NEW Final 4 Alliance – “The Exterminators” Getting rid of Snakes, Rats and Ants!

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


12:20am Out in the backyard – Spencer and Judd tell Andy he isn’t going anywhere. Andy says I am so mad because I was such good friends with her. Spencer says she hates us now. Spencer asks and what is up with Gina talking about wanting to date guys after this. Andy says that Gina said I want to come out of here being able to date guys. Andy says what are you thinking, I want to come out of here with $500,000. Andy says I am not crying that much today because my fate is at the hands of Gina and Elissa! McCrae joins them. Andy asks Aaryn if we go on the block together do you think we could campaign together and give speeches about how we will make the house better. Aaryn asks do you really think you will go up next to me? Andy says yeah. Aaryn asks is that because she wants me to go home. Andy says he doesn’t know. Spencer says he thinks there is absolutely nothing that could change her mind. Andy says I think you and I need to give the most scathing speeches on Thursday. Aaryn asks about what? Andy says about her. McCrae agrees. Andy says to all of the pathetic people of the Brenchel Army I pray that you don’t vote for me. Aaryn says I bet there is a McCranda Army now and that they creamed their pants when Amanda won the veto. McCrae says yeah right more like 5 guys in my basement. Aaryn heads to bed. Spencer tells McCrae he got his fights today. McCrae says yeah I tried to cut hard. Spencer says you are a respectable guy, your parents can be proud. McCrae says if it was anyone else I would have apologized but you have to give respect to get respect. Spencer says well unless she (Elissa) wins the veto she is going home. They talk about being warned about how they could be given a penalty nomination for messing with Elissa’s stuff. Judd doesn’t remember what he said when he came back inside. Andy says you said this bit*h is back! Judd laughs and says I didn’t say anything sassy! The conversation turns to talking about past evictions. Amanda joins them. Amanda climbs on top of Judd and pretends she is popping him out as her baby.



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1pm – 1:30am McCrae and Amanda head inside to go to bed. They talk about Amanda’s behaviour today. Judd says that eventually he is going to receive the same behaviour from her. But I think we all agree we just need to fire back with the same. Andy and Spencer agree. Andy asks so if I go up, do I have your votes? Spencer says oh yeah you don’t even need to campaign to me. Andy asks Judd. Judd says yeah. He says he tried so hard to campaign to Elissa to put up Gina and she just wouldn’t do it. Judd says I might talk to her first thing tomorrow. Andy says tell her how cock Aaryn is being. Spencer says I honestly think there is no changing her mind. Andy wonders what he should do to stay. Judd heads inside. Spencer tells Andy not to listen to Judd’s plans. Spencer tells Andy if he goes up, he will stay no matter what with a 4 -1 vote. Spencer says I would never, never vote you out. Spencer says after Elissa goes next week I would like to see Gina go. Andy says that everything Amanda did today was to help me so it proves their loyalty. Judd joins them again and starts talking about plans to talk to Elissa. Andy shuts him down and says I just want to wait to see if I go up and then work from there. Andy says if Elissa can just disregard all the time I have spent with her since the beginning and puts up me instead of Ginamarie that is just crazy. Judd tells Andy to go up there and cry. Andy says that does not work with her, she just laughs at you. She thought I was faking it the last time I cried. Spencer agrees and says that Elissa laughed at Amanda when she cried. Andy wonders what Amanda is being portrayed as. They all think she’s being portrayed as a total bit*h.

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1:35am – 2:15am Ginamarie comes outside and doesn’t say a word to any of them and heads straight to the hammock. Judd follows her and asks her if anything is wrong. Gina first says her shoulders hurt. Then she says she just doesn’t know what’s going on. Gina starts getting loud and is pissed off. She says that Aaryn was in there giggling with Amanda. Gina calls Andy over and tells him to be funny. Gina starts going off about how they all grilled her outside. Aaryn is supposed to be my friend and she won’t even sleep in the same room with me. She is being mad shaddy right now. We’re supposed to be friends and she is giggling and sh*t with Amanda. The only person that has been nice to me is Elissa and I can’t even hang out with her. Judd tells her to hang out with whoever you want. Andy tells Gina not to worry. If you happen to go up there is no way I would vote you out. Andy tells Gina we are all voting to keep you if you go up. Judd says I don’t want it getting back to people but I want you both here. Spencer joins them. He asks her if Aaryn ever says I say bad things about you? Gina says yeah. They all tell Gina that Aaryn tries to drive a wedge between all of us. She wants you to feel like she is all you’ve got. Gina says I know the eating thing with me has been brought up and with the therapist. I don’t like eating in front of people and sh*t. I like small meals and my stomach feels better on an empty stomach. I know the therapist was brought in thinking I was going to commit suicide over Nick and sh*t. I am all good ain’t nobody got to worry about me! Judd tells Gina that he will give her his letter from home. Gina laughs and says I don’t want that I want you bear shirt. Judd says okay, you can hold onto it that’s how sure you are staying. Andy asks what do I get? Judd says my pack of cigarettes. Andy says he would love to wear the bear shirt on Thursday. Judd says yeah. Judd tells Gina you have 3 people right here that want to work with you. Gina talks about how Aaryn asks if I actually still think about Nick. Yeah I like him, at least I only talk about one guy and not having a whole bunch of di*ks in my a$$!

2:20am – 3am They head to the couch. They continue to talk about how much Aaryn talks sh*t. Andy says we can all make a deal to work together and we’ll have the numbers. Giha says that Aaryn always tries to put me down and sh*t. Judd says if we all solidify this we have 1 in 4 chance at half a million. Andy says it’s a done deal. Andy says we cut ties and work together. They all agree to work together. Andy says we don’t need to worry tomorrow no matter which one of us goes up, the other 3 keep that person on Thursday. They all agree. Andy says we need to name this, that’s how confident I am. Judd says “The Exterminators” Alliance (Spencer, Andy, Judd, Ginamarie) – Getting rid of rats and snakes! They all love the name. Andy says Aaryn goes this week. Judd says next week the snake and the ant (Amanda & McCrae). Judd says we didn’t beat thousands of people out to be beat by a snake, an ant and a rat. Get your trap and spray ready. Spencer and Andy head to bed. Judd and Gina talk about feeling good about their new alliance. Andy comes back out with a present and puts a can of bug spray on the table. Gina laughs. Judd tells Gina it was a blessing she came outside here to rant. Judd and Gina head inside to go to bed.


2:44am – 3:05am Meanwhile – Amanda, McCrae, Spencer and Aaryn are in the bedroom. Amanda tells them all that she literally tires to suck McCrae off and he won’t let her. She says he will be fully erect and her mouth will be watering and just about on it and he will stop her. Spencer talks about his girlfriend Marilyn and how she shows her a$$ crack a lot when she bends down and he will check her oil by putting his finger in her crack. Amanda asks McCrae do you want to go have $ex in the cockpit? McCrae says na I’ll pass. Aaryn asks what do you have any idea how many guys are watching thinking what?! Spencer says I know you’ve blown him. Amanda says we’ve had $ex! We’ve had $ex in a lot of places. McCrae says we didn’t do anything. Aaryn says I heard you having $ex in the HOH shower. Amanda says we make love, we make McCray-babies! They talk about Jessie. Aaryn says that Jessie went out like a loser. They continue to laugh and make noises. Amanda says she can’t sleep because they wont give me my medication. Spencer says I hope I have a wet dream. Amanda says she hopes he does too. Amanda says cancel the xanax I don’t need it any more. Spencer says oh the old reverse psychology! Amanda laughs.


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288 thoughts on “NEW Final 4 Alliance – “The Exterminators” Getting rid of Snakes, Rats and Ants!

  1. Another alliance?? How many does this one make?? How long will it last?? Does it really exist?? lol

    1. This season has had so many alliances and none have been loyal to each other except 3AM and that’s because of Amanda. McCrae is her puppet, and I bet he can’t wait to get of the house to run as far away from her as he can. At this point I really believe he’s USING Amanda to further his game. He won’t even let her touch him that much anymore. He almost sounds disgusted with her. Aaryn has been loyal, because like McCrae is using Amanda, so is Aaryn. She’s no dummy, she know in order for her to have stayed in the game as long as she has, she had to follow Amanda, but if she was really smart she should have chosen Helen. Andy is Amanda’s rat, he goes out and get all the information and brings it back which he’s soon about to find out is going to bite him in the but. Each of the four have an arrogance and sense of entitlement about themselves. They can lie to people and blindside them and put them on the block, but how dare it be done to them? And that’s going to be their downfall, because they feel so entitled, that they’re going to start turning on each other. The only one that has been loyal in that group as much as I can’t stand her, is Amanda. Say what you will about her, she has not really talked bad about anyone in the 3AM to anyone else in the house or tried to get any of them out before final 4, but the other three have each talked about it, and planned to get the other out before final 4.

      1. I agree. Amanda and Aaryn… Amanda has been loyal all the way to her alliance. I respect her for that. Everyone else is jumping ship cause this week was really really hard. Amanda should win this game and Aaryn should stay. I can’t tell if Andy is loyal or not anymore. Elissa made 2 week deals with everyone including she has totally confused me. Elissa has zero game play. The exterminator alliance would be like watching Father Knows Best. How boring.

