Elissa tells Ginamarie we just have to pretend so that they’re shocked when I put Andy up.

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

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1:05am Judd and Andy head down from the HOH room after talking with Elissa. Andy says that was really weird. Judd says I don’t think she wants to put up Ginamarie. Andy says I know. Judd says first she didn’t put up Amanda and McCrae, then this happens and now she won’t put up Ginamarie. Andy says I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not. Judd says she was pissed. We just have to be on it all day tomorrow and I guess we have to say it in front of Ginamarie. Andy says do it without me because she trusts you more than she trusts me. Say Andy is solid you can trust him. Judd says if she would just trust, we could have a solid final four. Andy says I know. If she puts me up, I go home! Oh my god! Judd says what she doesn’t understand if she puts up Ginamarie we could have a very easy week. Andy says exactly. If she puts up you, then we will be harassing Ginamarie all week and so will Amanda/McCrae and all of them. They hear Elissa come down the stairs and leave the lounge. Andy says Hi to Elissa and she doesn’t say anything. Elissa says she thought she left her E bracelet in his room but cant find it. Andy says he will look for it.
CBS Interactive Inc.

1:10am Andy talks to Ginamarie in the lounge room. Gina says that she will tell Elissa that I came into the house alone and I am leaving alone. Even though I would hate to do it I will vote Aaryn out if she is up against you because she is Elissa’s target. Andy says okay. Gina says because if I don’t then Elissa will put me up because I went against her. If Elissa wants Aaryn to go, then I will have to listen to her. Andy says yeah. Gina says that’s why I need to know if I go up, that I have you. Andy says if you went up, you would have me, Judd and Spencer. Gina wonders if she would have Spencer because I bug him a lot. Andy says he has you. Gina and Andy leave the room. Andy heads outside with Judd. Judd asks Andy if he is stressed out. Andy says yeah and I just talked to Gina but she isn’t going to tell me to my face that she is going to vote me out. You need to hammer it home to Elissa tomorrow. Judd says Elissa thinks I am still with them (Amanda/McCrae) and I am not. Judd says I was hoping that when I came back someone would need my help and both you and Spencer approached me on separate occasions. Judd says I gave Elissa my moms coin and told her she could keep it if I was lying to her. Judd says if you leave my days are numbered. I refuse to be up McCrae’s a$$. Judd says we should get up early and talk to her. Andy says if I go home with Elissa as HOH and Ginamarie being the swing vote, I am going to kill myself. Judd and Andy both say they would never put each other up. Andy says he doesn’t get it Gina and Elissa haven’t been friends until 2 days ago. Gina also voted out Helen like I did. Judd says that McCrae and Amanda want me up on the block with Elissa next week. Judd says I should just hang out with Elissa all day and wait for them to ask me if I am working with her and I will say yeah just like you are working together then Elissa will trust me that I am not working with them. Judd says then we get out Aaryn and we will have the numbers. Andy heads to bed.


1:45am – 1:50am Up in the HOH room – Elissa talks to Ginamarie. Elissa tells Gina that they are trying to have the Moving Company like 4. Gina says don’t tell me that please! Elissa says we have to pretend like we don’t like each other. Elissa says that they keep trying to get you put up and that’s why Judd is saying that you and Aaryn are close. I know you’re not going to vote with them. I trust you. Gina says let me tell you something. I like Aaryn. Elissa says that Judd is trying really hard. They want me to put you up so they can have me against you. That’s why I said that in front of Spencer because I want them to think we are mad at each other. Gina say oh okay. Elissa says we just have to pretend so that they are shocked when I put Andy up. Gina says I like Aaryn, but I came in this house by myself and I have to leave by myself so its my game to stay here longer if I have to vote her out, I don’t want to but if that’s what I have to do. That’s what I have to do. It sucks but I have to do it and I hope she forgives me. Elissa says I know you will vote her out. They are just trying really hard to pit us against each other, we just have to be really smart moving forward. Elissa says Judd, Spencer and Andy are working together and they want me and you against each other to get Amanda and McCrae out. I saw that they were trying to get me to put you up instead of Andy. Elissa tells Gina to pretend like she might be going up. Elissa says I just don’t want them to think that we have any kind of relationship. Ginamarie says if I get HOH, I am not putting you up, I pinky promise you! Gina brings up how she found out that Amanda was 3 days pregnant the week before she came in here. Gina says whatever you need me to do, I will do. Elissa tells Gina to tell people that she (Elissa) is acting weird around me. Gina says yeah I will. Elissa says just make sure you press to the guys that Aaryn is dangerous. Amanda will stop at nothing, she is nuts and so desperate. Gina then heads downstairs.



2:10am In the bathroom – Spencer and McCrae are talking. McCrae talks through scenarios for the weeks coming. Spencer says yeah if you could mastermind that, but right now Elissa is HOH. McCrae says if we can successfully do this, next week it will be 5 against 1. The odds are in our favour. McCrae says that it would have been nice to bring Gina to the final five but after today she is such a good competitor. Spencer says yeah well I just don’t want to go up. McCrae says I don’t think you would go up. McCrae says that he knows Judd is working with Elissa this week but that he can’t really next week. Amanda knows he’s working with Elissa too and is calling him out on it. He is going to be coming after me and Amanda 100%. Spencer agrees. McCrae says it would be awesome to have the 5 people going after those 2. McCrae says I don’t trust Aaryn at all but we can use her. Spencer says if you say so. McCrae tells Spencer you have me and Andy 100%. McCrae says it would be awesome if Judd was the one to go up as the replacement. Spencer says we should just wait and see what happens, it could change tomorrow and again on Monday. Spencer says if it’s Andy he can’t go. McCrae agrees and says there is no way Andy will go home. McCrae says we have been loyal to Andy since week 2, Aaryn doesn’t mean sh*t to us, we just picked her up along the way. Spencer says well I just want to see what the joker is going to do. McCrae says f**king clay face! McCrae tells Spencer to just keep playing his part. It’s going to be the best because Elissa said she didn’t want to waste her HOH.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:20am – 2:50am Aaryn and Ginamarie are out in the backyard talking. Aaryn tells Gina that Elissa is brainwashing you. Aaryn says 100% I have made my own decisions and Amanda doesn’t control me. I have to be nice to her because I can’t have her targeting me. Gina agrees. Gina says I am not wanting my name to be mentioned because I am a vote for you to stay. Aaryn says that there has to be away to get Judd or Spencer nominated. I don’t know why she wants to work with Judd. It’s not fair to have Judd here in the house after coming back. She hates Spencer also I don’t know why she won’t put him up. Gina says I know when it gets to the final four Amanda/McCrae will back each other and you and I will back each other up. I will be taking you to the end. Aaryn says that’s why we need to get out the middle people out, Judd, Spencer, Elissa.. Aaryn says that if I do go to jury I will not vote for someone that blind sides me. Gina agrees. Aaryn says it is imperative that you or I win HOH next week. Gina says as long as I don’t go up, you are 100% not going home. Gina tries to remember why Elissa wanted Judd out in the beginning and how can we remind her of that again. Aaryn says that Helen wanted him out, remind her that she needs to get him out for Helen. Gina says if Andy does go up I will lie to him. The only reason why I would lie to him is because he did it to me about Nick. If you lie to me I will do it even harder to you and rip your a$$hole to shreds, you know what I mean! Aaryn says just don’t push for something that isn’t believable. They agree that Gina should wait until Sunday night to be the last one to talk to Elissa. Gina says that she is going to pretend she is sick, to have a migraine and stay in bed till 2pm and avoid the photo booth so that I can avoid Elissa. Aaryn and Gina head inside to eat cake. Aaryn heads to bed. Gina sprays her face and then blow dry’s her face. She is the last one to head to bed.


