Amadna says of course. MC only see two possibility Andy or GM going up.
MC – I Loathe her
A – I hate her
MC – what did they say to you
Amanda whisper in his ear what Production told her. (Sounds like someone higher up in production game down to talk to her)


8:52pm Photo booth open

The players are a bit freaked out because this is not what usually happens. They think something is up becuase they’ve already done the photo booth pictures for the day.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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239 thoughts on ““I’m not going down there for the rest of the week and when I do it’s to go home” -Elissa

  1. You know I think it’s funny that almost everyone b!ches and complains about how horrible Amanda is and yet you continue to come to sites like these and read what’s going on. You continue to watch the season even though you can’t stand the cast. You continue to complain about the houseguest and their actions but yet you subscribe to the live feeds. This is obviously drawing in a lot of attention and ratings. If you don’t like any of their actions STOP watching instead of complaining. You guys cry just as much as Andy does!

      1. Funny how the same 4-5 people respond to the others who say to stop whining and crying and being super derogatory and whatnot. No….seriously. shut the fuck forever and die. So Amanda is vile and gross. . .who. fucking. Cares. Obviously lame fucking fucks. That’s who cares.
        Seriously, please save the mcpussys for the drive thru window and the demandas for your shrinks who you all go to. Thumbs doooooooowwwwwwwwn. I love calling the retarded replies I will get!!!!!! Yup, I said the “r” word. Awwwww man.

    1. I think people are still coming here simply for the fact that they can’t stand Amanda and want to see her get her Karma. I have wanted to un-subscribe for a while but want to see the train wreck too. I am also on the fence about the Amanda/Allison rumor and would like to see how this season plays out to make my own judgment about that. Fact is, most of these house guests are idiots operating on minimal intelligence, they are over medicated, sheltered and entitled. Unfortunately that is how society has become so this is also a microcosm of how the world really is. I find it all fascinating and repulsive at the same time. Those who complain are mad because we have strong opinions of these pigs and want to see them get theirs. I would pay triple the sub fee to have camera’s there when they all look themselves up on the internet or get the “good news”. Even though they all have this f%*k em attitude towards us fans of the show they will all have serious demons after this and I love knowing that and am saddened I won’t get to see it.

      1. What Mister C said!!!! Every single thing you typed was spot on…I wanted to give your statement 42,000 thumbs up but alas, it only allowed me one.

          1. I would stay in the HOH room too.. I understand completely. You can only be bullied for so long before you punch someone in the face, been there, done that. The things that Amanda is saying deserves nothing less than a good old fashioned butt whooping. And if she does hit her, then yeah she had it coming but Elissa will be evicted immediately. You can only poke a bear with a stick so many times before you get the bear and I don’t care how classy you are everyone has their limit on times they can stand to be poked!

      2. Exactly! Great Post …we all need closure to this nightmare. These people in this house are in for a big shock when they realize their lives have been ruined due to their own ignorance and actions. I would also love to be a fly on the wall.

          1. Amanda, Aaryn & GM will be on suicide watch when this season is over with. I don’t want to hear people make up excuses and defend them that the reason they are acting this way is because of the BB game. that’s total BS, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET with these repulsive individuals. I believe these idiots are like this in real life, because they seem so relaxed and comfortable spewing the personal shit that comes out their mouths. there’s no remorse or accountability for their disgusting and vile statements. the sad thing about these idiots, they are going through the game acting like they’re the victims.

            1. Of the three of them GM seems to be the nicest. Yes, she made comments and I am not saying to forgive and forget, but I think when she is with Aaryn and Amanda they bring out the worst in her. I think she really feels bad for how Amanda is treating Elissa. She also basically stopped bashing Candice everyday since Candice hugged her and wished her a Happy Birthday.

              1. We can call her a mean girl etc, but what I have really noticed is her overwhelming desire for a friend. Once she is friends with someone she adopts their outlooks and manners. I think she truly is loyal to those who show her positive attention of saying they are her friend, they care about her, they want her happy, they will help her etc.

                I am not saying she hasn’t acted poorly, because she has. But there is just something really sad about it. Her insecurities could be the cause of her “eating disorder” if she does have one.

                Also, I have noticed that the sky is the limit with her for the people she does care about. Nick showed her positive attention and she was “in Love” and Aaryn showed her some support and she became a completely loyal friend. I have to say, there is some good in her and if she was more secure in herself and with her emotions, she would be a cool person. Such a shame to see her wearing her heart on her sleeve like she has been and due to that acting like the ones who accepted her.

        1. Every season of BB there’s a point where I ask my self, why am I watching this and wasting my time? But it’s just like a bad movie you’re watching. You want to do something else but you’ve invested time into the movie and you now want to know how it ends, just for closure. Two years ago I tried not to watch BB that summer and not get hooked, and I made it thru half the season, but eventually I started watching. So here I am again, asking the same question, why am I watching this?

      3. No, not “the world”, the USA.
        & inundated with foreign media, Canadians are becoming self entitled assholes just the same.
        May as well though, Canada IS the US’s bitch…

        1. hahahahaha Canada is the US’s Bitch??? You couldn’t make me your bitch any day of the week…you are my entertainment!!! Get a clue, Americans and Canadians are sister countries and have always been allies! Ignorant people like you are what gives Americans bad images, lucky for you I love Americans, and have many many friends in the US, and won’t hold your ignorance against the rest of the respectable American People! I’m going to assume that most Americans call you Trash!

      4. Spot on Mister C. I have stopped watching the broadcast of BB this season, I’ll pop in once in a while to read some of the blog’s that are posted. I am appalled that this type of behaviour is allotted to continue. I’m from England and the production of BB over there is not censored on regular T.V like it is here. But let me tell you none of those HG’s have conducted themselves the way some of these HG’s and are allow to make such derogatory bullying remarks. Once again Mister C. well put/written.

      5. sorry but this “payoff” you seek will never come to fruition and will not be rewarding. These hgs may be dumb, but trust me, they aren’t that dumb, to hit the internet and scour it reading all the negative things that obsessed f*ckstix like the ones that come here and whine all day and night, put up.

        And even if they were, they have enough friends and fam that will prevent that from happening.

        1. You are correct, the sadist payoff I seek will not come true. However if you think for one second these people will not read about themselves then in my opinion you are fooling yourself. You have to be somewhat narcissistic to be on a reality TV show such as this. I am not saying it’s necessarily a bad quality to have but even the most modest person has these tendencies too. They all talk about watching the show when they get home already so a hop, skip and jump to google isn’t far fetched. When GM, Aaryn, Spencer and maybe even Amanda find out they lost their jobs over this and people hate them I am pretty sure they will look themselves up. With that said I am far from perfect and do not pretend to be better than most, I know my sh*t stinks and there lies the difference between me and most of the house guests.

          Sorry for lumping in the world with my earlier post. I am not a globe trotting man who spends a lot of time in other countries. I’ve been around but obviously not everywhere.

          1. Nah, youre wrong. they wont…Rule number 1 in th world of bb contestantdom…don’t read th internet. Dr. Will preached this long ago. They all hang in the same circles each year right after bb seasons are done, They talk. They warn. No internet.

            1. This group of hg will read. They do not believe they have done anything wrong to deserve getting fired. They will read!!

          2. You know Amanda, Aaryn, GM, better throw Spencer in the mix, and will make public apologies for being such disgusting crazed vile human beings just like politicians and athletes.
            Will Americans be foolish enough this time to accept their lame excuses?