      1. That rat bastard crys and says he was loyal to elissa and now he’s gonna go gunning for her. Isnt that what HE did to Helen? But Helen and Elissa are just supposed to be okay with that? Man he annoys me as much as Fugmanda. They forgot why they came here: its a fuckin game.

        1. Hey BBFF, if it’s just an effing game then why are you and all the other haters on Amanda’s shit so much? She’s just doing whatever it takes to win, too. And it’s worked so far. But you asswipes glorify Elissa, who is the most shallow stuck-up phony ever to play (and I use that term loosely since she has no game) but everybody else is vilified. Screw all of you. Go Amanda and Aaryn. You two are the only ones who deserve to win.

    2. Hey Dawg and Simon
      How long will this site stay up after BB is over? Will the cast be able to view all of your work and our comments once they are in their padded cells? I know they will have recorded feeds to watch, but some BB sites goes off line after awhile. Please keep yours up for awhile if that is the case. Maybe someone will inform the cast by email or Facebook of your site and they will visit., sad to say but they may need a case of kleenex to get through every post and comment.
      Thank you, BTW……..I think if you make the donate button stand out, more folks will click on it, just a suggestion.

    3. But the Exterminators are a good thing for Elissa et crew: it solidifies GM and Judd and brings in Spencer. Andy is either going home or is probably lying about joining them. I”m not sure I’m buying that he’s “done” with McRanda.

    1. There’s been so much faking going on this weekend with Andy and his 3AM alliance to try and get GM on the block to save both Andy and Aaryn, and pretending with Judd, GM, and Elisa, about not liking each other and to tell the house the opposite of what they’re going to do with their vote, that I really can’t tell if Judd and GM are really serious about this new alliance. What’s even more confusing is that Spencer knows about the 3AM alliance, and their faking to try to get GM on the block to save both Aaryn, and Andy, but haven’t figured out that if they get their wish he’s really in the minority with the numbers and will never make it beyond final 5. He has all this information, but still don’t mind the four of them staying in the house together. He can’t really believe that McCrae will be loyal to him over Amanda? Regardless of what McCrae says, after Amanda’s behavior, he feels he can win in final two with Amanda, who else would he have a chance of winning against? He thinks he can’t win against Judd, because everyone likes him, He thinks Andy has been nice to everyone, Spencer, GM, and McCrae are all in the same boat if any of the two were in final two together, What Have they Done besides followed someone? Aaryn is leaving this week, and Elisa will win over McCrae. After this weekend I don’t know if any of their deals outside of 3AM are real. I also hope Aaryn goes out like Jessie, and call Andy out on everything he’s been doing with 3AM. Andy says he’s going to tell, Judd, but he should tell GM, because once GM gets a hold of that information she’s going to use it, then Spencer is going to say Andy told him, causing Spencer to be questionable in his loyalty. In the end I really think once this all comes out it’s going to be Judd and GM, and Elisa that stick together and stay true with Spencer being the swing vote between them and now 2AM.

    2. Oh my gosh, Judd and Gina Marie are so stupid, can’t they see this alliance will guarantee both Andy and Spencer a spot in the final 4. Judd is not smart, and he’s a poor judge of character. Elissa warned him not to trust Andy; he’ll do so at his own peril. Here’s my theory. This alliance guarantees Aaryn gets evicted. With Aaryn evicted, Spencer gets the fourth spot in the 3am alliance which he covets. Now that the Exterminator alliance has been formed, Andy and Spencer no longer have to win HOH next week to guarantee safety, because they’re now covered on all sides. We know that McCranda will target Elissa, and if Judd or Gina Marie wins HOH, Andy and Spencer will convince them to target Elissa before McCranda. Once Elissa is evicted, Andy and Spencer will definitely float to the power, and let the two sides battle it out (McCranda on one side, Judd and Gina Marie on the other). This will guarantee both Andy and Spencer a spot in the final four. Why can’t Judd and Gina Marie see this? I’ve said before, that Andy and Spencer will always out-fox Judd, he’s just not that smart, and Gina Marie, well, need I say more. What idiots, Judd and Gina Marie are.

  2. They better include El in this Alliance. She did after all make it possible by keeping GM off the block exposing Aaryn to GM and making the stinky couple have a meltdown in front of everyone. But Andy being the little bitch that he is will see it another way even though he was never in any danger and brought it on himself by being a rat the whole game. Spencer was never on her radar. They even duped Judd. Making a F5 with her is the right thing to do. She flipped the house making this alliance possible. They at least owe her that much. Do the right thing Judd.

      1. F2 Elissa/Judd will not happen. Judd hates women. He hated Kait, He hated Candy. He hated Jessie. She scared him with her sexuality. He hated Helen. By the end of this season, you will see that he hates all women. His dream is a circle jerk F4 with Andy, Spencer, McCrae and himself. He is the type of closet case who winds up hanging out at rest areas, staring at men as they urinate.

    1. Elissa should be telling the other houseguests that each one of them will be the target of Amanda’s wrath when they become McCranda’s target. You will be tormented and isolated. Is this how you want your game to end by not getting out the source of all this hostility?

    2. As strange as it may sound, I would like to see the following happen: Gina (who is only fake trash talking Aaryn) goes to Elissa and tells her about the new alliance. They decide to keep Aaryn (Elissa seemed very excited to take Aaryn OTB previously) and vote out Andy. Bring Judd on board because I think he can still be swayed at this point – he supposedly has a F2 with Elissa. Spencer will join them in order to get to stay off the radar. Elissa is safe next week, either by this group or some veto power, and then wins HOH again the following week. Scrambling by all remaining irritating HG’s reaches new heights! The entertainment value continues! Didn’t this week seem to pass quicker than the previous boring weeks? This is how BB should be…everyone second guessing everyone…not just everyone following Amanda’s game orders.

      1. That’ll never work. Aa will never turn against Am.

        I can’t wait til Aa realizes that she is going home and reveals everything.

    3. That is a fake alliance. That alliance is only good so they will vote Aaryn out instead of Andy. Andy is like a flea on a dog, he is very loyal to McCranda. In the end he’ll hand over the game to them. It’s funny how McCranda and Andy say Elissa is an idiot and insult her some more and Andy says she is a robot. They say all of these things because Elissa won’t do what they want, and it doesn’t make any sense. They are the #%%^&&*!!! I really would prefer Andy to leave this week instead of Aaryn. She can leave next week. But I know it isn’t going to happen.

      1. Yep! To me, either way, it’s a win-win situation.

        I’ve only watched a few BBAD and after last night, I realized that Andy is a sh*t stirer. He’ll bring up Candice to GM/Aa to get them worked up. There are too many awful people left that I want gone but right now: Am/Aa/An/Mc.

      1. Judd has never been a strong player. I’m very confused why people think this. He has made NO MOVES in the BB house and only floated thus far. Working with Elissa is finally his chance to “play” the game so hopefully he doesn’t screw it up.

      2. Judd is not the stupid – weak player in this group!
        Andy is so disgusting….he was warned by Elissa!
        btw Pandy/Andy it was YOU that sided with what the house wanted!!!! YOU voted out the loyal friend she had in the BB house!! You are a back-stabber and Elissa called you out !!
        Andy going crazy and talking crap and the Elissa bashing
        shows what a “jerk-off” he has been toward her!
        ….well its coming back to bite him in that skinny
        white bone-y no ass of his…..cry bag!!!!! :-)
        HE should pay for it! AND she and Helen knew that Andy
        was in an alliance….with the dirty duo!!

        He is of no value to her or anyone AND needs to GO!

    1. Amanda admitted she has herpes. McCrae cut her off sexually. He needs to get tested by a doctor. Strange how Aaryn got that “cold sore” in her mouth. Maybe Aaryn and Amanda did more than “pretend” to “scissor”. If Amanda and Aaryn are booty buddies it would explain their loyalty to each other. That could also be another reason McCrae won’t “put out.” He could be jealous, or he may not want Aaryn’s skank rabies.

      1. McCrae hopes that by not bathing, He can avoid having to service the Ogre. Won’t work. He can smear his penis with feces, and she will still put it in her mouth. He has lost his humanity.

      2. I said it once, twice and I’ll continue to say it, for the first time in BB history the house guest think they are going to the jury house, but they are actually being QUARANTINED. Because of that nasty chewbacca

      3. yea they are all so nasty! I completely understand why Elissa walks around like she is better than everyone else, BECAUSE SHE IS!

    2. Maybe the realization that she might actually have herpes is sinking in and when he leaves what woman would want to have sex with him after having sex with Amanda. Maybe,that’s why he denying that anything happened while Amanda is bragging about it. (Usually the man is bragging and the woman denies it) Well, Amanda does look like she could have been a man with a boob job.No waist, flat ass, beer got. Did you see her in that pink one piece bathing suit. Remember that shot of her in the tanning booth (YUK!!!!)

    3. no it’s elissa’s herpe medicine not Amandas. and mccray is just acting like that so judd believes he can control mccray’s vote. 3M is all acting like they’re on the outs with each other. part of their game play.

      1. Or Andy may run and tell Amanda and her toy dick about it.

        If Amanda goes off like she is now going off on people. it will be three(Amanda, Mcpussy and their rat/beast) vs three(Spencer, GM and Judd) and of course Elissa who is waiting on any break-aways to lead.

        So thinking about it. This new Alliance is a necessary destruction.

        How many lies could one tell to keep all alliances happy, Andy is just setting himself up he wont know what hit his ass and it wont be Spencer on top of him breathing down the back of his neck.