4:15am All the house guests are still sleeping..

10:15am Still sleeping..

10:30am – 10:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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that would be great to see when elissa puts up andy, it will almost make up for this horrible season.


I can’t wait to watch Andy the rat cry all week long.


I so agree. It would be great too see the faces of everyone when Andy goes up and gets his butt voted out. Voted out in a backdoor and on Elissa’s HOH priceless!! It would weaken the 3 a. m. alliance more to get Andy out since he is their information guy. Without him running back and forth telling them what people are planning Amanda/McCrea will be in the dark. It would be great to see Amanda/McCrea panic a little. Get GinaMariie or Spenser (I truly believe Spencer still hates Amanda) to win HOH and put up Amanda/McCrea to show the house is no longer afraid of them. Now that would finally be some awesome BB15 to watch!!!!


So Amanda was pregnant before she came into the house? What happened? Is this why she’s such an emotional wreck? Just when I think nothing more could shock me about this person, I am! If she wins this show, it will be a huge loss for humanity.


She is trying to say she was 3 days pregnant when she found out about BB. I don’t believe her. You usually can’t tell you are pregnant with a test into you are about 7 days. So in other words she was 3 days late with her period and she thinks she was pregnant. Sometimes when you just start birth control like she said she had just started it a month before it takes your body time to adjust/regulate. There is no way she could know exactly how many days pregnant when doctors have a rough time getting to the exact day. So amanduh I call you on your BS


Angela, that is incorrect information because some tests you can tell within 24 hours. So with Amanda it would not surprise me and wonder did she just have an abortion to go on the show. No against abortion for medical reasons but to have one just to go on BB is sick and depraved.


Unfortunately Andy is staying in the house. Aaryn is everyone’s target to get out if Andy is put up against her.

Go Elissa!

I do hope Elissa sticks with the plan to backdoor Andy. Without their information man they’d actually have to leave the bed and figure out things for themselves!


don’t know that will do elissa thinks Amanda whats to save aaryn regardless what is said she doesn’t doesn’t matter who goes up against aaryn its going to be 5-0 aaryns gone starting to like her to Amanda wins again


Even broken English would do. Too many drinks?


What did I say wrong in my comment that it was taken away?


It is still here Sherriesfaith. I totally agree with you about Andy! However, I do not think anyone will dare out up Mcranda! Remember—–they are all SOOO scared of those two! I think the only way they will go up on the block is if GM is keeping her word to Elissa about voting Aarryn out, which I am afraid she won’t…..

helen is still clueless

Amanda wants Elissa to nom anyone but Andy and is already planning on evicting Elissa next week.
Prediction: Elissa noms Andy
Amanda: why would she do that, it’s so stupid. She just put a target on her back


I guess there is no way for Elissa to convince Judd and Spencer to vote out Andy?? If Elissa saved Aaryn they could work together with GM and Judd and Spencer. Andy just doesn’t do much for the show that is way he is never asked anything in DR. I want Andy out after his entire season of playing Helen and telling Amanda everything.


That won’t work. Elissa has tried. Aaryn has said many times she won’t work with Elissa and said she is putting her up if she’s hoh. And voting against her if given the chance. That’s why as an Elissa fan I hope Aaryns goes.


BB15 AKA Boring Brother 15 is so rigged one would have to be a Moron not to realize this. As for me, I am done with it. I want to see a real competition like in Big Brother Canada. I refuse to drink the Kool-Aide, CBS is proding what they call a Reality Show. The only thing real about Boring Brother 15 is that the act was all about Amanda winning right from the beginning. As far as Amanda, she is a horrible actress who is getting inside help. CBS is just another corporation ripping off naive American people. I really feel sorry for all those suckers who purchased 24/7. For all those people who think Amanda is a great player just remember she was helped by CBS production. Thanks CBS for providing Americans with a rigged show and in the end letting Amanda win.

Elissa sucks

Ok, BuffaloBullcrapper. And the Botox duck lips hasn’t gotten any help from production in saving her ass the first three 3 weeks by giving her the chance to nominate a real target the HGs wanted out more. Or letting her win the POV last week when her neck was on the line. Or the HOH comp this week she had balls lobbed at her softly, was able to hold on a picture frame for balance and was able to fall off her platform twice and still be allowed to stay in the game, only to win. She would’ve been going home this Thursday otherwise. To say nothing of the preferential treatment she is getting that none of the others are (a down comforter in the have not room, real food while being a have not, being able to call her sugar daddy and receive intel from the outside world, etc). THAT’S where the show is rigged. Don’t worry though. There will be a mystery power given to the queen of stuck-up this or next week, so she’ll be around for awhile yet.

Knoxville Gal

Amanda almost fell off too…


Told you guys she wouldn’t fall for fugmanda’s bs.


Andy is the Bradley Manning of the BB House.

Fuck Andy

No, Andy is not a national hero like Bradley Manning. You’re comparing a big brother nobody to someone who has served the people of the world and paid a steep price for it. Stop watching Fox news and read something not served to you by a national news outlet.