      1. If I was in El’s shoes, when talking to Amanda. the first and last 4 words out of my mouth to her would be “You dirty coke whore” She would lose it in a nanosecond because she thought the house would be the only place she wouldn’t hear those words all summer long.

        1. Elissa please go downstairs and provoke that bitch to touch you so she will get thrown out of the game like the trash she is.

          1. If Judd won HOH next week he should nominate McPussy and aMANduh and in his nomination speech should say that this is what pretty much every household in America wants.

    2. I have not watched BB the last three shows. I come here to get updates. I do not subscribe to the live feeds, so please stop looking down on everyone. Its not necessary. People come here to see what is going on. In fact sounds like quite a few people have also stopped watching. We all know this is the worst season ever, with the meanest people. Stop judging people.

      1. I am a diehard fan since Season 1… I missed one show before this season, the last show of Season 9 because my husband and I were in a car accident on Sept 13th, he died instantly. I completely forgot BB existed for months…. eventually I got curious about the ending. This season is much different… I can miss whole shows, not DVR them, and just not care!

          1. Thank you for your kind words… I want everyone to have the love and happiness we had until that day. Even Amanda…: (

        1. Buddhistgirl69: So sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. Our prayers go out to you.

          I agree that this year is the worst ever. Stopped watching the show and only come here for updates. I’ve lost respect for BB and CBS.

          At least when Brandon had a meltdown on Survivor Jeff took him out of the competition. I see no difference in what Brandon did and what Amanda is doing. Both were bullies and Amanda should be removed from the show.

          CBS do your job, you are allowing contestants to ruin their lives on national TV. Remove Amanda from the show and have a talk with the contestants about what is bullying.

          1. Thank You for your prayers. I pray for peace of mind and some kind of closure to that day.

            I agree with you that CBS has stepped in when house guests are losing it… Russell and Chima come to mind. Brandon on Survivor knew the jig was up and he basically self-evicted by threatening people and throwing the rice in the sand. I think tonight they game Demanda some kind of magic pill to get her calm, but she was having a real psychotic break with reality. CBS needs to give her some penalty for her harrassment that went on for 3 hrs.

      2. I just want to point out the absurdity of your statement, and I quote, “We all know this is the worst season ever, with the meanest people. Stop judging people.”
        You start out by judging people, the immediately back track by saying to not judge people.

      3. Nope I will never stop judging you idiots. Its fugging annoying that somehow you all act like now “watching a show or a clip is soooo beneath you, and you hate this season yet you are still emotionally invested in it enough to come onto this site and read and read and comment and clog up the threads with the same comments over and over….

        If I were the only one that felt that way, Id prob just shut up and take it, but plenty of others are tired of the sanctimoniousness.

    3. What would really be funny would be clicking on Huffpo and reading that AG’s house had burned to the ground.

    4. So lets be clear. We are not allowed to complain now. If we do then we’re not allowed on this site? Ok we complain and express our thoughts and opinions. Aren’t we allowed to do that? So exactly explain your point again. You are just grasping at straws now.

    5. We can complain how awful Amanda is all day long! We subscribe to watch the show because we are fans! Amanda is a disgrace to BB because she is ruining her game by being a mean bully. Every week she targets someone and it is disgusting! Beat them with gameplay and comps not bullying them!

    6. A lot of us were (are?) fans of the show but this has been such a disappointment compared to others, and it is okay to share your views. Some of us may be hoping that things will turn around for the show and allow for the fans to return to watching it, instead of reading about it. Unfortunately, they have not cleaned things up at this time, maybe next season. So until then, we just read about what is going on so we can gloss over the parts where people are insanely screaming to be the main attraction of the show.

    7. Big talk from someone who doesn’t use their real name, haha, really? You’re pretty lame a$$ yourself buddy. My guess is you’re a sloppy person who doesn’t have a lot going on in real life and it gives you a sort of sad satisfaction to think you have any real importance anywhere. You are also reading these blogs and sadly have the time to comment as well. So why you trying to judge?

    8. I am not an Elissa fan, but no one should be subjected to this kind or hate. I feel so sorry for Elissa and Amanda needs to be sent home immediately. I hope Elissa gets a Pandora Box or something so she can put Amanda on the block and she gets sent to Jury on Thursday. Her actions are intolerable.

    9. i just stick around for amanduhs blowjobs, and the fact she is a vile pig, must be making her family very proud, at least stopped having those segments where they would take the cameras to that person hometown, everyone is to ashamed to be seen

    10. So now she is hiding in the HOH Blah Blah Blah Blah poor Elissa. Why is she in this game anyway, she has never really played this game, wants to walk out of jury when it gets tough, and she can’t stand hanging out with the others (except for Helen). They have tried to talk to her and she just snubs them or gets all pissy.

    11. Yo, Captain Obvious, we’re getting tired of the serial lecturing. Don’t like it, vote with your mouse and pick a site that gives a damn.

    12. People have the right to complain as much as the next person. As someone else has stated “If you don’t like it, then don’t read it”. This is a blog and everyone has the right to complain about that man (A MAN DUH) if we want to. She IS disgusting, she IS despicable and she IS a bully in every sense of the word. I’m not a Elissa fan either, however, NO one has the right to be treated like that. That man is pissed because he is not getting his way and instead of trying to devise a plan to save them next week he bullies Elissa by throwing a tantrum like a spoiled 5 year old.

      He can sh%t talk all day but he has no right to talk about family members. That’s wrong. And how about YOU HAHA don’t come back to the blogs so you don’t have to read all of our “Crying”. Just as you get to complain about the fans, we can complain about YOU, that MAN calling himself A MAN DUH and his pet McCrappy!

      Get the hell out of here with that BullS$%T!!!

    13. Cry? Yeah. You obviously do not realize when you are being manipulated. Lemmings never do…

      “Hey, I am a Nigerian Prince — blah, blah, blah…”

    14. Yeah, i come to sites like this to find out if it’s even worth watching now. If i find out it’s all about the skank bullying for two hours, i delete it without wasting my time watching it. I want to be entertained, not watch some nast bitch.

    1. Already been CSI-ed. Hand of worker only shows up after she is airborne. She would have also been real vocal is she got pushed.

    1. He should take note of Helen’s warning about Andy. Will be very disappointed if he forms an alliance with Amanda. They will just vote him out after Elissa.

      1. Regarding Judd’s inability to see Andy’s rat-like traits—It’s called male blindness, thank goodness for the female instinct Elissa has.

    1. Yeah, because I’m sure you would just love for some fat bitch that outweighs you by 100 pounds to run around chasing you like a psychotic nut case.

    2. I know irs a gamw, and lying and backstabbing is part of it. But harrassing someone and bullying people because you cant control them is another. Does Amanda and McRae and Andy blieve they should never be on the block. It was fine when they backdoored everyobe else and lied to their face constantly, but they dont expect it to happen to them. Amanda is just avting ridiculous and its disgusting that most of the others think its gunny to treat someone like that.

    3. Glad Elissa won’t stoop to their level. After this is said and done, they’ll all probably want to emulate her. They’ve all lacked good guidance in their lives it seems.

    4. On the feed I’m watching the only reason Andy is frantic is because he knows 3am have been ineffective in saving their 3am team. aaryn will be going and his hands are tied.

    5. Andy when you read this in the future, why did you choose to be Amanda’s slave-rat? Did your days of being bullied not teach you anything?

    6. I’m not an Elissa fan, but Amanda doing her A-hole thing is irritating to everyone in the house. She is one piece of work, one pathetic, annoying, criminal, skank, psycho pig.