        These people are supposed to be thinking of end games, they act like they only just got in the house forming alliances and stuff. Judd should not make any deals yet. he should just focus on breaking the couple, taking out Mcpussy is winning the money. non of the jury is going to give Amanda that money even if she was against Elissa.

        Elissa has been sweet to everyone in the jury she now has Helen a lobbyist to do the lobbying on the other side.

        Plus America now loves her even more brenchel army plus some of us Dani die hard fans. I loved Dani for exactly the same reason standing up to the veterans. In the beginning of bb15 I kinda liked Amanda too, for taking on the moving company and Aaryn for a racist comments, but she has since let the power get to her head and is now the dictator . The theory is revolutionist eventually become the oppressors themselves, and boy what are vile,hateful person Amanda has become or is.

        Amanda is fighting for Aaryn in more ways than one. in the house and outside, Bullies Vs Racists. No race even her own is lenient towards bullies except for cbs who think all that is part of the game.

        All those non-profits looking to raise money against bullying should approach CBS for BB15 footage. That footage should be a gold mine for any Anti-Bully drive especially now that kids are back in school.

      2. I totally agree that Andy is the biggest rat in the history of rodents but Aaryn wins everything, and she’s scared of batshit-crazy Amanda and will do whatever she says, so I think it’s good to send her home. Much less of a chance for McCranda and Andy to win HOH this week.

    1. I think GM is playing that alliance she wants them to quit trying to put her up. After today’s nominations she will be the first one to tell Aaryn about the Exterminators and Aaryn will tell Amanda and that’s how Andy gets booted out.


      Stupid Spencer will tell Mcpussy who will then tell Amanda and again Andy will be in trouble especially if Andy does not say anything about it first.


      Amanda and Mcpussy may just smell a rat and Andy you know..

      1. I think McCranda will take a “whatev” attitude to Andy’s “involvement” with this psuedo-alliance; he’s just trying to stay afterall. They may take a more dim view of Spencer though.

    2. I think it is OK if Aryan leaves and that weakens 3AM alliance. If Andy is up then he will know how it feels the same paranoia that he other evicted houseguest have felt. Make him sweat Elissa do not back down on putting the RAT up.

    3. I hope Andy stays instead of Aaryn. Everyone is on to Andy and who he is aligned with. He is now useless to McCRanda since no one will really talk game with him anymore. He doesn’t get it yet though so they have prime opportunity to wreck McCRanda’s game by filling him with false info to carry back to them. Aaryn is loyal to them and will not be budged so taking her out right now will really mess up their game. Aaryn is the one who should go this round.

    4. It is best for Andy to stay over Aaryn, she wins HOH for them and control who goes up. The only power Andy has is to wear children gar-animals clothes and while playing, follow the leader and run to tell it.

  3. how do they not see andy as the freaking link at this point. Elisa has said as much, that he is their little puppet, why the heck has no one else picked up on this

  4. Trying to work out BB math… there are 8 people in the house and approximately 15 different alliances… is that right? Oh, and Andy is a member of ALL of them.

    1. WTF! This is the X-Rated ~ BB!
      BB14 was classic!
      Ian Terry the winner was amazing!
      Watching his strategies and abilities…OMG!
      That kid outplayed …. the best of the best!!
      (Dan Gheesling)
      We were entertained and looked forward
      to watching!
      NO disdainful players on BB14!!

  5. if you are going to plan out when you are going to freaking cry, you deserve to get laughed at. this seems to be something andy does not understand. he takes that as some sort of offensive gesture from elisa, not at all seeing that him going up there and crying is all fake in the first place, so why the heck does she have to recognize it and pretend it matters?

  6. spencer and andy are 2 of the biggest problems with this season. they basically make it so that no one can do anything. both are always in the room and in the way. neither do anything productive or interesting to watch (other than when andy got hit in the head)

    if you removed those 2 it would change the dynamic so much. but with the numbers as they are, its almost impossible to see elissa making it past the next 3 weeks

  7. should we bet times in how fast andy will run and spill this alliance to amanda/mccrae, ppl are sleeping so I’ll say 1 hr into tmw when everyone wakes up. i wish these houseguests were smart enough to realize andy is toooo close to mccranda, there is no pt making an alliance with him, i wanted to say hes the most hated player for me this season, but almost forgot about amanda, aaryn, and mccrae, so many horrid castmembers this season.

    1. Unless Andy truly cannot control himself, he would be stupid to rat – he might end up lessening his chances of staying.

  8. This is the first season that I can remember, by Monday you know who is going home. I’ve been bored by this lot. Speaking of lot….CBS couldn’t even show the wedding and I bet it was due to the passages. I’m only watching on Wed because of Amanda going off on the Joker. I can’t believe how much Elissa looks like Nicholson’s painted face of the Joker.

    1. That “wedding” was sacreligious and disgusting. I almost puked when they read the passages about incest. McCrae chose those passages. It proves he’s sick in the head. I hope Mcrae and Amanda never have children. Amanda would physically and verbally abuse her kids. McCrae would sexually abuse his kids – the incest passages he chose for the “wedding” was a warning to America.

      1. it’s in the bible! You don’t like it, don’t read it! You have to take the good with the bad, and let me tell you, the bible is about 60% bad (especially the OT).

  9. Lol this isn’t a legit f4 since they have different agendas! I hope Spencer is just playing andy but i dont think so. No way is andy turning on mcmanda pretty sure him running to amanda and aaryn last night instantly proved that no matter what. And Judd and GM aren’t going to want to drop elissa that easily.

  10. The exterminator alliance and you have a rat(andy) in it. Uh-huh is this a “serious” alliance or just one of those final 2 deals everyone makes.

    1. Judd is yet to realize that Andy is a rat and Spencer is just not a feminist. Anything or anyway to keep some guy he goes for.

  11. The Exterminators. If they are really serious, they’d bring this show back. Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae are way too comfortable.

    1. Do you remember the first episode? Amanda let it be known she is the biggest fag hag and how she loves gay men! This seemed to draw THE RAT to the head chesse! That is why these 2 bitches bonded.

      1. What will blow ths 4son out of the water is if Andy brings up the fact that before Aaryn about. Amanda faking to get GM on the block.
        Or mabe Aaryn brings it up to Judd that they would have evicted GM. It would paint a clear picture for Judd who the rat is. Remember Andy
        And Spencer want to act surprise like they were not in on it. However Amanda and McCrack said they will not agree
        That he Andy did not know. This could really expose Andy and Spencer. And be the destruction of the Exterminators

      2. Amanda is like some kind of Svengali. Everything she says and does is very calculated. EVERYTHING! She probably said she was a f*g hag to try and secure the gays as a fanbase. She hooked up with McCrae to get the nerds to root for her thinking that guys like McCrae don’t usually get women like her (they shouldn’t want to anyway) and those guys would think she’s hot and cool for hooking up with McCrae. Everyone in this game is an extra in Amanda’s play. This is her show and they’re all just bidding their time until she says their done. She’s a real piece of work. Any man watching this should run as far away as possible from this chick.

        Does anyone happen to know when Amanda’s birthday is? I know all of the other HG’s but couldn’t find hers. I’m kind of into Astrology and would like to know what sign she is. I’m guessing Scorpio.

  12. Well I guess there’s a new alliance in the house…. We will have to see if this one lasts….
    Well at least no one ran and told anyone, at least not yet … We will all have to see what happens tomorrow …
    If this alliance gets Aaron , Amanda and McCrea out of the game then I will be happier…. After that I don’t really care who wins….
    I guess we will all have to wait and see, but its at least a little hope for change…. Please let the change happen…

  13. I can’t even tell what the f*ck is going on anymore (as in who’s really with each other / staying true to who). This show, this season just makes me want it to hurry & get to the end to see which undeserving house guest is going to win it all (-__-)

  14. I really dislike Andy and would exchange him for Elissa in that alliance but let’s say that I’ll take it as long as they get rid of Am, Mc and Aa, I am ok with that.

    And that last part where Am, Mc, Aa and Sp are talking together was very disgusting……
    “Checking her oils” ???? Who says that on national tv, about a girlfriend you respect???!!!!

    I, too, am starting to believe that that Marilyn girlfriend is fake.

      1. Marilyn?
        She is really a “blow up” doll
        Spencer calls his girl!

        btw Marilyn Zuckerman is the mother
        or sister of Amanda Zuckerman?
        (or maybe mother- in- law or neither)?

        How pitiful they are – being related to a low-life!!

  15. 100,ooo thanx, Dawg!!!! the past two weeks have been really active!!!
    Is Andy cautiously positioning himself to betray THE EXTERMINATORS by
    flipping back to A&M since M is to be off the block? is he lying to JUDD?

  16. So… GM and Judd are now working with The Rat and the Ant? Wtf… And they didn’t include the only person who kept them safe, Elissa? Is that what I’m getting at?

  17. Andy is stupid if he will be in this alliance.
    Amanda can take him furter than all this floaters can.

    they should call this alliance. ” The Floaters”

  18. Exterminators???? Exterminate my brain. I wonder how “real” or “fake” this is. Spence and Andy talk about how after Elissa goes next week GM goes and minutes later theres a new alliance.