Not all Fox watchers think Manning is not a hero. Some even get their news from all sources includin Alex Jones and Infowars and George Noory. Many also belive Snowden is a hero and that the NSA spy machine is illegal and a violation of privacy. We arent in lockstep with the liars in gvt like Andy is in lockstep with Mcranda. Goodbye Andy !!!! Hope the door DOES knock your skinny punk ass on the floor on the way out.

Dump Amanda

Troll says what?


Duckies… when Bill Clinton made the art of putting gov’t docz on the internet offical and THAH SHRUB then consolidated
all online things into one whopping data~center the NONE SUCH AGENCY was thought up to the task of cyber~cop policing…
the odds were that “CHELSEA” Manning was almost inevitable even down to a THIRD MAN treason rap sentence of 35 years in
the proverbial federal level slammer. I think Snowden is closer to being the classic whistle~blower inside the gray zone of the
espionage realm. i dare not praise them both for fear there is a guilt by association and cyberspace version of LOW treason
as a part of the legal technicalities. this being said, under heavy make-up years can be taken off of Andy’s face and filming from
some camera angles negates perhaps a six inch difference in height. heck… Claude Rains walked on a raised platform to be
at eye level to INGRID BERGMAN in HITCHCOCK’s Notorious but Cary Grant towered over her in that movie when barefoot.

Sickening jughead

Toole, you do realize that Bradley Manning revealed atrocities that the United States perpetrated, you know, war crimes against people’s basic human rights? Perhaps you should stop listening to Rush or Glenn Beck for all of your information. There is a global movement to get Manning the Nobel Peace Prize for standing up for what he knew was right, despite knowing he could be sentenced to death for being a traitor. That’s the reward he gets for trying to expose human rights violations, idiots thinking he’s our enemy! Read a book!

Elissa sucks

Manning IS a traitor. That’s why he’s doing a minimum of 35 years. Now he turned transgender this week and wants to be treated as a woman. The same fate or worse will await Snowden when his rat ass is captured. So, yes, rat Andy is in good company with these tattle tales and back stabbers. The jig is up for him and I hope McCrae will team up with GM and Amanda in giving him a well deserved eviction.

Dump Amanda

Shouldn’t you spell your name Troll?

Dump Amanda

You could also go by Tool.

Fuck Amanda!

Fugmanda, lol I like it.


Elissa isn’t falling for it because production is telling
her what to do. She isn’t a good strategist. Without Helen she would have
been screwed so production has to hold her hand now.


The world sure does agree with you. So pathetic. Amanda antics might work on that group of idiots, but not on the world. Start looking how people vote on comments. You are singing to the choir. How do you like those apples?


Not true, without Hellen she would have never gotten rid of Howard, Candice and Jessie. Helen ruined her game from the beginning.


well i wasn’t an Elissa fan but, guess came around. Helens only good move was to get with Elissa. Helen formed a final 2 with Andy in the very beginning. Then she formed a final 4 with Mcranda and Andy. Then she formed a final 3 with Andy and Mcrae. Everyone of these alliances were FAKE.(she said she was really good at reading people) Then she screws up this season by getting everyone to vote with the house.(so when Amanda goes up twice it takes away from the drama because she get no votes, same with Spencer) If you voted your way someone could change their mind and flip knowing they would not be the only one voting tha way. Helen gave Amanda power in the house because (remember Howard) every time Amanda wanted someone out she wouls tell Helen, everyone in the house wants so & so out and Helen would around saying everyone in the house is going to vote out so & so. She was an idiot and wants to go into politics(fits right in) WELL Elissa went against the house on everyone of her MVP nominations. She won POV twice to take herself off the block. She won HOH the week mcranda planned on sending her home, she made 3 of the 3am cry all in the same week & you have not seen Amanda lay her fat ass up in that HOH like she was queen bee, SO NOW TELL ME AGAIN ,WHY SHE NEEDED HELEN


Uh huh, just like production made elissa catch those balls and almost made her fall off for dramatic effect and magically rebalanced her. Yea and production made helen go to jury knowing she’s elissas biggest ally. Sure we all believe you.

This Season Blows

Production gave Rachelissa the type of competition she asked for. (“Give me the wall” is her exact words.)

Production cut the feeds during the competition and Rachelissa magically had two more balls when they came back.

Production gave Rachelissa a poster to grab on to that others didn’t have.

Production tapped Helen to jump off because she was hurting Rachelissa’s game, so they didn’t want her coming back.

Rigged, end of story.


plz change your name to “broken record boy”


Biased much? The comment on the type of endurance she wanted is no different than any other woman who knows her strengths and knows BB. They always have a wall comp and it was due. The sign to hold onto….guess you didn’t notice that Amanda had one too. As for cutting the feeds during the comp – when they have an endurance comp or long lasting physical comp on the feeds they often cut the feeds during the comp. This is done so Production can speak to the HGs, if they are filming something they want to save for the show, when a HG comes down, etc. No big conspiracy there. As for Helen coming down, I really can’t say whether she was tapped or not. The GIF was so brief and not close enough to be able to see conclusively. But you go ahead and stick with your conspiracy theories.


Cruzin….the clip of hand on Helen’s foot WAS clearly conclusive of outside interraction! Don’ know the motive behind it, but was conclusiveevidence of interference..!


Good morning, Dawg!


Sweet dreams.


dawg please dont dream about the hg’s


lol. I dreamed about them all night last night!


thursday’s ratings are going to go thru the roof when people get glued to their tv’s to see Aaryn evicted by Elissa’s HOH

Don't care who wins

I really think the smartest thing would be to vote out McCrea now. Would like to see the hardest players finish it out.

Don't care who wins

I would like to see a BB that makes the players uncomfortable. No make up, hair dye, curling irons and such. Just a tooth brush. They all use the same tooth past shampoo and soap. No sleeping all day either. Yucky food. Good food would have to be earned. These are the laziest bunch I have ever seen.