  2. I’m so tired of Rachelissa threatening to quit the show every time something doesn’t go her way. Her sister used to do the same thing and it was annoying then. She clearly doesn’t appreciate the opportunity to be on the show and apparently had no idea what she was signing up for. What Demanda did was wrong, but other houseguests have taken far worse treatment without threatening to walk off the show. And Rachelissa was far from innocent with her classless comments about Demanda’s miscarriage.

    1. Yea, Rachel threatened to leave the week Brendon left, then they told her he would be brought back for one week, then they made sure Pandora’s Box saved her and Jordan…

      1. Nobody likes you, go away. If everything is rigged then quit fucking watching and frankly I’m tired of seeing your same old “Its rigged” rants. Whiny lil bitch.

    2. As long as the power Elissa gets is bad for Colonel H.M. Stinkmeaner and MustyAvenger leading to onwe of them leaving, I don’t mind, but if it’s just to keep her protected, I don’t wanna see it..

      Amanda and Elissa leaving, would be great…

    3. Amanada made that public herself on the live feeds 10 days ago. She lost the baby. Yeah Right. Does she look like she’s mourning the loss of a child. I’d say no. As a matter of fact, she was bony that greasy unwashed pizza boy the 1st night. I’d say she had an abortion because having a baby would be inconvenient for her.

    4. @This Season Blows, Considering that she(Elissa) probably has know that Amanda is set to stay in this game no matter what and she’s(El) not in dire need of the 500 grand, living in a house with a Adderrall fueled wildebeest is really not worth it.

  3. when she dominated that POV, OTEV, she got a huge confidence boost. started to look and act like Rachel in some ways, the good ways.

    unfortunately, she has no one, really…at all…and is going to crack.

    elissa is likely a 5th place finisher or so.

  4. even if this was rigg for Amanda she fu##k up no way cbs will rigg this for her TWITTER , FACE BOOK all the hate she has gotten ….. right now I want elissa tell them she is walking so they give her a special power to kiss her ass to stay even though she will stay ….. this alone will make elissa one of the final 2 but yet they better let judd win hoh this week …. judd HOH THIS WEEK I want her crawl back up in bed in a fetus position when judd wins hoh

  5. Amanda IS the most hated BB player EVER! Elissa’s 8 year old son didn’t sing up for the show. So shut your mouth shemalemanda! “i’ll have a lot of people hate me, and like me.” um, no you wont…… Is Amanda playing to win? Can someone tell me why she is doing this? Does she know that there is a jury?

  6. JUDD, don’t go back to your old alliance!!! if they can blindside you the first time, they won’t hesitate to do it a second time!


  7. All of America hates and loathes you, you skank. Amanda, “So I’m going to have a lot of people hate me” *DING DING DING* and “A lot of people like me”. Hahahaha No, skank. No ONE likes you, I’ve seen like 3 people say something decent about you out of hundreds. Cant wait for you to see it!! Cue trash can for skank to run behind and cry.

  8. Amanda knows she’s lost control this week. She’s prepping for next week and showing the others the wrath they’ll face if they don’t follow her orders. Horrible girl. She’s well prepared for jail IF she ever goes that way like that other BB winner.

    1. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking after I read the update. Not only does she pay back El, but she’s teaching the “others” to get in line. And they ALL SIT THERE AN TAKE IT.

    1. Rachelissa is two-faced as well, or are we just going to ignore how she laughed at the racist jokes behind her “friend” Candice’s back?

  9. I could not get thru on the server for CBS but I did send an email to Grossner’s company, Fly on the Wall. I know it won’t make any difference but at least I feel better about it.

  10. So Evel Dick does the exact same thing, wins and is
    considered a BB All-star and fan fav. But when Amanda
    does it she is a terrible person etc… and CBS should
    kick her out?

    Talk about your double standards. If Amanda was a guy
    people would be cheering her on.

    She is one of the best players in years and everyone in
    that house knows it. Bullying is a tactic and it is totally
    within the rules. Elissa got all catty and cocky and now she
    cant handle the fact that it back fired.

    1. There’s some truth to that. Rachelissa was egging McCranda on at the beginning, calling them dirty, claiming she threw the veto, and making jokes about Demanda’s miscarriage – but when it got too much for her, she ran and hid in the HOH room and threatened to quit for the millionth time. She’s just trying to force production to hand her another power – which they will – because she screwed up her HOH and is going home next week without it.

    2. Right, because ED harassed people with zero strategy involved, when him or Dani weren’t OTB, and also thought family members were fair-game to talk crap about? Doesn’t sound like BB8 that I watched. Here’s a refresher: the majority of that cast was playing personal and had plenty of low-blow comments that even ED was offended by; don’t remember the famous “Yo mama’s a bitch” with Jameka, the good christian? Exactly. ED was able to get under the skin of most of the HG’s because they were raging hypocrites with a ton of skeletons in their closet and easily broke under pressure(bad lying and short-sightedness does that).

    3. Evil dick called people on their fakness. Amanda is just a racist, bully. Her parents must be so proud. Amanda is also the leader of lost sheep. There are no game players in BB 15, just haters

      1. Dude burned ole girl with his smoke. That was crazy. I thought for sure he was going after that one. That’s the season BB became a whole nother game.

    4. I agree with you that Amanda’s strategy is very similar to Evil Dick’s – I didn’t like him either. He is a fan fav for the purpose of “the player everyone loves to hate”. The reason for me Amanda is soooo much worse is not because of her tactics (I agree that the taunting is part of every BB), but it is because Amanda is such a disgusting person in general. Even if she didn’t do the “bullying”, she still projects the stereotypical barefoot/slutty/white trailer trash persona that is particularly offensive to me as a woman. I don’t remember Evil Dick being in a showmance, having sex broadcast on live feeds, leaving condoms piled up under the bed, being a complete hypocrite, etc. I don’t think they should toss Amanda out. Let her continue to be her own worse enemy. Even if she ends up winning, how far will $500,000 actually go after taxes? And really, who cares? This is her 15 minutes, and IMO she’s not using it wisely. I think she’s the female version of Howard Stern…maybe that’s what she’s shooting for after this gig is up. I liked her strategy in the beginning. I wish I could say I was still rooting for her to win…..unfortunately, I’ve lost all respect for her as a human being. So, yes, I hope Elissa at least lasts longer than she does, even if Elissa doesn’t win either.

    5. Who said evil dick is a fan fav? Most people say dan, jeff, rachel, jordan, will, boogie, janelle, britney, etc. but I don’t hear people say Evil dick is their favorite. He’s just a great player and you can’t compare him to amanda either. He never spewed the hateful venom that Amanda is, just because her game is ruined. Its a fuckin game! Your tellin me she’s such a great game player when she takes things so personal and she also is terrible at comps and not on purpose. The reason she is still around is because this is probably the worst overall bb cast ever. In any other season these people would be mince meat. Its sad when Amanda has no threatening qualities about her and yet she has everyone this season scared witless. It is an insult to bb to compare Amanda to any of the greats. You should be ashamed.

    6. Amanda is far worse than ED. At least Evel had a valid excuse, he did it to protect his own daughter from Jen. Amanda did it for no reason other than she is just a witch.

    7. Thank you! A spot on observation regarding ED and Amanda. You can tell there are a lot of new bb watchers here on the board. The clues are everywhere. People too stupid to know how a veto works…and thinking what Amanda is doing is some sort of groundbreaking evil behavior. God, if Dick was in the house doing his thing in 2013, instead of 2007 this jelly-spined pc, cant-take-shit, society we live in now would be outside th house picketing with torches losin their minds the way they do on this comment board day after day.