  19. Elissa keeps threatening to leave, so leave already, So sick of her. if you don’t want to play don’t stay. She has enough money to cover her if she breaks her contract with BB, the rest of them don’t so she has no qualms about leaving when she wants to. And her bible thumping, so where is all her compassion, instead of trying to help all the sick souls on the show she acts like such an elitist and puts them down. As for medication, she needs it more than the rest of them, she’s a total manic depressive. As for Brenchael, gag. Rachael is loud, vulgar, trashy and vile, puke, that goes for Amanda too.

    1. @Eden I have never once seen Elissa “thump” a Bible. The only medication she needs is a sedative to help her deal with the heathens in the house. She does not have manic depression or any other mental illness – you just wish she did.

    1. Julie should say, YOU ARE A DISGUSTING LITTLE BIGOTED SPOILED BITCH! Get off my stage and head for the unemployment line now.

  20. Please tell me that Judd is no being blinded ! I really hope that Elissa wins the veto next week ! These people can NOT be trusted to keep their word for 5 mins.

  21. Well I’d like to say I am shocked by this conversation. However, Skum Man Duh has gone way beyond the shock factor anymore. She blatantly is one of the most disgusting, putrid, vile, obscene, pathetic and every other word that is in the same category, ever to be on reality television. I honestly pray this woman gets some serious psychiatric help as it is so obvious she is one very, very sick puppy or um, should I say one sick pervert. As for the rest of the houseguest they too appear to need some help, as they just go along with this creature without standing up to her. The Queen of Mean! UGH She really just makes me want to puke whenever I see her.

  22. Her parents must be so proud. Talking about sucking McCrea off on live feeds. I swear this bitch has no filter. I would be so embarrassed by her actions of Sunday. Elissa has never attacked her family but that is all amanduh did. Elissa doesnt talk about her step sons on TV maybe for a reason….,maybe an agreement with the natural mother? Or her husband? Always assume amanduh… Keep making an ass of yourself

  23. So the “Exterminators” all of a sudden wanna form and take credit for the work Elissa put in to break up the evil alliance?? NAHHH!! Don’t like this one bit!! Their name should be called “the FLOATERS” because all season they were sheep and ALL OF A SUDDEN they wanna grow some balls?? (Andy has none in the first place obviously) I’m still team Elissa and I hope she wins Veto next week and the week after that so she can get Ginger Rat back up on the block!! I mean….how can a RAT be an exterminator?? He needs to spray himself!!

  24. Who would have thought it would be GM that we weren’t sure how she would vote? I think after last night’s uncontrolled (CBS) bullying session, every one is seeing DeMental has to go sooner than later.

    1. If they hadn’t figured it out before Sunday, I’m not sure why her recent actions would make any difference. I still have no idea why candice, Judd, Howard, and jessie were “threats”….but mccranda could be ignored.

  25. This alliance could actually work as long as Andy doesn’t scurry back and relay everything to Amanda and Mcrae, kind of ironic that he’s in an alliance to exterminate rats!

    1. The odds of Andy not telling Amanda and McCrae anything……….0%.

      I think the Exterminator alliance member is going to be exterminated this week.

  26. A-Man-Duh is a piece of shit! The Mcasshole army has zero members. Go Exterminators Go!!!!!!!!!! Get out them bitches and mcjackass.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Elissa putting Andy up is actually to SOLIDIFY that Aaryn goes home!! Anyone else on the Block, Aaryn would stay! Why are they not seeing that Elissa is making the smartest move to keep them ALL safe and get out Aaryn?? If Andy was really her target, then all the Elissa bashing their doing and turning on her would be somewhat warranted, but they know Aaryn has always been her target so I’m confused why they (GM, JUDD, Andy, Spencer) are acting like that towards her

  28. OMG! Please Andy shut up! I really don’t get how Andy can be so indignant and say “How can she put me up after the all I’ve done with her?!?!” Really???? He was a big part of backdooring HELEN! Another relationship he built. Listen I get nobody wants to be on the block but helloooooo why do Andy and McCramda get all indignant when they are getting a taste of their own medicine???? They get this” how dare they do that to ME” thing going!! WTF???? I really don’t get it. If its a game for you…it’s a game for others and even if Elissa gets voted out next week good for her for not going along with the house!!!! And maybe just possibly she wouldn’t act all snobby if these people didn’t act all trashy. I have to say I’m mortified as a woman to have someone like Amanda representing woman and I am appalled as a white person to have someone like AAryn represent white people. And to boot I am from New York and to have Gina Marie represent us girls in the sub-burbs of Manhattan is embarrassing. So I would probably get voted out too bc I would have the same superiority attitude as Elissa bc these people are just trashy. All season I’ve been trying to bite my tongue with the insults but the condom and pad did me in. I can’t its a horror show.

    1. I hit thumbs down by mistake! I totally agree. I am women from westchester NY and you could not have said it better!!!! Hope eliisa gets diamond pov for next week and mcranda lil snitch goes this week.

  29. How many alliances has Andy been in? Where are they now. Still don’t get why he isn’t mad at McNasty. They are the ones he has been A$$ kissing not Elissa so he shouldn’t have to sweat the block if they were loyal. He should be bad mouthing them. He must have bought into the superstition that Amanda will send bad Juju your way if you even THINK about crossing her. Give it up Andy! All your efforts lead down the same path- McNasty wins. So peace out and enjoy your ride to your final destination: Jury House.

  30. I wouldn’t say we’re an army, that’s too close to the stupid Brenchel Army. We’re probably a squad since our numbers are so few and far between.

  31. I never bashed Elissa but I was a bit critical of her and I thought she only got as far as she did because of Helen. I’m seeing now that it was a double edge sword and Helen was holding her back. Elissa has had a pretty good read on the game including when she knew viewers were telling them something with the have not food. Even with Judd being fooled by the BS story and pushing for GM to go up, Elissa stuck to her guns so I give her major credit for that. This has been the best HOH noms of the season. And we still have 3 days left for 3AM to implode from secrets coming out.

  32. Really amanda and u say jessie is a whore….look at u sayin u want 2 blow mc and sayin u had sex all over the house….REALLY CLASSY AMANDA!!!!

  33. I misread the title of this article… I thought it read “New Final Four Alliance, Snakes, Rats and Ants”. Got me excited there for a moment. It mould have been more productive had ANDY not been in the mix.

  34. I’m glad the other contestants are finally making alliances that don’t include Amanda and McCrae. I want them gone!

    Also, I think McCrae has learned a lot about Amanda over the last week and he is not liking what he is hearing or seeing. Everytime Amanda wants to engage in sexual activity with him, he turns her down. I think he may be ready to cut ties with her

    1. I’m beginning to think that the main reason McRae doesn’t shower or brush his teeth is because he is repulsed by Amanda but is too afraid to separated himself from her. He has refused her advances plenty of times. She had mentioned on several occasions that his breath smells like farts and that he should shower but he refuses. Can this chick take a hint? Its disturbing knowing with how bad his hygiene is that she’s so eager to still want to suck him off, kiss him, or have sex with him. She truly is vile, the consummate gutter rat. Knowing how foul McRae is l doubt anyone in his hometown would want another pizza from him again.

  35. So much scheming and lying….does anyone know if gm will actually vote aaryn out or does aaryn have a chance to stay if Shes against Andy??

  36. “Andy says I think you and I need to give the most scathing speeches on Thursday. Aaryn asks about what? Andy says about her.”
    – The ginger rat is such a little drama-filled punk! I hope when he returns to his school, his students & co-workers laugh in his face for being such a crybaby.

    “Andy says that does not work with her, she just laughs at you. She thought I was faking it the last time I cried.”
    – Maybe because you were Wormtail (Wormtail is the human that transformed into a rat in the Harry Party books)

    Andy has no grace in being placed on the block, when he’s never been all season. I’m looking forward to the back and forth as they decide which A to cut loose from 3am. Can’t wait to see Wormtail cry – real tears and the ladies’ faces when Aryan walks into jury house!

  37. This mob mentality is bumming me out, hardcore. If Elissa put up GM, everyone would vote to keep Aaryn – or rather, enough people would vote to keep Aaryn so that she stayed. Elissa isn’t stupid for ignoring them; she understand exactly what would happen. Other houseguests may not like it, which is one thing, but it’s an entirely other thing to constantly demean someone because they’re making a move that’s best for THEIR game.

    If everyone’s target is Amanda and McCrae, and they all know Elissa wants Aaryn out (which weakens Amanda and McCrae), all they have to do is vote her out. I don’t really understand exactly why Andy is so upset with Elissa. He isn’t the target, he’s a vote FOR Aaryn, and Elissa knows it. It’s like she said – if GM is a vote FOR Aaryn, what’s the difference in putting up Andy? The fact is, Andy and Aaryn benefit Amanda and McCrae far more than GM, so it makes a ton of sense to put Andy up so at least one of them goes home.

    If Andy hadn’t been so untrustworthy himself this entire game, he wouldn’t be so freaked out. It takes one to know one, and quite frankly, I’m glad he’s sweating it out a bit. The amount of arrogance Amanda, McCrae, and Andy have is absolutely mind blowing.

  38. Amanda climbing on top of Judd and pretending she is popping him out as her baby = awkward moment for everyone

    Also, I think GM can make it far in this game. She has kept a fairly low profile these last couple of weeks and has aligned herself with people who can take her far in this game. I think she has also finally stopped talking about Candice.