TOTALLY AGREE! I watch that show twice a year. It’s called Survivor. Every time a BB houseguest starts whining about some discomfort I compare it to conditions on Survivor & then LMAO. This week alone watching all the crying and self made drama so far I have been LMFAO. This is the best comedy I have seen in a long, long time. It ranks right up there with The Office, Seinfeld, Sunny in Philadelphia, Three Stooges, all the greats. Can’t decide if Zuckerman is closer to Dwight, Newman, Mac or Moe. MC is the perfect Kramer/Dee/Larry mashup. Aryan is definitely Michael Scott’s mentally challenged funnier sister. And, of course how good would any of the these shows be without the Angela, Kevin, Creed, Meredith, George, Charlie, Curly characters as played by the rest of the houseguests? Notice I didn’t mention Ratface, he wouldn’t even make a good henchman to the Joker on original Batman TV show.
That’s it! I figured it out! Zuckerman, you’re closest to Cesar Romero in character with makeup! I think you even stole some of his script, get your own lines!
Sorry Judd, I luv ya but everybody know’s you’re playing Gomer.

All this in one season of BB & three times a week with all the online updates you can stand. OMG what’s not to like! And most of all, like all those great comedies, BB makes me appreciate all the relatively sane people in my life so much more (except when they are acting like one of these a$$holes, it happens)


I really want to hear Aaryn’s exit interview with Julie. Although Julie won’t say what I want her to say she will sneak in a hint or two that Aaryn has made racial comments.


This is the worst season ever but am so thankful for this site!!!!! I hate that I think this is all rigged and I hate it even more that Amanda is said to be friends with the casting lady and is supposed to win. These people this year are so mean, cruel and just plain hateful. If I was Candice, I would have decked GM on the way out the door with those comments. I am surprised CBS is still airing. And also Aaryon and GM getting fired from their full time jobs outside the house. Has that ever happened? I am just real dissapointed with this season. Hate to be a downer. Appreciate this site though! Thanks for letting me rant!!!!!


I just hope that Elissa sticks to her guns and does put Andy up because either way 3am will be weakened. The competition winning racist or the rat, it works well to me!!


I agree. By putting Andy up (should Amanda use POV since she can still not use it) will weaken the 3AM alliance. As much as I hate GM for what she’s said about Candice, this week will be the PERFECT opportunity to crumble the 3AM alliance.


Elissa is obviously the one set up to win the game. The MVP, the special allowances they give her (not eating slop, getting to use a down comforter, being allowed meds when she does have a prescription, being given special information, etc), and the fact that during the comp the feeds kept cutting in and out and suddenly she has two more balls then everyone else. You also got to love the fact that she has said if they don’t let her win and she goes to jury she will just leave the show entirely on record…


Who’s sucking down the Adderall? Unlike E stated it’s not heroin like. It’s pharmaceutical grade meth..

I understand people with ADHD need it to properly handle the disorder, but the way A&A act on it, its obvious its not controlling anything and that they are abusers or they need higher doses. Either way, they are on performance enhancing meds.

That’s fair?


exactly…it appears cbs does not care to let everyone know the game is rigged……keep your nose out of the game cbs and quit pampering to certain housguest..If the hg cannot stand being in the house then kick them out ….this is the reason cbs has to bring in family members od past hg ..everyone knows the game is rigged so why go in there and try to win when its rigged..

This Season Blows

This. And deep down, even her delusional fans know it to be true. That’s why the comments are full of their cognitive dissonance – how they claim the show’s rigged for Demanda but then want Rachelissa to be handed yet another power to keep her safe. If they had any confidence that Rachelissa could actually play the game without production handouts, they wouldn’t be begging for a Pandora’s Box, Coup d’Etat, or DPOV.


I want Elissa to get a power to save herself next week just for the drama on this soap show. Imagine how boring it would be w/o her.


I get the real story on this site it seems, thanks to the administrators for their hard work. Gosh these HG’s are the most paranoid, lunatic, lying bunch of sods in Big Brother history. Elissa seems to keep her cool. Way to go girl! Now for Pandora’s Box to maybe give her a veto power to use next week to take herself off the block if needs be Oh the confusion in that house if that can happen will be priceless!!!!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

If a Pandora’s box twist allows Elissa to take herself off the block AND choose her replacement nominee, I will flip…my…lid! If that replacement nominee happens to be Amanda and Amanda gets evicted….well that would be too much excitement for one day! Simply too much excitement!


Please Production give Elissa a pandora box with a veto.

Butters Mom

Why is everyone upset about Production interfering and “rigging” the game when it comes to Amanda but then in the next sentence they want Production to “rig” it for Elissa with a diamond power of veto? Both Amanda and Elissa are working for Production! Elissa’s husband said on an interview in Canada that Elissa has a contract with CBS… she is definitely working for Production as well as Amanda!

Go Elissa

All of the HG’s have a contract with CBS in order to be on the show !

Go Elissa

They are also talking about Amanda having a contract with CBS going back at least 5 years ago when she worked on CBS-Big Shot Live with Eddie Peppitone ,Todd Glass , and Brian Huskey . There is a time and place for this kind of humor but I Firmly believe that on a so called Family show is NOT the proper time for this kind of behavior !!!

Ians Beer

Anne, it’s not the casting lady, it’s the producer of the show Alison Grodner. Amanda has done various positions (*snort*) in “reality tv” over the past some years and knows many of these people. I mean really, since Amanda is such a tart and the way she speaks about doing things to other women she’s probably warmed Grodner’s dirty, stained casting couch more than once :)


Because of all the rumors of BB being rigged, I’m willing to bet they will prevent Amanda from winning. CBS can’t be that stupid, and with the racial tension of this season and allowing a friend of production employee to win is just plain wrong. They will not risk it, and more than likely if they had a deal with Amanda too win they will bring her back for a different season.


If they bring back Mcnasty too I will not watch.


being friends — if true — with any casting person has no power whatsoever. a casting person is like a bank teller, they do not have the power to decide who wins or does not win.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

A casting director may not be able to decide who wins, but if he or she is close enough with people in production…they can make sure that a certain contestant has access to helpful information…information that the contenstant could use to get further and further in the game. Information that could get them to the final two.

Example: If you are given a heads up (by production) that your closest ally is secretly orchestrating your backdooring, you can strike first and put him or her on the block the first chance you get.


Do you think production coaches people in the DR on how to win comps? Just suspicious when Amanda wins veto after sucking the whole season in comps.


Alison Grodner is not a casting person. She is the Executive Producer of BB meaning she calls all the shots and she is the head honcho in charge

In the Mix

I believe Jun from season 5 and Maggie (Winner) from season 6 were fired from their jobs for comments made during their seasons.