      Having said that, Im glad they all do, though. It makes me smile like it did yesterday. Reason number 1 being that when one of McCranda wins the show, its going to be that much sweeter, reading all of the anger, sorrow and despair on here!!!! lol CANT WAIT!!!!!

  11. Well….all of this happening on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!! Unreal!

    Dear BB Gods, for my birthday this year PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have this bitch removed from the house. She is giving me a headache.

    Oh well….if only.

    1. Happy Birthday Teri B… for your birthday CBS got you a psychotic breakdown by a filthy, low-down, no good, whore and an appearance by the same nastiness in her underwear (with no working lycra left in it!!!) walking around the house with a saggy bottom! Happy Birthday!~

  12. If anything this game is fixed for Elissa. All she does is talk about leaving and not finishing. Then how she is above all this. Sounds like she was garunteed some final 3 deal by CBS. She gets more money and always whines about how she is so ganged up on. Dix she even watch what happened to her sister. Hello genius. Ps. Darling Elissa talking about someone else getting breast implants when you have them is hypocritical

  13. Amanda. Needs to go and CBS needs to evict her. Someone higher up talked to her really taking isn’t going to work. Evict her! At least Amanda has a clue America hates her. Cannot. Believe everyone is. So afraid of amanda that they will not stand up and defend ELISSA. What. A crappy group we. Have.

  14. Andy is such a ginger rat faced hobbitty weasel troll doll, I really wish there were double evictions and the whole block could be cleaned. He needs to realize that everyone hates him for his crap and fake “goodwill” and “trust”.
    Btw, does anyone notice how Demanda seems to wear McWuss’ jacket all the time?

  15. CBS just lost us as Viewers, As well as all of our friends, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. This is trash at its finest. If you think that what Amanda is doing is okay, you can live with that decision..I’m out……

  16. Amanda is getting in trouble for her behavior??? I am not an Amanda fan but she isn’t doing anything half as bad as Evil Dick did and he never got in any trouble. Even though I don’t agree with her tactics or her bullying. I don’t see how she can get in trouble when they allowed much worse behavior from Evil Dick. Just saying.

    1. I don’t recall exactly, but I don’t think Evel Dick never said he wanted to kill anyone. I don’t think Evel Dick ever talked about the way a person looked (only their personality). Evel Dick never spoke negatively about someone’s family. He did annoying things, he didn’t do the nasty things Amanda is doing.

      1. Your joking, right?? Please say you are. ED talked about butt f-ing Jen until she bled and crushing her neckbones until she was dead.

    2. agree, Evel Dick was much worse than Amanda… he was relentless… and he had so many haters,,, I watched the entire on feeds, I did not miss a minute of BB8…he knew exactly how to get in someone’s head… that’s just another game tactic. It’s just a game and every player knows full well what they have agreed to.

  17. Hopefully before Colonel H.M. Stinkmeaner and MustyAvenger leaves the show, they will actually do something FUNNY..

  18. Same as before!

    Elissa: I know she’s the most mildly criticized (and should be!), but she does say some mean things. But we can’t pass judgment on Elissa for that since WE ALL DO IT. Every person knows they can only handle so much before flipping out on people who are so terrible to them– biting the tongue can be difficult, and we should all realize this. At least she’s being honest about her feelings, unlike basically everyone. Very good in competitions when she tries. Love her alliance with Judd! He needs to win HOH next week, or Elissa should get Pandora’s Box!! She is and has been my *favorite* since the beginning. I don’t care if she puts up Andy or Amanda.

    Judd: He’s a likeable goofball! He certainly stands a chance at winning, I believe. I know he’s being dishonest about where his real loyalties lie (JUDDLISSA!), but he has to do that because the others are so conniving. I think he has a good heart though.

    Ginamarie: She’s okay but far too wishy-washy. I would call her a “wild-card” if she was better at competitions…but yeah. I can’t tell what she’s going to do sometimes, but it never really matters too much. I don’t have too much of a problem with her aside from her vile remarks, but I certainly don’t think she’ll win.

    Aaryn: She is a competition BEAST. She’s dangerous in that aspect, so she receives the “wild-card” title but only because no one knows when she’ll get into a verbal altercation with basically any houseguest and put them on the block. I know so many think she’s a bad person, but I can honestly see her maturing a bit in the BB house, more so than she has in any part of her life. I used to hate her, but she’s growing on me because she is fierce competition in just about any challenge. I wouldn’t be hurt if she was voted out, but I don’t think she deserves to go before Amanda. She grows on me each week even more…

    Amanda: Why is she still there? Oh, because somehow the others are intimidated by her? Ridiculous! I would say vote her out, but she’s so bad at competitions. I know she won veto this time, but…come on. McCrae has got to go first because she actually stands a chance in competitions and will never betray Amanda.

    McCrae: He’s your typical teenage girl! Simply devoted to their “one-and-only,” although their “one-and-only” displays (previously?) wh0re-like mannerisms and is a vile bully!

    Andy: He just lies too much. He was far better in the beginning, which would be when he was RARELY around Amanda, just saying……. He’s a rat and simply be evicted for his likelihood of voting the SAME WAY as Amanda and MC. So dumb! Play YOUR OWN game, and stop dragging yourself along by others’ coat-tails! I’m not saying to align with Elissa…I’m just saying to stop playing for Amanda/MC because when push comes to shove, they’re going to choose each other over any player.

    Spencer: Lol. He’s still there and does NOTHING!!! He’s such a loof. That’s it.

    If I forgot someone, they were worth forgetting then.
    One to remember: Helen! I loved her! I know she faked nearly all of the I-love-yous and played a game like a politician (well, since she is one…), but she was just great! I miss her being there. I really thought she could win this game…
    CBS Production: Why are you all allowing someone to bully their way to the end?! DO SOMETHING. It’s just wrong.

      1. I have to agree….Judd came back into the house saying he wasn’t afraid of Amanda and he acted like he was going to take a stand against these losers. He even said he didnt care if he was voted out. He wasnt going to follow the crowd. So here is his golden opportunity. He can stand up for his supposed alliance member Elissa and tell Amanda to stop. So what does he do? Says nothing…what a shocker….same old Judd….happy to follow the crowd….can’t say I am surprised. Way to go tough guy!

  19. Amanda is soo smart. Bugging Elissa right before the pov is draining Elissa mentally and not allowing her to put up Andy! She’s thinking of quitting and she has threatened several times to do so. All you Amanda haters be realistic she might be crazy but she is one heck of a BB player and anyone who disagrees is playing a personal game.

      1. I hope Elissa does walk. I don’t think she deserves to win BB anyway. She has no game play. She walks around like she is a queen and every other houseguest is beneath her. If she has everything why is she on BB trying to win money anyway?? She acts like a spoiled rotten child that threatens to quit the show every time things are not going her way. She doesn’t even deny her bad behavior, she just blames it on the way the other house guests treat her. REALLY??? How are you any better than them Elissa???

          1. Just so you know I am not Mrs Zuckerman nor am I even a fan of Amanda’s. You don’t have to be an Amanda fan to dislike the way Elissa acts. I dislike the way Amanda acts too. For that matter I dislike the way most of the house guests act. I would be really hard pressed to even name a favorite for this season of BB.