  39. I do not understand why CBS is not giving Amanda a penalty nom for her bullying and putting some of Elissa’s things
    In the toilet. Bullying is not something that should be tolerated by a television network. High school children watch this show
    and they are going to think that it is OK. It is not OK and CBS needs to do something about it. Penalty nom is a good place to start.
    After all there is a spot open on the block. Why in the world does CBS want this vile, sick, horrible racist to win this season of Big Brother,
    I don’t care who her or her parents are friends with at CBS. Amanda needs to be removed from the house.
    I have watched since the show started with Season 1. I think we need to go back to letting America vote for who is evicted.

    I am voting for Elissa for America’s favorite because she has had to put up with so much. Amanda thinks she is going to win America’s favorite because
    of her terrorizing Elissa yesterday.

    The Exterminators should not trust the rat Andy

    1. When kids do bad stuff they get a “time out”. Amanda’s time out should be she cannot compete in 2 more veto competitions or maybe even an HOH competition!!!!!

    2. I also agree…I believe that Amanda’s bullying of Elissa is bordering on the criminal line of stalking. It is no different that if they were living in the same dorm or sorority house at university, she would be charged with stalking and terrorizing Elissa. Charges could be filed with an order of protection…wouldn’t that be wonderful if Amanda could not go within 500 feet of the BB House?

    3. Have you all watched big brother before? Evil dick did way worse things than Amanda and he fricken won the show. I’m pretty sure he poured a drink on one of the girls and while one of the guys were working out he started making gay comments to him. Check it out on youtube. No one cares about Elissa’s stuff on the toilet, etc. I completely disagree with it, but I feel like its all the same shit, different pile, or should I say similar behaviours, new season.

  40. OMG Amanda is searching through the rule book to see what she can get away with in harassing Elissa, she is unbelievable. How is it that BB wont protect the ones being bullied like this and kick Amanda out. If we were watching this bullying going on in the news no one would stand for it and there would be an uproar.

    1. I don’t wanna start a rumor here but I have heard MANda needs the money to finish her/his transitioning just like Chase Bono.
      Betting those huge utters costs some big money. Can you imagine how much it will take to get that ‘venus fly trap’ closed?

  41. Doesn’t CBS have those public service announcements that say things like “So you know…” and “CBS cares”. I think they have covered bullying, so WTF??!!

  42. Hopefully this alliance works .. and Racist bully Amanda L E A V E S… but of course the production will tell amanda about this alliance

    1. YES! That little red rat bitch has his tongue up everyone’s ass looking for cheese.
      That rat needs a good *ucking to calm her/him down!

  43. It’s funny Andy the rat complaining to Spencer who has been on the block 6 times that Elissa is putting him up. What a whiney girl!

    1. EXACTLY, Toole. He could learn a thing or two from Spencer about how not to turn into a whiny girl when put up. He thinks he can dish it, but he can’t take it!!!

      Spencer—please remind Andy of the last few weeks—remind him where you were on voting day!

  44. I can’t even tell what the hell is going on anymore (as in who’s really with each other / staying true to who). This group is terrible! This show, this season just makes me want it to hurry & get to the end to see which undeserving houseguest is going to win it all!

  45. Spencer or Andy will eventually ruin this alliance this week because they will fight over being the one McCrae and Amanda will by loyal too. If Andy starts getting quiet with the info, Amanda will figure out he is turning on her and will get him out. Spencer will take advantage and weasel into the 3rd spot. This is all assuming they get rid of Aaryn this week.

  46. I can’t tell if I have just outgrown BB or if it is an awful season. I have been following since season 1. Been superfan for several years….

  47. I honestly think Andy is going this week and the new final 4 real alliance will be GM, Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda. GM won’t vote out Aaryn and once Andy is on the block, she will give them this “intel” about the exterminators. Gina, McCrae, Amanda will vote out Andy. McCrae will also tell Spencer they now know what is going on, so Judd will be left like he was before, completely blindsided. They will get him out next, even before Elissa.

  48. Andy is playing. Spencer, Judd, and GM big time. {If they only understood that Elissa is saving them.} If GM goes up, GM goes home and 3 AM is still intact. Andy is worried that he will be voted out, and he should be, 3 AM has no integrity, you can’t believe a word out of their mouths. Their juvenile behavior is disgusting, and I think Amanda”s bottom should be sitting in the chair with a penalty point and voted out.
    Evel Dick’s behavior was pretty disgusting, but I don’t believe he ever messed around with any ones property. The same cannot be said for this group.
    BB has dropped the ball with this crowd!!

    1. No but he did pour a drink over that girl’s head and I think he should have been removed from the game. No matter what anyone says, that is an act of agression. CBS opened the door for Amanda’s behavior when they let him stay and win. I think people should be able to play and win the game without those type of childish antices.

    2. And didn’t he burn some chick with his cigarette? I vaguely remember her kinda antagonizing him but that hell Willie went home for just chest bumping….?

      I am still disturbed about GM and her eating issues, such a shame…her comment that her stomach “feels better empty”…sigh

      I don’t think CBS should babysit these grown house guests but I do think CBS honchos need to take these negative situations and turn them into awareness opportunities for eating disorders, racism, bullying (hell…rape) etc. At least the greater part of viewers would respect that approach then “lets ignore it….cut to fish”.

      Us commentators are hardcore fans (most obsessed :) and a lot of ppl get on here and vent their frustrations about not watching (yet still watch) but we are like the super fans, I personally know (non feed subscribing) people that have decided to watch other programming and will not ever watch BB again. Which really is bad for all of us..I hope that this season does not mark the end of the BB franchise..

  49. Elissa keeps threatening to leave, so leave already and good riddance. As sick and tired of her cry baby elitist threats as Amanda’s boring vulgarity.

  50. CBS would be ashamed allowing Amanda to continue as a guest. Not only is she the epitome of VILE, she is a dangerous bully. Why the others don’t ban together and demand she stops, I don’t know.
    CBS thinks this makes for great TV? Hell, no!
    I don’t care how careful parents may be, we all know there are thousands of minors watching this year’s CRAP.
    BE STRONG ELISSA! Karma should kick in soon.

  51. Wish these people would make up their minds. They are all a bunch of flip-floppers and rats. I’m only watching because I hate them all.

  52. You have to give respect to receive it true words Mcdumbass only thing is YOU’VE Never respected Elissa you and the little puppets trash talk her all the time and as much as you guys think. shes not stupid you moron of course she does not respect you I wouldn’t either. And you and Demanda are only acting this way because you couldn’t control her HoH talk about two year olds. look i know a lot of people think this is rigged for Elissa or Demanda I don’t know if that is True but no matter how much you hate Elissa or her sister No one and i do mean NO ONE deserves that type of abuse i went threw bullying all threw school from k-12. it not fun and it hurts and I know people thing production edits to make Amanda or Elissa depending on who you vote for look good that is true but the live feeds are not edited and they speak pretty clearly about what kind of person Amanda is she even said last night shes the puppet master well Elissa not one of your puppets. and you cant control her as it stands shes the only one with a pair of BRASS balls in this house. yes i’m team Elissa because I applaud her for standing her ground and doing WHAT she wanted to do not what Mcpussy and Demanda wanted like Judd said they just think there two good to be nominated. And i think it awesome she sees right through rat boy. and as for Aaryn wondering why shes the only one getting Elissa wrath when everyone in the house hates her really Aaryn you have to actually wonder that. then again you drank nail polish remover witch says a whole hell of a lot . this is getting kinda long so i’m gunna wrap this up i’m not posting this to get into a fight between Amanda fans but what she did was wrong and disgusting and shes being called a robot simply because she wont conform to what they want she knows full well that if anyone but Judd wins hoh shes going home point is tho she don’t care cause atleast she had the nerve and back bone to try and do what no one else in the house will do GM says she wont kiss there ass then prove it. and i dont blame her for wanting to self evict at all

  53. I feel weird kinda defending Elissa but these people are all really a little crazy. They Talk about entitled Elissa, but THEY are acting like ‘HOW DARE SHE’ to even think of putting them on the block. Then their only defense is she’s a robot and rich. SHUT UP!! Andy has been a liar to everyone the entire time(which is game and i get it), but to read him saying shit about how loyal he has been and she owes him? Get outta here with that!!

    OH, and if Amanda put her NASTY cooch around my neck, well, i guess i’d get evicted,cause I’d have to knock her out. GROSS!! That pic just puts all kindsa discusting thoughts of disease and itchiness in my head..ick!!

  54. Judd should call this alliance “the zoo” because it consists of a a gorilla (spencer), llama (Gina), and red ferret (andy). Judd is zookeeper

  55. great, what this season needs – another alliance. if the first 27 alliances didn’t hold together, why is 28 the magic number? this would be a bb record for number of alliances in one season, except these hg don’t understand the meaning – they know the word, but don’t know how it actually works. like when elissa tries to figure out pov.

  56. “Andy says if Elissa can just disregard all the time I have spent with her since the beginning and puts up me instead of Ginamarie that is just crazy.” uhh…well, what about all the time you spent with Helen and then voted her out? Duh…

    1. Last night he was talking about how loyal he was to Elissa then the next sentence out of his mouth was ” I was trying to get Elissa out to save Helen” Wow what a loyal friend. He is a whack job.