I think it must be simply coincidental that Judd Andy and Spencer have suggested GM go up…I know Spencer and Andy are doing it as part of Amanda’s plan, but Judd is actually telling Elissa that if Gm will not vote out Aaryn, then put her up as that’s one less vote for saving Aaryn as Judd wants her out too and is actually on Elissa’s side….am I correct in this assumption…its a bit confusing!! Damn, I want Aaryn to be evicted but seeing Andy squirm and cry is soooo enjoyable and to see the rat get evicted…by Elissa hand is priceless!!


It could be that GM is so vile that it physically hurts to be in close proximity to her.


Ok “Dogman” this is what I see: Elissa has confirmation that no matter who she puts up they will vote for Arryn to leave, the kicker comes in with Amanda and McWhipped they will have to decide which one of the 3am’s they’re going to save. It will have to be all for Arryn or Andy to go or split the vote between the two. If the vote is split the one that is still in the house will have to decide which side they want to be on.

Elissa would possibly have: GM (for sure), Judd (for sure), Spencer (maybe) Andy (maybe). Even though Spencer is ok with McWhipped I believe Spencer is just sitting back trying to figure out a time to get Amanda (I could be wrong but that’s how I see it).


McCrae, Spencer, and Judd will keep Andy so it doesn’t matter what GM or Amanda want.


You don’t know how McCrae will vote because Amanda hasn’t told him what to do yet


You better check with Am cause Mcnasty can’t vote for how he wants.

Mark H

Probably. Judd should be fine with Aaryn going as she was the HOH in charge of his first eviction, even if she was just following orders from Helen. He may not know how loyal Andy is to 3AM and how much he lies. Judd may reasonably think, given what he knows of Andy, that Andy really would vote out Aaryn instead of GM. He might not know how untrustworthy Andy is, yet.


i think judd also might really believe that mcrae and amanda would vote against him? which they wouldnt if they want aaryn out elissa is playing smart she knows mcrae and amanda and I am pretty sure she also knows that when have they EVER told the target they are the target? They always want it a secret so it would be weird for them to have told andy….

Spencer i thought would tell elissa more – but i think he truly believes andy would vote out aaryn so doesnt want to ruffle feathers and end up on the block.


Judd is not smart, he wasn’t before he was voted out, and he isn’t now. The houseguest were just paranoid about him, and kept making stuff up about what a good player he was, he must be MVP, ect. Judd told one lie in this game to gain his reputation, and that is when he lied to Helen about Kaitlyn wanting her out. That in turn led Helen to rally the votes to evict Kaitlyn, which Judd wanted. Other than that, Judd has always been just an average player at best. Did you guys not see his HOH, he was extremely indecisive. Andy and Spencer will always out-fox Judd. This is why Elissa needs to ignore Judd’s advice, follow her own instincts (which have been good in this game thus far) and nominate Andy.


The time is almost here for good ole Jules to rip racist werewolf teeth a new one! Its gonns be fire and brimstone… well maybe not but it will be entertaining.

Ted Marie

Funniest thing ever saying “werewolf teeth”!!! Love it, and also perfect description of her weird ugly mouth. I kinda feel bad for comparing her to werewolves cuz I don’t want to give them a bad name.


Chenbot is not allowed to say anything to aaryn about the outside world, so unforunately she can’t mention about racism. Ellisa deserves to win because of just this one week.


I don’t think that’s true my friend. She talked about it to candace and howard. You know she won’t be able to hold her tongue. Its gonna b on like donkey kong.


AROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ????????


Yeah can’t wait, go Chenbot!

kayla J

speaking or Rigger… Helen was pushed off the competition by Production!
Im not a fan of Helen but thats just VILE!!!!
the thumbnail clip was all over the internet and then all of a sudden it DISAPPERED!!! http://i.imgur.com/nLddgbF.gif

To all the Nay sayers… the game IS rigged!



Wow what was that it did look like a hand or something pushed her foot. WTF


The feeds were so choppy and lagging that day, it was hard to see what was going on, but I remember seeing Helen fall and thinking wtf why did she jump!!? Figured it was just the lag and delayed voices that made it look that way. No def a hand and def a jump. I feel like I just found out there is no Santa:(


OMG! I see the hand. Just because of that, we should not watch bb15. If I was Helen, I would be in jai because I would have been beating someone’s ass. You don’t play with my chance of winning 500,000.


If Amanda wins, all the blacks, homosexuals, and asians should riot outside the bb studio!!!!!! Especially since this show is rigged in favor of that fat, nasty, bitch. The whore was pregnant. How the hell do you know you’re 3 days pregnant anyway? I have 4 kids and each time I found out I was pregnant I was already a few weeks pregnant. Then she is in there fucking Mccrae’s brains out and she was just pregnant. Nasty whore bitch.

BB Zagruder tape

That video is crazy!! There is definitely someone behind the wall at her feet. It almost looks like they tapped the back of her heel and caused her to step forward and put her weight too far forward causing her to step off. Very sketchy.

Fuck Amanda!

If amanda makes it to the end I may believe it is rigged. Theres no way a person that is so physically and mentally inept at challenges will start winning and everyone I believe will be gunning for her and mccrae next week. So if she can make it through all that then it is rigged.


Really? Seems to me that the video is the one that is rigged! Rather than just blaming the season on the stupidity of the players not knowing how to play their own game, everyone wants to speculate that production is rigging the show. It is a game. If anyone was told to eliminate themselves from a competition, I am sure they would not waste their summer playing the game. All these rumors that the show is rigged for a certain person to win and Amanda or Elissa being friends with production is just pure nonsense! It comes down to just a house full of idiots and bullies.


They are not wasting their summer, they are wasting ours.
They are getting paid at least $1000 per week, plus bonuses the longer they stay in the game,
and even more for being on the jury.
(Not a bad salary for being unemployed and unhinged…eh?)

Ted Marie

Andy saying to spencer, I don’t get why she would put me up–I voted out Helen just like Gina Marie did. Uhh, hey dumb ass, you just answered your own question there. He really is his biggest fan. Hopefully, he just “floats” on out the door. Just looking at McCrappy and his BB man wife I can smell them from here. As soon as the BB man wife says “herpes come and go, but a bad personality will stay forever”. Well, skank ass unfortunately for you–you will have both for the rest of your disgusting life. Had to turn off BBAD after that one.