  20. I understand why everyone is put off by Amanda’s verbal onslaught towards Elissa but I’ve watching and it has all been provoked by Elissa. Elissa attacked amanda first every time. She spoke about Amanda’s personal life in a demeaning manner (low blow) so Amanda’s handing it right back. Elissa had her groupies say they threw the veto on purpose to insult Amanda, and on and on. Elissa just does it in a way that no one really notices but she’s instigating. Falsely accused Amanda of messing with her stuff, so Amanda did since she was being verbally accused of it in front of everyone. Elissa is bringing this on herself this verbal attack so I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. Elissa has been calling them disgusting, gross, etc for weeks. She threatens BB she’s going to quit every other day. Did she really think she could instigate verbal attacks on Amanda and get away with it? That was not smart at all. I think she thought being HOH meant the world would bow down to her. I don’t care for Elissa at all. She acts like a princess and she’s just jealous. And now she’s playing victim and everyone is falling for it.

    1. rita, it’s time for you to go to bed now & wait for your mommy to come tuck you in…..you can catch up on your favorite tranniemanda tomorrow..

    2. Jealous of what exactly? LOL Amanda’s cottage cheese ass, ugly face, or maybe her shining personality? What are you smoking Rita?

    3. Okay, so what your saying is the pretty rich girl who has a loving husband,a beautiful body, kids, and mental serenity is taking shots at a dumpy, middle-aged woman who molests little boys because she is jealous?… that is sad if you really see the world from Amanda’s point of view.

  21. I bet BB thought Aaryn was gonna be America’s little sweetheart, like another Jordan. They probably also thought Elissa would be like Rachel. Both ladies are total opposite of what they hoped for. Rachel would be in Amanda’s face. Amanda wouldn’t be harassing Rachel.

  22. Deplorable behavior like bullying or stalking someone in the house already has a precedent set in the seasons before this one. Even though Amanda is probably the most unlikeable person ever on this show, there is no way production can kick her out of the house because they have allowed this type of thing in past seasons. The ONLY thing they will do is request her to stop and/or give her a penalty. For all the people who despise Amanda and want her gone (including myself), the reason why people keep watching is because it is human nature to want to see that person come to justice. Sure, if we are so offended, we could turn off the tv and not read the updates or watch the feeds. However, there is a human desire to want to see some kind of karma or justice done to those we perceive to have wronged us or others.

    What is frustrating about Amanda is that even though her behavior is vile and hard to watch, it actually causes people to root for someone like Elissa who is not really that likeable herself. Elissa lives in her own little world and behaves tactlessly and entitled when it comes to bragging about her wealth. Despite those quirks or faults, I have no problem with her since it’s not like she is shoving herself forcefully on anyone. Amanda is extremely aggressive. What is worse, Amanda is clever enough to toe the line to be as extreme as possible without actually breaking the rules.

    1. Umm, that was VERY well said. I think you’re the first person to articulate what’s really at the heart of this season (for most people here anyway). Elissa is hardly without fault, and yet, I still find myself rooting for her because I have never hated anyone as much as I hate Amanda. I want justice, and I will feel so infuriated if Amanda ends up winning. Not to mention, insulted by CBS for creating this situation. Whether they rigged it or simply sat by and let this happen, I feel like they’ve taken away the simple joy and respect I once had for this game.

      And one last note about the potential rigging this season — what upsets me the most is that they seem to think they’re getting better ratings by keeping these foul people around because they think we will continue to talk bad about them, thus generating more hype. But in reality, they’re doing us (and the very nature of this show) a huge disservice. Do they not realize by letting things play out naturally, it could actually inspire more dialogue and interest? That maybe if these key people are removed on their own, new dynamics and relationships will be able to form, thus creating new suspense and drama?? Silly me, I thought that was the whole point of this show…

      Anyway, I think you hit the nail on the head. Well said, thanks.

  23. Everyone acts like what Amanda says is soooooo bad. Uhhhhhh… Pretty sure you guys on here are way more crazy (rooting for Elissa proves this)

    1. Amanda never forgets this is a game and she has her eye on the prize. I think she is the ONLY one that’s not playing personal and that’s why she’s so good at it. On the other hand, isn’t it abusive to miss your child’s very very first day of school ever ever because you want to be on TV?

      1. you are a total IDIOT … and I am being nice ….who in their right mind .. (and from everything you have said so far on these post YOU ARE NOT ) would give that SKANK ANIMAL the win… everyone in the jury knows she bullied them to do what she wanted .. PLUS she has been playing a personal game .. It`s kiss my ass or you are next …

      2. Elissa missed the first day of her son being in third grade. So what!!!!! No harm was caused, it’s not like it was kindergarten, he’s in the third grade. Get a grip.

        1. Not sure if you have noticed, but 90% of the people on this board are incapable of getting a grip…Prob have too many cats running around the house. lol

        2. Moms want to be there for their kids first day of school. If you don’t understand that, I hope you’re not a parent.

      3. There is something much worse than missing your childs first day of third grade to be on TV and that’s aborting your baby like Amanda did to be on TV..

  24. I guarantee that CBS is loving the drama that Amanda’s behavior is stirring up. They WANT a villain for the public to hate. If they are worried about the rumors of it being rigged for Amanda to win, they will let her lose. HOWEVER, I bet you half a million dollars that they will invite her back to play next season or put her onto another CBS reality show. They will spin it as the “villain” that everyone loves to hate. She will receive the fame and attention she craves and will learn that the world not only approves of her crass behavior but wants more of it. Allison Grodner will make sure that if Amanda does not win this season of BB, Amanda will continue to show up on television next season or on another show.

    My prediction is that whether or not she gets evicted, AG will make sure Amanda gets more fame and tv job opportunities than any other houseguest.

    1. Unfortunately, you are probably right, Crystal Ball. And it sucks. In this business it’s all about who you know, who you’ll do, and so on.


      Sorry for yelling.

  25. Is not showering part of Amanda and McCrae’s strategy?
    Amanda plays a good game but if her and McCrae did not come off as dirty and lazy ( not to mention rude, but hey sometimes rude is a little entertaining, she just can’t pull it off like Evil Dick did) I would like her so much more. I just want force them both into a shower, strip that bed they have been sleeping on and wash those bed sheets in extra hot water like I am getting of bed bugs, then I would like to give McCrae a mani/pedi so he could stop biting his nails. And, finally spray the whole area with Lysol. And I am not even a neat freak but I am so grossed out by their lifestyle. Yuck!

      1. You’re right. My bad I wasn’t thinking clearly, I was too busy trying not to throw up thinking about what could be growing in that house. I wonder what new bacteria we can discover from their living space.

  26. All will quiet down once Andy goes up and the 3am infighting begins, They’ll be too busy doing damage control from the TX Tornado -Aryan.

    Props to GM for bringing Elissa’s underwear to her before the yeast-infected one wore them or put them in/on the toilet also.

  27. like many on here I can not stand the antics of Amanda .. her acts are low as low can get .. and I have read how many people would love for Elissa or someone to smack down that evil person … BUT .. one sure fire way to piss the skank off more is for Elissa to continue not kissing the skanks barn sized butt and just continue to smile at the witch … the skank has already made note to Elissa`s smile and I am sure it is ticking the skank off big time … so bottom line is the skank has no control over Elissa and up to now continued to smile at the skank . I know I use to piss people off if I smiled at them after they did something stupid , rude, or inappropriate …. YOU GO GIRL … Elissa rooting for you big time ..