  57. Interesting development. I like the energy behind it even if I don’t like every single person in the alliance. This season for me is all about making sure neither Aryan or Amanda win. I’d be OK with almost anyone else winning. I want Elissa to go further, I have become a fan, somewhat reluctantly. But her social game has been so odd, I’m just not sure she can win. It would be great if this group could get McCranda and Aryan out and hopefully Judd wins! I don’t think GM could win, but I have grown strangely compassionate about her (used to hate her.) She’s showing some growth of character, something we certainly aren’t seeing when it comes to Amanda, McCrae and Aryan.

  58. I’m new to BB this season, this Pandora’s box that everyone keeps talking about, is there still time for Elissa to get this box?

  59. And the creation of “The Exterminators” begs the question — how long until it implodes because of the rat(s) in the actual group? I don’t trust Andy and possibly Spencer. The idea behind the alliance is fantastic, but can Andy and Spencer wean themselves from Amanda and McCrae? That remains to be seen. One thing is for sure — if this alliance is real, they better keep it quiet. Otherwise, they risk Andy leaving…

    1. I think that the new alliance should test Andy. They need to feed him something really good but fake and then keep a close eye on him to see if he goes to Amanda about it. They can root out his true alligance pretty easily if they just try.

  60. This is the 1st BB I have watched BBAD or read online sites about feeds. It’s amazing how they edit the terrible behavior of hgs especially Amanda. I am A Member of the Tribe like her but she is one of the ones that give us a bad name. She is truly a vile person. I have read where people say BB fixes outcomes and she was predetermined by BB to win. Is this truly the case?

    1. I couldn’t believe that someone could think of such a horrific thing to say to another human being and say it…and say it in front of millions of people. I am speaking about what Amanda said to Elissa: ‘you should have been a blow job, Elissa’. Meaning she should not ever have been born, but delivered in such an utterly vile comment. She is an embarrassment to herself, her family and people of the Jewish faith.

      1. I am just as disgusted by Amanda’s behavior, but really, to say she must be an embarrassment to people of the Jewish faith, is absurd. We can all agree to be embarrassed by her behavior simply as compassionate human beings.

  61. This weeks veto was designed for Amanda to win(and if she wasn’t nominated the producers made sure she’d play by filling the draw box with her name). Either way she was going to end up with veto. Anyone else notice how the first and only comp she’s won is the one she absolutely had to? Moreover, this house is filled with such spineless saddle riders that McCRAE COULD SIT NEXT TO ANYONE AND NOT GO HOME.

    Can someone tell me why the minute Judd is given a second chance he immediately goes back to being an underling to the people that got him out? I mean he must know he’s at the bottom of the pecking order with that group? DEAR GOD ANYONE ELSE COULD HAVE COME BACK IN THE HOUSE especially jessie AND THEY WOULD HAVE SHOWN MORE BACK BONE.

    All Elissa could do is take out Andy or Aaryn. Both are excellent targets.
    Aaryn has a killer argument for the jury in that she’s won lots and played a decent social game(giving up her nominations to the house)
    Andy has played the most two handed game since Dan and everyone thinks he’s on their side as they leave. Plus Andy is the biggest rat BB has ever seen.

    Elissa needs to nom Andy.
    Judd is such a disappointment.

    1. I disagree – Judd wants to get out the royal couple & this might do it – that’s one reason why even with this alliance he still won”t abandon Elissa. Elissa can’t be in any alliance though if she doesn’t make any attempt. Jessie would have been useless – what backbone? She was needy, whiny, & started acting like a 2 yr old when she was on block with her juvenile name calling. Why would Elissa have wanted to work with her after that?

  62. If the Exterminators want to take out a rat, then they need to turn on their own alliance to get rid of Andy The Rat. He’s the biggest Rat in the house!

  63. The Rat is calling kettle black if he is nominated and goes off on Elissa on Thursday.

    Everyone hates Fat-manda, Aryan Brotherhood and McPussy- but only the Rat and Fat-manda are the ones people want to beat up!!!

    Bringing on the water works, Rat boy!

  64. Hi Macrada now you are proving you are a real slut (you have sex everywhere in the house) your mama and papa must be so proud of you.

  65. rat bastard andy is such a hypocrite. he talks about being elissa’s friend and having her back. does he forget how he straight up lied to her face so much the week before? does he forget all the times helen tried to talk about voting out demanda/mcpussy and he’d talk her out of it? does he forget all the times elissa’s noticed him doing whatever for demanda/mcpussy? of course she knows that if you vote, you’d vote to keep aaryn off his master’s word.

    freakin’ hate that guy.

  66. If Andy is faking this that is a piece of s*** he doesn’t have to go cry and plead tithe whole house just because Amanda and McRae tell him to its pathetic

  67. Its funny when Fugmanda says she doesn’t give a fuck what ppl think and mccrae saying that there will be ppl that like her. First point: Amanda crys, whines, pouts and throws tantrums when nobody does what she wants. Just goes to show you why she works for herself. She’s probably been fired from every job where she had a boss. Also tells you she was a spoiled brat growing up. So LISTEN UP PARENTS: DON’T SPOIL YOUR KIDS or Fugmanda is what you get. Second Point: NOBODY LIKES FUGLY AMANDA! Wait til she finds out America nominated her those last few times and also when she reads all the negative posts. They may think that some ppl hate but reality is EVERYONE hates her. At this point the few ppl who did like her are retracting their views.

  68. I love how in one breath Andy talks of how he was one of Elissa’s only friends and has always been on her side and then in the next breath talks about how he was campaigning with people to evict her last week insead of Helen. He can’t understand how she could think that he was untrustworthy?

  69. Seriously? That’s a joke. The only one who has the guts to stand up to Amanda is GM.
    The whole group is pathetic. I just want it over.
    Ellisa is not cut out for the game. Her morals are high, and if you have Christian values
    You cannot survive in this environment. I feel bad for her. This is why Howard left. Aside from
    Having a strong physical sense.
    Today, Andy will cry like a baby and no one will talk to Ellissa once the ceremony is over.
    Judd, Spencer and Elissa are all out to move on Amanda and McRae. Too bad they won’t
    Show their true colors.

  70. Elissa won me over on the night of McCrusty’s birthday, when she laughed in Scumanda’s face about how horrible the skank looked in her 1 piece bathing suit. All she had to do was ask ‘who wears a one piece?’ And that trashy whore came un-glued. Yet still too dilusional to figure out that NO one wanted to see that; even McNasty didnt seem to want to be forced into watching. I still wonder how she could look at herself in the mirror and think that she looked sexy. Maybe she needs to have her meds adjusted?

  71. I think its strange that they are going after Elissa first considering she didn’t target them but who knows if Andy will stick with them anyways. We will see as soon as Andy runs to Amanda when she wakes up-he always does! RAT! Past behavior predicts future behavior. If Elissa would put up GM, Judd or Spencer they would go home! Putting Andy up would only ensure that they would all be safe. She is the only one that had the cuts to even do anything anyway. These houseguest are the biggest flip-floppers I have seen in 15 seasons :-/

    1. Who ever said they are going after Elissa first? At this point AMC seems to be the target of at least Judd, Elissa, GM, Spencer? maybe Andy (but of course he’s the rat so who knows)

  72. Did she really have to tell everyone that? Seriously Amanda? Not only are you a disgusting person when it comes to personality, but you find the need to broadcast your sex life, even the guy doesn’t want to do that, but you are.

  73. I’m cool with the new “alliance,” as long as they vote out Aaryan this week, and go after McSissy and the boyish Amanda next week. After that, I expect that “alliance” to fall apart as Andy whines his way into safety, and Spencer . . . well, just flip-flops for cover. If Elissa keeps winning either HOH or Veto, she could make it to the finals.

  74. Really Judd…hes a stupid fool…id keep Aaryn…convince her to be on the exterminaters side…Aaryn is the only one in this house that can actually win comps..Gm cant win anything…nor spencer…Mcranda is a powerful couple …Judd needs someone stronger in his alliance like Aaryn she will keep him safe…but no hes dumb.

  75. Amanda you are beyond disgusting , I hope they give her a bad edit! Nasty… Have you forgotten everyone is watching?? its big brother! She is going to be bombarded with threats when she gets out of there, she should know better, and she acts like a child climbing on top of Judd, she is beyond gross, if I was Judd I’d tell her to keep her filthy crotch and body away from me! .and i don’t mind this new alliance the “exterminators’ it still keeps Elissa safe for a while,I can’t wait for Amanda, Mcrea and Aryn to be evicted, I think the remaining house guests won’t be as vile and nasty once those people are gone,my final 3 wish would be Elissa , gm and Judd!

    1. The question is will Aaryn have the guts to defy Amanda? She has been too scared to go against her all this time. I am not sure that will change which is why she needs to go. Andy is not a threat anymore since his strength in this game has been being Amanda’s mole. Now that everyone is on to him that is easy to control. Andy’s game is pretty much over. Aaryn is the one who needs to go and then they need to go after Amanda and McCray next. Then it is anyones game.

  76. Simon, Dawg anybody what exactly happened that has Andy worried about it getting back to Judd? What’s that about? Thank you.

  77. Amanda in her TMI. I don’t believe she has any sort of professional career in real estate. And Gina Marie, I mean Aaryn is not your real friend. Grow up. If that’s even possible with her ridiculous mentality. If she’s that concerned about being looked at as a liar by some unknown guys she may date than than clearly she wasn’t the right person to put in the house. And its amusing how she rants but than goes and lies and tell Amanda unnecessary details. She’s like watching a roller coaster that switches up every few minutes.