Pinocchio Obama

As long as Elissa puts up Andy this will be a successful HOH. Whomever goes ,Aaryn or Andy , it is a blow to Witch Woman and her puppy. I want Aaryn to go because she is more dangerous in competitions but I really would hate to misss out on seeing Pee Wee Richard Simmons McRat crying.


This week is going to be INSANE!
I cannot wait to see Ellisa laugh and laugh
and laugh again at Amanda’s face.
Sorry Amanda but you are no Evel Dick!


I want Amanda out of the house! She has been the problem in that house all season. If she want their people would be backdooring people and making big moves. But due to Amanda everyone is in fear of her calling them out and being down right mean. If McCrea had any brain he would get away from her fast. I just read that she was pregnant…this true?


Production will decide who stays and who goes. Let’s not be naive anymore. It’s all about ratings and that’s who will be the next Rachael, Amanda fits the part perfectly, loud, obnoxious, vulgar and vile. BB opened Pandora’s Box when they let Rachael in the door, the result is this vile cast. Elissa was there to get Rachael’s classless fan club to watch in droves, Mission accomplished. Every week she gets more expendable as Amanda get’s the classless Rachael type celebrity status.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

The ratings for the show are better than last season, but do not come close to the ratings for season 13. The show cracked the 7 million mark only three times this season. The show was beaten a few times in its timeslot by reruns of other shows.

With the exception of Elissa, I don’t want to see any of these contestants on the next season of Big Brother All-Stars.

Kaleidoscope dream

When Andy does go up, I hope he realizes that he needs to stop being a bitch and a pussy and realizes that he has to work for trust just like every single other person in this house.

Shade of Jade

I think Judd, Spencer and Andy really do believe that McCranda would keep Aaryn the Aryan over Andy. Judd wants GM up as one less vote for Aaryn with the hopes that he, Andy and Spencer will vote Aaryn out. Andy is the only sketchy one because he lies so well. He may vote Aaryn out and later play the middle telling McCranda he did it because he felt Aaryn was Amanda’s new number 2 bit@h!


My head is spinning! Amanda and MCPizza along with others want to split up Judd and Elissa. I am having a hard time understanding WHY the others have allowed AM and MC to remain in the house as a couple!!!!
Wait til after this week when the guys all make a pact for the final 4! It’s coming!!


I cannot imagine that the audience for finale will be the general public. What would CBS do if Amanduh makes F2 and when she exits the house, people were screaming nasty remarks at her? I think it will be made up of family members and CBS employees and don’t believe that Julie will make too many comments to any hg re racist remarks.
I also think that the F2 will be Judd and Elissa. Amanduh may be close friends with Grossner but can you imagine the backlash against CBS if Spencer, with his ki**ie p*rn remarks won? Even though the police were unable to find evidence, the comments made by Spencer will stick like flypaper. Also remarks by GM, Aaryn and Amanduh will follow them for years. It may be a ratings bonanza for CBS now but it would be a PR disaster for them in the long run. Just my humble opinion.


Who’s gonna go home?
Andy, Aaryn or someone else?


Andy to go, as he is a BG rat that reports everything to Amanda.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Andy should go home. Once he leaves, McCranda will lose some of their power. The other contestants will finally realize that they have other options.


I’m confused now, with all this scheming, I don’t know who is telling the truth or lying

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Yeah. It really is confusing. People are pinky-swearing and giving people family heirlooms as collateral (Judd giving his coin to Elissa). So many conversations are taking place…and then 30 minutes later follow-up conversations are taking place. We will know where everyone stands once the replacement nominee is chosen…and when someone is evicted on Thursday night.


I think Spencer, Andy and Judd all are telling the truth at this point. They all heard for themselves and realized MC and Amanda will throw each and everyone of them up on the block just to keep themselves safe. Spencer said to MC I don’t want to go on the block again and he replied, “you might not have to”. What kind of BS is that? That is when Spencer really realized they don’t give a crap about his safety, and Andy said they didn’t even ask me if It was okay to say I will go on the block, and when Elissa told him he is puppet number two because Aaryn wins comps for them. This has really opened their eyes that they are being used and abused by elvira and her pet.


DAWG or SIMON — again my comment which consisted of more than 2 sentences vapourised at 5:52 a..m. BBT. This has been happening to me for the past few days. Short comments appear and state awaiting moderation. All other comments seem to float away. What am I doing wrong?


Wouldn’t it be great if Elissa got Pandora’s box and a special veto powers? However, I would love to see her get a power that would allow her to null and void Amanda’s power of veto, so that she could then turn around and put Amanda right smack up there against McPizza boy! Now THAT would be MUST SEE TV!!!!!


thank you — comment now showing. BTW, Thurs episode will not be shown on my cable station due to football and as I live in West Indies I cannot access any of the sites that provide streaming. Do you know if they will show it at a later hour?

Pinocchio Obama

Stay strong Elissa. Watching BBAD last night everyone is really putting the pressure on Elissa to reveal her replacement nomination. She just needs to say things change everyday in this house and I am still deciding. Nobody in this house really has her back.

Even if Elissa goes next week she has cracked all the alliances in the house by having the balls to put up Amanda’s pet. Well done Elissa!


GM to Aaryn referencing others who lie to GM: ‘If you lie to me I will do it even harder to you and rip your a$$hole to shreds, you know what I mean.’
What a gutter mouth on this broad!
What respectful woman repeatedly speaks like this?


Rude for sure, but one could only dream she was smart enough to speaking directly to Aaryon without Aaryon being the wiser. Sadly, she’s probably not that smart or quick. As long as Andy goes up I don’t care who goes home, but if GM actually votes for Aaron I’ll puke.


Is what Elissa said true, that Elissa will never be voted out because she’s BB blood, related to Rachel and that BB will always save her every time she’s on the block because they want her to win? Is that true? I couldn’t believe it when she said last night. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t really played the game and keeps threatening BB that if she doesn’t get her way she will walk off the game. She just said it again last night in the HOH.


Maybe she uses this as part of her strategy. If she keeps saying that maybe the HG’s will stop trying to get rid of her and focus on other targets. You know, like if the show wont get rid of her why waist your HOH kind of thing, idk. I’m shocked that production hasn’t pulled her into the DR to tell her to stop saying it though. Especially with all of the rumors swirling around that the show is rigged.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

What she said could be true. Who are we kidding. Everyone hear is a Big Brother fan, but if Elissa were voted out…would we really bother to watch the show three times a week? Probably not. We would tune into the show at the half way point on Thursday night just to see who was evicted…and hopefully to see who wins the next HOH. She keeps repeating this as a reminder to production.