  28. plot twist…. Joe comes back and cooks everyone breakfast after taking a dumb and not watching his hands, while shelly sits in the backyard chain smoking cigs while convincing mcrea he and Amanda are meant for each other. Kalia is MIA

  29. So, it’s a lock that Aryn is going home??

    I would LOVE to see Spencer, GM, Elissa and Judd team up!!!! I prefer Andy leaving. Aryn should be kissing GM, Spencer and Judd’s a**. What the hell is wrong with her. I can’t believe she is stupid enough to believe she is staying over replacement nom.

    I live for the moment when Skankmanda and McPuss go home. I hope Judd wins next HOH and puts them up. I can’t believe the “couple” hasn’t been evicted or split up yet. WTF. Insanity!!!!

    Judd FTW

    1. If Andy goes up than yes right now it’s a lock but a lot can change before Thursday. I wouldn’t be surprised if it changes up a couple times before the vote goes down. This one might be tough to call this week.

      1. LMAO! Jealous of what? Amanda’s fat ass, ugly face, yeast infection, herpes, 80 pound pizza delivery boyfriend? What? Which one??

  30. I think Elissa and aMANda are working together. Team Rachel and AG worked out a deal that the winner would get $500k and runner-up $250k. McCrappy might be Zuckerfug’s real-life boyfriend. If the fix is in, he gets 3rd. My faith in the integrity of the game would be restored if Judd and Spencer make it to finals.

  31. Amanda accused Jeremy of being a bully because of drinking the wine and with Helen forced his eviction from the house. What Amanda is doing right now is criminal. I have never witnessed a bullying event in my life so it has always been hard to empathize with others when I hear stories. Now I am seeing first hand what bullying is and I’m sick to watch this garbage. This is just as bad as any racism that has been shown on this show if not worse. What the f*ck are the people at CBS doing here? Why are they allowing it to continue? And why are the the other house guests not taking a stand to stop this crap? If I were Elissa I would go to the DR and make one final stand with the production team. If they don’t stop it I would self evict and call a press conference to call out CBS on a national stage for allowing this crap

    1. OMG are you serious?? Please take off those rose-colored glasses you’ve had on since birth, My God,l cant with people on here. Press conferences….lol dude….go.away.already

  32. Isn’t is hilarious hearing GM talk about, not wanting people to think ill of her about what does did on the show??? Regardless of what she said on the show , what man would want her PERIOD?

  33. Something has to be going on. Photobooth open. Cameras were turning (i read on twitter). Wonder what it is? I hope it’s Pandora.

  34. Amanda –” F** her and her loui vuitton shoes” Oh yah, Skankmanda is jealous of Elissa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. There is a difference between psyching out your opponent and bullying. I’m sorry but Amanda is a Neanderthal when it comes to psyching out an opponent. The fall back position of all mental midgets when confronted with superior intelligence is to get crude and to bully. How she can mentally fix it in her own mind that she was justified in confronting Aaryn for making racist comments and Helen for being a bully is beyond me. On another note I don’t see how Aaryn could possibly trust Amanda at this stage. Amanda told Aaryn when she was HOH that she wanted her and Aaryn as the final two (the hottest yet!). Amanda said she could not win over MC and would keep Aaryn. Well Amanda has the POV and guess what! She will use it on MC and let Aaryn twist in the wind and take her chances on the block. If Aaryn stays and sticks with McNasty she is beyond dumb.

  36. And the award for Best Improv Acting goes to……Big Brother 15 Cast! It really is sad how staged this whole “Reality” show is. I hope their writers are paid well.

  37. Mc: It must be rough being away from Marilyn for so long now.

    Spencer: Marilyn is pretty, funny, clever, and earns good money with a credible job. Her sister on the other hand is 17, has had a 2 year old kid with a criminal and im pretty sure is on the game, always going out in the tiniest skirts and massive heels….So the question is….which one do i always fantasize about when im alone…….you got it, the 2 year old!

  38. I am very interested in finding out what happens to these nasty people after the show ends, especially Amanda as she is the worse. Aaryn is definite racist but has cleaned up her act after I assumed she was spoken to. I think CBS left the men off fairly easily especially Spencer for their/his racist and many dismissive remarks about women. Over time I actually feel sorry for GM as she got caught up in the nasty mob.
    Amanda’s behavior is the lowest of the low but as she is a sociopath none of this is affecting her. She just does not give a f##k, her words.

    1. The network has a fancy tool called ‘editing’ that they use. A leopard doesn’t change their spots that quickly. I am in no way in favor of someone losing their job because they the exercise their right to free speech. I see it as our society has become so Politically Correct that very few people use their First Amendment Rights and speak their minds and when they do they get bashed.

  39. I take Elissa’s threats to go home with a grain of salt. Production will call her into the DR and talk her out of it, even if it means she spends most of the next few days in the DR. Although I applaud her for sticking to her decision to run her own HOH and not bow to anyone else’s direction, I think that she doesn’t have the thick skin it takes to endure an aggressive player (Bully) like Amanda.

    Being bullied myself as a young child, I see in Amanda the traits of past bullies. People who obviously don’t care what the cameras are recording and show pleasure at tormenting others. These types of bullies are usually leaders of a small group or gang of kids who follow along, feeling justified in their own bad behavior because the leader is doing it and not getting in trouble. Even if other kids are around who do not agree with this behavior and feel badly for the victim, they don’t dare speak out because they are afraid of the leader’s attention being redirected towards them.

    This is basic schoolyard bullying right here. What Jessie did before her eviction was nothing compared to Amanda’s aggressiveness. The biggest difference is that Jessie was a lone wolf yapping at everyone without anyone to back her up. With Amanda, she has at least two people strongly on her side (McGross and Aryan) who are either encouraging her or enjoying her antics. When the others sit back and let it happen without intervention, or laughing with Amanda, it makes the victim feel like she is being ganged up on even though it’s really just one person who is causing the drama. In Elissa’s defense, I would feel very uncomfortable, unsafe, and terrorized. However, it should be expected to endure this type of treatment when agreeing to appear on a show like Big Brother. So although I have sympathy for her feelings, I would be disgusted if she quit because she shouldn’t have come on this show at all if she didn’t expect to be treated badly at some point.

  40. Elissa and Gina Marie just called out Andy, Spencer and Judd….blew their dumb ass scheme to have Elissa put up GM instead. They looked like three scared mouses when Elissa called GM out to the patio!!!

    Awe in fell swoop just made them all look stupid.

  41. I was opened.. It happened.. Elissa is MIA for over 40 min while photo booth is open to distract all other houseguests from attempting to go into HOH. Im telling you it happened and she won money while they got to be distracted. Thats my bet

  42. Just want to emphasize that Amanda is NOTHING like evel Dick.
    1. ED won competitions. and was fierce at them. (22 hours holding his key before Zach won)
    2. ED was NOT in the majority. Everybody hated him. Him and Danielle had to win so much to stay around.
    3. yes ED used a bully-ish attitude. but he always stated (even after the show) dont lie for no reason. He was quick to call out liars.

    1. relies too much on her manipulation. too linear and transparent of a game.
    2. she is always on the majority. all of her “power” comes from being with the stacked side. and picking on the minority.
    3. her bullying is good for provoking. but shes played the card so much, that others will either turn on her, or never vote for her as the winner.

    1. Evil Dick was an excellent analyst of human weakness, strength, and used his skills against those he confronted. He was not passive aggressive like this mean, demented woman. He openly told people what he thought in no uncertain terms… brutally honest. Amanda is quite the opposite, going in for low-blows and being physically intimidating while doing it. Elissa was smart to lay low til the demented dominatrix wannabe ran out of steam.