    But what is mind boggling is how entitled Andy thinks he is as if he’s shouldn’t ever go up on the block. And yet he is one of the biggest liars and snakes in there if not the biggest. I don’t get how he goes off the radar as being sincere and these people seem to believe him and talk right in front of him. He put Spencer on the block and that was an indication of anything? Maybe it’s game play on their parts but I get the sense they don’t know how deceptive and fake this dude is. Helen said not to trust Andy when talking to Candace during the HOH comp and I guess Judd didn’t hear it. But he heard the other stuff she said.But he seems to be a little slow on the intake and piecing the right information together. Clueless as usual. I hope Elissa puts Andy on the block so he can implode the whole week and trash talk himself into a frenzy.

  78. McCrae keeps refusing to let Amanda do sexual stuff with him and he won’t shower or brush his teeth. I think it’s because he doesn’t want her anymore and he’s waiting til the game is over to dump her so he won’t have to deal with her drama. He needs her on his side in the game, but I think he’ll split when the game is over. No self respecting person would have poor hygiene on tv without a good reason – he is hoping the smell will keep her from trying to force herself on him sexually. The pathetic thing is the smell don’t bother her, so he’s dirty for nothing.

    1. I think when MC gets out and his friends and family get in his ear, he will be really ashamed of his “alliance” with Amanda. At least I hope so. He seemed like a pretty decent guy at the beginning. I liked him. But Amanda being the expert predator she is, got her hands on him the first night and manipulated him flawlessly. Now he is stuck with her. That house trips with your head big time and his laid back, passive nature allowed him to be pulled into her sticky, vile, deceitful web. MC looks horrible, he literally doesn’t move, he’s always chewing on himself and he is dirty and appears sick like a puppy with parvo. Inside he is probably pretty disgusted with himself. I’m not saying he’s without blame or not responsible for his own actions, I just think his weak nature allowed him to be pulled to the dark side with Amanda, who in my opinion is truly evil.

  79. Adderal to think, Xanex to not think…
    “Well THERE’S your problem”
    No myth to bust there.
    Amanda’s HAS a psych problem CAUSED by a shrink medicating a condition that has NO imperial data to support its existence and absolutely NO science behind suitable or effective treatment.
    If she truly “needed” a stimulant to be “normal”, she wouldn’t need a trank to counter act the stimulant to allow her to sleep.
    “ADHD” is a bullshit non condition. Its a fake ass excuse for the shrink to prescribe mind fucking drugs.
    The teachers couldn’t keep her interested and under controll, so they had her drugged her to make her compliant in the classroom.
    & there’s what have as an adult when a kid is drugged to be controlled instead of medicated to be treated for a real actual condition.

    1. It is an over diagnosed/misdiagnosed condition. However, if you have ever watched a brainwave scan you could see that it is a very real condition.

    2. I believe you mean empirical & by that definition there is indeed a LOT of empirical data to support the existence of the condition. I agree that it is overdiagnosed because symptoms are confounded by other conditions – this is very common when mental/behavioural issues. Let’s face it, while we are gaining more information at an incredible rate, the brain is still a very mysterious thing (which is why it’s fascinating!)

  80. -Oh I can’t wait until the first week AFTER this season is over.
    -All the PR spins
    -The “What you didn’t see was…” (although they forget sites like this exist dedicated to every minute in the game, the “I wasn’t a rat, slut, racist, etc…” cries
    -Andy crying “I’m a Big Brother super fan so when I finally got the chance the play….I wanted to float and tell EVERY little plan that was happening because that works so well for any BB contestant who does that.”
    -Amanda’s “I’m not a bully i just don’t do well when people don’t do as I say.
    -Aaryn’s “I’m not a racist….”
    -GinaMarie will be trying to kidnap Nick
    -Helen will still think it’s too early to vote out Amanda

  81. Amanda has single handedly enlarged the vocabulary of many viewers… people are actually taking dictionaries and thesauruses in hand to find adjectives to describe her. See… she’s not ALL bad! Amanda: enriching the minds of viewers like us!

  82. simon amanda is been seen by us america as a mean racist bulllly that we dont like we belive her career want last a year cause they will go to somebody else its other realstate amanda sucks we dont like her producitons you know simon

  83. “Judd tells Andy to go up there and cry.”

    In all my years of watching Big Brother I never thought I would see the day when a grown man would consider this a strategy?! No wonder Elissa laughs….she probably can’t believe it herself. How does anyone take such a person seriously after that? ……. And people actually actually get mad when Andy does cry accusing them of making him cry! Incredible….what an embarrassment!

  84. I can only hope that Pandora’s Box will happen while E is HOH. I feel Amanda is going to be put on the block or given some punishment with her lunatic behavior. Not sure her POV will last – just hoping production threatens her in some way. The exterminators will never last – Andy will be caught ratting the alliance out to Amanda and the alliance will bring in Elissa and vote him out. I learn a lot from the comments – great site. Amanda was denied her Xanx. What next her medical marijuana?

  85. Duhhhh…..Ratboy, why are you sooo upset with Eilssa? If you go up (which I’m hoping you do), it’s nobody’s fault but your’s and scumanduh’s. Your’s because you’re a rat and got caught in a trap, and scumanduh’s because she really doesn’t have to use the veto for mcnasty. BUT because she could care less about you she’s going to use it, so SHE’s the one putting you up as a target for eviction.

    There may be honor among thieves, but there is only backstabbing and betrayal among the damned!

  86. Seriously? How low can Amanda go? And Spencer is just completely disgusting. There CANNOT be a Marilyn. There’s just no way that vile pig has girlfriend.


    No wonder Elissa hides out and people think she acts like she’s better than everyone else. SHE IS! I hope to God that is’ Elissa and Judd in the end. BB13 is a trainwreck and I can’t stop watching it! LOL

  87. I was reading this quote from July 4, The Palm Beach Post….this is Amanda’s mother speaking to the reporter : “But soon, “she’s gonna be America’s favorite, I’m sure,” her mother, Boca Raton Realtor Marilyn Zuckerman, confirms. “They’re going to want to keep her around.”:

    Oh Mumsy, you’re so wrong :)

    1. so amanda’s mom is spencer’s girlfriend. that explains alot. andy resembles spencer. is he his son? are gina and aaryn sisters? oh the possibilities………

  88. Why are they always talking about the way they are “portrayed”…. they are what they are and it is what it is… or am I wrong?

    1. They can be portrayed in a positive or negative light on the episodes as the producers try to only include what is relevant to the game or entertaining to viewers. In other words, a great deal of the day to day conversation and actions are left out. The live feeds show almost everything though, and these guests are not presenting themselves very well. It is just about impossible to present Amanda in any kind of positive way anymore.

  89. Elissa is being bullied and is taking the high road. She has had a few lapses where she behaves not so nicely but nothing compared to the other house guests. And her body is nice to watch–at all angles.

    She might look like a martian when she cries but that figure of hers is outstanding. In terms of behavior and just overall attractiveness none of the house guests come close to Elissa, and that is unusual since she isn’t exactly an insightful person. All of the other house guests seem to have been raised by wolves.

    1. This is a seriously weird contradictory comment & people thumb it up because they think it’s saying nice Elissa things. But seriously – how does having a nice body make her a better person to root for?

  90. looks like another night of disgusting raunchy sex talk. kind of tells you what kind of people they are now doesn’t it?

  91. can these people think of anything else but disgusting sex talk and all the raunchy things they have done, do, and will do in the future?

  92. Judd needs to overhear Andy conspiring with the enemy—so hoping that happens!!!!!!!! Judd–follow that rat around will you!

  93. I’d love it if Andy would be on his way out and Judd later could say, “Sorry Andy–that was a fake alliance deal we made with you…ha ha ha.”

  94. They is nothing wrong about talking about sex it is just the way Amanda talk about it make it disgusting and especially for the whole world to see and hear.

    1. amanda admitted she has a yeast infection and herpes. aaryn and amanda “pretended” to “scissor.” then aaryn mysteriously got a sore in her mouth that could have been caused by having oral sex with amanda and catching herpes. mccrae would be an idiot to let amanda anywhere near his weiner. it might rot and fall off. he needs to get tested to make sure he didn’t catch anything.

  95. Mccpussy and his wife are such pigs they don’t take baths, or wash their clothes, both lay down in her period shit etc.

  96. Elissa will win America’s Favorite and I do not agree with that – just because she is Rachel’s sister and will have all of Rachel’s fans votes. The woman doesn’t even need the money and really doesn’t deserve it. But out of all the players who does deserve it? JUDD! GO JUDD! I hope he wins the game and Gets AMERICA’S FAVORITE! Come on People – vote for JUDD, not Elissa for America’s Favorite!

  97. ” Andy says that everything Amanda did today was to help me so it proves their loyalty.”

    Uh…no stupid, it was to save Aaryn…and the game is ending, so at what point will this doofus realize 4 people don’t win and sooner rather than later, “the house” will want to get rid of the floater who is best friends with everybody in the jury? Will he ever realize that with his popularity, nobody will want him at the end?

  98. You know what would be great? If Elissa wins the diamond power of veto and then puts up either mccrae or Amanda. Assuming she goes up next week.