This Season Blows

I would start watching every episode again if production’s pet Rachelissa was shown the door. She’s extremely boring and is only in the house to advance production’s script. Without her in the house, it’d be a free-for-all amongst Demanda, McPussy, Spencer, GM, and either Aaryn or Andy. That would be more fun to watch than production using Rachelissa and possibly Judd to force them out one-by-one.

Amanda's Therapist

IMO She says this and hopes it gets back to Amanda her #1 hater….fuel for the fire! The remarks don’t get cut by production which is weird¿ :-)


If Elissa had put McCrae and Amanda on the block the eviction result may have been the same because Amanda won The Power of Veto and McCrae still would have been difficult to vote out. Elissa would have probably named Aaryn or Andy as the replacement nominee resulting in Aaryn or Andy going home. Finally and HOH who things for themselves! Message to Aaryn . . when you are HOH YOU CALL THE SHOTS! Finally an HOH worth watching! Both the houseguests and the fans aren’t getting who they want on the block and the houseguests and us fans don’t know what is going to happen next. Well done Elissa!


I am SO confused right now! I’m sure that Judd is on Elissa’s side right now & legit WANTs to get Aaryn out, but beyond that – Spencer, Andy, GM – I can’t tell who’s lying. I think the problem is that they are all 3 pretty much floaters so you can’t really tell where they stand because that changes on a dime. Spencer will go wherever he can continue to stay safe for the next week. So who do you go with? GM who seems like she’s loyal to Aaryn but has had her share of trashing her too or Andy who thus far has been loyal to the royal duo but SEEMs like he now may have been influenced by DR & zingbot to abandon that ship? Doesn’t seem clear to me which is the right choice because although it seems like it may be a win-win by putting up Andy, it’s not if he has really turned. But then again – it can all change again in the next hours. I hope Elissa & Judd just confirm their alliance & trust each other & really try to figure it out. Who do you think is being honest? Anyone?


Watching BBAD last night was a bit difficult because I didn’t really like the isolation of Elissa.

From what I surmised watching it, I do think that Judd is on Elissa side. I don’t believe Andy – I don’t think if it’s GM and Aa on the block that he would vote out Aa. I think if Andy and Aa is on the block, Aa will go home.

I’m not able to discern when Andy is lying or not. There’s just no telltale sign. I don’t think Andy knows when he’s lying. How do you keep track of lies from the truth?


Dump Amanda

Name- Andy is always lying,

Elissa for the Win

Spencer, Andy and GM are floaters and will vote whichever way the HoH wants and kiss the HoH’s butt. I really hope Elissa and Judd have each other’s back! And I hope Judd wins HoH next week and puts up damanda and mcpussy! And if necessary backdoors either Spencer or Andy! I wish GM would wake up and realize her bff aaryn is throwing her under the bus!!!!

This Year Sucks

Andy is 3AM all the way. His loyalty has always been Amanda. He always reports to Amanda the information not MCrae. He wanted Judd gone before anyone else and was planting seeds with both Helen and Amanda before the MVP switch. Andy thinks his plan B will be Spencer if and when Amanda is booted. If you listen he gets upset when no one gives him credit for game strategy. I think he thinks he could win against McCrae or Amanda because he can tell the jury that he controlled them not the other way around. Inflated ego.

Spencer has no loyalty except to himself. He likes just being in the background. I think that he would vote Andy out if given a chance that way he could keep a larger target in the game.


If Amanda’s plan works, she really is Dr. Will 2.0


If GM goes up and is then evicted it will just be a coincidence and not because of Amanda’s plan but because of clueless Judd who is naively trying to keep Andy off the block.



She can’t even be Dr Will’s shit that comes out in the toilet! She’s not even worth that! -_- So NO! She’s nothing comparing to him!


*compared to him

Real Scandals Phony President

Amanda, Aaryn, and Andy are in the backyard on the couch. Can someone please call in a drone strike?


One thing for Sure Elissa sure did bring some entertainment into the house this week for us.

Real Scandals Phony President

Spencer if you lose your railroad job you might want to put in an application with Hair Club For Men.


Judd is being a bit stupid here and maybe falling for Andy’s and Amanda’s bullsh*t….he KNOWS that Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Aryan have a final four deal and that Amanda wants to keep both Aryan and Andy. If the fool just counts…..with anyone else on the block besides Andy they have the three votes to keep Aryan. Ellissa has to have 2 of the 4 on the block and it doesn’t matter which one goes home Andy or Aryan; 3am is done. It will so much fun to see the four implode this week if Ellissa sticks to her guns. Judd’s poor advise to put up GM is making his stupidity make him look shady again which is what got him evicted the first time. People do not learn from their mistakes at all!!!!


From what I get from watching the feeds, Judd truly thinks putting up GM will ensure Aaryn going home bc she will be a vote for Aaryn. I don’t think he is saying that to follow what Demanda says.


I agree, but this is causing Elissa to doubt Judd.


EXACTLY That’s what sucks about it. I pray he will find a way to convince Elissa he is being real with her. I truly think he wants a real alliance with her. I think his time in the jury house opened his eyes. I was really worried he would come back and jump back on the mcnasty train. Thank god I was wrong. If he and Elissa work together I think they can get spencer and gm for sure. I would never ever trust Andy no matter what he says.

Real Scandals Phony President

They need to send a saboteur into the house to steal all the houseguest’s cigarettes and medications and watch the fireworks.

Ex Fan

Perhaps Havenots should not be allowed cigarettes and nicotene patches. I like that twist. Would make Amandass bitchier.


I thought it was so funny when Amanda commented on Elissa’s husband that he was ugly etc. And pizza boy is such a catch!!!


Nastiest BB Player ever? Thumbs up for Amanda. Thumbs down for Nasty Natalie BB11.


Stay strong E & GM

Elissa for the Win

Thank you so much for these updates!! Last night I went to sleep depressed that maybe damanda’s plan was working and that Elissa was falling for it. I woke up this morning and read this and now I’m feeling so much better! Now if only GM could trust Elissa and see how evil that 3AM alliance is and vote out that racist POS, that would make my day! But these people flip flop so much! Did Judd actually find out that he was the evil 3AM alliance’s next target?