    2. I agree with this completely. Amanda has gotten far in this game because they did not cast other players who could play at her own game and beat her at it. She would NEVER last if matched against Evel Dick. The only reason Amanda is playing the game more effectively (not better, just more effective) than the other houseguests right now is because they are ALLOWING it. It doesn’t prove Amanda is smart or a great game player. It only proves that this season cast mostly weak players.

  43. Did anyone see the feed where someone woke her up and she was smiling in the dark and said OMG. Looked like something was happening. Then they switched feeds…

  44. Well if Rachelissa was wavering at all before, Andy just talked himself up on the block by trying to lie to her about GM. One of the dumbest moves I have EVER seen. I really want the rat snitch to get blindsided.

  45. I can’t wait to see when Andy goes up and he and Aaryn find out that McCranda has promised them both they won’t go home. Which one will they tell the truth to? This will be really interesting to watch.

    1. I agree, watching the 3AM alliance lie and turn on each other will finally make this season interesting! Like or hate Elissa, her HOH is the best thing to happen to this show so far just so that there is *something* to watch happen.

      1. Omg YES! Elissa totally saved this season for me. I have been glued to the spoilers this week just trying to figure out which one will really go. I hope Elissa sticks to her guns and puts Andy on the block. Andy will be squirming and also have a nervous breakdown. GM may find out that Aaryn was for sure trying to get her put up. Andy and Aaryn both will be in McCranda’s face trying to figure out which one they are most loyal to. Amanda and McCrae will go crazy trying to keep their lies straight and to not let either of the two know what they said to the other. Andy and Aaryn will compare notes and find out they are both being lied to. MAN! I could go on and on. This is what we’ve been waiting for all season. Simply putting up McCranda wouldn’t bring this much drama and would be much easier to predict. My hat goes off to Elissa. She saved the season for the viewers in my opinion. I don’t really care which one goes this week. It’s going to be great either way.

  46. I’m throughly disgusted with how Elissa is being treated by Amanda. This is absolute harassment and CBS should not be allowing this to happen. College Psych classes will have a lot of footage to dissect to study human behavior…at it’s worst!!!

  47. What does the rulebook say about falling completely off the competition platform and production still awarding a win?

    1. wonder if they retaped the rules to say hit the ground instead of fall off the pedestal. I thought the same thing. That and they let them hold onto the ball holders

    2. The rule was feet couldn’t touch the ground, and they didn’t. Amanda fell completely off without her feet touching and was allowed to stay in, too.

  48. Why does Amanda need to look at rule book to justify her actions? I would be willing to bet that the rule book doesn’t address the issue that your not allowed to poison or murder a fellow contestant. Does that mean that you can because it’s not written in that book. Of course not. Do you think the rule book says anything about injecting heroin in the house? Anything that is illegal or immoral on the outside of the house is illegal or immoral on the inside of the house and CBS needs to address these issues. If they are not then it all has been video documented and I would advise Elissa to search out legal representation to see if any rights of hers were abused by any members in the house or the CBS corporation

    1. I would expect that Elissa’s husband is already seeking legal counsel for what is being done to his wife and CBS is being contacted. It must be horrible to watch a loved one go through what she’s going through.

      1. Im sorry, tell us again what exactly illegal is being “done to his wife” ??? Oh, Disgusted…everytime you post…it Digusts me.

    2. I believe Amanda is double checking the rule book to make sure that touching Elissa’s personal belongings only apply to the items Elissa herself brought into the BB house and not things that she received from BB as a houseguest. For instance, Amanda cannot touch Elissa’s makeup or clothes, but she CAN touch the dresser, the letter from OTEV, and anything else supplied by BB and given to Elissa during the course of the game. I am positive that is what Amanda was looking for — that all personal items are specifically defined as things you brought into the house or maybe in a HOH basket, not items supplied by Big Brother such as objects from competitions.

      I am sure she feels that as long as it is BB owned property (or given by production to the HG’s), it is not defined as a personal item. Also, she might be looking up to see how the rule book defines vandalism or damage to BB furniture and other items in the house. She wants to get away with doing as much damage without being technically accountable. She is a despicable person and if CBS is smart, they will give Elissa or Judd a glorious Pandora’s Box that will deliver swift justice to Amanda. It would be a surefire way of bringing back all the viewers who are threatening to boycott the show.

      1. If her husband is really seeking legal counsel then they really are a bunch of entitled little craps. Guess what I bet he made his money pissing off people and bullying his way around the board room. It happens.. Grow some thick skin for goodness sakes. any judge would look at the contracts they all signed and realize she signed up for anything that happens inside the house. She has attacked her character and others just as much as she is being attacked. When you make up half truths about people and they find out about what you said and then decide to actually do the things that you accused them of doing. that is the definition of ironic. Or getting what you asked for. The whole house has been pit vipers the whole season. Judd is the one who has been least offensive and the guy gets played because of the favoring of elissa since the start. MVP for 3 weeks and then we decide ok lets switch it up because the MVP is becoming a target for her since everyone knows she keeps getting it. So now all those same elissa voters can now vote against her real competition and better game player. Which in the end screws up the one house guest trying to play a good game, his social game is flawless and if he gets a few comps in at the end here he wins. Lucky him is they decided to let the jury members come back in competition because they were certain helen would turn on elissa finally and aaryn was winning to many comps. In the end, its a game, you cant sue kevin garnett for getting in your head during a game or micheal jordan telling his defender he wont ever be able to stop him.

      2. This needs to be BB last season! Who vet did the casting needs to be terminated for stupidity. Get Amada out of there before she physically hurts someone. She absolutely crossed the line talking about killing Elissa. Why is she still there? Remember on Survivor and that little pit bull threatened Phillip? They pulled him off the show right there. At least Jeff Probst does the right thing and removes a bad situation from the show! Where the hell is BB? After the grabbing of Helen’s foot during HOH, starting to believe this show is rigged for Amanda to win

  49. Here’s a great idea…..bring Rachael in for a few days! Can you just imagine how she would rip A man da apart! Love it!

    1. That’s what I’ve been saying for 2 days. Make Pandora’s box Rachael coming back in! Now that would be entertaining tv. Then Mccrea said it last night, he said he would go to the DR and stay there if that happened. LOL I’m sure Amanda would stay behind the trash can.

    1. Andy’s really working on those prisoners in his mind tonight. He looks like the world caved in on his little rat maze and he has no place to scurry and hide. Love it! Want to see Demanda with the same look on her cornered ass…SOON!

  50. So i’ve been looking through a lot of posts trying to find this topic, but finding it difficult to find anything. I saw the video of the hand reaching out towards Helen’s foot during the HOH comp. What is going around about this? It clearly looked shandy whatever it was. You can clearly see a thumb and part of a hand behind her foot. So what have been the conspiracy theories pertaining to this? If this show is truly rigged for people like Grossanada to win, then there has to be thousands of people boycoting this show next year if not this yeat. A special powerr or pandoras box has always been given on most BBs, so if production doesn’t want to look like complete crooked asses, they will have ssomething for Elissa. Coup de tat or diamond veto or something. Because once Amanda the vile skank, Mcrae the whooped no hygiene stank freak, Aaryn the poor I never do anything wrong racist and the drama queen rat bastard Andy, and even the pervert Spencer make it to the end as the choices to win this show, BB will be finished. Who wants to watch the most vile disgusting win the money……NO ONE. So good bye BB and your ratings when you allow that to happen, cause 156 people from my facebook say the same thing….. NO MORE WATCHING THIS DISGUSTED VILE (most probably rigged show) ANYMORE!! Sickening how CBS is supporting such scum. Im a huge advocate against bullying in schools, and CBS is leading the charge to show the kids how to bully. Disgusting show and a joke of a network if the keep this garbage up. Off the soap box now…..just yuck and shame shame

  51. Get Amanda the hell out of there!! If she was on the streets saying and doing that crap she would be faves charges. Smarten up BB and get rid of the ticking time bomb! Set a moral example you pansy asses in upper managemnet

  52. So when Jeremy rubbed Elisaa’s hat on his ass and got called out by production he manned up and appogized to Elissa. Whether they told him to appologize or not is irrelevant, he could have given her a half ass apology, but he didn’t. Amanda gets told to stop, yet goes on to read the rule book to see what sh** she can get away with? So CBS, when are you just gonna come out and admit that Amanda’s diary sessions are really a cover for her giving all the production bl** jobs???