  99. You know what would be great? If Elissa wins the diamond power of veto and then puts up either mccrae or Amanda. Assuming she goes up next week.

  100. “Andy says that everything Amanda did today was to help me so it proves their loyalty”. Jesus, joseph &Mary… Could this guy be any more of an idiot? They arent helping anyone but themselves…. They are trying to save the rat AND the racist, sure… But only for their puppetness!

    And if i hear ratboy one more time how hes been Elissas best friend since day one, im gonna puke… He is loyal to noone.

    One other thing… I can understand them grasping at straws to E’s face about her logic, but do they really believe their own bullshit? Saying between themselves she is stupid, robot, moron, no logic? Andy is the ONLY one she can put up who…

    1. Wont go home
    2. If he DOES go home, his eviction wont be a waste of her hoh.

    I dont mind these dull minded fucks insulting each others intelligence…. But do t be insulting mine….

  101. “Aaryn says I bet there is a McCranda Army now and that they creamed their pants when Amanda won the veto. ”

    McCranda Army and Brenchek Army, both filled with delusional losers… So what else is new? I had a feeling McCranda was going to become the “stinky” to Brenchel’s Nasty(cum stained sheets), they have A LOT in common.

  102. I don’t know why Andy is grasping so hard onto McManda.. He is foolish not to realize that they are actually the targets of everyone else in the house. I know that everyone is hedging their bets to see who gets HOH. But I have a feeling if McManda doesn’t get HOH they will be going up. I even think Andy will realize that he will have to strike sooner. Otherwise, the jury pool will think that Andy was only there to further McManda’s agenda. If he gets them out, he would get more respect.

  103. Judd is already playing right into Amanda’s plan! This is why he is the LAST person we wanted to come back! Judd SUCKS,

  104. I love it how Amanda doesn’t dare try to use Elissa’s room as her “command centre” and her bed as her throne.

    I also love it that Elissa’s basket has no candy crap for Amanda to steal.

  105. Amanda is upset with Elissa because she is one of two (possibly GM too) she can’t control. Elissa laughed at her when she was crying and she now is putting two of her key alliances. Further, enhancing Amanda hatred is the fact her idiotic plan did not work.

    Andy is so totally annoying but he is able to get away with his bullshit becomes there is no real man in the house to call him out about his bullshit.

    McCrae, I really don’t know what to say about him, because he just so wrong on some many different levels.

    Spencer, is just going along and fitting in with whomever. He just does not want to be seen as rocking the boat. As llong as no one is targeting him, he is willing to bash eveyine’s attended target.

    Aaryn is going to jury, if nothing drastic happens to change the landscape by Thursday.

    Juud is trying to find his place in the game since his re-entry. But once they come clean about never attending to evict Andy. Judd should (hopefully) see that they tried to manipulate and blindside him again. How many times do you have to lead a horse to water befiore he drinks?

    GM is definitely on board with Elissa, unless the dynamics shift next HOH — whatever gets her safe through one more week.

    Elissa needs GM and Judd to go all out balls to the wall to get the next HOH.

  106. Elissa please just put Andy up and that way no matter how the vote goes Amanda’s power will be weakened. The best Big Brother ever is going to be when she gets bounced from the house. She makes Chima look classy.

  107. That whore Stinkmeaner can’t even get MustAvenger to fuck her, what does this mean? Is he finally tired of the skank? or does she have something?

    I mean seriously, what man turns down a BJ? ZERO, unless something is wrong with the women. Well, we ALL know there is, I mean what women sucks a unwashed d**k anyways? Think she already got Vagina Bread because of his nastiness.

    1. If I was making the same nasty, vile, filthy remarks about Elissa on national tv, I know my parents would be calling her family to apologise. My parents would be so very angry and embarrassed. I wonder how Demanda’s parents actually feel.

  108. I think Judd and GM are just doing what Elissa suggested and pretending to distance themselves from her. GM was supposed to tell AAryn she was voting for her. Anyone else agree? I think Judd does want to work with Elissa but he is getting pulled in by Andy. Judd can’t be so stupid as to not see that Andy is loyal to McCrae adn Amanda or at least he was. Psencer came out and said it in front of Judd and Andy.

  109. I am really hoping The Exterminators is for real. I cannot handle another fake alliance. Especially when Amanda is still in the house. She should be first priority to be sent home.

  110. I’m a little confused if the trashy whor! Amanda takes her Charles Manson look a like boyfriend off the block why can’t Elissa put up the trashy whor!? Have the rules changed from how it used to be in the past? Why are they allowed to look at the rule book? Seems to me a lot of rules are being broke. When the trashy whor! jumped on Judd’s back and wrapped her legs around his neck isn’t that considered inappropriate touching? She could have hurt him quite seriously she is no light weight. Also the whole deal with the letter Elissa received from her sister, the feminine hygiene product etc., she should have been evicted from the house for that. No one should have to be witness nor victim to that type of behavior. I am really not a fan of anyone in this house this year but with that being said I am glad Judd is back and I hope he wins. He’s not as nasty as the others in the house, he does not bully, he does not say too many cruel things about people their race, religion, sexual orientation, families or what they may or may not have financially.

  111. This Exterminator alliance is a good thing in theory, but I don’t believe it will stick. Judd and GM working together I believe is good. They have the same targets they are trying to take out. Spencer and Andy will run to whoever is in power at the time for safety. Can not wait till Thursday to see who gets the next HOH. If one of 3am wins it, then we will see Ellisa and Judd on the block. If Judd wins HOH, I hope he does as he has been saying and go after Amanda and McCrae. If GM wins, than she will will go after Amanda & McCrae unless Aaryn is still in the house and gets in her ear. Best case scenario for me is Ellisa gets Pandoras Box and gets some kind of power, Judd wins HOH and puts Amanda and McCrae on the block. I can only hope. As long as Amanda and McCrae are scared, I am happy

  112. Not that it will make a difference, but I just went to CBS feedback site and expressed concern on what is being allowed to happen within the house that is not being viewed by the overall public. I feel better anyway.

  113. Ahaha! The Brenchel Army will have switched sides and be all Team Ho’manda? Are these people really that unaware of how disgusting and nasty they all are in general, and Amanda specifically? They’re in for a rude awakening.

  114. Bbad reset icon on photobooth screen and gm pressed. Afterward called to drink. When out told ary it was to tell them booth closed whichary said was odd…a reset????

  115. LOL…Scumanduh has been “evicted” from the HOH room! Hilarious, that’s why she’s so mad. Her and McNasty should go sleep outside, I bet the house REALLY reeks now since Crusty McNasty and Scumanduh are not holed up in the HOH room anymore.

    I wonder if Elissa was allowed to fumigate before moving in??????

  116. Wouldn’t it be great if Elissa is up next week she wins the POV and it turns out to be the diamond power of veto and she puts up Amanda or McCrae, especially if one of them is HOH, and that person gets kicked out under that HOH. But i guess there is no such thing as a perfect world. You can only hope.

  117. Elissa keeps threatening to leave, so leave already and good riddance, She says she doesn’t deserve the treatment she’s getting from Amanda and the rest and can’t take it, she wants to leave every other day. remember Evil Dick banging on pots and pans in people’s ears and waking them up at all hours, She knew what that house can be like, her own sister Rachael was loud, trashy and vulgar, So tired and bored of her cry baby elitism, manic depressive mood swings and phoney bible thumping, as much as I am tired and bored of Amanda’s everday vulgarity.

    1. what bible thumping? i have never seen elissa physically thump a bible. i have also never heard her quote bible scriptures or preach. Please point out the exact moment in the feeds where Elissa held a church service in the house because i don’t remember seeing that. all i remember is her making it clear she has a high set of morals values and standards because of her faith.

  118. We thought this would NEVER happen…. this is the 1st week that Stinkmeaner(Amanda) and MustyAvenger(McCrae) are not able to contaminating the HOH bed with their funk. That’s one of the reasons why Amanda is being extra skanky this week

  119. Never saw so much crying since I started watchimg BB in its premier season. That’s what you get when all you cast are big babies. They need to mix up the ages to vary the interest, choose some people with some wisdom and a high level of intelligence, and please no more trashy, vulgar and unsanitary people. If i didn’t have so much time vested in this season I would be done with it now, the icing on the cake is knowing it’s fixed in parts. If next season has this same type of houseguests I won’t waste my time. Will miss my time with Dawg and Simon.

  120. The dimwit Brenchal fans are so delusional, they can’t face the fact that Elissa is a spoiled, bratty, phoney, cowardly cry baby when she doesn’t have her way and the gong gets tough,. Guarenteed she’ll threaten to leave again after her HOH, and production will throw her a bone and if she likes it she’ll stay if not she’ll leave. Hope to never have to see her again, she’s a waste, not that the others aren’t either.

  121. Amanda doesn’t deserve to win this game . Her strategy sucks. Control freak. Bully . America put her on the block twice because all of America hates her.
    She doesn’t get her way so she intimidates Elissa. CBS should have kicked her ass off the show. And Rat Ass Andy, Grow some Balls. I am so glad Elissa put you on the block. You were nothing but a traitor to she and Helen. Bullshit with all your crying. You have only been loyal to that gross Demanda and McPussy. Elissa saw right through you rat face. And you represent education. What a embarrassment.

  122. And to think that the only reason for all this disgusting behavior of Amanda’s, is coming from her not being able to control just one HOH. Unbelievable.

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