Demanda has 0% game at all. She can’t win anything. So how does she manipulate people week after week?! This is ridiculous!
Bi Brother reminds me of the Stanford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo. Everyone pretty much hails Demanda as their leader and then acts like a bunch of sheep for her. They can’t get out of this bad romance because they don’t want to. Pathetic. If I didn’t hate Demanda at such a high degree, I’d say she’s actually *smart* (which she’s not) for taking advantage of weaker fools than her. Someone needs to break her hold on the house sheep–JUDD and Elissa!


*Big Brother

Trying to make sense of all that has happened

It sucks that Judd is falling for Andy and Spencer. I feel like if they were coming clean they would have mentioned that Amanda wanted them to act. It’s going to be entertaining when this all unfolds. I just hope that Elissa and Judd stay together.


Elissa is smart at sniffing out alliances not even Amanda realizes the moving company banding together may she does she just thinks mcpussy is on top of it for both alliances 3am or the moving company Andy is the key piece. The moving company votes out aaryn and 3am slug it out


So is GM playing Elissa? And what side is Soencer really on?


No body knows. Amanda removed anyone who would have played against her early and now all we have left are the Amanda ass licking squad, Elissa and Judd. Gm and Andy will follow the power hoping to squeak through unnoticed.


Good question! I can’t tell what in the world gm is doing.


Poor McRae is going to catch Herpes and a yeast infection if he isn’t careful. Glad to see that gay red elf weeping like a baby, and the little racist knowing her days are numbered. I’m sure Helen will console the racist once she gets to jury.

King Goldy

There is so many lies i can not tell if Andy was serious when he said that to Spencer in private that he wanted to flip on Demonda & McChicken. Well I am glad Gina Marie lied to Ellisa to ensure that two 3AM member are going up on the block. It’s funny how Aaryn just sealed her own fate. Just like Helen did last week, karma is a b!@#h. I hate to say it if she would have just followed Demonda plan, they might have pulled it off. 3AM in now 2AM.


First, I would not trust Andy at all, he is up Amanda’s a$$ and tells her r wry thing.
Second, I say put Andy up and vote him out, he is the one telling Amanda everyone
Third, Elissa made the biggest mistake ever with her nominations. Why didn’t she put up both Amanda and McCrea? That would have split them up.

Gator girl

Elissa seems to be able to see through all of the tears and lies. I only hope that Gina Marie is going to send Aaryn out of the house. The alliance
Will be weakened because she is very good at the comps. I can’t tell if Spencer and Andy are still with McCranda? What do you think?
The 3am alliance sure does talk really bad about people who are not in there group. I mean horrible, I think it speaks to their moral character.


it doesnt matter mcranda is keeping andy over aaryn


I agree this is season is bad but at least they are trying to play the game with strategy etc unlike some other seasons.


Watching Big Brother After Dark and it’s so funny to watch people who are hated by America (the majority) and if you disagree just start looking at the thumbs up and thumbs down on other posts, not this one, who America like and dislikes. These people are in for such a rude awakening when they leave that house. Andy and Amanda wonder how they are being portrayed and how America see’s them. They’ll read these sites and have to do interviews and they will find out what the real world thinks of them. Amanda will hide behind a can the rest of her life and Andy will cry. Aaryan or whatever won’t have a job. I do hope (and I can’t stand them) one of them when the 500K because they are going to need it to start a new life. Elissa is aware what America thinks and that there might be a piper to pay after the game. Perhaps she knows that from her sister and others that have been on the show. These people think they all have a get out of jail free card and their actions are fine. So many tears to come. The real show is when this one is over. That’s the one I want to watch. I can’t wait for this to end to see the real fireworks.


This is not said with any sort of happiness. It’s actually a tragedy. I don’t like these people, but I would hate to see something extremely terrible happen to any of them.

As a result, I honestly think BB15 has an obligation to get most of these people shrinks and life coach’s after this show to deal with the fallout or we might want to put a couple on suicide watch. They do not have a clue as to what awaits them. Aa wants to move to Hollywood, CA and she’s going to need to move to Hollywood, FL to join a carnival. Andy is so worried about the way America thinks, even his students aren’t going to give him respect after this. Amanda, although she could have been brilliant, is the filthiest vile woman I’ve ever met and I wouldn’t by a glass of water from her now if I was in the dessert. Pizza boy is safe because he’s lived up to his calling. Don’t get me wrong, I was a pizza boy once and it was a fun job and there are some great people out there doing it. Thus I’m not knocking the people or the industry, but he’s just ensured he’s made it a career and it won’t be by choice. If it was, good for him, but he’s filth. BB15 please make sure there are only plastic sporks at the end of the show. We don’t want to see a mass suicide.


by = buy and dessert = desert – any other mistakes, sorry but I was crying in my beer…. not sure from laughter, guilt, or what… these poor souls. They just made their 15 minutes of fame last a lifetime.


If Andy goes up – who do think will vote for who? I’m thinking – Am/Mc/GM for Aaryn Judd/Spencer- for Andy. Seems like it all hinges on GM in this case- she’s in for a fun week of flip-flopping in the wind


no way mcranda is voting out andy


it is so nice when gm talks to elissa that she doesn’t have every word be a cuss word. in my mind it just goes to show that gm has way more class than the other members in the house. as much as i like to be able to watch BBAD for the first time, when 90% of most convos you can’t hear because of the language, it does tend to make you wonder how proud the parents, spouses, significant others think of the HG.


It seem like the only person that would get evicted over Aaryn is Judd. Still can’t put my finger on why he is pushing so hard for GM to go up. She is only one vote. Even when Andy goes up, they have the votes to save him. I agree with Spencer (imagine that) that Amanda is too obvious with her attempts to save Aaryn. So much so, I think she is loosing another ally with Andy. She knows that McCrae doesn’t care to keep her or Spencer, and Andy. And Aaryn has really proved that all she is is muscle, because she should be going balls to the wall to get Judd nominated, no matter what.


Poor McRap, he thinks he’s a winner if Aaryan goes home. Amanda wants A to stay, McRap wants her to go… if she goes he’s going to have to hear Amanda pout. The only loser in this veto is MCranda…. this vote is the first wedge between them. Waiting to see how that turns out.


i wonder how proud the families of the hg are when they hear the language that comes out of the mouths of just about everyone. when you can’t have any type of convo without having so much of it being something that has to be bleeped out, it is a sad state.