  53. Andy’s mistake was telling Spencer about 3M. If he had kept his mouth shut he’d have a better chance right now of GM or Spencer going up. does 3M know Andy outed them because Amanda has everyone working double shifts to keep 3M intact and I am afraid Andy may have shot himself in the foot.

  54. Amanda is a typical bully, she pretends like she’s the victim and got provoked to lay down a verbal assault. Wait until she realizes what she has put out into the world regarding her personal values and behavior. She is unhealthy mentally and physically, she has substance abuse issues in her past and present, she has a severe personality disorder, probably narcissistic borderline personality disorder, she is a bully, a person who does not understand sexual boundaries, and she has very little self-esteem… and sorry, the worst crime of all, does not make any effort at basic hygiene as a female. Everything coming to these people was brought on by them and they deserve every ounce of hatred and abuse that comes at them…. what you put out into the world comes back at you. Karma’s a bitch…

  55. I wish they would stop filming people when they eat and drink. I’m sick out seeing and hearing poor table manners. Smacking on food, loudly gulping drinks, eating with mouth open, talking with mouth full, ect. I’m watching BBAD. I just saw a piece of food fall out of Gina’s mouth while she was talking and chewing at the same time. Ewwwwww.

  56. After watching BBAD these last couple of weeks I feel I need to take a shower after. The Amanda and Mcpussy stink must be contagious.

  57. I have a strong feeling just has soon has ellisas husband finds a very high class legal team he will serve CBS and Amanda with a nice fat lawsuit something that will make both CBS and Amanda reconsider their actions . Because if you remember that Hans guy he was removed for far less then what Amanda has resorted to . Also Amanda could be looking at criminal charges laid against her when she comes out she could be charged with uttering terroristic threats . Threatening to kill someone is against the law and she’s pretty stupid to say it on the live feeds in a court of law she wouldn’t need to open her trap because just play the video and she’s sunk case closed . If I were CBS I would seriously consider putting an end to this show now because a lot of your sponsors are dropping you even cable company’s are now dropping you and in your time slot their showing football . If I was the CEO of coke and I was gonna spend millions on ads I right about now would cancel any contract I had with CBS till they did something about bb I would even serve CBS with a legal letter telling them to not show any products in the bb house related to my company meaning remove all the coke and sprite labels from the bottles

  58. I hope Aaryn is voted out whoever she’s against but I also dislike Andy with a passion so he can go also! I think next week is a big week Judd really needs to win it and put up Amanda and McCrae!

  59. I gave up last year i dont like it. The production company that is running the show SHOULD BE REMOVED ! this is not reality tv it is production tv AND SHAME SHAME ON CBS for allowing them to have this on TV . Cbs you used to be my favorite NOT ANYMORE ! Abc and Nbc have it over cbs so watch Survivor and Amazing race at least they dont have a production crew that says who wins or loses. At least there actually Reality not Production. Cbs you still have a shot but if I find out that Survivor and Amazing Race are rigged like Big Brother I will stop watching Cbs

  60. During BBAD……did you hear someone pissing in the toilet? ……microphone was left on. Also, Elissa called GM a LIAR 2 or 3 times!! E had gone to kitchen for something to eat while bypassing crazy Amanda, cofronted GM about saving Aryan from block…I think..Now GM is going all over the house badmouthing Elissa…..AND…..looked like she was gorging the food while bitching about Elissa…food fell out of her mouth and she SMACKS horribly when she eats….YUK!!!

  61. What I don’t understand about this whole thing is, whenever you watch these people act like idiots and treat people like dirt. The first thing that comes out of their mouth is: “IT’S A GAME”. That’s why they act like that, because they feel like because its a game, they can do anything to anyone at anytime to move ahead in the game….But what they fail to realize it that you don’t have to be a complete asshole to compete and win a game…..Where does it say that you can’t win a game by being a good person that doesn’t have to degrade or intimidate other players. I understand if you lie to your so called teammates to outplay them or throw competitions to get ahead of others….that’s expected. But why do you have to be an asshole (Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, GM, Andy). You do and say the vilest things to people and bring their family and children into it, and say these racist statements…..What does this have to do with playing the game….They fee like they can do and say anything they feel like to everyone else, but when the roles gets reversed and it’s said back to them……then it’s a big problem…They feel like they are being personally attacked or being mistreated….And another thing…put that BIBLE down, if you are doing that….GOD never signed up to play “Big Brother”……I can’t believe the “BIBLE” hasn’t burst into flames, from all of the evil and selfishness in that house that has picked it up….because I can tell you they have not read it….they glance through it looking for pictures….”sorry there are none”…

    My thing is….if this is they way you go through life and you play it that way…why get upset when it is done back to you….I believe that is just your true self coming out, that you just hide on a day to day basis in the real world…because you know in the real world, if you act or do things like to that other people….you will certainly get the shit beaten out of you…..

    “Life” never said it was and is ever going to be fair. So all that shit that is going on in the house…that is your true self that we are seeing….

    The house guests have all shown us who they really are…so believe them:

    Amanda: is a spoiled little bitch, that needs to have her own way…if not she attacks you on a personal level.
    McCrae: is a spineless person, that can’t defend himself so he hides behind others.
    Andy: is a follower, not a leader and he tells others everything that is told to him, regardless if it is personal or not.
    Aaryn: is a racist person (that knows it and doesn’t care or just oblivious to what going on in the world), so she feels she is better than everyone.
    GinaMarie: is also racist, but can be educated…..she really needs to go back to school for other things as well.
    Spencer: Wow, he is just a complete slimeball in every way….the things he says are the most disturbing of all.
    Elissa: acts superior sometimes….she can be educated as well….she understands that she doesn’t have to bring herself down to anyones level to be a better person.
    Judd: I haven’t seen much of him to make an opinion about his “true self”

    When this show is over and we see the finale, I can say with certainty, everyone will say “I AM SORRY FOR WHAT I SAID AND DID, BUT IT WAS JUST A GAME”

  62. Amanda is vile, but has an awesome social/manipulative game. Elissa is just as vile and has no game…not very smart at all. She tries to play a game like Amanda but doesn’t have the smarts. Elissa is 100% spoiled rich wife that can’t stand it when she doesn’t get what she wants when she wants it. Amanda is used to getting her way as well, but has a better game than Elissa. They have all said something derogatory about one another at one point. My hope is Judd wins it all. His game isn’t the best, but he has the most integrity out of all of them. Give Amanda props for her game so far well, until Granny New Year appeared..(Amanda: this is a good time to bring out one of my characters and maybe someone will make a tv show out of it…..). JUDD for the win please.

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